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03-11-2014, 08:32 AM
A couple months ago we were out with friends, and the guy pulls his out of his pocket and says it has changed his life. He set his step goal at 14000 a day and has met it and eats what he wants, lost 30 pounds.

So I look them up and wonder if I want to spend $100 on one, and then lo and behold I was at a retirement dinner a few weeks ago and one of the guys had "extras" left from a company safety award and I got one for nothing. Perfect! This is the Fitness One model.

I just started a week ago and the first few days I had a friend visiting and I kept forgetting to put it back on when we changed from beach attire. But I've gotten into it and find it very insightful. All it takes is a nice hour walk to give you lots of steps and my little dog is thrilled I am walking her longer, too, on our twice a day jaunts. And that trip to the outlet mall is a nice boost. It sure stops counting when you sit and watch TV and without a real fitness walk my very active minutes are almost zero.

I am confused on the calorie burn which seems low to me but not really sure how it works. Even on the day I had 25k steps after an especially long hike I was still under on calorie burn. And then the burn seems to go down sometimes, I will be close to goal and it drops! But then I'm not really looking at that stat anyway.

Anyway it's a fun toy. Anybody else using one with good learnings?