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02-12-2014, 02:21 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! 26 degrees and waiting for more sleet and snow tonight. I am so ready for warmer weather.

I'm having surgery on my foot again. This time to remove a bone from my big toe. It's OP so no big deal.

With boss on vacation, I'm working every day and tired. I'm thinking about retiring this year for sure. I'll have to tighten the budget, but I really don't need to be spending anymore on quilting as I have way too much fabric and notions already. That will save a bunch. LOL

Faye, I'm so thankful everything came out okay for you. What a relief!

Jean, I have a few toys I can't part with so that'll be left to some else to throw them out when I die. I'm doing a pretty good job of weeding other stuff out. I took a big trash bag full of quilting fabric and notions I no longer want to guild last night for the donation table and it was all gone by the end of the meeting.

Maggie, I know you can do this so just write what you bite! It always seems harder for me to stick with it in the winter.

Have a wonderful evening!

02-13-2014, 01:51 PM
Good morning gals. I must have been dreaming as I thought I came in here, but guess I didn't. I sat at the PC and paid bills today so I could change my budget on my spreadsheet. I go to my budget and change the color from red, which means needs paying to purple, which means I paid whatever it was. On the paydays where I have both Navy retirement and City paycheck, but they are a couple days apart, then I used red and green for stuff that needs paying, ie my mortgage is paid always with the Navy retirement so it would be green, where utility bill or other stuff would be in red. It is one way this old lady doesn't forget to pay stuff. :lol:

I cleaned the downstairs today, shredded chicken and put it back in the ff chicken broth and will cook noodles in them for dinner tonight. I made cole slaw that has a nice asian dressing and I will have that with the chicken and noodles tonight.

I am feeling ok, but I have to wear this bra or standing up and walking really hurts. I figure it is the breast hanging causes pulling where the tissue was removed. It will get better evenutally and as long as I have a bra on, it doesn't hurt. I have a recheck appt next Tuesday.

Jean: Kelly had 8 Cabbage Patch dolls and they were her little family. I even bought a set of dolls that looked alike except one was a boy and one was a girl and she got them for Christmas as twins. I had sent away for a new birth certificates for them so their birthdays matched. :lol: My husband did a horrible thing and got in big trouble. He took a washable marker and gave one of the dolls the measles one year. Kelly wanted us to take Cassy to the dr and everything. Poor little thing actually thought she had the measles. I chewed Jack out but good for that stunt. I told Kelly I took her to the dr and the doctor gave me medicine for her. I had taken the doll and washed it thoroughly while she was at school then put calamine lotion all over her in little dabs. I left it a couple days then we gave Cassy a bath (well her face anyway since the rest of them is cloth) and she was well again from the medicine. :lol: Kelly was in kindergarten and never noticed only her face had the measles.

Susan: Hope your foot is better real soon. Sometimes we just have to give ourselves a break and retire. I too have tons of stuff for my knitting. I just love to see new colors and thinking about what I could make with whatever the yarn is. I have quit just buying yarn though and just get what I need for a project. I ordered a purple paisley sparkly dress for the cruise for formal night and want to make a shawl to go with it. I found this great yarn that has sparkle in it and think it would be perfect, but I have to get stuff I have started done first.

Well gals, need to check my yeast rolls and get my lunch dishes cleaned up. You all have a great day. Faye

02-13-2014, 02:08 PM

SUSAN Thanks so much for starting a new page for us Magnolias. I do know your boss will surely miss you if and when you do retire for you are definitely an asset to that company. It is fun to donate things and see that others will get good use out of the ďstuffĒ isnít it.

Not much out of the ordinary happening here in the ♥-Land except for the fact it is warming up somewhat each day. :cp: I just finished reading another book by Robert Crais. I like his books that have a private eye and his partner that is more action than talk in them.

I have been having fun cooking things out of our freezers to use what we have in them so we can sell them this summer. I may just get all the meat cooked before we need to. At least I will give it a good try to cook all that is in them including the veggies, etc. I date everything I freeze so if I donít get it all cooked I can give it away to friends if the dates are still good. I wonít miss much that I need to sell or give away but will probably miss not having those freezers.

JEAN I hope you are having a lovely day and staying warm.

DONNA FAYE I love those Cabbage Patch Kids. I have one that a little girl gave to me for Christmas one year many years ago when we lived in the north woods of MN. Currently she lives on a shelf hear in my office. She is wearing a pair of glasses that the lenses are clear with sun glass circles that flip up to the side.

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

02-14-2014, 03:35 PM
Good Afternoon! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's a cold 12 degrees outside. We got another dusting of snow this morning. Bob washed my car last night but you'd never know it now. I had lab work done at 8 this morning and then went back to visit with the doctor at 9. All the numbers were pretty much the same as last time, so it was "see you in 6 months!" Then I braved the grocery store; gas has gone up $.23 in the last couple days and I got $.35 off a gallon of gas today for whenever Bob needs to fill his pickup. I have to return library books this afternoon and do the weekly gift shop report. Our banks are closed Monday so will make the deposit tomorrow morning.

