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07-14-2003, 10:16 PM

Welcome to Time for SERIOUS FUN…..We are a group of people trying to loose weight together and help each other along the way. There is only one rule on this thread, and it is if you are not willing to help yourself along the way or help others on this thread we don’t want to hear you WHINE everyday, we like to keep a positive attitude. Some whining is expected, lol, we are only human. Other than that we love to talk about every subject under the sun. Please feel free to pull up a chair and a keyboard and join us on our journey. Every day of the week we have a little beginning to the day to start us off, for example…..Monday would be Mission Monday……you have some sort of mission to complete in your life for that day or longer totally up to you. Faye is in charge of what day it is and what we are doing, so look for her post if you are interested.

07-14-2003, 10:17 PM
Looks like everyone is busy or went to bed early! No one has posted for a good part of the day.

Hope you all have a good evening and will see you tomorrow with Target Tuesday!


07-14-2003, 11:09 PM
I'm peeking in so I get my e~mail notifications, you know how I am....LOL.


07-15-2003, 12:25 AM
Hey Fay,

Surprise! "It's me again Marge":D You're all over the place......how do you have time to do all that cleaning?! I"ve decided you're probably ADHD;)

I completed my mission today..........I had a colonoscopy and passed with flying colors, after drinking 3 gallons of water yesterday:( I was determined, as the first one came back "poor prep", which I understand is not uncommon. The good news is, I don't have to have another one for 10 years, and by then maybe they'll have invented something fabulous to take its place. I certainly hope so!

Have any of youall tried the new WW Caraml Chocolate bar? I think that's the name.......they're really good! I freeze them so they last longer:D

Tried a new recipe over the weekend, and it really is good. Here goes:

1 pkg. sugar free cherry jello
1 cup hot water
1 cup diet coke
1 can of bing cherries.......drained and rinsed if in heavy syrup

Make it just like you would any jello, but the coke gives it a little zing. Makes 4 servings at 1Pt. each. I double the recipe and did it in a 9x13 pan.......the servings are very generous, and a dollup of ff cool whip makes it only 2pts.



07-15-2003, 12:29 AM
Hey Sandy/Peek

I've just returned from another fabulous week sailing on the Schooner Stephen Taber out of Rockland. It's my third time and I"m already stashing away money for next year. I adore Maine, because it has the mountains and the water, both of which I love.
Where in ME are you? A good friend is moving to Waterville next month.


07-15-2003, 09:02 AM
Hey Bubbles,

I'm on the mid coast, little town called Bremen, and it is about 25 miles south of Rockland, thats too cool. So did you all sail down to Boothbay for the Windjammer days?

My hubby is a lobsterman so I get to go out on a boat anytime I would like...lol...but never been on a schooner, that may be fun.


07-15-2003, 10:21 AM
TUESDAY: Today is Target Tuesday and we want to target how to react to people.

So many overweight people do not know what to do about people who talk about them behind thier backs, or when they are losing weight, people who tell them they are losing too much, look too thin, need to ear more, etc. Give us you suggestions on how to handle these things!

First off, I faceoff people who I know are talking about me. I walk right up to the and say, "Excuse me, did you ask me something?" or "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you, did you say something to me?" Most will back down and slink away with a no, BUT if they say something smart back like, "yeah, I just called you a fat pig." Whatever, I usually respond with something liike, "Ah, that's why I didn't hear you, you were talking jibberish." or "Oh, I'm sorry I only understand English." and promptly walk away, head held high!

For those mean wellers or ones who are jealous, best defense is again offense. Something like, "Oh, thanks for being concerned about me, but my doctor is thrilled with my weight and health so I will let him know." Shuts em right up when yus zing em with the ole medical doctor routine!

Bubs: You came out of the magnolia tree! Howdy! Honey, I jump around like a flea! A colonoscopy, oh you poor thing! Glad the ole channel is all clear though! Thanks for the great recipe and join us here anytime. We have lots of fun!

Peek: You are a little short on the post ain't ya? I know today is your day off so I better get some nice juicy stuff today! I know, you are busy trying the recipe I sent you last night, right? :s: :lol:

Well it is almost pool time and I want to start cleaning the upstairs. My how the week flies.

Faye :) (oops forgot my points for yesterday)

Faye Gets a :bravo: as I got all my points yesterday! Yippee and 2 lbs down besides!

07-15-2003, 10:53 AM

Good Tuesday to you all. Saw some different names this time, hello, enjoyed your posts.

for yesterday: 2 pts for program 1 for exercise and 1 for water. got to get my rear in gear this am though, havent had breakfast or walked my mile!!I know I shouldnt wait this long about eating, it has been since 6:45 last night. so, I am signing off for now...catch you later girlies...:dizzy:

07-15-2003, 10:59 AM
Hi everyone!

Faye, what a great post on responding to negative comments!!! I always wondered what to say to people I thought might have said something about me but couldn't quite hear what they said, and now thanks to you, I have some phrases to try out!

I remember after having my second baby and I worked so very hard to lose the weight. I was down in my 120s from 180, and feeling and looking great and then my mother makes the comment that she thinks I am too thin! AHHHHH!!!!


07-15-2003, 11:00 AM
What is the 2 points for program?


07-15-2003, 12:11 PM
wow, and what a morning, it is so dark and stormy here in good ol' Indiana...
I have been lucky - I have not had hardly any comments made about my weight, at least anything that I could hear. Mainly a couple of little kids ( out of the mouth of babes ) just look me right in the eye and say "you're fat." I usually dont say anything back, after all they are kids, usually under 5, and hey they are telling the truth...but I am not just fat, I am a person - and this person is working hard on the weight thing, I think I said in an earlier post that I have lost 15 pounds since I started on this past Father's Day...
I get all my points for yesterday, water, stay on program, and I even did the Walk Away the Pounds, I love that 1 mile walk, it goes by fast and it is easy to do....

Faye - CONGRATS on the two pounds down..p.s. dont feel bad about the Long John Silvers the other night, l love thier food, and I cannot resist it, I dont go as often now but it is hard...:o)

Have a good one all................ Carri

07-15-2003, 12:19 PM
I know some of us are struggling right now and need a boost so I am putting a challenge to all of you! I want you all to work at losing 10 lbs by August 31st. That is not even 2 lbs a week, safe, healthy and you can do it. Come one now! Let's make the effort to get those 10lbs off and I have a surprise for each one who does!

We have some new smileys! Check them out!

Pam: You get a: :bravo: for all your points yesterday! You are doing so great!

