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02-23-2014, 04:46 PM
I had a really rough medical year 2 years ago that resulted in two abdominal surgeries an chemo. Now although I've been excersizin and keeping a food and excersize diary for almost 2 months- I'm starting to get discouraged about the fact that I can't seem to make a permanent and definitive weight loss. Just enough to record a benchmark. I don't know if its water weight, me, or scale demons, but I just wish this particular journey was a little like the one pre cancer. It really sucks because I had spent 2 and a half years prior loosing 70+ pounds.:mad:

sorry need to rant and maybe find someone who can understand better than the fam.

04-06-2014, 03:08 PM
Sounds like you've had a rough couple of years--congratulations on your very brave fight!

I can appreciate your frustration with the scale.

Two years ago (this weekend, actually!) I came home from doing a 5k and woke up the next morning unable to walk without limping. I had plantar fasciitis in both feet. A year later, I fell and sprained my right ankle. Into a cast I went! Last September, another fall; broken left foot and sprained left ankle. This time, I had crutches.

As much as I treasured my growing collection of medical equipment, the forced immobility took me from 245 up to 276 pounds.

In February I started with a trainer, and since then I've lost inches (four inches in my chest!!!), but not a single pound on that stupid machine. (Maybe my diminishing boobs were lighter than air???)

I suspect it's mostly under-hydrating for me. I just haven't been able to force myself to drink much.

How have you felt since you posted?