PCOS/Insulin Resistance Support - Birth control is stopping my weight-loss?

02-21-2014, 12:50 PM
I thought I would go ahead and post this here and see if anyone has run into this problem.

I started my weight loss journey at 280 pounds. I had tried to lose weight but couldn't lose much. Once my doctor put me on ocella birth-control to help with my pcos, I lost about 50 pounds nearly effortlessly. ( I did change the way I ate but aside from that I didn't do much else. )
Now I've gotten to the point where I've noticed during the week where I have my period, when I'm taking the placebo pills, I lose a lot of water weight quickly. And just as soon as I start taking birth control pills again I gain about 2 pounds back after each period just as soon as I start a new pack of the pills.
Is this this normal or what has everyone else experienced with this? I'm almost worried that it is stalling my weight loss and if I were to go off of the birth-control I would lose easier. Is there a point when you have lost enough weight for your body to go back to "normal" and not need the birth-control?

02-21-2014, 02:06 PM
My experience is: I gained weight when I was a less active teen, then I did ok on birth control for a few years, and then gained again and my body went crazy after I stopped BCP's.

It seems like BCP's can help you, but if you go off, your body might rebel!
(I had a friend took those Depo-Provera shots and it totally messed up her cycles/body when she had no PCOS type issues prior)

I'm not on BCP's currently and at this weight my cycles are normal--for me. Regular...however never 28 days, ever!

02-21-2014, 02:15 PM
I'm currently on BCP for medical reasons (started over the weekend) and while I don't think the pill is actually causing my weight gain, it makes me soooooooo hungry.

The last time I had to go on it I put on weight but I think it was the moodiness that came along with it that just made me grumpy and wanting to eat. I'm going to monitor myself very closely this time and see if I can change the results. :D

03-27-2014, 09:40 PM
It kinda makes sense since it's a change in your hormone levels when you're going from the actual pills to the placebo and back. I didn't really pay too much attention to the scale at the beginning of the week because I was faaar off the wagon this weekend, but I was down a pound this morning on day 2 of my TOM.

04-06-2014, 03:59 PM
When I was on BCP -- for 10 years -- I had a hard time losing weight and keeping it off. I was on BCP for PCOS, of course and I had to lose weight to help PCOS!

So, I stopped the BCPs and I've been able to lose the weight and I haven't gained it all back, even when I am "off" my diet. I also know that the BCP I was taking were causing me to develop gallstones and once I stopped, all gallbladder issues stopped too.