Bel: Welcome to our happy little group! I have wanted to challenge these ladies to stay with whatever program they are using be it WW, fat and cal counting, Richard Simmons, Low Carbs, whatever so everyday the ones that want to participate post their points or the day before. They get 1 for drinking right amount of water, 1 for exercising and 2 for staying within their personal program limits. You can earn up to 4 points and you get a certain "rah rah" from me everyday depending on your points. I needed it to keep me honest and it is helping a great deal. As for what to say, any of those things will shut someone up without being rude or nasty to them! For the jerks that say something about you like in the mall or something, I always make sure I walk up to them with a big smile all friendly like when I do it, and after I say my piece say have a nice day or have fun at the mall or something and walk away even if they continue (I have NEVER EVER had them continue believe it or not) I look people in the eye and walk head held high in like malls or stuff and am really friendly to strangers, saying hi to them or at leasting eye contact and smiling. I mean, you are a pretty nasty person if someone smiles and says how you doing and you call them a fat pig, right? Even teens don't do that. I think it is all in the way you carry yourself and as I have said a bazillion times, if you are ashamed of you, you can't expect someone else to respect you! That being said, I firmly believe there is nothing wrong with looking FAT! There is nothing wrong with wanting to change things about yourself including your health and appearance, but never be ashamed of who you are!

Carri: I have been known to say to little kids, "So what, you are little or blond or whatever, and I am just different than you!" YOU GET A: :bravo: for points yesterday! You are doing maaaavulous!

You are one sexy group of gals! :D :dancer: We are gonna win, win, win this fight together! Are you with me!!!!!! :cb: :cp: :dance: :flow2: :grouphug:

Faye ;)

07-15-2003, 02:29 PM
Okay Faye says I need to do a long post cause she knows its my day off.

Well for my day off this is what I have done so far.....Showered, then decided to tackle cleaning the cellar up then vacummed the car, then washed the car down on the inside. Then cleaned the Kitchen and the livingroom, am still doing laundry as we speak, one load folded beside me, one load washing and one load drying.. I'm onto the daughters room next then the bathroom. And this is supposed to be my day off? Plus my son has a friend over.

Today is also my inlaws 35th wedding anniversary. They are giving themselves a party on Saturday (no gifts) just a cookout with close friends and my mil is making her own cake. And I have to make the potatoe salad I guess.

Food has not been too bad, but could be so much better. I need to get this *** back on the right plan, instead of skinnning by. My mil has gotton a few girls, I think 5 or so to all get there exercise equipement together and put in her barn and we are gonna do an exercise group thing. Free of charge of course...lol....this should be fun. And If all the equiptment is in one place, just like other places that you pay a mint at, and it's only 5 miles from my house, I think I should be able to start a 4 day program and stick with it. Keep fingers crossed for me.

Like all of you, I know all the right stuff to do, it's just making me do it. I hope I'm not whinning, the whinning police will kick my butt!!! Acutally I don't think I am, I think I'm just stating how it is with me at the moment. But, I stepped on the scale this a.m and discovered I have gained back like 9 lbs.....ugh...so time to smarten this *** up. So far today I am on plan, I guess without really thinking about it.

For breakfast I had 2 pieces of toast with little margarine and for lunch I just had some left over chop souey from lastnight. Coffee, and I am having a Dt. Vanilla Coke, I know it should be water, but I will move to that next. Promise!!! Maybe I will get some points today....lol

Welcome to the newest memebers on the thread, hope you stick around for a while, this is a nice thread. Now I am off to play with the new smiles that I see popping up....

;) :yawn: :comp: :encore: :corn: :gossip: :hun:

07-15-2003, 02:31 PM
:bubbles: :mag: :sumo: :stars: :sunny: :blah: :cheers: :rollpin: :write: :callme:

OMG this is gonna be so much fun....

07-15-2003, 02:41 PM
I was just going about my day :blah: lurking a bit, but then I saw Faye's post with the new smilies and I HAD to just try them out!

So I figured I'd stop in and :write: a bit. I am getting ALL ready for Wednesday's woes :rollpin: I got a bit to go off on for my boss!

Anyway, as for yesterday's points, I get 1 for water, 1 for exercise and 0 for program. I had some mass quantities of Chinese for dinner. It's driving me crazy too b/c after I work my butt off in the gym I'm totally negating ALL my progress and effort. I'm gonna shoot for 30 minutes on the eliptical tonight. That is gonna be KILLER! But I gotta stop being a :bb: and just suck it up!

I will say that I am getting sick of comments from my boss. My workout friend and I got up for the early workout on Monday and she says..."Did you girls go for your workout today? I'm just checking up on you!" Like in that naughty voice talking to your little kid. I was so mad and I wanted to let her have a few choice words! :censored: But I just smiled and kept my mouth shut. So how would you handle a sitch like that? Where you'd love to tell them to shove it, but you can't necessarily?

I need a little inspiration guys. I'm just doing terrible lately on food.

Wait...no I shouldnt say that.

I eat oatmeal and a piece of fruit for every breakfast, and that's good.

I've been eating 99% fat free ravioli for lunch (I need quick and easy lunches and ones with MOOOOORE protein) :moo: I know I don't get enough protein.

Dinners have been going out the window tho...I don't know. But I guess I am doing beter than I give myself credit for. I drink only water and Crystal Lite. I don't snack at all during the day at work (unless it's fruit)...so that's something, I guess I just feel as though I'm getting frustrated. I'm not losing weight, nor do I feel defined (granted it's only a week at the gym...but still!).

I feel like I only wanna lose 20 lbs...and it has just not happened at all since I've started "trying." I'm keeping my spirits up, but I guess I need alternative ideas...I'm more than welcome to suggestions...I just can't seem to find an eating plan that works for me.

Anyway, enough complaining...sorry..I just had to get that out!:( :shrug: :stress:

Hope everyone is having a :sunny: day! Congrats on the 2lbs. down Faye! :cheers:

:queen: Missy :queen:

07-15-2003, 03:04 PM
Hello Gals,

Yes Faye I accept your challenge...I will lose 10 more lbs. by Aug 31st! :strong: :dance: :dancer: :stars: :sunny:
you are such an inspiration, and sooooo good to us all!

Having a good food day so far, planning a healty meal tonight, I am going to try the Almond Chicken recipe I found here on the forum, with asparagus and lemon rice:chef: :hun: drinking my water and keeping active.

I applaud you all for your continued efforts..WE CAN DO IT:grouphug: :high: :twirly: :cheers: :encore: NEW SMILEYS ARE FUN!!


07-15-2003, 03:11 PM
okay girls, I need some help with this smiley business...how do you do it, how do you get them in there? double click, drag, I am lost....


07-15-2003, 03:42 PM
I have this huge group of children on my thread! They all want to play with the smileys today!:lol:

Ok, first things first, gotta give out my kudos for pts yesterday.

Missy: YOU GET A: :high: for points yesterday. I miss Chinese so much. DS and I used to eat Chinese once a week. We worked at the same law office and there was this great cheap buffet. Unfortunately, that is how my butt got up past 400 lbs! I still talk my dd into it sometimes and dh takes me once in awhile (he hates it!). It does have a lot of calories and fat in 90% of the stuff though. The stuff that doesn't is boring! For the boss, how about big smile and a"Yes, we were there, but you must be slipping because we didn't see you." "I might have to watch out for you too." Actually, people like that are inconsiderate :foot: and don't even deserve to be acknowledged. Make her eat her words by losing and firming up Missy! You go girl, I know you can! :encore: :encore: I think maybe you SHOULD be snacking on good stuff during the day so you aren't so hungry at night and leave yourself some room for a skinny cow or ff fudgesicle or a serving of pretzel sticks an hour or so after dinner to tide you over until morning. I am telling you the best way is to space out your food about every 2-3 hours. No so much at one sitting, but eating every couple of hours with a serving of water. I also distance myself from the food. For me it is easier because I live in a 2 story condo and I just park my butt upstairs after my snack and don't come back down. It is also MUCH MUCH tougher to lose when there is not so much to lose because you have to cut calories and fat even lower than you are used to. I would go to www.dietitian.com and use her calculator up in the left corner to find out how much you should be taking in so you can kind of know if you are still overeating. Just follow the instructions.

