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03-01-2014, 08:08 AM
Welcome to the discussion group, support group, diet coach group, diet buddy group relating to the two books by Dr. Judith S. Beck:The Complete Beck Diet for Life ( the first bookThe Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person. (

The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet buddy (coach) to each other.

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03-01-2014, 08:09 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Thanks for the many congratulations for the streak of 100. My snacks-on-plan streak continues, but I'll stop the public counting at the 100 mark. Perhaps I'll conjure a monthly goal to follow with exercise, but I haven't thought of just what yet. Last night was a great opportunity to ignore a table of snacks that weren't on my eating plan, CREDIT moi. Dinner was takeout from the local Thai place. We each brought our 'small' order home; halved it; served and enjoyed. Half of 'small' does become a modest dinner, but sufficient and good practice in moderation. DW added Clementines for balance.

Exercise was a walk and dancing, CREDIT moi. I worked on keeping the walking pace brisk which was easy to remember in the cold.

onebyone – Ouch for the crabby phase of human relationships. Kudos for going forward instead of simply burning down the house or mayhem or murder. Yep, Kudos for giving yourself credit for your "no sugar streak."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Kudos for remembering to give yourself a reward. That triggered me so I just Amazoned Kandel's book, The Age of Insight ( that I so thoroughly enjoyed but had returned to the library. Now I can leisurely reread. Thanks for the reminder.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Super Kudos for completing your project by the end of February - you get to leave both behind.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Ouch for all those hurts from working out. LOL at "I would not be the ideal customer I am sure." Enjoyed the links. Neat idea that Edible Balcony - perhaps the solutions to many of the problems of cities.

ladym0208 – Yay for "No choice" about exercise - even at 5:30 am. Wonderful mindfulness, "I just knew it was time to stop."

nationalparker – Will keep your dad's pending lung biopsy in my thoughts as you're all required to just wait for results. Kudos for counting the donut and moving forward.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Just boggling that Fiddler on the Roof keeps on entertaining folks. Neat new avatar.

flnu - Remarkable Kudos for "going unremarkably" - just as it should be as we enjoy life. Happy vacation - hope you see parts of the country new to you.

Readers - Diverting from our normal quotes from Dr. Judith Beck because the world’s favorite Nobel-winning neuroscientist offers a cogent summary of the world’s favorite psychologist, whose work is the basis for what we're doing here.PLACING PSYCHOTHERAPY ON A SCIENTIFIC BASIS: FIVE EASY LESSONS

In the 1960's, Aaron Beck changed all that by introducing several major obvious but nevertheless elegant and beautiful innovations:

...Fourth, he carried out, with the help of several colleagues, progressively better-controlled studies showing that cognitive behavioral therapy worked more effectively than placebos, and as effectively as antidepressants, in mild and moderate depression. In severe depression, it did not act as effectively as an antidepressant but acted synergistically with antidepressants to enhance recovery.
[NB: This ends the Kandel summary despite the discrepancy between 'Fourth' and 'FIVE EASY LESSONS.']

Eric R. Kandel in This Explains Everything (, Edited by John Brockman, pg 293

03-01-2014, 10:20 AM

Saying goodbye to February reminds me I don't have a calendar I like up in the house. I have one from the gas station in Key West, a very patriotic American one. Mostly I have it as it comes from a) Key West and b) the place with the best gas station fried chicken on earth! Not sure how many gas station chicken places there are but I doubt any will rival Dion's in Key West.

My KW sister is coming at the end of this week for a week. Ugh I say as I love her and love to see her but she is a ball of stressful energy. If there is a way to amp something up and to make it hard, she will do it that way. Plus seeing her means I am making my final visit to my brother's house in Ottawa. This is the door closing on that and what seems to be the disappearance of the last traces of my brother. I don't know how many people he allowed into his real life. This thought occupies me sometimes.

Today is Saturday and so I need to get to the gym already as it was Monday when I was last there. 4 days ago. I *credit* weighed and saw the scale move up a tiny bit more to 266.7 today. It's from the salty soup base I added to the stew yesterday but like I said yesterday my weight isn't going down without the exercise so I'd better get to it now. No Choice weights today and cardio.

I guess that's it for this morning. It's still winter out there today.

Have a good day.

03-01-2014, 11:31 AM
Good morning and welcome to March, a new month beginning on a new moon!

Credit for meeting my exercise goal in February and for increasing my streak of daily exercise to 224.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 26 Credit!
WI: -0.25 kg, Exercise: +50 1415/1400 minutes for February, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

03-01-2014, 04:05 PM
Sorry for the lame check-in, but it is already 3:00 PM and I'm just now getting to do some real work. I planned to be ready several hours ago. Oh, well.

I indulged in 1 too many of my "occasional" snack items yesterday. This morning breakfast wasn't satisfying and ate seconds. Ugh! Stress + hormones = frustration.

Good luck to all!

AZTricia, love the new picture! :)

03-01-2014, 05:44 PM
Hi coaches!

Trying to get caught up in other areas of my life since I know they influence my food choices. Busy at work today I ordered a small lunch instead of grazing.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 25 Credit!

03-01-2014, 07:25 PM
I'll add another slim check-in right here ... Have been running errands and walking all over all day long. Left home this morning and still have everything loaded all over the table. I always ALWAYS made homemade meals and especially nicer ones on the weekends. Now some weekends are so busy that prepping, cooking and cleaning up from a nice meal takes too long. Which is a shame, because I enjoy that when I do have the time. I have more turkey italian sausage links from the package and might crumble them up and add to a pasta au gratin with homemade sauce, that way I control the calories. Add in some green beans and we'll be set.

The 8-12" of snow expected is now down to 5-8" ...wonder what we'll actually end up with.

03-01-2014, 10:37 PM
Hello Coaches,

It is beautifully rainy here today, but neither pup nor I enjoy walking in the cold wet so exercise has been very short. I did do grocery shopping today, so that is a bit more walking but slower. Whole Foods had the yummy Romanesco so I purchased some. Everyone is cranky tonight, so I'm ready for bed time. Food OP Exercise -

Lexxiss/Debbie :dancer: Hurray! So glad you are done with your rental. And congrats on your new low. Kudos for 25!

ladym0208 Great job skipping dessert when you were full and leaving part of your lunch. Kudos for your long walk.

seadwaters I agree with you about the showers! I could probably handle either hot or cold but alternating would be awful. Teddy is now about 10 lbs (4.5 kg). Interesting about the rooftop farms, I'd never heard of them.

BillBlueEyes Congrats on your continued streak of on plan snacks. Fiddler on the roof was OK, attended for cultural exposure for kiddos...though the "Do you love me" received laughs.

onebyone I hope you are able to enjoy your visit with your sister and don't let her wind you up.

gardenerjoy Kudos on your 100% OP food!

FutureFitChick Hoping the stress is better now and you are able to be OP.

nationalparker Sounds like you have a great dinner plan, Italian is always a hit here.

03-02-2014, 02:04 AM
Hello coaches,

It has been a big thinking weekend including trying to work out how i can possibly do everything I need to do in the next month and stay on track with my diet. I also found out last week that the big stress in my life will be almost constant for the next monht (but then it will be over!) The conclusion is that i can't! So i am going to have a month off. Not a month off frfom sensible eating - just a month off frfom planning, tracking, posting etc. i have set up a reminder to start it all up again in a month (so that it doesn't turn into having stopped!)

So i will be reading posts if i have the chance, and posting if i can, but chances are I will rejoin the conversation in April.

Good luck to all my lovely beckmates for the month of April - i look forward to being back with you soon.

03-02-2014, 05:09 AM
Good morning coaches,

All in all yesterday was a good day, we went out for lunch as a team and we ended up in a buffet. Having NO CHOICE really helped in this situation as it meant I did not over do it, I left feeling comfortably full and happy with my choices.

My credits for yesterday....

• Stopping when I was full at the buffet and leaving food on the plate
• Making healthier choices at the buffet; rice instead of chips
• Not ordering anything from the menu in addition to the buffet food

Happy Sunday, heres to a good week xx

03-02-2014, 07:02 AM

A lovely wet day which was needed - yesterday was wet too so both good days to stay in and work.

My food was planned for the day and I stayed on plan - last night however I strayed a bit. Too much happening at the moment

I just made 5000 steps today because I spent all day at the desk - I am a bit over it as still trying to get finished

Will try to catch up tomorrow

03-02-2014, 08:25 AM

Good Morning. Snowplow guy was just here clearing out our driveway. We've seen him a lot this year.

Well yesterday was another of those I just want to eat eat eat days. I strayed, and then course corrected several times.*credit* Mostly I was standing over the pot of yummy stew as it sat on the stove. It just occurred to me that next time I just simply put it away! Hello? If DH wants a second helping we can nuke it.

*credit* for weighing in: 265.9 this morning.

I craved sweet things all evening-ice cream and cookies. I ate baby carrots. *credit*

And while I did go out, I drove past the gym and did not go in. No exercise yesterday. After posting this here I will do my exercise video and a 1 mile walk. I'm going to experiment with 3-1mile walks today, see how that feels. One in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night. = 40+min = my target time, but it may feel more manageable/doable.

Ok better go.

CREDIT: WATP 1 mile done 2x today. Fitbit tells me I've had 51 active minutes today so I'm done.

03-02-2014, 09:07 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Tried a new class at gym, "Weight Lifting 101," CREDIT moi. Thought it would be easy, but it drove me to my limits. I once could do two sets of full body push-ups, but yesterday I couldn't. My Yoga-style flexibility was wanting. Muscles are a tad sore this morning. A good wake up call that I have work to do. Unfortunately, this particular class is being discontinued; my gym is replacing the experienced teachers with younger, less expensive teachers. I have to continue looking for a place to force myself to stay in shape.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including dinner with friends where I ate moderately: Wild caught Alaskan salmon steak, Kale sautéed with fish sauce, garlic, and sesame oil, lentils with curry, and a fruit salad with a small chocolate truffle for dessert. Felt like I was eating a nutritionist's example meal.

onebyone – Can't believe you've got me drooling for gas station fried chicken. Sending supportive thoughts as you spend time thinking about your late brother. Kudos for baby carrots when ice cream was calling.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for a new moon starting a new month. Your continued daily exercising is worthy of Kudos.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Yay for getting back to your life after that massively busy project.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Kudos for staying on plan during a wet day. Thanks for the tip that it's the Tibetan Buddhist New Year.

FutureFitChick – Ouch for frustration and its lure to too many snacks, said the guy who's an expert in too many snacks.

ladym0208 – Kudos for wielding NO CHOICE at that buffet. Extra Kudos for "rice instead of chips."

nationalparker – Love hearing a meal being designed as you type. (I'm suspicious that I love hearing about food anytime, LOL.)

ForMyGirls - Good luck on your month's adventure. You might consider using Beck's notion of a generalized maintenance plan that you don't have to write every day. It can help resist the forces to just fall off a reasonable path. If you get the chance to post, definitely skip personals - we'll do fine. You might be able to design a simplified one-liner like Joy (gardenerjoy) uses that would allow the equivalent of a wave. Whatever you decide, Bon Voyage to a different month.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Yep, bed time solves many problems, including cranky. [Thanks for the reminder that every production we enjoy doesn't have to be Academy Award worthy.]

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

I once saw a cartoon depicting a woman looking panicky in her kitchen while food from cabinets, the countertop, table, and refrigerator were talking to her, with balloon text saying, "Eat me! Eat me! Eat me!" Have you ever had a similar experience, when it seemed that food was calling out to you? I certainly have and so has everyone I've counseled. The good news is that even thought foods might continue to call out to you, you can stay in control.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 127.

03-02-2014, 11:15 AM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Busy weekend. DS has multiple activities culminating in a (relatively) important piano adjudication event today. We will spend all day at it.

Food has been undisciplined. Trying to sit while eating has been like herding cats. (The cats representing my brain.) I am not getting very far.

We will be gone all day. I have lunch packed, dinner will be at a restaurant, this morning will be a smoothie. I have a plan to walk during the written theory portion of his test.

I want to write to all of you tomorrow and declare a 100% victory of sitting while I eat. Weight is a pound above ticker.

Lexxiss: Super congrats on ordering a small lunch instead of grazing.

ForMyGirls: Good Luck with all your work in March.

Ladym0208: Buffets are tough. I can't remember who posted buffet guidelines - maybe Lexxiss - they were good. First plate is a salad. The return trip is small portions of whatever is interesting.

seadwaters: Funny you posted about Tibetan new year. DS marched in the Bokai Parade here yesterday celebrating the New Year.

onebyone: Let un know how the 3 one mile walks went. It might help with the cravings.

BBE: Speaking of flexibility - in my Pilates workout I was able to do an exercise that once eluded me - The Open Leg Rocker. You have to grab your feet and rock your feet back over your head while still holding on. The tricky part is coming back to start position without letting go. Could it be I am getting more flexible as I get older? Hmmm.

03-02-2014, 02:09 PM
I weighed this morning and with not calling on excuses for higher-sodium stuff yesterday, body cycles, anything - I'm up three pounds since learning of my father's cancer and being back at work with a frenzied, stressful schedlue that extends into the evenings at home every night. (work, not stressed out home)... I cannot continue this momentum. I'm even up 0.4 since committing to a combo effort with DH... though still only a few days in.

I just keep wanting to reach for food. Carbs. And not fruit/veggie carbs. And not just when I'm hungry. The fridge is filled with healthy stuff, waiting for me to cook it up this evening to get us set a bit forward this week ... swapped out last night's meal for something faster as I was working, so that leaves me the same option for tonight. Like Maryann, though, I recognize rabbit hole foods (thank you for mentioning those from time to time on here - keeps me aware of them) and so, I think I'm going to skip that - use the ingredients for something else. I bought several colorful bell peppers and will make some stuffed peppers with carrots, onions, some rice and some ground turkey sausage. That will come up lighter/healthier.

OneByOne - thank you for posting as that made me feel less alone with MY I just want to eat, eat, eat day. Nothing high-calorie, but plenty of this and that.

ForMyGirls - I'm sorry to hear that you have such a challenging month ahead of you. Best of luck balancing everything, and remember to still take care of YOU.

Bill - Your Beck note today resonates with me and my kitchen this weekend. So much is calling to me. Hopefully the veggies start calling louder.

AZTricia - Love the new avatar and glad to hear that you found a caring, capable groomer. You rocked your pizza night - many credits there.

SeadWaters - Hope this week is a good one for you - any particular challenges you'll be facing?

GardenerJoy - Yes, CREDITS for meeting your February exercise goal and thank you for putting the idea in my mind for March.

Why do I make this so freaking hard? :?: I was finding success and self-satisfaction in eating smaller portions.

Will get out to shovel snow here soon - and to clean the ice off my car so it'll be easier tomorrow morning. More snow on its way - not a whole bunch so far.

03-02-2014, 02:36 PM
To celebrate a new month and a new moon, I'm going to start tracking a new streak -- days of 80% OP or better.

80%OP or better streak: 1
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 27 Credit!
WI: +0.75kg, Exercise: +50 50/1500 minutes for March, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

03-02-2014, 06:19 PM
Hello Coaches,

Struggling but staying positive. Today has been 100% on plan. Yay for that. For the next two nights I will be in hotels (in 2 different places) so I will be crazy busy for the next 3 days. I have healthy food packed up and ready to go. Yeesh- what a pain carting it all around. Oh well- just do it!

Goals for the week:
1. No sugar.
2. Out of the 290's by next Sunday. (for the 100th time. :mad:)
3. Get outside every day. Even if just for a few minutes.
4. Continue writing down 3 things I am grateful for every night.

Have a great week everyone!


03-02-2014, 06:42 PM
Hello this sunny Sunday coaches!

It is nice enough to walk again today and the rain has washed everything nice sparkly. Cool again is exciting too, hope it stays for a while.

So far food OP and 2 of 4 walks with the pup.

ForMyGirls Best of luck with your stressful month, see you in April!

ladym0208 Hurray for good choices at the buffet.

seadwaters Kudos for OP during the day, hope your evening is better!

onebyone Kudos for course corrections and baby carrots!

BillBlueEyes Bummer about all the changes at your gym. Hope you find a good class that will last.

maryann Great job planning for your day out, looking forward to hearing about your day.

nationalparker Bummer about the rising weight. I can NOT eat empty carbs, it messes with my yeast/bacteria balance in my intestines making me crave sugar. Hope you figure out what works for you to stay OP.

gardenerjoy Great choice for a new streak!

CeeJay Kudos for OP and healthy food planned for your trip!

03-02-2014, 10:26 PM
Hi everyone,

I've been MIA for a while--I didn't do any checking in--or card reading--while in FL this past week. I binged pretty much the whole time I was gone. It's amazing to me sometimes that I can eat that much--that I even want to eat so many sweets and so much junk.

I am not looking forward to stepping on the scale tomorrow morning but it's something I have to do as part of getting myself back on track. I know that the trip was more fun at this size than it would have been 50 lbs ago--the smaller weight makes stairs easier--and I took the stairs instead of the elevator pretty much all of the time I wasn't carrying a suitcase.

I'm feeling overwhelmed with things I'm supposed to be doing--and I'm not quite sure how that has happened--I don't generally do stress--but things are really getting to me right now--and I'm going to be juggling a bunch of things for the next few weeks getting ready for our big party.

As hard as it is to get back into it, I'm going to return to planning each day the night before and entering it all into MFP. I also need to find time to read the pink book--re-reading Dr Beck's words really resonates with me and I need to do what works.

And part of back on track has to mean doing real check-ins and keeping up with people--the sense of community really makes a difference.

AZtricia: I love your picture with the pup!

CeeJay: It sounds like you have great goals for this coming week--and started it out with a 100% OP day! Credit!

gardenerjoy: I'll be watching your streak!

nationalparker: :hug: Stress is hard--and we've each got a lifetime of comforting ourselves with food. Can you plan some quick/easy things that would be OP so that it feels easy to make them when you're still stressed from work and your parents' health?

maryann: I'm totally impressed with the Open Leg Rocker! I hope that sitting and eating today went well.

BillBE: You are amazing--absolutely amazing--and an incredible inspiration.

onebyone: Credit for carrots over cookies and ice cream. I hate those want to eat eat eat days--how do we turn them off so they just go away?

seadwaters: 5000 steps on a "all day at the desk" day is still quite a bit of moving! Credit.

ladym0208: Looking forward to getting to know you--big credits for a successful buffet visit!

ForMyGirls: :hug: I hope however it works best for you this month relieves some of the stress.

Lexxiss: Congrats!

FutureFitChick: If you come up with some good responses to that one too many occasional snack items problem, please share...that is such a challenge.

Best to all. I'm going to plan tomorrow right now so it's done!

03-03-2014, 03:01 AM
Good morning coaches,

Yesterday was a good OP day, despite facing the ongoing challenge with our cook. It is quite difficult as it feel like I am being monitored constantly in terms of what I eat, pretty much every meal at the dinner table there is a comment about what I am eating, how much or how little, I'm being told I don't eat or that children eat more than I do. I know that what I am eating is enough as I am using portion control. I find it quite tough as it brings me back to childhood days when I was quite a fussy eater and also when I started to get comments about my weight. I know that there is no harm intended but it really isn't nice having your boundaries crossed repeatedly in this way and over an issue I am already quite sensitive about. Still the only thing I can do is say "oh well" and remember that I can still choose to stay focussed.

My credits for yesterday:

- Staying on plan even though I was being pushed to eat more
- Staying in control of my portions by sharing with someone else
- Having the strength to continually say NO

bethFromDayton Welcome back and I hope you'll get back on track. Good plan for getting yourself back into it.
AZtricia Hope you enjoyed your walk
CeeJay Well done for being 100% OP and also for having all your health food ready to take with you
gardenerjoy Good luck with your new streak
nationalparker I am so sorry to hear about your Dad :hug:
maryann Hope you get that 100% victory...cheering you on!!
BillBlueEyesWell done for trying the new class, Variety is always a good thing

Happy Monday everyone x

03-03-2014, 04:47 AM
Hi coaches

I survived another Monday and have been on-plan with food today - had leftover fish for breakfast; thai soup for lunch; and planned beef stroganoff and chips for dinner. I had bought chipping potatoes at the farmers market so planned to have some tonight. I hope I don't overdo it. I have cleaned and done chores not done over the workfest weekend so feel organised. Exercise - walking to and from carpark and at the front of classrooms - so far 11000 steps and will go up when I pace making dinner. I liked to see that I had 15 very active minutes (fitbit has a very generous view of "very active") - I usually only make 3 - 8. This week is nice as I don't have a lecture next week so can try and get one lecture ahead - hopefully! It will be nice to have this w/e with less work - unfortunately the 5 weeks after this are not good. Fingers crossed I stay on plan

I am planning to go to gym on the way home tomorrow and Friday morning for PT (we are doing weekly because he can't make the scheduled day the week after). And I should be able to make it on Sunday because no excuses - don't have to work. Have to plan and pack lunch for tomorrow yet and plan dinner for tomorrow

BillBE - I did notice the 100 streak when you put it up - hugely inspirational so credit. WIll be interesting to see what you plan to track next. Modest eating eludes me - I think my problem is portion size. Even though MFP says all is well I think my portions are too large. Shame your gym is messing with the classes - and just when you started weight lifting 101! I don't tend to do the classes at the moment - focus on the other equipment. Ouch that what you could do isn't what you can do now - you can get there! Younger teachers is just what you want - not!

Onebyone - Huge credit for 51 active minutes - amazing! And huge credit for eating baby carrots instead of giving in to cravings - you are doing so well. Good idea to try 3x1miles rather than all at once. Thinking of your while you think of your late brother - a difficult time

FutureFitChick - ouch for too many snacks - and sympathy for all the stress (and hormones)

Debbie (Lexxiss) - congrats on getting your projects finished. Good luck with catching up on all those

Nationalparker - I am sorry that your life is so complex at the moment. Credit for coming up with ways to negotiate a really busy time in your life and uncertainty about your father's future. Difficult when you reach for/want comfort food - totally get it

Tricia (in AZ) - glad you are getting rain and it is staying cool so you can get more walking in. Hope the crankiness in the family has passed - sometimes it is just like that. And now glad it is sunny so you can walk in the nice sparkly outdoors! You are dedicated doing 4 walks a day. I ignore my fitbit when I tells me to have extra calories - I decide to stick to 1200 to 1500 per day and stick to it - I usually stay under 1300 calories

ForMyGirls - hope you achieve what you want/need to over March and I look forward to more frequent posts in April. Good luck with staying on plan while you are away

LadyM0208 - Ouch for a buffet to deal with. Sounds like you did really well. Credit for knowing when you had had enough and leaving food on the plate. Ouch that your eating is being monitored by well meaning but intrusive colleagues and cooks! Yay for persistence in your plan

Maryann - Great planning for travelling and eating at different venues. Hope you do well with sitting - looking foreward to hearing you were 100% successful at eating sitting down (well maybe 80% would do).

GardenerJoy - nice idea to start new tracking for the new month/moon. Makes me think I should pick a challenge and a reward

CeeJay - really glad you dropped by. Credit for a day of 100% on plan. I can just imagine how difficult it is to pack food for meals when you are away for a few days - that would be so difficult so that is a huge credit that you do it. Just the logistics of doing it are amazing so huge kudos that you try to manage the challenges. Keep it up! 290 by Sunday - and what reward will you have WHEN you make it

Beth(FromDayton) - good to see you back. I have missed you on MFP. I agree that if one doesn't post personals occasionally is it easy to disengage - which for me means I am on my way out. Hope preparations for your next big party go well and don't derail you too much from your goals

03-03-2014, 06:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Several opportunities for off-plan snacking were ignored, CREDIT moi, so I'm on my path. Trader Joe's had a FREE sample of an Irish Porter Cheese ( that I'd never had before. So I began my rare and unusual thinking before I got to my you'll see cheese again for sure thinking. See again won; I walked away from the cheese. I'd love to move away from the Food as Recreation thinking.

Trader Joe's was my second walk of the day, CREDIT moi, mainly to savor the sunshine, but we did need walnuts and dried apricots. I feel deprived if we're out of walnuts. After dinner I remembered that I had zero dollars in my wallet so seized the opportunity to walk to the ATM at the bank and restock.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Tracking "80% OP or better" seems like a sane approach.

CeeJay - Super Kudos for carting food to two different hotels via "Oh well- just do it!"

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Love the thought of fish for breakfast since I'm stuck in breakfast foods for breakfast thinking. Kudos for 11000 steps - that's moving on.

maryann - Hope you DS's piano adjudication went well - so much pressure on the shoulders of our kids. Kudos for staying with your planning even as you struggle with the sitting. [Flexible Kudos for doing the "Open Leg Rocker" Pilate's exercise.]

ladym0208 – Smart thinking to use "oh well" against a persistent cook who also crosses boundaries so easily. It's such a useful insight to recognize that she's bringing up your childhood feelings so that you can remember that you're no longer in that helplessness of childhood.

nationalparker – Sending supportive thoughts as you await news of your father's tests today. Ouch for all the other stresses in your life. Your dish with colorful red peppers sounds like a soothing response.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Ouch for the stress and Ouch for the divergence into sweet snacks. Kudos for recognizing that "Dr Beck's words really resonate with me" and reaching out for that.

Tricia (AZtricia) - LOL that you're celebrating, "Cool again is exciting too" - I would gladly send you a little cool from here. Yay for walks with the pup.

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

Cravings usually peak within the first few weeks of your diet. Once you limit or stop eating the foods you crave (usually fast food, sweets, salty snacks, and the like), your cravings for those foods will diminish significantly. Today, you'll learn how to deal with cravings effectively and decisively.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 127.

03-03-2014, 09:52 AM

Moved my ticker down today: 265. That next reward is so very close! Just not today. In the past two weeks my body has metabolized 8lbs! Yay for energy released back into the universe and off my bod! *credit* I am on track to be in Onederland by the new year.

My decluttering efforts are continuing. As my sister arrives this week I need to stay focused to clear the common areas so she has a peaceful spacious place to come to. I do think she is staying in a hotel though but will have to get confirmation of that. If not we have to make room once more in the back bedroom which DH has once more taken over. The BIG credit here though is that the back bedroom can be used for sleeping in. Amazing. I have really done some good work this past year.

Yesterday I managed to do 2 one mile workouts. I think I need to try one two mile and one 1 mile so i get the three miles in. It was tougher for me mentally to do three workouts, which I didn't manage, than it would have been to keep going to mile 2 on one of them. I do feel, intuitively, that 2 workouts a day will be of great benefit--more than just one. I'm going to try that today.

Foodwise tracked and was on-track. *credit* Will plan my food for today as soon as I post.

More to say but that's enough for now. Back later. Have a great start to the week Becksters.

03-03-2014, 11:45 AM
We enjoyed the Academy Awards last night with an appropriate amount of home-made popcorn. DH uses a microwave popcorn popper (like this: with a tiny amount of oil, just enough to make a tinier amount of salt stick. Sharing a big bowl is satisfying without blowing my calories.

80%OP or better streak: 2
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 28 Credit!
WI: -0.2kg, Exercise: +50 100/1500 minutes for March, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Sending calming energies to CeeJay and nationalparker for challenges to be faced. And credit to ladym0208 and bethFromDayton for handling problems, head-on.

03-03-2014, 12:58 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Glad to report a 99% sitting down day. A cubic centimeter of cheese was in my mouth before I even remembered. Progress not perfection and I will take it.

To join the "naming" club I am going to call my little challenge: the three s's (Smoothie, Salad and Sitting down.) This is my focus Monday through Friday. I am on a plane to Sunny Sedona (continuing in the S world) to celebrate my gal pals' 50 bdays. It would be nice to have five clean days to launch the trip.

Step class completed and weight at ticker.

Wave to all. This is a long race. As I have said in the past, it is not how many times I slip but how quickly I get back on track.

03-03-2014, 02:08 PM
Hi, Everyone.

Bummed I missed my work deadline. (It was a self-imposed one.) I'm saying "oh, well" and keeping at it though...

Yesterday was a little out of control in the morning, but I managed to get it together for the rest of the day and said "NO CHOICE" to bedtime tummy rumbles.

Back to work! I hope you are all having a fantastic start to your week!

BBE, I had to go back and fid your 100 victory, as I looked past it yesterday. Congratulations!

03-03-2014, 04:22 PM
Happy Monday Coaches!

My day started really stinky, literally! Oldest tried cooking eggs on high and blackend them, then I reached into the grapefruit bag and one had spoiled and "melted" all over the others, getting moldy juice everywhere. Thankfully the weather is nice enough to open all the windows and air out the house. Now eggs are boiled and ds won't be tempted to repeat his quick cook experiment, bread is in the breadmaker, and dinner is the day is looking better.

Made fish tacos for lunch since I had more tortillas still and food plan is looking good for today - OP
Walked pup 2x already and I need to do my DVD but am not feeling motivated, maybe in an hour when I'm not still full from lunch. (Update: did my DVD even though I did not want too & stretched my bad shoulder) - exercise OP+

Teddy has a new game, steal my slippers, so I had a bit of extra exercise chasing him today! :running::dizzy:

bethFromDayton If you don't give up, you will reach your goal.! Hope you are able to be OP during the stressful dinner prep. I could not be doing Beck effectively if I had not recently taken a class "Healing Journey" that helped me identify where I was behaving like a victim of my circumstances and not realizing that everything I did was really a choice where I mostly chose to treat myself badly. I am now choosing differently, but it is difficult to break years of self destructive behavior.

ladym0208 Hurray for OP. I'm so sorry about your cook. Have you tried telling them that you adore their cooking, but you are watching what you eat and that their comments are making you uncomfortable? Sometimes people just need to be told to cut it out!

seadwaters Hurray for OP! I've never had fish for breakfast, I guess that is an American, but not fish! Hope your chips go well.

BillBlueEyes Hurray for your continued streak and great snack resistance. Great job your two walks. Thanks for the Day 13 post, I have noticed that to be true! Yeah for reduced cravings (one of my ARC's).

onebyone Kudos for ticker down and your great decluttering efforts! Credit for OP!

gardenerjoy Yum for popcorn, it really is a great snack and high in fiber!

maryann Great job on you 99% it is so hard to form new habits when it means breaking old ones and your persistence is encouraging! Love your new streak :)

FutureFitChick Great job managing with no choice! Kudos for bouncing back when work didn't meet your expectations.

03-03-2014, 10:53 PM
Hi everyone,

OP breakfast, lunch, snack, and exercise. Off plan dinner. I was just so wiped out when I got home from work that I couldn't face cooking. We went out--I didn't choose as well (or as badly as I could have) but I did cut half my potato and entree and put it into a container (DH eats the leftovers). The red wine was definitely not OP.

I just packed up tomorrow's breakfast, lunch, and snack--and have a plan for dinner.

7600 steps today--for me, that's a lot.

03-04-2014, 12:05 AM
Long, long day. Had a five-minute lunch, workload is insane...worked late, home to feed pets, make dinner, and one got sick on our bed ...stripped that and washed sheets off, got them in the laundry, did dishes, dh fell asleep in the living room, and I made the bed up and day is done. Op today. Weary. News from biopsy will take until Friday, they said. My worry does not speed up anything. To be 2 tonight.

Disjointed thoughts. Tomorrow's goal is to get in more water. I will consider it a success to drink more.


03-04-2014, 01:24 AM
Good morning coaches,

My credits for yesterday.....

- I managed to stop myself from stress eating. I don't know if other people experience this but when I get really stressed or upset I can feel that I am on the verge of overeating or a binge. I just get the feeling that if I eat past a certain point I will end up being out of control. Physically I will feel quite tense and my mind will start to tell me that the only way to release it is to eat "just one or a little bit more". Well yesterday for the first time in a while I managed to stop it before it got out of hand. Although I probably ate a little more than usual at lunch I used "oh well' and drew the line.
- We were invited out for dinner yesterday by the NGO we are working with and the portion of food served was MASSIVE. I did a survey of the food before eating made the decision of what I would eat and stuck to it. I ended up leaving well over 3/4 of the food on the plate it was that much.

nationalparker I hope things settle down a bit for you and that you have some good news on Friday

AZtricia Yea I've tried, pretty much at every meal. The concept of health here is quite different though, a majority of people think it's weird that people from Europe and the US watch the amount of fat and sugar that we eat as they don't understand the impact it has on your health. Whilst they are aware of health issues such as diabetes, blood pressure etc they don't have much of an awareness of what you can do to avoid it.

FutureFitChick Sorry you missed you deadline but well done for not letting it derail you and for staying focussed

Happy Tuesday all xx

03-04-2014, 05:46 AM

This is a quick check in. I planned food for the day and stayed on plan until dinner when the meat I had planned was too hard to deal with so I had an omelette. I have done over 8,000 steps which is amazing since I hurt my hip badly. Not sure what happened but I took one step into the lift and screamed. My hip had been sore (why I took the lift) and it just went. I will wait till tomorrow to have an X-Ray if it is still severely sore. So I missed gym tonight because I couldn't risk hurting it further (bummer really). Am going to rest up on the lounge and get away from the computer.

I am looking at a different (but similar) diet because I need to inject some life into this diet. Will look at it further over the next few days and let you know

Thanks coaches

03-04-2014, 07:27 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Walked, CREDIT moi, in bitter cold. An over-scheduled day meant that I had to bring my dinner to my evening meeting. I rerouted my walking path to include a Greek place with fast takeout so dinner was falafel with hummus. Then worked with a group for three and a half hours with snacks on the table that didn't find my sticky little fingers dipping into them. CREDIT moi for ignoring snacks even when decisions were made that weren't my first choice.

The day before when having sardines for lunch, I wondered what to do with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil left in the tin. Decided to mix it with balsamic vinegar to dress my dinner salad. It sounded like a chef's dream - sardine infused EVOO! Maybe my best culinary idea ever. Well, it was just awful. It tasted like old dead fish on my good lettuce. Back to wasting the oil after eating sardines for lunch.

onebyone – Neat to think of your body having metabolized those pounds instead of having lost them. Kudos for clearing your spare bedroom suitably for an overnight guest.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for popcorn mindfully consumed.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Ouch for a hip acting up - hope the X-ray goes well today. Good luck thinking about what you need in a diet.

FutureFitChick – Kudos for "saying "oh, well" and keeping at it."

maryann - Yay for a plan to have your mind clear for your trip to Sedona . To my horror, I encountered a See's Candy corner in the furniture store we visited. I trembled, remembering that the few times I've had their candy it was sooooo good that I'd want a whole box. I walked out without any. But it'd help if you'd kindly keep those out west where they belong.

ladym0208 – Ouch for having to face "MASSIVE" servings - Kudos for a sane response.

nationalparker – Ouch for a pet that thinks that stripping sheets is therapy for an insane working day. And Kudos for my positive interpretation of what you meant by facing insane stress with, "I will consider it a success to drink more."

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Kudos for multiple credits on a difficult day: 7600 steps and a dinner halved at the restaurant.

