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07-16-2003, 01:09 AM
God Bless America!

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
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We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

WELCOME :wave:

07-16-2003, 01:14 AM
Didn't think I had it in me to do the first post, did you? :devil: WRONG AGAIN! :lol:

Today the maintenance man comes and mows the grass (and does a great job, as usual :cp: ), and I weed my flower bed, and what does it do tonight?

IT RAINS!!!!! Geez.

On top of that, I had a wet cat brat, aka Tigger, to deal with. :lol: Got to admit he looked both pitiful and hilarious!

07-16-2003, 01:46 AM
Lori.... I always knew you had it in you to start a new thread. Thanks.
Don't be upset about the rain... it will make your garden beautiful.

Pam... I REALLY liked your last post !!!!! :yes:
Factual about the past... and "positive" about the future !!!!
I am soooo happy you shared... it helped me a lot.

I know I owe so many personal responses.. but I feel lucky to even be peeking in. I have soooo much to do. I am running out of time.... we close on the new house this week. :eek:
I am running out of time to procrastinate. :yikes:
I have to make FINAL DECISIONS about paint and carpet and curtains and .....
well, you get the idea.
It will be hard for me to justify being here too much. I will do my best... but this weekk and next are going to BUSY !!!!

My food is okay. I don't think good enough to lose... but definitely not bad enough to gain. :no: Maintain probably. But starting Saturday... I start my DAILY swimming program. (hmm... no smilies for swimming) LOL

Will have to settle for a picture of the "Whoosh Fairy"
She will come and "whoosh" those pounds right off us. :lol:

07-16-2003, 03:03 AM
Hey everyone :)

Sorry for being MIA yesterday. I had kind of put off a side job I do until the very last minute. Fortunately it was only 5 hours of transcribing instead of the usual 8 or 9, but on top of everything else, I had no time to even think of popping in here.

Guess what! I'm OP two days in a row! Wahoo for me! Day one was great, except it felt like way, way too much food. Dinner was this yummy and very easy Parmesan Vegetable Stir-Fry. I'll post the recipe this Sunday. :) Day two has been good as well. I can hardly wait to see what I weigh in at in another 12 days.

I kind of forgot to post what plan this is. :o It is the one from Curves. I'm doing the lower carb, higher protein one. Only problem so far has been taking time to prep food to take with me for the day. I've tried to do as much ahead of time or make double batches, so it should go more smoothly.

I'd love to stay and do replies, especially since I haven't been here since Sunday, but I'm hitting a sleep deprivation wall! Last night was less than 4 hours. This is killing me. I just need one good night of sleep.

Take care all, and I'll see you tomorrow. *HUGS*


07-16-2003, 05:18 AM
Hello to all!! I know it has been a long while since I have been here, but so much has gone on in my life lately. I don't know if I told you all about my hubby being off work, but he ended up being off for almost 2 months and then my grandfather died and then my grandmother was staying with us for almost 2 weeks because she had eye surgery and then I also had my nephew down for awhile and then my daughter dislocated her ankle, we had a horrific camping trip over the 4th. Ummm, lets see what else has gone wrong in my life. I think I could write a country song. ;) I haven't done any kind of WW at all, in fact I gained back 8 of the 32 lbs I had lost, but I feel pretty good that that is all. I don't even pay attention to what I eat at all, I just see and eat it. Well, I am trying real hard to find some kind of order in my life. Hopefully things will start to change and get back to normal. Hubby is back to work, all relatives have left my house and we will not be doing any camping for awhile. :) I would love to hear from all of you again. DEON

07-16-2003, 05:41 AM
A quick post before I leave -------

Andria - what kind of transcribing do you do - medical? I work in a pathology lab as a transcriptionist - I transcribe specimen descriptions.

Deon - good to hear from you again; you've had a lot to deal with; hope you are finally getting to the point that you can breathe again.

Lori - it always rains when we mow the yard and when I wash my car. Those cats of yours are so funny. My cat just lays around, but he's 10 years old so I guess he's not a spring chicken anymore.

2cute - inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

That's it for tonight. See you all tomorrow.

