Calorie Counters - Calorie Counting And Health Benefits (Other Than Weight Loss)

02-07-2014, 10:21 AM
Hi All,
I know that many here have experienced or are experiencing success with weight loss since they started calorie counting. But I wanted to hear some stories about improved health also. Since CC is about watching calories rather than (for the most part) cutting out certain foods (carbs, fats, whatever), I've heard the stories from books about the benefits of cutting out this or that food, but I'm really interested to hear from those who eat a wide variety of foods, both processed and non/minimally processed and your health results.

I am lucky enough not to have major health issues yet but I'm 43, so I'm getting to the age where that's going to start to kick in. My main issues are skin rashes and migraine headaches (which I've reduced by avoiding most migraine-triggering foods). But my family has a history of certain health issues and I don't want to follow suit. My dad has a host of health issues (unstable blood pressure, which was inherited from my grandfather; high cholesterol; high sugar; and he developed an autoimmune disease in 2009 called mysthenia gravis, which sent him to the hospital with collapsed lungs for more than a month (though he has not had symptoms in a while), plus, of course, he is obese and doesn't exercise. My brother is also obese and has started to have high cholesterol in the last several years (he's 50). Even my mom, whose health, other than being overweight, has always been excellent, showed signs of high cholesterol on her last blood tests. I also have a family history of cysts in the breasts (none of them cancerous, though), cataracts, heart problems, and, the scariest for me, Alzheimer's.

Even though I am very overweight, my last blood tests showed all my numbers were in the normal range (which surprised my doctor). I believe this to be mainly because I eat mostly a vegan diet so I focus on foods with a low calorie density and more whole foods than processed (though I do have some processed foods).

Sorry for the long explanation! I'd really like to hear from those who have seen health benefits other than weight loss from calorie counting.


02-08-2014, 08:59 AM
For me, calorie counting helps me to make healthier decisions overall. I eat cleaner, greener and leaner. My skin is better, my nails are better and my hair is better. I have a very low tolerance for greasy food and I don't really crave it anymore. I still have a sweet tooth that I indulge but I always add it in and make sure I don't go over my sugars or carbs.

02-09-2014, 02:22 PM
I agree with Paisley. Calorie counting is a great learning process. You learn what gives you more bang for your buck. I know the better habits I've adopted through this process are now in place and the old habits are for the most part gone. There is no "all or nothing" attitude. You set the rules. If I indulge, I adjust. My stress level for what and how I eat isn't pounding at the front of my brain at all times. I can enjoy food again, it's not a weapon I use to punish or a gift to reward myself. It's good nourishment so you can live your life. Honestly, I'm much more forgiving of myself and much more respectful of my body and what it needs to be healthy. It works for me :) .

02-09-2014, 05:04 PM
Calorie counting is least restrictive. Just listen to your body and eating clean(ish) is definitely the way to go.