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07-12-2003, 08:47 AM
Welcome to a thread full of encouragement, humor and support. Feel comfortable to join us all newcomers and regulars as we share our lives while losing weight. Be sure to go back to SAHM's #75 to check up on what has been going on in our lives.
Everyone Have A Great OP Day!


07-12-2003, 09:09 AM
Good morning!!!!!!
Gee the last thread was so busy- I decided to start a new one.
Spryng- gee, I'm glad that you can appreciate my sick sense of humor......and have decided to slow down. Go give sweet little Tanner a big kiss for me......early babyhood is just so sweet.
Keep us informed of all the cute little things that he does, ok?

Melissa- well, the one good thing about your situation is you know when Myra will be born! None of that last minute- is this a labor pain or not stuff- and all the well meant phone calls asking if you are in labor or not! I hope that this c-section's recovery time is short for you- surgical procedures seem to improve each year. Sorry that the time is moving so slowly......... but at least it sounds like you are really ready now. Myra Frances is a beautiful name....I do prefer older names myself too. Hang in there!!!:)

Kristi-glad that you found a bat. I know it gets really tough around here. Knowing the dumb stores here they are putting skiing stuff now!! Good job getting all that walking in! Try not to get too down on going off with your eating. Focus on one day at a time.....each moment and try to stay strong. At WW they suggest drinking lots of water....flavored seltzers are fine too and keeping preportioned servings of healthy snacks around at all times. That way there is always a good alternative to the high calorie stuff and you are not stuck making poor decisions...... just a thought.

Dh and Dd are off to the softball tournament. I got a walk in this am- not sure how long as I ended up trying to break up a dog fight (two were leashed and attended and one was a neighbors who was loose). We have 4 golden labs in the neighborhood......and they all look alike! So, I got to play detective who's dog it was that was out and had been skunked (lovely stench!:p ). I guessed right.....the family is on vacation... and I left the dog with the neighbor who was supposed to care for the dog. Never a dull one here!
Well, gotta go. I have some painting to do. Have a great day.

07-12-2003, 11:52 AM
Good morning all!
Mel I can't believe you are so close!! How exciting! May I ask why you had to have a c-sec with your 1st baby?? Are you nervous about another sugery? I'm nervous for you. The thing that always scared me most during my pregnancies was the unknown and the "looming" possibility for a c-sec. But thankfully I never needed one. Even though this time around I got really close with his cord wrapped around his neck twice and once around his body. It could have been a bad thing but thankfully everything was just fine. Is she going to sleep in your room at first? Tanner is doing well in his bassinet. But he is a tummy sleeper. Won't sleep any other way. My other son was like that too. I know it's suppose to be "back to sleep" but with him right next to my bed I feel ok putting him on his belly.
Well I am in the process of talking DH into going somewhere today. I'm tired of being cooped up. We went to the in-laws house last night but it's not really getting out. All they do is eat and stay glued to the TV. It's not really visiting.
So gotta go. Talk to you all later!

07-12-2003, 07:51 PM
Hi there,

Just thought I'd drop in for a few minutes and say hello, and see how everyones weekend is going! Not much going on here, just enjoying some peace and quiet while Dh and Ds are gone to OK. to get a load of dog food.

Ginny, you're right about not having to wait, but I'm hoping I'll go in a bit sooner!?! At my OB. appt. this week I asked how soon was too soon to go, and she said if I'm contracting regularly and I'm past 37 weeks, then we'll go ahead!!! So... I'm hoping that I can go a bit sooner than 39 weeks, considering I was in labor at 34 weeks with Ds, I guess I have a good chance? Cross your fingers!!!

Spryng, I hope you got out of the house for a while, I know what you mean, I feel like I could go stir crazy in here sometimes! As for me having a c-section with my Ds, well, I have to start back at 34 week when I went in labor and was put to bed. Then when I reached term, I wouldn't start contracting again, so they had to induce and after 16 hours of hard labor I wouldn't progress past 8cm. and started running a high fever, so they decided that was enough trying! I am a bit nervous but mostly about the health of the baby, and maybe a little nervous about the epidural too!?! But I'm sure that everything will be fine, I'm just so.. ready to hold my baby! :) She will be staying in our room, in her cradle, for 6 month while I'm nursing her! And guess what, after that we're going to try for another baby! So keep us in all your prayers, that it won't take another 7 years to happen!?!

Well ladies, I better get moving, Dh just called and is on his way home( I still need to empty the dish washer)!

Have a great weekend!

07-12-2003, 11:52 PM

Spryng- I hope that you convinced Dh to get out a bit. Those first few weeks can be frustrating- waiting to feel more normal and lacking the normal stimulation from the outside world. I know that I am contradicting the American Academy of Pediatrics...but I raised three tummy sleepers.....as a matter of fact my oldest never ever slept anyway other than her tummy until she was almost 4 years old! So- I guess little Tanner knows best what is right for him- just make sure that the bedding is firm and there are no pillows to suffocate. I often wondered what to do- as in my Ds's case- where you could start him out on his side or back.....and then check him an hour later and he was guess what- on his tummy! Now, I am a big advocate for letting sleeping babies lie.....as in do not disturb! (if they are sleeping they must be comfortable, right?)

Melissa-Gee that is so exciting that you are going to try for another baby soon after Myra is born! (one of my regrets is that my youngest has had to grow up without another young child in the house with her- Dd and Ds are 10 and 7 years older, respectively). I was really bummed about that for a long time.
I hear ya about being nervous about the epidural- and unfortunately can offer no advice on that. I wanted one with Dd's labor- but it went so fast and she was in distress (like Tanner, the cord was wrapped around her neck) so there was no time. Try talking to your Dr about it...maybe there is something they can tell you or offer to ease your fears.

As for me- Dd and I went to visit Dm today. We were supposed to take her out for dinner- but she was not feeling all that well, so we just chatted with her for a few hours. She was in a good mood- and I'm glad that we went. Dd and Dh are off again early for the rest of this stupid softball tourament. (does this season ever end??? :?: ). They have fun together........but the rest of us are sort of left out. Looks like tomorrow I will be taking Ds to the Dr- he has been complaining about an earache. Oh, he just came in with a bad headache........the fun never ends.
I'm one tired puppy- been up since 5 am and have to get up that early again tomorrow to make breakfast for the softball twins.
Guess I have babbled enough for one day.......see ya tomorrow!

07-13-2003, 12:08 AM
Good evening all!
Wow Mel, already planning #3 huh? I hope that is doesn't take years to concieve again. And thanks for filling me in on your first pregnancy and c-sec. How terrible to be in labor so long and get to 8 cm and get stuck. I'm sure getting the c-sec then was quite a relief. I know that as long as a healthy baby gets born it doesn't really matter how they get here.
Well, I'm with Ginny, I haven't been up since 5 am but i feel like I have so I'm off to bed too. Tonight is my night to get up with Tanner so I should get some sleep since he is out now.
So I'll talk with you all tomorrow. G'nite.

07-13-2003, 12:12 AM
I'm here! I've been mia :lol: I took alittle nexpected vacation and just got back. So glad to be home. Seems like when we take the notion and go off like that I regret it when I get back. Anyhow all is well here on the farm. and I'm getting big as a cow!

Aw Spryng. I hope you did get out some too. It can be so frustrating.

Ginny thats so funny about the 4 labs. wonder if anyone ever takes the wrong one home. My husband got the girls a blood hound today. Its the funniest looking dog but sooo sweet.

I'm excited for you Mel and being so close to deliver. My gf went thru what you did and she has planned c-sections now too. Her first was awful. She tried like you for hours to deliver and couldn't. I've had 4 epidurals now. They never seem to bother me. I don't know why. I guess I just try not to think about it alot. I'm excited too that you are gonna try and have another. I'll keep you all in my prayers.
I have to get in the bed girls. have a great night!!!

07-13-2003, 02:55 PM
Good Morning Everyone!

Sorry I havent been around the last couple of days. Friday DH was off and we took the kids to Seattle to the Pacific Science Center and Seattle Center. (That is what Cassie wanted to do for her B-day!) That was fun because the last time we were at the Sci Center was 3 years ago and the kids were terrified! They have this whole section of Dinosaurs. Models that move and last time we had them in the double stroller and as soon as they saw the T-Rex, cassie pulled the hood of her stroller down over her and wouldnt come out. (She was barely 2 at the time!) Tyler was not quite 4 and when he saw what his sister did... he did the same! LOL. Even my mom and dad who were with us at the time could not coax them out! This time they LOVED the dinos.. and all the other stuff they learned about and could do!

Yesterday was Cassie's Kids Party. We did it a Michaels. She chose to have everyone paint and decorate trinket boxes. they had the BEST time. And the best part for me is that I didnt have to clean up!!! :)

Ginny - I am feeling OK right now. TOM is here so I am pretty uncomfortable but Hanging in there. Yesterday's party was tough.. but I got through it! That picture was taken last year, around October. My face was pretty clear and I was about 20 lbs lighter at the time.. so I am using it as an incentive pic too!