07-16-2003, 07:57 AM
Morning girls,

Deon, I am glad you found your way back to the thread. Sorry you have had a bad time of it lately. I hope things are starting to look back up for you. How is hubby now?

Thin: Sorry, I forgot to post? I was just having a hay day playing with the new smiles. And I'm jealous of skribbles smiles too....they look like more fun...

Tina: Glad you could pop in on vacation. Hope you are having a blast, well by the time you get to read this, hope you had a blast.

2cute: Calm down, it will all fall into place!! You can do this and you will. Good luck with is all.

Lori: We knew you could start a new thread, good job. I think all cats hate the rain, mine is a long haired Maine cooncat and she looks pitiful when she is drenched.

Connie: Hope to see you in chat tonight, if your not too busy at work....;)

Andria: Can't wait for that recipe. I love parmasan anything.

Okay I replied to all on this thread.....and I will be back later, cause I am trying with all my might to stay on plan. And coming here helps me so much.


07-16-2003, 08:46 AM
I'm here Thin
Food has not been good the last few days.:o
I am off today and I am going into town. I'll probably go see my sister. I want to go to Petsmart and the Sam's club. Just a day to myself.

I got a pkg about a genealogy seminar in Arkansas in October I want to go to. I went last year.

Work is so hectic. :fr:

It is so hot and muggy here all I want to do is soak in a pool (if we had one or access to one)

WEll I'll go and stop boring everyone. I'll catch you in chat tonight:gossip: :blah:

07-16-2003, 10:24 AM
Good Morning Ladies.

I feel like the past few days I've been off track. I'm getting that familiar feeling again. Tired, bloated cranky. I started my day today with fresh fruit and yogurt, hopefully the nutritious food will give me a boost.
I could also be because it's rainy and gloomy here today. Or maybe because that time of month is coming. Who knows. I have been staying with my workouts so at least I can't feel guilty about that. What makes us beat ourselves up so badly sometimes. I don't get it.

Nice to meet you and welcome back. Great job on maintaining your loss, even in difficult times. Most of that 8 pounds is water anyway, it will be gone in no time.

Congrats on staying on plan, I know that can be really tough sometimes. The recipe you mentioned sounded great, I am anxiously awaiting it. About the sleep, have you tried taking an over the counter sleep aid. Maybe Tylenol PM or something like that. They are supposed to be safe, just a suggestion.

Gotta love the swimming, so refreshing and good for us! Don't overwhelm yourself with work, you deserve a break sometimes too!

The rain will make your flowers grow tall and pretty. More power to you for doing yard work, ick I hate it. Kitty probably enjoyed the nice cool shower. :lol:

Take care all, I'm going back to work.

07-16-2003, 11:00 AM
Good Morning Ladies!
I am happy to say that I am feeling back to normal today. It was a yucky couple days around my house! Now to catch up on the exercise I have missed for the past two days! :sumo:

This talk about swimming has really got me wanting to join the Y. I have been thinking about it for awhile. To be honest the only thing keeping me from it is the drive from my house. It's about 15-20 minutes, which I know isn't too bad. But, I commute over an hour each way to work and when I get home the last thing I want to do is hop in my car again and the Y is the opposite direction from home. I may try to test it out a couple days and see how I feel about it. I really do love swimming.

Lori - That's great that Brian has a job after graduation. Is the job in CA? I hope you are able to get out there to meet his family.

2Cute - Take it one thing at a time with the new house. It WILL all come together. We've been in our house over 2 years and I am still trying to get it decorated. I just take it one room at a time. I know you are going to be quite busy, pop in when you can and let us know that everything is ok.

Andria - GOOD JOB staying OP the past couple days. I wish I could say the same, but no such luck. I haven't been too bad --- but not too good either. You definately need more than 4 hours sleep - rest up.

Deon - WELCOME BACK!!! :) It's great to see you - I am sorry to hear about all you have been dealing with lately, but it sounds like things are starting to look up!!! Don't stress about the 8 pounds --- you lost them before and you can get rid of them again. Just remember we are all here for you --- good or bad times!!!

Mary - Enjoy your day off! You need it - you've been working hard lately!

Natalie - Sounds like you are off to a healthy start today. Good Job. It is a rather gloomy day for us - I am just hoping for a little bit of rain because my yard is starting to look a bit dry! Then hopefully it will get nice again!

