Weight Loss Support - 300+ and Ready to Try Again....#367

07-11-2003, 10:30 AM
300+ and Ready to Try Again...#367

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

We chat at 8:30 PM EST, 7:30 PM CST on Wednesday and Saturday.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.


07-11-2003, 10:32 AM
Hi Again,
Hope no one minds that I took the liberty to start a new thread. I posted on the last one and then realized I was #30. So, everything I had to say (for the moment) is back on the old thread!
See you later!

07-11-2003, 10:43 AM
Hi Girls,

I wanted to pop in quickly before I do the walking thing! I love the WATP tape, I can do it in my living room, in the a/c...ahhhhhh!

Thanks to all for the continued support and encouragement.

Natalie, great job with the:smoking: I admire you for doing both at once!! You keep up the good work. YOU CAN DO IT!:bravo: :cp: :dancer:

Well let me get it in gear, do not want to procrastinate...I cannot run the risk of the old tendencies to say" I will do it later", and then LATER NEVER COMES!!:D

I will be back shortly to check in.

sw 356 6/5/03
cw 346
first goal: lose 50 lbs
final goal: 130lbs

07-11-2003, 10:46 AM
I always post a giant note and then we switch threads...don't forget about me I'm the last post. :^:

07-11-2003, 01:11 PM
Hey Natalie -
Congrats on the loss!!! If you use my Chihuahua as a comparison you actually lost 2! :) Little Charlee weighs in at a whopping 3.8 pounds!
Keep up the good work!
Barb :D

07-11-2003, 02:44 PM
It won't have all her cute little smilies and things, but her words are what are important, so here they are:

Happy, Happy, Friday!
Good morning. I see there has been a lot of activity since my last visit. You are all a bunch of typing maniacs. I love it! I really enjoyed reading over everyone's posts, it's a great way to start the day. Very motivating.

So the scale has taken away another pound this week. Much to my surprise cause yesterday morning it was looking up. So far I've lost a whole Chihuahua in weight. I put that darn scale on the tippy top of my closet, it will only see the light of day every Friday.

I decided that my short term goal is to be under 200 by my birthday (9/22), I think that is very attainable for me. It will keep me on track and make a nice birthday present

On to replies;

Thank you for the congrats. I must say I am surprising myself every day I don't pick up a cancer stick. I am lucky though, I was only a smoker for about 5 years. I can't imagine having to quit after 20 years, those are the real champions.

I am going to have to check out those Pria Bars. It sounds like just what I need. I would so much rather spend my extra 200 calories on something healthy. I'm also glad that I was able to make you smile!

I am totally with you on the journaling. I have found that I do much better when I write everything down. Some how it helps me focus.

The Trampoline
I love it! When I first got on I was a little shakey and felt kinda like I was going to keel over. I figured out that you need to find your center of gravity and work from there. Start by keeping your feel shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and just hop until you feel comfortable. As you experiment with lifting your feet and then your legs it gets more and more comfortable. I have basically developed a little routine for myself just like aerobics but on the mini tramp. Don't be afraid of it, it's fun. There are even "rebounding" videos that you can purchase.

Welcome back, hang in there chickie. We all have bad times, all we can do is grab our friends and ride them out together. That's why we are here.

Started 228/Current 220/Goal 170

Ok, now that's taken care of, so I will post real quick before my internet time is over. So far, so good today.... I just need to take all this inspirations and power home with me. That's when the evil thoughts start creeping in. :devil:

Barb: Thanks so much for starting the new thread. It looks absolutely wonderful!

Pam: Isn't the WATP tape great? I don't know what I would do without them, especially with the hot weather we've been getting lately.

Natalie: I hope you don't mind...I moved your post over so no one would miss it. Also congrats on the loss! Way to go girl! :strong:

Ok, I'm gonna hop off here for now, but thanks again for all the support and love. Terri and thin, your words meant so much to me. Everyones did and do. They always make a difference.

I'll be back later. :grouphug:

07-11-2003, 03:22 PM
Hey gals,

Starting next week, I'll be training so I might be scarce again, I don't have a computer at home, but will try my darnest to get in here.

Has anyone ever owned a Chev Cavalier and if so how did you like it, that's one of my choices for my new car, and I don't want to jump into anything I wont be comfortable in or wont be reliable.???

All this talk about the WATP makes me want to dust mine off, and join the fun, I pretty much don't do anything physical, besides cleaning the house, how am I suppose to lose if I don't move the big butt.:dizzy:

I didn't get to go to the fair yesterday, haven't seen DS since Sunday, and I really do miss him. It would have been a nice break if I had time to do something fun, but I've been working all week. Regular babysitter will be back on Monday. Will probably pick up son this evening, but then again I don't really want to take him to Edmonton to go Car shopping, he'll be bored. So may bring him back to Grandma's tomorrow. Poor boy:(

Well the dinner bell is ringing in my head, time to get some lunch, and no I don't have anything Healthy, ( pizza sub ) Will do some grocery shopping this weekend and get back on track Monday, or sooner.;) :o

TA TA for now,

07-11-2003, 04:23 PM
Hi Ladies-Yesterday I just had a lazy day. I didn't do a darn thing. Except cook dinner. I wasn't going to do that even, my hubby was going to have some leftover chili, but my daughter ate it all when my hubby fell asleep watching a video. :lol: Oh, she left him a couple of bites but not enough for a working man's dinner.

I have gone back to my old schedule a couple of nights this week-last night being on of them. I didn't go to bed until 7am on Thursday morning and 3am last night. :o I don't know why I have such a hard time adhering to a normal sleep schedule????? So now it is noon and I just had my cup of coffee. I'm going to try to get to bed at a reasonable time tonight.

I didn't do my WATP tape yesterday, but I'm going to go do it today just as soon as I'm done posting this. :strong: Food yesterday wasn't the best, but wasn't aweful either. I think partially because I didn't do the cup of coffee thing when I did get going. that is really helping me out. I drink my cup of coffee-do my WATP tape and that seems to get me in gear. :hyper:

Okay enough rambling-on to replies!!!

Duckie-I don't think I welcomed you back yet. Good to see you. Good luck at the new position. I'm sure you will excell. Sounds like you just have so much going on. :dizzy: Get out that WATP tape and dust it off-exercise helps relieve stress.

Kat-Sounds like you learned a valuable lesson about procrastination. I'm the same way. I could blame it on my daughter but truth be told she loves to help me clean so that isn't why my house looks like this. :eek: The WATP tapes are so wonderful when it is too hot to move outside.

Andria-I know what you mean about the sleep thing!!! I battle that one all the time. Continuing to go to Curves will help you deal with the stress. It will all work out, just believe. :angel: You never know what is in the works.

2Cute-I know a bunch of people have already said this, but I've never heard of Braums either. It is amazing what differences there are across this great country. Here in Colorado I can't get It's It Ice Cream Sandwiches and Sidewalk Sundaes :T (which is probably a good thing.) which I used to get in California growing up and loved. Everything will work out at the new house. :yes: You will end up loving it. You are having the new house equivalent of wedding night jitters.

Pam-I'm so proud of you. You have done such a great job with the WATP tapes. :high:

Natalie-You are being so strong to quit smoking and diet at the same time. :bravo: Don't beat yourself up about the scale. Great job putting it in the top of the closet-that is exactly what I was going to suggest!!!!

Joeanne-Looks like you and your daughter had a lot of fun on your trip.

Lori-Wow-Going to meet the parents already??? Have fun.

Tina-I'm sorry I wasn't all that supportive in this most recent bout of negatives you had-I wasn't in the place to be. Now though I'm happy to say welcome back!!! We all love you too. :love: As for WATP, I'm doing the abs tapes. I haven't been using the belt though. I need to find all the pieces of it which my daughter seems to have misplaced for me.

Barb-I'm sure you'll get caught up with all that work. At least it is your at home day.

Mary-Those pancakes sound yummy-please do post that recipe. :T Sorry that you didn't stay on track yesterday-but today is another day!!!!

Connie-What a beautiful list for Thankful Thursday. :lucky:

Thin-Thanks for the flowers. You are doing so well at Curves. :bravo:

Sandy-Love ya girl!!! You'll get back on track soon. Thanks for the tip about the two windows and replies.

Terri-Hello!!! Don't know what else to say right now.

:wave: To anyone I might have missed. I just realized again that I didn't post for Thankful Thursday so I'm going to do Thankful Friday. :)

I'm very thankful to have God in my life, and to know that He will guide me in all my journeys.

I'm very thankful to my husband for his support in my weight loss and his love in general.

I'm thankful for my lovely daughter and her continued health.

I'm thankful for the friendships I have here.

I'm thankful for the weight I'll lose and the weight I know I will lose.

I'm thankful for a roof over my head and food on the table.

I could go on and on-but I'll save some for next week too. What a wonderful thing to sit and think about our blessings-it is a reality check we all need from time to time. Hope everyone is having a great OP day. See all of you soon.


07-11-2003, 04:58 PM
My, are we busy little beavers today :D !

Ahh, the dreaded meeting the parents. Yes, yours truly is making the trip in mid-August after seeing the weight loss surgeon for my initial consultation. To be honest, I'm more nervous about meeting them than I am about the WLS doctor. Go figure :rolleyes: Makes me wonder why they want to meet me already? Methinks someone may have something up his sleeve, but I haven't put my finger on it yet.

Of course, my biggest question to Brian was "uh, you did tell them how old I was, right?" and he said sure he did. Oy vey. On top of that, I have issues about flying and never been to California. Yikes. This is going to be a dandy one, folks.

(Not to mention two cat brats are going to be mighty displeased Meowmie is going to be gone for a week and not be around to grant their every wish and command.:lol: )

Today was the tenant picnic, and did I partake in goodies? :yes: Did I make a total pig of myself like I did on the Fourth of July? :no: I didn't even touch the sugar sweetened iced tea! (I took my handy dandy cherry flavored carbonated water--a habit that Brian got me addicted to :D ) If I pigged on anything, it was mostly the cantelope and watermelon. Yummmmmmmm.

07-11-2003, 05:24 PM
Howdy everyone! :wave: I was a 'showgirl' for a bit today and I took #1 son with me so we could accomplish more and then I took him out to lunch. Poor honey, when he gets home neither #1 son or I are going to want any dinner! :o Ooops.