Spryng - did you get out of the house? I hope so! Even brand new moms need a time out!

Misty - Good to hear from you! Where did you go on this mini vacation?

Mel - Good for you wanting to try so soon! Hopefully you will be like me! Cassie was our surprise baby.. I found out I was prego with her the day Tyler took his first steps. It was a SHOCK after having to go through infertility treatments to get prego the first time! Actually, Tyler was a surprise too. We decided to take a break from trying so that I could have surgery on my shoulder. (I injured it at work lifting a 65 pound mini computer) My orthopedic surgeon called me the evening before the surgery to tell me it was off.. he always took pregnancy tests before surgery just to be sure his patients werent pregnant... and I was the first one he ever had to tell.. :) I never did have that surgery.. LOL

I have my tests tomorrow morning. I'll let you all know what they find!

Have a good Sunday!

07-13-2003, 10:42 PM
Melissa, I'm so sorry to hear about your ear/sinus infection - summer cold conditions are the worst! Take care and I'll definitely keep you in my thoughts while enjoying my morning java. Call me dumb, but what's a dn, dear neighbor?.....Ginny, Diet wise I've been really good since fri. PMS really took ahold of me this month and TOM showed up 4 days early even, the nerve! I do drink my water, but will take helpful advice and reminders any time - thanks...Spryng,I had 2 belly sleepers also, like Ginny said, just keep any extra fluffies out of his bassinet and your beautiful Tanner will be just fine with his loving mommy so close by. I too had one child with the cord around her neck, my first. It was terribly scary, because she wasn't breathing right when first delivered so they just whisked her away and I never saw her again for more than 4 hrs. This is not a good thing to do to a first time mother especially! Except for that though I had 4 all natural deliveries with no pain killers at all and each one was concieved more than easily! I know I've been very blessed and I am truly thankful. Your inlaws sound like my mother. I swear sometimes she talks to the charactors in the tv show more than me while I'm visiting. So, I too hope you got a "real" out!....Karen, Sounds like dd had a couple more terrific outings for her bday. She's such a lucky gal! Another thing in common...TOM is also here for me! This is getting freaky girl! HA ha!.......As for me, I've had a great weekend. For the first time in a long time we had no commitments this weekend. We all went swimming yesterday. Me and dh had canon ball contests with the children as judges. They thought that was really cool. Then I swam actually stroking continually for 30 min. Because it's new too me I'm actually more proud of this than any walking or biking that I do. I walked 4 miles on the trail today testing my pedometer against the mile markers and it was actually set quite short. This was a nice surprise as that means my 3 mile walk on Fri. was actually 4 miles. Yippee! Have a great Mon. tomorrow all!

GM 40 / MW 29 / MTG 11
BGM 24 / MB 16 / BMTG 8


07-14-2003, 05:40 PM
Hi everyone!

Kristi - OMGoodness!! IT is getting Freaky!! Cannonballs! How fun! I havent done those in years! Tell me, what are the stats in your signature. For the life of me I cannot figure out what they mean! :o

Mel - Did I miss the post about you having a cold/sinus infection? You take care! That is no fun when you are pregnant!

I had my Pre-op and ultrasound today. When they did the ultra sound, they every thing was fine at first.. the right ovary was perfect and the uterus was fine. then she started to prob the left side for the ovary and I thought I was going to die from the pain... the same pain i get every month.. only stronger. Then she couldnt find the ovary!! She could feel it when she did a external exam but the ultrasound couldnt pick it up. after about 10 minutes of me cringing and she apologizing she found it but could not see all of it. The doctor thinks that it and the tube are fused to either my uterus, intestines or spine. That is caused from either the Endometriosis, c-sections, previous laparoscopy or all of the above. So I have about an 80% chance of losing my left ovary and Fallopian tube. I am also going to have to have more blood work. this time I have to fast for it so they can check for insulin resistance.

So needless to say I am in shock. I didnt think I was going to have to lose an ovary. I am still trying to figure out how to deal with this. and how I feel about it. We arent planning to have any more children in fact DH had a vasectomy 2 years ago.. but losing a part of me that allows me to have them... that is quite hard to deal with.

Ok.. the good news is I have FINALLY found a doctor who listens. And answers questions and doenst think I am "pain intolerant". WOO HOO! He said today that we will get to the bottom of this. and soon!

Talk to you all later!

07-14-2003, 07:15 PM
Oh Karen, I am so glad that you have found a Dr. who listens to you. What you describe sounds as though it would be very painful, especially when hormones start fluctuating at different times of the month. I'm so glad that all of this will be resolved for you soon. I believe it would be very hard to deal with, just the thought of losing any part of yourself is good reason to be in shock. Take the time to think and pray about how all this is really going to affect you. You owe it to yourself right now to be a little selfish even. I'll keep you in my prayers!......dd and ds are at their last ball game of the season right now. Just daddy got to go, because 3 yr. old clonked out 30 min. before we needed to leave. I sent daddy loaded down with water bottles and the camera and told him not to miss a thing. Me and ds were practicing with his new bat today. You can really tell a difference. This bat weighs much more than the team bats, but ds is big for his age so it was just what he needed to put some umph behind his ball. Thankfully he does have a tournament one day next week and since I'm the SAHP I will get to see him play with it. Staying at home can be so aaahhhhhh!!!! at times, but it really has it's perks too! Eating has been OP good today, but no real exercise to speak of yet. Depending on when they get home I may skip it for today. I hate to, but I know I need to sometimes too. DD#1 started a summer school class on how to care for horses today. Of course she didn't want to go when I reminded her to get ready to go, but she really enjoyed it after she got there. Of course. It's 9am to noon all this week, but she has to miss 1 hr. tomorrow for her piano lesson. Anyway, salad for supper, I gotta go slice and dice! Take care all.

goal miles 40 / miles walked 29 / miles to go 11
bike goal miles 24 / miles biked 16 / bike miles to go 8

:cool: Kristi

07-14-2003, 07:45 PM
Good evening ladies!

It's a beautiful day here, but too HOT! We managed to enjoy it anyway, Ds and I went to the gym and swam for an hour! It really does feel great to feel so weightless at this stage in pregnancy!!! I'm feeling a bit better now with my sinus/ear infection, now my ear only hurts in the AM.

Ginny, how is your Ds doing with his ear ache?

Spryng, yes you're right! As long as we get a healthy baby, nothing else matters! Oh BTW, another factor that lead to my first c-sections was Ds size, he weighed 8 lb. 15 oz. and they're already thinking that Myra is going to a big baby too! So, bring on the c-section! :)

Misty, it's great to hear from you! We missed you, but it's good that your out vacationing and hopfully resting for your growing baby! How has everything been going? Please remind my how far you are now?

Karen, I'm glad you're being well taken care of, and hope all goes well for you next week!

Kristi, Dn is our Dear Nephew who was living with us for a while. WTG with your swimming, I can relate to your proudness. I'm not a great swimmer but I love the water, and after my wonderful swim today, I think I'm going to try to fit in more. It just felt so... good on this Big Ole' pregnant body!

Well ladies, sorry I didn't get more personal, my brain seems to be mush today, and I can't concentrate very well!?! Hope y'all have a great evening!

07-15-2003, 10:53 AM
Good morning!!!
Gee, it has been busy here since I was last on. :) Melissa, Spryng, Kristi, Karen and Michele- I promise to "get personal" later- I am online now doing something for Dh. We had a wierd day yesterday- I went on a trip with Dd's school to Six Flags - I was the bus driver:dizzy: . It went well but the bus was a real relic- sort of from the Jurassic age......
Gotta go, and I promise to get back on later and "chat". Have a great day!Ginny

07-15-2003, 12:33 PM
Ok, I'm back.

Spryng- hope that you are doing ok-and that you got some rest. It seems strange that you have not posted in a day or so, hope that it is because of happy reasons and that you are just busy.

Jackie- well, it just would not be a post without mentioning you!
Is Dh still on vacation and home? ( I loved your late night sneak online.......sounds like something that I have to do occasionally). Don't they understand that this is therapeutic for us?:) How is FIL doing? And how are you?

Michele-hope that your mini vacation was fun! That big as a cow feeling is quite something- well, it will pass soon enough! Hot weather does not help it either. Make sure to drink lots of water- you and the baby need it! How is the new dog working out (dog or puppy?).

Karen- glad that Cassie's party was so great ! I might just steal that idea for my Dd's party in December. I will continue to pray for you with regards to this surgery. That has to be upsetting that you will lose an ovary. I know you mentioned that your family was complete, but lots of women have concieved and lived totally normal lives with only one ovary. And, thankfully you will still have one. I hope that I am not being insensitive here- big hugs to you and lots of prayers. Try to pamper yourself a bit- and look foward to the post surgical time when, Lord willing all of your bad symptoms are gone. It is also wonderful that you have such an understanding Dr (they are rare, aren't they!)

