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02-01-2014, 06:47 AM
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The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

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02-01-2014, 06:49 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating, including snacks, was on plan, CREDIT moi, to streak to 73. Snacking got challenged last night in front of a table with eight homemade desserts and a box of a dozen types of dark chocolate covered shortbread's (personal favorite); I served myself none; I sampled none; I took none from DW's plate - separate CREDIT moi. My evening snack got switched from fruit to the apricot/walnut thing that DW baked to bring to the event and served with dinner so she could get my taste approval. She bakes desserts about once per year and I've always been her final judge. This one had so little sugar that the primary taste was apricots - closer to 'food' than most dessert concoctions.

Exercise was dancing in the evening, CREDIT moi. I watched some folks older than me who perfectly matched the beat and the movements with minimal exertion - a good reminder that one can dance as long as one's mobile. (One woman walked in using a cane that she didn't bring on the dance floor!)

onebyone – Neat that your Fitbit calculates that you expend "about 2300 calories a day." Kudos for recognizing "winter blahs" so that you can figure out counter strategies.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – A good reminder: "to look at people and didn't even look at the food." You're dead right; I love Francine Prose's book. Reading like a writer is one of a group of books I'm reading trying to figure out how to write a memoir - which for me is short vignettes from a memoir. I'm in a group that meets twice a month to read to each other. After a lifetime of generating engineering text, it's a challenge to shift to details that allow a reader to infer the situation rather than attempting to draw their conclusions for them.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Whatever "sausage sizzle ambush" is, I want some just for its grabbing name. Yay for weather that makes outside appealing.

Athletic (FutureFitChick) – Kudos for working your physical therapy seriously enough to start at 7am.

maryann - Love the perspective that allows you to bring your own salad knowing "I will soon be forgotten in the eating frenzy." Happy crabbing tonight.

nationalparker – Bon Voyage!!! Enjoy, make choices, and enjoy some more. I'll remember your, "Free isn't calorie-free" the next time I'm at Whole Foods.

ForMyGirls - Yep, Kudos indeed for standing down the unplanned beer - especially with the added motivation of a house full of kids. Wonderful story of the struggle between your tummy and your taste buds.

AZtricia - Ouch for sick; Quadruple Ouch for four sickies at the same time. Kudos for working to make yourself pleased with your fish since it's such a good food choice.

flnu - My take is that you made exactly the right choices at your office celebration. As ForMyGirls mentioned, I've incorporated a rare and unusual clause into my eating plan just for such occasions so that I can have the experience that I'd resent missing while staying to my plan (instead of taking a 'cheat day'). Kudos for thinking that one through. (I, also, intend to take cake at my daughter's wedding; probably eat two bites since wedding cake will be competing with other food that day.)

Readers - day 11 Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings

Monitor Your Hunger

Rate your hunger again once you've finished eating. Notice your thoughts: Do you still want to eat more? Do you feel a physical sensation in your stomach? Is it more in your mouth or throat? What does it feel like? How strong are your sensations? Do you want to eat a specific food (which probably means you're still hungry)? Describe the sensations in the chart.
. . . Twenty minutes after you've finished eating, rate your hunger and then describe any physical sensation or desire to eat that you're experiencing in the chart.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 119.

02-01-2014, 07:44 AM
Hi, Coaches.
Great start to the day with an early morning. I am hoping to be up and around a little bit more today, hopefully with some laundry and maybe a trip to the grocery. I don't think I am ready to walk the whole store, but I REALLY don't want to use a cart. So, we'll see what I do.

Food planning for today is done, but do need items from the store to execute.

Exercise is more PT.

BBE, your Friday night dances sound great. Glad you left the temptation on the plate.

Have a great day!

02-01-2014, 12:43 PM

I'm off to the studio to further declutter and pack and sort and turn both heaters, watch the thermometer and time how long it takes to get to 20C give or take. I say when, but really it's an "if".

Once I do this, and visit my mom to get her dirty laundry, I am off to the gym to do my weight routine. I have to say the worst part of the whole routine for me are three sets of exercises for my triceps. *sigh* 3sets x 12reps. My right side is stronger than my left. By like 4 reps. So today I will do one set pf 12 then do something else and then return to it so I am not doing them back to back to back which, right now, is almost impossible on that left hand side. I don't like to see my reflection in the mirror either. I remind myself I am looking to see if my shoulders are creeping up to my ears (bad) but I am truly focused, and saddened, by my doughy body. I see all that is "wrong" and a wave of discouragement washes over me. I am always in emotional conflict there. I just have to do it anyway and send encouraging thoughts to that person in the mirror. I am *extremely grateful* to have a functioning body that really is very strong.

Foodwise I am using my fallback plan= three meals a day, 1 snack, no sugar. The no sugar part is big challenge these days. I want wAnT WANT sugar. I am choosing to say no to this destructive urge.
No Sugar Streak=2.

Ok better go. Looking forward to what the groundhog predicts tomorrow! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dapper rodent, predict an early Spring!:sunny:

UPDATE: got to the studio but with the weather turning bad (freezing rain) I didn't want to chance a scary drive home so I cut everything short. Nothing that can't wait. What I didn't cut short was the gym. All day until I actually pulled into the parking lot, no, actually until I walked through the doors and the receptionist said Hi, I kept trying to worm out of doing my weight routine today. As soon as I walked in I saw my trainer there.And that was something as there were maybe 4 people in due to the bad weather. She said she was glad to see me and I told her of my inner fight over coming to the gym. She said it's always the right thing to do. I told her I knew it wasn't like I wouldn't think about it if I didn't go. I would! and more! I skipped the cardio - I think I'll do WATP at home to cover some of that - the weight routine just wipes me out. I'm 100% ok with that. Also I bypassed baked goods in the grocery store reminding myself I was sugar-free today. Then I was tempted by the snacky things in bags. Again I just said no and bought the stuff to fill the veggie tray up.

02-01-2014, 01:06 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Major food shopping to prep for food plan. Started this morning with the same vague dread that I always have when I know I won can'tt have any food I want at anytime. Hmmm. Hmmm. That desire sounds a little childish. I persevere with my smoothie. For lunch I am trying a new recipe of sautéed cabbage and onions to go along with my organic beef. I am hoping DS will like the cabbage since I am sautéing it in bacon drippings (no butter allowed.) Tonite I will be swimming in a frenzy of fish.

Wave to all.

02-01-2014, 04:36 PM
Hello coaches,
Happy February! :val1: Just returned from grocery shopping. Whole Foods had the yummy flowering kale again, so I purchased some. OP so far for today but it is raining sporadically so my walks with pup will have to watch for dry spells. Off to put my feet up and recover from fighting the crowds.

02-01-2014, 04:42 PM
You guys rock! I still dislike the planning ahead thing. Like my card says "Just Do It." Have a good day all.

02-02-2014, 12:00 AM
Hi everyone--happy February.

We're having a splash of 'warm' in our cold streak (40F, 4C), but we're back to colder tomorrow (highs of 30F, -1C) (and then we get colder from there, it looks like). I took advantage of the warmer day to go for a walk this afternoon. DH even came with me, although he didn't really want to. I'm sort of regretting I didn't take two walks.

Food was OP. I hadn't planned today out very well, but did fine putting it together. One thing that is easy and I intend to keep permanent is the switch of "side dishes" and the quantity adjustments.

For example, I used to have chips and dips with sandwiches all the time--now I have veggies and a (measured) serving of hummus and a side of fruit. For dinner (we had spaghetti tonight), there was usually garlic bread. Now there's salad and fresh fruit. And these adjustments have gotten to the point where they're easy--and that's a great feeling.

I used to eat 2-3 bowls of breakfast cereal if I had cereal for breakfast (which also included a second serving of milk). Now I have 1 cup of cereal--which is smaller than my earlier servings were--and I'm fine with it. (And I never put the box of cereal on the table--it goes back in the pantry before I sit down!)

maryann: You can do this--you've shown over and over again that you can do really hard things. You're amazing!

onebyone: Big credit for making it to the gym when the weather is so bad--congrats!

Take care, all!

02-02-2014, 04:57 AM
Hi diet coaches

The weekend is over almost and I need to plan food for the week - I have some ideas but they need to materialise as meals for the week. I will need to do some shopping on the way home tomorrow. Weekend food was good and on plan - I have planned food for today and dinner is sorted for when I finish here. The only snacks I am really having are my fermented drinks generally and maybe a piece of chocolate (dark or sugar free) at night. During the week I have added in an apple because I think they do all sorts of good things - so wear the extra carbs.

I wanted to use the gym today as I had a 14 day cooling off time - I still haven't seen a trainer as they haven't contacted me! So huge credit I took myself off this afternoon. I think I like this gym - it has a good feel and it is not toxically noisy. The pool isn't overfull which is great. I did 5 minutes on the bike - having to rest every minute after 2 mins; 10 minutes on the treadmill without really noticing; and 1 minute on the cross trainer - that machine kills me. I then did a few stretches and used the adductor and abductor machines. When they show me I might be able to do some upper body work - gym bag is packed in case they contact me tomorrow. There was a 30 day "fat loss" challenge going so I thought I may as well sign up - I have a lot of that to lose! I perhaps have an unfair advantage LOL.

Credits: Food OP - lots more veggies; logged food in MFP; 7000 steps; weighed myself and logged my weight; posted to my coaches; ate sitting down - 80%

BillBE - your life sounds so civilized where you get to dance and (credit) reject fabulous food. Credit for adjusting your plan to act as dessert taster
FutureFitChick - don't push yourself to walk before your body is ready - use that cart if you need to - it will all come together eventually
Maryann - you have survived this diet in the past and you will succeed again and again by the look of it. Cabbage with onions and bacon (grease and the whole thing) is one of my mother's recipes that I still make - yummy so hope your DS enjoys it - I did as a kid.
Beth(fromDayton) - like your new Avatar - congratulations.

02-02-2014, 05:08 AM
First of all, thank you, Coaches, for your thoughtful responses. You are very helpful.

Day 16 was...middling. My willpower was fine. But I again did not have success planning: My children at the leftovers I had planned to eat (in their defense, it was pizza). I stayed on my diet with something else but failed Beck's diet.

Day 17 is not yet done. Planned and on-plan through breakfast and lunch. Don't expect any challenges at dinner because we are cooking for guests, so it's all prepped. I will do the overeating exercise at lunch tomorrow. Too embarrassing to be so odd about eating with guests. Oh, forgot to add, thanks for the tips about baking with kids. Planned for and ate two chocolate chip cookies.

BBE: Maybe I’ll get to such a point, knowing that I will eat with intention, 20 years from now, at my daughter’s wedding. I am glad for you that you are there now.

Beth: Those changes are awesome. And you can have them forever!

FutureFitChick: It seems like your surgery and rehab are going well. I hope so anyway.

Onebyone: I am glad you ended your reflections on how you feel about your body with the statement that your body is functioning and strong. Yes.

Maryann: You seems so on top. Beth said it best. Re-read what Beth said.

Tricia: Hope you found a dry spell. Enjoy the kale.

Bunnababy: You and me both. I’m still trying to figure out planning. So far I am surprisingly bad at it. I hope I will get better with practice.

02-02-2014, 07:22 AM
Hello coaches,

"Hunger is not an emergency" "Hunger is not an emergency" "Hunger is not an emergency" - that was pretty much the soundtrack of my afternoon. But it worked!

So - credit for that. Credit also for being at a birthday celebration today where I ate only fruit (and only a small amount at that). credit for not indulging in ice-cream or ice-blocks when coming home from a few hours out in this insufferable heat (thus far I have been managing to hide in air-conditioned building through most of the heat waves so it was a bit of shock to discover what the outdoors feels like for a sustained period today!)

Food ? 100 % OP; Health activities 100% OP? no ; Drank 2L water? no ; Went to bed on time? no ; Streak count: 6

I have a challenging week coming up. Not only am I back at work after a month's holiday - but the big stress in my life is also going to be very much at the forefront during this week. I feel like I am well prepared for it though. I have debrief sessions lined up with loved ones during the week - I have all my meals planned - and I have been clear with myself that this is a week in which it is OK to fall well short of perfection - but it is NOT OK to eat instead of feeling. I am committed to: water drinking, posting daily, lights out on time and food being 90%+. The rest is a bonus!

BBE - major kudos for declining home-made desserts!

Onebyone - I love that you told your trainer of your struggle to get to the gym. It made me realise that I always put on the "brave face" with trainers - is it any wonder they can't understand how it feels to be me if I don't show them my vulnerability and fear. So - well done you - I imagine it will be far easier for your trainer to give you the right support if she gets real information about what you are experiencing.

Beth - I am in awe of going for a walk when it is 4C!

02-02-2014, 07:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – CREDIT moi for eating on plan, including snacks to stretch that streak to 74. Lunch was a can of sardines instead of the usual peanut butter, banana, and pecans sandwich. I tried a new variety of King Oscar cross pack sardines in E.V. olive oil. Had them without the crackers that I'v always felt compelled to add. Yummy beyond yummy. Think I'll try to incorporate them once a week. There's this added warm feeling that oily fish are good for the heart. One benefit to the tiny ones is that eating them one by one forces eating slowly.

Exercise was nearly nil. Ouch. Was busy inside all day and never got out. DW and I did head out to a 7:10 pm movie with 4 star reviews. Found it sold out - on a Saturday night, Duh! We came home and watched a DVD that's been waiting for almost two years. Were happy to learn that our Christmas-new DVD player producs a very sharp image.

onebyone – Yes, Yes, Yes to "send encouraging thoughts to that person in the mirror." When I started gym at the beginning of my Journey, I was mortified at the Michelin Tire man staring back at me in the mirror as I sat on a giant ball. Finally, I started laughing and it became easier. Kudos for skipping the baked goods at the grocery store.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Kudos for signing up for that 30 day "fat loss" challenge. Your gym does sound inviting.

FutureFitChick – Yay for being up a bit more. Hope you find your compromise walking the store.

maryann - That "sautéed cabbage and onions" sounds good to me. Kudos for taking your smoothie and moving on.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Your "(measured) serving of hummus" is so important - I've been aghast at how much I can scoop from an open container before I'm done.

ForMyGirls - Super Kudos for "it is OK to fall well short of perfection - but it is NOT OK to eat instead of feeling." Ouch for the insufferable heat. May your transition back to work go well.

Sue (Bunnababy) - Yep, "Just Do It."

AZtricia - It's a good day when Flowering Kale is the food that grabs you at Whole Foods.

flnu - The first time I found cold pizza in the fridge available for my breakfast, I was ecstatic. And then profoundly sad as it hit me that the kids had really left home. Kudos for "Planned and on-plan."

Readers - day 11 Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings

Monitor Your Hunger

After a day of paying attention to the sensations in your abdomen and body, you'll be better able to distinguish between "hungry" and "not hungry." If you're still not sure, repeat the task - as many times as necessary - and discuss your findings with your diet coach. Whenever you know your stomach is full but you still want to eat, start labeling this state as desire or a craving.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 119.

02-02-2014, 01:34 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Last night was a triumph in the face of insanity. The room was overfull, loud, and filled with unbelievable gluttony. Our bags were checked at the door - going in for alcohol, going out to make sure we didn't stuff crab in our purses. Wow! I was speechless. I had been to prior crabfeeds organized with a lot more class. This was pigs to a trough. To add to the chaos, DS and I had a fight in the car coming down. Was it because I was coming off addictive food, going into a food frenzy, or (here is one rarely thought of) maybe because he was having a bad night? Nevertheless, we made up. I ate my salad I brought. The crab meat was exceptionally good and I stayed OP even in the face of the silent auction dessert plate DS bid on.

Whew! Glad I am not going to a Superbowl Party. Two events like that in a row could do me in. I am sending the boys off to one and I think I will try to started organizing our web-infested garage. You can do it when the weather is 70 degrees and sunny. (I wish it wasn't).

bethfromDayton: I got a some goosebumps when you wrote about how the changes you have made with your meals have become the new "normal." I have experienced the same - 1 piece of bread for a sandwhich instead of two. Smoothies without yoghurt and with spinach. It is gratifying to know the eventual result of our struggles is peace with healthy living.

seadwaters: Yeah! You went to the gym. I think liking your gym is more important than any trainer there.

flnu: Credit for continuing to try to plan while life happens.

ForMyGirls; Love "It is not OK to eat instead of feel."

BBE: I am going to start eating sardines. They are encouraged on my three week drop - low mercury, sustainable, healthy fat. Off to the store to find your King Oscar brand.

02-02-2014, 10:30 PM
Hello Coaches,
Eating OP, Exercise OP (but will be back to regular/non-sick schedule tomorrow!), read ARC+

Walked three times, only once in the rain yesterday...had a great big umbrella and didn't get too wet. Also walked today

BillBlueEyes Mmmm, dark chocolate I'm not sure I could resist! Kudos to you. Your DW's dessert sounds delicious. Congrats on your 74 streak! Were your sardines the ones from Trader Joe? Glad you enjoyed your new player and the movie.

FutureFitChick Hope you were feeling better and PT went well.

onebyone How's the fallback plan going? Have you ever heard of taking lactobacillis to help with sugar craving? It really helped me. It has to do with the balance of yeast vs good bacteria in your gut... Sounds like you've been very busy, LOL about the dapper rodent! Huge credit for filling your veggie tray. :carrot: :broc:

maryann How's the new plan going? Sounds like you did well at your crazy crab event.

Bunnababy ...plan...plan...and more plan, thanks for the reminder to just do it.

bethFromDayton Thanks for sharing what you do for side dishes, and adjusted portions. I'm noticing that I need to change too. Don't think I've added in enough of the veggies/fruit yet though because my potassium is rarely above 60%DV. Nice picture :)

seadwaters Hope you were able to make it to collect groceries. Are you enjoying the fermented drinks? Hurray for a good gym, there is a cross trainer at our gym too but I've never tried it. Have fun w/ the challenge!

flnu Don't think of yourself as failing, but as being thoughtfully flexible. Staying on track with healthy choices will require that when you have kiddos. And you didn't fail to plan, your plan just became impossible!

ForMyGirls ..."Hunger is not an emergency" "Hunger is not an emergency" "Hunger is not an emergency" ... Kudos to you! Great job also on your choice of fruit. Hope your planning to deal with the stress makes a HUGE difference for you.

02-02-2014, 11:22 PM
I'm checking in (credit) but it was not an OP day. I was OP until the not-watching-the-superbowl-party, where I was not OP. However, I did stop before I was overfull, and I don't always manage that at parties, so that's a win.

No extra exercise, although I learned I should never go to the grocery store on Superbowl Sunday!

Tomorrow is back OP--I've got lunches and snacks packed for my (4-day) work week. I've got meals planned for the next three nights when we'll be home. The long weekend will be impossible to plan since we'll be traveling, but other than one dinner of Chicago pizza, I intend to make only OP choices.

And I will continue my "recording everything" streak--no fooling myself.

02-03-2014, 06:23 AM
Hi coaches

I had an on-plan day - I set up my menu yesterday in MFP and followed it today. I left room to juggle the evening meal because I wasn't sure what I would get at the market. Even though I was working at home I packed lunch last night and I decided that was a good option - made it easy with no painful decisions.

I went to gym again today because I had an appointment with a trainer. He was not the worst I have met - pleasant, polite and seemed knowledgeable. He, as usual, kept it fairly simple because they think that "the elderly" can't do much. Unfortunateley at the moment I can't - but it is still irritating LOL

Credits: Food OP; logged food in MFP; 9000 steps; weighed myself and logged my weight; posted to my coaches; ate sitting down - 50%

Thinking about Beth's post yesterday I have been trying to think about what has changed about how I eat or present food. It was a motivating post so thanks Beth. I think the major change for me has been to plan more explicitly for the week not just the day. And to stop when finished to decide whether I need more. I didn't eat one of my snacks today because I didn't want it so just deleted it from MFP

BillBE - King Oscar - that is the brand I have always used! It is one of the few that uses EV olive oil - just as you mentioned
ForMyGirls - good luck with feeling instead of eating this week. We seem to be missing the heat in Sydney which is a blessing
Maryann - interesting activity - a crabfeed? Credit for sticking to plan under great duress.
Tricia - Credit for walking under the circumstances - hope all is settling with sick family members. Will be good to see you back to normal tomorrow
Beth - Ouch for a derailing party - but credit for stopping when you planned. Credit for continuing to record

Take care coaches - I have to keep moving tonight

02-03-2014, 06:52 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Terrific walk in some sun with some warmth, CREDIT moi. I was overdressed - an odd sensation for the date.

On plan eating despite being Super Bowl Sunday, CREDIT moi. My plan to have no unplanned snacks helped on the day that's notorious for snacking to oblivion. Snack streak goes to 75. The snacks offered at noon were on two tables including home baked stuff and serious cheeses. DW was eating a quarter of one of those GIANT muffins; I declined a bite.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – So I told DW I'd just read the best short story ever, The Marquise of O--. Didn't arouse any interest - she's reading some good books. So I read her the first sentence. She grabbed the book and read it that night, LOL. It was our conversation during our walk.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Waving. With condolences for a rough game for your Broncos - who are much better than reflected by that score.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Super idea to pack your lunch even though you're working from home - Kudos for serious planning. At my gym, "elderly" starts about 50 as perceived by the trainers who are all young and buff - so we're a large group and, <sigh>, are all patronized as you described.

maryann - Can't say that I've ever been searched for food leaving a party. Kudos for staying Op during a Bacchanalian event. Did you wear togas?

Beth (bethFromDayton) – LOL at a "not-watching-the-superbowl-party." Kudos for stopping before over full.

AZtricia - Three walks is worth three Kudos. Yay for umbrellas. [My sardines were from the local supermarket - widely available.]

Readers - day 11 Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings

tip! If it has been any-
where from 20 minutes to
up to 3 hours since you've
eaten a reasonable-sized
meal, remind yourself that
any urge to eat is probably
due to a desire to eat, not
to hunger.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 119.

02-03-2014, 06:52 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Terrific walk in some sun with some warmth, CREDIT moi. I was overdressed - an odd sensation for the date.

On plan eating despite being Super Bowl Sunday, CREDIT moi. My plan to have no unplanned snacks helped on the day that's notorious for snacking to oblivion. Snack streak goes to 75. The snacks offered at noon were on two tables including home baked stuff and serious cheeses. DW was eating a quarter of one of those GIANT muffins; I declined a bite.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – So I told DW I'd just read the best short story ever, The Marquise of O--. Didn't arouse any interest - she's reading some good books. So I read her the first sentence. She grabbed the book and read it that night, LOL. It was our conversation during our walk.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Waving. With condolences for a rough game for your Broncos - who are much better than reflected by that score.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Super idea to pack your lunch even though you're working from home - Kudos for serious planning. At my gym, "elderly" starts about 50 as perceived by the trainers who are all young and buff - so we're a large group and, <sigh>, are all patronized as you described.

maryann - Can't say that I've ever been searched for food leaving a party. Kudos for staying Op during a Bacchanalian event. Did you wear togas?

Beth (bethFromDayton) – LOL at a "not-watching-the-superbowl-party." Kudos for stopping before over full.

AZtricia - Three walks is worth three Kudos. Yay for umbrellas. [My sardines were from the local supermarket - widely available.]

Readers - day 11 Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings

tip! If it has been any-
where from 20 minutes to
up to 3 hours since you've
eaten a reasonable-sized
meal, remind yourself that
any urge to eat is probably
due to a desire to eat, not
to hunger.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 119.

02-03-2014, 07:07 AM
Hello coaches,

Food ? 100 % OP; Health activities 100% OP? no ; Drank 2L water? no ; Went to bed on time? no ; Streak count: 0

I started to feel down on myself about not drinking enough water today but then remembered - this is not a week for expecting perfection. In the circumstances that is a pretty **** hot report card. Yay me :-)

Other credits - noticed i wasn't hungry enough to eat all my sandwich today so i stopped eating. Had a smaller serve of breakfast than normal today because i didn't feel like eating my usual amount. (It is interesting to think abiut these things because i had thiught that i had managed to be pretty unstressed today - but seemingly i had lost my appetite - which is almost unheard of for me). A plan i had thougt through ahead of time allowed me to set some boundaries which helped keep things under control today. Kudos to me for thinking them through ahead of time and being brave enough today to follow through with them.

Tomorrow should be a calmer day. I sooooo love that i didn't have to plan tomorrow's food. There is no way that would have happened if it had to be done tonight.

02-03-2014, 09:32 AM
Hello, Coaches,

Today was Day 18. Focus on "normal" fullness day. I also completed the Day 17 leave-food-on-your-plate exercise. Eh. Not sure I got so much out of these.

I was on-plan except that I forgot to pick up broccoli that I planned for dinner. I didn't sub in anything because I didn't have any other vegetables, so I just ate that much less. I would have rather had the broccoli. Anyway. I think that I will count my diet streak as days that I stay on my No S diet, which will have the asterisk of shame. Nah. Just kidding. I'm not feeling shame, but I will slap on an asterisk. I am going to still plan and tick 'em off as I go but be flexible (thanks, maryann) when the world goes off plan. (I still feel like if I were hardcore, I would could out-maneuver the world's attempts to subvert my plans. But I'm not hardcore.)

I had a little food-desire (the remaining cookies from this weekend) that I squashed. I also had my husband put three cookies in a baggie in the freezer so I can eat them next weekend, when sweets are allowed again. Credit.

Streak bed/exercise/diet* 1/22/2. Pretty chuffed for the exercise accomplishment. When my shoulder hurt and I knew I need to stop my weight routine, I made sure I had an alternative exercise in the chamber. And I'm running every other day. For some definitions of "run." Actually, bed has also been much better even though it's not reflected in the streak.

I'm still waiting for my fitbit.

I almost forgot something I wanted to ask: For those who are past the first few weeks, my most annoying effect of eating less is not feelings of hunger but when will I stop salivating all the time?? It's gross.

02-03-2014, 11:24 AM
I've been struggling for a few days, but a post always is a good first step. I think I'm going to start a new streak tomorrow -- see how many days in a row I can Weigh / Write a post / Write a food plan. The 3Ws streak. That's really the basis of a good day for me.

ForMyGirls: To answer a question from a couple of days ago... I deduct 10% for any change to my written plan that is nutritionally equivalent (so an 80% OP day might have had two of those). I deduct about 20% for a change that wasn't nutritionally equivalent (so an 80% OP day might be one of those changes).
If the day really went off the rails, I don't tend to count up demerits. I actually look at the day and try to add up the good things. If the day as a whole was a reasonably good day food-wise -- one I might have planned had I known how the day would flow, I won't grade it lower than 70%. If it wasn't a good day, I ask myself if I was on-plan for at least half of my eating (usually breakfast and another meal or breakfast and snacks) then I'll grade myself at 50% or 60%.

MaryAnn and ForMyGirls: I like both of your discussions about food as functional and food as art. I've made both work for me at various times and I'm still working on what the right balance is.
ForMyGirls: to explore the art side of food more, I recommend Smart Chefs Stay Slim by Allison Adato ( and Culinary Intelligence by Peter Kaminsky (

BillBlueEyes: Cool that DW liked The Marquise of O-- from one sentence! I'm working on memoir, too. I think I need your writing group! Have you read The Memoir Project by Marion Roach Smith? I just reviewed that: She would consider your 3FC posts as memoir. Actually, a writer friend, after reading this book decided that everything is memoir.

02-03-2014, 01:34 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Yesterday was Day 2 of OP. Similar to last time I did the 3 week drop, my stomach feels flatter and I have stopped being physically hungry. (The book attributes this to the reduction of inflammation caused by food sensitivities and a decline in the antibodies produced by said sensitivities.) I have not been released from my desire to eat nor my desire for the high (my little "feelings vacation" ) that I seek from food. These last two mental manifestations ( I believe there is a spiritual component of emptiness) that I must face on a daily basis. This is much easier to do, however, when my body is healthier.

So, Yeah! Day 3 credits are step class and a planned for quiet day at home to get a few things accomplished.

Gardenerjoy and BBE: I have read that same first sentence. It is impressive, challenging Marquez for the title of best first sentence ever. "Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice."

02-03-2014, 05:06 PM
Hi, Coaches.

I missed my check in yesterday. I had a nice loss on the scale yesterday, but didn't weight today. I have been resting a ton yesterday afternoon and today. I have more PT tomorrow and have done 1 of my 2 sessions at home so far today. I am dealing with some massive hunger issues right now. I am glad I decided to post, as you all reminded me that hunger is not an emergency.


02-04-2014, 04:05 AM

The weather was lovely after the morning - it was cool and rainy (not much - drizzle really)! Just what you over there don't want but a lovely relief from the humidity. And the driest January since 1940 or something.

Exercise was walking the dogs, walking to lunch, and standing and walking in the kitchen while I prepared food. Amazing how many steps that adds. Will end up about 8000. I am still recovering from the gym yesterday but will go tomorrow. Today I had planned to go out for lunch and had decided on what I would eat - that is what I stuck with. I remember at some stage this morning being "tempted" by something (can't even remember what) and I basically suppressed the desire - told it to go away. I guess that is the same as - "not about me", "not on my plan". It felt good to resist and to move on. When I am checking my cultured foods to decide if they have fermented I taste them - the most logical way is to open them quickly at the sink and take a taste. I don't sit down for that because it seems illogical. For other foods where I am mindlessly snacking I am trying to cut back on that

Credits: Food OP; logged food in MFP; 8000 steps; weighed myself and logged my weight; posted to my coaches; ate sitting down - 70%

Bill(BlueEyes) - credit for OP eating on Super Bowl Sunday (which seems like snack heaven). You have now totally enticed me with The Marquise of O-- . It is not available on Kindle (not surprising) nor is it available in any of the local library - I even would have joined! Yes - he was buff and good looking and not as arrogant as most - but the patronizing is just not negotiable. I tried really hard to feel empathy and affection for the girl in the mirror but it didn't really succeed.
ForMyGirls - credit for recognising you are in a difficult time period and that the expectations are different. Credit for doing as well as you did. It is massive to recognise you are full and to stop eating
flnu - I don't quite get the leave food on your plate either as I just put more on it - but I think it is about regularly monitoring what your hunger level is an stopping when enough is enough. I am not so good at recognising that. LOL at out manoevering karma or the natural order of things - good luck with that. Credit for recognising and quashing desire for cookies. A good streak for exercise - credit
GardenerJoy - sympathy for the struggle - posting here does focus the mind. A good idea to start a streak. Like the idea of the 3 W's streak - I need to get more focussed on my goals
Maryann - sounds like an interesting plan - I will have to check it out more. Good thoughts your way for the next few weeks
FutureFitChick - Glad you have been resting up. Credit for working on "hunger is not an emergency"

02-04-2014, 05:28 AM
Hi all

I'm new here at this site and currently starting Stage 1 in The complete Beck diet for life program.
I know I should find a diet Buddy, and that is how I found this site. How does this work? Would be glad if someone would explain it to me :) :o

02-04-2014, 07:06 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, was easy since I didn't encounter tempting foods. I did plate my own dinner - abandoned by DW - so felt the old-time urge to pile it on. I served myself the same portion that we normally eat. Had no snacks so the streak goes to 76 ( <cue trombones>.

Walked, CREDIT moi, while the snow was falling. Not much accumulated - not enough to fire up my new snow thrower. More is predicted tonight. It's hard on my friends that I'm cheering for enough snow to give it a thorough test.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Bon Voyage on your "The 3Ws streak." Thanks for the link to your blog reviewing The Memoir Project. Yep, I'm a fan of that book. She helped me distinguish between a memoir and an autobiography. Also like her notion of a very-first draft ("vomit" draft) where we don't fight the clichés that can be edited later.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Glad to hear you're getting some relief with cool and rain down under. Great demo, "told it to go away."

FutureFitChick – Congrats on that "nice loss." Sounds like you're being faithful to your physical therapy plan.

maryann - Yay for "stopped being physically hungry." [Love that sentence! You force me to google to discover One Hundred Years of Solitude ( - another book to add to list.]

ForMyGirls - Big day that you stopped eating your sandwich when satisfied and used planning to set boundaries.

flnu - Love the notion, "when the world goes off plan." Kudos for sticking with exercise while still honoring your shoulder. I didn't have the salivating experience.

inadogg - Kudos for diligently seeking a Diet Buddy as you charge forth on your journey. We all serve as Diet Coach (Dr. Beck's first book) or Diet Buddy (her second book, the "green book" - the one you're reading) to each other. We welcome you to join us. There are no hard rules. You find a way to report your progress - daily is recommended by Dr. Beck - and react to us as is comfortable for you. Glad you've joined us.

Readers - day 11 Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings

what are you thinking?
Below are some common sabotaging thoughts and responses. Make Response Cards for any that ring true for you.

Sabotaging Thought: I don't need to do this. I know the difference between hunger and craving.
Helpful Response: I might know the difference on an intellectual level, but it's still important for me to experience the difference on a physical level. Chances are, I probably sometimes label a craving as hunger. It's very important for me to do this exercise so I'll know whether I really am too hungry too often (which is a problem I'll need to solve) or whether I really am craving (which is a sensation I'll learn to tolerate).

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 119.

02-04-2014, 07:15 AM
Aaagh - nearly bedtime so v brief tonight.

Food ? 100 % OP; Health activities 100% OP? yes ; Drank 2L water? yes ; Went to bed on time? yes ; Streak count: 1

Credits: when measuring my 40g of trail mix today I stopped when the scale said 39. I have been doing this a bit lately. It is an important adjustment - to round down, not up, when measuring food. I "just did it" which meant I got everything I needed to done in the morning by the time I needed to do it so 1/1 normal weekdays have been on plan.

Thanks all for your supportive messages!

inadogg - WELCOME!!!! I am sorry that I am not in a position tonight to explain how this discussion board works - I was tempted to try but I think I would mess it up tonight:-) I will be in less of a rush tomorrow night so in the unlikely event that no-one else has explained it all by then I will fill you in. I hope you find Beck helpful - it has been a real life-changer for me - and this community is incredibly supportive and helpful!

02-04-2014, 08:32 AM
:welcome: inadogg :welcome:

And, on the occasion of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you learn about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find our forum here on 3 Fat Chicks?

02-04-2014, 08:44 AM
I found her book through a programme I'm participating in. This programme is called ""Enjoy eating" and is conducted through our health care here in Iceland.
I found this forum through Google when I was looking for support and a Diet Buddy.
I have just started reading and now I am struggling with sitting down, eating slowly and enjoy. This seams to be very hard for me to do and I constantly forget it until I have already eaten in front of the TV or computer.
But I'm working on it.

02-04-2014, 10:31 AM
I Weighed (ouch!), Wrote a food plan for today, and now I'm Writing my post. 3Ws streak -- Day 1, done! Nice to have something so important checked off my list first thing in the morning!

inadogg: Welcome! This thread makes a terrific diet buddy! It's available 24/7 and has an astounding amount of collective wisdom for any problem you may encounter.
Eat sitting down was a struggle for many of us, but just keep at it. You'll be surprised that you just start doing it after a few days.

02-04-2014, 11:06 AM
Just a quick check in to complain! :mad:
Spent 40 minutes on the treadmill for the first time in a week and instead of going down, the scale is up a I'm back to where I was a week ago. I hate having no progress. :(

Eating OP, Exercise OP, will read ARC's but I had to complain first :dizzy:

02-04-2014, 11:32 AM
Day 19. Stop fooling yourself. Yes. It’s ok to eat this because I would have planned for it if I’d thought of it…could be a delusion.

I am surprisingly bad at planning. Today was two meals off-plan, because there was no plan. I have excuses but they’re all rubbish. I do see the value in planning. So I will stick with it and hopefully get better at it.

Seadwater: I really like the idea of telling the desire/craving to go away. I'm adding it to my stack of cards.

Gardenerjoy: Thoughtful trouble-shooting. Credit.

Maryann: I never contemplated something other than physical hunger. I’m glad you posted.

FutureFitChick: I’ll high five a nice weight loss. Congrats.

ForMyGirls: Rounding down. Yes. Good innovation.

Inadogg: WELCOME! I’m new here too. I’m on Day 19. I guess you’re around Day 6? It’s super inspiring group here.

AZTricia: Getting on that treadmill is progress, important progress. I am sure “be healthier” is somewhere on your advantages response cards. The scale is not the only metric of progress.

02-04-2014, 12:02 PM
Hi, Coaches.

I am feeling better now than last night and earlier this morning. I had gotten a nasty gram from someone at work, wondering why I was being so slow on some corrections she wanted me to do. Somehow that magically transformed in to a "I'm worthless" tantrum. I woke up this morning with an emotional hangover from it. But, this morning I went to PT, and that went well. I really appreciate that my therapist is so positive and encouraging. I am now able to go 0 - 104 degrees in my range of motion, after a bit of warming up.

Food has been mostly on plan. My husband, the man who can live at a healthy weight and routinely eat ½ boxes of cookies a day, has been making all of my food. I am sure this is a challenge for him, and I really appreciate his help. He has been trying to do his best to make me on plan foods, but there have been occasional misses that I have been trying to gently remind him/point out to him without trying to make him crazy. Exercise has been good, with my regular PT. Spontaneous exercise, sadly, has been the occasional trip downstairs once or twice a day. Oh, well. I have logged my food today and sat for all meals. I still need to work on leaving food on my plate, so I will focus on that today.

AZTricia, hang in there! Those days where the scale doesn't match your work are SO frustrating. Great response by posting your frustrate here! Hang in there.

BillBlueEyes, I am really excited about the snow storm we are supposed to get tonight. I just love looking at it. Luckily, my husband has been a diligent snow mover with his snow blower this year. Great job on serving yourself a normal size portion.

ForMyGirls, wow! Your day yesterday sounds awesome! Fantastic job being so on target. That must been awesome!

GardenerJoy, hang in there! Sorry to hear about your "ouch" on the scale, but great response after seeing numbers you didn't care for.

Inadogg, welcome! The forum works as if we are all each others Coaches and Buddies. I find it most beneficial to post every day, though sometimes I have let life get in the way of that. Most of the time I like to respond to everyone's comments about their Beck work and their responses to my posts. When I am short on time, I just post an update about me and skim other people's comments as I am able. BliiBlueEyes has been here the longest and is kind of the grounding force of the group. We have all found the Beck strategies make a real change in our weight management strategies. Beck and this group helps me to make regular, small changes that have a lasting impact. Some people use one of Beck's books in a 30-day sprint. Others work on each technique a bit slower, waiting until each technique is "mastered" (or at least no longer frightening to perform on a regular basis). As far as your strategy to sit and eat slowly, enjoying every bite, when I mess that up I have to 1) say "Oh, well" so I can move on and forgive myself and 2) put a reminder (like setting something on the table, refrigerator, or TV) to head to the kitchen table and not the couch. This is a great group and a great weight management tool. I wish you the best of luck in your journey!

Seadwaters, great job on the 8,000 steps. Congratulations!

02-04-2014, 01:07 PM
I'm going to take gardenerjoy's lead and join in her streak count. I've been having difficulty posting and I need to find a simple routine since I start another rental project Thursday.
Streak 1
Weighed-not ouch yet but could be soon
Write a food plan done
Write a post done.

I wrote a sign at work today "no snacking today". It's already working. I love my restaurant job yet know it takes active resistance every day.
Get Back On Track is one of my best tools.
Credit for doing it.

Welcome inadogg! This is a great spot to check in and participate!

02-04-2014, 03:13 PM
Good day "Beck coaches" :coffee:

I have decided that I am going to post once a week here for the time being. January was a month of setting the stage for the rest of this year and laying that foundation took all of my energy and focus so I apologize that I have been missing in action. Therefore, for me, it will be reasonable to post once a week until things settle down.

Credits: I resumed exercising daily on January 1st, picked it back up in February and, God willing, plan to do it every day for this coming year. I belong to another online diet support group (some ex-BLC members). My own exercise plans are to rotate walking on the treadmill, strength workouts, yoga and/or Pilate and stretching (with that being more and more important as I age). The other group also has individual and team challenges so I am involved in a team step challenge (Team Wonder Woman) and I walked 83, 661 steps in January. :woohoo:

I also belong to a +1 Day/Challenge where you start out on the first of each month doing one rep of a specific exercise, increasing with each consecutive day. When the next month starts you continue with the first exercise but then add in a new exercise. January was squats and February is pushups. This is in addition to my own strength workout that I do. For example, today is 35 squats and 4 pushups.

I have always loved :val2: exercising and this is a great destressor at a time when my DH and I are going through some incredibly difficult times financially. I awake each morning glad to greet a new day. :sunny:

As for practicing my Beck Diet Skills; I am doing pretty good with that. I needed to make a "No Go" list of foods that I just can't have during my weight loss phase.

I also recognized that I needed to make a low sodium list as well and now am using that when shopping.