Carri: All you have to do is click on the smiley and it will place wherever your cursor is or sometimes the line below and you kind of have to hit delete to put him back into the row before.

Pam: Ok, all I need is the 31st whether or not you took off the 10! I know you will do this!:hat: :goodvibes Listen, sweety, I want YOU and all you gals to lose the weight as much as I want it for ME so I am going to do anything to help you get motivated!

Peek: YOU GET A :wizard: just for looking at what you need to do! Now for you girly. I saved you for last. It is much much easier not to eat right and exercise and drink water than it is to have to do it and you know it! I know you want this and we pretty much started this together and we are gonna finish this together and darn it, you can even finish before me by months and months but you have to get serious now! I know you can do this and taking the really great positive step to start with your little "workout club" is a great way to go. Now, drink your darn water and slowly work back into getting back on track. I expect you to work all this week at trying to tackle what is making you gain whether it is type of food, how much you eat, whatever. Instead of messing with your head about it, just be calm cool and collected and see what is really causing the problems. Summer is a bummer for food especially when you have camp outs, weddings etc. I know, cause I gained a bunch with the wedding and then the 4th, but I am back on track and I expect the choo choo to stop and pick your behind up with me so pack your WW bag and be ready when the train gets to your door!;)

I have wasted all day fooling around on the computer and then watching NYPD BLUE so I guess I should get my tushy going on the upstairs.


07-15-2003, 03:51 PM
forgive me I am playing around on this....
:D :s: :lol: :smug: ;)

I know we can all lose the 10 pounds by August 31st!!!! I am excited now to have a challenge ahead of me, thanks Faye...

Peek - I know you fell off the bandwagon but get back up and start over, you cannot go back and change so just go forward and make smarter choices, even if at first you change small things


I had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch just now, it was so good I want another one...but thankfully I am not at home where I could have one, ha! Will power be mine....:)


07-16-2003, 05:26 AM
Am I on the right thread?? I'm sure you will let me know if I am. and if I am then I am back at least for a little while, if this is the right thread then I will be back tomorrow to fill you all in on where I have been. TTFN

07-16-2003, 07:38 AM
:hat: DEON, YOUR BACK!!! Yes, you are on the right thread.....post away we are all ears, ok we are all eyes:eek:

Morning girls, I know its Wed. Woes day. I don't have them like I did last week. I am awaiting Faye to pick my butt up on the wagon that she was bringing. Acutally yesterday was pretty good, so I think I am back. Now for the water...and the exercise, although I sweated my butt off yesterday cleaning the cellar and the car....does that count?

I love the new smiles ;) and could play with them all day...

10 lbs by August 31, you got yourself a challenge or a friend along for the ride which ever way you want to look at it.:cheers:

:bubbles: I just think this one is so cute!!!

Well girls, gotta go jump in the shower and get myself ready for work.


07-16-2003, 08:04 AM
WEDNESDAY: Today is Wednesday's Woes so gripe away girls!

My one and only gripe is still not having a job! I am doing all I can so I guess I have to just let it go!

Peek: Yeah, my peek is back! YOU GET A :cp: because working in the basement would use up calories so it definitely is exercise and I didn't give you credit for four because you just said, "Now for the water..." which didn't tell me anything girl! :lol: Good for you! I knew you would be up for the challenge!

Deon: Good to see you again girl! Hope things are straightening out for you. If not, today's the day to spill your guts about it! I miss you bunches and wish you could or would post more often!

Carri: I had a grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner last night. I buy this lowfat cheese slices and use I can't believe it's not butter lite (lowest in cal and fat I can find even from the "diet" stuff which is nasty cause it won't melt) and white bread and get the whole can of soup and I think my total dinner was less than 600 cal . I had a ff ice cream sandwich and an apple and still stayed under cal so I am jazzed.

Faye GETS A: :bravo: as I did water and exercise and stayed way under cal and fat last night! Woohoo, I now only have 9lbs to finish the challenge. I have lost another lb.

I did get my upstairs cleaned but not until last night. I kept screwing around instead of doing it. Dh told me "You're stressing about something that is not important again. Don't do it if you don't want to." Sooooo, I promptly did it! So it is the downstairs for me today and then tomorrow I have my little guy ALL day and that should be interesting! He will be here at 7:30 and we are taking his parents out to dinner for their anniversary so I will get to see him a long time tomorrow! He is my water baby so we are going to get in the pool together tomorrow.
Hope everyone has a beautiful day.

You ladies are THE BEST EVER!
Our group is gonna beat our challenge all to heck! Not that we will be able to know, but I want us to do better than any thread ever has with a challenge! I want us to be 100% at the end of August and I need your help to accomplish that so keep on your program ladies, get your exercise in and water! We can do this!
:strong: :jig: :cb: :dance: :flow2: :grouphug: :high: :bubbles: :encore: :hat: :bravo:


07-16-2003, 09:31 AM
Good morning girls....Woe Weds? I want some sweets and I want alot of them...the last week has been hard trying to stay away from all of that...I want a big piece of cheesecake with caramel sauce drizzled all over it, but I will not eat it, I would have a bite or small piece if I had that kind of will power - but I dont, or I wouldnt weight over 200 pounds :lol:
Faye - I didnt think about getting lowfat cheese, I usually kind find one that is edible, which one do you use? Congrats on the 1 more pound - You go Girl !!! :high: :encore: :)

Peek - glad to hear that you are getting right back on track - keep it up, we can lose 10 by 31!!!! Easy!

Points - I get 3 points yesterday, I lost the last point because I did not exercise...I had too many things to do last night, grocery store, dinner, etc...will make sure that I do tonight...
Have a good one...

Carri :angel: ( yeah right ! )

07-16-2003, 09:32 AM
Good Wed. Morning Girls,

woes.......woes....woes...?? what is a woe? Guess what? I dont have any right now!!!! life is grand! Too much to do, but I have made my list and I am doing it! I look around literally and figuratively now, and I am not so overwhelmed anymore, I know I am getting back to "normal" a good place for me, since my "dysfuntion :devil: " is in check. The part of me that ate to sedate myself. WELL LADIES I AM WAKING UP!!!!:spin: :cb: :dance: :dancer: NOW!:D


Check in with you a little later on...maybe I could think of ONE WOE!!!!:dizzy:

Faye, as always thanks for being our head cheerleader!:D


07-16-2003, 10:03 AM
Faye - speaking of Chicken and Noodles, which I am going to be making today too, odd coincidence :D

Do you do anything to make them lower in fat? Or are they not that bad to begin with? Ya got chicken, low in fat, the broth that I buy is lowfat, maybe the noodles are fattier?

