General chatter - Ok detectives, here's a story, what do you think happened??

03-18-2014, 12:01 AM
Ok, I know speculating is not good, but anyone want to give it a go...

I do live in a nice neighborhood, but here's what went down last month.

We were heading out, and at the main road saw our neighbors pulled over with a cop. Just figured they had a fender bender or got pulled over for something minor. We come back a few hours later and they are still there, but the grandmom's car is there (the neighbors are mom, dad, 2 y/o boy...grandmom is the mom's grandmom. We've met her before). So they are transferring the baby seat to grandmom's car. We figure whatever happened, their car was not drivable and they were stick there waiting for a ride, although it's odd because they live like 4 blocks away, could have walked.

A few hours later we see that his car is back in the driveway.

The next night, in the middle of the night (1am), the neighbor's house is surrounded by cops banging on the door, shinning flashlights in. Neighbor's car is still there. Cop stay ALL NIGHT waiting, banging, searching woods behind all the houses on our block.

For the next few days a cop sits on the end of the block watching. A bucket is put in front of the door, so if the front door opens the bucket will move. Another neighbor asks what's going on, and the police wont say. No amber alert is done, so we ruled out any kind of custody / kidnapping issue. Our other neighbor says he hear the wife yelling earlier that night (we were not home at this time) that she would get a restraining order. So other neighbor thinks its domestic violence.

So after a few days, the cops stop coming around. We notice about 4 days later, a truck drives by, slows down in front of the house, beeps as it does, circles the block, stops in front of the house, and a guy gets out, gets in the neighbors vehicle which has been sitting there since the day everything went down. The guys (not the neighbor) leave with the neighbor's car.

Then a few days later some guys come with a truck, drop off out door furniture and load the back of the pick up with lots of personal belongings. Hubby and I recognize the guy, he is a friend of the neighbor guy. We have seen him before.

A few weeks go by. Hubby and I think they might have been caught selling drugs because we knew they had a history of drug use (but were long since clean) and that they were months behind on their rent. But nothing is in the paper and around here every thing drug related would be published. We figure it can't be a rent issue because why would the cops be involved, and there is no sigh of landlord.

So like 2 days ago, the neighbor lady's grandmom pulls up in front of our house (so not in their drive way) and goes in their house and starts loading in personal stuff and baby stuff. In the passenger seat is the neighbor lady. She is wearing sun glasses, and looks right at our window and pulls her hood up over her head and pulls her hair over her face....The grandmom stuffs the car and trunk with stuff and they leave.

Then yesterday neighbor guy's friend comes back, loads up a table, and leaves.

What the heck is going on? Every scenerio that hubby and I can think of doesn't make sense for one reason on another. If they are wanted, we have no way of knowing. It is sooooo weird!

Normally I mind my business, and I am as I did not go out side at anytime and try to ask the visitors or the grandmom what's going on, but its freaking me out a little!

Anyone have any thoughts? If it were domestic violence, why would she be hiding? And why are they not coming back to the house? It does not appear to be a rent/losing home issue, though I expect that's going to happen soon.

03-18-2014, 12:09 AM
Probably drug related with domestic issues. They usually go hand in hand...whatever it is you'll find out eventually.

03-18-2014, 04:07 PM
No idea, but if you know who the landlord is you might consider advising them the home is unoccupied. They may not have been notified. We had neighbors that split and left every light on in the house and the garage door open (in the middle of winter, with the garage heater going full bore). We tracked down the landlord/owner and notified them. It was too late for the pipes in the garage, though, they had burst.

03-18-2014, 07:39 PM
Unless you live in an area with very little crime and a large bored police force whatver happened is pretty serious and they consider him/her dangerous.

The police don't show up in force at 1:00 AM for something minor.

I doubt they are drug dealers.

My guess? He killed or seriously injured the spouse and is hiding outo at his mothers. Wild speculation, just like you asked for. :D

03-18-2014, 09:13 PM
JohnP - - It is the wife's grandmother that is mentioned, and the wife trying to hide herself in Granny's car. I believe the husband has not been seen in some time; GlamourGirl has not mentioned him.

Soooooooo, my theory - - Husband was stopped for speeding; police saw something that they needed a Search Warrant for. By the time they got the warrant, hubby was long-gone. Wifey is probably just as guilty, but somehow got off and now Granny is stuck with her.

