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02-28-2014, 11:17 AM
Hey guys, I thought I would start a new thread. I figured we could forego the by the month thread and just have one!

A place to check in, stay accountable and share your C25K's success!

Here are some helpful threads from the past:

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There are lots of (Free!) C25K Apps out there both for IOS and Andriod!

Zen Labs - C25k (http://c25kfree.com/)

Couch To 5K - By The Active Netowrk (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/couch-to-5k/id448474423)

Non-app workout plan here (http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml)

Some more info (http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/get-running-with-couch-to-5k.aspx)

Welcome to C25K! We are all runners now! :running::woops:

02-28-2014, 11:21 AM
Wednesday I competed W4D2! Woo Today will be D3. I fully intend on repeating this week as I am fairly certain if I try to jogging for 5 minutes 3 times, I will in fact die! :lol:

Sounds like everyone is still chugging along!

Rated and AwShucks - Are you guys ready to dive into to week 5? And I didn't think about it as a combined jogging time before.. I've always just been super stoked to be able to jog for a minute AT ALL! 16 minutes is CRAZY :)

02-28-2014, 09:12 PM
W3 down. I ran two days in a row and regretted it, so never again. Not so much because it hurt, but my legs were SO tired it made the run really unbearable. Then my shins hurt for the rest of the day. So start W4 on Monday, hopefully that will give me a couple of days to rest my legs a bit.

Good luck for your week's coming up everyone!

02-28-2014, 09:55 PM
I am planning on starting W5 on Sunday. I thought I might repeat week 4 but the difference between W4D2 and W4D3 was huge for me. I was struggling on the 5 min sections but yesterday they were definitely doable. Silverfire you might be surprised by the difference as well. But I have repeated a lot of weeks so it could be a good idea.

What I am worried for is W5D2 and W5D3. 8 min running sections and day 3 a 20 min continuous run! I think I might repeat W5D1 for the entire week instead.

02-28-2014, 09:57 PM
Hey Silverfire! I'll be moving on to the infamous week 5 on Monday. Finished wk4 day 3 after work today. I'm doing my best not to listen to my podcasts ahead of time so don't psych myself out and just do what they tell me to do. Week 5 is 3 different scenarios, and I think it might be better to be a surprise! I do know that day 3 is the 20 minute run. Not sure I can do it, but I'll try. I felt today that I might be able to do a little longer than 5 minutes... We'll see.

I'm awfully slow, though. Seriously, people who are speed walking pass me when I'm running! ha! Everything I've read says run as slow as you can -- if you can run slower, you're going too fast. And, I'm running in time with the music provided.... I don't know. I'm just moving and that's a good thing.

My podcasts told me that it added up to 16 minutes. I probably wouldn't have realized that either. It also said that this week we ran for more time than we walked. Now, that's progress! :running:

Hi Lilmiss. Keep up the good work! I'm finding that my legs tire out before the rest of me, too. Surprisingly, catching my breath is not as hard as I imagined, but I have to will my legs to keep moving when I'm nearing the end... I hope that gets easier.

I had lunch with a friend today that I hadn't seen in a while and told her I was "teaching myself to run" -- and she proceeded to tell me that after being a long-time runner herself, she decided that it was too much stress on the body and joints to run and that I could get the same effective workout without putting that much pressure on my body. Ugh! Why couldn't she just say "Way to go! So glad you're being active." I just sat and listened... She really just wanted to talk and didn't ask much about me. So much for "friends." It's so good to have folks like you guys on this forum to "talk to".:hug:

03-01-2014, 07:10 AM

Hi there; can I come and play? I usually hang out in the 40+ threads, but I've just started "running" so I've been checking out the threads here for warnings/advice.

:running: I downloaded the free version of 5krunner and ran the free bits (4 sessions) in a figure 8 in my living and dining rooms as preparation for running outdoors (because outdoors is NOT flat) and then started over with day one. It was hard, but I did it :)

I plan on repeating a lot, so I should be here for a while, :lol: but hope to be able to run 5k over any terrain (as I said, Switzerland is not flat) by the end of the summer. Just wanted to say 'hi' and thanks for all the helpfull posts and links so far! :carrot:

03-01-2014, 12:33 PM
Hiya! I've been kind of stalking the February thread, and I'm so excited to be able to join you for this new one! I finished C25K after my first kid and was running 3-5 miles a few times a week before I got pregnant again. I had this baby in January and just got cleared by my midwife to start strenuous exercise again, so I can't wait to start running again.

Honestly, I'm kind of nervous this time. I'm about fifteen pounds heavier and in overall worse cardiovascular shape than I was when I did it last time, but hey, repeating the occasional week won't kill me. I'm planning to start W1D1 on Monday. I'm a little disappointed that I'll have to do it on a treadmill for a while, since my only way to get out there without my kids is to take advantage of my gym's free childcare. Treadmills are so much more boring than doing it outside. But still, running is running, and I'm excited to be here. :)

03-01-2014, 06:45 PM
Welcome MagicSusan and BigChiefHoHo! So glad there are others joining us! I don't have anyone "in real life" to discuss running with, as everyone I approached about starting with me a month ago turned me down! And, the few people I've told about my progress aren't supportive or just aren't interested.

Running is so new to me that I'm dying to talk about it! :) One of my most vivid memories of elementary school is huffing and puffing when the coach told us all to "run around the big tree" - maybe half a mile. I was always the last one to make it back to the playground, and I can distinctly remember how my lungs burned as I tried to catch my breath. With that memory, I've NEVER considered running as an adult. It continues to amaze me that I can do it and that it's not killing me! ha!

Best of luck to you both and keep us posted! And, Susan, I'm 48, so we have that in common!

03-01-2014, 06:45 PM
AwShucks Yes! Legs..feel..soooo...heavy!!! I can control my breathing but I can't control my legs. I am also very slow. I'm just concentrating on making it through the running, once I feel more accomplished then I will worry about speeding up. I'm hoping it will get easier both as I get more used to the running + continue to lose weight so I don't have to drag so many excess kgs/lbs around!!!

You Week 5 guys are scaring me!!!! Eek! It is inspirational having people ahead of me... Reminds me that it's doable!

:running: Hi BigChiefHoho & Magicsusan

03-01-2014, 07:08 PM
AwShucks - I don't remember much about running except avoiding it as much as possible. In gym class, whenever we had to run the mile, I would just walk and be the last one to finish because I didn't want to be embarrassed about huffing and puffing after running (and probably being the last one to finish anyway). I was surprised last time to find how much I really liked it.

lilmisschattabox - I'm totally the opposite. My lungs are killing me before my legs feel a thing. And I'm super slow too, but we can always speed up later after we can run for more than a minute or two, right?

Anyway, I just finished w1d1! It was hard, but not as bad as I was expecting. I mean, I finished it! I was kind of expecting to have to work up to it. I'm almost tempted to go a bit harder on the walking portions (I just did 3.0mph) to burn a few more calories, but I think I'm going to wait. It'll get harder on its own soon enough.

03-02-2014, 06:09 PM
May I ask what C25K is. I'm new around here lol

03-02-2014, 07:22 PM
Welcome, ChicaCoy! Couch to 5K is a running (actually more like walk/jog) plan that gradually gets you from sitting on the couch to running 5K in 9 weeks. You can see the outline of the program, here (http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/).

Here's (http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/couch-to-5k-plan.aspx)another site with an explanation, and the podcasts that I downloaded to guide me through it.

Give it a look. I knew about it for a couple of years before I finally determined I'd give it a try. I'm really amazed that it's doable at my size. I thought runners had to be super light!

03-03-2014, 03:29 AM
W4D1 (can't believe I'm up to W4 already!!)... and it was okay! I just kept my pace slow and steady and I made it through. So I was pretty happy with that :)

BigChiefHoho I really concentrate on my breathing when I'm running (in through nose, out through mouth) and continue to breathe like that when I get to the walking parts, which helps me catch my breath and set me up for the next running portion. It's starting to come automatically now and I haven't had probs with my breathing like I did in the beginning. But yes, I'm definitely waiting until I'm a bit more proficient at the running for a period of time thing before I start speeding up. I figure if I'm moving, it can only be a good thing!!!

03-03-2014, 06:20 PM
Thanks for the links. I will definitely check it out

03-03-2014, 10:16 PM
Well, crud! I went to the gym after work and my ipod was dead! :eek: So, I couldn't start week 5 tonight. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm going to get up early and run before work in the morning. I'm just excited to see if I can do it and also to keep on schedule. I have a strength training class tomorrow after work, so I know I can't do it afterward.

I walked and read on the treadmill tonight, and it's been a while since I've done that. I do a hills program and keep it around 3mph. I did notice that I didn't sweat as much as before. I wanted to run so I could see just how fast my running is, but there were too many people around. It's different when I'm on the track - people don't bother me as much. On the treadmill, I feel like the sound of my feet echoes!

Hope everyone else is doing well! Keep on running!

03-04-2014, 08:01 AM
Hi Awshucks! I often post in the 40s threads, but I try not to join too many cause I can't keep up, lol, but if you ever come over I'm generally there too.
I'm enjoying it so far, but to be honest, that's not very far. I did the first week and a half of c25k in my house, then started over outside- it's a lot harder on "real" ground. I've done two runs up in the forest and I'm reasonably proud of myself. The weather turned, yesterday, and it was cold and gross and drippy, but then I thought, "if I can get through it today, I'll have no excuses in the future (unless they are legitimate, lol)." I also have fairly traumatic memories of running, but that was kind of why I wanted to do it- to try it at my own pace and give myself a chance to suceed, because normally, I wouldn't even try for the bus!

Aaaaand- I had to run a block to get the bus last night and I caught it! Mwa ha ha ha ha, I own that bus now! The bus it MINE ha ha ha ha...

Hello Big Chief and Chattabox and everybody... I hope to see you often over the next several months :D

03-04-2014, 10:24 AM
Ugh - I tried to repeat W4D3 yesterday and just couldn't do it. It was a new treadmill, it was really different than the other ones I had been using. The speeds seem totally different, what felt like decent walking pace on the other one was 2.8-3.4 while the new one I was walking at 4.5-5.5 and jogging at 7. I should have a closer look at the settings today maybe. So many buttons to push!

Hope everyone else is keeping on keeping on!!! :D :D

03-04-2014, 05:47 PM
W1D2 down! I'm feeling good about completing this week on schedule and moving on to the next one. I was afraid I'd have to repeat the first few weeks, but I'm thinking that won't be an issue (until things get harder around week 5, anyway...).

lilmisschattabox - Good call on the breathing. I tried to focus on that today, and it helped quite a bit.

AwShucks - How'd your early morning workout go? I always hate getting up in the morning to exercise, but it makes me feel AWESOME for the rest of the day.

Magicsusan - I did mine outside today instead of on the treadmill, and you're totally right. MUCH harder! But it was also a lot easier for me to stay motivated and felt like it went by a bit faster because of the changing scenery. All in all, I'd say outside is better, I think.

03-04-2014, 10:55 PM
Well, I lied. I did not run early this morning. We had freezing rain overnight and it was just too cold to get out of bed! But, I did the first run of week 5 tonight. I missed the beginning of my strength training class (most of the leg work) so I just went right on to the track afterward. My podcasts repeatedly say this is a mind game, and they're right -- you just gotta get through each step.

Rated How are you doing with week 5?

Magicsusan, Yay for catching that bus! Isn't it great that running can be put to good use!? I'm going to imagine your Swiss forest while I'm going round and round on the track at my gym. :)

Silverfire When my gym got new treadmills, I asked to see one of the manuals so I could figure things out. No one was there to explain things... how are we supposed to know how to use a new machine?!

lilmisschattabox Yay for Week 4! 9 weeks sounded like LONG time in the beginning, didn't it? We're about half way finished!

BigChiefHoho You're movin' on... week one will be over before you know it!

03-05-2014, 12:56 AM
Magicsusan – That must be so nice running in the forest you must have some awesome scenery for your run; even if it is cold and drippy. Sometimes I feel so bored stuck on my treadmill.

Silverfire – That is tough not knowing the correct pace on a new treadmill. I have noticed even walking/jogging at a slightly faster pace than what I am used to really makes a difference near the end of the workout. At least now you know if you use that treadmill again to slow it down a bit.

BigChiefHoho – Congrats on finishing W1D2. Nothing wrong with repeating weeks (I have done it a few times), but it is so cool to see your body complete tasks you didn’t think were possible. I am sure you will continue to surprise yourself as you continue through the program.

AwShucks – I do not blame you for skipping the early run, especially a morning after freezing rain.. Good for you though not skipping it entirely and getting it done! What did you think of week 5 day 1?

I planned to reapeat W5D1 a few times but I didn’t find the three 5 min runs too bad so today I moved on to W5D2. It was HARD! The first 8 min section was okay but about 5 mins into the second 8 min section I thought I was going to die. I completed W5D2 but I don’t think I am ready for day 3 yet. I am going to repeat day 2 at least two more times so that I am better prepared for the 20 min run.

03-05-2014, 05:34 AM
Silverfire, I'm sorry about the dead i-pod; music and a little voice saying "run, now!" are a fantastic motivator. I always say "yes sir, drill sergeant" when the voice tells me to run. Don't worry, mostly I say it inside my head. I've never been on a treadmill- I find buttons really intimidating :D and am taking advantage of our lack of winter. Good luck figuring it out- I don't envy you!

BigChiefHoHo and AwwShucks, like I just told Silverfire, I've never even been on a treadmill. Running through the forest is the ultimate goal, anyway- but I want to be in good enough shape to enjoy it, lol. And you're right about motivation- I love looking at the moss and trees and stuff. I can totally see why a treadmill works for some people (convenience if you have small kids who are napping, no weather worries- because, as I said, we haven't had much of a winter. If I even *think* there might be ice on the ground, I am not going running) but at the moment, the forest is really working for me :) If I had had freezing rain, I would have been doing some exercises in the living room or waiting for it to clear up too!

And, Rated- I don't know how to post pictures here (other than my avatar) but it's really nice. Fresh air when you're struggling to inhale enough is goooood! Will you be able to run outside when the weather starts to behave? Meanwhile, I'm trying not to let your reports of week five scare me, lol

So, I just did week1, day3 today. I thought I was going to die, because I was so knackered and I hadn't even heard the voice that says "you're half was through" yet, so I pulled out my iphone and lo and behold, I just hadn't heard it! I only had one more one minute run to do and I did it!


About breathing, though; it's not too much of a problem, but my left nostril slams shut if I inhale too hard, which doesn't help. I went to and ENT who said the surgery needed to correct it is pretty invasive, so I'm taking it easy and trying to improve my cardio capacity to the point where I'm not snorting air so much.:(

My other option is to wear one of those charming plastic thingies that keeps one's nostrils open. No.

03-05-2014, 09:42 PM
Magicsusan - If your avatar is a picture of where you run I am very jealous it is so green! My favourite thing during the running sections is to look at my ipod and see that there is less time than I anticipated left makes me feel hopeful :)

I have thought about running outside once it warms up (-30 to -10 right now) but it is all dirt roads which get very muddy in the spring. I have signed up for a 5k so I want to have some practice running outside before since I know I will find that more difficult.

And don't let my reports of week 5 scare you. Honestly I have a love hate relationship with this program but seeing what I have been able to accomplish in such a short time amazes me! I can't believe the difference between now and week 1.

03-06-2014, 12:26 AM
On week 7 now. I have been taking my time, should have finished by now but happy to enjoy a week or bi weekly run as I love to walk and ride too.
Never thought I could run 25 minutes.

03-06-2014, 10:19 AM
Haven't been able to get in a run yet this week. Met again with a trainer yesterday and by the time she was done with me, there was no way in h3ll I was going to run! I'm going to attempt a W4 repeat today.

03-06-2014, 10:43 PM
I planned to reapeat W5D1 a few times but I didn’t find the three 5 min runs too bad so today I moved on to W5D2. It was HARD! The first 8 min section was okay but about 5 mins into the second 8 min section I thought I was going to die.

It totally agree, Rated! W5D1's 5-minute runs were a piece of cake compared to the next day's 8-minute runs. I felt the same as you on W5D2. I actually had people say I looked tired when I was leaving the gym. I was beat! It was the first time I actually thought I might not be able to move in the morning. But, surprisingly, I felt really well today and had lots of energy.

I'm going to attempt the 20 minutes tomorrow night. Not sure I can do it, but then... I have felt that way before every new routine presented so far. We'll see. You guys are the first ones I'll tell if I make it! Or, I might shout it from the rooftops!:carrot:

:welcome2: noshoes Way to go on running 25 minutes! Keep us posted on your progress. It will be nice to have advice from someone ahead of the pack.

03-07-2014, 10:08 AM
Bah! I was all ready to do another repeat of W4, started the app and was on my way. About halfway through I realized I was on W5D2!!! OMG!! It was about 4 minutes into the 8 minute run that I just couldn't handle it anymore! I Might as well dive right in to W5D1 next week! I'm going to have to switch up my running days to offset training days I think. There is no way I will be able to both!

03-07-2014, 11:11 AM

Had a rather discouraging run today; various app misfunctions that resulted in my not hearing the voice prompts, so I was just sort of randomly walking and running, then, when I got that sorted, I didn't realize the app had re-selected the day! I was just thinking that the 90 seconds of week two didn't seem any longerthan the 60 on week one... I had done w1 d3 again instead of w2 d1 :(

I ran a little extra and even uphill some, but I was already miserable because all I have to run in are capris, and it was freezing this morning, literally. I never managed to properly warm up and my calves felt tight and crampy. Pooh. :mad:

Rated, yes, that's my forest. I embrace the mud! :dizzy:

No shoes, lol on 25 minutes; I wouldn't survive 3 at this point, I don't think!

wow, Awwshucks. You're scaring me! I am going to be sooo thrashed when I get past week three!

Silverfire- I guess I'm not the only one with app problems. Mine seems to refuse to play nicely with my map my run :(

Next week, I'll try week 2 properly, but later in the day. I went running first thing and it was really cold! In the afternoons, it's supposed to be 10c or more and sunny. Have a good weekend, everyone!

03-07-2014, 04:01 PM
Yay, C25K thread! I like the ongoing threads better than monthly. There is such a wealth of information. Thank you for posting all the links in the first post! So helpful.

[Background... I did a lot of lot of LOT of research when I first did the program in 2009. I completed it, then fell off the running wagon. I only ran sporadically after that, mostly as High Intensity Interval Training (60-90 second sprints). I decided I needed a regular, sustained, form of exercise - then I realized how OUT OF SHAPE I was on a hike with friends - so I went through the program again in mid-December.]

I finished a couple of weeks ago (did two 30-min runs on a treadmill, all previously were outside).

:carrot::jig::cb::dance::dancer::broc::yay: :woohoo:


I fell off the wagon again. I didn't run for nearly 2 weeks. BOOOOOOO What is UP with that? :?:

I "ran" to the gym last night, thinking I could get close to 30 min in before my class ... NOOOOOOOPE. I ran around 8 minutes and was pooped. That's what 2 weeks off got me.

SO - I think I am going to have to repeat some weeks to build back up to 30 minutes. I'm thinking the 10' + 10' combo is a good place to start. But yeah, even 8 minutes was exhausting so maybe I should go back to the 5'+5'+5' (W5D1?).

Then, once I get through the program again, I have to inspire myself to want to run 30 minutes at a time. C25K is fun, like a game, or at least a challenge to overcome. Somehow I have to find this appeal in everyday running. My plan was to just run 30 minutes at a time, working on speed but clearly I didn't follow through.

I don't want to run further than 5K (and I never got close to 5K [3.1 miles], I ran maybe 2.25 miles in 30 minutes) ... So a 10K training is not of interest to me. One idea is to go through the entire program again, running "faster" but that is hard to judge if I don't do it on a treadmill. I suppose I could figure out how to use a tracking app to determine my speed.

Anyway, not sure of my exact plan yet, but I am getting back on the C25K wagon! I'm pretty sure I won't have time to run today because of work :( but I will get out there ASAP and check in here regularly. Y'all lovely C25Kers are very inspirational!

03-07-2014, 04:04 PM
oh and sorry to hear about the app malfunctions! I have had my share for sure and I am so dependent on 1) my music and 2) my lady's voice prompts (even for the 30-minute runs) that I have just given up when one or the other doesn't cooperate. Sad but true. Someday I hope to be a "real" (ish) runner again, like I used to be, able to just run without tunes :p

03-07-2014, 10:40 PM
Hi everybody! Guess what? I DID IT!! I ran for 20 minutes! :woohoo:
Really, minutes 3-8 were the hardest. I thought, "What the heck made me think I could do this?! It seems endless, and my legs are already SO tired." And, then, I don't really know what happened. Maybe I got into "my stride" and it was just predictable - methodical - know what I mean? "Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you'll get through this.." My podcasts are so inspirational -- the lady kept saying I could do it, and I believed her!

I measured my distance by counting the laps around the track, and I ran just over 1 mile in 20 minutes (11 1/2 laps, and 11 is a mile). That tells you how slowly I run! ha! But, dog gone it, I RUN!!! I still can't believe it...

Y'all, don't let the coming weeks intimidate you. YOU CAN DO IT! The program is proven, and if all the people who have completed it can do it, we can, too. Every week I'm not sure I can do it, but somehow I do.

