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03-09-2014, 06:26 PM

It is a beautiful day in the ♥-Land today and feels like spring. We had lunch at one of our favorite places and I had grilled shrimp. Tonight I will be having Carne Asada at our favorite Mexican place. We always eat out on Sunday for Lunch & Dinner.

DONNA FAYE We are giving some things away to good friends but the bulk of things will be sold. We don’t want to have anything in storage for we don’t want to have to “visit” it and it won’t follow us around the country. :lol: When we get too old or feeble to travel we can park full time on our friends ranch in TX where we have hook-ups and live there in the MH. They are a few years younger than we are and have said they will take care of us, if the need be, for she is an RN. In fact she is the head RN in that hospital she works in ~ so she knows her ”stuff.” The MH is like a small house and we will have in it all we will need. I am having a good time getting lighter things to replace the heavier or smaller ones of the same nature to go in the MH and will sell what I will no longer need. It’s like moving into a one bedroom house from a 6 bedroom house. What we don’t sell at our yard sales this spring & summer we will donate to a place here in town, who will come pick it up. Life is good.

JEAN I think the folks at church will remember you and you won't have to announce that you are visitors. :p Did someone take your place ringing the bells? Hope they did a good job. Your cat is possessive of his territory it sounds like. Cecil hasn't brought anymore kittens in the doggie door, thank goodness, he may come warmer weather though. :p

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

03-09-2014, 08:22 PM
Good evening, ladies! We had a lovely day and nearly 70 degrees today.

Faye, you can find chair yoga and tai chi videos on youtube and just google it. Chair yoga I'm sure you could do. Tai Chi is very gentle but it is all done standing and I'm not sure your knee is up to it as some twisting is involved. Yoga has been around for thousands of years and has several hundred poses. Pilates was started by a German in the 1920s mainly to help soldiers who had been wounded in the war. There are 34 basic poses. It is more difficult than yoga. I have progressed with my yoga but doubt I'll ever get beyond the basic in pilates. Horray for Jack feeling better.

Jean, do give the chair yoga a try. It's fun and good for you.

Maggie, its nice to have a place all ready for when you are done traveling. I know people will love your yard sales and buy lots for you have such nice stuff.

Have a wonderful evening!

03-10-2014, 11:27 AM
Good morning to you all. It is going to be lovely here today in the upper 60's
Jack went to the dr this morning and has been released for limited duty so he went onto work from the doctors. I don't know what they will have him do, but maybe answer phones or something when Creola isn't there.

I am getting ready to head upstairs and clean the upstairs, make the bed, put away laundry etc then going to get some more knitting done. I have 20 rows then I can start the decreases on the sweater. I bought a purple necklace and earrings for the silver dress so all set with that outfit. I have been working on the wrap for that and it is coming along also. So far comments about it from my surgeon (I was working on it waiting for her last week) and from the receptionist at the hair salong are great. They love the coloring.

I have to email my friend and find out how they do the casino on the ship money wise. We have never used the casino on the ship and I know she and Tom like to go to the casino. We now have all the shows booked and the excursion, but they don't have the ability to book the speciality steak restaurant yet. As soon as they do, I will pay for that for the four of us and it will be all set.

Jean: Did the black cat just wander up to your house? I don't think I remember you talking about him. Hopefully the weather is going to change now for spring. We are supposed to be near 80 tomorrow. It is really overcast here today but am hoping tomorrow will be nice and sunny. The ship we are going on this year is a lot bigger and our stateroom is a lot farther from the elevator so there will definitely be a lot more walking on it. I know the walk from the pier into Jamaica is a long walk, but they have wheelchair service for the cozumel port, at least they did last year. We shall see I guess. I just go as fast as I can. It is only bad when you are on a booked excursion and you have to be there at a specific time. We were the last ones on the bus for the excursion to Jamaica last time and there is no shortcut and no way but to walk it and it is a real hike.

Maggie: Glad you like your little buffalo. We have a whole herd here in Memphis at Shelby Farms. They have walking, biking and runny trails, plus a place you can fish, fly kites, picnic, etc and they have a agricenter and they grow experimental stuff too. It is right in the city and gives people who have never lived in the country a nice experience for their kids I think.

Susan: Thanks for the info and explanation of the different types. I wasn't sure which one would be the most stressful for my knee. I will certainly look up the chair yoga. It sounds interesting.

Guess I better hit the bricks and get my work done. Have a great day all. Faye

03-10-2014, 01:49 PM
Good Morning! The sun is shining, the wind is NOT blowing, snow is melting, and it's a beautiful spring day in my neighborhood! I even wore my spring jacket this morning! We balanced at church on the first try, and I managed to do my computer entries with no mistakes! We have begun taking "noisy" (coins in little metal buckets) offerings, one for our youth projects and one for local missions, on the 2nd and 3rd Sundays, have the Friendship Fund offering on the 1st Sunday, coffee money, Sunday School offering, and the regular budget offering at each each service. Lots of coins to count, and now Lenten cups too. I talked the secretary into getting a coin counting machine so we don't have to count all the coins. It works great! I stopped at the bank, and hospital, on my way home. Have laundry going and need to vacuum. My neighbor is coming over this afternoon for coffee and to return my key.

Maggie -- Thank you for starting the new thread! :cp: The bell director picked a very simple piece and divided my bells between the gals on each side of me. We only have a couple of "good" subs who can play in any spot.

Susan -- 70 degrees! :cheer: Enjoy!

"Gma" -- Glad Jack was able to go to work this morning. :D The black cat has been coming for at least two winters now. He is a big guy and was pretty spooky at first. Now he sits on the other side where the steps are while I put fresh water and food out. He comes to the food as soon as I shut the door. I talk to him and just call him "Black Cat." He's always left as soon as he eats but this weekend he spent most of the afternoons stretched out on the deck, and sleeping in the sun. Bob's comment to me was, "don't even think about it!"

Bob will be home for lunch soon so will get the leftovers ready. Hope you all enjoy a nice day! :wave:

03-10-2014, 06:05 PM

YIPEKIO the talking heads say it is going to be 78˚ today with a low of 41˚. The dogs are at the groomer and will be staying outside in the sun this day for sure. Cecil is out back in the sun snoozing. My scale isn’t going in the right direction and I am going to have to evaluate things this week and do something about it.

I love those little Tide® To Go® Stain Erasers™ and called Tide® to thank them for that new product. They are sending me a coupon for some free ones. YEAH.

We just got back from being in town where it was 82˚ at the park. I am not ready for this heat so early for sure. Hopefully tomorrow will be cooler.

DONNA FAYE It is sure nice that Jack was able to go to work and take it easy there. Have you ever sat and watched the buffalo? They are interesting for sure.

JEAN That is great that you are having nice weather like we are. I am going to have to get used to the heat again for today seemed hot to me. Wasn't it great to get that count right the first time.

SUSAN That is great that they have so many kinds of exercise for folks who can't stand for long periods of time. I am building up my stamina by walking.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

03-11-2014, 08:29 AM
Good morning to you all. We are supposed to be near 80 and we even had the fans on overnight. Jack is having to sleep in the recliner because he is having too much trouble in the bed at the moment. He gets restless a lot because it can bother his knee to sleep that way as his legs hang off the end, but he can't sleep at all upstairs at the moment. He is supposed to go back to the dr on Monday and will probably be released then. He sat and did all the backlog of paperwork for his foreman yesterday. I guess he caught it all back up for him. :lol: He told Jack it was good practice for getting the foreman job, which they haven't moved forward on at all. They haven't even sent the questions they want to ask downtown to be approved.

I need to clean the downstairs today so will tackle that a bit later. I am almost up to the armhole decreases on the sweater so that is good and coming right along on the wrap too.

I am reading a new series of books I found at the online library. They are murder mysteries based on the celebrities of the 60's, the Rat Pack specifically. The one I am reading involves Ava Gardner. The main character is a pit boss that works at the Sands hotel, which was the main hotel the Rat Pack performed at. He keeps getting into trouble helping out Sinatra, or Dean or whomever with problems they have. Interesting and fun books.

Maggie: You going to try and get out on the road around August or sooner? I can't use Tide products I am allergic to something in them. The stuff gives me a rash like nobody's business. I use Gain and for stains I use Shout and have a portable Shout I take with us on the cruise so I can put it on any stains we get on our clothes while traveling so they don't set. I have used something similar to the Tide pen though for instant jobs and they are great.

Jean: I can't imagine having to count all those coins. Glad they decided to get a coin counter for sure. I imagine with better weather around the corner the gift shop may pick up too.

I am going to go take my blood sugar and take my meds then get some breakfast. Have a great day today all. Faye

03-11-2014, 10:17 AM
Good Morning! It's a very dark gloomy morning in my corner of the world today. We are supposed to get some rain and cooler temperatures, then warm up again tomorrow. Sonny goes to the vet this afternoon for his yearly shots. It doesn't seem possible it's been a year since he spent three weeks there. Time flies! I'm hoping he will go in the carrier after his treats as there is no way I can pick him up and stuff him in. Otherwise, it's do some extensive cleaning and get rid of some of the "stuff" that has accumulated on/in my living room shelves. I've got so many Yankee candles stored in the cupboard it's ridiculous!

Maggie -- Yesterday was sure a tease from the weather man! At least we know that spring and warmer weather is getting closer. I'm like you, and not ready for hot weather. It will be interesting to see what summer will be like since the winter weather has been so unpredictable all over the U. S.

"Gma" -- It seems like it's taking a long time to fill the foreman's position. Perhaps that is the normal procedure for that type of position, or do they just move slow. It's good Jack knows what to do. The coin counter was my idea! The secretary ordered a cheap one that didn't count, just sorted. Pennies are a different thickness so we still had to count the piles, which is so time consuming. When the phone rings, or someone would come in the office, we'd have to start the current pile we were counting, all over again.

I am procrastinating! I need to get dressed so I can work on my "to do" list. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

03-11-2014, 10:20 AM
Strong southern women unite! Have a great week ladies!:hug:

03-12-2014, 08:25 AM
Good morning gals. Whooee it is windy here this morning. Sounds like we have a poltergeist comin' down the chimney. :lol: The temps are dipping back into the upper 40's too so it will be chilly today.

I have got to get something accomplished today. I had every intention of cleaning yesterday, but I was having some wacky breast pain all day long. She did tell me that on and off stuff might last awhile, but yesterday was bad so I gave up trying to clean. I will try and tackle it today again.

I bought several pieces of jewelry for the cruise. We are going to Nashville a week from Saturday to go shopping at Opry Mills. Jack wants some new running shoes and they have several outlet stores where we may save a bit of money over getting them here in town. We are going over on Sat and coming back on Sun so just a quick trip. It is only about 3 hours from here so not a big deal.

Here is my boy. Can you believe how big he has gotten. I actually cried at this picture because he looks so grown up. He is going to be 14 in June and Jackson will be 7 in June. They sure do grow up awfully fast.

Jean: You should have a pad of paper or a post it and when the phone rings jot down how many on in the pile then scratch it out when you continue after the phone call so you don't have to keep starting over. I had to quit using candles because of the gunky smoke they left on everything. I have a wickless candle heating thing, but it doesn't put out that much fragrance so I gave up on it.

