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02-05-2014, 06:23 PM
Hi Everyone!

I did a search and couldn't seem to find the a thread dedicated to those who are working on getting out of the 160's (although, it was mentioned in several other threads so maybe I'm just not seeing it - if this is the case, if someone could respond with a link that would be great!) ... SO I've decided to start one myself :)

This is in no way my first weight loss journey. Long story short, I've been down this road many times before, reaching my highest weight of 185 twice, with my lowest weight being 148/149 in January 2011. I've tried a lot of things, created a lot of plans, and have been successful here and there, but never for the long run, and I've never reached my goal. However, this time is different. My boyfriend and I are tackling this battle together and so far we are both doing awesome! It's truly amazing how much more confident I am this time around doing it with him. Being that we live together, cooking healthy meals together is so easy and it's become something I actually look forward to. We've even talked about taking some cooking classes together once it gets a little warmer out - Chicago is pretty snowy right now so I'm trying not to be outside unless I absolutely need to be! Having someone do it with you makes everything so different, and the fact that I'm lucky enough to do it with the person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with, it makes it even more amazing - that we are working together to build better habits for ourselves, and our future.

Anywho - Wednesday is my weigh-in day, and this morning I weighed in at 169.4. Out of the 170s, WOO! Now, I'm totally ready to take on the 160s. The 160s and I have been pretty close friends over the years, the 150s as well. And I am DEFINITELY ready to leave them both behind!

Here we go!

02-12-2014, 11:14 PM
Hi Samerz!

I was snooping around for a 160s thread, and here it is. I'm not quite in the 160s yet (I just weighed in at 170, after a hot yoga session) but I am quite positive and seeing a bit of progress, so I'm thinking I will be in the 160s by next week.

Glad to hear you have someone to work with! That makes a big difference. My husband is thin with a super fast metabolism (not fair!) so I have to control myself more than him, but I do drag him out to go running with me every once in a while :)

I've been doing hot yoga 3+ times/week for about a year, and regular vinyasa for about 2 years before that. I'm training for a half marathon on March 15th, so I'm running a lot too. I love yoga + running + hiking, and other physical activities. My challenge is paying attention to what I'm putting into my body (I love whole foods, but I can easily go overboard). I'm figuring that stuff out with the help of a fitbit.

It looks like you have some good goals! Hope to keep up with you (and others that may join this thread) to keep the good vibes going. :carrot: