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01-27-2014, 01:22 PM

This time around Low carb is not working great for me..
I was down 5, then up 2 then down 1..

This morning im down 3 lbs in 3 weeks?

Come on.. I been good. this is stupid...I should be down at least 8 and moving between 8 and 10 lbs by now..

This is what I been eating

2 hard boiled eggs, 1 or no yolks
or 3 fried eggs in butter- add in a couple pinches of Moz Cheese.

Lunch 1 can of tuna 1 table spoon of mayo
or I make chicken salad.
4 or 5 celery stalks.

3 or 4 pieces of cheese.

1 or 2 pieces of meat, depending what I am having

Steak 1 large steak
or chicken 2 pieces..Or Pork chops

A vegetable.
Or small salad . Blue cheese dressing..

and 1 or 2 diet soda a day, no caffeine.. and about 1/2 quart of water..

Some days I will have pork skins like a couple cups.
and SF Jello...
I was eating Peanut butter but I cut that out too..

I don't eat any Atkins products, or prepackaged.
I did have some salsa last week, but only had 3 carbs in it.. was not the end of the world?

And best part is im not really hungry, some times I have cravings.. but I try to get past them. Oh and Dill pickles I love them also. But maybe 3 or 4 a day.. not every day?

Really not sure what I am doing wrong on this try..
Any Suggestions?

01-27-2014, 06:34 PM
At a quick glance there is nothing that jumps out at me. The food lists look ok, if not a little salty (a big staller for some people, not much impact on others). But of course you don't state portion sizes, and if your 4 slices of cheese are my husband's size vs my toddler's there could be problems hiding in your list...

Can I ask your age, and current weight (at least a range like 175-200, something like that) - in general heavier people lose faster. And older people lose slower, and women, especially peri or post menopausal slowest of all.

What was your start day?

Have you tried a calculator like FitDay? For me the first thing I do when I'm not happy with how I'm losing is start tracking carefully - weighing and measuring foods, the whole shebang. It's almost always enlightening...

Happy to help you try to figure this out, but I think we need to dig deeper.

01-27-2014, 07:16 PM
I'd love to hear some more responses to this because I've been in the same boat. Gaining and losing the same few lbs even though I feel like I'm eating within plan.

I thought about adding some more vegetable....zucchini, cauliflower, etc maybe to aid in digest and moving the food along ;)

01-27-2014, 07:27 PM
I don't think you are getting enough vegetables, not enough protein at breakfast and too much cheese. When I stall or am not losing the way I think I should be, the first thing I do is weigh and measure all my food and drink and enter it into MyFitnessPal. Women should be having 1500-1800 calories a day and a minimum of 12-15 g Net Carbs of foundation vegetables. 4-6 ounces of protein at every meal. You also aren't getting enough fat. Remember low car is medium protein and high fat. You also don't mention exercise. Exercise is mandatory for permanent weight loss and maintenance and needs to include both cardio and strength training.

01-27-2014, 08:05 PM
You could probably try weighing every single thing you put in your mouth for a few days, and see if you're underestimating somewhere. Fat (eg. peanut butter, salad dressing, etc.) can be tricky, cause a few teaspoons can screw up your numbers for the day- in either direction.

You might be unconsciously moving less, if you're experiencing a touch of fatigue from your diet - have you also tried tracking your workouts/step count for a few days? Or your water? Dehydration could probably have the potential to stall weight loss...

Or it's possible that your body is in the middle of doing some 'interior renovations', and you might have a 'whoosh' week in a month or so. There's really no way to be sure, until you start experimenting and figuring out what does and does not affect your weight loss.

For some, carb cycling is actually more effective than a 'proper' ketogenic diet (I posted about it here in Wannabeskinny's thread).

For others, long-term low carb just isn't the best option (don't throw things at me, please! ;)). Our bodies are wondrously adaptive, and la vida low carb works for some, but not for all. Long term carbohydrate restriction can sometimes cause hormonal changes, which will in turn affect your metabolism (studies waver on which direction, depending on the individual - but still something to consider).

Breathe, laugh, and give yourself a break. Then start experimenting, play with your food, and see if maybe there are some tweaks that work for you. :)

EDIT: Just thinking about it, I remember reading in 4-Hour Body that Tim Ferriss argued sometimes people eat too little - as your title suggested? His anecdotal evidence indicated that people who stalled in their weight loss while using the 'Slow Carb' diet actually benefited from INCREASING how much they ate (with fibre, protein, and extra veg - not just indiscriminate extra food ;)). He also advocates beans and legumes as low-Glycemic-Index protein, ie. don't count as carbs - and lots and lots of veg. But I haven't done any research to see if the 'Slow Carb' approach is better/worse or just different from other low carb options.

Maybe, if what you're doing isn't working as well as you hoped, you could try to switch things up a bit? Eat some beans/lentils, extra veg, and stop counting carbs gram-by-gram for a week or two - see what happens. Sometimes, your body just needs to be 'surprised' with something different once in a while. I can't guarantee that it'll help, but personally I tend to do better with more information, so I'm happier to offer the info to you. At least now you know about the option.

01-27-2014, 09:15 PM
You might want to try more than a half quart of water, and you might consider NO soda - - diet or full-calorie.