Well gals I really need to start in this morning. Have a great middle of the week. Faye

03-12-2014, 10:37 AM
Good Morning! The sun was peeking out earlier but has disappeared. It's supposed to be warming up again, and the latest snow fall missed us once again. Most of our snow has melted and everything looks grungy and dirty. We could use a good rain to clean things up. I have lunch bunch this noon and need to make a WM stop either before or after. My black deck cat has been mia for a couple days and I'm getting a little concerned.

tky72 -- You are most welcome to join us. We aren't all southern women; I live in the land of snow and cold! :D

"Gma" -- I hope you can get your cleaning chores done today. If not, you are the only one who will notice. ;) What a nice picture of Thomas! Why is it that our grandchildren grow up so much faster than our own children did?! Where does the time go? I bought a candle warmer that holds the entire large candle jar so the fragrance does last longer. I also have Scentsy burners but don't think the scent lasts as long. I have a friend who leaves hers on all the time, but I don't.

I need to get the dishwasher going and get dressed. Hope you all enjoy your day! :wave:

03-12-2014, 02:07 PM
Good afternoon, ladies. 69 heading for 74 this day but very cloudy with rain and cold on the way - the high tomorrow is supposed to be 37! But right back to the 50s and 60s after that.

Nothing interesting happening in my neck of the woods - just going to the Y, work and housework and some quilting.

Faye, its fun to get away if only for a day. I hope Jack can get back to bed soon. I sometimes have to sleep in the recliner when my asthma is bad and its not fun. Wow, Thomas does look almost grown up! I can hardly believe Jackson is going to be 7. I remember you and Jack rushing up to IN to be there when he was born and that seems like yesterday!

Jean, I'd love to have candles and such, but the smell makes my asthma act up. I dread going to people's houses and they have them burning. I hope the black cat appears today.

Hi, Maggie!

Have a wonderful day!

03-12-2014, 06:26 PM

I am trying to re-visit some of the yummy recipes I have that helped me down the road to thin and thought you might like this one. This is a yummy recipe that won’t cost a lot of points for 2T of regular grated Parmesan is 1 P+ and cauliflower and garlic are free of points.

Steam some cauliflower florets until they're soft.
Place in a bowl with grated Parmeason and minced fresh garlic
Mash with a potato masher to a consistency of mashed potatoes.

This is good when the cauliflower is still warm from being steamed
& also when chilled the next day.

Went out to eat with friends yesterday for noon and I was a good girl. I had a hamburger patty and a cut up tomato and a glass of water with a lemon wedge. (They were out of cottage cheese.) The other folks ordered what they wanted and we had a great time. I have renewed my desire to get on down this road to thin and pay better attention what I eat.

We had fun at the range and I got to shoot my newly acquired S&W 22. It works great and yes, I could hit the targets. I had the trigger tricked down from 12# to 8.5# when it was in the shop to personalize it to my finger pull. My S&W 38 was tricked out like that. There are round targets about the size of a small paper plate which pop down when you hit one and I still have a good record. The 22 will be a handy gun to keep on my gun belt when tramping in the outback where there are mean little critters AKA rattle snakes. I do like to be prepared :cp: and hope I never have to use it :no: ~ but you just never know.

Ok back now ~ I have been gone awhile. We went out for lunch and had Chinese food and I know by know how to pick what to eat at her place. And then went and visited the buffalo and a drive about the area. It is now just after 4 of the clock and has been a lovely day with wind subsiding.

DONNA FAYE A short get away is always good. Our next trip to Texas will be a short turnaround kind. Enjoy getting away even for the day. Your grandson is no longer a little kid. He looks really good and healthy. I remember being in high school and being 14. Yes, he will be making memories to look back on when he is old. What grade in school is he in now?

JEAN I too am hoping for some rain. Hope your black cat shows up soon and nothing untoward has happened to it. I hope your "lunch bunch" went well today. Fun having friends gathered around for lunch isn't it.

SUSAN I am so very thankful I am not allergic for I love Yankee Candles. None of our friends that come to this house are allergic either so we have several nice fragrances from which to choose to sweeten up the place. I certainly wouldn't have them if I had a friend such as you that came over though. :yes:

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

03-13-2014, 10:02 AM
Good Morning! The sun is trying to peek through the clouds and so far no wind. It's supposed to hit 65 today so I'll take it! I had to laugh at Sonny this morning. I left the cat carrier upstairs and put a few treat pieces just inside the door. The vet says a cat has a three second memory. Hah! Sonny has circled around it, then looks at me as if thinking, "if you think I'm going in there again, think again!" Even Ernie has steered clear. I need to figure out food for card club and head to the grocery store this morning.

Susan -- You keep busy and on the go too! I don't like to burn candles as I get soot streaks on one wall by the fireplace. Bob figured there must have been a draft there. When he repainted that wall, my candle burning came to a halt. The black cat came late yesterday afternoon and was here again this morning. He can come and go when I'm not watching for him, but I noticed the cat food hadn't been touched. The orange guy isn't as regular as Black Cat. :)

Maggie -- The cauliflower dish sounds good to me but don't think Bob would probably think so. When I mention a new recipe/food, he'll say, "I'll pass." :lol: We ordered hamburgers while in Maui, and they were huge with big thick buns and lots of thick veggies. I cut mine in half and it fell apart after my first bite. I picked it apart and ate the meat with the veggies leaving most of the bun. They showed a picture of supposedly a local favorite sandwich and there is no way anyone could take a bite of the whole thing at one time.

I'm off to work on my food list and head to the store. Have a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

03-13-2014, 12:26 PM
Good morning ladies! A chilly 33 degrees right now.

We had some discussion on yoga earlier in the week. In the South Beach Diet newsletter today there was an interesting article. Here's the link.

I'm doing laundry and then rearranging the living room to I can have a corner to set up my quilting frame.

