Weight Watchers - I. Hate. Mother. Nature. (aka "TOM is the devil")

02-17-2014, 10:11 PM
I swear there is not a thing in this house that's edible that I have not had some of today. Not a damn thing. I know I consumed....well. Way too many points today. And I already felt bloated and disgusting. Haha.

And my weigh-in is Wednesday, and I'm all prepared to have a gain. And so I'm just kind of running off at the mouth here because, well, why not? But I know tomorrow's another day and while I can't mitigate the damage I did today by the time my weigh-in comes, I know that I can start tomorrow with a clean slate and just go on from there.

Mother Nature, you are a hideous wench. DAMN YOU.:devil:

02-18-2014, 10:42 PM
I tend to do the same thing!! And I am always up around 3-4lbs during that wonderful time. Lol ohhh well :)

02-19-2014, 07:46 AM

I completely sympathize with you :) I get so insanely hungry for about 4-5 days. It always dawns on me after the third or fourth day why I am so insatiable. :)

02-19-2014, 03:52 PM
I was almost 2 weeks late this month for the first time ever and I think I ate everything that was not breathing in my house for the past 3 weeks. My hormones must have been crazy and snowing here every other day was insane. I ate even if I was full. I think I am getting back to normal now. Thank you God.