Kristi- I know well how being the SAHP can be great- a bit lonely sometimes, but it is also nice not to have to do all the running around. Some people thrive on it, I do not. It is ok if you have to skip excercise a day or so- there are lots of weeks that I get out 5 times and allow myself a day or two off. It is one way to stave off boredom, and allow another activity (even if that is cleaning:( ).

Melissa- how is your sinus/ear infection doing? Are you feeling better? How nice that you got to go swimming- relaxing and relief from the heat too! Don't worry about having mind mush.....some of us (actually me!) suffer from it daily!:lol: We love you no matter what!

Well, today is sort of low key for me, I needed it! Yesterday was fun- a bit disorganized (I did not set the trip up, my job was to drive). A long day, though.....and I am so glad to be home! The bus was so old......and really uncomfortable to drive.
I did get a walk in yesterday, and am at least for now, taking today off. I'll probably go out for a short walk later 15 minutes or so just to relax. My eating was off yesterday- but within points range. Ok, I ate junk! (my treat to myself was one of those soft pretzels, but I know how many points they are and worked it out) and today I am off to a healthy start with regards to my eating. Tomorrow is WI.........:o, now how did that come around again so fast???

Well, I had better scoot. See ya later and have a great day!

07-15-2003, 07:07 PM
Ginny - good to hear from you!! How fun to drive the bus! I have always wanted to do that!! I can imagine though it can make for a long day! It is just being the parent shaparoning! I do that a lot!!

Boy it got quiet all of a sudden!

Mel - I am glad you are feeling better!! :) that swiming sounds like what I need too! IT is so hot an humid here! Good for you doing that C-Section. I tried for a V-Bac with cassie.. she was small ( 7 lbs 3 oz) but man.. it was AWEFUL. I wouldnt dialate and 2 hours into it, I was BEGGING for the c-section. David was crying with the doctor because I had the nurse from H*** and she would not believe my water broke even though I was sitting in a puddle of water. She actually said that I couldnt know when my water broke, I wasnt a nurse... can you believe that? I laugh about it now.. but shesh...

Kristi - AMEN to the SAHP being the AHHHHH some times! SUmmer I think is the worst because if you dont keep them entertained you get the "Im bored mom!" all the time! But I wouldnt give it up for anything!

As for me, I am feeling better emotionally about things. My back is Killing me though from the probing yesterday. I got my blood drawn this morning and have had time to think and pray about it all. If what he says is true, once that ovary is gone.. The icky pain I get every month will be GONE forever! WOO HOO!!! So.. maybe having just one isnt so bad. I dont knwo what it is but even though David had the vasectomy, I just like to keep my options open about having another. I guess it is that maternal instinct thing. :)

Hope all are well! :):):)

07-15-2003, 11:17 PM
Karen- sorry that your back is hurting... not exactly what you wanted I'm sure. Your state of mind sounds a bit better, and I'm glad about that. I hear ya- no matter what, I think we all want to believe that we could still have another child.......of course you still can with one ovary!:) The great part about the surgery is that your pain will be GONE!!!! And, Lord willing with that all the other nasty stuff you have endured. And that is exciting for you.:)

Well, I did get that 20 minute walk in this evening!! And I'm getting up early tomorrow am to walk my 3 mile course. (gotta do it, Dh is in a crabola mood). Other than that today was fairly calm. Tomorrow I have to drive Dd to the airport- she is going with her softball team to Florida.

Me one tired pup! Gotta go- Have a great nite.

07-15-2003, 11:36 PM
Hello all!
Sorry I have been MIA for a couple days. Had some problems with my internet company but it's all fixed now and the internet is running smoothly again. Plus I forgot to post in the regular mode (I always use the quick reply) and didn't get any email notifications when one of you all posted so I had to to come to the site to find out what was going on.
But anyway, here I am!!
I am doing just fine. I did get a comment about my weight today. I was told I have three beautiful kids and the guy then went on to congratulate me on my fourth on the way!! :( My DH told him that we weren't expecting #4, that I had just gave birth to #3. I guess I look like I'm still four months along. DH thought I would really be upset with the comment but you know what? I just laughed. I know I still look pregnant. I'm still stuck in maternity clothes so what do I expect huh? But it does make me want to try harder to get this weight off. I was watching my portions and all but the past few days I haven't even been doing that. Eating whatever I want, ect. So starting tomorrow I will try harder to stick to some plan (which I think I will do slimfast for now since I have several meal bars and powder for drinks) to get me started. Then I will just do something low cal. But I know I should at least get started or I will start to feel awful about myself again and I don't want that. I feel like I have healed well from giving birth and am physically ready for a real diet now. So I will really need you all now, to help me stick to my plan and encourage me not to give up.
Well it's late and I don't have time to get personal tonight. Sorry. I promise though to keep up with you all on your posts now that my computer is running the way it should again.
Talk to you all tomorrow!!

07-16-2003, 09:02 AM
Good morning!!!!!!!:)

Spryng~ glad that your internet woes are behind you and you are back with us! Good for you that you did not get upset over that comment about your weight. Gosh, Tanner is only 3 weeks old.....and you have two other children plus a hubby on the mend. Honestly......think of where you were last year and where you are now........and how very different your life is now. New house, new state......new baby........Surgery for Dh.....the list goes on and on.......! I know you, you will get this weight off and know how focused you can be about weight loss when you are ready. Just remember to drink lots of water (or some other clear, non carbonated beverage)- it is hot and that will help you.

As for me, I did get up and go for that long hour walk. Kind of humid here.....and there were a few sprinkles, but it is soooooo quiet at 5 am I do enjoy it! (yes, I am nuts).
And it sure does look like today I have to drive Dd to the airport (Do I really have to do this???:dizzy: )- this summer seems to be whizzing by an I have had so little time to myself.........to relax and sew. This is gonna sound strange, but I really have to pray that I can finish the summer (so time is important) dress that I am making for Dd. I promised her I would finish it, and well it will not be much longer that she will not want to wear Mommy's homemade dresses. And now I have to drive Dd to and from the airport.:( Ok, forgive me for being selfish. I had to vent.
Well, gotta go shower up and get to my WW meeting. Have a good day.

07-16-2003, 11:57 AM

Ginny, I'm glad you're getting in all of you walks, they do sound really nice! Don't worry about venting here, that's what we're here for, that's what friends are for, Right! I hope that you can have some time for you soon!!!

Karen, sounds like your spirits have lifted with the thought of being pain free! I'm happy for you, but I also understand your feelings on losing an ovary. Try not to worry though, you need to relax and take care of you now!

Spryng, I'm going with Ginny on this, you'll get back to where you want to be soon enough, but it's only been a few weeks since your beautiful baby arrived, so try not to over do it just yet! And I think you handled the remark better than I might have, MEN, they just don't think before the speak!?!

As for me, I'm finally getting well! Today is the first day, in a week, that I don't have an ear ache. Things are going fine here, I even managed to go swimming again yesterday! But I think I'm going to stick around the house today, and try to get a few things done here.

Have a great day!

07-16-2003, 12:56 PM
Melissa- That is wonderful that you are feeling better! Between being pregnant- and then it is summer and hot and then a lousy ear/sinus infection, well enough is enough! I hope that you have a nice peaceful "at home" day. There is nothing like a day when you can get organized and get the home front back on track

As far as me being such a blabberpuss these days, Dh has me online doing some college searching for Dd (all related to softball, of course) and I have one last email to send out. So I thought I'd stop in and say hello again.

Got to my WI- I lost .8#. The big push is on......if I lose another .8 this week I will have lost 30#. So I am gearing up for that. The really exciting thing is the friend that I go to the meetings with was starting to lose her focus- and she lost 3#! I am so happy for her.

Todays meeting was about non scale accomplishments. Stuff like- you got all your excercising in, journalled well that week, avoided some disasterous foods, got thru a stressful event without binging....... ways that we can be happy with ourselves and our weight loss journey even if the scale did not go down.
We had to leave the meeting early as my buddy had to pick up her Dd.
Well, you must be sick of me by now!!!! Have a great day.