Susan -- Sorry about your weather; seems like we all are having crazy weather this winter. I hope your foot surgery doesn't slow you down too much. When is it? Thanks for starting the new thread for us. I'm sure your boss will miss you when you retire. I still have a few toys that I want my kids to save for their grandchildren, so I will hang on to them. It seems like they don't have the sentimental attachment to "things" like I do.

"Gma" -- Does Jack understand your color coding on your budget spreadsheet? I pay all the household bills and I've told Bob if I die first, he will have to wait until all the checks clear to know how much money there is. I subtract money from the checkbook balance, each month, to pay taxes or big ticket items. It's too bad Thomas wouldn't have enjoyed Kelly's Cabbage Patch dolls. I think I still have the birth certificates around here somewhere. Beth changed both names though, after people that she knew and liked.

Maggie -- I always smile when you say you went grocery shopping in your freezer. Good idea to use up as much as you can before you leave. Hope your weather is warming up again. We are supposed to be in the 40s next week when we are gone.

I need to get to the library before the crazy drivers are coming out when school dismisses. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

02-15-2014, 07:44 AM
Good morning to you all. It is chilly this morning, but it did warm up into the upper 40's yesterday even with the rain so it wasn't bad. Jack took me to dinner last night for Valentine's Day and it was lovely, but by the end of the meal, my breast was pretty sore so we didn't linger.

Kelly said Thomas only had half day yesterday and she called him and told him his gift from us was out on the front porch to go get it. She said she got home last night and he was munching on part of the stuff so I guess I did good. I got him a Cheryl's gift box of buttercream cookies, choc chip, brownines, choc covered pretzels, etc. Jackson didn't get his as they left for Mexico yesterday morning so I ask Jay to have one of their friends go get it and put it in the house as it showed being delivered and sitting on the porch. I hope they made it ok as he was supposed to text me and let me know, but he didn't.

Talked to my best friend of 47 years yesterday for 90 minutes to catch up. I think it was me talking mostly telling her about the breast thing as she had been concerned. I sure do miss her and wish she lived closer so we could do things together again, but I am sure not moving up there again.

Maggie: Kelly had some cute dolls. Her first one Cassy is had brown hair and she had one named Patience that had blond hair, but the rest of them, I can't remember. :lol: I read a couple series recently you might like the one. The other one is a bit raw with regards to language and such. I will have to look the one up. I like what they call hardboiled detective novels, which usually means set in the 30's and 40's like Micky Spillane stuff. I am reading a Sara Paretsky VI Warshawski novel at the moment and just finished a Robert B Parker novel he never finished and his wife allowed his agent to finish and publish. I thought she sweetened Spenser a bit too much and took away his sarcasm that Parker always put in his books but it was a good book. I have been knitting some, but frankly being a left handed knitter that arm rubs against where my breast was operated on and makes it sore so I don't do a whole lot.

Jean: Jack doesn't know the color coding, but I have a folder I drop all the envelopes of bills like utility, phone and such in that sits in the computer cabinet and I have two spreadsheets I have shown him. One says budget and is just that the budget for the year and the other one is expenses and lists everything that has to be paid, when and how often, like the phone bill is due by the 25th and paid monthly, but sirrius xm for the car is due quarterly and paid by the first of certain months so the spreadsheet says due by the first of, let's say Jan, April, July, etc, etc. So if I die he can continue to pay the bills and not forget anything. I don't have buy one bill auto pay as I have had bad experiences with that. His student loan is auto pay, but I have about 30 months left and it will be paid off. I think Jack's problem would definitely be house cleaning. He would never make the bed and I am afraid the toilets would get pretty ugly. He told me he would get fat because he would pick something up from takeout on his way home from work to eat instead of cooking, but he can cook some.

Well girls, better go. We are supposed to get the garment bag I ordered delievered FEDEX today, but they never updated so I have no clue where the darn thing is as per usual. Have a great Saturday all. Faye

02-15-2014, 10:32 AM
Good morning, ladies. 44 degrees and rain right now.

Wednesday evening we had 2 inches of snow by the time I went to bed and when I got up in the morning, it was all gone! It changed to rain and sleet in the night. We have rain on tap all week but it'll be in the 60s and 70s. I hope to never see snow again this year.

I went to Trader Joe's yesterday and they had almost no bread or baked goods and produce was sparse. The manager said their warehouse is in Atlanta and the trucks were still not moving well on the way here.

I like to read scientific things and Thursday when I was at my research study appointment the doc talked about "Grain Brain." I went home and downloaded it and began reading. Basically, they are finding grains are causing brain problems like alzheimers and dementia, brain fog, Parkinson's, and many others. Diabetics are twice as likely to get alzheimers if they continue a high carb diet. I'm about half way through. The doctor who wrote it is the only board certified nuerologist who also is also board certified in nutrition in the US. He basically advocates low glycemic fruit, lots of vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, and good fat. It is interesting that in comparing DNA of the cave man and modern man, it hasn't changed but our eating style has since the agricultural revolution and we are now have many diseases and overweight because we are genetically not able to process sugar and sugar substitutes, dairy and grains well. He has many scientific studies cited in the bibliography for further study. I know it is pretty much what I eat (except I have dairy) and I am doing so much better since the study started. My lung function is now up to 61% of normal and all I have changed is the way I eat.

Faye, being along I have all my recurring bills set up for automatic payment a week before they are due to be paid. That way, if I am hospitalized or away for some reason, they are still paid on time. I hope you get back to feeling good soon!

Jean, my food surgery will be March 6. The big Mid Atlantic Quilt Show is the last weekend in February and I sure couldn't have my foot done until that is over. I'm really looking forward to it. As part of the research study, I have complete blood work every month. My numbers have always been great and they are hanging in there. My total chloresterol has gone up a little but I was trying for that as it was too low! Long live bacon and butter!

Maggie, once a month I go through the pantry and freezer and get together everything that will need to be used in the next month. It's fun planning meals with things I might not have though of putting together except for necessity. I found sliced goat cheese at Trader Joe's yesterday. It's the perfect size for a sandwich or grilled cheese. I have some high protein low carb tortillas so I'm going to make a Quesada for lunch with it and veggies.

Have a wonderful day.

02-15-2014, 12:06 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The wind is blowing and it has been spitting snow off and on all morning. Bob is out running errands and I have laundry going. Plan for the day is to vacuum, get rid of the clutter piles, and figure out what clothes to pack.

"Gma" -- We have all of our utilities on automatic payment at the bank, but each of us still have our own credit card bills. Bob gets all of our insurance automatically deducted from his business account. I keep telling him he should start changing his address to the house so it's right when he finally retires. I hope Jackson's Valentine package is safely with the neighbor. Beth's dog, Fred, ate all of Kolby's Valentine candy that he was going to take to school. Fortunately, they had enough time to replace it. I asked if he got sick and she said no, that it was more peanut butter than chocolate. He also polished off a box of Girl Scout cookies. :lol:

Susan -- I haven't heard about the "Grain Brain" study but will definitely check it out. Amanda's mom, being diabetic and a nurse, will find it interesting I'm sure. Will you have to wear one of those "funny" shoes after surgery? I had to chuckle at you planning around the quilt show and I don't blame you a bit! :D Sometime ago I read an article on Facebook about how margarine is almost like eating plastic. I always liked butter better anyhow!

I need to get moving and check the washer and dryer which both should be finished by now. Hope you all enjoy a relaxing weekend! :snow4:

02-16-2014, 11:24 AM
Good morning, ladies! The sun is out this morning but its still in the 30s.

After I posted yesterday, Sandy called and we did some shopping and then had dinner at IHOP. I get their talipia and double broccoli. While we were out and about we had rain, snow, and finally sun! In a space of 4 hours. The garden stores are starting to stock for spring so I have hope! After all, we'll be turning the clocks ahead March 9. I can't wait to complain about the heat and humidity.

Jean, I will have my "funny" shoe once again. I kept it after the first surgery and just keep using it over instead of getting another one each time. I'll also be using my cane for a couple of weeks as a precaution against falling although he did say I could do my yoga since it is low impact. I need to put my shoe on and try it at home!

Have a wonderful day.

02-16-2014, 01:11 PM
Good Morning! I'm home to work on clothes packing, then will go back to church for the spaghetti dinner at noon. Bob's group is singing today. It's a cloudy day but NO wind for a nice change. I didn't think I would be counting since the banks are closed tomorrow. The gal who does the balancing part/bank run has to report for Federal Grand Jury, in Sioux City, on Tuesday, so we're counting tomorrow and the secretary will have to go to the bank.

Susan -- I had one of those funny shoes, but think I donated it to the Good Will when I was done with it. I'm glad you can still do your yoga. :D. I am ready for spring flowers! I did notice WM has flower seeds and starter plants on some of the leftover Christmas shelves. Their toy aisles were a disaster! I don't know if they are moving the whole department or down sizing after Christmas, but like things weren't together, opened packages, etc.

I need to keep moving but wishing you all a nice day! :wave:

02-16-2014, 04:34 PM
Good afternoon ladies. We had commissary shopping to do today and then back home to put it all away, UGH! I do two weeks of shopping at a time so it is a lot of bags of groceries and we still have stuff we have to get at Krogers that the commissary didn't have.

