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02-21-2014, 03:14 PM
Hi there! I started phase 3 about two weeks ago and actually lost 1.8lbs and then this week stayed the same. I feel great and love the breakfast! My concern is all along ive been using my fitness pal to monitor numbers..even though we are told not too..I just liked knowing the information. Now on phase three im just curious if anyone else logs what they eat. I generally am around 1000-1200 calories, 70-100 carbs and 40-50 fiber with around 20/25 fat for the day. As I think most of us are, im scared to gain back the weight and greatly want to maintain what ive lost! Ive found myself lately snacking on a little granola..which I then tell myself its not cookies and ice cream, but again dont want it to be the cause of any gaining. Just looking to see if anyone else has a range of calories carbs fiber ect for phase 3 or phase 4 for that matter. Thanks so much!

02-21-2014, 04:36 PM
Just did p3 for a week as part of reset.
Generally calories were at 1300 (I was shooting for 1400), carbs around 100 and fiber around 30 (about 70 net) with fat at about 50. I am trying to bring this up in calories each week for p4, so I am at about 1500 calories bringing the net carbs ups to about 80 (it's just been a couple days now) with fat at looks around 60. (The idea is to be able to eat more calories day to day and not "go wild" every fun day.)
Couple of questions for you: what is your weight & height? what does "snacking on granola mean? Does it mean, I measure out an amount and sit down and eat it? or does it mean two or three times a day when I pass the bag I grab a handful? (bet you know where I'm going with this).
Granola as a real snack, maybe 150 calories worth ONCE a day (or 75 calories worth twice a day) is going to be fine.
Snacking on granola and justifying it by it not being cookies or ice cream, I really think that is going to get you into trouble, especially as a day to day mind set. (I found a protein ice cream that is really too high in sugars no matter what the fiber count and am pretty sure I got into a lot of trouble with it, thinking "hey, it's like a protein bar" and "at least its not cake, it's a healthy dessert).
Also, how many weeks or months were you on phase 1?
I have my theories on this stuff. ; )

02-21-2014, 06:58 PM
I totally understand what your saying and I can see how it sounds bad to say oh well it wasnt icecream but eat 500 calories of granola. To clarify by snacking on granola I ment MAYBE 1/4 cup
Roughly 50/75 calories.

02-21-2014, 07:14 PM
That does help clarify ; )
Granola is kind of a broad category.
As long as it doesn't make you crave more granola or more sugar/honey and as long as you are measuring (whether that means by the handful, spoonful or measuring cup) -- basically aware of the portion size, you should be fine.
The paperwork does suggest an IP packet snack (imagine!) so something that very broadly fits the macros of an IP product should be fine -- if you are using that low a calorie of granola it is probably at or below 15ish net carbs and would be fine.
And if you look forward to having it once a day, that's fine, too.