South Beach Diet - Make Way for Monday, SBD Chat for 2/17

02-17-2014, 08:00 AM
Good morning, and Happy President's Day!

I can't complain about not having the holiday off since I've been off work since last Wednesday. And most schools here are using today as a make-up day, so it's just a normal Monday for us. Audrey's bus is due in around 9am this morning from their French class trip to Quebec, and I'm eager to hear all about her trip. The kids have the option of taking the day off today, and I'm betting on Audrey wanting to stay home.

OK, more coffee is needed to prepare for a busy day ahead!

02-17-2014, 08:30 AM

Super busy day the restaurant and there will be many holiday skiers. Gotta go get that smoothie started and dash.

Happy Monday everyone!

02-17-2014, 08:58 AM
Hi there Linda and Debbie. The guru was meditating so I did not get in here to be first! :( I am definitely learning to sleep later - I think it has to do with going to bed a bit later than 10 PM. I actually like wakening up to sunrise which happens around 7AM here.

Today is Family Day in Ontario and I'm sure glad it's sunny because lots will be going on. There is ice fishing on the Lake, family skating at the rink and snow carving down in the park. Yesterday the guys were cutting big blocks of compressed snow from the huge snowbanks. There is no place to put all this white stuff. When I get to the end of my street, I have to creep out INTO the intersection to check for cars.

Had a rather frustrating day yesterday trying to do two minor tasks: issue 6 T4s for staff and do the Mill financial report for today's meeting. Discovered I had used the wrong T4 forms after printing them out so put 18 sheets of scrap paper into the "re-use for rough" pile. Then I struggled through the financial report for the meeting and sent it to print after loading in a stack of paper. Looked at it just now and have 12 good looking reports printed on T4 forms. This'll be a shredder and reprint day! Data on T4 is classified - it's a record of Employment.

So today's schedule is reprint stuff, put away the laundry, fill the bird feeders and go to the Board meeting. The rest of the week is clear for some reason. I wonder what I've forgotten - I am sure something will pop up as the Actress said to the Bishop. Sorry! :joker:

I hope your day goes well. We are now another day closer to Spring!

02-17-2014, 09:26 AM
Good morning. DS is off today and tomorrow. He is upset because the adjoining district where his GF attends is off all week. Linda how exciting for Audrey!

Debbie hope work flies by today.

Ruth all the different forms would confuse me. Family Day sounds really nice. Is Delta close to Ontario?

Today is my only day off until next Monday, which is the day I meet with my accountant. Hopefully I don't owe, last year was really close. I got home from work around 1:40. The pups are still asleep letting me enjoy my coffee and smoothie. They are such good boys. DS is still asleep so the house is really quiet.

Have a wonderful day.

02-17-2014, 09:27 AM
Good morning chicks. What did that guru meditation thing mean anyway? I was freaking out a bit, not getting my 3FC fix earlier!

I'm off to work. Woo hoo. Our kids have a make up day as well. I gotta say, that red-headed 9 yr old DD of mine is certainly not a morning person! I can tell you where she gets that from ;) (and since I'm the one that works out at 6 am....)

Off like a herd of turtles....

02-17-2014, 09:55 AM
Good morning Tammy, Linda, Ruth, Jennifer and Debbie!
Good morning chicks!

It's a day off for me so I am taking my mother shopping (it's a day off for her too) and then to lunch. Always nice to have a mother-daughter day! Then after I will go to my parents' house to check I with my dad too. He's retired so it's always a day off for him!

I'm impressed to hear that PA schools are using today as a make-up day. I think we've just reached our limit with snow days and will soon start losing our April break. :mad: I would happily give up tomorrow to keep that week in April!

Have a safe, new-snowfall-free day! :sunny:

02-17-2014, 12:45 PM
Good morning, ladies. Just popping in as I was coming here for the taco bake recipe (****, I don't remember what it's actually called now, LOL).

Spent the past 2 days painting my room and am now sore all over. Still have to sweep and mop the floors in my room and move my furniture back.

Enjoying the last holiday I'll have off for a long time, I'm sure. Hope everybody is having a good day!

02-17-2014, 02:38 PM
Hello all,
Just popping in to wish everyone a happy presidents day, family day and merry Monday!

02-17-2014, 04:10 PM
hi ladies!

Back again - went off plan for a week pretty much and pretty badly. Adjusting these meds and I let myself just feed off it. Wasted my week at the gym too ("Oh! I've been working out, I can have that"). Plus with getting my first full paycheck...I just let myself go downhill and fast.

Haven't weighed in yet to see the damage but will tomorrow. Eating Ph1 today and will be on Ph1 for a few days to get rid of the damn cravings. UGH.

Hope you are all well.

02-17-2014, 05:57 PM
Hi Everyone

Jenne...sounds like you I both had a week off track though for different reasons. Or perhaps mine was a week and a half.

I think I put back 3lbs all due to sugar. My stomach has been really IFFY ever since I allowed myself to eat the nasty white stuff. So I am almost more motivated by tummy troubles than the weight issue to eat right at the moment anyway. I am doing P1.5 today and possibly tomorrow as I have some fresh blackberries I don't want to waste and then it will be a true P1.

Hope everyone is having a good Presidents Day. I am just waiting word back from an interview I had last week and doing some things around here.


02-17-2014, 06:21 PM
:wave: Apparently morning is just too much effort for me lately :dizzy: It was a normal work day around here complete with conference call (can I tell you yet again how much I love my treadmill desk?!).

Jenn - that was me the week before last. Last Monday's weigh-in was up and this week I'm back .2 lbs under two weeks ago. Imagine if I'd actually stayed on plan :( Yes, I'm a very slow learner. I'm also off the exercise wagon again. Yup, I know better, not sure what my problem is.

Baby steps, I'm taking baby steps.

Hope your Monday was a breeze