Tricia (AZtricia) - LOL that your pup Teddy is now your exercise trainer by stealing your slippers for a chase. Dogs are smart - they know what we need. Ouch for your DS learning how to burn eggs. Next thing to learn is that 'hard-boiling' eggs in the microwaving saves time but leads to explosion - sometimes just after taking them out of the microwave as you serve them at the table. Not a pretty sight.

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

If you've successfully dieted in the past, you might remember how wonderful it feels when you stop experiencing intense cravings. To weaken the intensity and reduce the frequency of cravings, however, you have to stop giving into them. People who struggle with dieting usually find that they don't limit themselves to just a small taste of the food they crave, even thought they try to eat just a little, they end up eating a lot. Have you also found that cravings don't usually go away by trying to satisfy them with just a taste?

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 127.

03-04-2014, 09:13 AM

At the potters' guild meeting last night (I'm a member) the guest I lined up flew in just to give us a talk and a look at her work. SO GENEROUS. I met her when I was the ceramic tech in my previous town and she has been, it seems, skyrocketing in her new artistic field. Previously she was a biologist. Now she works with clay and WORK she does-10-11 hours a day she says every day and she loves it. Her work is stunning and complicated and she is a detail oriented person and NONE OF IT IS FUNCTIONAL. Ahhhhh* insert breath of fresh air here* She was exactly what I needed to hear. And so the polar opposite of the majority of my potters' guild. I am so happy to have heard someone from "my tribe" speak. I feel renewed to pursue my own work again. Thank you H for speaking at our monthly meeting.

SO, to tie this to my title on this message. I have found that when I am stressed or depressed or very tense the weight on my body just stays there, longer than it should, longer than it makes sense. But when I feel joy, or calm, or happiness the weight seems to leave me when I am not even looking. Whether that's cause my state of mind doesn't care cause I am happy and in the other scenario I am worried or tense so I am fussing over it and therefore paying too much attention--or whether my body actually hangs onto the weight and won't release it - not sure, but I woke up to see 263.9 this morning. That week long dance around 264 ended this morning and I woke up sure of myself for the first time in months and anxious to get to work again. And also to treat myself seriously and my work seriously. So great. *credit for weighing in, tracking my food, checking in here and reading my arc and listening to my positive thinking/hypnosis/meditation recordings. I will be getting that cut, colour, and blowdry within the week! Maybe tomorrow!

Better go. My ride will be here soon. Will check in later.

03-04-2014, 10:26 AM
I'm upping my exercise for a few days to 60 minutes a day in an effort to improve my sleep before the time change this weekend. That sometimes throws me for a loop but if I plan ahead by doing things that I know help my sleep, I can usually make the transition more smoothly.

80%OP or better streak: 3
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 29 Credit!
WI: +0.2kg, Exercise: +60 160/1500 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: 3Ss sounds super!

AZtricia: good job rescuing your day after a stinky start.

FutureFitChick: good for you for finding a way to keep moving ahead.

bethFromDayton: sounds like good progress -- way to go getting back to it.

nationalparker: I hope you got a good night's sleep after that long day. Good for you for being aware that worry won't help -- reminding myself of that does make a difference, I believe.

ladym0208: Good for you for recognizing the feeling of being on the verge of a binge and stopping it. I still have that. After reading David Kessler's books, I think of it as an old pathway in my brain. I have made new pathways, now, and most of the time they take precedence, but once in a while that old one lights up. Being aware means that I can switch to a new pathway, most of the time.

seadwaters: I hope your hip is better this morning. I've had two memorable hip incidents like you describe. I assume that they were arthritis flare-ups but I didn't get it diagnosed -- I had my knees diagnosed over a decade ago and the diagnosis didn't make much difference. I can only do the first half of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) for hip pain, but I do that and take Naproxen. So far, that's fixed my hip problems by the next day.

BillBlueEyes: LOL at the sardine oil experiment. I've been getting a new brand of tuna and salmon at Whole Foods that packs the fish in its own oil. The suggestion is to not drain the oil since it's filled with Omega-3s. I made salmon salad yesterday with just a tiny amount of mayo since I kept all the fish oil. It was yummy!

onebyone: so glad that you got a boost from a member of your tribe -- great job bringing her into your life! I love reading your description of what it's like when you let go of tension.

03-04-2014, 02:50 PM
Hi, Everyone.

Bad headache today. Bummer. I'm just trying to not be Wreck-It Ralph with my food today.

PT this morning was tough! I hope it was just a tough workout and that I'm not getting sick, but the headache makes me wonder...

Take care, Everyone!

03-04-2014, 09:56 PM
Hi everyone.

I'm afraid I'm coming down with something so didn't get any extra exercise in today, but did have an OP day, food wise, so I feel good about that. I had several "hunger is not an emergency" conversations with myself--I ended up having my snack much earlier than usual, but then had an additional diet coke rather than an extra snack. Credit for remembering--hunger is not an emergency and that a no-cal liquid can be distracting enough.

I'm going to pack and plan tomorrow now--and probably pack 2 days of lunches, just to keep myself on track.

Take care, all.

03-05-2014, 12:10 AM
Hello Coaches,
Quick check-in to say today has been better than stinky messes!
Food OP, Exercise OP
See you tomorrow.

03-05-2014, 01:55 AM
Good morning Beck buddies,

Yesterday was on OK day. I travelled with another team from the UK to a rural village about 3 hours away from where we are. We were measuring up their houses to supply them with rain water harvesting equipment. It amazes me how humbly people here can live and often without the 'basics' like running water and toilets. What also surprises me is their generosity, we arrived at lunch and they had cooked a full meal for us all; they feel OK with giving so much when they have so little. Later in the evening the same team from the UK invited us al for a meal at the guest house they are staying at, what is nice about being here is that I feel there is more of a sense of community. So my credits for yesterday....

- Stopping myself from over eating at lunch
- We were served about 2 cups of rice with dinner and I asked for an empty plate so that I could share with someone else and avoid the temptation to over eat
- Yesterday was shrove Tuesday (Pancake day!!) I had not planned to eat pancakes but they had prepared them for us at dinner and I decided not to have any as it was not in my plan

Happy Wednesday all xx

03-05-2014, 06:02 AM
Good evening coaches

Well my hip is still awful - I wouldn't worry a lot and would just take analgesics except that my line manager walked around for 1 month on a broken hip! I can accept that going off prednisolone and reducing anti-inflammatories might lead to an acute event like this but just need to check out worst case scenario! At first this morning I thought it was OK but it got worse again. And I did get a diagnosis of osteoporosis and hip fractures go with the territory...I need to check if it is OK to go to PT on Friday

This is really frustrating - it happened last time I was on 3FC - I was doing well and then a whole pile of physical things made it difficult to exercise. I thought I was in the clear now and am really down about it. I am really over physical limitations that lead to pain. Anyway - resilience and problem solving. I need to find out if it is risky and if not just press on! I have been enjoying gym etc. And I need to get fit to retire healthy! My sister is sending me stuff about cruises - and I want to be healthy by next year.

I need to "sweeten up (my) plan" - I will think over the weekend about changes I might make. I am getting bored and need to rethink what I am doing. I am going to think that "adhering to a healthy lifestyle is a joy and a blessing, it's no burden. REALIZE that, because it's a biggie. Tell yourself that even if you don't believe it right now - eventually you will KNOW it." (rokinrobin 26-2-2010) I will set the parameters and decide what I am eating

Credits: Food - planned and OP; no exercise except getting from A to B - 8000 steps; I am planning for tomorrow and the future; Advantage cards read.

I was doing personals but I need to go to bed - I feel bad because I have enjoyed reading and I see that many are doing fly-bys - oh well

03-05-2014, 07:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – On plan eating, CREDIT moi, with the single snack being a California Navel Orange in the evening. Dinner, alone, was the left over half of the 'small' Thai meal from last Friday, a green salad, and a bowl of lentil soup (perhaps it was weak Dahl - I don't know the difference). I left a wad of brown rice - separate CREDIT moi since it's still a challenge for me to leave food.

Walking, CREDIT moi, in the continued bitter cold was invigorating. The game is to remember the few places where the sidewalk was never shoveled that is now solid ice so that I don't get trapped. Of course I can walk over the ice but I have to break my brisk pace and I lose imaginary points in the imaginary game. Or worse, the bad guys with vorpal swords might catch up. (Grown ups are not expected to be sympathetic.) Took a second walk later on a made up errand just because.

onebyone – Terrific story of your friend changing careers from biologist to stunning artist. Kudos for reaching out and bringing her to your group.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – You win the Beck plan ahead award for starting Daylight Savings Time switch a week early.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Important step, "I am getting bored and need to rethink." Kudos for being aware. Love the perspective, "I need to get fit to retire healthy!"

FutureFitChick – Here's a story to make an Indiana academic feel proud enough to cure a headache:On January 18, 1897, Indiana state representative Taylor I. Record argued in favor of changing the value of pi. Pi, which can be rounded to 3.14159, is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Tyler believed that the number was inconveniently long; in House Bill 246, he asked that it be rounded up to 3.2 The bill passed the House but was defeated in the Senate when the chairman of Purdue University's math department successfully pleaded that it would make Indiana a national laughingstock. The value of pi in Indiana remains the same as in every other state.
Paul A. Offit, M.D., Do You Believe in Magic? The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine, page 142
ladym0208 – Super Kudos for skipping the pancakes on Shrove Tuesday (not a tradition that came over with the Pilgrims). The generosity of folks who have little always moves me.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Cheers for "hunger is not an emergency" when that's what you need.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Yay for no stinks and Kudos for OP.

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

Waiting out a craving increases your ability to tolerate cravings and also increases your confidence that you can do so. The more often you wait out your cravings, the less intense and less frequent they'll be in the future. Eventually, you'll experience a craving, and, instead of feeling bad, you'll feel good. You'll spontaneously say to yourself, [I]This is great ... I'm feeling a craving, but I know I can tolerate it and it'll go away ... It's great that I'm tolerating it! Instead of feeling deprived, you'll feel good - proud, strong, confident, in control. Dieting will get so much easier.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 127.

03-05-2014, 08:49 AM
Hi Coaches!

I'm trying to get caught up at home, while working a long stretch at the restaurant. I've gotten through two birthdays in the process. Right now I'm immersed in paperwork so we can head over the hill for two days and enjoy some pool time.

I decided to end my "streak" which I must say really helped me get through the last month of the project in a good way.

DH is staring at the computer now so I guess I'd better get going. lol

03-05-2014, 10:47 AM
I dearly hope that today is the last day that "shovel snow" appears on my exercise log this season. I thought we'd get it done yesterday but, in some spots, we could only get the top layer off. That and today's sunshine and warmer temperatures should make it possible to get the rest off today. We've been snowed in since Saturday!

80%OP or better streak: 4
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 30 Credit!
WI: +0.65kg, Exercise: +70 230/1500 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

seadwaters: good for you for taking the necessary steps to get your hip checked out -- hope all of that goes well!

03-05-2014, 11:52 AM
Hello Coaches,

Today is pizza day again. :jeno: Still deciding if I want to pack extra protein and fiber or just a completely different meal. Everyone is up, breakfasted, and started on the day, but I am tired cause pup was up a couple times last night (for the first time in a long while) hope he is better tonight. Today is DVD day for exercise in addition to walking. Wishing you all a great OP day.

bethFromDayton Kudos for splitting your entree and potato while eating out. ...Credit for remembering--hunger is not an emergency and that a no-cal liquid can be distracting enough.... Great reminder, thanks!!

nationalparker Bummer for the long day and sick pet. Hope you were able to get in more water.

ladym0208 Huge kudos for stopping stress eating before it was out of hand. It is very weird that the people there don't understand the effects of bad eating and the link to diseases. You "could" look at this as an opportunity to teach them all, or you could remember "this too will pass" and just continue to ignore it. I'm thankful for you that your time there is short. Sounds like you did a wonderful job with portion control and food choice on your short trip- awesome! :cheer3:

seadwaters OUCH! Sorry to hear your hip is not better! :getwell:[.... I am going to think that "adhering to a healthy lifestyle is a joy and a blessing, it's no burden. REALIZE that, because it's a biggie. Tell yourself that even if you don't believe it right now - eventually you will KNOW it." (rokinrobin 26-2-2010) ...l - LOVE it! :val1:

BillBlueEyes Mmmm, hummus! The closest Greek place to us closed and I have not had any in a long time. Kudos for ignoring the snacks. Eeeww, the sardine oil experiment will NOT be repeated here! Sorry your salad was ruined. Pup has decided to go for shoes now soon as I slip them off my feet. I decided to train him to play with his rope instead, we will see how that works. Great job leaving some rice and warm thoughts for melted ice and spring!

onebyone Hurray for reduced stress and a good guild meeting!

gardenerjoy Guess I need to put the time change on my calendar! We are one of the few places that don't change, but it impacts our out of state calling and online classes. Kudos for your continued streak. Yikes for more snow and having to shovel, I so don't miss that from when we lived in the mid-west.

FutureFitChick Hope your headache is better.

Lexxiss So glad to hear your streak helped you. Enjoy the pool!!

03-05-2014, 06:40 PM
Not a bad day, so far. Feeling tons better than yesterday!

Food has been on plan, and I used "NO CHOICE" to talk myself out of seomthing I "deserved".

Take care!

[B]BBE[B], yea for politicians trying to rewrite science. I guess some things never change.

03-05-2014, 09:28 PM
Good Evening, Coaches.

Work and life seem all consuming this week. I am putting one step in front of the other and trying not to look up. Priorities (After DS of course) have been to SIT DOWN. Credit for finally getting some days under belt practicing this habit. The other two habits have only been about 80%.. No smoothie or salad today. I am just not hungry after making a few bad choices and I feel it is better to stop eating than force myself to eat when I am full. Tomorrow is another. day. Weight is one pound above ticker.

Credit for having bought some beautiful work clothes I love that are a size I never dreamed I would wear. This gives me a terrific incentive to keep a tight watch on the scale so I don't grow out of them. I am motivated.

BBE: See's candy is like Bamboo - once it plants itself it is impossible to get rid of.

Seadwaters: Sorry to hear about the hip. Sending good mojo.

nationalparker: I can hear the overwhelm in your voice. I am sure it is as much to do with your father as it is work.

onebyone: I agree that when I am happily distracted my body is happy as well.

bethfromDayton: Thanks for the reminder that hunger is not an emergency.

Wave to all.

03-05-2014, 10:20 PM

Quick check in tonight. *credit* for getting to the gym this morning even if my time there got cut short by a lunch with new friends. Lunch was easy: soup, salad, fruit. Then off to studio but I was late to get work going. Will have a big day there tomorrow. No decluttering/clean up at home today either. I did make a plan for what needs to be done so most of it will get done before my sister arrives. Her visit is stressing me out, but I'll enjoy her when she's here--in between being irritated! *credit* weighed 265.9 a 2lb gain overnight. Is ok.

03-06-2014, 01:20 AM
Good morning Coaches,

Yesterday was a good OP day in terms of diet and exercise. I feel like I am in quite a good place at the moment as I am really feeling strong in being able to challenge my sabotaging thoughts. I guess that comes from the knowledge that I have a choice in every situation and what ever choice I make will either help or hinder my weight loss efforts. Sounds simple enough but I have often convinced myself that I don't have a choice that "being fat/ overweight is who I am". Even though I've lost over 50lbs in total this one still crops up every once in a while.

My credits...

- OP for food & exercise
- Leaving food on my plate at lunch and dinner as I was full
- Not eating past the point of fullness at lunch and dinner

onebyone Well done for the early gym session
maryann Happy that you are now able to wear clothes in a smaller size, it's a great feeling
FutureFitChick Well done for giving yourself NO CHOICE, it feels great when you are able to conquer those sabotaging deserve to be slim more than you deserve that food!!
AZtricia I am grateful for this experience as even though it is challenging it really is strengthening my resistance muscle. I am coming to the realisation that if I can face this everyday then when I get home my resistance will be strong. Thanks for the support
gardenerjoy I hope you get that break from the snow
Lexxiss I hope you get your paperwork done and enjoy your break
BillBlueEyes Well done for leaving the rice and for being on plan with your eating

Have a great day xx

03-06-2014, 06:26 AM
Hi coaches

My hip is ok. Still painful but not broken or something horrible. I am in a transition phase. Not sure where I will end up. But I will go to PT tomorrow and have made a plan for food tomorrow to get me through. I am thinking of trying acupuncture for my hip and other hurting bits. And to kick start metabolism. Still deciding. Today just made steps but OP and thinking about options. It is now late so will check in tomorrow coaches

03-06-2014, 07:12 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Survived an over scheduled day that included a precision rendezvous to pick up DW where she'd be waiting. All worked out. Exercise didn't happen until evening when I walked, CREDIT moi, to a friend's house and returned in the dark. There are houses with their Christmas lights still up and lit at night even as Lent is underway. Speculating on when they'll be taken down reminds me of maryblu predicting 'ice out.'

Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, with "sustainable Cod" for dinner using a new recipe from the Boston Globe with miso paste. Eating Cod makes me feel like old New England when the East Coast had abundant Cod. Doing no snacks was easy because I was busy. When I'm out for the evening I don't have fruit from my own fridge. I did sit through the evening with friends with snacks in front of us having nothing. Separate CREDIT moi for that since I had to pass the bowl of mixed nuts when it went around.

onebyone – A shortened gym is still gym. Kudos. Happy sister-eve day.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Hope you got rid of that snow - may it be your last. Spring is coming.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Yay for looking forward to pool time. You've earned a little relaxation.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Yay for the good news about your hip. Kudos for already having your food plan for tomorrow.

FutureFitChick – Ouch for the Sabotaging Thought, "something I 'deserved'.." I hate it when my entitled rears up.

maryann - Yep, Super Kudos for buying clothes that you love. [LOL at "See's candy is like Bamboo" - it's my fear that it'll start appearing in my face every day.]

ladym0208 – Such an insidious Sabotaging Thought, "being fat/ overweight is who I am" - Kudos for recognizing that it doesn't have to be you.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Happy Pizza Day. May you have little and enjoy it immensely.

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

To get to that point, however, you first must learn how to respond to your cravings. This is actually simpler than many people realize. Cravings start to diminish the moment you decide you're absolutely not going to stray from your diet. They increase when you're indecisive about whether or not to eat.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 127.

03-06-2014, 10:19 AM
Our driveway is clear and I got out yesterday for milk and library books.

80%OP or better streak: 5
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 31 Credit!
WI: +0.25kg, Exercise: +60 290/1500 minutes for March, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

seadwaters: I have a long-term fascination with acupuncture but haven't tried it. I'll be interested to see what you decide. I'm glad nothing is seriously wrong -- although that tends to be the point where we see the limits of Western medicine. It's good at fixing things, but we're kind of left on our own for long-term healing processes. I find the yoga moves classified as "hip openers" useful for hips, knees, and lower back. But I'm not sure I would do them in the midst of a flare-up.

BillBlueEyes: I like your old New England mixed with miso paste. A globe-trotting mash-up.

03-06-2014, 10:56 AM
Hello to all the Coaches,

I’m back from vacation and work travel, and looking forward to getting back to normal eating. I did ok but there was a lot more veering from too much to too little that kept me from do nothing but over-eating rather than something sensible. Eh. Weigh in tomorrow. I did keep my exercise streak up. Full disclosure: I counted 20 minutes of yoga as exercise on one day. I felt that it counted because I really really didn’t want to do anything but I did anyway. Credit.

I was reviewing my chosen diet (No S) and found this, which really resonates with me, so I thought I’d share:
Don't look at your problem as being too heavy. Look at your problem as two behavioral problems 1) eating too much 2) moving too little. Both of these need to be solved.

BBE: Good job on passing up the snacks. For me, snacks = self-deception because it is impossible to psychologically notice them without a whole lot more math (calorie counting) than I am willing to do.

Seadwaters: Damn. So sorry to hear about your hip. That just sucks especially when you’re getting an exercise groove on. Regarding acupuncture – go for it!

Ladym0208: Keep feeling strong and challenging those thoughts. This
I have a choice in every situation and what ever choice I make will either help or hinder my weight loss efforts. is gold. Thank you for sharing.

Onebyone: High five for going to the gym and having such a nice lunch. I can also gain two pounds overnight. I truly do not understand that. Where can those two pounds possibly come when nothing is going in and everything is going out?

Maryann: Congrats on the beautiful new clothes.

FutureFitChick: Well done – no choice!

Tricia: That’s a great pic. Enjoy your exercise vid.

Joy: Sending warm thoughts your way.

Lexxiss: I just noticed that nice round number at the bottom of your ticker: 100 lbs. lost. My hat is off.

G’night all, and a happy and healthy day tomorrow.

03-06-2014, 03:36 PM
Hello Coaches,

I'm getting frustrated that I have not lost anything in over a week, but am hopeful as well as I should be nearing the end of the plateau if I follow the same pattern as last month. I did end up skipping pizza yesterday and had a nice low calorie day. Did my DVD yesterday and food and exercise OP so far for today.

FutureFitChick So glad to hear you had a good day!

maryann Your choice to stop when you are full is wise. 80% is positive progress! Hang in there through this stress.

onebyone Had to LOL about this: ... I'll enjoy her when she's here--in between being irritated! .... my family is like that too. Great job on getting to the gym and keeping records of your health behaviors.

ladym0208 Kudos for your strong resistance muscle in fighting sabotaging thoughts!

seadwaters/Cheryl Awesome to hear nothing is broken, but it stinks that you are still in pain. You are a great example of keeping on, love seeing your stick to PT and plan.

BillBlueEyes LOL about the Christmas lights, who wants to get out in the cold there and take them down?!?! I have to say they are all gone here, but no one has any excuse and it never did "look like Christmas" like it still does there! Kudos for your continued snack resistance.

gardenerjoy Hurray for library books, I was there too yesterday. Ds 8 yo is listening to the Inheritance Cycle on audiobook as it is way too long for him to read. He can never wait once his reserve has arrived!

flnu Welcome back, :wave: Kudos for your continued exercise streak. Eating too much and moving too little is a great summary and fits so well with Beck, great reminder!

03-07-2014, 03:59 AM

Went to PT this am and with some adjustments all was well. Only when I walk too far (at the one time) does my hip complain too much now.

I am thinking about acupuncture because it can help with a range of issues including pain, appetite etc. I am trying to decide between two acupuncture therapists. One is your normal therapist with good credentials and I will need to lay out all the issues and see what he thinks. They all claim to be holistic etc but...I have a fairly jaded view of natural therapists so need to decide if I just want them to manage pain or, LOL, offer something more transformative. The other is the full deal - has had much publicity for slimming down a number of our politicians plus he is very discreet about other high flyers he treats. He also treated a woman from the dog park who lost 8kg in 2 weeks and proceeded then to lose a kg per week over 3 months. That was months ago and like the politician she has kept it off. He has a good track record with people with chronic illnesses and pain. But the whole treatment is about $5000. You go in daily for massage and acupunture and to pick up herbs for the week (you don't eat for the first 2 weeks except for his herbs). This is the supreme experiment in hunger is not an emergency. Apparently people don't get hungry on this. When I think I have spent about $15000 over the last few year being sick (and that is on top of good health insurance and social security) is it too much to spend on getting healthy - difficult. I think it is probably worth it but I don't have it really - it would be debt. So I am torn. Will talk to the woman from the park later tonight. I just think that my metabolism has taken such a beating that it needs to be kick started and this might do it - but might isn't good enough - I want guarantees!

Walked 7700 today and will do a bit more around the house; had 19 active minutes (high for me); did PT today and finished with 15 minutes on the bike with sprints (also high for me); packed and took a good lunch; dinner planned and in MFP.

BillBE - shame about the cold continuing. Credit for made-up errands and more walking with the bad guys persuing you. Love the story about pi which is inconveniently messy and the politicians attempt to clean it up! Liked the sound of your meal which could have been invented by a dietician

Tricia(fromAZ) - hope Pizza day went well. You do seem to plan your macronutrients well around a bout of pizza eating. PS - it is really easy to make your own delicious hummus - tastes at least as good as the Greek place's version. Mind you I don't have to homeschool a bunch of kids and probably have time for such things! Sounds like the dog recovered thankfully! Just read that you skipped pizza - hope you see a dip in the scales

FutureFitChick - glad you are feeling recovered and credit for using NO CHOICE to advantage

Maryann - I love to hear about clothes that are beautiful and fit and are small - credit to you for using this as a motivation to stay on track. Glad you are beating the sit while eating demon

Onebyone - credit for getting to the gym and doing what you needed to do

LadyM0208 - Yay for challenging sabotaging thoughts - and credit for taking your choice to be slim

GardenerJoy - Glad the weather let you get out and that your on plan streak is taking off. I have had acupuncture in the past and it was useless but that is because things had gone too far I think. Eastern medicine likes to be at the preventative end of things and at that stage it was way past that. So as you say I needed things to be fixed (surgically). Now I am hopeful it can step in and help with healing. Will let you know how it goes!

flnu - hope the work travel and vacation went well. I think the message from your diet resonates with me too. I am trying to get back into my exercise groove thanks - you make it sound good :)

So should I just pay for illness or invest in health? I know you can't help me decide but it is an interesting dilemma

03-07-2014, 04:53 AM
Good morning coaches,

Quick check in for me today

My credits for yesterday:
- Creating a food plan and sticking with it
- Asking myself whether or not I needed the snack I had planned or if I could wait until my next meal. Usually I would have the snack as I had planned it whether or not I was hungry, yesterday I decided I could wait until my next meal.

Have a lovely Friday all xx

03-07-2014, 07:23 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Gym, CREDIT moi, was a new class for me, Arms and Abs. I learned that I need some remedial work on my arms and on my abs both. Ouch! But I mostly kept up except for a few of the "raise your legs up to here" places. My legs didn't go all the way "up to here." Despite its inconvenient time slot, I may be able to get to this one. Walked in the evening with DW to hear some opera students in recital. Sheer joy. They included Gee, Officer Krupke! from Bernstein's West Side Story. Thought I'd split my side laughing at the kids' enthusiasm in an old saw.

Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, included Dahl for dinner. My key contribution was to ignore the broken corn chips and let them go to the worms in the compost bin. Seems odd, but in my past I've scooped all the crumbs onto my soup - getting the impact of the calories without the benefit of the fun chomping. I counted (thanks Joy (gardenerjoy)) the chips I had - thus reducing their number. No snacks - will take an additional CREDIT moi there.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Glad you were dug out enough to forage for life's necessities, "milk and library books."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Yay for the hip not interfering. Wish I had wisdom to offer on your question to select acupuncture, but I'm from the far end of your "fairly jaded view." I wish you well in finding your path there.

ladym0208 – Skipping a snack is Kudos worthy - from the guy who's working that very issue at the moment.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Kudos for a low calorie day. Your scale will notice in its own good time.

flnu - Double Kudos for Yoga when you didn't want to do it - perhaps that's grounds to count it as 40 minutes. It's very Cognitive Therapy to simply see eating and exercise as "Both of these need to be solved."

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

..To weaken the intensity and reduce
the frequency of cravings, you have to
. . . . . .stop giving in to them.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 127.

03-07-2014, 10:33 AM
Hello Coaches,

Nothing to report. Just chugging along. I was OP today (except for a sliver of green mango that my two year old really really wanted me to eat – Beck needs a separate chapter for pre-school aged food-pushers). I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the treadmill with a good incline and brisk pace. I really need to get out my calendar so I count my streak days. (The only reason I did yoga the day before yesterday, when I didn’t want to in a crappy hotel room in the middle of nowhere after a hard and hot day’s work was because of the stupid streak. Go streak!) Friday weigh in: lost 1.5 lbs.

Tricia: It sounds like your behaviors are spot on. I agree with BBE, the body will follow--eventually. (Sigh…but it is still frustrating. I hear you.)

Seadwaters: Hmm. $5000 does put it in a different light. The herb thing would be worrisome to me. If you do go for it, I’ll be interested to hear about it. It is a tough decision. Health is most definitely worth going $5000 into debt for but, as you say, only if the program can deliver the goods as promised.

Hi, Ladym0208, first, credit for awareness, second, credit for waiting.

BBE: I was just thinking today that it might be time to try to find a class or two to take. It’s fun to hear about yours. I can just imagine your opera students belting out Officer Krupke. Wish I could have heard that.

03-07-2014, 10:48 AM
Some of the things I've been doing this year for organizing my tasks and time, lots based on Beck techniques, finally came together this week and I had four days in a row of completed to-do lists. Credit for recognizing this morning that today's to-do list didn't feel right. Credit for ripping it out of the notebook and writing a whole new plan that seems more doable.

80%OP or better streak: 6
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 32 Credit!
WI: -0.15kg, Exercise: +60 350/1500 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

helping rachel
03-07-2014, 04:40 PM
Yea for your flexibility to stay with a plan that feels right. I have been inspired by Lexxiss's perseverance and OnebyOne's drive to get her house in order. Beck's strategies work in many areas of life.

03-07-2014, 08:34 PM
Hi Coaches

I have been thinking and there are no miracle cures around and last night talking to the woman who had done the "treatment" it seems that that is what it is about really. So insofar as:

should I just pay for illness or invest in health?

I need to do both but not pay for what amounts to a miracle - not yet anyway :)

I will continue this weekend to try to change and improve my food plan / diet by taking out some things and adding in things to try to improve it and make it more manageable and enjoyable. I will go to an acupuncturist to deal with acute flare ups when they happen and develop a relationship with one for that purpose and see if it works - if not out it goes. But that is one area it is supposed to work well (being the perpetual sceptic for all things healthcare including western medicine I will hold judgement).

I am planning on gym tomorrow and chores today for exercise. Have a good weekend coaches

ETA: My weight is at ticker today - the only time I have been back there since changing ticker. I have been hovering between 193 - 194 so it was good to see the return of 192. Hope it hangs around for a while

If I didn't have the excel spreadsheet I would be very down - slow movement is movement however

03-07-2014, 09:39 PM
Hi coaches,

I am in a bad eating place this week. I feel like such a failure. There I posted it. I ate on plan today and that's good but I keep thinking how long is this going to last?- another hour? another day? It is so hard to keep on starting over.

I just know I don't want to feel so horrible any more. I know negativity won't help but tonight that is where I am.

Take care and sorry for the downer post.


03-07-2014, 11:38 PM
Hello Coaches, happy Friday!

Today has been busy with one boy at a conference and our next 1/2 grass fed cow pick up in addition to the normal routine. Freezer is now full, off tomorrow to pick up other groceries since the fridge is bare again. I should have done my DVD today, but did not. I just made excuses which are flimsy enough I won't repeat them here. Maybe tomorrow instead, or I might be going out with dh to walk around somewhere.

Food OP, Exercise - walking pup

seadwaters/Cheryl I'm glad you were able to make it to PT and through it as well. Sounds like you have a wise perspective on the acupuncture. Great job on the 7700 steps! Your graph is great and shows continual progress! I like your terms "manageable and enjoyable." That is all about making healthy choices work long term. AWESOME!

ladym0208 Kudos for reevaluating your snack and skipping when you weren't hungry! :cheer:

BillBlueEyes It is great you have found a class that will work. My arms are are tough to work too, but getting better! Awesome that you were able to enjoy the opera recital. Great job on the chips! Thanks for the encouragement, today was another no loss day.

flnu Kudos on your 40 minutes of exercise, and LOL about your 2 year old. Thanks for your encouragement.

gardenerjoy Hurray for your good 4 days and your streak of 6!

CeeJay Hello! :wave: good to see you. Kudos for OP today and for posting. Stick with it. You will only fail if you give up.

03-08-2014, 08:29 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – DW has convinced me that one just oughta buy organic strawberries. Yesterday, organic cost $10 for four pounds and conventional cost $4; the conventional looked fresh and the organic looked picked over. So, I have four pounds of fresh-looking strawberries and four pounds of guilt for destroying the planet and my body. Oh Well. Eating was on plan and snacks none, CREDIT moi.

Walk, CREDIT moi, included a trip to the Institute of Contemporary Art ( to see the 'sound suits' of Nick Cave. Exciting stuff. I'm pleased because my last trip there left me convinced that I'd never like modern art. It's just fun to dawdle around Boston's harbor - always an active place.

onebyone – Thought of you when the centerpiece of one room of the ICA was a three foot ceramic vase. Just splendid, with notes by the sculpture that it was totally non-functional - as was all her work. Let beauty reign!

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Ripping out a to-do list is a major head leap forward - Kudos. I've spent many a day with a list that included an item that properly falls in my solve world hunger category.

CeeJay - You're a winner when you can post and when you can be aware of what you're doing. Kudos for both. May today be a good day.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Kudos for coming to a clear path for using acupuncture. I appreciate the thought, "not pay for what amounts to a miracle."

Rachel (helping rachel) – Neat reminder, "Beck's strategies work in many areas of life." Hope all is going well with you.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Wow! Half a cow is a lotta cow. Kudos for not believing in your own Sabotaging Thoughts.

flnu - LOL at a two year old food pusher. Yep, Beck needs an extra chapter on the many compromise choices of mothering. Kudos for streaking.

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

Today, you'll learn how to prove to yourself that you don't have to give in to cravings and eat to make them disappear. You can take control and make them go away. First, you'll collect information about your cravings so you can demonstrate this to yourself. Then you'll learn anti-craving techniques.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 128.

03-08-2014, 08:37 AM
Hi Coaches, I enjoyed several days at the pool and drove through a harrowing snowstorm yesterday to assure I would be in the right place when work calls. DH stayed over and I have some challenges this week while he's away. Tommorow, my helper and I go up into the attic of the old train depot (my final project) and try to troubleshoot/fix an electrical snafu. It seems the problem we thought resolved wasn't….Oh, well. Tonight I start on the company books in an attempt to make big progress while DH is away. It's hours of continual data entry and he always feels abandoned. Weight stays down and I continue to follow my plan, although I discontinued counting days. My friends, who had not seen me for a month noticed my latest weightloss. I had to remind myself that at my current weight a 10 pound loss is much more noticeable than it used to be. Credit. I got my hair cut while over and it looks nice. It feels good to take care of myself even when busy.

BBE, I love the sound of your new class! Kudos for keeping up with your new habit, which was cemented by a super successful streak!

AZTricia, noting your frustration at not losing anything in over a week….will share that in the past 6 weeks I shrunk in size and fit into 4 pairs of pants comfortably, that before would not come close to buttoning (without movement on scale). The final 2 weeks the scale followed. Keep following your food plan and the results you want will come.

CeeJay, posting is good, especially when you are feeling negative. Can you pinpoint just what it is that is blocking your clear path? There were other things in my life I had to work on at the same time I was focusing on better eating. They were good distraction, as I found my most difficult times in a busy life were when I was finally home and feeling justified to "just relax". I had to rethink my position in some relationships that weren't serving me well, which was very painful, too. All in all the work has been worth it and I encourage you to keep trying and to keep posting.

