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02-12-2014, 01:45 AM
Day One of a Getting Smaller Getting Happier Getting Healthier!!

I followed my diet today. I did my grocery shopping and made a meal plan for the week. I am going to do some cooking tomorrow that will last for a few days. I have no problem with healthy food...which is a good thing :) But I have to have a plan and some ready made meals. So I will be taking care of that tomorrow. I did both of my challenges today. But I wanted to go to the gym...I didnt...I have been paying for this membership for years and have yet to walk thru the door. Partly because of my schedule and partially because of my social anxiety. I am going to add the fatsecret app to the phone so I can sync up my food.

I felt like I ate ALOT today but the numbers are where I need them too be(I think)Im not hungry but I am so used to eating before bed. My depression has been a lot to handle been thru a lot and I am trying to handle it the best I can. Still trying to recoup after a Post Partum issue and other life changes. This has caused me to loose myself and I no longer have the support that I used to have. It always seems like its one thing after another. I like to eat a good amount of food. It may seem like too much to some. I do have portion control issues. But I didn't feel like I was "dieting".

Here is what I ate today:

2 large eggs over easy
4 thin slices of turkey bacon

Cal 240 Fat 18 Net Carbs 0 Pro 20

Homemade Taco Salad
1 c. Ground Beef with Rotel and Sazon
1 c. Romaine
1 c. Iceberg
2 T Green Onion
1/4 c. Shredded Cheese
2 T. Sour Cream

Cal 390 Fat 21 Net Carbs 9 Pro 37

8oz Grilled Chicken Breast
1/2 c. Sautéed Mushrooms
2 c. Roasted Brocolli
1 T Light Butter
Small Salad
1 c. Spinach
1 c. Romaine
1/2 c. Cucumber
2 T Shredded Cheese
2 T Olive Garden Light Dressing....Watered down

Cal 470 Fat 17 Carb 10 Pro 62

Claussen Pickle
Pork Rinds
Land o Lakes snack cheese
2 oz deli Turekey

2 SF Jello

Cal 245 Fat 4 Carb 2 Pro 24


FAT 70
PRO 143