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01-25-2014, 03:47 PM
Ok, I wasn't really sure where to put this thread but basically I am wondering if anyone has any personal experience with it. A friend of mine and I are committed to doing a fun run this year. I did Color Run last year and loved it. Facebook advertisement brought Cosmic Run to my attention because it's like a combination of the Color Run and Electric Run. We both would ideally prefer Electric Run but the date for the closest city has been TBA for over a year now.. So back to this..

I was researching Cosmic Run to try and get some pricing information the other day when I came across a review website where they were rated 1 star... and the majority of the reviews stated that it was extremely disorganized, not worth the money, unsafe... it kind of scared us out of registering... I was really excited about this and now I am pretty disappointed. So that's why I am asking whether any of you have any personal experience or know anyone who has told you about it.