Ideal Protein Diet - 2nd WI tomorrow and very hopeful

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03-04-2014, 02:11 PM
My first WI was last Wednesday and I lost 6.8 lbs and 4.4 inches. This past week I had even more challenges as we are celebrating Mardi Gras in the city. I spent all day Sunday with family members and crowds along the parade route eating all the good things I would love to have. I stayed strong and stayed OP with the exception of 4 peanuts, lol. I also ate out twice this week and stuck to program with the exception of dressings for my salads which I gave into and had small amounts. I am hoping for another good week so I do not get discouraged. Has anyone else ever run into situations surrounded by food? What did you do to help?

03-04-2014, 04:32 PM
I think all of our lives are surounded by food and occasions, we have to learn to deal with them in our own way. I have found that planning ahead helps alot, bring your own food if going to friends, check restaurant menus online and pick out something before I get there that I can eat and stick to that, always have water with me. I can tell you that the longer you are on IP the easier it gets to turn down your favorite foods, I never thought I would be able to give up some of the foods I have, but I did. It is only for a while anyway and then I can have them occasionally again. Good luck with your WI tomorrow.