07-16-2003, 01:06 PM
Good morning all!
Of course we are not sick of you Ginny!!lol. There are some days that I will post 2 or 3 times and I haven't heard anyone here complaining yet! :) Sounds like your WW meeting went well and congrats on the .8 lb loss!! Wow, almost 30 lbs gone huh? Have you gone down many sizes yet? I am so proud of all you have accomplished so far!
Mel, sorry to hear about the ear ache. How awful. How is the pregnancy going? I'm sure you are more than ready to hold your little one in your arms now. You are getting so close!
Misty, how many weeks are you now? Now that Tanner is here time is flying and both you and Mel will have your baby's in no time at all. What a wonderful time we are all in right now.
Well, today is day 1 of my diet and exercise plan. I am really excited about it. And I promise ladies I will not over do it. I am taking it easy and not doing any sort of crash diet or anything. Just cutting cals and getting some exercise in. So far I have had a special K breakfast bar and lots of water. I'm about to dig my recumbant bike out of the closet and I hope to get in at least 10 minutes on it today. (see? I'm taking it nice and easy) I also would like to find my dumbells and do some toning on my arms and back too. But I have no clue where I stored them. Hmmm... but anyway. I plan on having either a lean pocket for lunch or a slimfast meal bar and then something nutritious and filling for dinner. Oh, Ginny? Was it you that made a soup while you were first on WW? It had 0 points?? If so, can I have the recipe? Maybe it will help me stick to my plan and not over do it on cals. And if you know any other good recipes that are low in cals please feel free to send them my way ok?
Well, I need to get off here and work on getting that bike out. I'll chat with you all later!! Let's have a great OP day!!

07-16-2003, 01:33 PM
Melissa, Glad to hear the swimmimg is going well for you - It's really important right now for you to do many things that make YOU feel good.....Ginny, My FIL drives school bus as well so my children just ride with gramps every day. He and his boss would really like me to get licensed, but I'm not sure yet. MY youngest ds will start 4 y/o kdg. in '04 so maybe then!? Great job on both your exercising and at WI. I've never attended a WW meeting, bit it sounds as though it was very interesting. My heart goes out to you my dh is crabola too!!....Karen, Put your feet up and relax a bit. Preparing for surgery can be so demanding in itself. I'm really glad to hear your feeling better emotional......Spryng, Men, what do they know? Did the insentive clod think that Tanner was 2 yrs. old too? Way to laugh it off sweety, just treat yourself healthy and with a lot of tenderness. New mothers are all beautiful.....As for me, I had a nurture meeting at church last night to finalise VBS and Rally Day for Sun.School and I decided to ride my bike to church. Round trip it was almost 11 miles so I have surpassed one goal for this month plus the exercise is paying off, because I've dropped 2# so far in July! Things are going great and I thank you all for letting me share in your lives the companionship makes losing a lot easier.

:cool: Kristi

Update : WAlked 3 miles while children attended summer reading program. They had a blast - an older girl from town dressed as a clown and made all the children balloon animals and toys of their choice. Very talented since she's about 7th grade! Ds and Dd have ball practice starting at 5:30. I plan to swim for 30 min. during it and then watch the last 40 min. or so.

GM 40 / MW 32 / MTG 8
BGM 24 / MB 26!! / BMTG 0

07-17-2003, 10:29 AM
Good morning!!!
This is going to be short, as I have some errands to run this morning.......

Spryng- As I am going out soon, I'll get out my WW recipe for veggie soup later. But if you want to try it sans recipe- it was basically to brown (actually saute) a small onion in a pan (use pam instead of oil). Then add some garlic- 2 cans of broth (lowsalt/no fat) and about a cup of each- diced carrots, yellow squash, green beans, you can add tomato.....really whatever veggie as long as it is not one of the higher point ones (such as peas or lima beans, corn.......those with a higher carb level). I usually added some basil and garlic. If you like a "thick" soup- puree it so that it becomes like a milkshake in consistency.
I'll put the real recipe on later. Good for you.........sounds like a nice reasonable start to weight loss for you post pregnancy time!
Hope that you found those dumbbells too.:)

Kristi- great job with all that excercising!! And exceeding your biking goal too!:) Congrats on the 2# loss in July- are you trying to make any spedific goal of weight loss by the end of the month? As far as driving a big yellow limo- one great thing about it is that you are most definately on you kids schedule.....and I never have to worry about getting a sitter on snow days!:D The summer off is great too......and here in NY there are some benefits that go with the job. I am not entitled to most of them because my route is one of the shorter ones.....but I am not interested in working 6-7 hours a day. Yes it is a HUGE responsibility...but I love the kids. And there is nothing better than driving an empty school bus. The peacefulness of it is astounding. (yes, I am a sickola!). But then we live in a fairly rural area and my route had me driving thru farm land- the visibility sitting up so high was great.

Ok, enough about me........ and my short post.:lol: Gotta go. I did get a short walk in (30 minutes). Hope to get more in later.
Off to buy baskeball shoes!!

07-17-2003, 02:49 PM
Good morning all!!
Well I did it!! Day 1 of my diet went GREAT!! I'm so glad. I did get my recumbant bike out but haven't got on it yet. Just getting it out of my DS's closet was a workout. I didn't realize how heavy it was. But now it's all set up in the living room and I plan to get on it after I'm done on the computer. Oh, I feel so good today. I just hope I can stick to my plan this time. I am the worst about breaking diet plans in the "heat of the moment". Especially eating out. But I don't plan to do that for awhile. I told my Dh in no uncertain terms that I am going to stick to my plan and he better support me. You all might remember that he is suppose to be dieting too to protect further damage to his back, yet he won't. No will power. Irritates me some but I can't make him eat right but I did tell him that I will be making healthy dinners and such and he will be eating them with the rest of us. He seems ok with that. Maybe baby steps will work with him.
But anyway, I seem to be on the right track finally and maybe in a couple more weeks I can get out of these maternity clothes and into my regular clothes again!! Oh the hope for small miracles!! lol
Well, I am off here now. I need to cut up and boil some cabbage for my snacks today. (believe it or not but I LOVE cabbage soup)
Talk to you all later!! Oh and Ginny I will be looking forward to that recipe. It sounds good already!

07-17-2003, 08:10 PM
HI- Just be ol' blabber puss again!!!

Spryng- gosh, you really took our comments to heart, didn't you?
When you lock in on dieting you really do! Sounds like you are off to an awesome start. Great ! Now you'll find out how feeble my mind is (by all the stuff I messed up with the recipe). But the soup is great- especially when you are hungry and "out of points" for the day.

Garden Vegetable Soup
2/3 c sliced carrot
1/2 c diced onion
2 garlic cloves, minced
3 c fat free broth (beef, chicken or veggie)
1 1/2 cups diced green cabbage (you love that stuff!)
1/2 c green beans
1 tbs tomato paste
1/2 tsp basil
1/4 tsp oregano
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 c zucchini

1. In a large saucepan, sprayed with Pam, saute the carrot, onion and garlic over low heat until softened- about 5 minutes.

2. Add broth, cabbaage, beans, tomato paste, basil, oregano, salt and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer covered, 15 minutes or until the beans are tender.

3.Stir in zucchini and heat 3-4 minutes until hot. Makes 4, 1 cup servings.
Per serving- 42 calories, 0 fat, 0 saturated fat, 0 cholesterol, 63 mg salt, 2.4 g fiber, 3 g protein, 41 mg calcium.

I freeze the stuff in 1 cup servings (old yogurt containers work great!) and then I am ready when I need something..

Another goodie (and I am guessing on the recipe, but can't be far off) is taking 1 whole chocolate graham cracker - exactly as it comes out of the box. Break it in half (now 2 squares) and spread that with 2 tablespoons of fat free cool whip. Make a bunch and freeze them in zip lock bags. Just one point per sandwich......cures that miserable sweet/ chocolate craving and- well to me comes awfully close to an ice cream sandwich- minus the calories and fat!!!!:D One point per sandwich. (beware, the kids like these too..........)

I have an awesome, awesome recipe for stir fried green beans- 1 point (I think) per serving- and everyone, even Ds who hates veggies eats it!!!! It is high on salt but tastes great. I make extra and will have the leftover for lunch the next day.
Beware- big time of Chinese food!!! I just read on WW online that one normal serving of General Tsao's chicken has a whopping 1,600 calories!!!!!!!! Heck with how many points!!
Try Dotties weight loss (you will have to search the net for it)-she is not WW approved or authorized by WW but has point values for most restaurant chains. And I know that you are not on WW- but armed with the knowledge that your point range for the day (at your current weight) would be around 20- 25 points- well, if you see that the dinner you want to order is 27 points- you know that you either have to cut the portion in half and behave the rest of the day OR find something with less points!
Beware, beware of salads........even the ones that sound healthy are sometimes high in points. For example, at Chillis- I have found that the guiltless gourmet chicken sandwich (11 points for a filling meal) is far better than all of their salads- most of which are up in the high teens for points.

Ok, Have I bored you enough???? I'm gonna go try to sneak in another walk.........Dh fell asleep on the couch. I want to get that lousy 0.8# off this week to break 30 #s lost. Have a great nite!

