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02-12-2014, 08:10 PM
Hi all im new!!! a little background.... Im Nicole, live in sunny Cali.

Its been a long journey for me, have struggle with my weigh since I was 10 back then I was around 165-170 pounds. I'm currently 25 years, 131 pounds at 5'3 tall and a size 10.

Gained, lost, gained, lost, gained, lost. Pounds came and gone, all same routine.

Until finally last year, my whole mind changed. I managed to lose weight by counting calories/exercise and kept it off true hard temptations of holidays/vacations, turned into mindful eating and learned to say "NO" even tough It was so hard cause I knew n i still know I could have eaten a ton more of my fav snacks/meals/desserts like I have my whole life. This time will be the final battle with my weight.

I don't have to be obsess with food anymore, food is to nourish my body, nothing more, not to nourish my spirit.

I harmed my body my overstuffing it for many years. I was given a beautiful body and all I can do now is to make it up to it.

Yes I had some bad binge episodes, wich im not proud of) due to counting calories, but got back on the horse. And I sat there, laughing at my mind telling it "im stronger than you" I will move pass this as all shall pass.

I have been In maintenance for over two months now but today m back again on counting calories/exercise to lose 10 pounds!!! in 6-8 weeks.

Who wants to join???? :-)

I need more accountability, to read what I do,have a "open diary" and share tips/success/setbacks with other wonderful people in this battle of weight loss.:carrot::carrot:

GW-121:D (get out of a size 10!!)