ReNew Me
03-19-2014, 11:42 AM
They could very likely have been pulled over for him pounding the crap out of her in the car during a fight, which is why she sent the kid to mom's. Fighting continues, she calls the cops, he bugs out and hides, she gets a restraining order out against husband, which is why the buddy and not spouse were coming to pick up husband's car and personal belongings, husband not allowed within XYZ feet of home.

Final bit, wife showing up but not parking in driveway, I'd say they're renting and owe and she was afraid of running into landlord. Didn't park in driveway so landlord wouldn't notice her if he was in the house. Sent mom to the door to knock, no answer at door, mom uses key, nobody there, grab stuff, leave.

03-19-2014, 01:33 PM
Unless you live in an area with very little crime and a large bored police force whatver happened is pretty serious and they consider him/her dangerous.

I don't have a guess as to what happened, but just to show JohnP's point of how relative police response is, the entire force (both cruisers) showed up once when my neighbor got locked out of her house by her toddler. OTOH, I have relatives living in Detroit and the police there probably won't show up if you just report a robbery.

03-19-2014, 04:50 PM
I enjoyed the speculations ;)

To clarify, we did see the wife, about a week ago, and she was noticeably trying to hide that it was her. She was with the grandmom. We could not see if the child was in the back set, though it looked like he wasn't but from inside our house looking out we weren't sure. We have not seen the husband since the day we saw them both pulled over.

We though maybe she had a restraining order against him, but then why is she not at the house? We thought maybe HE had a warrant out for his arrest and was hiding, but then why would she hide herself when she finally came back.

The odd part was that nothing was in the paper. Well, we have an online paper in our town (the patch) I think it is in many towns...and it reports everything. EVERYTHING. If someone finds a joint on the street, or ties their dog out in inclimate weather, its in there. ANYTIME the police are looking for someone its in there.

Also the police have not gone into the house at all which leads me to believe whatever is going on, its not worth searching their house.

We thought maybe the pull over lead to the cops thinking they were abusing the boy?? And took him but came back later to pick up the parents after the boy was evaluated/ abuse was confirmed...but I've seen the little boy, he looks healthy and happy, no signs of abuse IMO.

But with drugs, unless they were running a meth lab, I cannot see the cops coming in full force in the middle of the night..AND if that were the case, wouldn't they have go IN the house?? Whatever is going on, it like the cops just need to parents, so I think that might eliminate drugs or weapons in the house...

I've never seen the landlord, but I think I remember the neighbors saying he lived a while a way, so I don't think the wife is avoiding the landlord.

So far its been quiet over there. Since we haven't seen police in a while, we figured that the cop caught whoever they were looking for, but then seeing the wife being all shady made us think maybe not...

The police force around he is pretty darn good. They have their moments, but for the most part they don't mess around, so we suspect the neighbors would not have had to do something super heinous for the cops to have such a heavy police presence.

But no matter what hubby and I have thought up, we go back to the fact that nothing was told to the public...

Our plan is eventually when the house goes up for rent, to keep an eye out for someone acting like a landlord (showing the place) we will just ask him if he knows what happened.

If we find out anything, I will post it here! lol

ReNew Me
03-19-2014, 05:30 PM
If there had been drug involvement the personal property and vehicles would have been removed by the police for auction (wife's, husband's, kid's, everybody's).

Domestic abuse, restraining order, they owe the landlord rent.

The cops came in full force in the middle of the night because they were fighting and she managed to get to a phone (remember the other neighbor heard her screaming "restraining order"). When she called the cops he got out of the house and ran.

As for why all the cops, domestic abuse is hairy to begin with so there's that. And I don't know about your neighborhood but around here a two car fender bender on my street is enough reason for anything from two to five or more patrol cars to show up. They don't all stick around but everyone takes a looky-loo.

03-19-2014, 06:27 PM
Ok, I know speculating is not good,
Normally I mind my business


03-19-2014, 07:30 PM

I don't know what this means...and anyone on this board that has seen my Irish temper knows if I think its meant to be rude, well...

But I'm feeling particularly good, so I'll assume this was meant in good humor.

If it wasn't I suggest you take the money and run. If you catch what I mean :D