Have a wonderful day!

03-13-2014, 04:24 PM

Will bought me the neatest ger-prize today and I have it on my bracelet now. It is a Walking Liberty $5.00 solid gold coin. It has a gold keeper on it and looks great on my bracelet. It stands for my walking efforts which are solid gold for my weight loss program. I put it by my bullet and lips which stand for bite the bullet and do this thing. My bracelet is now worth a few hundred dollars. :lol: I now have 5 gold charms on this bracelet along with many, many silver ones. I keep thinking I don’t have any more room to put charms on this bracelet but had to find a place for this one. :cp: I did toy with the idea of wearing this gold coin on a chain around my neck but decided not to for I rarely wear necklaces and my gold chains were all stolen a few years ago. I have one that was my Mothers but the lengths are too big around for it to look good with the small coin. Will offered to take me to a jewelry store and buy me a gold chain for the coin when he gets home but I opted to put it on my bracelet. He will probably be happy not to have to spend the money for a gold chain when he gets home from the museum. :lol: I should tell him I would take the money instead. I wear my bracelet every day so it will always be with me and not tucked away in a jewelry box. I have an Indian head nickel (50# loss) with the excess cut out around the face and a mercury head dime (100# loss) cut the same way and this gold coin (for walking) which is intact.

My taster is off today for we stopped at the taco shop and I took one bite of a taco and it tasted awful so I didn’t eat anything. I am not hungry either. I don’t feel bad ~ in fact I feel great this day. I woke up ready to get into the day. :cp:

SUSAN I checked out that web site and it is interesting so I signed up for some of their mailings. Thanks for the information.

JEAN Cecil remembers things longer than 3 seconds also. And if cats don't remember things how is it that I had a cat trained to play fetch? I didn't have to reteach him each time. It is a condition response. I say "fetch" and he complies. He certainly rememberd what "fetch" means. Cecil also knows what that cat hut means and avoids it like the plague. :p

Have a great day Magnolias.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

03-13-2014, 05:07 PM
Good afternoon to you all. Looks like 3fc did a little upgrade as some of our stuff looks just a bit different. I would have sworn I was in here this morning, but guess not. I did sit here when Jack went to work and paid bills, but guess I forgot to post!

I did get my house cleaned yesterday and sat around and read two of those Randisi books today. I am a really fast reader for one thing and they are a great read so I don't get bored.

I got my purple necklace and it isn't going to work so back it goes. The beads are almost black and the beading thread is magenta so that won't work at all. It is also really short even though it says 20" which is misleading. It is 3 strands and the shortest one is about 14 inches and too short for me. So, I will keep the necklace I have that is long beads on the wait list and hope they restock it soon. It is about $20 more expensive, but I have a lot of points with them so may be able to get the price down some.

Jack should be home in about half an hour and I am going to have to get started on dinner soon. I am making salsbury steak tonight. I use ground sirloin so it isn't fatty at all the ingredients are pretty low fat too, lowfat ketchup, ff onion mix and beef broth and egg beaters and it makes pretty darn good salsbury steaks. So many recipes are heavily tomato based and this is brown gravy based so Jack likes it.

tky72: As Jean said, we welcome you to join us. We have a gal from Va, one from Kansas, Jean is from Iowa and I live in Memphis, but am a transplanted Yankee gal. I grew up in NW Indiana around South Bend. We just enjoy each other's company here and help each other out when we can.

Maggie: I can't believe he starts high school this fall. He just went scuba diving with his parents today for the first time and she said he did terrific, which doesn't surprise me. The kid does everything well and is fearless pretty much. They did those Segway things yesterday and Tom didn't see this huge bump in the road and went bum over tea kettle and scraped the heck out of the whole length of his arm. Sometimes vacations can be dangerous. :lol: Thanks for the recipe.

Susan: My boys are growing up fast for sure. I haven't slept in a bed except the one on the ship since my second colon surgery. It just plain hurts to do so. I think it is scar tissue that presses on it or something, but I can't sleep on my side without it being uncomfortable either. In our bed, sleeping on my back is a no go and I can't sit up in bed because our bed doesn't have a headboard and I slide down the wall. We got the ship steward to give us several extra pillows and blankets and wedged me into bed both cruises. I had to wake Jack up everytime I went to the bathroom though to put me back "in." :lol: I sleep in the recliner downstairs. I hope you have a good summer with your asthma. Which causes you more trouble spring and summer or fall and winter?

Jean: I have a Scentsy warmer and that is the one that doesn't do much good in my opinion. I love Yankee Candle though. Hope your day is going well.

I gotta get out of here and get things done for dinner. Have a great day all. Faye

03-14-2014, 02:20 PM
Good Afternoon! Made a grocery run first thing this morning after putting the card club menu together. I usually end up make the same things every year after I sort through all of my recipes. Am I a creature of habit or what! We had sunshine early but it's clouding up in the western sky. This afternoon I need to keep working on the corner cleaning for card club, like anyone but me will notice.

Susan -- Thanks for the link; I will take a look! Bob's doctor told him to get the SB book and if the food is white, don't eat it!

Maggie -- What a nice surprise from Will! He is definitely a keeper! I agree about cats and dogs remembering. I took the carrier to the basement and Sonny goes out of his way to go too close to it.

"Gma" -- What looks different on your 3fc page? Mine looks like it always does. At least I think so. That's too bad about the necklace. Having to return things is a hassle for sure. We saw Segways in Maui, and our local police have one that they use in the parks. I think I would fall off! I've spent a few nights in the recliner too.

