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02-26-2014, 11:11 AM
So basically one day I will eat awesome and healthy, be under my calories and get some exercise and then the next day I find myself eating horribly even though I know I shouldn't.

It's really frustrating,and I feel like I could control it and I'm being weak...but I just don't know.

For example yesterday I had candy and fast food and I know they are bad, and I don't really "cut myself off" so I shouldn't be feeling deprived and rebounding, but then I eat it even though I know if doesn't fit in my days calories.

I'm just kind of at a loss. I'm stuck at 157 (the half way point between where I was and my goal) and I just can't seem to control myself.

Any thoughts?


02-26-2014, 11:21 AM
What helps me when I am struggling to get back on plan is to focus in on one choice at a time. Make sure the next thing you eat is on plan. Tell yourself, "I'm not going to eat fast food for lunch. Maybe I'll eat some for dinner."

Then at dinner, time for another choice, focus on that choice. "I am going to eat an on-plan dinner today. Maybe I'll eat fast food tomorrow."

The words in quotes are just examples - replace with whatever choice you are struggling with. The idea is that you have only one choice in front of you - just one eating opportunity on the line, not the entire success or failure of your weight-loss process. And, with respect to the off-plan choice, you tell yourself "maybe later" or "not today." Laser-like focus on one choice at a time really helps me get back on track when I have been having trouble staying on plan.

In fact, I need to take my own advice about this today. :dizzy:

Good luck and good strength.

02-26-2014, 11:26 AM
Thanks. That's a really good plan. I always think of it a day at a time, but maybe I need to go further and make it a meal at a time. :)

02-26-2014, 11:41 AM
I'm the same way...I feel like I give up on it too easy. Sometimes it helps to set visual reminders, like a dress you really want to fit into...make it your wallpaper on your phone. And living in the moment is a great idea. I'm going going to take that advice today too!

02-27-2014, 08:07 AM
I think many of us struggle with this. Usually, a few on-plan days in a row works wonders and makes it easier to keep at it. One technique that often works for me is to tell myself that I can have whatever it is I'm craving if I still want it in 15 minutes. Then, set a timer or just look at the clock and start timing yourself. In the meantime, get up and do something---run a bath for yourself, take a nap, go for a walk---whatever. Tell yourself, "I'll do this for 15 minutes, and then I can eat [fill in the blank]." Usually, that delay works. I find that urges are really strong at beginning, but that usually fade. Certainly, if you get busy with something else, you'll usually forget about it. Of course, this is much easier if you don't buy your trigger foods at all (out of sight, out of mind).

This works best if the urge to eat comes when you're out of your house. For instance, if I'm in the grocery story and I REALLY want to buy some ice-cream or something equally fattening that I know I will not eat in moderation, if I can just fight the urge to get it until I'm in another aisle, I'm fine. Many a time when I'm driving home, I think about how glad I am that I didn't buy whatever it is I wanted.

My point is that if you think of an urge as a strong feeling that you objectively know will go away if after a few minutes, it can sometimes be easier to resist whatever food you want to get.

02-27-2014, 01:44 PM
For example yesterday I had candy and fast food and I know they are bad, and I don't really "cut myself off" so I shouldn't be feeling deprived and rebounding, but then I eat it even though I know if doesn't fit in my days calories


It sounds like this may be the root of your problem. If it is, you're not alone. junk food--processed foods with refined sugars, fats, salt, caffeine, alter your brain chemistry to make you want more more more. Those foods are designed to do that so you buy them. (Suggest reading fat chance by robert lustig, things by gary taubes, and esp. brain over Binge).

Suggestion to test this out; before swinging into a restricited calorie diet in high gear, try eating until you are full of protein and natural foods. a whole chicken if you like but not smothered in BBQ sauce, fruits or veggies you like (not fried but ok to use oil, maybe even butter) etc. You will be full and in a few days will see that you don't miss junk food.

Then it is easier to design a weight loss program that you can stick to., If you're like me, the cheat days won't include junk. Eventually the desire fades if you don't feed it.

best wishes to you on your journey! :)

03-01-2014, 05:58 PM
Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions and information!