Well, speaking of work, I need to get some done! I'll Talk to everyone later!


07-16-2003, 12:26 PM
Hi everyone -
Just joining this thread now. I was over at the 100 plus club and saw that most everyone is now here so I thought I'd stop in...

Havin a good week! Happy to have found you all :)

07-16-2003, 01:16 PM
Hi Gals!
Where is everyone today? I'm getting ready to take a break for exercise and lunch and thought I'd pop in first.

My OB/GYN recently had me get some blood tests - my thyroid is slilghtly elevated - normal range is 0.5-4.7. My result was 5.17. Doc said it's not high enough to be very concerned but recommended I see an Endochrinologist just to be certain that I have no major problems. Does anyone have thyroid problems, can you recommend a good place to do some research? I am going to make an appt., but have no idea how long it will take to get in.

As many of you know, we have also been hoping to get pregnant -- unfortunately we got some pretty bad results from DH's sperm analysis. :cry: So, this is not going to be an easy road. I just need to take it one thing at a time and continue working on getting myself healthy! I know this is going to be hard for both of us. I haven't told DH yet. I don't have the heart to call him at work. I'll wait till tonight. Sorry if all this has fallen into the category of TMI, but I don't have anyone else to talk to about this right now.

Houndlvr1 - Welcome to our little world. Sorry to be such a downer today --- I am not usually throwing a pity party for myself, but just had to get this off my chest to this wonderful group of women!!! I saw your post on the other thread. Congratulations on your loss so far!!! I don't drink juices/smooties, so can't help you out there! Looking forward to getting to know you! :)

I'll be back later. Maybe a walk on the treadmill will help my spirits a little.

joe anne
07-16-2003, 01:18 PM
Hi Friends
:love: Today I have been married to Cameron the Love of my life for 20 years.:cheers:

We have been through the best and worst of things but being together is what helped us get through them.
My DH is the one and only for me and I wouldn't trade or wish for anyone else.
Ok I am through bragging, but to let you know he is taking me out to lunch at a very nice restaurant. My sister's Birthday party is tonight too so we are planning to celebrate with her.
Below is the most recent picture of us together, this was just after my graduation in May.
You all have a Blessed Day

07-16-2003, 02:30 PM
Good afternoon, dear chickies!

Joanne-Wow, who's the good looking couple in the picture? ;) :D Nice pair, you two!

Barb-Yes, Brian's job offer is in California. I think he's trying to hint at me to get me to move out there...or hinting he wants to move here to PA. I still say the little bugger has something up his sleeve. :lol:

Welcome houndlvr! :cp: The more the merrier! You will enjoy this thread.

Deon--Nice to see you back at last and that things are getting better. :)

Side note on the cat brats: Tigger and Noah both HATE water! I gave them a bath once before they went to the V-E-T and you'd think I was killing them....and yours truly also got a bath in the process! :lol:

Last night's rain seemed to lower the humidity quite a bit--a great day to get some errands done! :cb:

07-16-2003, 02:40 PM
Happy Anniversary Joanne!


07-16-2003, 03:24 PM
Happy Anniversary Joe Anne!! That is wonderful! Hope the two of you have a wonderful day!:hat: :dance: :twirly:

Welcome welcome, welcome, welcome to houndlover! You have latched on to the absolute best group of girls, look forward to hearing more from you!:D

Amanda where are you today? I have missed you! hope to chat with you tonight. I get off work at 10p:wave:

All the rest of you, keep working it!:strong: :grouphug: :high:

Check in tonight! Have a wonderful afternoon!

sw 356/June 5th/348.8 June 24
next weigh in July 24th
right now I the goal is to maintain exercise prorgam drink my water and stay on food plan--I'm doing it!!
first goal: lose 50 lbs
final goal: 130

.....later chicklets!!
:cb: :cb:

07-16-2003, 04:08 PM
I only have 5 minutes but wanted to peek in and post.