Cheryl(seadwaters), yay for weight at ticker and committing yourself to trying to change/improve your food plan. Taking gardenerjoys' lead, I have found doing that really helps from time to time. Slow movement is movement! Kudos for noticing!

Helping rachel, yes, Beck strategies work in many areas of life.

gardenerjoy, yay for a change in plan when the to do list didn't seem right.

flnu, I had to chuckle….you said "Nothing to report" then reported OP, exercise and a loss for your Friday weigh in. Kudos-I think that's all report worthy. PS-thanks for noticing and for the reminder to me that I had a nice round number at the bottom of my ticker. Truth told, I have been so busy and posting from Iphone….I hadn't noticed.

ladym, kudos for skipping the snack when you found you didn't need it. That is thinking like a thin person.

onebyone, kudos for keeping the gym in your plans even when you are so busy.

MaryAnn, congrats on buying the new work clothes with a plan in place to accommodate a continual fit. Yes, that is a terrific incentive!

FutureFitChick, yay for using "No Choice".

03-08-2014, 10:18 AM
Very quick post. My sister is here. She is a very stressed out person who helps a lot of other people in her life but unfortunately they are all very unhealthy--some in body some in mind. the result, after a good (not kidding) 1.5 years of solid stress? She had full blown panic attacks on her way here-one as she awake, one in the airport and major one on the plane that was part of her own doing (she got up during assent in the plane cause her pwder rolled ut of her purse--she went for the powder and experienced massve g-forces. Hello? Such is my willful sister! Anyway--I DID NOT EAT OVER HER STRESS *major kudos* and I am successfully whisking us away to a gallery talk called Artistically Delicious with *culinary historians!!!* (it's on that page) plus the work of Mary Pratt. So. Better be off. I will be on plan today (no sugar + tracking) wth s good deal of walking. Bye for now

UPDATE: well. Held to no sugar for the day *credit* chose a veggie burger for pete's sake at the diner we went for dinner at-with a small bowl of soup instead of fries *credit* and major credit for eating one fry and then stopping at that one as it wasn't for me to eat. *credit for stopping. My sister is concerned as she agrees there has been some major progression in my mother's health in her mind and body. The night nurse was eager to stop in to talk to her and to tell her that my mother should be on the long term care list and she has been trying to leave the facility at night, but since it's so cold she is stopped but they are concerned about the warmer weather and whether they will always catch her. Not good. She is also entering other people's rooms, and that's not good. I don't know how long things take, I know moving to a place where the residents cannot leave from (I hate to call it a "locked ward" but that is what I am talking about) ie long term care, is a long time waiting game. Unless there is an emergency. Anyway, I sure don't want there to be an emergency. So we are going to visit some of these places while my sister is here as we need to try to manage this whole thing before it becomes an emergency. I'm ok with it today. I knew it was coming. It's tough that it's happening. I have no idea how things will go. All I know is, as small as it seems right now, food will not make things better or change things in any way shape or form. And I am completely powerless over my mother's condition. My sister was less stressed out and the gallery visit was great for both of us. We took a major break and did something nourishing just for us. *credit* to me for doing what we need to do to feel good.

03-08-2014, 03:31 PM
A quick post here in between chores/errands. A terrifically crazy busy week; leaving work late and setting up on the dining room table to continue. I'm weary, worn and worried. STILL no news on my father's biopsy- supposedly it will be midweek appt after the group of oncologists review the results. I am starting to wonder if I'm getting all of the info. But that's just me, keyed on a bit by DH who keeps saying lung cancer is bad. And if it' s not that, then that's even worse because it means another cancer has moved there. Argh.

Weight is up. I'm three pounds above ticker. SO back to the damn familiar 170s. Cycle is messing up - and that is further illustrating I'm aging. Just not in a good place mentally ... busy weekend with work and home stuff. Two vet appts this morning, with not good news in one, so blood test results will be available on Monday. Keeping fingers crossed for good news. Don't want to face another pet surgery at this point.

My goal is to be able to check in here, even if just a few lines, each day to stay a bit more accountable. I'm eating too light of a lunch and then I'm too hungry at dinner. Will be able to transition into a better plan this week as DH goes back on nights and small dinners will be fine for me. I need to get caught up on days of posts. I've missed checking in here.

03-08-2014, 03:58 PM
I wrote a review of Your Food is Fooling You that some of you might like: It's promoted as the teen edition of The End of Overeating by David A. Kessler. The message is the same, but I found the argument to be much more streamlined and, thus, wielded a greater impact in this new version.

80%OP or better streak: 7
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 33 Credit!
WI: +0.35kg, Exercise: +60 410/1500 minutes for March, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

03-09-2014, 12:17 AM
Hello Coaches,

Diet power has significantly reduced my allowed calories since I still have not lost any weight. The level has not yet fallen below where I was actually eating, but probably will tomorrow. I didn't drink enough today either. Planning a better tomorrow! Food/Exercise OP and credit for resisting popcorn we made to go with the movie.

BillBlueEyes The harbor sounds great. Kudos for your continued snack resistance. The 1/2 cow is not as big as you might think, whatever variety the rancher raises for grass fed is much smaller than average...doesn't even fill our small freezer.

Lexxiss So glad you made it safely through the storm! Kudos for continued lower weight. Thanks for the encouragement about shrinking size, it is very helpful.

onebyone So glad you had a good visit to the gallery and were able to resist sugar today, KUDOS!

nationalparker it is good to see you and hear you have a plan. So sorry for the anxiety/stress of not getting any news yet. Thanks for checking in.

gardenerjoy Thanks for sharing your review, the chicken sounds so gross! Kudos for your increasing streak, a week already!!

03-09-2014, 01:18 AM
Hi coaches

Sunday is coming to a close sadly and I still have organising for work to do.

Credits for today - planned and stayed with plan; dinner all planned and I have some meals for the week on paper; checked in with coaches; went to gym and did a good session with weights; looked at my plan and changed the macronutrient ratios (added more gluten free safe starches / carbs) and reduced the calories. Will be interesting to see how it goes

Ladym0208 - Great work deciding whether you were hungry and not having your snack.

BillBE - Arms and Abs sounds like fun - especially if they are areas unworked for some time. Hope it works out. Credit for counting corn chips! $10 for four pounds of ORGANIC strawberries??!? Good grief that is cheap - here it is $10 for about one pound of NORMAL - sigh. Strawberries are one of the Dirty Dozen plus ( (now about 15) from the Environmental Working Group that should be bought organic if possible - and then there are the Clean 15 - but I can't afford organic all the time and as you say it can look very bedraggled.

flnu - just chugging is good. LOL at under-age food-pushers. Credit for using a streak for motivation - mainly why I keep logging my food (I am up to 99 days straight)

Gardenerjoy - glad you are getting on top of tasks and using Beck to do it. The planning makes the difference for all sorts of things for me. Will have to follow up the link to your review thanks

CeeJay - Sorry to hear you are in a bad place. I am so pleased that you come here with it. Credit for one day on plan - now just do another one, and then another and you will have a mini streak - and if you fall off start over like I for sure keep having to

Tricia (from AZ) - 1/2 a grass fed cow sounds like my idea of heaven - I am always trying to find it, and pastured chickens, and free range pork. Getting easier but still a struggle. Hope you got to your DVD. It is really difficult when the scale doesn't cooperate - I totally get it. Hope tomorrow is better for you

Debbie(Lexxiss) - Yay that your weight is down. And credit for taking time to take care of yourself

Onebyone - Huge credit for managing your stress while your sister is there and not eating because of it - your meal choices sounded so good. Feeling for you having to make decisions about your mother - always really difficult. Credit for using "food will not make things better..."

Nationalparker - life sounds really challenging at the moment - sending supportive thoughts. Your plan of checking in regularly sounds workable - just tell us how it is going

03-09-2014, 05:45 AM
Quick check in for me today, Yesterday was a good Op day the day before was not so great as I strayed from my pan in the evening. BUT I still managed to get myself back on track and drew the line. I ate a few things that I hadn't planned to, luckily I remembered some of the sabotaging thoughts that went along with that and managed to use the the common thinking errors Beck refers to on day 26 and this really helped me to see what happened and to put a stop to it. Something to learn from for the future.

My credits for yesterday...

- getting my food plan done the night before and sticking with it
- Not using me straying from my plan as an excuse to give up or to beat myself up. I reminded myself that I am not a failure because I made a mistake.
- Completing week 3 of Insanity

Thanks all, have a lovely Sunday

03-09-2014, 07:45 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Another new gym class, CREDIT moi - Pure Muscle Tone - demonstrated yet more muscles in need of attention. Ouch, but I kept up for the most part. I got busted when, supposed to be holding my left foot off the ground, I copied one of the better students who made it easier by propping it atop the right. Class stopped, "No double decking!" - the leader even had a word for that cheat. He seemed to enjoy pushing us where we'd feel it.

Attended a wedding of two octogenarians - my first time to see folks of that age marrying. They'd met only a year ago. "At our age, there's no time to dawdle." I didn't suffer my normal patronizing feelings that the young folks would be better off waiting a bit to see if they were really compatible. I dreaded the reception since it occurred midafternoon - too late to make it lunch and too early to make it dinner. There were buffet tables with small plates and no chairs - the optimum situation for me to over eat. After over thinking the problem ad nauseam, I allocated my planned afternoon snack. I had exactly 1.0 plate of 2 strawberries, a few cracker-sized slices of smoked salmon, and a tablespoon of humus. CREDIT moi, CREDIT moi, CREDIT moi. It worked because I spent the first minutes chatting with friends and examining the whole room of offerings before convincing myself that, however homemade and yummy it looked, I'd see those foods again. The hardest part was watching others digging in as if they hadn't eaten all day. When I become enlightened, I won't be moved by what other people do.

onebyone – Major Kudos for planning to handle your sister's visit well, and Major Kudos for doing that. Particularly for, "I DID NOT EAT OVER HER STRESS." That gallery visit sounds fun - glad you two are doing something for yourselves as well as working the difficult issue of long term planning for your mom.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Thanks for the link to your review of Your Food is Fooling. I immediately ordered it from the library since a review of Kessler's work is just what I need. I specifically need to be reminded that Doritos are designed for addiction; Big Food knows how my neurons are wired.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Good Grief! - the lady's even an electrician. You Alaskan women can do everything. Kudos for getting your hair cut despite being over busy.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Can't do better than "planned and stayed with plan" - Kudos. [That Dirty Dozen list from the Environmental Working Group is what DW showed me last week when she finally pushed herself over the edge and decided we had to do more organic. I hate that apples and cukes are atop the list.]

ladym0208 – It's worthy of Super Kudos to not "give up or to beat myself up" and to recognize that it was Sabotaging Thoughts.

nationalparker –That's a lot of emotional stuff stacked on your plate at once: your father, your crazy busy work, your two pets, your body. Kudos for keeping your head above water including being able to plan for smaller dinners next week. Sending supportive thoughts for it all.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Know you won't read this until later since Arizona is happy being the only state ignoring Daylight Savings Time. Yep, Kudos for resisting popcorn when it's so close you can smell it.

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

Discovering that you can tolerate cravings is one of the most important things you need to learn to lose weight and keep it off!

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 128.

03-09-2014, 11:05 AM
Good morning - well, or good night, to our Aussie friends, I think :) ... decided to check in this morning and state a goal, and then hopefully check in tonight before bed and give myself credit if it's due. Have already eaten a good breakfast. Scale read 4 pounds above ticker, but I'm hoping with cycle and take out chinese food (loaded with sodium but also with veggies, not fried and not sugary sauce) that it will drop here before long when I get back in the groove. Day wasn't filled with snacking. Goal: eat healthy lunch and dinner, and replace desire of snacking when worried/stressed with a cup of hot tea. Even if the cups get only half-enjoyed... just to break the routine enough to boil the water. (I might try P.L. Travers' insistence of milk in the cup first if i do a pot...never tried that. :))

Still hoping that my mom improves more - she's slowly gaining a bit of strength with physical therapy, but has been sent reeling with Dad's diagnosis. I'm hearing things third-hand that have me worries, as in Dad saying to one of their friends that it doesn't look good. But of course he won't say that to us kids. ... I have a trip planned to get there next month at Easter, but will see what the test shows this week and possibly go down earlier to lend a hand. My brother is there, and is helping out with all they'll allow.

DH goes back to working nights tonight. Supposed to warm up this week (16 this morning and to be 58 tomorrow for the high!) I planted a ton of daffodil bulbs and bulblets and have more to go ... will hunt up some more shallow pots and keep that project going today. Get them out in the warmth and hopefully they'll lure spring in sooner

Have hours of work to tackle today, and need to go work pants shopping as I'm down to only a couple with some mishaps and stains that don't come out. Cleared out more "stuff" from the house yesterday and did a Goodwill run with a trunkful and a huge box of books that I've worked for a few months on trying to "rehome" - hospital reading room, senior centers, etc., and everyone I could think of to check is stocked, so ... moved them along. Now more space in garage to start the next stack.

03-09-2014, 12:04 PM
Please take me back. I need to become accountable (for the umpteenth time). I have the books but I would like to have some printable worksheets. Does anyone have a link or can help? I need a plan and I know that Beck is where it's at for me.

03-09-2014, 12:50 PM
Good morning,

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement.

Finally did a good day yesterday with eating and exercising. Planning on the same today.

Take care

03-09-2014, 12:57 PM
I have a bridal shower to attend today from noon until 2. I assume the timing means that they are feeding us lunch. I wrote “dainty servings” on my food plan for lunch to remind me how I want to eat when I don’t know what to expect.

80%OP or better streak: 8
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 34 Credit!
WI: -0.9kg, Exercise: +60 470/1500 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome back, tresor!

03-09-2014, 04:49 PM
Hi Coaches!

A good day, so far. I've moved forward with my books and did make an attempt with the electrical issue. My helper and I could NOT get the said breaker to trip and since the tenant is out of state we conveniently postponed the attic experience until his return combined with more details of his "events". I hauled the giant ladder into my vehicle bymyself *credit moi* and left it at the rental "just in case".

Food has been a little less structured w/o DH. I am enjoying the break and brought a dinner home from work-they had made meatloaf from scratch.

BBE, I believe Hawaii is the other state which doesn't observe...I have relatives there and can never remember if it's 3 or 4 hours difference because of DST or lack of….
Great job on navigating through the wedding reception. As you wrote, I recognized that I often spend lots of time thinking through the special events. Seems crazy, but it does work.
PS-I agree w/your DH (and Cheryl(seadwaters), Buy organic strawberries! If they're too expensive I buy something else and watch for the sale.

gardenerjoy, lol at "dainty servings"….appropriate for a bridal shower. Whatever works!

[/B]CeeJay, glad you had a good day yesterday with a plan for today.

[B]tresor, welcome back! If you go to Dr. Beck's website I believe she has some printable worksheets.

nationalparker, great idea for a morning and evening post. I have some tea brewing downstairs...thanks for the idea. Mine is "tensiontamer" lol.

ladym, I love "drawing the line" glad you drew yours with help from Day 26.

Cheryl(seadwaters), I look forward to hearing how your switch with your plan goes.

AZTricia, yay for following your plan with food and exercise!

onebyone, have fun w/sis!

03-10-2014, 12:02 AM
Hello again ... wanted to check in this evening. Day has been okay...could bave been better (with more veggies and water) but it could have been much worse. Called my mom tonight before this check in. That way I dont eat afterward from thinking that will comfort me. The hot cups of tea when tempted to snack was a good solution.

Tomorrow will be a busy, long work day. Need to pack a healthy lunch. Made a few meals for options this week.

Preordered The Book Thief to be sent to my sister when it's released.

03-10-2014, 12:03 AM
Hi Coaches:

Ok so I did not have any sugar today. Specifically: no treats at the coffee shop, no treats in the car while driving with my mom, no treats in the home where my mom has a bistro with sugary goodies on display for the taking and a specialy coffee machine that makes special coffees with sugar included, and finally no sugar in the form of an ice cream treat after dinner where both DH and Sis had some and I stayed away by staying in the car so I wouldn't be tempted. *PHEW* My weight hovers at 266 over the last 3 days. Today 266.9. Yesterday 266.3. The day before 266.9. I haven't been overeating so eventually it will fall but I haven't seen that 263 again. I haven't even seen 264 or 5. OH well. Not expecting much change until after my sister goes truth be told.

So today the weekend day nurse stopped me in the hall to tell me something else urgent about my mother and I wonder how long has this been urgent? As in, why am I hearing about it only now? I also hear that my mum is very agitated at night and will wander into other people's rooms and she tries to leave all the time. Hmmm. I'm not happy to hear any of this but there is no denying her physical changes or her energy levels have fallen or her emotional state is more fragile. Long term care is in her very near future.
I am trying to imagine her in a place with less privacy-like sharing a room (she has a room with a door and it's all hers right now. This is something I can't picture but I think it may not be so bad as she so hates to be alone. Hard to think it through.

So, more of this tomorrow and the next two days after that and then it lets up[. I am doing fine. I HAVE NOT USED FOOD TO COPE. *massive credit*

Have a good night.

03-10-2014, 03:43 AM
Good morning coaches,

Yesterday was a good OP day for me. The issues with the cook seem to have settled a little I guess I needed to look at myself and how I responded to her as well. Even though I am still not eating as much as she would like I think we have come to a bit of an understanding now.

My credits for yesterday

- Refusing a lift home from church so that I could get an additional walk in
- Asking specifically for what I wanted for dinner so that I could stay within my plan
- Delivering the sermon at church (not diet related I know)

onebyone Well done for not using food to cope during your difficult times
nationalparker Well done for checking in here instead of comfort eating
Lexxiss Well done for getting that ladder into the car, spontaneous exercise!!
gardenerjoy Hope you enjoyed your bridal shower and stuck to your plan
CeeJay Yaay for your OP day, wishing you many more
tresor Welcome back
nationalparker I hope everything went according to plan
BillBlueEyes Well done for trying that new gym class

Have a good day xx

03-10-2014, 05:59 AM
Hi coaches

A quick check in as, if I don't do it now, it won't happen. Lunch was a disaster as I hadn't thought through the new guidelines. Credit that I left half of it as it just seemed wrong and too much (roasted chicken thighs [2] and a pile of fried rice). I need to rethink the diet - I can't eat that many carbs. Muscles tired and happily sore today so gym was a success - plan to go on Tuesday (tomorrow) night. Credit as walked about 9,500 steps today - courtesy of pacing in front of a class and walking to and from the car park. Credit for checking in.

It is late and I need to get settled - I am over summer and the next week will be around 30 (82 - 90) and really humid. I am sick of the day going on forever (8pm) and it being dark at 7 am, worse given I get up at 5am - they leave summertime go for too long. It won't change until 5th April - too long! Enough whining - accept what I can't change! I am looking for food tonight so need to close the kitchen or go to bed

I will continue with trying to get my diet right and logging food and trying to make things happen with weight loss but I am a bit over it as well

03-10-2014, 07:06 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating was on-plan including only the evening snack, CREDIT moi. The only challenge was a pot-luck lunch that's always a temptation for me to over-indulge by trying to have one-of-each instead of accepting the variety as an opportunity to make a choice. My plate actually looked sparse - quite appropriate for a mid-day meal when my large meal is usually dinner.

Standard Sunday walking was my exercise, CREDIT moi. It was warm enough to have to step over puddles of melting snow. DW pointed out a tree budding as if it believed that spring was coming. I gotta admire trees that bud when I'm still wearing a winter coat.

Kathy (tresor) - Good Grief, Kathy, you were the second poster on the very day that the first Beck thread was created on May 10, 2007. You're always welcome here - we need all the experienced hands we can get. Yep, this is the place to be accountable. I made my own (highly personalized) forms in Excel spreadsheets so I could easily enter the data. The typing was a strategy to get vested.

onebyone – Yep, massive Kudos for "I HAVE NOT USED FOOD TO COPE." At my MIL's assisted living place there used to be a FREE soft ice-cream machine. It drove me nuts - since it was always a bit of a stress to be visiting there and the ice-cream seemed to offer solace.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – LOL at “dainty servings” - such a good way to remember that portion control is all you've got when someone else controls the menu.

CeeJay - Kudos for a good day and Kudos for planing that the next will be also.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – LOL at "National Meatball Day" - you got me drooling right there. I finally bought myself a telescoping ladder. It's fun just for its geekiness but surprisingly practical to take somewhere.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Yay for pacing if that gets you to 9500 steps. (I happen to think better when I'm moving.) Ouch for a lunch that feels out of bounds with Kudos for recognizing it for what it was.

ladym0208 – Good to hear that you and the cook are making peace with each other. Even though Beck doesn't have a chapter about delivering a sermon, it's a Kudos worthy event.

nationalparker – Super Cognitive Therapy strategy to have a cup of tea when the snackies strike. (If P. L. Travers says that milk goes first, then it just does.) Kudos for that Goodwill run of cleaned out stuff. (Remembering to add The Book Thief to my movie list.)

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

How to Measure Your Cravings

Your next craving might surface today, tomorrow, or as long as a few weeks from now. When it does, I'd like you to fill out My Cravings Rating Chart on the facing page with the following information:
How long your craving lasts
How uncomfortable it is on the discomfort scale (0-10)
Which anti-craving techniques you used
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 128.

03-10-2014, 10:20 AM
Hello Coaches

My sister stayed over last night. She's still sleeping. I just made DH some breakfast. He has the Caesar Cat snoozing on his lap. I just ate a crumpet with unsweetened applesauce on it. All in all a pleasant start to the day.

My weight is not budging from 266. Up or down a few 10ths of a lb the last 5 days. Grateful I am not gaining. I'm tentatively planning to get to the gym today and on Wednesday. I have a 5 day pass for my sister, who brought her workout clothes with her. We need to get there. I am anticipating a tough day today dealing with the managers at the place my mom lives. My sister has some questions for the staff and they want to talk to her. She has power of attorney and so she gets all the hard stuff but I am there for support and for input as well. Now my primary task wil be to not eat over this, or over whatever comes of the meetings, or afterwards when I am calm and at home muling things over. With my weight not budging, but higher than I want, this is the perfect sabotage scenario for me..."what does it matter? My weight isn't coming off anyway...etc." I'm not going there today. I commit to remaining sugar free today (streak at 21 days today -- doesn't that = a habit now? doing something for 21 days?) and I commit to trying to get to the gym if at all possible this evening.

Have a good Monday everyone.

03-10-2014, 11:07 AM
Between losing an hour and a social event in the middle of the day, I never achieved my normal Sunday vibe, something that sets the tone for the whole week. The bridal shower was fun and fine, but I wanted to overeat when I got home. The only reason I didn't was because I didn't want to break my streak. I stopped myself at the point where any more food would bring my day’s score below 80%.

I learned something odd this morning. I was surprised that the scale had its normal small fluctuation. Some part of me expected a big jump because I desired to overeat yesterday, even though I didn’t. No wonder I struggle sometimes if I’m not distinguishing between desire to overeat and actual overeating. The desire to overeat is uncomfortable but it does not cause weight gain. Thinking that it does is a sabotaging thought.

80%OP or better streak: 9
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 35 Credit!
WI: +0.1kg, Exercise: +60 530/1500 minutes for March, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: thinking of you and your sister at this tough time. Good for you for working on this problem now and for not using food as a coping device.

03-10-2014, 04:22 PM
Hi, Coaches!

I can't believe the weekend is gone already. I keep getting distracted by little, mindless "work" related tasks that I really should not be doing. I am reaching the point of anxious energy and really need to get it under control if I am going to try to meet my major deadlines coming up. In the past I've thrown in the towel and pushed them back another 4 months. So, I'm in need of supportive thoughts that I can get my energy/stress/relaxation under control without the abuse of food. I'm already noticing I'm either gnashing my teeth of wanting to bite on something to deal with it. I'll go stock up on sugar-free gum.

I had a few opportunities this weekend to go off plan, but chose to stick with my routine. Today, though, at a lunch meeting, I ate a normal portion of food, but it wasn't on my plan. Bummer. In the end, it wasn't all that satisfying. I'll try to keep that in mind for later. No real change in weight the past several days.

Hi to all and I hope you are doing well!

NationalParker, sending thoughts of comfort to you and your mom in this difficult time with your dad. I'm glad for you that your brother is in town at least. Great news that your pants size is down in spite of those pesky pounds you were concerned about a few days ago.

03-10-2014, 06:52 PM
Hi All
I have changed my username and am now GosfordGirl - ridiculous name but no one else has it! I had to change for privacy reasons so won't put here what my maiden name was :) I am sure you can work it out from the avatar. Sorry if it creates any confusion

03-10-2014, 09:42 PM
Just a quick check in. My really rotten day on Friday has turned into 3 days on plan. Feeling much better for sure.

Credits for today:
-eating healthy and on plan
-listening to motivational app 2 times today (thanks onebyone for the link)
-rode exercise bike
-did arm/shoulder exercises
-worked less than a full day today (after weeks of way too much overtime)
-got outside in the beautiful sunshine and walked around a bit
-planned tomorrow and packed lunch
-ate no sugar
-checked in with my coaches.

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!

03-10-2014, 11:34 PM
Fly-by post tonight. Just now finishing work after a l-o-n-g day but did take a half-hour break to drive home and set up here before I kept going. Realized it will get done when it gets done, despite system shut-down this afternoon, etc. Food was OP today ... sleep is calling me. Hoping that darned scale drops a bit here soon. got in more fluids today, and will aim for that tomorrow.

I like your new username, Gosford Girl :) I feel a sense of lacking/failurefor not posting more personals when I enjoy reading everyone's notes to everyone so much. But I will take credit for checking in and just know that I will when the time is available.

The good news is my dad has acquiesced and is letting my brother's wife (a lifelong nurse in senior care/alzheimer's) join him for the dr. consultation on Wednesday. She's offered to go with him each step of the way and he's declined each time. This time he said he'd think about it and then said yes. I'm very thankful as she's forthright but not aggressive/nosy. She knows what to ask, etc.

Streak = 2

03-11-2014, 02:23 AM
Good morning coaches

Yesterday was an OK day for me I was 70% OP which I am happy with. I have had a lot of report writing to do so I have been fairly busy. The current team I am working with are preparing to return to the UK so I have had to look at the impact they have had since they have been here. It is amazing just how much you can miss when you are going about your day to day life, this of course made me realise just how important it is to stop and give yourself credit as often as you can. SO my credits for yesterday...

- Recognising my sabotaging thoughts around asking for what I want and responding to them
- As I was so busy yesterday I didn't get much of a change to go out and walk so in the evening I decided to to a walking workout video in addition to my morning workout

Have a lovely day xx

03-11-2014, 06:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Standard walking, CREDIT moi, without the down vest inside my winter coat. Celebrate anything that makes it feel like winter is letting go. Two books arrived from Amazon - what more does one need in life. A friend convinced me that I need to buy The second machine age ( rather than wait for my turn from the library. So, as a reward for incrementing my monthly tickers today, I just ordered it. Apparently, I don't need much of an excuse to hit the old One Click.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks. Two snacks skipped; a California Navel Orange served as evening snack. No temptations appeared in front of me outside of my own kitchen and pantry. Beck's notion of keeping the environment clean works for me. I like walking into my kitchen without seeing a tempting bowl of whatever. I shudder that DW used to keep a bowl of M&M's in the living room and I regularly snitched.

onebyone – It's a super big deal that you've gotten your place to the state that you can comfortably host your sister overnight. Honking Kudos. I wish you both well with your discussions with the staff at your mom's place.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Weird that the old brain expects the scale to respond to our mental deviations from plan. Similarly, I derive great pleasure when the scale jitters down after a minor eating resistance and suffer when it jitters up after a minor indulgence.

CeeJay - Converting a rotten Friday into three days on plan is worthy of Big Kudos. Loved this, "got outside in the beautiful sunshine and walked around a bit."

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – No confusion, those pups in your Avatar anchor you to your old posts.

FutureFitChick – Sending supportive thoughts as you face the crunch of your deadline so you don't have to slip four months. I so look forward to addressing you as Dr. FitChick.

ladym0208 – Interesting to be reminded how much we do that goes unnoticed unless we pause to give ourselves credit. Kudos for seeing that.

nationalparker – That's such good news that your SIL will be there to help your dad at his doctor's appointment. DW has even asked me to go in with her sometimes when she wanted someone less involved to take notes. Kudos for surviving your " l-o-n-g day" without using it as an excuse to indulge.

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

How to Measure Your Cravings

When Francine, a dieter I counseled, filled out her Cravings Rating Chart, she discovered that her cravings weren't as painful as she had predicted. She also found that the sooner she convinced herself that she wasn't going to eat and got involved in other activities, the sooner the craving went away.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 128.

03-11-2014, 06:46 AM
Hi coaches

Yesterday was a weird day with food as I am still adjusting my diet. I didn't snack or do anything awful but I kept rearranging my plan. I had a plan for dinner and I changed it because it ended up so late (on the phone to 3 different people) that I had an omelette instead of what I planned. Today has been on track and dinner worked. Went to gym so credit for exercise. I still haven't planned tomorrow - will do that in the morning as running late tonight

BillBE - Huge kudos for working the buffet table - I need to remember all the strategies I see here for the next time I confront finger food. Exercise sounds tricky - I am not brave enough to try the floor classes yet

Nationalparker - Good idea to commit to a goal for the day. You have so much to deal with at the moment and you are doing well to plan and stay on track. And I have taken your idea of a cup of tea when I have the need to forage. Credit for planning and managing painful situations. Thanks for liking my new username :) - you haven't got time to do what you need to let alone personals! I am happy that your dad is accepting help. Credit for going with the flow and realising it will finish when it is finished - hang in there

Tresor - I remember you and it is great to see you back. I am not sure about linkd and worksheets - there is a workbook with worksheets in it but not sure if there is anything downloadable. From my Google search they used to be available from the Beck Website as downloadable pdf files (good for those with a kindle version) but they are no longer available at the link everyone refers to. Unless someone here has downloaded them they are gone

CeeJay - credit for putting together a string of good days and for feeling good about it!

Gardenerjoy - I think 'dainty servings' as a plan does the job! Difficult to know what you would encounter. Credit for recognising a thought pattern that is not reality based - a desire to overeat that is resisted doesn't lead to weight gain - what a revelation :)

Debbie(Lexxiss) - life and food is sounding manageable at the moment :)

Onebyone - Credit for dealing with sabotaging thoughts. Hang in there - the weight will shift if you stay on plan (that's what I keep telling myself :) ). Yay for a streak of 21 days sugar free - that is progress

FutureFitChick - Credit for sticking with your timelines to get this finished! Don't get distracted by administrivia - hang in there. Gum as a distraction sounds like a good idea. Credit for staying on plan on the weekend - ouch for going off plan on Monday and not enjoying it!

Ladym0208 - Good list of credits - and great that you are giving yourself credit

03-11-2014, 07:56 AM
I didn't make time to post yesterday but I did get to read your posts. Thanks for welcoming me back. I have the work sheets from the workbook so I will use those to make my own charts.

I know how Beck works and I know my I am going to concentrate on those areas.

Have a great day everyone and I hope to post more later in the day.


03-11-2014, 09:36 AM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Back from a girl's trip to Sedona. I am grateful to have friends for over 30 years who are actively apart of my life. Still the weekend was emotional on top of busy week after busy week. Food was undisciplined. The scale shows a gain of five pounds. Discouraging since I knew I ate more than I should but I did try to exercise and keep to my regime of a smoothies and salads. I was up this morning at 3:00 a.m. with anxiety and worry. Mostly I am just experiencing free floating stuff. I am dreading everything but nothing is critically wrong.

First things first. I want a very rigid food plan until I get back to maintenance . I am going to do a little research this morning and log in MyFitPal the food I decide to eat. I will not stand while I eat.

Hope to report a successful day tomorrow

03-11-2014, 11:19 AM
Mixed news here. First, I had a piece of unscheduled chocolate cake. I have no excuse, it was entirely willful. Here is my new deal: If I want to eat something off plan, I will absolutely read my card that tells why I don’t want to before making a final decision to go off plan. This is something that I can do, more so than declaring I will never go off plan again. But let’s not talk about that anymore because I finished my couch to 5K training program! I did two 5K runs this week. And I run the whole time too. Ok, slowly-ish – it takes me juuuust under 40 minutes to finish. My new goal is to finish in under 37 minutes. 8 weeks ago I couldn’t run at all.

Onebyone: Credit for identifying a danger-scenario, and taking steps to forestall it. I hope all is well for you and your family.

FutureFitChick: Good luck with your deadlines – I am sending supportive thoughts. I am also very familiar with that flavor of procrastination where some low priority scut work sort of thing MUST BE DONE RIGHT NOW. Don’t do it!

Joy: Minds are tricky things.

Ceejay: Thanks for sharing your rotten day. I’m glad you’ve got a few good ones now.

Nationalparker: Credit for staying OP under stress. And I’m happy to hear that your dad is accepting help.

Ladym0208: Are you still doing in Insanity? Is that your morning work out? Because my impression is that it is a pretty demanding workout. Do you like it?

BBE: I so agree about getting rid of unhelpful environmental cues. My six year old has also worked this out for herself, and asks me to hide things she’s not supposed to have. Now that I’ve read the Beck book, I see that she (my daughter) naturally does some great cognitive therapy type things, like the notes she wrote for herself about starting swimming lessons: “You can do it. Even if you don’t want to, you will do it anyway. You might have fun.” I mommy-jacked your personal – sorry.

Cheryl: Did I miss something? Are you switching diet plans? I’m glad you had a good day and went to the gym too.

Hi, Tresor, I look forward to hearing about your successes (and struggles).

Maryann: Welcome back. Three cheers for good friends. I’m sorry you’re feeling anxious, but I see you have a plan to deal with. I am very sure you will rock it.

03-11-2014, 12:35 PM
The loss of an hour didn't explain my sudden lack of motivation and general function. I looked up the current allergy numbers and discovered that the maple trees are blooming. That explains it. Knowing the cause doesn't make me feel any better physically, but at least I'm not so concerned about my state of mental health.

I'm doing a re-set today. I'm going to do what I would normally do on Sunday so that the rest of the week flows a bit better.

80%OP or better streak: 10
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 36 Credit!
WI: -0.05kg, Exercise: +50 580/1500 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

GosfordGirl: new name, same dogs!

nationalparker: so glad that your dad is getting family / professional help in the form of your sister-in-law. That can be so helpful!

BillBlueEyes: we have a high predicted of 80 today -- and then possibly snow before morning! That's just crazy!

03-11-2014, 01:19 PM
Will check in more thoroughly later, but I just have not been on the computer. I've been OP and finally lost another pound!

03-11-2014, 09:08 PM
Hi Coaches!