All of the increased exercise works great as an appetite suppressant so calories are falling in line well.

Biggest change: is that I decided to throw out all of my "plans" of specifically losing X amount of pounds per week and just focus instead on doing the "footwork": eat a healthy, well balanced food plan (again with avoiding the No Go list of foods I mentioned above) and just work out every day. The weight will eventually come off. I have already lost 1/2" each on my waistline, hips and upper thighs. This is a way of life not a "quick fix". I see where God is leading me and I am willing to follow.

I am continuing to pre-pack for a move and I found the green Beck book which I didn't even know that I had so I think that I will read that but I will keep my thoughts to myself to avoid the long-winded posts of "before". :D Again, thank you all for being so patient with me as I work through all of this.

So, I am feeling quite confident these days. I won't do personals this time around but :welcome2: new "Becksters".

To all of the "faithfuls", keep up the good work! You are all doing great! :bravo:

Pam :comp: :coffee2:

02-04-2014, 04:51 PM
I can't believe it is Feburary already. It has been a crazy month. My husbands dad died and we had two weeks of h--- Diet went out the window and I didn't lose a lb all month. New month new goal.

Today had class and parked on outside of campus and walked in. Credit. Need to get back on plan. I have been counting and logging everyday. Credit. Weigh almost everyday. Sometimes I forget or avoid it. But I am honest with myself at least.

Hope you are all well.

02-04-2014, 11:54 PM
Hi all,

Food mostly OP today--a bit over my calorie goal, but not by much. Walking a bit under my desired steps, so today was an "almost" sort of day.

Tomorrow isn't really planned because I don't know if I'm going to try to go into work in the morning or if I'll work from home. (Snow) If I go in, I know exactly what I'm having and it's already in the fridge at work :-). If I work from home, I'll have to come up with an alternative. Okay, alternative planned. Dinner planned (I even already got up the veggies I'm going to sautee with the chicken)

I've got pilates tomorrow if I go in (and the trainer can also make it in). If I work from home, I'm going to do a work out DVD--day 1 of the 30 day shred. Even if I don't try to do it every day for 30 days, it's a good thing to fill in with if I can't do my class at work.

It's another late night where I'm not doing personals :-(. I'm reading everyone's though--and waving!

02-05-2014, 04:48 AM
Good evening diet coaches

I invented a new dessert/breakfast/snack today. I usually put gelatin into my kefir smoothie that I have for breakfast/lunch (I break fast around 11.30). I usually add a tablespoon of gelatin and it can get a bit lumpy and awful so I decided to dissolve it in a bit of hot water. I then blended the smoothy and added frozen berries along with the kefir and the protein powder and guess what happened - it turned info a mousse / jelly - duh. It is good actually but not good to try to "drink" in the car

Exercise - I walked this morning - a bit further than usual. I then went to gym and the shops so my steps are at over 10,000. My usual "Very Activity level I aim for is 8 minutes and today I made 13 (it is a very generous interpretation of very active in fitbit - but it is nice to do more). At the gym I went and tried a few machines that the trainer didn't introduce me to and which I had used in the past. I used the cycle - 5 x 2mins. I am improving.

Credits: Food OP; logged food in MFP; 8000 steps; weighed myself and logged my weight; posted to my coaches; ate sitting down - 90% (I am working on this)

Inadogg - welcome! I found my way here in exactly the same way you did. We are all coaches to each other her
BillBE - well done serving yourself the usual portion and for your amazing streak. Hope it snows for you so your machine gets a workout
ForMyGirls - goof idea to round down r/t rounding up!
(Gardener)Joy - :( for weighing in - ouch is always a wake up call. Credit for three Ws ticked off
Tricia - credit for coming here to complain (mildly) - horrible when the scales don't reflect the effort. I feel your pain :)
FLNU - Planning is hard - I have difficulty with the routine and the structure but without it I am totally off track. Credit that you see the value in planning
FututeFitChick - Ouch for demanding colleagues - but it seems you rebounded well. Credit for staying on top of PT and putting effort into it. Difficult to make progress otherwise
Lexxiss - the 3W system does seem good doesn't it! Credit for being proactive about snacking
Pamatga - credit for being clear about your goals and where/who will help you most. Nice to see you here even briefly
LoseToAll - Good to see you. Good thoughts your way for your DH father's death. Credit for logging and conting every day regardless. This month will be better!
Beth(FromDayton) - hope things work out tomorrow and you get to retrieve your lunch and see your pilates trainer

Have a good day coaches - I will have a full day tomorrow and hope I am organised for it

02-05-2014, 06:24 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – At gym, CREDIT moi, there were fifteen minutes to wait before my group class. I passed the time on a stationary bike in 'heart' mode. The time went quickly as I spent it ardently gripping then gripping again even harder the handles with the heart-rate sensors which were never successful. I didn't have time to get bored. Maybe there were no heart-rate sensors. Maybe my low cost gym found a way to save money. Oh Well.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks so that I'm streaked to 77. Evening was the challenge. DW and I went to a lecture followed by a reception that we knew would have generous and sane foods. I planned to make it my dinner (a good choice since DW didn't make dinner, LOL). I chose well from the middle Eastern humus type choices, avoiding the liquid calories, the muffins, and the plates of everyday cheeses. I could have done better by avoiding the olives despite them being a natural part of ancient Egypt. Olives have been with us for a long time. Yay for the first guys who thought to press them for oil. We saw a mock-up of a small clay oven where the flat bread was stuck on the wall to bake - just like naan in an Indian Tandoori oven. Apparently, good ideas get invented in multiple places. My gratitude to my ancestral grandmothers who started grinding grain before dawn for the day's bread so that civilization could evolve.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Thought of you last night when I was in front of the table of cheeses. We'd bumped into a friend unexpectedly and I remembered your people, not food.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – I continue to be impressed that you stay your path while working around food. Love the sign, "no snacking today."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Yay for inventing the mousse - you'd be famous and revered except that someone beat you to it, LOL. Kudos for continuing to work on eating-sitting-down.

FutureFitChick – Ouch for the existence of anyone who thinks it's OK to send a nasty gram. Kudos for letting your physical therapy counter it.

Pam (pamatga) – That's an impressive exercise streak, Kudos. Neat that you'll focus on your strategies rather than loss goals.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Super demo of multiple plans for multiple possibilities for your day.

ForMyGirls - This is a big one: "It is an important adjustment - to round down, not up, when measuring food." I find myself offering the excuse, It's just a small bit over, yet so unwilling to accept, It's just a small bit under. Kudos for getting there.

LoseToAll - Sending supportive thoughts as you deal with your FIL's death. Kudos for maintaining your weight while you were hurting.

AZtricia - It's a HUGE money maker to have found a treadmill that adds weight - athletes and body builders will be knocking at your door, LOL. Kudos for "OP, OP, read."

flnu - Thanks for the reminder, "It’s ok to eat this because I would have planned for it if I’d thought of it…could be a delusion." Kudos for examining your own thinking.

inadogg - I like the name of a programme called "Enjoy eating". Kudos for working the basics: "sitting down, eating slowly and enjoy" - so important to build the strategies to use daily.

Readers - day 11 Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings

Monitor Your Hunger

what are you thinking?

Sabotaging Thought: This task is too much trouble. I don't feel like doing it.
Helpful Response: It doesn't take very much time or energy. Why not try it, and see what happens?

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 119.

02-05-2014, 07:09 AM

I weighed myself yesterday and saw 275. OMG coaches. 10lb gain in 10 days. Yep, that's my efficient body. Given that I can hold up to 8lbs of water weight, well, I've been eating a soup/stew over the past few days and even the no salt broth does me in. Of course, this is just a "fooling myself" statement in some ways as I have been dithering about committing to a food plan and this is what happens when I am in between food plans. I gain weight. I just do. Left to my own devices, I choose poorly, even when I have the structure of 3 meals a day and one snack. I simply need more restrictions than that at this age than I did at 25. *note: I am not 25. So, I am unwilling to follow Weight Watchers anymore and I went in search of an anonymous program since I can accept myself as a food addict/addicted person and I found a food plan coming out of that structure and so I am adopting that as my foodplan. It's really where I have to go as a longtime eater. What's really getting to me is all the work I am doing at the gym and my weight continues to rise or rise then fall then rise and I am the same-or worse. It puts me off going to the gym. Talk about self sabotage! I am unwilling to give into this inner :devil: saboteur so it's back to the only way there is: food plans and food planning. I am re-starting Beck as well. Let's just hit the re-set button fully and completely this time round.... and while I am at it, I never did take my personal reward when I lost that first 5lbs. What good is achieving a goal, which has at the end of it a reward that actually means something to me, and then I don;t take it and now that weight is 10lbs down the scale again? I tell you Becksters, I don't make any sense.

what are you thinking?

Sabotaging Thought: This task is too much trouble. I don't feel like doing it.
Helpful Response: It doesn't take very much time or energy. Why not try it, and see what happens?

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 119. Thanks BBE for this this morning....

02-05-2014, 07:22 AM
Another flying check in tonight coaches.

The stress thing got really stressful today and I really really really wanted to just drown my feelings in beer. (very unusually for me I was seeking intoxication not just food). But I didn't - I remembered that this week doesn't require perfection but it does require feeling not eating - so I had my planned water with dinner. I am very proud of me.

On the upside I am really enjoying being back at work and feeling blessed that going back to work after a long holiday is a positive thing in my world.

02-05-2014, 08:29 AM
Hi Coaches!

Weighed, wrote my food plan(beside the refrigerator) and am writing a post. Streak 2. Credit.

ForMyGirls, kudos for making some very good decisions during a very stressful time. Dr. Beck tells us, and I find it to be true, that we can make good decisions during bad times. Take care :hug:

onebyone, I hope you find a food plan soon. Keep searching.

Cheryl(seadwaters), I'm glad to hear you're already noticing progress at the gym!

:wave: everyone else!

Busy day to Denver w/mom and DH, both have appts. I'm going to do something nice for me while I'm there. credit.

02-05-2014, 12:26 PM
Yesterday's 100 minutes of shoveling snow marked my 200th day in a row of exercise!

Nice to get dramatic scale results after my first 100%OP day in recent memory.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 2

WI: -0.75kg, Exercise: +100 230/1400 minutes for February, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses:

LoseToAll: sorry for the loss of your father-in-law. That's a tough time for the whole family.

onebyone: I'm really coming to a place of acceptance that I'm an overeater and will always need a plan. That could seem unfair, but considering we're in the midst of an obesity epidemic, I really think that most people need a plan in our current broken eating environment. We're the lucky ones who know we need a plan. Fortunately, I have this response card and I believe it to be true: I'm a happier person when I'm following my plan.

02-05-2014, 12:58 PM
:wave::wave:Hello coaches,
Thanks for your encouraging words yesterday. The pound is "gone" again today, so I'm glad for that, but still a bit sad that I have not lost anything in 8 days....but that is much better than up a pound when I'm eating under 1700 calories and walking! I'm not good at measuring myself, so it is possible that I'm loosing inches and don't know it. Hanging onto that hope anyway.
Puppy update, he's STILL coughing. Had blood drawn and vet wants to do x-rays, but we are waiting for the Valley Fever test to come back first. He's finally eating regularly and is a bit playful.
Wednesday is pizza night here. Planning 1 piece with veggies.
Will be OP for exercise (treadmill today) food, and read my ARC's...decided to make my daily posting a "trigger" to read them.

seadwaters Congrats for sticking to the plan on lunch out. Great job on 8000 & 10,000 steps. Your new concoction sounds yummy.

BillBlueEyes WhooHoo for your streak, 77!!! I have a difficult time getting the heart rate sensors to work also. LOL about my huge new $ maker!

ForMyGirls Hurray for rounding down on food and staying OP. Kudos for resisting the beer for stress. Hope today is less stressful for you.

inadogg Welcome, I hope you find this forum a big help.

gardenerjoy Kudos for your new streak tracking, WOW on 200 days of exercise!

flnu You will get better at planning and healthy living will become more natural, success breeds success!

FutureFitChick Great for going to PT, so glad your therapist was positive and encouraging as well as helping you achieve good results. My husband is just like yours, but doesn't make my food...don't know how he can eat all those calories!

Lexxiss Kudos for starting a new streak and for your strong resistance muscle, and for being kind to yourself.

LoseToAll Sorry for your loss, Kudos for restarting with a new goal.

bethFromDayton Hope you enjoy your Pilates and have a great session with the trainer. Waving back :wave:

onebyone Bummer about the 10 pounds. :( I find I need more restrictions also to loose, too easy to fool myself. It is one of the reasons I'm tracking everything I eat w/ Diet Power, I get to see the impact of my choices by calorie and nutrition and can't live in denial. There are lots of sites that allow you to log your foods for free also, perhaps something like that could help? Another thing I like about the program I'm using is that it has "intelligence" to calculate my metabolism and raise/lower my daily calorie budget to keep me on track.

02-05-2014, 03:47 PM
Hi, Coaches.

I had massive hunger yesterday and today. Yesterday, I used NO CHOICE. Today, I decided to have a few eggs between breakfast and lunch, which helped a lot with energy levels. Tomorrow I head back to the surgeon for my first post-op check. PT has been going well, and my therapist said I am doing really well, so that is encouraging. I was able to get up nice and early this morning, which felt great.

I am having trouble writing a food plan, as I am no longer in charge of cooking/planning meals until I am back on my feet. Any suggestions how to handle this?

I had been thinking about tracking my "success" days with you all, but I am honestly up to my neck in tracking life right now. I may try it later though.

AZTricia, I am really sorry you have a sick pup! I hope he is feeling better and that you are able to get some answers soon. Also, kudos to you in advance for sticking to that single slice of pizza.

BethfromDayton, keeping my fingers crossed for you that you will be able to have your pilates class. I am really impressed that you have such a solid backup plan already.

BillBlueEyes, great job at the gym! Your grain musings are interesting. So, it was an Egyptian oven that was so similar to a tandoor?

ForMyGirls, I am glad you enjoy your work so much! I had that desire to drink after stressful days when I was losing weight quite rapidly. It is really weird, because I very rarely crave a drink.

GardenerJoy, woohoo! 200 days in a row! That is fantastic!

Lexxiss, you must have amazing strength to be around food all day! Good for you for charting your course ahead.

LosetoAll, great job jumping back on your plan! Condolences for your loss.

OnebyOne, I am sorry to hear about your struggles. Good luck on hitting reset. Could you try focusing on one small habit at a time?

PamatGA, good luck in your continued exercise and healthy habits!

SeaDWaters, I am impressed with your moose! That sounds great.

02-05-2014, 11:38 PM
Good Evening, Coaches.

DH is playing with a college buddy this week. I find I appreciate him in all new ways when he is gone.

Today is Day 5 OP. Lots of credit for not using the extra tasks and chores I have as an excuse to say, "Oh, I will start next week." Especially big credit for not succumbing to the candy bug when I started to feel super blue at work. What did I remember today that I usually forget? I want to write it down and keep it in my desk.

Super tired. I seem to be aiming straight for the bed these days- happy for the retreat from people and their emotional expectations. Maybe it is my expectations. I get confused sometimes.


02-05-2014, 11:47 PM
My day snowed in at home was hard for me food wise. I was really hungry well before lunch time. I managed to keep all my food to reasonable choices but it was spread out much differently than it usually is--and I'm not quite sure why.

The pilates class got cancelled at work and I didn't do a substitute workout at home.

I'll be traveling the next few days--I'll check in--and I'll also be continuing my recording streak. I've promised myself some Chicago pizza--and a small pece of my grandmother's birthday cake, and the rest--good choices and OP.

Take care, all.

02-05-2014, 11:58 PM
Hi coaches,

I am back after a terrible run of unhealthy and destructive eating. Thanks to a PM from one of my Beck friends I am up to facing some hard realities. I just read many posts and, as ever, you are all so helpful.

I really took to heart to what gardenerjoy wrote to onebyone:

"I'm really coming to a place of acceptance that I'm an overeater and will always need a plan. That could seem unfair, but considering we're in the midst of an obesity epidemic, I really think that most people need a plan in our current broken eating environment. We're the lucky ones who know we need a plan. Fortunately, I have this response card and I believe it to be true: I'm a happier person when I'm following my plan.

Thanks for that. It is absolutely true. I need to find a plan and I need to remember that following a plan means I feel better- physically, mentally and emotionally. It's as simple and as complicated as that!


02-06-2014, 05:44 AM
Hi Coaches

Just a quick check in - I have just finished dinner at 8.30 and given I go to bed at 9pm it is way too late. It has been getting later and later each evening for some reason and it just doesn't work. I wake up so early I need to go to bed early or I am exhausted.

I had to go to a funeral today and there was a function over lunch time - I decided that most of the food there was probably not going to be suitable so I organised lunch back at work and didn't eat at the function except for one small something on a cocktail stick (I had decided beforehand to try a couple of things). Can't log it on MFP because too obscure. I got back to work and had my lunch and all was well with my plan

Credits today: had a plan and food OP; logged food in MFP; weighed myself and logged my weight; walked to 8,000 steps; posted to coaches; ate sitting down - 50%

02-06-2014, 07:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Streaked to 78 with snacks on plan, CREDIT moi. Meals were on plan also. DW baked seasoned root veggies to go with salmon for dinner. It felt winter appropriate. She used fingerling potatoes that were nearly black on the inside - both tasty and attractive.

Worked the new snow thrower for exercise, CREDIT moi. It handles about half the space in our small city property; the tight areas need a shovel. As a newbie behind the machine, I found the challenge to aim the snow toward a space that hadn't already been cleared. Did some double duty. With about 12 inches it served its purpose well. I wasn't tired from the heavy lifting so I didn't get as cold and worked for nearly three hours without a break. That included lots of time fiddling about with the neighbors who co-own the machine with me. Good news: It started on the first pull; we didn't have to bring out the long extension cord to use its electric starter. I was impressed.

onebyone – Yay for restarting when that's what's needed. I seem to have trouble with this one, "I am not 25."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Congrats on a three pound loss in response to 100 minutes of shoveling. I, too, am grabbed by, "will always need a plan."

CeeJay - Don't we all need this, "I need to remember that following a plan means I feel better- physically, mentally and emotionally."

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Thanks for the reminder, "do something nice for me."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – LMAO at "one small something on a cocktail stick" - methinks I've had one of those.

FutureFitChick – Hope your doctor's visit goes well. Kudos for "I used NO CHOICE." [The oven was from about 900 BCE shown on the map northeast of Egypt in the current Palestine. I tend to get the cultures of that time period confused. They not only had EV Olive Oil, but were seasoning with cumin - what more does one need? I need to remember that it probably took thousands of years for Olive Oil to lose its virginity.]

maryann - Yep, Kudos for avoiding the candy-bug at work.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Yay for a plan that includes "Chicago pizza--and a small pece of my grandmother's birthday cake." Have a good trip.

ForMyGirls - Cheers for enjoying your work. Kudos for water with dinner when that's what you planned. Love, "feeling not eating."

AZtricia - Like being reminded that we can have pizza - with a plan, "Planning 1 piece with veggies."

Readers - day 11 Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings

Monitor Your Hunger

what are you thinking?

Sabotaging Thought: Why do I need to know the difference? I'm just going to follow my diet plan anyway.
Helpful Response: When I get to maintenance, I can be more flexible with my eating if I eat only in response to hunger. Unless I practice differentiating between hunger and craving now, I won't be able to do this successfully and I'll gain weight.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 119.

02-06-2014, 07:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Streaked to 78 with snacks on plan, CREDIT moi. Meals were on plan also. DW baked seasoned root veggies to go with salmon for dinner. It felt winter appropriate. She used fingerling potatoes that were nearly black on the inside - both tasty and attractive.

Worked the new snow thrower for exercise, CREDIT moi. It handles about half the space in our small city property; the tight areas need a shovel. As a newbie behind the machine, I found the challenge to aim the snow toward a space that hadn't already been cleared. Did some double duty. With about 12 inches it served its purpose well. I wasn't tired from the heavy lifting so I didn't get as cold and worked for nearly three hours without a break. That included lots of time fiddling about with the neighbors who co-own the machine with me. Good news: It started on the first pull; we didn't have to bring out the long extension cord to use its electric starter. I was impressed.

onebyone – Yay for restarting when that's what's needed. I seem to have trouble with this one, "I am not 25."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Congrats on a three pound loss in response to 100 minutes of shoveling. I, too, am grabbed by, "will always need a plan."

CeeJay - Don't we all need this, "I need to remember that following a plan means I feel better- physically, mentally and emotionally."

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Thanks for the reminder, "do something nice for me."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – LMAO at "one small something on a cocktail stick" - methinks I've had one of those.

FutureFitChick – Hope your doctor's visit goes well. Kudos for "I used NO CHOICE." [The oven was from about 900 BCE shown on the map northeast of Egypt in the current Palestine. I tend to get the cultures of that time period confused. They not only had EV Olive Oil, but were seasoning with cumin - what more does one need? I need to remember that it probably took thousands of years for Olive Oil to lose its virginity.]

maryann - Yep, Kudos for avoiding the candy-bug at work.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Yay for a plan that includes "Chicago pizza--and a small pece of my grandmother's birthday cake." Have a good trip.

ForMyGirls - Cheers for enjoying your work. Kudos for water with dinner when that's what you planned. Love, "feeling not eating."

AZtricia - Like being reminded that we can have pizza - with a plan, "Planning 1 piece with veggies."

Readers - day 11 Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings

Monitor Your Hunger

what are you thinking?

Sabotaging Thought: Why do I need to know the difference? I'm just going to follow my diet plan anyway.
Helpful Response: When I get to maintenance, I can be more flexible with my eating if I eat only in response to hunger. Unless I practice differentiating between hunger and craving now, I won't be able to do this successfully and I'll gain weight.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 119.

02-06-2014, 07:39 AM
hello coaches,

Today i caved and chose food over feelings. Not a catastrophically large amount so i shall give myself credit for changing my life such that when i drown my feelings in food the feelings come up gasping for air pretty quickly.

Funny thing is in the craziness of it all i forgot to weigh this morning so i will be weighing in tomorrow after an evening of bad behaviour. Oh well. It is just information.

Hopefully the stress is over for a bit now - could be some after shocks for the next few days but it is mostly done. Probably why i misbehave tonight - it was finally time to breathe again.

Looking forward to being back in the world of seeking perfection again tomorrow :-)

02-06-2014, 08:00 AM
Hello lovely people, I'm just checking in quickly to say thanks for being there at the start of my Beck journey :)

Things are going well, I have stuck to my eating plan since New Year's Day, I am still working very gradually through the Beck book and using the techniques (more and less depending on the days).

I have however found that the forum format doesn't work very well for me to check in regularly, and a friend of mine has recently set up a Facebook group which is working better for me as a diet coach the way my life is at the moment, so I probably won't be posting here again - but I didn't want to just disappear without saying thanks for getting me started!

Good luck to everyone and thanks again xx

02-06-2014, 09:40 AM
Hi Coaches!

Weighed, wrote my food plan(beside the refrigerator) and am writing a post. Streak 3. Credit.

Yesterday's plan needed tweaking-we didn't head to our usual Denver spot but instead met at the buffet where mom, DH, DD, baby AND I could compromise and all have what we needed/wanted. The good news is that yesterday's plan works for tonight so I don't need to rewrite. My change in "plan" for last night was simple-grapefruit (yum) and a serving of my vegan popcorn for evening snack. credit.

AZTricia, you asked about buffet eating. Here's my system. I found the buffet where nutritional info was online. Determined that their veggies were not calorie laden and observation was that the salad bar was "fresh". When we get there my DH heads right for food. I get drinks and utensils. Then I get a plate which has only veggies and a bit of salad. By the time I eat slowly and enjoy that my DH is finished with plate 2. I then get another plate which has more veggies and I have "bites" of different items, yet do not partake in anything not on MY plan. Those few bites of different items are satisfying and I eat them slowly. By the time I enjoy my 2 plates, my underweight DH has had 5. He loads up on desserts and I have a very small NSA frozen yogurt. I monitor my hunger and never leave overfull. Weight seems ok the next day letting me know my plan is acceptable.

CeeJay, glad to see you back here. I had my thinking cap on this morning as I did household chores. Reminded that Dr. Beck says we need to make time for dieting. My check-ins everyday, although not always here, really help. As an overeater, I need to keep in check every day or I quickly revert back to old uncontrolled habits.

MaryAnn, kudos for not letting the daily "stuff" interfere with you restarting your back to basics plan!

ForMyGirls, credit for not letting a day off plan derail you but making a plan to get right back to business!

BBE, credit for a continued and kudos-worthy streak!

FutureFitChick, I'm reminded how well BBE does following a plan when his DW does all the cooking. Isn't it one well thought out plate of what she's serving? Not knowing your DH's habits you might certainly need to find some parameters of what is acceptable and what is not....Quite often I will pass on stuff I make for DH. He eats fries I eat salad.....I also have nights where I will have yogurt/fruit while he has an entire meal....or cold cereal and a banana, which I find quite enjoyable now.

ETA-Kudos to systemaddict for finding a new and more convenient daily check in AND for coming to say goodbye. Best wishes although you probably won't read this.

02-06-2014, 11:06 AM
Hello Coaches,

Just completed Days 20 and 21. I was OP today (although maybe ate a touch too much a dinner). Yesterday was the first day that I went off plan with intent. I was OP for all three meals (although subbed a less-caloric option for what I had written down because husband really wanted to go out to eat and the choices were salad or cream-based pasta or fried fish/meat). Then I entered dinner into MFP and noticed I was at about 900 calories for the day. It was a big exercise day too (14000 steps – go me). Now let me caveat this next part by saying I know that’s not enough and I know I need to eat more calories than that to be healthy. Anyway, my brain told me screw the plan you gotta eat and I finished the leftover fish and chips that we brought home. It was reasonably modest. Here’s the thing: I should have gone to bed hungry. One low calorie day will not kill me. If I have some experiences like going to bed hungry, my theory is that I will learn to make better plans. If I just change the plan on the fly whenever I discover that my plan sucks, then I may as well not have a plan. It’s like if the troops just ignore the general whenever the plan is crap, then what’s the point of having a general?

So, I will:
1. Make a response card to “It’s ok to eat this because OMG I didn’t eat enough calories today” and I will read it the next time I’m in this situation. “Eating too few calories for just one day is not a big deal. I can remember to plan better next time. Besides, it’s a chance to build my resistance muscle.”
2. Enter my food plan into MFP the day before and adjust accordingly. (I have been writing the plan in my book and then entering into MFP when I eat the food.)

25 day exercise streak. 0 day sleep streak (but I’m only missing bedtime by minutes which is a huge improvement for me). I’m not going to streak diet, not even with an asterisk, because it’s just not binary for me.

02-06-2014, 11:47 AM
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 3 Credit!

WI: +0.3 kg, Exercise: +70 300/1400 minutes for February, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

CeeJay: glad to see you back and that what I wrote helped. That's great encouragement for me to keep writing my posts!

BillBlueEyes: Boston was in the news last night. So glad that you have a machine to help deal with all of that. I shoveled yesterday, for the second day in a row. My debate this week was "Is it easier to shovel 2 inches of snow twice, or 4 inches of snow once?" I didn't decide on an answer but since I was going to need two days of exercise anyway, I went with theory one. Anyway, shortly after we got started yesterday, the neighbor kids came over -- 7th grade and 4th grade -- just the age to think of shoveling snow as fun. This was the first time they offered to help. They were a big help, moving lots of snow and doing most of the heavy lifting while I cleaned up behind them. We're hoping this is the first of many times over the next few years. DH paid them enough to make their eyes widen which will probably help the process.

ForMyGirls: I had an insight while reading your post. I think I'm more likely to overeat at the moment that "it was finally time to breathe again" than in the moment of stress. What's up with that? It's not really stress-eating. It's almost more like celebration-eating or accomplishment-eating. Or, if things didn't go that well but at least it's over, it's disappointment-eating and acceptance-eating. More about entitlement than stress. Interesting. I can work with that information.

02-06-2014, 10:57 PM
Hi, Coaches.

Flying in for a quick check in. Tracked all food. Ate on plan. Forgot to leave food on plate at dinner. (I had the TV on - rats!)

Good news from doc! I'm already able to wean off crutches! That will make food prep much easier so that I don't have to rely on DH only.

BillBlueEyes, ha, ha, ha! Thousands of years!

Lexxiss, DH has always been at a healthy weight and is only moderately active. Yet, he is serious competition for the cookie monster.

Ceejay, awesome job at recovering and checking in!

02-06-2014, 11:06 PM
Hello Coaches,

It is Thursday night and today has been a tough day for hunger. I did not go over my plan, but came close and the choices today did not earn me an A++ in my plan. Yesterday I also made the mistake of thinking I could exercise then skip my afternoon snack before pizza. :( I waited and waited (ok about 20 minutes) for one slice to satisfy and fill me but it did not, so I gave into the temptation and had two slices. Thankfully the skipped snack and exercise covered the calories, but I won't do that again.

Eating OP (barely), Exercise also OP barely (should have done my DVD in addition to walking puppy), but -1 lb finally! :dancer:

FutureFitChick sympathizing with your hunger and wishing I'd read your eggs idea. So glad PT is helping. No ideas for your meal plans, sorry. Hurray for off crutches!!!

maryann Congrats for 5 days OP and for resisting the candy.

bethFromDayton Great job for your flexibility in dealing with your day and still making good choices. Wishing you a safe trip.

CeeJay Welcome back. Hoping that your realization will halp you plan and stick to it.

seadwaters Glad that you are happy with your food today, great job on 8000 steps.

BillBlueEyes The baked veggies sound delish. Wow to three hours of snow clearing!

ForMyGirls Credit for a non-catastrophic and bounce back...and for acknowledging you feelings. Glad you can see your progress.

Lexxiss Congrats on your streak of 3. Thanks for sharing your buffet plan, I can see that being workable.

flnu Great job acknowledging the need for a new response card and credit for doing it. Congrats for 25 days of exercise!

gardenerjoy Congrats on you 3 credits. Glad you were able to get help with your snow.

Good night to put kiddos to bed, then my turn!

02-07-2014, 12:22 AM

A thing happened earlier this week that's burned my butt. I joined WW with a friend who announced she would do it her way and eat less than they recommended. I thought don't do that but stayed quiet. She stuck with it "her way" and is now down probably close to 30lbs, which I am happy for her as it's been as tough for her to lose weight as for me and she is 20 yrs older than me. She has concerns about maintenance, and that's good nad realistic and I think, wow you cut your calories so how will you manage that and then I think never mind. YOU have NEVER made it that far. So it's all mixed feelings but 99% supportive and I adore this person--a reason she and I joined WW together. So this past week she brought in some clothes that no longer fit her: a top and a really nice winter coat. She said they were for my mom, which is great, but she added, maybe you would want to try them? *sigh* She meant well, nothing on her as we had discussed her offering me clothes I could pass on to my mom, or that we could share, but I thought "OMG more fat clothes for me because guess what? You're fat. Or, rather, you're *still* fat."

I don't want anyone to pass their fat clothes onto me ever again, even with the best of intentions. I call this "motivation".

And on a more positive example of motivating myself to find and stick to a foodplan for the purposes of chemically transforming my body fat into water and energy and waste products, I found an art event I really want to get into. They do videos and take pictures and stuff and geez I am tired of shying away from the spotlight and the images. And this is an event I want to feel my utmost best at and if I feel energetic, young, healthy and strong that would be the best thing I can do for my artwork at this point. There is an online video of this event that had me imagining I was there and doing my own thing at it, and so I can view that video anytime for a reminder. I may want it more that the sugar or whatever in the moment. I need to surround myself with these kinds of visual interruptions and reinforcements of a healthy lifestyle and a world that is wide open vs. the secretive closeted life of an addictive overeater who is ashamed of their behaviour and who they have become or remain. I want to shed my low-level dissatisfaction with myself. Nothing gets done under that kind of mental cloud ever.

Thanks for letting me share.

02-07-2014, 02:20 AM
Today was OP foodwise until the DoubleTree cookie. I was feeling tired and stressed and it didn't occur to me to decline the cookies at checkin. I have a breakfast plan and dinner plan for tomorrow,and exercise will be walking all day at the Museum of Science & Industry.

Lunch will have to be as it's figured out--I suspect we'll be eating at the cafeteria at the museum.

Not posting personals let me get too far removed from staying engaged--I can't easily do personals while traveling, but I'll be reprioritizing that when I get home.

02-07-2014, 05:14 AM
Evening coaches

I have had a busy day - more or less on plan. When I was at the gym I found a "Ginger Nut Paleo Bar" which looked really great - when I got home I tried it (very small piece), sitting down etc. But it wasn't on my plan. I think it will be in the future!

Exercise was 9000 steps on top of gym this afternoon. I had another appointment with the trainer - he is more engaged and on board than I thought. He did in fact work me very hard and it was nice to have expectations placed on me. I think I did OK. I did mention to him (when he asked) that I experienced either ridiculous over expectations from young PT or a patronizing underestimation of abilities when they saw grey hair. He seemed to step up to the challenge

Credits today: had a plan and food 90% OP; logged food in MFP; weighed myself and logged my weight; walked to 9,000 steps; exercised; posted to coaches; ate sitting down - 70%

Waving to all - will catch up tomorrow :wave::wave:

02-07-2014, 06:23 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – At gym class, CREDIT moi, the replacement leader didn't show up so we chose the most experienced member to lead us thoughtfully through a thorough workout. (He smirked that he could combine three 'th' words in one sentence since he doesn't have an editor to cross that out.) We worked harder than normal since she was a tad uncertain and never paused for a rest break. A few different muscles stretched is good.

The heavens caused the local bagel shop to send me a coupon for three FREE bagels. I snagged them. They needn't be a problem; my notion that bagels deserve a ton of butter is a problem. I planned one for my peanut butter sandwich for lunch yesterday. That worked. Gave one to DW. Two down. Planned the third for breakfast this morning with a slice of ham instead of butter and cream cheese. I walked to a deli to get the ham so I've burned a few of the calories that it'll cost, LOL. Food and snacks on plan, CREDIT moi, allows streak to 79. Grapefruit for evening snack was a first in a long time. The scale gods awarded me a one pound down-jitter to counter the tiny guilt for enjoying the bagels.

onebyone – Ouch for the kindly acts of others that harm our motivation. Good luck on your quest to get in that art event.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for 3 3W's in a row. I've debated your question about clearing half the snow or waiting for it to finish - never reached a conclusion. Congrats for choosing a DH smart enough to pay the young teens enough to get them to come back.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Learning to work a buffet on plan is one of the greatest challenges. Kudos for your thoughtful demo, especially a plate with "only veggies and a bit of salad."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Good news that your trainer responded to your needs. Kudos for speaking out to get what you wanted.

FutureFitChick – I remember so fondly that moment of weaning off crutches. Yay for bodies that heal themselves - what a good feature.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – I so loved the Museum of Science & Industry when I visited it decades ago. What an amazing, massive place. Hope you had days to wander about. Big Ouch for check-in cookies - they should be outlawed when apples are a much better choice.

ForMyGirls - Yay for feelings that "come up gasping for air pretty quickly" with Kudos for training them. Interesting that you observe that it's the end of the stress that triggered the diversion.

systemsaddict - Kudos for your success sticking to your plan using the Beck strategies. Bon Voyage with your Facebook group - thanks for letting us know. May many successes follow you.

AZtricia - Ouch for the temptations of pizza. Yay for a house full of hungry males so that there's not too much available for you to consider.

flnu - LOL at the troops and the general working your plan who, presumably, caused a forced march of 14000 steps. Kudos for conquering it all and coming out with specific steps for the future.

Readers - day 11 Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings

Once I learn to tell the difference between
hunger and craving, dieting will be easier.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 120.

02-07-2014, 10:38 AM
Day 22. Nothing much to report. I was OP. I exercised for my 26th day in a row. I am a tiny bit less slow on the treadmill now. And I enjoyed remembering the athlete I was in my teens and how that felt when all your body just hums. I don’t know if I could ever feel that again. I gave myself 10 weeks to lose 5 lbs before I start tweaking anything. I’m happy to report that in week 1/10 I am down 2.

Gardenerjoy: Entitlement-eating is an interesting concept. I will have to think on it. I think I may be a disgruntlement-eater. I’m thinking 4 inches once is easier but it’s smarter/healthier to do it your way. The kids sound great. My girls have yet to see snow. Well, we did go to Snow World in Bangkok, where there is artificial snow and sledding but, yeah, not the same.

So glad you’re off the crutches, FutureFitChick. That seemed much faster than I would have expected. Do you try to leave some food on your plate at every meal? Is that a Beck strategy that I missed? I did the Day 17 exercise but thought it was a one time deal.

Tricia, I think it’s kind of awesome you made yourself wait at all.

Hi, onebyone, ok, “I call this ‘motivation’” is a great line. I am so stealing that. I am glad that your friend’s intentions were good because the action was misguided at best. I would have reacted the same way you did only less generously.

For me, I think an important and recent realization is that the scale is not the only or even the best metric of progress. The most important part is the mind. And the most important measure of progress is whether my habits, the ones I think are most important, are improving. For me, that’s getting to bed at a decent hour and eating (only) three meals a day. If I can do those things, then I am making progress. I’ll worry about tweaking the system later if it turns out I need to for the scale to fall in line.

Back to onebyone, I think your post made me think about that (thanks) because I am worried that if the scale doesn’t cooperate in the short term you won’t go to the event with the same fabulousness that comes through when you write about it. ‘Cause the event sounds totally cool.

Beth: That was a cookie ambush. Now I’m being amused by imagining you shouting “hai-ya!” and karate-chopping the cookie out of the reps hand. Probably not helpful. Sorry.

Seadwaters: I am super impressed that you are getting to 9000 steps in spontaneous, or at least, non-gym exercise. I think I get about 4000 if I don’t include my gym time. (Just got my new fitbit a few days ago – it is fun.)

BBE: Great streak. What kind of gym class? I used to do step aerobics and I loved it but now my knees are crotchety.

Ok, until tomorrow, coaches.

02-07-2014, 11:12 AM
flnu, kudos for a great exercise streak you have going! Thanks for checking in.!

Hi Coaches!

Weighed, wrote my food plan(beside the refrigerator) and am writing a post. Streak 4. Credit.

Weight at ticker this morning. Interestingly, as I had had some unplanned/off plan days last week the scale went up and I felt really "heavy". I'm gaining weight, I have to stop.....I've blown it....all the sabotaging thoughts came back. It was simple, get back on plan. What I've noticed, along with a 7# miracle drop, is that my emotional space is so much better when I plan and stay on plan. It's the direct result of healthy eating and how I feel about myself when I stay on track.. I know I'll always have to plan and monitor to keep control of my weight so why not just do it.

Take care everyone!

02-07-2014, 11:39 AM
It was so cold this morning that I forgot to weight myself in the rush to get dressed. When I remembered, 45 minutes later (fortunately, before I got around to eating breakfast), I got undressed so I could weigh -- I didn't want to break my streak!

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 4 Credit!

WI: -0.6 kg, Exercise: +30 330/1400 minutes for February, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

flnu: LOL at a karate chop to bethfromDayton's cookie. That's an image I can use!

02-07-2014, 11:49 AM
Hi, Coaches!

Another Flyby check in from me.

I slept in later than a wanted (bummer), but ate an OP breakfast and now am going to focus on writing for the day. I did not leave food on my plate. (This time I was reading while eating - more rats!) I will do more PT today for exercise.

This weekend DH is representing his company that is sponsoring a hack-a-thon. He'll be gone from tonight through Sunday afternoon. It will be the first time I've been on my own for a long time. I am hoping to get tons of writing done (not that he is to blame for me not getting tons of writing done regularly).

[AZTricia[/B], ouch on the pizza! That is so tough for me. I'm so glad your were OK with the calories though!

OnebyOne, just say no to the clothes if they make you feel bad. Just say you are trying to have a minimal wardrobe or something. Great job of being positive in face of that. I think one of the things I am most thankful for on 3FC is that I get to see many people who realize this is a lifelong battle, not just a fight to win once.

BethfromDayton, ouch for the cookie. Have a great time at the museum of Science & Industry. I love that place!

SeaDWaters, Great job going to the gym. I find gym "health bars" weird. Much of the stuff they have at mine isn't healthy at all. It sounds healthy, but they load it full of junk. Great job with the 9,000 steps too!

BillBlueEyes, cool that your gym class worked out in spite of a missing leader. I love grapefruit! It is such a wonderful winter treat.

FLNu[B], how fun to remember the "athlete [you] were in [your] teens". I was never coordinated enough to be athletic as a kid, so I am a bit envious. I am shocked how fast this recovery is too. Especially with the fracture, I would have thought I would be down longer. I thought leaving food on my plate was a Beck thing. I don't have my book on me to check. Maybe I just picked that up from someone here at 3fc?