Bob will be home for lunch soon, so I'd better get a move on. Have a great day and enjoy! :wave:

03-14-2014, 02:27 PM
Good afternoon gals. I got up and took Jack to work this morning so I could keep the car as I wanted to go and get my nails done. I found a couple of cute tops at Walmart for only $13 each so bought an orange striped and a navy striped one to take on vacation. I looked around a bit then left. Jack called me while I was sitting in the car getting ready to text him about something. We were wondering about Medicare and Tricare as Jack's bday is Oct 10 and I have to pay the Tricare Prime premium in Sept for the quarter of Oct-Dec. I didn't want to pay for him, but didn't want him to be without coverage either so he called and talked to someone at Tricare and found out he is covered by Medicare starting Oct1 so that means Tricare for Life starts then too as his supplement so I only have to pay a single premium for myself. All worked out, which was great.

The nail place was crazy this morning. I went in and there were two ladies being worked on and they had just opened 5 minutes before. I sat for about 5 minutes or so while the dingbat women nail techs oohed and aahed over 3 boxes of mangoes one of the gals brought in. I was there about 5 minutes after that and in streamed the women. When I left they had 7 besides myself waiting for chairs. It isn't even a holiday weekend! :lol:

I went afterwards and got the car washed and vacuumed out even though it is supposed to rain on Sunday, as per usual it seems for commissary day. I went to Walgreens then picked up some lunch and came home. I put the clothes from the washer into the dryer, went to the bathroom, and sat down and ate a sandwich. When I was finished with my lunch I folded all the clothes and put them into the basket to take upstairs, hung up my coat, put away the stuff I bought and here I am!!!

It's going to be a sandwich kind of day because I imagine we will stop at the deli and get a couple to bring home tonight.

My sil didn't get to go skin diving yesterday with Thomas and Kelly because of his accident on the Sedgway. He really scraped up his arm pretty badly and I guess they wouldn't let him go or he decided not to go don't know which. Their ship is having a St Jude's charity event on the ship coming home and they ask Kelly to speak at it. She was all excited to be able to tell everyone about St Jude's today. They are supposed to be home on Sunday.

Jack starts his rib rehab next week. He has six sessions of some kind of ultrasound to heal it better. I know the poor man is awfully sore and I think part of that is sleeping in the bed now but I don't know.

You have a nice weekend. Faye

03-15-2014, 09:45 AM
Good Morning! Just waiting to get my day started. :yawn: My "mom" used to call at 7:30 but switched to 8:30 because she had a hard time getting up when it was dark. Bob is sleeping in and the "boys" are guarding the deck waiting for the squirrels. I feel like I am running late!

"Gma" -- You had a busy day yesterday! :D My nail salon opens at 9 and I try to be the first one in the door. I really like the guy to do mine because he is faster the the girls. It sounds like Kelly and family are having fun, except for the Segway accident. Hope Jack's rehab goes well. Yesterday I ran into the gal who stands next to me playing bells. She has a mass attached to her colon and having surgery in a week. A card playing friend just had a lung removed due to cancer and never smoked. Scary!

Nothing planned for today except making food and checking things off my list for card club. Hope you enjoy your weekend! :wave:

03-15-2014, 01:53 PM
Good morning gals. Jack went over and got his hair cut at 8 AM this morning then when he got back we went out shopping around 10 to find some of those flannel or cotton style plaid pj pants he wears around the house. It is almost impossible to find talls unless you buy at least a 2x and that is too big for him. We went to Walmart and I did the foot mapping thing for Dr Scholls to put things in my shoes but they didn't have any of my number. I found his shampoo, the only one he will use btw and bought two of their big ones just so he has shampoo for awhile. I am making chilimac for dinner so got a box of those garlic breads and when we went looking for the pj pants we passed some really nice looking Wrangler brand cotton shorts for Jack so I bought him two pairs, one in gray and teal plaid and the other a gray, blue and red plaid. The only bad thing is they are 100% cotton so they shrink, which means no dryer and no dryer means they have to be ironed, UGH! We were then off to Target, which is just across the parking lot. We ended up buying regular length pj pants and I will just hang them instead of putting them in the dryer so they won't shrink like the last one did. We came home and Jack was in pain so he took a pill and is in the recliner sleeping now. I am washing all the clothing we bought and doing morning chores then will sit and knit I guess.

Tomorrow is commissary day so I have to get my menu and list done in a bit. I am getting a few more canned vegs that I can't find fresh at the commissary. I do wish I could find jicama someplace though. I have yet to find it down here anywhere.

Jean: Oh, I will say a prayer for the lady at your church. I sure know what colon surgery is like. It is no fun and a mass is not good, not good at all. I got a call last night from the doctor at the pharmacy at my clinic asking about my diabetes. Nothing like waiting 3 months to call me back. I told her straight out I had reduced my meds and why and told her my numbers over all so she was ok with it. If they aren't going to do what they should, then I will do what needs to be done to keep me where I should be. If my blood sugar levels would have gone up after reducing my oral meds, I would have gone back to the double dosage, but nothing has gone up at all and why take more when you can take less? Have fun at card club.

I guess I will go and get my chores done. Have a great Saturday. Jack is getting his snorkeling stuff today so I told him he could go upstairs and stick his head under water in the tub!:lol: He said no thanks his ribs hurt too much. Faye

03-16-2014, 09:30 AM
Good morning everyone. Today is commissary day and of course it is raining. Why it has to rain when we grocery shop I don't know, but it seems every time we have to go to the commissary it ends up raining.

Jack got his snorkeling gear yesterday and he put his fins on and was walking around the carpet. It was a hoot for sure. It is a very nice durable set from US Diving so I don't have to worry about him I don't think. He got these sock things to wear inside the fins so they won't rub on his feet too.