Sorry you guys are having technical difficulties. The one day my ipod cratered, I couldn't run. I didn't even attempt it. I NEED my inspiration!

Silverfire It definitely helps to schedule what you'll do and when. I run Mon, Wed & Fri and do strength training on Tue & Thu, and a barre class (i guess it's light weights & resistance training) on Wed before I run. Weekends, I rest. This week, because of the ipod problem, I ran Tue & Wed, following my workout, and by late Wed, I was toast! But, on Thursday, I just did strength training and recovered enough to run today.

:welcome: Emma I agree. The program is like a game to me, too, and a huge personal challenge. I've wondered what I will do upon graduation, when I don't have a plan. I don't think I want to run more distance, either, but I do want to have a reason to keep on running. I definitely need to work on speed, but I haven't read a lot about how to do that. Guess I'll have to do more research. Once we're all through, maybe we can hold each other accountable for running 3x/week no matter how long, far or fast we do it. We could be our own little runners club!

03-08-2014, 02:25 AM
Congrats AwShucks!!!! I am so excited to hear that the 20 min run went well for you. I still think I will repeat W5D2 but I at least now I know someone who survived W5D3!

03-08-2014, 01:30 PM
So I just finished Week 1! Not much to report. It went fine, and I'm really excited to start week 2 on Monday. :)

EmmaD - I had a similar problem last time I finished C25K. I always do SO much better when I've got a plan to follow. Maybe you could try something like this (http://www.halhigdon.com/training/50934/5K-Intermediate-Training-Program) and focus on setting new PRs for the 5k?

AwShucks - Congrats! 20 minutes is AWESOME, no matter how fast you do it!

03-10-2014, 01:18 AM
BigChiefHoho - Congrats on finishing week 1. Keep us posted on how week 2 goes.

So I got on the treadmill tonight with the intention of repeated W5D2 since I had found the second 8 min run so difficult. Then I thought that instead of repeating day 2 I would jog for as much of the 20 mins as I could then walk for 3 mins and then finish the rest of the 20 mins.

I wanted to assess myself to see how long I would be able to go for so I knew how many more times I would have to repeat day 2 before I was ready to attempt the 20 min jog.

Well I completed the 20 min jog! and it wasn't that bad. I actually found it easier than the 8 min runs because I wasn't waiting for my break (I knew it wasn't coming).

Thank you AwShucks for posting about completing the 20 min run. It was actually your post that made me think that I might as well give it a try and see how far I could go for.

03-10-2014, 07:46 AM
Okay, getting frustrated with my app now. I'm wondering if MapMyRun and 5krunner are just fundamentally incompatible, because today I think it ate a couple of run sequences. I think it ate the first one completely, and the second one literally told me to stop running about 15 seconds after it told me to start.
I ran for ninety seconds. It was so much harder than 60! I was like, "hey, who poured the cement in my lungs?!"
I did it. :carrot:

EmmaD, those voice prompts are like Forrest Gump's drill sergeant aren't they? I'm like, "I will do it for YOU, disembodied voice!" lol. but it really helps, doesn't it?

Oh, Wow! Awwshucks, that's fantastic! You're an inspiration to me, that's for sure. The idea of failing scares the heck out of me, but then I remember that the only run I need to worry about is the next one, and if for some reason I conk out, I'll just repeat it, no problem. That keeps me going, and I'm sure I'll get to 20min someday!

Bigchiefhoho, just make sure next week when you do week two it's actually week two, and not w1d3 again like I did, lol! I've got to get my bloody aps sorted!

Rated, I guess it's possible that the 8 minutes you did primed you for the 20 minutes, right?
Also, I just have good days and bad days, days when I'm feeling weaker and days when I've got more energy, so perhaps everything just came together on your 20min day! congrats!

See you all on Wednesday. I'm just ploddin' along, here....

03-10-2014, 10:07 AM
Well, I was moving through this program. I've lost my weight, and was taking about a month for each week on the program. (So, three months to reach week 3 of the program). That's because despite being active, my knees, glutes, and hips were very weak.

I just took a 25th wedding anniversary trip, and have been actively doing my physical therapy to improve knees and hips. But, the walking in Greece, combined with my overzealous dedication to the gym, has HURT my hips pretty bad.

I will be resuming low load exercises, laying off the squats and single leg deadlifts, clamshells, lunges etc... for a couple more weeks, and try to get my hips to not be angry any more. I'll reintroduce the lighter resistance exercises first.

If you haven't been a runner, and are over 50, even if you're fit and active, the C25K program can be hard, or even impossible, until you build up your hips, glutes, and quads.

I pass this discouraging story on, because sometimes its 2 steps forward, one step back.

I need to do PT much longer, before I restart this program. The good thing, is it let me know that the treadmill - unlike the elliptical - can give me much better feedback on how my glutes and hips are doing. The downside, is overuse of can QUICKLY - really quickly - lead to hip bursitis.

This sucks, frankly. Healing is slow.

03-10-2014, 08:40 PM
Just finished w2d1! A lot harder than week one, even though it's not actually that much more running in total. I wish I had a nice little disembodied voice to pump me up. Staring at the second hand on my husband's watch is way less fun.

So, I've been looking at 5k races that happen around the end of my 9 weeks (optimistic, ain't I?), and the choices are a leeeetle bit overwhelming. Do I want to support the women's shelter? Lupus research? Kids with blood-clotting disorders? Tough choice! Leaning toward the kids, though, because their race has a t-shirt and is close to home. And scenic. I like scenic.

But anyway, my problem is that one of the races that I'm looking at is at the end of April, though, which'll be in week 8 of c25k. On the one hand, I love the park it's in (wetlands preserve, very pretty) and it's supposed to be a really great race. On the other hand, I won't have actually run 5k yet by that time. What would you do? Risk having to walk, or wait for a later race to be sure I can run it all?

Way to go on the 20-minute run, Rated! Always nice to find yourself capable of something you never expected.

Magicsusan - Did w2d1 today, and holy crap you're right. 90 seconds feels ten times as long as 60 seconds. But hey, we did it, yeah?

delmarva - So sorry you're injured! That really sucks. Sounds like you've got a decent plan for moving forward, though. And Greece sounds like it'd be amaaaazing.

03-10-2014, 10:22 PM
Hi y'all! Looks like everyone is moving on! Rated, you must feel great. Doesn't 20 minutes feel like you finished a marathon?! Way to go!

Yes, MagicSusan, I think I definitely have good days and bad days, too, as each week gets harder, but that lets us know we're progressing, right? Hang in there everybody.

Delmarva brought up some points that really needed to be made. Everyone will not have the same experience on this program. If you try it, keep an eye on your body's reaction to the stress of running. I never dreamed I could run. I was sure it would be too strenuous for my joints. But, so far, it's not. Please keep in mind that "your mileage may vary."

Tonight I moved on to W6D1 -- 5 min walk, 5 run, 3 walk, 8 run, 3 walk, 5 run, 5 walk. Honestly, I was expecting this to be a piece of cake, but it wasn't. I have no way of knowing for sure, but I think I upped my speed a bit, and it was definitely warm in the gym today (no AC on), and I felt a little more winded as I continued. I completed it, but found myself having to catch my breath a little more during the walk segments. No one said it would be easy, right? :)

03-11-2014, 06:44 AM
:hug: Delmarva, I'm so sorry you're being plagued! It's really demoralizing when you've made the decision to get a healthier lifestyle and you have to fight with all these unhealthy setbacks! I did do a *lot* of research (since I'm still 235lbs/106k) because I didn't want to knacker my joints. It still seems to be a bit of a crap shoot, though, doesn't it? There always seems to be someone who took no precautions and started running in their Chucks at 300lbs who has no problems, and someone else who does everything right and still does damage :?: I hope you get it all sorted out quickly, and can stay active while you heal!

Big Chief Hoho, I live with the hope that w2d2 will be survivable since we have done w2d1 and lived to tell the tale! :lol: As for the races, why wait? I would go for the pretty one, it sounds like an amazing experience and who gives a turkey if you have to walk some of it? You can run it again next year, and compare your times!

Tomorrow is my next run. I weighed in this morning; lost the 300g I had gained before last weigh-in. :( I feel like my muscle/fat composition is changing, but all the same, I'm dragging around about 100 extra pounds and I'd really love to see some of it go! :cry:

See you all tomorrow after w2d2 :yikes::faint:

03-11-2014, 01:48 PM
I appreciate all the concern expressed here.
I shared my story, because actually I have gotten quite fit over the last year. After losing the weight, I swim twice a week, play water polo another night, and use the rowing machine, elliptical and free weights on other days. Even got my resting heart rate down from 74 to 59! I do interval training twice a week - so I didn't have problems with huffing and puffing on the C25K program.

But, that made no difference to my poor hips.

I should have known I'd have these problems when I first tried using a treadmill. Elliptical machine - no problem. Treadmill - it made my hips hurt.

My physical therapist, after totally rehabbing my 2 shoulders (multiple cuff tears), had just started working on my knees and hips with me.... one problem at a time. So it was my OVER-EXUBERANCE to undertake C25K, before building up muscle strength in those joints.

So, if you feel an ache in your hips, even if you're otherwise fit, you may want to sidestep, and build up your glutes, hamstrings, knees and hips first. Runner's magazines focus on this a lot, so it's no surprise.

Don't do like me, and decide to push it too much. The ache is a good warning sign. I should not have been fooled that being fit in other ways meant I could ignore the hip pain.

I'll be back!!!!! The exercises were working; I was just pretending I was 20 years old again, I guess.

03-11-2014, 03:50 PM
Hey everyone, checking in.

I'm still hung up on day 1 of W5. Now that I am working with a trainer, I don't seem to have it in me to go for a run after that! Imagine that ;) I'm planning on trying to get running in on alternate days now. I will get past day 1 of W5!!!

I'm glad to see everyone else still trucking along :)

03-11-2014, 11:16 PM
Hi Silverfire -- You're paying for the trainer's time and expertise, so I know that you want to give that your all. I wouldn't blame you if you decided to give this up and start again later in the year. Hang in there if you can! You're SO close to finishing!!

MagicSusan -- You had to bring up losing weight! :) Since you mention it, I've not lost a pound since I began this program. In fact, I've put on about 5 lbs. I've recently recommitted to lowering my carbs again, and hope to see the scale budge. I, too, feel more muscular -- well, maybe just not as "squishy" as I've always been. ha! How can exercise be bad, right? Even if it's not burning off the fat, it's got to be doing our bodies good.

How's everyone else doing with weight loss while going through the program?

03-12-2014, 12:51 AM
MagicSusan - That is really frustrating that your apps won't work together. I have you thought about downloading a difference couch 2 5K app? I know there are lots out there maybe you could find one that works better with MapMyRun.

BigChiefHoho - Go with the race in April even though you will only be in week 8. Honestly week 8 is almost 30 mins of running anyways and it will also keep you on track. If you have to walk some who cares.... I am sure you won't be the only one.

Silverfire - Glad things are going well with the trainer. If you don't have any energy left afterward you must be doing something right.

AwShucks - My weight loss has been pretty steady while on this program but I am also eating a calorie deficit and weight lifting 3 times a week so who knows what is actually causing the weight loss. But I wouldn't even care if I lost any weight since I can feel my cardio improving in day to day life.

Today I was sore and tired from my weight work out yesterday so I decided to repeat W5D1. I attempted W6D1 and even though it had walking breaks the first 5 mins took everything I had so I knew I wouldn't make it through 8 mins.

03-12-2014, 06:06 AM
Hello, everyone. I think I've figured out my app problems; This morning I didn't even start MapMyRun and I still didn't get my voice prompts, so I think it's because I started my itunes first and then 5krunner. Friday I will try MMR, then 5krunner, *then* music. Did running just get too complicated? :dizzy:

Anyway, I survived w2d2. It still feels shorter, even though the running is harder, but I think that's because you only run a total of 6x, instead of 8 like at the end of week one. So far so good- no joint pain, and I do finish the running segments, even if I am panting in a really unattractive way by the end of them, ha ha...

Delmarva- yeah. I keep forgetting I'm 46. It's weird, isn't it. The inside of my head is still 30, can't the rest of me be? :p

Silverfire, even if you're not advancing, I think there's probably still a lot of good in maintaining at w5d1- as opposed to slipping back to earlier weeks, I mean. When you've kind of got a handle on the other training, you can move on... I just mean, don't injure yourself overdoing it, cause that will definitely slow you down!

AwShucks- I definitely feel firmer. My lungs feel bigger too, :lol: But I read several articles about how people tend to gain a bit before losing when they take up running (or many other strenuous exercise programs) because the muscles are hogging water to repair themselves. I know this running is good, I'm just ready to see some of the weight go!

Rated, I'm dead cert I'll be repeating some days as the weeks get tougher- even if it's a repetition, it's still exercise, and still doing your body good. And FWIW, those 90 second chunks I did today were quite long enough, thank you :lol:


See y'all Friday. :carrot:

03-12-2014, 02:03 PM
Thanks, magicsusan and Rated, I think I'm gonna go ahead and sign up for the April one. The only hitch is that my husband may or may not be out on a carrier at that time, but if he is we'll figure something out. It'll be nice to have something specific to train for!

I just finished w2d2, and it went... okay? Harder than w2d1, for some reason. Not sure if it was because doing it on the treadmill was super boring, or I had the treadmill set faster than I was running outside, or because I missed breakfast and was running low on energy. Regardless, I finished it, so it's all good.

03-13-2014, 06:46 AM
Hi guys! Quick check in as it's late here. I've been sick, so i've been out for a week. Did my first run again this morning. Initially I felt pretty tired, then I hit my stride in the middle and then felt okay, then felt really tired again at the end. Feeling pretty wiped now. I want to run again on Saturday but we're meant to be getting a cyclone here - not sure that running in a cyclone works so well!?

Glad to see everyone is still chugging along :)

03-13-2014, 10:42 AM
Hi Lilmiss! Sorry you've been sick! And, glad you're feeling better. Way to go in picking things back up where you left off! A cyclone! :eek: Stay safe!

I'll be moving on to the last run of W6 tomorrow. I listened ahead to my podcasts, and it's 25 minutes straight running! Argghhh! This intimidates me even more than 20 minutes. Not sure how it's going to go, but so glad I have this group to discuss things with!

PS The scale finally moved this morning! Hallelujah! Happy day!:carrot:

03-14-2014, 06:08 AM
:whoo: W2D3 :woohoo: Did it! :high:

Think I've finally got my app sorted too; you know how updates can sometimes do weird random stuff- turn on your bluetooth and stuff? I think it rearranged my settings so I got banners but no voice prompts...

Anyway, It wasn't that hard, and mentally, it might have even been easier because the longer the run chunks, the fewer there are of them, know what I mean? When I've done one, it's "oh, only five more" not eight or something. I am a bit pooped, though.

BTW, I'll be disappearing at the end of March for several weeks hols- might be able to log-in abroad and am hoping to be able to keep up with the runs enough that I at least don't have to back track...

BigChiefHoHo, I would not make it without breakfast. Even if it's just a banana and a glass of milk, I would much rather skip dinner! Hope you survived w2d3, see you in week three, lol :devil: :D

Lilmisschatabox, good gravy! A cyclone! Hope it all works out, timewise (that you get your run in somehow) and that none of your trees decide to spontaneously rearrange themselves!

Awshucks, how did your 25min run go? :cheer3::cheer3::cheer3:

Might check in on you all (especially you, Chatabox!) over the weekend...

Monday: W3D1. Feel the fear. :fr::yikes::spid:

03-14-2014, 11:24 PM
Hi everybody! Well, running 25 minutes did not kill me, I'm glad to say! Yes, it seems surreal to even type that! After the 5 minute walk, I just set an easy pace and kept at it. It did seem long, and a little boring -- but you have to consider that I'm just going round and round an indoor track (running around basketball courts!) I wish I had the confidence to run outside because the weather has been really lovely lately. I think I just need to prove to myself that I can do the program "my way" (on the track - with very few spectators) before I take things public - know what I mean?

However, every time I'm asked to do more, I can do it. That's just the greatest feeling! I hope all of you are feeling it, too. I've never been an athlete so to know without a shadow of a doubt that what I am doing is making a difference in my body is just so satisfying.

I don't run again until Monday, and I have no idea what comes next. I choose to be surprised by W7! Happy running everyone! And, thanks for letting us know you'll be gone for a while, MagicSusan -- We might've thought that you ran right off one of those lovely Swiss mountaintops! PS: I know just what you mean about the mental aspect. Fewer but longer runs seem a little easier, even though you're running for the same total time frame. It must be one of the little "tricks" they put in to keep us progressing to the next level.

03-15-2014, 12:44 PM
Hope y'all don't mind a newbie jumping in.

I have started posting a little over at MFP but the support is ho hum. I'm doing c25k for the second time after a long recovery from a major injury. The last time I started I was in much, much better shape. I'd been doing months of hard core cardio and weight training. This time, I skipped all that (so sick of mindless indoor cardio and weight DVDs. I live too rural for going to the gym to be doable). I did walk a ton and do some cardio prep. Just not as much.

Anyway, the coolest thing about this go round is that my 13 year old son is running with me! It's so nice to have a running partner, especially one I don't have to feel embarrassed about huffing and puffing in front of.

We have finished w5d2. The big 20 min run is looming!! My kiddo was feeling under the weather so I did w5d2 by myself once and then again with him. When I did it alone I felt so awesome after the second 8 min run I walked the cool down then decided to just run. Ran a little over .80 of a mile straight. Not sure of the time, my timer tweaked out me. When my son and I did w5d2 together, if felt easier the second time. Still nervous about the 20 min run, but I think we'll be able to do it.

Before my injury (I was hit by a truck out on a run) I was running 3-4.5 mile runs a few times a week and loving it. I hope I can get back to that!!

I'm excited to find an active thread with other folks working their way through the program.

03-15-2014, 01:11 PM
Hi Tafadhali! So sorry to hear about your injury. I live in Houston, and running on the streets has me fearful for just the same scenario. People in vehicles just don't want to share the roads! It's amazing that you've recovered enough to want to run again. Yay for you! And, it must be fun to have a buddy to experience this with that's on the same level - such a good example for your son, too!

You and I are on about the same level. I just finished W6. Don't be afraid of the 20 minutes. You can do it! It's just amazing how the program works. I've had to prove to myself that I can run - didn't really believe that the C25K would work for someone overweight. I have mistakenly believed all my life that all runners were tall, lean people who must be 'lighter than air'. So much for that! :)

Keep us posted on your progress. I think just hearing everyone's experiences helps. I really don't know what my reactions/experiences to/of running should be - this is new territory! It's great to know that it's just as intimidating, as well as thrilling to all of you, too!

03-15-2014, 09:05 PM
Finished w2d3 yesterday, and I'm feeling more-or-less ready for week three. I'm thinking that I might do the distance option instead of the time option (I mean, "run 1/4 mile then walk 1/4 mile" instead of "run 3 minutes then walk 3 minutes" or whatever it is), since I'm doing it on the treadmill and can see exactly how far I've gone. That'll make me run for longer, which is scary, but I think it might prepare me better for my 5k at the end of next month. Anybody else try doing it that way?

magicsusan - I'm with you about the pre-workout food! I think it WAS the lack of food that made me feel so puny for w2d2, because I made sure to have a banana before doing w2d3 and I felt a lot stronger. Good luck with week 3!

Congrats on the 25 minutes, AwShucks! I know what you mean about running with spectators... On the occasions when I run outside, I walk almost forty minutes to get to a secluded trail so no one can see me run. I don't mind exercising in front of people at the gym, because we're all in it together there, y'know? But I'm really nervous about running in front of non-working-out people.

Welcome, Tafadhali! I'm doing this for the second time too. Last time I did it, it worked great and I got to running 3-5 miles three or four days a week. It was awesome. But then I moved and got busy and got pregnant again, so here I am doing it for the second time.

03-16-2014, 04:59 AM
Survived the cyclone!! It wasn't too bad, I think it was downgraded before it got to us, but a lot of rain and wind.

Started W5D1 today. Luckily the weather cleared up so I could squeeze a run in. But it was soooo humid after the cyclone that I really felt like I struggled more with the run. I'm going to repeat D1 on Tuesday, then I'm going to finish out W5 and see how I go. Bit nervous about the 20 mins!!

Hi Tafadhali!!

03-17-2014, 01:38 AM
I started C25K last year, made it through week 3, then found out I was pregnant. I was considered high risk so my doc said no to anything high-impact. I'm three months postpartum now (with a beautiful little boy) and decided to start C25K all over again on March 5th. The first two days went great, but the third? Not so much. I was just starting to get a cold and decided to push through it. I'm not sure if it made me any sicker but it certainly didn't help . . . the cold hit me hard! The hubby had to stay home from work a couple of days to take care of the little one so I could rest. The congestion's mostly gone now so I decided to start completely over again tonight, figuring I can jump into week 2 when I feel ready.

