South Beach Diet - The Cluck and Chirp - Tuesday, March 11

03-11-2014, 08:02 AM
Good morning - we're back to cold again but the above freezing temps yesterday melted away the wee dump of snow we got. Tomorrow and Thursday we get more.

My friends came over around 7 last night with wine, cheese and crackers and we spent a nice evening of laughing and reminiscing about dogs. Jazz got lots of cuddles and also major playtime with May, a lovely pointer who was rescued by my friend Christine after a major encounter with a porcupine. She's a lovely creature and played well with my guy despite the big size difference.

This morning I am FINALLY going to pick up my wine that's been waiting for me at the Vineyard since Christmas week. If I don't do it today, it'll probably be Easter before I get it.

Yesterday we set up the appointments for my tooth implant procedure. Somehow I thought it's be a one day deal but it'll be closer to six months! The big appointment is the 19th and will be around two hours. While the gum heals, I will not be able to chew on that side. I see lots of soup in my future.

Time to make a list of things to get while I am in town picking up the wine. (I've had a few things on the list since just after Christmas.) Margo and Glen Pyper are coming for lunch on Sunday and Margo has asked me to get a To Do List for Glen "so we don't have to talk to him". She's way too funny. I may give them a turkey soup lunch since I will be doing turkey Friday night for the Girlfriends and Kids.

Gosh, I do babble on. That comes from living by myself. Hope your day is great!

03-11-2014, 08:21 AM
Good morning! We're supposed to get up into the 60s today! :woohoo:

Natasha, Congratulations for completing your classes, but I'm sorry about your car. I hope it's not too long before you can have it repaired.

Pearlrose, I hope you were able to catch up on your sleep last night!

Just the usual Tuesday stuff happening here today, and watching the snow melt. We're only supposed to get light flurries, if that, out of this next storm on Thursday, and I hope they're right about that.

03-11-2014, 09:45 AM
Good morning,

Ruth I hope you to get to pick up your wine today :)

Cottage I slept like a rock last night, didn't get any extra sleep but it was good :) Enjoy your day.

Today is usual meetings and then PT I think I am getting close to being complete my neck is feeling much better. I think I will finish out this week and might call it an end will talk to the Therapist today.

Have a great day everyone!

03-11-2014, 09:49 AM
Good morning.

Ruth - Everyone I know who went through that long tooth process (including my mom) thought it was well worth it.

Linda - As usual, I'm about a day ahead of you on the weather. But you've certainly had it worse this long winter.

Rose - I read your post after I wrote about my neck and feel optimistic.

I have an appointment with a gal today about my pinched nerve. She does something with muscles that I don't understand but thought it was worth a shot. (Since later this month we drive to see DS1 in PA and last year my nerve did NOT like that long car ride.) She is operating out of my trainer's gym and so far a couple of gals have had good results but totally different issues.

My neighbor and I plan to walk today. We are expecting one more nice day before we have a short return to winter. Tonight is book club. I didn't read the book because I never made it to the top of the library waiting list and am always to cheap to buy them.

Have a great one.

03-11-2014, 01:36 PM
Hi Chicks!

Natasha-Congrats on finishing your class and so sry about your car.

Ruth- Glad the doggies had a nice social hour as well as the people. Hope your tooth implant goes well.

Karen- I hear ya about being too cheap to buy books. This is always a problem I had when in a book club.

As for myself, I have a job interview later this interview. I enjoy my wine job but it's not quite enough hours:(. Then I am meeting with someone to show them some Avon books. I am not planning on making a living at selling Avon from what I've heard but my roommate and I are both getting orders from the different sources we know and I figure I can at least earn enough to pay for some of my make-up:)

Well, have a great day everyone.


03-11-2014, 03:13 PM
Good afternoon,

I didn't sleep very well, DS2 has a terrible cough and kept waking up.

Ruth- hope you can get your wine today.

Linda- enjoy the weather :)

PearlRose- Hope you can end up your PT

Karen- good luck, hope she can fix you pinched nerve.

Sue- sending good vibes for a good job interview :)

03-11-2014, 08:12 PM
Just realized I never made it in this morning. I know I won't make it tomorrow, need to be on the road at 5:30 :eek:

Let's just hope tomorrow is the last storm of this too long winter. Now I will go look at garden pictures and buy seeds.

03-11-2014, 08:59 PM
I never got here this morning, either. I woke up thinking if I got paperwork to a certain point that I'd be able to go over the hill tonight after work. I ended up having several problems which needed resolution with my mom and I worked right up until it was time to leave AND decided to travel early tomorrow morning. I came home and got stuff resolved AND worked on the house a bit, too. It's snowing but I'll travel anyway. I'll see you all tomorrow from the other side of the mountain. I've got roasted veggies in the oven for dinner....I'd better go check on them.

03-11-2014, 09:06 PM
Hi all,

I've been busy the past few days and haven't really been able to check in, so I hope you are all doing well!

I did a sleep study this weekend in the hope for some resolution to my constant anyone can actually sleep with all that stuff attached to them is beyond me! It was one of my worst nights of sleep ever!

And it's March conference & testing time at school, so lots of late nights there too.

For anyone who had the great weather we did today, I hope you were able to go out and enjoy! :sunny::sunny::sunny:

03-11-2014, 10:11 PM
Hey chicks, just checking in. Very busy day today; after work I did the normal chores (workout, make dinner, clean up) but since it was still light outside and 45* :carrot: DH and I took a short walk. Tomorrow we will get the big storm. I'm trying to be positive: I keep telling myself it's the end of winter not the beginning!!

Natasha, congrats on completing your courses!
Cyndi, be safe on the roads tomorrow.
Ruth, hope you finally got to pick up your wine.
Sue, good luck at the interview.

To all the other chicks, hope you had a great day.