South Beach Diet - Thoughtful Thursday on the Beach 3/20

03-20-2014, 07:12 AM
Good morning chicks! I'm not sure it's thoughtful for me yet....maybe later?

Today is a long day for me, and I think it's packed. I think people are starting to come out again, now that there's no sn@w!

Did pretty well on food yesterday despite the stress of the week. How's everyone else doing?

Almost to the end of the week....

03-20-2014, 07:15 AM
As you know i'm not on SBD but interested in it. Just wondering, how many of you eat lentils and other legumes as part of you regular diet?

Back to general chat. I've recovered from my stress of the last few weeks and now just starting to get over the procrastination. Its slow going but a lot better than i used to be in my past.

Incidentally, no sign of snow here. Rained yesterday though lol.

03-20-2014, 07:31 AM
Just 6 more hours until Spring! :flow1: And it's actually supposed to feel like it around here today, too. :)

Good morning!

Tammy, I hope your busy day goes smoothly!

Pattience, lentils and all kinds of legumes are a regular part of my diet.

As far as Thoughtful goes, I must remember to spray Cindy's oven with oven cleaner so I can clean it this afternoon. Someone spilled something in there and when I turned it on yesterday, the kitchen filled with smoke. Too bad the self-cleaning cycle is broken, but she's getting all new appliances when they renovate the kitchen this summer. Other than that, I have some paper work to take care of and a few errands to run, so my day should be pretty easy.

Ruth, how are you doing this morning?

03-20-2014, 07:41 AM
Spring cannot come soon enough here! I really feel that the weather is responsible for the bad carb binge I've been on since Thanksgiving (no-really). Also I've been sleeping poorly and generally feeling out of sorts. Exercise went out the window. When I was posting here regularly I was so much more on top of my eating and exercising.

Ruth - how do you feel today? Hope everyone has a great one.

03-20-2014, 07:52 AM
I'm sympathizing for Ruth today too!

Pattience - every day! I eat beans and such all the time, they really advocate it on sbd. (The "good carb" diet)

03-20-2014, 08:43 AM
As you know i'm not on SBD but interested in it. Just wondering, how many of you eat lentils and other legumes as part of you regular diet?

Me too :) Even more now that DH is a vegetarian. And for about a year I ate crockpot refried beans every day for breakfast until I think I just got tired of them.

Hair appointment today then seeing the gal for my pinched nerve. Still fighting a cold but it is pretty mild. Warm day predicted here.

03-20-2014, 08:48 AM
Good morning. My mouth is swollen but the pain killers have made it possible to sip my coffee without drooling it off my chin. That's good, right?

All I can say about the procedure is PTL for freezing! Aside from having trouble removing the naughty tooth, he had to do a bone graft, cover it with gum and cover that with membrane. I can't do the next step, the placement of the implant, for another four months. Actually I'll be glad to wait as I really hate somebody rummaging around in my mouth.

Life goes on. Today I'm going to the bank and to pick up some yogurt. I'll probably make some pureed veggies soups, adding mashed beans and lentils for protein, as I am not supposed to chew with that side of my mouth.

In the meanwhile, another coffee and maybe a smoothie. (I wish I actually liked smoothies. I glug them down because I know I need to eat something in the morning.)

03-20-2014, 09:59 AM
Good morning,

Tywnn my eating has been good lately and I have been using an app LoseIt to keep track of what I am eating and calories.

Pattience I eat beans all of the time love them.

Cottage I love my self cleaning oven :)

Ruth I hope the swelling goes down soon for you.

:wave: to everyone else

Today I am work but am leaving at 2 p.m. to meet the cable guy at home since I still have two tv's not working correctly. One won't connect at all and the other only goes to channel 28. At least DH has one tv that is working fine. Spring is here yeah!!!

03-20-2014, 10:28 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

I stayed up late last night...the baby wouldn't go to sleep. Now trying to get stuff done before we take DD to Denver and go for her sonogram. We have a highway project and traffic has been crazy so we'll have to leave early. I'm trying to get some paperwork done before we leave.

Pattience, lentils and legumes are a staple of mine. Love them and always feel great incorporating them.

:wave: everyone else!