Tonight went pretty well and I'm feeling pretty good. I was so determined to run my first 5k last year, but now I'm hoping for this summer! I absolutely hated running when I was a kid and had no idea I'd be so set on accomplishing anything like this now that I'm in my late 30's. :lol: Anyway, I wanted someplace to stay accountable and also wanted to say hi to my fellow runners. :wave: I'm using the C25K Free app on my iPhone and am working on some new playlists. :D

03-17-2014, 06:23 AM
Ha! Well, I may regret saying this, but w3d1 wasn't too bad. Again, I think part of it is that even though the runs are longer (1.5, 2.5, 2.5, 1.5) there are only four of them, so it's not so hard to push through. Also, the 2.5 min of walkies between the two long running periods seemed really long. I kept thinking, can I run now? Is it time to run again? :broc: I therefore award myself the dancing broccoli and hope it doesn't turn out to be premature when I collapse on Friday :D

25 minutes! :bravo: Lol on the mountaintops, Awshucks. Alas, it does happen from time to time, but I am not too near the alps, though I can (in clear weather) see them from my patch of forest... I'm not leaving for another two weeks- I'm interested to see how the running goes on holiday- lower elevation, more humidity... hmmm...

:welcome2: Tafadhali! 3FC has made a big difference to me- I also hang in the 40+ thread as well. I only started posting in this thread a few weeks back when I decided it was time to run. Good luck on taking up the running again, but since you're already on week five, it sounds as if you're doing very well :lol: Anway, about prepping: I went for a walk (about 5k, about 100m elevation change) several times a week for months before I started running. Then I ran the first two weeks in a figure eight in my living/dining room and after that started over with w1d1 outside, since real terrain is harder to negotiate than hardwood floors :D Sounds to me as if you were certainly adequately prepared!

BigChiefHoHo, sounds like a good idea, the distance vs time thing for your particular goal. For me, it doesn't matter so much, and since I've finally got my recalcitrant app to work properly, I'll just stick to that. When (if) I finish (survive) the app, I will still have a few things to work on. Where I am jogging right now is pretty flat- not running up any big hills. So I was thinking of going back a couple of weeks and incorporating hills, but I really won't know till I get there how best to proceed. The other thing is improving speed. Susan<:snail: :joker:

Lilmisschattabox, glad to see you haven't been transformed into a human kite :D I'm curious to see how the humidity will effect me as well!

Hello Elladorine! Congrats :bb: and welcome! I also never reckoned myself a runner- but I find myself enjoying it now because I don't have to compete with anyone but myself. I'm using 5krunner.

Hello to everyone else, see you all on Wednesday!

03-17-2014, 01:43 PM
Just got back from the gym, and w3d1 is done! You were totally right, magicsusan - only having four runs makes it feel a lot easier even though they're longer. I'm feeling really good now. I did the distance option, and it worked out to just slightly longer on the runs and a lot longer on the walks (like 5 minutes for the longest walks), so I think it actually made it easier this time, but I looked ahead to next week and I think it'll work out to be quite a bit harder then. We'll see how it goes.

Elladorine - Hi! Congrats on your baby (I creeped through your signature link and he's ADORABLE)! I've got a new one too; she just turned two months old on Saturday. So we're kinda in the same postpartum boat. :)

03-17-2014, 02:56 PM
Hello Elladorine! Congrats :bb: and welcome! I also never reckoned myself a runner- but I find myself enjoying it now because I don't have to compete with anyone but myself. I'm using 5krunner.
Thank you! :) Yeah, it definitely helps to compete only with myself, to be able to go at my own pace and do everything on my terms.

Elladorine - Hi! Congrats on your baby (I creeped through your signature link and he's ADORABLE)! I've got a new one too; she just turned two months old on Saturday. So we're kinda in the same postpartum boat. :)
Aw, thank you! :) That must be your little girl in your avatar? Such a cutie!!! :^: Is she your first or do you have more? I'm still new with this whole mommy thing, lol.

* * *

I'm still a little under the weather so I'm ecstatic that last night went without a hitch. And I'm still annoyed I got so sick when I had just barely started, but what can ya do? But it's why I'm not pushing myself to get on with week 2 just yet. We'll see how I feel tomorrow night!

A little backstory on myself: starting on March 5th was very symbolic for me; I was at the end of a massive regain at the end of 2011 when I found out I was pregnant. I was terrified! Although I'd already lost quite a bit, stress had hit me hard throughout the summer and fall so I was about 25 pounds up. I was exhausted, cranky, overwhelmed, could no longer even bend over . . . how I was I going to be able to handle being pregnant and taking care of a baby in my condition? :( I felt even worse for even thinking such things when I had the miscarriage in mid-January. :( I knew I had to take control of my health again, so I sat down and had some long talks with myself. I'd always wanted to be a mom and knew I had to change my priorities if I ever wanted it to happen. I read some books, wrote out some plans and ideas, and gave myself time to mourn. And for whatever reason, I chose March 5th, 2012 as my "reboot" date and promised myself that was the point of no return. When the date arrived, I was ready with a journal to start recording my meals and activity. I worked my butt off! By my first anniversary, I'd lost over 50 pounds, giving me a total of 150 lost since my highest weight and putting me at my lowest weight since junior high! (I was already 250 pounds by the time I was 14 years old and until recently, had never gotten anywhere under 220). I had just started C25K around then, and had just signed up for the gym to get use out of the pool.

It was less than a month later that I found out I was pregnant again. :preg: I was ready this time! I felt strong and capable and had already been taking great care of my body for a year. So although I had to cut the running, I continued to walk and at least had the pool. I continued to take care of myself in addition to the growing baby, keeping up with my health journal and doing my best to make great choices. :)

The little one arrived in mid-December, and after discussing things with my doctors and getting over the hurdle of PPD, I felt that restarting C25K on March 5th was perfect. Not only was it the second anniversary of my health reboot, it was the day my little guy turned 12 weeks old. About 2 weeks before I decided to do a test run, and found I was able to do a quarter mile non-stop (albeit slowly, lol). That got me extra excited! Way back when I was at my highest weight of 360, I could barely walk from one side of the room to the other! I'm so proud that I've come such a long way and can't wait to finish this program!!!

Being able to run is amazing. :) It makes me feel strong and capable of anything!

03-17-2014, 07:47 PM
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the warm welcomes! Wow, so much nicer than MFP. Yay!! I love that so many of us are in the same boat starting and restarting this program. Post babies, post life, etc. It always feels good to know there are people who understand what you're going through when you set a new challenge for yourself.

Well, the kiddo and I finished week5day3 today. 20 minute run really wasn't a problem, of course we're slow as can be. Covered just under 1.5 miles. We did it though and lived to tell the tale.

My peroneal tendons in my left leg are giving my fits. I fractured my left ankle about a year ago and it's been grumpy ever since. From my 5th metatarsal up the side of my calf where the peroneals run was really ouchy for almost my whole jog this morning. Not sharp pain, but very crampy tight.

I'm trying to formulate a plan to keep full blown tendonitis from setting in. This morning we did a cardio warmup (from Fitnessblender), then stretched, then the 5 min walking warmup that's part of C25K. I still felt really, really tight. I'd guess it took the better part of a mile for my muscles/tendons to warm up and relax because only the last bit of my jog was relatively pain free. Very frustrating!! I bought some KT tape today, I have a foam roller. I don't know what else to do to get my legs warmed up better though. I feel better later into runs. The first mile always sucks, but it's sucking more than it should.

Other than that, I felt great! Ha! Don't sweat week 5 y'all. By the time you reach it you'll be ready. The 20 minute run wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. If my darn tendons would relax, it'd actually be enjoyable.

03-17-2014, 11:01 PM
Tafadhali, Is the injury you're dealing with part of the running accident that happened to you? Ugh! It's just a shame that even happened! Honestly, you must be one strong lady to have come through that and still want to run. God bless you! I don't think I've ever had the kind of feeling in my tendons that you describe, but as I was reading it, I wondered if massage would help. Then, you said you had a foam roller, and with the right angle, that would be a good massage. Is there a physical therapist you could ask for advice?

MagicSusan & LilMiss - I live in high humidity every day. We get only a handful of dry days a year (my hair loves those days!). I'll be interested to see how the humidity affects you. It seems normal to me. lol

Hi Elladorine! You can run along with us! You and BigChiefHoHo might need jogging strollers!

Silverfire & Rated, are y'all OK? Just checking...;)

Tonight I did W7D1 -- it's a straight 25 minutes again. It wasn't that difficult, surprisingly. The first 5 minutes were probably the hardest , but I kept a steady pace, so that I didn't really sweat and I could turn up the speed when she said I only had 1 minute to go. So, I'm really starting to think that I'm running too slowly. But, then, I guess this is where you make those adjustments and go onward and upward, right? I've been happy just to finish so far, and I've kept the pace slow to avoid crashing before the finish line. Tonight I did just over 15 laps in 25 minutes. I need to do the math to see if I increased my speed from when I did W5D3. It seemed faster tonight...well see.

Happy running folks!:D

03-18-2014, 02:13 AM
AwShucks I am still here. I am visiting my family out of town right now so I have skipped a few running days I hope to get back on track tomorrow since my dad plugged the treadmill in for me today.

It is good to read about how everyone else is still doing and see posts from some new people :)

And congrats on 25 min straight you are my inspiration.

03-18-2014, 10:28 AM
Aww shucks, Rated. I don't think I've ever been anyone's inspiration -- at least not athletically! Thanks! That means a lot to me!
I did a little math (just a little - I get confused!:dizzy:) I think I'm running just under 2 miles in 30 minutes -- no where near 5K! Gosh, that's eye opening! I'm not going to let it get to me, but once I "finish" the program, I'll have lots of work to do before I actually get to a distance of 5K. Those of you that are covering the distance program, what's your experience in time?
Concerning fact: On My Fitness Pal, in the exercise reporting section, the lowest speed to choose for running/jogging is over 5mph. Duh! It'll be a while before I hit that.

03-19-2014, 12:21 AM
W8D2 done today. Week 8 is 28 minute runs but I am trying to run until I get to 4km so a little longer.
I am surprised that I have come this far, almost completed c25k program. I still remember the first day, so exhausted and slow. Then my first unbroken km...

03-19-2014, 12:23 AM
4km took me 30:10 last time, today I did it in 29 minutes. I think 3.2km is 2 miles - I was managing that in 25 minutes a week ago.

03-19-2014, 12:25 AM
I can't imagine ever running 5km, especially in 30 minutes.

03-19-2014, 04:54 AM
My first 8 min run tomorrow morning... wish me luck!!! Haha, I accidentally started the 8 min run yesterday when I went and I wondered why 5 min felt like SOOO long, so I'm kind of dreading it now. On the plus side I only have to run TWICE. And when I do 20 min I only have to run ONCE! So there's a silver lining to every cloud ;)

03-19-2014, 06:31 AM
BigChiefHoHo- I know the time of the runs (or in your case the distance) has increased, but the 2.5 min walkies almost feels a bit long, doesn't it? Still, 2.5 min running! :hug: We did it! I've just done week3day2 today, which means you're probably going to be doing it too- do you also take sat and sun off from running? I'm just asking, because I feel as if even though the Monday and Wed runs were exactly the same, the Monday one was somehow easier... Maybe because I had two days to recover, or just coincidence.. We'll see.

Well done, Elladorine! I wish I could back up time and start a little earlier too (I mean, earlier in relation to the ages of my children- just to set better examples) but we are where we are and my eldest (17) has just started running from zombies, so I think they are realizing how much happier I have been since I started taking care of myself.

Tafadhali, could you maybe get help from a sports therapist for you tendons? In any case, good luck. (BTW, I also do Fitnessblender's Easy Cardio Warm-up before I do my dumbbells :D) And congrats on doing 20 minutes!:cp: I'll get there someday.

Awshucks, you intrigue me. I'm enjoying the running, but the segments up until now have been so short that I never really felt I had time to get into a rhythm, if that makes any sense. I'm only on week 3, but today I felt toward the end of the longer run (we're talking 2.5 minutes here, so don't anybody be impressed :lol:) that it was actually "happening," like I was in a bit of a rhythm and could have gone on a bit longer. Then it was time to stop. Curious to see about longer runs (Friday- 3minutes :carrot:) in light of your first five minutes being the hardest comment...
I'll certainly report back about the humidity vs. elevation thing either during or after my hols, depending on access.

Lilmischattabox, I like the way you think! One run and you're halfway there :lol:

As for choosing the wrong day on the program; I've done that. I've done it all. Now that I finally figured out why I wasn't getting my voice prompts, had one day with no hitches. Today? Managed to accidentally put the phone on silent mode. Why is nobody telling me to run? Hmmmm.... :lol: I am soooo awful with machines! I look forward to the day when it's just me and my mossy feet!

Have a great day, everyone, see you Friday!

03-19-2014, 10:31 AM
I'm still here, just lurking for the time being :) I haven't been progressing for a little while, but I'm still truckin!

03-19-2014, 01:00 PM
Hi Elladorine! You can run along with us! You and BigChiefHoHo might need jogging strollers!
Thank you kindly! :running: Ooh, hubby and I actually talked about picking up a jogging stroller back when I was still pregnant; he knew how important starting this was to me. But my SIL gave us a [regular] stroller that they don't use anymore, so we decided to hold off on spending on it. For now I just run at night so he can watch the baby, but we're planning on getting one in the next few months. :) I think it'll be really fun to take the baby for a run, especially when he's old enough to really enjoy the scenery!

Well done, Elladorine! I wish I could back up time and start a little earlier too (I mean, earlier in relation to the ages of my children- just to set better examples) but we are where we are and my eldest (17) has just started running from zombies, so I think they are realizing how much happier I have been since I started taking care of myself.
Thanks! :hug: And, well . . . it's never too late! :) While I was pregnant I often thought of my own mother and how frustrating it was that she was always too tired and/or sickly to do anything with us as kids, and I vowed to become the kind of mom that's active and involved. And nothing against my mom (or anyone else), as she had her own demons to deal with, but I don't want to face the same struggles she did. Kudos to you for taking the time to take care of yourself now. :)

* * *

Did my W1D2 late last night. I love roaming our neighborhood after dark! It's calm, quiet, and pretty when lit up. It's made up of two roundish blocks that are a quarter mile around each, and together they form a figure eight. It's easy to keep track of how far I've gone and I like the fact that I'm always close to home in case of an emergency.

I'm still a bit congested but it felt easy enough to want to keep going once the cool-down was announced. I plan on doing W1D3 on Wednesday and hope my body's back to normal by Saturday so I can do W2D1 without a coughing fit. :lol:

Tonight is my weekly weigh-in and I'm hoping for a loss. But if not, no big deal . . . I do expect to stall a little from the training. :)

03-19-2014, 02:11 PM
Aw shucks, thanks for the support and follow up! My ankle injury is a newer(ish) one and SO stupid. We have a covered car port/breezeway. I was walking through it to go feed my chickens and had cats twining around my feet. Tripped in a rut and to avoid smooshing a cat I inverted my ankle and fracture it. Grrr. The injury is a little less than a year old. Healed but still ouchy sometimes.

I've been icing, rolling and taping (using Kt tape) and today's run (w6d1) was great!!! A little sore, but it was more tight muscle sore than horrible deep tendon sore. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be ok because the thought of having to quit now makes me want to cry. Today felt SO good. After the 20 min run last time the 5s and 8 felt easy. Can't believe it either. :)

How are the extra 5 min of the 25 min run feeling to ya? I've always found that the first mile of any run sucks the most. Once my muscles get warm and loose, the rest of the run is so much easier until my muscles get tired. In some ways, the little short runs are harder on my than one longer run.

Susan, your forest is amazing! I'm so envious that you get to run in such a magical looking place. I live in a little tiny town in farm country. Very flat. I pass lots of fields and cows which is pretty, but not magic like a forest. You'll nail those longer runs when the time comes. It amazes me how much stronger we are than we realize.

Elladorine, splurge and get a good jogging stroller. Safer for you and your little one. Don't be afraid to buy used either, the better brands are tough. My sister had a Jeep jogging stroller years ago. It was such junk!! I bought a BOB Revolution when my youngest (who is 2) was born knowing I wanted to eventually get back to running. I have literally put hundreds of miles on the BOB walking and now I'm jogging with it. It still functions like it's brand new. I know they're a little expensive, but I LOVE that stroller. I think good shoes and if you have a little one, a good stroller, are absolute must haves.

Keep up the great work everyone!! Run strong!! Woot!

03-19-2014, 06:01 PM
Elladorine, splurge and get a good jogging stroller. Safer for you and your little one. Don't be afraid to buy used either, the better brands are tough. My sister had a Jeep jogging stroller years ago. It was such junk!! I bought a BOB Revolution when my youngest (who is 2) was born knowing I wanted to eventually get back to running. I have literally put hundreds of miles on the BOB walking and now I'm jogging with it. It still functions like it's brand new. I know they're a little expensive, but I LOVE that stroller. I think good shoes and if you have a little one, a good stroller, are absolute must haves.
Thank you for the advice! I've actually been checking a local store every so often that sells used baby and children's items and I keep looking over their strollers. I don't remember the brand, but the last time they had one jogging stroller that seemed really solid, and they were asking $200 for it. I plan on doing more research before purchasing anything, but it's definitely an area we'd planned on splurging on before the baby even arrived. I'm not jogging with him just yet since I only go out when he can stay at home with the hubby, but when I eventually start I want to ensure we're being as safe as possible. :)

03-19-2014, 09:08 PM
Got my w3d2 done today. It sucked! I just felt lethargic and tight most of the way through. Got it done, though, so I guess that's fine. I'm almost looking forward to the longer runs coming up because it feels like I stop running as soon as I finally hit a comfortable stride.

EllaDorine - Actually it's my son in my avatar! He's almost three now, so that'll tell you how long it's been since I changed pictures...

Magicsusan - Yep, took Sat/Sun off. I usually do Monday, Wednesday, Friday for runs. I found today's run to be a lot harder than Monday too for some reason. I just was not feeling it until halfway through - my calves were tight and I just wanted to stop. Finished it, though!

Tafadhali - Have to disagree with you on the Jeep jogging strollers! We got one when my older kid was just a babe, and it's gotten really heavy use for the last three years (my husband is military, and he did most of his runs with it for ages). Honestly, it's been awesome. Maybe your sister just got a lemon?

03-19-2014, 09:55 PM
Hey y'all! Look at all these :carrot:happy runners! :carrot:
Tonight was W7D2 - 25 minutes again. I have to admit, I was dreading it. I did a Barre strength training class before and we had a sub teacher who worked us a lot harder than our regular teacher does. Afterward, I wandered out to the track and it felt so hard to just get started. I really had doubts that I would finish. And, then... after about 8 minutes, it got easier, and by the time she said 1 minute left, I was feeling really good and thought I could go longer. (I didn't, of course! :) I'm not crazy!) One of the things I like about this is that it's all new territory for me. The feelings and the accomplishments are all new. It's a constant surprise!

Noshoes You're so close to "graduating!" Way to go! Do you run on a treadmill or outside? I can't wait to increase my speed, but not sure how that is going to happen. ha!

Lil Miss Keep on keeping on! Just do the next thing they tell you to do. I promise you'll be able to do it!

Magicsusan Yes, the feeling after you get started for a while is that it's just "happening". I'm not sure how it happens or why it happens, but it does, and you can just keep on going. I'm beginning to think that there's more of a mental game going on here than we realize. You just can't let the doubt, negativity, apathy, tiredness, or whatever stop you -- and if you don't, it all comes together and "works". There's probably a book somewhere about "the tao of running"...

03-20-2014, 01:23 PM
EllaDorine - Actually it's my son in my avatar! He's almost three now, so that'll tell you how long it's been since I changed pictures...
Oh my goodness, lol. Well he's a cutie! :D

The stroller is still probably a couple of months down the line; I'm hoping by then I'll have a hot new bod to show off! ;) Well ok, not really! :lol: It's just that I'm really hoping to get under 200 pounds in the next two months. :^:

I actually had a 1/2 pound gain for the week! It's nothing to freak out over but I'm a little disappointed, given that I weighed exactly the same exactly one month ago. Oh well, keep calm and carry on! I'm still ecstatic that I'm well below what I was in high school. :D I'll probably do a Richard Simmons tape, er, DVD today (they're fun!) and I'm looking forward to doing W1D3 tonight. :running:

03-21-2014, 06:43 AM
20 min tomorrow... providing out get out of bed early enough haha. A lil' nervous!! Will post after hopeful completion!!

03-21-2014, 09:29 AM
Hi, everyone.

Week 3, Day 3.
Well, I lived to tell the tale, and now I guess I'll just have to have faith in my app. I don't see how I'm going to cope with the coming increases- the jump from 2.5 to 3 minutes already takes everything I've got, but I'll just keep trying. I find it intimidating, though.
Silverfire, I may not be making much progress soon either. I plan to stick with it, but between my upcoming hols and the bigger increases, I just hope not to backslide in the next couple of weeks...