I made some great roasted veggies for dinner last night and have more in the oven. I so resonated with gardenerjoy's comment about thinking the scale would rise from a desire to overeat. I notice I have to resist so many foods at work that when I do plan and eat something reasonable, I tend to think it wasn't my best choice to eat XX....that I should have resisted it, too. Reality for me is that there are days during my 8-10 hour shifts that I recognize I need to eat. Today was one of those days and I made a reasonable choice. Credit.

I travel early tomorrow morning and I'm trying to get caught up with I check those veggies NOW!

03-11-2014, 11:09 PM
Busy day, but took the time this evening to pull patio furniture cushions out and sat in the sunshine for a half hour on a day with near 70 degree temps. Snow and 10 degree temps coming tomorrow. Took each pet out to be held in the sunshine; time well-spent.

Was hungry when I got home and quickly made dinner so I wouldn't snack. I bypassed someone's leftover cake that they brought in to work, and also the housemade kettle potato chips and grilled cheese that a coworker got that REALLY looked good.

Scale was down to 170 this morning ... think I'm going to be battling to get down under this again for a while. But slowly is better than never. Tomorrow is a staff lunch out with a coworker who retired last year - not sure where yet, but am committed to ordering decently and eating until not hungry.

One thought that has gone through my mind is that I keep thinking, when it warms up, I'll be much more active. But tonight I chose to spend my spare time enjoying the sunshine with the cats/dog (separately so they didn't bolt) and checking in here.

Thanks to all for the good vibes on my dad. Tomorrow will tell us a lot. I will take a hot bubble bath and hit the sack and hope sleep comes quickly tonight and my mind doesn't keep me awake. Spent enough time working at home tonight.

Lexxiss, your post couldn't have come at a better time. I get in that mindset as well, and even just eating a decent portion has me kicking myself at times. Thank you for your openness.

AZTricia - congrats on the next pound gone forever!

Flnu - I'm impressed with your Couch to 5K!! And sometimes, chocolate cake is what we need.

Bill - I feel so wealthy when I have an abundance of reading material - library, my own, or loaners from friends. I sure wish the kids I tutored in reading each week would grow to feel the same :) At times, they choose books on their thickness ...I let them pick what they want to keep them happy with their choices, while sometimes pushing favorites like "Stellaluna" ... I completely judge a book on its cover myself, so I've no room to speak with them choosing by size. ha ha

Bedtime is near; will read for a bit, and aim to NOT get up for any sort of a snack that I might think about. At times, I enjoy mindless light mysteries set in a library or a bakery or whatever, but food seems to be omnipresent in them... Maybe I need to start a pizzeria series :) Get it out of my system.

03-11-2014, 11:38 PM

Very tired from today's/the week's events. My sister and I visited another long term care facility, this one built in 1975. Yesterday's was circa 2002. There is a world of difference in terms of light/windows and wall/layouts. But while the new place felt busier and full of life, this second place felt more caring and more focused on the individual and their needs. Still I have to say it is HARD not to see the residents who are unable to move and are wheelchair bound unable to even more their head. Are all the mobile residents somewhere else when we visit a place so we only see those who are very physically challenged? I think "who will my mother talk to in here?" I can't imagine it. The 2nd place, with the caring staff, had resident rooms with cinderblock walls. Very institutional. It sure made her very small room where she is now look super cozy and homey. And I remember when we moved her in we thought IT was institutional. Everything is relative is really true. I am *really* wrestling with this. But now, also, the costs for her to stay where she is have really risen due to her increasing care needs and the long term caare places will be covered by her pension and subsidized by the province so she will be able to be there without depleting her money. Now that is becoming a real issue as well.

Not having children I wonder who will do this kind of legwork for me? This is an unanswerable question.

Anyway, with all this floating around I did not want to cook dinner and DH went out and bought chicken wings, breaded and stuffed baked potatoes and I ate what was placed in front of me. I did stay away all day from sugar once more. *credit*

I do find I am biting my nails again so need to stop that now.

My sister leaves mid day Thursday and we are due for a *insert scream here* snowstorm tomorrow so not sure what/how much we'll achieve tomorrow. I am trying to line up a visit to a friend's place in the area who makes fantastic coffee and has a nice in-home art collection. I would like for us to take a short break and visit with her. We'll see.

*credit* weighed this morning and saw a drop to 264.8. It did drop. But with dinner tonight we'll see a rise. OH WELL. I soldier on.

Good night coaches.

03-12-2014, 01:08 AM
Hello coaches!

Sat in the sunshine for a while and the peace was nice! Good, but busy, weekend here. Spent a few hours walking around with dh as a "date". We also watched Princess Bride with the boys since they'd never seen it. Teddy, my walking buddy, is much healthier and now loves going to the park. My "budgeted calories" through Diet Power have been hovering around 2000 since my plateau and I'm hopeful for a downward trend again now that a pound has dropped. I've considered adding extra exercise, but for now decided just to reduce calories if needed as I really don't like exercise and I want all my lifestyle changes to be maintainable. Maybe someday my body will just be bubbling with energy and want to move more, who knows?

Ds's birthday is coming up and he wants 3-4 huge scoops of ice cream in a BIG waffle cone (think quart of ice cream!) instead of a cake. None of my boys have weight issues as they are more like dh plus they swim, but I just don't like the idea of encouraging that kind of excess. Any helpful thoughts? As a once a year thing it probably won't hurt, but it could set a precedent in his mind (he is like that - give an inch take a mile!).

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Kudos for going the the gym on the weekend and Monday, and working on your plan, hope it is working for you. Great job leaving the rice when you realized it was too many carbs. 9500, WOW! Sounds like you are still finding your way with the new plan, but doing great with exercise. :bravo:

ladym0208 Great job on your re-set back to plan on the weekend and recognizing/addressing sabotaging thoughts. So glad that it is getting easier with the cook, hurray! Kudos for the extra exercise walking from church and extra exercise Monday. :cp:

BillBlueEyes Pure Muscle Tone sounds like a painful class! LOL about caught cheating. Great job at the reception, it is so hard to resist when "everyone is doing it". I actually made two batches of popcorn, with the second being kettle corn to go with Princess Bride...not a taste! You are so on the go and I am amazed and motivated by your resistance muscle to all the extra food opportunities. Hurray for melting snow, budding trees, and no more M&M bowl :m:

nationalparker It is good to hear your mom is gaining strength. So sorry for all your stress. Hurray for your decluttering. Glad you had an alright day Sunday. Good to hear your dad is accepting help, that will make his appointments more valuable. Hope you enjoy your meal out with coworkers. Great choice to spend time in the sun and have a bubble bath! Just the recipe for reducing stress :beach:

tresor/Kathy Welcome back. Cute puppy! Glad you found your work sheets. :D

CeeJay Hurray for a good days over the weekend! Kudos for no sugar and exercising. Yeah that you are feeling better!!! :cheer3:

gardenerjoy Kudos for your continued streak! Awesome for resisting at the bridal shower. Allergies are awful here too right now, in "the red" for the trees in bloom.

Lexxiss Congrats for reasonable choices, kudos for roasted veggies! Yum! :hungry:

onebyone Kudos for resisting all the opportunities for sugar. Hope you are able to resolve the care issues with your mom. I'm glad your visit with your sister seems to be going well and you are doing great confronting those sabotaging thoughts with truth. Enjoy your coffee and art, hope there is not too much snow tomorrow! :snow4:

FutureFitChick Gum sounds like a great idea, hope you are able to stick to OP even through the stress. :dust:

maryann Going to a rigid plan to get back to maintenance seems a wise choice. :goodvibes

flnu Bummer for the chocolate attack. Love your ARC plan. Kudos for your 5K training! :running:

03-12-2014, 05:27 AM
Good morning coaches,

Yesterday was a good OP day both food and exercise wise. I managed to get all my report writing done which is great. We are entering the rainy season here in Rwanda and because there are not many concrete roads it sometimes makes it difficult to get out for a walk. Luckily there was a break in the rain long enough for us to get out into town to pick up a few leaving gifts for the people who we have been working with. Tomorrow will be my last day in Cyangugu as I will be moving to Kigali for the next few months, I am looking forward to being in the city and I know it will be quite different to where I am now.

My credits for yesterday....
- Being able to say no to 'food pushers' yesterday evening and not eating just because everyone else was
- Getting some extra exercise done in the form of a lovely long walk

AZtricia Well done for combining your date with some exercise
onebyone Well done for staying away from the sugar
nationalparker Well done for avoiding snacking
flnu Yes I am still doing Insanity as my morning workout, I have just completed day 24 so nearly completed month one. I have enjoyed it so far and it really does push you, but I like that and enjoy the challenge. It really is motivating seeing just how much my fitness has improved in the time I've been doing it.

Have a great day all xx

03-12-2014, 06:17 AM
Hi Coaches

I ordered lunch at canteen and asked for a bunless burger and a few fries. When it arrived it was huge and had lots of chips and I thought - I can only eat half of this. I imagined myself reporting to my coaches about how I exercised my resistance muscle and left half of it. Well I ate it all and can't report that :o. Now I have to think of something small to eat for dinner that won't break the bank...I am home too late to be readjusting plans and expectations :(

I was in class all day so not a lot to report. Credits - walked 8700 with more to go; met my active minutes and km goals; reported to coaches; had a plan (but had to modify it).

BillBE - we crossed e-paths last night. Glad that your Spring is coming - we might get Autumn soon! Credit for under control snacks. Kudos for your incrementing ticker

Kathy (Tresor) - I realised I actually have the pdfs of all the worksheets so could attach them somewhere. I was cheeky and emailed the Beck website and said what had happened to them. This is the response I got from Judith Beck's daughter Debbie!...
Hi Cheryl,
... We’re working with a new publisher now and so we had to take down the worksheets due to a copyright issue. We’re hoping to get them back up at some point, but unfortunately I don’t have an exact time frame for this.

Maryann - Hope you enjoyed your trip. I like MFP to log food before I eat it - means the plan is on paper and it just means following it. Sorry for the anxiety - free floating and 3am wake-ups are bad news. When I had severe anxiety I saw a medico who was into integrative medicine and looked at my levels of histamine, zinc and copper. Her treatment (lots of zinc, vitamin E to balance the copper and histamines) made a huge difference - but that was me...

Flnu - Ouch for chocolate cake. I like your plan for dealing with the desire to eat off plan. I am so impressed with your couch to 5K progress and that you made the progress in 8 weeks - impressive. (Yes I am tinkering with my plan - not sure where it will end up yet but one needs to renew things occasionally)

GardenerJoy - commiserations for allergies. I don't like the seasonal changeovers (even though I really want to be rid of summer time!) as it is worse than jet-lag - hope your reset works

Nationalparker - good luck with the work lunch - always so difficult. Thinking of you tomorrow

Onebyone - supportive thoughts for deciding your mother's future. It is a fraught issue and we went through it with my father a few years ago. I too have no children and it does make you wonder what will become of you. I am beginning to think who I might give enduring guardianship to in the event I can't make decisions.

Tricia - Yay for weight loss! Can't offer suggestions about the birthday icecream - young males are a total mystery to me!

03-12-2014, 06:17 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating took a hit at a reception that I had planned to substitute for dinner. That part worked. But I had more than the generous allowance I grant myself for such affairs. Ouch. I capitulated to the walking appetizers, all healthy choices: grilled monster shrimp, grilled tuna on a toothpick, and mozzarella cheese between cherry tomatoes drowned in basil and olive oil. I choose well despite liquid calories flowing like Niagara falls and stayed away from the tables of top quality cheeses and crackers and from the walking two-byte desserts of to-die-for quality (with one "make it tiny or get your own" bite of DW's already small chocolate-chocolate-chocolate thingy). Specifically, I had to avoid dark chocolate covered strawberries and miniature pecan pies each time they were presented by charming young servers. Good enough to feel pleased that I didn't go overboard, so CREDIT moi for that part. Despite my feelings of having wandered, the scale didn't jitter in punishment.

Standard walking, CREDIT moi, perhaps wearing a heavier coat than the temperature demanded. I'm slow to switch to a spring coat due to my February-is-gonna-get-me mentality.

Kathy (tresor) - Super strategy to concentrate on the weaknesses first.

onebyone – Continued supportive thoughts for facing the difficult choices available for your mother. I'm always inspired by your attitude, "OH WELL. I soldier on."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – That's a novel idea - to reset the week and start over. Kudos for thinking outside the box. [80 degrees one day and snow the next makes me think that St. Louis weather is just weird.]

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Yep, an 8-10 hour working shift just requires some food to prevent snapping at your customers. Kudos for a reasonable choice.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – I am so happy that eggs have returned to the list of healthy foods; we have omelets about once a week now.

maryann - Ouch for busy, busy hanging over the joy of old friends still in your life.

ladym0208 – Super Kudos for "not eating just because everyone else was." It's exciting to think about a major change in your living situation.

nationalparker – "Housemade kettle potato chips" should be banned - they'd drive me crazy. [Good luck seducing your kids into books; I'm grateful for the Harry Potter series for doing that.]

Tricia (AZtricia) - Yay for every pound gone and Yay for sunshine. I share your concern at supporting the notion of over indulgence even for a DS who doesn't have weight issues. Perhaps ice cream, modest amount, for breakfast would satisfy his desire for something decadent.

flnu - Two Kudos for two 5K runs this week! What a way to start a running career. LOL at "mommy-jacked your personal." Your DD has powerful clarity for a six year old.

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings
.....The emotionally painful part about a
craving is the struggle you feel. Once you can
. .say to yourself with total conviction, NO CHOICE,
. ... .. .... ..the craving will diminish.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 130.

03-12-2014, 11:04 AM
I slept through my alarm (but at least that means I slept!) so I didn't see any snow this morning. Friends just a little north of here actually got some that stayed on the ground long enough for photos.

We went to bed with the air conditioner on (with my allergies, opening windows isn't an option) and DH switched it over to heat sometime in the middle of the night. No worries, though, we'll be back in the 60s tomorrow! In St. Louis, if you don't like the weather, just wait 10 minutes -- it'll change!

My planning and catch-up day worked well yesterday. I have a reasonable and not very ambitious plan for the rest of the week.

80%OP or better streak: 11
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 37 Credit!
WI: +0.2 kg, Exercise: +60 640/1500 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

03-12-2014, 11:53 AM

tracking/planning food
reading arc
positive thinking app
weighed in: 265.4
using resistance muscle
posting here

My sister isn't here yet. I think she's packing her stuff from where she's been staying and then she was headed over to my mom's place to give the management :rollpin: **** over her run in with the nursing staff last night. One nurse loves to fob things off and the other has poor bedside manners and with my sister needing answers to medical questions with no access to the doctor, and seeing my mom's steep decline since she came here, well it's a (where's the bomb icon??) volatile situation.

Me? I just feel exactly like this today: :tired:

We've got real weather going on. I'm sure once my sister makes her way here we're staying in. I sure hope she agrees.

Bye for now.

03-12-2014, 03:49 PM
New here--hello's all 'round!

I lurked until I was up to taking my "Beck Show" on the road--I started my simple plan [counting calories] last week as part of the Beck treck. In the middle of a second decent week and my weigh-in day is Saturday morning.

Doing some field trials on my calorie recording method today. I tend to "think fuzzy" if I don't write it down right that moment...

03-12-2014, 05:58 PM
Hello Coaches,

Pizza Day here again and I have not decided yet if I will participate. Today has been a good day so far with 2 walks, exercise DVD, and OP food. Spent some time relaxing in the sun as well. Called and scheduled an appointment for my youngest to be checked for dyslexia, time to quit hoping he'll outgrow it without help as he's almost 9. Middle son has already been through vision therapy, so off on another round...

ladym0208 Hope your move proceeds smoothly and you enjoy your last few months away from home. Kudos for "no" to the food pushers and extra exercise!

GosfordGirl Great job meeting your active minutes and km goals! Hope you are finding your rhythm with your new plan.

BillBlueEyes Kudos for resisting the chocolate covered strawberries. :strong: your resistance muscle is a great example.

gardenerjoy Hurray for sleep, so glad your catch-up day worked for you!

onebyone So glad you stopped to check in. Yikes for the bad nurses, hope you and your sis are able to figure out the best plan for your mom.

6crowsgold Great job starting Beck and welcome! :welcome2:

03-12-2014, 09:06 PM
Hello, all! Ate my largest meal today at lunch and, while I didn't leave half of the lunch portion, I skipped the tortillas and left some of the meal. It was mexican and held myself to only eight chips/salsa. I'm taking credits for acknowledging it was a decent-size meal and going light for dinner. Credit, too, for committing to only hot tea this evening now that I want to graze in the kitchen.

News from my Dad's appt was that it is lung cancer and not curable but they'll work to treat it and he has more scans coming up to check for brain lesions and try to figure out what the stomach issue might be. I spoke with him tonight. He's lost 20 pounds in one month. I stay very positive on the phone, then hang up and cry. My eating food will not heal my father nor help take care of my mother. I suggested he try those Carnation shakes me makes for my mom with ice cream as her dr. suggested to give her more calories ... he laughed and said, well they do smell pretty good. I hope he does.

OneByOne - you have explained the situation with your mom's care so well - I would really be in a quandary over which one is better - the more caring or less institutional facility. It had me thinking of which one I'd want. What a mental challenge.

AZTricia - I admire your resolve - I could never skip a pizza night. I think we get it too rarely :) but that might just be me. ha ha

Bill - Your reception sounds wonderful - I love your descriptors. Many credits abound - way more than you claimed. Keep that dang winter coat out - I'm sure our snow is heading your way.

I appreciate your patience with my moping/worried notes. DH is working nights and just isn't remembering what days what test results are coming back for for pet/Dad. I get a bit miffed when he doesn't ASK about the results and then have to realize that he's having a hard work week and we're only seeing each other for about 10 minutes/day.

169.4 today - thankful to see it drop back below 170. That makes me feel as if it IS possible.

03-12-2014, 11:00 PM
Good Evening, Coaches.

I am catching up on posts. Very busy day at work. It was career day at my middle school. Our counselors did a terrific job getting nearly fifty community members to come and share their professions. There were firetrucks, corvettes, walnut shakers and paramedics on the black top. The best moment of the day for me (stationed at the John Deere Giant Tractor) was when the little boy Jose from our special day class bravely climbed up into the seat. He has Downs syndrome. He climbed the ladder, sat down, and took the steering wheel. A smile that could light the entire world (or at least my entire world) bloomed on his face.

There are moments that burst my heart - sheer bittersweet beauty which surfaces at the most surprising moments. How I hope I will never stop being present to catch them. And so I post here because I never wish to allow food the starring role in my life. Food is only the fuel. I must respect it. I cannot worship it.

Food in MyFitPal for two days. Scale down two pounds. I sigh a little relief.

Lexxiss: I agree that my mind is not always a trustworthy ally. Better I keep to MFP

onebyone: Credit for your courage in doing the right thing for your mother - for walking with her in her journey.

AZtricia: My son is a "normie" eater. He will say he'll tackle a huge portion like a gallon of ice cream but actually stops when he is full. This is a very useful skill and an important one to allow him to develop.

ladym0208: How exciting to be going to the city!

GosfordGirl: i actually went to my Dr who gave me some similar homeopathic suggestions. I am trying them out and hopeful they will work. These pills are heavy in Vitamin B, something called Rhodia (?) magnesium and C.

BBE: A two-byte dessert is a two week weight gain I fear.

6crowsgold: Welcome! I am moving away from "fuzzy" reporting this week and will try to stick with weighing and measuring this week.

nationalparker: So sorry about your father. I would have cried and cried too when I got off the phone.

03-12-2014, 11:14 PM
Thank you for that wonderful image before I hit the sack, Maryann! Credit for those lines that food shouldn't be the center stage in our lives and your desire to not lose sight of what IS important. Much appreciated.

Got through the evening without snacking, while enjoying a bubble bath and a nonsense magazine ... and a hot cup of tea. Credits for this regardless of what the scale reads tomorrow. Am I the only one for whom evening snacking is a major hurdle when alone now? Ack!

03-12-2014, 11:54 PM
nationalparker Very very sorry to hear the news from your father's medical tests. Sorry for your whole family. I can imagine the shock of it all. I wish you and your family strength moving forward.Please continue to check in and share whatever is needed... :hug:

03-13-2014, 05:05 AM
Good afternoon coaches

I am checking in early as I want to spend time later on food planning and exercise planning and all that. Spent the day at the desk except for a long walk with dogs at lunch time and taking the dogs to the vet this evening. They love going to the vet (where they get injections and other horrible things) - very strange little beasties

Credits for today:
Back on plan today - tracking and planning food;
Posting to list;
Thinking about shopping list for next week;
Buying food for weekend to make on-plan meals for a few days:
Having a plan for the day;
Drinking cold soda water with ice in an insulated drinking bottle to satisfy my cravings

BillBE - LOL at "make it tiny or get your own" from DW - she's been there and done that. You exerted enormous resistance to only overeat a little in the midst of all that

Gardenerjoy - feeling for you with your allergies

Onebyone - Soothing thoughts while you confront the health care system to get answers about your mother

6crowsgold - welcome - I look forward to hearing about your progress and goals

(AZ)Tricia - your life seems pretty scheduled with all those commitments - you do well to make good choices with food.

Nationalparker - So sorry to hear about your father. Let's hope he takes your advice for ensuring he stays well-nourished. Credit for "My eating food will not heal my father nor help take care of my mother". Credit for readjusting your plan to make up for slips - and counting corn chips! Sounds like hot tea is a good strategy. (I have replaced it with iced soda water - more compatible with our Indian Summer but gives me something to sip)

Maryann - Yay for scale down 2 pounds - obviously what you have been doing is working. Your story made me light up - and think about the centrality of food and whether that is a good thing. (Rhodiola? Siberian high altitude plant that increases longevity, improve mood and alleviate depression, and who knows what else! Sounds interesting)

Have a good day coaches

03-13-2014, 06:34 AM
:welcome: 6crowsgold :welcome:

And, on the occasion of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you find our about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find our forum here on 3 Fat Chicks?

03-13-2014, 06:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Delivered our tax info to the accountant - CREDIT moi for doing what had to be done. I had to get up at 2am to get it all assembled, so a nap to finish my nights sleep was needed later. One great appeal of heaven is that surely there are no tax forms to fill out. I don't mind paying taxes, it's the d*rn forms that drive me bonkers.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi. Dinner was a bowl of udon noodles with beef and veggies at a Japanese restaurant. The bowl is so big, but it's easy to consume the whole thing. I expected that salt to add two pounds to the scale this morning, but it didn't. Snacks were on plan, CREDIT moi, with my afternoon snack being a single small bite of DW's granola bar made with cricket flour. A sustainable planet will require more of our protein to come from insects; this is a good start, but a granola bar is still a candy bar - not a useful part of my eating plan. I couldn't tell that I was eating crickets although I tried to imagine it at every crunch, but that was almonds.

onebyone – LOL at "snowstorm-last one?" Are you new to Canada? Good that your sister will play the 'bad guy' with the staff at your mother's home so that you can play 'good guy' later as necessary. Continue to send supportive thoughts.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for reasonable plans.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Kudos for devising specific strategies that work, "Drinking cold soda water with ice in an insulated drinking bottle to satisfy my cravings."

maryann - Thanks for the beautiful image of that kid in the Giant John Deere. Now I want to see a walnut shaker ( - OK, thanks google. [My thought exactly, "A two-byte dessert is a two week weight gain I fear."]

nationalparker – Kudos for continuing to be there for your parents even as you have your own pain to deal with. Sending supportive thoughts as you continue to process the results of his tests and ponder how you can help them both.

Tricia (AZtricia) - That's a lot of exercise - Kudos. Hats off for your ability to consider avoiding the pizza when the whole swim team is indulging at your table. I've been through the dyslexia diagnosis. Our experience was that a period of one-on-one tutoring changed our DD's life; she learned the strategies that allowed her to conquer the written page.

6crowsgold - Neat that you've found this forum when you need a Diet Coach (or Buddy if you're reading the green book). We serve as Coach to each other and invite you to serve as Coach and be coached by all of us. Kudos for having your Eating Plan in place (calorie counting) and for moving forward. I join you in that "think fuzzy" bit if it isn't written down. Glad that you've joined us.

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

Anti-Craving Strategies
Mindset Techniques
You can take a number of steps to respond to your next craving. The first five steps help you prepare your mindset, and you should use the following every time you have a craving:

1. Label it. Tell yourself, This feeling is just a craving . . . It's uncomfortable and intense, but (like hunger) it's not an emergency.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 130.

03-13-2014, 10:33 AM
Good Morning to the Coaching Staff!

I may have finally found a calorie recording device that works for me. I've tried all sorts of ways but this week is a field trial of a sprial bound booklet of 3"x5" Index cards, NEONcolored, and a 3 inch mini-pen clipped inside the big wire binding.

Compact, sturdy, handy. Bright enough to find in my purse or on my desk when I start going "fuzzy" on the calorie count.

I feel alarmingly satisfied on 1250 calories a day, but can go no lower. Hoping for some kind of change at weigh in.

Best wishes for a Good Day to all!

03-13-2014, 12:58 PM
I super-sized a snack yesterday. Mostly it was a procrastination ploy. That's always a tough one for me. I don't want to procrastinate. But I don't want, even more, to overeat. Sometimes, I need to consciously allow myself to procrastinate or I end up unconsciously allowing myself to overeat.

80%OP or better streak: 12
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 38 Credit!
WI: +0.55kg, Exercise: +60 700/1500 minutes for March, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome, 6crowsgold!

nationalparker: that's not good news, but at least it's news. So sorry. It sounds like there's a path for moving forward. Good for you for recognizing that overeating won't help and hot tea might.

03-13-2014, 11:20 PM

I did not plan my food for the relief of my sister's visit ending and the intense feelings that that always generates. She left this morning and I didn't eat a thing until she left and then after she was en route (she called) I celebrated with food. I ate one thing, then when I knew I should stop, I cooked up another thing I have been wanting to eat all week but held off on and then I made stew, which I kept sampling, then I asked for bread, which I never ask for and DH brought that home and I had a big dinner with 2nds. I was (ouch) 2000 calories over my target according to fitbit. But still ok overall for the week. *credit for not eating sugar (since feb 17) and credit for cooking from scratch and checking in. I have not processed my mother's need for a long term care facility. I get stuck imagining her there. Can't seem to get past that right now. I have an art submission deadline for the 15th, via email, and tried to get it done today but couldn't. My phone reminded me we have tickets to see American Idiot tomorrow night (the musical) downtown, my first ever musical live theatre event. Tonight I can't imagine going but go we will and fun I will have. I need to get that submission in tomorrow though.

Ok off to bed now.

03-14-2014, 01:21 AM
Hello coaches,

Well, I ended up having pizza with the boys. My car would not start and I had to jump it and replace the battery (they last less than 3 years here) so I decided not to add the stress of planning and packing a seperate meal. I still stayed within my calorie limit, so OP even with pizza. :)

Today was OP for food and exercise, but I'm hungry...which is annoying. I've already had an extra tea, cinnamon apple, which usually makes the feeling go away. Oh, well it is bed time soon and I won't notice it while sleeping!

nationalparker Kudos for skipping tortillas and not grazing. I am glad you finally have some news about your dad, but sad to hear they don't think it is curable and that he is having other issues as well. Sending sympathy your way and wishes for helpful diagnoses and treatments for your dad as well as strength for you. Awesome job for choosing bubble bath and tea over snacking!

maryann Sounds like there was a great career day, hurray for Jose's joy! Kudos for recording your food and -2lbs! Thanks for your advice about the skill kiddos need to learn, great thought.

Cheryl/GosfordGirl LOL about the dogs enjoying the vet, we had one that way in the past. His joy of greeting people and going places exceeded any pain. Kudos for back on track & planning.

BillBlueEyes Taxes are painful, they were the worst when dh worked for a mequiladora and very complicated. So glad his income is all in the USA now. Hopefully you'll get better rest now that the package is delivered. WHAT --cricket flour???? Just ewww! Sustainable or not, don't think I could do it.

6crowsgold Hurray for finding a solution for recording.

gardenerjoy Kudos for your continuing streak and for knowing youself and meeting your needs so that you have less temptation to overeat.

onebyone Hope you enjoy your musical and that you can get back OP now that the stress of your sister's visit is done. Kudos for cooking.

03-14-2014, 05:32 AM
Hi Coaches

I ended up eating more that I planned of what I planned last night. Today I had planned meals but I didn't get to have lunch before I saw the (new) acupuncturist and ended up eating lunch at 3.15pm - and ate fries I may have planned but didn't need. Now I am not hungry for the evening meal. I think I like this guy

I read today:
"[I]As for guilt/shame, I feel them whenever I act (eat) in a way that is not consistent with my identity as a person. Goals may come and go, so I don’t use goals as a motivator, but identity is a constant. Along this line, I know we all have the freedom of choice, but for me, I choose to live as though I have ‘no choices,’ meaning my identity determines actions, and decisions almost make themselves."

This resonated because goals don't really motivated me but maybe I need to create a different identity that doesn't allow room for the choices that don't help and lead to a NO CHOICE response


"If we don’t identify ourselves as athletic, how likely is it that we’ll pursue athletic abilities on any level? If we accept that we’re sickly, how likely is it that we’ll ever believe we can truly thrive? If we believe that we don’t have much self-discipline, in how many areas of our lives will this “truth” play out?"

This made me think that I have maybe taken on a "sickly" identity and haven't allowed myself to thrive. Since I 'survived' cancer 4 years ago a lot of things have gone wrong and now I think they can go right. Now I have to choose to thrive and adopt a thin and thriving identity which will shape the congruence of my behaviour. Other than that I am not sure what I will make of these thoughts but they seem important and on song with Beck

BillBE - Credit for trying crickets - very responsible and certainly in the "rare and unusual" category. Lots of brownie points for getting up at 2am to do taxes - huge!

6crowgold - Great plan to use index cards. Great triumph that the diet you have chosen is satisfying.

Gardenerjoy - Good observation - just eating it is easier than deciding whether you should - but not the best option

Onebyone - Ouch for celebration eating but you have great insight about it. Sending thoughts that you survive and thrive through the deadline

(AZ)Tricia - Credit for staying OP with pizza. Sympathy for being hungry - totally get it. Bed is a good place to avoid cravings!

03-14-2014, 08:08 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Walked, CREDIT moi, my usual on the new snow (less than an inch) and before the minor rain. It was bitter cold - and got colder last night. Methinks I'm still recovering from Daylight Savings Time switch over - without good reason that I can figure out.

Yet another evening where I planned to make dinner out of a reception of appetizers. CREDIT moi for choosing modest portions of grilled veggies and one beef on a slice of baguette - that was all. I ignored the platters of breads and cheeses. It was an under-plan caloric evening, but being busy helped. I'll be out of town this weekend so won't post again until Monday. Have a good weekend guys.

onebyone – Couldn't but wonder why a Canadian would want to see an American Idiot (, LOL. It looks fun - wish I'd known to see it when it was in Boston last month. Hope you enjoy it tonight. Kudos for recognizing that the feelings are associated with your sister's leaving so you have some clue how to go about processing them and getting back on track.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Interesting to link procrastination with over eating. When I'm avoiding something, this giant Sabotaging Thought arrives that a handful of comfort popped in my mouth will make the discomfort go away.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Kudos for identifying that you might have adopted an identity that allows, "haven't allowed myself to thrive," and now choose "a thin and thriving identity." Congrats for being a cancer survivor. And thanks for using 'congruence' - I love that word.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Kudos for deploying cinnamon apple tea to combat hunger feelings. LOL that going to bed solves the problem. Ouch for the battery failure - three years is a shorter than the five we get around here despite the cold winters.

6crowsgold - It's terrific that you "feel alarmingly satisfied on 1250 calories a day" - many folks can only imagine eating at that low level. I believe the medical advice that one should only go below 1200 under a professional's supervision as a minimum nutrition level. Kudos for implementing a cheerful calorie counting system that works for you.

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

Anti-Craving Strategies
Mindset Techniques
You can take a number of steps to respond to your next craving. The first five steps help you prepare you mindset, and you should use the following every time you have a craving:

2. Stand firm. Tell yourself that you're absolutely not going to eat the food that you're craving. Remind yourself that you truly don't want to strengthen your giving-in muscle and weaken your resistance muscle. Ask yourself whether giving in to this craving will be worth the momentary pleasure you'll get from eating. Think about how giving in can undermine your confidence.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 130.

03-14-2014, 10:17 AM
Check In--Good Morning to everybody!

Fell asleep before I could get all my calories in. This is unheard of, but maybe the effects of staying meticulously hydrated throughout the day?

The notebook is working well. Looking forward to tomorrow's weigh-in.

Hoping everyone has a great day!

03-14-2014, 11:40 AM
It's my birthday and the desserts keep coming. This too shall pass.

I am giving up on weight goals for a while and I am going to focus on exercise goals instead. The weight goals are not coming through and I have to have some success somewhere.

03-14-2014, 12:00 PM
Hello to all,

I was OP today despite a goodbye party at 10:00 with awesome food. I took a plate back to my desk, waited until lunch time, then ate it as lunch. I ran 5k this morning. I am still so chuffed about this new capability. The plan to at least read my anti-craving card before I act is working out well so far. It is such an achievable goal, and is enough to talk me down, usually. Friday weigh-in: down 1 lb. Cheryl: I really like what you posted and I will put in my card stack.

03-14-2014, 12:10 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Finally Friday and a day off. One thing I know about my food patterns is that if I have too many schedule events too many weekends in a row I feel overwhelm and defeated.This is the third weekend in a row I am traveling - way too many. I have to encourage myself by saying I have a whole month till my next commitment. That feels better. So I must make the best of it.

Credit for making a shopping plan to buy food of the cabin that is healthy. Credit for step class today and skiing tomorrow. I have been actively reminding myself about strengthening my resistance muscle. I have to remind myself I am suppose to feel a little empty in my stomach or I am not on plan.

Three pounds from ticker.

Have a great weekend all. Happy birthday to Losetoall.

03-14-2014, 01:39 PM
Posting earlier today than keeps me accountable, but when I plan to post at night when DH is home, I rarely find the time to... Little food that goes together is left in the pantry. I must hit the market tonight or tomorrow. We're planning to hit our historic theatre to enjoy "To Catch A Thief" on the big screen. Should be a great evening.

Still under 170, so I'm counting that as a success, since I enjoyed homemade salted popcorn (made on the stove with olive oil and kernels) last night.

I'm antsy for the warmer weather to start here in a few months ... and to enjoy some tasty tomatoes, and, well, tastier everything, it seems.

Will try to head out a bit early today from work ... I know I'll be putting in hours on the weekend, as well, so ... will stave off any guilt.

03-14-2014, 06:47 PM

I have to run but *credit* I submitted my art submission before 1pm today -A DAY EARLY--unheard of for me. May it be a sign of the way things will be from here on in.

We are off to the theatre and to eat downtown. I have been back OP since my over-indulgence yesterday.