We are leaving here in about an hour to go grab some breakfast then head out to the commissary. I decided not to go to Nashville next weekend because Jack is still having pain and I don't want him to be miserable walking around Opry Mills so we will just stay home and I think we will go over to our mall here today and see if we can find him some New Balance he likes. There are two stores in the mall that carry them so we shall see how he feels.

I am probably going to have to carry the majority of the groceries in today, which will be a real chore because I have to get a lot of can goods this time around. Ahh well, I don't want him doing it as it is painful for him.

You gals have a good day. Talk to you tomorrow. Faye

03-16-2014, 12:18 PM
Good Morning! Been to church and now need to change clothes, put a meatloaf together, and check my "to do" list for tomorrow. The sun is shining but it's a cold 20 degrees outside. We got just a skiff of snow last night. It will be gone as soon as the sun hits the back yard.

"Gma" -- I had to :D at Jack trying out his swim fins around the house. I imagine he is glad to pass on the shopping trip. He is probably sore just breathing. I hope the rain lets up long enough for your commissary trip.

I need to get going so lunch will be ready when Bob gets home from second service. Enjoy your day! :wave:

03-16-2014, 04:15 PM

It got up to 62˚s yesterday and the talking heads say it more of the same today. Surely feels like summer and the trees haven’t gotten their leaves yet. Weird weather for sure. It got up to 82˚s the other day so I imagine we will have a long hot summer. The apple tree in our backyard has buds on it.

I must have thrown my favorite glass drinking straw away by mistake awhile back for I have not been able to locate it. I tried using my glass cuter to cut a long one down last evening and ended up using my glass grinder to cut it for I have a tiny wheel attachment that works to smooth real small pieces and will grind a hole so I used it to cut through the straw. I have a couple more of really long straws that I intend to cut down also. One is really fat that will be great to drink smoothies with. I had ordered the long ones to use in a glass project awhile back. They are nice and thick glass and make wonderful drinking straws. I do have a set of stainless straws that have spoons on one end for root beer floats and such.

Will has been doing some research on an old time Sheriff who was a very good one named George Bardsley. He got a call from the museum director this morning to come to the museum to meet Bardsley’s great grandson who lives in a different state and is visiting here. He told Will that his wife has a thick file on Bardsley that he will have her copy and send it to him to compare with the information he has already gathered and what she doesn’t have Will can share with her. This is the character Will is in the re-inacting plays. That nice man has invited us to visit him at his home in CO which we will do when we drift around in our MH. CO has some very nice places to stay and see.

We just got back from the church which Will preaches at once a month and I am sleepy. I did have a good night’s sleep but that long drive with all the brown fields got monotonous. I’ll drink some coffee and wake up for sure.

DONNA FAYE Has Jack been snorkeling before? It was customary when I lived in CA to practice a lot in a swimming pool before hitting the ocean with diving gear. I am sure he will like it, why don''t you go with him? Too bad there isn't a teenager to help you tote those groceries into your place.

Jean Meatloaf sure sounds good. I think I will make one this week. I am sure I have what it takes meat-wise in my freezer. :p BURR you are way colder than we are today.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

03-17-2014, 11:29 AM
Good morning to you all. Happy St Patrick's Day! :luck2you: It is chilly here this morning and cloudy, but the rain has passed through so I am hoping for a warm up and sunny skies soon.

Jack had a 90 minute rehab then had to go to the dr and will probably be released back to full duty though he isn't really ready for it. He has no say in it. He said he thought what has been causing him pain the last few days was a pulled muscle so he put the heating pad on his back rib area and took some advil and that seemed to work for him. He said that pain is gone. I am hoping this rehab doesn't make the pain worse as he can't take the pain meds at work for sure.

Kelly's family is heading home today from their vacation. Looks like they had a good time except for Tom's spill on the Segway thing. She says she got a pat down and had to go through one of those naked scanners at the Palm Beach airport, which she wasn't happy about.

We got the commissary shopping done yesterday and I carried in most of it and put it away. Ugh, what a job that way. Jack usually is my carry in person, but he just can't do it at the moment. We are good for a couple weeks again. I really need to straighten my pantry and my cupboard that holds food, but I will get around to it I guess. Jack has to help me with the cupboard as I am too short to get clear to the top.

I ordered 2 pair of blue jeans from the same place I got them last time. They had a buy one get one 1/2 off for St Patrick's Day and I had a coupon for 20% off plus free shipping so I saved $50 total, which isn't bad! I had to buy two more shapers for the cruise as the 3 I have are deteriorating, ie have holes beginning in them. I will wear the old ones here at home and take the new ones on the cruise. I also bought 4 new bras and saved a bit on one of them, but not a lot. I get tired of only being able to buy white ones and found that Glamorize had some pretty colors in my size so bought a pale blue and a pale pink then bought a beige one and a white one so am all set with them too. I couldn't figure out why the ones I had gapped so badly and seemed too big, but I looked at the tags and they were 4 band sizes bigger. I don't know if they sent the wrong ones last time or I had a brain goo and ordered the wrong sizes. :lol: I know my credit card is showing 3 authorizations for just the one purchase, but I can't do anything until they either fall off or are paid then issue a fraud claim. Our bank has a new software program and they haven't worked out all the kinks for online stuff so it may be that too.

Jean: I have an online knitting friend who lives in Maryland and they got 4" or so. She wasn't happy about it. Spring can't come too early for me that's for sure. I am ready for capris and sandals. Hope your meatloaf was good. I would love to have bell pepper in my meatloaf, but Jack won't eat it that way so have to do what I can that he will eat.

Maggie: I can't put my head under water to snorkel for one thing. I have a lot of trouble with my ears. I am not really interested in that anyway. I will swim above the water and let him enjoy the snorkeling. He is thinking of our next trip getting scuba diving trained, but I told him only if he gets a complete release from his cardiologist would I let him do that.

