General Diet Plans and Questions - Urgent Help!!! Am I doing it right?

02-24-2014, 12:26 AM
I have 160 days to lose 15 pounds because i'm going on a cruise and I want to look hot. So I need to know if I'm in the correct track.

I'M DOING THE P90X Workout

For breakfast i'm having a half spinach, half fruits, and a tablespoon of oats green smoothie

My AM snack: a nutrivalley granola bar

For lunch i'm having a whole bread turkey ham sandwich

My PM snack: two turkey hot dog sausages (only sausage. No bread, no ketchup)

For dinner: Grilled chicken breast with grilled veggies

Do think i will loose weight with this diet? Thanks a lot! :carrot:

02-24-2014, 07:41 AM
You need to burn more calories than you take in. That's the only formula that works. I'd recommend you sign up for an online account with MyFitnessPal or SparkPeople or any one of a dozen other websites that offer meal tracking online. Enter your daily food intake to get an idea of what you're consuming for calories. Enter your daily exercise to get the calorie burn MyFitnessPal has a feature that, once you've entered these statistics, will project how much you will weigh in 5 weeks.

In general, stick to low fat, so personally, I'd avoid the sausages and substitute something like a low-calorie protein drink--such as sugar-free Carnation instant breakfast mixed in skim milk--or some maybe Weight Watchers string cheese.

Ultimately, though, it's better to adopt a healthy, daily diet and track your caloric intake and caloric burn than do crash dieting.

02-24-2014, 09:32 AM
Yes...erhh.... no.....uhmmm, maybe???

Who knows, depending on how much you weigh now, how tall you are etc then perhaps. It's ultimately a matter of burning more calories than you consume. I don't count calories but if I had a gun to my head to lose x amount of pounds by x date then I'd go the calorie route.

And I disagree with worththeeffort about the low-fat business. Fat is not a villain food, it helps you feel sated and keeps you from getting hungry, makes your skin/hair/nails healthy and there's nothing as good for you as a bit of healthy fat. If anyrhing, it's that artificial sweetened processed food that needs to be avoided altogether. Add some avocado, olive oil and even butter to your diet. For quick weight loss it does help to reduce carbs, increase protein, and eat an umlimited amount of veggies. Drink plenty of water, limit alcohol consumption and sweets. The first half of your day seems to contain a lot of carbs/sweets and not enough protein. That will probably get you ravenous by late afternoon. In the morning try a boiled egg as a snack or breakfast. Some almonds, a bit of hummus or an apple with peanut butter also make good filling fiberous snacks too.