I decided to come in here and post and then run back out to Curves since I had a big lunch. Didn't want to find out what exercising on a full stomach does (or feels like)!!! Seeing as how I would have no idea, given I am the NON-exercise QUEEN!!! :lol: Can't begin to stress what an accomplishment this is for me. Only those of you who have known me forever get the REAL picture! :eek:

Pam: You are doing soooo well. I see your stats dropping! 10 pounds in a month is really GREAT!

2cute: You NEED TO SLEEP sometimes!!! 'Nough said!!! :drill:

Barb: GREAT job starting the new thread! Thanks! *

Sandy: Sorry, I couldn't get the "scratch and sniff" option to work on my computer! :s: * I bet you're going to love your new computer. Maybe you can get the "s & s" to work on your end now! :lol:

Terri: Glad you're doing well.

Justme: Not sure if you really wanted to transfer your post over, but if you did, all you have to do is go to 'edit'. Highlight and copy it, get to the new thread and hit 'post reply' and then paste it in the box. That will get it where you want it. Then you can go back and delete the post on the other thread too if you wanted to clean it up. Just a thought.

Tina: You're sounding a little better. I'm sure that when you're at home and your honey isn't is the time when the ugly thoughts creep in. Maybe part of the solution is to try and keep yourself somewhat busy in the evening hours. Take the kids to the theatre, but pack your own snacks. Go for a walk and drag the kids with you. Go to a park, go to the mall. Get out of the house and don't leave any time left for those nasty thoughts. It's summer and they can enjoy some quality time with just mom for a change. Dad has his quality time with them alone now too. Maybe you can encourage him to take them on an outting or two. Someplace you really don't want to go. At my house, that's any museums and such. I get honey to go with the boys and have the day to themselves.[[[hugs]]]

Duckie: Can't help with the Cavalier. Haven't ever owned one. * Hope your job training goes well. Stop in when you can. Even a quick hello just to let us know you haven't left us again. :s:

Amanda: You too on the sleep, honey. GET SOME!!! :drill:

Lori: What are you going to do with kitties while you're gone? Do you have some one to come in and feed them, or do you farm them out?

Well girls, gonna run and put my capris and big shirt on and go work out! OMG, does that sound like me??????? See you all later.

"Some people fall for everything and stand for nothing."

07-11-2003, 05:43 PM
1/3 cup plus 2 tablespoons fat free pancake mix (I used fat Free Bisquick)
2 T milk
1 egg
dash cinnamin
whip in blender or with mixer
this makes 3 small pancakes. I put a few blueberries in mine

07-11-2003, 05:51 PM
Guess what DF told me yesterday,????
His boss, who's such a nice guy is giving the 3 of us a free trip to Newfoundland for Christmas, DF is a newfie. He hasn't been home for Christmas in 8yrs, and I've never met his family. His boss buys everything on VISA, so he has 600,000 air miles to use, yes I printed that correctly. It would have cost us $2000 just for airfare if we tried to go on our own. Very cool, plus this is an extra kick in the pants to lose some weight, haven't met his family yet and would like to look decent, as well as be comfortable on the plane, 8hr flight. YEAHHH.

Stepping Out
07-11-2003, 06:30 PM

I'm new to 3FC, and I sure could use some support! Seems like I've been on this weight-loss journey FOREVER! I'm in TOPS right now (since mid-May), and I've lost 8 lbs so far.

A bit about me. I'm 53, female, and I started TOPS at my highest weight EVER: 316.5 pounds! My name, Homebound, is partly about my physical condition. I'm partially paralyzed as a result of a ruptured disc in my lower back. I've been walking w/a brace on my leg and a crutch for the last 2 years. It's also about my faith: I'm a Christian, and I know that this world is just a temporary home for me, Praise God:angel: !

I've started keeping a food journal-something I haven't done before. It seems to be helping. I'm thinking more about what I'm putting in my mouth instead of just eating mindlessly. Exercise is still a sticking point for me. I've always been a couch potato, and I'm limited as to what I can do now. I do have some small hand weights that I can use-I just need to get started!

Looking forward to getting to know you all


Mini goal: 2.5 lbs to get my charm bracelet
Midi goal: Below 300
Ultimate goal: 160!

07-11-2003, 07:24 PM
I got a call from my sister this morning, right before I hit the sack. She asked me if I wanted to come in to the shop for a "spa pedicure?" She works in a beauty salon/spa.

...Gee...let me think........:chin: OK!

That was her birthday present to me. :love:

Now, a run of the mill pedicure is lovely enough...but a spa pedicure is just heavenly! All kinds of scrubs, a massage, mask, parrafin dip, lotions and potions...ahhhhhhhhhhhh...and pretty pink toenails to boot! That WAS fun!

Now I have to do some housework........back to the reality ranch!

Time to start thinking about packing for our week at the beach. A week from tomorrow! I have to work Sat, Sun, Mon and then I'm off for 12 days. oh yes.

One of those days, it seems, will be spent in the company of one Miss QueenB! :queen: :cp: I will be driving up to Connecticut on Thursday. About a 2 hour ride north of here...How cool is that??

Very. :yes:

I have to run...but I just wanted to say to Thin...

Way to go, girl!!! This is HUGE!!
(This woman has been an avowed anti-exerciser since I've been hanging around here!)
I am SO proud of you!!

Duckie, that is great news about your trip! I had to pull up a map of Canada to see where you are and where you're going...wow! That's some journey.
boy, is Canada BIG!
Great inspiration for you...Good luck!