07-18-2003, 12:13 AM
Thanks Ginny for posting that recipe for me!! It sounds really great. And the chocolate gram cracker with whipped cream sounds yummy too. Do you need to thaw it out or eat it frozen? Those Light Fudge Bars I have are only 1 point too. They have 35 calories in them and are made with splenda (blue bunny brand) they are delicious.
Did you get in your 2nd walk? How motivated you are to hit the 30lb mark!! I hope you get it.
My day has went quite well. I slept till noon today which makes me happy :) lol then for lunch I had a slim fast meal bar, made up my cabbage soup and had a bowl of that with a lean pocket for dinner, then another bowl of soup as a snack before I go to bed. And water water water. I need to get back to drinking 8+ glasses a day again but I'm getting there. I have a 16 oz bottle I am keeping filled to try and meet my quota. Oh and I got on my recumbant bike. I didn't get 10 minutes in... more like 5, but at least it is a start. I forgot how well it works out my legs and arms. I was so tired after just the 5 minutes. Tomorrow I will aim for 10 minutes. But anway... this is day 2 of my diet and tonight I am feeling proud of myself for sticking with it but at the same time I am wanting a big mac! Cravings are the worst. But I am going to bed to forget the craving so I don't break my diet. I'm hoping to see a good loss come tuesday at my WI. Speaking of Wi, jackie how did yours go today?? How was your meeting?
Well, I guess I should get off here and into the bed. I hope everyone is having a wonderful evening. xoxo

07-18-2003, 11:05 AM
Good morning!!!
Just came online to play with the computer........we just switched to high speed internet and cable TV thru the same company.....so I am getting used to that.

Spryng- Sounds like you are doing great!!!!:) Good for you getting some excercise time in. What is the recipe for the light fudge bars all about??? Sounds interesting. Glad too that you got some extra sleep.....I did the same and did not get a walk in yet today. But I did get the additional walk in last nite. BTW, the chocolate graham sandwiches are eaten frozen- and they remind me of ice cream sandwiches. Good for those chocolate cravings!!!!!

Well, I gotta scoot......I want to paint the kitchen ceiling. Have a great day!

07-18-2003, 12:26 PM
Hi ladies, Ginny, I so enjoy your "short " posts and I don't think there's anything sickola about enjoying driving alone ---ahhhhh alone time anywhere is so nice Great job getting your walks in and thanks for the graham cracker recipe it sounds yummy! Another friend of mine enjoys muffins made from an angel food cake mix and a large can of crushed pinapple. Just the 2 ing. and bake in muffin cups, I think she said they're 1 point also. I haven't tried them yet, but they sound good too......Spryng, WTG getting started, you put most post partem mommies to shame. You've even taken on the challenge of getting dh on the right track....at least you can help him control what he eats at home and that's a great start for him too. How's Tanner sleeping for you? I noticed you said you were able to sleep until noon! That's awesome, unless of course you were up 1/2 the night with your little one! I'm kind of a dope, is the bike your talking about one of those that the handle bars move too? I've never tried one. Right now I'm very focused on finding ways to exercise when winter hits. Too often I end up not exercising at all for like 3 months and then that's when I pack on the pounds and have to start all over again! If you ladies have ideas please share now so I can get my game plan set. .....As for me, no exercise yesterday, but I did have a date with dh andI needed that much more. We ate mexican - after my plate came I realized I'd ordered ok, but coul've done better, but it was all good and I got to wear a new outfit I'd bought 3 weeks agao allready. It's a denim spanish dance skirt paired with a bright red peasant top that lased up the front. A little more "eye catching" than I normally would wear. Face it I normally wear sweats and t-shirts, but I decided this year I was going to make more of an effort when dh and I go out alone - needless to say, he was very appreciative and that was all good too! Plan to walk 3 or 4 miles today and stay OP with food. Have a great day all!


07-18-2003, 02:32 PM
Good afternoon all!!
Kristi you are so kind!! Yes I am trying to stay on track and help DH do it also. Oh and Tanner doesn't sleep great at night but not too bad for a 3 wk old baby. My Dh and I alternate nights. I get up with him all night one night and then get to sleep until noon the next day and then Dh gets him the next night, etc. That way we are not sleep deprived. The kids usually get up around 8:30 am so one of us is always up with them. Tanner is fitting in nicely with our schedules. As for night time. He went his longest last night with a four hour stretch before he needed to be fed. He normally gets up every 2 - 2 1/2 hours for a feeding. But last night was DH's night, hopefully he will sleep as long with me tonight. But I don't really mind at all. I am truly enjoying him being an infant. I want to cherish every moment instead of trying to get him to milestones faster. Oh and yes, my recumbant bike has handles that work out your arms and back. I bought it at walmart and I think it is worth every penny. It's one of the more affordable exericse equipment and I just love it. I would like to buy a nice treadmill someday too. Maybe next year.
Well anyway...Oh, Ginny. It's not a recipe for the fudge bars. I bought them at the store. They are the Blue Bunny brand and only have 1 point per bar. Very yummy.
Well, today is going ok. I had chicken soup for lunch so far and am trying to drink more water today. I dont' feel very hungry today so I guess my stomach is finally shrinking. That's a good thing. Makes sticking to my plan a little easier.
I guess I need to get off here. Dh is feeding Tanner so I snuck in here to post. Better go relieve him lol.

07-18-2003, 03:49 PM
Just a short hello.......Kristi- those muffins sound great- I think I will give them a try. I can wing it with the oven temp and time. Thanks for the idea! Great that you and Dh got out a bit. So rejuvenating for the relationship. I like your "racy" outfit. Hey, we have all lived in sweats at one time or another. As far as the winter months go- I use a "walk aerobics" tape or two, by Leslie Sansone. I still try to get out and really walk, but use that if it is just too snowy or cold. I don't know how bad it gets up in Wisconsin.

Spryng- those fudge bars sound great.......never seen them here in NY though. Glad that Tanner is fitting in well with your family schedule. Hey, that is so good that your stomach is shrinking!!!!
You are something..... (at this point with Ds and youngest Dd I was still in sweats.......and waddling!)
Gotta go finish the painting (I had to go to the Dr, and was forced to stop). Only a few passes with the roller to go.
See ya later!!!!

07-18-2003, 08:01 PM
Hi ladies!

Spryng, you seem to be doing great, but is it alright for you to be excercising already? I only ask because a friend had her baby a week before you, and her DR. told her(last week) no excercising except light walking. So please be careful, we want you well!

Ginny, all of those recipies really have me ready to get back to my meetings and points counting! Lately I've be craving a lot of fruits a veggies, so at least I'm getting into the right frame of thinking!!!

Well, I guess it's really getting close, today I've been having quite a few contractions and they even come with back pain too. So, I've been trying to take it easy, cause my DR. want me to make it to 37 weeks. I guess I'm going for now, but I'll be back soon!

07-18-2003, 08:13 PM
Melissa- great to hear from you!!!!!!!:) Gee, take it slow........if you are going to try to keep from delivering for 4 more weeks. You must be so glad that you are ready for this baby- and can hopefully relax and enjoy the last month! Good for you craving those fruits and veggies! They are good for you and the baby too.

Nothing new here...gotta go finish loading the dishwasher. I did get the kitchen ceiling done- even Dh said it looked good (he can be so picky). My BP check was fine today- and the Dr says there is a chance that I can go off the med I am on once I am down around 135..........if I ever get there!:o
Gotta go- Dd wants to catch fireflies..........have a great nite.

07-18-2003, 10:10 PM
Spryng, I think it's so great your dh takes over the night time feedings every other night. I think that is probably rare for the working parent to give up sleep. I know my dh totally thought night times were my times. Being a nursing mother though I really enjoyed those in the dark feedings, so often I'd wake up 3 hrs. later baby sound asleep tucked in somewhere beside me!....Ginny, I too use the Leslie Sansone tapes. I have the 1,2,+3 mile tapes. I'd like to get a different one before this winter, because I've used them for 2 winters allready. As for WI winters - we don't seem to get near the snow NY does, but it's not uncommon in Jan. and Feb. for the temp. to stay around 30* below 0* sometimes for a week or 2 at a time! Glad to hear dr visit was good.....Melissa, Take care of yourself and your precious baby!....As for me I was able to get a 6.5 mile walk in this eve. I actually walked into the next county lol. I really enjoyed it, because I'd never gone more than 1.5 miles in that direction before ( I live on a well known bike trail and have 3 direction I can walk from ). The newness livened it up for me and the pooch too. You could tell he was confused. He kept looking at me, Like are we gonna turn around now?cI stink like "Off", but I feel great. Have a great night ladies!