Elladorine, it might actually not be such a bad thing that you don't have a jogging stroller- just my 2c, and don't get me wrong, I adore my three girlies and love spending time with them, but I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing for your family to get used to you having a bit of "me" time to do what you need to do for your health, know what I mean? Just thinking it shows you respecting your self and your needs and sets a good example for them... Just sharing a thought, not telling you what to do...
Oh! And about the weight gain; I googled that ("started running, gained weight") because I had that too for the first several weeks after I started. There's quite a few articles about how your body tends to hold water to help with all the new muscle construction and repair... after 3 weeks, I suddenly lost nearly a kilo. YMMV. :)

Tafadhali, lol on the first mile being the worst; I am "running" so slowly, I'm not sure how much ground I'm really covering. Have you ever seen Four Weddings and a Funeral? That scene where they're late (again) and are walking so fast they overtake the joggers? That's me, jogging. Thanks for the encouragement on the longer runs- I'm still nervous, but I'm going to try. Farm country also sounds nice! I grew up in VA and I miss it sooooo much. Actually, flat also also sounds nice, :lol: because even though I've found an area of the forest that is flatish, it's still a challenge getting up a slight rise.

BigchiefHoHo, I look forward to your posts because we are on the same schedule. I found W3D3 HARD. I did it, but I was really struggling at the end of the second 3min run. I was doing okay with the breathing, but my legs just felt so heavy. There were no comfortable strides, ha! How did you get on? I'm looking forward to Monday, I always seem to have the most energy then.

AwShucks, I can't wait for those days. Right now it's still such a struggle, building strength, building stamina. I've had a tantalizing glance of what it's like to be a "runner," so I look forward to it, but I'm weeeeaaaak... :lol:

03-21-2014, 02:50 PM
I accomplished W1D3 last night, feeling really good once I got home. I'm anxious to step things up a notch when I start W2 tomorrow! :running:

Elladorine, it might actually not be such a bad thing that you don't have a jogging stroller- just my 2c, and don't get me wrong, I adore my three girlies and love spending time with them, but I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing for your family to get used to you having a bit of "me" time to do what you need to do for your health, know what I mean? Just thinking it shows you respecting your self and your needs and sets a good example for them... Just sharing a thought, not telling you what to do...
Oh, I totally get what you're saying there! I really do enjoy having that time to myself and it's definitely something I want to hang on to, but I'd also like the option of being able to take him with on occasion. For example, I walk to the store a lot these days when I'm home alone with the baby, and once I get more into this whole jogging thing I wouldn't mind being able to speed things up a bit! I've also made it clear to the hubby that I need a certain amount of "me" time regardless, and I definitely want to set a good example for my son as he gets older. Having a stroller suitable for jogging will give me more options on down the road. :)

Oh! And about the weight gain; I googled that ("started running, gained weight") because I had that too for the first several weeks after I started. There's quite a few articles about how your body tends to hold water to help with all the new muscle construction and repair... after 3 weeks, I suddenly lost nearly a kilo. YMMV. :)
Thanks for the info, that totally makes sense. Weight loss is a major goal of course, but I'm doing my best to push for fitness and strength! If the weight loss has to take a little stall in the meantime, so be it. it's just a number anyway and I mainly want to feel (and look!) better. :D

03-23-2014, 10:31 AM
Magicsusan, I did w3d3 on Friday (haven't had much time to post), and it actually was pretty good. I think it felt easier because I got to do it outside instead of on a treadmill, so the scenery made the time go by a lot faster. When I run outside, I do it on a dirt road that runs through a farm, so I get to look at cows and goats. The cows usually get curious and follow me, and the goats have adorable new babies right now, so it's very entertaining. But the run itself went pretty well. I'm simultaneously excited and terrified of week 4. I think it's the first week where we'll be doing more running than walking, so on the one hand maybe I'll feel like a 'real' runner, but on the other hand, holy crap it's gonna be hard! But I have faith in the program, so I'm sure we can do it.

EllaDorine, I had the same experience as Magicsusan with the weight loss. Whenever I start a new exercise program, I get a big stall (or even sometimes a 2-3 pound gain), then it all whooshes off in a couple weeks. It's really annoying, but it's just water retention caused by the new muscle use. Congrats on finishing week one!

03-23-2014, 03:58 PM
Woohoo week 6 done! Finished the 22 minute run today. My son and I pushed it out to about 24 min to get all the way to the end of the road. Today was the first time my son finished the run and said he loved it and could keep going. Hello kid, welcome to the runners high!! So glad he finally had a great run.

My ankle was tight and made my outer calf muscles cramp up again. So frustrating how off and on it is. I did slack off on foam rolling a bit, so maybe that was the problem.

Awshucks, great job finishing your run after another workout. You're just ahead of me in the program, it's nice to read that you've made it through another day. Good motivation!!

For all of you earlier in the program, keep going! The first few weeks are the hardest. I know it doesn't seem that could possibly be true when you look at the whole schedule written out. My son and I were talking about it on our cool down walk today and we both agreed that the longer runs feel better than the little short intervals. I'd rather do another 20+ min run than week one again. You'll be amazed by how strong you get in just a matter of a few weeks.

03-24-2014, 06:32 AM
Oh, :yay:Wow!:yay: w4d1

The mystical Monday magic continues! I was a bit worried about today's run (especially when I woke up and it was snowing! :fr: That's another good thing about running in the forest- most of the snow was still up on the branches, and the gravel/moss/pine needles/whatever is rough enough that slipping was not really a danger. I know several of you could sing songs about how getting an injury will set you back!

Anyway, I did it. I was really shocked! Three minutes nearly killed me on Friday but today, four minutes was a total dawdle! To be fair, I may have been instinctively running (even) slower than usual because of the patches of snow and mud, I don't know, but I really felt great, so I calling it a win :D. :carrot:

Elladorine, I totally understand your anxiety (just check out my past posts, :lol:) but so far, this program is really working for me! I keep surprising myself! Oh, and ditto on the weight loss. It's certainly not the only goal. It's just a pretty cool bonus :D

BigChiefHoHo, I can't wait to hear how w4d1 went for you- it's so cool that we are on the same schedule! You're my inspiration not to let it slide while I'm on holiday! About the goat babies, I saw a deer on my way home from the forest the other morning! They occaisionally come down from the forest, but this one looked confused and bolted into a driveway/garden up the street from my house. Poor thing must have got lost. Anyway, running outside really makes me tick. Checking out clumps of mistletoe that were knocked down by the storm we just had. I'm a nature geek at heart. :mag::snail::goodvibes:

Tafadhali, My daughter has also just taken up running. She's using the zombie app and enjoying it. Actually, I'm trying to get her to slow down a little- run every other night, instead of every night. She's been feeling exhausted, and I think it's the lack of recovery time. Sorry you've been having trouble with your ankles again, but thanks for the encouraging words about longer runs. I'm really looking forward to them with a mixture of excitment and trepidation!

See you all on Wednesday, If I survive w4d2 :lol:

03-24-2014, 01:12 PM
I got through W2D1 just fine on Saturday, and am looking forward accomplishing W2D2 tonight. I'd sort of like to switch to doing this early in the morning instead of at night, but my sleep is still a bit unreliable because of the baby and I'm much more tired when I wake up than in the evenings. :tired:

EllaDorine, I had the same experience as Magicsusan with the weight loss. Whenever I start a new exercise program, I get a big stall (or even sometimes a 2-3 pound gain), then it all whooshes off in a couple weeks. It's really annoying, but it's just water retention caused by the new muscle use. Congrats on finishing week one!
Thanks! :D I'm a little anxious for some kind of woosh, mostly because I'm so, so close to 199! But if I had the choice between a smaller number on the scale and a smaller pair of jeans, I'll take the jeans any day. ;) I'm definitely noticing a difference in my body, regardless of what the scale says, and I absolutely love the direction I'm going! :carrot:

For all of you earlier in the program, keep going! The first few weeks are the hardest. I know it doesn't seem that could possibly be true when you look at the whole schedule written out. My son and I were talking about it on our cool down walk today and we both agreed that the longer runs feel better than the little short intervals. I'd rather do another 20+ min run than week one again. You'll be amazed by how strong you get in just a matter of a few weeks.
It's so good to hear this. I was extremely confident in starting out week 2 the day before yesterday, but I had a few moments of questioning my abilities in the middle of it. I did my best to ignore that self-doubt and managed to push through the jogging parts just fine though. Looking back, it wasn't even that hard! And I already knew going into this that I could jog for four minutes straight, so I don't know what my issue is. :lol: Regardless, I'm so looking forward to getting stronger. :D

Elladorine, I totally understand your anxiety (just check out my past posts, :lol:) but so far, this program is really working for me! I keep surprising myself! Oh, and ditto on the weight loss. It's certainly not the only goal. It's just a pretty cool bonus :D
Isn't it amazing how well these small steps work? Just a little bit more each time, and before you know it you're accomplishing more than you ever thought you could! I'm amazed that I'm even running at all, given how bad off I was a few years back. I simply can't wait to prove to myself just how much I can do! :carrot:

03-24-2014, 10:26 PM
Hey there, everybody! W8D1 today... 28 minutes. And, I did it! It wasn't so very different from 20 or 25 minutes. Like Tafadhali says, I think it's easier, or just as easy to run these long segments as it was the short ones.

My latest podcast stressed that it's not about speed, it's about distance, and told me that I must be proud of running 5K in just about 30 minutes, now. Ha! Little do they know! I'm still not covering near that distance, but today I did run a little faster at times because there were more people on the track and I had to pass a few walkers, then didn't want to be running right in front of them. I'm sure watching my behind jiggle would be very entertaining for them, but no thanks! If that's not reason to run faster, I don't know what is! :)

Hope everyone is getting along well. Happy running!:running:

03-25-2014, 02:00 AM
Noshoes You're so close to "graduating!" Way to go! Do you run on a treadmill or outside? I can't wait to increase my speed, but not sure how that is going to happen. ha!

Outside. I hear treadmill is tougher.

I got faster just by running more. Not very fast but I have improved my pace. 7 min pace is the goal over 5km...eventually.

I have done the wrong days a few times. Annoying!

I missed my last run so I am worried tomorrow I will choke. Last 28 minute day before thirty minute week.
Thinking about the 20 minute run was almost frightening but my advice is to take it easy, slow and steady. 25 mins and 28 mins is similar. Some runs may be be tougher than others, I consider it conditioning my body. The longest I have run is about 4km in 30 minutes and that was my fave run so far.

03-25-2014, 06:59 AM
20 min was harddddd. I got 6 min in and thought i must have run at least half way, but still 14 min to go!! I went a different route, and got way further than i thought I would. I did around 2.5km in the 20 mins which I don't feel too bad about.

Magicsusan I'm so jealous of where you get to run! I just see cars haha.

03-25-2014, 03:47 PM
Yay, w7d1 is done!!

It was a gorgeous morning, probably one of the last chilly ones we'll have as far South as I am. I'm going to really miss cool morning runs. Our highs will be 100* (f) or more all summer with the overnight lows only dipping into the upper 70s/low 80s. Yuck. I hate to run when it's too warm. I sweat buckets and come in looking like someone tossed me in a swimming pool. Nasty.

So, with the lovely brisk weather as encouragement the kiddo and I had a great 26 min run. We had to run the extra minute to make it around the corner of the road (visible goal). ��

I really can't believe how much stronger I feel. The difference between week 5 and the last couple weeks is like night and day. I am still running easy and slow, but it feels great instead of miserable like in earlier weeks. Even the tendons above my year old ankle fracture weren't too grouchy today. I taped the living day lights out of my ankle. I'm becoming a big fan of KT Tape. It seems like with just a little support the tendons go from painful and angry to mildly sore and grumpy and finally give up and relax about a mile in. I tell ya, I miss being young and broken parts free! Ha!

Elladorine, running is such a head game. It really is. I used to be able to go out and knock out 4.5 miles at a 10-11 minute per mile pace and still feel hyped up and ready to go. Now I'm like 'HOW did I do that!? I'll never be able to do that again'. Of course, 7 weeks ago running for 25 minutes seemed impossibly hard and yet here I am. All along I've just kept telling myself to try. Just get out there and try. Odds are, you'll finish just fine. Even if you don't, try again and you eventually will. Repeating is just fine. Really though we're all so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Just gotta tell the old brain to hush and get with the program sometimes. ��

MagicSusan, I love zombies! There's a Zombie 5K mud run in the fall that my son and I are thinking about doing. It looks like so much fun. My 11 year old daughter came for a walk with us the other night. She's built like a 'runner'. Tall, lean, mile long legs. Nothing like me!!! She was running to street corners and back for the fun of it. I think some people are just built to run effortlessly, and then some (uh hum, me) have to work really hard to make running not totally suck. ��

AwShucks, I'm right there with ya on the not even close to 5K. My 13 year old and I were laughing about that today. We did 2 miles in 26 minutes. Yeah, not gonna magically run the last 1.1 mile in the remaining 4 minutes! But we will run for 30 minutes straight when the time comes and I'm totally good with that. We'll get to a full 5k in our own time. Slow and steady is a good thing. So much better than sitting on the couch.

Lilmiss, if the run is feeling too hard slow down. Speed will come later. Build your 'base' (duration and mileage) first and speed will come as your body gets stronger. If you push too hard for speed at first you're more likely to hurt yourself. I know it seems like you're cheating almost if you go slow and easy. You're not though. What you'll find is that slow and easy keeps getting faster and faster. I went from a 15 min mile to an average of an 11 min mile when I was running a lot before. I'm sure it would have gotten faster if I hadn't gotten in an accident and had to stop. I never trained for speed, ever. I focused completely on adding distance. I got faster without trying simply because my body got stronger. So go easy, enjoy these runs and let the speed come later!

Keep running y'all!

03-25-2014, 03:51 PM
Hey all - Question

Have any of you tried "running" on the elliptical? I've been having issues with my knees and not progressing much, and my trainer suggested trying it out on the elliptical?


03-25-2014, 09:07 PM
W4d1 done and hoooooooooly crap that was hard! I am super proud of myself fot getting it done, but dang, boys and girls, that was not much fun at all. The whole distance-instead-of-time thing is starting to catch up to me, I think, because I wound up doing two 3-minute run segments, one 6-minute one, and one 7-minute one (because I had to slow down). I finished it, but I'm already thinking I might have to repeat this week. (even though that would make me not match up with magicsusan anymore! :( that would suck; I always come on here to read your report before I go do mine)

AwShucks, it drives me nuts that it assumes we're all running 10-minute miles! I am SO much slower than that. I think when I get up to doing the full 5k it's going to be more like 45 minutes than 30.

noshoes, silly question, but do you actually run barefoot? I use minimalist shoes (New Balance Minimus), but the rocks hurt my feet way too much to go shoeless outside.

Silverfire, personally I don't think that elliptical running translates well to running-running. The motion is a lot different (kind of awkward, in my opinion, but I know a lot of people who like it). It'd probably still be great for burning calories and keeping your cardio fitness up while you heal up, though.

03-25-2014, 09:32 PM
Hey all - Question Have any of you tried "running" on the elliptical? I've been having issues with my knees and not progressing much, and my trainer suggested trying it out on the elliptical? Thoughts?

I agree with BigChiefHoho -- not sure elliptical will translate well into "real running." I've only done the elliptical a few times, and I didn't really like it. My feet fell asleep! And, it seemed to work my quads much more than walking. However, that might be a good thing! You're paying your trainer for their professional advice, so I'd trust their direction. It couldn't hurt to try.

I think anything you can do to keep your cardio fitness up would be good -- even if you can't do the length and intensity of what you were doing before. You might not lose all your gains while you're healing. I've actually read of people who had to stop couch25K for about 3 weeks and went right back to where they were when they stopped and picked back up -- it wasn't easy, but they didn't have to start again at the very beginning.

I'm sorry you're hurt. That's no fun!

Just had a thought -- how about spinning? Or a recumbent bike? I'm just thinking of the intensity, and you could pedal hard and fast for the running sections and back off for the walking sections of couch25K -- I would think that would be very low impact. Just an idea if the elliptical doesn't work out.

03-26-2014, 06:14 AM

Okay, pleasantly surprised. I thought today was going to be so hard- 3,5,5,3, with walks in between, of course. I've never run 5 minutes in my life. Not that I know of. Perhaps when I was a little kid, but even then you rarely just run like that- starts and stops playing tag and stuff, you know. Anyway, I did it without too much trouble. I think part of it is just my incredibly slow pace, but hey, I did it :)

Anyway, Elladorine (and everybody else) I seem to be over the water retention phase, because after three weeks at roughly the same weight (I weigh in kgs and round to the nearest pound) I lost two pounds at last week's weigh-in and a pound again for this week. My body is also taking on shapes that it's never had- I look more like I've lost about 10 pounds in the past month- not 3! My Daughter has also started running and says the same. She is normal weight (high end) but just pudgy from inactivity.

AwShucks, 28 minutes is fantastic, and you are an inspiration!

No shoes, I think we have *all* done the wrong day a couple of times. I know I have!

Littlemisschattabox, cars! But you're in New Zealand. I know, I shouldn't believe everything the tourist industry says, :lol: but all the pictures I see of NZ are breathtakingly beautiful. I love my bit of forest, though, I admit. Well done on the 20 min! I still have that in front of me :faint:

Tafadhali, I might be looking into the zombie podcast when I've done the c25k, for some fun for future running! I can't believe you're on w7! On the one hand it feels as if I will never get there, but on the other hand, I never thought I'd get where I am now, so I'll just keep chugging along! :running:

Silverfire, can't help you with the elliptical question, I'm afraid. It's less than a month ago that I had to go and google it because people kept taking about them and I had no idea what they were. :lol: Me no techie! You remember how long it took me just to get my bloody 5krunner app to behave :dizzy:

BigChiefHoHo, Don't worry too much about the match up; I don't think we're doing exactly the same program anyway, so week five is still our mutual 5th week of running, even if we aren't running precisely the same times/distances. Besides, I'm going on hols for three weeks starting this weekend anyway, so you may not be the only one repeating! Frankly, I'm more than a little nervous about being able to keep up my efforts! :( I will have access to the net intermittently, so look for my world-famous whining :lol:

See y'all Friday!

03-26-2014, 09:42 AM
Hi again, everyone.

Since I'll be stateside soon, I was wondering about picking up some running tights- over here they run about 70-90 bucks for larger ladies. Does anyone use/wear them, and if so, where did you get them? I'll be in virginia, but would love a large chain store (Walmart?) or something that has branches everywhere.... Any experiences?

Thanks in advance!

03-26-2014, 10:38 AM
Thanks guys - That was my concern, the elliptical not translating to real running, since I want to be able to go for runs outside eventually (even have my route planned!)

I think my plan of attack will be - Get some glucosamine, Keep up my cardio on the elliptical as often as I can and keep trying to jog for 5 min a time! I don't want to start over if I can help it but I also don't want to anger my knees!

Glad to see that everyone else is doing soooo well!! Keep it up guys you all rock!

03-26-2014, 03:43 PM
Hey everyone -
I realize I'm late to the forum party, but hopefully you will let me sneak in.

I am doing C25K. I just started -- I'm on W1D3 -- although I have done it before (very successfully... went from couch to marathon finisher and lost 34 pounds in 5 months). Sadly, I fell off the health wagon and am back where I started. I'm finding it harder and harder to stay motivated; I keep wondering "How did I let this happen AGAIN?" My hope is that having a support team like this will help me stay strong when things aren't going as well as I would like.

I've been reading your posts and find everyone here to be really encouraging and motivating! Your stories and successes are an inspiration to me!


03-26-2014, 04:00 PM
Hey everyone! I think I am going to restart my C25K program tonight. Quick recap: I made it to W8 in February and had to stop due to severe knee pain. Turns out I have osteoarthritis under my kneecap. Over the past week or so, I've noticed that the pain is (finally) nearly gone, so I want to try the program again. I think I will start over from W1D1 and see how it goes. Wish me luck!

03-26-2014, 04:07 PM
Hi all!

I'm new to the forums and hoping it's ok to jump in! I just finished W5D1 yesterday and was SO proud of myself :carrot: . I really didn't think I could run 3 five minute sets, but I did it and it felt great! Now of course I'm worried about the 8 min runs coming up, but at the same time I'm super excited to give it a shot :D

03-26-2014, 10:54 PM
Welcome Back fadedbluejeans! I am glad that you are feeling better and ready to try again.

Justrunning- Congrats of week 5. I am on the same place as you. I actually had competed week 5 but then took 2 weeks off so I am starting week 5 over again because week 6 was too much. The 8 min sections aren't too bad and it is nice there are only two of them, so once you finish the first one you are half way there.

03-26-2014, 10:58 PM
:welcome3: YoAdrian, fadedbluejeans & justrunning! Yay for new running buddies! We're all at different levels here, but the sense of accomplishment is something we all feel and we'll gladly share that with you!

YoAdrian You've done it before; you can do it again! Believe me, we can all relate to backsliding. Congrats on completing a marathon! wow! Not sure I'll ever be able to do that, but it's very impressive!

fadedbluejeans Go easy at first. I have arthritis, too -- but it moves around on me and comes and goes. I imagine that the weather plays a part in it, and, since I've been more active, it has almost disappeared. Hope the coming warmer days help you, too.

justrunning Isn't it great to do something you thought you couldn't do? That's the greatest thing about this program, I think. You'll get that same feeling of pride when you complete next week's run -- and YOU WILL! Don't doubt it!

I'm really glad you guys are joining in. It's great to see so many people getting healthy and pushing themselves to do more. :carrot: Keep us posted on your progress. Sharing with each other is part of the fun!