Mary...mmmm...:T: Pancakes! Yum. Thanks...now will you come over and make some for me??

Amanda...I have no idea what a normal sleep schedule is! That could be a big part of why I'm not prgressing as I'd like to be. Gotta work on that one!

Lori...Ya can't go wrong pigging out on watermelon! Good for you!

Natalie...good girl, hiding the scale. It will give you something to work towards...the reward of stepping on and seeing that loss.
BTW, I need to lose a St. Bernard!

Pam...You are doing so well with the walking! Keep it up!

Barb...I don't know how far it is for you, but if you want to join us, we'd love to have you! YOU TOO, MICHELLE! where are you?

I see we had a little newbie slip in as I was typing away...(this WAS going to be a short post!) Welcome homebound!! Lots of love and support to be found here! Stick around, we're cool. :cool:

Okay that's everyone on this thread...wait a minute...

HEY, 2CUTE!!! Where are you??? I hope you're not here because you are catching up on some sleep...not likely...Miss you!

Now I have to run around like a maniac and make it look like I did something around here all day...besides sleep and have my tootsies pampered...

See ya!

07-11-2003, 08:03 PM
Here I am Kat... over here hiding in the corner. :^:
I have been trying to be productive but not accomplishing much today.
Took a short needed nap. I don't know if it is from being tired or depressed. Either way... I took a short nap.

HOmebound/Joanne.... WELCOME !!!
We would love for you to join us. I am 52 and although I am not partially paralized... I was practically immobile due to my weight.
I am happy to report that I am doing much better now. Keep posting ... we love newcomers.

Duckie... I am soooo happy for you.
Thin... I am sooo proud of you.
Amanda .. I was so in need of being reminded to be thankful.

To everyone else... HELLO !!
I have got to get off of here. My DH is home and he is working... I better follow his example.

Young Grasshopper
07-11-2003, 08:55 PM
Hi Chickies!

Sorry I've been MIA...it's been a tough week. Couldn't find the time to sit and read all your posts....wish I could say I'd been doing something fun :lol:

Welcome Homebound! I'm recovering from a back injury too....know what you mean about exercise. Hate it. Great group here...very active!

Okay, that's it for now. Think I've dropped at least a lb this week but holding off on weighing myself. The scale is hidden! :lol:

Hope everyone has a cool weekend!

Deb :strong:

Terri in MO
07-11-2003, 08:57 PM
Hi ladies!

I'm writing this at work on my lunch so that I can get caught up tonight. We're not allowed to post to message boards at work and don't want to test the waters and see if they were really know or not.

Its been a busy week. At the first half, my focus was on exercise. Wednesday night we had discipleship class and then a storm rolled in just as we got home so no walking. So, Wednesday was my recovery day by default! Then somehow last night, I missed by time on the airdyne because of DH. Not that he did anything deliberate but just got to talking, then talking to the neighbors, then off to the grocery store, then trying to cook, then taking DH to McD's because his food sucked, etc. I did walk the dog though even though it was more leisurely than fast-paced.

I had asked for salmon last night and I'm trying to make DH get over his fears of cooking seafood. He can do shrimp, crab legs, lobster but wimps out on salmon or other fishes. He has been convinced that he really doesn't like salmon. So he bought himself scallops and wanted to fry them. I wasn't too thrilled about him frying them but...it was seafood not something else to clog his arteries. :rolleyes: The salmon recipe we tried was "Maple Syrup Salmon". It was fabulous and DH even decided he could eat that. Its mainly a rub of paprika, chili powder, brown sugar, cumin and sea/kosher salt. When the fish is almost done, drizzle on a little of the syrup and finish grilling. DH bought the copper mountain (?) salmon and it was so mild and delicious. His fried scallops sucked as they just didn't seem to be good scallops in the first place.

Oh, we had a little excitement in the yard on Wednesday. After we got home from our class, the storm was coming in so we were in the backyard trying to get the dog to run and play so he wouldn't know he was going to miss his walk. It was getting dark and the lightning was getting closer. I tried to get the dog to go get his ball but he wouldn't. He'd look at it and then look elsewhere for something else. So DH tells me to go get his big ball and then he'll play. I saunter over and reach down for the all. I noticed that it looked like the ball was on something but it was darkish - then I noticed that it was a snake just about ready to bite my hand. I did these backwards leaps, saying "oh sh**, oh sh** (so much for discipleship!) and finally get out "SNAKE". DH goes to the house to get something and comes out with his honkin' big buck knife - like that would help. We couldn't get close enough to actually get it trapped. I kept telling DH that I could hear its tail vibrate and that wasn't any ordinary yard snake. I knew it wasn't a rattlesnake but also knew that a plain old black snake usually took off in the other direction (grew up on the farm). I finally went across the street to the neighbors because by then it was too dark to see the snake without a light and ours was running low. They all came over and using a long pole, they got its head down so he could pick it up. I just said - GET IT OUT MY YARD!. They hauled it off to the woods. I was creeped out for quite a while after that. Turns out it was a 4 food black rat snake - known for biting and for vibrating their tails. So I felt stupid the next day because it was not a poisonous snake but I don't want it taking up residence in my yard. I would just croak if I were out there playing in the yard and got bit by a damn snake. That was our first encounter of a snake at our house.

