General Diet Plans and Questions - Ideal Protein Substitutes using REAL food?

03-16-2014, 02:01 PM
Newbie here - My hubby and I would like to try an alternate, less expensive way to follow the Ideal Protein diet. However we have been making the move to less processed foods and would prefer not to consume pre packaged items (beside shakes) I have tried to wade through all the old threads on the subject, but with a family of 5 and a LO not yet 2, it would take me literally months to compile what I am looking for.

So I would really appreciate it if any of you sweet IP survivors would share recipes for meals and snacks that work well with the plan. Ingredients that are pre made (syrups, shake powder etc are ok - after all, when was the last time you made your own chocolate chips? Lol)

You can write it out, share a link to a thread you already shared on or a link to the webpage you got the receipe from. Also if you share a receipe that uses a prepackage item, I would love to know where you purchase it.

I know it's alot to ask from a newbie, and I would love to chat with you all on other threads/forums. But for this one - lets just keep it to receipes, because there must be someone else like me who really needs to find these quick!

Finally THANK YOU!!!!! Your help is SO appreciated