You gals have a nice start to your week. I am down 1 lb this week, which is ok, but I need to start working on it a lot harder. Faye

03-17-2014, 12:38 PM
Good Morning! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's 27 degrees. :brr: The weatherman says 60 this afternoon but I'll believe that when I feel it! Balanced at church and no mistakes on the computer that I had to go back and fix. I stopped at the grocery store for a couple things I wanted fresh for tonight, and picked up the gift shop money which will wait until tomorrow. I've got a few last minute things to do and will defur furniture around supper time.

Maggie -- You could share your warm weather! ;) It's great that you have the tools and can cut a new glass straw. I bet Will will miss his museum time once you are on the move again.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on another pound gone forever! At the airport security I don't think I would mind the dog sniffing, the scanner, or getting my hands checked, but I wouldn't like the pat down either. They say there are security agents who just people watch looking for specific actions, facial expressions, etc. You really got a good deal on jeans! A specialized bra store just opened in Sioux City and the article mentioned fashion bras from Europe, as well as large sizes mentioning a G cup. I didn't know there was such a thing.

I need to finish my " to do" list and get laundry going. Hope you all enjoy a marvelous Monday! :wave:

03-17-2014, 07:04 PM

Today is another beautiful day. Makes me want to plant a garden but we won’t do that this year for we have other things planned. I will miss not having a garden. We may have some apples get ripe before we hit the road though.

We did get some sugar free root beer and sugar free/fat free ice cream to make some floats this evening which will be tasty. Both Will and I showed a pound down this morning at our weigh in so we are going in the right direction once again and more attention paid to what we put in our mouths.

DONNA FAYE Too bad you can't get your head underwater for you are missing so much by not snorkeling. But I imagine you find other things that you will enjoy while Jack is out having fun in the sun snorkeling. BTW they do make excellent ear plugs for divers. Training for scuba diving when I was young was done in a swimming pool. :yes: I am not sure how it is done now days.

JEAN Not a good thing to come home from Hawaii to such lousy weather is it. Vacations of that sort always seem to pass too quickly for me and I imagine it is that way for you also. Since we are planning on leaving in August sometime I am starting my walking program in earnest for there are places I want to get to that will take some walking and a bit of climbing. Those months till then should be enough to get me into good enough shape to do what we want to do while “out there.”

In fact when after I post this I am going to do some walking before starting dinner this day. I will carry some of my Heavy Hands and do some arm exercises as I walk.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

03-18-2014, 10:36 AM
Good morning gals. It is cool again this morning and supposed to get into the 60's today so we shall see. I will be glad when it quits being so cold overnight hence no furnace, but no AC either. I would like at least one month of low utilities. Our utility company has raped the public this winter for sure. There are lots of people who don't have enough money to pay their bills. I had one that was over $400!!!!

I have started on the decreases on the sweater, which I am glad about. I want to get it finished then I can finish the wrap and have the knitting done for the cruise.

I am sending back another necklace. The orange one I ordered was way to short and the links were not just big, but huge. Supposedly they already refunded my money on the purple necklace, but I am sure having a problem finding a purple necklace. We are going to the mall this weekend so will look around at the mall. I am out of ideas. There is only one place I have found one that will work and I am on a wait list for it. I have no idea when they will come back in.

Jean: I watched this reality program on Bravo I think that is a bra specialty store in Atlanta. They sell bras in the m's and n's. They say they can fit anyone as they special make bras for very very large breasts. I had to feel sorry for this one gal that came in. She was an overweight woman, but not huge but she had humongous breasts. I have never seen breasts this big ever. They fit her for a bra that actually fit correctly and she was thrilled. I would imagine her back and shoulders hurt all the time. Did you get all your pineapples, etc delivered to everyone?

Maggie: Sounds like you did ok with the straw thing. I have a really great acrylic straw that I bought with a matching glass. I don't use straws except when I am at a restaurant or something, but I know a lot of people like using them all the time.

Hope everyone has a good day. Faye

03-18-2014, 11:10 AM
Good Morning! It's a cloudy morning with just a slight breeze blowing my wind chimes. Snow is predicted for later this afternoon and evening. I'm glad my turn hosting card club is over; now to wash and put away the dishes I left stacked on the counter last night. I need to count the gift shop money and get that to the bank this morning.

Maggie -- I am really tired of having a nice spring type day, and then back to crappy winter weather for several days. That is such a tease! What brand of diet root beer do you like! I usually buy A & W, but there is another brand that we find in soda fountains that we like. I can see the symbol but don't remember the name. :o

"Gma" -- I'm sorry your necklace was too short and had to be sent back. :( One of the ladies at card club has the prettiest necklace and matching earrings. I won't try to describe them but she had on a burgundy top; the jewelry was silver with burgundy sparkles. A girl who has been Jason's buddy since junior high days, had breast reduction surgery. I hadn't seen her in years but never thought she was "big." She's tall but not fat. Her mom had breast cancer so wonder if that had anything to do with her decision. The pineapples came a couple days after we got home. Bob has them delivered to the office and got rid of 5 of them there. We delivered 2 on our way to the funeral, and Beth's where she works on our way to Ian's scout shindig. I've been buying fresh pineapple at the store but it's definitely not Maui grown!

I am dressed but need to get busy! Hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

03-18-2014, 04:48 PM

It is a clear but miserable day here in the ♥-Land with the wind blowing 24 -38 MPH and the humidity up to 61. Sitting here in my office I can hear the wind outside blowing around the house.

