Weight Loss Surgery - It's Friday After Sleeve Op Mon 10/3

03-14-2014, 07:18 AM
Good Evening to you all! Well am a new "sleever" - had my Op at Norwest Sydney 10:30am and came home yesterday 4pm! First day home! Funny how the thought of swallowing a tablet can fill you with fear - I used to take 3-4 vitamins in the morning...now it's cut them up and space them out! Had trouble getting through the liquid today and though I'm not hungry - the fluid thing is kinda boring! I look forward to sharing my journey as I read yours for inspiration and as to where you are on the path ahead. I was 93 prior pre-op diet. Lost 5 kgs in the 2 weeks before surgery and have lost 3 this week. It's a bit of a rollercoaster but am hopeful that at last the "struggle" with weight I've had since adolescence is now done and dusted...only took me till 56 to realise I really WASN'T going to do it on my own (even with help from WW, JennyC etc etc...). Am still REALLY uncomfortable and feel like I'm carrying a pillow at the front - 1 day at a time!
Look forward to getting to know you and hearing your story.

03-15-2014, 09:45 AM
Welcome! I hope you are recovering peacefully today :)

03-15-2014, 05:28 PM
WOW!!! congratulations! and please PLEASE take it easy and slow. you're still healing from surgery, and that'll take some time. you're right to focus on liquids [boring, yes, but you'll be moving on soon enough].

about the vitamins - which ones do you use? i'd LOVE to be able to cut some up to make them easier to swallow, but some docs say that we can't because they won't absorb 'right' [whatever that means].

glad you're up and around!

03-15-2014, 06:12 PM
Dragonlady11, Hey, I am a new sleever too. I am just a couple weeks ahead of you. I have found that many surgeons have different criteria. But, I have found that the "chewable" vitamins are ideal for me. I can bite them into 3 pieces and take my time with them. I take chewable "Flinstones", B12, Biotin, and Calcium, which are all chewable. The other medication I take I had asked for a smaller tab in a smaller dose before I had my sleeve.

So, since we are so close (two weeks apart), I assume you are still on the "clear liquid" part of diet. Let me tell you, it does kinda fly by. I got "full liquids" last night. It was good to have a different kind of soup. I am still not "hungry". I do see foods I would have eaten in the past, and I remember liking them..... but I am not "dying" to have them. Which is nice. I am doing my best to stick to the recommended diet all the way out..... so I can use this tool as it was meant to be used. I am going to start walking as a routine (instead of just working it into my day) Monday. I went back to work 9 days post op.... I was VERY tired after work, but I managed.

Let me warn you..... I "had" to weight b/c I had an incision site that was oozing more than should be (it is just now healing)..... but I had only lost a pound. However I had seen a lot of people on YouTube that had not lost much the first week b/c of anesthesia.

However, Friday when I weighed I had lost 7 pounds. 22 in total (less than a month).

I wish you luck.... If you need a "sleeve buddy" just yell.