Weight Loss Support - January 2014 newbies and co still going: Monthly Interview

01-29-2014, 04:17 AM
It’s our year! Let’s start a thread in which we’ll post a monthly recap of our struggle. You can share this with us:

1. On scale and off scale achievements/ benefits:
2. Challenges:
3. What has kept you going:
4. Your goals for February 2014:

:dust:Share and help keep yourself and someone else motivated!:dust:

I’ll start:

1. On scale and off scale achievements/ benefits:
on scale: a 5.5 lbs loss. I reached my target goal of 179.
Off scale:
I walked – run 35 miles. I went from 24 mph to 18 mph as best performance
I started a c-2-5k running plan. I can run 2 minutes nonstop three times in my workout.(3 times a week).
I drank more water.
I have never starved myself. I listen to my body: I eat normally and I control my portions. I eat whatever I crave in reasonable amounts.
I walked away the incessant pains in my body: neck, back, lower back, knees, ankles, and feet. I sleep better at night. Some outfits have started to loosen on me. I look more “compact”.
I started seeing a psychologist.

2. Challenges: :
I was put on Prozac and Atarax, my body is reacting to the newcomers so I kind of slowed down with the exercising.

I still haven’t started strength training yet.
I moved back and forth between training every day or every other day. I guess I’ll start alternating strength and cardio training to solve the problem.
I missed about one week training because I didn’t want to.

3. What has kept you going:
it’s still my new year resolution. Plus I was on vacations so I had plenty of time to focus on my diet.

4. Your goals for February:

not to give up! Continue my running plan and control my portions. Buy dumbbells and start core training.
Loose 5.5 lbs even if it won’t show in my clothes or in the mirror.

02-03-2014, 07:52 AM
Actually I think I spoke too fast. TOM came twice in january. Poor me!