I did want to *credit myself for discovering that I am satisfied eating half a sandwich. I discovered this during my week with my sister as we were going from here to there and could find sandwiches to buy and then we would split one and we were good to go for the next few hours. It is a JOY to see myself enjoying 1/2 the quantity of food I used to "need" to feel good.

I am ready to re-commit to the gym over the weekend and will aim to stay focused there until my sioster returns in 6-8 weeks. I will see if I can make a major dent in my weight/strength and endurance levels during this next 2 months.

Ok gotta go. We're driving then taking the subway. How very Urban of us!

03-15-2014, 07:37 AM
Hi coaches

I am doing a quick check in so I don't miss for today.

Went to gym and did my program
Planned food and ate on plan and kept it on the light side
A bit hungry tonight which I was aiming for
Prepared a few meals for the freezer
Reported in here
Looked at advantages cards

Have a good Saturday coaches

03-15-2014, 10:24 AM
Hello to All!

A good Weigh-In today, down 2 pounds. Surprised and delighted since I haven't felt terribly hungry this week.

Credit: Stubbornly writing down every calorie I ate, no matter how embarassing [like, er, the 25 calorie Mini-Milky Way we have in heaps around my workplace].

Credit: After a good Weigh-In I am firmly resetting my mind to "Day One" mode. This is the first of another 7 days [since I feel overwhelmed by thinking "Gee, 5 more months of this"]. I can handle thinking a week ahead.

Credit: Did more journalling about why I am doing this to help shore up my Advantage Response Card.

Best Vibes to All!

03-15-2014, 10:54 AM
Hello, all! Dinner last night was at Panera courtesy of a Christmas gift card, so the triple bonus of OP, yummy, and free for us. Wait, a fourth bonus of no dishes :) Hit up Trader Joe's for a $$ trip and found a few new items that I'm anxious to try. One being a folded pizza that looks insanely like what we'd get in Italy (400 calories), that, along with a salad would be a great treat meal. Can you tell I'm dying to try it?

Have cleaning to do at home this morning before running out for actual marketing that was on my list. Will do meal/marketing listing and get to it today. Thrilled that it's already above freezing today! Yay!

Credits - ordering well at Panera, mini snack of 50 calories later at night that was OP ... Goal today to be OP and more credits. And to take a trail walk with the pooch and DH if he's awake.

Weight is just one pound above ticker.

Old-fashioned dinner date tonight - old Hitchcock movie at a 1920's theatre ($5 tickets for all of their movies, so very family friendly) ...

03-15-2014, 12:14 PM
Hello Coaches,
Belated check-in. Started to type responses yesterday and somehow lost track and missed submitting! Friday was a fine day, OP for exercise and food. New car battery is working great - hurray! I was a little concerned it might be the alternator, but all seems fine now. I walked the treadmill while the boys swam instead of having dozens of errands. Today is off to collect groceries and my ds's big recital. Will come back later to report on today and have personals.

03-15-2014, 01:26 PM

*credit weighed in and saw 264.3. Great.
*credit for tracking food.
*credit for passing on sweet treats given to me by my neighbour. I brought them to the guild this morning. I have also given my (sigh this one was hard) free square of dark chocolate that comes with my coffee at Aroma coffee shop on to DH. All because I want to continue my streak of no sugar days. I am at day 26 today. *credit for that.

Today we'll go out to a comic book show-unless I stay home. Haven't decided yet. Probably I'll go. I am also planning some exercise for today. I would like to incorporate at least a one mile Walk Away the Pounds walk daily. I'd like to do that daily until my sister comes back so I'll aim for that goal.

Ok breakfast is served (thanks DH!) Will be back later.

UPDATE: stayed on track today. *credit* did a lot of walking while we were out and fell asleep on the couch. It's early but I am off to bed. I have an early start tomorrow.

03-15-2014, 11:57 PM
Hello Coaches,
My feet are sore! Lots of walking grocery shopping, especially since I parked in almost the furthest spot at Costco. So quiet way out there! Also walked a bit across campus to watch ds's dress rehearsal for tonight's recital, as well as taking pup to the park twice. I'm baking pumpkin bread for breakfast since we need something quick before we head to church in the morning. We are helping lead a financial seminar for the next nine weeks and will be extra busy Sundays. There is also a picnic tomorrow afternoon, which I'm unsure if we'll attend. That would be my first exposure to unlimited food since Christmas. I still need to stick ingredients in the bread maker so it can bake overnight, then I'm off duty!

Food OP, Exercise OP

Cheryl/GosfordGirl So glad the acupuncturist is likeable, hope it works out for you. Sounds like you had a great Saturday with many health tasks accomplished - awesome!

BillBlueEyes Wishing you a great trip and a wonderful weekend.

6crowsgold Huge kudos for staying hydrated Friday and having such positive results.

LoseToAll :bday2you:

flnu Great job staying OP through a party! Awesome for committing to reading your ARC when you need it!!!

maryann Glad you had a day off and hope you enjoy skiing!

nationalparker Do you grow your own tomatoes? I loved fresh tomatoes when we lived in the mid-west. Nothing like them here in AZ. Hope you enjoyed your movie :)

onebyone Hurray for an early submission! Kudos for adjusting to less food and still feeling good! Awesome job for staying OP today and all your walking.

6crowsgold Hurray for down 2!

03-16-2014, 02:52 AM
Hi coaches

I am checking in early because I am no where near finished with work and it will be a late one I am sure. I have sat at the desk all day and don't seem to have achieved much so so much for planning and preparation

Food has been on plan - but I have no plans made about dinner food so that is dangerous. I think it will be something with mince and spices and green beans

I need to get more organised next week to avoid the Sunday sillies of doing everything at the last minute. Not sure how that is going to happen but will work on it. Plan to go to gym Tuesday evening, and Thursday or Friday depending on whether I see trainer on Friday, and then either Saturday or Sunday. These are in my diary for each week or it won't happen.

Food for lunch tomorrow is organised - will have to sort dinner tomorrow

Hope you all have a good Sunday and I will check in tomorrow

03-16-2014, 09:05 AM
Hey, just a quick check in for me today...

The move to Kigali has gone well, my eating has been about 70% OP but exercise has been fully OP which I am happy with. I have the next week to relax a little and will also be doing a brief visit to Brundi before my next team arrive. One thing I am happy with is that I am using portion control and it does not require any special calculations etc so I have no excuse to abandon my diet.

Happy Sunday all xx

03-16-2014, 09:29 AM

Good Morning.

I am off to the ceramic guild to babysit the kiln as it fires down. I have to be on my toes so it doesn't over-fire and play havoc with the glazed surfaces of the ceramic pots inside.

*credit* I weighed in today to see a 1.8lb rise to 266.3. I thought I was done with that number? I had two small salami sticks yesterday and no doubt that salt is the culprit. Tomorrow I weigh in officially and so have to watch the salt and up the water today to give my body a chance to flush that sodium.

*credit for being OP and tracking.

*credit for starting the day with a 1 mile WATP video. 15 minutes of energetic walking upon waking. Great. Maybe 15 more later.

Better go. Bye for now.

UPDATE: kiln was tricky as is usual around here but I had the wherewithall to deal with it. I was NOT outwitted. *credit* I was terribly tired for the rest of the day once I got home and so I made no move to make dinner and had leftovers from yesterday but my calorie count was higher than the goal my fitbit set for me. I have been in that state for 3 days this week. I don't expect to be able to move my ticker tomorrow. I am often wrong about this. *credit for reading my arc, tracking, checking in here.

03-16-2014, 01:51 PM
I broke all the streaks that I was tracking here. So, not my finest hours. But I’m ready to get back on track today with a new approach. I seem to need new approaches every few weeks or months to keep myself amused enough to continue.

Today I’m thinking about “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.” I want cinnamon rolls to be as healthy of a breakfast as roasted vegetables tossed into a scrambled egg. Fortunately for me, the veggies and egg sounds pretty good, too, so I can learn to be happy with that.

onebyone: yay for WATP first thing in the morning. I hope that provides the energy needed to be on your toes for the kiln.

ladym0208: congrats on a successful move and credit for sticking to your plan.

GosfordGirl: I hope you're getting off to a good start for the week. I'm working on rethinking how my weeks work, too.

AZtricia: I hope your seminar went well this morning and that the pumpkin bread was tasty. In fact, I think I'll go start some pumpkin bread in my bread machine, next.

Hello to everyone else and a belated happy birthday to Losetoall!

03-16-2014, 05:00 PM
Good day on a Sunday that is flying by way too quickly. DH is doing taxes, I just returned from the market (and now is when I want to sample things I've bought - even if I know what they taste like). Dinner will be baked chicken and roasted carrots/onions and also a tray of roasted brussel sprouts for DH. I don't like them at all, but will try them. bleh. I think my mind is already made up, huh?

LoseToAll - what gifts do you have planned for yourself in this next 365-day trip around the sun?

GardenerJoy - Sounds like you're already back on track very quickly. Good job and credits for that!

Our dinner and a movie date was great - I love the old costuming of Edith Head - Grace Kelly was stunning in the movie (To Catch a Thief) and, well, she started out great, not just the clothes :) ... found a new, family-owned Italian cafe on the way there and we each ordered a sandwich. I ate half o mine and the rest for lunch today - deelish.

Weight is back at ticker. Slowly, but at least I'm seeing progress. Next goal - just one pound down. I feel I can't breach the border to 167, so ... aiming for that or below by next Saturday. Then 165. I wonder if I'm setting too low goals or what the deal is.

03-16-2014, 05:35 PM
Hello Coaches,
I think we are going to forgo the picnic today. The seminar went well today, but a surprising 107 people came! We initially planned for 20, so we are a bit short on leadership materials. The course lasts 9 weeks and the first class was great, so I am looking forward to the rest. Off to walk puppy when I finish here, arrived home VERY hungry so I had lunch first and now am checking in. I should do my DVD today, we will see...

Update: Skipped snack today because of a late lunch. Low cal OP+ for food and walked only for exercise. Had "tacos" for dinner using big romaine leaves for shells-delicious!

Cheryl Sounds like you have a great plan for the week, hope you are able to get your work finished quickly!

ladym0208 Hurray for OP exercise and not being derailed. Great job choosing a plan you can stick with.

onebyone Salt is messing with me too right now, I can tell because my hands are swollen. Hope all your glazes look great!

gardenerjoy Veggies in egg is one of my boys favorite meals. They devour it no matter how much I make. What are your favorite types of veggies to toss in? Hope you are able to find another motivation to keep you on track. Pumpkin bread was yum! :)

nationalparker So glad you enjoyed your date. Kudos for being back to your ticker. I feel stuck right now too, have not lost anything in nearly a week again.

03-16-2014, 09:28 PM
Hi Coaches,

Still here!! Just read the greatest book- The Diet Fix by Dr. Yoni Freedhoff. I had sworn off buying anymore diet related books for the rest of my life but saw this at Costco and thought it looked interesting. Read the entire book this weekend. What he has to say about the emotional toll of repeated and failed diets hit me right in the heart. I have been feeling so lost about my inability to deal with my weight and the book gave me some hope.

Anyway, had 2 healthy eating days and I am happy about that.

Take care- if you have read this book let me know what you think.


03-17-2014, 12:11 AM
Nationalparker. I had not thought about gifts I would give myself. I would like to be down 20 lbs by next year. I had not thought of it as a gift to myself but it would be... Thanks for the thought.

One more breakfast out with a friend for tomorrow then I am back on track.

I am making a goal for exercise this week and then a reward for the goal. I have to start somewhere because I feel like I am failing myself. I have to stop it. And start somewhere. One goal at a time right? Get eating back on plan and week goal for exercise.

New week. New goal.

03-17-2014, 03:53 AM
Good morning coaches,

Things have settled down a bit now and it was so nice to have a full day to myself yesterday and it really helped me to refocus. I am really quite please with myself as this is the longest time I have gone without weighing myself and been able to stay on track. The last time I weighed myself was on 31st Jan, I have a bit of a weird relationship with the scales at times so this break ( even though Beck wouldn't agree) is doing me some good. In the last 4 weeks I have lost 10 -11 inches from my body in total which I am happy with and this is proving to be a good indicator of my progress.

My credits for yesterday....

- Completing Month 1 of Insanity
- Getting fully back on track with my planning and eating
- Buying myself a measuring cup so that I can check the accuracy of my portions, surprisingly I was doing quit well without it but I'll still use it every once in a while

CeeJay Well done for being OP with your eating, I may check the book out if they have it on Kindle as it sounds really good
AZtricia Well done for being OP with food and exercise, glad to hear your seminar went well
nationalparker I hope you get to your goal and break your 167 barrier
gardenerjoy Well done for changing your approach and getting back on track
onebyone well done for not letting the number on the scale de-rail you

Have a good day all xx

03-17-2014, 04:56 AM
Hi coaches

Got through last night and made an omelette very late - and put cheese in it. Not unreasonable but I put in so much because I wasn't thinking or weighing or logging. Anyway - I finished my writing beforehand and had a reasonable sleep and made it through today. It turns out I have a project to finish tomorrow that I had forgotten about when I was hoping to start on my usual Sunday project - I will need to be even more organised now. Yesterday I only managed 3500 steps which is a bit tragic really

Credits for today:
Planned food but could have made a better plan for lunch; dinner is still a mystery and I am hoping to plan for something sensible
Steps are at about 8,000 - less than I like but not bad
still to plan lunch and dinner for tomorrow
So when I think about it the only credit for today is surviving it - sigh

Will organise lunch to take to work and pack my gym gear to go on the way home.

Ladym0280 - Glad the move went well and that you are on plan. Credit for one month of insanity - it looks pretty challenging. Credit for losing 11 inches off your body!! Yay for being back on track

Onebyone - Hope kiln sitting went well. Drat for the impact of salt - it is annoying that it masks the real progress. Hope the weigh-in tomorrow goes to plan

Gardenerjoy - I am certainly of the era that believes you can at least get what you need. You substitute sounds good on all fronts. I totally agree that one needs to spice things up occasionally - I have a very short attention span

Nationalparker - glad the date went well - one of my favourite movies

(AZ)Tricia - gee - a really popular seminar and credit for surviving! I think I will be having lettuce tacos for dinner - thanks for the idea

CeeJay - glad you are feeling inspired! We need that to keep going. Went looking for it and it is published near you! It is so new it is not on kindle yet but it does look interesting. CREDIT for 2 days of healthy eating

LoseToAll - Happy Birthday!:hb::balloons: Credit for exercise goals - I don't do it without putting it in my diary

BillBE - hope you had a great weekend away. I can't remember when you said you were back. I am sure there was not too much snack eating!

03-17-2014, 07:24 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – It's good for the mind to spend two days away from home. I'm particularly pleased that I stayed sufficiently on plan that the scales this morning saw no change. CREDIT moi for moderation when over indulgence was always at hand. Particularly, CREDIT moi for no snacks - absolutely NONE whatsoever - for two days despite a table of temptations available 24/7 the whole time. These included chocolate dusted roasted almonds that slide down calling for more.

Exercise was limited; Ouch. Did get to do some minor walking, but always with friends who were more inclined to meander slowly while talking than to briskly march forth. Always good to get away; always good to come home.

onebyone – That's a Kudos worthy of capitalization, "-A DAY EARLY." Yay for subways. Honking Kudos for giving your FREE dark chocolate to your DH. And Yay for "NOT outwitted."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Smarting a little at your realization that "you get what you need" - I want what I WANT!

CeeJay - Kudos for finding a book that gave you hope.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Yay for "A bit hungry tonight." Neat idea to reset to "This is the first of another 7 days," LOL at "Sunday sillies." What's Monster Monday?

maryann - That's clear, "I am supposed to feel a little empty in my stomach or I am not on plan." What I now experience as 'a little empty' is probably just 'not stuffed.'

ladym0208 – I'll start picturing you in Kigali now.

nationalparker – Hope you enjoyed "To Catch A Thief." Kudos for ordering well at Panera since their aura of healthy makes it easy to over indulge.

LoseToAll - Happy Birthday! (however belated). Kudos for shifting your focus to exercise goals. I've avoided weight goals since I seem to have little influence on my body's choice of when to lose; sticking to my plan works as a goal for me.

Tricia (AZtricia) - I know that feeling of being relieved that a new battery does the job - since alternators are pricey.

flnu - So neat that your idea to read your anti-craving card before acting is working for you. Kudos for designing that.

6crowsgold - I'm always surprised at the benefits of staying hydrated.

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

Anti-Craving Strategies
Mindset Techniques
You can take a number of steps to respond to your next craving. The first five steps help you prepare you mindset, and you should use the following every time you have a craving:

3. Don't give yourself a choice. The emotionally painful part about a craving is the struggle you feel. Once you can tell yourself with total conviction, NO CHOICE, and do something else, the craving will diminish. (You'll read more about this on Day 16 on pages 149-152.) It won’t go away, though, if you waver or say to yourself, This is so intense, I don't know if I can stand it. Of course, you can stand it! It might be uncomfortable, but nothing bad will happen if you withstand it. In fact, in a few moments, you're going to be so proud of yourself!

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 130.

03-17-2014, 11:37 AM
Hello to all,

Ran my 5k today in 37:05 - my 1st goal is under 37, so close. Weekend eating (which is a free for all by design) was nice but back to regularly scheduled eating also nice. I look forward to both Saturday and Monday w/r/t eating. OP for today, Monday. Exercise streak stands at 64 days.

6crowsgold: I agree with you on the need to think small. I focus on five pounds at a time (thanks, Beck) and really do find it encouraging to achieve. Congrats on 2 lbs down!

Nationalparker: Way to go at Panera. What’d you have? Congrats too for getting back to ticker.

Tricia: Sounds like you are easily on track. Enjoy that. You’ve probably said before, but what’s your DVD?

Onebyone: The streak is a powerful thing (once it gets going). Glad it’s working for you. Show that kiln who’s boss.

Cheryl: Good for you for putting the gym appointments in your planner. I am going to start using the Sunday sillies as a phrase. Glad you survived. Sometimes that is all that is required.

Ladym0208: Congrats on continuing to work through Insanity. I am very tempted to try it but want to focus on my new-found running ability at the moment.

Joy: I also find that new challenges and strategies keep me invigorated. Perhaps you learned as much as need to from the streaks you were working on. I am continuing to read Fat, Salt, Sugar, which you recommended. It is (usually) fascinating and definitely thought-provoking about what I eat and what I feed my kids.

CeeJay: Thanks for the book tip – I will check it out.

Losetoall: Yep. One goal at a time, that’s all you have to do. What’s your goal for exercise?

BBE: I knew you’d rock the snacks – rock on.

03-17-2014, 12:24 PM
Good Morning, Coaches,

I have been offline in Tahoe for the weekend. The skiing and company was pretty good but I knew how anxious I would be, this third week of over commitment. The anxiety manifested itself in my eating. It is ironic how I force myself to make everything run so smoothly for guests but then allow myself to founder. I am a wreck this morning and took it out on DS and DH. I really need a day of quiet but still face this filthy house.

Usually about this time in my exhaustion I start to feel guilty of not being able to handle everything when I have only one child, a nice home, live in America, blah, blah, blah. People would kill for my life and I complain . . . this line of thinking does nothing to help me. I have a blessed life but I still try hard to be of service each day, be a good mother, be a good employee. . . Comparing my life to to others leads to a chronic feeling of not being enough because I discount what I do well as "easy" and highlight things with which I struggle.

Guilt and shame just lead me into the pantry for something sweet to take the edge off.

So credit for getting on the scale even though I knew I had gained. I am four pounds over ticker . I feel like a failure. But Credit for a plan. Fourteen days left in March. No big weekends or commitments just my little family and I think I can stay OP.

AZTricia: Looking at your ticker. Huge credit for 40 pounds lost. You must really feel the difference.

Ceejay: I am putting the Diet Fix on my list. Thanks.

LoseToAll: I was 200 pounds when I started my weightloss. The only thing I could do in the beginning was exercise. I have kept it up for nearly 25 years now having found some classes I love and a great gym. I felt like you in the beginning, completely unable to change my eating.

Ladym0208: Super credit for focusing on a healthier relationships with food and exercise instead of the scale. That is a big deal.

GosfordGirl: Never forget the biggest credit of all - telling the truth by posting here. Being Honest with myself is the most important tool I have learned.

BBE: Welcome back.

03-17-2014, 12:58 PM
Happy St. Patrick's Day! I celebrated by turning my thoughts on cabbage salad that I posted in our recipe thread into a blog post, complete with photos:

I ate well yesterday even though I never managed to write a plan. I tried an experiment of writing in my journal before I ate. I've said for a long time that my hunger instinct is broken, probably permanently, but I decided it was time to test that theory. By journaling about why I want to eat, I can figure out how often hunger enters the picture.

The one streak I didn't break was my exercise one and since I was already ahead of schedule, a few days of light exercise didn't put me behind. I got back to it in a more normal way yesterday.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +55 840/1500 minutes for March, Food: NA%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

AZtricia: in the winter, I like broccoli and carrots roasted in just about anything. In the summer, zucchini and tomatoes are good.

nationalparker: To Catch a Thief is one of my favorite movies!

CeeJay: I have The Diet Fix on hold at the library.

BillBlueEyes: Welcome home!

flnu: congrats on your 5K!

maryann: I so relate to feelings of guilt that my life seems so hard when anyone looking at it (including you) would have to say it is easy. No job, no kids, what do I have to worry about? In fact, how do I even spend my time? And yet, I still never have enough. My theory is that creative people always have more good ways to spend their time than they can possibly manage. My best tool is gratitude. Guilt doesn't help me or anyone else, gratitude helps me take actions that make things better for myself and everyone else.

03-17-2014, 03:06 PM

The "Field Trial" of my 3x5 notebook is a success and I now have a reliable system for tracking calories. It will be a wild ride at work for a while, but going into the day with lunch, snacks, etc ready.

Listened to some PBS health specials while I worked on Saturday and kept motivated.

Journalling/thinking that one of the reasons I'm doing is that I have been so miserable at this weight for so long, that my personality is actually changing, making me a Pain to be around. It actually affects my everyday interactions, not to mention wardrobe workarounds so I maintain some feeling of comfort in my clothes


Happy Monday to everyone!

03-17-2014, 08:31 PM
Another work Monday wrapped up. Phew. Long, busy day, but have stuck to my eating plan and on track to have a decent evening. Just a few more hours of work on tap, and can call it a day. Had planned to stop off and buy some bubble bath (priorities are clearly in order) but was talking to DH and forgot.

Welcome back, Bill - What a resounding success your trip sounds like. Good to get a breather away. I like your note of Panera's "aura of healthy" because i get frustrated at that at time ... buttered noodles - seriously? I stick to their older menu and haven't been swayed by the pasta, grilled cheese, etc.

6crowsgold - I like your focus on journaling and tracking - how do you feel you might be a pain to others? Frustration or dissatisfaction?

CeeJay - Thanks for the tip on the book - I've put it on hold at my library. It's still on order, so I'm No. 2. What spoke to you the most?

ladyM0208 - Great job for continuing your streak of staying on your plan without weighing. I find that a major struggle myself ... even though I KNOW i'm not going to see the results as quickly as I want to. Credits abound for your commitment.

Maryann - I know what you mean about too many weekends in a row of commitment. I used to book myself here and there and then get frustrated and the third one was a bust where I was snappish. Often, though, it's not our own planning that we get tied into :) I am with you on the gratitude - sometimes I have to step back and say, if I am frustrated with X, then I'm fortunate. Credit for recognizing that in yourself, too! The scale will be down very, very soon. Because you're a person who follows through on what's important to you.

Lexxiss - Hope things are going well with you. Looking forward to your next update. We've been discussing option of buying land/cheap house on land ... and building what we want. Fun to dream but I know I can't cram in the hours of work that you do!! Admirable!

GardenerJoy - Many credits for not breaking your exercise streak. I say i want to be active again, but do nothing to GET active. Argh. It helps me with stress relief, and I need to look at it like that, not just something to hopefully shrink my thighs :)

GosfordGirl - Now what is Monster Monday?? You have me intrigued.

Flnu - MAJOR credits on the 5K ... heck, five seconds is nothing. I'd count that as reaching my goal :) My fave at Panera is the asian sesame chicken salad ... It's 440 calories and a filling meal.

03-17-2014, 10:33 PM
Hi everyone,

Just a quick check in tonight.

Today: ate on plan, posted to my coaches, read cards, did arm/shoulder exercises, went out and got some fresh air and walked around, listened to motivation tape, planned tomorrow and packed up lunch.

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow.


03-18-2014, 12:11 AM
Hello Coaches.
I'm tired of not loosing anything, so I gave in and walked an extra 3 miles today...hoping for some results soon!! Food and Exercise OP for today.

CeeJay I've never read the Diet Fix, I'll have to see If our library has it. Kudos for OP today and all your health activities!

LoseToAll What are you doing for your exercise goal?

ladym0208 Hurray for all your lost inches - awesome!

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Sounds like you had a very busy Sunday! Hope you enjoyed the "tacos". Kudos for 8000 steps and plans to go to the gym.

BillBlueEyes Welcome back and awesome job on healthy eating on your trip with no snacking!

flnu Congrats on your 5K! The DVD I use is T-Tapp Fit and Fabulous in 15 minutes...which actually takes about 17 minutes. It does a great job with toning and the exercises help heal my torn shoulder. It is short enough that I have no real excuse for skipping it!

maryann I hope you will take time to be nice to yourself, you've been busy and had a stressful time. Kudos for weighing and acknowledging your gain, that is difficult but the first step to being back where you want to be. Thanks for your encouragement!

gardenerjoy Thanks for sharing your recipe link! My boys favorite veggies for eggs include broccoli, carrot, and purple onion...don't know why purple cause it is ugly cooked...but that is what they always ask for.

6crowsgold Hurray for success with your notebook and for journaling!

nationalparker Kudos for on plan, hope you are able to get some of that bubble bath soon :)

03-18-2014, 01:00 AM

The Food Pusher in my life got me. No sugar streak is at an end tonight. DRAT.
My M-I-L is Irish and she really wanted me and DH to come by tonight. It was a sort of a puzzle why but then when her neighbour sat me down to explain how she and her DH who lived common-law for 15+yrs got married last year, and really it was no big deal, just for the legalities, and to have rights in a life or death situation, well that was why she needed me there "to help her serve the cake". Ugh. My sister calls it "dumb" that we haven't tied the knot. 22 years and counting! Why do people care? I tell you, we never escape peer pressure. Other than this I also think she wanted me to see her have a party in her home as she was very concerned when we had her over during the ice storm/power outage that our place was so cluttered/dirty/chaotic that we couldn't have people in and we were really missing out. It was one of the things she fixated on so I am *sure* part of having us over and having me serve the cake to everyone (:?:) was about that, so I would experience it at her place and realize I have been missing out. And so, she made Irish Coffee and I had told myself I would have one. I rarely drink and have never had one and hoooboy was it potent. I was fine with saying no to the Bailey's cheesecake, the Bailey's bundt cake AND the Bailey's truffles TWO KINDS (everything made from scratch) as I served everyone else, but then the drink kicked in and as I went to see what DH was doing in the kitchen MIL asked me to clear the cake away and bring out the snacky things: meat/crackers/cheese and being STARVING I ate a bit of that stuff, which was fine but once I was inthe kitchen I ate truffes, maybe 4 of them, so there goes my no sugar streak. Feb 17-Mar 17 RIP. We start again tomorrow. I am really PO'd though. I made a plan for food when I got home and stuck to it and tracked everything and I'm ok for the day. I'm just annoyed. Thank goodness it's time to put the day to bed.

*credit for tracking, posting, not eating over emotions except a tiny bit, planning and weighing in=moving ticker down exactly 1lb.

Have a good night everyone. 3 more sleeps til Spring.

03-18-2014, 04:05 AM
Good morning coaches, a quick check in for me today.

Yesterday was good and very much OP in terms of food and exercise. I love the feeling I have when I am in control nothing beats it. The more time I am on this weight loss journey the more I am realising that a major contributor to my success or (perceived) failure is my self esteem. I often link my self esteem to my size or number on the scale, so when the numbers are low or going down I feel good but if at any point it goes up my self - esteem tends to plummet. I am hoping that my time here in Africa will help me to improve my self- esteem and it's something I am going to start focusing on for the rest of my time here and when I get back.

Have a lovely day everyone xx

03-18-2014, 07:32 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – A friend put together an hour's worth of pictures from the Hubble telescope and other pictures from deep space. I'm reminded that in some future life I'm going to be an astronomer. He showed a computer simulation of two galaxies colliding, stopping it at the specific points that matched images from his photos of galaxy pairs in that stage of interaction. The mind boggles. BIG of the universe is hard to comprehend.

Walking as normal, CREDIT moi. Tried to remember that brisk mattered. There's no snow or ice on any sidewalk - enough of a tease to think that we'll see no more snow this year. Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including only evening snack.

onebyone – LOL at "3 more sleeps til Spring" - just need the weather to get the memo. Ouch for 'helpful' folks who feel free to offer opinions on our private decisions. Congrats for your loooong relationship - may it continue for another 22 years and 22 years after that, and then again. Let the new sugar-free streak begin.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Best idea ever - Green cabbage salad for St. Patrick's Day. Super Kudos for your continued exercise streak.

CeeJay - Yay for "went out and got some fresh air and walked around" without mentioning temperature. Spring is even coming to Canada.

maryann - Yep, Kudos for having a plan forward. I'm inspired how you are able to see that your life is blessed while still acknowledging your feelings.

ladym0208 – Such a good idea to allow all your success in Africa to boost your own awareness of your self-esteem. Beck would do well to add a chapter to her book on Cognitive Therapy strategies for doing this.

nationalparker – LOL at the importance of bubble bath - Yep, priorities matter. Kudos for sticking to your eating plan.

Tricia (AZtricia) - 3 Kudos for "walked an extra 3 miles today." The scale will notice what you're doing - in its own good time.

flnu - Thirty-seven Kudos for rocking that 5K. LOL at weekend eating, "a free for all by design." That kind of situation triggers my more-more-more mentality.

6crowsgold - Kudos for seeing that you're in for a wild ride at work and heading forward with (field tested) tools and a plan. By-the-by, I haven't figured out your Avatar yet. Is that a parrot looking at me askance?

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

Anti-Craving Strategies
Mindset Techniques
You can take a number of steps to respond to your next craving. The first five steps help you prepare you mindset, and you should use the following every time you have a craving:

4. Imagine the aftermath of giving in. Go ahead and think about eating the food you're craving. Imagine it in your mouth. How many seconds does it take to eat it? How many seconds do you feel pleasure? Now visualize the rest of the picture - the part of the experience you usually don't think about until it's too late. Picture yourself feeling weak and out of control. See yourself feeling upset, giving up, continuing to eat more and more, feeling worse and worse. So you start to feel heavier in your body or more heavy-hearted? As you become upset in the image, remind yourself how many times you've given in before, how you promised yourself you wouldn't do it again, and how hopeless you felt.

Now that you've seen the entire picture, which seems better: eating or not eating.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 130.

03-18-2014, 08:12 AM
Hi Coaches!

It's been a rough week for me and I've tried to keep my sanity with food, despite more than a few unplanned events. I've had a schedule change at work, too, which I need to accomodate. My mom made a reservation for brunch on Sunday, as a belated birthday event. I really thought it through and was going to politely suggest another time then came the schedule change indicating I'll be working Sunday's from here on out. I did very well at brunch keeping portions moderate and choices good. Credit. Last night was another story. I had planned dinner, and used my anticipation of healthy dinner to resist yet another birthday cake at work....then I got home and DD invited us to dinner in Denver, which there was no point in turning down since her car was in the shop and I'd have to take her back down anyway. Dinner ended up being too late and I was too tired. I didn't necessarily over eat just ate too late with a dinner which came in stages. Credit for turning down the soup AND seconds AND for making the decision I won't repeat the stay out late when I have to be to work at 530am. I also made the decision not to travel over the hill late Thursday afternoon (after DD's sonogram). I need to remember to take care of me.

Anyway, rambling, as I'm tired today, but green smoothie is ready which should help pep up my day and dinner is planned....last night's choice.

Take care everyone. I am working hard to get back to my comfort zone AKA "routine".

03-18-2014, 09:43 AM

*credit* weighed this morning and saw 262.6. Good. It's too bad these lower numbers don't come on official weigh-in day (Mondays). Oh well. Was thinking yesterday how it is taking forever to get out of these 260's. These are the pounds that came back on after my brother died last year. A solid 20. I am unwilling to carry this weight anymore. *credit for tracking and planning and posting and eating 1/2 size portions.

I need to visit my mother this morning. I got a phone message from my sister that she is depressed. And that I should visit. It seems everyone has a plan for my life. I need to start scheduling visits to more long term care facilities as well. Somewhere in there is my own life that needs tending. More deadlines for art submissions coming up. In fact I will miss one this Friday. I'm ok with it as it a co$tly one to enter plus my prints have to be in another city by 5pm Friday, all matted, which is the real snag. I can't print/matte/send in 2 days. Oh well.

Guess that's it. I need some breakfast. I am happy to be so close to the 250's again though. I tell you, I was wondering if it would ever happen. Thrilled my new fitbit foodplan is working.

Have a great day.

03-18-2014, 10:13 AM
I overate at dinner a bit with about an extra half cup of the girls’ mac and cheese. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical this morning, and I’ll try to do some abs tonight. Thank you all for your support.

Maryann: Black and white thinking error, no?

Joy: Salting cabbage is also critical to not having a runny mess three hours after you make coleslaw. Your recipe sounds delicious – thanks for posting.

6crowsgold: Is there a way to start being not miserable immediately?

Nationalparker: Sorry you missed your bubble bath. I have loads of bubble bath but it is all, like, strawberry flavored kid stuff. Shudder.

Ceejay: What motivation tape? I love listening to motivation tapes. I assume you actually some kind of non-obsolete technology. (I once saw an “age test” that showed a pencil and a cassette tape and then asked, “How are these two things related?” If you don’t know, then I am guessing you are under 35.)

Tricia: Why is walking three extra miles “giving in?” Do you exercise binge? Off to google T-Tapp now.

Onebyone: That is some hard-core food pushing. I think you did well all things considered. Going to re-start your streak?

Ladym0208: That seems like a good place to dig in – good luck. And good on you for doing it.

BBE: Kudos for walking and keeping it brisk.

Lexxiss: Sounds like you managed those challenges beautifully.

03-18-2014, 11:05 AM
I've been experimenting with getting to bed earlier to improve my sleep. What has helped is setting an alarm on my phone to tell me it's time to go to bed. I'm getting to bed earlier and more relaxed and, therefore, sleeping better. Up until a few months ago, I believed that staying up late would make me tired and, therefore, I'd sleep better. But that's never worked that well for me. I go to bed too late, still have trouble sleeping, and get far too little sleep. Going to bed early means that even if I have trouble sleeping, I get more sleep. But, even better, it turns out that I have less trouble sleeping when I get to bed earlier.