I ordered a neat sounding bath rug to put in the MH. It is said to be “incredibly soft and is made of comfy cushion microfiber that absorbs and dries fast.” Hopefully it will work out in the space in which it will be used for drying fast will be a great feature. It is fun finding items that will work great in the MH. I have a Mandoline in a case that is rather large for which I found a replacement in the Chefs® Catalogue. The one I want to order is 13” L (including the handle) x 4¼” w x 1¼” H and under $25. There is no need to change blades and adjusts to 1mm, 2mm or 3mm. The one I have currently will surely sell at a garage sale for it is a good one and cost a lot more than what the small one is going to cost.

We have been out and about and stopped at our favorite shop that has installed some stuff on the Jeep for us. They are going to install a locking rack to keep our high lift jack on the back bumper and a tow bar so we can hook it up to the motor home. Everything we have had them do to it has been great work so they can do this also. Their welder does a great bead. The two bar can be hooked up to existing holes in the front bumper.

JEAN We get A & W diet root beer and like it the best for we have tried other brands and keep coming back to A & W. :lol: There is an A & W drive in food place in a distant town we go through when we go after jerky that we always stop at and have a great cold mug of it. I have two of those tiny mugs from a place years back that are now a collectors item.

DONNA FAYE Sorry that your necklaces didn't come up to your expectations. Hopefully you will find the jewelry that will go with your outfits before departure time. When I wanted to order some stainless tumblers I ordered ones that would hold 16 ounces. Evidently they were out of the and they substituted 14 ounce ones. I am now looking elsewhere for 16 ounce ones and think I have found a source and they come with lids. I like the small ones and they will certainly be used for juice, water or milk but we wanted larger ones for iced tea, sodas and such so I didn't return the 14 ounce ones. :p With all the pretty baubles out now I do hope you find something that goes with your outfits.

Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

03-19-2014, 10:01 AM
Good morning all. It is cloudy at the moment, but isn't saying anything about rain. We are going to be in the low 60's today and in the 70's tomorrow then over the weekend dip back down into the 50's again for a few days.

I am headed upstairs to clean as soon as I get done here. I am hoping the FEDEX guy doesn't show up while I am up there as I have to sign for the camera we bought. I went ahead and bought a new Nikon Coolpix that shoots underwater so Jack can take some snorkeling pictures. We have a Coolpix now and I really like it. It takes great pictures owing to the fact the photographers are lousy. :lol:

I ordered a couple necklaces in purple that came with earrings and were half the cost combined that the one necklace and earrings were. I found a lot of beautiful stuff on Ebay of all places. I made sure they were plenty long enough. Now I have to find out where the heck the dress is so I can send it back and get one the proper length. It was here in Memphis on Saturday and supposed to be delivered on Monday, but as of this morning it left Los Angeles so I am assuming they sent the package back, why I have no idea. If it shows delivered back to the store, I will call them and have them redo the dress before they send it back. What a big mess this has turned out to be again.

I am almost to the neckline of the sweater. I think I have about 4 rows maybe then I can do the neckline decreases. I will be glad to have this done and I can then block it and sew it up.

Jack is still so very sore. He went to rehab yesterday and came home wrapped, but he didn't have me rewrap it when he got up this morning so I don't know. He can't sleep in it, but she said he could wear it to work. He slept in the bed last night so we shall see how it goes. I heard it could take up to a year for it to heal completely.

Jean: We buy IBC diet root beer. It comes in brown bottles not cans and we like it the very best. It is pricier, but we really like the taste. I think the fountain root beer you are talking about is Barqs. That is the Coke brand of root beer so it would be in fountains that serve coke. A and W is owned by Pepsi so if they had fountain root beer I would imagine that would be what they would have in their fountains. All three of them are good regular root beer and A and W diet is good too, we just like the IBC and can get it at the commissary. I found some absolutely gorgeous, what they call bib necklaces on Ebay, but they are way too short for my fat neck. Too bad because I would have ordered them in a minute. I like big jewelry and being a big girl I can wear it. I look kind of dumb with tiny stuff on.

Maggie: I told Jack we will have a brand new set of high end glasses from cruising. :lol: We always get the soda package and it comes with two tall plastic glasses that have lids that open and close sort of like the things you would take in your car or to the gym or something only bigger. So far we have 4 of them and will get two more this cruise. We always get the package because it is unlimited and all you do is take them to a bar or restaurant or they have kiosks with coke products and you fill them up. They have a chip in them to show you bought the package and also to keep you from filling them and then pouring them into someone elses glass then refilling. You can only get it filled at the kiosk once every 5 minutes.

Well gals, I better get hopping as I have no idea what time the FEDEX guy will be here. My shapers are coming today to only UPS, but he will just put the box outside the door and knock. I have to sign for the camera it says on the website. Have a good one all. Faye

03-19-2014, 10:09 AM
Good Morning! We got enough snow to cover the ground again, and no sunshine in sight for today. :( This weather is just plain annoying! The dishwasher is doing its job, and I need to round up laundry. I have bell practice later this afternoon and need to pick up bread either coming or going.

Maggie -- Like I said, this weather is ANNOYING! :tantrum: I hope the weather guru knows tomorrow is supposed to be the first day of NICE spring weather. :cheer: I think we've had more wind than usual; no point in spending much time on a hairdo. I have a couple of the tiny A & W mugs too. Not sure where iI got them. I've thought about donating them to our church auction, hoping someone would get a kick out of them.

"Gma" -- You posted while I was typing so I am back. ;) I should clean upstairs too but have to really be in the mood. I think I overdid cleaning for card club! :lol3: Sometimes I think people who work in shipping/delivering are mentally challenged! We have one great mail man while the sub is dumber than dumb! Half the time our long block will be a mailbox off and we'll be out exchanging mail on any given day. I hope you get your dress before you sail! I don't think we have IBC root beer around here. You are right about the Barqs brand.

I need to get dressed and get my day going. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! :D

03-19-2014, 01:03 PM
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