Let me know....

Carri :dance:

07-16-2003, 10:05 AM
WOW JUST PICTURE IN YOUR MIND: Someone over 300 lbs in a cheerleading outfit! That would be one BIG skirt!:cb: :lol:

Pam: YOU GET A: :bravo: Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up! Man you will have that 10 lbs off in NO TIME!

Carri: YOU GET A: :cp: for points yesterday. Exercising doesn't always work out for us so we can only do what we can do. As far as cheese, I am not sure of the brand, but I think it was bordens. I don't like non melted cheese so am not sure what it tastes like cold on a sandwich, but it makes a humdinger of a grilled cheese. I read somewhere once that white cheeses are always lower fat than any kind of yellow cheese so if I am eating cheese I try and stick with swiss or mozerrella. My fav is munster but whoa! I know what you mean about cheesecake. I love it too! My favorite thing during this part of the year is chocolate covered strawberries. This candy store here called Dinhstahls makes them and they are to die for. :faint: They have a little syrup between the strawberry and chocolate and the chocolate it pretty thick. Yum but a killer when you are trying to lose weight. My other big avoidance is La Baguette, which is the french bakery. They have chocolate croissants that are out of this world warmed up in the micro. See a theme here? You can tell I haven't had breakfast yet!

I had gone back to bed to try and sleep for another hour or so because I got up at 5 and put my chicken on for chicken and noodles, but dd called me a few minutes ago wanting to talk about T and what to bring him tomorrow. Bummer!

TTFN and Stay strong today ladies!

Faye ;)
SW: 400+ CW: 321 GW: 145 Summer challenge to be under 300 by 9/28/03 for my 50th birthday!

07-16-2003, 10:24 AM
Carri: First off, I do it the old fashion way all the way. I buy a whole chicken, cook it in a crock pot, debone it, (secret to dropping calories here is when taking chicken out to debone put stock into fridge by itself, chill completely and let the fat solidify at top of broth then skim off and put chicken back into pot) I make homemade noodles using eggbeaters, not very much salt, flour and water in my bread machine (I use the dough setting and let it mix everything til it forms a ball around the blade then I unplug it to stop it and take out and roll them out) I stink at doing it myself and the bread machines mixes them just right. BUT if you are not inclined to make your own, just by No Yolk packaged noodles and these aren't bad for packaged and cuts the fat! Now easy easy easy way and the least amount of fat is to boil chicken breasts then romove from water (toss water as breast meat has very little broth quality) shred or cut them up and put in FF canned chicken broth and cook for a few minutes so breasts absorb broth back into them then cook with no yolk noodles. Pretty tasty and pretty good fat and cal wise too!

Hope this answers your questions!


07-16-2003, 10:31 AM
thanks Faye...also I wanted to tell you that I noticed your goal to be down to 300 by your 50th on 9/28/03...just wanted to say that my birthday is on 9/29 ! I will be 30 ! I have been sad about it, ya know leaving my 20's behind, but everyone tells me that these are good years...and with the excitement of being at my goal weight, hopefully by my 31st birthday, I know these will be good years....

Carri :strong: :cb: :dancer: :sunny:

07-16-2003, 11:45 AM
ALRIGHT! :shrug:

ALRIGHT! :rolleyes:

ALRIGHT! :dizzy:

I tried to ignore you all and wallow in my self pity, but you did it, you got me off my butt and feeling motivated again. :^:

I was being just plain silly sitting here being all :blah: and just givng myself a hard time.

I was getting frustrated :?: because I have been going to the gym (8 days now!) and I haven' t lost any weight or cellulite.

But you know what? I've been drowning my sorrows in fast food or junk food. And just getting pissy, when I SHOULD be congratulating myself for working out AT LEAST an hour almost every day. I mean that's great! Before 30 minute videos were alot for me. I'm just the kind of person that benefits from something more if she pays for it.

I'm not cellulite free or down any lbs...BUT

I am stronger :strong: and I'm hurting less from working out :cb: and I'm doing it.

I'm kicking water's butt, but now I have to head to the site that Faye recommended and work on eating.

So yesterday I have 2 points...not perfect, but good nonetheless.

So that being said:


Peek ~ WELCOME BACK ON THE WAGON! YOU ARE GONNA KICK THOSE 10LBS. BUTT!!! :grouphug: YOU GOT ALL OF US HERE TO HELP YOU OUT and I just know you're gonna do it just fine. Get back on the plan this week and you'll do AWESOME.

Faye ~ thanks for all your support and love and suggestions and help and all the other good stuff you bring to this group. you are a shining star :flow1: OK so that's a shining flower, but you get the idea! :lol: I am all about that grilled cheese idea. Sounds like a good plan, I'm totally looking into it. I'm ready to try again and I am not gonna let my hard hour spent at the gym go to waste! Also way to go on losing that extra lb! :goodvibes :dancer: :dancer: :goodvibes You are truly an angel :angel: !!!

And I have no woes (except for waiting to hear back from a job I interviewed for.. :crossed: ). I just don't feel like complaining. I'm gonna be tough and just be ready for the challenges I'm sure to face.

You're right, it does feel hard to lose these damn 20lbs. And I feel so silly complaining about it when some people would love to have only 20lbs. to lose. It's just my own personal weirdness that I need to get over. It's 20lbs. It's not that hard. I CAN DO IT!

One quick question...does anyone else notice that they fluctuate in weight like everyday anywhere from 1-5lbs? It's probably my digi scale, but who can say for sure, right? I might try measuring myself too, but I'm afraid I won't do it consistently every day and come up with wacky measurements.

OK..heading over to Faye's website, sorry for the long post.

Adios amigas!

:queen: Missy :queen:

I needed some extra queens today!

SW: 150 CW: 145-150 (who can tell!) GW: 130-135

07-16-2003, 12:09 PM
I love this group! :cp: :cp: :cp:

Good Morning Girls!

Yesterday I got all my points. Did my weight training and an hour of dance practice and a pilates tape. I am following WW and was OP 100%! Drank all my water! :flame: :flame: :flame:

Sure can relate to the job woes. I have been looking for months and finally, yesterday I got a call to come for an interview tomorrow. It seems like a job I would like too!

I will accept the lose 10 pounds by August 31st challenge!

Will write more later...

Have a great day! :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

07-16-2003, 12:49 PM
My sweet :grouphug: I want you to :jig:, :cheers: your water, say :nono: :cookie: :jeno: :burger: :chockiss: and be :strong: , be :joker: and be :yes: and I know the weight loss :genie: will surely :judge: to be :dancer:

07-16-2003, 01:01 PM
Had this whole post and lost it! Darn I hate when that happens!

Carri, Carri, Carri: You make me feel so old! I was hugely pregos the day you were born with my son. I remember I had a DR appt that day and my ob's were Jewish and it was Yom Kippur and they forgot to reschedule me! Funny how I can remember that but lose how many times I have done my workout routine! I am just kidding! I am may not be the hippest old lady, but definitely the coolest looking with my dye blond spiky hair, contacts, rainbow reading glasses and fake nails!