It is lovely and sunny here today in the low 50's which is great IMO. Jack was reading out temps in the caribbean and in Florida and told him to quit torturing himself. :lol:

I got an email from the female friend we are cruising with and she always cracks me up. She is Mexican and I sometimes wonder if she realizes she doesn't finish her thoughts and such or gets mixed up or whatever. She does it to me constantly and so I can't respond to her properly because I am not sure what she is telling or asking me. It can be pretty funny sometimes. We sure are looking forward to a week of hot sunny days.

I have my recheck dr appt on Tuesday. I noticed spotting on my bra and I think it is from the bra rubbing the breast and possible rubbing off the scab and such as the incision is always dry so it isn't seeping or leaking blood, besides it is totally healed. The "glue" isn't coming off very quickly though. I haven't seen any of it peeling off at all. I know it is more debilitating for me than any of my abdomen surgeries though and they were much more invasive and such.

I got a picture and text from my son saying they got to Mexico fine and were enjoying the weather. I bet considering at home they have about 3 ft of snow, more in places the plows have piled it up. Here is Jackson in Guadalajara smelling the roses with all those teeth missing. I told him he was going to need dentures if they didn't grow back. He sure is growing up fast. I think he is going to be tall like his dad is.

Jean: Jay and Alicia's best friend came to the house and put the box in their house so it is safe and sound. Jackson will have a nice surprise when he gets home. How was the spaghetti lunch? WTG Fred! :lol: I feel bad for Kolby, but sounds like Fred had a great time. What kind of dog is it? Fortune got into a bag of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups several years ago and munched them down, aluminum foil and all and never did get sick.

Susan: Take care of that foot when you get it done. Glad you had a nice time with your friend.

Well, Jack needs to show me something so I have to skedaddle. Have a nice Sunday. Faye

02-16-2014, 06:23 PM
"Gma" -- In case I don't get in here tomorrow, Fred is a basset hound. He looks just like the dog in the movie Smokey and the Bandit. I think it was Reese's peanut butter cups that he ate. The kids don't push their chairs up to the table and Fred is long enough that he puts his front paws on the chair and can reach pretty far across the table. I'm just glad he didn't get sick, or worse yet die! Jackson really looks like Thomas! Cute picture!

02-17-2014, 10:02 PM
We are in Omaha, have eaten supper, and settled in for the night. I'm thinking 2:30 wake up, 4:00 breakfast, and leave for the airport at 4:30. Short night! I most likely won't get in here tomorrow so have a terrific Tuesday!

02-18-2014, 12:13 PM
Sitting in the Phoenix airport people watching for a couple hours. My early morning is catching up with me and think a nap will be in order once we get underway again. When I was filling out the paper work for leaving the car, I realized I thought we were coming home on the wrong day! We won't be home until the 5th. Hope you all are enjoying your day!

02-19-2014, 08:21 AM
Good morning to you gals. It is a beautiful 61 outside this morning. We got into the 70's yesterday and sunny so I opened the sunroof and rolled down the windows and cruised to the dr's and back. :lol:

My breast is doing fine. It is heavily scabbed and she said that is not common, but considering how heavy my breasts are it is not uncommon because when breast tissue is removed there is a build up of fluid. Ok, sooooo, I have to go in to see her in another 3 weeks and hopefully the scabbing will have fallen off, etc. She wants me to have a mammogram and sonogram done in November, which is my yearly anyway.

I am going upstairs to get the bedding on the spare bedroom bed and wash it and do the bathrooms and dusting. We gave the spare bedroom bed, the tv and dvd player to one of Kelly's friend who got divorced and doesn't much. The bed has only be slept on a couple times total and the dvd player has been used once along with the tv so basically everything is new. I want to make that room into a closet somewhere along the line in the next few years so am happy to give them to her. Jay's family always stays in a hotel and Thomas is old enough to stay by himself so he doesn't stay the night anymore either so there is no need for a bed in there.

I got the nicest compliment from my surgeon yesterday. I was sitting in the exam room waiting for her and she comes in and sits on her little stool and rolls it next to my chair and sees my shirt and jewelry on top of my handbag and tells me she thinks I have such wonderful style. :lol: I was flabbergasted to say the least. I only know I don't go out without hair and makeup and decent clothing on. :) She is probably used to fat people walking around in tshirts and sweats because frankly, that's what I see when I am out and about. Of course for some reason the black community here that is overweight goes with skin tight leggings and boob showing tight shirts. All I know is you want someone to talk about you behind your back, go out looking like crap.

Jean: Have a fun time in Hawaii!!!!! I know you will be glad to be away from the snow and cold.

Maggie: I have read about 6 of the Robert Crais books now since you made mention of them. I like the Elvis Cole character too.

Susan: Hope you are doing well. Are you doing the tax job this year??

Everyone have a great Wednesday. I am off to reading and doing some knitting then tackling the upstairs. Faye

02-19-2014, 12:13 PM
Good morning, ladies! 62 degrees and sunshine but rain this evening.

