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02-02-2014, 04:05 PM
My fiancÚ got the job that he interviewed for last week! Great news! The thing is, he is going to have to move to Chicago next Monday, and I will stay in Indiana to finish up school. How do I make sure I don't get lonely and eat, or bored, or just lazy?!? It's going to be about 2.5 months of living and eating on my own. He would cook healthy meals and even make me my egg and turkey bacon every morning... I am worried!

02-02-2014, 04:34 PM
Great news on the fiance's job! However, I totally get your worry about boredom/lonely eating. My suggestion is to prep your meals over the weekend, and stick to your eating plan all week. I've been doing this for the past year, and it's been very helpful. Primarily, I have NO time/desire during the week to cook dinner, so meal prep helps me find time to work out rather than have to choose between a workout or dinner (dinner would always win, lol).

Here is what my meal prep looks like:

Time: I do my shopping on Saturday morning, and then my meal prep on Sunday morning/afternoon, depending on how lazy I feel, lol. Once I know what I want to eat during the week, meal prep takes about 2 hours.

Non-food essentials: Crock pot, Rice cooker, Tupperware

Meal choices

- 1/2 cup plain non-fat greek yogurt and 1/2 cup frozen vegetables (add honey to taste)
- 1/2 cup steel-cut oats and 1/2 banana and cinnamon (or brown sugar if you need it sweeter)
- 5 eggs + ham + veggies - Cook in a large pan then divide up into 5 tupperware containers

Make 3 tupperware containers of each, or 5-7 of one and you have breakfasts for the whole week! Some people need variety, but I find that I eat basically the same thing over the week.

-Rotisserie chicken, spinach, and veggies - Divide up into 4-6 salads for the week
-Veggie-tofu stir fry - Cook a large pan of it and divide up. Microwave as needed.
-Tuna Mac n'cheese - Cook in a medium pot and divide

-Crock pot recipe - Find your favorite crock pot recipe, cook all day Sunday, and divide up into 4-6 containers.
-Rice cooker - Brown rice and veggies with chicken or shrimp

You get the idea :) I got my husband into this too, and it's really helped us stay away from fast food during the week. Try it for one week and see if it's right for you. I've found that consistency helps me stay on track. Hope this was helpful to you too!

Good luck :broc:

02-02-2014, 05:21 PM
Pre-planning will definitely help! 2.5 months is not so long! Just think the weight you can loss in that amount of time. Your honey will be so proud of you. Keep up the good work!

02-02-2014, 06:21 PM
All good advice. I'd also think of this as an opportunity. What's something you want or need to do that you could squeeze into your evenings? Learn to knit? Take an online course? Do some volunteer work? Spend more time with friends who you won't see as often after you move to Chicago?

Maybe plan to invite a friend over for dinner one night a week. Someone who will appreciate a healthy meal. For me, having people over takes care of two evenings: the evening before, I'm cleaning the place and doing whatever cooking prep I can; the evening of, I'm with friends.

You'll find your way!

02-02-2014, 06:40 PM
These are all fantastic suggestions. I will have to map out and plan my meals sometime this week. I was thinking that could use the time on the evenings to go to the gym. I have class one night a week, and work one night a week, so that leaves me with three evenings to fill up- I could look pretty fly after 2.5 months in the gym and eating well!

02-02-2014, 11:00 PM
Congrats on the new opportunity for your fiance!:carrot:

Rather than fear the next 2.5 months, (aka 10 weeks), look at it as an opportunity!

I realize, you will be busy, finishing up your degree, but the next 2.5 months, are an opportunity for you, to take a breath, look around, explore new things.

Exploring new things, does not mean, leaving/betraying your relationship, it's just about finding things you like, don't like, or what have you.:hug:

02-03-2014, 07:44 AM
Well, I think you look pretty fabulous in your avatar :)

I am going to echo previous posters by saying that prepping your meals in advance is key. Even your snacks, plan for them. That way you won't eat out of boredom, loneliness etc. I also agree that it is a good idea to see this time as an opportunity to learn or do something new. Maybe make a list of some fun things you can do or try while you are apart. It would be something nice for you to look forward to.

If you enjoy going to the gym, well that can be a good way to use up time that has multiple benefits.

You could even use your free time to try out new recipes, even.

02-03-2014, 08:29 PM
You are given the gift to be selfish and to focus on you only. Take it! :D

Too keep on plan, imagine your big reveal when you see your fiancÚ again.