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03-03-2014, 09:49 AM
Hey Ladies,

Lets call it daily chatter LOL even though it's not really daily. Monthly means someone has to be around at the beginning of the month all the time to start a new one.

I had a good weekend, got have the nursery painted and got my registry done. The registry was harder then I thought it was going to be though! I was quite mentally tired at the end, too many 'decisions'...I don't know which TUB to get (although in the end I did know but too many choices).

How is everyone doing?

03-04-2014, 09:02 AM
I have an appointment today at 4, so I'll probably have an update to post after that. I'm still trying to find the motivation to keep moving. By 6pm, I'm ready for bed.

03-05-2014, 08:47 AM
My appointment was good especially since my last one was for a bleed and cramping. And my next appointment is my anatomy scan in 3 weeks! But I did get a little lecture about my weight gain - 3 pounds in 2 weeks. Since I'm trying for a VBAC, I need to gain as little weight as possible. I let stress get the better of me and I can assure that the weight gain has been from indulging in completely unnecessary foods. So I'm now going to give up deserts for Lent. I know I don't need them and it's time to just quit it cold turkey. I have plenty of healthy foods I could be eating instead, so that is exactly what I'm going to be doing.

How is everyone else?

03-05-2014, 06:31 PM
Yahoo for nursery & registry, Ishbel! We just painted ours, and now are replacing the carpet with some vinyl plank (looks like wood). So far it looks nice, but hubby tells me it's a pain to put in and have it look nice. I've partly completed my registry, but I know one thing that's been a big help is having an account with consumer reports - especially when it comes to car seats.

Glad your appointment went well, gretel! I've let stress get to me on a few too many occasions and it's not a fun feeling. :( I've gained about ~1-2 pounds so far (I started at 295, dropped to 286, then have gained back what I've lost, plus about 1-2 pounds). I'm trying to keep my diet reasonable, but most days I'm too exhausted after work to do anything but sleep.. and for some reason these babies want me eating chocolate... ;)

Overall, my doctor hasn't been concerned with my weight but of course I am. I hold it well, but things have been getting harder for me lately. (Bending over for one, since at my 20 week appointment I measured 27 weeks - but that's typical for twins). I just got over a cold and am still kicking some leftover crud in my chest, so I'm hoping that my lack of positivity and energy is due to that and when I feel 100%, I'll hopefully be a more fun person to be around again. Plus, my chair at work is super uncomfortable so that can make a person kinda crabby.

Been feeling babies move more, which has been really fun. Mostly on one side more than the other, so I think the babies may have moved a little bit. At 20 weeks they were both head-down, side by side.

03-11-2014, 12:46 PM
So I appologize, this is a 'me' post...I was in a dark place for the last week with our health care system and yesterday after work my faith was restored.


I eat very specifically and I'm careful with starches (for my purpose we'll call them starches as I mean bread/potatoes/sweet potatoes etc.)...I very VERY rarely eat refined sugar. I will eat more starches then I used to because I'm pregnant but I've never ever thought that veggies had no carbs.

SO, I knew from personal history (I was pre-diabetic and on metformin before I lost weight) that I should take the GD test although I know I could have 'refused' it. So when it came back positive, I started monitoring my blood. I also grabbed some ketostix because I knew they would be concerned about ketones. In general my blood is within range abeit lower some days which is easily fixed. I took that into my GP (my regular one doesn't catch babies so I have a 'new' one that I just started to to see), he didn't really look at my numbers and said "we'll refer you to the diabetes specialist and the patient educaton (nurses/dietician)" AND he put me immediately on metformin, which shocked me a bit as my numbers are pretty low/normal. So the next day I was seeing the specialist and he actually said he didn't want me on metformin and questioned my numbers as they are "really good, I'm confused" then he questioned my monitor and we compared the readings of my blood, we were .01 of a number off (I'm using Canadian measurements here they are in mmol/l vice americans that measure g/mol. He then started questioning my diet and told me that veggies had no carbs (this is where I started to shut down because he was frustrating me and not listening...until this point I am showing no symptoms of GD other then the positive to my pancreas not knowing how to digest 75 grams of glucose, it didn't help that he was confused by my lack of symptoms and my numbers in comparison to the glucose test) and I could be "poisoning my baby with ketones so I will give you prescription for ketostix and want you to use them" to which I replied "actually I have them already and I tested last week three times and recieved 'negative' all three times. I felt incredibly talked down to and not listened too.