03-26-2014, 11:15 PM
W8D2 -- Tonight was the first time I wanted to give up. I just felt tired tonight, and thought it should be over when I was only half way through. I'm stubborn enough that I stuck it out to the end, but it wasn't easy. I didn't have much protein for lunch, and I'm wondering if that was it. Perhaps I just didn't have enough fuel.

Does anyone else like the way their legs feel when they finish? Weird, but I kind of feel tingles up and down my legs when I'm walking my cool down. I like to think that it's them slimming down! ha! wishful thinking! But, really, it's kind of a funny feeling - not painful at all, but interesting.

magicSusan Yay for losing some pounds! That's the whole point of this, isn't it? :) Sorry I can't help you with running tights - I don't even know what that is. I don't think Wal-mart would carry them. You might have to try a sporting goods store or a specialty running store. Hope you can find some in VA.

I'm taking a little road trip next week and going to another state, also. I want to keep up my running - surely I can find a high school track somewhere. I like the thought that I will have run in two states! And, you will have run on two continents if you continue over here. Please do -- just so you can say that!

03-27-2014, 10:52 AM
Welcome Back fadedbluejeans! I am glad that you are feeling better and ready to try again.

Justrunning- Congrats of week 5. I am on the same place as you. I actually had competed week 5 but then took 2 weeks off so I am starting week 5 over again because week 6 was too much. The 8 min sections aren't too bad and it is nice there are only two of them, so once you finish the first one you are half way there.

I like the way you think! I'm going to try to focus more on the fact that I only have to run twice and not on how long those runs will be :)

I'm planning to run this evening after work, so wish me luck!

03-27-2014, 11:03 AM
justrunning Isn't it great to do something you thought you couldn't do? That's the greatest thing about this program, I think. You'll get that same feeling of pride when you complete next week's run -- and YOU WILL! Don't doubt it!

I'm really glad you guys are joining in. It's great to see so many people getting healthy and pushing themselves to do more. :carrot: Keep us posted on your progress. Sharing with each other is part of the fun!

Respectfully snipped your post, hope that's ok:

It is a wonderful feeling! It makes me look forward to the next run, even if I'm a little intimidated :)

03-27-2014, 11:16 AM
Thanks everyone! I completed W1D1 with no problems (although I'm a little bummed to have to go back to the start when I had been to week 8 just 2 months ago). I'm only going to run once a week and focus on strength training on the other days.

Rated and Justrunning - I know you'll make it through the 8's ...I actually found that the longer runs got easier, after you are fully warmed up you kind of get in a zone and it feels really good to keep going in stead of stopping so often to walk :)

03-27-2014, 08:07 PM
Guys.........I DID IT!!!!! :carrot:

I just completed W5D2 :carrot:

It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!

I can only hope W5D3's 20 min run will go just as well :o

03-27-2014, 08:45 PM
It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!

See? Told you so!
:cheer:Yay for you! :cheer:

03-27-2014, 09:46 PM
W4d2 down, and it went okay. Got to do it outside, and it was actually a little exciting. Usually when I run through my neighbor's farm, all the cows are in one pasture to the side of the road. Today there were cows in the pastures on BOTH sides, which I thought was mildly unusual until one of them just walked out onto the road in front of me. Turns out the electric fence was off and they were just milling around! My running startled them and they almost got a little stampede going... So I turned around and ran the other way quite a bit faster than I'd been planning on going, haha. They're not particularly violent animals, but man are they big and scary when they're not behind a fence.

Welcome, everybody! Congrats on w5d2, justrunning[b]!

[b]fadedbluejeans, you're totally right about it feeling easier once you 'get in the zone.' I was really frustrated during my longer runs today because I hit that feeling-good zone about thirty seconds before stopping each time.

03-28-2014, 03:33 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome, everybody!

W1D3 done this morning, which made me late to work, but it was totally worth it. Week 1 is in the bag. One down, eight to go!

Is anyone else doing the C25K treadmill version? I am self conscious about running outside when I am this heavy (I realize this is foolish but I'm sure you can relate). Also, I think the treadmill surface is better for my joints. I do love to run outside and I have the good fortune of living in a place that is beautiful and safe for running, but I'm still too nervous to do it. Maybe I will add in an easy "long run" on Sunday that is outside...

fadedbluejeans, it looks like you and I are both starting at around the same point. Is anyone else in Week 1/2?

Happy Friday,

03-28-2014, 04:21 PM
Hello YoAdrian, Fadedbluejeans and just running! Fantastic to have new people aboard!

Did w4d3 today- wasn't too bad. That's it from this continent til after Easter :D

I'm off on Sunday and keen to see if running down lower is easier. Also keen to pick up some large size running gear a bit cheaper.

Sorry for the lack of personals- I am sooooo knackered from last minute washing, packing, present buying.... I also apologize in advance because I'll be checking in on an iphone while on holiday, so prolly won't be typing long messages there either...

Keep on running!

03-29-2014, 10:14 AM
I am complete awestruck with my self. Last fall It was a struggle to even jog for 30 seconds at a time, and then this morning I did W3D1. I ran for 3 minutes straight! Ahh! I don't think I have ever ran that long in my life! I feel so accomplished. I absolutely love this program. Obviously, I am no marathon runner, but to increase my endurance by 6x is such an accomplishment.

03-29-2014, 10:21 PM
I don't think I've ever been more proud of myself than I am right now.

I just ran 20 (twenty!!!) minutes without walking!! :carrot::carrot::carrot:

I can't even believe it. I didn't think I could do it, but I did and I'm so proud :D

03-30-2014, 06:55 AM
Wooo! Look at everyone go!!

justrunning congrats! That's how I felt and it's such an awesome feeling!
Magicsusan we do have some beautiful spots in NZ, but some of us still have to live in the towns and cities. It's still nice where I live though :) a mix of beach, bush and farmland.
Tafadhali I'm hoping the speed will increase with time, if I keep plugging away at it

I'm on holiday this week so popping in for some motivation to keep me on track :) Hopefully it works!

03-30-2014, 11:59 AM
Just finished the Austin Biggest Loser 5K. It turned out it was 3.4 miles. Pretty sure I did the 3.1 in 33 or 34 minutes. This is my second one. First one was close to 40 minutes.

I found you go faster in a race. Also almost exactly at half way both times it got much easier for me.

Last September I couldn't run for 30 seconds. So KEEP GOING everyone.

If I could do this at 48 anyone can. So worth it!

BTW met Marie Pearl and Vinnie something both past contestants. Both super nice. And Dan Evans, pretty good guitar player and singer.

03-30-2014, 12:07 PM
I've been in and out of the C25K forums since I started the program last July, and today ran my first non-stop 5km outdoors.

If I can do it, you guys and girls most certainly can! I had never run in my life, and my knees were screaming against any impact stuff. I followed the intervals, using a treadmill at the gym and frankly got bored after about 10 weeks when I knew I could do 25 mins non-stop, but at a slow pace. So I stopped following the plan but worked on speed a bit and also on weights to help my knees. Now the snow and ice have cleared outside, I thought I'd give it a go and over the last week built up to it.

Best feeling in ages! Still in shock to be honest, and now it is definitely a mental thing to keep going, not physical.

To everyone here, don't give up. If you want to run 5km, you can! I cannot recommend this program highly enough, and also rate podrunner interval podcasts.

Thanks for letting me celebrate!

03-30-2014, 02:20 PM
Congratulations on a great week everyone!

I look at this forum and I am so happy to see how many people post something to the effect of "I am so proud of myself!" I think it's great that we are all encouraging and praising each other, and I think it's even better that we are learning how to encourage and praise *ourselves*. There is so much fat-shaming, negativity and general one-upmanship in the world, and I am very thankful to have found a place where the people here rise above that and focus on all the positive changes we're making. It takes a lot of bravery to get out there, especially at a high weight a low fitness level, and every day we lace up our running shoes is a victory.

AFM, I've added a weekend "long run" to my C25K program -- just an easy jog out on the beach to get the lead out. Today was 2 miles, and although the run didn't feel good physically (I feel very heavy and awkward, and every step is a little painful), it was a glorious morning in Los Angeles, and it felt good to rejoin the human race.

Keep up the great work, everyone. You are an inspiration to folks like me who are just starting Week 2!


03-30-2014, 03:08 PM
I was feeling very accomplished on Friday night with W3D1. I'm heading out later tonight to get through D2. I can feel myself getting stronger, and am so thankful my lungs have been doing so well (I have asthma but it hasn't acted up in ages). :running:

Tafadhali: I'm in a hot weather area myself so I feel for ya, but I'm lucky since it's at least typically dry here. It wasn't horribly hot yet last year by the time I got pregnant and had to stop the program, so I'm not sure how well I'll adapt to running around when it's 90° at 5am. Time will tell!

Regardless, I'm amazed I made it this far! :carrot:

Magicsusan: That's pretty awesome, and that's really what counts, right?! :D I did lose 2 pounds at my last weigh-in, and I'm noticing a difference in my waist. It's exciting because I'm an apple and my waist is my biggest problem area. It's all the more incentive to keep me going!

As for something to run in, try Old Navy; I haven't checked this season but am using some great leggings for running that I found there last year, for less than $20 if I remember right. :)

kailpea: I just finished W3D1 on Friday myself, so it sounds like we're about at the same level. I'll be thinking of you when I start W3D2 tonight! :)

03-30-2014, 05:22 PM
Hi all, just finished W1D1 and it felt great! Want to post here to make myself accountable and hopefully find some folks who are just starting also! :-)

03-31-2014, 10:09 AM
KarinRose, it does feel great, doesn't it? Keep it up!!! :carrot: I think the hardest part for me was that first day, progress seems to be flying for me from there and I'm sure it will for you as well. :)

* * *

I finished W3D2 last night, and I'm amazed at how quickly it ended. Part of it might have had to do with trying to take one of my dogs out with me; halfway through the warm-up the hubby called and told me to bring her back. Our other dog was freaking out, crying over the separation! I wish I could take both with me at once, but when I have to concentrate on running (and not tripping over the both of them) they're just too much to handle. I actually redid part of the warm-up after dropping her back off at home.

It also might've helped that I added some new music to my phone so I had a whole new playlist! Plus I think my body is simply adapting, which is nice. :)

I've been trying to get the hubby to start up with me again (like he did last year before we both quit when I got pregnant) but with him helping out with the new baby and some other stuff going on, he's not quite there yet. He mostly did it with me to be supportive, but he was also remembering how great it felt to run way back in high school. I wish I had such memories, I hated anything to do with running back then! :lol: Anyway, he'd like to start up again and go with me sometimes once things are more settled in our lives, and it would be fun to occasionally bring the baby and both dogs for a nice run. :)

Let's keep going! Everyone keep up the great work! :running:

03-31-2014, 05:09 PM
Happy Monday everyone!

CrazyCatWoman, congrats on your outdoor 5k! How good does it feel to have that accomplishment under your belt? (And from the looks of your weight loss stats, I'm guessing that "belt" is much, much looser now!)

AFM, W2D1 done. On the first segment I was thinking "How am I ever going to run 90 consecutive seconds six times?" By the last one, I had upped the treadmill speed by 0.3, and was considering doing an additional running interval! (I decided against it, though. Just stick with the plan!) I guess sometimes it just takes some time to warm up. And always, mind over matter.

I hope everyone is doing well! KarinRose, I just started too, so it looks like we are in about the same place.


03-31-2014, 11:44 PM
Got through W3D2 today. I peaked ahead to Week 4 to see what was in store, and I don't know if I am quite ready for that. So I might end up repeating week 3. I've also been toying with going back to some of the earlier weeks and upping my speed a little. Has anyone done this? I know, my endurance has increased a lot, but I would like to increase my speed too. Right now I have been walking at 3.2 and jogging at 4.5 (which isn't very fast. . . I know some speed walkers who walk faster than that).

04-01-2014, 04:26 AM
noshoes, silly question, but do you actually run barefoot? I use minimalist shoes (New Balance Minimus), but the rocks hurt my feet way too much to go shoeless outside.

Not a silly question. :-) I wear minimalist shoes for the same reason. I only do very short distances barefoot.

Week 9 now! I am getting slower which is weird but I am amazed I have come this far.

04-01-2014, 09:43 AM
I completed W6D1 last night and I'm really surprised that it wasn't easier!

Maybe it was because I was in a funk and didn't really want to run, but it seemed more difficult than I thought it should be after running for 20 min straight on my last run. It could have also been that I tried to up my speed a little on this run. Probably a bad decision when I was already feeling sluggish and not wanting to run :dizzy:

I did do it, though! I ran the running parts and walked the walking parts, but I was so tired. I'm hoping it was all mental because now I'm not so confident on the upcoming 10 min runs of W6D2 and of course the looming W6D3 :o

04-01-2014, 03:35 PM
W8D1 finished!

Phew, it was one of 'those' runs. Started tired and ended hot and even more tired. Yuck. Zero energy, just happens that way sometimes. Makes ya appreciate the good runs when you're bouncing off the walls ready to go. My son and I both finished though. 28 minutes, we only got about 2.25 miles instead of the 2.75 miles we're supposed to be hitting. Haha! Oh well, I'm good with 12.5 min miles. Heck, I'm good with running for 28 minutes!! I'll happily keep puttering along.

I had to laugh though when I looked at week 9 on the app I'm using. All it says is "Run 5K". Errr, I think not quite yet. We will be able to hit 30 min though and I'm feeling good about that, how ever far the distance ends up being.

Looks like everyone is progressing along great. Keep it up y'all! As you get to the longer runs remember to slow down if they start feeling too hard. I keep saying that, but it's something I have to keep telling myself too. Sometimes I feel like I'm barely running, but hey, if it's sustainable it's all good!!

MagicSusan, I got a couple pairs of running tights at Walmart a few weeks ago and I'm loving them so far. Much better to run in than regular shorts. Target also has a lot of women's athletic wear, but the prices are a bit higher. Surprisingly, Old Navy also has a good selection of athletic wear. I got an awesome tech fabric snug hoodie there to wear under tshirts when it was still chilly in the mornings.

Sadly, it's getting warm fast so now I'm switch to wearing as little clothing as possible while still maintaining decency. :)

04-01-2014, 04:24 PM
Hey everyone!

Glad to see that pretty much everyone is still working hard and still progressing!!

Keep it up y'all!

I signed up for a 5K in September! Woo Woo! I also started taking Glucosamine to try and help my knees.

That all being said, I'm starting over.

I've got ~17 weeks until the run, giving me PLENTY of time to start over and work back up again. Leaving off at week 5 is making me a little sad, but I'm not progressing anymore and I don't want to just give up entirely. So starting over it is!

Also, if spring ever arrives in these parts, I'll be able to start jogging outside soon too!

04-02-2014, 06:24 AM
W6D3 was today (22 min) and it was harddddd. I had pain in both my ankles/calves and I just wanted to give up the whole way. My fiancee came with me and at one point he was easily walking to my speed which sucked! I know I'm slow, but to have it proven was slightly disheartening lol. So I'm not sure how I'm going to go with 25 min runs next week. Kind of amazed that I'm only two weeks off finishing the program though!!! Even if it's at a snail's pace haha. I'm going to have to buy some new exercise pants too... Mine are falling down when I run, yay, lol!!

04-02-2014, 07:20 AM
Congrats on first 5km signing up! I want to do that too. :-) Silverfire

Yay for new smaller pants, Lil misschatterbox.

Looks like everyone is progressing along great. Keep it up y'all! As you get to the longer runs remember to slow down if they start feeling too hard. I keep saying that, but it's something I have to keep telling myself too. Sometimes I feel like I'm barely running, but hey, if it's sustainable it's all good!!


Felt sluggish, day 1 on week 9, feel like I am getting slower. I am going to blame the humidity. Tried to make a 7 minute km tonight and it was more like 7:08 which is fine. Half mile was 6:57 pace which is nice. :-) Fastest I have ever done.

04-02-2014, 10:11 AM
Good for you Silverfire! September should be plenty of time to get ready. Just take it slow and pay attention to your pain. I'm starting over after 2 months off as well.

I skipped to W2D1 last night, since I did so well with W1D1 last week. It went great. I wore cross trainers instead of my vibrams, and my knee actually felt better after running than it did before. I'm still going to stick with running only once a week, and alternate weights and bike on the other days of the week.

04-02-2014, 02:38 PM
Finished up W3D3 last night. Funny how the first half always seems more difficult than the second. I'm trying so hard not to be intimidated for Thursday's run after glancing at the chart. :dizzy:

04-02-2014, 05:00 PM
Just checking in, peeps. Did week five days one and two with no problems (except my stupid app again :( )

Donuts are evil and jump into my mouth...

04-03-2014, 05:23 AM
Donuts are evil and jump into my mouth...

Omg Magicsusan - I had that problem with the corn chips tonight!! What is WITH that!?!?!?

04-03-2014, 06:02 AM
Wish I knew, lilmisschattabox. Donuts, guacomole, cake; it all grows on trees here and it's all out to get me. Running on the island is lovely, though. And flat! Gotta go, being chased by a pitcher of margaritas...

04-03-2014, 03:15 PM
Well, I went to do W3D3 today and about hallway from my second 3 minute run, I got a terrible cramp in my side so I walked the rest of it. =/ I know I'm not ready for Week 4 yet, but I am debating whether or not I want to repeat week 3 or go back through from the beginning and up my speed a bit.

04-03-2014, 07:29 PM
Ugh, I have to say the heat kills me. I took my two running rest days in the middle of the week this week just to avoid the hottest days and we've been walking at night lit up with flashlights like a Christmas tree. We're already hitting mid to upper 80s (F) and it's insanely humid. Gross! We have a cold front coming though and I'm going to enjoy it for all it's worth and do w8d2 tomorrow. Here's hoping it feels better. I've done 26/27 min already so I don't know why 28 was kicking my butt so bad. Some days are just off days.

And yay for smaller pants Lil Miss!! I just had to buy new shorts, dropped two sizes and my old ones were literally threatening to hit the floor. :carrot:

What's really killing me right now is bras!! I'm busty so bras are a challenge to begin with, I'm also still nursing my youngest so that adds to the fun. Combine that with loosing weight and bras getting too big. Ugh!! I'm buying new sports bras every few weeks, which isn't cheap. I can skimp and buy cheap for most things as I loose weight, but not bras. Not for my G cup girls. Otherwise I risk knocking myself out. Ha!

Is anyone else thinking ahead to how to keep increasing running time/distance after the end of the program? Next week is my last week so I'm working out a new plan to keep me challenged.

Right now I'm thinking increase time by 10% every other week until I can run my entire loop (which is just over 5k), then start increasing by distance and ignoring time. I think that's how I did it last time.

Keep running and posting y'all!! All the success stories are inspirational.

Congrats on first 5km signing up! I want to do that too. :-) Silverfire

Yay for new smaller pants, Lil misschatterbox.


Felt sluggish, day 1 on week 9, feel like I am getting slower. I am going to blame the humidity. Tried to make a 7 minute km tonight and it was more like 7:08 which is fine. Half mile was 6:57 pace which is nice. :-) Fastest I have ever done.

04-03-2014, 07:36 PM
Kailpea, try week 4 but SLOW DOWN.

Right now, the idea isn't to run for speed it's to run for endurance and conditioning. Your joints, tendons, bones and muscle will lag well behind your cardio endurance. It's very easy to push too hard and hurt yourself. It takes a good 4-6 weeks for your structural systems to adapt to the abuse of running. The slower you go now, the faster you will be able to go later. If you hurt yourself now doing too much you risk sidelining yourself for months recovering from over use injuries.

If you're cramping or can't finish a run you are going to fast. I know it can be frustrating going slow. Sometimes I feel like I'm just hardly puttering along but even in just 8 weeks my speed has improved without me trying. As you get stronger, the speed will come. I promise!

In the mean time, while you're going nice and slow concentrate of form and finding a natural stride. The slow, easy running early on has lots of benefits later.

04-03-2014, 09:46 PM
Just checking in real quick to say...I finished W6D3 :carrot:

Cannot believe I ran 22 min straight :D

I need to work on speed because I only ran 1.67 miles in 22 min. I went 2.20 miles total but that was with the 5 min warm up and cool down, so I'm lacking in distance since the app said to go 2.25 miles in 22 min. I'm still super proud that I can run over a mile and a half non stop :carrot:

Any pointers on how to improve speed? I feel like I'm at max speed when running for that long (I run at 4.5 on the treadmill) on interval runs I can up the speed a bit but I tire out on the long runs if I go any faster than 4.5 mph

04-04-2014, 10:06 AM
I got through the beginning of week 4 last night, and was amazed on how it was easier than any of week 3. Either I'm getting stronger or I was having a really good day? Regardless, my mind is totally blown when I realize it was 16 whole minutes of running. Even when you consider it's divided up into four segments and spread out over half an hour, I've never run that much at once in all my life! :lol:

I sometimes post on my Instagram account (http://instagram.com/ellador) after a run as another form of motivation and accountability. I can't wait to earn my bragging rights about graduating this! :D

04-04-2014, 02:53 PM
Woohoo awesome run this morning. Knocked out 28 mins/ 2.25 miles (w8d2) like it was nothing. Everything just felt good. This is the running I remember and love. I could have just kept on going, but I'm going to err on the side of caution and progress slowly (go ahead, I laugh at my 12:44 min miles too). Don't want to push to injury. But man, I really wanted to just keep going.

