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03-16-2014, 11:59 PM
Ive recently posted about my weight loss journey..its been a 4yr process with many ups and downs. I started dieting when I reached 250lbs. I lost about 60lbs on my own then turned to IP last fall. I lost another 25. I recently went on a 10day vacation to orlando and prior to this mt coach and I both decided it was time to phase off. I hadn't quite reached goal but my weight remained the same for about 6/7 weeks (despite being very strict with no cheats) we discussed my body has gone threw alot and a large weight change and may need alittle break. So I phased off correctly and actually did n gain...until vacation. I definitely let loose and enjoyed foods and drinks no where close to diet related...needless to say after 10 days came 10lbs..ive been home for a week and taken about 3lbs off so far. I called my coach and discussed options but feel as though going back to phase 1 truly isn't in my best interest. Im just curious if anyone else went from IP to just strict diet and exercise? Im back to the gym tomorrow, which I havent been in about a year (typically just got my exercise in the form of a 2-4 mile walk) but im hoping there is still hope to loosing weight without phase 1?! Imstill very strict with being low carb sugar and fat and keep high in protein but just curious is anyone had similar experience? I just dont feel phasing off then jumping right back on is best for my body right now? Open to opinions!

03-17-2014, 04:47 PM
I am also curious. I still have 48 lbs to go, but it does make me wonder. I'm not up for a restrictive diet for the rest of my life and wonder what kind of matinence diets are easy and adaptable to a family with kids.

03-17-2014, 07:16 PM
You won't be strict p1 for life. Just for 48 more lbs.
It is never too early to start lurking on the maintainers thread to learn how they keep it off.