Bel: YOU GET A: :bravo: for points yesterday! Keep it up you are doing great! Maybe the job :wizard: will come my way soon! Is sure hope so! Good luck with your interview. We are :crossed: for you!

Missy: YOU GET A: :high: for your points yesterday. I know it is discouraging to work and not see results, and to have to see me post losses. Just remember, this old broad has 150 more lbs than you to lose so I know you can do this. Just get tough and strong. I would like to see you at goal by the end of October. That is only a tiny smidge over a lb a week and I know you can do that! You are gonna do great girll. You have a handle on the exercise now so just cut out the junk food except maybe once a week for one meal or snack and stay on your program! As for the scales, I have digital and they are not very accurate so I weigh myself 3-4 times and take the weight that repeats itself most, but no :nose: to yourself! You are most likely to have the correct one if it comes up 2-3 times I have found.

Well, girlies, I can smell that chicken so it must be about done. I need to get it boned, get my yeast rolls on and CLEAN MY DOWNSTAIRS!


SW: 400+ CW: 321 GW: 145 Summer challenge to be below 300 by 9/28/03 my 50th birthday!

07-16-2003, 01:45 PM
Faye - I will admit that is is slightly discouraging to see you plowing towards your goals and me sittin in the side of the road. BUT, you are AWESOME! An inspiration to us all and I could never be peeved about that. ;) Now question about digi scale...when u say weigh yourself 3-4 times, do you mean, step on, step off and then repeat right after each one? Also, when do you weigh yourself for your 'true' weight? In the morning when u are bound to be lightest or in the evening when u are bound to be heaviest? I tend to do mornings but don't want to lie to myself, ya know? Also, I noticed that when I go to the docs (and I have been ALOT lately with all my blood testing mess) that their "real" scale always weighs heaviest (about 152-4)!!!! That is not good news at all, so I'm questioning the reliability of my home scale. Maybe I'll just weigh in at the gym with the real scale there.'

You are right too, I do tend to lie to myself a little here and there and...I believe myself too! What is up with that? LOL

I would like to see me at my goal by the end of October too. LOL I just hope that I WILL see myself there. Hey that way I can ask for all my skinny clothes for Xmas!

I bought these great pair of pants last year that are like faux suede and SOOO cute. I am just dying to wear them, but at the moment they are not close to fitting. But I look forward to seeing them nice and loose!

Anyway, almost time for lunch here...see u later!

07-16-2003, 02:45 PM
Missy: I set the scale to on, get on, get off, reset , on, off, etc. I always weigh myself the morning! I try not to weigh everyday though I have been lately because you get too disappointed. I know you are there for me, but I think what I was trying to get across and didn't explain was according to my dietitian info I am allowed at my current weight something like 3400 cal and almost 800 fat cal and I try to keep it under 2000 and 600 so that combined with working out every day is why I am losing so consistently. If I had to be on say 1400 cal which is probably what you have to stay on, it would be a lot tougher so the closer I get to goal the harder it is going to get! Right now I get to eat a LOT more food than you but that doesn't mean because you are a lot smaller you are less hungry than I get! I know it has to be really really tough. This is the first time I have EVER stayed on anything for a long time. I did lose weight over a years times a few years back, but only lost about 40 for the whole year and was hugely disappointed so kind of said to heck with it and ballooned up to past 400 lbs. You stick with it and it will come off! Give yourself a good month as far as seeing any progress with exercise making a difference too!


07-16-2003, 02:48 PM
Ok, I am a newbie :) haha!

Faye, what's this point challenge I keep reading about? :D

and the one in your sig has me curious too .. is it WWP ?

07-16-2003, 02:54 PM
ok, never mind :) haha, I read back through the posts, I get it now :)

So I get 1 for water yesterday, and 1 for eating super super good :) ... slacked off on the working out though !

07-16-2003, 03:54 PM
Faye ~ you are spot on...i calculated my calories and found that i have to stay under 1310! Ugh...it will be rough. And fat calories are like 390. So this is definitely going to be a challenge. I never really thought of it that way. The people with more to lose get to start out with more. It totally makes sense though and also explains why "the last 20" is always the hardest to lose. It's all a step down thing gradually. It's frustrating in that aspect too, because it should get EASIER as you get better at eating better...but I guess technically it does. :)

I sent you a little PM, b/c I FINALLY got yours and I passed the note along to my friend. She said it was really sweet after I told her about it and how cool everyone was here. I don't know if she's motivated, but maybe I put a bug in her ear. I am frustrated because I have tried my darnest to help her stay motivated, but she's afraid she might be a compulsive overeater. I told her that everyone here is very supportive and will definitely help her. If she was happy with how she is, I'd leave her alone, but she's not, so I'm trying to help her out. I just worry that I'm coming off as preachy or pushy. I guess I'll just wait till she comes around. I think what I sent her from you definitely struck a chord tho.

And faye, I'd LOVE to hear about these great low cal foods you've got the inside track on. I can totally do this...I just gotta find better and more variety of things to eat.

Welcome to you Tanya and keep up the great work! You are doing sooo well. I'm only one year younger than you and cannot IMAGINE have 2 little ones to care for. You are truly a brave woman! :)

Ok i've successfully waited 2 hours since lunch and I am DYING for a freaking snack. So I'm visiting the vending machine to hit it up for some snackwell's cookies!


07-16-2003, 07:57 PM
Missy: Woohoo you hung in there and waited to eat some cookies! You went over a hurdle! That is great! I'm sorry the cal and fat news wasn't better. I was afraid it would be something like that! I just want you to know I am very very proud of you. It is going to be tough to lose the 20 but you are determined to do it and that takes a lot of strength and courage! You keep jumping those hurdles! Even if your friend is not ready to do any type of dieting program, I wish she would come here to make friends with the rest of us all in the same boat. How can she then not get motivated to start her own program? You just do! I will keep my fingers crossed!

Tonya: Welcome to you and glad you figured out what is going on here! We also have a challenge to lose 10 lbs by August 31st.
YOU GET A: :cp: for your 3 points yesterday! Good for you! You get to decide whether you feel you got in exercise, water and stayed with whatever program you are using. We are all on different stuff so you are just on the honor system. After all, if you have to lie to yourself, then you might as well quit!

Well the downstairs went by the wayside, but it isn't dirty anyway so it is not a big deal. I will get to it Friday. Thomas would be more than willing to help clean, but I am afraid the breakage etc would take more time to cleanup than to wait until he wasn't here! :lol: I have been so tired today because I didn't sleep well and fell asleep on the bed this afternoon, then dh came home and wanted to go swimming so I went over there and came back and made supper. It turned out really good!

Missy, what kind of recipes would you be interested in? I have some good italian ones, some desserts and kind of a variety. Let me know, I will get you some and pm them to you (now that you realize how to get your private messages! :lol: ) If you like pumpkin, Peek has this great recipe, ask her about it!