Peroneal tendons in my calf aren't bothering me anymore but where they insert at the base of my 5th metatarsal is reminding me that I broke my ankle last year and screwed that whole area up some. Not bad, but there. Since it all seems to be getting better I'm just gonna keep running. I can sure feel the difference in muscle strength and the difference in cardio endurance is amazing. So cool to know I'm getting stronger.

Elladorine, I feel the same way about the longer running times. The short runs are great for conditioning but they're actually really hard because they don't give you enough running time to get warm and get into a rhythm. My favorite part of runs is after the first mile when I'm warmed up, in the groove and not yet tired. So fun to work on that nice little zone where running doesn't totally suck!! LOL

Just running, congrats on the 22 min run! Woot! Read my above post about speed. Speed work comes much, much, MUCH later in the game. Don't even think about it right now. Work on strength, endurance and injury avoidance right now. The speed will come later when your body is stronger.

04-05-2014, 09:10 AM
Hi everyone, just another check-in:

I am doing well with the running, and it is definitely easier than running at home. I don't know if it's the flat terrain or the altitude (5ft. Above sea level, lol) but I added a couple of sprints (sprints are where I run almost as fast as a normal person :D) to the end of w5d3 because I wasn't even breathing hard.

Food is difficult. I don't like being in possitions where other people are deciding what I am going to eat and my SIL had packed a lot of food and brother a lot of drinks so I fear the scale. They are leaving tomorrow, though. I'm feeling kinda crap that I'm kinda looking forward to it, though I love them all. I'm just having such a hard time with the food :(

04-05-2014, 06:05 PM
Greetings all!

W2D2 done. I was sidelined for several days with a nasty chest cold. I was still coughing up a storm on the treadmill this morning, but I didn't want to let another day slip by, so I went for it. At the end, I even kicked the treadmill speed up to 7.0 (I usually do the run segments at 6.0) just to see what that felt like. It felt surprisingly good!

I'm 170 lbs now, down from 174+ when I started, and just aching to break into the 160s. If I keep running this week, it will happen! That is incredible motivation to get me out the door every morning.

Keep up the great work everyone!! Your war stories from the more advanced weeks are inspiring! I'm very intimated by Week 5 (I know, I have a long way to go before then) but hearing you guys overcome the later weeks makes me want to keep going!


04-05-2014, 10:00 PM
Heeeey! I've been gone for a little bit, so congrats to everybody and to all of you who are worried about going slowly: Don't be! Go as slow as you need to! You can worry about speed AFTER you finish w9d3. Right now the goal is just to run, even if it's 4mph, right? (That's what I'm telling myself, anyway, when I'm out there running at my husband's brisk walking pace. I've got short legs, don't judge :D)

I've been out for a bit because of another breastmilk-drying-up scare (too much exercise on too few calories, so I bumped the calories way up and it seems to be better) and also because my in-laws were here all week so I couldn't get on the computer much. But I DID keep up with c25k, and I just finished w5d2, so yay me! I was planning on doing The Big Run (w5d3) today, but I've got some kind of intestinal illness going on, so it's going to wait until tomorrow.

Magicsusan - Uggggh, I know what you mean about other people deciding food for you! My mother-in-law is SO pushy, and all week long she's been making breakfast and lunch for everybody (in my own damn kitchen, grrrr) without saying a word until she's got a plate in my face. I have to take it to keep family relationships peaceful, but geez. Frustrating for many many reasons.

04-05-2014, 11:37 PM
I am super slow, but that makes me feel like I'll be able to go further in the program than I have in the past when I pushed myself too fast too soon.

Started wk2 today and ran on an indoor track instead of a treadmill for the first time. It was interesting. I liked the change of venue but I really didn't like giving up the control of knowing my speeds.

04-05-2014, 11:42 PM
W7D1 done! Instead of running 25 min, I ran for 26 min so I could say I ran a solid 2 miles without stopping! Total distance 2.50 in 35 min.

I'm so proud that I ran 2 miles, even if I'm slow. I've never ran that far without stopping in my life!

04-06-2014, 01:35 PM
Elladorine, I feel the same way about the longer running times. The short runs are great for conditioning but they're actually really hard because they don't give you enough running time to get warm and get into a rhythm. My favorite part of runs is after the first mile when I'm warmed up, in the groove and not yet tired. So fun to work on that nice little zone where running doesn't totally suck!! LOL
It's good to know I have that to look forward to! I have noticed it seems to get easier at the end and actually want to keep going, which is a new feeling for me. :) I'm still sticking with the program though so I can work on my stamina. I'll be happy work on my speed much later on; I'm super-slow but happy that I can last, lol!

Got through W4D2 last night, and actually ran during daylight! I'm not nearly as self-conscious about running in public a I used to be (I think I got over that last year), but I get a little nervous about overheating from the sun (I'm in the desert). It was pretty cool last night so it worked out well. And I took a couple of photos of the neighborhood during the walking portions, hope you guys don't mind me showing off my local scenery. ;)

http://distilleryimage2.ak.instagram.com/b158c51abd3c11e3a56e0002c9def0d6_8.jpg (http://instagram.com/p/mbvx3wtImD/)
Direct link. (http://instagram.com/p/mbvx3wtImD/)

04-06-2014, 06:19 PM
Greetings all. Checking in. W2D3 done. I pushed up the speed and intensity and it felt great. I also punished myself in the weight room afterward, and then did 20 min of restorative yoga so that there is some hope that tomorrow my legs won't feel like concrete. Ha!

Today was a special day because I finally dropped to 169.8 lbs. I realize that it is not materially different from being 170.0 lbs., but I'm sure you can appreciate the mental difference it makes to be in a lower decade!!

Looking forward to W3. I'm intimidated by the 3 min stretch of running in W3, but am excited to push myself and accomplish more.

Keep up the great work everyone.

04-06-2014, 09:30 PM
I am done with week 8!!

I can't believe I'm almost done with C25k. My 13 year old son has stuck to the program too. It's been so neat to have him running with me. I'm really proud of him.

It was 50*, windy and drizzling when we ran today. I felt so dedicated to my cause!! LOL

My phone has gone missing (I suspect my 2 year old is involved) so I didn't have my app to run with. Not that I really need it now. I timed with a watch and we ran right about 29 minutes. We covered 2.31 miles, so we improved our time a little even. Ya know, slow to slightly less slow. Ha!

There is a Relay for Life glow 5k in a town close to me this coming Sat. night. It falls on the day we'd planned to run the last run of C25K. I think my son and I are going to go for it and sign up. There's a timed run, an untimed run and a fun walk. Runners/walkers start fastest to slowest in 10 min intervals. We already go much further than 5k total on our run days (close to 4 miles total with walking). I figure the worse case, we walk the end. I just think the timing of the race is so cool, and it's a good cause. Can ya tell I'm still talking myself into not being too embarrassed to do it?

Very pretty pictures Ellador, thanks for sharing. If I get a chance I'll take and post some too. It'd be neat if everyone posted where they run.

Yay YoAdrian for breaking into the 160s!! I know exactly how good it feels and how important that is even if the scale difference is small. The mental difference is important.

Yay 2 miles JustRunning!!! Good job!!

Happy trails y'all.

04-07-2014, 10:32 PM
Shoot. Was typing and google crashed. Anyway, w6d1 accomplished but at a snail's pace, eating is better cause sil and brother are gone. Hills and altitude will be hard back home, may have to backtrack, we'll see... Looking forward to a real keyboard, lol... Reading all your posts, personals when I get home.

04-07-2014, 11:08 PM
SOOOO.... Im posting here because I want to start C25K tommorrow and hopefulllllllly this will help keep me from saying Ill do it tommorrow again tommorrow :P

04-08-2014, 02:01 AM
I'm baaa-aaak! Did you guys miss me? Apparently not, because there were 4 pages of new posts to catch up on! Yay everyone!

So.... I didn't run while I was on vacation. I know... I said I would, just wasn't possible. But, tonight, my first day back, I moved on with W9D1 and prayed that I hadn't lost my mojo over 7 days away! And, guess what? I hadn't!

Tafadhali I, too, ran without my iPod (don't know where I packed it) and just timed it. Yes, I can run without music and encouragement, but it's so much nicer to have the voice tell me that I "can do it!"

So, I'm in the predicament of finishing up this week, too. My plan is to increase my speed by running 30 minutes 3x/week and try to increase the distance. I'm thinking it should work like the previous program if I increase things gradually. If anyone knows of any experts we can consult, please invite them into the forum. We'll all need this help eventually. We're just a bunch of crazy running chicks!

Oh, and I second the advice to run SLOWLY -- I took that very literally (feeling a bit silly) and avoided any injury so far, and I'm heavier than a lot of you. Yes, I'm slow -- but, by golly, I'm running! That's what counts!

04-08-2014, 08:25 AM
Awshucks did you know that they have a 5k to 10k program to continue with? its call B210K :)

I'm baaa-aaak! Did you guys miss me? Apparently not, because there were 4 pages of new posts to catch up on! Yay everyone!

So.... I didn't run while I was on vacation. I know... I said I would, just wasn't possible. But, tonight, my first day back, I moved on with W9D1 and prayed that I hadn't lost my mojo over 7 days away! And, guess what? I hadn't!

Tafadhali I, too, ran without my iPod (don't know where I packed it) and just timed it. Yes, I can run without music and encouragement, but it's so much nicer to have the voice tell me that I "can do it!"

So, I'm in the predicament of finishing up this week, too. My plan is to increase my speed by running 30 minutes 3x/week and try to increase the distance. I'm thinking it should work like the previous program if I increase things gradually. If anyone knows of any experts we can consult, please invite them into the forum. We'll all need this help eventually. We're just a bunch of crazy running chicks!

Oh, and I second the advice to run SLOWLY -- I took that very literally (feeling a bit silly) and avoided any injury so far, and I'm heavier than a lot of you. Yes, I'm slow -- but, by golly, I'm running! That's what counts!

04-08-2014, 01:26 PM
W3D1 in the bank. I was expecting it to be hard, and it was. I was dying a little at the end and now my legs feel like concrete, but I did it! I promised myself that if it was too painful I would slow it down, but I ended up keeping my pace for all of the running sequences.

I am more intimidated than ever by next week's 5 min running sets, but... next week is a long way away. I need to get through the rest of Week 3 before I start worrying about Week 4. And Week 5. And... *sigh*

Mortifying confession:

At one point today, the only other person in the workout room left, and I had it all to myself. I was listening to Britney's "Work B**ch!" on my iPod and started "answering" her. Like this:

Britney: You want a hot body?
Me: YES!
Britney: You want a Maserati?
Me: YES!
Britney: Look hot in a bikini?
Me: YES!
Britney: You better work bi**ch!

Only after this did I realize that no, I was not alone in the workout room. The other person in there quietly endured my shouting match with Britney on the treadmill.

Have a happy day everyone!

04-08-2014, 01:30 PM
W9d1... I did it!!

Not the 30 min, I did that. But.... (Drum roll please) I ran 5k!! 3.14 miles actually. I hit 30 min, felt great and knew I had less than I mile to go so just kept going. Finished feeling wonderful. My cardio isn't being stressed at all anymore, breathing has gotten easy. Towards the end of 3 miles I can feel my muscles getting tired, but not in an exhausted kind of way. Just well worked. Still dealing with the darn tendons injured when I broke my ankle but I think they're getting better, certainly not worse. So, overall reaching 5k was a very good thing. My son didn't want to run past 30 mins. He's sticking to the plan and persevering, but I don't think he's falling in love with running. Makes me sad, I don't want to loose my running buddy.

Aw Shucks, of course we missed you. :) I don't like running without music either. So glad a week off didn't negatively impact your running. I think I'm going to take a few days off after finishing this week to rest my body. I've read that you should give yourself an easy week every 3-4 weeks once you start seriously running. I'm not putting in enough miles (like, laughably not) to be a serious runner but I'm also a heavier runner. So, I think after 9 weeks straight of really busting my behind a few days off in a row will be a good thing.

I'm pondering the 'what next' question too. I'm not worried about speed. My slow 12:30-40 min mile is just fine with me. It'll naturally get fast as I get stronger and leaner. I love distance. That's my favorite challenge and what keeps me running. I want to go, and go, and go!!! I love hitting a new longer distance. That said, I think those who like to go faster are experiencing the same thing just different goal. It's the challenge if improving that makes running so addicting!

Congrats to everyone who is finishing their runs. Good for you! To those just starting, do it. This program is wonderful and so is running.

04-08-2014, 02:52 PM
Oh my goodness, I love reading these posts! I am so proud of all of you and, perversely, being proud of you allows me to take pride in myself too!

Quick question, does anyone wear a knee brace?
I run super slowly but it felt so awesome that I ran two days in a row and did a long hard time on the elliptical all within 36 hours of each other and my knee decided to start speaking to me... I've learned my lesson, but feel like adding some stability to my knee might be a good call. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

Keep up the great work! :-)

04-08-2014, 03:07 PM
Was supposed to do W4D3 last night, but we had to take my four-month-old into urgent care. :( He's fine, thankfully . . . he's had a cold but we got extra concerned last night when his breathing seemed labored and he started wheezing.

And I woke up congested and achy myself this morning, so I'm sure I've caught it too. Oy! I just got over being sick and having to restart last month. I learned my lesson by pushing myself last time so I'm going to wait until I'm up for more running before I get back into the program.

Good luck to everyone! I'll keep on reading about your exploits and will join back with you as soon as I can. ;)

04-08-2014, 03:37 PM
KarinRose, I used to run with a knee brace. You can buy one at any sporting goods store, or even at CVS, and give it a try. If it feels better to run with it, I say, run with it!

One thing to think about is why your knee is hurting in the first place. For me, after months of pain and blaming my knee, I finally discovered that in my case the culprit was actually my ankle. Yes, I already had gone to a running store and gotten properly fitted stability shoes that would protect against my tendency to overpronate. But apparently I roll my ankle so much that even stability shoes don't always do the trick. I started taping my right ankle and guess what -- no more knee pain! So for me, the knee pain was indicative not of a knee problem, but of an ankle problem. So bracing the knee provided a little relief, but bracing the ankle is the real answer. Of course, everyone is different, so you may have a knee issue, or an ankle issue, or a big toe issue... just something to keep in mind!

Of course, a little bit of discomfort is normal for us, but don't run through any serious pain! Be careful with your precious self -- you're the only you there is!

04-08-2014, 05:06 PM
Thanks, YoAdrian! How did you finally discover that it was actually an ankle issue? I overpronate too. I was fitted for shoes, but wouldn't be surprised if I over-overpronate. ;-)

04-09-2014, 08:52 AM
Glad to hear your baby's fine, EllaDorine! My 3-month-old just got over a nasty cough/cold. Nothing worse than hearing your baby wheezing all night long. :(

So I just finished w5d3. Sort of. The plan calls for either a 20-minute run or a 2-mile run. I was going for 2 miles, since I'm going for distance, and I was doing it on the treadmill, since the gym has childcare. At first it was really hard, but doable, you know? Like hard enough that I Wanted to stop, but not so hard that I couldn't push through it. But finally I started getting into a rhythm and feeling good, when suddenly my baby demands milk. Crap. ~1.5 miles in and I had to stop! Gah. So I went and fed the baby (who was appropriately adorable and smiley afterwards), then hopped back on the treadmill and did another mile.

Soooo. I dunno. I wound up running a total of almost 2.5 miles in around 30 minutes total, but there was a five-minute seated break in the middle. I think I'm going to count it as 'complete' and move on, since I know I could've finished the full run without the break and I did actually run a bit more than was called for. What do you guys think?

04-09-2014, 09:14 AM
Finished W3D1 last night. I've been running in my cross trainers and after the first few minutes my knee hurts less than at the start, and so far doesn't hurt any more than usual. Weird, but I'll take it. Still only running once per week.

BigChiefHoHo - I would count that effort as complete and move on!

KarinRose - I ran with a knee brace for awhile, it did seem to help a little but I found the brace uncomfortable. I recently switched my shoes and now run without the brace. Like YoAdrian, I have a non-knee problem that causes knee pain (recovering from ruptured achilles).

04-09-2014, 11:10 AM
Finished W7D2 last night :carrot:

I don't think I have ever sweated so much :o I ran on the treadmill and it was a little warmer in the house than normal because crazy NC weather can't decide if it's going to be spring or winter so we keep going back and forth between heat and air conditioning. It was cooler over the last few days so the heat was on, but it ended up being a warm day yesterday :p

Just like W7D1, I ran a little over the 25 min to make it an even 2 miles. I went a *little* faster in the beginning so I didn't have to run very long after the 25 min to hit the 2 mile mark. Last time I ran a minute longer, this time it was only like 20 seconds, so yay for a little bit of speed progress :D

Total distance with 5 min warm up and cool down was 2.50 exactly.

I really hope to one day be able to run 3 miles in 30 min, but I can't see me ever being that fast :^:

04-09-2014, 05:52 PM
Greetings all! W3D2 done. Those 3 min segments are killer... but kind of fun!

KarinRose, I discovered my ankle/knee issue kind of by accident. I was having some major shin splints, and was doing ankle exercises. I think someone suggested to me that I could still run with shin splints but it would be more comfortable if I taped my ankle. So, I did, and it really helped... not only with the shin splints, but with the knee pain too. (I'm not a doctor, but I suspect those issues are all related to my ridiculous overpronation on the right side.) I haven't been taping my ankle in this round because these runs are all relatively short, but I may start doing so if I feel pain. Also, I have been lacing my right shoe a little tighter and I think that is helping. It probably gives the stability shoes a better chance of doing their job. Anyway - I hope you find a solution that works for you. Ankle and knee pain is no fun!

justrunning, it sound like you are well on your way to being faster if you want. Don't sell yourself short -- if you can run 2 miles in a little over 25 min, then that must mean you are running a 12:30-13 min/mile pace. 10 min per mile is definitely within reach. I have faith in you!!

04-09-2014, 06:06 PM
BigChiefHoho: aw, glad to hear your little one's better too! Someone told me I was being "overprotective" yesterday as a new parent, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Against my better judgment, I went for a little bit last night. Didn't use the app; I just alternated between walking and running for each lap around the neighborhood, which meant I walked 3/4ths of a mile and ran for half a mile. This whole 85+ degrees after sunset is going to get annoying fast, lol. Anyway, I'm doing ok today, still a little under the weather though. I guess I'm sort of afraid of losing my progress as I don't want W4D3 and beyond to be a struggle.

04-11-2014, 12:04 PM
Completed W7D3 last night!

I used a new app along with C25K; Nike+. Anyone use this app? Either it was wayyy off or my treadmill is way off and I am leaning more towards the app being off because of the pace and distance being so wacky.

The app had my distance from warm up to cool down as 5.43 miles. In 35 min 26 sec. at a pace of 6 min 30 sec/mile....yea, i wish!

I know there are lots of runners who use the Nike+ app, both treadmill and outside runners, is it common for it to be this far off? I am pretty confident i did not run that fast or that far. I wish i could.

I like the app, but I do hope it is more accurate and something wonky happened last night. This is the app I am/was planning to use to map my runs both inside and outside when I venture out of my comfort zone and start running outdoors. But I want it to be accurate. :?::?::?:

04-11-2014, 07:54 PM
W3D3 done. I am sort of dreading Week 4. I think I am going to have to drop down my pace if I want to hang for 5 minutes... we'll see! My weight is pretty much staying under 170, and it feels good to be in the 160s, although it is not dropping off as fast as I would like. * sigh *

justrunning, I have used the Nike+ app with great success outdoors. Never used it on a treadmill. Outdoors, I find it is pretty precise -- I used to run the same 5K route every day, and knew the quarter-mile marks by heart, and the Nike+ app always got me within a few feet of them. That said, it can be wonky for very short distances -- every now and then it will give me something crazy for a quarter-mile split -- but it seems to even out over several miles. I probably wouldn't consider it accurate for distances under one mile, but as you start to do longer runs, it will be more reliable. I definitely would not trust it on the treadmill.

04-11-2014, 11:24 PM
W3D3 done. I am sort of dreading Week 4. I think I am going to have to drop down my pace if I want to hang for 5 minutes... we'll see! My weight is pretty much staying under 170, and it feels good to be in the 160s, although it is not dropping off as fast as I would like. * sigh *

justrunning, I have used the Nike+ app with great success outdoors. Never used it on a treadmill. Outdoors, I find it is pretty precise -- I used to run the same 5K route every day, and knew the quarter-mile marks by heart, and the Nike+ app always got me within a few feet of them. That said, it can be wonky for very short distances -- every now and then it will give me something crazy for a quarter-mile split -- but it seems to even out over several miles. I probably wouldn't consider it accurate for distances under one mile, but as you start to do longer runs, it will be more reliable. I definitely would not trust it on the treadmill.

Thanks for answering :) according to the treadmill, I ran 2 miles and total distance with warm up and cool down was 2 1/2 miles. Maybe I'll save the app for after I 'graduate' and work up the nerve to run outside. I'm running again tomorrow so I may give it one more try on the treadmill and see what happens, because I'm stubborn :D

04-12-2014, 10:32 AM
Good job everyone! Keep up the great work!