GM 40 / MW 38.5 / MTG 1.5
BGM 24 / MB 26


07-19-2003, 12:22 AM
Good evening all!
Mel I can't believe you only have 4 weeks to go! Take it easy and keep an eye on those contractions. Drink lots of water and lay down as much as you can. We want your little angel to be as healthy as can be when she gets here! Oh, and don't worry about me over doing it with the exercise. I've only got on my bike once and was only on it for 5 minutes at a very moderate pace so I know I didn't over do it. That's why I only lasted 5 minutes. As soon as my body said it had enough I got off. So I am easing back into it. But I wasn't given any restrictions on exercise even though I know to take it easy.
Kristi, my dh is off work right now due to havingm ajor back surgery when I was 34 weeks pregnant. He is healing well and will be released to go back to work on the 25th of this month. So for now he is taking over feedings with me but I'm sure as soon as he starts back to work we'll work out a different plan. But I am enjoying it now and so is he. With our other two he was only off work for 3-4 days after they were born and this time he has been off the whole time (it will be 8 weeks all together when it's over) so he's been enjoying being able to help me out and I have sure needed it. Going from 2 to 3 kids has been a real struggle and I am praying I have it down by time he goes back to his job for 8 hours a day or I will go bonkers real quick :) But I should be ready.
Well ladies, another good day for me in the diet area. Dh made dinner tonight and even though I am trying to teach him healthier cooking he just had to fry up some pork chops. But I did fine. I just had a tiny piece and a little of each side he made. I have started eating on the kids plates (they are much smaller than our dinner plates) to keep my portions small and it seems to be working well. I was full after I was done so I know my body is adapting to this new way of eating for me. I'm excited about my WI come tuesday.
Well anyway, Tanner is in bed already and tonight is my night so I need to get in bed too. I'll chat with you all tomorrow!!

07-19-2003, 11:55 AM
Hi Spryng, Sorry to hear of dh's back problem, but also glad to hear recovery must have gone well for him since he's heading back to work this month. I know exactly what you mean by difficulties adjusting to having 3 children. Suddenly it seems you're an arm short and lacking lap space, but it does get easier and you sound like a very caring loving mommy - your arms will grow and those little people always find a little spot to squeeze in someplace beside mom! Thankfully today we have no plans so we can take it as we want to. My house is clean since I had a sitter just Thur. night. Yippee, usually Sat. is major cleaning day! DD #1 is going blackberry picking with grampa so I'm sure pie will be my big challenge for tomorrow. Dh loves blackberry pie and he's been so great about allowing me time to exercise that I feel I should make him a yummy pie! Anyway, I think I'll take the other 3 children to the park and walk the drive while they play.Have a great weekend all!

;) Kristi

Disaster strikes again, 8 y/o ds just took a spill off his bike turning around on gravel. He's soaking his pain away now. The fun never ends:?:

07-19-2003, 01:58 PM
Originally posted by lovnmom
Another friend of mine enjoys muffins made from an angel food cake mix and a large can of crushed pinapple. Just the 2 ing. and bake in muffin cups, I think she said they're 1 point also.

when I was on WW I made these ALL the time!! I used a loaf pan though or a bundt pan. Just a box of angel food cake mix and the small can of crushed pineapple. mix and then bake at 350 until a toothpick or cake tester comes out clean! They are so awesome!

07-19-2003, 02:13 PM
ok.. i just skimed the messages.. I dont have time to reply to everything.. just wanted to say I am doing fine but keeping busy!

Ginny - On a crochet note... go to this site http://www.dancingfibers.com I will be designing for them. you will see my name on the designers page, but look at all the lovely yarns... I am soooo excited!

Mel - relax and take care! With my 2nd I had tons of contractions too. keep your feet up and drink LOTS of water! Call me crazy but all that water helped with the contractions! LOL

Spryng - you sound like you are doing well! Just remember to start slow! its only been 3 weeks! :)

Kristi - you are doing so well with your biking! great job! I also have The Leslie Sansone tapes. Leslie helped me lose that first 56 pound.. Leslie and Kathy Smith's Lift weights to lose weight tapes! I still love that tape! Where in WI are you. One of my best guy friends lives in WI and is getting married in September. I am not going to able to attend. He is out near Milwaukee in Bear Deer

Well I need to run. Gotta go grocery shopping!.

07-19-2003, 05:01 PM
Hi Karen, Thanks for more detail on the recipe. I've never made the muffins and thought it would be the large can of fruit. I probably would've ended up with mush:lol: I'm glad to hear your feeling good and keeping busy with surgery only 4 days away are you getting anxious? My sister has endured many surgeries this past year so I know it can be very trying leading up to the day. I'll keep you in my prayers. Thanks for the kudos on my biking. If it doesn't rain I am to ride 12 miles with the boy scouts. Ds is a tiger cub until fall when he will advance. we're riding to the next town and then having pizza. Many of the boys plan to hitch rides back with their parents. My dh is going to bring ds home, being only 8 he's never ridden more than 2 or 3 miles at a time. As for me dh says I can handle the ride back! I thought I'd totally enjoy this day at home, but I'm getting bored. Dh is still working. I've lit the grill for a pork roast I've had marinating all day. I wonder how many miles I'll have to walk to get rid of this meal:lol: I live about 3 hrs. N of your friend. I'm aprox. 25 miles NW of WI Dells a big tourist town hear in the midwest. Have a great weekend.

;) Kristi

07-19-2003, 10:09 PM
Hi ladies,

Thought I'd check in again, and let everyone know that I'm still here! I did get most of the contractions to stop, and have felt pretty good today. We even spent part of the day in town, a new book store/coffee shop just opened so we went there and I sat and read for a while and even had a small iced coffee!!! :T

Kristi, have a nice bike ride! You are doing so great with all of your excercise, I can't wait to join you!

Karen, you are so right about the water! Yesterday, when I was having some pretty good contraction, I drank 2 of my WW mugs full and went to rest and that did the trick!

Spryng, I'm glad to hear that you're taking it slow with the excercise, and things are going well with your eating plan! I'm sure your Dh will benifit from your good influences too. I know you'll have a great WI on Tuesday, and can't wait to hear about it!!!

Ginny, I'm glad your kitchen is done and turned out so well, it's nice when our Dh's can give a compliment once in a while!!! Also great news about your BP meds. I'm sure you'll be at goal in no time and can reap all of the benifits that go with the new healthy you!!!

I guess I'm going now, have a great weekend!

07-20-2003, 01:12 AM
Good evening all!
Sounds like everyone has been busy today. That angelfood muffin recipe sounds really great. I love angel food cake anyway though. Especially with strawberries.
My day has been wonderful. We wanted to go see Dh's parents but when we called they were all going to take a nap so we ended up going to Dh's cousin's house and having dinner and such there. It was great. She made two types of chicken helpers and I had a tiny bit of both. So I feel really good about my portion sizes and I know I stuck with my plan. Oh and I also wore regular clothes today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very excited about that. I forced myself into my size 14 jeans. They were snug and a little hard to zip but I got in them and it felt so nice to be out of maternity stuff for a day. I know I need to lose about 5-7 lbs for them to fit a little looser but I'll settle for tight right now, I just want to look normal again. But anyway, I did really good today on my diet and got outside too so that felt good. But it's late now and I need to crash. I'll chat with you all tomorrow!!

07-20-2003, 06:20 PM
Just a short hello.........yes this one will be short as we have to go pick up Dd from the airport in a wee bit. Her flight arrives at 10:30 pm- which should get us back around midnite. The trip has not been all that great....the other pitcher sprained her ankle so Dd is overworked, the coach is not too great.......oh, I could go on and on. Maybe Dd will actually be glad to get home!:)

Spryng, congrats on getting in those size 14 jeans!!!:) I know it is important to get back to "normal"- good for you! Sounds like you are doing great.

Melissa- that trip to the new bookstore /coffee shop sounds nice and relaxing. Glad too that your contractions have slowed down.....giving you a breather.

Kristi- gee, I am envious of that 6.5 mile walk!!!!! Sounds great- and so peaceful to be able to get out that far. Good for you!!!! (hey, are you trying to get all your excercise for the month in one day?:lol: ).

Karen, tomorrow, when I have more time, I'll be sure to check out the dancing fibers site. How exciting for you!!! Can you (or anyone else) fill me in on how many muffins the recipe makes (sounds like 24 to me.....) Thanks!!!!

Well, tomorrow I am off to the Dr again......I had a midnite visitor this morning~ otherwise known as a deer tick and we live in prime lyme disease country. (all ticks here are considered contaminated). Never a dull one. I did start Dd's dress last nite- the stupid directions are cryptic and I was unable to get too far, but then I was tired too.
Nuff blabber.........have a great nite!!!!!! Jackie.........we miss your smiling face! Stop in and say hi!!!!!! (and take your meds).
Keep drinking that water ladies!