DEON !!!! WELCOME HOME !!! It is soooo good to see you again.
Speaking of country songs.... do you know what you get when you play a country song backwards ???
You get your spouse back, you get your car back, you get your dog back, you get your money back ....... :lol:

And I want to offer a new welcome to Houndlvr !!!
I also saw your post on the last thread too.
We start a new thread about every 30 posts. This is thread #370 so the next one will be 371 and so forth. There is an explanation why in the last thread I think. lol
We are soooo happy to have you join us !!!

Joanne.... Happy Anniversary !!!
I just love it when I see happily married couples. :love:
Congratulations !!!

Barb... thanks for the "swimmer". ;) I highly recommend you driving 3-4 days a week for the Y. I used to drive about 18 miles... then found a "Salvation Army" pool about 6 miles from home.... plus it was cheaper than the Y too.
I am sorry to hear the bad news on sperm count... but don't give up hope. Modern medicine is accomplishing new treatments every day. :crossed:

I know I have not replied to everyone... but I have to leave.
I have an appointment and probably should not have even gotten online... but what can I say.... I missed you guys. :yes:

I bet Kat and Tina are meeting as we speak. I am sooo jealous. LOL

07-16-2003, 04:23 PM
Happy Anniversary, joe anne!

My dh and I will celebrate our 20th at the end of this month too! You two look like a very happy couple! may the next twenty be as happy as the first! :stars:

Barb...never TMI for us! That's what we're here for! I'll keep you in my prayers...you seem to have a wonderful, pragmatic attitude towards everything...I know that that will see you through this. {{{Hugs}}}

Welcome, houndlvr1 and welcome back, Deon!

Hi to everyone else...

I'm playing phone tag with Tina at the present time. She left me a message yesterday that she was passing through NJ, thought we might be able to hook up here. No such luck, we were on our way to the Meadowlands around 1:30 yesterday afternoon to get a good tailgating spot for the Springsteen concert. Probably drove right past Tina and her family on the NJ Turnpike!

We had a fantastic time at the concert. They had all kinds of pre-show stuff happening...a couple of radio stations there, giving things away... a boardwalk set up, complete with boards and sand and booths to win stuff and all kinds of greasy boardwalk food! (of which I did not partake! --though I was longing for some fried dough!) :T One of the radio stations had a huge stage set up for a "Boss Karaoke." I was overcome with some sort of need to get up there and belt one out...managed to convince my sister that we should do it together. After a bit of coaxing, we got up on stage and massacred "Born to Run!" It was a LOT of fun! Having never done karaoke before, I can see why there is usually a lot of alcohol involved...I was scared sh**less! But thrilled at the same time! (no, I didn't need the alcohol!...well, maybe one beer!)

The show was awesome...three solid hours of Bruce...he and the band are just as good, if not better than they were when I first saw them 25 years ago!! There was a LOT of gray hair in the packed stadium...people who made us look young! :lol:

Okay...I'm gonna give Miss Tina another call...tomorrow's the big day. I will report all details of our meeting.

Gotta run, I have a 12 year old breathing over my shoulder...and some suitcases waiting to be packed...we leave for the shore Saturday.

Have a great day all.

07-16-2003, 05:02 PM
I was in such a down mood yesterday. I'm stressed out about how we are going to make it until the end of the month when hubby gets paid. :?: Finally my conclusion is to not worry about it. The only real problem is I will not be able to stay OP with the food we have in the house, but at least we will be able to eat. :hun: We have plenty of food so we should be okay in that respect.

So, this weekend hubby has to mow the bank's lawn and we can also paint the newspaper office. We've been needing to finish that job since last summer. I had kind of forgotten about it, but it should help us pay the phone bill. :yes:

Okay all-I'm not going to do individual replies today, but I want to welcome houndlvr 1. Welcome-:sunny:
Also-Welcome back to Deon :wave:

And finally Happy Anniversary to JoeAnne!!! :encore:

Hope all of you have a great day.


07-16-2003, 05:13 PM
Amanda...I like the conclusion that you came to...not to worry. Things really do have a way of working themselves out, in spite of our worrying and hand wringing. :goodvibes: comin' atcha!

You can stay OP by eating sensible portions of whatever you do have there! And drink lots of water! You can do this!

Young Grasshopper
07-16-2003, 06:05 PM
Hi Ladies!

Thin - Great job of passing the mantle of Anti Exercise Queen on! Somehow I bet that's a one size fits all mantle too. Taking potassium will help with the leg cramps...they recommend that on the Atkins diet.

Terri and Mary - Congrads on you loss!!

2cute - Glad to hear that your sister is doing better. Can't believe that about the nurses. Okay, I can...but still it's horrible. Check the nursing home for an Osbudsman....think that's how you spell it. Should be a patient advocate...ask about it. I would also note the dates that they had to be reminded and speak to the head of nursing. The home that had my grandfather..dropped him and nurses never noted it. Poor soul had bruising all over his spine. My other suggestion is to document everything..

Scribbles, Chrissy, Houndlvr - Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Pkdreamer - well, I'm 32 and that happens to me. Have you been tested for ovarian cysts? That's what my diagnoses was...they put me on the pill to try and control it. And I do think they are related to weight.

Joanne - Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

Me? Still feeling under the weather....damn back! Weigh in on Saturday showed a 2lb lost...and that's the one I'm sticking too! lol. Okay, so I looked on Sunday and it was different but I'm not counting it!

Barb, I have a Y membership too. I live about 10 minutes drive from it and rarely go. Need to get into the habit. Don't want to get the Anti Exercise mantle and septer....don't even want to think about the swimsuit contest for that! :lol:

Hope everyone is staying cool on OP. Hope Tina is havine a great vacation. :)

Deb :strong:

Terri in MO
07-16-2003, 08:57 PM
I'm hopelessly behind. I'm getting ready to go do 25 minutes on the airdyne and don't want to miss my opportunity. Maybe I can get caught up tomorrow or Friday.

This is my favorite smile. :blah: I'd love to be able to use that in emails at work - would probably get me in trouble though. :lol:

Okay, I have to put a priority on my exercise so I'll get out of here for now.

Everyone keep up all your great work and hang in there through the tough days.


07-16-2003, 10:09 PM
Hey everyone :)

Wahoo! I made it to the chat for the first time! Ok, I wasn't there for long, but it was fun. :)

Day 3 and I'm still OP! Wish I could do a cartwheel. This is such an accomplishment for me! Also, I stepped on the scale, and it is looking good... I'm not going to post anything definite until next week, though.

DH has dinner ready, and I am sooooo hungry tonight. That has been the only odd thing about this plan so far. When I get hungry, it is no holds barred, don't keep me from my food, stomach growling time. Bizarre. Makes it a bit easier to get down 6 meals a day.

See you all later! I'll try to sneak in before bed and do some replies. :)


07-16-2003, 10:23 PM

All this walking - my feet hurt sooooo bad.:cry: I did consider during the last 1/2 mile of taking a rest and sitting in the ditch - but what if I couldn't get up again?:fr:

I have been alternating shoes but it still hasn't helped. :shrug:

Kat: I want pics of you and Tina together!!!!!! Hmmmm Tina, you and TONY... ;)

Welcome back home, Deon. I have been sluffing off at posting lately too. Just don't seem to be enough hours in a day to get everything done.

It's Crazy Daze tomorrow in the town where I work so I hope to do a little shopping during my lunch hour.

My toes feel better, but then I am sitting.:^:

07-17-2003, 12:28 AM
Hi everybody! :wave: It's been a busy day as usual. I got up this morning with such a backache. I think it's just part of the PMS routine. Did some paperwork for the jobs I did yesterday and then went out to work a couple for today.

That all seems to be my new routine. Then I get in about 2:30 (before rush hour traffic starts) and change clothes and run to Curves by the time they open at 3:00.

Today was my official join day. I stopped at the newspaper office to pick up a copy of the paper that the coupon was going to be in since my mail doesn't run until late and I wanted to get the sign up process all done today.

Went and did my workout and then had my WI (not Wisconsin) and measuring. I was up 2 pounds from my Monday WW WI, but that's ok because the WW is in the morning and this was late afternoon so I don't consider it a gain, just the normal way my weight fluctuates.

Took mom out Mexican for dinner tonight. I've decided fajitas aren't so bad if you just eat the stir fry part without the tortillas. Of course you have to have the rice, beans and guacamole! :T YUM!!! She took to it pretty well. You don't usually get my mom out of her food comfort zone, which BTW, does NOT include Mexican. :lol:

Houndlover: Welcome to our corner of the world. Glad to see you here. Several Jersey girls on this thread. I know you'll love it here. Congrats on the 60#, that's wonderful!!!

Lori: Thanks for taking care of starting the thread. Good job.

Pam: I really loved your post on the last thread.

2cute: 2 more days til you own a pool! WooHoo!!!

Andria: Can't wait for the recipe. I'm going to check out the Curves book the next time I either do a bookstore job or go to Costco, whichever comes first. I browsed through it today and it has all of the machines in it and some great stuff to do at home. Did you ever think you'd hear ME say something like that??? :no: Congrats on 3 OP days. I think you're going to see pounds melting away with those inches in no time at all.

Deon: Welcome home!!! Sounds like you've been through the mill honey. [[[hugs]]] I'm sure at least of few of those 8 pounds are water. Just get it back together and you'll be on the down side before you know it.

Connie: Sounds like you're working hard.

Sandy: How's the fishing season in the great state of Maine?

Mary: Hope you had a fun day to yourself.

Justme: I hope today turned out better for you. If it did, maybe it truly is in the way you start it out healthy.

Barb: Ok, I want to know how to do all the cutsie stuff. The flag wavin' smilie is sooo cute. And everyone seems to know how to stuff like stick pictures anywhere they please, except me. :( I wanna know too. *pouting* I'm sorry to hear that the results of DH's tests weren't too promising. Keep your chin up, my BIL and SIL had a similar problem and even thought it took a good long while, they have two wonderful daughters.

JoeAnne: Happy Anniversary! :cheers: What a wonderful picture! I hope you enjoyed the birthday party and your evening.

Kat: LEAVE THE FRIED DOUGH ALONE!!!! :drill: Have a wonderful meet up with Tina tomorrow. We're counting on you to give her a BIG hug from all of us. * Sounds like that concert was great. I got to see Bruce a few years ago here at the Palace. Awesome concert.

Amanda: Kat's right: Don't worry, it won't help anything. And just use your portion control with the food you have in the house. It will all work out.

Deb: Congrats on the two pounds down. Good for you! * Sorry the back isn't feeling too good. Hope you feel better real soon.

Terri: Good for you putting the priority on exercise. That's just what I'm working on doing. I have reserved Monday, Wednesday and Friday's at 3:00 for my time at Curves. So far, it's working.

Lucky: I feel for you, honey. I have terrible feet. But I did buy some magnetic inserts for my tennies a few years ago and I swear by them. I wouldn't dream of walking far without them in my shoes. You have to get the good kind though, not the cheap ones they sell in the Walter Drake catalog. :eek:

Well you guys. I'm sorry I missed some of you in chat. I guess I got there too late again. I was out late with my mom for her birthday and then had to run across town to finish a job I started earlier.

Tomorrow, #1 son and I are going to spend a good part of the day together. I have to go across town to a big mall and do a couple of shops. I captured a lunch outting for us as well while we're out and he wants to go to the sporting goods store while we're out.

Then in the evening we're doing that river cruise so it will be a very long day. Mother Nature is supposed to pull in tomorrow or Friday. Either way I get to deal with her for my weekend up north! :rolleyes:

Gotta run. It's almost 11:30 PM and I want to get two reports done before I hit the bed. Have a great night.

"Even when opportunity knocks, a man must get off his seat to open the door."

07-17-2003, 01:18 AM
HEY! I DID leave the fried dough alone!!

I can dream, can't I?

07-17-2003, 02:04 AM
I did see that you left the dough alone. :eek: Good Girl! :D I'm the one being bad doing the yelling! :rollpin: I'm sorry! :bubbles:

07-17-2003, 03:41 AM
I have been trying to post for over 2 hours. This site just won't cooperate with me. Grrrrr
I am going to try one more time.... and if it won't take it again.. I QUIT !!!

