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03-09-2014, 10:37 AM
I wanted to give a shout out to this site and the many people on it.

I have been lurking around for a couple of weeks and it's the best thing I have ever done weight wise.

I have learned so much about new products and been inspired by the many weight loss success stories.

I am proud to say I have been on program for 1 week have lost 8 pds and have not had sugar or processed foods this week. And I feel fantastic.

I have been liberated from thinking something is wrong with me cause I can't control certain foods when I eat them. Mainly sugar or processed foods that turn to sugar. It starts such a binge for me that I can not stop myself.

I was an Alcoholic so I still am craving the sugars. I was replacing them with sugary products then couldn't stop myself.

Thank god I can across the post about some people who have chosen to abstain from sugar and carbs. I eat carbs just not white carbs.

This week I read about brown rice pasta never heard of it. So I went out and bought some. I will try it today, Let you know how I like it.

It is alright to abstain from smoking (which I quit also) and drinking but you have to eat. BUT that doesn't give me the red light to eat foods that actually make me feel ill.

I sleep better and am so much happier even before any weight came off.

I know everyone is different and this is what works for ME. Maybe it won't work for you but we are all individuals and have to do what is best for ourselves.

Thanks again to the many people on the boards for your help and words of wisdom. I will be looking for more.