07-20-2003, 10:02 PM
Melissa, I'm glad to hear your contractions have slowed and are under control. Your trip to the coffee shop sounds great and I just love iced coffee!.....Spryng, Yippeee! You had a terrific day, good company, "normal jeans", and almost best of all someone else did the cooking!....Ginny, Sounds like dd deserves a pat on the back and needs a long soak in the tubby. How'd her team do? Yes, my long walk was wonderful and I knew I had plenty of time so I just kept going. Wishing you luck at the docs tomorrow. We have loads of ticks here, especially in the spring, but we rarely find a deer tick. Just the bigh ugly kind! Although we do see alot of deer.......I had a great day myself today. We started with church and fellowship where I had a yummy chocolate chip bar. It really hit the spot (of course). As my family loaded into the van to head home dh unloaded my bike andI rode the 5 miles home. I'll be honest with vitually no water in me and only the bar for food I didn't really enjoy it, but I did it and that was what counted. What did make my day good though 8 y/o ds and soon to be 10 y/o dd went for a bike ride with me late this afternoon. We went to visit grandma ( my mom lives 3 miles down the bike trail ) The farthest the kids have ever really ridden before is 1 mile to the park, but they did great. We stopped at every mile marker on the way there and they drank plenty of water. I was very surprised that after visiting an hr. they didn't beg to have daddy come get them. I've been waiting so long to be able to do things like this together! All in all I rode 11 miles today. Not bad for an old lady lol. Take care all.

Gm 40 / MW 38.5 / MTG 1.5
BGM 24 / MB 37 / 0


07-21-2003, 12:36 AM
Good evening all!
Kristi you amaze me with all your bike riding. It makes me wish I had a bike too!! :)
Ginny I hope you get rested since you are getting home so late.
Well, my day has been another success in the diet area. I had a lean pocket for breakfast (they just looked so good in the freezer! lol ) and I made a grilled chicken parmesan with angel hair pasta for lunch, of which I had a small portion. And then an enchilada lean cuisine for dinner. So I am cruising right along on plan. I feel so good about it these days. I thought cutting my portions down was going to be hard but it has been really easy so far and I'm not deprived of anything. of course I do cook with low cal margerine and fat free milk so that helps alot now too. Oh and I tired splenda in my tea for the first time today and I loved it! Tasted just like sugar and it really didn't have any after-taste at all. I'll be using it more often now. Oh and I bought a box of angel food cake mix tonight and a can of crushed pinapples. How big of a can do I need? I know this has been posted already but I forgot. I can't wait to try it.
I didn't get in exercise in today besides cooking and cleaning... I hope to get on my bike tomorrow.
Well, I didn't get a very good nights sleep last night so I am really tired right now. I think I'll get off here and get ready to get in bed. Tonight is my night with Tanner so I need to get to sleep since he just went down himself. G'nite all!!

07-21-2003, 12:14 PM
Spryng - Use the small can (i forget the size 4 oz maybe?) dont use the big 20 oz can because you will end up with slush!

Ginny - I have never made it in muffins so I couldnt tell you how long... in a loaf or bunt pan it cooks at 350 for about 30-40 minutes.

Mel- I am glad the water helped! It works well! I remember with DD it was sooo hot that summer and I lived with a waterbottle nearby at all times.

Kristi - way to go on your bike ride! You do SO well with that! And your kids with the three miles! That is great! It is amazing what our kids can do. My 5 YO walked 6 miles earlier this summer on a very STEEP hike to the waterfall near our home. She was the first to the top!! My 6 YO DS and I were at the end of the group!

As for me I am doing pretty good. I made those Cool Whip and Graham cracker snacks for my kids that Ginny posted yesterday. They are SOOO Yummy! And DH loved them too! Today I am planing to make those angelfood and pineapple loafs as mom is arriving tmo to help out. I am starting to get a little nervous. But I know it will all be fine. If you dont hear from me in the next few days it is because tomorrow we will be busy getting mom settled in and then Wed is my surgery... The plan is that I will be back at home by noon on Wednesday but if they have to transfer me to the regular OR then I may not be back home until the weekend or later. I promise to let you all know some how! :)

Take care and I will talk to you all soon!

07-21-2003, 12:16 PM
Hi folks. You may not remember me. I was a regular for awhile here about a year ago. I found this site to be a terrific source of inspiration and encouragement, and lost about 30lbs. Unfortunately, I stopped visiting, stopped eating right, stopped exercising, and gained back everything, and more. I think I have finally hit bottom (again) and want to get myself back into a healthy lifestyle. So, here I am.

My name is Jen. I have 3 kids, ages 7, 5, and 2. I am a SAHM by day, and work nights as a student nurse. I am also going to nursing school for my RN, but am currently on summer break (THANK GOODNESS!!!!!)

Here's my biggest weakness, and my greatest downfall......... ICE CREAM. I just can't stay away. I eat it year 'round, almost every night. I have tried switching to frozen yogurt, sorbets, etc... they just don't do it for me like that creamy, high fat, all sugar treat. So, my first step in attempting to overcome my addiction was to order an ice cream machine. It should be here any day. I'm hoping that by making my own ice cream, I can cut some of the fat and calories, because I will control what goes into it.

So today I begin by watching what I eat. I am also going to dig my recumbant bike out of the corner of the den, dust it off, and get on it this afternoon. I am really just trying to focus on a healthier lifestyle, not necessarily a specific amount of pounds to lose. I figure if I eat right and exercise, the weight will come off, and whatever comes off will be perfect.:)

07-21-2003, 01:53 PM
Of course we remember you Jen! I'm so glad that you have come back!! :) As you may recall I am Spryng, mother of 3 now. 3, 2, and one that will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. I'm back on the dieting band wagon too. I have about 43 lbs to lose now, ugh. I always hate starting over but I know I have to get it done. Right now I am just doing strict portion control. I even eat off of my kids toddler plates to make sure I don't over do it. If I was counting calories I probably consume anywhere from 900-1200 a day. But I'm not counting. I'm just trying to cook lighter and eat smaller. Does that make sense? I just woke up so I may sound "not all there" lol. But anyway, it's great to have you back with us and maybe you and I can get back on our recumbant bikes together. I've got it out and only been on it once since I set it back up. I need to get some serious exercise in to lose this post partum belly. (you know that jello feeling) :lol:
Well everyone, I hope we all have an OP day and I can't wait to chat more later!!

07-21-2003, 02:26 PM
Thanks for the welcome, Spryng, and the encouragement. And CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby boy!!! How exciting! Are you getting any sleep? I remember those bleary-eyed first few weeks. :) They pass way too quickly!

Actually, I would give anything to be pregnant right now. Pregnancy was the best diet for me! All 3 of mine resulted in some weight loss in the beginning, thanks to morning sickness, then very small weight gains throughout. I could eat ANYTHING, including hot fudge sundaes every night, and the most I gained was 24lbs with my first. I actually left the hospital all three times weighing less than when I'd gotten preggo!

But alas, my tubes are tied, and I really am content with our family just the way it is. I guess I will just have to work to take the weight off!:D

07-21-2003, 05:30 PM
I wish I lost weight while pregnant, but I wasn't one of those lucky people. I just gained. Actually I only gained 32 lbs during this pregnancy but I started out a little heavier than I needed to be. And yes, I am getting sleep. My Dh had back sugery when I was 34 weeks along and is still off work from then so he helps me at night. We alternate nights. I get Tanner one whole night and then sleep late the next day and then my Dh gets him the next night, and on and on. It's working very well. That way neither of us are sleep deprived. Now when he goes back to work soon it will be another story :)
But we are done expanding our family too. 3 kids is more than enough. I am young so now I can enjoy them... and by the time they are all grown and moved out Dh and I will still be young enough to enjoy thier new families and lives. That's how we planned it anyway. Sometimes I feel much older, having three kids by 23 years old. But that is to be expected I guess. Most 23 year olds are in college or out having a good time... but not me. And I wouldn't have it any other way, I just love having a family and being part of one. Ok... now that I have rambled on and on about nothing I guess I'll be quiet. lol
I'm doing good staying OP today. I had another lean pocket for lunch, I think I am addicted to them. They are so good! And I am making beans and cornbread for dinner. (the corn bread will be low fat of course) so I am looking forward to that. I am also scouring the internet for recipes for low cal enchiladas and burritos. Know of any good ones?]
Oh and I have another question about those angel food muffins... how much batter do you put in eack cup cake holder?? I would think just a tiny bt since it expands so much but I don't know what a "tiny bit" amounts to. So any info on that would be appreciated.
Well, got to get off here. The kids are watching Dumbo and Tanner is out so I should get some more cleaning done. Talk to you all soon!

07-21-2003, 07:07 PM
Hi Spryng, You are really doing great. YGG!....Karen, I'm so glad to hear your mom is coming to help you out during this time. I will definitely be thinking of and praying for you!.....Jen, I'm knew here myself so alas I don't remember you, but I am looking forward to getting to know you. It sounds to me like you're starting with a terrific attitude, rather than picking a number for your scale to hit you've decided to live healthier. WTG!.....As for my day, OP good so far, but dd made chocolate chip cookies. I'm planning to leave enogh cals. to have 1 for dessert tonight. Help!!! 8 y/o ds and 6 y/o dd did the 3 mile WATP tape with me today. Surprisingly I enjoyed their company all the way through. No one stepped on each other or anything! A beautiful day today for laundry on the line. I ended up washing so much 1/2 my lines were double hung, but it's all dry and folded now and it's someone elses job to put it away. Have a great day all!