My knee has recovered, but I was diagnosed with the seasonal Flu on Thursday (wtf, it's April?!?!) so doctor says I have to wait to exercise off another week or two. :-(. Not sure if I'll be able to start back at end of week 2 or back at the beginning. Will make it work either way.

04-13-2014, 09:36 AM
Did w6d1 yesterday, and it went really well! I did my running intervals at a 12:00 pace, but sped up to 10:00 pace for the last tenth of a mile. It actually felt really good! I'm excited for w6d2 tomorrow. I think that's the last interval run, though, which is a little scary. I don't know how I feel about the transition to nothing but long runs.

I'm getting close to the end of the program now, so I'm trying to think of what to do next. Has anyone here tried Bridge to 10k before? Or any other slightly-more-advanced training programs? I'd love to hear suggestions.

04-13-2014, 07:05 PM
Well y'all, I have officially finished the C25K program.

My son and I ran a Relay For Life Glow 5K last night which just happened to be the final run of the program and we rocked it (for us anyway). We finished in just under 38 min, ran the whole thing. It was a blast!! We're gonna take it easy this coming week, run one more week of easy runs then start into training for a 10K this fall.

If you're considering running in an organized event, go for it! I was too intimidated/embarrassed to run in a race last time I was running. Then I got injured and it occurred to me during my recovery that I may never work my way back to being able to run. Luckily, I am running again and this time I'm not worried about being too slow, or old, or fat. :) I'm happily crossing things off my bucket list.

The great thing is I wasn't the slowest, oldest or fattest runner. Even if I had been, no one there cared. Everyone was either focused on running their own race or encouraging others running theirs. It was a great experience and I'm really looking forward to more races.

Hope everyone is still running. Stick with it! I'm amazed at how well C25K works. 9 weeks ago I couldn't run 1/4 mile. Last night my son and I ran 3.1 miles. You can all do it, just keep running!!

04-13-2014, 08:29 PM
This cold ended up hitting me pretty hard, and got the hubby too (who rarely gets sick)! I'm debating whether or not I want to do W4D3 tonight; I'm still congested, but feeling better overall. I don't want to push myself too hard but I don't want to lose progress either. I might do what I did on my last run, just half a mile with 3/4 of a mile walking, then maybe I can get back to the program this coming week.

Getting sick again like this has been really frustrating, but I'm not about to give up. So many good things to look forward to by summer! I especially want to run my first 5k (maybe in another couple of months?) and get out of obesity . . . only 9 more pounds to go! :running:

04-13-2014, 08:45 PM
Completed W8D1 today!

My app somehow paused itself in the middle of my run, I ran 8 min before I noticed it was paused :dizzy:

BUT, I used that glitch to push myself and I ran longer than the 28 min, I kept running until I hit 3 miles and then I did a short cool down. :carrot:

I ran 3 miles in just over 39 min. With my 5 min warm up and short cool down I finished W8D1 in 46 min 23 sec :D

I'm really proud of myself, I didn't realize I could run that long nonstop :carrot:

I seriously can't believe I ran 3 miles without stopping :D:D:D

04-14-2014, 11:09 AM
I felt better than anticipated last night, so I went all-out on completing W4D3. It wasn't bad at all, even though I've still got a cough and it had been over a week since I did W4D2. :running:

I could get used to this! :carrot:

04-14-2014, 11:54 AM
Hey all!! I'm just starting the program, and I finished W2D1 yesterday on the treadmill, at a 2.0 incline and a speed of 5.5 ...I'm definitely stoked because I just increased my speed a smudge from 5.2 and increased the incline. I heard somewhere sometime that putting g a slight incline on the treadmill helps to mediate the effects of the "ground" moving for you- which makes your run easier. not sure if that's true but I do know that it hurts my legs a bit more with an incline! All good though....I'm feeling really good!

04-15-2014, 08:16 AM
Finished the program last week! I can run over 30 minutes but 5 km is still the goal.

04-15-2014, 08:43 AM
Hi everyone- another update from the road. The easy flatness of the beach is long gone and we are in hilly country now and I am feeling it. I am running longer and longer (did w7d1- 20 min!) but feel like I'm going slower and slower. When I'm back on my home turf I will use map my run and see how far I am actually going- c23k? Lol.

Well done BigChiefHoHo, you are ahead of me for the moment bc we had such an early start mon I had to run tues. (I just saw you were posting about week six- were you ill for a week? :( I am so out of the loop. Looking forward to catching up properly this weekend!)
Hugs and stuff to you all (get better, Eladorine, sounds as if you are!) and wish me luck because I fear the scale when I get home :( I have gone mad with the Dounts, but thanks to check-ins with you all, have kept up with the running!

Two more American runs to go...

04-15-2014, 09:29 AM
Yeah, I'm a week behind schedule, Magicsusan. We're putting in a new garden, so I was outside a bunch of days swinging a pickaxe (in heavy Georgia clay, ugh) and that had me too exhausted to run. Finished it this weekend, though, so I'm back to working out as scheduled! (totally impressed with you, btw, for keeping up with your running schedule while on vacation - that's some willpower!)

I did w6d2 last night, and it went alright. Two 1-mile intervals, which works out to about 12 minutes each at my pace. I felt like I was gonna die for the first quarter mile or so of each one, but they got easier as I kept running. I think I'm learning a lot about mental toughness this time around. Just because I'm tired or just because my legs hurt doesn't mean I need to stop running. My legs will keep moving as long as my brain tells them to, so I just need to 'woman up' and push through it. And I can, and I did. I think I'm a lot tougher than I was six weeks ago.

04-15-2014, 08:40 PM
This morning I did Week 1 day 2! But I did it on a treadmill. Its so much easier that way! I didnt even feel like I was going to die when I was done! haha.

04-16-2014, 10:28 AM
W4D1 completed. Once a week seems to be working just fine!

04-17-2014, 10:40 AM
Did w6d3 last night. I got to go outside for the first time in a week, which was really nice. The wisteria is out, and the sun was setting, and it was just all around pretty. The run wasn't too bad, either. It was supposed to be 2 1/4 miles, but I don't have a GPS watch or anything yet, so I decided to run for 27 minutes, which would be 2 1/4 miles at a speed of 5mph. I'm pretty sure I ran slower than that, so I didn't quite go the whole distance, but I DID run my 27 minutes and then a little extra (just to make it to the end of the road), so I'm pleased with it.

mb2004 - I used to always find the treadmill to be a lot easier, too! For some reason, though, lately it's been harder than running outside. I think maybe because I go slower outside where the treadmill forces me to keep running faster.

04-17-2014, 02:32 PM

So slooooooooow. I did it, but did use my Map My Run to discover that I am not even going 2.5k in my 20 minutes.


04-17-2014, 09:01 PM
Thanks Magicsusan, I am getting better! I hope it'll be completely gone in a few more days. Oh, and I'm willing to bet that I run more slowly than you do. :dizzy:

I did W5D1 Tuesday night, and will do W5D2 tonight. Although I kind of want to nap instead (I'm so worn out, lol).

04-18-2014, 10:44 AM
Finished the program last week! I can run over 30 minutes but 5 km is still the goal.

Me too, no shoes. I'm kind of bummed that I'm finished. The fun is in completing those individual goals. I'm running around 2 miles in my 30 minutes. I know I need to step it up. Does anyone know of an app that I can program for distance? I'd love to just run and have a bell notify me at 1mile, 2miles and then finish at 3miles. I could just run 33 times around my track, but.... oh, the monotony!

Yay for completing the race, Tafadahli!

magicsusan You are amazing to have kept running on vacation! Way to go!

Bigchiefhoho Making a garden is a worthy reason for not running, as well as a good workout! I envy you the fresh produce you'll have this summer. Nothing better.

Planning to get some running accomplished during this long weekend. Happy Easter to all!

04-18-2014, 01:19 PM
I'm hoping it works out, AwShucks! I am not exactly known for my green thumb. Hopefully we'll get at least a few things worth eating.

Just got back from w7d1 this morning. I did 2.5 miles in 30 minutes, so I'm pretty stoked about that. I also just ordered myself a Garmin FR70 watch as a running present, so I'm super excited to run outside with it and see just how slow I'm going. :D

04-18-2014, 05:47 PM
I graduated today!!!

Still need to work on my speed, I'm only running 2 1/4 miles in 30 min, but that's still a lot better than where I was when I started.

What is everyone planning to do after graduation? 10k? Or sticking with 5k and working on speed/distance?

I know I can run 3 miles in 39 min so I may go ahead and start 10k training...

04-19-2014, 09:25 AM
Congrats, justrunning! I've been doing a bit of research, and apparently you're supposed to work up to running 30-35 miles a week before you really start doing speed workouts, so that's my plan. I'll try to build up the mileage slowly (10% increase each week is the rule, I guess), then when I get there, start incorporating some speedwork. I'm not sure if I'll use bridge-to-10k to work on the mileage or not, though.

How does everybody feel about graduates sticking around on this thread to keep us up-to-date? justrunning is done, I'm almost done, magicsusan is almost done, and a couple other people. Should we hang out here to talk about our future running, or start another 'C25K Graduates' thread?

04-19-2014, 10:14 AM
Congrats, justrunning! I've been doing a bit of research, and apparently you're supposed to work up to running 30-35 miles a week before you really start doing speed workouts, so that's my plan. I'll try to build up the mileage slowly (10% increase each week is the rule, I guess), then when I get there, start incorporating some speedwork. I'm not sure if I'll use bridge-to-10k to work on the mileage or not, though.

How does everybody feel about graduates sticking around on this thread to keep us up-to-date? justrunning is done, I'm almost done, magicsusan is almost done, and a couple other people. Should we hang out here to talk about our future running, or start another 'C25K Graduates' thread?

Thank you for the information! I need to form a plan :smug: I may start running more days a week first and then try to slowly increase speed :)

04-19-2014, 10:10 PM
I ended up doing W5D2 last night instead of the night before; I think I ate something that didn't agree with me at dinner! Regardless, I was so proud of myself last night. :) I peeked at what I'll be doing tomorrow night, and it's a 20-minute run already?! :dizzy:

04-20-2014, 02:28 PM
Hey Y'all,

Happy to see everyone running still! Yay! I swear, it's addictive.

So, my weekly plan now that C25K is done is to run 30 minutes 2x a week (however far that gets us), then 3.19 miles (no time limit) as my long run. After 2-3 weeks of that, we're going to launch into training for a 10k. The 30 min runs are feeling pretty easy now. Can't believe it! Running 3.19 miles still feels like work towards the end (we averaged 12.12 min miles today, oh yes, smokin' fast we are NOT! But, that's faster than we used to be). I'm so happy my son is still running with me too, it's so fun having a running partner.

I found this training plan for running a 10K:
I love that it emphasis cross training and weights (both important for injury prevention as you add running miles). We're cycling a few days a week and doing weights. I tell ya, I'm sore head to toe but it feels awesome.

Anyway, I think the Hal Higdon plan will tie in well with where my son and I are currently at with our running. Especially after another week (maybe two) of easy 30 min runs and a 5k as our long run. I'm planning to repeat each week of the 10k plan at least twice. The kid and I are gearing up for a (hopefully) faster 5k this fall and our first 10k. Yep, the running bug has hit us hard! We have lots of time to work up to the 10k so we're gonna take it slow, hopefully avoid injury and have fun. Shedding extra pounds has been a nice side benefit for me too.

Anyway, thought some of you who are also finished/ finishing C25K might like to share you continued running plans. Any goals? Races? Fun cross training ideas that coordinate with running? What's in your running future? I think it's awesome that so many of you are sticking to the program and still running. Woot! We are awesome!!

04-20-2014, 10:34 PM
The whole time I was doing C25K, I was running on a treadmill. It was taking me 39 min to run 3 miles (13 min mile)....well, today I ran outside for the first time on the local high school track and used the Nike+ app to track my pace and time....3 miles in 28 min 19 sec :eek:

I know I ran at a faster pace outside, but on the treadmill I felt if I went any faster I would fall off :o

My first mile my pace was 9'25", second mile was my slowest/hardest as I was getting winded around a mile and a half 10'39" and my final mile my pace was 10'03". The app put me at an avg pace of 9'32" :carrot: I was stoked and surprised. A 10 min mile has been my goal from the start but I never thought I would actually achieve it. I didn't think I would run any faster outside, slower if anything.

Super proud that I ran it all without walking :carrot:

04-21-2014, 02:04 AM
Happy to join c25k graduates thread but will post here if welcome.

I am trying to work up to 5km but feeling a little discouraged. Can't seem to push past 4.3km. Maybe expecting too much.

04-21-2014, 02:07 AM
Awesome justrunning. I hear treadmill is tough compared to outside.
My pace is at best 7:30/km I think that is 12min mile. Yes, slow! I hope to get to 5km in under 30 minutes. That would be amazing.

04-22-2014, 09:13 AM
Yay, I'm home, and back to a regular keyboard and normal sized screen! No more poking at my iphone! I did mostly keep up with the program, but there was one day when we had to get an early start and I wasn't able to run, then jet lag when we got back (was going to run early easter monday- woke up after nine!) but I start week 8 next run so I don't think it matters much. Notes of interest:

1)yes, I did find it a bit easier running on the outer banks- it's completely flat, for one thing.
2)I ate rather like a pig, I'm afraid. Old haunts, old habits, I guess, not to mention that family get-togethers always seem to mean copious amounts of high calorie booze. *In spite of this,* I only gained 100g. This is a bloody miracle. I ate, I mean really lost it, kids. Donuts, cheese, cake, ice cream, you name it. Only gained 100 grams. I am sooooo glad I stuck with the running.

Elladorine, shall we make a contest of who can run the slowest? :lol: That will be my project when I've finished c25k- to use map my run and see if I can get further and further in 30 min, or however long the last day is... btw, don't let the 20min scare you. I thought "I'll never be able to!" but I did. First time in my life!

Awwshucks, I have map my run. (echo! lol) I'm sure you can set it for miles- mine does km, and a little voice tells me when I've done a km, what my split time was, etc. I really like it, and intend to use it when I'm done to try and get further and further in the same time, and also more duration. Will probably alternate trying to go a little further and a little faster...

BigChiefHoHo, I'm fine with either (same thread or separate threads) but I think it will depend on the numbers. Are there lots of maintainers out there? I suppose if we have finished, we are not c25kers anymore, but otoh, it would be kind of lonely and not a good motivator if the actual c25k thread had only 2 people if we all left... Is there a steady stream of newbies?
And yes, gardening does count as exercise!

Well done, justrunning! Nevermind it's only 2.5 miles; at the mo, that's what I'm doing in km!

Tafadhali, I'm not planning to run in any races- I'm not competitive ('cept with myself, maybe) and mostly I just love the feeling of schlogging through the forest and looking at the shrooms and trees and stuff. But I do plan to keep running regularly and improving, as I've said above. I wanted to run all my life and never thought I would.

noshoes, you're waaaaay faster than I am! I haven't started working on speed, yet! :p Something to do when I finish the program... Plus, I'm still 100 pounds overweight, so as that comes off, I'm sure I'll pick up speed.

Hello to anyone else, will see you (prolly Thursday) for *dunt dun duuuuuuuun* Week 8! Never thought I'd get there, ever.

04-23-2014, 02:47 AM
Magicsusan: I rocked the 20 minute run on Sunday night, and I'm not sure how, given that I struggled with the start of week 6 tonight. I'm still extremely proud of myself that I've done every second of required running in the program without having to slow to a walk, but I definitely ran more slowly tonight. Interestingly enough, I hit exactly 2 miles in the given 34 minutes, meaning I'm averaging a 17 minute mile? But to be fair some of it is walking. :lol:

I've noticed I typically run a full lap in about 4 minutes, which is about a quarter mile. I'm hoping my speed will increase as I lose more weight and gain more experience, but right now I'm concentrating on sticking with the program and building up my stamina. I can't wait to see where I stand in a few more weeks! :D

04-23-2014, 06:49 AM
I fell off the wagon .... oops! I haven't run for about two weeks and I kept putting it off and putting it off.... cos I knew it was gonna hurt when I went back to it! But I finally did it tonight. I only ran 20 mins (was meant to be up to 25 min but thought that might be a bit adventurous!). So I'm pleased I got it done and I'm officially BACK on the wagon haha!

04-23-2014, 08:37 AM
Back on the wagon, also.

Finished week 2 yesterday. Feels good to be back! :-)

04-23-2014, 02:11 PM
Did w7d2 last night - 2.5 miles! Had to slow down to a ~14 minute mile for a lot of it (usually I do around a 12-minute mile). I think I was weak because I didn't eat beforehand when usually I have a banana or something. Still, I finished it, so I'm pretty happy!

04-23-2014, 06:36 PM
About to do my week2 day2! woo.

04-24-2014, 11:52 AM
Hi Everyone.

w8d1 is done. I ran for 28 minutes! Elladorine,I'm so glad you had a good run. I used my MMR app and my average time was 9:31/km, about 15 min/mile. It's odd; so many times I thought, "I'll surely have to repeat, I bet I won't be able to do the next bit." But I managed, every time. The final day on my 5k app has 35min run time. I'm interested to see after that if I get faster. (I read an article somewhere that said all other things remaining equal, a pound of lost weight meant 2 seconds faster/mile. We'll see.)

Welcome back on the wagon, Lilmisschattabox and Karin Rose! It's a nice wagon, with free smoothies! :D

BigChiefHoHo, I can't run when I'm hungry either!

Hello mb2004- so, how did it go?

04-24-2014, 12:09 PM
It went well! So far I havent had to stop or even walk when I was supposed to be jogging!!! Monday Wednesday and Fridays are my run days, but I feel lost on what I should be doing the other days.

04-24-2014, 05:20 PM
mb2004 - I think at this point it's fine to just rest on your off-days. Alternatively, you could life some weights or 'cross-train,' which I gather is any kind of cardio that isn't running. I like to hit up zumba or spin class on some of my days off.

My run this morning was a good example of what you just said, magicsusan. I just was NOT feeling it at all. I was so sure I'd fail and have to repeat. But... I didn't. Weird. My legs just kept going and I got my w7d3 done. Now I'm sure I'll fail w8d1, but we'll have to see, haha.

04-24-2014, 08:22 PM
BigChiefHoho everytime I see your picture, I have to force my self to not AWWW outloud! is that a wrap or ring sling? My little is 13 months, not so little..... Our gym has really terrible classes that work for my time limits. so I'm on my own, AND, they only have one treadmill, and one elliptical, that is currently broken other than that they have an awesome weight room.

04-25-2014, 12:08 AM
Did Wk3d1 today and now feel that weeks 3 and 4 are attainable. But continuing to flip out a little (in advance) about wk 5. I just keep telling myself to worry about this week and stop looking ahead. Now if I will only listen to myself!

04-25-2014, 12:29 AM
Hi guys! I think I'm a bit behind you all, but I just started my first Couch to 5k plan. Never thought I'd see the day when I would be training to be marathon-ready.

I've always loved to run, but seldom did it outside of gym class, I think most due to being self conscious. But anyway, here I am finally gettin' it done. And does it feel gooooood. :)

Today I completed my Week 1, Day 2 run. Felt easy compared to Day 1!

04-25-2014, 02:53 AM
mb2004, anything that doesn't involve your lower body. I lift weights and do exercises for my middle- back, abs, torso... I do yoga if I'm feeling knackered.

BigChiefHoHo, this was a tough one for me to get. Someone somewhere in this forum (and probably other places as well) was talking about the difference between motivation and commitment. It's easy for me to lace up and head out when I'm feeling motivated. Commitment is doing it anyway when I'd rather be doing anything but... The surprise (and I don't know why this always comes as a surprise, but it still does) is that it works (in terms of preparing my body for the next run) whether I enjoyed it or not. You will be fine for week 8.

Haha, Karinrose; look back at my posts from that time! I was such a whiner. "No, don't talk about week five! You're scaring me!" And yet, when it was my turn to do it, I managed. One run at a time. And if you need to repeat, repeat! But you probably won't. You certainly won't be the only one who did if you do, though!

XRiotGirl, we have a rolling enrollment plan :lol: Welcome. Starting was the hardest for me, too. The first weeks were the only ones I ever had to repeat.

Later, Alligators.

04-25-2014, 09:19 AM
mb2004 - Aww, thanks! It's a ring sling. I love it, but it only works when the babes are super tiny. After about 12 pounds or so I have to switch to the ergo because the sling hurts my back. As for your off days, maybe consider getting a cheap bike off craigslist or something? Or just hit the weights.

xRiotGirl - Hey, you look familiar! :D Glad to see you over here.

KarinRose - Don't be scared! I was really worried about week 5, but it was, amazingly, no big deal. I mean, it was hard and all, but the program really works and by the time you get there you'll be able to handle it.

magicsusan - Yeah, exactly. This is teaching me how to really be disciplined to make myself do stuff even when I don't feel like it. I'm learning that I really can just make my legs keep moving even when I'm tired.

04-25-2014, 04:39 PM
bigchiefhoho thats exactly what we use, a ring sling then ergo. occasionally he goes on my hip in the RS, but not often. Yesterday I played pickleball, and went for a walk. Getting ready for my run today.

04-25-2014, 05:47 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm downloading the zen labs c25k app on my phone now. I already went to the gym today, but I plan on doing workout one tomorrow. I think I'll skip the gym and do it outside. It's always annoying to have to change speeds on the treadmill. :/

04-25-2014, 07:58 PM
Whew week 2 DONE!!! Ready to take on Week 3!

04-26-2014, 06:58 PM
Nice job mb2004!

I completed day one of week one today. It was great. Not very hot outside and it was sunny. I feel awesome! :)

04-26-2014, 11:55 PM
Fleurdelis It feels awesome knowing that you completed a day! Great Job!!

04-27-2014, 08:56 PM
Fleurdelis It feels awesome knowing that you completed a day! Great Job!!

Definitely!! I'm so ready to do workout 2 tomorrow!!

04-28-2014, 02:51 AM
Losing weight definitely helps with speed. I have lost about 20kg (50lb I think) so I don't feel so heavy.
I did about 2km today, running up inclines against fierce wind.
Last week I did 1km as fast as I could and managed 6:50pace. (KM)
I am trying to build up again so I can do 5km.

04-28-2014, 02:53 AM
I loved babywearing. I used the ring sling for the first year with my last baby, so much easier than wraps and even the Ergo ( I have 5 kids). But then he was too heavy. He is almost 3 and sometimes hubby will use the Ergo but he's too heavy for me now.

04-28-2014, 04:30 AM
Lol, my babywearing days are over, but I wore mine plenty.

Anyway, As to the running...

I'm done!
Sort of.

It's like this:
I finished my c25k app and ran 35 minutes today. W8d3 completed. I gave up on the actual app ages ago because sometimes it would give me the prompts and sometimes not, so by the time I go to running in one chunk, I just set the timer for the appropriate time.
What I began using instead was Map My Run. Sadly, in honor of my last day, MMR decided to go bonkers.

That is, unless I really *did* go from running 3.06k in 29 minutes and 3.38k in 31 min to running 5.92k in 35 min. Ha ha ha, no.

But who cares? I did my 35 minutes, and most of the time the stupid app works- has the hiccups today, I guess, so I'll hang around for a bit trying to get faster.

Hello Fleurdelis, keep at it! It actually works! I still kind of can't believe it! 35 minutes! First time in my life :)

Hello the rest of you!

04-28-2014, 05:02 AM
*sigh* Only just joined this group and already I have to stop my progress. :( My shoulder has been bothering me for a few weeks, a pinched nerve maybe. Anyway, I transitioned into running because I figured it would be easier on my shoulder than kickboxing, (duh), and also because I've just been wanting to do it. WELL, my shoulder only seems to be getting worse, so instead I'm just going to take a break from my workouts completely. Kinda sucks. But hopefully running won't seem impossibly hard, all over again, when I do try and get back into it.

Thanks for the welcomes, anyway. I shall be back! :D

04-28-2014, 12:43 PM
I completed W6D3 yesterday morning and took more photos of the scenery during the walking portions:



I usually run around 9 or so at night (http://instagram.com/p/nM6ipqNIp7/), but it's been a little cooler than usual lately so I ventured out in the sunshine. I'm getting congested again, but am hoping it's only allergies; as you can see everything is in bloom around here!

Oh, and you can see one of my poor dogs peeking under the porch door! I wish I could take them with, that would be fun! I do enjoy the time to myself immensely though. My thoughts, my music, my own path.

The 22 minutes wasn't so bad, but I started out tired. It was probably a mistake to run on an empty stomach and I was going even more slowly than usual (how is that even possible? :lol:), but as usual I found I was able to push past all my doubts. And I think that's what amazes me the most about all this. I'm experiencing the self-discipline that I never knew I had, and I can sense it spreading into other areas of my life. I don't think I ever enjoyed pushing myself physically before; it was extremely uncomfortable and far too easy to give up on. Even for the short time I was a skinny little kid, I hated the annual mile run we had to do at school and would slow to walk whenever I felt I could get away with it. Now I find myself wondering how much more I'm capable of. :)

04-28-2014, 07:26 PM
Week 3 done!

I feel like the rest of the program is 2/3 mental. Anyone have any suggestions of how to keep one's head in the game for the longer segments?

04-29-2014, 04:13 AM
Just a couple of things, KarinRose...

First, due to the gradual build of the program, the longer sections don't seem soooo long. What I mean is, I have no problem going for a 10min walk- or 30, or an hour. Now, of course the jogging is harder than a walk, but I didn't find it as hard as I had anticipated because it built up gradually.

Second, knowing you only need to do one (or two, or four) segments instead of four (six, eight) helps too. "Already half/quarter of the way done!"

Third, music, audiobooks, a nice place to run. I love to get distracted by moss, toadstools, birdies...

Just keep plodding. Just do not stop, until your timer goes off. Good luck!

04-29-2014, 04:14 AM
Elladorine, :lol: lol your dog...

04-29-2014, 10:31 PM
Can I join the thread? Started this with a friend and we got to week six but time and commmitments got in the way of us seeing it through. She's since moved to a different area but I want to start up again by myself.

04-29-2014, 11:00 PM
Welcome hungryinnewzealand

Whew Week 3 day 1 DONE. Going to be doing a 1 mile fun run in June.

04-30-2014, 06:31 AM
Day 1, week 1 completed. Ran/walked on the main road which will give the villagers something to talk about. 'Hey did you see ________ puffing along?' But I did it!

04-30-2014, 07:37 AM
Hi hungryinnewzealand :) whereabouts are you??? I'm in the Bay of Plenty! Excited too see another kiwi on the thread! I'm about to hit week 6 next run (I backslid a little).

04-30-2014, 12:58 PM
KarinRose, I agree with magicsusan. The most important thing is just not stopping. You're tougher than you think you are. It'll be uncomfortable, it might hurt a little, you'll probably want to stop, but if your brain keeps saying "MOVE!" your legs will obey. So, not to get all marine drill sergeant-y here, but suck it up and just do it. :) You'll be ridiculously proud of yourself afterward.

...and on that note, I just finished week 8. Ran 2 3/4 miles in 33 minutes! And it sucked! Haha. I felt like I was going to die for the first mile, then after that I kind of hit my stride and it went down to being merely unpleasant. So not a great run, but I did it. And now I only have a week to go, yay!

04-30-2014, 06:09 PM
Started C25K for the second time almost five weeks ago (I just did W4D2 today). I started it last year but never finished it...I got to week 6 and then walked/ran a 5K, and after that I just....didn't run anymore. *L* But since I am now trying to lose 25 pounds and (eventually) get to the "healthy weight" my doctor originally suggested for me, I figured C25K would be a good help!

I found W4D2 so much easier than W4D1. Isn't that odd? I mean, on Monday....having to run five minutes straight made me think "I'm gon' DIIIIIIIE" but today, for some reason, it just seemed so much easier. (It helps, I think, that "my" treadmill at the gym -- yes, I have a favourite -- looks out onto my old elementary school and the memories of the bullied kid I was back then drives me on. *L*) Hey, whatever works, right?

I'm officially signed up for my second 5K, on Father's Day. I thought about doing the 10K instead, but then I thought -- nah, I'll be satisfied with shaving a few minutes off my time from last year (35:15.) I have three goals for this year:

1) To finish the race.
2) To *run* across the finish line.
3) To finish in less than 35 minutes.

I'd be satisfied to reach two of those goals, but all three would be awesome.

I really should start trying to run outside, but the sidewalks around here are bloody awful, and I wouldn't run on the road if you paid me because I swear, half the drivers on the roads around here must have gotten their licenses in Cracker Jack boxes. So for now I'll stick with "my" treadmill at the gym. :)

04-30-2014, 07:24 PM
Completed Wk 4 D1! :-) Was a bit harder than previous weeks but totally fine.

Thank you for all the support! I hear your words echoing in my brain as I run! :-)

Where do you all fall on the question of where to run: treadmill vs. outside? I like the treadmill because of the control issue of I set a guaranteed pace and its available with no excuses (too hot/cold/rainy...)

04-30-2014, 10:09 PM
Hi lilmisschattabox! I'm in Auckland but know folks down in Gizzy. But I should mention I'm an ex-pat so not an official Kiwi. However I love the All Blacks and my kids walk barefoot everywhere so we are absolutely embracing life here.

04-30-2014, 10:13 PM
KarinRose - I don't belong to a gym so run outside. This may all change as winter approaches here but I hate the gym so may just brave the rain and cold as it comes.

Snoofie - I loved your story about having a favourite machine and looking out over your old elementary school and the bad memories associated with it. Keep going!

04-30-2014, 11:49 PM
I much prefer to run outside because clicking the buttons up and down on the treadmill is quite annoying, AND, the ONE treadmill at my Gym is a crappy one. Im used to this HUGE nice nice YMCA, now I work out at a small Rec Center, Really they only have 1 Stairmaster, 1 Treadmill, and 1 broken bike. Other than that they have weights. So for me I usually just run outside, swim at the gym, and do weights once a week or so. BUT, I cant complain because the Y was expensive, and the rec center I'm at now is 30 bucks a month for both me and my son!

I'm running a one mile fun run as soon as my 8 weeks are done! I know its not a 5K but its a good cause. A little girl I know (went to school with her parents) Her mom and baby sister were killed and they werent sure if she was going to live. She pulled through though and so we are doing a fund raiser by selling shirts and doing the fun run to raise support and money for Mady! I will be rocking my TEAM MADY shirt and Some knee high zebra striped socks! My goal is just to run the whole thing. I dont think I have EVER ran a mile straight, even in school I had to walk!! She plans on walking the last little bit with us across the finish line which is amazing because two weeks ago she was wheel chair bound! I will be running a 5k though in October. Its called RUN FOR YOU LIFE! Its oct, 25th and I will have 3 "life strips" hooked to me and there will be zombies along the route. For every lifestrip you still have at the end you get some time taken off your final time! Lots of time to work up my speed and dodging zombies!

05-01-2014, 12:54 AM
I didn't get my day three week one workout in today... :/ I was busy and had to finish homework for my online class. Tomorrow I'll be doing weights so I'll save my run for Friday. Works out well because we are going to visit both of our parents this weekend about an hour and a half away so I know I won't be getting to the gym at all.

I know some treadmills have it were you can type in the speed and hit enter, but others just have where you have to use the arrow to increase/decrease. That takes so much time, especially when the program is pretimed, etc when your using the app.

05-01-2014, 03:21 AM
Ran 2km fairly fast the other day ( Monday). Impressed because I was going up inclines against a headwind, and I enjoyed it!
Hopefully do 3km this weekend and be doing 5km soon.
It scares me ATM, longest I have done is 4.2km I think.

05-01-2014, 10:27 AM
KarinRose, running outside is WAY more fun. The time passes faster, the scenery is better, you can people-watch (if you're comfortable running in a populated area). The treadmill isn't as bad is it's made out to be, though. I do most of my runs on the treadmill because the gym has free childcare and I don't really have anyone else to watch my kids while I run at the moment (usually my husband does, but he's gone for a few weeks). It's a lot more boring, but music or TV helps. It's a bit of a pain to change the speed every two minutes, but after the first couple weeks there aren't as many intervals so it's not a big deal. Basically, whichever way you prefer is fine.

05-01-2014, 11:34 PM
I use a treadmill with a "speed interval" toggle button. I press the button once to go to my jog speed and again to go back to my walk speed, so I don't have to waste any time at all.

05-01-2014, 11:50 PM
BigChief- I'm with you on the scenery thing. So much better running outside, though the tv on the treadmill at the gym does keep me entertained.

Karin- I will be looking tomorrow to see if my treadmill has a speed interval. That is of course if it is as chilly as it was today.

05-02-2014, 09:01 AM
That sounds really handy, Karin. The treadmills I use only have hill intervals, which don't do the trick. I wonder why all treadmills don't have the speed intervals. Seems like it would be really useful and a pretty easy feature to add.

05-02-2014, 12:20 PM
My poor Cinder . . . sometimes she sticks her nose under the door for the whole half hour I'm gone! :^: :lol:

I accomplished W7D2 last night, along with a little extra. :running:

I've been pretty adamant about sticking with the program and not pushing myself too hard, but I decided to keep going with the running portion last night until I knew I'd hit at least 2 miles. I do know that, according to my app anyway, we're supposed to be doing 2 1/2 miles in the 25 minutes, but 2 miles takes me close to 30 to accomplish. So I ran for an extra five minutes last night before slowing into my cooldown. I'm feeling fine this morning, aside from the usual allergy congestion.

I'm amazed that I ran for 2 miles straight, regardless of how slow I am! ;) Here's another bragging photo that includes a "before" shot from a few years ago:

http://distilleryimage4.ak.instagram.com/a6bb879ad1c411e399f80002c99d4168_8.jpg (http://instagram.com/p/nfBdsDtIqp/)

At the same time, I'm a bit annoyed with my weight loss stall. :p

http://photos-g.ak.instagram.com/hphotos-ak-frc/10261060_273146566190718_1129023406_n.jpg (http:/http://instagram.com/p/ndxdmLtIpA/)

Well, I'm not complaining too much, mind you . . . I'm still extremely excited about how much I've accomplished. After all, a 150 pound loss is nothing to sneeze at, but at the same time, I'm so close to getting under 200 pounds. I'm currently in my lowest weight range ever as an adult so I've never been anywhere under that number since junior high! I think I've been slacking a little on my eating so I'm going to work extra hard on that aspect this week. :dizzy:

05-03-2014, 05:12 AM
Week 1 / Day 2 completed. Picked up the pace a bit but still shuffling by all accounts.

05-03-2014, 09:48 AM
Elladorine, I love all your pictures! Wow! You've come so far!

05-03-2014, 03:33 PM
w9d1 done! Almost talked myself out of even starting because my butt and hamstrings were sore from a squat-filled zumba class yesterday, but I'm glad I did it. It was slow, but I finished my 3 miles in about 38 minutes. And I feel goooood!

05-03-2014, 04:42 PM

05-04-2014, 03:28 AM
Elladorine, I love all your pictures! Wow! You've come so far!
Aw, thank you! :hug:

You asked about treadmills vs. outdoors, but I can't say I have much treadmill experience aside from walking. I tried running on one a few times last but kept feeling like I was going to lose my balance and fall off! :o I'm not very coordinated. :lol:

* * *

Ugh, it was a warm one tonight, still 90° F. outside at 9 pm! But I finished up week 7 and am using all the pretty blues to pretend it's cooler right now (mind over matter, right?). :p

http://photos-c.ak.instagram.com/hphotos-ak-ash/929073_314670755348890_633326641_n.jpg (http://instagram.com/p/nkFGootIpG/)

I had kind of an allergy attack on the way home, continuing with a sneezing fit once I got back inside. Sigh. I've been taking Claritin for a few days now but I'm not sure how much it's helping. I just took some Benadryl in hopes of getting some rest for tomorrow.

I was a little tired tonight, no doubt partially because of my 4 mile walk yesterday. But it's felt good to be active. :)

05-05-2014, 03:06 PM
w9d2 down - one more day to go! I kept going a little extra today to make it to 3.1 miles - the full 5k! It took about 39 minutes, and was actually reasonably fun after the first half mile or so.

magicsusan, are you finishing this week too?

05-05-2014, 08:01 PM
Well, I finished C25K a while back (maybe a month ago) - and I just signed up from my first official 5K. I'm nervous but excited. It is this Saturday. I can't believe I actually signed up! I've already paid so there is no backing out now! Wish me luck!!

05-05-2014, 10:20 PM
Congrats and good luck justrunning!

Went out to do Week 1 / Day 3 and was really feeling it during the run bits. I even stopped at one point but keep going.

Once I got home I realized I had skipped to Week 3 / Day 3 in the app. Any hoo, will do day 3 over tomorrow.

05-06-2014, 12:34 AM
Hi everyone! I'm back! Shoulder is back to normal, and so I'm back to my regular workouts :D Unfortunately, as I only completed 2 days before having to let my body rest, I was quite rusty tonight. I decided to just start over fresh. It felt amazing though!

05-07-2014, 10:04 AM
Congrats, justrunning, and good luck on your 5k! Come give us a report, will you? I've been thinking about doing one soon myself and I'm pretty curious.

HungryinNewZealand - Haha, no wonder you were feeling it! W1d3 is gonna feel like a piece of cake now when you do it for real. :D

xRiotGirl - Welcome back! Glad your shoulder is feeling good enough that you can get back on the horse.

So I was planning on finishing w9d3 today buuuuuuuuuuuut my kid has an ear infection. :( Poor him, poor me. We'll see what the doctor gives him, and hopefully he'll be feeling enough better that I can finish it by the weekend maybe.

05-07-2014, 06:18 PM
Accomplished W8D1 on Monday, looking forward to W8D2 tonight. :running: And I'm so relieved it's cooled down some over here! :dizzy:

05-08-2014, 10:44 PM
Well, the "easy" day of the dreaded week 5 is done so ... Stay tuned folks for updates soon on the 2x8 and the duh, duh,duh....LONG RUN!

Glad you are all doing well!!!:-). I hope you don't all leave when you graduate. (Hint, hint)

05-11-2014, 10:21 PM
I was so enthusiastic about accomplishing W8D3 last night, the last training day of my app. We had some crazy winds over here though, and as I was looping through the other side of the neighborhood, everything went dark. The power had gone out everywhere! So without skipping a beat, I ran right back home. Luckily the moon was out so I was able to see well enough, but I still had nearly 8 minutes of running left that I couldn't finish. :(

http://photos-h.ak.instagram.com/hphotos-ak-frc/914321_554328838022079_283493509_n.jpg (http://instagram.com/p/n3WnCetIlo/)

I'm going to redo the day tomorrow night. After that, I'm not sure? Should I keep doing the 30 minute run on my running nights, or should I try adding 2-3 minutes more to that every week?

05-12-2014, 07:52 PM
Wk 5 D3 finished!!! Woo!!! Thanks to you guys for telling me it could be done! I was tired and wanted to quit in the last five minutes but I kept going!!! Yay!

05-12-2014, 11:00 PM
Ok y'all, I ran my first 5k this past weekend and it went really well, I think! My only goals were to finish and to run the whole thing and I did both. My time was 33 min and 28 seconds. I'm pretty proud of myself and eager to run another in the future :)

Now, I want to work on speed and of course distance. Going to start training for 10k and after that I hope to eventually be able to do a half marathon at some point.

05-13-2014, 12:14 PM
Sad to say I'm discontinuing my running program. It just isn't working with my joints. I've replaced it with cycling class at the gym and swimming. Sorry guys! Good luck in your running programs!

05-13-2014, 01:11 PM
Hey everyone, I've started back up again!

Last week I did Wk 1 D 1&2 and Yesterday I decided to skip up to Wk 3! The first 3 minute set was pretty rough, but the second one I had a nice pace going and was focused. I think I need to work on my breathing too. I plan on continuing along from here now, no more skipping :) I have a 5K to train for in September. I made it to week 5 last time (with some repeats) So I am hoping not to get hung up there again!

I see everyone else is doing pretty well too! Keep it up everyone!

05-13-2014, 09:48 PM
I ended up doing W8D3 last night, but since I average a 15-minute mile I figured I'd only worry about the time, not the distance. But as I was approaching the finish, I decided to keep pushing myself until I actually did the 5k! It took me about 45 minutes, but I got through it in one piece! :lol: And now that the 8 weeks are up, for the time being I think I'll concentrate on doing a 30 minute run every other night. When I'm ready to commit more time I may start working toward the 10k with the next app.


Several years ago vs. last night . . . I've come so far, nothing's gonna stop me now! :carrot:

05-13-2014, 11:20 PM
Justrunning - that is fantastic and fast! Congrats on your first 5 k.
I did my first 5 km on Mother's Day, hubby helped me especially pushing me through the last km ( 4km being my longest run). Completed in just under 37 minutes. Going to work on getting under 35 minutes now.
You look amazing, Elladorine. You have transformed wonderfully going by the picture.

05-14-2014, 11:06 AM
Congrats on w5d3, KarinRose! Way to go with pushing yourself through the hard part. Honestly, for me, I think learning how to PUSH through even when I don't want to is the most important part of this whole thing.

justrunning and noshoes, congrats on your 5ks! Nice times, too!

Silverfire, hey, welcome back!

Elladorine, I always got tempted to do the same thing with skipping to the full 3.1 miles whenever I see I'm close. Congrats!

I FINALLY finished w9d3! So I'm DONE, woohoo! I got to do my last day outside, which was kind of a shock to the system after two weeks of running exclusively on the treadmill. It took me about 44 minutes to do my 3 miles, but I had enough left in the tank to really speed up for the last quarter mile, so I think I could've done it a bit faster if I'd pushed harder. I'm planning to do two more 3 mile runs this week, then next week add in a short fourth run. I'm still going to pop in here to check in now and again, if y'all don't mind.

05-15-2014, 10:34 AM
Thanks BigChiefHoho!

W3D2 in the bag! Woo!

05-15-2014, 07:21 PM
Way to go BigChiefHohi!! Please visit lots! Your encouragement is amazing! Ditto to you, Elladorine!!!

Wk 6 D1 completed.

Glad you are back with us Silverfire!

05-15-2014, 07:24 PM
And, just because I'm curious, can you all name a couple of your favorite songs to run to? Trying to build a better running playlist. :-)