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02-04-2014, 05:30 PM
A long time ago it seems my chiropractor tried to get me to get on Medifast I wasn't (intentionally) understanding the price and was concerned due to health issues about all the extra soy. I did do research and discovered Wonderslim as an alternative. Then I ordered the samples actually I got both the Medifast ones and Wonderslim. I found them to be lacking flavor, and I could see how I would easily tire of them. Soooo... I decided against that.

I am now in the process of setting up WLS, and I haven't been able to drop the mandatory 40lbs prior to surgery. My dietician said I should go down to one whole meal and meal replacement shakes. I don't even think I have slow metabolism at this point I believe I have "no" metabolism its died...haha

I have in the past been able to drop 35lbs doing a juicing and vegan fast. I find it odd that they frown on fruits and veggies so much :(I can't eat a whole lot of meat due to stomach issues, so I have to depend all the alternative.

With that said I decided to give Wonderslim another try at least to combat the hunger pains when I have reached my daily goals. However, this time I thought I would try doing it a bit different.

My sample packets came in today I especially wanted to try the chicken cream soup again. This is how I made it, and it was awesomely good. I think if I can put my own twist on them maybe I can keep them up and not get lost in the mundaneness of them.

I make TV dinners for the rest of the family in bulk which helps me to stick to my diet because I don't have to cook for them daily they have their own premade homemade dinners to eat and soup bowls. I decided to take two whole chickens and a bunch of veggies and roast them. I then took the stock which was super concentrated and halved it with water to mix my WS Chicken Cream Soup that equaled something absolutely DELICOUS!!

Anyone else try to mix things up to add flavor or remove the mystery of it all?

02-13-2014, 03:19 PM
Instead of chicken stock, I use vegetable stock in place of it for a lot of dishes. I think those stocks generally have a lot of sodium (salt) and fat, so might want to be very careful in that, even if cutting it with water.

02-13-2014, 07:02 PM
Agreed I never use store bought or premade stock I always make it myself because of the sodium impact. I wish you could buy premade stock not made of sodium.