01-27-2014, 10:13 PM
Too many calories.

Get more protein with lower saturated fat.

More seafood.

Kill the fried eggs, cheese, mayo, steak, blue cheese dressing and pork chops.

Keep the tuna, chicken and eggs (scrambled, poached, boiled) and experiment from there.

How about some salmon?

01-29-2014, 09:11 AM
Thanks for the replies
I am 40 I have 50 lbs to lose
I have done low carb 2or 3times in my life
Usually about three months at a time.
I am not any differnt on my cycles I have
Pcos so things are always off a little.
But the same as the past 20 years

Exercise is coming I usually work on getting ten pounds
Off then start on working out
Husband does not like Fish, I try to make things we both can have.. Except he has potatoes or carby side and I have vegetable or salad..
Will cut back on fried eggs, and try more boiled, poached.. other..I really don't think im eating too many calories..
some nights I am a little hungry.. But will start tracking...

I will cut back on cheese
I will try to increase my water take . I have issues
With drinking too much water. I sit at a desk all day.. and My bladder is not as I think it should be.

And see if that makes a difference.
And I shall start logging in my food intake
And see exactly what's going on

I started back to low carb January 1st

Sorry was trying to do post with my iphone. LOL
So Making up some turkey salad for lunch today on a bed of greens.. Guess we shall see.

thanks aGain

Thank you all

01-31-2014, 08:03 AM
This was a typical day for me.. Looks fine. I was not hungry..
I have stepped up my water but has to be at the end of the day when I am home..

TotalsCalories 1256 Fat 62.1Carbs 24.1 146.5 Water 10 cups daily

Tuna, canned 1
can (6.5 oz), drained
186 1 0 41
Peppers, hot, cooked, from fresh 1
cup, chopped
59 0 14 3
Lettuce, raw 1.5
cup, shredded or chopped
12 0 2 1
Egg, whole, cooked, hard-boiled 2
155 11 1 13
Soft drink, cola-type, sugar-free 2
fl oz
1 0 0 0
Cheese, Mozzarella 3
254 17 3 22
Beef steak 1
medium steak (yield after cooking, bone removed)
513 31 0 56
Shrimp Extra Small 3oz 1
45 1 0 10
Asparagus, cooked 5
medium spear (5-1/4" to 7" long)
31 2 3 2

This is what I am having for breakfast/lunch today

Cheese, Mozzarella, nonfat or fat free 1
cup, shredded
168 0 4 36
Mushrooms, raw 2
cup, pieces or slices
31 0 5 4
Peppers, hot chili, green, raw 0.25
cup, chopped or diced
15 0 4 1
Soft drink, cola-type, sugar-free 8
fl oz
5 0 1 0
Egg, whole, cooked, hard-boiled 2
155 11 1 13
Water, tap 8
0 0 0 0

I have a busy job, so during the day I am not hungry..
but I make sure I eat enough to keep me going
Also take a womans one day vitamin, and fiber pills.

See any suggestions?

02-04-2014, 06:40 PM
I'm assuming the "146" without a qualifier is protein. I am going to disagree with most here and say that you're eating too much protein and not enough fat. Remember that excess protein is converted to glucose via gluconeogenesis. Have you used a keto calculator before? It will give you targets for carbs, fat, and protein:

The rule of thumb is to hit your protein/carb targets and to eat until satiated on fats. If you are eating too much protein you might not be burning fat.

02-04-2014, 07:50 PM
I just want to make a comment about water and exercise in response to the above.

You don't need to drown yourself in water. You are just drinking too much if you are peeing all the time. Its simply not necessary. Instead the thing with water is to use it to curb your appetite when you know you shouldn't be eating. And with your meal it can make you feel full if that's a problem.

Of course we need to drink water but we consume it in so many ways you don't actually need to drink 2 litres of actual pure water. That's a total myth.

Yes drink plenty of water but not so much you are on the loo the whole time. There is water in meat, salads and all foods. Your body needs a certain amount each day.

But for dieters its low cal to drink water instead of other drinks and it can fill you up or satisfy that thing in mouth issue.

Its good. It is great and it does help weight loss. But it is not essential.

So do it when you are ready and do it in a sustainable way. Exercise seems to complicate some people's diets a lot. Its always about the balance between what goes in and what goes out but you can't rely on calorie burn calculators so its better to use generalised ones and not to be trying to count each calorie you burn.

As to the rest i've no idea. But i would say if you have tried this diet a few times and you always end up back at square one, maybe its not working for you. You need to learn to switch to a carb diet at least at a certain point so that you can maintain a healthy diet without putting on weight.

personally for me its easier to start off with a healthy diet and continue on with it for maintenance.

02-05-2014, 07:36 AM
I'm assuming the "146" without a qualifier is protein. I am going to disagree with most here and say that you're eating too much protein and not enough fat. Remember that excess protein is converted to glucose via gluconeogenesis. Have you used a keto calculator before? It will give you targets for carbs, fat, and protein:

The rule of thumb is to hit your protein/carb targets and to eat until satiated on fats. If you are eating too much protein you might not be burning fat.

I agree with this. I keep my carbs around 65-70g. When it's higher I don't lose well, if at all. My body apparently is quite good at converting excess protein to glucose.