Atkins - Warning! too much at once.. is bad for you

02-16-2014, 12:48 PM
SAD :(

So this morning the sun is out!!! Beautiful day 50 degrees. I felt on top of the world :carrot:

I Took over a month for my body to adjust to Low carb and vitamins and all that jazz. today I start to work out!!!
I stretched! for 10 min.. put my iphone on and off i went. I walked 2 miles..
came in the house felt great.. I was putting away dishes with the music on.
and i started to dance a little and was doing some jumping jacks and then..

I did something to my knee.. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant put any weight on it.. without being in pain.. I been crawling from room to room because i have plent to do this morning..
I can almost cry i feel so defeated!
the only crutches we have are for 5'10 and above.. and im 5'6 1/2

WHY?:devil: I knew I was being jinx today.. New sneakers started to give me a blister on my foot. so i turned around to go back home and put on a ticker pair of socks. and it got worse from there.

I am going to put heat/ice on it and PRAY the pain goes away..
Dont have money for the doctor and my Deductible is so high.. I would have to pay everything out of pocket..

If you believe in prayer..
Please pray for me!

I want to lose weight!!

02-19-2014, 10:52 AM
Praying! Hope your knee is better very soon. It is so frustrating when your trying to do the right thing and your body wont let you!