I got a free two day stay at one of the Casino hotel's in Tunica so I booked it today. It is a really nice hotel with an indoor pool and great slots (my downfall!) We are going to go the Thur and Fri before Labor Day. I am looking forward to it. I love to play the slots but haven't been for a long long time. We used to go a couple times a month when I was working, but I can't be throwing 200-300$ away every couple weeks if I'm not working! It is close enough we won't have to board the animals, just come and check on them on Friday and feed them and let the dog out. Our dog is trained for outside and on puppy pads so he can be left in the house and not make a mess on the carpets.

Better toddle!

Have a good evening! Faye:)

07-16-2003, 08:24 PM
BTW: I would like to be able to send you guys cards and surprises from time to time when you do something with your program spectacular, so if you feel safe and comfortable doing so, please pm me your address and when your birthday and anniversary is if you are married! If you don't feel comfortable with home address, you may want to just send me your e-mail address with the info and I can at least send you e-cards! It is totally your choice as you have to feel comfortable doing this!


07-16-2003, 09:01 PM
Thanks for the invite to join this thread Faye :) Muchly appreciated!

To intro myself.. Female/32/married/mom of 5 - 4 boys and a girl. Never had to deal with weight issues until after the birth of my 3rd child. I immediately got pregnant again and that was the beginning of my weight issue. My heaviest- non pregnant weight was 178 lbs and I am currently at 152 and have been stuck here for about a year. I joined 3FC in Jan of 02... and then stopped about a month later due to health issues which have been fixed. I am back now for good. Its time to make a change for the better!! My problems are with inactivity.. so I am starting a daily walking routine and hopefully will expand to my (dusty) Tae-bo tapes soon.

Good to be here and great to be back!

Drank 84 ounces of water so far today, walked almost 2 miles at quick pace, ate 1200 calories! WOOHOO!!

07-16-2003, 11:50 PM
OK one more post before bedtime. I am feeling PSYCHED today!!!!!!

Debbie~ lemme say welcome to you! I'm glad you decided to join us. Let me say that it sounds like you have your hands FULL with 5 little ones to take care of. (And boy do I pity that little girl who is gonna have 4 big bros to get dates past! LOL) It sounds like we are in the same boat for losing weight. I'm at about 147-153 at any given day...looking to get down to 130 as well. Same height too...though I prolly have a medium frame, at least from this site that faye recommended. Anyway, welcome to you and I look forward to see you lose with me! LOL

Faye - awesome! th anks for the recipes! what kinds do I like? Hmm...since i am a bachelorette of 25, I like kinds that are quick and easy lol. That is the story of my life. But I'm gonna have to change that to get in shape, right? And I can surely do it. I have been harassing my friend (Leslie) for weeks now trying to get her to come post, but she keeps resisting me. Sigh. She lurks a bit tho and I showed her the posts of what to say when people make rude comments. She is quite a fiesty babe and has some good comebacks of her own. I like the sounds of your choco chip cookie recipe. Do yo have nutrition on them? (aka cals)
Yes I must admit that the cal limit for me was a bit daunting...but...check this out!

Wednesday was a 4 point da for me!!!!!

Got all my H20 in, got my 45 min of gym time this morning AND, stayed under 1200 cals today! (Veggie burgers are my new love.)
I did wait until 3 for my snackwells as promised, which was a plus for me...and I went to the movies tonight and took along a box of raisins for a healthy snack (and didn't even eat them!) I was too worked upat these RUDE people behind me who talked the whole time and the NERVE to be profane with me when I asked them to shhhh! GRRRR!

ANyway, off to bed, just HAD to pop in and share my good fortune.

Faye my email is mugirl213@aol.com and I"ll get you my name and addy sometime soon! You are such a sweetie!


07-17-2003, 06:59 AM
THURSDAY: Today is time for us Thursday! Please take at least an hour out of your day today to take time for yourself. A nice bath, facial, manicure, pedicure, hour with a book or just a walk in the park. Get some quiet time today!

Missy: YOU GET A: :bravo: for points! Yahoo, Yippee, Hurray! Way to go girl! What a great day for you yesterday. Keep it up! :cb: :dance: :flow2:

Faye got a: :high: for points as I am not sure about fat yesterday. I stayed under cal, but I might have been a little over fat so I won't count it!

Remember I have T today so I may not get to post point hurrays until late this evening. If I don't get back today, I hope everyone has a great day! Watch out for that junk food and get in your water! Find something to do today to get your body moving!

I am very proud of ALL of you!

Faye :)

07-17-2003, 08:26 AM
Morning girls,

okay, here is what I did yesterday. I stayed on plan....I ate no junk food!!! First in a while. DH asked me to pick up some Snickers bars for the freezer (god I love these) and I did, but I did not eat them!!!! I ate my supper and put lots and lots of veggies on my plate and ate and got full. I wanted to go back and get more steak but I waited and soon the feeling surpassed. I didnt do my water or my exercise but I get my OP points!!!

Missy: I love veggie burgers too, they are great!!! They are good on a salad bed too.

Faye: Thanks for all your support!! You are the best!!! What would I do with out you standing behind me? Thanks for the e card.

Tonya: I think I forgot to welcome you??? I'm sorry please forgive me.....

Debbie: Welcome to you too. Boy 5 little ones? I would be going nuts pulling my hair out....LOL I have 1boy and 1 girl.....thats enough for this chick. How old are the kids? My boy is 11 and my girl will be 6 in a couple of weeks.

Satine: Hey there girl....

Pam: Where oh where did you go?

Sorry to miss anyone, but I've got to run to pick up the sitter and get my butt to work on time....

Hugs to you all.....

07-17-2003, 09:27 AM
Hey all! Well I got 1 point yesterday, for exercise only...I didnt drink enough water, AND I made brownies last night for my husband and I had three small squares BUT in my defense it has been a long time since I had a day off program, so I am not beating myself up about it, I had it and today is another day :)
I am going to the library after work for some Thursday "me" time to search through all of the books and enjoy the quiet...

Missy - what kind of veggie burgars? I have tried some but they
tasted awful...

Peek - what up? :joker: I too love the snickers, great job for
staying away, too bad I couldn't from the brownies! :o

Faye, have fun with T today, enjoy!:cb:

Welcome Debbie!!!!

Have a great day all !!!! Carri ( Satine )

07-17-2003, 09:39 AM
Good Thursday Morning Chickadees!

Peek..I am here! Just have a crazZZZZZZZy work schedule..some days 3-11p, some days, 6:30a-2:30p, some days 12-8p, some 7a-3p...well, you get the picture, I meet myself coming and going!:dizzy:

Welcome girls, Tonya, Honeyrose, and Debbie...This is a fabulous group of women, I just joined within this last month, and it feels like home, and these folks are part of my extended family. You'll get great support here.:dance: :grouphug:

yesterday: 1 pt for exercise, 1 pt for water, wandered off my program (not far though!!), had baked potato last night with real sour cream, and real butternot much of it though!.......a better choice would have been the salad dressing on it I was planning to have. My "good intentions" flew out the window on that one...but that was my only deviation, so I am not going to beat myself up for it. Stayed on program both other meals, got my fruit in and of course that water, feel like I am "giggling", I can almost hear the "surf" going on in there!!:joker:

Okay girls, got to go do that walking.....catch up with you later. Stay

07-17-2003, 10:09 AM
Looks like we had some food breakdowns yesterday me included! Hey, that kind of stuff happens so up we go and back to the program!

