Looking Good, Feeling Great - Funny thing that made me feel great today

03-16-2014, 01:50 PM
Kind of a weird thing I have noticed about myself today is that after a workout, I LIKE the smell of my underarms.
That sweaty, odoriferous, socially dreaded, pit stain associated smell actually smells pleasant to me. I guess I associated it with a sense of accomplishment?... Or perhaps I am in wonder at anatomy and physiology?
It's kind of like satisfaction from asking my body to do something and then seeing its amazing response. Like its talking to me. lol.

So here's to the all natural power of the human body! May we shirk being overly hygienic for a moment to appreciate the power of the pit! And the amazing chemicals, molecules and atoms that make up each of us.

Anybody else have a related revelation? Or started to accept taboo things about themselves during their weight loss journey, even embarrassing ones, that weirdly make you feel great about yourself?

What funny or embarrassing things make you feel good that never would have before?

03-17-2014, 11:39 AM
Don't be embarrassed by this!!! I don't know if you live in the US or not, but typically here in america people are very sensitive to body odor. They tend to shower obsessively and I've heard people cut someone down simply by saying "I don't think he showered today!" I'll admit that growing up in Europe I have a completely different sense of sweat and body odor. I don't find it offensive (unless it's been quite a while since the last shower), and people are more likely to wear clothes for 2-3 days in a row without washing and that's perfectly acceptable. Here it's like you have to shower every day, wear different clothes every day, antipersperant etc.

So I'm with you. I've actually switched to Tom's deodorant and I feel much better than when I had antipersperant on. I don't mind sweating on me or on others.

03-20-2014, 06:04 PM
I don't sweat much, it's a side effect of a health issue I have. However when I do get sweaty I've been told by numerous people that I smell like pears.


I have no idea. But hey, pears smell good, right?