DH's mother had a fall yesterday with a trip to the ER, stitches on her face, and a black eye. But she's in Florida for the month so precious little that we can do from here. Thank goodness for the kindness of people in her condo complex.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +50 890/1500 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

nationalparker: stress relief and better sleep have been primary motivators for my exercise. I also like that always feel fit enough to do what I want. If a ticket to Paris or London fell in my lap tomorrow, I could walk all day in a city. If an opportunity arose to hike in a National Park, I could do that, too -- not with a heavy pack, mind you, but that's no longer on my list of fantasy vacations.

ladym0208: I've had some luck in linking my self-esteem more with being OP and doing my exercise (the actions) and less with size and weight (the numbers). It sounds like you're making that step, too. Of course, the next step is some loving kindness for the days when the actions don't match up to my goals for myself. I have built up some success with that, too -- it helps me get back on track more quickly than I used to. And, yes, you'll always have Africa. That's going to be quite an accomplishment to look back on and say "I did that! Imagine what else I can do!"

onebyone: wonderful to read all your thoughts and understandings. I think if we had to do it again, DH and I would more seriously consider a long-term relationship without marriage, especially since we never had children. I think the wedding mostly sprang from a lack of confidence on my part -- I admire women who don't need that symbol. The years together are much more symbolic of the relationship than anything else. I just realized that DH and I met 25 years ago this month -- thanks, I would never have computed that had we not had this conversation.

03-18-2014, 05:23 PM
Hellos all 'round.

Today is a white knuckle day, but I know that hunger comes in little waves and is not a steady-state (or life threatening) thing. Really don't want to un-do the hard work so far, so trying to hang in there.

BBE: My avatar is a curious crow--they love shiny things (like camera lenses)!

flnu: Thanks. Just knowing I have been "doing something about it" for the past two weeks helps me feel tremendously better already!

Best to all!

03-18-2014, 06:19 PM
Happy Tuesday coaches!

Diet power has dropped my calories to 1800 since I have not lost anything AGIAN this week. That is the lowest it has been since I reset the program and goals. I will stick too it, but am frustrated that my scale is not reflecting the diligence I feel I've put into health activities. Hungry, but OP for food and exercise. Took Teddy to the park after breakfast and walked around the block after lunch, plan to go at least one more time. Making two rotisserie chickens for the week and part will be today's dinner. I am very ready for the consistent downward trend I had last month to re-appear!!!

onebyone Sorry for your drat day yesterday, but kudos for posting, tracking, and planning to restart! Awesome your fitbit is helping. Hope you find a balance between everyone's demands on your time and your own needs.

ladym0208 Whoohoo for such a good day!

BillBlueEyes I love the Hubble pictures! Hurray for no snow/ice which makes it easier to have the brisk in the walk rather than only the wind. My scale is ignoring all my wishes, hope yours is being more cooperative!

Lexxiss/Debbie Kudos for working to get back to routine. Awesome for your great resistance muscle turning down seconds.

flnu Kudos for elliptical work! Walking extra is "giving in" because I don't want to set myself up to need extra exercise to maintain a healthy weight. I don't enjoy exercise and do not want to be someone who has to spend hours every day in a gym. I'd rather lower my calories and keep a moderate level of exercise (walk dog + dvd). Long term it is just that my time is more valuable to me. But yesterday, I was at the YMCA anyway for the boys swim I walked the treadmill instead of running errands.

gardenerjoy Hurray for your experiment leading to better sleep.

6crowsgold Hang in there!!! :dust:

03-18-2014, 08:58 PM
Busy day at work - is it really only Tuesday? Brought home plenty to do and now our work system is down. I started my dinner out with a crust of toasted baguette. Less than a serving, and it was something I definitely wanted. In a way, I'm happy I started with it - now I won't be eating everything instead of that. :)

Warming up a bit today - so excited to see the sunshine. They're calling snow but no accumulation later in the week. ENOUGH of this.

DH asked me about all my clothes that are in the closets that I don't wear. I'd given myself until September to get into them. Whatever I don't fit into, goes out. FLAT OUT - goes out. I love some of these clothes and want to wear them because I like them, not because it's a mission to "get back into them." ... What I did years ago when I lost weight the first time was write every single thing in a line on a tablet ...and then write the date that I fit into it. That popped in as a good idea for me this 'go round'. He has a good deal of shirts that he's said would fit better with him 20 pounds down, so hopefully we're on our way there.

ladym0208 - I am completely with you on the self-esteem issue. I allot the scale w-a-y too much power over my mind. Then I get all hoity about it and say I'm not weighing for a month or so ... then I give up after a few days of not-smart eating, and then see the result (even if it's just sodium bloat) and call myself an idiot. Argh. I think when the mental aspect is less abusive, I'll find more success.

OneByOne - Kudos to you for your long committed relationship! My brother and SIL have been together maybe 24 years now - not married and no one is in their business. It works. I enjoy your evocative posts.

Plan to check in later with credits to keep me on track!

03-19-2014, 12:37 AM
Hello everyone,

So happy to report 4 days completely on plan now. Felt like that was never going to happen. I am feeling strong and committed to one day at a time. It is so good to feel in control of my eating.

Credit today for eating on plan, reading advantage and response cards, posting to my coaches, and planning tomorrow's food and packing up lunch. Used "hunger is not an emergency" tonight when I was late getting home for dinner. Instead I stole an apple from a coworker's desk, grabbed a bottle of water and started driving. I have to remember to take one for her tomorrow. Also reminded myself that being tired is no reason for not making a lunch.

flnu- the tape is actually a free app and it is a talk called Simply the Best by Grant Boddington. It is helping keep me focused on trying to treat myself well and staying positive.


03-19-2014, 05:21 AM
Hi coaches

The last few days have been way off track - they start on track and I have a plan and I am sticking to that plan and then at night it goes out the window. 2 nights ago I made fries after I posted, last night I made "toast" (gluten free facsimile) (and didn't post because home late), and then today as I was leaving work I grabbed a handful of cake that I saw sitting in the staff room - definitely not gluten free and not even very nice. None of this really puts me over on calories but it is not on plan and I am not resisting. There is a theme here - carbohydrates. Since changing my diet plan I have introduced more carbs and it seems to be triggering cravings - and I am not dealing with them because I am busy and unfocussed and not really trying to. So I need to get back on track, and I need to want to do this. My weight has been bobbing about at 193 so essentially I am maintaining - whether I go off track or stay on it so I am letting that discourage me. Not sure what the plan is except to do the Beck program - I need to read the Advantage cards and Response cards to cut off the craving behaviours. I need to post here even if it is a couple of lines to maintain accountability.

Credits today:
- Posted here and got real about where I am
- Ate to plan and have a plan (but ate cake!)
- Am cooking a good dinner - home late so trying to keep it simple and do it
- Have listened to the motivational track twice (thanks for posting the name CeeJay)
- Have read all postings

I am enjoying the motivational track - it is making me focus on what is important and I hope it helps me create a more useful identity. I need to work on building an identity that is consistent with the goals in Beck.

I will now go and have dinner and try to get my life back in order

(PS Monster Monday refers to MY personal experience of Mondays - they are not good at the moment)

Thanks for listening

03-19-2014, 08:09 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Walked, CREDIT moi, wearing all the layers since the impending Spring doesn't seem to affect the weather. Found DW outside tending to our small yard as if winter were ending. She did acknowledge that the ground was still frozen.

Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, included swordfish for dinner. WHAT? Thought that was permanently off our menu. Nope, Whole Foods sold some as 'sustainable.' So we ate away, with the only issue that DW reminded me that I was consuming enough mercury to become my own thermometer. Oh Well.

onebyone – Yay that your "new fitbit foodplan is working." Best wishes for continuing to chase down the long term care for your mother.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Sounds awful to hear that your MIL fell and you're too far away to help. Good luck in your experiments in getting sound sleep.

CeeJay - Yay for "hunger is not an emergency" coming to the rescue. Kudos for four days completely on plan. Thanks for reminding me of a favorite line by Yevtushenko in his poem Stolen Apples ( odor of love is the scent
not of bought but of stolen apples.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Yep, Kudos for finding sane eating when all the expected's keep changing. Hope your new schedule works out for you.

nationalparker – Neat decision to eat something you really wanted so "now I won't be eating everything instead of that."

Tricia (AZtricia) - "I will stick to it" is a stellar response to disappointment in slow response. LOL at two rotisserie chickens - gotta remember that you're required to put a lot of food on the table.

flnu - Ouch for finding yourself in your kids' food. Mac and cheese is known as a problem food on this forum.

6crowsgold - LOL at your "curious crow" - is there a story with that? Textbook good idea here, "I need to read the Advantage cards and Response cards to cut off the craving behaviours."

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

Anti-Craving Strategies
Mindset Techniques
You can take a number of steps to respond to your next craving. The first five steps help you prepare you mindset, and you should use the following every time you have a craving:

5. Remind yourself why you want to learn to withstand cravings. Read your Advantages Response Card. You won't be able to attain the wonderful benefits of losing weight unless you tolerate your cravings. If you continue to give in to them, you'll always be at risk for gaining weight.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 131.

03-19-2014, 10:12 AM
Good Morning!


I did manage to get through the day OP yesterday. Kept going over my #1 reason for doing this and it seemed to help hold the line.

Still using my "Calorie Capture Device" to track intake.

Spent my low calorie evening writing letters to pen pals to distract myself from snagging snackies all night.

Wishing you all a great day!

03-19-2014, 10:43 AM
I finally weighed in. Yikes! I'm almost 8 pounds above the top of my maintenance range. And I really meant to lower the bottom of my maintenance range this year -- from here, that goal is almost 18 pounds down. I seem to be failing at maintenance, so the good news is that I get to go into weight loss mode for a few months. I know how to do that!

WI: +1.75 kg, Exercise: +50 940/1500 minutes for March, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

03-19-2014, 11:04 AM
Feel as if I finally got the "reward" for being on track of seeing a new low on the scale this "go-around" with 167.4 ... I typically drop, then go up for a bit and then go back down, so I'll stick with it and see where it takes me by the weekend. But it was a sense of YAY ... and i found myself looking for something nicer to wear to work. Because I'm not worthy of it otherwise? Hm. Want to investigate that mentally tonight.

Kept wandering into the kitchen pantry last night, even emerging with a treat, only to place it back and say NO Choice. I'd just gotten off the phone with my mom and knew it was a comfort measure, not hunger.

Will check in tonight to stay on plan. DH is working one fewer day on his shift as it's slow and they're cutting back, so that means tonight is my last dinner alone. I seem to do decent now - rather than a free-for-all - and will need to be conscious of what I'm eating with a meal with more food options - even the veggies can add up :)

03-19-2014, 12:16 PM
Just a quick check in to say "HURRAY"...finally down one more pound. After extra exercise and a couple low calorie days it is nice to see. I'm thinking that maybe I was right when I reset my levels in diet power. I should eat between 1500-1800 cal/day ... so when I followed the program recommendations and crept up to 1800-2000 it really slowed the loss. Back to aiming for under 1800 today, with 1500 or less being ++

03-19-2014, 12:21 PM

So:tantrum: annoyed with everything today. Especially with how yesterday turned out. MORE FOOD PUSHERS: strangers and friends alike. I was feeling down and frustrated after the St Patrick's Day events and then I was like a sitting duck for wanting some comfort and relief and ease. To avoid all food pushers I opted to stay in today, instead of go to my studio. And then I saw a facebook post from a friend with an image of her submission to the printmaking show I had decided I couldn't do and now, of course, I feel sad I am blowing off my own work/interests/goals and now I want to submit to it. Since DH now has the car, this will require me to go to the studio tonight if I want to enter a print into the show.

*I am sighing deeply here*

Yesterday I intended to visit my mom, see where we are at with the transition from reg. underwear to disposable ones *sigh* which require me to remove all reg underwear from her room and since I was to do this I also went to see her and pick up her laundry. I was going to go in the morning but had to stop by the ceramic room to see if my missing glaze materials were there, cause if they were then I didn't have to look for them in my studio, which is close to where my mom lives. They weren't there, but my friends were. So we started talking and man, I am upset. I have been unwilling and unable to voice my feelings about my mother's situation to anyone. I reluctantly did so to my friends. It unleashed a torrent of anger ranging from the MIL to the food pushing to the marrying to the long term care to my sister to my inability to make anything or just simply get and STAY at work. Just really frustrated. My friends and I had plans to meet at noon as we were going to the Persian Bazaars in town--New Years celebrations for the Persian community and one of my pottery friends is Persian so 4 of us were going with her as our guide. I had asked her in advance if there would be food (so I could prepare) she said no and OMG so not true! COOKIES EVERYWHERE all new and unusual and everyone handing out free samples (Billblueeyes you would have DIED at the sheer quantity and variety of treenuts on offer--also free sampled at every booth) and offering tastes and OMG I said no no no no no and then, at yet another booth, while all my friends took one they said to me "you might as well" and then the guy pushing the clover-leaf shaped pistacho nut topped miniature creation said "it's New Year's! Why not!?" and so I ate it. And then I just ate whatever everyone was eating and then I bought cookies and then I ate some at home and this morning the scale is up 3.3lbs.
Eh voila!
What took me, oh a month or so to drop, was back overnight.
Whoosh in the wrong direction FOR WHAT?
So I am avoiding people today. I have a foodplan. My sister wants to skype or call or something.
I am avoiding her.
I already got a call from the home where my mom lives in response to a note I left to the staff yesterday over my confusion as to why her clothes are sitting out in a laundry basket with a note in them?(Answer: she has no idea--someone must have washed her clothes even though they know I do that and had just done that--and she needs more hangers. Hello? She needs less clothes and now I have to re-order/remove stuff from her dresser and label the drawers, not for my mom, but for the support staff who help dress her. Still. I really really really want my mom to stay there and NOT go to a long term care place. So I will comply and be compliant.)
Anyway, an on plan day is planned for today. Plus plenty of water and I did track the food as best I could from yesterday just this morning and it looks like I was only 400calories over budget so not a disaster unless I compound it today. DH was supposed to take those cookies to work but they are here. I'm shoving them in the freezer.

Ok I feel better, Thanks for letting me vent.

PS I also listen to Simply the Best by Grant Boddington 2x a day. It's only 10 minutes, I love his Australian accent, and I swear it is really helping reprogram the subconcsious saboteur that lurks within. I recommend it.

03-19-2014, 12:51 PM
Hello to all,
Terrible day today. First, I had fruit, non-fat plain yogurt, and a half cup of homemade granola this morning. Delicious, right? I put the granola into MFP and discover that it has 505 calories. Then, I worked through lunch. The cafeteria closes at 1:00 and the only other source of food is the 7-11. I had a bag of squid-flavored potato chips and something called a salabao which kind of a bun thing with black mushrooms and pork. You’ll recall I live in Laos if you are wondering why you’ve never found the squid aisle in your 7-11. Then, I planned to have a Caesar salad for dinner and I ordered pizza for the girls. (Foreshadowing) I ate my lovely salad and then proceeded to eat four pieces of pepperoni pizza. For the record, I did read my card first but decided to eat it anyway, and I was glad. Beck always talks about how bummed you’ll be after you give into a craving but I am still feeling glad and full. Not even a tennis lesson on a too-full stomach was enough to move me to regret. Maybe I’ll regret it tomorrow. I will definitely be back on track tomorrow, although I have to travel (by plane) for work, which throws everything off. Meh.

Ceejay: Thanks for the heads up on the app. I will check it out.

Tricia: I’ve been googling about T-Tapp. There is a lot of wild stuff. I think I want to try Hit the Floor but it’s expensive.

FutureFitChick and BethFromDayton: I hope all is well.

03-19-2014, 04:38 PM
My pink Beck book arrived today!:dance:

Although I've maintained my loss for over 2 years thanks to WW, every so often I need something new, to keep the boredom at bay. Since I've been following this thread, reading the book seemed logical.:D

03-19-2014, 09:14 PM
I am enjoying a very quiet evening, punctuated by the calling of the Canadian geese in the field next to me, the snapping and crackling of my fireplace, and listening to the wind whipping above the chimney. Decided to go with a quiet, meditational evening and will journal and enjoy a cup of hot tea here in a while.

Spoke with my brother earlier and he is quite worried about our dad, who is just in such severe pain. Tests have now been completed and consultation is on Monday. I feel the past six weeks have been test, test, consult, more testing and we still know so little. His heightened concern has me antsy. I've rebooked my trip to stay a few extra days when I visit in April. This will be a priority over work for that time period, but they're okay with me doing half sick days and half work days ... with our work, it's easy to see what is getting done.

I didn't sleep very soundly last night, and will start the process off with a hot bath tonight, to get a bit dozy.

I haven't been tracking my streak, yet i know I've been OP for about two weeks, and am buoyed by that. I know I'll have a splurge meal with some neighbors for Mexican in the next few days, and then a belated birthday gift night out for DH on Saturday (to see Defending the Caveman, which is supposed to be riotiously funny... we shall see) and will enjoy dinner downtown afterward. So if I can stay on track and just enjoy two meals that are a bit higher, I'm happy with balancing that out. I don't want to live my life regretting choices or bypassing enjoyable meals if I am able to keep portions/calories in a workable range. I just cannot sabotage myself as I tend to do. Oh, down a bit - this is working well, let's do this instead. blerg.

03-19-2014, 09:42 PM
Good Evening, Coaches.

I tried to catch up but then got bogged down. My responses are out of date but heartfelt :)

Middle of work week means I need to economize my time and words to keep this family running. I promised DS we would watch Frozen again when it came out. So I will use the little popcorn I have left to make a movie treat . I will eat none.

Three days of OP. Salad, smopothie and logging. Weight is 3 pounds above ticker. It is moving in the right direction.

gardenerjoy: You are absolutely right about gratitude. It is the solutions to almost all my problems. It is the key to humilty as well. So I stop trying to play God and get on with the business of creating my life.

6crowsgold: I have found the my peace with food is directly relational to my peace in my life.

nationalparker: I appreciate the remarks remarks. The only thing I can really control is my attitude.

AZTricia Great solution - into action with a walk.

ladym0208: Great reminder to beware linking mysize to my self esteem. Insidious,

Lexxiss: Happy belated bday with no food attached :)

flnu: Yes. Black and White thinking error. I am always trying to label something wrong or right. Mostly it just "is."

03-19-2014, 09:50 PM
Happy Wednesday.

Rearranged schedule for spring break this week so today was not pizza day, yeah! Instead had chicken veggie soup and the total for today's calories is 1645 ++OP food. Walked pup and did DVD so ++OP exercise too. A good day. My bad shoulder is doing better with stretches and exercise and not causing pain. Though I had a bit of a reality check when I measured for an online clothing order and my size is not as reduced as I might hope...or I'm measuring wrong. Maybe I need to stick with local stuff I can try on...

nationalparker I think I need to do the same with my closet and get rid of what still doesn't fit in the fall. There is also stuff I still have from living in the mid-west that will never work here in AZ that should go regardless. Kudos for resisting ice cream to deal with stress! I'm glad you are having a quiet evening, hope the bath allows you to rest well. Enjoy your Mexican night :)

CeeJay :cheer3: awesome for 4 OP days!

GosfordGirl/Cheryl Kudos for posting and acknowledging where you really are. I'm glad that CeeJay's track is helping you and you are getting back OP.

BillBlueEyes LOL about becoming a thermometer. I've been eating enough fish (mostly salmon) that I need to pay attention to that as well, thanks for the reminder. Chicken's are both almost gone and probably won't last past dh packing a lunch for tomorrow.

6crowsgold Writing letters is an awesome distraction from snacking! Great job with OP!

gardenerjoy Thanks for sharing how you are switching to weight loss mode as I am trying to learn how to deal with maintenance (when I ever make it there!) and your positive attitude and determination to do what is right is a great example.

onebyone Yikes for all the food pushers and stress! I hope you are able to "oh well" let it go and refocus to OP. Great choice to freeze the cookies!

flnu Oh my - granola is extremely calorie dense! Kudos for the choice to be back OP tomorrow. Hope you have a great trip.

shcirerf Welcome! Hope you enjoy the pink book. :wave:

maryann Is Frozen out now? We have not seen it yet! Have fun. Awesome for 3 days OP and lost pounds!!

03-20-2014, 06:35 AM
Hi Coaches

Today was a better day (so far at least). Still haven't got a plan for tomorrow beyond going to personal training tomorrow morning after walking dogs

Had an o/p day (so far)
Logged food
Exercise - over 6500 but a bit low. Active minutes high
Listened to motivational tape twice

I still feel out of focus but I did survive a morning meeting where I wasn't prepared for cakes and sandwiches and fruit. I chose one small piece of fruit

flnu - ouch for pizza and lol for squic flavoured chips - I lived in Jakarta so know what might be in the supermarkets

Nationalparker - sorry that your father is not doing well and that they need to take action real soon to control his pain. Huge kudos for being on plan for 2 weeks

(AZ)Tricia - Well done with the exercise and the walking. Hopefully the scale follows. Credit for another pound drop

CeeJay - Credit for 4 on plan days and for feeling positive and in control at the moment. I am really glad for you

BillBE - Hope Spring comes soon for you!

Talk tomorrow coaches

03-20-2014, 07:12 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Welcome Spring!! You've been anticipated in the northern hemisphere. Welcome Autumnal Equinox in the southern hemisphere.

Lunch was the challenge. I was scheduled busy until two hours after my daily lunch time, although I could bring my 'brown bag' lunch to the meeting that sat right atop the time I'd have liked to be eating. I didn't start the morning soon enough to make my peanut butter, pecan, and banana sandwich. DW suggested one of her Cricket Bars ( to tide me over. It's easy to distract a meeting by the simple statement, "Pardon me while I eat my Cricket Bar," but no one accepted my offer to split it. Bad news is that it was 290 calories - other granola bars in our pantry are about 190 calories. A granola bar doesn't go into my brain as food, so it didn't really satisfy. Nevertheless, when I got to my kitchen, I skipped my normal lunch except for the raw veggies. CREDIT moi for not using the schedule to justify eating a double sized lunch.

Exercise was walking, CREDIT moi, in cold then warmer temperatures. It's raining right now, so the temperature must be above freezing.

onebyone – Big Ouch for "MORE FOOD PUSHERS." Thanks for the warning about Persian Bazaars - you're right, I wouldn't have survived continuously offered tree nuts. Thinking about you dealing with your mother's handlers.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yikes! indeed. Welcome to the club of those of us who've stretched the credibility of 'red line.' Be encouraged that my attack on snacks is sliding me slowly back into range.

maryann - Kudos for "Three days of OP. Salad, smoothie and logging." Do you recommend Frozen?

nationalparker – Congrats on the new low scale reading. Kudos for recognizing that your attraction to snacks was for comfort. Sending supportive thoughts as you continue to wait for information about your dad.

janelle (shcirerf) - Yay for Beck's Pink Book to get her strategies first hand. Kudos for those two years of maintenance. Do you still do WW as a graduate?

Tricia (AZtricia) - Congrats on that pound lost to restore your feeling that you're on track. Keep the faith - your clothing size, like your scale, will come along in its own good time.

flnu - Drats, my 7-11 doesn't carry squid-flavored potato chips. Your salabao sounds like the Chinese dumplings we get around here. Hope your work trip goes well today.

6crowsgold - Neat strategy "to distract myself from snagging snackies all night."

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

Anti-Craving Strategies - Behavioral Techniques
If you're still tempted to eat something you shouldn't after you've done all five mindset techniques, then try as many of the behavior techniques below as you need:
1. Distance yourself from the food you crave. When you experience a craving because you see or smell food, you might be able to move that food to an inconvenient place (where you can't see it) or to get rid of it (give it away, throw it away, or put it down the disposal).

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 131.

03-20-2014, 10:01 AM
Bill, I still do WW. Haven't missed a meeting in over 2 years, and am training to be a receptionist.

I'm there anyway, may as well get paid!:D

03-20-2014, 10:16 AM
Good Morning to the Coaching Team!

Still OP. Wrote more letters last night with a cup of decaf coffee at my elbow [I'm part of a Fountain Pen Users group and we pen pal around].

Yesterday ordered an Elliptical Tech Desk for my work station at my job. Very excited about this!

"Squid flavored chips" sounds like an adventure!

03-20-2014, 10:20 AM
Well I did check in last night but looks like I forgot to press Submit Reply. :doh:

Yesterday was day 5 with no issues- sticking to about 1600 calories of healthy food. I am not weighing myself until Monday and will accept whatever the scale says.

Off to a night in the hotel tonight. Have all the food for the day packed up. Am ready!!

Have a great day everyone and hope to be here tomorrow night with 2 more days under my belt- that will make 7 and that has not happened in a long, long time.


03-20-2014, 10:39 AM
Hi Coaches!

Yesterday was healthy. I've weighed this morning and need to think through the day. I believe I will have one meal out as we are accompanying DD/family to her sonogram. Today is the day we'll find out if we'll have another Granddaughter or a first Grandson. Recognizing that duties untended have an impact on my food I'm working at home until we leave. Some tax stuff is done and I'm working on health insurance now...baffling to me, but necessary that I finish. credit. Lots of exercise yesterday as we worked in the yard. I have one procrastinated project outside before we head out.

03-20-2014, 11:55 AM
FYI - a recall on some FitBits:

03-20-2014, 01:29 PM
I forgot to weigh myself! Habits disappear so quickly. Let's hope the junk food habit disappears just as fast!

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +50 990/1500 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

flnu: I've been fooled by the health aura of granola, too. It can be nutritious (if there's not too much fat and sugar), but the serving size is tiny!

Lexxiss: sympathies for tax and health insurance issues -- we tackled both in the last week. Health insurance ended up surprisingly easy. Our current insurance sucks but it's so cheap that we're going stick with it rather than pay more for a plan that would cover more. At least, that's the decision this year. The new, and comforting, wrinkle is that we get to reconsider that decision each year.

03-20-2014, 01:38 PM
Hello to all,

A drive by tonight because I am on my ipad. I am happy to report that I was back on track today. I didn't have a good window of opportunity to exercise because I was traveling but I did do a solid 25 min of hard-for-me yoga abs. Food was better. Lunch was unidentifiable. Pretty sure it was meat and bamboo shoots. It was pretty good. Pomelo salad and pad thai for dinner. No granola at all. Best wishes for each and everyone you to have a day full of met goals.

03-20-2014, 06:48 PM
Hello Coaches!

Pizza day and swim meeting today. Off to see what is up for the summer season. I plan to skip pizza and have the last of the left over chicken, but have room for 1 slice if I can not resist the smell.

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Wishing you a great PT session tomorrow. Kudos for OP.

BillBlueEyes Kudos for not doubling your lunch when the calories were not satisfying. Happy spring!

shcirerf Kudos for your diligence in attending ww!

6crowsgold Awesome for more letters and staying OP!

CeeJay Hurray for 5 OP days!

Debbie/Lexxiss Hurray for healthy. Congrats on the new grand-baby!

gardenerjoy Great progress on your exercise goal.

flnu Kudos for back on track!

03-20-2014, 09:17 PM

Well I met the next art submission deadline. The one I decided I wouldn't do ended up bugging me so much, that I was letting myself down, that I worked on my lino carving and attempted test printing at home last night (didn't work-no brayer-fingers not a good substitute). By the time I knew I would have to try to print it at my studio it was 8:30, with a freezing rain warning so I opted to go very early and give it one shot and get back home before DH left for work at 9:30. It worked ( I was there by 6:30am) but I came home exhausted and made bad food choices all day long after I mailed the thing off at the post office an hour before my self-imposed 12noon deadline. So, for the day I am well over 1000 calories over. *credit for tracking even if I am overeating. I also had sugar. I had a no sugar day yesterday *credit* but DH brought home tiny donuts (sheesh). I even bought popcorn cause I knew I was in a slippery state of mind today. Exhaustion and stress relief is a bad combo for resistance for me.

I'm on plan now though with trips to the gym planned everyday until I see my trainer on Monday.

Bye for now.

03-20-2014, 09:46 PM
One day closer to the weekend... They cut DH's shift by a day again, so we've got a fire and I'm making to do lists for everything from printing summer movie schedules at our art musuem, to jotting down what's free around town during the summer as a reminder to print those schedules when available. I imagine we'll stick closer to home this year with my folks' issue.

Weight the same today, so I'm jumping right in and dropping my ticker by one. The heck with waiting to see it for a week :) I had a larger dinner tonight than I've been having, but still on the small side, so should be okay.

Dinner with neighbors is set for tomorrow. Looking forward to it as we all seem to become hermits and just talk while shoveling snow or wave while scurrying into homes during the winter. One neighbor's father just passed away a few weeks ago after months of split caregiving, so I imagine she'll enjoy a break as well.

03-21-2014, 05:30 AM
Hi Coaches

Yay for the autumnal equinox. I was forced to go and look it up because I thought it was 21st or 22nd - not so.

As I write this it is 10.47 am on 21st March 2012 in Sydney - and it is 23.47 on 20th March in UK or GMT. The equinox was apparently on 20 th March 2014 @ 16:57 GMT. So I have had 7 hours of autumn. It doesn't feel like it unfortunately but it won't be long hopefully before the sun is moving to you frozen northern hemisphere folks who in NY have now apparently had Spring for 3 hours - does it feel any better yet? Is that correct or is it further confused by summer time?


Weighed and logged weight (had been avoiding logging it but did it today - slightly up)
Planned food and have so far stuck to plan
Posted here
Did PT session this am and stayed on the bike for 10 minutes afterwards (can't see myself doing 30 minutes but who knows - the motivation app my do the job)
Did 9400 steps and lots of active minutes with more incidental walking to do
Listened twice to the motivation app
Got house organised this evening so that I can get through work on the weekend

It is now 19.20 pm and I am finishing my post. Still haven't planned food for dinner or tomorrow so that is a risk

BillBE - we seem to be posting at the same time - each end of the day. Cricket Bars seem a challenge. They do look interesting but they would have to be yum - I guess they are gluten free :)

6crowsgold - An elliptical tech desk sounds like a lot of incidental exercise - not sure I found the right site when I went looking but what I found seemed to overcome the problems of sitting too long! Credit for "still OP"

CeeJay - credit for 5 days OP! And credit for prepping for o/n at a hotel. Hoping to see 7 days OP

Debbie(Lexxiss) - I agree - undone chores bring my eating and planning undone. So I have adopted your idea of the essentials in the morning. I am slowly getting to even do them! Congrats on a grandchild and look forward to seeing whether you have a GS or GD

(AZ)Tricia - thanks for the info on the Fitbit Force - that is the one I want to get and I am prone to contact allergies. The fitbit flex band doesn't cause a problem. You seem to have an awful lot of pizza nights or are the days just flashing by? Chicken sounds like a good alternative

Gardenerjoy - good luck with getting rid of the junk food habit - it is so easy to misplace a habit. Takes 21 - 42 days to create (depending who you read) and about 3 days to destroy

FLNU - food sounds interesting. Yes - cereals are scary high in calories and carbohydrates so goo you found out! Credit for yoga abs when it is "hard-for-me"

Onebyone - credit for getting yet another submission in and meeting your deadlines. Sad that you were 1000 calories over and that you are having problems with sugar - you have been so successful so you can do it again. Yay for on plan now. (The guy on the motivation app has a New Zealand accent - a bit like calling a Canadian an American :) :bomb:)

Nationalparker - Good idea to drop you ticker - feels so good.

03-21-2014, 07:10 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – At lunch with friends in a restaurant, I was tempted to order the pulled pork sandwich. It was, perhaps, a clue to what I really wanted that the image was of a HUGE wad of pork. Then considered the Ruben (drooling over the thought of its grilled bread). Then the Ruben with turkey to assuage the guilt over its remaining zillion calories. Finally ordered blackened Cod substituting green salad for the Fried Onion Rings. I skipped the Whole Wheat bun except for one bite - verifying that it had been grilled and was hiding the calories of a stick of butter behind the 200 for its 'wholesome' whole wheat. CREDIT moi for a sane lunch instead of justifying why it would have been OK to eat large. It helped that, before ordering, I saw waiters walking past with tall stacks of fried onion rings. One view of them is enticing; a dozen views and I began to feel the taste of oil in my mouth.

Did gym, CREDIT moi - their Arms-and-Abs class. Ouch - the rock hard hunk leader worked both beyond my endurance. Good for me. I came home and had a protein shake because it fosters the feeling that I'm building muscle (it was OK as a planned snack).

onebyone – Honking Kudos for getting that print in the mail under deadline. Don't understand "freezing rain warning" - it's Spring! Ouch for uninvited tiny donuts.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Should be close to time for you to be getting your exercise tending garden. Spring will even come to Saint Louis.

CeeJay - Waving toward a hotel somewhere. Kudos for your continuing streak of On Plan days.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Did you find out DGD/DGS? Wish I'd fully incorporate your insight, "duties untended have an impact on my food."

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Kudos for choosing fruit instead of cakes and sandwiches (back in your Summer post). Hope that your Autumn cuts the intense heat that's been visiting down under. Yep, you've got the Equinox figured out as best as I understand it. Kudos for your admirable list of credits, including keeping up with your Physical Therapy.

nationalparker – Kudos for printing those schedules in advance. We're great at reading reviews of a just-closed exhibit wishing we had made plans to go.

janelle (shcirerf) - Neat to create an additional compelling reason to keep up your Weight Watchers attendance. Kudos for your two year unbroken streak attending. Isn't 'Lifetime Member' the word I was looking for?

Tricia (AZtricia) - Glad that your DH didn't pack all the remaining chicken in his lunch as you'd expected. I've sorta been drooling over your leftover chicken as if it were in my fridge.

flnu - LOL at " Lunch was unidentifiable" - I've had some of those. Google helped me visualize Pomelo salad ( Kudos for back on track.

6crowsgold - Just WOW for "Elliptical Tech Desk for my work station at my job" - what a neat way to get in some serious exercise during time otherwise wasted earning a living.

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

Anti-Craving Strategies - Behavioral Techniques
If you're still tempted to eat something you shouldn't after you've done all five mindset techniques, then try as many of the behavior techniques below as you need:

2. Drink a no- or low-calorie beverage. Thirst can mask as hunger and trigger you to eat. Consider drinking club soda, water with lemon, diluted juice (if your plan allows it), or another low-calorie food.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 131.

03-21-2014, 10:18 AM

I am amazed at finding myself still OP. Motivated to stick to it before Weigh-In Day tomorrow and hoping for a good one. This is the longest time I have ever recorded every calorie that goes down the hatch.

Three day weekend coming up with two good movies on deck.

Hoping it warms up so I can get my couch potato 4-Dog-Pack our for a spin [My dogs don't do "weather].

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Happy Friday to all and thank you for a whole week's worth of motivation!