[B]Lexxiss, you haven't blown it. Don't forget the scale is a tool and it is not all or nothing! (I need to hear this myself too.) I'm glad your mind switched to the plan instead of those ugly thoughts.

02-07-2014, 07:10 PM
Good Afternoon, Coaches.

I had to walk through anxiety the last few days. There is a threat of a teacher's strike. I have done what I feel what I can. I have written to the leaders saying I would not strike. I have ask questions of the strike agitator in an open meeting. Not negative questions, things like "How long does the average strike last?" (There was one last year that lasted 8 weeks.) What percent of the membership needs to authorize it? Is that the percentage that votes or total membership etc. . . I was uncomfortable being so visible but I think the organizers were uncomfortable as well. The most disappointing part was only 100 people were there in a 700 person union. Are these few radicals going to run the show and why will everybody let them?

So, I am out of sorts. I began micromanaging my life which ended up with me driving in bad snow conditions to our mountain place because I couldn't say "No" to a family we had invited during better weather. But I am here now and I seem to be settling down. There is nowhere for me to go for the next two days so maybe that is a good thing.

Through it all, I have remained OP in that I have not touched the 7 drop foods. The amounts, however, are concerning me. Maybe they will right themselves this weekend.

BethFromDayton: Boy do I remember Doubletree cookies. I associate the taste with so many things: the honeymoon of my first disastrous marriage,trips to Vermont to go to college, Disneyland. Wow! Food memory is powerful. Credit for checking in and counting it.

seadwaters: Big credit for communicating to someone exactly what you need. The bonus prize is actually getting it.

BBE: Nice plan for the bagels. "Frugal February" has me repurposing food in healthier meals. Like my white rice that went with turkey. Off dairy so I had to use olives to get that little salty jag. Truth be told, I missed the butter - but not desperately.

flnu: Big credit for 2 pounds. I usually drop 1/2 pound a week. So you are like lightening in comparison.

Lexxiss; I can appreciate the feeling of panic when the scale starts to go back up. I, too, feel better on plan even though I have only lost .5 pound this week.

Gardenerjoy: Thinking of you. I will be using snow shoveling as exercise tomorrow. Common for you; a first for me.

FutureFitChick: Have you shared what you're writing is?

02-07-2014, 10:21 PM
Back from our cruise, but still on vacation. Challenged by sheer amount of food at every turn...not scrumptious, which had me eating more simple carbs ...not smart. Walked a lot and went up a lot of stairs. We'll see the damage on the scale this week...hope my metabolism kicked into high gear with the addl calories. Wishful thinking, I know... shhhh... :rolleyes:

Enjoy the weekend. Off to read what I've missed here and will check in tomorrow. Saw that I missed a day off from work because of another winter storm... enough!

02-08-2014, 05:51 AM
Hi coaches

Sorry coaches - this is another fly by - I did consider not checking in but not really an option.

My body was tired today after yesterday's exercise - not sore but really tired so I rested up. Just made my steps which ended up at around 7000. I made a plan, logged it in MFP and essentially followed that plan

I agree with FutureFitChick that health bars are usually full of particularly unhealthy ingredients. But this one seems good - 5 ingredients - almonds, organic turkish apricots, coconut, coconut oil, ginger - that's all. But it has enough calories for a meal so caution is warranted! I will cut them into three pieces and eat over 3 snacks.

I am planning on more exercise tomorrow so hope my muscles recover in time! I am logging my weight but I really hate logging it when it bounces up. I know it is "just" a fluctuation but I just seem to bounce around the same weight. However I think it is important that I don't just weigh myself but acknowledge that weight by logging it

Credits today: had a plan and food OP; logged food in MFP; weighed myself and logged my weight; walked to 9,000 steps; exercised; posted to coaches; ate sitting down - 90%

02-08-2014, 06:44 AM
Hi Coaches!
Weighed, wrote my food plan(beside the refrigerator) and am writing a post. Streak 5. Credit.
Tonight's dinner will be the same as yesterday's. easy.

BBE, I just put my two grapefruit in the fridge. One is for my after work snack. They are delicious this time of year. Kudos for bagel planning.

Maryann, kudos for stepping up and voicing your values. It matters.

Nationalparker, welcome back to winter. Glad you had a great time!

Cheryl(seadwaters), yes, posting when you considered not to us important. Credit

FutureFitChick, enjoy your quiet time and writing. Glad you are improving from your surgery every day.

Gardenerjoy, kudos for your streak. It's working for me, too.

Off for an hour nap before work calls. Yesterday was long and stressful and I'm glad my plan guided me through without any unplanned eating. Credit

02-08-2014, 08:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, included that bagel with ham for breakfast and sardines for lunch - an unusual day. Snacks were on-plan, to stretch the streak to 80. Evening snack was a California Navel Orange that was as good as they get.

Walked, CREDIT moi, to pick up my backpack that I'd left last week when I carried something in it for DW. Sorta amazing, since I wasn't using it for myself I lost track of it. Glad I wasn't climbing Mount Everest at the time. Did our folk dance thing; it is exercise, but even more it's coordination - and fun. Faced a table of snacks including Jícama ( with humus but ignored it all. I thought about the strawberries, grapes, and baby carrots because they're 'good for me' but sticking to my plan is also 'good for me.'

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for the extra effort to keep your streak going.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Thanks for the reminder, "my emotional space is so much better when I plan and stay on plan." Yay for naps; Double Yay for morning, before-work naps.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – "Really tired" from exercise is a good thing; Kudos.

FutureFitChick – Hope the writing is going well to stave off loneliness.

maryann - Ouch for the possible strike with Kudos for stepping outside your comfort zone to help calm down the rabble-rousers. It is interesting how few it takes to make a movement.

nationalparker – Good news that your cruise was a success. Ouch for "food at every turn."

flnu - Less slow is always good - even if "a tiny bit." Congrats on those two pounds toward a sane first goal. [My exercise class is sorta 'Zumba light' - taught by the Zumba instructor for those of us who want the cardio and stretching with less dancing intensity.]

Readers - day 12 Practicing Hunger Tolerance

Yesterday, you learned the differences between hunger, desire, and cravings. Today's task is a little tougher. You're going to learn how to tolerate hunger.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 121.

02-08-2014, 08:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, included that bagel with ham for breakfast and sardines for lunch - an unusual day. Snacks were on-plan, to stretch the streak to 80. Evening snack was a California Navel Orange that was as good as they get.

Walked, CREDIT moi, to pick up my backpack that I'd left last week when I carried something in it for DW. Sorta amazing, since I wasn't using it for myself I lost track of it. Glad I wasn't climbing Mount Everest at the time. Did our folk dance thing; it is exercise, but even more it's coordination - and fun. Faced a table of snacks including Jícama ( with humus but ignored it all. I thought about the strawberries, grapes, and baby carrots because they're 'good for me' but sticking to my plan is also 'good for me.'

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for the extra effort to keep your streak going.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Thanks for the reminder, "my emotional space is so much better when I plan and stay on plan." Yay for naps; Double Yay for morning, before-work naps.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – "Really tired" from exercise is a good thing; Kudos.

FutureFitChick – Hope the writing is going well to stave off loneliness.

maryann - Ouch for the possible strike with Kudos for stepping outside your comfort zone to help calm down the rabble-rousers. It is interesting how few it takes to make a movement.

nationalparker – Good news that your cruise was a success. Ouch for "food at every turn."

flnu - Less slow is always good - even if "a tiny bit." Congrats on those two pounds toward a sane first goal. [My exercise class is sorta 'Zumba light' - taught by the Zumba instructor for those of us who want the cardio and stretching with less dancing intensity.]

Readers - day 12 Practicing Hunger Tolerance

Yesterday, you learned the differences between hunger, desire, and cravings. Today's task is a little tougher. You're going to learn how to tolerate hunger.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 121.

02-08-2014, 11:20 AM
Hi, Lexiss, I just read your bio. I am so inspired by people like you that stick with it. Because I know that’s what I need to do too. I am also thrilled for you that you got off your blood pressure meds. I was just switched to an ACE inhibitor and it sucks. Makes me cough. I would love love love if weight loss or exercise or just healthy living made the difference for me and my hypertension. I also checked out SBD. The name somehow made me assume it was one of those diets that excludes whole categories of food, like don’t eat white food or whatever. I see now that it is meal-plan based. Not for me, as I have control issues (also I can’t get “common” ingredients where I live), but I’m glad it’s been a win for you.

Gardenerjoy: Credit for weighing. The streaks are motivating aren’t they? I really don’t want to break my exercise streak because I feel like I can never do so well again. Hmm…maybe not the best mindset. I guess I will work on the mindset if the streak breaks. I’ve got a three day vacation coming up and I’m already strategizing about how to get in exercise.

FutureFitChick: Is a hack-a-thon computer-related? My husband will be gone from Sunday through Wednesday but for me it is a net loss in alone time because that means no help with the girls. But I enjoy having them all to myself. And then I enjoy not having them all to myself when he comes home so it’s a win. We can be future fit-and-athletic chicks together.

Maryann: SO AWESOME that you spoke up, especially if it is out of your comfort zone but is something you believe in. Do you think moving beyond your comfort zone in eating has spilled over into other areas? Is this something you would have done before? I feel more confident in other areas of my life, I think because of the exercise, or maybe just being in control, has ripple effects. BTW, what are the 7 drop foods?

I hope you enjoyed the cruise, nationalparker. The one time I went on a cruise, many many years ago, I do remember the near constant food. Well, whatever the scale says, you can get back on track. And here you are posting already.

Seadwaters: Glad you made yourself sore – enjoy!

BBE: Now I really want a delicious orange. So nice that you’ve found fun ways to exercise – dance.

‘Til tomorrow, Coaches

02-08-2014, 11:21 AM
Quick pop-in before a morning event. Which I just realized might have food. But it won't be better than what I have at home, so I'm pledging here, to follow my plan which has perfectly wonderful things on it.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 5 Credit!

WI: +0.45 kg, Exercise: +45 375/1400 minutes for February, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

02-08-2014, 01:28 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

I am up in the mountains and all the beautiful snow has been washed away by the rain. Oh, well. We will take anything wet here in California. No skiing. I am going to try and stay away from food while under lockdown in the cabin and focus on finishing my scrapbook.

Credit for resisting a voice that says, "You're on vacation and you lose weight so slowly, you should go ahead and eat what you want. You can start tomorrow." But I kept to my eating rules. Even though the amounts were a little high I call it a win.

Nationalparker: Welcome back.

Seadwaters: I have found a bar that works for my current food program. I, too, have to be careful how I eat them. It works the best for me if I am on the go and plan it for an emergency meal. It is nice to know I don't HAVE to go out to eat.

Lexxiss: Yeah for naps, my favorite.

BBE: Ah the rationalizing brain. What is good for must be eaten. We wouldn't want it to go to waste. (Credit for ignoring your brain.)

flnu: I do think my success with food has enable me to become more authentic with who I am. I don't have that "secret shame" that accompanies any kind of compulsion.

02-08-2014, 10:57 PM
Hello coaches,

Having an OP day, but used all of my calories today. Part was that I ate on the road between stores grocery shopping then had a larger than average snack...but had a low cal dinner to balance and I'm fine. Still full, actually. I hurt my back, so I've only been walking for exercise as it spasms when I twist or reach. Hoping it will be better tomorrow. Good news is the scale was down another pound, puppy is doing much better, and I've stocked up on healthy food for the week (a whole box of oranges from Costco).

Eating OP, Exercise OP-, will read my ARC's when done here, -1 lb :)

onebyone Sorry your friend was insensitive. So glad you found a positive motivation.

bethFromDayton Hope you enjoyed the Museum and are having a great trip.

BillBlueEyes Great job dealing w/ bagels. Congrats on your happy scale. And you are right, pizza never lasts even 12 hours here. The folk dancing sounds fun, great job resisting the snacks. Thanks for the reminder that sticking to the plan is "good for me."

flnu Congrats on down 2 and OP!!! Thanks for the encouragement, I know pre-Beck I would not have waited and I'd probably have had 3 or more progress, though slow. Hope your coming weight loss will allow you to take fewer meds. Just the changes I've made so far have my blood sugars much better!

Lexxiss Hurray for a food plan and a nice streak going! Great job noticing your feel better on track! Congrats for following your plan!!

gardenerjoy Congrats on a streak of 5 and your weight loss, every little bit helps.

FutureFitChick Hope you had a great weekend on your own and enjoyed writing.

maryann The strike sounds very stressful, I hope that things are settled soon, hope you enjoy the mountain and are able to finish your scrapbook. Do you paper scrap?

nationalparker Welcome back, hope the walking rev'd your metabolism :) If you don't quit you will reach your goal!

seadwaters Congrats on 7000 steps, a plan and logging. Your bar sounds yum. I'm glad you have the great resistance muscle to divide it and plan to spread out the calories.

02-08-2014, 11:11 PM
Hi, Coaches.

I didn't log my food yesterday or today. I was pretty discouraged about my work today. I feel like I need to put all of my time in to writing now, and that I am spending a lot of time dealing with food/weight issues. I considered giving up until after my deadlines. But, I did spend several hours tonight prepping salads and veggie sides for the week. This was a better response for my health and I hope it is enough to deal with my time issues. We'll see.

I only did part of my PT. Posting here, so credit for that.

Maryann, you sound like you handled that meeting superbly. How incredibly exhausting that must have been! Hang in there and I hope you can be recharged by your change of scenery. As for me, I am finishing my dissertation, this semester, I hope. (I have said that the previous TWO semesters and did make it.) I'm not feeling like things are very different right now, but I have to work through this to get to the end.

NationalParker, ahhhh. Your cruise sounds awesome! I hope the scale isn't too mean to you!

SeaDWaters, your bars sound delicious. Hope you get some restful sleep tonight and feel great in the morning!

Lexxiss, mmmmm, grapefruit! It is awesome that your food plan helped you out so much during stress. That is great.

BillBlueEyes, great job for sticking to your plan, even with all of the healthy food temptation.

flnu, his "hack-a-thon" is a very large group of college students that are getting together to write software code for various projects. They basically set it up to work non-stop for 36 hours. It sounds awful to me in so many respects. Enjoy the time with your girls and enjoy the return of hubby.

GardenerJoy, hope the execution of your plan worked out!

02-09-2014, 01:32 AM
We head back home Sunday and get back to the airport around 10 p.m. ... then to dig the car out of the economy lot, it sounds like. Wish we'd remembered the shovel.

Today was op for breakfast and dinner but lunch was high. Will not count it as starting my streak. Aiming for tomorrow.

Will be hard to leave my folks, as it has been the last few visits, but have a return flight booked for April. Spent good time with folks, brother and dh tonight.

Good to catch up on the posts...hope for personals time soon...

02-09-2014, 04:15 AM
Good afternoon/evening Coaches

I am starting early to be sure I get time to post properly - and I have come back several times over the evening - I don't know why I am having so much trouble staying on top of things - I seem to be struggling to stay on top of everything. That's where a plan helps of course but still...

Food has been on plan so far - I planned to eat lunch at the gym after I worked out. Their food bar is actually pretty unique - they do meals with 150g (5 oz) of protein of choice (beef, tuna, salmon, kangaroo, chicken), choice of veggies or salads to go with it, sauce or flavouring for the meat. I think it is an absolutely brilliant idea. Only use EV olive oil, let you know what has gluten or sugar added etc. I have to say I really do like this gym - now I just have to keep remembering that when it is difficult to make the time for it.

Exercise was walking dogs and the gym - I did the same things that I did with the trainer the other day and survived. I like that he has found a way to include a little bit of high intensity interval stuff - I am not up to much really. I do 15 second sprints in each minute on the bike. I manage about 8 of those ATM and do about 2.5 km. Telling you of my progress made me think I should track it so I just went and added it to my weight record.

Credits today: had a plan and food OP; logged food in MFP; weighed myself and logged my weight; walked to 7,000 steps; exercised; posted to coaches; ate sitting down - 60% (cooking at sink :( )

Maryann - we are also looking to industrial action and it is always difficult to know who the good guys are. I believe in unions and workers rights etc but it is not always clear. Credit for holding them accountable. I like the idea that project managing your diet and weight loss produces generalisable benefits. Down with the sabotaging voice "you're on vacation..." - credit for sticking to your eating rules
Beth(FromDayton) - hope all is going well at the museum and you are having a great time!
Debbie (Lexxiss) - Credit for a streak of 5 - recycling meals makes life easier. Hope your nap did good.
Bill(BlueEyes) - A streak of 80 is pretty impressive. You do seem to have a fun exercise regimen. I am not brave enough to try the Zumba at the gym yet - would probably kill me anyway at this point. It took me ages to track down Jicama here a while back - found it in Asian stores and called Yam Bean - pretty good
flnu - :( for having to go on an ACE inhibitor - hopefully time on with a healthy lifestyle will make that unnecessary. Congratulations on the 2 lb down!
Joy (gardenerjoy) - keep on streaking. It is nice to see you here regularly - we need it. Glad what you have at home is better than what is on offer at your event
Tricia(AZ) - Credit for all those credits! Glad the pup is doing better at last - hope you all are too. Good to balance the books when you have to rearrange your plan. Oranges sound so good - a bit of sunshine in your winter - absent here (with any quality anyway)
FutureFitChick - I know what discouraged feels like especially with all those competing demands. Huge credit for planning and preparing to make it possible to follow your weight loss goals while doing what you have to. Glad things are slowly progressing with your PT
Nationalparker - hope the trip home is uneventful and that you can get the car out. Sad to leave your family.

02-09-2014, 07:27 AM
Hello coaches,

Sorry for my silence. After the stress of last week i needed to go and hide in my emotional cave for a while. The last few days have felt like there was a thick piece of foam rubber between me and being alive. I could see it, i could hear it, but i couldn't really feel it. Anyway this morning i woke up enthusiastic to be alive and have had a productive happy, connected to life day.

The other good news is that while in my cave i ate pretty well. Exercise and other health activities mostly went by the wayside and i wasn't planning or monitoring my food, but i was mostly making good choices so i don't think i will have gone backwards.

Credits: all of the above; being kind to myself last week and accepting that i needed some time to get back to myself.

Food ? <80 % OP; Health activities 100% OP? no ; Drank 2L water? no ; Went to bed on time? no ; Streak count: 0

Nearly bedtime so personals will have to wait till tomorrow.

02-09-2014, 07:55 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Exercise was walking the Boston Globe Travel Show for three hours, CREDIT moi. Hardly aerobic, but it was tiring. The booths were staffed with native Koreans, Thai, Malaysian, and Dominican Republic workers - English speaking with alluring ascents. I'm ready to travel everywhere. The most attractive: Maine. Yep, right next door Maine produced a woman throwing an ax at a target - not a hatchet, an ax. And served a buckwheat pancake that was gluten free, no dairy, no eggs, and no sugar; didn't know that pancakes could be so good without all that stuff. Later walked to the movie, American Hustle, with DW, for a fun evening. I recommend that you see it before someone spills all its secrets - the joy is getting surprised by the hustlers.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks to streak to 81. This worked because I planned two snacks and lunch for the travel show. (I could have added the evening snack to make it three, but that seemed a stretch.) Again, Maine delivered. I accepted their low-bush blueberry thing made with buckwheat flour topped with maple ice cream as my lunch entree; found a table to eat it sitting down. Hardly nutritionally beneficial, but acceptable calories and it made me very happy. It helped me ignore the bowl of offered candy at every single booth. Maybe 200 pieces of candy ignored; they get their own CREDIT moi since some were dark chocolate and some were interesting.

The Caribbean locations all pushed escape to being pampered which didn't appeal to me. None displayed their birds, wildlife, or hiking trails. Instead: Gorgeous bodies on gorgeous beaches with formally-dressed waiters serving exotic drinks. DW and I, exposing that much skin, would certainly turn heads within that crowd, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I'm encouraged watching you use planning to get through food-laden events.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – First time I've heard a good report about gym food - you've found a winner. Kudos for progress in exercising.

FutureFitChick – Kudos for suffering through making choices about your writing, exercising, and eating - when all three are necessary.

maryann - Yay for a little bit of wet out there even with the Ouch for losing that snow. Kudos for recognizing that you need to stay away from food while on lockdown.

nationalparker – Waving as you fly overhead on your way home - more or less, LOL. Remembering to put a shovel in your car's trunk would have taken serious forethought.

ForMyGirls - Yep, Super Kudos both for being so aware of your "cave" and for staying your plan even when buffered by the "thick piece of foam rubber."

AZtricia - Drooling for "a whole box of oranges from Costco" - hope you get your share out of those. Congrats on that pound gone.

flnu - My belief is that weight loss and exercise will, indeed, help with hypertension - keep the faith and keep on trucking.

Readers - day 12 Practicing Hunger Tolerance

Are you concerned about being hungry? When I ask dieters this question, they invariably answer no - initially. But when I suggest today's exercise, most of them become uncomfortable. Some have said, "I'm not concerned about it, I just didn't want to be hungry." It turned out, though, that there was more to it. They were anxious. At some level, they didn't know if they could actually tolerate being hungry.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 121.

02-09-2014, 12:46 PM
I had an extra snack yesterday under a complicated, but not entirely unusual set of circumstances. I'm going to have to think about how to handle the situation better in the future. I'm better at the ones that I can plan ahead. Situations that arise because something doesn't go according to plan are harder. And, yet, I can predict that it will happen again, I just don't know when. I can surely figure out some way of working with that.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 6 Credit!

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +45 420/1400 minutes for February, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

flnu: weight loss and exercise allowed me to get off my hypertension medication. The best day of my entire weight loss journey was the one when the doctor took me off that medication. Have you tried other medications? I was on several different ones over a period of more than a decade and some worked better than others and some had fewer side effects than others. Also, some were cheaper than others and, for me, the cheaper ones often worked better than the more expensive ones.

02-09-2014, 08:14 PM
hi Coaches!

Weighed, wrote my food plan(beside the refrigerator) and am writing a post. Streak 6. Credit.

Today was a very long day....I tried posting before I went to the project....too many skiers using our cell towers. I spent the day on the floor of our renovation working on the old douglas fir flooring which I'm going to refinish. Lots of exercise. I have water boiling for dinner...must get going.

flnu, my BP numbers improved after 3-4 months on a very healthy diet even though I had only lost 20 more pounds. My cholestrol has been slower to reach better numbers but it still improves every year. South Beach isn't low carb it's healthy carb....lots of veggies/fruits.

Ok., dinner time. Take care everyone! I work at the restaurant for the next 2 days. I'll try to check in before I leave but my no snacking sign was so effective I'm sure to hang one again.

02-10-2014, 12:17 AM
Hello this Sunday evening, coaches,

Today has been an OP day, made polenta (which spell check wants to make into tadpole Eww!) to go with our chicken for dinner and my diet plan liked that, lots on positive NQ points. :)
Walked the doggie three times and will probably go again before bed as it is not too cold tonight. Had to open the windows because it was 77 upstairs and that is just too warm for sleeping on flannel sheets! Though it looks like I need to give up any hope of more winter as our temps are headed towards 80s by midweek :(

Eating OP, Exercise OP, read ARC+

FutureFitChick Sorry you are discouraged, credit for pre-planning salads and veggies.

nationalparker Hope you are home safely and were able to uncover your car. Looking forward to seeing your new streak. Glad you had a good visit with family.

seadwaters Sounds like a great food bar at your gym, kangaroo?!?! Not something you'd find here. What does that taste like? Nice that you are able to repeat your session like with your trainer-great job! Congrats on 7000 steps. Do oranges grow there? They are a cold season fruit for us, but they grow in AZ.

ForMyGirls Good job taking care of your needs. Hope your stress level is lower this week.

BillBlueEyes The show sounds intriguing. Why was the lady from Main throwing an ax? Is it some competition they have there? The pancakes sound yum. Wow for 81, you are doing great! Kudos for leaving behind all the tempting chocolate.

gardenerjoy Great job on your streak of 6!

Lexxiss Congrats on your streak, almost a week! The flooring sounds beautiful. Love your plan to hang the successful signs, great job!

02-10-2014, 04:18 AM

Had a bit of a disaster last night. Thought I had planned dinner but by the time I had posted and done chores it was late, and then I wasn't going to eat, and then I made 2 pieces of gluten free toast and avocado and vegemite. Definitely what I would not plan to have. Haven't done that for quite a while. So tonight I have already made dinner and made lunch for tomorrow even though I am working at home. Lunch today was unplanned except that I knew I was eating at one of 2 places. The cafe in the bldg where I sometimes work in the city has been closed for semester break so I wasn't sure where I would get lunch. Too difficult to take lunch on days like today. The cafe was open and I had a prawn laksa (full of allowable foods). Really difficult to estimate what the nutritional values are but I logged it in MFP as best I could.

I parked in the free carpark spot today rather than pay to park close to the office. It meant I had to walk further than usual and I did it with not much difficulty - credit for progress and I saved myself money into the bargain.

Tomorrow is my last 'free' PT session - have to decide if I will keep "him" on - I might decide to keep PT to once per fortnight just to keep me on track

Credits today: had a plan and food OP; logged food in MFP; weighed myself and logged my weight; walked to 8,600 steps; posted to coaches; ate sitting down - 80%

ForMyGirls - Credit for surviving a critical period and finding a way to preserve your self and maintain your good choices with food. Nice to see you back
Bill (BlueEyes) - Credit for eating delicious and novel food while maintaining the needed sitting down. And of course credit for your continued streak. I agree, hedonistic holidays have lost their appeal - one needs more to entice. Not sure a woman throwing an axe would do it for me though
Joy (gardenerjoy) - So hard to plan for unexpected contingencies - hard to plan for the unexpected. Yay for a streak of 6
Debbie(Lexxiss) - Glad this is the last project! The flooring sounds amazing. Credit for finding a way to contain snacking
Tricia (AZ) - Credit for OP eating and exercise. Glad the doggie is better and sounds like you are taking full advantage of his need for exercise. (I don't tend to eat kangaroo but it is a very good meat - I am just squeamish. Oranges are a cold season fruit here too but there is nothing available at the moment that is not jet lagged)

02-10-2014, 05:44 AM
Hi Coaches!

After yesterday's lack of internet, I'm trying for an earlier check in.

Weighed, wrote my food plan(sticky on my computer) and am writing a post. Streak 7. Credit.

I had a gratitude moment as I was perched on the side of the bathtub balancing myself while hosing down a mini blind. Weightloss has opened up so many long forgotten physical feats, even when they aren't on my list of "fun activities". :lol:

AZTricia, I am very envious of your weather right now, although I don't always fare well when it's super hot, especially at night, even though our high altitude nights always get cool.

BBE, great that you could stay OP by planning an extra snack for the travel show AND have a lunch which was not your usual fare. Kudos for planning in advance...a nice tool AlaBeck.

I went to bed early after a busy project day and now I'm wide awake. I'm going to try for an extra hour but my mind is just buzzing.

02-10-2014, 06:44 AM
Hello coaches,

Credits: sorely tempted to have a hot chocolate that was not on plan today and I said “I may want that hot choc a lot - but I want to lose weight more”; about a month ago I put together a “daily schedule” to enable me to fit all my healthy life habits and frugal spending habits into my busy life and today I worked off it for the first time (even though last week was my first week back to work it was too all over the shop to try the schedule) - I printed it out and kept checking in to see where I was meant to be up to and it worked really well; found a way to ride my bike one way today even though I had to be in too early to ride in this morning

Food ? 90 % OP; Health activities 100% OP? yes ; Drank 2L water? yes ; Went to bed on time? yes ; Streak count: 1

Joy - I liked your thinking on predicting that there will be unpredictable things. I look forward to hearing your plan for handling them! I also found really helpful a comment you posted sometime last week about the reality that it in a world where our eating environment is so messed up (you put it much more eloquently!) planning is a reasonable thing to need. I really struggle with the need to plan - I have a lot of stuff arguing against it about ‘normality’ being just making good spontaneous choices. Your comment made me think about / accept that if we didn’t live in ‘normality’ then maybe ‘normality’ isn’t going to work!

AZTricia - kangaroo is yummy - I don’t think to get it very often, but I like it when I do. I have a friend who makes a dish with roo mince that he calls “Chilli con Skippy” (and as I type I realise “Skippy” might be just an Aussie show”

Lexxis - loved your cleaning story. “Having energy to clean my house regularly” is on my ARC. It is starting to come true too :-)

02-10-2014, 07:54 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – The dining room table remains covered with the brochures from the Travel Show. I've pared it down to half. Alaska remains the largest stack possibly reflecting that it's super high on my gotta-go list. I've got one handout - a plastic thingy on a neck cord - that I still can't figure out what it's for. DW will begin to grouse after a few days if it isn't all cleared away.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi. Snacking was limited to my evening California Navel Orange so streak goes to 82. Exercise included a second walk, CREDIT moi, with no purpose except to admire the snow. At noon I had coffee with friends; one had walked 3.5 miles to join us and would have to walk that back home. She wasn't nibbling from the table of goodies so that helped remind me that active folks don't need as much nibbling. I visualized myself an active person and found it easy to ignore the snacks.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yep: Life - it's complicated. Tell me when you figure out how to handle events with food at 4pm and events with breakfast at 9:30am. These tweak me big time.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Love the details of your renovation: "the old douglas fir flooring." Kudos for facing it with its predictable, "Lots of exercise." Thanks for the visual of the day, "bathtub balancing myself while hosing down a mini blind."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – That Schapelle Corby story is compelling. Looks like three years before she sets foot again in Australia. Yay for FREE parking with exercise. And Yay for vegemite ( that I wish were sold in sample packets to I could get a single taste every year or so.

ForMyGirls - Gotta love the name, “Chilli con Skippy.” Kangaroo just doesn't make it to our stores. Stellar response, “I may want that hot choc a lot - but I want to lose weight more.”

AZtricia - Around here we can buy polenta (just got the 'tadpole' suggestion) in tubes - for those who can't boil water, LOL. Yay for lots of dog walking.

Readers - day 12 Practicing Hunger Tolerance

When people who struggle with dieting get hungry, they often feel hunger pangs intensely. The sensation can feel like an emergency. All their attention gets focused on how uncomfortable they feel - and when and where they can get food. They begin to think they won't be able to stand feeling that way.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 121.

02-10-2014, 08:09 AM
kangaroo is yummy - I don’t think to get it very often, but I like it when I do. I have a friend who makes a dish with roo mince that he calls “Chilli con Skippy” (and as I type I realise “Skippy” might be just an Aussie show”

Just calling in briefly to say :wave: and to say that Skippy, Skippy, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo was part of my childhood.

02-10-2014, 10:04 AM
Hi, Coaches.

I never made it to my check in yesterday, but am checking in now. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday trying to determine why and repair the reason my laptop keeps crashing. I don't have time for that!! Uck! So, I am posting via iPad, so I won't do personals right now.

Food yesterday was OP. Did not track food. Did PT. PT this morning was fine, but nothing exciting to share.

Everyone, thanks for the encouragement!

ForMyGirls, I hope you have a much better week this week than last!

02-10-2014, 10:54 AM
An extra snack, again. Sigh. But I think I figured out a piece of the puzzle -- an overwhelming to-do list and the only break I allowed myself was "snack." I designed some new breaks yesterday so I'll try that today. I also worked on trimming the to-do list to something more manageable.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 7 Credit!

WI: -0.1 kg, Exercise: +25 445/1400 minutes for February, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

ForMyGirls: This is exactly what I think we're up against: "if we didn’t live in ‘normality’ then maybe ‘normality’ isn’t going to work!"

BillBlueEyes: is your "a plastic thingy on a neck cord" a security pouch? I carry my passport and extra cash in a pouch around my neck and under my jacket. I sometimes carry it shoulder holster style so it's under my arm if I don't think I'll need it. In airports, it's hanging around my neck but under a top a layer so it's not completely visible.

02-10-2014, 11:03 AM
Hi, I am in a bad mood. I feel stompy. And apparently I am a tall two year old. Bedtime did not go well with the girls, and I lost my patience. I could have handled that better.

Ok, on to talking about food and eating and not eating. Eating was satisfactory today. It was my light exercise day (I alternate days I run with days I walk/elliptical trainer/yoga to keep my knees happy). I’m really enjoying my current exercise groove. My exercise streak is at 29 days. Fun to look at a calendar with all those x’s.

I’m little bit annoyed at my fitbit because it provokes me into walking circles around my bedroom if I'm just a little under my 10000 step goal. I supposed that’s what I signed up for but I’m bugged that I’m bugged by not getting all green smileys. Why do I care about green smileys?

Maryann: Your framing of the rationalizing brain is really helpful for me. And I had the thought passing by some pomelo today at not-meal-time that just because it’s good for me doesn’t mean I have to eat it.

Tricia: I hurt my back, so I've only been walking for exercise as it spasms when I twist or reach. See, now, this is great. What I’m not hearing is: My back hurt so I couldn’t exercise. Instead just a casual, not-even-thinking-about-it, oh yeah, my back hurt so I am doing a different exercise. Congrats on being down a pound. (Also what is NQ?)

FutureFitChick: I am so glad to see your latest check in. I am so glad you didn’t give up. Countering that feeling with prepping healthful foods seems just about perfect. (Also, thumbs down from me too on a hack-a-thon. Does not appeal.)

Welcome home, nationalparker.

Seadwaters: It all sounds good. I started doing just walking, then walk/run, and now run/walk, and soon just run (I’m up to 20 minutes straight running and I’ll keep extending that until it fills the whole time) on the treadmill, like what your describing on your bike. My point is: I’ve been really surprised and encouraged about how much ability I’ve gained just in five weeks.

ForMyGirls: I love that your credit included be kind to yourself. That is such a healthy response in so many ways. And a good reminder to me. Also credit for riding your bike.

BBE: You rocked the Travel Show. No excuses for you. You found a table. You planned snacks. You walked. Credit toi (if I may). Laos shares a lot of cuisine (and language for that matter) with Thailand. I wonder if you saw kanom krok – my favorite Lao/Thai snack.

Gardenerjoy: I was going to offer to brainstorm with you about the challenge you’re dealing with, if you’d like, but it seems like you’re already breaking it down. I went and read your truly lovely bio. I am so happy for you and Lexxiss that you reaped such tangible health benefits. And hopeful for myself. (I’m on ACE now, instead of a diuretic, because my new doctor says it is kidney-protective and mine apparently need protecting. I’ve just been on for about a week now, so I want to give it a chance.) Funny that you mentioned giving up diet coke, that is the first change I made a couple of months ago, kind of thoughtlessly, and then it snowballed into diet books and forums and 10 lbs lost to date. I also gave up coffee aka 200-calorie lattes on M-F. Now I’m going to join the Exercise Challenge and I’m off to get The End of Overeating. Intriguing.

Lexxiss: Credit x 7! So good to be reminded of all the potential benefits.

Silverbirch: Waving back.

02-10-2014, 02:32 PM
Hello, all! We are back home to most of our pets (the kitties) and will get the pooch back tomorrow. I miss them much more than DH does. Got home to the house about 11 p.m. after a good 20 minutes of scraping layers of ice and snow off the car ... and woke up to -3 this morning. I'm so over this winter already, and we still have a long way to go. Back at work, and will stop at the market on the way home, probably, even if just for a handful of things. If not, then we'll have one more meal out - this one at our cajun spot, and it's one I split in half.

Excited to see the scale at 170.0 this morning and typically I drop down a bit a day or two after a flight... so I'm hoping that I'm down a bit tomorrow. If not, I'll say that gaining 1.5 pounds on a cruise/vacation was good for me at this point. Onward and forward.

Saw Monuments Men on our trip. Loved it. Good cast. Bill - I, too, enjoyed American Hustle, and want to watch it again on DVD to really "GET" some of the set-up that didn't click the first time. I'm not a re-watcher, either :)

Better get back to work - thank you for the welcomes back and instead of stressing about personals, I'm going to commit to enjoy doing them a few times a week, and not beat myself up when I say I will and I won't :) But GardenerJoy, I like your three W's and will analyze what works best for me to be on track and track that.

02-10-2014, 02:49 PM
Coaches. Hi. So saw my trainer today she was unhappy with me. No weight loss. I wasn't surprised. I am going to use my fitness pal for keeping track of my food for the next two weeks and I now have a complete upper and lower body work out

I'm posting with my first cell phone from my studio BTW! Very exciting!

Will check in from home later.


02-10-2014, 10:28 PM
Hi everyone,

We got back late last night from our trip which was wonderful in every way except for my food choices. I didn't read my response cards while I was gone--and I'm sure that didn't help. What does help me is writing response cards when traveling--that is my plan for my trip the end of this month.

I did record everything so that streak continues. I'm going to record today and then make it an early night--it was a great trip--but tiring.

Weight was up today (to 180.8--I never wanted to go above 180 again). Exercise today got changed. Instead of 45 minutes of kickboxing our trainer went with 45 minutes of circuit training. I definitely got a great workout--and she had me up my weights to 10 lbs--I'll probably feel that tomorrow!

Food was OP today--back on track.

02-11-2014, 12:45 AM
Hello coaches,
Walked today on the treadmill plus walking pup...Exercise OP+
Back is still spasming, but icing it has helped reduce the frequency.
Good food choices today, within calorie limit and even stopped dinner before I "thought" I was full, but I was just craving the taste as now over 2 hours later I'm still full. Eating OP+

seadwaters Great job taking time to log as best you can and for walking further. Hope your last PT goes well. Kudos for 8600 steps.

Lexxiss Credit for checking in when it is difficult and your streak of 7. LOL about your physical feats! :wl: Yes it will be hot here soon, winter is one of my favorite seasons...not looking forward to the 110's

ForMyGirls Great job using your resistance muscle and positive responses on hot chocolate and for kudos starting your streak.

BillBlueEyes Alaska sounds like fun, three family members have taken a cruise there and were impressed. Whoohoo for 82! Congrats for ignoring the snacks and having positive thoughts. Maybe when the boy's are grown I can do polenta in tubes, instead I made about 8 cups worth and it is gone. :fr:

FutureFitChick Bummer about the laptop, hope you are able to find a fix. :comp: Kudos for OP and PT.

gardenerjoy Hope you find a better break and have a reasonable to-do, congrats on 7!

flnu I feel about two sometimes trying to get my boys into bed, I just need them to be done! So glad you've found a good exercise groove, congrats on 29! LOL about the green smileys motivating pacing.:running: :p Thanks for your encouragement about walking! :D

nationalparker Glad you were able to unearth (unsnow?) your car and make it home. :snow4: Great job on the cruise eating/exercise, that much could even be just water!

bethFromDayton Welcome back, sounds like you have a good plan for your next trip. Great job recording everything! Hope you aren't too sore tomorrow.

02-11-2014, 05:46 AM
Good evening coaches

Food was on track today - I planned and stuck with the plan. I am way under calories but it is what I planned and I don't want anything else (fortunately). Exercise was the usual - dog walk and gym - 9000 steps. It was a good PT sessions - I did planks! I have arranged to see him once a fortnight at the moment - I really can't/don't want to pay for more.

I started the day looking at my Response cards and Advantage cards and through old postings for 2010 and 2011 - a bit depressing really because the same themes come up and the same lack of progress. Not sure what to rethink but I know I am committed and taking this seriously. It was sort of motivating

That's it for tonight coaches. Waving to all

02-11-2014, 05:49 AM
Hello coaches,

Credits: attended a big morning tea function at work with all sorts of delicious goodies and drank a lovely cup of tea; took the time to make a really yummy sandwich this morning and it was so relish as well as healthy; another day of working my routine

Food ? 80 % OP; Health activities 100% OP? yes ; Drank 2L water? yes ; Went to bed on time? yes ; Streak count: 2

flnu - loved “stompy”. Resistance to bed-time can so totally do my head in!

02-11-2014, 07:57 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – There were two errands, each a mile away in the opposite direction. Perfect excuse to walk further, CREDIT moi, even as I grumbled that it would have been easier for the universe to arrange everywhere I needed to go in the same place.

Eating remained on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks so I've streaked to 83. Evening snack was a California Navel Orange from the same bag as yesterday's but this one was only mediocre. Drat! I'd figured that a superb one meant that the whole bag was superb. Dinner was a new-recipe Turkish dahl (lentil soup) made with Red Lentils that collapse when cooked to become more like mush than the distinct lentil-by-lentil texture of Green Lentils. DW used slightly less water to make it thick. Absolutely yummy. Next time she's going to rustle up some cilantro to sprinkle on top.

onebyone – Yay for being comfortable ensconced in your studio.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I do like the joy of finishing a to-do list. I find myself adding items that can't be done so I carry them from day to day until I finally admit that I'm never gonna. [Thanks for the reminder about an around-the-neck security pouch - that I forget about until I'm packing the night before when it's too late to go buy one. This thingy was smaller; you could stick a pencil in it, for example.]

silverbirch – Feeling deprived because my childhood didn't have Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.

Stompy (seadwaters) – Massive Kudos for planks - I despise those. And Kudos for making a commitment to a schedule with your PT person that you're comfortable with.

FutureFitChick – I hate diagnosing computer problems. It took me months to figure out that it wasn't my computer - it was a worn mouse pad for my optical mouse!

nationalparker – Welcome home. Congrats for a vacation that doesn't include weight gain. DW and I argued about who was being honest when in American Hustle. My take is that the ambiguity was well orchestrated. (I found the young lady who wasn't wearing a bra more credible; DW had an opinion about my opinion.)

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Yay for a pushy trainer who's going to continue to make you sore.

ForMyGirls - Kudos for "a lovely cup of tea" instead of all the goodies at your work function.

AZtricia - Ouch for spasms; Yay for ice as antidote. I've never figured out when to apply heat vs. cold to muscles in distress. Super Kudos for stopping dinner. Eight cups is a lotta polenta.

flnu - LOL at walking circles to get to 10,000 steps; BTDT. Kudos for your extended successful "exercise groove."

Readers - day 12 Practicing Hunger Tolerance

If you've had similar experiences, it's important to learn that you can tolerate hunger. Once you effectively convince yourself of this, hunger won't seem like such a big deal. When you're hungry but it's not time for a meal or a snack, you'll be able to say to yourself, Oh, well, I wish I could eat now, but it's okay ... I can wait.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 121.

02-11-2014, 09:54 AM
Hello to all,

Got to the gym and all the treadmills were annoyingly filled BUT I went and did my light day workout instead - a good 25 minutes of fast walking plus a yoga DVD. The streak continues.

I am not meal planning a la Beck but I am doing quite well staying within my own constraints (no snacks, no dessert, and no more than one physical plate of food at each of three meals, M-F. And I always construct my plate of everything I'm going to eat at that meal before the first bite, which reinforces mindfulness. If I'm still hungry at the end, oh well.) If this proves not to work (defined as failure to lose 5 lbs by April 11), I will reconsider planning. Felt like I had to get that out there. Oddly, it is extra motivation for me because I really don't want to have to plan.

Now, for something a little different. I saw a thread in this forum about curbing overspending habits using Beck strategies, and it got me thinking. I don't overspend but I sure do procrastinate. A small step toward accountability for me: I am going to spend 30 minutes per day on the thing I've been avoiding for months. (Wince.) I will do it first thing in the morning after no more than 30 minutes of processing emails. I will report my anti-procrastination streak here along with my exercise streak. (But I won't spend any more time ruminating about procrastination in future posts because I do understand that this is a weight loss thread.) Thank you.

02-11-2014, 10:35 AM
I managed to do much better yesterday. Putting more thought into my breaks made a difference, although I had to fight the urge to snack. I was able to say "No, I'm doing this other thing." It seems a bit counter-intuitive to plan what happens during a break, but, otherwise, I eat. The break still seemed to serve its function, even if it was planned.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 8 Credit!

WI: -0.95 kg, Exercise: +55 500/1400 minutes for February, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: If your plastic neck thing was from a library conference instead of a travel show, I would say it was a pencil holder for those of us librarians who wear our hair too short to stick it in a bun.
My husband prefers a security pouch that hangs from his belt, but can be flipped around to be inside the trousers.

flnu: I think it can work to choose a rule to flaunt instead of to follow. I've never managed to give up my book while eating alone or TV while eating with DH. Violating the rule that one should eat undistracted seems to amp up my willingness to follow the other rules. As you said, I was motivated to make it work in spite of my one violation, because I really didn't want to make that change.
Good for you for finding another avenue for Beck principles. I think that's a big step in the overall healing of our lives.

02-11-2014, 10:57 AM
Hi, Coaches.

Yesterday I spent THE ENTIIIIIRE DAY fixing my computer. I finally made it to bed about an hour before I like to be waking. So, a late start to the day for me. Lesson learned: if things aren't working well with the machine, DON'T INSTALL MCAFEE anti-virus software... But, as a bonus during my downtime, I did all of my PT and fixed a calculator, a watch, and my Body Media Link. My husband is in the office today, so I have the house to myself again. It feels nice. I miss having my independence and look forward to being able to drive places again.

Food yesterday was on plan, but I did not track. I did not leave food on my plate at any meal. Today I am tracking and know what I will eat. I nap will happen. No change on the scale this morning, which is reality, but not fun.

AZTricia, what kind of pup do you have? We have a foster dog, who is a shiba inu. I am still trying to decide what I think of the breed. This particular one has some bad habits that need addressing or my carpets will die a stinky death. (He has some issues picking up yucky stuff from the backyard and eating it, then regurgitating it once he gets inside.) But that will be easier to manage once I am able to walk out in to the yard without slipping and falling on ice so I can monitor his activity better.

BethfromDayton, writing your response cards in an EXCELLENT idea! Thanks for sharing that, as I am looking forward to trying it. Great job on recording and bummer about the very small weight gain.

BillBlueEyes, that it took you months to figure out it was your mouse and not your computer made me both laugh and envious. I get too rattled by mine not working, so if it doesn't work, you can bet I will be "fixing" it (and making it worse) very soon; this requires completely scrapping it. I guess this happens about once a year or so. Hmmm... I'll have to think about that pattern. As always, your wife's cooking sounds delicious!

flnu, I love your description, though I am sorry you experienced, feeling "stompy". My toothbrush gives me smileys for brushing 30 seconds in each quadrant. It gives super-smileys if you also brush 30 seconds more (on the gums). I like getting my smiles too. I know, it is dumb, but my dentist has been pleased! Way to go on your exercise streak! Good luck on your anti-procrastination technique. I've been using on my iPad a program called 30/30 (it is really just a fancy timer that moves you from project to project). I also really like the program "Unstuck" to deal with the emotional aspect of what is keeping me from being productive.

ForMyGirls, I am really happy for you that you have a routine that is working for you! That is awesome. I struggle with routine (anything), though I crave the balance it might bring me.

GardenerJoy, you always impress me with your ability to analyze your life and see how food choices are fitting in to it. I like that technique so much better than the self-berating that I usually end up doing.

NationalParker, back in the days before mobile pictures, I used to travel with a picture of my pets. My then boyfriend thought I was a little crazy, but he grew to love them almost as much as I did. Good idea of at least getting food for now at the market on the way home. I am bad at that and then hate that the eating out continues once we are back. I will have to remember that strategy. Awesome to see your weight at a nice number upon your return.

OnebyOne, I'm glad you are getting some great tools in hand. A trainer, smartphone, and tracking software are all really helpful.

SeadWaters, great job with your planning and calorie balance. I'm confident you will find what you need to break through those habits that are holding you back.

02-11-2014, 11:21 AM

AZTricia, what kind of pup do you have? We have a foster dog, who is a shiba inu. I am still trying to decide what I think of the breed. This particular one has some bad habits that need addressing or my carpets will die a stinky death. (He has some issues picking up yucky stuff from the backyard and eating it, then regurgitating it once he gets inside.) But that will be easier to manage once I am able to walk out in to the yard without slipping and falling on ice so I can monitor his activity better.

Our dog is from animal rescue, so we are not 100% certain. The vet's best guess was bichon poodle mix. He has a grooming appointment this week, maybe the groomer will have some idea? As far as your foster dog, isn't there a powder you can sprinkle on their food to make them not do that?

EDITED FYI, the last time we tried Norton (sorry, not McAfee! 8 years ago!) it screwed up our machine and dh researched virus programs and found it to be poorly rated and having many complaints. The best he could find was ESET/NOD32 and it has worked well for us. They were hugely helpful the one time we did get a virus and it has completely protected our machines otherwise for several years. The computer magazines regularly rate virus software, so it should be easy to find an article online describing what companies are the best right now.

02-11-2014, 04:57 PM
Another frigid day. I'm tired of the temps below 0. -12 when I left for work this morning. I know I could never live further north than I do now and have any pleasure in winter life.

Scale dropped down a bit more to 169.2, which makes me think that the 170s are not the magnet that I think they are at times and proud that I was able to be gone for nine days and not go off the beaten path too much.

I did not end up hitting the market on the way home, so made breakfast for dinner, and tonight we're going out and celebrating Valentine's Day early as DH starts back on nights later this week. A $10 off coupon and a gift card were calling :) ... and it's a restaurant that I start with a delish salad and bring home half, if not more, of my entree. I am confident (hopefully not overly so) that this will work in well this week. Going light today for lunch and plan to go soon after I get home, so I'm not getting too hungry.

Work has picked up again to the frenetic pace of the autumn ... but I'm trying to go a bit zen with it and realizing that I cannot control the outcome of much, but I CAN control my side of the work and how I react or rather respond to issues.

FutureFitChick - I love the looks of the shiba inu!! LOVE 'em :) Maybe the eating crud and regurgitating it will be easier to monitor, as you say, when you're around outside to correct the behavior when it's happening.

Bill - LOL at the credibility difference of opinion :) I loved the "science oven" line from that movie, and have been using that when able.

Tested out the hunger part of Beck's yesterday. I was VERY hungry in the afternoon, to the extent of walking down to the snack machines, which I rarely hit. When looking over the selections (which aren't all bad in our offices), I remembered the hunger experiment and thought, I can certainly wait a few hours. I won't keel over. Got home and made a cup of tea while deciding what to do for dinner. Felt like a minor accomplishment. And all I did was what millions of people do daily. Go without food. Sad, when I think of it.

02-11-2014, 06:28 PM

It's decided.

My new foodplan will be based on the Shades of Hope plan in the book of the same name and I will be tracking my food in the my fitness plan software.

cardio: a)WATP at home for 40minutes most days, OR b) Cardio for 40 at gym or exercise class
weights alternating days of upper body workout with lower body workout. At every visit I do crunches and the plank.

I begin today (will add update) and will re-assess in two weeks after my next visit with my trainer.

did I track my food today?
did I exercise today?
did I stay on plan with my food today?
do I have a plan for tomorrow?

02-11-2014, 10:37 PM
Hi Coaches!

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 8 Credit!

It was a very long day today yet I followed my plan except I had to substitute a sensible breakfast at work because I never made it back home from homedepot. Instead, DH dropped me off as he headed to the project with our purchased lumber. I did not snack, although the sign is just in my mind now, and I rethought a possible dinner out and instead cooked what I had planned. Credit.

I'm posting from my iPhone as its bedtime for me.

02-12-2014, 05:22 AM
Good evening coaches

I have factored in more calories today but it was good to see a half pound drop this morning. I was also a little sore from yesterday so must have worked harder than normal and be developing some muscle! When I was reviewing my response and advantages cards yesterday I also looked at my memory box. I saw one from January 2011 that said "I never want to feel like this ever again" - unfortunately I didn't include enough information to know what I meant (not to self - be clear and explicit). I have created quite a few new memories over the last few weeks:
I have walked out on the street with the dogs in comfort for the first time since about 2010
I have joined a gym again because I feel able to engage with it
I have started rehab with a personal trainer
Walked from staff carpark and saved $17, and (taa daa)
I have stopped prednisolone

I have been reducing prednisolone at 1/2 a mg per month and this week I have stopped it. Sure, I feel every joint in my body, but it is bearable. My mood is a little more affected but I can probably deal with it. It is amazing the impact of long term steroids on weight and mood. I am still on other meds which affect weight but I am hoping my symptoms stay stable so I can stay off the prednisolone. I see the rheumatologist next week and hopefully all is well with bloods and I can stay off them.

Credits: Exercise was walking the dogs and incidental exercise - only 7000 steps (at work today), Food on plan: posted to list; weighed and logged weight; ate sitting down - 90%

I have ended up late again so good night coaches

02-12-2014, 06:54 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Dinner included baby broccoli ( with garlic that was especially good. DW believes that we get different goodness from different veggies so she tries new ones at Whole Foods periodically. This is a keeper. Eating was on plan, including snacks, so CREDIT moi and streak to 84.

Exercise was walking, CREDIT moi, over the snow that's been here for a week with no sign of melting and getting dirty. Also walked in Home Depot perusing each isle because that's my kind of shopping fun. Came home with the Stabil that I needed for the gas for my new snow thrower as well as a 60 watt-equivalent LED bulb that was on sale for $7. Our compact fluorescent front porch light doesn't work on cold nights; I'm hoping this does better. Incandescents did have the desirable feature of instant on at any temperature. R.I.P. incandescents.

onebyone – Sounds like two solid plans. "Crunches and the plank" are serious stuff. I hate them both - most likely because they're just what my body really needs.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – So many situations would benefit from "No, I'm doing this other thing" instead of just "No, suck it up." [My thingy would work as a pencil holder; hadn't thought of that. My hair is too short for a bun.]

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Kudos for "I did not snack." I felt a tad of rabbit-in-the-briar-patch happiness reading "never made it back home from homedepot" until I figured out that you didn't stay there.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Congrats on the progress you've made with your body - sorta breathtaking.

FutureFitChick – Congrats for finally fixing your computer. The little buggers are supposed to be making our lives easier, not adding distress. Kudos for food on plan. I have used McAfee in the past and became disillusioned. Thanks Wiki for a nifty picture of your Shiba Inu (

nationalparker – Super Kudos for accepting hunger during your real life yesterday. Good to hear that it can be tolerated. [LOL at the memory of "science oven" in American Hustle.]

AZtricia - Eset Nod32 is pushed by the local computer store. They say it's the best.

flnu - Procrastination is a welcome topic. If you want, you can start a separate thread similar to the decluttering thread. I'm a candidate to join, when I get around to it, LOL. Kudos for meal planning via "my own constraints" - we each gotta find the way that works for us.

Readers - day 12 Practicing Hunger Tolerance

You'll then be able to turn your attention to other things, and the hunger pangs will gradually diminish. If you've never allowed yourself to feel hungry or very hungry you might not believe me when I tell you that if you're hungry and don't respond immediately by eating, they your hunger will definitely subside.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 121.

02-12-2014, 07:00 AM
Hello coaches,

Credits: - checked my food plan before having an evening snack to make sure I did have the space for it; making myself disengage from a busy and fun work day to make myself a healthy wholesome lunch and pick up the fresh ingredients I needed for dinner; plating dinner again to keep kids on track with portions and eating veggies

Food ? 100 % OP; Health activities 100% OP? yes ; Drank 2L water? yes ; Went to bed on time? yes ; Streak count: 3

Had such a great day today. I have a logistical jigsaw puzzle to put together and a whole lot of pieces just slotted together beautifully today. I was anxious about it all and now I am just excited to see the project coming to fruition. I am really liking this daily schedule i have going on - it is really helping me draw lines between work and home life - and also meaning I am spending time on important non-urgent work tasks that always get pushed to the side.

flnu - yay for using Beck strategies for overcoming procrastination. The thread you were referring to was probably the one I started about 2 months ago - I have since moved it over to a different forum that is all about money. I am finding the Beck strategies incredibly helpful in overcoming my LONG history of overspending. Hope you find they are helpful for getting on top of procrastination as well. And I think your “spending 30 minutes on it” plan is great. Only thought I had is - could you make that before you even open your email? Email has an astonishing capacity to suck you in. I have recently adopted an approach of having an hour (sometimes two) each day when I deal with email. When other timing permits I do it straight after lunch when my brain is flat anyway. I have switched off all the alerts etc so I’m not lured back into that world. Seems to be working OK so far.

National parker - how great to hear that the 170 line is not dragging you back any longer well done you!

Seadwaters - yay to getting off prednilosone!

02-12-2014, 08:59 AM
Hi All!

I'm seeing my internet slowing to a crawl already so I'm going to try and squeeze a quick post in.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 9 Credit!

Reading through posts and hearing so much positive progress alaBeck I want to sit and spend time replying to everyone this morning. Unfortunately, I know (from experience) that I won't hold a connection for long enough. Just know it is such a help for me to share my daily experiences with you all. I will try to get back here if I'm able.

02-12-2014, 12:33 PM
Quick check-in! I'm with Lexxiss -- I love reading how everyone is doing today and having this place to post my progress, as well. Progress that I'm very pleased with at the moment.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 9 Credit!

WI: +0.25 kg, Exercise: +50 550/1400 minutes for February, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

02-12-2014, 12:39 PM
Our whole plans for a romantic early Valentine's evening were kaput as DH's car battery was dead and he couldn't go pick up our dog from his folks. So we headed out to get a replacement battery, then on to get our pooch, and tried to make the best dinner option for a to-go meal from a pretty fast food-ish sleection... Home after 9 p.m., and I relaxed with Enough Said.

Scale is still slowly dropping - back at ticker. Funny how much more pleasant it is to get on and see it reflect what I think is hard work. :)

Plans were moved to today for our nice dinner out, so I'm looking forward to that yet AGAIN.

Read DH's work schedule wrong, and purchased tickets for Defending The Caveman and now need to see if they would possibly bypass their no cancellations/changes policy. I hate to be "that" person who calls, but I also hate to lose that much $$ on his ticket.

02-12-2014, 12:43 PM
Hi, Coaches.

I never made it to my nap yesterday, so I got a late start this morning. I was down a bit on the scale this morning. I only tracked breakfast yesterday. I sat while I ate. I watched TV at dinner, but did leave some food on my plate at meals.

Computer finally is fixed. I am caught up on email and my planning so, the afternoon will be for writing. YIPPEE!

Here's a picture of foster pup. He is about 10 years old, so he has a little bit of grey.

AZTricia, I have seen that powder, but haven't been able to get to a pet store (because of not being able to drive) since we got him. I'll keep that software in mind when I am a little calmer after this fiasco! I had used McAfee because my university had "free" downloads. I didn't know that meant it would cause me 3 days of lost productivity. That was expensive!

BillBlueEyes, I'm glad you enjoyed baby broccoli. I'll be interested in your LED light success. My husband and I had that same conversation three days ago about the outdoor CSLs.

ForMyGirls, great job on staying on track with your plan and taking time for lunch. Projects that come together like that are artful and comforting!

Lexxiss, great job for sticking to your plan!

NationalParker, sorry you are up against such cold upon your return from vacation. I'm glad you were able to bust out of the 170s! Awesome job on the hunger experiment. That was really tough for me the 1st time.

OnebyOne, I'm glad you've got a plan!

SeaDWaters, I am so excited to lear about your NSVs! That is awesome! Those were exciting to read.

02-12-2014, 09:53 PM
Coaches, hello.

Tried to weigh myself this morning but the Wii fit controllers were both dead as the Caesar Cat loves to knock them off the table to the floor. Glad to find they weren't broken, just out of juice. Weigh in will be tomorrow.

Foodwise: improvements. Cooking from scratch. No seconds. No sugar.

Exercise: didn't feel great today. Yesterday felt worse so maybe I've dodged something. No formal exercise today.

I did discover I neglected my bay laurel tree! Crap! I think it's really dead which is an awful first for me. But at least if it is gone I'll have very fresh bay leaves for soup.

Have a good night everyone.

02-12-2014, 10:57 PM
Hello Coaches,
Wednesday "Pizza Day" again, and I forgot to pack my veggie sides! This time I told myself I could wait till I got home...and I did :carrot:
Eating OP+
Exercise OP
ARC's still need to read, but dh is on that computer

nationalparker Brrr! Y'all are cold! Saw on FB that it was -20 where we use to live in Indiana. SO do not miss that. Congrats on the lost weight. Hope you enjoyed your meal out. Bummer about the battery and hope you are able to fix the tickets.

onebyone Congrats for choosing a food plan and committing to tracking!

Lexxiss Kudos for your streak of 8 and being flexible by choosing a sensible breakfast.

seadwaters Hurray for 1/2 lb gone. Hope you are less sore today. LOVED your list of memories, so encouraging! :dancer: :bravo: Congrats on 7000 steps.

BillBlueEyes Yum for the baby broccoli and variety from Whole Foods. We purchased some funny spikey green cauliflower like stuff there that everyone loved, but the store doesn't have anymore right was super cool looking. :D
Found it, romanesco, with logarithmic spirals/fractals:

ForMyGirls Congrats for checking your plan before eating and eating a wholesome lunch. Great job on tripling your streak!

Lexxiss Good to see you :) Great job on your streak of 9!

gardenerjoy Whoohoo for 9, hope your breaks are working for you.

FutureFitChick Hurray for fixed computer, the doggie is a cutie. Congrats on the food improvements, hope you feel back at 100% tomorrow.

02-12-2014, 11:27 PM
Hi everyone,

Another late night without personals.

I was OP throughout the day--but munched a second order of fries after dinner--after ordering a "petite" burger, no mayo, with a lettuce wrapper. I knew I should have told the server to take the fries away--but I didn't. I thought about doing it--and didn't.

Exercise was great--over 5000 steps (which I finished up by walking around the house including going upstairs twice for no reason at all, although I did discover that DD left her room clean and ready if we need it for a guest room). I also did 45 minutes of Pilates--I think my abs and thighs are going to be sore tomorrow--and that's a good thing.

I am kidding myself if I think I can have anything like fries in front of me and "just have a few".

On the plus side, FitBit is telling me that it looks like I burn 1800-1900 calories a day, and I eat about 1500. If I can continue that even as I lose weight (more active to make up for that there's less of me to carry around), a steady plan of 1800-1900 calories sounds pretty darned do-able!

02-13-2014, 06:15 AM
Evening coaches

I was recounting the memories in my memory box because I was reflecting on them in an attempt to motivate myself. And it was motivating to go and note the achievements and changes that have occurred - so thank you Dr Beck for being so clever. I have to focus on healthful changes and achievements because I am not losing a lot of weight. Unfortunately last night I had an unplanned snack because I got too tired - I had 4 rice crackers with (yet again) avocado and vegemite! Maybe I am experiencing a need for vitamins (B group) but I doubt it. I saw the back surgeon today and I have the all clear - the grafts have healed well and the loss of power in my right leg might improve over time. Especially given the exercise I am doing now.

Today I was 1 pound down. Lowest I have been since before surgery. After my salt laden lunch I imagine it will be up tomorrow so I won't take it seriously. I have thought about food for tomorrow - I am going out for lunch so will eat in an 8 hour window between 12 pm and 8 pm and have a Japanese lunch which should tick all the boxes.

Credits: Exercise was walking the dogs and incidental exercise - only 7000 steps again; food on plan today but last night snack off plan: posted to list; weighed and logged weight; ate sitting down - 100%

BillBE - Broccolini is yummy so glad you found it. Credit streaking to 84
ForMyGirls - Credit for all your credits and a streak to 3. Kudos for creating boundaries that work for you and help you enjoy all aspects of your life
Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for a 9 credit streak and hope you get to sit and reflect soon
Joy(gardenerjoy) - Yay for a 9 credit streak as well! I couldn't survive without reading how everyone is progressing too - it keeps me going in the face of little progress
Nationalparker - Sorry for your kaput plans for your romantic evening - hope it works the next night. Yay for a scale that is slowly dropping.
FutureFitChick - Credit for eating while sitting and leaving food on your plate. Glad your computer is functional - life is just not right when the technology is not working! Your fosterr pup looks handsome - enjoy him
OneByOne - cooking from scratch is a huge achievement - all else is not a good substitute so huge credit
Tricia(AZ) - Yay for waiting till home to have the rest of your meal - great resistance to decide to wait. Credit for OP eating and exercise
BethFromDayton - Ouch for a fries attack. Credit for doing more than 5000 steps and working out your calorie expenditure

That's it coaches - I have to turn in

02-13-2014, 06:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Two walks, CREDIT moi. The first walk with the sun in my face felt warm despite the 20 F temps. The second in the dark with DW was still comfortable with adequate layers and no wind. It's hard to believe that I'll choose walking today with the "near-blizzard" approaching. My guess is that it's to be a day of snow removal. Nothing happening yet.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks to streak to 85. Evening snack was half a pear - slightly more crisp than we both like, but within the yummy range. On our way home from a lecture last night, with DW suggesting that my dinner would be to choose from any box of cereal in the pantry, we stopped at a Greek place for takeout. I tried their lamb-rice-salad plate. Left half the rice, CREDIT moi since leaving food remains a challenge. Had pecan-pumpkin oatmeal (thanks Trader Joe's) for breakfast to counter the cold. It tweaks the brain for a few minutes, then the stomach for a few hours so it's a good deal.

onebyone – Kudos for "Cooking from scratch. No seconds. No sugar." Ouch for your bay laurel tree.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yep, Yay for progress. By-the-by, what Thesaurus do you recommend? Francine Prose recommends a handy hard copy for serious writing. Amazon flooded me with a dozen choices and I'm stumped. We have a 30 year old one upstairs that I could find, but it won't have 'twerk' or 'selfie' to be sure. (DW suggests that's all for the better, LOL.)

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Hoping you have a spare corner in your yard for all us coastal folks who'll be moving when the sea rises 100 feet. Kudos for continuing your 3W's.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Yay for that "all clear" from your surgeon. Kudos for keeping and using your memory box.

FutureFitChick – Welcome Pup! Yay for naps, fixed computers, scale downwards, and being caught up. A good day.

nationalparker – Ouch for a romantic evening replacing a car battery - you won't find such nonsense in a Dickens' novel, LOL. I had love/hate with Enough Said.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Congrats for raising a DD who leaves her room clean for potential guests. Yay for burning 1800-1900 calories a day. Yep, bummer that we need to travel further as we lose weight for the same burn.

ForMyGirls - Super Kudos for tackling "important non-urgent work tasks" - that box that all the motivational speakers points out that we miss due to the "Urgent, unimportant tasks."

AZtricia - Do I ever need some "romanesco, with logarithmic spirals/fractals" - nice to be reminded that nature invented both spirals and fractals that we're trying to imitate. Kudos for realizing that you could wait till you got home to eat.

Readers - day 12 Practicing Hunger Tolerance

Today's task will help you see that you can tolerate hunger and that it comes and goes. Today or one day very soon (you can choose what works best with your schedule), I'd like you to purposely skip lunch. (Don't do this if a medical condition, such as diabetes, requires you to eat regularly.) Doing so will help you realize that hunger is not an emergency. In fact, I think you'll find it's not nearly as uncomfortable a sensation as you now believe.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 121.

02-13-2014, 07:10 AM
Hi everyone! This is my first post. I've been using the Beck Diet Solution and I'm just getting started. Yikes. I'm up to Day 6 in the book - even though it's actually taken me longer than that to get there. I'm okay with that for now, as I can already see it's helping me to look at what it is I'm eating. And also helping me unpack some of my excuses and really see them for what they are.

I'm posting here because I need a diet coach. I've been doing a little bit of lurking and can see that on this site we all support each other. It sounds good. I'm a bit too embarrassed to ask friends for support with weight loss because I can just imagine them trying not to roll their eyes and thinking "here we go again!".

Well, I have a lot to lose. I'm currently 140kgs, and I'm only 160cms, so hopefully this program gives me what I need to stick with it for once.

02-13-2014, 09:40 AM
Hi Coaches!
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 10 Credit! I actually wrote my food plan last night while I was making dinner. I looked through my frig/freezer before making a choice. The crew decided on McD's for lunch and I had to buy. At the counter I debated whether or not to partake and decided not. Credit. I did have 3 fries of DH's then walked away in favor of my planned bean burrito and banana. I found it helped that I could peruse the calories on the board while I debated. Wow! Some are pretty high (like I didn't know that already:lol:)

littlefatman, Welcome! Yes, this is a very supportive group and I personally feel it's so much easier than asking a friend. I love your line "helping me unpack some of my excuses and really see them for what they are". Yes, it is very helpful.

BBE, greek sounded better than cereal and credit for leaving half your rice! PS I loved your homedepot comment….wishing I could call you up when I need to find something there. It's seeming to be a second home these days. lol.

ForMyGirls, yay for checking your food plan BEFORE having an evening snack! Such a strategy for success!

gardenerjoy, great that you are pleased with your progress right now! Me, too, and I keep remembering that I can look to you if I forget my streak # lol.

nationalparker, glad your post-vacation scale is cooperating and credit for the mindfulness it takes for that to happen!

FutureFitChick, love the pup! (Just wish he'd clean up his act a bit lol). So nice of you to foster an old guy-that's what I'd like to do the next time around. Great job with your plan and with posting.

onebyone, glad your controllers weren't dead. Yay for food improvements!

AZTricia, glad you enjoyed that cauliflower. I keep looking at them but haven't tried yet….perhaps I will now. Kudos for waiting for your veggie sides until you returned home.

Beth(fromDayton), I'm with ya'….if I leave something sitting odds are that I'll eat it. Removal is essential for me. PS I've noticed my mom, who is 92 and normal weight always keeps eating after she says shes finished/full.

Cheryl(seadwaters), kudos for all your progress forward. I like how you are going back to your memory box for motivation and reminders. Super Yay for your lowest weight yet and for an ok from your back surgeon.

02-13-2014, 10:35 AM
Hello Coaches,

I did do 30 minutes of work on the anxiety-provoking procrastination-inducing thing each day since the last time I posted. I didn't make much progress but IT FELT GREAT to start.

Eating was satisfactory. Exercise was good. I am feeling super strong on eating right now meaning that I’m not having to white-knuckle much. I want you to know I edited the previous sentence to remove the parentheticals about how it won’t last and so on. Credit.

Bed by 11:00 (-8) [That's 8 days of failure but I'm really close.]
Planned exercise (+32).
30 minutes anti-procrastination (+2).

Gardenerjoy: I love hearing how you figure things out. Very helpful. And credit for you too for doing it. Thanks for the encouragement.

FutureFitChick: I had computer problems at work and there is nothing to do after IT takes my laptop. I cleaned up a bunch of old stacks of paper that I’ve been meaning to go through. Then I was down to rearranging my staples and paperclips for entertainment. Congrats for a scale that know which way to go. Hello, pup! What a sweetie. Finally, thanks for pointing me toward 30/30. Installed it today and will use it tomorrow. It is really appealing.

Nationalparker: So many YAYs! in your post. Back to the 160’s. Hunger ignored. Valentine’s Day dinner planned. Just yay!

Onebyone: What is WATP? I really like the My Fitness Plan software – very easy to use. And I’m not one to spend a lot of time looking up calories so it’s nice that someone has already done that part. Your exercise plan sounds well thought out. Seeing a trainer? CREDIT. Cooking from scratch? CREDIT. No sugar? CREDIT. I hope you are feeling better.

Lexxiss: Brava for resisting the urge to eat out and sticking to your plan.

Seadwaters: What an awesome post.
I have walked out on the street with the dogs in comfort for the first time since about 2010
I have joined a gym again because I feel able to engage with it
I have started rehab with a personal trainer
Walked from staff carpark and saved $17, and (taa daa)
I have stopped prednisolone
I just wanted to see this again. And I seemed to have missed something major…surgery? Grafts? Oh my. I’m giving you huge credit for posting here and continuing to build your habits during such a time. I hope your scale falls in line soon but HUGE CREDIT.

BBE: Excellent distillation of Joy’s post. Thanks. It is good for me to remember that. I use it with my two year old all the time, you’d think I’d be able to remember for myself some of the time. I will think about a procrastination thread but I am leery of spreading myself to thin. I am putting the diet first, and using the boost from doing something so good for myself to do what I can in other areas. Maybe when I reach my goal weight.

ForMyGirls: Thank you for the suggestions – I am always open to suggestions. You are right about email. I do have to look at my emails first thing in the morning because sometimes there are fires that I need to put out. BUT that is really just an excuse. I could scan for fires in no more than 5 minutes as long as I don’t open a single one of the clearly-not-on-fire emails. Ok, deep breath, I will not open any email that does not have to be opened before I start work on the thing.

Tricia: You told yourself you could wait, and you. were. right. Rock on.

Beth: I hope your abs are deliciously sore. Regarding the fries – maybe a response card would help? “What are you thinking?” Really cool info from your fitbit. I think mine double-counts my MFP exercise. I’m going to stop entering it and see what fitibit says. I also disabled the floor tile since it told me I climbed 46 flights while sitting at my desk.

02-13-2014, 10:37 AM
I had a super-sized snack. Mostly it was because my snack didn't taste as good as I thought it would, so I ate more to make up for it. Crazy thinking! It wasn't huge enough to account for the big jump in weight, but last night's supper had soy sauce so there are other reasons for the scale to be up.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 10 Credit!

WI: +1.65 kg, Exercise: +30 580/1400 minutes for February, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome, littlefatman! This group has been a great diet coach for me, much better than anything I can imagine in my in-person life. It's available 24/7 and the wisdom we come up with as a group is sometimes astounding, much better than any one person would every manage. One odd advantage of having a lot to lose is knowing from the start that you're in for the long haul. If you've been lurking, you probably know that this process changes life for the better, not just weight. Glad to have you on board!

BillBlueEyes: I'm a traditionalist when it comes to a thesaurus and still use one that I took to college thirty years ago. You can get them in dictionary form, now, which is easier to use for a quick answer but not the best one. What Francine Prose talks about is exploring words and that works better in the old complicated style where you look up the word in the index and are referred to one or more entries in the front arranged by a classification of ideas. That sort of thesaurus is a gateway to word adventures. This seems to be the current version, with updated words including slang (although I wouldn't guarantee either twerk or selfie making it into a reference book for another few years): That is the seventh edition. Some of the reviews claim there was a change in categorization after the 4th edition in an attempt to simplify and that damaged the utility.
I'm also intrigued by this one which is an attempt to combine some features of Bartlett's Quotations with a thesaurus using Roget's classification. Serious thesaurus lovers seem very happy with it:

02-13-2014, 11:03 AM
Hi, Coaches.

Very quick check in - I couldn't fall asleep last night and way overslept this morning.

Credit for PT yesterday (½) and this morning with PTist. Food mostly OP. I lost track of time and did not go to eat lunch until 4 PM. But, we were supposed to go out to eat, so I decided that I would just wait until dinner. We didn't end up goig out though, so I had a very large salmon salad.

OnebyOne, Great job on improving your food choices!

AZTricia, yum! Pizza day! Great job on waiting it out until you got home!

BethfromDayton, grey job on the 5,000 steps!

SeaDWaters, yes, the pup is great company when I am working at home. Congrats on your lowest weight since surgery!

BillBlueEyes, a walk with the sun on your face sounds awesome. I don't know how those polar cultures deal with no sun for so long.

LittleFatMan, welcome to the forum! This is a great group of people! I hope you find it as helpful as I have and I look forward to getting to know you. I think Beck's later book takes the strategy of learning each habit in the time you need to do so. No worries for taking longer!

Lexxiss, kudos for you food planning! Major kudos for the self-control when eating out!

Flnu, rearranging staples! Ha, ha, ha, ha! That is so ME when I am anxious about something I am working on! let me know how 30/30 goes. I'm using it now. Awesome that you are feeling "super strong on eating"! That is fantastic.

GardenerJoy, again, I love your ability to think back and analyze your actions so rationally.

02-13-2014, 05:36 PM
Happy Friday Eve Coaches,

Took pup to the groomer for the first time and was told he is not welcome back. Want to curse the groomer at the shelter who was so rough and hurt him and his previous owner who likely never had him groomed or allowed him to get so matted. He is not aggressive in any way until you pull out brushes or scissors! Hoping I can find a patient groomer who will show him that it doesn't have to hurt. Teddy still has huge scabs where his ears were nipped at the shelter.
Walked with pup twice already and will go again.

Had a slice of leftover pizza for lunch and it is obviously not as filling as my usual lunch because I'm hungry already. I'll have to keep that in mind for next week (if there are any leftovers!). I'm glad that snack time is soon.

UPDATE: I feel much better after my snack...realized I'd only had 900 calories so far and that is too few.

Eating OP, Exercise OP, ARC+

bethFromDayton Bummer about the fries, hopefully next time you'll send them away or request them not to be brought. Congrats on 5000+ steps. Good news on the FitBit data, glad it encouraged you.

seadwaters So cool that you were able to be motivated by your achievements and changes. Congrats on improved healthy living. Glad to hear you are healing well. Kudos for the pound down.

BillBlueEyes LOL for Greek over cereal...I agree with you! The lamb sounds delish!

littlefatman Welcome! So glad you found Beck and 3FC. You can do it!

Lexxiss Sounds like you had a great day: planning & resisting McD! We liked the veggie better than either broccoli or cauliflower, though it was similar to both.

flnu Kudos for lowering your stress by working on anti-procrastination. Hurray for "super strong on eating"!!! I appreciate your encouragement :)

gardenerjoy So funny/sad about the snack....why do we do that??? I keep trying to remind myself about superb is satisfying and not eat more of what is not, sometimes it works. Hope you had a better day today. Congrats on your streak of 10!

FutureFitChick Hurray for PT and waiting for food and for choosing the healthy salad. I appreciate your encouragement :)

02-13-2014, 10:57 PM
Hi everyone,

I had another "doing fine until dinner" day, but ended up only a bit over. It was the cookies that killed me. I even thought, "I shouldn't have one of those" (and then "another one of those") I ate the 4th one standing up.

Exercise today was walking--I'm up to 6500 steps--which for me is a lot. I also did a lot of stairs--every time I went downstairs to use the bathroom or get cold water, I ran back up the stairs immediately, then back down before taking care of my task--and then did another extra round when I was ready to go back upstairs. We only have two stories, so I have to squeeze in my extra steps when I can!

Planning is in full force for our big March party. I only have a bit more baking to do--but quite a bit of food cooking. Not this weekend, but next, is our big cooking weekend. BFF is coming down and we'll make enough sloppy joes for 130 people. (3 varieties: with green pepper and onion, without either, and veggie joes)

Tomorrow breakfast and lunch are planned. We're going out for Mexican for dinner with another couple. That's harder to do well at--the chips do me in, so I think I'll make the other people keep them near them!

littlefatman: Welcome--this group is wonderful. And although I'm struggling (yet again), having this group here has kept me maintaining over the last 4 months. Having to "report back in" really helps.

Lexxiss: Big credits for walking away from McDs--and sticking with your plan. Super credits for 10 days on streak!

BillBE: I'm jealous you can walk to a Trader Joe's. Credit for the snack streak increasing!

seadwaters: Enjoy your Japanese lunch--chopsticks can make one eat much more slowly--although not those who use them everyday!

Take care, all!

02-13-2014, 11:51 PM
A drive-by post tonight - the evening seemed to go so quickly after working late and getting home much later than anticipated. Food was at least within calorie limits, if not uber-healthy. Will be "that" person tomorrow bringing in some Valentine's treats to the office. Made some for DH to bring in to his work as well. Then remembered a coworker does Donut Friday weekly, too. I had planned to enjoy one once a month, but in five months, I've only had ONE. I'm submitting that to Ripley's Believe it or Not. :)

Tried on some old jeans in a size smaller that I fit into about 10 pounds ago ... or more accurately, that I fit into when my thighs were much more toned. They went on and zipped but were obscenely tight on the thighs... a good visual goal and a reminder that activity will help me in toning and not necessarily for weight loss itself.

Feeling as if I'm hanging on for the weekend, again this week.

Littlefatman - Welcome (any thought on a different username? That would get in my head negatively!) and we look forward to having you join in on the discussions here!

02-14-2014, 04:41 AM
Hi All

I had an on plan evening last night and didn't hit the crackers again. And after a 1 pound drop yesterday (and a very salty lunch) I had a 2.5 pound bounce back this morning - honestly :(

Today I had lunch with a friend at Japanese as I said - I haven't got a clue what the calories are so just entered a large number in MFP (600 calories). I am planning a light dinner. Exercise has been cleaning, walking 8500 steps and going to the gym to do resistance work and some time on the bike. It was torture today for some reason but I went for 45 minutes so credit. I plan to go again on Sunday and have a swim as well

I will have to get food in tomorrow (Saturday) and spend the morning planning so I know what to get. Not my favourite time really. But if I don't plan or shop the week will be chaos. But at least I don't have to fight storm and tempest and snow to get there. The weather that the northern hemisphere is having looks amazing. I think I got to see a snow thrower in action while I was on my exercise bike today (the whole 6 minutes I lasted). Keep safe all of you

Credits: Exercise was walking the dogs and incidental exercise - 8500 steps; food on plan today: posted to list; weighed and logged weight; ate sitting down - 100%

BillBE - Credit for leaving food when it is not to plan. I would love a Trader Joe's anywhere but around the corner would be good. That or Wholefoods - who knows they might make it to Australia eventually

Littlefm - Hi! Welcome from another Australian - this is a great place to get support on your Beck journey

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Credit for resisting McD's and fries - a good food alternative certainly makes it easier

flnu - Yay for facing down IT - you gotta start somewhere and you did! Good luck with getting to bed on time. Thanks for the kind comments - I am trying to gee myself up in the face of a recalcitrant scale. LOL climbing 46 flights while at your desk. The one thing I dislike about the Fitbit Flex is that it doesn't count floors and gives you nowhere to log them - grrrr

GardenerJoy - ouch for supersize snack attack - salt - you just can't take the scale seriously when you have had a bit. Your guide to thesauri/thesauruses was really useful - I like the idea of a combined Bartlett's and Roget's

FuruteFitChick - It is difficult when your schedule gets messed up - leads me to eat strange things at strange times but you seem to have done well so credit

Tricia (AZ) - Ah so the pup is called Teddy! Sad that he was mistreated but you might find a more sympathetic groomer - or consider tranquillising him until he gets comfortable with it. I can't believe he still has scabs on his ears! You are doing well with him. Credit for waiting for your snack and resisting - nice

BethFromDayton - well done with increasing your steps by increasing stair walking and taking the long way. It is the only way I get the total up. Ouch for ambush cookies - you do seem to like them. Good luck with the mexican - so a "GardenerJoy" and decide how many you will eat before you go? I did enjoy my Japanese lunch and both the chopsticks and the conversations slowed it down - I have some leftovers for dinner

Nationalparker - LOL at Ripleys Believe it or Not - hope you survive tomorrow. I have just pretended it was nothing special

That's it folks

02-14-2014, 06:34 AM
Hi all and an especial shout-out to the littlefatman!

Weigh-in: Gained +0.5 for week 2/10. But I am very pleased with my progress on healthy habits and I'm down a notch on my belt. Sweet.


Bed by 11:00 (-9)
Planned exercise (+33).
30 minutes anti-procrastination (+3).

I'll be on vacation through Monday, so I'll be away for a bit. Best wishes to all.

02-14-2014, 06:54 AM
:welcome: littlefatman :welcome:

And, on the occasion of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you learn about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this forum on the site of 3 Fat Chicks?

02-14-2014, 07:01 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Happy Valentine's Day. May it be intensified by the full moon.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks to streak to 86. It took some planning because I had breakfast with a friend halfway between my normal breakfast time and my normal lunch time. I planned to have some fruit at home then oatmeal at the coffee shop where the front cabinet displayed an array of scones, pecan sticky buns, and other assorted lard-sugar-flour confections. That worked. The coffee came in a humongous mug shaped like a coffee cup. Heavy lifting, that.

Exercise was shoveling the wet snow that the snow thrower couldn't handle, CREDIT moi. Came inside with the outer layer of clothes dripping wet from the snow-rain mix that the storm had become. It's raining now. I don't know what driving will be like. I get to increment the tickers in my signature since I'm one month further into my journey.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Great reminder that it's worth eating food that really satisfies so that we don't keep eating. [Thanks for the recommendations. I immediately bought the Bartlett's Quotations with a thesaurus using Roget's classification when I saw it for $0.80 plus $3.99 shipping. I'll dig up our old Roget's and see if that pairing suffices. (In addition to buying support books, sharpening pencils, and arranging paper clips, I have to also write.)]

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Yay for the McD's calorie board for reminding us of the obvious. Is "bean burrito and banana" an authentic Mexican dish?

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Ouch for having to watch pictures of our storm on your gym bike in Australia. Kudos for including a Japanese Restaurant lunch into your plan.

FutureFitChick – Ouch for real-life altering the eating schedule. Kudos for finding a way through that.

nationalparker – Yep, Ripley's should have a category for ignoring donuts for five months. And tree nuts. And Oatmeal Raisin cookies. Yay for progress fitting into older jeans.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Neat to make each task a full round trip on the stairs for the exercise. Good luck with the chips at the Mexican Restaurant. I was encouraged when Joy (gardenerjoy) wrote that she counted her's.

AZtricia - Just amazing that you found left over pizza in your fridge. Kudos for a day with such low calories. Wish you well finding a groomer for your pup with memories. Certainly time feeling loved will counter some of those.

flnu - Terrific idea to give yourself credit for 30 minutes work on your [I]"anxiety-provoking procrastination-inducing thing" - Kudos both for the work and the credits. Congrats on slipping a notch on your belt. Have a fun vacation weekend.

littlefatman - We'd be pleased to collectively serve as your Diet Coach and ask that you serve that role for us. Kudos for charging forth with the Beck strategies and for taking it seriously that a Diet Coach is needed. I concur, it's hard to expect friends to listen with a straight face that I've just not eaten a sticky bun. Here, you've got a whole group who thinks that's a sane statement worthy of note.

Love the phrase, "unpack some of my excuses." Glad you've joined us.

Readers - day 12 Practicing Hunger Tolerance

If you fear hunger, you might routinely eat to avoid the feeling. You might never have learned that it's okay to feel hungry, or you might never have developed skills to help you withstand hunger. Purposely skipping a meal will prove something to you: You definitely don't have to eat when you're hungry. Just because you want to eat doesn't mean you always should. This is one of the most important things you need to learn to lose excess weight and keep it off!

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 121.

02-14-2014, 08:04 AM
Hi Coaches!

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 11 Credit!

I've noticed that since I've been "streaking" that I've been far more mindful with actually following my food plan, even though I don't report it. The scale has been good to me, too, which I don't report, either. All in all it's a really good thing for me right now. credit.

Yesterday, however, had a major change in my dinner plan. DD's hot water tank bit the dust and flooded her apartment. We went down to help her bail out so she cooked "authentic mexican" and plated and served. I ate every bite then had 2 candy bars after. Big ouch! (The plumber called me mid-dinner with news I didn't want to hear which necessitated yet another trip to hdepot before I could go home). I woke up very stressed this morning and (of course) the scale bounced back up.

What to do? Get back on track right were supposed to come up for a big VDay dinner tonight. I can't eat like that 2 days in a row so I need to put on my Beck thinking cap. I have two choices:
1. postpone dinner to another time and prepare my planned and OP dinner.
2. create my own parameters for this dinner and stick to it.

BBE, neither my burrito OR banana were authentic but were much healthier. Credit moi!

I will have my morning smoothie and go up and face this plumbing issue. Realistically, I anticipate this issue will be resolved today.

BTW- the candy bars were pretty bad....not enjoyable...realization that I don't eat that way anymore....and I already know it's not the fix. I won't be doing that again soon, and for that I am grateful. Credit.

02-14-2014, 08:29 AM
Hi, Coaches.

I'm hanging in there. I can' believe it is Friday. I filled up the work days of the early part of the week with busy work (non-challenging stuff) and now I'm paying for it. Yesterday food was on plan. I did both PT assignments. I met with the PT and when I started the day with her I was able to move from 0--106 degrees on my own initially. That is positive progress for me.

Today, lots of work to get done and sometime DH and I need to figure out when and how we are celebrating Valentine's and our anniversary (tomorrow).

AZTRicia, oh no! We got a "report card" back from taking our Saint Bernard to a groomer. It said "Dog was very wiggly" and had an up charge for it. Our malamute also got a "please don't come back" at a groomer too. So irritating! Sorry about pup's issues.

BethfromDayton, wooohoooo on the extra stair trips!

NationalParker, you've almost made it to the weekend. Great job on skipping the office doughnut!

SeaDWaters, awesome job on 8,500 steps and the exercise plan for the weekend. Keep it up!

FLNU, Great job on being pleased with your progress in spite of the small blip on the scale. I feel you on your -9 streak on going to bed on time! Me too!

BillBlueEyes, I noticed the beautiful moonlight last night highlighting the snow covered field that is behind our home. I love snow and winter, though I think I'm the only one in this hemisphere that still feels that way. Good job at the odd breakfast time. That always throws me off, though I still LOVE a good brunch. Most important, felicitations on another month of success!

Lexxiss, you make a great point about the benefits of "streaking". That is a definite advantage. Oh no for a flooded DD apartment that lead to off plan eating. Great job at getting back on track.

02-14-2014, 09:19 AM
Hi everyone and thank you for the warm welcome :D

So today had it's ups and downs. I'm not officially dieting yet, but still trying to watch what I'm eating. Today I gave myself credit for eating little during the day in recognition that dinner with friends (pizza) was going to be taxing calorie wise.

Tonight I came across a hurdle again that I need a workable solution to. That is, I have an alarm on my phone to go off at 11am and 7.15pm to remind me to read my advantages cards, but when I'm out with friends I don't want to pull them out and start reading them. It'd be quite weird. When I'm out with friends is a time I really need them though, so I need to do this anyway. Today I just sat there and read them (my friend was so busy texting her boyfriend she didn't even notice!), but I guess in future I might try pretending I'm off to the toilet? How have you all worked around this?

I chose my forum name as I had just been watching a clip from the TV show Extras that always made me laugh - the one where David Bowie is singing about Ricky Gervais if you're interested. I don't think it's too negative towards me as I'm a woman, so don't really think of myself as a little fat man. You're all welcome to call me Danielle if you'd rather :)

Aztricia: I can't believe they told you not to bring the dog back?!!! I didn't realise you could get expelled from that kind of thing. Poor dog, probably just needs a bit of understanding and patience, and I suppose at the grooming places they just want to get the job done.

Billblueeyes: Well done on resisting the cabinet full of treats. You really planned ahead and managed to deal with it.

Seadwaters: Hi!!! Didn't think there'd be other Aussies in here. I'm in sunny Brisbane :D

02-14-2014, 10:53 AM
Happy Valentine's Day! We're not doing much to celebrate. We're each caught up in our own projects, not much interested in eating out on a day when every one else does, and it looks like it's going to be another wintry mix day. A good day to stay in, all in all. That should make it easy to stick to my plan, which does have a little chocolate written into it -- it is Valentine's Day, after all.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 11 Credit!

WI: -0.3 kg, Exercise: +55 635/1400 minutes for February, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

littlefatman: I know some people have put their advantages on their phone -- so it will just look like you're texting, too.

02-14-2014, 12:37 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

I have been reading the backlog of posts. When I work, I am completely consumed apparently. Then there is the family life to maintain. But here I am and happy to be writing.

It is my 14th day off the 7 allergens. The only slight slip was about 15 Jelly Beans at work. So I will have to go corn syrup free for an extra week. The scale has not moved and I know that is because I have over adjusted with the new foods, eating more than I should. (Drat the almond butter.) Still I feel okay about this because the foods are healthy and I am not endanger of binging like I would on wheat or processed crap.This is more information about maintenance for me. Still within maintenance range.

Happy Valentine's Day. My plan is to make the boys their favorite BLT sandwiches and then we will go to the health club for some wrestling (Dh is teaching DS), stretching and the jacuzzi. That is our kind of Friday night.

02-14-2014, 09:45 PM
Got the news this week that my father's pain is cancer. A blow as he's my mom's caretaker. They're reeling, as we all are. Have been upbeat when talking to them, then I hang up and tear up. More scans on Monday and then more info the following week, supposedly.

Happy Valentine's Day ... we set the record with the most snowfall for today - we received about six inches at our home, and a couple more coming overnight. Now the snow is piled up as high as my car's roof on each side of the driveway. We're supposed to get warmer temps late next week. Maryann - I'll send you the drought-ending vibe. I'm weary of the precipitation. DH actually left for work tonight, saying he's now ready to move to Florida.

I will need to focus on not snacking on this and that through the weekend. I find it easy to eat less when I'm super busy, it seems here lately, but when I'm home, I keep searching for who knows what. I will make sure if I do, that I "find" a cup of hot tea.

Our pooch (she's a poodle/terrier mix that wandered up or was dropped off half starving a few years ago) went to a groomer one time and when I went to pick her up, I couldn't find her. She looked that odd - she was fine; they loved her, but I thought she turned out like a big rat. The funny is I specifically told DH to tell them what I wanted and they did just what I asked for but it looked completely different than I thought it would. So the upshoot is that we ended up buying the $$ clippers and blade and now I do it 80% of the time or DH does it when I let it go too long. That's tomorrow's chore. It takes me a few hours from start to finish with her bath, too.

Looking forward to catching up with a friend who moved away a few years ago - she'll call here soon. Hope it turns my mood around. I'm a bit cranky. I had three pair of pants in the laundry and specifically asked that they be left for me to do this weekend. Two capris were dried on hot, and the work slacks were dried all the way as well. They all shrank and now I feel fatter. I don't want to be a wench, but my request was answered with, "what? You don't trust me to hang them up?" In the grand scheme of things, it's NOTHING. I know that. But this week it feels like between the news on my dad, the weather hammering me, the work stress back at 100%, and other junk, it points out that while i might be s-l-o-w-l-y losing a bit of weight, I still cannot dry everything I have and have it still fit. That will be my ultimate goal :)

02-14-2014, 11:52 PM
Hello Coaches,
Quick check-in as I'm helping dh & boys pack lunch & stuff for tomorrow's rocket launch. It has been a busy day, but still I walked doggie 3X. Unfortunately it has been my highest calorie day to date, so I'm going to have to plan a bit better tomorrow. Wishing you all wonderful weekends.

02-15-2014, 04:22 AM
Hi coaches

I had a ho hum day - exercise was walking the dogs, chores and shopping at the local mall. I drive there because I have to carry everything back. At the mall I go my toenails and fingernails done - a necessity for the feet because I can't actually reach them! That is one of my advantage cards - that I will be able to cut my own toenails and not pay someone to take care of my feet. Mind you if I could reach them I wouldn't be able to see them clearly anyway :). I discovered today that about 1200 of my steps are getting organised in the morning and having a shower etc (with the fitbit flex still on) - so I have an advantage of about 900 steps on those of you without a the flex or force. Todays total will be about 9000

Food was odd - didn't eat first meal until about 2pm - leftover lamb stew. So planning not going so well today. Part of shopping was deciding what to eat so tonight is on plan. Will eat in about 20 minutes. I have shopped for the next few days but need a bit of prep to make the week go well

BillBE - yet more to add to your streak. A lot of what is on offer is a version of a nasty oil (lard is good)-sugar-flour concoction. I went to a farewell at work and nothing was edible really so credit for planning. LOL at supersized coffee as resistance work

Debbie(Lexxiss) - credit for your streak of 11. Ouch for candy bars and surprise dinners. Good luck with planning for VDay dinner

FutureFitChick - glad that PT is going well and hope you and DH manage to plan a good celebration

Danielle(LittleFatMan) - I have my advantage and response cards in my phone so the suggestion that you have an alarm on your phone to check them sounds good! I don't know the TV show but if it works for you that is OK with me :). There is another Australian in this group who will pop up soon

Nationalparker - sorry to hear the news about your dad and the impact that will have on your family. It will be a difficult time so sending supportive thoughts your way. The weather sounds amazing and not sure how you all manage in those conditions. Going for a cup of tea when you are searching for a snack is a good idea indeed

Tricia (in AZ) - have a good day tomorrow and credit for 3 walks and hope they make up for your high calorie day. Hope the pup is progressing

Time for dinner coaches - enjoy your weekend

02-15-2014, 05:30 AM
Hi all I joined this group a while back but fell out of the habit of posting. I am doing my second round of Beck and am in need of the online support. I am currently living in Africa (I'll be back home in the UK in June). I have no access to scales at the moment so am relying on the tape measure!! which is a bit challenging. I currently have around 15-20 lbs to lose to get to where I want to be. As I am not in control of what my meals are and of how they are cooked I am currently using portion control as my chosen diet and it seems to be going quite well, I am using the Portion teller plan.

I still sometimes struggle with giving myself credit but I know it is an important part of the program so here goes:

For 14.2.13
- Stuck to my Portion control aim for all food groups
- Walked for over 1 hour
- Said no to unplanned foods ( especially treats)

If anyone is looking for additional email support please let me know as I would also find this really helpful.

Have a lovely day xx

02-15-2014, 08:04 AM
Hello coaches,

I got a little overwhelmed by too much to do on Thursday - which then led into too exhausted on Friday and today, Saturday, I was a bit off track. Calorie wise far from catastrophic but mindset wise definitely not “in the zone”. So tonight I am posting because that is what makes the difference between getting the mindset back and falling off the wagon.

That negative blather aside there is cause for celebration - Thursdays weigh in hit a mini-goal so tonight I updated my signature to add a new one. And it is in the 80’s (kgs). That feels really profound. Mini-goals always seem very achievable - so to have an achievable goal that starts with an 8 is very exciting :-) Reaching this mini-goal also means I have lost 15kg in total. I got to thinking today as well that that is approaching half way. (My tentative goal is 65kg, which is the middle of my healthy weight range but I will adjust when I get closer and think that I will probably stop at 70kg as I have a very rubenesque shape so healthy for me is probably at the top end of the range). And if I do end up stopping at 70 then I only have a little over 20kg to go. So saying “nearly half way” is stretching it a little, but not too much :-) In any event it is exciting to think of and mainly because it doesn’t feel like I’m even a tiny bit tempted to say “this’ll do”. This healthy life is just how I live now.

Credits: it was dessert night tonight and I had just a small serve of ice-cream; noticed today also that my kids have stopped asking for junk and dessert every night - seems like they are starting to get that these things are occasional in my home; packed really healthy lunches for my kids all week; even in busyness and tiredness I have still done all my health activities. That is huge - 6 months ago I would jump at any excuse not to do it - now not doing it just ain’t an option.

Food ? <80 % OP; Health activities 100% OP? yes ; Drank 2L water? no ; Went to bed on time? no ; Streak count: 0

Littlefatman - welcome! Great to have another Aussie in the mix :-)

Nationalparker - so sorry to hear about your father!

ladym0208 - lovely to meet you. And well done for giving yourself credit - I reckon it is the most powerful tool in the kit.

02-15-2014, 08:15 AM
Welcome Back, ladym0208!

Hi Coaches!

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 11 Credit!

My streaking today helped me get some spontaneous exercise. I was already downstairs pouring coffee before I remembered to weigh so back upstairs. Once upstairs and ready to post I had forgotton to write my food plan so back downstairs. Done. Credit.
Cheryl(seadwaters), I recognize my daily upkeep at home is a calorie burner. Thanks for sharing the steps and kudos for your routine.

nationalparker, sorry to hear about your dad. Sending hugs your way. I've been working really hard on self care during stressful times. I'm sending that support to you, too.

ForMyGirls, congrats on your mini goal achieved! Thanks for sharing how much those mini goals help.

Yesterday I shared on the declutter thread a plumbing/heating snafu which was causing me great stress. It got worse before it got better-2 cracked bathtubs, many trips to hdepot and working until past 7 trying to get the bathtub to fit.....Good news is....the plumber wants to rent the place...soon AND we went through the unit and made a large list of things we thought had to be done that he doesn't feel necessary. There is beginning to be light at the end of THIS tunnel!

02-15-2014, 08:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Took my true love dancing on Valentine's Day; CREDIT moi for the exercise and CREDIT moi for remembering to come up with some Tulips to get my he-remembered tick. (DW is not a roses person.) I have no idea how fresh flowers can be sold in this weather for modest prices. Upper body exercise was chipping ice from the sidewalk in preparation for today's expected load of snow. It was a good workout with satisfaction every time a single blow cleanly split a half square foot of ice from the brick. Yay for being easily amused.

On plan eating, CREDIT moi, included ignoring eight choice snacks at the dance including dark chocolate covered cranberries. Snacking on-plan streak goes to 87. Scale was optimistic this morning. Late night exercise does that due to water loss, but the non-rational 90% of my brain rejoices as if each chop of ice was fueled by an ounce of body fat.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – A "little chocolate" sounds like a sane amount.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Hope the plumbing issue resolved well. Hot water heaters rather demand immediate attention. In my next life I intend to invent a hot water heater that gives a one month warning before opening its load into the house. Kudos for regrouping to "put on my Beck thinking cap."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – 9000 steps is a good day; Kudos. Lamb is a rare treat for us.

FutureFitChick – Happy Anniversary!!! May you have many more. Congrats on your improving flexibility. Kudos for taking the time to appreciate the beauty of snow even when it's inconvenient.

maryann - Interesting thought that healthy foods are less likely to serve binging. Yay for wrestling on Valentine's Day. As someone who's been married forever, I wouldn't have thought of any other meaning, LOL.

ladym0208 – Portion control is what's always worked for me, since my main meal is prepared by my DW (lucky me) my control is by portion size. Kudos that your credits for the day include food, exercise, and turning down unplanned treats.

nationalparker – Sending supportive thoughts as you deal with your father's new diagnosis. Ouch for the pants situation to dump on top of a difficult time. Kudos for keeping your wits to acknowledge that you're "s-l-o-w-l-y losing."

ForMyGirls - Congrats for reaching Mini-Goal 5 and Kudos for immediately assigning yourself Mini-Goal 6 (typo in your signature). This is such an encouraging thought, "even in busyness and tiredness I have still done all my health activities."

AZtricia - Kudos for three doggie walks in one day - that must be one happy pup. Fun to be reminded that if you live in Arizona you can go to rocket launches.

Danielle (littlefatman) - Just watching what you're eating is about the biggest step toward sane food consumption. Kudos for getting started in advance of your official diet. And Kudos for working the issue of how to discretely read your Advantages Card in public.

Readers - day 12 Practicing Hunger Tolerance

...You definitely don't have to eat when
you're hungry. Just because you want to eat
.......doesn't mean you always should.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 122.

02-15-2014, 10:37 AM
Heading out to lunch with a friend and I'm not sure where. I've penciled in a plan "salad +, maybe, soup" that I think I can follow. We'll see how it goes. I'm having her pick me up because our steep driveway is covered with ice, but it's supposed to get to 40 tomorrow, so we don't want to use salt if it's going to melt on its own this weekend.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 12 Credit!

WI: +0.1 kg, Exercise: +45 680/1400 minutes for February, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

nationalparker: so sorry for your sad and scary news. I've been a cancer survivor for nearly thirty years and I know there are other survivors on this board. I hope there are good treatment options for your father. Take care of yourself at this time -- it's natural that your mood would be jumpy and not as sunny as usual.

ladym0208: welcome back -- I remember you!

FutureFitChick: Happy Anniversary! Cool to have Valentine's Day and your anniversary in one neat package.

02-15-2014, 11:06 AM
Please don't get irritated if I post a few times today. I'm struggling to stay out of the kitchen, and will turn to the tea. At least each foray there has been low on calories and still okay for the day, but clearly went with a lighter breakfast and not as satisfying. I'm going to get a last portion of leftovers from my Valentine's dinner out the other evening, so splitting it into three servings should work well. It was chicken parmesan and a small pile of fettuccini ... a wonderfully tasty treat and know it was more caloric than my recipe, obviously. :) That's lunch and should be satisfying.

Thanks to everyone for the positive vibes winging my way. Sorry for a whiny post above!

Bill - I know the excitement of cracking off a hunk of hard snow/ice and am glad I'm not the only one who finds pleasure in that. I LOVE being able to pick up a hunk and fling it into the yard. :) That resonated with me. I've got the sidewalks and patio to work on today. The city here says you face a fine for not shoveling your sidewalks, but only three of us on my street do it. Funny how the CITY doesn't do it near the govt buildings very well/timely.

GardenerJoy - I'm right there with you (from a previous post) of being much more satisfied with better-tasting food. I found on the cruise I was so much more content with smaller portions of more tasty food, but when it was mediocre, I kept trying this or that to see how it was.

Weight at ticker this morning. I haven't set any mini goals and realize that I just keep thinking long-term and it seems like it's taking forever. So my next goal is 165. I haven't been there for five years. I keep hitting 167 and bouncing back up into the 170s. My sister has lost close to 30 pounds since November on WW.

Off to clip our dog. Her day will be ruined but I'll be kept busy for a while before hopping onto my "job" work that needs to be done today.

02-15-2014, 12:07 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Credit for keeping to my food list during the holiday. Ouch for still eating too much of it.

I realized this morning that I am blue. Actually I think I am stuck in blue. I am functioning at work and home but every moment I feel like I am swimming underwater. It is a great effort and if I stop to breathe all will be lost. Don't really know what to do. Maybe remind myself that this too shall pass. And the work I do should not be discounted even if I am troubled doing it. Yesterday, for instance, I worked the AA program with a woman trying to keep her sobriety. I took a step class. I made a lovely dinner and some Valentine surprises for my boys. I finsihed the laundry. All god things but little relief.

Again, I remind myself, this too shall pass.

Nationalparker: So sorry to hear about your dad. That is a blow. i can relate to your "searching" the kitchen but you don't knowfor what. I think I was looking for a high and I can't get it without starting the "illegal" foods.

AZTrcia: A rocket launch sounds exciting.

seadwaters: Credit for planning to "plan." it is always so much healthier.

ladym0208: Your post made me grateful for my situation. I complain but I can plan my own meals and have a scale. Well done you for making your destiny in difficult circumstances.

ForMyGirls: Super credit for another mini goal. Like the fact that you have no desire to say "This is enough." I want to copy that attitude.

Lexxiss: Self care is important. And now I have a good definition of sef care. It is not eating whatever i want to kill the pain. it is lovingly guiding myself to long term healthy choices.

BBE: Wrestling got postponed in favor of a ondemand movie. DS made the choice. Dh is struggling with his back. Can relate to having a true love under the same roof. For years I didn't and now it is a wonderful treat everyday.

gardenerjoy: Enjoy your lunch.

02-15-2014, 04:19 PM
Hi, Coaches.

Yesterday was pretty well on target for eating, but I did not get in either session of PT and am very behind on my water consumption. Bad! Oh, well. All I can do is make sure I do it today and tomorrow! Food was a little bit off at lunch today, as I decided to fully enjoy the Indian buffet we went to to celebrate my husband's raise/Valentine's/our 11th anniversary. I was very good and I did not stuff myself. More importantly, we spent most of the morning together chatting away with NEITHER of us working. Yea for us! It always feels funny to have a sort of Valentine's anniversary, because neither of us is especially traditional/romantic in that way. We had originally planed for a November wedding, but then 3 of our bridal party ended up pregnant and due or unable to travel. So, we picked the next available date at our venue which was 2/15. My husband gets kind of a break, because my birthday is next Saturday. So, he just has one month to deal with for gift giving.

We also stopped at the grocery store today, FINALLY! I have lots of veggies to prep tomorrow for the week, as well as ingredients for chili and stuffed peppers. i hope to get that all done tomorrow afternoon.

My husband LOVES to plan out vacations. He feels uncomfortable when there isn't one to plan, read about, or make reservations for. Just about every time we have a chance to just talk and hang out, he asks "Where are we going to go on our next trip?" Right now I'm stuck, as my knee won't be fully recovered for another 11 months. We had been planning to take 3+ weeks to hike parts of the west, such as the Grand Canyon; Great Sand Dunes, Bryce Canyon, Arches, and Zion (The Narrows) National Parks; and visiting friends and family in Phoenix. But now, I don't have any great ideas for what to do for vacation now that hiking is out of the question. Any suggestions?

LittleFatMan, great job for planning ahead and preparing yourself for the dinner out with friends. I put my cards in memos on my iPad. One of those is pretty well always with me, so I can always pull them out. Alternatively, if you have a "dumb" phone like I do, you could text yourself abbreviated forms from a friend/relative's phone (then delete it from their sent messages if you need to). I'll going to check out the Bowie song. Gervais is pretty funny. I loved his reaction to Seinfeld's driving in this show For some reason I found it really refreshing that a well-paid actor would find borderline reckless driving scary. I never imagined a person like that with "normal" fears for some reason, as if they were super heroes.

GardenerJoy, glad you had something you enjoyed for Valentine's. And, I like your strategy for creating a lose plan before eating out when you don't know where you are going.

MaryAnn, glad to read your post! Ooooh! Almond butter! Yum! Glad you are enjoying your new foods and wish you luck figuring out the portions you need. You sound like you are giving a whole lot of yourself to others and not doing things to fill you up. How do you take care of you? What energizes you or makes you feel glorious? (Not sure I know the answer to those questions myself, but do remember we have only limited amounts we can share before we start depleting ourselves.)

NationalParker, your father's diagnosis is pretty sobering. I can't imagine how you must feel. I'm glad you are allowing yourself chances to emotionally process it all after being so supportive of your parents. On a lighter note, I am weary of all of our snow melting, as there will surely be a great deal of flooding on the local rivers and streams. Hang in there about the little things and focus on taking care of yourself. I'm sure your family and friends understand you are going through a lot right now. But, don't forget to cut yourself some slack too.

AZTricia, bummer about being off in your calorie count. Rocket day sounds like lots of fun.

SeaDWaters, toe touching is a huge advantage. I like that card! I've never broken down the activities for steps like that before. I'll have to do that sometime.

LadyM0208, hello! Living in Africa sounds amazing! If you are willing to share, what country are you in and are you there for work/study? Great job on your food goals for yesterday.

ForMyGirls, great job for getting on the boards and posting, in spite of exhaustion. Tremendous congratulations for meeting your mini-goal! Great job for setting a good example and environment for the kids. That will have a huge impact on their health habits!

Lexxiss, oh my word -- aLL of those plumbing issues at once! Great news about sticking you your spontaneous activity though!

BillBlueEyes, you and your wife sound so sweet together! You sound lucky to have each other! I hope today's snow is not too inundating to Boston. Along the lines of chipping ice for amusement, Elmer's white glue drying slightly before peeling it off is great fun too.

02-15-2014, 05:15 PM
Hi everyone,

Well I did not completely disappear, just slipped back into lurking mode because I was not doing well. I need to learn that when I am not doing well stopping posting is just one more thing that will not help.

So I got on the scale this morning and I reset my stats and goals. I have decided to go back to the eating plan I was so happy with last year. I am spending the weekend getting things in place- writing up the plan, doing some food prep and so on. I need to accept Beck's advice that you have to accept that you must make time for weight loss. I know that as soon as it is not my first priority I slip right back to overeating unhealthy food.

Grateful for all the wisdom here...


02-15-2014, 08:50 PM
Hello coaches! I am trying to get caught up on this board again. I am an intermittent poster lately but still very focused on my eating and exercise using Beck strategies.

Zumba has been my exercise of choice lately and, since dd is in the midst of basketball season and her games and practices are always on Zumba nights, I bought the P90x3 challenge. I am enjoying that I get a smidge better at all the workouts each time and that it works muscles I didn't know I had! They are 30 min workouts and I keep telling myself "I can do anything for just 30 minutes!" Food wise, I am tracking on myfitnesspal and use portion control and planning ahead to keep food at acceptable weight loss levels. I have less calories to consume as I lose which is really forcing me to be more precise with portion sizes and recording the correct amounts. So kudos to me for planning food the day before, eat sitting down, self talk in response to sabotaging thoughts.

Thinking about all of you with deluge of snow right now and the California folks experiencing drought...wish we could send the downpour of rain we got today down to you.

02-15-2014, 10:08 PM
Well, not doing too bad nor too exemplary today. Kinda just getting through it. Have done about four hours of work, marketing, snow shoveling, and misc. stuff around the house. I am looking forward to relaxing in a hot bubble bath here soon, and an early night, hopefully. That alone will help me stay out of the kitchen, foraging. Thought my large lunch would keep me satisfied longer as it was a good bit of protein, but I suspect it was my mind that kept me hungrier. Went light with dinner.

A new year's resolution was to keep my dining room table cleared off, or set nicely. Today it's a clutter central spot and will clear it off before bed, even if it all goes into a bad. Oddball things that have landed here upon unpacking backpack from trip, and articles to read, etc. :) Please tell me someone else does this, as well.

FutureFitChick - Is it just hiking that's out for you - or walking around a new city as well? Cruises can be dang cheap depending on how much you have to pay for the flight to get to the port needed. There you could swim and relax. Give us hints for what you would enjoy! :) Sedona? The idea of your long hiking vacation sounds wonderful, for when that works out. DH is still talking about us hitting Isle Royale this summer or next. Any canoeing/kayaking trip ideas?

CeeJay - glad to see you pop in again. Looking forward to your next post! Are you in a winter funk with many of us?

Maryann - Oddball question, but can I ask you where you started out last year? It'll give me a nudge to realize that I CAN get there even if I'm moving at a snail's pace compared to my sister. I have to accept that she had about three times the weight to lose that I did. I don't think of that, though, when her total lost keeps zipping up there, ha ha.

02-15-2014, 11:50 PM
Hello coaches, all my boys had a great time at the rocket launch and they only crashed one. I took the time to exercise, see a pt about my shoulder injured 9 years ago, and have low calorie meals. Now I'm tired and doing a fly by check in to say it was a good day!
Eating ++
personals tomorrow, off to say goodnight to my guys.

02-16-2014, 01:23 AM
Good morning all, I hope you had a good day yesterday.

My day was pretty good

- I managed to stay on track with my plan
- I managed to overcome quite a few sabotaging thoughts that would usually have led me to overeat or break my plan
- I read my response cards at time when I felt my resolve weakening

AZtricia - well done for getting some exercise in
nationalparker - well done for keeping yourself busy instead of eating
Rosebud170 - well done for planning and sticking with it
CeeJay - well done for getting back on it and for making your plan
FutureFitChick - I am in Rwanda in a place called Cyangugu (near DRC boarder). I am working with a charity called Tearfund, mainly doing teaching ad training. It's great here and a really life changing experience so far.

Have a good day everyone xx

02-16-2014, 03:10 AM
Hi coaches

I forgot to say in last post that the 2.5 pound upward bleep was down again yesterday so I was back to the lowest weight since surgery. And I was still that weight again this morning so the ticker got changed! Exercise is a bit of a mystery because the battery for the fitbit ran out shortly after it logged my sleep so captured non of my morning stuff or dog walk and since it has been charging since then none of my kitchen cooking antics. The dogs were determined to had a walk even though it was a constant fine drizzle - we got to the park and they were miserable but I did a few rounds and took 2 drowned wet beasties home. Went to the gym although I resisted :tantrum: in the middle of a busy day - I did all my exercises and a few sprints on the bike and feel like I did my duty

I am prepping food for today and the week because as you all say - planning planning planning - it will be a difficult and busy week and I hope to remain on track. I don't mind being busy but hate being rushed and I will be both this week. The first to go out the window is exercise and then food. I have two days of meetings with food supplied which I loathe - it is impossible to know what they will supply but I usually can't eat any of it and would rather go down to the canteen where I know I can get some good Pho or Vietnamese rolls or something safe (without wheat or sugar or rubbish). Will have to think about what to do / take

LadyM - welcome back - Africa sounds so exotic and I notice your later explanation of what you are doing there. It sounds profound. Of course I had to look in Google Maps where it was and it is indeed remote! So kudos for having this lifechanging experience and being on plan!

ForMyGirls - Credit for meeting a minigoal! Great work keeping all your health activities when busy and tired

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Hope the Beck thinking cap helped - water heaters gone wrong are a nightmare. Credit for a streak of 11 on the 3 Ws

Bill(BE) - Congrats on streaking to 87 (in the faceof 8 choices to break the streak) AND getting the "he-remembered" tick - always important. At least tulips seem consistent with really cold weather and snow given where they "come from" but who knows

Joy (gardenerjoy) - hope lunch went well and theat "salad + maybe soup" worked - my favourite meal actually. Hope all the ice melts in the sultry 40F tomorrow

nationalparker - post as many times as you need to to stay on track. Hope the lunch went well - sounds yummy. Credit for chores done and the distraction they offer against "foraging". Great insight that it was probably your "mind that kept (you) hungry" - I need to remember that when I think I am starving. My desk does the job of your dining table and I try to clear it off once a day - on my dailies to-do list

Maryann - Good to believe your blue phase will pass - as it will if you focus on activities that you know will help see it on its way. What works for you usually then (besides illegal foods :) )? You seem to be doing all the right things.

FutureFitChick - Happy anniversary and I trust your celebrations were stellar? Yay for quality time spent together. There already seem to be some good holiday suggestions - a cruise sounds great! I don't do vacations so can't help a lot

CeeJay - Glad you are back and as usual honest and straightforward. To new beginnings :cp:

Rosebud - Welcome back! Credit for still focussing on your eating and exercise with Beck. I am thinking of trying aqua zumba because it looks so good and I like the style - I think I am more likely to survive it in the water than on land at the moment. Credit for finding an alternative when you couldn't do your preferred exercise. MFP is great - I too try to log the day before or at least the meal before to monitor progress - it seems to be working

Tricia (in AZ) - not sure what a rocket launch is but it sounds interesting...Well done to exercise, see a pt, and plan sensible meals, all when busy. Credit!

02-16-2014, 06:31 AM
Hello coaches,

There was a bit if jumping off the tracks today but i did keep correcting myself so credit for that. Credit also for stopping at only a tiny bit past full in our fortnightly curry feast tonight. Stopping at full would have been better but it could have been heaps worse. And credit for resisting an offered icecream treat tonight.

Food ? <80 % OP; Health activities 100% OP? no ; Drank 2L water? no ; Went to bed on time? no ; Streak count: 0

Been missing my bedtime a bit lately and noticed today i was tired. Was thinking "why am i tired? I slept weel last night?" And then "duh - well, but not for long enough!" That shall be corrected in 10 mins!

Maryann - you explain how "blue" feels so evocatively. Huge kudos to you for being able to step out of it enough to see that it will pass. I hope that the point when it is past arrives soon for you.

Ceejay - welcome back and hooray to you for taking the giant leap of posting.

Rosebud - welcome bakc to you too. It sounds like you are doing really well.

02-16-2014, 06:50 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Had dinner at the home of friends where I ate moderately instead of a more normal dinner party stuffing; CREDIT moi with an extra CREDIT moi for no snacks at all to extend the streak to 88.

Exercise was, again, chipping ice in preparation for the next dump of snow; CREDIT moi. I did some preliminary shoveling before we walked to our friend's home for dinner, then did a brief shoveling at 10:30 last night to get some snow removed before early walkers tramp it down this morning. The wonderful surprise: moonbeam greeted me this morning when I went to make coffee!! Just thrilled because it also meant a clear sky - perhaps the 11 inch dump predicted for today has passed us by.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I like a plan that faces an uncertain menu.

CeeJay - I, too, am challenged to peek out when I'm not doing well. Kudos for doing so. Let our positives vibes sink into your unconscious.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Arguably one of the best feelings ever is that of exercise that was resisted. Kudos for fighting the Sabotaging Thoughts and getting it done. One of my favorite achievements at work was to contact the admin who was ordering calzones for a lunchtime meeting to suggest that a few salads be added. "I've never thought of that," then she did. They went first; subsequent meeting had more - then more for the meeting after that. Seems that at least half of us preferred a salad with cold chicken than the heavy duty stuff.

FutureFitChick – I'm so jealous that your DH has all his must-remember days in one month - lucky guy. The Western parks with millions of years of exposed geology are so appealing for hiking about. They might be a pain with limited mobility. We're saving our Alaskan coastal cruise for when our walking becomes limited. Maybe you can do yours a few decades early. [Why, Yes! Peeling off Elmer's white glue is a kick.]

maryann - Absolutely, "the work I do should not be discounted" - we're just as fast to discount our accomplishments as we are to generate Sabotaging Thoughts to justify over eating. Kudos for wrestling the blues.

ladym0208 – Kudos for countering those Sabotaging Thoughts to stay your path. I googled Tearfund - sounds like some solid work being done.

nationalparker – Kudos for splitting a single dinner entree into three servings - a serious reminder of the portion growth of restaurants. Congrats to your sister for those 30 pounds gone using Weight Watchers. Yep, I have places where I gather my clutter while I hope for that inspiration to clear it up.

Rosebud170 – Yes, send some of that Pacific Northwest rain to California - or we'll all be out of food. Terrific mantra, "I can do anything for just 30 minutes!"

ForMyGirls - Kudos for being aware of your state of fullness during your curry feast. Yep, it could have been worse.

AZtricia - Kudos for addressing that injured shoulder - hope that personal trainer helped it along the path to mending.

Readers - day 12 Practicing Hunger Tolerance

What to Do

Pick a day this week to practice hunger tolerance. If you think it'll be challenging, choose a day when you know you'll be busy and you predict you won't be faced with difficult eating triggers. Many of the dieters I've counseled initially tried this experiment on a workday. A structured routine helped them refrain from eating until dinnertime.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 122.

02-16-2014, 10:03 AM
Hi Coaches!

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 13 Credit!

Yesterday's plan changed as we headed down to Denver to have V-Day dinner w/my mom and the kids. I ate dessert, which was unplanned, yet give myself credit for a 9 hour shift at the restaurant without 1 bite. It was busy....very busy....too busy, even to eat my tangerine which I brought with me. I'll take it up to the project today.

The good news about my written plan for yesterday is it works for today. Easy.

MaryAnn, sending hugs as you recognize your blues. I'm remembering the daily 12 step meditation book for "Women Who Do Too Much". Thinking it wouldn't hurt for me to get one. I related to lots you said, as to how my life is right now, too. I'm very caught up in the "have to's" even when they are good things.

nationalparker, yes, our dining room table is also a catch all. You aren't alone lol

Must head to the kitchen for smoothie. The project calls early today.

02-16-2014, 11:34 AM
I fell on the ice yesterday. Here's an advantage to losing weight that I never thought of -- taking a fall is a lot easier with 70 fewer pounds! I think my daily exercise helped, too. Especially since my instinct, yesterday, was to still get my workout in. I'm much less stiff than I might have been, just a bit of achiness from the jarring and a slightly swollen wrist that only hurts if I put weight on it. Calling that a win!

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 13 Credit!

WI: +1.0 kg, Exercise: +45 725/1400 minutes for February, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

FutureFitChick: I can come up with lots of non-hiking vacations, harder to come up with non-walking ones, though...I love to plan trips, too!
Here's an idea, and close to you: Columbus, Indiana. A small city with an astounding amount of modern architecture. It's very drivable. We walked a fair amount, too, but not like in Paris or Chicago. You wouldn't have to walk to see things -- you could drive and get out every few blocks to look at the buildings. The bus tour is worth it because it gets you into spaces you might not see inside otherwise. We took cameras and spent four days there and would still like to go back.
Kansas City has lots of cool things to see and we drive more than walk when we're there because the sites are spread apart. Lots of standing, though, since the museums are so fun.

MaryAnn: I had a thought while reading FutureFitChick's response to you. Maybe you need an Artist's Date? Have you read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron? I'm going through it with a group on-line (let me know if you want info -- we're taking the whole year). This is my third time through, so I know the best things in the whole book are in the introduction -- Morning Pages and the Artist's Date.
Another thing that helps me with feeling blue is doing something, anything, creative that is all mine and has no professional purpose (and, therefore, no pressure attached) -- like planning a trip or writing a slam poem or making a time line in the hallway with post-it notes about a period of history that interests me.

02-16-2014, 12:48 PM
Dear Coaches,

Thanks for the good and warming thoughts. Many asked how I self-care. What works for me is to stay completely present in the moment. "Now I am sitting matching socks. This feels peaceful." "Now I am sitting in the carwash." Etc. . . I cannot look past the hour or doom will overtake me. My husband calls it my "Global Warming Thinking." I pray for relief from the bondage of self. I set little goals. If I clean 1 quarter of the garage, I can sit and watch a movie series and relax. I look at my son's beautiful face sitting next to me and say, "The blues will not rob me of this moment with him." Then I go to bed exhausted at the effort of this consciousness.

This morning, the danger seems farther away. I sat with my mint green tea (my new favorite) and felt some peace. Food list was maintained (except that darn cornsyrup) but I had no plan. Today's plan is three strict meals and stay out of the kitchen. weight still at maintenance.

FutureFitChick: How about an Alaskan cruise through Glacier Bay. My husband got sick on our honeymoon but we didn't miss a thing because the boat moved him. None of our favorite excursion require much of a knee - kayaking, a helicopter tour to the tundra, wildlife tour on a boat where we saw a mother and baby whale breeching. Fantastic.

nationalparker: In sympathy with your struggle, I am staying OUT of the kitchen except mealtimes today. Boy will that help me. I started at about 162 if I remember correctly. I weighed in at 153 today.

CeeJay: Thanks for the reminder "It takes time for weightloss." I want to get to the lower part of maintenance but that is a slow process.

Rosebud170: What kind of exercises are on the P90x3? I can't do a lot of pushups because I have carpel tunnel syndrome.

ladym0208: So interesting to hear about your life. I am a teacher as well.

seadwaters; Love to see that dancing carrot.

ForMyGirls: I laughed at your post because I could easily stop before I was full with curry. It is one of the few foods I can't seem to like. :) Now Mac and Cheese . . .

BBE: Smiled at your ice chipping. I have a feeling my husband would just take a blowtorch to it. (That is how he roasts marshmallows.)

Lexxiss: Yesterday I got back to pg. 449 in the big book. "Acceptance is the answer to all my problems." That really broughtt me some relief.

02-16-2014, 01:58 PM
Thanks for all your warm wishes. You gals (and Bill) are awesome. Going to try doing as Lexxiss advised awhile back and post every day or at least every day most of the time (gotta battle that all or nothing thinking ;))

Yesterday I followed my eating plan right up until bedtime and then I really bombed again sigh...

Trying again today.


02-16-2014, 02:06 PM

I've made some pleasant discoveries re: this new cell phone. The grand world of apps!

Dear Lord, it is a vast world full of wonders.

I downloaded a few apps that could be very very helpful: meditation apps, positive thinking/self hypnosis apps. Amazing. Even one that is just nature sounds that you can combine (waves, owls, frogs, birds, rain, fire etc.). I did try an "app for cats" called Flygames. Green background, houseflies buzz then enter screen and will splat when touched. Caesar watched the first four, and tentatively reached toward the small screen on the phone and that was it. He was done with it. I am looking for the "frog one" which is all I know about it and I think it needs a larger screen, but we'll see.

I've been under the weather since Thursday. I have not made it back to the gym since being chastised by the trainer. I have now built that small encounter into "now every time I go t the gym I HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT". Ugh. Doing this to myself is GUARANTEE I will not only not lose weight, but gain weight. More accurate a statement is "My trainer's goal for me is weightloss. I can choose where I place my focus." My sister, who has had a few trainers and became friends with one of them, told me the reason they really focus on the weightloss is that they know, and have seen, that if the client doesn't *see* any changes, no matter their motivation and focus on other rewards/benefits, if they don't see the changes they will eventually stop going. I guess that's true. My brain is not my friend here. While I was perfectly happy just showing up (I always give it 100% if I get through the door) now it feels "less than" and "nothing to celebrate" cause I haven't been able to get the food to fall in line. Crazy :devil: thinking that makes me :mad: I believe it. It's all just resistance. It's all just procrastination. I know the more resistance I have the closer I am to real change.

Today's challenge is a work event with DH's work. Work has rented out Reptilia Reptile Zoo & Education Center for their employees and their families. Buffet dinner will be served--which has been posted so I can choose. Nothing amazing so I shouldn't be tempted by the strange, unusual or rare food stuffs. More enticing would be to drown my negative feelings. Outings with his work make me feel very F-A-T as so many of the spouses are very thin and very stylish, all while being parents. I need to add this to my advantages response card I think. I too want to be a thin, fit, stylish spouse at a work event. I can start working toward that with today's event.

Foodplan for buffet:

Gourmet Cheese Salad
Ravioli with Grilled Chicken
no sweets.
Fruit for dessert if available.

Ok will check in later.

BTW I do have the winter blahs still. Very tough to do anything right now. Takes an incredible amount of effort to get going. Luckily I have many people around me to hold me accountable, and that works, kind of like this board. :)

02-16-2014, 04:45 PM
Hi, Coaches.

This is a late post for me this morning, as i was up until about 5:30 AM reading about different positions for my job search. It gets overwhelming, but I have to just focus on one thing at a time, though. My computer was also giving me fits again this morning. Apparently there are hidden files that McAfee "Uninstaller" does not remove. So frustrating, but in the bigger scope of things I am grateful that I could find the answer and remedy the problem on my own in a couple hours.

Food was OK yesterday. After our lunch date, I didn't feel like eating my planned salad, but I did load up on other veggies. I slept through breakfast, so ate that for lunch. I want to keep focusing on meeting my commitments and deadlines better, so I really need to nip this sleep issue in the bud tonight!

Thanks for all of the travel suggestions. You gave us great things to think about. I love the idea of going to Alaska, especially since DH's cousin will probably be working there this summer. But, DH still finds a trip there hard to imagine without lots of hiking. We have some thinking to do.

CeeJay, hugs to you on the occasion that you have not been doing well! I, too, need the reminder that weight loss takes a lot of time, energy, and commitment! Thanks for sharing that. I, too, have a really bad habit of dessert just before bed. With my knee though, I've been going to our bedroom earlier to do PT and it has helped interrupt that pattern for me.

Rosebud170, great mentality of "I can do anything for just 30 minutes"!

NationalParker, a bubble bath sounds AMAZING!!! I can't take a bath until my incisions are healed and I miss them! Hope that was enough to do the trick for you in order to stick to your plan. As for me, I imagine I would be able to walk a few miles on fairly stable (and ideally flat) surfaces. I've never been out to the southwest, so I can't comment on Arizona. We love getting outdoors for hiking, swimming, beaches, etc. I'll have to check out Isle Royale. That's new to me. Canoeing might be feasible. I'll have to give that some thought too.

AZTricia, wow! Only crashing one! I remember when I was a kid hunting for hours in the stupid cornfield near our house trying to recover lost ones. I'm glad you got some help for your shoulder too.

LadyM0208, that must be a really neat and intense experience for you! I've only done mission work for week long stints, so I can't imagine how different that must be. I'm really glad that you were able to overcome the sabotaging thoughts! That is huge!

SeaDWaters, you live in AUSTRALIA and don't take vacation? I'm not sure I would be able to get any work done in a place that that with so much to do and see! I'm glad to see that your weight settled back down. How frustrating that your battery cut out on you, but it sounds like you were really active in any case! How does the FitBit do on your bike activity? The BodyMedia Sync does not do a great job of accounting for biking.

ForMyGirls, credit for catching yourself at just past full. That can be tricky.

BillBlueEyes, how are the LED out door bulbs working? (That's a real question, as we've been investigating them but haven't found a brand reviewers seem to agree on.) Your morning with the snow sounds beautiful! I look forward to the day when I can manage dinner out with such conviction!

Lexxiss, hope all is going well with the project. In spite of the dessert, it sounds like you still managed the rest of the change in plans really well.

GardenerJoy, I hope you are not bruised from your fall. Are you feeling OK now? I laughed out loud when I read your suggestion of Columbus, Indiana. That is where I finished high school. They really are proud of the architecture there. The modern church architecture was so odd to me when we first moved there, but now I understand how iconic it can be. I have spent a little bit of time in Kansas City, but DH really hasn't. That is a good idea too.

MaryAnn, I'm glad you seem to have some strategies for dealing with the "blue". Hang in there! I loved your your description of Alaska; it allows me to imagine myself there!

OnebyOne, hang in there while you are dealing with the all-or-nothing thinking. That can be rough.

02-16-2014, 09:50 PM
I've loved being home and getting things done today - in between doing "work" work ... I'm itching to get to bed early and read a bit, though, too. Roasted onions and carrots and also some sweet potato chunks with both cayenne, garlic powder, salt, and 2 tps of brown sugar for a sweet/spicy flavor. Came out perfectly.

For some reason, while I looked forward to Downton Abbey last year, this year I'm not into it but am dvr-ing it and hope to get caught up and enjoy it. It feels (to me) like they've pushed too hard to stretch out another season. Saw that Grease was on and cannot for the life of me understand HOW, as a kid, I believed that these were high-schoolers. So then I had to look up to see how old Stockard Channing was in the movie (33). Then had to see how old Cha Cha was (30) I was a gullible kid, I suppose. ;) But thanks to the IMDb, I learned that she was pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy and that's why she leaned on the car during the dragracing scene ... then was rushed into surgery. Don't remember that. What a font of information.

GardenerJoy - Yikes on falling on the ice. I HATE that, and hope you're feeling well tomorrow, too, and no new residual pain. Thank you for suggesting Columbus, Indiana - I'm going to put that on our summer idea sheet. DH works four 12-hour days and is off four days, so it works well for trips every other month when they coincide with weekends.

Foraged a bit too much for food today - kind of grazed lightly off and on. Not a lot of calories, but I don't like doing that as I get in my mind that I'm not eating light, because I'm eating more often.

Among our pets is one black longhair cat that DH chose as a kitten from a woman at a farm near him ... she's now nearly five and was given to DH MUCH too young. End result is that she was very aggressive/mean/cranky/touchy/socially inept. I love her to death. I joked that I feel like the alligator showman with his head in the gator's mouth when I'm trying to socialize her. (You can tell a Florida transplant) ... anyway, slowly she's been coming 'round to being a bit more friendly. I keep saying, "I'm going to tame this wild mustang!" and four years or so later, I think I'm finally making progress.

Off to annoy her a bit.

02-16-2014, 10:48 PM
Hello coaches,
Sorry no personals again today. It's been a good day for eating plan and OK for exercise. I'm still sore from my DVD yesterday and only walked pup. Gotta go prep veggies for the week. See y'all tomorrow!

02-16-2014, 10:55 PM
Hi all,

I unfortunately basically took the weekend off from dieting. Not my wisest plan. I ended my recording everything streak when I realized that I didn't even know what I'd eaten for dinner Friday night (double date with friends) and the only response to my 3rd margarita was to fall right asleep.

Got some baking done this weekend. Successful at not snacking Saturday, not so much today.

Almost no exercise all weekend--we hardly left the house.

I'm super consumed with planning for our big party next month--it's only 33 days away. I've also got a party planned here next weekend, then a trip to Florida (Tuesday - Sunday) and then one more party. And tons of planning and organizing before the big party event. I've just learned that our registration numbers are up from last year--and last year was a record breaking year for us.

I have kickboxing tomorrow--I'm looking forward to that. I don't have anything to pack for lunch (didn't grocery shop today) so that's not a good thing--I just texted a friend to see if she wanted to meet for lunch tomorrow. And she just texted back yes--that was quick--and I suggested a place that is really easy for me to eat OP. (Yes, that all happened while writing this paragraph.)

I've got tomorrow planned out, but not yet written down--next step.

G'night all.

02-17-2014, 01:02 AM
Good morning all,

Another good day for me yesterday......

- Walked for nearly 4 hours, I live right by lake Kivu and the views are amazing so I took the opportunity yesterday to go out and explore
- Resisted fried food after the walk, I had those thoughts of 'you've earned it' but saying no was more important

bethFromDayton well done for coming back after the weekend off & for making a plan for today
AZtricia well done for making time to prep those veggies for this week, I found this really help on days when I was feeling tired just knowing they are already ready makes making a good decision so much easier
onebyone Hope you managed to tick to your plan for the buffet. Please don't let the Personal trainer make you feel bad, they are there to work for you and encourage you to meet your goals not to push their goals onto you!
CeeJay hope today is a better one for you xx
maryann Staying present is so important, it is so easy to get lost in your thoughts and they can often become your worst enemy. Hope today is a good one!

Have a great day everyone xx

02-17-2014, 04:52 AM
Hello coaches,

Credits: i couldn't remember whether i had planned a yoghurt snack after dinner so i checked before i ate it. I went out for lunch and didn't even contemplate having a treat.

Food ? 100 % OP; Health activities 100% OP? no ; Drank 2L water? no ; Went to bed on time? no ; Streak count: 0

Gardenerjoy - i am loving the picture in my head of a post it note timeline just for the fun of it!

Maryann - i find your posts about how you manage the blues so profoundly moving and inspiring.

02-17-2014, 05:10 AM

Exercise was a quick walk with dogs this morning (in drizzle again - it has forgotten how to rain seriously). Desk work today so steps only 6500. Food was on plan and I had a plan - but didn't feel like what I had planned. Adapted to something smaller and cold

I was almost another pound down this morning. I don't really have a plan for tomorrow because the day has been messed up a bit - have to go to a different specialist tomorrow - don't think I need to but primary care doctor was adamant so I have taken two days off sick for appointments. Will need to find food somewhere in the middle of the day tomorrow - at least it solves the problem of work food!

I have asked at work that they have salads but many lunches are stand up lunches and salad doesn't work - need a fork and a plate as salad isn't finger food exactly. Anyway irrelevant now because I am on sick leave the next 2 days so problem solved!

02-17-2014, 07:42 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – We didn't get the 11 inch dump of snow predicted for yesterday. We still had four inches that worked well with the new snow thrower. Exercise was chasing the snow thrower and shoveling the spaces that it doesn't reach. That and my standard two mile walk with DW for Sunday mornings, CREDIT moi.

Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, included only my evening snack (fresh pineapple), skipping the other two, incing my streak to 89. A temptation came from a massive display of fresh breads from a local favorite bakery, along with butter and jams, that were available as snacks at noon. The bread wasn't so tempting but the massive display was tempting. I'm drawn to the bountiful.

onebyone – Yay for Caesar for being too smart to be sucked into cellphone Apps. Kudos for planning your menu ahead of facing that huge buffet.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Ouch for that fall on the ice - that stuff is treacherous. Super Kudos for doing your exercise instead of retiring to your couch for your Lady in Waiting to bring you tea.

CeeJay - Kudos for that part of your day on plan. And Kudos again for right-back-on-the-horse via "Trying again today."

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Nine hours working without a single bite is just amazing. Yep, Kudos for your work ethic.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Ouch for more doctor's appointments - even though it solves your work lunch problem.

FutureFitChick – Kudos for the wisdom to be grateful that you're able to conquer your computer problems. [No report on the LED's in cold weather yet; DW just asked me to move the bulb from the dining room table, LOL.]

maryann - Inspired by your self-care thoughts, especially, "The blues will not rob me of this moment with him."

ladym0208 – Four hours is a lot of exercise - Kudos. And Kudos for enjoying Lake Kivu.

nationalparker – Yep, foraging for food is sign for me to get my head back in place. LOL at "I'm going to tame this wild mustang!"

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Too bad that it's not a work holiday for you today. Enjoyed reading your post that was being typed even while your lunch planning happened.

ForMyGirls - It's a good day when you "didn't even contemplate having a treat."

AZtricia - Yay for sore from working out.

Readers - day 12 Practicing Hunger Tolerance

What to Do

To help you put the discomfort of hunger in perspective, reflect on past non-hunger-related experiences that were uncomfortable. Use My Discomfort Scale on the following page and fill in several points, with 0 representing a situation in which you experienced no discomfort and 10 representing a situation in which you had the most extreme discomfort you've ever experienced.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 122.

02-17-2014, 07:46 AM

About LEDs. We had a power cut last week. All electrical appliances and lights went out .... except the LED spotlights in the kitchen. They were bright enough to carry on fairly normally. That makes me think that, as we've been told, they use hardly any electricity at all and so we weren't experiencing a black-out but rather a brown-out. Interesting and impressive, I thought. And very economical. :)

02-17-2014, 08:29 AM
Hi Coaches!

I couldn't connect to internet earlier so a flyby before work....

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 14 Credit!

I had to amend my food plan yesterday. I had planned a spectacular fruit salad which was going to be MY dinner. I would cook something different for DH. DH tweaked his knee and couldn't come hang sheetrock at the project yesterday so I became his replacement. 7-1/2 hours of sheetrock needed more than fruit it was accompanied by smoked salmon/veggie/rice stir fry. Satisfying.

I've been more realistic with my dinner choice...I'll make a lentil soup which starts with a can of Amy'sOrganic. I'm on the countdown for the next rental. 10 days and alot of work inbetween. Fortunately, I've proved to myself that I can work like crazy/handle stress and stay OP-alaBeck.. credit.

02-17-2014, 11:24 AM
Hi, Coaches.

First, a note of gratitude to all of you! You are wonderful!

Today, I overslept and missed my PT appointment. Not surprising given how much I have messed up my sleeping schedule lately. I set my alarm for tomorrow at a realistic (late time) and will again start to move it earlier every day. I hate getting going this late in the morning. I am trying to stay positive and not listen to the voice telling me that I've already wasted half the day and that there is no point in trying to do what I planned. Now, that is some all-or-nothing thinking for you.

I did not track my food yesterday but did this morning. My normal breakfast plan was impeded this morning by an uncooperative espresso maker. I will need to take it apart, I imagine. But, I didn't get side tracked too long when I realized it was not going to be a quick fix and put it aside so I can get working. So, I made a revised plan, but ended up eating more than I normally would. I have a big cooking session planned for tonight, but that will depend on whether I am able to get the writing done that I intend. I did track and did my full at home PT. I am taking advantage of my last 2 days with my fancy ice machine for my knee. I have to call tomorrow to get it picked up. I will be sad to see the convince drive away.

NationalParker, cats are funny, aren't they? I think by 4 years in I might have given up on trying to socialize her! Hope today was great for you and were on plan in eating.

AZTricia, great job in prepping veggies this week!

BethfromDayton, bummer about the recording streak being broken. Your margarita idea sounds fantastic in spite of that. I recently found that Da Vinci makes a sugar free margarita mix that isn't too bad, in case you are interested. You sound like a party maven. I am so impressed you work so far ahead.

LadyM0208, awesome job on all of that walking! Sounds fun!

ForMyGirls, yay for checking your plan before proceeding with the yogurt!

SeaDWaters, I hope all of your medical appointments went well and that you were able to get useful information from all of it.

BillBlueEyes, I laughed at your dining room table. My kitchen table currently houses all of our CFLs that need to go to the recycling center. Pineapple sounds delicious. I was excited to find it for $1.79 Saturday. Kudos for putting that display in its place. When we went to Japan, in most of the restaurant windows, they display versions of their offerings, which are all made of plastic. Some of them can be quite elaborate and expensive, like these The concept of plastic food definitely impacted my temptations caused by display windows.

Silverbirch, glad to see you post! Very interesting note about the LEDs. How is the piano teaching going?

Lexxiss, great job on day 14! Ugh! Sheetrock installation is EXHAUSTING! I hope you weren't installing ceiling as well. You are awesome for sticking to your plan!

02-17-2014, 11:52 AM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Yesterday's exercise was cleaning out a three car garage. A moment of silence for all the spiders that died ( at least one black widow) in the siege. Credit for two trips to the Goodwill and two trips to the dump. What remains is a clean and extremely sparse haven for DS to scooter in when the car is gone.

Food list preserved. Still a little too much sugar ( not on the banned list.) Plan for today is to clean the inside of the house.

Gardenerjoy: Thanks for the suggestion of the Artist's Way. Also on my list is the War of Art but the library does not have it. I will have to break down and buy it, I guess.

02-17-2014, 12:22 PM
I got into a mood yesterday where I just couldn't stand it that I can’t eat everything I think of. So, I ate everything I thought of to prove that I could.

I came up with a better response this morning: I can eat everything I think of if I want to weigh 240 pounds and have all the problems associated with that including awkward movements and frequent pain. If I want to weigh under 170 pounds and have all the associated advantages, following my plan works best.

I didn’t want to weigh myself this morning. But I didn’t want to break my streak, so I weighed anyway. I have two competing theories about weighing after a bad day. Theory One is that it will be discouraging and cause more overeating. Theory Two is that it will be the fastest way to reign things in and get back with the program. I usually go with Theory One so it will be interesting to see how Theory Two plays out.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 14 Credit!

WI: +1.1 kg, Exercise: +30 755/1400 minutes for February, Food: 50%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

02-17-2014, 12:25 PM
Silverbirch, glad to see you post! Very interesting note about the LEDs. How is the piano teaching going?

Don't ask me about the piano! This morning I was unexpectedly catapulted into a low-key drama with the DB about piano and recorder exams. I do not want to be cast as the person who stands over him to practise. That is not my role in life. I refuse to make it high drama.

I'm not the piano teacher, by the way. I think that could be Eusebius.

02-17-2014, 12:33 PM
Good morning coaches:

Checking in this morning to report yesterday's progress:
ate no sugar
planned meals and ate planned meals
went for a short walk
read advantage and response cards
weighed myself

That's one day under my belt. Hoping- no that should be planning- for an onplan day today.

Hope everyone in Canada who has a Family Day holiday today is enjoying the day. I was sure happy to not be at work today.


02-17-2014, 04:25 PM
Hello Coaches,

Lost another pound :dancer: . I am a bit concerned about how hard it will be to keep loosing then maintain. I know not many are successful at loosing 100 lbs and keeping it off...but I'm not giving up and so far it is relatively easy with Beck principles.

DH helped me look at puppy's paws and he is fine with me cleaning up 3 of them, but his front left is WOW I think it will be another vet trip. Between his pads the others were very matted and dirty so it is likely he has either a thorn or yeast infection to be so sensitive. Groomer must have tried that one first to get such a bad reaction.

I'm still sore a bit from Saturday's workout, but really need to do it again to work my shoulder... My range of motion is still much better

My guys have been begging for me to try a new recipe "Lemon Brownies" and I gave in and baked today. DH actually stopped at a farmer's market to buy the lemons when I said I had none. It will be a trial for my resistance muscle as I adore lemon. I planed for a small piece in my calories today (the baking scent!), but I have not had any sugary treats since Christmas so I hope it won't be a trigger after that serving. (It was delicious!)

Now to catch up on back posts, which I have been reading...just not able to take time to respond!

bethFromDayton Oh my on sloppy joes for 130! That is a big party. Hope your kickboxing and plan will help you get back on track from the weekend.

BillBlueEyes It is fun reading your snow thrower exercise, and even more fun not having to do it myself. Dancing for Valentine's Day sounds fun, and tulips beautiful. Roses make me sneeze, so DH is nice and doesn't buy me any :D You are doing great with your streak, almost 3 full months now! Kudos for moderate dinner party eating!

CeeJay :wave: Great job choosing to start back with what works! Looking forward to seeing you daily. Great job making a plan for your day.

ForMyGirls I've never tried curry as the spice just smells funny to me. Kudos for recognizing that tired is from missing bedtime. Kudos for checking your plan about snack!

FutureFitChick Congrats on your progress with your PT. Were you able to find groomers who are patient with your pups or do you always groom them yourself? Hurray for veggies! DH & I cut a tray full last night, we will see how long that lasts! Hope you are able to find a vacation place that works with your knee. Alaska sounds like fun, my mom/sis enjoyed their cruise there. As far as rockets, the good thing about the launch site is LOTS of clear ground for recovery and many helpful eyes to track it down. Bummer about the espresso :(

gardenerjoy Hope you enjoyed your valentine's chocolate :) I actually plan in a piece of 72% pretty much every day after lunch. Yikes for an icy drive, hope yours melted in the warmer temps. Is your wrist feeling better? Love your new response card! We do have choices, and also consequences!

ladym0208 Welcome back. Sounds like you have a reasonable plan for your situation. :wave: Great job using your ARCs. So lovely to be able to walk by a lake. I miss water (and green!) here in the desert.

Lexxiss/Debbie It is good that your streak is making you more mindful of your whole picture of healthy living. Hope you are back on track after helping DD. Hurray for spontaneous exercise. Glad to hear you've found a renter and had good news about the repairs. Hurray for 14! Kudos for good stress handling.

littlefatman/Danielle Are you doing OK with your ARC's? That is the hardest part for me!

maryann How were the Valentine BLT's? Do you have one too, and if do you resist the smell??? Have you tried time in the sunshine for "blue"? That always helps me mid winter. Also your diet change could be a trigger as your body misses things it is accustomed was like that for me on Adkins sad and cranky. Kudos for the clear garage!

nationalparker LOL about 5 months with only one donut! Great job on the healthy changes in your life. Ouch for you and your family, so sorry to hear the bad news about your father's cancer. :( I have clippers and ended up doing a bit of trimming on Teddy and he was fine for me. I'm hoping I can figure out the paw problem, though. It would be nice to have the option of not doing it all myself. It works better for me if I let someone else "ruin" his day! When we travel stuff ends up on every level surface! Were your decluttering efforts successful? I love spicy sweet potatoes!

onebyone Happy apps :D Hope you feel better and your buffet went well.

Rosebud170 Hello, welcome back, we'd love to have your rain if you can figure how to send it! Kudos for planning and precision on your portions. :)

seadwaters/Cheryl Update on the fermented dill pickles I ordered: Yum! They have some kind of spice/kick in addition to the dill and were great. Hurray for your weight loss and new ticker numbers. A "rocket launch" is when a bunch of amateur rocketry hobbyists get together to blast off their rockets. The rockets are anywhere from a couple inches high to well over 6 feet, some travel thousands of feet in the air. My guys design and build their own and this is an opportunity to launch them in a wide open area where recovery is easy (they don't often come down near where you launch them as the wind carries the parachutes quite a ways.) Hope your doctors appointments go well and bring good news!

silverbirch Interesting note about the LEDs. Do you know anyplace that sells them for a reasonable price? They always seem $$$$ here.

02-17-2014, 07:50 PM
Gardenerjoy - i am loving the picture in my head of a post it note timeline just for the fun of it!

1600s England, right now, mostly the scientific bits surrounding Isaac Newton and the Royal Society. But, I'm also quite pleased with myself, at the moment, that I've figured out the succession of the Stuart monarchs. They don't teach us that in the States!

02-17-2014, 09:23 PM

Discovered how to put my advantage and response cards on my phone and then set up my calendar to remind me to read them twice daily. Pretty neat stuff.

My buffet experience last night had one wiggle--there was no chicken. So I took a small square of veggie pizza plus I thought twice about how much pasta to have giving some to DH instead. I had no seconds. I had no sugar. Credit for the buffet choices.

I haven't exercised yet but I will start back on that tomorrow. I'm feeling like I have way more tools to succeed. I am fully ready to commit myself to my program and to keep trying to reach my goals and to just simply allow the negative thoughts to pass on by and to not accept them as truth of anything.

Credit for programs that allow fresh starts.
Credit Dr.Beck.

02-17-2014, 10:40 PM
Hello coaches,
Today was OP w exercise (an hr of my beloved zumba and then 30 min of Triometrics from p90x3). Maryann asked about what kind of exercise is in p90x3 and the answer is LOTS of types. It is different everyday...there are 12 workouts altogether including yoga, Pilates, agility (running and hopping and lunging, etc), a cardio routine where you hold a dumbbell the whole time, several include push-ups and pull-ups and lunges and squats and lots of crazy things. I am so thankful that nobody can see me do these things since I look nothing like how they do it in the DVD. They have a modifier leader and I sometimes even have to modify even more than that. I am feeling stronger and my upper body is taking a better shape since I have started this.

Today I felt tired and headachy which was not fun. It scares me to have a tired/I don't want to get up and get more done today kind of day but reminded myself that this is temporary and it does not mean I will all of a sudden go back to being more sedentary. I am a teacher and, when I have a break, my body sometimes just feels shut down for a day.....i have gone up and down with my weight in the past so I fight thinking that it is all or nothing...

Several of you sound like you are counting days of being snack free. I assume that you plan some snacks and are talking about unplanned snacks? Very impressive!

I found that I can now fit into some footie pajamas sold at Target so I bought some! Off to out them on and get cozy before a tv show my dd and I watch together....early to bed so I can get up and get some stuff done around here! We have the whole week off from school! Enjoy Tuesday everyone!

02-17-2014, 10:46 PM
Hi all,

I need to give myself credit for something--I weighed this morning. I posted tonight. I made an OP breakfast and lunch choice.

But it's not been an OP day--kickboxing class got cancelled because of the icy weather and I didn't replace it with anything. I had 6 cookies for desert after eating too much dinner.

Fortunately the cookies are now gone--they can't tempt me if they aren't here, but eating them all isn't the best way to rid myself of temptation.

And I'm feeling unmotivated--as in, what if I just stay here right around 180 lbs for now/forever? I've realized the advantages on my ARC. That doesn't mean I can stop--but it would mean I don't have to be strict with myself. I wouldn't get to my goals, though--but I'm not feeling it right now.

02-18-2014, 12:49 AM
Hi everyone! It's been a pretty good couple of days for me. I'm still slowly working through the days of Becks book. I came up against day 7 I think which tells me to throw out or hide all my junk food... I couldn't bring myself to throw it out and justified that to myself by saying that my chosen diet is about calorie counting, so treats aren't forbidden... Hmm we will see. They are out of sight though, as they are ice cream treats!

Yesterday I received a pretty nasty email from an ex of mine, after not having spoken in 6 months, and it was all quite hurtful. I spoke with my friends about it, and decided to go over to their house and have some ciders (I stopped at 2, credit!) and a whinge. I passed up making myself feel better with food, which I'm giving myself credit for, I also read my ARCs while I was there, which I also give myself credit for, and I was conscious of how I was dealing with the unpleasant emotions rather than just trying to plug up the flow of them with food. Credit for me, yay!

Today I am 3.3kgs down on the scale from where I started. Some of that is probably from the couple of ciders, but also because I've been doing well and being mindful of my eating :) It's quite a big loss as I have a lot to lose so I am trying to remind myself that if I don't see big losses on the scale every time it's all working towards the over all goal. Still, it's a nice little start out bonus :D

ForMyGirls: Well done on meeting another mini goal! That's exciting :D

Maryann: Hope you start feeling better soon, and well done for being honest about it here. It can be hard to be honest about feeling down. Hugs

FutureFitChick: I haven't seen that show yet (comedians in cars with coffee). That sounds like a good idea to actually keep my ARCs on my phone, rather that in hard copy. I might see if there's an app that shuffles them around a bit for you. Being so overweight I have so many advantages - it's a very long list!

CeeJay: Well done for getting back on that horse!

ladym0208: Cool that you live in Rwanda! Is there much nice food there to overindulge in?

02-18-2014, 02:12 AM
Good morning coaches

My credits for yesterday.....

- getting some spontaneous exercise - again another walk
- Finding a place where I can get semi skimmed milk instead of whole. I was so happy about this as its another way I can cut back and believe me t was a real find as all the shops I've perviously tried only stock whole milk
- My after dinner treat was a lollipop and the shop I went into sold them in packets of two, rather than trying to keep the second one until next time (major temptation) I gave it away as soon as I brought them
- Sticking to plan and making one for today
- The portion of rice I had shared myself for dinner looked a bit bigger than 1 cup so I made sure to leave some on the plate - I am usually a member of the clean plate club.

littlefatman Well done for stopping at 2 and for finding a healthier way to de- stress
bethFromDayton Keep going one day at at time and you will get there, no one can ever be perfect all the time
Rosebud170 well done with your exercise routine
onebyone well done for staying n control at the buffet
AZtricia well done on your loss & thanks for your words of encouragement

Thanks all, have a great day xx

02-18-2014, 04:05 AM
Hi Coaches

Credits: walked this morning, food within boundaries in strange places; planned dinner and ate on plan. Exercise was walking from the car to three different health appointments. Walked the dogs again this evening to post box. logged food in MFP. Reported to my coaches

My weight is crazy - yesterday I was down a pound, today down 2.4 more (notice I changed my ticker in indecent haste - I saw that weight so I am claiming it!). I think it is because I have finished that last bit of prednisone. But I saw the rheumatologist this morning (first appoinment of those 3) and she says I might have to go back on it. I am holding off until I see her again in six weeks. I really want to get off it but I will see how much pain I get. It helps to see weight coming off when you are striving so hard. I probably need to eat a bit more but my appetite is down (for normal food - not triggers like sweets and chocolates etc) without the steroids. Now she wants me to go on treatment for osteoporosis and I am resisting there as well. Will think about it and read about it - the spinal compression fracture was the clincher apparently. Anyway enough whinging - will see how I travel. The other medical appointment went well and no further follow up required at the moment but they will keep a watch on it at the usual annual check-up in a few months - so that is a relief (as Gardenerjoy said - a few of us are cancer survivors - and I am yet to hit the 5 years in remission landmark. There are always blips along the way). I am just hoping that my metabolism is starting to get back to normal after all these assaults

BillBE - pineapple is a fitting snack for someone who has streaked to 89 NOT eating snacks
CeeJay - glad you are back on the horse. It might take a few goes but we all get there in the end. Glad you are planning an on plan day;
Gardenerjoy - ouch for your fall and credit for getting right back up and doing exercise to loosen up. LOL at exercising free will in eating whatever you want. I like your reasoning that you can be 240 pounds with all the associated problems anytime you like - your choice. I have to remember that - no one is making me do it;
Debbie(Lexxiss) - credit for the flexibility to change your plan as needed. I do like Amy's anything really - we actually get that here;
FutureFitCHick - down with faulty technology - enough to ruin any meal. Credit for doing your PT which is probably pretty important. I know when I had my knee replaced I had to keep on top of the exercises even though it made me nuts
Tricia (from AZ) - yay for 1 pound lost. Yay for sore from a workout! Well done! Sounds like you have uncovered the dog's problem with its foot - hope all goes well. Credit for planning to have a treat in your day's food. Thanks for explaining the rocket launching day! Glad the dill pickles are good - by the time I tried to do them here the gherkin pickles were out of season as were the grape leaves you needed. Will need to wait till next Spring I think
Onebyone - good luck with restarting exercise gently tomorrow and accepting it is a step-by-step process. I need to focus on that and stay in the zone
Rosebud - p90x3 sounds pretty interesting and you seem to be taking full advantage of it. Yay for fitting those PJs - hope you enjoy snuggling up
Beth(from Dayton) - Ouch for not feeling motivated, for not feeling "it" right now, and just coasting because you have achieved the first set of goals / advantages. Maybe it is time to develop a whole new set of advantages for the next phase? Or to look at the issues around maintenance if you want to stay where you are?
Danielle (littlefatman) - Yay for 3.3kg down - great achievement. Slowly, slowly a kg at a time it 'does' happen. Credit for stopping at 2 ciders under duress and for not comforting yourself with food by using Beck strategies
LadyM - You are making good plans and developing strategies to outwit yourself in the snack department - Credit. A great list of credits.

02-18-2014, 07:50 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Conjured up the need for peanut butter in the pantry before today's predicted storm so that I would walk, CREDIT moi, to Whole Foods to grind a pint. That gave me the opportunity to pass up all their FREE samples so that I stayed on my plan. My plan is a generous three snacks a day; I'm counting the days that I don't exceed that - of late I've been having only the evening snack of the three for a bonus. Streak of those goes to 90. I'm a happy camper.

Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, included left over chickpeas with couscous so that my arteries got a vegetarian day. When I picked up some bananas, I remembered to choose smaller ones rather than larger ones - an easy step toward portion control since I'm physically incapable of eating a partial banana.

onebyone – You're becoming quite the Geek there. Neat thought, "Credit for programs that allow fresh starts."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for demonstrating that your Pippi Longstocking is alive and well. Kudos for letting her know that your grownup is in charge.

CeeJay - Kudos for "planning- for an onplan day today."

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Hope your DW's knee recovers - both for his sake and to spare you 7 1/2 hours of sheet rocking alone. Good grief! You have bundles of energy.

silverbirch – Bonus that LED's work in brown-outs. Ouch for the reality of youngsters learning to be their own taskmasters.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Ouch for the need to juggle multiple health appointments with Kudos for thinking about walking while you were doing so.

FutureFitChick – Sabotaging Thoughts can be so creative, "already wasted half the day and that there is no point in trying to do what I planned." Kudos for not being suckered in. [$1.79 is a good price for a pineapple. If I bought one of those fake hot dogs I'd never get tempted to eat one again, LOL.]

maryann - Super Kudos, indeed, for four trips removing 'stuff.'

ladym0208 – That was so cool to give away your second lollipop immediately instead of fighting it.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Ouch for cancellations due to ice. Kudos for facing your momentary lack of motivation.

Rosebud170 – LOL at the joy of adult footie pajamas. Continue to fight thinking that it is all or nothing.

Tricia (AZtricia) - A planned small piece of your "Lemon Brownies" sounds mindful; Kudos.

Danielle (littlefatman) - Kudos for responding to a hurtful situation by contacting friends instead of food.

Readers - day 12 Practicing Hunger Tolerance

Going Hungry
On the day you practice feeling hungry, on every hour you're going to track how uncomfortable you feel on My Hunger Discomfort Chart. At right is an example of how Norma, a dieter I counseled, filled in her chart. Doing this exercise helped her realize that her hunger never got above a 4 in discomfort and that she absolutely was able to tolerate it.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 124.

02-18-2014, 08:29 AM
Hi coaches!

Nonexistent Internet and I'm heading to the restaurant. Streak extends to 15. I'm still amazed that my one no snacking today sign has had such a lasting effect at work. I only put it up for one day and I haven't nibbled at work since. Credit.

Have a great day everyone!

02-18-2014, 09:38 AM
Hello to all,

I am back from vacation. Sa and Su are less restricted days within reason, and I stayed on this side of reason, so credit. Then I was back to my more restricted M-F eating on Monday even though I was still on vacation, so more credit. That said, I think a few new rules would serve me well:

1a. If I am eating from a buffet on a Sa or Su, then I will take one dinner size plate and fill it up and put one desert on a desert plate before I take one bite of anything. If I want more after my first plate, I may get a second plate.

1b. If I am eating from a buffet on M-F, then I will take one dinner size plate and fill it up before I take one bite of anything. No seconds. No dessert.

1c. Consider ordering a la carte (that's what I did on Monday).

1d. Consider calling it brunch and skipping lunch (that's what I did on Sunday).

I exercised at the gym for all three days of vacation (and today) plus did a ton of walking.

Tuesday, today, I was back in non-vacation head-space.

Until tomorrow, all.

Bed by 11:00 (-13)
Planned exercise (+37)
Anti-procrastination for 30 min (+5)
- Note I worked many hours on the non-longer-so-dreaded project today. Yay!

02-18-2014, 10:40 AM
Good morning coaches,

Quick check in about yesterday's progress:

weighed in
read advantage and response cards
rode exercise bike and walked- just a bit but soon it will be more
did strength exercises for arms/shoulders
checked in with my coaches
ate on plan and recorded all food eaten

I am feeling such a sense of relief that I actually put 2 days back to back where I did everything I told myself I was going to do.

Off to hotel tonight armed with all the food I need to eat on plan until I get home tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone!


Also I am trying a streak: Days with no sugar-3.

02-18-2014, 10:48 AM
Theory Two, that it's better to weigh after a bad day than not, seems to be the winner. I managed to put together a 100% day and get right back into it, instead of feeling like I could only manage this if I did it gradually. Something about weighing put a cap on the slide and let me say "I'm done with that, now" and move on. When I don't weigh, it's like I'm leaving an opening to continue sliding for awhile.

Of course, that's entirely predictable with the Beck techniques. Gathering information and not being in denial is always going to be a better situation. But, apparently, I had to prove it to myself.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 15 Credit!

WI: -0.2 kg, Exercise: +70 825/1400 minutes for February, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

bethfromDayton: I rewrote my Advantages at 190 because I'd attained all of my original ones. I also decided at that point to change my goal weight -- it was originally 150 (about the middle of a normal BMI). I made it 170 which is just above a normal BMI (my doctor says there's really no magic in that number, that the best weight for me is the one that I feel best at). I also rewrote my Advantages when I got to my goal weight because the ones that got me to lose the weight weren't at all helpful to maintaining the weight loss. The Step Diet by James O. Hill recommends long periods of maintenance after losing for a few months. And, then, deciding if you want to lose more. So, I think one perfectly reasonable choice would be to maintain now and re-evaluate in three to six months.

02-18-2014, 10:49 AM
write down foodplan yes
planned exercise: watp video 40min total yes
read adv and response cards twice 1 yes and 2
do my meditation tapes twice today 1 yes and 2
drink my water yes
enter food and water and exercise into tracker yes
work on art submission for two hours yes but only for one hour
work on clutter/boxes for three hours no
cut up cardboard for recycling yes, 1 extra large box-boxes not done

I felt very unproductive today but I did tackle a bit of everything. *credit* and more importantly I have done all therequirements for being on plan. *Big Credit* for that.

02-18-2014, 11:51 AM
Brief check-in ... started my note last night and computer locked up completely and I just pressed the power button until it completely gave up and I completely gave up and went to bed.

Didn't do great yesterday, food-wise ... too many small snacks (as in one sesame stick, then another, then a peanut, then an almond, then seven rice chips), and it just seemed to go from one thing to another, so Bill, I'm "getting" it that it's my mind wanting something, not my body. My mind wants comforting, is what I've settled on.

Checked in with mom, who had no info on my dad's scans and he was resting. She said he doesn't like to talk about it; gets irritated at questions. I'll go to him for more info when he hears something. She keeps saying how hard things are now with both having such low energy/ability, but then rebuffs my offer of heading down to help a bit now, because they might need me later. I said maybe me helping out a bit now will just help and we'll look at down the road another time. I'm going to work on how to approach that - sometimes it's just getting them familiar with the thought.

If it's not icy on the trail (big IF), I'll see if DH wants to get out for a walk.

02-18-2014, 04:45 PM
Good Afternoon, Coaches.

The blues have lifted; the veil is up.Credit for continuing on my path to healing by getting my blood drawn an hour away in prep for the doctor. The plan was to give me massive amounts of vitamin D to see if it helped my mood swings. Today was the progress check. Doctor appt . is in two weeks. I need to have a heart to heart to DH to see if he has noticed a difference. The next step would be to look into medication. i will not worry about this today. I will be happy for the sunshine.

OP today. ( I fasted when I didn't need to. Oops. Misread the lab slip.) Credit for making almond bread for the boys and not taking ONE lick ( a miracle.)

gardenerjoy: i subscribe to theory two. Weighing in the next day after a free for all helps sober me back to a food plan.

AZTriciia: I had the delicious bacon (FFA pig we bought) in the nice slaw I made for a side dish. I do think my body is missing wheat. But I think I am happy to sever the relationship for now.

onebyone: Credit for no seconds at a buffet. That is a big deal.

Rosebud: I am intrigued by p90x3. I might have to do a little online shopping for it.

bethfromDayton: Boy can I relate to the feeling of "just staying right here." But even at maintenance, I am never through. So I might as well be a little lighter if I still have to be conscientious. There is no cruising for a food addict. I am either in the solution or the problem.

littlefatman: One of the greatest gifts I was given on this blog was the freedom to toss out food ( and put dishwashing soap on top so I didn't dig in the trash. ) Wasted in my body or wasted in the trash. I pick the trash.

seadwaters: It must be a relief to be off the steroids for even a little while. You will be able to gauge your body's normal reactions.

BBE: weightloss does come in tiny steps. I have learned that - like smaller bananas.

flnu: Some nice tips on travelling. I will use a few when I go on a trip in a couple of weeks.

02-18-2014, 05:07 PM
GardenerJoy, I like the fact that you rewrote your advantages cards for maintenance. I need to do that.

02-18-2014, 08:20 PM
Hello Coaches,
Good OP day for food and exercise. Did my DVD as well as walking, then stretched my bad shoulder. Funny is the bad shoulder has fewer pops and crunches now than the good one! :dizzy: Still a smaller range of motion, but getting better. Exercise allows a few extra calories, so I was able to have a satisfying snack. Grilled salmon planned for dinner, so it should be a healthy day.:D

Pup went to the vet and the paw shows no obvious issue. The problem could be a joint but Teddy would not cooperate with being looked at so he has some pain relievers and allergy meds, with a recheck in a week. He still limps on grass and loose small gravel, but has no problem with harder surfaces like sidewalks, strange!

Wishing you all a good evening.

onebyone Hurray for ARC's on you phone with reminders! Cool tech! Congrats on no sugar at the buffet. Kudos on tools for success and commitment.

Rosebud Kudos for exercise. Hurray for footie pj's and comfort!

bethFromDayton Sounds like you are really struggling? Perhaps a break from loosing with a reassessment of what you want/need for your health?

littlefatman/Danielle Great job working through the Beck days. Sorry for the nasty from your ex :( Kudos for mindful eating.

ladym0208 Kudos for spontaneous exercise, finding a healthier milk and sharing the sugar! WhooHoo for leaving rice!!

seadwaters Hurray for more pounds down and no prednisone! Hope your lowering weight allows you to stay off. The pickles are by Wildbrine and the kiddos don't seem to like them, so I don't have to share! What are you fermenting now, if not pickles?

BillBlueEyes Kudos for walking for pb! Hurray for vegetarian! I love watching you streak go up and up, so motivating! The brownies, though fitting in my plan calorie wise, were double my sugar quota for the day! Won't do that very often!!

Lexxis Hurray for your amazing sign, kudos for no nibbles!

flnu Welcome back. Great job making rules to help you stay on track. Hurray for exercise and anti-procrastination.

CeeJay Congrats on your exercise and OP eating, kudos for 3 days w/o sugar!

gardenerjoy Thanks, LOVED this:
bethfromDayton: I rewrote my Advantages at 190 because I'd attained all of my original ones. I also decided at that point to change my goal weight -- it was originally 150 (about the middle of a normal BMI). I made it 170 which is just above a normal BMI (my doctor says there's really no magic in that number, that the best weight for me is the one that I feel best at). I also rewrote my Advantages when I got to my goal weight because the ones that got me to lose the weight weren't at all helpful to maintaining the weight loss. The Step Diet by James O. Hill recommends long periods of maintenance after losing for a few months. And, then, deciding if you want to lose more. So, I think one perfectly reasonable choice would be to maintain now and re-evaluate in three to six months.
Your thoughts here are very helpful to me. :goodvibes

onebyone Sounds like you had a great day, kudos!

nationalparker Bummer for computer trouble, hope you find a good comfort to replace snacking. Sorry you are still waiting for detailed news, I know that was one of the most stressful parts when my mom had cancer-not knowing!

maryann Hurray for blues gone. Hope you are able to figure this all out with your doctor.

02-18-2014, 11:20 PM
Checking in. OP for the day. Walked on campus for class and have a plan for tomorrow. On track to lose my goal for the month and see a movie. I missed out during January. I hate getting my hopes up. Beck teaches us to hold on and believe 1+1=2. So if I am doing 1 and then doing 1 it will equal 2 eventually. I am so superstitious about every thing. If I eat this or weigh like this or believe too hard it will never happen. I am so crazy sometimes but I have never had success in weight loss goals so this time has to be different. The steps are there and I am following them.

I love reading all your posts and you all give me strength. Thank you. My life is so boring and I am just holding on white knuckle sometimes that I can sometimes only read. Thanks for being there for me.

02-18-2014, 11:46 PM
Don't ask me about the piano! This morning I was unexpectedly catapulted into a low-key drama with the DB about piano and recorder exams. I do not want to be cast as the person who stands over him to practise. That is not my role in life. I refuse to make it high drama.

I'm not the piano teacher, by the way. I think that could be Eusebius.

That's right. Thanks for reminding me. I never wanted to practice much as kid. Now I miss it!

02-18-2014, 11:57 PM

OK day. Woke up late, AGAIN. I need to get that under control. I didn't log. I did ½ PT sessions. I ate OP.

AZTricia, your poor pup! I hope your vet can get to the bottom of that soon. I used to groom my St. Bernard and Alaskan Malamute myself. This Shiba Inu, however, refuses to be touched. I will be hiring that job out in the future. Vacation discussions will proceed this weekend. Your brownies sound so interesting!

LittleFatMan, big congratulations on the 3.3 kgs lost! Wow!

SeaDWaters, way to go and the pounds down! That must feel great. Good luck on your decision about the osteoporosis treatment.

BillBlueEyes, great job on ignoring those samples.

02-19-2014, 12:54 AM
Good morning coaches, it's a very wet and thundery morning here today in Cyangugu. Hopefully it'll stop and brighten up a bit!!

My credits for yesterday

- Said no to unplanned food at a friends house. I would normally eat it so I didn't offend
- As I knew I would be home late for dinner I decided to pack a little snack just in case I was tempted to eat something before I got home
- I decided on my planned exercise and did it early yesterday morning before I could talk myself out of it. I'm doing Insanity!!
- Created a count down chart for how many days I have left in Africa, as I would like to have the weight off by the time I go home. Having this up will help with motivation and especially with the sabotaging thoughts " you have enough time to take a little break for dieting...just one day off etc" before I know it a week or a month will have passed and I'd probably be heavier!!

FutureFitChick Well done for eating OP
LoseToAll well done for walking and planning
AZtricia Well done for getting your exercise done

Have a good day all xx

02-19-2014, 03:49 AM
Good evening coaches

Eating to plan and logging food in MFP; sitting when eating so far today; read advantages and response cards; checked in with coaches; tried to do exercise. I went to the gym to do an aqua class :swim: and not one parking spot on 3 floors! Have never seen that and if it is like that all the time for aqua I will be annoyed. I will try again tomorrow for zumba aqua and will go early. Consequently I have just made 5000 steps and done little else. It had been a rainy day again - I have enjoyed being at home working - a bit of a puddle duck really

CeeJay - glad you got to put together a few days on plan
Maryann - glad the cloud has lifted
Tricia - Credit for exercise. Wildbrine looks great (good thing that you get to keep them to yourself) - wish we had something like that here. I am making beet kvass (drink from fermented beets - you throw the beets away after they ferment and produce the purple fizzy earthy water); milk kefir (like yoghurt); water kefir (makes a crisp sparkling fizzy drink from sugar and water that is delicious). I have sauerkraut curing in the fridge - it needs to be there for a total of 12 weeks to do it the traditional way. Also curing some kimchi - also 12 weeks. So it will be a while before I can try them

02-19-2014, 06:52 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Dinner was salmon, kale, and purple fingerling potatoes - a cornucopia of good nutrition. On plan for the day, CREDIT moi, but special credit for leaving some of the potatoes on the plate even thought that meant they'd be served to the worms in the the compost bin. Perhaps I'm learning to practice the Beck strategies - or just my obesophobia acting up. Whatever. I haven't investigated whether purple potatoes have any more nutrition than white, but it feels like it. Credit to Whole Foods for finding ways to charge more money for basics. The count of days of snacks under control goes to 91.

About three inches of snow had to be cleared for my exercise, CREDIT moi. The new snow thrower worked superbly in the dry snow; I started just as the final flakes were falling. It struggles with slush. Major distraction: wandering through my newly delivered Bartlett's Roget's Thesaurus. I haven't dawdled about in there since undergraduate days. New jewels for me:Obesophobia - Fear of getting fat.
Uranophobia - Fear of heaven.
Gerascophobia - Fear of growing old vs. Gerontophobia - Fear of old people.
Parthenophobia - Fear of young girls [selling girl scout cookies, LOL]OK, one page down; 1500 pages to go.

onebyone – Yep, Big Kudos for doing "all the requirements for being on plan." Hope you'll give yourself permission to rejoice in that.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – When I don't weigh, I feel like I'm giving myself a pass to do whatever. I have strong UpScalePhobia even if that's not a word. Did you know that the How to Use section of Bartlett's Roget's says "We encourage you to scan the index thoroughly." Thoroughly over 750 pages? This book is such fun. Thanks for the encouragement.

CeeJay - I love the visual of you leaving for a business trip "armed with all the food I need to eat on plan."

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Cheers to your No Snacking Today sign.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Zumba aqua sounds fun. LOL at "puddle duck really."

FutureFitChick – On the other hand, you can celebrate that sleep might be just what your body needs for healing now.

maryann - Such joy to read, "I will be happy for the sunshine."

ladym0208 – Extra Kudos for sticking to your plan in the face of food offered by a friend - that's a hard one. Neat idea to enhance reality with a countdown chart.

nationalparker – "My mind wants comforting" so well describes that empty feeling before searching for food. Sending supportive thoughts as you continue to ponder how to help your parents from afar.

LoseToAll - You will succeed because "The steps are there and I am following them." - Kudos.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Yay for each improvement of that shoulder.

Valkyrie1 - Neat to be converting your ARC to maintenance.

flnu - Special Kudos for working on procrastination, and for reducing the dread of that project.

Readers - day 12 Practicing Hunger Tolerance

Going Hungry
On the day you choose, eat breakfast and then purposely don't eat again until dinner. At the time you normally eat lunch, figure out how uncomfortable (not how hungry) you are and write your rating on My Hunger Discomfort Chart. Then every hour or so between lunch and dinner, rate how strong your discomfort is at that very moment. Also reflect on how the previous hour went and record how high or low your discomfort was.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 124.

02-19-2014, 07:06 AM
Hello coaches,

When i look at my report card it looks a bit dismal - but actually things are OK. I didn't plan my food for today - but that didn't become an excuse for crazy eating, i ate a healhty balanced, probably calorie appropriate selection of foods and snacks. I even said "no you've alreadsy had your weekly treats when contemplating a glass of wine with dinner (we don't usually have wine in the house but i needed some for cooking so it was like "well since the bottle is open") it is good to notice that "not perfect" is actually a very ok and healhty life.

Got caught in an amazing rainstorm on my bike this afternoon. Lots of buildings around here got flooded and the underpass i was planning on riding through turned into a river. Made for a very adventurous ride home and some shoes that are probably never going to look the same again. Pleased to report that the backpack i bought late last year help up beautifully. All my i-gadgets were bone dry (thank goodness!)

Food ? ???? OP; Health activities 100% OP? Yes ; Drank 2L water? Maybe ; Went to bed on time? no ; Streak count: 0

Gardenerjoy - thanks for the extra info on your timeline. All the British kings and queens are great fun. I can't remember learning it all at school but have enjoyed putting the pieces together from shows like the Tudors and the Borgias. Keep meaning to read Wolf Hall as well.

Iittlefatman - yay to you for noticing the temptwtion to drown feelings in food and not going there. That is HUGE

We are such a big and chatty bunch these days i haven't even managed to resd all the posts!

02-19-2014, 08:37 AM
Hi Coaches!

I'm on the run but stopped long enough to weigh, write a food plan, post and move my ticker down by 1. Streak 16 and a new personal low weight. Credit.

Yesterday's dinner changed because when I got home DH had eaten all the tortillas which were to be used for dinner. I came up with a healthy alternate and will p/u tortillas this morning saving me the step of writing a new plan for today. That works right now.

I'm going to be brief for a few new tenant wants to move in Feb.27 and so I have 5 days to accomplish lots. I think it's doable!

02-19-2014, 09:59 AM
Hi Coaches,

Exercise (+38)
Bed (+1)
Anti-procrastination (+6)

My husband is getting interested in eating like I am, which is cool, I guess. It’s hard for me to get my head around since he is already among the naturally-thin. (By the way, I don’t think that naturally thin peoples’ way of eating, at least for some of them, bears much resemblance to what Beck describes in her book. What she describes is perhaps more applicable to the formerly fat than the naturally thin, at least in my observation. That probably would not sell as well however.)

Hi, CeeJay, I hear you on how good it feels when it all finally comes together. Congrats.

GardenerJoy: I just finished the End of Overeating. It certainly solidified a horror of chain restaurants. I’ll try the Step Diet, if you recommend it. Also I wanted to ask whether it’s worthwhile to get the Beck green book if I’ve already read the pink book?

Onebyone: I’m really surprised you felt unproductive. I was reading your list, which was mostly yeses, and thinking wow that sounds like a lot. More credit!

Nationalparker: I’m sorry your dad is ill. I hope your parents let you help.

Hi, Maryann, I have missed the backstory but if you are worried about antidepressant medication I would offer myself as a success story. Once I was on medication I became much more able to do all the self care things that took me the rest of the way home.

Tricia: Credit for your healthy day. Yay for salmon! I haven’t had any in so long except for sushi.

Hi, LoseToAll, I feel the same way about belief. Just believing that I can actually do this is a challenge. Maybe even the challenge. One day at a time, eh?

FutureFitChick: What’s your plan to not wake up late tomorrow? For myself, I’m toying with the idea of lowering the bar. Instead of trying to go to bed by 11, I will try to be totally ready for bed by 10.

Ladym0208: How many days do you have left in Africa, if I may ask? Also? SUPER job saying no to unplanned food. In Beck-speak , you strengthened the resistance muscle and next time will be (even?) easier.

Seadwaters: Credit for OP, logging, and posting. Can you brainstorm about alternative exercises so you’ll have something in the chamber the next time the parking lot is full? Zumba aqua…intriguing. Did you get another dancing vegetable when I wasn’t looking? If so HUGE CONGRATS.

BBE: Sounds like a beautiful dinner. At least one specialty produce place on the web claims purple fingerlings are full up of awesome. I’m guessing that links are a no-no, so here:
Nutritional Value

The Purple fingerling potato's striking pigment is its nutritional life force, thanks to the antioxidant powerhouse anthocyanin, which is responsible for the purple and blue color of fruits and vegetables. This flavonoid has been shown in studies to possess anti-cancer and heart-protective effects, as well as benefits like boosting the immune system and protecting against age-related memory loss. The purple potato's nutritional value and energy-rich properties have become factors for the potato's explosion in popularity in the late 20th century and early 21st century. Its ability to provide high quantities of vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants has become a valued measure of food security and sovereignty.

ForMyGirls: Credit for observing that ‘not perfect’ is quite ok. I need to remember this too.

Lexxiss: HURRAY for a new personal low! Rock on! And you’re in a new decade (170s) too!

02-19-2014, 10:26 AM

CREDIT: on plan, exercised, checked in, wrote it all down, planned for today.

I have an extra (emotional mostly) challenge today. I am off to see an endocrinologist. I am not going to catastrophize nor eat over it. I have my plan for today, and while I see this Dr. I do have other things to do today as listed below:

write down foodplan yes
planned exercise: gym upper body weights + 40min cardio yes to cardio no to weights as my workout routines were missing from my filecard! I may return tonight just to do the weights. Not going tonight.
read adv and response cards twice 2x yes
do my meditation tapes twice today YES
drink my water YES
enter food and water and exercise into tracker yes
work on art submission for one hour today NO
work on clutter/boxes for one hour minimum-set timer! NO
cut up more cardboard for recycling-one more big box NO
do dishes NO
move stuff from on, under and around kitchen table--by the time I go to bed I want to be able to walk freely around it. YES!

Will check in later. Bye for now.

UPDATE: good news on the Dr. front. While some blood test numbers were higher than normal, the specialist says not to worry--they are only slightly elevated. Cause for concern would be the development of kidney stones or osteoporosis and so I am off for a bone density test. I am like 99% certain I don't have osteoporosis, but it's something to look at as I am not able to measure my bone density through my thoughts and feelings alone. Coaches, what a relief. He did tell me my cholesterol was like 3x what it should be but it hasn't been measured since I started the cholesterol meds in September. I was thrilled to report my new exercise plan and that I am watching what I eat. It's the best thing, truly, that I can do for my health and my longevity. I was taken aback though as he asked me if there was a history of heart disease and I said no, just grandparents and then *wham* I remembered my brother, who died of a massive heart attack this past July and whose birthday it happens to be today. He should have been here to turn 55 and I should have been sending him some kind of exotic seed for him to try and germinate. He is missed by me today.

Also, I made/ate an extra cup of broccoli that wasn't on my plan. Calorie-wise it's ok.Choice-wise it's way better than anything else I have chosen in the last few months. But behaviorally it's not good. I felt too hungry and my calories were low according to my Fitbit. I need to be aware of this behavior. I need to stick to my plan and to modify my plan so I can stick to it.

02-19-2014, 10:48 AM
Hi, Coaches.

I was up at a reasonable time this morning for a PT session. I started doing balance work and leg pressing 100# with both legs and 40# with just the injured one. Not bad, if I do say so myself!

Breakfast was fine. I had a little extra protein snack when I came home, which is acceptable to me.

Ladym0208, great job for saying no to unplanned food! Awesome!

SeaDWaters, sorry about the gym parking. That stinks!

BillBlueEyes, yay for sharing with the worms! That is so thoughtful of you! Those purple potatoes have lots of anthocyanins, which have lots of antioxidants. Interesting fear terms. There are so many wonderful words that don't get the attention they deserve.

ForMyGirls, I love huge rainstorms. Sorry though that there was flooding to deal with. Great job for sticking to healthy plan, even if it wasn't your conventional method of planning.

Lessiss, CONGRATULATIONS on the new personal low! Hope the renno is going well.

flnu, way to go on modeling healthy eating for your husband! I keep hoping my husband might be interested in similar modifications, but he sticks to his cookie diet and doesn't gain any weight. That stinker! I'm on the same page with you about eating restraint vs Beck strategies. Awesome job on your anti-procrastination! What strategies are you finding helpful? As for me, I'm going to be running on low sleep for a while due to being behind and big deadlines coming up. For now, I am going to have to rely on my husband to help me with this. Normally, I would try and improve that, but this is an instance where I just don't have much choice if I want to graduate this semester (which I REALLY do).

02-19-2014, 10:52 AM
I'm very pleased with yesterday's 100% OP day. I was in the house by myself for two long periods, which is a trigger for me. But I followed my complicated rules about when the kitchen is closed and when the TV stays off and they worked!

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 16 Credit!

WI: -0.7 kg, Exercise: +45 870/1400 minutes for February, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: Oh, now I'm going to have to get Bartlett's Roget's Thesaurus. Too fun!

ForMyGirls: I've heard good things about Wolf Hall. I'm really enjoying Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson -- it's a novel featuring Isaac Newton and other people in the Royal Society.

flnu: The End of Overeating started my journey -- so helpful. A more recent book on similar topics (but more from the point of view of the food industry) is Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss. I liked The Step Diet and it's a quick read since it has an entertaining magazine-style format. I started with the green book and only did the pink book, later. The material is much the same but the format is quite different. I suggest trying the green book when you feel like you need a refresher.

02-19-2014, 02:17 PM
Was not OP yesterday evening ... I allowed myself to be sidetracked a great deal, so will jump back on the train today. DH came home with some pastries from a local Mexican bakery that opened up near a shop he went to yesterday, and I had a coconut one through the course of the night. Dinner was going to be one of three things, and ended up being out at Texas Roadhouse, using gift cards. I was determined (don't ask me WHY) for DH to try fried pickles. So an appetizer of that - not finished but I put a hurtin' on it - and our salad was our dinner. We brought the entree and side home for tonight's dinner. Still a wallop of non-nutrients. And of course, I weighed this morning (again, don't ask) and did a mini freak out, despite knowing that calories aren't converted that fast, but still.

Credits for NOT eating until too full, lunch was light (the culprit?), um ... brainstorming here and that's about all I can come up with. Tonight we'll walk the trail - that's already set on the schedule, and no dishes as meal is in fridge to heat up.

I'm the slacker not doing personals and I apologize. I keep thinking, "Tomorrow I can do them," and then get slammed. Off to a meeting in a few minutes but wanted to at least post here.

02-19-2014, 10:24 PM
Hi all,

Another one of those OP morning/lunch/afternoon snacks and very OP dinners. Exercise was a one-on-one circuit training session--no one else showed up for our Pilates class so the trainer focused on me! Exercise is going really well.

I really appreciate everyone's comments and support as I cycle through another one of these "this is too hard" periods. It feels as if I keep cycling through them--but to give myself credit, I haven't put weight back on--just find it hard.

I'm going to follow advice and create a new advantages card--advantages I've gained from having lost 50 lbs. And I'm going to stop focusing on losing weight for a little while (not that I have been) but continue not gaining--exercising, OP breakfast/lunch/snack and getting back into planning dinners every night and planning for each day the night before.

And (big one) trying to soak up some sunshine--I might well be falling into the 'long winter' doldrums--perhaps next week's trip to FL will help!

Take care, all.

02-19-2014, 11:53 PM
Hello Coaches:

Happy to report that yesterday I ate all the food I brought for lunch, dinner, and snacks. And nothing else! This is a big step as unfortunately I have consumed many pizzas on my overnight trips and that feels normal. So staying on plan at the hotel is always a challenge for me.

Today I ate the food I brought for breakfast, went out to lunch with coworkers and ate salad and chicken while they ate pizza and burgers and came home and ate a healthy dinner. So grateful. Also read advantage and response cards, planned tomorrows food, packed a lunch for tomorrow, recorded all food eaten today, did arm/shoulder weights and rode exercise bike. Dr. B. is not kidding when she says you need to make time for a healthy lifestyle. :D

Sorry cannot do personals much right now. But I read everything you write and am inspired.


02-20-2014, 12:50 AM
Hello coaches,
TIRED! :tired: Late night here for us as the boys had an event/game at church...they are FINALLY in bed. So a quick check in, OP for eating but on the high end in calories because of pizza. Walked pup and plan to do my DVD again tomorrow. :exercise: I need to avoid leftover pizza tomorrow as it is not as filling or nutritious as many other choices for the same calories. :no::jeno:

02-20-2014, 01:19 AM
Was OP today until DH came home with chicken nuggets from McDonald's. Went over calories 400. Have class tomorrow and I have to get up and do homework. I hate the drive and the parking is a nightmare. I have such anxiety about it. I park far away to walk but really I have no choice because all the spots are taken up. I have to start an exercise program so I can reach some goals.

Thanks for listening. Tomorrow is another day to stay on plan.

02-20-2014, 03:37 AM

Exercise - a fairly vigorous Zumba Aqua class - not quite on top of the moves but I managed to stay afloat and felt like I had a good workout. I need to relate to the zumba music - my body relates to a different style of music and can't quite get in synch yet. I accidentally did the class with my fitbit flex on (bangle) and it isn't supposed to be fully submerged. It survived fortunately or RIP number 3 fitbit. Mind you I am looking for an excuse to get the Fitbit Force when it eventually hits Australia. My weight was up about 3 pounds this morning - it is crazy so who knows what is happening

I have been doing a bit of grazing as I prepped food - the odd very small bits of carrot. Behaviourally this has to stop. Food sort of evolved today - I was going to eat lunch at the gym but didn't - had a protein shake instead. On the way home passed the fish market so stopped in and got some Spanish mackerel for dinner - haven't cooked it before but know it is good for you so will try it with a cabbage salad

BillBE - dinner sounds good. Yay for snacks under control and feeding the worms rather than your obesophobic self. LOL at the fear of heaven
FLNU - I got the next dancing vegetable 2 posts ago I think - thanks for noticing. I hope it is a good thing that your naturally thin husband wants to get on board. Yes I do believe that there are people in the world who actually don't moderate what they eat in any conscious way and they do not put on weight (and yes this is different to how Beck talks about it). I too had difficulties with that section but the reality is - that is not me anymore. It was me once, but not now and I can't think like that earlier/younger version of me.
Onebybone - I hear you about the uncertainty of tests and health. Take care
FutureFitChick - sympathies for the upcoming period of intense work and sleepless nights. Sometimes it takes being really under the gun to get things done so hang in there. 100# with both legs is pretty impressive! Seems you are recovering
Beth(fromDayton) - good to see you check in. I am sure that the sunshine in FL will help with SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Credit for maintaining while you rethink your plan
CeeJay - Yay for only eating your planned food - the new normal

02-20-2014, 04:13 AM
Good morning all

I am on day 12 of Beck and practicing Hunger tolerance today...I've had a nice breakfast and will be riding it out until lunch. I can remember the first time I did this just how worried I was but it turned out to be really quite manageable. It will be quite different this time as I will probably be put under some pressure to eat by the rest of my team and also our cook (she is quite keen on us eating large amounts of food). I may just go for a walk at lunch time and ask them not to wait for me.

Credits for yesterday

- Our meals are served family style and I had already had my servings for meat for the day by dinner time, I was quite tempted by the 'just this once thoughts' but I didn't cave
-Day 2 of Insanity
_ I made sure to as for extra veggies at dinner to ensure I felt full.

seadwaters Well done on the exercise
LoseToAll I hope you get back on plan
AZtricia Well done for being OP with your eating & I hope you avoid the pizza today
bethFromDayton Well done for taking a fresh approach, sometimes thats all it takes. 50Lbs is an amazing amount to lose so well done
nationalparker Well done for keeping it light at lunch and for finding out what may have caused you to be sidetracked at dinner...awareness is the first step to change
gardenerjoy Well done for being 100% OP
FutureFitChick Well done for getting your exercise done, those are some pretty impressive numbers
onebyone Well done for being OP, great news for the Dr.
flnu I have 100 days left as of today!! or 3 1/2 months (not that I'm counting ;) )

Have a lovely OP day xx

02-20-2014, 05:16 AM
Hello coaches,

Credits: I had a roller coaster ride this afternoon with initially some really good news and then some bad news in relation the big stress in my life. I was so so so tempted to drown it all in food but reminded myself that while I can’t control that part of my life I can control what I put in my body. Well done me!

Food ? 100 % OP; Health activities 100% OP? yes ; Drank 2L water? yes ; Went to bed on time? yes ; Streak count: 0

Seems like I can do water or bedtime - but both is really hard. Who knows tomorrow I might crack it. I have been having to work in the office a lot more than normal this week - and will have to for the next 5 weeks - so I am greatly looking forward to my day at my desk at home tomorrow.

02-20-2014, 07:36 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – No shoveling. The snow that's here might start melting over the next few days. Three good walks, each with goals, CREDIT moi. Last night's walk was in Gore-Tex against the snow/sleet/rain with an umbrella under my arm in case the rain got serious, which it didn't. I pretended that I was British.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including no snacks so that my streak of staying with my plan of three snacks was met and the streak goes to 92. At my evening event I turned down liquid calories, biscotti, and two bowls of tree nuts that sat on the table in front of us for two hours. Occasionally the nuts were passed around so that I had to hold them while thinking Not About Me. Thanks for the nutrition info about purple potatoes (that I had called black) - makes the previous night's dinner sound even better.

onebyone – Sending supportive thoughts as you remember your late brother on his birthday. Congrats on getting doctor's reports that reflect your improved life style.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Kudos for creating "complicated rules," following them, and then giving yourself credit - the Hat Trick.

CeeJay - Big Kudos for sticking to your plan during an overnight business trip - especially having to sit through coworkers eating pizza and burgers.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Congrats on that new low scale reading. And Congrats on a ready tenant to push your project toward completion.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Hope that Fitbit survives its dunking. Perhaps you can make the Fitbit Force a reward for your next goal. It shouldn't be hard to find someone who'd love to inherit your current model.

FutureFitChick – Congrats on some heavy lifting with your healing leg.

ladym0208 – Happy Hunger Tolerance Day! Look forward to hearing how it goes. Special Kudos for standing down the Sabotaging Thought, 'just this once' - insidious little beastie, that one.

nationalparker – LOL at eating fried pickles at a restaurant and bringing home the entree.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Kudos for adjusting your goals to find your path. In Bartlett's Roget's Thesaurus, the table of Programming Languages (Ada..LISP..SNOBOL) is adjacent to the table of Breeds of Cattle (Aberdeen-Angus..Jersey..Zebu). Thought you should know. Coincidence? I think not.

ForMyGirls - Yay for a backpack that stands up to serious rain - and your rain does sound serious. Gotta love, "not perfect" is actually a very ok and healthy life. "Well done" indeed. Special Kudos for "I can control what I put in my body,"

LoseToAll - Ouch for chicken nuggets sneaking into your life. Yay for extra walking even if forced by lack of parking spaces.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Kudos for OP even with pizza.

flnu - Interesting observation about the naturally thin vs. formally fat. [Yay for anthocyanin.]

Readers - day 12 Practicing Hunger Tolerance

did you know?
It's important to distinguish between "need" and "want." People have actually gone for more than a week without eating and haven't died. So, precluding a medical disorder, we definitely don't need to eat on any given day.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 124.

02-20-2014, 09:10 AM

Credit for
-being OP yesterday and for planning my food today.
-No sugar streak=3
-weighed in: 270.1 today

My challenge today will be the ceramic studio with my guild members. I will have a good breakfast and then I'll get ONLY coffee with MILK not cream at the local coffee place we love (a local place full of locals!). Once I am in the studio I have the clay to occupy my hands and my mind.

When I get dropped off at home I'll make my lunch - actually reheat it as I have been eating turkey soup (made from scratch!) for three days now. It's a record! I added leftover broccoli to it last night to beef it up. (That broccoli=beef in any sentence of mine deserves a credit of its own.)

-update post tonight ..yes

-follow foodplan...yes
-read arc cards..yes
-planned exercise: no exercise today
1)weights at gym
2)WATP (this is Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone for the person who was wondering a few days ago...) DVD 30 min + 10 min at gym pre-weights = 40min cardio
-follow my decluttering plan for today
-one hour work on art submission/hunt down my deadlines of which I discovered I have FOUR not one! Ugh! ..yes
-listen to a meditation and/or affirmation 2x today yes

Update: I spent a few hours working on the cover of my sister's novel. She's all ready except for a cover. She sounded stressed so I took the time to try and help
But as a result I didn't get to the gym and I was really stressed about that BUT big credit I didn't eat over it.

I need to be vigilant tomorrow over my success tonight. Oh huge credit for turning down buttertarts home made date squares and doughnuts during my morning at ceramic guild. Also credit for getting milk in my coffee vs. cream.

02-20-2014, 09:37 AM
Hi Coaches!

BBE, I had a tremendous laugh at "I pretended I was British." Thanks! It fit right in because I'm reading LaurieHKing's series of the adventures of the retired SherlockHolmes. Kudos on continuing your streak, especially as you passed around those tree nuts multiple times.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 17 Credit! I am noticing how freeing my written food plan is right now. When I get home and I'm tired I don't have to think....just read and cook. Credit. I always write my plan on a small piece of decorative paper and place it next to the fridge. When I'm done with it I have a clip that holds all the ones I've written. Last night I simply shuffled through previous days and pulled one out to use today. It was quick and easy....and super helpful while my brain is primarily focused on finishing this project.

Speaking of project, I'm headed up to meet the carpet installer.

02-20-2014, 11:04 AM
Hi all, just wanted to check in. Exercised but did not do my 30 min anti procrastination. I had a urgent and surprising deadline (thanks, management) but maybe I could have done a bit less in order get my half hour in. Of course I could have. Procrastinating perfectionists here. Anyway, it stressed me out, and I observed myself immediately react differently to food, eating, and desire, and not in a good way obviously. I let it roll over me. I defiantly took the elevator once though. Which is in no way stress reducing so I have no idea why that became a hill to die on. I just strongly wanted to flaunt myself and my rules. So weird.

02-20-2014, 12:27 PM
Since we were talking about trip-planning as pleasure the other day, I looked at hotels in London last night. Today, the ads at 3FC are all about London. A nice change from Jillian Michaels and Medifast.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 17 Credit!

WI: -0.3 kg, Exercise: +60 930/1400 minutes for February, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

flnu: I so relate to wanting to flaunt the rules (while, at the same time, finding them tremendously helpful). In the long run, I found my inner rebel more helpful than not. She's the part of me that says "I'll eat whatever I want whenever I want and you can't stop me." But she's also the part that's most sensitive to an awareness of the way the food industry has manufactured and marketed food in deliberate ways to make it addictive to many of us. She doesn't much like being manipulated. So, I recruit her to be my inner subversive. We work together to subvert the Modern American Diet (MAD) and we do it by restricting ourselves to home-made food most of the time. Being 14, my inner rebel also prefers stairs to elevators -- she's got all that energy to burn and encountering other people in elevators is awkward for her anyway. ;)

02-20-2014, 03:37 PM
Hi, Coaches.

I looked over my schedule today and realized I am totally booked. So, for now I am resolving to post daily, but spend only 10 minutes a day maximum to do so. In advance, I apologize for the limited person notes.

I didn't track. I finally found my BodyWear monitor after looking in the exact place that it was for 2 days. I drove somewhere by myself today. It felt good to get out, but on the other hands reminds me I need to be careful. Having regained some freedom, I will loose the protection for my diet that I have had. I'm glad I am aware of this though and can manage it.

NationalParker, I'm glad you are jumping back on track.

BethfromDayton, great job for being on plan!

CeeJay, great job of eating exactly what you planned at lunch! That is awesome!

AZTRicia, hope your P90X was great!

LoseToAll, sorry to hear about the chicken nuggets. Darn the person that invented them and their tastily little sauces!

SeaDWaters, how fun Zumba Aqua must be. It sounds great. Your fish market sounds like a great place to shop. How did the mackerel turn out?

LadyM0208, hope the Hunger experiment went well today.

ForMyGirls, sorry to hear about your bumps yesterday. I hope your day is better today!

BillBlueEyes, yuck! Your weather sounds terrible. You are almost to 100 for your no off plan snacking. That is great!

OnebyOne, yum, turkey soup! Also, fantastic job at planning your food for the day!

Lexxiss, great job on your 3Ws streak! It is interesting how "freeing" routine can be at times. I wish I were better at it!

flnu, great job for noting what you were feeling that was causing you to want to eat. That is tough when you are emotional.

GardenerJoy, your response to flnu makes me want to go start me spring seeds!

02-20-2014, 04:46 PM
Good Afternoon Coaches!
I did it, resisted pizza for lunch. Had a salad instead. It is so warm here now that salads finally taste good again. I also already did my exercise DVD, and will of course walk pup several times. Also stretched my shoulder.

One thing I'm noticing with loosing slowly is that changes are not noticeable. I can wear a smaller size, but I "look" the same to myself and probably to others who see me at least weekly. Not that I'm going to let it discourage me, but it has reinforced to me how out of shape and overweight I had become. To loose almost 40 lbs and still have beluga thighs and tummy rolls :cry: Why did I do this to myself?!?!

LoseToAll Kudos for walking and working toward your goal for your movie reward. Bummer about the nuggets, hope you've bounced back to OP.

FutureFitChick Hope you've been better able to get up and keep track, great job working on your PT. Sorry to hear your Shiba Inu is being difficult about grooming. Teddy is now on an anti-inflammatory to see if that will help him allow grooming. Hurray for streak of 16! Glad you found your monitor.

ladym0208 Hurray for rain, if you get too much please send some here! Huge kudos for resisting unplanned food and pre-planning a snack before your late dinner. Love your countdown chart and focus to stay motivated. Great plan to walk during your lunch.

seadwaters Your beet kvass sounds interesting, I did not enjoy the Wildbrine sauerkraut, but do enjoy kefir. Hope your ferments all work great! I've always wondered how the water exercise classes are, did yours use the paddles and other resistance equipment? So glad your fitbit survived the soaking.

BillBlueEyes The purple potatoes are fun! We found an organic chip mix with them, sweet potatoes, and regulars...colorful! Funny thesaurus :) do you like to read dictionaries too? Hurray for snow throwers and down with slush! Brrr, your walk sounds dreadful, your humor and distraction (British!) made me smile.

ForMyGirls Kudos for healthy balanced eating and a good resistance muscle. Yikes for rain blocking your path, but I'm glad you made it home safely with dry gadgets. Great job applying Beck principles in your stressful news, and resisting!

