General Diet Plans and Questions - Are the Boots in-store scales accurate?

01-26-2014, 01:29 PM
Hi there, so I haven't been here for well over a year. Basically, I got anorexia, things spiralled out of control and lead to a BMI of 13.8 and a hospital admission. Yeah, I feel sort of embarrassed about that as I didn't listen to everyone here saying I had a problem. I'm much healthier now though and I have gained a little under 20lbs! I now weigh 93lbs and at 5'3" I am ready to stop gaining (even if my drs at CAMHS disagree LOL). Anyway, when I was weighed at my drs on Monday I was 92lbs. My Mum threw out our scales at home so I went to Boots (a UK chemist) and used their in-store scales on Saturday. These said I was 93lbs! That's a 1lb gain in 5 days! And I was wearing the same clothes so it isn't that. I really haven't been eating THAT much. Ok, maybe I overate a little as I averaged about 1300-1400 a day but I don't think that should have been reflected in a gain this big. And I only ate this much because last week I was having around 1000-1200 and LOST almost 5lbs. What's going on? Has anyone else had problems with the scales at Boots or have I really gained this much? Thanks everyone.

Fat Knickers
01-29-2014, 02:41 AM
A 1lb variance in a week could be anything, bad scales, water retention etc so try not to be discouraged. The Boots scales are calibrated (checked) regularly but the problem you've encountered is what can happen when you're weighing on different scales anywhere. Your best bet is to pick a scale to weigh on regularly and stick to that one wherever possible, whether it's the Boots one or a new one at home. You can then track changes in your weight more accurately, rather than changes between scales.