GM 40 / MW 41.5 (woo hoo) / MTG 0
BGM 24 / MB 37 /


07-21-2003, 10:53 PM
Just a quick hello- it is late, and I have tons of stuff to do.....like get Dd to bed!!!!!!

Jen- Hey, of course I remember you!!!!!! Welcome back!!! It's great to have you back......don't get down on yourself, you are in the right place to be a loser!!! (of fat that is). Remember me? I'm the whacko with 3 kids......Dd 17 , Ds 14 and Dd 7. The two teenagers are giving me a run for the money these days.....but life is good.

Kristi- I love hanging out the laundry too! It smells so great.
WTG with all that biking......and it is such a pleasure and blessing to share that with your kids.

Karen- I am still praying for you........and glad you liked those graham cracker treats. I'm looking foward to hearing from a healthy and feeling better you!!! ( we love you no matter what!)

Spryng- I hear ya with the angelfood muffins! Good thing I did not make them yet......I was going to use the big can of pineapple!!:dizzy: :lol: Would have been a mess!!! But I am going to go ahead and use the loaf pan (two) and wing it. Tomorrow when I have more time I'll go to WW's web site and try to find some help there. Sounds like you are making some great food choices....and the weight will be coming off!!!!!

My eating was so, so- but I stayed in points range and got a lot of walking in (4 points- 75 minutes). I got on the scale this am......and somehow I gained!!!!!!:?: And I have been so good - guess it is water.......cause, it sure can't be fat with the way I have been eating! I really want to lose that stupid 0.8# this week......and I have been behaving myself. Oh, well, if not this week, next! Got Dd home from the airport last nite- her trip was not that great.....I won't bore you with the details.

Gotta go get some sleep! Nighty, nite!

07-22-2003, 12:03 AM
Good evening all!
Well I did it!! I got some exercise in finally!! I took a walk for 30 minutes. Boy, let me tell you I never thought a walk would work me out like it did. My heart rate stayed up at the brisk pace I was keeping and I could feel all the muscles working well. It felt so good. I think I'll try to get one in every day. For some reason it is easier to get out and walk than get on my bike inside. Crazy huh? But as long as I get some exercise I guess it doesn't matter how. And I did good eating today. The beans and cornbread was delicious and I kept my portions small so all went well there too. Let me know how those angel food loafs taste Ginny! I can't wait to make some too but I discovered tonight I am out of cup cake holders and my cake pans are too shallow for angel food, it may over flow. So I have to wait until I can get to the store.
Karen I will be thinking about you the next few days and I hope everything goes great and we hear from you soon!
Where is Jackie and Misty?? Jackie I hope your WI last week was good and things are going well at home and Misty I hope the pregnancy is moving right along and you are staying cool and hydrated. When is your big ultrasound? Will you be finding out the sex?
Tomorrow is my WI so lets hope to see the numbers declining. But as you know I'll fill you all in on that tomorrow! lol :)
Gotta get in bed. Talk to you all later!

07-22-2003, 08:28 AM

Welcome back Jen! I remember you also, but I'll refresh your memory to me, cause I think I was just coming in when you left. I'm Melissa SAHM of a 12 y/o Ds and soon to have a Dd (just a few more weeks)!!! I was doing the Weight Watcher points plan until I found out I was pregnant, and will be getting back OP as soon as possible after the baby arrives! We're glad to have you back and I know you'll get lots of encouragement and support here!!!

As for everyone else, Hello! All of this talk of angel food and pineapples has started a craving, so I think I'm going to have to try that one too! Sorry I don't have time to get personal, but I promise I'll check in later. Today is my 34 week OB appt. and I start going weekly now!!! I'm so excited, just knowing that I'm only 3-5 weeks from seeing my precious new baby!!! Anyway, I'm going, but I'll be back to let y'all know how my appt. went and to see what's going on here!

Have a great day!

07-22-2003, 10:26 AM
Good morning all!!
OK, just did my WI and I lost 5 lbs this week! I'm so happy. I was a little nevous about it but it looks like portion control is going to work for me after all.
Well I need to tend to the baby. Chat with you all later!

07-22-2003, 11:37 AM
Spryng, that's Awesome!!!! Keep it up and you'll be where you want to be in no time!!! Take care!

I'll check in later!

07-22-2003, 11:42 AM
Ginny, Don't worry about a tiny gain - like you said, you have been doing great and I'm confident that .8# will be gone at your next WI. If not, this is no race this is for life, right?! I myself own NO scale, because I'm a compulsive weigher. Before I threw my scale out for good I weighed myself 20+ times per day. I now weigh only at my mom's or at the drs. and no more than once a week - otherwise I go crazy over the ups and downs. Go crazy? The behavior I describe sounds as though I've allready gone:dizzy: Give your dd a big hug!...Spryng, 5# in a week! You blow my mind. Great job!....Melissa, I can't waite to hear your appt. went.......Last night my 6 y/o dd taught me the fine lesson of enjoying the journey not just reaching your destination. She and 9 y/o dd went for a 3 mile bike ride with me. There are wild raspberries growing all along the bike trail, but due to the deer there are VERY few on each bush. On our return trip my little sweety would pedal 2 pedals and get off to eat the "juicy ones" as she called them. Her 30 min. worth of work maybe netted her 24 berries. At one point I almost hurried her along, but I think God stopped me ( thankfully ). She was so happy and so filled with joy over these tiny offerings I would've just flown by on my way to something "more important". SO, take the time today and every day ladies to enjoy the "juicy ones".

GM 40 / MW 45
BGM 24 / MB 40

;) Kristi

Update : 3.5 mile walk

07-22-2003, 11:58 AM
Kristi..... What a wonderful reminder!!! Tonight, I promise to definitely stop and enjoy the "juicy ones"... in the form of Jon Bon Jovi and Johnny Rzeznick from the Goo Goo Dolls!! Hubby and I are headed out to a concert... Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crowe, and the Goo Goo Dolls. Woooo Hooooo!!!! I am trying to save calories during the day so that I may partake of some beverages tonight....:D

Ginny...... of course I remember you, too!!! I definitely do not look forward to the teen years. Thanks for reminding me to enjoy them while they're young. :) Don't worry about your gain..... you have a great attitude and will keep losing.

Melissa... I remember you, also! Congrats on your impending birth!! Another baby..... how exciting!! I will live vicariously through all of you girls with new babies. :)

As for me, I did not have a great day yesterday. I did fine until I took the kids to the mall. We stopped at Mrs. Field's so they could get cookies, and I did NOT order anything for myself. I was holding strong, and it was tough. But, then the girl told me with 3 cookies, I can get a 4th one for free. I know.... I should have just turned it down. But I couldn't resist by that point and broke down for a peanutbutter chocolate chip.

I wish I could claim that cookie as my one transgression. But after a very healthy dinner, I also had a small bit of ice cream. And, I never did get any exercise in.

But, today is a new day. My ice cream maker arrived, and I made a batch of low-fat banana chocolate chip already. It is yummy, and healthy. I will also make a batch of orange sherbet this afternoon....... also very low fat and lower in calories. I will allow myself a small indulgence each day so that I will not feel deprived. And I will feel good knowing it is healthy and made from great ingredients in my own kitchen. :)

Now, I have an hour before I have to pick dd up from summer camp, and the two boys are playing nicely together. So I am going to go hop on my bike right now and get a little workout in.

Have a great OP day, everyone! :)

07-22-2003, 12:01 PM
OMG, please forgive me Spryng!!! How could I have left you out of my rambling above????:o CONGRATULATIONS on your loss!!! It is terrific, and inspiring!!! Keep going, girl!!!

07-22-2003, 12:50 PM
OK, I had to come back and report a good thing.... I just did 20 minutes on the bike. :D Please forgive me.... it is going to take me a bit to get back into a healthy eating and exercise routine, and it helps if I feel like I am being held accountable here. Anyway, I feel really good I got the exercise in, and have a good lunch planned. So, I will be in good shape to have a good time tonight and not ruin the day.

Oh, and I just had a thought.... think of all the calories I'll burn while dancing at the concert tonight!!!!!!:cb:

Off to pick up dd..... talk later, gang!

07-22-2003, 02:49 PM
Wish I had time to get personal........but Dd and I are walking downtown to see some historical homes and then off to pick up Ds from basketballl camp. No walk yet- it is so humid, but I'll at least get a short one in with Dd!:)
Great to see all the posts........see ya later!!!! Ginny

07-22-2003, 09:15 PM
Hi! This thread is getting a wee bit long......so I'm gonna start a new one. See ya there!!!!