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01-30-2014, 07:20 AM
Good morning chicks!

Apparently, we will be out of frigid time for a while anyway. I still want more snow, we haven't had any good sledding snow here. I'll duck now so you eastern coast and canadians don't throw snowballs at me.:shocksn:

Off for a long day of work. Yesterday's was absolutely exhausting, even though it was a short day. Amazing how that cup of Paul picked me up in the afternoon :D. DH is leaving for (another) overnight trip, so I get the kiddos all to myself. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

(Holy cow, it's almost February!)

01-30-2014, 07:36 AM
Tammy, I'll happily send any more snow we get to you. I've had enough for one winter, thank you very much.

Wednesday is usually my short day, but yesterday turned out to be my longest day this week. It was all good, though. Who knows what today will bring, but it's my Friday and payday! :)

01-30-2014, 07:55 AM
Happy Friday, Linda. Tammy, come to the border and I'll pass you enough snow to keep you happy. On the other hand, it's probably clsoer to get it from Linda.

Nice to see the temps getting up to 0C/31F for the weekend. We have Delta Winter Carnival this Saturday and the more moderate temps will be welcome. I may even wander to the rink and check it out - plus support the Rec. Association who are having a Silent Auction and some 50/50 draws to raise money.

Off to Brockville for a haircut this morning and I may even get into the hardware store at long last.

Happy Chinese New Year, Beachies. It's the year of the Horse. (I'm a Tiger.)

01-30-2014, 08:52 AM
Good morning!

I'm sitting enjoying coffee before I head up for an appointment with my paperwork. We're meeting siblings at Stbucks for coffee and goodbyes then heading over the hill for a luxurious 4 day break. It's snowing pretty hard which was expected. I'll check in from the other side.

Have a great day everyone!

01-30-2014, 09:15 AM
Good morning :coffee2: we are off to NY soon to see the folks and stay at the yurt. I'm packing some lentils and quinoa to mix with Mom sauce so I can resist the pasta. Lots to do before we get on the road so off I go

01-30-2014, 09:31 AM
Good morning,

Twynn we are supposed to get more snow Friday night but today is our hot temp for the week we are going to be 41 today

Cottage yay for your Friday and payday. I will be glad for tomorrow to arrive for me

Ruth glad you are going to get to make it to the hardware store for the long awaited trip

Debbie nice for you to be able to get a 4 day break you definitely need it. Is this the side with pool?

Cyndi enjoy your trip to NY with your parents.

I have a doctors appointment this afternoon to have them look at my persistent pain in the neck that comes and goes. DD2 has another volleyball game as well this afternoon, she is getting better by the game.

Have a great day everyone!

01-30-2014, 10:04 AM
Good morning, chicks.

We have several chances for snow in the forecast over the coming week but none for significant accumulation. It always seems to me that winter should be over by now!

Cyndi - We liked the soup ( and will be adding it to the repertoire. Enjoy NY.

Rose - I hope you get some answers.

I have no plans for the day beyond getting to the grocery store. My neighbor is supposed to be returning our bike trainer today so I might have DH set up my bike in the basement and ride that for a bit. I really don't like riding inside but the treadmill and elliptical both aggravate my pinched nerve so I'm hoping maybe the bike will be a good alternative.

Have a great day.

01-30-2014, 10:20 AM
Good morning

Ruth a hardware store visit can be exciting. I love to go and see things I might adapt to something I'm making

Twynn. Hope your day is easier today.

Linda an all good day is great. Don't spend your paycheck in one place

Cyndi enjoy your trip

Debbie are you sure you will know what to do with 4 free days

Pearlrose. Hope they can figure out your pain.

Karen. Have a nice day

Dh has a birthday this weekend. I have figured out a dinner that is not too far off the track. And on monday we are going to a bb for one night at niagara on the lake. This was a last minute decision. A friend pasted away on monday at age 60. If I told you her life you wouldnt believe how tragic it was. Anyways we have to life to the fullest every moment. Have a great day everyone
Take care

01-30-2014, 12:51 PM
Hi is still morning here. I've been lingering over coffee & e-mails. Today is my Sunday as I work all weekend. Going to our monthly community meal at church tonight. Should be interesting in terms of eating as every month is different and they are usually trying to feed about 75 people.

Sounds like a few people are headed out of town enjoy & safe travels.

Pearlrose...Hope they figure out a solution to your pain.

Hi to everyone else!

01-30-2014, 03:03 PM
I should have paid more attention to Ruth's post. Picked what is probably the busiest day of the year to shop at a chinese supermarkst. Was the only Caucasian there but so worth it. Walked away with lots of veggies and dry goods for 30 bucks
Monkey here
Take care
The sun is shining

01-30-2014, 07:32 PM
Just checking in before dinner. Tonight is chili. DH considers it one of his specialties; he made a huge batch a couple weekends ago and I put most of it in the freezer. Isn't it great having meals ready and waiting for you!?

I am glad tomorrow is Friday, payday and the end of January. I am ready to inch my way towards spring! February is short and we have President's Day week off which really makes it fly.

We had a heatwave today: 25*!! We may even be above freezing this weekend.

Ok, chicks, time for a glass of vino before dinner.
Have a good night, chicks!

01-30-2014, 08:47 PM
Evening chicks!

Beth19- you get the whole week off?! Wow!
Sophie- At least you know it's a real Chinese supermarket not an "American"-ized one. And my condolences on the loss of your friend. :hug:
Karen- Shhh! Don't say that about winter! *covers winter's ears* It's only the end of January. I wait all year for 3 months of snow and I love every second of it lol
Pearlrose- I hope the doctor's visit is productive and you're able to find some relief!
Tammy- it's okay, I want more snow too! Ruth and Linda, I'll take yours!

Lazy day today. I heard back about the job I'd interviewed for- it went to an internal candidate. So back to the drawing board!

I got in a spreadsheet kinda mood earlier, so I've been making a calendar for February of the daily exercises I'm going to complete (doing a few 30-day challenges- crunches, squats, etc). It's going to be all color-coded and everything! :book2:

Have a great rest of the evening, ladies!

01-30-2014, 09:55 PM
Another late check in. Today was my Monday lol and it felt like it.

Sophie my condolences on losing your friend. May your weekend in Niagra be wonderful.

Beth, chili is on my menu for tomorrow. My freezer is full of soups, casseroles and chili.

Penmage sorry you didn't get the job :( Great idea with the spreadsheet!

Karen I use cycling DVDs to make it fun. Spinervals are quite challenging. Cycling videos online and Troy Jacobsen has a lot of scenic rides too.

Pearlrose hope you get some relief

Ruth, did you buy a sink "thingy" Everytime I use mine I think of you. Probably because I tossed one by mistake too :)

Debbie enjoy your relaxing time

Cyndi great idea bringing Quinoa

Linda and Tammy enjoy your weekends. Tammy you can have my snow!

Natasha so happy for you!!! I am sure you will be great!!!

Spent way too much time with the Captain and Deputy Chief today. At one point I said tomorrow I am on the road all day good luck trying to find me!! We are pre planning for a major service interruption. Hopefully we do not need to implement our plan, but we are ready regardless. On a happy note we FINALLY have a contract!!! Raises are fair considering the economy. Grateful we still do not pay into our medical!!! Now let's see how long before our raises kick in :)

Uh oh the dogs are calling me. Have a great night.