4 of my friends and I started a new quilting bee. Last night was our first meeting. It sure was fun. This week I have my bee at the library tonight, tomorrow night is Ladies of the Evening and Friday is lock-in at Bella's. Next week is Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest (I have 3 pieces hanging there) so I'll have plenty of good times!

I'm was thinking about retiring but today I had a CPA who used to rent office space where I work come in and he wants me to work just one day a week during tax season and after it is over take over the office manager position fulltime. It's tempting to do for a couple of years but then I don't know if I want to be tied down again. The extra money would be good because I'd save it and pay cash for a new car. I'll be praying over this for sure.

Faye, I'm glad everything is okay after your surgery and the healing process is progressing. It seems like it has been a very long, cold winter and I am so ready for spring. I did the same thing with our spare bedrooms. I use one for an office/fabric storage and the other for my sewing room. That was very nice of you to help that person out.

Jean, how wonderful to be in Hawaii! Enjoy the sun but don't get sunburnt.

Maggie, I hope things are good with you!

Have a wonderful day!

02-19-2014, 06:06 PM

Just another day quite like the others. I sure am looking forward to spring. Enough of these dry looking trees and brown grasses. At least these past few days have been in the 60ís and 70ís with 40ís predicted for the weekend with snow.

The scale did move on Monday and the plateau I was on did break but in the wrong direction. I know what I must do to get moving in the right direction and will perceive to endeavor to do so. I must move more in the exercise program.

I slept in today and it sure felt good. Ole Ragg Mopp was snoozing beside me and Beanie was asleep on the couch in the front room. Cecil must have been outside in the sunshine for when he came in here and I petted him he was very warm.

I donít have anything special planned today and will get on with my sorting of what I plan on keeping. It sure will be easier when we get the MH over here from the storage so we can put in it what we have now that goes in it. I will still be using some of the things in my kitchen that will eventually be put in it though. I have been through this process before so it isnít new to me how it works ~ I just have to be patient with myself. :lol: I want the weather to get to the point where I can get out in the back yard and do some practicing with my Wrist Rocket Sling Shot. I used to be quite good with one and hopefully it wonít take long to get back in the swing of things.

DONNA FAYE I also like Joe Pike who drives that Jeep and is Elvis Coleís partner. Pike is a man of very few words but Coleís cat likes him fine. That cat reminds me of one that my mother had that went to live in the river bottom for a couple years. When he came home he looked like he was a great warrior with his lumps on his head. He was one of those huge black and white Sylvester type colored cats. After my mother would return from the market and start unloading the groceries out of the car to carry them up the steps from the garage into the kitchen that cat would wrap his front legs around one of my motherís legs and she would walk with him hanging on going up the stairs into the house. She would open a special package she got from the butcher and it was liver which that cat absolutely loved. She would cut it up and all that while he would be still attached to her leg. What a cat. He was called TC which stood for Top Cat which was his name.

SUSAN Sounds like you are staying nice and busy with your quilting "do's" and friends. Yep it is an excellent idea to clean out the fridge and freezer on a regular basis. Helps keep the mystery food out of them.

JEAN I know you are having a wonderful time in the surf and the sun. Be safe.

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

02-20-2014, 12:12 AM
Aloha! It's been a beautiful day here, although hotter than usual in the sun and quite humid. They've had more rain this year and the flowers are gorgeous; everything else is green and not brown like the last time. We went out on a whale watch and it was a good one. Then we met our traveling friend's brother and wife from Mpls. for lunch. Stopped at the grocery store for a snack type supper items of fruit, cheese, meat, and crackers. I think I am more tired now than yesterday.

"Gma" -- I'm glad your doctor appointment went well. I am appalled at what some of the people here are wearing, or lack of I should say. They either don't look in a mirror or don't care. It was awfully nice of you to give the items to Kelly's friend.

Susan -- If you enjoy the work, and want to make the time commitment, I'd say go for the job. On the other hand it's nice to call your time your own. A big decision for sure. I wore my floppy brimmed hat out in the boat today. We try to go at 10 before it gets too hot. You will be an even busier quilter but I know how much you enjoy your different groups.

Maggie -- Good luck with the exercise! I can definitely tell we haven't been walking! We've had to park further away from the whale boat and my puppies were complaining this afternoon! I had to smile at the cat and liver story.

Guess I will do some whale searching from the lanai. Bob and friends say they have spotted some. Enjoy your evening!

02-20-2014, 08:58 AM
Good morning to you gals. It is still lovely here but we are supposed to get a lot of rain today. It was supposed to rain last night, but we didn't seem to get a drop. The farmers will be happy though since we have gotten steady on and off rain without flooding.

I should get my shawl yarn today and can start on it. I put aside my long cowl and will work on it after I get the sweater and this wrap done. This is the yarn and the shawl pattern. Susan, this is from a quilt pattern originally called the knit and purl quilt pattern. The shawl will of course not look like this but be varigated color not sections of stripes, but this is what the pattern will look like. I included the dress I bought to wear for formal nights. They make the dresses for your measurements and I bought the one with sleeves and the square neck, but not the long sleeve, 3/4 length sleeve.

My sweet boy got into the gifted optional high school program he wanted. There were 3000 applicants and they took the top 225. I can't believe Thomas starts high school next year. I am sure this program will be a nice challenge for him. His granddad and I are taking he and his parents out to celebrate at the restaurant of his choice the end of the month.

Sounds like Jay and Alicia are having a wonderful time in Mexico. They come home the first of next week more than likely to still a bunch of snow there. They wanted to go at Christmas but tickets were outrageous I guess.

Maggie: Just keep plodding along the weight will start coming off again. I am reading L.A. Requeim at the moment and one that Joe Pike is the main character in, which the name escapes me.

Susan: Sounds like you are busy quilting again or shall I say still? :lol: We want to get a new car the end of 2016 then I will have a car to do what I want in and Jack can use the Mariner to drive back and forth to work in. The Mariner is paid off the end of this year, which will be nice to have that extra money. We will use it to start getting some of the improvements that are small started on the condo like new storm doors for one.

Jean: We saw a couple dolphins on the cruise last year. They were following the ship. They are so cute. I can just imagine how gorgeous the foliage and flowers are there if it is green. Do they have a lot of bug problems with it being tropical??? You keep on having fun!

Well gals need to check my blood sugar, take meds and get breakfast in that order. Have a great day today. Faye

02-20-2014, 02:59 PM
Good Morning! It's another beautiful day here. We are having a lazy start because the whale watch trip we wanted was full. It's too hot to go in the afternoon. Can't believe I said too hot! It sounds like Iowa is getting hammered with winter weather today. Ball games are cancelled and that's a last resort.

"Gma" -- Congrats to Thomas! Last night we noticed gnat type bugs flying around the lamp. That's the first time ever. We thought maybe since they've had more rain than usual, there might be more bugs. There are screens on our windows and doors. I have seen two geckos out on the sidewalk, they move fast! The yarn is very pretty, and is the scarf one you have done or going to do! Love the dress! You will look snazzy!

Guess I will help with breakfast. Have a great day!

02-20-2014, 03:55 PM

It is a 45˚ day here in the ♥-Land with the wind at 31 – 41 MPH and 37% humidity. It did snow during the night but it mostly melted by now. We are thankful for the moisture.

Not much happening today to write about ~ just MOS and waiting for spring. The neighborhood dogs have been up during the night barking and we don’t know what at. It keeps our dogs in the “unrest” stage and ansy. It seems the little yapper across the alley sounds off and it gets the bigger lower voiced dogs down the way to going and it is a chain reaction. Will said maybe they are barking at the new sound in the neighborhood for the next door neighbor gal just brought home her new born baby boy the other day and that is a new “noise” to them. I have not heard the baby but dogs have better hearing than us adults.

DONNA FAYE What a great thing for your grand son and I do feel he will make the most of the honor. Snazzy outfit you have there ~ you will be stilin’ for sure while having fun on the cruise.

ALOHA JEAN Sorry you didn’t get on the whale watching boat. I imagine you will start a walking program prior to your next trip to the islands. :lol: I have gotten back to doing my walking program which I was doing so well a couple months ago. I hear that doing the hula is good exercise? Do as the native Hawaiians do. What fun to take hula lessons.

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

02-21-2014, 11:11 AM
Good morning girls. It has cooled off quite a bit, but it is still ok and not horribly cold like it was. Kelly is helping her friend move today so some time this afternoon they should be here to pick up the bed and tv and dvd player. Jack carried the tv down for them and he will probably be home when they get here this afternoon too so will probably help with the bed. Luckily it is just a double so shouldn't be too hard to get down the stairs and out the door to her van, but don't know if it will fit in the van. I gave her the length and wide so we shall see.

I got a nice start on the shawl. The yarn is called Misty Morn and it seems to fit, don't you think?

Jean: Keep that sun block handy! Hope you find something fun to do this afternoon to replace the whale watching. Shopping indoors sounds good. :lol: I actually had a gecko get into my house several years ago. It had to have been a pet, but I wasn't going to go looking for the owner. I got it outside but it was a job. They do move fast. When Kelly's family were in Costa Rica she said the lizards walked all over the place and some of the things were pretty big. She showed me a pic of one just ambling down the sidewalk.

Maggie: I always try to start a good walking program before the cruise because the piers are a long walk into town for sure let alone just walking the length of the ship and we are going on the biggest one this year.

I guess I better get upstairs and make the bed and straighten up so Kelly's friend doesn't think we are slobs. Have a great weekend all. Faye

02-21-2014, 05:10 PM
Good Morning! Just got back from a walk on the beach. It's 75 degrees and 70% humidity with sunshine. Not sure what is on the agenda for the rest of the day; whale boat was full again today. I could t-shirt shop for the kids, but then again may wait and do that later.

Maggie -- Sorry about the barking dogs. Hope you slept better last night. We are doing the luau next week, Bob might get up and hula while I watch. ;)

"Gma" -- There is a neat trick to moving a spring and mattress. You need a rope long enough to make a sling, set the mattress on top of the rope, and two people on each end grab the rope. Even I can do it! The little geckos are kind of cute, but I don't care for the bigger ones. Another pretty yarn! :D

Guess we are off to do some sight seeing. Hope you all enjoy a fantastic Friday! :wave:

02-21-2014, 06:09 PM

It is a windy day today in the 70ís and we are now back from doing some shopping to get the things needed to make a crock pot full of meat and veggies to make burritos with. I cut into strips red, yellow & green bell peppers and a handful of Serrano chiliesí along with an onion cut in large pieces. I trimmed the chuck roast of fat and cut slits in it and inserted pieces of sliced garlic then cut it up in chunks and placed it into the Crock-pot. I poured a couple of cans of beef broth in the pot and filled it up with the veggies. We will probably be having a late dinner for I didnít get it all in the pot until after 3.

We went to Wal-Mart for a few things to make the meal this afternoon and I stayed in the Jeep and watched the sky and people. The clear sky was beautiful with little fluffy white clouds one minute and then in a real quick time they were dark and the sky was covered with darkness. People were getting out of their cars and running to the doors of the store hanging tightly on little kids hands. No rain came but lots of wind was there. What was neat that the folks were all smiling and laughing as they ran. I only observed one grump and he was parked next to the Jeep. He was FAT ~ I mean really huge and had one of those breathing canisters hooked over his shoulder with tubes going up his nose and he was spewing bad words out of his mouth. Definitely not a happy camper. But he was the only one that wasnít smiling and that tells a lot about this area. Folks on the most part are good natured. OH and the clouds left as quickly as they came and the sky was once again blue for the dark clouds had been blown to a different area. However, the winds were still blowing and rocking the Jeep.

JEAN I didn't hear a peep out of any dogs last night and slept the night through without waking up once. I was still in the position I went to sleep in when I woke up to greet this day. Does you hubby have a hula outfit? Hope you take pictures of him doing the hula.:D

DONNA FAYE I sure like Jean's idea about moving a mattress. Certainly a back saver doing it that way. I am sure you will be so glad to get that room for what you need to use if for now. We moved a king sized bet in our van ~ but maybe it was bigger than the one they are going to use to haul it. Vans come in so many sizes these days. Ours seated 15 people which was great to haul our little ball players to out of town games. :cp:

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

02-22-2014, 09:47 PM
Aloha! Another beautiful day in Paradise! We went out whale watching and saw a baby whale practicing flipping itself out of the water. Mother was close by plus a couple of guys according to the host. Just got an email that the neighbor lady next door (cat hater) died in her sleep. They go to CA for the winter months and had eaten supper with friends from here. I have no idea how old she is but their grandchildren are in college and high school. Did some souvenir shopping and now waiting to go out later for supper.

Maggie -- No, Bob doesn't have a hula outfit. The luau we are going to asks for volunteers from the audience to come up and dance. If no one volunteers, the dancers come out and take various people by the hand and lead them back to the stage.

Hope all is well with all of you!

02-23-2014, 12:22 PM
Good morning to you all. It was cool overnight but it is nice and sunny this morning.

I am working on the wrap the last couple days and it is coming along ok. It is a fairly easy pattern and I love the colors.

Jack had to shampoo the stairs and hall and then just inside the dining room as the girls had mud on their feet when they went in and out getting the bed and stuff. He said he procrastinated yesterday but wanted to get it done this morning early so he got it all finished. The stairs were pretty bad, but this shampooer is the first one we had that we can take apart and have a hand held shampooer so we took advantage and did a good job on the shampooing.

Jean: My great uncle married a Hawaiian and lived in Honolulu his whole life. He and aunt Mary lived at the base of diamondhead somewhere. Whenever they would come to the states to see his brother, my grandfather, he would bring the best stuff. I still have the moomoo he brought me when I was a little girl. All the girls got one and that was a lot of grandkids. He was a really cool guy and that was a long, long time ago. Jack has been to Pearl Harbor and actually his retirement flag is from the USS Arizona, but I have never been there. I am sure you are loving the warm weather. The kids came home yesterday and I imagine they weren't happy to come back to snow and cold weather.

Maggie: I am doing a chicken fried steak today, but mine cuts the calories way, way down for sure. How are the doggies and kitty doing?

Well gals, I need to get some work done so I better get it going. Have a great Sunday all. Faye

02-24-2014, 12:18 AM
Aloha! Another beautiful day although a bit warmer! We went on another whale watch; captain wasn't as good so didn't get up close and personal with any whales and didn't see as many. The naturalist, also a different one, and narrates wasn't paying attention to the back of the boat where we were. Whichever side of the boat the whale is on, the people are supposed to stay seated or crouching so the opposite side can stand. We didn't get our usual seat and some guy who had never been out kept standing up in front of me. I finally yelled "sit down" and he finally did. I was torked! To top it off two guys with big fancy cameras stayed on the boat from the first ride, and took two of our favorite seats. Did some more shopping and met another couple that are friends of our traveling friends. We are all going to the luau together on Tuesday, I think.

"Gma" -- We met a guy in the elevator who went to college in Storm Lake. Obviously, he was older so I asked him if he had been back to visit. He said he came for Homecoming a couple years ago and couldn't believe what has happened to the town. Enough said about that. Hah! This place seems to be more friendly in the elevator, halls, waiting lines, etc., and people visit with each other. Weather report from Iowa was colder and more snow.

Guess we are deciding where to eat tonight. Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow! :wave:

02-24-2014, 08:33 AM
Good morning to you all. It is cold here this morning and my hands are freezing. I boiled several eggs and shelled them under cold water and now I can't get my hands warm. I make a lowfat egg salad or just have one for breakfast with oatmeal and fruit or something like that. I have gained several pounds and need to get with the program for sure.

I have been working on my wrap and it is coming along, but it will take a long time to complete. I have to go back and forth between the two projects so I can get them both done before the cruise.

Jean: I always get mad at people who sit in front of you anywhere and don't consider whether or not you can see. We will go to a movie once in awhile and the theater will be practically empty and some noodleheaded guy who is over 6 ft tall will sit in front of me when he can sit anywhere. I then make Jack change places with me so I can see totally. I think it is funny that people take all these pictures that you know they won't do anything with unless they are professionals. I have digital pictures that I have yet to get prints of to put in a scrapbook and that's besides the decades of stuff I have in boxes and such. Hope you have fun at the luau on Tuesday. I will be thinking of you. Do you eat the poi?? I heard it tastes like glue. :lol:

You all have a good week. Faye

02-24-2014, 02:02 PM
Good Morning! We had rain during the night, or so Bob said there were puddles on his walk this morning. The sun is shining and think it's going to be another nice day. We whale watch at 12:30 and hoping for better than yesterday.

"Gma" -- In general I think overall people are more rude than ever. They just don't think first and act/speak second. I know I sometimes say something before I realize how it will sound to the other person (usually Bob!). Hope the work on the extra pounds pay off. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a magic weight loss method? Good luck! You know how to do it! :cheer: I'm like Jack, and don't eat strange things. ;). If someone explains what it is I might try poi. When is your next cruise?

I need to finish getting dressed so I'm ready to head out for breakfast wherever that might be. It's 8:02 am here. Have a great day! :wave:

02-26-2014, 10:50 AM
Good morning to you ladies. It is cold here this morning, low 30's but the sun is shining, which is great. I sure hope in the next couple weeks we start showing some nice spring temps.

Had one of those nights last night where I didn't sleep so am dragging this morning. I have a load of clothes in dryer, but that's about it for me. I sat here and paid bills but how hard is that? :lol:

Jean: We leave on Sept 21st for our next cruise. Hopefully no problems with weather since we are smack dab in the middle of hurricane season when we go. It is the cheapest time and not as hot as summer months though still can be in 90's. Kids are back in school so there usually isn't a ton of kids on board either. We got a balcony this time so we shall see how we like that. The ship has 6000+ passengers so this should be interesting also about double what the other ship had. They have a production of the broadway show Chicago which Jack is anxious to see. Hope your weather is holding up nicely though I saw you had some rain.

Everyone have a good day today. Faye

02-26-2014, 01:26 PM
Good Morning! The sun is shining but it's a jacket morning. We are whale watching this morning and luau tonight; I got my days mixed up on the luau. Heck, I have trouble remembering what day it is.

"Gma" -- I am surprised at the number of small babies and toddlers that are over here. I wouldn't think it would be relaxing for the parents and there are lots of things to do, but most wouldn't interest the little ones. I woke up last night and couldn't get back to sleep. I hated to get up and roam around the condo, which isn't big by any means, but was sure tempted. I hate nights like that! There have been two cruise ships here, just for a day, which wouldn't give passengers time to do much except shop. September will be here before you know it! :D

I need to finish doing my hair although if it's windy out on the water, no one would know. :rolleyes: Hope you all have a great day today! :wave:

02-26-2014, 01:48 PM

We had about an inch of snow last night and it is just about gone this day. Not much to write about around here and that is my excuse for not posting and I am sticking to it. I decided to peek in today to see what you gals are up to and looks like Jean is having the most fun. Have a great day everyone. Iíll be back later and maybe have something worthwhile to say.

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

02-26-2014, 03:21 PM
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