03-20-2014, 12:41 PM
Happy Thursday to all! As I sit here sipping my :coffee:Today is my Sunday so to speak as I have the next 3 days scheduled with work. I am planning to go into downtown with Mark today to window shop while he attends a brief meeting. Then we are going to BBQ tonite. I bought something a little off program, handmade blue cheese sausages. There is a supermarket near where I interviewed yesterday that is famous for their sausages. I should know in a few days the results of that interview plus the 2 other ones I went on this week.

Pattience...Like a lot of people on SB I eat & enjoy beans almost daily. I don't always want them cooked/hot though so sometimes I eat hummus as a snack with raw veggies & thats another great way to get beans & a healthy snack as well. Great thing about beans is they're very versatile.

Cottage..You're a good friend to take care of her oven. I remember having an antique O'Keefe & Merritt oven from the 1950s when I was married to the ex and it was beautiful but cleaning it was not:( I was glad never to see another can of EZ Off ever again:)

Ruth...Hope the swelling goes down soon.

Twynn...Hope your schedule goes smoothly now that all the dog & cat parents have decided to venture out.

Pearl...Have fun dealing with the cable co

Lexxis-Safe travels to you.

03-20-2014, 07:07 PM
Evening ladies! Just stopping in for a minute while my tacobake finishes in the oven.

It may be the first day of spring but we are currently having snow with wind blowing it sideways and gusts between 20-30 mph. Ugh.

Another busy day at work but tomorrow we have staff development day. Translation: no students and for once we have a substantial part of the day to work on our own curriculum needs. Yeah!!

Got to go- have a great evening chicks!

03-20-2014, 07:42 PM
Spring cannot come soon enough here! I really feel that the weather is responsible for the bad carb binge I've been on since Thanksgiving (no-really). Also I've been sleeping poorly and generally feeling out of sorts. Exercise went out the window. When I was posting here regularly I was so much more on top of my eating and exercising.

I am really happy you are nearly all eating beans and lentils. I just wasn't sure because most meters seem to not feel the need to eat them.

I also understand the issue about overdosing on them. This week i made a great little pea soup. Very easy and i've been eating a portion of it for dinner for the last 3 days and i'm sick of it already even though its a good tasting soup. I"ve seen myself get tired of other foods from eating too much of it to the exclusion of other things so I am going to have to reduce the volume and keep eating pasta.

I have another recipe for lunch with beans in a salad and that one i can change a lot so I'm less prone to getting bored with it.

I also have a nice mexican dish and will make hummus soon too. Still i think i can't eat 200grams of beans ever day after all. As its my key source of protein I feel the need to eat a fair bit though. It seems hard as a vegetarian to get enough protein, though i do eat fish so i'm not a pure veggie. But i don't want to eat more and more fish. And there's only so many eggs one can eat etc. Beans seem to be the best low cal option for getting the big dose in and i'm not interested in going down the shake path. Anyway i'll work this out. Maybe i don't need to eat quite as much protein as i think i do.

MCkeller, you describe exactly how i am when i'm not eating well like now. Its possible your seratonin levels are low because all your symptoms are typical of mild depression - you don't want to exercise, healthy food has little attraction, you want to eat junk all the time, everythings flat, i sleep at the wrong times of day and don't get the sunlight. You might have SAD. Try to get more sleep at the right time of day, and alleviate any stress to help lift your mood and then slowly you will be in a better place to get back on the wagon. Consider reading the article about seratonin on nutrition wonderland website. I had to read it twice but its very informative and gives some strategies as to how to lift your seratonin levels. It wouldn't be enough if depression were deeper but its worth a try i think. Sleep is key though. It took a long long time but i've finally got myself sleeping at night and not during the day and it helps a great deal.

Of course it will also take some mental resolve to get back on it as well but its easier to find that when your mood is better.

If you can find the wherewithal, join a yoga class. And maybe get a SAD lamp.
I hope you recover soon because i am very familiar with the state you describe and i hate it. Hugs.

03-20-2014, 09:34 PM
Evening chicks just a quick fly by. We have new student orientation tomorrow. I am sure DS will LOVE leaving at 5:45 am. Beth, DS is off tomorrow for Superintendent Conference. Maybe it is a NYS thing.

I'll check in late tomorrow.

Ruth hope you are feeling better

03-20-2014, 11:38 PM
:wave: Oops, I thought I stopped in this morning. Had a lovely day off and looking forward to another tomorrow. (Okay, the not so smart phone called me back to a little work during the day, but not too much) See you all in the morning.