I have absolutely NO BUSINESS being here again.
I have paperwork I NEED to get done... but you guys are so much more fun. :hat: LOL

Kat... I had so much fun reading about your adventure.
I was smiling ear to ear visualizing you on stage singing Kareoke. :D

Terri... Your are so right. Exercise needs to be a PRIORITY !!!
As they say... "There is always time for what comes FIRST !!!"
Andria... WAHOO !!!! 3 days in a row!! Keep it going :bravo:

Grasshopper/Deb .. Thanks for the suggestions for my mom.
We have complained before to "higher authority" ... it helps for a few days... and then back to poor service. Grrr
I highly recommend you drive that 10 minutes and get back to the Y.
Terri is right.... we need to make exercising a PRIORTY.
Let's all do it together !!!!

amanda... I have a lovely poem, or story or some sort of writing about trusting our lives to God. I would love to share it with you. I will see if I can find it again and send it PM.
I remember all toooo well those days I wondered where the money was going to come from to raise our family. STRESS with a capital S. But somehow... it all worked out.

Lucky.... do you wear arch supports ??? They REALLY help too.
Even if you don't think you need them... try them. You could start off with Dr. Scholls... but there are much better quality out there.
Thin... Curves does not open until 3 pm. :?:
That is bad times for mothers. I would think they would be open while the kids were in school... or taking naps. I can't believe they aren't open in the mornings too.
MMMmmm... mexican... :T I always get the fajaitas and skip the flour tortillas as well as the beans and rice. I ask them to subsitute a small side salad for the side dishes.
And I must also add. Your sons sound soooo GREAT !!!
We are both very lucky to have such wonderful children. :)

I have to brag a little here. I have been slipping up and eating less veggies. BUT... tonight we went out for dinner and I asked them to substiture steamed veggies for my loaded baked potato. :cp: It was HARD TO DO. But I am soooo happy I did. :D
I realized I was not going to make my goal for July unless I got SERIOUS about my COMMITMENT !!!
I am NOT looking at the long road ahead. I only need to lose 6 lbs to reach my next mini goal. I can accomplish that... with commeitment. There is certainly PLENTY of excellent examples of commitment here in our thread. So many exercising... and following a healthy food plan. I am also committed to being a good example.

Okay... I am out of here. I think I am going to bed. I am too tired now to do my paper work... so I will have to do it in the morning.
Here is a pic to honor our songbird... Kat.

07-17-2003, 04:26 AM
Hey everyone :)

I did come back for replies like I promised! Not sure what was up, but I couldn't get the thread to open up so I could post. I could open up things all over the website, just not ours. :( But I'm here now!

Thin, I am so seriously impressed with your can do attitude. I only have the old Curves book. The other came out a couple of months after I joined, and I am too cheap to not use the one I have first. I hear the new one has a ton more free foods and recipes, though. Maybe that can be part of my 6 week treat for myself.

Lucky, wish I could offer a foot rub. When I was able to do lots more walking, I had to change out shoes pretty frequently. When you are heavier, they donít last more than a couple of months before the supports are shot. I decided to put some extra bucks into what everyone around me swears by, and I bought some Birkenstocks. They are spendy, but I havenít ever looked back. And in the long run, since you can resole them over and over again, they actually end up being cheaper than sneakers. Also, once you know your preferred style and size, you can buy from shops on eBay for really cheap. Just a thought from someone who has suffered mightily in the past from heel spurs, etc.

Terri, fine, put your exercise before usÖ Ok, guess you didnít really, because you posted and then went off to do the right thing!

Deb, grats on the loss! Sorry you are still feeling sicky. :( Thanks for the advice to Thin about potassium. Sometimes I forget that one myself.

Amanda, it was fun chatting with you! Iím sorry things are so rough. Iíve been there when things were that tight, and it is hard to not worry yourself half to death over something beyond your control. Good for you, looking the problem straight in the eye and refusing to flinch!

Kat, the concert sounds like a blast, as well as the imminent meeting with Tina. :) Iíll probably regret asking this, but what is fried dough? We have fry bread and scones around here. Would it be like either of those? Please be kind in this answer and remember Iím super low carb girl for another week and a half.