So the next day I went to patient education and the nurse made a little noise when I told her how much I've gained so far. I jumped on her fully knowing that I was going to have extra grains/potatoes etc pushed on to me. She took me to the dietican and told her in front of me (like I wasn't there), "she has a morbid fear of gaining weight and thinks carbs are evil please be careful how you talk to her about her weight". Then about 15 minutes into it the dietican asked me how much I weighed when I first got pregnant and how tall I was and queried if I knew how much according to my BMI I was recommended to gain and if the doctors had commented on it yet. I replied "I know exactly what the recommendation is but it doesn't take into consideration my biological make up or the fact that I've lost a significant amount of weight and now have a slower metabolism then someone who is my size that has never lost weight" (I forgot to add that the diabetic nurse could stand to lose at least 100 lbs - which I don't usually care about other peoples weight because I've 'been there done that' - but don't give me crap for my weight when you're over weight yourself...very difficult to handle). I also told the dietican to leave the Canada Food Guide in the drawer. They call all veggies (but corn) 'free veggies', my body has NEVER EVER considered anything free. Additionally they want you to eat 150-200 grams of carbs just from potatoes, rice, bread etc etc...whhhhaaattt??

So for 3 days I did what they wanted, I was eating ALL the time, I couldn't get my water in! My fingers swelled my toes swelled (I kept saying they feel like piggies), a breakfast that didn't effect my blood sugars on before I started eating the way they wanted now created a HUGE spike in my blood sugars (before I was within guidelines). I had such a massive spike that I cried while doing 2 mile walk with "walk at home", I cried the ENTIRE 2 miles. This was the same breakfast I had 2 weeks earlier that caused no spike. Now with all the added carbs around that meal caused such a significant spike that I was forced to walk at 7 am (while crying from frustration!). I felt like I was starting down the abyss of diabetes, that they were turning on a switch in me and no one was listening to me and how well I knew my own body. I kept seeing future blood pressure medication and a scheduled c-section due to a big baby (in my future). I was in a dark abyss for a few days that no one could talk me out of. I tracked one day of the food they wanted me to eat, I was well over 300 grams of carbs with veggies.

So yesterday after work I had an appointment to go back to my regular GP (who monitored me during Ideal Protein and told me how proud she was of me getting my health under control) I took all my blood levels before their eating and during their eating. She had said I could come back anytime in the next three months if I needed her (when I moved over to the baby catcher), so I reminded her she said that and said I needed some counselling and that no one was listening to me. It was at the end of the day (she squished me in), she put her pen down and sat back and let me talk for about 15 minutes if not longer (she didn't interupt). She reviewed my numbers and asked me what I ate and said I was eating very healthy and agreed that veggies had carbs and that I knew my body better then anyone else. She wants me above a certain level for mornings (easily acheived) and gave me permission to go back to what I was eating. She agreed that they were trying to put me in a standardized little box that I just didn't fit into. She said "they don't usually see someone who knows as much about their own body as you do". I said "what do I do if they freak over some of the lower numbers" she said "ignore them but continue monitoring your blood and ketones".

I'm SO incredibly relieved that someone LISTENED to me and gave me permission to listen to my own body. Don't get me wrong here, I eat carbs I'm just not going to eat 60 grams of starches with my supper. I may eat a smaller number and if my blood work is ok and there are no ketones in my urine then all the diabetic people need to back off!

I feel like a huge HUGE cloud has been lifted off my shoulders today, most definately a 'brighter' day. I honestly felt like I was having a mental war raged against me with "poisoning your baby" "morbid fear of gaining weight" "your baby needs good nutrition" "you think carbs are evil" "you've gained to much weight according to recommendations"

I've always ALWAYS knew a family doctor was important but not so much as now...seeing how she has supported me and given me permission to figure out my own body.

03-11-2014, 07:47 PM
Wow! Glad you have your family doctor to bring some sanity to your life. Not many people know their body well, but sadly that's the state of many. As long as you're getting your nutrients and staying healthy I'd say forget the other guys!

I'm lucky my doctor and nurses are very kind to me, I'd be a blubbering mess if they treated me that way!

03-12-2014, 12:56 PM
Thanks Jules,

I think I just needed permission to controlling it myself. I don't eat sugars so I confused the heck out of them. What made me feel better was the permission to add as I needed. Last night they were normal but a little low for bedtime so I had another snack. So tonight I'll add some carbs to my supper. I can tell that I just generally feel better if I can do it myself and it's my choice based on the numbers.