Let's see, I missed Tuesday Tip day. Make a plan for each day of what you will accomplish. Write it down and mark it off. Voila, success to sticking with your plan. Wednesday Weigh-in: Hmm, think I'm down about a half-pound for the week. However will go to official WI on Saturday. Thankful Thursday: I'm thankful that I have my faith in God that while bad things in life may come my way; I have the trust that its for a reason and that I will grow stronger as a result. Hmm, Friday Fun....:s: DH better watch out!

Now to finally get caught up with replies:

Natalie: Good going on throwing out the Hershey bar. That is quite hard to do! Count me in on a scale hopper! I check every day because that's a reminder about whether or not I'm drinking my water. But I only have "official" WI's at WW about every other week. Focus on what you're doing each day that is OP - whether its planning, journalling, keeping points within range, being aware, exercising, drinking your water.... Its okay to check the scales but don't let that be the judge of your success. Your success is if you're utilizing and applying the tools - because if you are doing all the right things, your body will respond. Perhaps on its own time! Wow, I'm really impressed about being able to quit smoking and try to lose weight at the same time. Keep it up! DH quit three years ago - had his last cig in the parking lot of the emergency room before going in to find out he had had a heart attack. But he's gained about 30 pounds and is just now finally trying to get the weight off. That's hard but hang in there! Congrats on the scale being kind to you!

Barb - :smoking: That's for the 20 inches gone not the gain! :lol: But congrats on that too! Its always a victory when the scale isn't as unkind to us as we expect. 35 minutes on the treadmill is great. I can walk outdoors for that long and longer but on the treadmill - it seems like forever. I don't think I ever got it posted on how much I loved your dining room. You are very talented!

Sandy - Isn't it fun to get a new computer; especially when someone else is paying. I'd really love to get a laptop for home and have it net worked to the other computer downstairs. That way I could sit on the couch and post and still be in the same room as DH and the dog. :P

2Cute - Moving is always stressful whether you wanted to move or have to move. Something about having your home all torn up stirs up all kinds of emotional swings. Hang in there and don't fret about getting the new place done right away. I've been in our house two years and just not figured out the theme I want for the kitchen. People will understand. Just take care of yourself. I know about Braums! Not that we have one; Kansas City is too far north. But my sister gets the pleasure of Braums as she is in Springfield, MO. Good stuff!

Pam - Hmm, not sure if I welcomed you to the group. If not, Welcome! Great job on the WATP tapes. I have those and they are a great workout. Keep it up and soon you'll be flying through them. I loved the little story about God and Satan. Your thankful list was very inspiring.

JoAnne - How fun about cooking for the breakfast. I'll have to check out your picture link. Keep on walking!

Amanda - You're doing great with the walking too. I have the allergy problem too and for me, it makes me feel like a slug; no energy and listless. Its hard to convince people who don't have them that I'm not lazy.

Thin - :bravo: for going back to curves. Doesn't it feel awesome to do that for yourself? Posts do take a long time, don't they? That's why I'm doing this at lunch and emailing it home for later. I laughed when I read about going to your neighbor's house. We have a german shepherd pup across the street that they chain to the deck. No fenced yard to run and play. And he barks constantly. It really irritates me because we don't let Bear just stand outside and bark his fool head off. But then I feel sorry for the pup because if he was being socialized into the family and taught obedience and given enough play, he wouldn't be outside barking constantly. People are just dumb sometimes.

Lori - I love your cat stories; especially the cat commandments. I had to laugh about the cat and the dead bird too. I don't have a cat now but secretly at heart, I'm a cat person. I had a grey cat, Smokey, for 14 years. He and I had such a love/hate relationship. Used to sleep on the waterbed up against the back of my head - then claw me if I moved and disturbed him. That darn cat of mine used to get mad at me and do really bad stuff. Once, he threw up a mouse on the hood of my car. Another time it was right beside my cardoor. Or he'd hang on the screen window and look in the window at me to where all I could see was his yellow eyes and scare the crap out of me. I miss having a kitty!! :lol: Now, I have a love sick rottie dog. Good going on losing that inch! Meeting the parents; that could be scarey! Sounds like you did a good job of pigging out on the right things. Sounds very refreshing.

Mary - Sorry about the bad food day. But it sounded yummy! Just try to make some lighter choices the next few meals. Its all about working real life bumps into healthy eating.

Duckie - Take a breath! Congrats on the new position. Its always frightening at first but the challenge will be good. Good luck with that...and the honey! Wow, that's great about the free airfare. What a cool boss.

Kat - You've been a busy chick with all your house cleaning. Come on down to MO; I could use some decluttering help! I need the time to sort out stuff for goodwill and as anal retentive as I am; can't do it without making the detailed list for tax deduction! Have fun! 12 days off from works sounds heavenly. What a great sis to give you the pedicure. A little TLC for you!

Andria - Definitely, you need sleep. When we get tired or stressed, that's when we're susceptible to sabotaging our own efforts. Get some rest and try to relax. Although looks like you've got a stressful work situation (sorry, my memory is short and can't remember why). Take care of yourself!

Homebound/JoAnne - Welcome to the group! Congrats on 8 pounds gone! Looking forward to getting to know more about you!

Okay ladies, that should catch me up. This took forever but you all are definitely worth it. Hope I didn't miss anyone. Have a great Friday and lets have an "in control" weekend - those are always a big challenge.