2cute, I am so excited for you and your new house! I know the moving part is hideous, but the rest should be so great for you. And did someone say you were going to have a pool?! Iíll try to keep this jealousy monster of mine at bayÖ

Ok, inserting a silly here. Iíve been trying to type out d h, but it keeps spelling out Darwin Hall. Why, you ask? Because the transcribing Iíve been doing is the minutes of our town meetings, and you have to type out the same names over and over, so I made shortcuts for the most frequent. Guess Iíd better change Darwinís if Iím ever going to mention my darling husband again. :o

Lori, I love your cat stories! Our oldest boy, Monster, actually takes baths pretty well. We started him with them weekly at 4.5 weeks. My husband thought his mellow attitude might be the same for our other cats, but he found out the hard, painful way that it just wasnít so. Ouch!

Joanne, did this guy steal you straight from the cradle? There is no way youíve been married 20 years! You have such a baby face, I thought you were mid-twenties. Of course that line of thinking doesnít jive with pictures of the teenage daughter. BTW, I loved your road picture. It looks so similar to the one I walk on in the evenings. :)

Barb, sorry about the bad news from the doctor. Low counts can be combated, if that is the problem. From what I understand, it takes 72 days to turn it around. They recommended my honey take a low-grade antibiotic and do a few other things to bring his count up. The army sent him away for 6 months shortly after, so I canít really tell you if those things helped. He came back and we were preggies within the first month. Could you rig a 6 month stay in Haiti for yours? Ok, maybe that was a lousy ideaÖ

Houndlover, another face is always welcome in this group!

Natalie, sounds like you are doing the right things to kick the blues. Lots of positive self-talk is about the only way I know to combat those times we are beating ourselves down. Remember what amazing steps you have already taken, and if that isnít enough, just reach out a hand and weíll help you hang on. Thanks for the suggestion about something OTC for sleeping. Iím giving myself a couple more days, and if sleep still isnít coming on its own, Iíll try one out.

Mary, you were a total cutie in chat! Those pork chops sounded divine. It was fun getting to know you a little better. :)

Connie, your job must be really interesting. I just get to spend hours trying to interpret the tapes of our town meetings. It is actually a good way to keep up with all that is going on in our little town. Iíve heard of some people doing medical transcription around here, but I donít know where to get the training.

Deon, we havenít met yet. I took off nearly a year because my life was way, way too hectic. Glad to be back and glad to meet you. :)

Ok, I didnít quite get everyone, but Iím running out of steam here!
Have a great night, everyone. Iíll be OP and seeing you tomorrow.


joe anne
07-17-2003, 09:53 AM
Hey Andria
That was a good one There is no way youíve been married 20 years! You have such a baby face, I thought you were mid-twenties.
I wish I was that old again but I am 38 but feeling like 48.

07-17-2003, 10:11 AM
Hello Girls,

Today starting out good!, unlike yesterday...had sewage backing up from my commode into my bathtub!!!! yuck!!:stress: :censored: :yikes: Roto Rooter guys came to ther rescue, expensive!!! but they got ya, cause it has to be done!! I am in the wrong line of work!!:o Our old house in bad need of some repairs, new plumbing being one of them. I have lived here 8 years, and in that time could have been able to do it, but like other aspects of my life, I sat by and watched and did nothing, except eat over it of course!:cbg: whew!!!! the money I spent on junk food, and going out to eat, I could have had a beautifully remodeled bathroom..well I look at it now and know it is just one consequence in a looooooong line of consequences of my making poor and unhealthy choices..but, I am changing that, and my physical environment is becoming more reflective of the way Iam feeling on the inside now, and I am sooooo grateful!!:yes:

Okay off the :soap: glad to hear that you all are working so hard, we do so deserve this!

Special hello to my pal Amanda, feels like I have found a sister...I love ya kiddo!

All the rest of you....I enjoy reading your posts...it makes my day!

sw 356/June 5th/348.8 June 24/next weigh in 7/24
current goal:stay on exercise routine, WATP tape...do mile walk 6 days a wk..for this first month, then increase to 2 miles, and do that for 3 months...6 days a wk, then onto the 3 mile. (setting small attainable goals for myself:bubbles: I WILL DO THIS!

first goal: lose 50 lbs (rewarding myself for every 10lbs)
final goal: 130

07-17-2003, 10:29 AM
DO NOT POST HERE! GO TO "300+ And Ready To Try Again....#371"

God Bless America!