03-21-2014, 10:23 AM
I deliberately didn’t weigh this morning. I had stomach issues in the night so it didn’t seem like the scale’s data was relevant. My current theory is that this is an unusual allergy symptom – my doctor says that allergies are systemic so any symptom can be explained as part of the response.

Eating light today will come naturally.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +50 1040/1500 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

03-21-2014, 10:52 AM
Hello to all of you,
I ran 4K, not 5, today because I didn’t manage my pace well and just ran out of juice. Doesn’t really matter though. I like having goals and challenges, but any time I get out there and get sweaty is a good exercise day for me. I’m down 3.5 pounds on my Friday weigh-in at 170.5, which I immediately took as license to order the tiramisu (anti-credit) though I started with the grilled salmon (credit). I will be so thrilled to see the 160s. I have not seen those since graduate school. It is hard to actually believe that it will happen, and then maybe even the 150s. I do look around the forum though and see BBE and Joy and Maryann and Lexxiss and now Shcirerf, and remember that, yes, some people can and do, so I maybe the impossibility of it all isn’t necessarily true, or at least deserves to be tested.

Personals may be a bit jumbled as I might be responding to not your most recent post.

Shcirerf: Welcome! I love to see maintainers. And your starting weight was close to mine. Giant congratulations for maintain for two years – well done.

Nationalparker: That sounds like a really nice night. I would like a fire and whipping wind and feeling cozy. Add a little rain in there, and it’s perfect.
Oh, down a bit - this is working well, let's do this instead.
Oh yeah. This is striking me (in the best way) given the tiramisu I didn’t not plan to eat. (I’m am totally on board with the importance of enjoying food, the problem is that I plan to eat on-plan M-F so it is the day, not the food, that was the problem tonight.) I am so sorry about your dad.

Hi, Maryann, I hope you enjoyed Frozen and time with your DS. I also want to label things, but mostly I want to label them as wrong: mostly success with a little failure = failure, mostly failure with a little success = failure, and only 100% success = success. I am working on it.

Tricia: I am giving your shoulder credit, and you too for taking care of it. It is such a drag when the spirit is willing but the flesh is injured. Sounds like a solid plan for pizza night.

Cheryl: Thank you for your support. I hope personal training was enjoyable, credit for going either way though. That was a lot of exercise and credits. (And I am sorry if I asked this before but I am always on the look-out for new tools…motivation app? Is it the Grant Boddington one that Ceejay likes?)

BBE: Pomelo salad (yam som o) is from Thailand and it is unbelievably good. There’s coconut milk and toasted coconut and fresh mint and fried garlic and shallots and lime juice and cashews and a little sugar plus pomelo, which is the most addictive fruit ever, and shrimp.

It is also true for me that some things don’t register as food. “A granola bar doesn't go into my brain as food, so it didn't really satisfy.” This is why I force myself to put everything I am going to eat on my plate before I eat anything. I can look and see for myself that I am about to eat an entire, very substantial-looking plate of food. Sometimes it looks even a little debauched. Buffet plates are pernicious. The book I am reading claims that liquid calories really don’t register. Congrats on making lunch work out despite the Cricket surprise.

Now on to your most recent post: You rock. That is all.

6crowsgold: I love that there is such a thing as a fountain pen users group and that you write each other. I am also enjoying mentally putting your beautiful old-school fountain pens on your new high tech desk. Good for you! Also HUGE CREDIT for tracking. Just the act of writing it down, even scribbled on a napkin, is very helpful IMO.

Ceejay: Behaviors are more important than scale, so I hope you continue to rock the behaviors.

Lexxiss: Nice to hear that all is well. My daughter is 6 and I am already verklempt about picturing her as a mother and me a grandmother.

Hi, Joy, looks like exercise is on track for March. I like the idea of counting minutes (so I assume). I hope you are feeling better soon.

Onebyone: Credit for tracking even when it is telling you something you don’t want to hear. That is huge.

03-21-2014, 11:46 AM
Hi Coaches!

Intention to post today. Internet not cooperative. Comes a time for me when I acknowledge that continuing to try is, in fact, procrastination. Food yesterday so so, weigh in today ok anyway. Resisted buying goodies for DH at WhFoods while he sat in car. He can buy his own is effective strategy for me. Credit.

It's a boy. Due in 20 weeks. Never been included in a sonogram. It was sure fascinating.

Thank goodness for iPhone can never figure why Internet is ok there but not o. My home computer when I am using phone to generate connection to computer. Oh well.

I'm out to rake the yard. Lots of spontaneous exercise there. Bought a portable thingies yesterday for putting air in bike tires...wheelbarrow tires...hand truck tires....can work off cigarette lighter in car. Fascinating, too. I see a short bike ride in my near future.

03-21-2014, 12:34 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

I continue to track, salad and smoothie (I have made salad and smoothie into verbs.) I have committed to weighing and measuring as well until the end of March to try and get off the last two renegade vacation pounds. I have been pretty successful except for about 200 "standing while eating" calories before I dragged my exhausted self to bed. Drat!. Nevertheless I call the day a win.

I plan to do a whole lot of nothing today. I am reading Wild. I am a backpacker (or was before my son was born.) It is a quick read and fun when I recognize parts of the Pacific Coast Trail I have travelled.

Food is logged. My only must do is a pilates class.

nationalparker: i saw Defending the Caveman with a bunch of girlfriends. You'll enjoy it.

Gosfordgirl: Super credit for sticking to a small piece of fruit at your meeting. Recently I have been trying the trick of looking at the free work food and saying, "What would I eat for the same calories if i could have anything in the world?"

BBE: I do reccommend Frozen: Good message and a nice example of modern light opera: recitative and duet. DS and I did a little dance during the closing credits which was bittersweet because I don't know how many little dances are left in my middleschool boy.

6growsgold: Cannot for the life of me figure out your avatar. I can be very dense about such things.

Ceejay: Good luck at your hotel.

Lexxiss: Is your big house project finished?

flnu: Credit for checking in.Fun to see you ticker moving downward.You can do this.

gardenerjoy: Hope you feel better.

03-21-2014, 01:12 PM
Ceejay mentioned the book The Diet Fix as being helpful to her this week. I found an online interview with the author of the book. I almost went to this Dr's clinic in Ottawa--but didn't cause we moved. I feel regret about that now--however, if you're interested here's the link--you can press the "listen" button and you should be able to hear it. Hopefully this will work for non-Canadians. His message is very Beckish.

03-21-2014, 01:17 PM
Flnu, thanks.
BBE, lifetime is the word.
Coffee break about over, back to sick cats and grumpy dogs. I work for a veterinarian.

03-21-2014, 01:27 PM
Happy Friday Coaches.

Quick check in to say that 200 calories/day makes a huge difference for how quickly I loose. Lost another pound today and it is so encouraging to be back on a downward trend. I was thinking about weight loss as I walked pup today and concluded that I need ever shorter term goals than Beck's 5 pound. What works best for me is to focus on one pound at a time, I'm working on loosing a pound a week. I have a great graph that comes up on the home page of Dietpower and making sure that the line jumps down before 7 days pass is my focus for now. Jumping down after four days is of course much nicer :D but just watching to make sure the trend stays the right direction is what helps me. I'm not much for little gifts or celebrations, so I'm not planning any rewards. For now it is enough reward to say goodbye to those pounds forever. I may do something special when I reach my second 10% off. By then I may need a size I don't have still in my closet, so perhaps a shopping trip.

As far as today, OP for food and going to do my DVD when I finish typing.

I'm glad that 3FC is here and appreciate all you coaches taking this journey with me. Stick to it!

03-21-2014, 02:06 PM
Not sure why, but the lure of the white box from the donut shop today has been a major challenge. I ended up cutting one in half and enjoying it with my light lunch. I didn't need it but will live with the calories - figure around 180 ... I wish I'd have written that to actually get it in my head first. Ah well. Dinner out with neighbor/s depending on how it shakes out - but will be a nice change for us, since we don't seem to get out that much with others here lately.

If I can't even pass up a freaking DONUT, I question whether I have the commitment to reach my goals. This will weigh on my mind today, taking on more importance than it should, I know. Breakfast was light and healthy and lunch was light (so I don't go over too much with dinner). DH and I are hitting the trail this afternoon if I get out early enough. Have enough to work on at home this weekend, leaving early might be what my soul needs here :)

03-22-2014, 12:26 AM
Just popping in to say:

7 DAYS ON PLAN!!!!!!!!!!

I mean- really, really on plan. Plan food for the next day and eat that food and nothing else.

Thanks everyone for the support.

03-22-2014, 03:59 AM
Hey coaches,

I have had a busy few days but have managed to stay on track with my eating and exercise. I spent the last few days in Burundi the country just south of Rwanda. It is absolutely stunning there especially by lake Tanganyika, spending time there was just what I needed to relax a bit until my new team arrive on Monday. My credits are that I didn't use being 'away' as an excuse to over indulge; my portions were in control and I made healthy choices. The place I was staying in was right next to a boulangerie and even though I had to have a look...I left empty handed!!!

Happy Saturday's to an OP weekend!

03-22-2014, 05:33 AM
Hi Coaches

Last night was a bit of a disaster - I decided I would have a pizza and get it out of my system as it were (I know, I know) because I had had a big day and I came home and did a lot of the chores so I would be organised etc etc. As luck would have it the pizza place I used to use wasn't open last night! I think it has gone out of business since I stopped ordering there :) I was totally flummoxed and ordered from somewhere else and it WASN'T a better choice. I do think it is out of my system - today I have been cleaning out the fridge and working out what to do with all the food I have to make meals for the week so as not to not waste food. I now have a list on the fridge of meals I can make and lunches that can be made from what is there. Each night I will add another list of what I will eat the next day. I will be pleased when soup and stew weather comes - makes it all a bit more straightforward

I have made a nice within plan dinner tonight and I decided I needed to make something I enjoyed (I listened to the Diet Fix clip thanks onebyone) so I made a baked apple - haven't had one for years and it will be a healthy sugar free treat. I decided to spend time trying to work out what the important elements of on-plan for me were so that I can then report them daily. I will drop some off as they improve

Ate on plan today - 100%
Planned food for tomorrow - almost
I logged food as I ate it - yes
Weighed in and logged weight - up 1.8 pounds
I did planned exercises - yes
I didn't eat standing up - 90%
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
I changed my schedule to allow time for diet and exercise - yes

I think they are the main ones for me at the moment

BillBE - smart choices at lunch. Once a month I have a Ruben at a farmers market. Well I share a Ruben with a friend because it is huge - and it is bread - but it is delicious and worth waiting a month for. Credit for planned exercise

6crowsgold - Huge credit for being on plan and for recording food - hope your long weekend turns out well

Gardenerjoy - sorry for stomach issues and allergies

flnu - sensible to recognise that each day's exercise is different. YAY for down 3.5 pounds!! Ouch for taking that as an OK to eat! Fingers crossed for continuing reducing weight. Yes - it is nice to see people make it and manage to maintain isn't it [yes it is the xame motivation app that CeeJay and Onebyone are using - I like it. It seems to be increasing my motivation to clean and get organised at the moment but I am sure that will affect being on plan soon :)]

Debbie - congrats on the DGS - a new phase I imagine

Maryann - salads and smoothies - sounds good to me. I just ordered a magic bullet type thingy because my blender isn't doing the job. I do like smoothies. Hope you get rid of those pounds soon

Onebyone - thanks for the link - it was interesting. I remember when you made an appointment to see him and then didn't go. Who knows if that was a good or a bad thing because you seem in a pretty good place right now

Tricia - Glad you have got your weight-loss mojo back. I like the idea of focussing on one pound at a time. I am rethinking my calories too - I think I need 1200 where I was at 1500 before - will see if there is a change when I actually stick to it.

Nationalparker - Ouch for a doughnut box trying to derail you. Enjoy your neighbours and your saved calories

CeeJay - Huge credit for 7 DAYS ON PLAN! - that is an inspiration and encouragement - for you and for me. I need to begin to reach out and that is good to see

03-22-2014, 06:42 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Exercise was only walking to the subway when DW and I went out last night. CREDIT moi for what I did, including stairs instead of escalator for a steep climb. At the supermarket, I was confronted by huge Easter candy displays of quart sized (although hollow) milk chocolate eggs. Fortunately, I'm no longer drawn to milk chocolate and the dark chocolate is hidden in the candy isle which is easy to avoid.

The challenge was dinner, left over corned-beef and cabbage. After eating the proper sized plate served by DW, she suggested that I 'finish off' the several small pieces of corned-beef remaining. I do love the stuff and was tempted. Then remembered that I'm trying to stay my path; then remembered that I'd love a corned-beef sandwich for lunch today. So, I put it in the fridge and it's now waiting for today's lunch. CREDIT moi for confronting the thought that over eating stuff that I like wouldn't matter.

onebyone – Thanks for the The Diet Fix doctor's link.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Ouch for a stomach in need. Kudos for sticking with your exercise streak anyway.

CeeJay - Seven Kudos for your streak of "really, really on plan" days

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Congrats Grandma-to-be on the occasion of seeing your DGS by sonogram. I'm jealous of your cigarette-lighter air compressor.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Ouch for being "flummoxed" despite my joy at such a delicious word. Kudos for doing a baked apple to get back on track.

maryann - "Transitive verb your nouns," he said self-referentially. Thanks for "I continue to track, salad and smoothie" - somebody's gotta expand this language. [Touching image of you and DS dancing to Frozen - that just clicked into my library request.]

ladym0208 – Just stellar that you're visiting a new country and remaining on your path - despite the smell of fresh baked goods from the nearby boulangerie.

nationalparker – Interesting that you note that the "white box from the donut shop" was the trigger - our brains know where the food is hidden. Sounds like you're in full recovery from that.

janelle (shcirerf) - LOL at "sick cats and grumpy dogs" - sounds like my workplace (even though surrounded by humans).

Tricia (AZtricia) - One pound a week is a sustainable rate.

flnu - Yep, believe - the 160's are coming; Congrats for getting so close. Tiramisu is just evil - the presentation sucks me in. You've got me so drooling for Pomelo salad. What's not to like in that set of ingredients?

6crowsgold - LOL at 4 dogs that "don't do weather." Kudos for your consistency recording calories.

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

Anti-Craving Strategies - Behavioral Techniques
If you're still tempted to eat something you shouldn't after you've done all five mindset techniques, then try as many of the behavior techniques below as you need:

3. Relax. You can teach your body how to relax in a variety of ways. Your library or bookstore has tapes and books on relaxation techniques. One simple relaxation technique involves focusing on your breathing. Breathe in and out of your nose, slowly counting to four as you inhale and again to four as you exhale. Use very shallow breaths; don't let your chest rise and fall. Set a time and keep up this technique for a full three minutes. At the end of the three minutes, you should feel calmer and more in control of your cravings.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 131.

03-22-2014, 11:43 AM
My tummy is much improved -- thanks for all the get well wishes!

WI: -1.00 kg, Exercise: +50 1090/1500 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

03-22-2014, 01:57 PM
A Happy Saturday to All!

Weigh-In was a disappointment, 1/2 pound up after a "perfect" week.
What was good about the week is:

1) Wrote every single calorie down and stayed in limits
2) I feel less sluggish
3) The Big Picture is that I've lost a pound a week for the last three weeks.

This is success.

flnu: These days fountain pens can range from "Old School" to "Cutting Edge". I'm saving my High-Tech pen for the Tech Desk!

maryann The avatar is a closeup of a crow who got very close to the lens. They like shiny things!

Friday Night's Movie was "Mr Phillips". Wow-so exciting, I didn't even want to snack!

03-22-2014, 04:34 PM
Sabotage, darned sabotage for want to stronger language. I had a good week and what else is there to do? Continue doing well or make less-than-stellar choices? Made a large breakfast and planned to just have a snack before a late dinner after the show. Instead, I've had oh, 20 pistachios ...100 cal of cheese, my leftover mexican chicken/rice, um... a maple cream egg (don't even ASK but it's the best 110 calories I can think of ...) I can't remember what else but clearly not tracking it all today. FINALLY got my head on straight - after finding a bin of jeans from a few years ago that are about 15 pounds from fitting. Or a whole heckuva lot of walking/toning - and have made a cup of hot tea.

Looking forward to dressing up more and looking better in my clothes.

I'd wanted to go see two movies this weekend, somehow forgetting about the show! I'm looking forward to the Grand Budapest Hotel and Tim's Vermeer. Not sure if we'll splurge that much for first run tickets or wait for one to come to DVD.

DH has undertaken a big project to add more storage areas in our attic and has been working very hard for hours up there. I can hear the steady sawing and hammering. Woodworking jobs have better sounds than housecleaning. Sounds like you're working way harder. :)

03-22-2014, 10:25 PM
Happy Saturday Coaches.

My left side is feeling toasted from walking around the street fair with dh. On the other side we were able to mostly walk in the shade! :sunny: Today has been busy, but OP. After smelling all the BBQ at the fair, we made some at home for dinner. Went to the market and obtained food that will last most of the week.

Tomorrow is a picnic that I can't skip as I'm helping host with the other board members. The food is pot luck and I need a plan! This will be the first time since Christmas I've been around such quantities and varieties of food, and I did not do well resisting then! I have to bring a main dish and I need to get baking. Also we have the 2nd (of 9 wks) of the seminar in the morning and have to be out early.

flnu Thanks for the shoulder credit. I don't always do well giving credit - great reminder! :D

Lexxiss/ Debbie Congrats on the new lil' guy! Kudos for raking exercise :dancer:

maryann Great new verbs :D Kudos for logging. :cheer2:

nationalparker Don't be too hard on yourself. A donut box sitting out when you are under so much stress is bound to have pull. I don't think your commitment is missing, your resistance muscle is just weaker than you need. Next time, read your ARC's and stick the box in a cabinet, or better yet the freezer. :soap: LOL about the wood working sounds :dizzy: Hope the jeans are a great motivation for you. Did you make an ARC for them?

CeeJay Hurray for 7 OP days! :cheer:

ladym0208 Awesome that you were OP during your busy days! :cheer2:

GosfordGirl/Cheryl I'm proof positive that pizza does not have to be a disaster. We have it every week! If you want it, plan for it, and work your other meals around pizza for the day. I am trying to make sure all the changes I make are lifelong. I am SO NOT eliminating pizza for the rest of my life. :soap: I know you feel bad, but please forgive yourself and keep on keeping on! :hug:

BillBlueEyes Loved reading about your leftovers becoming lunch - great choice! :bravo:

gardenerjoy So glad you are feeling better! :wave:

6crowsgold A pound a week is AWESOME! Don't be discouraged by one off weigh in. :cp:

03-22-2014, 10:47 PM
Good Evening, Coaches.

Ditto to Nationalparker. Just read her post. That describes my eating afternoon. I was doing so well. I had packed breakfast, lunch and prepared dinner early this morning because DS wrestling tourney started at 6:15. Although DS won his first match, he was decimated int he second and third and very upset. He (we)worked through it then I came home and ate my emotions into numbness. I was only one pound from ticker this morning. High hopes. Credit for stopping. Credit for posting here.


03-22-2014, 11:03 PM
Well, ended the day in the same fashion. After a hilarious show (you were right, Maryann - Defending the Caveman was funny!), we bypassed the pizza spot because folks were waiting outside for tables inside to open up. With a completely wide open agenda, I picked a small pub a way from all the action that we'd not been to before. I ordered - of ALL THINGS - a chicken salad sandwich. I've not had that from a restaurant in 12-15 years. I don't like mayo and esp don't like it when I'm not the one controlling how little goes into something. and raisins and I pictured a pineapple ring on a chicken breast, until I spoke the words when ordering it. Then I said What in the heck was I thinking? It said chicken salad with pineapple and celery one meal or one day won't totally ruin my efforts. But in my mind I'm fearing that exact thing.

Maryann - we're both back on track on Sunday with no head-bashing. :)

AzTricia - Good words on pizza - I LOVE it and I can count the Trader Joe's one I especially like ... I look forward to it and savor it. I wish I could hide the donuts but they're brought in to work! Typically they don't bother me, but every now and then... Good idea on the jeans ARC. I'd forgotten I had an old Gap pair that I used to feel sexy in.

Now here's hoping that the excess calories today will just kick my metabolism up a bit :) wishful thinking.

03-23-2014, 12:07 AM
Hello Coaches,

Quick check in to report another day on plan. Grateful.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday.


03-23-2014, 05:51 AM

Quick check in - I have finished my work but now need to get organised and fed. The discussions have been helpful thanks - particularly the idea that I can have "treats" or "off plan food" as long as I plan for them (thanks everyone and Tricia).

Ate on plan today - 100%
Planned food for tomorrow - yes
I logged food as I ate it - not yet
Weighed in and logged weight - down 1.4 pounds
I did planned exercises - yes - dog walk and get up from desk occasionally
I didn't eat standing up - 100%
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - yes x 2
I changed my schedule to allow time for diet and exercise - schedule was to sit at desk all day which I accomplished

03-23-2014, 07:12 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – At Trader Joe's the FREE sample was pizza with a fresh tomatoes topping. Passed, CREDIT moi - unplanned and I have no need for gratuitous foods. The next FREE sample was a chunk of dark chocolate bark with nuts. Ouch - my thing. Hardly rare or unusual, but seriously desirable. But, not on plan. So, I took a piece in its little paper cup and placed it in my coat pocket to plan it for afternoon snack. A winning idea - I had resisted spontaneously scarfing down candy while preserving the chance to have a bite. At home DW spotted it, "What's this?" Darn, I thought, remembering that I wanted the whole thing, deserved the whole thing, and was already drooling over the whole thing. Then remembered that I'd been married for several decades and wasn't going to get away with what I wanted at this moment. "You're welcome to a bite," I said with forced sincerity. She did - adding, "You know I keep a stash of dark chocolate hidden." "I do, kindly keep it hidden," although I knew exactly where.

In the afternoon it was a deserved snack - a planned deserved snack. Hardly enough calories in the piece left. She'd taken a small bite - apparently she, too, has been married for several decades and knew what she could get away with. Small calories but enough positive points on two fronts worthy of celebration. CREDIT moi for threading the needle.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Good news on the tummy. Yay-Ouch for the Kg that went with it. I'll focus on that being permanent.

CeeJay - This on plan thing seems to just keep happening - Kudos.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Neat that you recognize that you have to change your schedule for exercise to happen.

maryann - Kudos to DS for choosing a mother who'll help him work through a real life disappointment. And Kudos to you for giving yourself credit "for stopping."

nationalparker – Yep, noisy work gets more credit, LOL. Kudos for recovery with an Extra Kudos for using the image of the desired jeans to focus the brain. That chicken salad sandwich is so yesterday.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Hope the seminar goes well today. Kudos for smelling the BBB at the fair without grabbing some.

6crowsgold - Kudos for recognizing that your credits mean "This is success" despite the scale wiggle slightly up.

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

Anti-Craving Strategies - Behavioral Techniques
If you're still tempted to eat something you shouldn't after you've done all five mindset techniques, then try as many of the behavior techniques below as you need:

4. Distract yourself. Do you remember a time when a natural distraction interrupted your craving and you later were glad you hadn't eaten? Maybe a friend called, the dog insisted on taking you for a walk, or your boss came to discuss something with you? By the time you finished what you had to do, your craving had weakened or passed. You focused your attention on something else.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 131.

03-23-2014, 11:17 AM
Hi Coaches,

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday. Yesterday was a good day for me, I spent it exploring Kigali and getting used to the transport system here. I never (ever) thought I would but I am really enjoying eating salads at the moment, as the diet here is quite carb heavy, having salad is a real luxury so I make sure to take the chance every time its available.

My credits for yesterday
- Completing my Insanity fit test and seeing further improvements
- I planned to have a pastry after dinner, this can sometimes be risky but I was happily satisfied with just the one and had no desire to get more food
- Getting off the bus a few stops early, which turned out to be a 20 min walk

BillBlueEyes Well done for resisting, good idea for saving the choc for your planned snack
GosfordGirl Well done for sticking with your to do list and for being OP
CeeJay Well done for another OP day
nationalparker One day shouldn't ruin your efforts it's consistency that matters most
AZtricia Well done for being OP when busy, Good luck with the picnic..seen as you are bringing a main dish maybe bring something that will keep you OP and stick with that when you are there. If there is salad then maybe top up with that & try to get away from the food by being involved with any games/ activities that are going on

Have a lovely Sunday all xx

03-23-2014, 01:43 PM

I've been reading The Diet Fix and will be adding it to my regime, which is now new and improved, its the Spring:trampo:Plan I guess. *credit for being open to change up.

I am 267 this morning, up from yesterday's 265. *credit for weighing. I won't be weighing for a few days now. Today I am cleaning up the kitchen and buying good food for us. Always a pleasure. That it's sunny (but not warm) makes me feel a smidge hopeful. Since the 17th I have been unable to have an on-plan day. Each day since then I have had too much something or something not on my plan and some days I have not tracked at all -50% of the days I have not tracked at all. I've missed some check-ins here as well and tomorrow I see the trainer who is due to weigh me in and
I may be down 4lbs or something. I anticipate her being disappointed in me. I anticipate me being upset. What I have decided to do is to shelve the next 2 or 3 appt I have set up with her and to postpone them until the fall. I need to get into a routine with the gym again and now these sessions are not helpful. I have plenty of routines to choose from, made just for me, and I can use them for the next few months and not get bored. I just need to do things differently now, again.

So that's how I am today. And now I'm heading out. Bye!

03-23-2014, 01:51 PM
Good morning,

Things are going great here. I will be finished 10 days on plan Monday night and will weigh myself Tuesday. Then I will start another 10 days. Super excited about how things are going for me.

Credits today-- so far so good:

planning food for the day
eating a healthy breakfast and recording it
doing arm/shoulder exercises
checking in with my coaches
reading response and advantage cards
listening to motivation tape

ladym0208-so wonderful to hear about Africa. Nice list of credits yesterday.

BillBlueEyes- loved your exploration of the marital dynamics in navigating chocolate bark. Very funny.

GosfordGirl-I am finding calorie counting working well for me instead of my usual approach of deciding never, ever, ever to eat anything on a huge list of food that is higher calories again. :rollpin: I always mess up with that approach. Now I am trying to practice what I read in The Diet Fix- be very aware of how many calories that have been consumed for the day and use the "is it worth it?" test if looking at something that will bring calories over my daily goal. Sometimes it is going to be worth it. Maybe it is more reasonable to know that some days are going to be higher calorie and accept that is not "failing the diet". Nice list of credits yesterday and yay for 1.4 pounds down!

nationalparker- sorry for your lousy day and for sure chicken salad will definitely not ruin your efforts.

shcirerf- nice to meet you. Always love to hear the wisdom of maintainers.

onebyone- thanks for the link- going to listen today.

maryann- credit for posting, stopping eating and moving on.

AZtricia- best of luck at the picnic. We are sitting at -20 C this morning so hard to imagine where you are. Enjoy!

6crowsgold- nice to feel less sluggish- I am getting there too.

gardenerjoy- glad you are feeling better.

Lexxiss- waving hello. Sounds like you are in spring mode with activities. Can't wait for that. Wonderful news about the baby.

flnu- wow for down 3.5 pounds. Fantastic. I agree it is wonderful to be here and be reminded that some people do do it.

03-23-2014, 11:03 PM
Okay, Bill - that scene with your wife and the dark choc cracked me UP :) Good read.

I can honestly say that foodwise, I'm thankful I'm only off two days. Today was not great - snacked more than I needed to. They're not BIG snacks, but still not things I tracked to count and I should have - a few pistachios (they're black peppers ones from Trader Joe's and not really that great... I like the plain ones much better ... a few almonds. I notice a trend. hm. Then a slice of cheese and turkey pepperoni. And 10 sixlets (like round m&ms) ... hm. Dinner was light/late so a small respite.

Tomorrow I'm reporting a great day - that's my goal. Will be a high-stress work day - reports going out to a committee in the afternoon and much to do. I will bring my lunch and eat at my desk, but at least the calories are limited.

03-24-2014, 03:53 AM
Good morning Coaches,

We are just entering the rainy season here in Rwanda and I woke up to a very rainy Kigali this morning. My new team arrive from the UK today and I am looking forward to meeting them all and fully getting back into the swing of things. The countdown calendar says I have 68 days left here so I'll be sure to make the most of it as I know it will fly by very quickly.

Yesterday was a good day, I met with a friend and we ended up going out to lunch, although this was not planned and I would usually use this as an excuse to over indulge, I took my time to select something from the menu that would keep me OP I also avoided ordering dessert even though we were sat with a full on view of the cake counter the whole time!! This took some resistance, even after I left the cafe I was still getting thoughts telling me I should stop somewhere to pick up some cake but I am glad I managed to resist. I also got in a nice unplanned walk after lunch.

Happy Monday all xx

03-24-2014, 06:38 AM
Dear coaches

The end of my difficult day Monday (so called by me Monster Monday) so I only have time for a brief check in. Will get back tomorrow for personals


Ate on plan today - 95%
Planned food for tomorrow - yes
I logged food as I ate it - yes
Weighed in and logged weight - down 1.8 pounds - back to 193
I did planned exercises - yes - dog walk and walking to and from university car park - about 8000 steps plus about 16 min of active exercise
I didn't eat standing up - 90% - had planned to try snacks at health food store
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - yes x 3
I changed my schedule to allow time for diet and exercise - schedule already allowed me to include lots of incidental walking

Have a good Monday coaches

03-24-2014, 07:49 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Allotted my planned morning snack to a hot, fresh made fortune cookie! I never imagined that fortune cookies could be made by mortal human beings. It was that special kind of good that made me want to reach for another, which I resisted, CREDIT moi. I also resisted a bunch of other food including a broken oatmeal raisin cookie. Broken cookies have traditionally slipped past all my safeguards - marching in under that safe looking Sabotaging Thought, a broken piece is too small to matter. Culminated an on plan food day when DS (unusually alone since his SO was traveling) came for dinner. Being a joyful event, large servings and seconds were the norm. I did neither. CREDIT moi for recognizing that joyful didn't justify off plan food.

Exercise was dancing in the afternoon, CREDIT moi, to a caller whom I remembered first hearing in the '60's. He claimed to recognize me - a stretch - but definitely remembered the place when I mentioned the name of the fiddler who'd played with him (a friend of mine). Fun to feel connected with the distant past.

onebyone – Welcome Spring Plan - Yay for renewal. Thanks for always demonstrating, "open to change vs. giving up."

CeeJay - Nine consecutive on-plan days is so neat. Kudos for your list of credits.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Goodbye "Monster Monday" - glad you don't come but once a week. Sounds like you're getting good use of that motivational recording.

ladym0208 – It's so satisfying to plan for one pastry and to know that you can stop there - Kudos. Yay for a 20 minute walk. Kudos for resisting cake even after facing it during your meal.

nationalparker – Why, Yes, my advanced tree-nut sensor detects a trend in your snacks. If you look at me you'll notice that a lifetime of too many tree nuts results in gray hair. Be warned.

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

Anti-Craving Strategies - Behavioral Techniques
.......When you experience a craving
because you see or smell food, move the food an inconvenient place or get rid of it- or
.....remove yourself from the scene.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 131.

03-24-2014, 10:30 AM
Ok, coaches, done with the weekend and on-plan for Monday. 30 minutes on the elliptical today and a 5k yesterday in 36:52, so I made my goal. My new goal is under 36. But under 37 is already a real reach for me, so I imagine it will take a while. I finally finished Fat, Salt, Sugar, and I’ll have to consider my next diet/food read. I’m thinking about Diet Fix.

BBE: Credit for more wise choices. And for dancing!

Cheryl: Yay for down 1.8 pounds and double-yay for rocking the behaviors.

Ladym0208: Well done at lunch.

Nationalparker: I love that you are reporting a great day tomorrow. I look forward to the re-cap.

Ceejay: Thank you for posting when things weren’t going well because, personally, it is so encouraging to see the turn-around and to remember that everyone has off-periods. And doing what you can, even if it is only posting, is enough.

Onebyone: I get why you’d be upset, but I don’t get the trainer’s disappointment. The trainer, of all people, should be trying to trouble-shoot with you. If the trainer’s approach isn’t working, for whatever reason, then a new approach is called for, and the trainer should have that oomph, no? Personalization.

03-24-2014, 11:43 AM
Quick Checking for missed on Sunday. Picnic went fine. Thanks, ladym0208, for the idea of taking what I can eat. I ate only my main dish, a few raw veggies, and a couple bites of watermelon. The boys wanted to watch Frozen, so we did part before the picnic and finished after. With all the cooking and packing tables & stuff to bring I wasn't on the computer all day.

03-24-2014, 12:53 PM
Monday Team:

Sunday fell apart later in the afternoon. I took my son to the confectioner's for a reward and ended up buying a scoop of everything I'd craved over the week. I left with 4 little bags of treats and he got 1. I thought I'd pace myself. What's wrong with this picture?

The rest of the weekend I was caught in the Tractor Beam of the 4 Little Bags, feeling helpless. By the time I was into the Last Bag Standing, I thought, "Heck, I have to eat these and get 'em out of here!".

To my flimsy credit, I did total the damage at around 1000 calories.

This morning, I've spent hours on a big Re-Think of my plan and tactics. I re-read pertinent Beck sections. I went over all the errors in thinking that went on over the weekend. I took a closer look at what I'm doing during the week. Had an anxiety attack of sorts. Caught my breath, and made some changes. Two big ones:

1)I need to have a written plan for the day, not just record what I eat as I eat it.

2) I need a No Choice sign when it comes to having trigger foods in the house. I just can't seem to handle them so it looks like a "No Choice" on the candy store trips.

Credit for doing the work of the Re-Think. I'm new at this. It takes time.

Today I'm eating approved calories at appointed times, not just grazing and counting.

There is no candy in the house. [Because I ate it all...] DH can take DS out to the candy store for a treat if it needs doing.

Thanks for being here, even reading my post.

03-24-2014, 04:08 PM

I'm really down in the dumps today. Truthfully, I've felt like this most of the week. I have little motivation for anything, though I keep trying. Eventually it will stick. *credit weighed in, changed ticker, up 1.3lb from last week. I'm feeling bleak. Raising my ticker did not help. I wish the spring would come already. I've really had it. Think I'll go do something productive. Bye for now.

03-24-2014, 05:40 PM
Good Afternoon, Coaches.

Not one of my favorite mornings ever. I spent it in the worlds of the IRS and Social Security. Last year SS declared me dead and the IRS would not accept my taxes. It took several months to be declared alive but still the IRS rejects the taxes electronically.

I prayed for patience and brought a meditation book to the SS office.
I wrote down my food plan which I have maintained at 95%.
I did not raise my voice at the SS employee who continued to interrupt me and declared there was no evidence of me having been dead, that the phone help that directed me to the field office was inaccurate (somehow my fault), and that there was absolutely nothing she could do about it; it was an IRS issue. (I did get a little rebellious when I said," I have let you finish your sentences now let me finish mine" in a firm tone. Immediately I thought security would take me away. But being firm is not a scene and I am not a doormat still I hate conflict.)
I stayed on the phone for another hour with IRS while food shopping because I had to get it done and I was on hold for so long.
I did not buy sweets at the supermarket while on the phone (but I thought about it.)
I took step class before the whole debacle.