I don't need people telling me I'm poisoning my baby or I need this or that. If my blood sugars go wacky because of EVERYTHING they want me to eat then I'm eating too much of what they want me to eat. Vicious cycle.

I was NOT a happy camper but I feel WAY better today. I have a friend at work that's a nurse that just called to check on me and said "wow you sound WAY better"

Life goes on, adapt and over come :)

03-12-2014, 04:44 PM
Glad you're better. :)

What happened to all our other prego ladies?

03-14-2014, 09:49 AM
Ishbel - That's so frustrating. Pregnancy is definitely not one-size fits all! I had bad experiences with my previous OB practice treating me as if I had GD and pre-eclampsia, even though I didn't. I wish I would have switched before I ended up with a c-section but have since switched for this pregnancy. Is finding a new/better doctor an option? As long as the baby is growing as expected (measured by your fundal height) they shouldn't be telling you to gain more or less weight than you are gaining.

JulesMarion - I'm still here. I had another very minor bleed on Monday and have been taking it easy again. I'm so tired this week!

03-14-2014, 10:38 AM
gretel It's not the docs, it's the nurse and dietican. But I never thought to phrase it that way so next time they say something I will snap back again. When she phoned to review my numbers she was quite nervous so I think I was agressive enough to put her on edge...which I'm sure she (the dietican) is a very nice lady but the cat in me felt a little good. (tee hee). Glad you're still around, I'm sorry that you're so tired and still having bleed issues. Did they check you again?

Jules How are those two babies coming along? We had a 'rare' identifical triplets born in a small city north of us. I keep looking at my nursery thinking "oh my, I couldn't fit two cribs in here much less three". I wonder if they'll keep their hospital tags on them to tell them apart. lol

03-19-2014, 08:45 AM
Ishbel - I chose not to be seen because my next appointment is my anatomy scan, I'm feeling movement, and there's nothing that can be done at this point anyway. I was less stressed staying home. And my friend who is due the day before me just had a very similar experience at a dietitian. The dietitian told her that she is eating too much fat, specifically in mayo and whole milk. Personally, I hate low fat anything and have switched to whole fat versions and still have lost the advice seems way out of date. I'm sorry that both of you are dealing with people that understand nutrition on paper only.

As for me, it never ends! I picked up a sinus infection or something over the weekend and now I'm completely miserable. I have zero energy (which is a blessing in disguise because I have been so annoyed at being idle) but I don't really want to take off any more time from work just yet.

And I started to track my weight gain:
0 w - 181.4
1 w - 179.2
3 w - 177.4
4 w - 177.2
5 w - 177
8 w - 179.4
10 w - 178.4
16 w - 186.8
17 w - 186.2
18 w - 185

I think cutting out those unnecessary desserts will really even me out. I'm eating plenty of healthier foods without them.

03-24-2014, 04:33 AM
I'm doing good! Babies are doing well and growing accordingly and at the same rate. My body is holding them well and my doctor is encouraged that I can go pretty far in my pregnancy. I've heard cervical length is a good indicator of preterm labor risk (at 24 weeks), and typical length is 3.5 cm (from one source) and mine is 5.5 cm. I know things can change at any moment, but for now I feel encouraged that my body likes holding into these babies for a good long time!

Only semi discouraging thing was that I'm putting on weight a little too quickly. Not excessively, but it was a little jolt to remind me to eat in moderation and that while I'm pregnant, I'm not two people. In other news, our nursery renovation is done! Just need the furniture and decor! We redid the floors in wood-laminate planking and repainted. Looks pretty nice! :)

Hope you're feeling better gretel! Being sick stinks. :(

03-28-2014, 08:52 AM
I'm still sick, but I am on the mend. I met the midwife on Tuesday and have a plan of action to rid myself of this sinus infection. I'll probably be stuffy for another week yet.

In other news, I found out that I'm having a boy! I went in at 19 weeks exactly and the baby is measuring about a week ahead. This makes me a little anxious that he's either going to come early, or he's going to try to be as big as his sister was at birth.