Everyone DID get points yesterday for something so that is terrific! You guys are the absolute best!
Please take a ballon for being so good and enjoy it today! (no fighting over colors please or PUNISHMENT will have to be handed out!) :balloons:

Peek: I am proud proud proud of you saying nononono to the candy and extra steak! YOU GET A: :high: for points today!

Pam: YOU GET a: :high: for your points today! Sounds like sleep is a premium with you! Man, what a messed up schedule you have! We have to enjoy ourselves once in awhile so the potato was no big deal!

Carri: YOU GET A: :flow2: for your point. One point is better than no points! Like I told Pam, we have to enjoy food choices once in awhile so am glad you were able to enjoy those brownies! I will see what I can hunt up for you recipe wise over the weekend and e-mail them to you!

Thomas is here, but the wise old Nonny put him in my craft room, with a glue stick, colored paper, stickers and fancy cutting scissors and colored markers from my scrapbook stuff. He is having a great time and quiet as a mouse. Unfortunately, I let him pick lunch spot today and I knew what he would pick. He loves Quiznos (gag!) so that is where we are going to go. He likes the "big chairs" It will be interesting to see me get my big behind up in one of them, but I did promise!

If I get a moment I will check back later!

Faye ;)

07-17-2003, 10:27 AM
Thank Faye, my email address is carrilynn23@aol.com

07-17-2003, 10:30 AM
Hello again,

Faye, as always thanks for the words of encouragement!! you are the best!!:spin: :dance:

forgot to post this! yesterday had sewage come up from my commode into my bathtub!! yuck, but you know, I handled it with a lot more ease than I would have in my "Past life", that is how I choose to refer to my compulsive senseless overeating days!! Anyway it was a bit stressful, but I got through it without any major blowouts! Roto Rooter guys to the rescue, now....that is what I need to be doing for a living....expensive!! but you gotta do it! For those of you on the 300plus thread you already had to hear my story of woe. (See it did turn out to be somewhat of a woeful wednesday after all)...sorry...but for the rest of you, I would like to make this observation. Our house is in a state of disrepair, and it is our fault!! and our responsibility..I do realize now, that instead of making all the poor, and unhealthy food choices I did (we did), we could have remodeled our bathroom, beautifully! toooooo many cheeseburgers and tooooo much pizza..not trying to be negative here, or down on myself, I just realize these are the consequences in a loooong line of consequences for not taking care of myself, thereby taking care of my home....but it is a NEW DAY.....I AM MAKING CHANGES, AND MY PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT IS BEGINNING TO MATCH HOW GOOD I AM FEELING ABOUT MYSELF ON THE INSIDE! AND THIS IS A MUCCCCH BETTER PLACE TO BE!

Thanks for listening, and allowing me to share that, I am being rigorously honest here, because I know I have to! Too much silence, and too many years of stuffing down my emotions with food got me into this, I AM READY TO BREAK FREE.:D

On a lighter note, I wish you all a healthy, happy day, we can do this, we WILL DO THIS!

07-17-2003, 11:35 AM
Thanks for the welcome.
Congrats to everyone on their points (still have to figure out how that works if anyone wants to fill me in :))

Kids are 13-b, almost 12-b, almost 8-g, 6.5-b, and almost 4-b. I have ALOT of birthdays coming up here in the next 3 months! 4 of them including my DH. I sure have to figure out how to avoid all that cake and icecream before then! I have a horrible sweet tooth.

I did my walk this morning. 2 miles and my calves ache. It feels good to hurt that way. I feel like I am accomplishing something! Not only that but I just love being out in the early morning when everything feels so fresh and peaceful.

Making plans for my first day of healthy grocery shopping tomorrow. Going to buy lots of fresh produce. One of my biggest things is that with the kids around.. they eat all the time. Its hard to resist when its so accessible. I never deny them food, but I do monitor slightly (no sodas for the lil ones, not much junkfood for all). I am pretty much going to have to cook normally for them, and fix something special for myself. Extra effort but I am ready. I think Lean Cuisine may be in my future!


07-17-2003, 12:14 PM
Ok, I get all 4! *claps* ;D

yesterday I did great on water, I ate good, I had 2 bites of my brothers desert at lunch, and that's the only bad thing I did , and I worked out last night, I almost didn't do it, but at 8 pm, I forced myself too, and so glad I did :)

I accept your challenge also Faye, in fact I was trying to get from 127 to 120 by the end of August anyways, (my goal in fitday), and I have 4 more to go ! So yeah, kick my *** in gear girl!

07-17-2003, 02:50 PM
Whew boy I am really proud of myself for doing well yesterday. It kind of inspires you to stay on course the next day, and the next and the next...:cb:

Today has been good so far...I only had a box of raisins and my oatmeal. Thursdays are the office traditional bagel sandwich lunch, which I will partake in, but I'm eating on a honey wheat bagel at least, that's something. Still ham and cheese, but you gotta start somewhere. Tomorrow is "fast food friday" which is gonna really kill me, but...maybe I'll just have a salad, or a grilled chicken sandwich or something. That is possible!

Had another good workout this morning. My arms are KILLING me right now, but that's ok. It's a good kind of ache.

I discovered a gal I work with who is also trying to lose weight. She's a bit of a summer dieter she said and she gradually works down the summer and maintains thru winter (since xmas and t-giving are big eating holidays). That's cool. We bonded a little! :p

Carri~ I eat Morning Star Better 'n Burgers. I find them tasty, granted I use a little ketchup, but, they are still good. However keep in mind I love the flavor of a McD's hamburger over homemade! So you may have to mess around to find what you like. But these burgers have 2g of fat and 100 cal. Which combined with the lite bread we have at home which is 70 cal...made me a very low cal dinner last nite. Good luck and let me know if you find some other "veggie" product you enjoy.

Pam ~ sounds like you are making some awesome changes in your life and in your home! I hope you continue on the path to success! :cp:

Debbie ~ you are a strong woman and I do not envy the lack of sleep you've probably gotten over the last few years...but girl, keep up the great work!

Faye ~ Thanks for the recipes...I saw somewhere and I can't remember where, but you said you had a recipe for brownies? I'd be into ANYTHING sweet that is a good snack or any good snacks generally. ;) Thanks for the love and support.

Well my bagel will soon be here, so I'm gonna go and wait. :) Have a super de dooper day (that's for all the moms out there) and keep up the great work kiddos!


:devil: or :angel: ?

07-17-2003, 02:54 PM
Good Afernoon Chicklets!!

Great news!....made it all the way to the end of my one mile walking tape WITHOUT STOPPING!! TODAY IS MY 10TH DAY! HAVENT EXERCISED IN A LONG TIME, AND CERTAINLY NOT CONSISTENTLY FOR OVER 20 YEARS FEELING:jig: :strong: :jig:

thankful thursday:

I am thankful for the feeling of accomplishment I am enjoying today.

I am thankful for the friends I have made here.

I am thankful for the love in my laugh, for my partner--she gives my heart a place to live. I am ever thankful for my family, my mom, my sister, and my two incredibly bearutiful neices, they are truly the lights of my life!

I am thankful I want to "do" again, I want to sing again, and dance!! and play! I am grateful for the energy I have now to begin enjoying these things again!

I am thankful for the home I have, the nutritious food I am eating.

I am thankful for the discipline I have now and the willingness to wake up tomorrow and do it all over again!, and more................

I am thankful I have this forum to write in, it is so cathartic and therapeutic for me, an intergal and very vital part of my program, my new way of life!:comp:

I am thankful for the sunshine today, and the smell of freshly mown grass!!

I am thankful it is lunch time..gotta run girlies!;) ,

07-17-2003, 03:52 PM
HOT DOG! Ooops, sorry, ummmm hot veggie burger! You guys are doing so fantabulous! I cannot even believe it!


Tonya: YOU GET A: :bravo: for points yesterday. You are doing so terrific. Feels great to turn it around, doesn't it!

Honey: Welcome to the group of goofies known at Time for Serious Fun and that is exactly what we have is FUN! We are working to make weight loss something enjoyable and not painful. We have two things going on. First the points, you get 1 point if you drink the water you are supposed for the day, one for exercising, and 2 if you stay on the program you use whether it be WW, low carbs, cal counting whatever. So if you didn't stay on program but got in your water and exercise in, you would get 2 points for yesterday (we do it a day behind) So let me know if you accomplished any or all of these as you get a certain, "hurray" from me for it every day! The second is a challenge to lose 10 lbs by August 31 and that is less than 2 lbs a week. You may choose or not choose to participate in anything we do here, it is up to you! I have a topic for everyday and it will be in color at the top of my post for that day. Today is time for us Thursday and you are supposed to try and find at least an hour today to spend on yourself in something enjoyable or relaxing.

Pam: I know the feeling about the house. We bought this condo from our dd and sil in Sept and because we got it pretty cheap and it had not been lived in in 2 years almost, it was in need of work. Because dh was in the Navy we never bought a home so this is our first even though we are 50ish and we are thrilled, but ooohhhh the money! We have to put in new wiring asap because the condos were all inspected by a contractor due to the fact we have had 3 fires in the complex in less than a year. They are 25 years old and back then aluminum wiring was the norm, but it gets HOT and new homes have copper now so they need to rewire. Cost of that approx, $1000 which we don't have at the moment and the money is due upfront no credit! Soooooo, along with that we had a leak and it damaged part of the ceiling in the downstairs bath and the kitchen so we have to get stuff and fix that then repaint, etc. It goes on and on! But! I love having my own home. I came in here and painted everything and have had a ball doing it! (I will e-mail you some of my handy work!)

It has been a really fun day with Thomas. After "crafting" this am, we went to the pool and he played and I exercised and he helped! (that was fun...) Then we came home and he watched tv and I posted then we went to the mall and he rode the carousel and then we had lunch at the chinese place in the mall (his choice) I ate some honey chicken because it was the only thing not deep fried and a little low mein and then he got purple vanilla ice cream. I ask him if I could try a tiny bite and the little stinker said, "Sure, if I can get the dumb stuff out of he cup!" (for those of you who don't know, he is 3 going on 30) then we bought cookies that we brought home, I changed into my New Balance , got him some water and out the door to the "big toy store." (Toys R Us) where he found a whole fireman's set, gas mask and all! So of course, the grandchild who is denied nothing by me went home with it. It has a working fire extinguisher and he played put out the fire on Nonny so I got soaked with water! He of course thought it uproariously funny! He is now konked out on the couch taking a short nap until we go and get his granddad in about 1/2 hour and then we are taking dd, sil and dgs out to dinner for their anniversary which was last Sat. Whew! So far I have stayed OP and am slack on water by about 2 bottles so am going to try and get them in before I go get my dh.

Love and hugs to my group of gorgeous hunks of women!


07-17-2003, 04:07 PM
Thanks Faye, and yes it does feel good! Wow, it's 104 here today, and we have the driest weather I swear... it's like 0 humidity here, I can't decide which I would hate worse. I sweat to death, but at least my hair doesn't friz out :) hhaha!

I don't think I have ever mentioned it, but I live in Salt Lake City , Utah, by the way :D

grats pjkdreamer for doing so well! and Missy, keep ahold of that good feeling, that's one of the keys to keeping up your motivation.

07-17-2003, 05:23 PM
Ok! I got all 4 points yesterday!!

And I want to participate in the challenge. I am absolutely determined to have at least 10 lbs off by the 31st.

Now I am off to make a large salad, grill some boneless/skinless chicken breasts with lemon, and make some brown rice and corn on the cob for dinner. I'm starved, but plan on making most of my meal the salad.

Pampering to come later tonight!!

07-17-2003, 08:37 PM
Hey there girls,
Chatty things today, I like that. Well I stayed on plan today. No exercise or water, but my plan was a.o.k.

Faye: Glad you had a great time with T. sounds like you two had a fun filled day.

Pam: It was nice chatting with you on msn with amanda. Hope we do it again soon.

Tonya: OMG 104, that is too hot for this chick. I think I would stay put inside with the A/C on.

Gotta run, just wantd to check in to let Faye know I am here and not straying....I know she worries.

Hugs to you all,

07-17-2003, 10:33 PM
Peek knows me pretty well! If she doesn't post I am checking to see that she is still breathing! :lol:

Debbie: YOU GET A: :bravo: for your points for yesterday! Great job btw! Good for you! We are all going to work together to get those 10 lbs off each of us!

Well everyone went home finally! We had a nice dinner. I definitely went over my cal and fat, but this restaurant has nothing that is low fat! Doesn't help that I got a pina colada and it was LOADED with sugar! Did taste good though!

DH must not be doing to well at Risk tonight! I can hear him banging his hand on the computer desk and that is a sure sign the computer is beating him! He just starts the game over. He can play that boring game for hours and hours every evening. UGH a war game!

Don't forget tomorrow is fabulous down the lbs Friday so if you have a loss for the week tomorrow is the day to crow about it!

I am going to get more water in me before bed so I need to go!

See you in the am


07-17-2003, 10:59 PM
Wanted to check in one more time before bed.

I spent my hour today in the tub soaking away the pain from my walks. Charlie horse central here! Not complaining though.. the pain reminds me of exactly how out of shape I am - a great motivational tool! It was nice though.. lots of fragrant bath salts, loofah time, and plenty of moisturizing afterwards. I feel like a million bucks now.

Did great with dinner. salad, light dressing, 2 oz of grilled chicken with fresh lemon juice, very small spoon of rice, and fresh strawberries with a small spoon of fatfree coolwhip.

I still need to get in 20 more ounces of water before I go to sleep. :cheers:

Sweet dreams everyone.

07-18-2003, 03:15 AM
Hi Debbie: Saw you write about Charlie Horses. Vitamin E is very good for that. I had been off mine for a bit and got the cramps back so I started again and waaalaaa, gone. I take 800 IU's a day. Works like a charm.

07-18-2003, 07:02 AM