Lexxiss Congrats for weighing and planning! Yeah for a new low!! Great job being flexible when your plan wouldn't work. Hurray for your healthy eating being contagious :D WhooHoo for 17 and for keeping your plans for re-use!

onebyone Kudos for OP, so glad your doctor visit went well. Sorry about the loss of your brother. As far as the broccoli, it is high in protein and fiber and was a good choice if you were still hungry, don't beat yourself up too much! Great job on 3 days w/o sugar! Hope you enjoyed your studio time.

nationalparker Bummer for sidetracked, hope you've been able to hop back OP. I have a difficult day if I don't eat enough lunch. I was reading the WebMD magazine at my dr. and it had an article about weight loss. Their evidence showed that successful maintaining was more common in people whose calories were higher earlier in the day and very low in the last hours before bed...will have to see if I can find the link!

bethFromDayton Hurry for OP, and exercise. So cool that you had the pilates trainer to yourself! Huge kudos for reworking your ARCs and taking time to plan. Sending you some sunshine to break up your winter

CeeJay Hurray for staying OP and eating your own food! Sounds like you've had a great healthy day.

flnu Kudos for exercise when you had a busy time and deadline.

gardenerjoy Hurray for 17! My ads are for cable and twitter, London sounds like more fun. :)

02-20-2014, 08:41 PM
Hi everyone,

Keeping my commitment to checking in here daily. Not a bad day.

Credit today for:

eating on plan
weighing myself
riding exercise bike
reading response and advantage cards
no sugar
logging food in food journal
planning tomorrow


02-20-2014, 09:18 PM
Not a great day to report. I'm allowing myself to sink into a funk, I think. Made the silly mistake of looking up lung and kidney cancer info on what I thought were legit websites and that further beat me down, but am waiting to hear what the specialist says about my father's situation. Did so-so during the day but was wiped out and we opted for the creole spot and I ate my entree tonight, didn't split it in half. I considered it ... but then thought the exact opposite of ForMyGirls and thought I needed it.

I will journal a bit tonight and reset my thoughts during a hot bubble bath :) and tomorrow is my day one for the new streak. I don't want to wait until Bill hits 100 to start!! ack.

Credits - I'm going to try to think of these since I'm always good or terrible in my mind. Hm. OP breakfast and lunch. Savored a piece of chocolate from DH tonight. He's helping me eat those and only a few left (I think it had 10-12 pieces to start with).

Storms are moving in and moving quickly, so hope they'll move through so I CAN take a bath. That's my relaxation.

Why and how can I do well enough on a cruise, but get back home, get bad news, and fall off my smaller portion program?

02-20-2014, 10:40 PM
Hi all,

I gave in to a donut this morning when I stopped to pick up a fountain drink before work. However, declining the tray of cookies my boss brought around in the afternoon wasn't even hard.

Very little exercise today--my toe is really bothering me a lot. It was definitely warm enough to walk this evening so I was annoyed my toe didn't cooperate. I'm back to wearing orthotics every day and wearing my cork bottom sandals around the house since they provide more toe support than anything else I own. I may shop for and splurge on a pair of regular shoes with cork insoles or purchase a pair I can put into other shoes.

Instead of reading my ARC today, I wrote a new one--and it's a doozy. I labeled it the "Advantages of having lost 50 lbs". It really helped me to be looking at the list of what I've accomplished and the difference it makes in what I can do and in measurable medical things. I can cross my legs without using my hands to assist moving a leg up. And I can pick things up off the floor without needing to hold on to something for balance. And regular stores now carry my size of clothes so it's easy to find things that fit.

It also got me started thinking about a new set of advantages of losing more weight. The push to think that the advantages might change during the weight loss journey had never occurred to me. (Seems so obvious now)

Best to all

02-21-2014, 04:13 AM
Good morning coaches,

I am pleased to report that I was able to practice my hunger tolerance yesterday and it was not as difficult as I was expecting. I took the walk I said I was going to at lunch and kept myself busy until dinner. Hunger is a funny thing as it has its highs and lows, instead of it growing and growing my levels of discomfort peaked at 4.

My credits for yesterday....
- Completing the full day of hunger tolerance
- Planned and spontaneous exercise
- I didn't over eat at dinner time after skipping lunch

Sorry for the short post...have a great day all xx

02-21-2014, 05:06 AM

Not a lot to say really today - another ho-hum one. Went to work and sat at my desk most of the day. The weekend will be similar but I will go to gym on Sunday (or maybe Saturday) so that it fits in with next weeks activities. Semester starts next week so ramping up to getting organised and of course everything is last minute.

Credits: Made 5000 steps just; packed lunch, took it with me, and ate it - but I bought some hot chips at work :( - I had to walk a long way to get them though ;); dinner planned but yet to cook it - got home really late (but I need to cook it or later I will be hungry and eat rubbish); shopped on the way home to make sure I had food for the busy weekend; checked in; weighed myself and logged it (down 2 pounds on yesterday); haven't logged food yet

Thanks for the suggestion of passing on my current fitbit and making the Force a reward BillBE - I never think of rewards and it is a good one and of course my sister could have my current one. The good thing about the reward idea is that I can't have it until I achieve the goal. Now I have to think of a good goal!

Your response to flnu is a keeper Gardenerjoy - I have copied it and put it in my great ideas folder. It is funny and insightful and helps to look at the positives in us. I have always like the idea of subversion. I love MAD - I tend to use SAD (Standard American/Australian Diet) - I wonder what the BAD diet is? The notion of things being either mad/bad/sad is embedded in my clinical area so it resonates

The mackerel is also a keeper - it turned out well. I thought it would be strong tasting and "fishy" (because it is good for you, you have to suffer) but it was delicious. I used a simple Neil Perry recipe and if anyone wants it just let me know!

Tricia - we didn't use any equipment in the zumba aqua class but I think they do in the other one given the cupboard is full of it. I have used it in other classes in other gyms. I like aqua and it is a surprisingly intense aerobic workout. I think you need to feel comfortable in the water or have a good instructor. My last sessions last year were deep water so you wore a flotation vest, but these classes are shallow water, which is reasonable for "dancing" but not sure about other classes

Have a good weekend coaches

02-21-2014, 07:54 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – CREDIT moi for making dinner from the reception after a lecture last night. Receptions are a challenge for me since they're usually an addition to a meal. This one I planned to check out and choose either nothing or dinner. Fortunately, there was plenty of raw veggies and humus to call it dinner. I skipped all the cheeses and crackers. Despite them looking good, they were standard fare that I'll see again. Came home and had an orange for evening snack. My snacks-under-control streak goes to 93.

Did gym, CREDIT moi. It felt good to wear shorts and a T-shirt to my exercise class instead of long-sleeved stuff. Walking only had the challenge of puddles as the snow melts rapidly in temperatures over 50 F. The sidewalks remain channels with foot high walls on each side.

onebyone – LOL at "broccoli=beef in any sentence" - love of words deserves recognition even if not covered by Beck. Kudos for being aware that you need to be vigilant after success.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – That's a section for Beck's Change your Environment that's not in her book: Search the Internet for something positive in your life so you'll be surrounded by positive ads when on the web. I join the chorus appreciating your response to flnu about your 14 year old inner subversive.

CeeJay - Yep, great list of credits for the day.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Putting Sherlock Holmes on my reading list. Methinks that I read him so young that's there more left to appreciate. Kudos for your 3W's streak. Sounds easy, "I don't have to think....just read and cook."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Would you be willing to post your recipe in the recipe section? I'm a fan of mackerel, but have a hard time convincing DW.

FutureFitChick – Yay for being able to drive - like you're sixteen all over again. (I've experimented with my new LED bulb, but the weather hasn't dropped below the threshold that made the front porch CFL fail - so I have no useful data. Perhaps I'll get creative and put the fixture in the freezer with the extension cord running outside.)

ladym0208 – Peak discomfort of 4 for the Hunger Exercise is neat. When I did it, I expected a 7 or 8 at least, but I had about your same experience. Kudos for completion.

nationalparker – It's a challenge to face learning about your father's health issues without the old comforts from food. Kudos for recognizing that that's what you're trying to do.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Yay for celebrating the advantages of your success to date. Little things, like crossing legs unassisted, is appreciated by those of us who've been on both sides.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Kudos for resisting pizza. Big Catch-22 is to celebrate success due to eating and exercise on plan without falling into beating up on ourselves for needing to do so. Congrats on your nearly 40 pounds.

flnu - Ouch for management who's lack of planning becomes your urgent deadline. Kudos for surviving that, even as you had to resist the urge "to flaunt myself and my rules."

Readers - day 12 Practicing Hunger Tolerance

what are you thinking?
During your hunger experiment, you might need to repeatedly confront sabotaging thoughts, such as, I don't want to keep doing this . . . This is too uncomfortable. Remind yourself that there have been times in your life when you've been hungry but survived: when you fasted for a medical procedure or religious holiday, when you couldn't eat because you were delayed in traffic, or when service was extremely slow in a restaurant. You'll always survive because hunger is never an emergency.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 125.

02-21-2014, 08:59 AM
Hi Coaches!

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 18 Credit!

Yesterday I stuck with my plan and saw a new low on the scale. 3 hours of hands and knees prepping of the old doug-fir floor certainly helped. As always, grateful for the ability to do the things I couldn't fathom 90+pounds ago. I thought out dinner tonight to be really simple AND I can just thumb though last week's meal plans to find it "already written down" Simple. Credit.

Back to the project with a definite end in sight.

BBE, I've haven't read any of the SH since childhood. This series was recommended by my librarian. LaurieKing picks up his character in retirement and I do believe that reading them in order is most interesting. I'm really enjoying them. In the first book SH is in retirement in Sussex "tending bees". Nice job at the reception last night. That was a plan that really worked!

02-21-2014, 09:46 AM
Routine day for me. Not so stressed at work. Took the stairs. Started Fat, Sugar, Salt (thanks, Joy). Happy news from my Friday weigh-in: down 4 lbs, which means I achieved my first 5 lb goal. Now I get to set a new one! I am sure I lost half of that last week but secretly. Exercise streak continues, I went to bed on time, and put in my anti-procrastination time. Pretty good day after all.

Joy: I love your conceptualization of your inner rebel (you’re lucky yours is 14, mine is about 2). I will try to work with mine as well. She also hates the processed food industry thinking they’re so smart. Nice streak you’ve got going there.

FutureFitChick: Good insight. Awareness might be nine-tenths the battle.

Tricia: Way to strengthen that resistance muscle! Good job! I hear you on the why-did-I-do-this question. I realized I am still holding a mental image of myself as an athlete, a runner even. Actually exercising has challenged this distortion. I am seriously unfit. (But getting fitter.)

Ceejay: Yay for checking in!

Nationalparker: So glad you are thinking of those credits. Bad news (even much more minor bad news) sends me straight toward the known comforts.

Beth: Credit for easily resisting cookies – awesome. Reading your list is inspiring.

Ladym0208: A great day! Well done.

Seadwaters: I kind of think that nothing to report is maybe a good sign. No big struggles = serious progress.

BBE: Glad you enjoyed your exercise. We had such nice weather here that I opted for outdoor exercise this morning. I love you suggestion to search for the positive – finally a way to make ads work for us.

Lexxiss: HURRAY for your new number. AWESOME.

02-21-2014, 10:57 AM
Grocery-shopping is on the list today. Just in time -- my refrigerator is about cleared of vegetables.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 18 Credit!

WI: -0.35 kg, Exercise: +55 985/1400 minutes for February, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

ladym0208: congrats on successfully completing the hunger tolerance experiment. I had similar results. That gives power to the response "hunger is not an emergency" because I know, now, that I can wait and it won't cause a huge amount of discomfort.

BillBlueEyes and Lexxiss: have you been watching the BBC series Sherlock on PBS? It's a modernized version with a Sherlock Holmes who claims to be a high-functioning sociopath, but he strikes me as a kind of savant with Asperger's. Doctor Watson is an Afghan war vet with a taste for dangerous adventure that he can't seem to shake. The relationship between them is fun to watch, because they complete each other in odd ways. Set in modern times, they keep being accused of being a couple when they aren't. There's also a lot of fun technology and London, itself, is practically a character. The first two seasons are streaming on Netflix. The three episodes of the third season are on PBS's website until March 4 ( I assume they'll show up on Netflix and other streaming sites after that.

02-21-2014, 11:27 AM

Credits for logging my food in my tracker and for having a plan to follow. I've listened to my affirmation tape already and read my arc-all before leaving the warmth of my bed. *extra credit for the comfort of that* Also a scale surprise:goodscale (let's use this little icon I rarely use) I met and passed my first goal of 5lbs off. And, since I don't really have an official weigh-in day anymore, and glad of it, though I'll change my ticker every week on the Monday, I am calling it a goal achieved and therefore I have earned my 2 movies at the theatre in a row reward. I am going this weekend as I am SO BAD at not rewarding myself. DH might come with me, or he might not. I am going either way.

I was going to take the car and get to the gym today but I saw how my day slipped out of my hands yesterday and I really need to accomplish some work in the house before DH gets home tonight. I will do my WATP 3 mile workout. It's a good workout.

gardenerjoy, Lexxiss and Billblueeyes Have you been watching Elementary? Also a current re-invention of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock (played by Jonny Lee Miller) is a recovering heroin addict, relocated to New York City. He is a consultant to the NYC Police Department. Dr. Watson is Dr. Joan Watson, (played by Lucy Lui), a former surgeon who left her profession (malpractice I think) to work with recovering addicts. Sherlock is her client and she is hired by his father to be his sober companion. During the course of the first season she aids Sherlock with some medical issues and eventually he recognizes in her a talent for deduction. I really like this Sherlock. I also watch the BBC one and like that one very much too. BTW did you know that the female fans of the British Sherlock played by Benedict Cumberbatch call themselves "Cumberbeeches" (spelling changed to defeat the censor ;))? This always makes me laugh - blame my teenage rebel who is just barely in hiding... I've not read any Sherlock Holmes, but a retired detective could be fun! Thanks Lexxiss for the tip!

02-21-2014, 11:39 AM
Down .5 this week. Ramping up for the weekend. It is so hard to follow a plan over the weekend. I am starting exercise on Monday for sure. Back has been hurting for the last three weeks and I have not been able to bend down I have class on Tuesday and Thursday so I will exercise M W F.

I have planned for the day and I am just not into the planned salad. They never taste as good as the ones from resturants. I am going to have some popcorn and see if that fills me up.

Short day for the kids so have less time to get things done. I have a church lesson to give on Sunday that I have to get done. I have been working on it a little at a time but I have to get it together.

I love reading all your posts. You keep me centered. Thanks. Have a great day.

02-21-2014, 01:01 PM
Hi, Coaches.

So, earlier this week my espresso maker stopped working. I still haven't taken it apart yet, as the screw I need to remove first is stripped. (This machine was a second hand gift from someone that no longer wanted it.) Then, yesterday, I was washing our French Press, and managed to crack that. So, percolator coffee it was for me made i in my grandmother's old Corning blue flower stove top percolator.

Food was off plan yesterday, but could have been much worse. I ordered some items that came in the mail yesterday. They were really only borderline on plan in the first case, but I wanted to celebrate my birthday (tomorrow) with a treat that was fairly close to on plan. But, yesterday, I had one, and it was SOOO good (for the healthy version of the stuff), that I had a second. Bummer... Oh, well. None for me today and ONE tomorrow. Today I will get in 2 PT sessions, full ones, with no cheating on timing of exercises!

Lots of great successes this week! Congratulations to all!

AZTricia, if I could do them, I would do cartwheels to celebrate your shunning of pizza. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always feel like I look the same with slow weight loss too. One of the medical assistants at my doctor notices and points it out to me. I also put together a collage of my worst fat photos to give me an idea of where I was. Good idea about the anti-inflammatory for your pup.

CeeJay, great job exercising and reading those cards!!

NationalParker, I'm so sorry to read about you not feeling great. I admit to having found great comfort in some of the greasy garlic bread from a local creole place. Mmmmm! Great job for turning to taking care of yourself with comforting activities.

BethfromDayton, way to go on just saying NO! (to cookies) Your new card sounds great.

LadyM0208, yay for hunger tolerance success!

SeaDWaters, hope the rest of your course prep goes well and you are able to get in your gym visits next week.

BillBlueEyes, yay for one week from 100!!! Regarding my driving, it was definitely better than when I was 16. When I turned 16 + 1 month (the state law for a license here) it was pretty close to Easter. On like the 2nd or 3rd day I drove to school, I was unable to avoid hitting a suicidal bunny rabbit. I was mortified! (Thankfully? one of my friends was in a car behind me and was able to put it out of its misery.) My friends then nick-named me the Easter Bunny Slayer. So, this time around was definitely better!

Lexxiss, great job for sticking to your plan AND the new low! Simplifying meals is hard for me. I grew up in a house where even though my mother worked full-time and it may be 8:00 PM before we eat, she always made a complete dinner for us. Being injured has helped me to accept that in times of recovery or incredible busyness, it is OK to just eat some leftovers with a giant side of frozen and microwaved broccoli.

flnu, wow! Big congratulations to you! -4 # is amazing. You are an inspiration to me to get to bed on time. (And, my husband would GREATLY appreciate it if I stopped working in bed until the wee hours of the morning.)

GardenerJoy, great job on 18 days!

OnebyOne, GERAT JOB on meeting your last goal (clearly you deserve credit for loosing the 16 other pounds too)! Keep it up!

LoseToAll, I hear you on the difficulty following the plan. This is true in about every area in my life. I'm great at making plans, but for some reason at the moment I am not so great at following through. I wonder how much of my life's energy has been wasted to this battle/expectation of myself...

02-21-2014, 01:50 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

I have made it through three weeks of no gluten, eggs, dairy, peanuts, soy or artificial sweetener. The scale doesn't show a drop but my clothes fit better. I am reintroducing dairy this week and will be interested to see how that goes. Credit for continuing to understand what maintenance means for me.

Exercise today is walking and a Pilates session. The blues have stayed at bay. I feel quite content this morning. it is a relief. I may sit by the fire all day and read my new book - Allende's Maya's Notebook.

Only made it through half of the missed posts so some of these responses may be old.

flnu: Thanks for the testimonial. I like to hear when medication helped. I have another good friend who was helped by them. I am terrified to take pills being a 26 years sober alcoholic. But I know intellectually, antidepressants have nothing to do with addiction. I just need to feel that in my heart. I am wiling to have a talk with my doc.

FutureFatChick: My father is a naturally thin person but he also has tons of fast twitch muscles which burned everything off. He has an unbelievable sweet tooth. Ironic.

gardenerjoy: I am ordering "the End of Overeating"

seadwaters: Would you reccomend the fitbit?

ladym0208. Hope the hunger experiment goes well. I learned many things from it but it was incredibly difficult for me - low blood sugar, etc. . .

ForMyGirls: How is your frugal challenge going? I have kept up with "Frugal Queen" and Mortgage Free in Three" and have almost finished my second month using only cash for food and discretionary spending.

02-21-2014, 06:20 PM
Hello! Looking forward to more time to check in on the weekend. Busy work day with about a 10-minute lunch while still working, so the day seemed even longer. Able to head home soon, and dinner is two turkey italian sausages, sauteed in crumbles with peppers and onions, and will add a little bow tie pasta, along with a salad. I'm so not into salads at home when it's winter.

Looking forward to sleeping in and enjoying some really relaxing mornings this weekend. Have a lot to get done over the weekend, but am going to relax, journal, enjoy a few magazines before rolling. DH is working both days.

Nothing major to report here, just wanted to pop in and say Ciao to everyone :)

02-21-2014, 11:24 PM
Hi all,

Food--not so OP--too much dinner--followed by too many M&Ms--and I went back for more--twice. Ouch. The sloppy joes were amazing--but I didn't really need two sandwiches--and shouldn't gave gotten up to get the second one.

Exercise today was great--terrific circuit training with our trainer--she really had me moving. She went light on my thighs (because she was so hard on them Wednesday) and pushed my arms and abs and cardio. It was a good workout. Then I sent all afternoon and evening cooking. In kindness to you all, I won't share the details :-). But all the food is in the freezer and the cleanup is done. Circuit training is more fun than cleaning the kitchen!

Tomorrow is another cooking day. If the weather holds, I'll take a morning walk. I'm babying my toe and alternating the various types of orthotics, but I'll feel better if I get in a walk tomorrow morning before spending the day kitchening.

Best to all,

02-22-2014, 12:15 AM
Hi Coaches,

Did OK today if I stop eating right now. Spent the day in the city and made OK choices at lunch and dinner. Home now and ready for bed.

Eating plan for tomorrow:
Egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast
Big salad with tuna and chick peas for lunch
Yogurt and berries for snack
Stir fry with lots of veggies and steak for dinner
Yogurt and berries and oatmeal for snack

Also for tomorrow:
Ride bike
Strength exercises for shoulders and arms
Read advantage and response cards
Check in with coaches
Weigh myself
8 cups of water

Have a good night everyone!

02-22-2014, 01:23 AM
Good morning coaches.

Yesterday was a good day in terms of my being on plan, but it was quite a challenge in other aspects. Our team have been let down a quite few times since we've been out here which means that we have not been able to do quite as much as we would like in terms of our work. It is quite frustrating as you can see how much the help is needed but you tend to come across quite a few barriers to getting the work done!! Any how I know I need to focus on what went right otherwise the motivation will drop, which leads me nicely on to my credits for yesterday....

• Waking up early to do day 5 of insanity, I was up at 5.45am
• Walking to and from the school I'm teaching at, 40 mins either way
• Not having the deep fried fish at lunch, having beans instead
• Stopping myself from having more fruit salad at dinner as I was already full
• Not having the Snickers bar that I had planned as I felt it may have led to me feeling out of control and wanting to eat more due to feeling a bit down

CeeJay well done for planning you food and exercise for toady, I hope it all goes to plan
bethFromDayton Well done for keeping up with the exercise, its great to see how much you enjoy it
maryann Well done for taking the time to learn about what maintenance means to you and for experimenting with your food
FutureFitChick Hope the PT sessions go well.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY :carrot: I hope you have a wonderful day xx
LoseToAll Well done on your 0.5lb loss
BillBlueEyes Well done for skipping the cheese and crackers

Have a great day Beck buddies

02-22-2014, 04:57 AM
Hi Coaches

Credits: planned food for today and stuck to it; logged food; managed my 8000 steps and not much more (surprised to make that!); logged into 3FC; weighed and logged weight.

I have been really busy today and tomorrow will be worse so will see you tomorrow; I put the mackerel recipe in the recipe area in the stickies

02-22-2014, 08:02 AM
Hi Coaches!

Yesterday turned crazy when my coworker texted me at 5 pm to say she couldn't fill in for me today. Dinner ended up being McD on the car at the project. Credit for not overdoing and for coming up with a rational plan for finishing the floor. I will have to go up after work today to stay on track.

3 w's streak 19 weight still at all time low .

:wave: all!

02-22-2014, 08:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Experienced Noah's flood style rain - hard enough to just stand and watch in awe. Weren't washed away. The basement is dry - I suspect because it was so brief. Walk, CREDIT moi, included the library to pick up Mary Poppins, She Wrote ( ravers). Discovered that Pamela Travers was one neat Australian lady who was influenced by Gurdjieff. I gulped it quickly because my only interest was to see if Disney was protrayed in the book as he was in the Disney movie Saving Mr. Banks ( Nope, Travers and Mary Poppins were bigger than Disney.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks under control (none) to streak to 94. At folk dancing last night the usual table offered the usual array of quality goodies. I watched a green-bean-lean nine year old girl scarfing cookies non-stop. I miss that metabolism.

onebyone – Kudos for making your goal and 2 Kudos for taking your 2 movies reward. More Sherlock Holmes to go find out about. LOL at "Cumberbeeches."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Thanks for unconfusing me about the Sherlock Holmes series.

CeeJay - Neat that you have oatmeal with your yogurt and berries.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Duh! I finally get it. You're talking Sherlock Holmes in Retirement ( Sounds even better. Congrats for "a definite end in sight."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Waving at your day that's worse than very busy. Thanks for posting your mackerel recipe - just what I need to try to sell it to DW.

FutureFitChick – Happy Birthday! Kudos for exercises "with no cheating on timing." [What an awful story to happen to a sensitive 16 year old.]

maryann - Yay for the wonderful feeling of clothes fitting better.

ladym0208 – Super Kudos for focusing on your own motivation despite being let down by others. Such good food choices, including turning down fried fish.

nationalparker – Ten minutes isn't much of a lunch hour. Your turkey crumble sounds good.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Sloppy Joes are seductive. Now you got me drooling for them. Hope your toe finds a happy place in your shoes.

LoseToAll - Ouch for the back - hope it calms down even in the face of your full schedule.

flnu - Congrats on meeting your 5-pound goal. Do you have a reward in mind? Kudos for doing your anti-procrastination time.

Readers - day 12 Practicing Hunger Tolerance

what are you thinking?
If these kinds of thoughts overpower you and lead you to eat before dinner, try this experiment again and again, each time increasing the amount of time that elapses before you eat. If your fear of hunger is too strong, you might need to conquer it more gradually.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 125.

02-22-2014, 09:57 AM
Hi Coaches,

Had a great jog today! Just felt really good and less lumbering. Sometimes I like to imagine I am Godzilla and there are people around my feet, fleeing. Not today though. And I achieved a new speed -- 8 kph (12 minute mile). I was there oh so briefly but I was there. Exercise streak is unbroken but I don't know where my calendar is so I can't tell you how many days.

BBE: Sadly, rewards do not motivate me.

Maryann: I don't have any experience with alcoholism, but I imagine that it is narrowing, that it takes your choices away. For me, antidepressants do the exact opposite. I can access a whole range of thoughts and feelings that were previously closed to me. Antidepressants do not make me feel anything in particular but they do give me more choice. It is widening.

02-22-2014, 10:49 AM
I’ve been blowing hot and cold on my healthy eating lately – either I’m 100% on plan or I’m hardly on plan at all. That’s not a good pattern for me. I have most success when I’m putting together 80% and 90% days for weeks and weeks on end, with only the occasional 100% day and the rare 70% day to interrupt the streak. That’s probably the next streak I’ll track – see how many days I can put together that are 80% or above.

3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 19 Credit!
WI: +0.15 kg, Exercise: +60 1045/1400 minutes for February, Food: 40%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: Elementary sounds fun -- thanks!

LoseToAll and nationalparker: I've worked on my salads. The way I'd take on a new hobby -- I am an artist and salad is my medium. In the winter, lettuce is often over-priced and not as good, so I usually switch to cabbage salads. Cabbage seems to have the same flavor all year round and it's cheap in the winter, right through St. Patrick's Day! Another advantage to cabbage salads is that you can fix a big batch, complete with dressing, and it just gets better in the fridge for several days. I'll put a recipe in our recipe thread later today.

FutureFitChick (aka Easter Bunny Slayer): love that story! But I'm sure it was horrifying and mortifying when it happened.

02-22-2014, 11:55 AM
Hello coaches,
Missed yesterday's check in, but all is fine. OP for food and exercise. Funny timing, after complaining that my weight loss doesn't show, two people commented yesterday.

Maryann: I also don't have any experience with alcoholism, but have tried a couple kinds of antidepressants and my experience is not as happy as flnu. What happened for me is like an "awakening" and enlarging of my capacity for socialization increasing over a couple months then a dwindling to worse than where I started and onset of compulsive behavior and ADD. So if what your doc tries doesn't work like you like or continue to work, make sure you let them know!!! What has finally worked for me is supplementing "good bacteria" because your gut makes a LOT of the hormones that antidepressants will cause to recirculate (serotonin, melatonin...). I supplement with a good quality refrigerated version and it took a couple months, but my skin is healthier and I feel better. I have also cut all processed sugar products from my diet because they feed the yeast in the gut causing the yeast/bacteria balance to be unfavorable. I started learning about the gut/emotions through Dianne Craft. (

02-22-2014, 12:26 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Yesterday was disastrous with food. I started to reintroduce dairy, thought the yoghurt would taste great with some dark chocolate in it and ended up making lemon bars with a ton of sugar, eggs and butter. The thought process that linked those events is a fascinating example of the addictive mind. Drat!!

Back OP this morning. I have committed a sane food plan to My Fit Pal. Exercise is yoga. The two pounds showing on the scale this morning is just information even though it makes me afraid I am gaining back all that I have lost. That is not a fact. It is just a feeling and I will move on. The reason I weigh everyday is to adjust my behavior before I gain everything back.

Nationalparker: Enjoy the weekend.

BethFromDayton: I don't know how you stay in the kitchen.Credit to you.

Ceejay: I say that a lot to myself. "Stop eating right now."

Ladym0208: Ironic that bureaucracy can stop a teacher a half a world away just like it often stops me.

seadwaters: credit for "sticking to it!"

Lexxiss: Super credit about your weight when it is still so busy in your life.

BBE: I drool over your rain description. Farmers round here were just notified they will only receive 40% of their water.

flnu and AZTricia: I so appreciate both of your stories regarding antidepressants. It shows there is a solution for each individual. The key, as you both said, is to keep reaching out for help and information without fear or prejudice (which is my greatest barrier). That is my goal to keep up the conversation with my family and doctors. My first step is to get clean with my food so it is not a factor.

02-22-2014, 01:38 PM
Hello coaches! I have had 2 days of OP eating and exercising with unplanned snacks at the end of the day. The scale sits in the same place it has been for a few weeks now. It could be worse. I am viewing it as a period of maintenance before moving down again. I have been off work all week so I look forward to the structure of work days to help me get back to it!! Today is rest day for P90x3 but I am doing a walk with my friend while our daughters are in dance classes for an hour and a half. I am in a new block of P90x3 which means several new workouts. I loved them all. Yesterday was a martial arts inspired thing and the day before was the "incinerator" which I was a bit nervous to do. I am loving the variety if the workouts and how sore my upper body is...feels like I am doing stuff that I needed to do! And.....I can do 3 full body push ups and stay I. Plank position a bit longer each time I am asked to do so by Tony Horton p90x3 guy.... The other thing that is really working right now is the daily use of my nutribullet! I have been having green smoothies for breakfast each day and look forward to them and the feeling I get having had them. Using a reg blender works just fine but the clean up w the nutribullet is NOTHING and makes it a doable/desire able option for me in the mornings!

I am going to also make some new advantages for having lost a good amount of weight and also for losing more in the future. Brilliant idea!

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone....

02-22-2014, 02:06 PM

My mood is light as I enjoyed having a free and clear kitchen table last night, with a candlelit dinner made from scratch, no dishes to worry over and this morning sitting at the table, listening to a favorite podcast while I chopped veggies for my soup which I will consume over the next 3 days. AWESOME morning! *credit* My 2 movies ina row reward is set: movie 1=The Lego Movie and movie 2=Robocop. I like the 2inarow movies to be diametrically opposed to one another. This comes from seeing THREE movies ina row when I worked for the cinemas and we could see movies for free (us plus a guest). The study in audiences was as interesting as the movies themselves--sometimes more interesting as some movies, well, you wonder when the makers and those involved realize they are in a bonafide turkey. This is another thing I like to mull over.

Anyway, today I tried a new soup recipe from the current Vegetarian Times magazine and posted the recipe in our thread for that. It tastes good... and that you can use any veggies is even better. It's also really fast if you don't count the chopping of veggies. I LOVE this Thai Chicken Soup they make at a grocery store. It's full fat though and I need to find a decent homemade version. This one is certainly lighter and fits my plan perfectly. I've even frozen the half of the coconut milk I didn't use as the label said I could and so I anticipate making this again very soon.

Today I continue to declutter--focusing on the dining room I didn't get to yesterday. It will be fabulous to have that room in order. I can hardly wait.

-tracking my food
-cooking from scratch
-persisting with the decluttering
-abstaining from sugar - streak goes to 5
-checking in here
-weighing today (+0.2 = 268.3 I still qualify for my goal reward! Woot!Woot!)

maryann Drat is right. My addictive mind knows no limits and only wants m-o-r-e. Never satisfied. BIG CREDIT for hopping back on plan right away. I was listening to a podcast where they spoke to a Californian who is gold panning as the rivers are so very low in California. He's pulling out 3/4oz of gold with a shovel and a pan--very low tech = $750 or so. He said there's a mini gold rush happening due to the low water levels and so accessibility to the river's bottom is not hard. When asked he said those rivers should be 6-10 feet deep, and instead they are 8 to 10 INCHES. I also heard the fed govt isn't bailing out California water-wise. I don't know. Seems to me in this era of we-get-our-food-shipped-to-us-and-don't-grow-it-ourselves this water crisis there will most likely impact me and everyone else reading this. Pretty serious stuff--and way way worse for those of you who actually have to live through it. I hope the rains come.

AZtricia Yay for good days! Excellent!

gardenerjoy It's difficult for me to walk the middle line too. I resonate with the all or nothingness way of being. I think it's brilliant to count the 80%days. I think that's pretty much the way we get things done--80% at a time. I'm looking for good salad recipes too and will encourage you to post some cabbage salad ones in the recipe thread. Let me know if you see an episode of Elementary. Would love to hear your thoughts.

flnu I LOVE the idea of thinking of yourself as Godzilla making mere mortals flee! How powerful! How freeing! Congrats on your new speed record.

BillBlueEyes Wow Mary Travers was influenced by Gurdjieff and that's a shadow behind the story of Mary Poppins. Whoddathunkit?? I had a friend ages ago who followed Gurdjieff. He seems to be "out" as a philosophy/er right now. Perhaps I am wrong. Wonder if this will revive interest in that? Thank you for these thoughts and ponderings today.

Lexxiss Wishing you energy for a good productive day today at work and at your work site. *credit* for not wasting energy freaking out over the sudden work schedule change and instead going with the flow. An example for me to remember.

seadwaters Thank you for the mackerel recipe. I made it once according to instructions given to me by "the fish guy", Andy, who came from the east coast of canada. he knew his fish and I wanted to get it into my life. The mackerel I used was not a steak but a whole fish, without the head, and it was striped and it was good! It may have simply been pan fried in oil with salt and pepper. I've never repeated it as I never wrote the recipe or instructions down... so I will try yours!

ladym0208 I read your posts with awe. I cannot imagine Africa or being there or anything like what you are doing let alone using Beck and doing Insanity and having Snickers bars available... What I am wondering is, could you post a picture of your landscape? As an artist I would really love to see something "from there" even if it looks just like here! If you can't that's ok. I'm still in awe that you post from there.

CeeJay Looking forward to hearing how you did last night and whether The Kitchen Is Closed sign went up. *credit* for posting. Good to hear from you.

bethFromDayton Sorry to hear you are struggling a bit with cravings for off plan food, plus that toe would really bug me too. I totally relate to a loss of motivation to continue on my foodplan after reaching a goal or whenever something feels "good enough" to me and it feels like so much effort to get to the end. What can I say? In my experience, when I slack off, when I let the food go, I gain it back. I have done it over and over and over again. I NEVER stay still, never hold the line, I gain it back. Not saying this will be your experience or even mine going forward. It's why my personal line for myself is "persist in victory". Don't let it go tiny bit by tiny bit. Make a conscious decision to either keep going/re-dedicate to a foodplan of your choosing or re-frame what you are doing as "maintenance" where the goal is to stay at your current weight. You've done AMAZING! *credit* for all your successes!

nationalparker I haven't taken the time to tell you how very sorry I am to hear of your father's diagnosis. And that he cares from your mom must raise a torrent of uncertainty about the future in you and how best to care for yourself and your own family plus your parents. It is enough to make ME want to pull covers over my head and hide and I have only my mother to deal with now. I am glad to hear you have some time for yourself this weekend. I hope you can do something that makes you laugh out loud.
Nothing feels better to me than a real laugh. :hug:

:wave: to everyone I missed. I gotta get moving....:carrot:

02-22-2014, 08:35 PM
Hi Coaches

I am posting early because I know I will be even more caught up later - this could of course merely be more avoidance!

Credits so far: Walked the dogs; had planned to go to the gym but that isn't going to happen - not sure what I was thinking yesterday when I planned that; have written out all my food for the day and logged it in MFP so I don't have to think about what to eat; weighed and logged weight; checked in with coaches; planned food for work tomorrow - on a campus where I can buy healthy choices so don't need to also prep food for tomorrow.

I have read all your posts but I am sorry that I don't have time to acknowledge all your successes and credits, all the struggles and insights I read about - it is a great group of striving people. I do have to say that over here we have both the Sherlocks! They are both quite different renderings and it is way out of my area of expertise the critique them. But I love them both and they are both currently back on

Onebyone - your enthusiasm and joy fairly leaps off the page and gave me such pleasure to read. Thanks for the recipe - will give it a go when it is a bit cooler. I love asian flavours. The cabbage salads that Gardenerjoy put up are a regular as well

Back to work

02-22-2014, 08:40 PM
What has finally worked for me is supplementing "good bacteria" because your gut makes a LOT of the hormones that antidepressants will cause to recirculate (serotonin, melatonin...). I supplement with a good quality refrigerated version and it took a couple months, but my skin is healthier and I feel better. I have also cut all processed sugar products from my diet because they feed the yeast in the gut causing the yeast/bacteria balance to be unfavorable. I started learning about the gut/emotions through Dianne Craft. (

I second this - had all sorts of problems once upon a time with antidepressants (used for menopause and to stop smoking) and couldn't get off them. The gut does have a huge role indeed in the production of feel-good hormones and needs that happy little microbiome to stay healthy. Hence - all this fermenting of foods I am doing!

Keep well all

02-22-2014, 09:33 PM
I feel like a hypocrite. I KNOW what I need to do and yet today, I chose several snacks that I didn't need. I had another small lunch and think I'm giving myself permission to eat more to make up for the calories I didn't eat. Today I surpassed what a normal lunch would have been by about 250-300 extra calories by the time I added in my snacks. Argh. Not a disaster, but not smart. Scale has bounced up back into the 170s and this should be the alarm bell, but in a way in my mind, I expected it and it seems like it was unavoidable. Not so, I know. Dinner was on track - so day was not a wash.

Went clothes shopping today for some work clothes. Bought one dress in the same 14 that I've been... maybe back to 12s by the summer. Left the house feeling okay, and then when I looked in the mirror when out, I looked like a frump. I would love to be one who could match clothes/styles/accessories to be more flattering. I have to work a week-long golf event this spring, and DH asked me what I'm wearing to work it each day ... that got me thinking - ack! I need to have enough things that are do-able for hot weather, golf course appropriate, fit well, and are comfortable. And footwear.

Market errands tomorrow ... need to do week's meal plan. Lately, I've come home from work and just not wanted to cook/clean at ALL.

Bill - your streak continues to amaze me. Especially when I'm not able to get the Day One going :) Like your analogy of the torrential rains!

Maryann - Hopefully your day today was a better one. If not, (well, even if so!) I'll team up with you for a super successful Sunday.

OneByOne - Love your idea of your back-to-back movie reward. What a fun day. Thank you for your kind words. Now you have me thinking of splurging tomorrow with a matinee alone.

GardenerJoy - thank you for the idea of cabbage. DH loves it, while I seem to only like it in coleslaw. He's not a salad guy, so this might add a lure for him. I like your idea of tracking different things - 80% "on" days, etc.

Seadwaters - For some reason, I have trouble recognizing that you're in summer, while we're in winter! Good thing I'm not a teacher :) Kudos for your dogwalking!

02-22-2014, 10:01 PM
OK, quick Saturday check in:
Just finished cleaning up 2 chickens I cooked on our grill rotisserie, bought lots of groceries that will all be gone by Friday, and did my exercise DVD.

Had a good day for food and exercise. Need to go get kiddos started on bed time routines and prep breakfast for the morning. Will read and do personals tomorrow. :)

Wishing y'all a wonderful weekend!

02-23-2014, 01:18 AM
Good morning coaches...

another OP day for me yesterday, was again a little challenging to stay OP as I found out that another of my family members got taken into hospital back home in the UK, my mum has been in for a few weeks also. They are both doing well which is why I haven't ended my trip early but it is still quite challenging being so far's also weird noticing what sabotaging thoughts can come up around this as well, like 'it's selfish to be focusing on your weight loss now & is it really that important' or 'you're obsessing over your weight a bit too much' to name a few. But I know they're all lies and I need to keep my eyes on the prize...

- leaving food on my plate at dinner, I was eating a food that I've struggled with in the past and thought it best to stay in control this way
- Day 6 of Insanity
- Treating myself to a movie to cheer myself up

onebyone Thank you so much for your kind words they really made me smile.Here is a link to my blog "www dot rwandandiaries dot weebly dot com" I have put quite a few pictures on there, there are slideshows at the bottom of a few posts that have some pictures of the lake...enjoy. I was so pleased to see Snickers bars here too ;) I haven't posted enough on here to post links or pictures just yet
maryann It really is quite a challenge and also a real shame

Happy Sunday all xx