04-13-2014, 06:45 PM
Hi Ishbel,
I wanted to say congrats on the pregnancy! I was on the pregnant/ nursing boards cause I just had baby #4 on March 14. She's doing well but breastfeeding is always a loggerhead for me. I do it very willingly for the bonding and the nutritional benefit but I am one of those that maintains (or gains- yikes!) during this time. Was in search of others in my boat...
And came across you & Liz on here. Nice to see some familiar names :)
Just wanted to comment on your doctor/ nurse issues. I've run the gamut with 4 pregnancies. And you are absolutely right to stick to your guns and do what your body needs for optimal health. It would be nice if doctors and nurses were supportive of what is best for the patient. Unfortunately it doesn't always work out that way. Just wondering if by the fasting GD test you mean the one that you have to be tested over the course of a few hours?
I had a emergency c-section with my first and we moved before I became pregnant with my second. I had to go to a high risk ObGyn because they needed to be able to perform a section in case it was needed. I scrapped with that doctor over whether I'd have a voluntary section again (I was adamant I wanted a VBAC). At 37 weeks he told me to find a new dr. If I didn't want to volunteer. At 38 weeks I agreed to a date a week later. He told me he was going away for a couple days and I did every natural 'bring on the labor' method I could find. Luckily baby was cooperative and labor started. The doctor on call was sympathetic to my wishes and helped me VBAC. I only had one stitch. Instead of major surgery. The thing is the doctors like to play it safe. Which I totally understand. But at the same time we live in our bodies. We know what they are capable of. I'm happy to hear that you stood up for yourself. And congrats again on the little one! Such an exciting time!

05-06-2014, 10:04 AM
Ishbel- I'm in Canada too and with my first pregnancy I had GD (I tested the bare minimum for positive in 2/3 of the blood tests). I was with a midwife and was referred to the hospital to go through the fun of talking to the dr, dietitian, etc too. They really don't know what to do with someone who knows their own body. They gave me a strange look when they asked me if I knew what a starch was and I told them a complex carbohydrate lol. I remember looking at the food guide and think 'you have to be kidding me'. I'm glad you found someone to listen to you and reinforce your own knowledge of how your body works.

capricious- I'm in your boat! Currently nursing my almost 9 month old and have gained about 10 lbs since having her haha. I actually ended up weighing less right after I had her then I did before I conceived, but I've made up for it now. Glad to see someone else in this camp

06-13-2014, 09:47 AM
are there any updates from the expecting moms? I still have 10 weeks to go.

07-12-2014, 02:22 AM
I gave birth to my twins about two weeks ago! Chloe was 5.11 and Elijah was 6.15, born at 38 weeks. Birth went well, all natural - very quick, from when labor started to birth it was about 4 hours (6 hours from water breaking). Gained an overall amount of 50 pounds (yikes!) but have lost it all as of this morning (12 days later!) lots of water weight. I packed on the pounds the last month. I'm pumping and establishing a breastfeeding relationship with the twins, latching has been difficult so the pump has been my friend. Trying to ster clear of formula, but have needed it a few times. Overall I'm pleased with how things are going, though I am exhausted and am dealing with the postpartum blues. Babies are perfect and I couldn't ask for more!

07-12-2014, 10:57 AM
I'm new to the thead :)

I am midpregnancy - 19/20 weeks, depending on the date we use. I'm working with 20 weeks, since I've never gone past 39 weeks before going into labor, and mentally it will be better for me in late pregnancy. Anatomy u/s is Monday, so we find out in 2 days. I already have 2 daughters and am frankly hoping for a son.

I have another thread going regarding weight - I'm attempting to maintain until delivery, planning my meals more carefully than I ever have before. I would never dream of this if I was only 10 or 20 lbs overweight, but I'm 50, so I have room to play with calories.

07-14-2014, 11:36 AM
JulesMarion- Congratulations! It sounds like you had a relatively easy delivery of two wonderful sized twins. I supplemented with formula for the first couple of weeks with my daughter and still went on to EBF past 6 months and nurse past a year. It's twice as hard with twins, I'm sure, and you are totally a super mom doing what you are are doing.

jeminijad - Welcome to the thread! I also was hoping for zero weight gain this pregnancy (roughly 40 pounds overweight) but my body didn't cooperate so well. I think I'm about 25 pounds up at 35 weeks which is way more than I had ever expected. I only gained 22 with my daughter. But I know that I'm not eating total garbage all day long so I'm making peace with it now.

07-24-2014, 02:53 AM
Hi, everyone. I'm new to the thread as well. Don't know how active it is, but I'm very excited to talk to other pregnant and post-pregnant health-concerned people!

It's my first pregnancy so I don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm just trying to stay as healthy as possible! I'm definitely feeling much healthier than I have ever been before, despite getting heavier by the day, between cutting out the 5-cup coffee "breakfasts" I used to have, actually not even WANTING to eat junk food when I think about growing a baby inside of me, adding in foods like yogurt that I didn't used to have, and wanting to stay active... I just hope it keeps up after the baby is born!