07-11-2003, 10:34 PM
Good evening girls
welcome Homebound: I am 51 and live in MS.

Food today wasn't good I went to aataaco Bell and got one of their Chicken Caeser Burittos. It was good but not on my diet plan. Tonight I had a salad and a hambuger on a Whole wheat low fat bun just 290 cal.

I worked today on my day off for free, and I have to work tomorrow for free. Our childrens person had out patients surgery yeaterday and is not up to coming in so I am taking her place. Yesterday our shelver fell and cut her arm it had to have over 30 stitches. She has been on dialysis for 30 years so her skin is very thin. It was her Sat to work so . The boss and I are going to hold down the fort. Then tomorrow afternoon I have my genealogy meeting.:dizzy:
Oh the free thing we do not have enough money left in our substitute budget to pay me so I agreed to volunteer.

Well sorry I didn't post individual replies but I am tired so I'm off to bed

07-11-2003, 11:48 PM
Howdy girls! :wave: I'm back from Curves. That's 3 days in a row! :D Then we (DH, #1 son and I) decided that we were going to work on the landscaping tonight. It's been nice and cool today and it was a great evening for working in the garden. We tore out some very old railroad ties and pulled out bushes and planted some new. I moved some of my perrenials around, trimmed a tree and spread mulch. It's not quite done, but I'm beat!!!! That scale on Monday better say something positive after 3 days at Curves AND landscaping!!! :rolleyes:

Mary: That recipe for pancakes sounds easy enough that even I could make them. We actually do have a wonderful product available here. It's a fat free pancake mix and you just mix it with water, no milk or eggs so the WW points are really low. Anyway, the brand is Krusteaz and they also make some delicious muffin mixes. :T Bless your heart for volunteering your time at the library because of lack of funds. Must mean you love your job. :) And that you're dedicated.

Duckie: I'm so excited for you, going to Newfoundland. WooHoo!!! Now wouldn't it be cool if you could convince DF that he wants to have a wedding while he's back home??? :s: Just a thought. :D

Homebound: Welcome to our corner of the boards! We're happy to have you join us. Stop in often and get to know us. There are alot of wonderful women here.

Kat: You're right, me and Curves in the same sentence IS HUGE! Thanks for your kind words. * Nice sis giving you a pedicure. I have never had one, or a manicure for that matter.

2cute: Sorry you're not getting much accomplished, but a nap is a good thing.

Deb: We've missed you! Glad you're back. Hope that scale is kind to you when you do weigh in.

Terri: Ooooo SNAKES! Yikes! I don't like snakes! :no: You know how bad I am at cooking, do you think you could give me some idea of the amounts of all those ingredients for the salmon rub???? Pretty please???? Honey and I really like salmon grilled on the old George and that would be a really different option.

Well girls, I'm going to call this day done. Need a shower and a bed right about now. See you all later.

07-12-2003, 12:46 AM
First off.....CONGRATULATIONS to a certain Mr. Stewart as he is on the pole for the Chicago race!! :cp:


Secondly, we finally got our internet fixed! It seems we needed an amplifier, because we have four tv's in our house and the wiring (or whatever...NOT *technical* here) couldn't stand the load....or something like that. :dizzy: Anyways....we are up and running and running GOOD!

I will pop in tomorrow for abit, but probably not for long as I'll be a packing fool, but I just couldn't leave without telling my cyber family goodbye. Although.....I will be telling some of my cyber family hello in a few days!! :cb: We will be leaving at 5am Sunday morning and will not be back till next Sunday sometime. So, if you don't see me posting....I'm fine. If I can gain access to a puter while I'm on the road, I'll try to hop in real quick. If not, please know I love you all and will more than miss you.

Ok, on to replies:

Thin: In case I haven't said it yet, (and I haven't) I am PROUDER than punch of you for going to Curves. It was such a huge move on your part and you are definitley my inspiration! {{{humming "Wind Beneath my Wings}}} :grouphug:

Mary: What a sweetie you are for volunteering....may we all be so giving. :love: I have been wanting to try that Chicken Caesar burrito for awhile. It doesn't look like it would be all that bad except for the dressing. :T

Terri: Even though I'm not a big "fish" person, you made the salmon sound absolutely scrumptious!! :T Sorry to hear about the snake though....you'd still hear me screaming! :yikes:

Deb: Nice to see you and good job on hiding the scales. I am a former scale-o-holic myself. I don't own one anymore. I weighed myself three or four times a day and drove myself crazy. :dizzy:

2cute: Good to see you sweetheart. I'm whispering my post to you, because hopefully you're sleeping... :sssh: You be good while I'm gone and keep everyone in line here, ok? :lol:

Homebound: VERY nice to meet you. Welcome to our corner of the world. It is very nice to have you here with us. :) My name is Tina. I have been married to my dh, Ron...for almost 16 years and we have two lovely, but spunky boys...Trey and Brian. You have found a wonderful group here...hope you stick around.

Duckie: How nice is that of your DF's boss! I can't even imagine going to Newfoundland! How cool is that? Maybe knowing you're going to meet his parents will give you the motivation you need! Now....I just need to find mine again. :lol:

Lori: Your posts always crack me up! Congrats on making smart choices at the picnic. Good for you girl. Don't you worry about traveling and meeting Bri's parents... I know you girl....and you will take it all in stride.

Amanda: I'm sorry I wasn't all that supportive in this most recent bout of negatives you had Hun, you are ALWAYS here for me and one of my biggest supporters. Never doubt it. I love your posts. They always crack me up and are very inspirational. I hope sometimes I offer you the same.

Alright everbody....it is now almost midnight and I still have to get up at 6:00am for work. I will definitely stop back in here sometimes tomorrow. Have a lovely night and I love you all!

07-12-2003, 03:02 AM
Here I am slaving away at work; man, you guys have been busy in here today.

The ladies here had another potluck tonight - they made breakfast for supper - bacon, sausage, eggs, home made biscuits, gravy and pastry, fried potatoes. YUMMMMMM:T :T. I allowed myself to have a biscuit with home made plum jelly, and I had a Healthy Choice entree. I did take a bite or two of eggs and fried taters, tho.

I don't have time at work to do replies, so I'll just make this one big ole reply to everyone. You all are doing a great job getting in that exercise and eating healthy. We are awesome!!

Was it Thin who said she was the non-exercise queen?? Can I claim first runner-up???

Welcome Homebound/Joanne!!:wave:

Well, I've got to starting getting these reports together. You all have a super weekend.

This is for all of us --------

:strong: :cb: :bravo: :cp: :dancer: :flow1: :flow2: :bravo: :cp: :dance: :dance: :dance:

07-12-2003, 03:32 AM
Hey everyone :)

I look like such a no-show compared to everyone here! For some reason our satellite connect was not working last night, so I couldn't log on to read or post. That was a bunch of catching up to do tonight. Thank you all for giving me so much to read. :)

A couple of quick replies before I fall asleep at the keyboard...

2cute, I have heard of Braums! They were the closest thing to Snelgrove's when we moved to OK. Of course, no one here is going to have heard of Snelgrove's. ;) And I want to hear the ice cream story! It would be so wonderful to have someone I know published in a Chicken Soup book!

Thin, you are amazing me! Curves is totally addictive, and it looks like you have caught the bug. One tip I forgot to share with you. Remember to keep your head resting back on the machines. I kept leaning forward and strained my neck about week 2. Ouchies! Also, the link I posted for the article changes daily. There is a little calendar off to the side where you can choose the date you want to read. I kind of forgot to mention that part. Mine was on the 9th and had some stupid title about taking time to study driverís license.

Tina, it is sooooo good to see you back and feeling yourself again!

Mary, your sweet spirit shines through every one of your posts. :) One of the jobs I've been checking out is a school librarian. My sis has held the job for a few years now and has loved it, but she is totally burned out. I've always thought sharing my love of books with others would be an amazing thing.

Terri, salmon = YUM, snakes = *shudder*scream*run faster than I thought possible* enough said? ;) Share that whole salmon recipe when you get a chance. It sounds divine.

Pam, way to go on your WATP progress! It must be feeling great to see your body building up so quickly.

Natalie, I remember reading an article a couple of years back that said people who exercise the same time as they are quitting smoking have a significantly higher success rate. You are doing the perfect thing for yourself! You go girl!

Duckie, the job is going to sound wonderful on a CV, but yeah, the learning curve might be a bit up there. You sound like a chick (or is that duckling?) up to the challenge. And where did your DF find that kind of boss?!

Amanda, thanks again for the PM. Very helpful :)

Lori, your cat stories crack me up! We have 3 inside cats and one totally outside one. They donít often bring me dead presents. They prefer stunned/passed out ones that regain consciousness and zoom all over the house. Also, you have made a few mentions about the weight loss surgeon. I think Iíve missed this entire story!

Homebound, nice to meet you! Sounds like you have already taken some very positive steps. TOPS is supposed to be a wonderful program. :)

Kat, spa pedicure? I would be in absolute heaven! What a very cool b-day present!

Connie, you are such the woman for passing up all that yummy potluck food. I think passing up the homemade plum jelly would have been a sin, though. I know there are laws about saying no to that sort of thing. ;)

Joanne, thanks for sharing the link. Iíve been wondering how close we might live to each other. My sis lives in the AZ strip and is only an hour from here. It would be cool if you were that close and we could meet up one day. :)

Ok, I know that isnít everyone, but I promised myself I would head to bed by midnight. It is a few minutes after already. Ack! Didn't I say I was just going to do a few quick replies?
Have a great weekend!


07-12-2003, 08:08 AM
Hello it is Saturday! and it is 6:00am!:dizzy:

Have to be at wrk in 30 mins, but wanted to wish you all a great day! Welcome to Homebound, you will have fun with us, I am still a "newbie" too, but these gals are wonderful, I hope you stay with us!:wave:

Just finished my walking tape, 6th day in a row!! whew!! I think I will rest tomorrow! Then right back at it Monday am.:strong:

I will check in this afternoon. Smiles ladies, and a healthy day to you!!

sw 356 june 5th
cw 346
next weigh in 7/24
first goal: lose 50lbs....I am on my way!!!
final goal: 130

07-12-2003, 08:31 AM
Chat tonight be there

07-12-2003, 11:33 AM
Whoa, I don't check in for about 12 hours and there are 20 posts. I had a great time reading this morning but you all are insane. Posting maniacs, that must mean that we are all extremely motivated. I bet we will be the thread with the most lost pounds this month! :high:

It is a beautiful Saturday morning here in PA. I can't wait to get my suit on and head down to the pool. I have to do a few more laps than usual due to the banana split I had last night. EEEEK! I know it was a horrible moment of weakness. But, I had just had a killer workout and I only downed half of it. Some how I managed to stay under 2000 calories yesterday.
So it's all good. :cb:

Just finished eating my whole wheat peanut butter toast. I need all the energy I can get. Those 400 calories will be burned of in about 20 minutes of swimming. Good Stuff!