I did not weigh myself this morning. Rare. I felt it would only be demoralizing after bad sleep and some physical issues. I will weigh tomorrow.

onebyone: I am sorry you are down. I feel very much the same way. I made a decision this morning that I would get through four things and I would feel crumby through them and then be down later but at least I got through four things.

flnu: What did you think of Fat, Salt, Sugar?

Ladym0208: I hope your new team is terrific and energetic.

03-24-2014, 10:57 PM
Just a quick check in tonight coaches.

Day TEN!!! Done. Going to weigh myself tomorrow. And then start another 10 days. :D:D:D

Credit today for:
-eating on plan and healthy
-reading advantage and response cards
-checking in with my coaches
-declining an invitation to lunch and eating healthy instead
-planning tomorrow
-listening to motivation tape

Take care everyone

03-25-2014, 12:09 AM
Hello Coaches,

Monday has been a good day. I took youngest ds to an assessment for dyslexia...yes I'm right & he is, and the doctor has a great recommendation for therapy (where she is taking her daughter). Good news is his eyes are great, 20/20 with good tracking and excellent visual skills. The boys all rushed through school today to watch Frozen again before our rental expires.

OP day today for food, actually low calorie :D and extra exercise, walked pup 3X, DVD, plus 3 miles on the treadmill while the boys swam.

maryann I'm sorry you had a difficult Saturday and that your ds did not do as well as he hoped. Looks like you are steadily recovering your maintenance weight - awesome! Oh my, what a morning...IRS and SS both, yikes. After that tomorrow must be a better day!

nationalparker I agree with your opinion on mayo, lots of calories and every restaurant adds 4X what is needed. Hope you survived your stressful Monday.

CeeJay Kudos for an OP weekend. 10 awesome days! Can't say I'd like -20 brr! Yesterday was up to about 80, perfect for a picnic with a slight breeze and no humidity. By the time your temperature is nice, ours will be unbearably hot. Whoohoo for your healthy choices, great credits.

GosfordGirl/Cheryl Awesome for OP eating Sunday and Monday. Great job exercising and congrats on being back to 193. 8000 steps is great!

BillBlueEyes I lucked out that dh doesn't like TJ dark chocolate, so I don't have to share :D Hot fortune cookies sound delicious. I always enjoy your posts.

ladym0208 Happy to hear you are enjoying your salads and were able to stop with one pastry. Kudos for your walk! Glad to hear you enjoyed lunch with a friend while staying OP and resisting the very visible cake.

onebyone Hope your new and improved Spring plan is satisfying and helpful. I understand not wanting to disappoint the trainer, that is part of their ability to motivate people, giving accountability face to face. Hope you are able to get those pounds gone and earn your ring soon. Sorry you are feeling blue, winter always did that to me in the mid-west. It is hard!

flnu Wow, lots of exercise! Hope you enjoy whatever book you pick next.

6crowsgold Hard lesson, but it sounds like it is learned, with a better plan for the future. I find by taking lactobacillis to rebalance my gut ecology that sugar just tastes too sweet and I no longer crave it. Really awesome re-plan and taking the time to think & make changes. You are on the right track!

03-25-2014, 01:18 AM
Monday. Done.

Food, not to bad. 3 miles of general movement. No formal exercise. Still sore from yesterdays long strength training workout.

We delivered a baby calf at work this afternoon. BIG baby boy. :D

Tomorrows food is planned and it's a walking day.:running: Supposed to be 48 degrees.

03-25-2014, 06:02 AM
Hi Coaches

I am finding it difficult to fit things in in the evening. Monday I come home from monster monday knackered and needing to regroup, Tuesday I get home late after gym, and wednesday I teach until late so get home late.

Last night I collided with some popcorn after I posted and it was not on plan. I haven't eaten home made popcorn from scratch for decades. I think I will begin to include it in my plans


Ate on plan today - 100% but I planned a bit much
Planned food for tomorrow - almost
I logged food as I ate it - yes
Weighed in and logged weight - yes up 1 pound
I did planned exercises - yes - went to gym after work. 8000 plus steps as well
I didn't eat standing up - 100%
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - yes x 2
Scheduled time for diet and exercise - yes - spent time planning this morning and worked out work schedule to get away in time for gym

BillBE - you do crack me up - loved the chocolate story and the revelation about the nature of long term relationships. Fresh fortune cookies sound unusual. I like the current messages about cravings from Beck - need to see them

Onebyone - your plan for the trainer sounds good. They don't have the right to be proud or disappointed - it is all up to you. I refuse to be weighed or have fitness judged by my PR. You can get by on your current plans so that is great. Stay strong with your "eye on the prize"

flnu - Credit for 30 mins on the elliptical - I can barely move it so have great admiration. Yay for 36.52 - you are really pushing

6crowsgold - Huge credit for re-planning and strategising after the weekend. Sound like you have it all under control

CeeJay - 10 days on plan - huge! Credit for making all the changes you have to re-energise your progress. Thanks for the idea that being rigid in my plan in terms of what I can and can't eat. I need to smarten up my plan. Hope the scale reflects your great efforts, but if it doesn't tomorrow it will!

Nationalparker - hoping for a report of a great day . Sending supportive vibes to help with a high stress day and al desko eating

Ladym0208 - love your stories of Africa. Great credits resisting cake and other non-planned food. Resisting a cafe menu is a big credit

Maryann - great control when dealing with rigid bureaucracies and bureaucrats. I totally get not weighing when you know the result won't be what you want. But I am trying to turn it into data

Tricia- Great credits for exercise. You are doing so well there.

03-25-2014, 07:15 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Walk, CREDIT moi, included the library where I asked my favorite librarian where to buy those plastic covers placed on library books. I have a favorite book whose dust jacket shows a painting that's part of the story; I'd hate to lose it over time. She reached under the counter; grabbed a cover and demonstrated putting it on my book. Voila, problem solved. I, of course, remain ignorant about how to do this myself the next time I need it since I don't think this to be a normal library service.

Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, included left over vegetable soup for dinner. We consumed it with a huge square matzah each - one amazing amount of food for 100 calories. I find myself with matzah once every handful of years and really like it. A box had wandered into our lives for some strange reason. Only snack was a California Navel Orange in the evening. Today's the day to thank all those working Agriculture who feed us. Thinking particularly of those in California trying to do so with limited water. Thanks all!

onebyone – The end of winter blahs are just the worst. Kudos for checking in anyway with such an upbeat, "Think I'll go do something productive."

CeeJay - Kudos Kudos Kudos Kudos Kudos Kudos Kudos Kudos Kudos Kudos! You're rocking this.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Gotta love the phrase, "knackered and needing" - demonstrating, once again, that English isn't for sissies. Hope you figure a way to conquer those challenging evenings.

maryann - Awesome! You've become Schrödinger's cat - you're both alive and not at the same time. Super Kudos for food shopping while on hold with the IRS. When you write up this story do send it to the New Yorker; it's clearly their kind of tale.

janelle (shcirerf) - Delivering a calf sounds like the best job ever. If one's work requires jumping to somebody else's schedule, I'd just as well jump to a cow's than a desk-sitting boss.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Neat that you have a recommendation for a therapist for dyslexia. Yay for 20/20 eyes.

flnu - Congrats for making a goal for yourself in running the 5K and then reaching it. Fat, Salt, Sugar made me so angry that I'm such a sucker for big food's manipulations.

6crowsgold - It's a proud credit - to total what's eaten so that you stay in the game; Kudos for that as well as "a big Re-Think of my plan and tactics."

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

Anti-Craving Strategies - Behavioral Techniques

4. Distract yourself . . .
You'll probably initially find that you need a pretty strong distraction to get your attention off the food you crave. Many dieters try to distract themselves by watching TV or reading. I've found that most of the time these kinds of activities are just not compelling enough. If they work for you, that's fine. but you'll also find a number of activities that are potentially more distracting in My Distraction Activities Chart on the facing page. Try as many as you can and assess how effectively each works. Rate each on a scale of 0 to 10.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 133.

03-25-2014, 11:10 AM

Monday went well, having been planned in advance and better timing throughout the day. 100% OP.

Today is one of my two "Fast" days per week-500 cal which I'll take in the form of soy protein shakes. These days are actually easier for me than having to make a real plan!

Thanks for the encouragement this week!

03-25-2014, 11:11 AM
Hello to all,

Quick check in (because I was starting to slack on frequency). Food was OP. And I exercised - a brisk walk outside for about 25 minutes and then 10 minutes of fast(er) running. Fit, sweaty, and satisfying. I had intended to do another 5K but I realized that I am still recovering from the last 5K the day before yesterday. I think, when I push myself, I will need two days for recovering, instead of every other day, at least until I get in better shape. My inner athlete, the one I was when I was in my teens and twenties, is gobsmacked by my 44 year old limitations.

03-25-2014, 01:04 PM
I had a nice drop in the scale during my unexpected few days away. And I've been acceptably on plan. My routines that keep my day well-ordered fell away and that meant not posting. But I'm getting that back today.

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +40 1230/1500 minutes for March, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: I finally "saw" 6crowsgold avatar. Tilt your head a little to the right and look for an eye. You'll be mirroring the crow.

GosfordGirl: popcorn is the one after-dinner snack I allow myself on a fairly regular basis. It's satisfying without adding too many calories to the day.

03-25-2014, 02:10 PM
Hello, all! I didn't end up reporting back in yesterday, but I DID do well. Credit for a long, work-filled day until 7 when I arrived home and whipped up a decently light, quick, but salty dinner. No post-dinner snacking, probably because there was no time, but ... at least no munching. Snowed briefly this morning, enough to cover my car and the side roads ... Enough of this winter!

News from my father's oncology appt is that he'll get the shunt implanted this week and start traditional chemo for 4-6 weeks. My brother is handling everything now (LOTS of driving them to appts with mom's dialysis, dr. appts. and dad's, too) ... and then my sister arrives in early April and I go there mid-April. We're all able to help out, so that is good. My sister and I often do not see things the same way (often, heck, almost never) ... and I hope things go smoothly when she's there. She is more dramatic and I'm more low-key, so I think for our folks when I come in after her it's a MAJOR difference and they note it a great deal, which is probably not fair...

I had two days off plan. Two measley days. And I'm up 2.4 pounds. How in the heck does that work? I certainly didn't total more than an extra 500 calories those days.

Bill - I started a note yesterday and didn't post it, but I hope the joyful event of your DS's visit wasn't because he was alone! :) ha ha Side question - I've always called nuts "nuts" ... including peanuts, cashews, pistachios, almonds, etc. Do tree nuts exclude peanuts (others?) and is it for a reason - less healthy/less nutritious?

Aiming for personals tonight if I can... along with a healthy dinner that is so not planned at all yet. Might be a rotisserie chicken for starters...

03-25-2014, 04:55 PM
Hello Coaches.

Today I am hungry! Probably a result of eating less than a net 1200 cal w/ exercise yesterday. So far I'm ignoring it and drinking a big glass of unsweetened iced tea. I will have an early snack and see if that helps. Pup is driving me crazy today barking at the garbage trucks, glad that is only once a week! I'm trying to train him to not bark...we'll see if that works.

shcirerf Have a lovely walk!

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Oh my, your evenings are full.

BillBlueEyes This is what we use to protect our homeschool books - w/ a "bone folder" to apply. It is awesome your librarian was so helpful. Our batch of oranges this time is really hard to peel, so I know the end of season is here...bummer, the oranges have been great!

6crowsgold So glad that you had a great Monday! Happy "Fast" day :)

flnu Kudos for OP food and a walk. Wishing I had an inner athlete, but I've never been athletic! Can not imagine ever running!!

gardenerjoy Congrats on your "nice drop!"

nationalparker Kudos for a good Monday. So glad things are finally moving for your dad and that he has helping hands nearby.

03-25-2014, 09:14 PM
Hello everyone,

So I weighed myself today. I lost 7 pounds in 10 days. Some of that of course was water weight. Such an interesting process to get on the scale after 10 days. My first thought was "yay 7 pounds gone- this is working!" Then some sabotaging thoughts crept in: "too bad it was not more" and "if it was 1 more pound I would be in the 280's again" and "this is going to take forever" and "today I could have a reward." I thought about these thoughts driving to work this morning. There is no way I will be losing 7 pounds every 10 days- I need to be satisfied with 1 or 2 pounds because that is realistic. This is going to take a long, long time. I will be in the 280's next time I weigh myself in 10 more days and no way am I overeating today in some sort of twisted celebration!

Happy to report that I was on plan today. Starting 10 more days, so day 1 is done again. So happy. Am working incredibly hard in keeping my work life in order- not working so many hours, not working at home, and not working on the weekends. I know I have time to do everything I need to do to make weight loss possible only if I keep my work under control and do as many nice things for me as I can. Otherwise things get very tough.

Take care and thanks for reading!

03-25-2014, 11:45 PM
Good Evening, Coaches.

Tracked everything - even the chocolate foraging at school and so ended the day OP. Watched Blue Jasmine and went on a rather embarrassing hunt to buy her faux pearl necklace. Discovered it was from the Chanel 2005 season. Normally, I am not a designer buff but. . . I loved it. What do they call it " a wardrobe staple?" All DH says is "Why would you buy it if it is fake?" MEN.

03-26-2014, 12:10 AM
Found on fb today:

03-26-2014, 05:48 AM
Hi Coaches

I am home and have done the chores and fed the dogs and got my dinner organised


Ate on plan today - 100%
Planned food for tomorrow - yes. Have prepped vegetables and cooked components
I logged food as I ate it - yes
Weighed in and logged weight - yes up 2.4 pounds!!??!
I did planned exercises - no formal exercise - 9850 steps so far and more to go
I didn't eat standing up - 100% (just made it to my desk chair with a morsel from dinner)
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - yes x 2
Scheduled time for diet and exercise - yes - Gym with PT tomorrow

BillBE - I had to look matzah up - looks like a good thing to have with vegetable soup. There is a gratitude exercise which requires one to think about an object (a chair for example) and to think about all the components and all the hands that it has passed through in its creation. It is very powerful and your post about navel oranges reminded me of that

6crowsgold - I am thinking about trying the 5:2 diet and using smoothies and salads on the fast day. Does it work for you to have shakes?

flnu - it is humbling to see and accept that things change as you get older. Credit for not letting that hold you back

Gardenerjoy - good to see you back - and yes - I am about to become a fan of popcorn!

Nationalparker - commiserations for 2 days off plan but you seem to have regrouped. Chemo is not too bad - and he has support so that will be great

Tricia - hungry days are hard so Credit for resisting it and finding strategies. I think hungry days mean that I must be about to lose! Good luck with training pooch :) and thanks for the affirmation

maryann - hope you find the necklace :) - sounds like you deserve it

Ceejay - it was really useful to read your post - it was like a formula for the appropriate thinking steps when one gets in a funk. I can't seem to contain my work to work days at the moment but I am working on it

03-26-2014, 07:44 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – The to-do list is my current nemesis. There'll be some out of town folks here this summer and there's a bunch of items left to make this place look like home. I took on a task that bugs DW a bunch, that's easy to complete and thus hardest to procrastinate about. Off to Home Depot to buy a new timer switch for the bathroom vent fan; the current one doesn't shut off. No joy. They had one close to what I need, but not right. Thanks to Amazon Prime, the exact one I need will be here Thursday. CREDIT moi for choosing to order the one that cost twice as much but didn't have those nagging negative reviews about installation issues that will bug the fastidious.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks. After eating fresh cut pineapple for evening snack I had the thought that an orange would be nice and it's only 100 calories. Then had the thought that my resistance muscle was more important than the calories. My brain is getting tired of this living by a plan. It doesn't really want an orange - it wants unbounded snacking. I know where that leads.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Always Congrats when your scale also votes that you've been "acceptably on plan."

CeeJay - Kudos for waiting the ten days to weigh yourself per your plan. And Kudos again for having a realistic attitude about a reasonable rate of losing. Love the use of "no way."

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Yay for "planned in advance and better timing." A successful Monday bodes well for the week. When I wore a pedometer, "9850 steps so far" would drive me crazy enough to walk down the street 75 steps and back, LOL.

maryann - Kudos for tracking. Quietly letting the whole necklace thing pass as if I understood anything.

nationalparker – Continuing to send supportive thoughts for your father's treatment. It's a bit surprising how strongly one "salty dinner" can show up on the scale.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Love the optimism that you'll just train your pup not to bark at garbage trucks. Kudos for countering hunger with a big glass of unsweetened iced tea. [Thanks for the link to library supplies. I didn't know that civilians were allowed to buy all that stuff.]

flnu - Smiling at [I]"gobsmacked" - it's on my Bucket List to use that word with a straight face. It's on that short list of words with high impact by their sound. Wish we were face-to-face so I could hear you say it. And Kudos for being thoughtful about your exercising limits.

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

Anti-Craving Strategies - Behavioral Techniques - 4. Distract yourself.

After you've tried a number of techniques, make a list of the most helpful ones in your diet notebook, starting with the activities that were most effective. As you discover additional possibilities, try them out and add them to your list.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 133.

03-26-2014, 09:45 AM
Good Morning!

Yesterday's fast went well, completely OP. Like I said, it's easy to do compared to regular days.

I'm writing this while stepping at my snazzy Elliptical Tech Desk. I came in early this morning to assemble it. Surprised I can type and step at the same time...

Gosford Girl I watched this video from Dr Michael Mosley who wrote "The Fast Diet" and have been trying it for the reputed health benefits. Here is a link to the very entertaining video:

I almost always have a soy protein shake for breakfast whether I'm fasting or not, it's easier for me since breakfast is hard to get down.

Today I have a meal plan and my low tech recording device. Hoping for a good day and wishing everyone here has success throughout the day!


03-26-2014, 09:59 AM
Good Evening, Coaches.

Tracked everything - even the chocolate foraging at school and so ended the day OP. Watched Blue Jasmine and went on a rather embarrassing hunt to buy her faux pearl necklace. Discovered it was from the Chanel 2005 season. Normally, I am not a designer buff but. . . I loved it. What do they call it " a wardrobe staple?" All DH says is "Why would you buy it if it is fake?" MEN.

Tell your husband Jackie O never wore real pearls ... all she had were faux.

03-26-2014, 12:44 PM
I tried to fix allergy malaise with food. It actually works while I'm eating. But the malaise comes right back, which tells me it's just the distraction not the food. I have zero-calorie distractions that work just as well. I'll be focusing on those instead.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +50 1280/1500 minutes for March, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

03-26-2014, 05:03 PM
Hello on this windy Wednesday coaches!

Pizza day here again. I'm planning on one slice since I don't have any leftovers to pack. Will take veggies to go with it. Lost another pound today, hurray! Sometimes it seems so slow, but then I remind myself that all the changes I'm making I can live with long term, so they are more likely to last.

Exercise today: walk pup 3X, DVD, treadmill while boys swim
Food, OP about 1800 cal.

CeeJay Hurray for 7 pounds gone and even better for resisting the sabotaging thoughts! :bravo:

maryann LOL about your dh! Had to look up the necklace, beautiful! Great job tracking your food even when it wasn't fun.

Cheryl/gosfordgirl Kudos for food OP and prep for tomorrow. 9850 is a lot of steps!

BillBlueEyes Oh my, to-do lists always get me! I love our vent fan timer, since now I no longer have to follow the boys around to the bathrooms turning them off all day! Awesome resistance muscle. You can find just about anything imaginable to buy online with the right search terms. Library quality book protection is necessary when trying to have books last through 3 boys.

6crowsgold Kudos for OP fast. Hope today is great for you as well.

gardenerjoy Allergies are horrid here. We are all suffering and meds barely help. I'm just realizing it is also probably why I feel so tired. The wind today is NOT helping!

03-26-2014, 08:25 PM
Hello, all! I did well on plan for breakfast and lunch and then stopped at the market on the way home for a quick run through that wasn't so quick and was pricey. Came home HUNGRY despite buying a drink, too - a splurge of a diet fountain soda that I'm sure is no health splurge, but ... still... so I came home and "taste tested" about 220 calories of stuff I bought. ARGH ... I switched up the meal, too, since I didn't have time to cook the turkey meatballs and get everything done without running late, so thanks to Tricia's pizza night, I'm having pizza night with the personal shells. This will be a day at the top end of my 1300-1500 range that seems to be the spot I lose weight if I'm basically inactive.

I need to reread Beck and find things on self-sabotage. I find it interesting that as I was going from one thing to the next here, I was wondering if my dad's procedure was painful - called my brother but didn't catch him, and then grabbed my ultimate comfort food - a small hunk of a baguette and a thin slice of cheese. I think I need to adopt the "food will not fix anything and it'll break me" welll, maybe not BREAK, but ... Boss was literally yelling so loudly today people in other departments walked by to see the issue. Frustrating. OH I FORGOT - I picked up a snack that was 140 calories today after being proud I didn't snack at work - a rarity now (snacking there) ... but right after the blowup I went to the snack machines and got a chex mix baggie. Phooey. I'm starting to suspect that I, too, am a stress eater as well as a boredom eater. :) Or I just want the "unbounded snacking" as well and look where it's leading me, Bill ... Scale is definitely not budging at all to see that 167 again.

Have tickets to a nice downtown theatre for "Other Desert Cities". I've not seen that performance before, so we'll enjoy a nice treat again this weekend - finally redeeming a voucher from an auction.

Sorry for what ended up as a near-journal entry here.

03-26-2014, 10:20 PM
Good Evening, Coaches.

So many good reminders in the posts today. Food was messy. I keep thinking "Slouching toward Bethlehem" with Bethlehem being bed. Kitchen is closed at 6:00. No reason to enter it again.

6crowsgold: I am a fan of protein shakes as well. I use pea protein. I tolerate it better. It is nice to not have to think about one meal.

ladynredd: Great info :)

AZtricia: Thank you for the reminder that the changes I am making here will last forever. I have changed so much.A good example is struggling to remain present while hovering two pounds from maintenance instead of waiting for a ten pound gain and facing the exact the same situation.

BBE: Good reminder that my resistance muscle is more important than the bite of food I want.

nationaparker: Superdrag to have a boss that screams. Boy, that would do me in. I grew up with a father that screamed. I don't need to have to listen to it as an adult. (Although I am guilty of a occasional scream at my family. Unacceptable. It is a good reminder to myself that innocent people are on the receiving end.)

03-27-2014, 05:27 AM
Hi Coaches

I have had an at the desk day after I did gym this morning. But I don't seem to have achieved a lot (was trying to take the pressure off Sunday). I spent some time on sorting my plan and meals for tomorrow. I have decided that the changes I will make to diet for the moment include:

Trying a 2 day "fast" (calorie restriction) per week (thanks 6crowsgold for video to add to my reading about it)
Usually GF, no grains and beans/legumes (but will occasionally indulge, eg popcorn)
I will keep carbs reduced but at the level of 100g per day not as low as usual. Will have gluten free bread!
Lots of veggies and salads and more fruit
On fast days I will stick to smoothies and salads - need to develop which ones to have

I am looking forward to see the results and how I feel

BillBE - I can see why you would do those extra steps - I have been known to sprint around my flat to reach a number! Credit for drawing the line for snacks and showing us the way

6crowsgold - thanks for the link. I have been reading his stuff for a while and before that have been trying intermittent fasting (IF) by eating in an 8 hour window between 11 to 8pm - but this looks more manageable. I agree, the health benefits look good. I am also a smoothy for breakfast person!

Gardenerjoy - hope the allergies pass. Yay for distractions although not sure what distracts you from feeling really bad

Tricia - I have yet to find a good gluten free pizza as my local really has closed down :( Glad you have things in control. It is really sensible to think seriously about what is sustainable in the context of your life = very sensible advice. Yay for 1 pound down again

Nationalparker - they do say that you shouldn't shop hungry - 'they' seem to be right! I have done exactly the same thing. Sending thoughts for you and your father - it will impact on lots of decisions you make even if it isn't obvious

CeeJay - credit for 7 pounds down. I like your rational approach to that amazing figure - it is so like my own inner dialogue so huge credit for identifying the flaw in the thinking. It is a keeper and I have copied it for my response cards


Ate on plan today - a few readjustments for the rainy cold weather - 100% for adjusted plan
Planned food for tomorrow - yes
I logged food as I ate it - yes
Weighed in and logged weight - yes - down 2.4 pounds and steady as she goes hopefully
I did planned exercises - Gym this morning - tough - about 7500 steps
I didn't eat standing up - 95%
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - yes x 2
Scheduled time for diet and exercise - yes - dog walk tomorrow

03-27-2014, 07:08 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Not a particularly productive day. Oh Well. I did reach out: I'd picked up a coffee table book of local black-and-white photographs from the library. After a quick read, I realized that a friend who does similar photography might enjoy this. Then realized that I know him to patronize our same library. So, after a few emails I dropped the book by his house; he'll return it to the library. Slightly expanded walk, CREDIT moi, with a chance to solicit his help planning a basement fusion reactor to avoid infrequent but annoying power failures. Don't tell anyone - you probably need a permit or something.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, with no serious challenges. It's still colder than matches my notion of March while our to-be-planted-on-Saint-Patrick's-Day peas just sit here. Cape Cod had a real blizzard - albeit with little snow, just high wind misery. We escaped.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for "zero-calorie distractions that work."

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Congrats for "down 2.4 pounds and steady as she goes hopefully." Kudos for getting your eating plan clear.

maryann - Kudos for pulling off the "Kitchen is closed at 6:00" strategy. Thanks for the excuse to go read Yeats, The Second Coming (,The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

nationalparker – You're doing well with a bunch on your plate right now. It's a good time to be sure you're avoiding judging yourself. Big Ouch for unwanted tensions at work - especially from the very folks designated to be supportive. Kudos for having "a voucher from an auction" which, in my world, means you made a contribution to some fund raiser you believe in.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Just what I needed to hear today, "the changes I'm making I can live with long term."

6crowsgold - I feel the energy of your "snazzy Elliptical Tech Desk" while reading your post. Kudos for planning and executing that.

ladynredd - Thanks for bringing Jackie O. into the conversation. Feel free to join us here.

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

Anti-Craving Strategies

As you follow your diet plan and tolerate craving after craving, you'll find that cravings definitely diminish. You won't have to do battle whenever you see your favorite foods. it'll be such a relief to know that you can resist foods you haven't planned to eat, even if the urge to eat is strong.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 133.

03-27-2014, 10:20 AM
Good Morning,

GosfordGirl Hope you enjoy the video, he's a very engaging guy as he goes off on his adventure to try all the latest discoveries in "anti-aging".

BBE "basement fusion reactor" sounds a little "Mad Scientist Lair" to it!

Broadcasting again from the "Tech Desk", stepping [elliptical-ing?] as I type. Definitely decided to keep this contraption since yesterday went so well on it.

Yesterday, I faced the day with a meal plan written down and checked off everything as I went. This kept me OP for the day, so today I'm doing the same.

Last night I lurked all over the forum looking for inspiration and found a bit. Mostly I feel a little out of place due to my age [over 55] and my pipe dream to be at a weight I enjoyed in my thirties.

What I like about Beck is that, in the phrase "Problem Solving" it seems to emphasize the "Solving" more so than the "Problem". Guess that's why I'm here.

Have a Great Day!

03-27-2014, 11:52 AM
Hello Coaches,

OP today. Tennis lesson last night and ran 5K today. One really fun thing about getting back in shape when starting from such a dismal baseline is that I set a new personal best practically every time I do anything.

I wanted to give a shout out to whoever (Ceejay?) posted about the self-defeating approach of "Oh this is working. I will do something else now." That formulation keeps coming back to me when I am tempted to "do something else" like not stick to my plan. Then I think about what you said and remind myself, oh yeah, stick to what works.

6crowsgold: Yes, I really like Beck’s problem solving approach. For me, it was huge when I understood that I do not have weight problem, I have a behavior problem. I can do something about my behaviors.

BBE: I want to know what’s on the rest of your bucket list, and now I CANNOT be there when you say it with a straight face because I will totally start giggling and ruin it for you. I’m going to mommy-jack your personal again, but I just found out that my six year old has a bucket list. She put swinging from a rope into a lake on the list.

Cheryl: I’ll be interested to hear what happens with your intermittent fasting experiment. I learn so much on this thread! For the record, I am not a smoothie at any time person. Maybe I should be more open-minded.

Maryann: LOL here for you DH and the necklace.

Ladynredd: You win for best first post.

Nationalparker: Yelling, particularly at people who are not in a position to yell back, is completely unacceptable. I would lose all respect for a boss who yells. Unprofessional to the nth degree.

Tricia: Well done for OP and exercise. You manage the pizza days well. That is still a very tough one for me. Thanks for posting the sign – that was good to remember.

Joy: Hope you feel better soon.

03-27-2014, 10:03 PM
Hello Coaches!

Today has been OP. Rotisserie-ing two chickens again. I decided to try a new exercise DVD that I've not done before. I have the T-Tapp: Step Away The Inches. Did the instructional section today, it is TOUGH! It will be good to add some variety and the techniques it teaches will help when I'm on the treadmill. But for now it just reinforced how out of shape I've become. :(

nationalparker Hope you enjoyed your pizza night. Did you see the post on the Beck blog? It had some great responses to sabotaging thoughts recently.

maryann You've come so far and it is wonderful that you are willing to face the 2 pound gain and not let it become more.

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Kudos for going to the gym. Lots of veggies and salads sounds like a great plan as the fiber will be filling. There is no gluten free pizza around here either, except homemade!

BillBlueEyes Kudos for the walk and sharing with friends!

6crowsgold Kudos for OP and written plan keeping you on track.

flnu Are you still enjoying tennis? Kudos for quick improvement and keeping your eyes on the positive! Pizza is getting easier because I want the results more than the pizza, but I have to plan on not being too hungry when I approach the smell because I don't have a resistance muscle that is up to that challenge!

03-27-2014, 10:44 PM
Better day for me, mentally. Rushed home after work on a rainy day to "whip up" which to me cannot be rushed but I did, spaghetti and turkey meatballs, tomato salad (which was terrible). The main dish came out delish and we enjoyed a table set with fine china and dined by candlelight for no reason at all other than enjoying a meal with the one I love. Not light, but portion was reasonable, not restaurant-sized. On to Friday..

03-28-2014, 05:04 AM
Hi Coaches

Today was disorganised and a bit all over the place and I didn't take a grip on food - just let it sort of evolve. That doesn't work for me at all. I need to take the time over the weekend, in between trying to get chores done and prepare classes, to make a clear map of food for next week. I need to empty the veggie drawer over the week and I need to plan 2 "fast" days for the week. I think I will make Wednesday and Friday the fast days. I am not sure I can do it but the benefits seem real so I will try for 4 weeks and see what happens! If it is too horrible I will go back to eating in an 8 hour window each day.

Summer persists and the weather is hot (above 80 most days at this time of year), cloudy, and very steamy (over 80% humidity). Like you I am a bit over it and want to swap seasons with you :)

I am trying to keep up the gym and food prep even when busy - I can't quite reclaim my weekends but I can maintain some healthful activities and planning.

Bill - want to see this basement fusion reactor and find out what it is for - almost as intriguing as the uses of gobsmacked

6crowsgold - I can't believe your organisation funded your desk - it sounds/looks amazing and puts the standing desks with treadmill in the shade. Certainly a cure for "sitting is the new smoking"


Ate on plan today - Nope - hadn't planned popcorn last night but had it; hadn't planned hot chips but had them today
Planned food for tomorrow - not yet
I logged food as I ate it - yes - today I had some foods that I can't put into MFP
Weighed in and logged weight - yes - same as yesterday so it is steady!
I did planned exercises - no exercise planned
I didn't eat standing up - 50% - ate hot chips while I shopped for veggies - not good at all
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - yes x 2
Scheduled time for diet and exercise - yes - planning gym tomorrow

03-28-2014, 07:40 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Gym, CREDIT moi, was good because the Amped Arms and Abs class pushed me and I couldn't do all 50 reps of all the exercises happening. Oh Well. I did better than the last time I took it. Glad I'm doing a class that's a stretch. The other seven participants were much younger with admirably fit bodies. Walk was to an evening event with DW. We walked home past two restaurants that we didn't know had appeared - both added to our list.

Food was on plan, CREDIT moi. I planned to make dinner out of the light evening reception and that worked out. I did eat at the high end of my plan. I was ready to leave and DW was deep into a conversation with a friend who happened to be there so I ate some more. That's not the preferred response to being kept waiting, but I still kept the eating to good enough.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – Neat focus, "I am trying to keep up the gym and food prep even when busy."

nationalparker – Monster Kudos for "enjoying a meal with the one I love" - what a fine appreciation of life. How can a tomato salad be terrible?

Tricia (AZtricia) - Kudos for taking on an exercise that pushes you. Thanks for the link to Beck's discussion of Sabotaging Thoughts when attending two eating events in one evening. I particularly liked, "My wife won’t know about it, so it’s okay."

flnu - LOL at "personal best practically every time." I do enjoy when I'm at that stage of a new quest. That reminds me why maintenance just doesn't stroke the endorphins. [Congrats for raising a DD whose Bucket List sports one of life's true joys - swinging from a rope into a lake. (Quietly removing you from the invitation list to my next Bucket List recital.)]

6crowsgold - Is this desk ( similar to the one you're typing from? Neat insight that Beck seems to emphasize the "Solving" more so than the "Problem".

Readers - day 13 Overcome Cravings

what are you thinking?
The following are typical sabotaging thoughts with helpful responses. Make Response Cards for any you think apply to you.

Sabotaging Thought: The next time I have a craving, I won’t be able to tolerate it.
Helpful Response: I couldn't tolerate cravings in the past, but now I have lots of anti-craving techniques that I can use, which will make the craving to away. Besides, the discomfort of cravings is mild compared to the discomfort I felt when _________________. I tolerated that, and I can certainly tolerate cravings.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 133.

03-28-2014, 08:12 AM
Hello friends,

My horror month is over so now I am back :-)

Tonight is just me re committing - tomorrow I will:
- weigh in;
- plan the following days food;
- meditate;
- exercise;
- do my back exercises;
- only eat sitting down.

It is so awesome for having you all here to re commit to.

The other thing i will do is give myself credit - yay to me for being here, recommitting the first day after the horror ended.

I haven't been reading posts so i hope all is going well for you all. I look forward to catching up on your news.

03-28-2014, 09:22 AM
Good morning,

Off to the office- just a quick check in. Last night I was visited by hunger and cravings. I did eat off plan but stopped way before I wanted to. So that's something. Moving on...

Hope everyone has a great day and ForMyGirls- glad whatever happened is over and good to see you back. The wonderful thing about this group is they are always here when we are ready.