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02-12-2014, 12:29 PM I am not one to get caught up in whole ketosis thing b/c I follow the plan and it works...never been real concerned with that aspect.

Have been maintaining and want to kick off 10lbs and stay on phase 1 for 30 days to get some good habits back it routine. Started last Tuesday and I am experiencing some strange things happening since that I never did or at least cannot recall when doing phase 1 before last year.

The first thing is that I am not having any spotting. Usually this happens to me within the first week or so. Without boring everyone part of my 10lb gain was a pregnancy back in November that I learned was not viable. Anyhow, I am no longer pregnant and my hormones are finally getting back to normal at the end of January (period has returned, etc). was an emotional couple of months.

Another thing I noticed today is that when I woke up I was swollen. Had a small amount of srriacha last night which I am thinking could be the culprit but not real sure. Anyways, I only (and I saw ONLY b/c I have done phase 1 before and usually lost more) lost 4ish lbs in the week that I have been on. Typically I can feel it even if the scale doesn't always show it and its like I cant feel it. Yes, clothes are fitting better but I don't feel like I have in the past on day 8. Maybe my body is just holding on to some water before is whooshes it out.

Another thing is that I am usually starving starting phase 1 but I have been just fine this round (maybe because I was ready to get back). I haven't had any real cravings or desires.

Only thing I have done different this round is that I am drinking an EAS shake everyday to save some $$$.

Anyone else reboot/restart and experience this? Why I am not spotting this time? Why not the usual couple of days of hunger? Anyone else had problems with the EAS with not losing as much?

I am just feeling like my body is sooo screwed up from the recent months events. :shrug::cry:

02-12-2014, 08:28 PM
Your body isn't screwed up, but let's call it recovering.
And I would guess recovery takes about 3 normal periods, based on a similar experience some 17 years ago (early, early miscarriage in late Oct then pregnant with our daughter by the end of February).
Now for the "old girl" version. Switched up bHRT in Apr/May/June (upped estrogens & progesterone, dropped testosterone). Cortisone shot in Oct creates blood sugar havoc, I swear. Weight range rises to 10 lbs above low and stays 5 lbs above my typical maintenenace point. Got it down a couple lbs from the high, but didn't want to go the slow route.
p1 for two weeks--hungry ALL THE TIME. Did not happen first time. LOTS of salt to stave off dizziness, low blood pressure. No spotting.
p2 for one week--hungry ALL THE TIME. Miserable. Minor headaches. Drinking all the water and lots of herbal tea.
I have lost 6.7 lbs in 3 weeks. Took way longer than that the first time. Fat is still hanging out on the thigh poogies and the inner thighs just look different from the first time (which I think is from the estrogen).
I swear the "right carb" eating fixed something and the extra estrogen/lower testosterone made some minor fat adjustments both in body comp and fat location.

Maybe we both experienced the normal 3 to 5 lbs per year expected gain but the hormonal changes created something IP is fixing this time that wasn't there the first time. Something it is fixing such that we are having different symptoms because it had to fix something else the first time.

The hormone stuff is so fascinating and I have no background in it whatsoever.

02-13-2014, 07:11 PM
Thank you for your response.

The hormone thing is soooo interesting. When I did it the first time I had days where I was near death I thought from hunger. Now this time around I am rather energetic and not particularly hungry when I shouldn't be (I am of course hungry by dinner and bfast). Funny you mention the headache, dizziness stuff. I got that a lot last time and almost felt like my vision was off somehow.
I do hear you on the cortisone shots. I have several friends who have had them and they swear it also gave them problems with weight gain.
I am also losing slower that usual this time around too. My ideal weight has been 135 but it keeps creeping up to the 137-140 area depending on the day so I have decided to lower to 125-130 so I am closer to my goal most of the time. I have been weighing in at 137 for the past few days (since last Friday I believe) and have even went down and then back up. I imagine though that within 30 days I should be able to get off 12 more lbs and down to 125....that's 3lbs a week so heres to hoping it comes off. Are you in phase 3 now? Do you follow maintenance to a T?

02-13-2014, 09:28 PM
I sent you a pm.