Onto the replies;

QSilver :)
Thanks for the info about smoking. Glad you got your computer back up and running!

Thin :)
Great job keeping up with the Curves. I am positive you will see a difference in the scale, hard work is always rewarded.

Determined :)
What a story! You are very lucky that you didn't get a nice snake bite. Good job at getting it out of the area.
That salmon recipe you explained sounded just delicious. I will have to try that the next time we get salmon. I love to eat fish, it's just not normally in our budget. ;)
Congratulations on Hubby quitting the smokes. I must say, I was lucky to have cut it out before I developed any health problems. It hasn't been that difficult because it was something I really wanted to do for a long time. One day I just realized, I don't need this anymore. It just so happens I took that attitude and put it towards my whole life, hence the change. Thanks!

Katrina, :)
Congratulations to you for doing something good for yourself. I strongly believe that women don't take enough time to worship our heavenly selves. Maybe if we all took more time for pedicures and spa treatment we would be a lot happier. I'm so jealous! :flow1:

Homebound, :)
Welcome, welcome, welcome. Happy to have you on board, now I'm not the newest anymore. These wonderful ladies sure did a great job on taking me in and listening to me vent! Enjoy.

Thanks for transferring my post over! Sweetie. I should have thought of that myself. Whoops :^:

Terri in MO
07-12-2003, 01:06 PM
Hi ladies!

Went to WI this morning. Down 6.4 pounds for a three-week period!! I'm down officially 17.6 for the year. :dancer:

DH took me downtown to the City Market. For $13 I got sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, sweet peppers, and onions. Almost set with veggies for the week. I love doing that. We've been to Lowes, Linen & Things, Wal-mart, and the library all before 10:00 this morning. Now we're headed back out to lunch. I admit, I plan on eating something with fries and enjoying every mouthful. Then back at the Beach for our eating plan.

I will post the salmon recipe today. Its still upstairs.

Have a great Saturday. I'll even try to remember chat tonight. Be strong and eat healthy! Tina - Have a great vacation!

07-12-2003, 02:52 PM
One ship drives east and another drives west
With the selfsame winds that blow.
'Tis the set of sails and not the gales
Which tells us the way to go.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox
American Poet

Christabelle Ruby
07-12-2003, 03:13 PM
Hello everyone,
I am new to this site, and had responded to an old post of Kat's. She invited me over here.and here I am. *s* I am 39 years old (dreaded 40 is in 12 days..), married with 2 kids. I am currently following WW and I've lost 37 lbs since April. I have like a million more to go. I'm from NE Philadelphia. I'm having trouble with the exercise thing, because of a few health problems I'm having, but I hope i can over come that soon. I've read all your posts and you seem like a nice bunch. Hope to chat with you all again soon. *s*

07-12-2003, 03:40 PM
Hi, Chrissy, and welcome to this delightful thread! :wave: And many thanks to Kat for inviting you--the more the merrier I say :D

OK, I am now officially over the "meet the parents" anxiety for sure as of today--I talked to Bri's mother earlier this afternoon on the phone. Turns out the family had an eventful morning out there when a couple of troublemakers started in on his little brother and Brian went off like a rocket. Much as this little squirt loves kids, mess with his kid brother and the wrath of God comes unleashed. Anyway, I didn't get all the details of what transpired, but it must of been dandy, because Zack came on the phone and said something that really cracked me up so hard I had tears down my cheeks: " "Dude! Ewan McGregor and Kurt Cobain's love child just kicked someone's :censored:!" (I would presume from that that "someone" won't be messing with Zack anymore :lol: ) Even their poor mother, bless her heart, about peed her pants!

Doris is a joy. I told her about Tigger and the dead bird and read her the cat commandments and practically had her on the floor laughing. Turns out they too have a cat and Mr Belvedere also has a habit of leaving dead "presents" on the front porch every morning. Guess that explains why Tigger liked Brian so much, and Tigger is not one to usually warm up to males--human nor animal.

Oh yes, and I just had the most delightful lunch--watermelon and cantelope salad with cottage cheese..ummmm. I love summer fruit :love:

07-12-2003, 04:22 PM
Hi Ladies!
I hope everyone is enjoying this great day!!! :) Not much time right now - just popping in for a second before we run errands.
DH and I slept til about 10am today. Very late for me. However, we were up until 2am so I guess we needed our 8 hours!

I've spent the last 4 hours cleaning the house and I just took a shower and got freshened up! Not even sure where exactly we are going right now. I know we need to stop at the library to look up building codes for the basement.

A great big WELCOME!!! to Homebound and Chrissy! You'll love it here!

I'll try to catch up with everyone else later! And, I'll try making it to chat tonight.

Have a wonderful day!

07-12-2003, 05:49 PM
DO not post here! Instead, come and join the continuing saga of 300+ And Ready To Try Again.....#368! :wave: