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01-21-2014, 04:45 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another windy, cloudy, cold (-11 when I came downstairs this morning) day in my corner of the world. I have the furnace turned up higher than usual; it just feels like a damp cold. I made the bank deposit and went to the post office this morning. That was a zoo since there was no mail delivery yesterday. I wanted to mail some family "party" bulletins to a couple hometown friends of Bob's sister, and pick up some stamps. I know they are going up but don't remember exactly when. I've got laundry going in both the washer and dryer so that has been my accomplishments for the day. I feel more tired today than yesterday.

Hope all is well with all of you. :yes: I hear the dryer buzzing so time to switch loads. Enjoy and the rest of your day! :wave:

01-21-2014, 06:52 PM
Afternoon all. I had a busy morning and fell asleep in my chair and then had to go get Jack.

Well, we have an issue with the dryer business. We have a bulkhead above the door between the dining room and laundry room. He spent 4 hours here and then talked to Jack because he said there was a blockage in that bulkhead. They went in and cut into the drywall and found they did a cheap job putting the plastic accordian style hose instead of a regular vent and the hose has a big rip in it so it has to be replaced. I can use my dryer and it is all cleaned out (part of the problem is the mesh disappeared to the outside vent and a bird got up in there and built a nest,) but Jack is going to try and fix the other problem. If he finds he can't then we will make an appt for them to come in and do the work and it will cost anywhere from $300-600. It is mostly labor of course.

Went to my gyn appt and will not be having a hysterectomy. My uterine biopsy was totally clear and since I am having no symptoms at the moment he said there isn't much we can do. Tricare will not authorize a hysterectomy unless I am bleeding where they can't control it or have an abnormal biopsy. I have to have another biopsy in April then again in October and probably yearly after that. We talked a long time about all of it and he asked me is I was stressed a lot and he said that can cause it to flare up even for women who have never had any issues at all. He explained why it keeps rethickening after a d and c, etc. So, it is a wait and see, but as long as I am not having a problem I am definitely ok with that.

My Ipad mini should be here tomorrow so that will be great, but you never know with this post office.

Maggie: My Ipad is 8" We have the pc, the iphones and the laptop so mainly this is for traveling and reading since my Kindle has been acting up a lot. Since I am used to my Iphone, getting used to the Ipad will be just a bigger screen.

Jean: You can keep your :brr: weather. It was in the 30's here but really windy so it was cold. We did have snow flurries on and off today too, but nothing thick. How did the trip go? Glad you got back home ok.

You all have a good evening and I will talk to you tomorrow. Faye

01-22-2014, 02:31 AM

It was another windy day here in the ♥-Land and I sure hope it is gone tomorrow. I am rather tired of it blowing so much. It was colder also but just felt more like winter now so no complaints about that.

I made a couple more snackie things that were WW recipes that turned out good and took some to the museum to share with the workers there. They have pretzels and cereal ~ stuff like that in them and are quite tasty.

Not much else going on here this day except the usual.

JEAN I don’t think you quite understand how it is to take an animal full-timing on the road. Cats are so different than dogs and Cecil hates to ride. It would be cruel to not let him be his self as an outside cat. He couldn’t be let out in a campground because all folks don’t keep their dogs on a leash as they are supposed to and he would be an invitation to be chased and I would hate to see what would happen if he was on a leash out there for he has his front claws removed and couldn’t defend himself very well. Since he is an outside cat he wouldn’t be happy at all not being able to go outside or be tied up out there. We think it would be best for him if he lived with a family with a fenced yard and he could be as free as he could be that way like he is here. Don’t get me wrong we will miss him terribly but we must find him a good home for his own safety. He is waiting at the back door wanting out the minute one of us is up in the morning.

DONNA FAYE It is nice that you aren't looking at an operation. You can now work on not being stressed about things. :p My motto is "If I can't fix it then why worry about it for it is up to someone else to fix it." Works for me anyway. :D

Have a good sleep my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

01-22-2014, 04:43 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining after a morning of spitting snow and gloomy clouds. The wind continues to blow and it's -12 wind chill heading down to a possible -50 wind chill tonight. I'm sick of the cold temperatures! This was my morning to work in the gift shop and I've been awake since 3:30. :yawn: Bob had a meeting in Des Moines and wanted to leave about 5. I goofed and set the tv to come on at 3:30 instead of 4:30, and then couldn't get back to sleep. I feel just plain lazy this afternoon and haven't accomplished a thing since I got home about 2. Bell choir practice has been canceled tonight because of the predicted cold. Everyone wants to stay home once they get there.

"Gma" -- I sure feel for you and the dryer vent problem. :hug: I hope Jack is able to fix it himself. I'm glad you're not facing another surgery, and hope the female issues have stopped permanently. The trip went fine; it was nice to meet new family members that we hadn't met before. Bob's brother put together family pictures and had the video running for anyone who wanted to sit and watch. Our wedding picture was in the mix, and everyone got a hoot out of how young his brothers and sister looked. The boys were in high school, or at least one was while the youngest one might have been in junior high. Heck, we all looked young!

Maggie -- I'm sick of the wind too! :hyper: You are right in that I don't know anything about camping with a cat. I just know that all of our cats have been like our kids, and we wouldn't have moved without taking them along. I hope you can find Cecil a good home, with a dog he can bond with.

I need to pick up the kitchen and maybe vacuum. The again, maybe not the vacuum part. ;) Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

01-22-2014, 05:34 PM

I am so tired of this Windows 8 making changes and then I have to go hunt for the things I use most. My teckie guy is ordering the key for me so he can take this off my computer and install Windows 7. He said lots of his customers are doing the same for Windows 8 just isn’t working properly. It may be the greatest thing since sliced bread but for now it has too many glitches in it for me to want to deal with it. Since Windows 8 came out the price of Windows 7 has doubled and is due to go up another $50 soon for there is a supply and demand now form folks who absolutely don’t like Windows 8 and want to go back to 7.

I am so sad for I can’t locate my glass drinking straw. I may have thrown it away by accident. If it doesn’t reappear soon I will cut down one that I have that is very long to the proper size. I had ordered lots of lengths for my glass works and made one the proper length for drinking my Pepsi with. I can cut it and grind the edge smooth and have a drinking straw once again. :cp:

We have been out and about looking for the proper sized box to put inside the back of the Jeep and can’t find one so will order one from the Jeep Catalogue. We took out the back seat long ago to make room for the dogs and it is a nice storage box that they can get on top of and watch the scenery for they love to ride with us.

I found some neat plastic locking lid containers to put some of my kitchen things in that are in glass containers now. Plastic is so much lighter than glass even though I prefer glass the plastic works best in the MH.

JEAN What fun to see all those pictures of yesteryears when you were younger. I am also wanting spring and have to remind me these cold temperatures belong here now for it is winter after all. That was early to get up ~ I would be yawning all day.:p

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

01-23-2014, 09:56 AM
Good morning girls! Very chilly here this morning and actually the temps are supposed to go down instead of up today. We are supposed to have snow showers by the end of next week, UGH!

They are still pounding away next door. They must be doing a lot of remodeling inside as I hear saws and such. It has been empty for almost 2 years now and I sure hope whomever moves in is decent.

Jack is going to try and fix the dryer issue himself. He did get up there and duct taped the hose until he can replace what he is going to replace. Since it is so hard to get to the left end, he is going to cut out the bad spot and put in a connector thingy and then replace the hose from there to the other vent that goes out to the outside. We had plumbing problems again last night and luckily were able to get it unclogged. I am so stressed with the stupid condo always having some problem that costs $$$. Jack can do some things, but he has limitations and I can't help him much at all.

Jean: Glad that a sad occasion turned into something joyful. I worked with a retired minister decades ago when I was a secretary at a private Christian school. He said they don't have funerals, they have celebrations. I thought that was always wonderful. Hope Bob's meeting went ok considering you guys seem to be having rotten weather all around.

Maggie: Hope you can get Windows 7 installed ok and get your drinking straw worked out. I am hoping my Ipad will be delivered today. They said yesterday, but as usual the Post Office can't seem to do what they are supposed to.

Everyone have a great day. I am going to sit and knit on my sweater. Have a good rest of the week. Faye

01-23-2014, 02:07 PM
Good Morning Magnolias :wave:

I am typing this on my little box for my laptop is getting the Windows 8 removed and the 7 installed this day. I am not going to lunch with the Museum group today because it is just to cold out there and I don't want to go out in it. I have decided to not let my hair grow out after all and have an appointment on Saturday to have it cut short and not in this up sweep style. Years back when I had it real short I was able to use one of those razor blade cutters and keep it cut myself. I am going to see if I can find one of those things once again.

It seems so wierd typing on this little I-Pad. I am having to get used to the touch screen feature. I sure like having this attached key board though for it has so much more on it than the screen one does.

I will be so happy when the weather turns to spring and I can get out back and shoot some arrows. We will be going to Texas and getting a bow if this shop here in town doesn't have the one I ordered in by the end of this month. Cabellas in Texas will have what I want for sure. Even if I do get the bow here locally we are still making a trip to Texas. :cp: We already have the appointments for the animals to be kept while we are gone.

DONNA FAYE It is sure nice that Jack is so handy and can get that dryer hose fixed. I never did locate that glass straw so will cut a long one down to size today. I must have thrown it out by mistake. :?: Do you have the key board model of the I-Pad you are getting?

01-23-2014, 03:47 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly, the wind is blowing, and it has "warmed" up to 3 degrees from -12 early this morning. :brr: I ran a couple errands this morning and have a coffee date this afternoon. Tomorrow morning is a dreaded perm.

Maggie -- I hope you found your glass straw by now. It is frustrating to look for something and not find it. I have typed so much on my iPad that I have to think a bit when I am on the PC. :lol:

"Gma" -- Our pastor always emphasizes that a funeral is to celebrate a life and not be sad at the death because we will all meet again. His son was killed in an arson fire and he really puts death perspective. Bob was tired when he got home around suppertime. He promptly fell asleep in front of the tv. :D I hope the noise next door isn't too annoying. If you get some nice neighbors it will be worth it.

Susan -- Hope all is well with you! :yes:

I need to change clothes and head out. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

01-24-2014, 05:07 PM
Good afternoon gals. It is chilly, chilly, no more like downright cold here today. I am ready for spring!!

I did laundry, dishes and nothing else today. I sat and finished a book and started another one and played Candy Crush. Sheesh you get addicted to that game. I am stuck on level 100. I get close then boom! :lol:

Jean: Hope Bob is all rested up now. I too hope we will get decent neighbors. I am pretty sure we will get decent ones on the other side if the family who lives there now ever moves out. They aren't bad though we have had a couple instances with their washing machine too, but at least they fix the problem. I really love my little Ipad. The screen is bigger, but overall is the same size as my Kindle so it fits in my kindle holder, which is nice. It is like a leather book cover so really protects it nicely.

Maggie: No I don't feel I need the separate keyboard. I do fine with the one on the Ipad. I hate the one on Jack's laptop though. Glad you are finally getting things fixed up. I am with you about going outside. We do have errands tomorrow to run so since I am not Samantha and can't twitch my noise and go from place to place I guess I will have to try and bundle up.

Susan: I hope you are getting back on track to wellness. We sure do worry about you.

Everyone have a great weekend. Faye

01-24-2014, 07:26 PM
Good Afternoon/Evening, Flowers! The wind is blowing and we are in an advisory until Monday morning sometime. The thermometer says it is 41 but the wind makes it seem much colder. I spent a little over 3 hours getting a perm this morning. :twirly: This gal is so slow and it looks like sh*t when she's done. I come home and redo it the way I always wear it. After 35 years you'd think she'd notice! I wish I could go without but my hair is thin and there is no body to it whatsoever. This afternoon I braved the grocery store with all the other crazy people who crawl out of the woodwork on Friday afternoons. Not sure when supper will be or what it will be as Bob is out at the farm helping dismantle a tractor cab on his friend's tractor.

"Gma" -- I'm stuck on Level 92 in that stupid Candy Crush game. I get mad and leave it for a couple days but always go back. I win the tough ones purely by accident; no skill on my part! :lol: Glad you are enjoying your iPad! My new cell phone came and I am embarrassed to go back to the store with it. When we were there Monday the gal popped the battery out of mine and then checked the charge before she processed the request for a new phone. Whatever she did has made it work on that full charge all week. I've sent and received several text messages from the kids and it just finally moved off a full charge. :dunno: It was still under warranty so I suppose they will just give me the new one after they transfer all the #s and pictures over. Bob wonders if the battery was never installed properly in the first place.

I came upstairs to round up laundry so better get moving. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

01-25-2014, 12:15 AM

Good evening. I thought I posted earlier but I guess I just thought I did.

I now have my computer back from the shop and have Windows 7 once again. I have got to get the rest of the information inserted into my mail program which means finding my page with all the addresses on it. The techie saved all my information but I don’t quite know how to open his file and transfer the information to my program. If I can’t figure it out this evening I’ll give him a call tomorrow. This version of Windows 7 is advanced from what I had on my old computer and has some things to get used to which will be fun. To get my printer hooked back up included a call to HP because it doesn’t have a number on it anywhere. The techie at HP said he didn’t know why so many of the printers didn’t have the serial numbers on them and gave us one from some by looking some other number elsewhere on the printer. I wrote the serial number he gave us and I taped it to the printer.

I have been busy getting all my “stuff” put back on this computer. I am fixin’ to go to bed soon and need to get a few things done first so I am making this post shorter than usual. :lol:

Have a good night my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

01-25-2014, 07:26 AM
Good morning to you all. It is chilly this morning and windy again but no rain. We have to go out and get the stuff for Jack to work on the hose in the bulkhead and we are going to check out dishwashers and storm doors too. Both of our need replacing and the back one looks like just what it is, they we live in the hood. They are both iron, who thought that was a good idea with our moisture here I'll never know, but part of it rusted completely out and one day just fell right out! We have never had storm windows or even screens in the one in the back so the inner door takes a beating when it rains. It is time to replace all that stuff. I know what I want so I am going to check Lowes and Home Depot.

I have my preop appt this next Friday so I have to remember to keep the car. I take it so infrequently that I am always afraid I will forget when I do need it. :lol:

Jean: I was sitting in the recliner this morning with the Ipad thinking, "Well I might as well get it over with." and went to Candy Crush and played my 5 and lost and was done with it. :lol: I am like you, I am not skillful, but lucky. I would suggest googling your level and watching the videos on how to beat it if you are stuck a long time. I had to do that to get past one of the levels as I just couldn't figure out how to do it. Wait until you get to 100. Starting with the next section they put bombs in with timers, UGH!!! I feel for you as my hair is very fine and thin. I have never had thick hair, but have lost hair because of meds. I can't do anything about that. The gal that does my hair always does such a terrific job that I don't mind paying the high price to get it done. Of course, having her color it might go by the wayside once Jack retires. It costs me $162 including tip every 8 weeks and that might be just too expensive. I may have to do my own coloring and have her continue to cut it.

Maggie: When do you guys think you will get out on the road and give up living in Kansas? We have two printers, one in Jack's office and a wireless one down here. The wireless one drives me nuts. Jack finally connected it directly to the hard drive because when it was wireless I kept having to uninstall and reinstall it all the time. I got fed up with it finally and blew my top and Jack took pity on me and connected it like a regular printer. :lol:

Well gals, have a nice Saturday. Faye

01-25-2014, 12:37 PM

Will just left with my computer to take it back to the shop. The techie said that a lot of the new computers all have a problem that I just don't like at all. When a person types the curser jumps around. I type 110 words a minute and when the curser jumps around it makes for a very confusing paragraph for it jumps in the middle of a word and goes up into the middle of a previous line that has been typed. Thankfully they have a way of going into my computer and stopping this. One day, hopefully, they will get all the bugs worked out of that computer for we have spent a lot of money on it even though we bought into their program.

I am thankful I have this I-Pad to communicate with. :cp:

DONNA FAYE I imagine you will really like having new doors for your place. Get what you really like for they do last a long time. :p Our plan is to be out sometime in August which isn't far away at all. We have a lot to do between now and then. I pulled out all the boxes I had on the floor of my office closet and went through them and figured out what to keep and what to toss and what to selll at a yard sale. I have filled up some trash bags and have plenty of boxes of things to sell come spring. It is amazing what we have accumulated these years we have been in this house.

I have some things I want to get done before time to get my hair cut.

01-25-2014, 01:29 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's a cold 10 degrees outside. :brr: We are supposed to get some snow sometime this weekend but the weatherman admits he isn't sure how much because of the wind pattern. I have a load of laundry in the washer and the dishwasher is humming away, otherwise it's been a lazy morning. I'm hunting for a recipe and figure I put it away in a different category when I was in a hurry. That is my afternoon project!

I need to check my birthday list and write out the envelopes for next week. I've added an extra day for delivery if I put them out in my mailbox because I never know what time the mailman will come. The mail truck leaves Storm Lake at 3:30 and heads for Des Moines where they sort the mail and bring the Storm Lake mail back here to be delivered the next day. No wonder the USPS is losing money!

"Gma" -- When you talk about the bulkhead project I think of a ship. Isn't there a bulkhead on a ship? When there is something I want to be sure and remember I put a sticky note on the kitchen cabinet door where we take our meds. If I'm really spooked about forgetting I tape a bigger piece of paper on the door leading out to the garage figuring I will be going through there to get to the car. Of course I've been known to forget things on my list and will have the list right in my hand. :o My perm was $53 this time, up from $50 three months ago. I must say it looks better this morning after I rinsed it in the shower this morning.

Maggie -- I hope you get your computer back and set up the way you want it. :yes: I would be a wreck trying to do that myself. I really appreciate our store here in town, and the fact they can fix simple things without my having to take the computer in. You are so organized I'm sure you will every detail in shape and things set to go by the time you want to leave Kansas.

I need to check the leftovers for lunch and get them in the oven. Hope you all enjoy a relaxing day. :wave:

01-25-2014, 01:56 PM
Good morning, ladies! A warm 29 degrees this afternoon.

We had 2 inches of snow Tuesday night and temps down to single digits at night and 15-20 degrees for 3 days. School was closed for we have no snow removal equipment to speak of - just enough to keep I-64, I-664, SR 143 and SR 60 clear. The snow hasn't melted at all in my backyard (north facing) but is all gone in the front and on my street (south). The air is so dry it makes me have a hard time breathing so I'm using a lot of saline and sitting in the bathroom with the shower on HOT to steam. My humidifier is working overtime for sure. I haven't been out of the house since Tuesday and won't go out until Monday when I go to the Y.

Faye, I am so happy you don't need further surgery. It's a shame you can't move out of that condo since it needs so many repairs. It's good Jack can do some of them. It's so expensive to get repairs done.

Jean, Maybe it's time to get a new beautician. My hair is thick and straight as a stick. A curling iron doesn't work so I just keep it short.

Maggie, sorry about the computer problems. I run Windows 8, download every update and have never had a problem. We run it at work as well and we all like it. I'm surprised your computer didn't come with free Windows 7 downgrade if you wanted it. Mine did. I'd love to travel the US but will have to live vicariously through you and Will.

Have a wonderful day.

01-26-2014, 02:13 PM
Good afternoon gals. Guess it is just barely afternoon. It is going to be bitter cold here for a few days with continuing winds so I am keeping myself inside until Friday.

We watched a program this morning about mysteries at Buckingham Palace and it was really interesting. I didn't know that a couple decades ago some noodlehead actually got into Buckingham Palace not once but twice and the second time actually got into her bedroom and sat on the bed and talked to the queen for about 10 minutes as her panic button didn't go off. I guess in England it isn't against the law so he never got charged. He was on a lark just to see if he could do it, not to hurt her or anything. Several other stories too, which were very interesting.

I haven't been knitting lately. I haven't been in the mood, partly because the muscle right in the shoulder blade has been sore when I knit. Sometimes I just have to put it down for a bit then pick it back up again.

Susan: So glad you felt well enough to check in. Hopefully it will warm up soon. We lived through a snowstorm in VA Beach once and it wasn't pretty. Jack was of course in the Navy and had to report to the ship, which was in Norfolk and had to drive out itty bitty car in the mess and like you said, no snow plows, salt, sand or anything. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow to get out a bit.

Maggie: Enjoy your fixed computer.

Jean: Yes, ships have bulkheads. Jack seemed to always get a berth under a bulkhead. He is so tall that he would have to sleep scrunched up all the time and he once whacked his knee on a bulkhead coming back from a shower. He had a wart on the knee and he hit it so hard it tore the wart right out of his knee. He said it bled something awful. These stupid things in the condo were put in for venting and such. We have them that run clear across both sides of the kitchen and runs across the top of the door between the laundry area and the dining room. They hired idiots to build these condos I think. How's Candy Crush coming along? I am seriously stuck at 100. I have gotten to within one jelly of winning a couple times, grrr! :lol:

Well girls, just wanted to check in. You all have a grand day today. Faye

01-26-2014, 05:40 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another cold, windy, gloomy day in my neighborhood today. The temperature is dropping rapidly this afternoon and the wind is picking up. The county just north of us is in a blizzard watch. We had a few flurries but it only lasted a few seconds. We went to early church and there were only 66 of us there. We always park on the street east of the church and it was flooded for the whole length of the block this morning. A water main had broken at the intersection; it was the same one they repaired a year ago. I found the recipe I was looking for so fixed a ham loaf dinner. I've read the paper and am working on laundry. I need to look at a greeting card catalog the church secretary gave to me so I can return that tomorrow.

Susan -- I was glad to see your post today! It always surprises me when you say you've had snow. Probably not any more surprised than the people living down there. ;) I hope your breathing is easier today; I feel for you!

"Gma" -- I wonder if the Queen is finally going to step down. I saw where she and Charles were sharing some responsibilities. I sure don't like his witchy wife! I did some work on my afghan yesterday and found a split stitch a few rows back. I try to check every row as I finish and somehow missed it. I was going to try and catch it with a thread but couldn't find it again. :( I figure if I can't find it no one else can either. I finally passed game #92 and am now stuck on #95. I don't like the ones with the fruit, they always end up where I don't want them to go. Perseverance is the name of the game!

I'm off to look for some doll clothes to take to Maddy. Tomorrow we are heading to Sioux Falls for Ian's first band concert. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

01-27-2014, 11:25 AM
Good morning gals. Brrr it is cold here and the temps will drop all day long. We are going to be freezing our keesters off for several days. I just hope poor Jack can stay inside this week and work on whatever. We are still waiting for them to schedule the interviews for the promotion. City is slow moving when it comes to stuff like that.

Shameful to say, but I got a sale email for the bead bracelet site and I succumbed. Susan, I will now have a Harry Potter pandora style bracelet. The beads are not glass but aluminum. Half are a bright blue and half are silver then my metal beads, which are what I call character beads. I have a potion bottle, books with a stick figure Harry Potter etched on them, a mouse sitting on a spell book, a dangling vampire bat, dangling spider, a jack o lantern, a spacer that are skeleton faces, a spacer that is sun, moon and stars, a frog, a lit candle and my center bead is a gold coiled snake to represent Voldemort. Half the fun of these bracelets is deciding color and then theme.

We have filed our taxes and the IRS has accepted them so they are on their way. We figure our refund will be deposited around February 10th or so then we will pay off our cruise and book our excursion and pay for our specialty dinner at the steak house. We are going to treat our friends that are going with us one night to the steak house. You pay $35 apiece, but you get premium steaks and sides and dessert. They have the absolutely best red velvet cake I have ever had in my life. I imagine I will split it with Liz and just have a few bites.

The area by our laundry is funny. So far we have two holes in the bulkhead and will have one in the ceiling after Jack goes and gets a keyhole saw at Lowes. After he fixes the venting issue we will just hire someone to come in and do the drywall patching. Jack has bad shaking in his left hand that he has had since he was in elementary school. They have never been able to pin point the reason and have done multiple testing on him as a child and adult. He lives with it, but when it comes to really needing two hands for stuff it can be difficult for him. He said he would be willing to do it, but doesn't want it to "look like crap!" :lol: So, I am going to get someone through the home advisor website. They are like that Angie's List on tv, but it is free. They vette the workers for us so we don't have to worry about some sleeze coming in and messing it up or worse a criminal posing and coming in and robbing us or something.

Jean: I finally got through 100 and omg 101 is worse. It has bunches of bombs and the fruit thing to boot. You have to get rid of the bombs in 9 seconds before they blow up and there are a bunch of them, get 3 cherries and 3 nuts down and make at least 70000 points. I only do one and then put it aside as it drives me nuts. I think it is smarter to stay home from church if you have trouble driving or seeing or are elderly where the cold could be dangerous for you or stuff like that. I saw pictures my dil posted with Jay in the snow and have mercy they have at least two feet. Almost claustrophobic there is so much of it. I would be housebound for a long time I am afraid. I don't do slippery at all. Chalk it up to being old, but what instrument does Ian play? My poor Kelly had to stand in line at the school board at 5:30 AM this morning waiting to get her number called to do the paperwork to get Thomas into a better high school. She has had two nights of insomnia and vomits when she is very tired and I guess was puking in line this morning or at least gagging in line. She says she had a low number though and with his grades, which are pretty much straight A's for 8 years and the low number he is a shoe in. He will be going to an optional school for AP programs. I told her when it is all final and he is in, we will take them all out to celebrate!

Well gals, here it is 9:30 and I have nothing done. I guess I better get to it. Have a nice week this week. Faye

01-27-2014, 12:48 PM
Good Morning! The weather is same as yesterday, -27 wind chill, but with sunshine. The tv weatherman said we had 65 mph wind gusts during the night. :yikes: There wasn't much money to count today because of the canceled second service due to the water main break. I ran in to the pastor at the hospital and he said when they turned the water back on, it had so much force that it blew bad "stuff" through the pipes and out the toilets. He got a call last night when the Boy Scouts were going to use a room for their meeting. Glad I don't have to clean that mess up! I took my new phone in to have the numbers transferred from my old phone, and the idiot didn't transfer the pictures. I used a Maui picture as my screen background but the rest were mostly grandchildren.

"Gma" -- So much for global warming! :brr: The Harry Potter bracelet sounds cute, even though I don't know anything about Harry Potter. :o It will be nice to have your cruise paid for in advance. We have the condo and airline tickets paid for, but can't pay for the car rental until we are all done. What bugs me about the CC game is once you pass a harder level, they give a couple of easy ones, then a super hard one. It sounds like 100 and 101 are both hard. I just get so frustrated with it sometimes! Ian plays the saxophone. Amanda put a video on FB; he had a couple squawks but did pretty good for a beginner. He is enthused about it, and I told Jason to leave him alone if he chooses music over football. :lol: You'd think with Thomas' good grades, musical talent, and Scouting background he would be a shoo-in for the better school. Will his parents have to take him; how far away is the school?

I need to head to the bank and post office to return my old phone. Enjoy the rest of your day and keep warm! :wave:

01-27-2014, 05:54 PM

I just can’t tell you how jazzed I am to get my computer back with it not jumping around when I type.

YIPEKIO I am got to my hair cut Saturday and I sure love the cut. The gal that does such a nice job is doing it at her home now. Her husband is a contractor and they have lots of do-re-me. She sold her shop downtown awhile back and now her shop is in a little house (not very far from the big house) that used to be an outside kitchen in the early 1900’s and the inside has been rustically remodeled. She only keeps a few customers now because she loves being a hair dresser and not out for the money. They have the whole area that used to be a little town in the 1800s with the creek running beside it.

It is a day-today they say will get up to “cold” for right now it is 18˚. This is my weigh day and I am up a pound. January has not been a good weight loss month for me at all. I have made a promise to myself to have a good weight loss February.

Nothing much happening around here this day except going through some “stuff” and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. I have more in boxes to sell than the “keep” boxes so that is so far a good sign. Our friends in Texas want our dining room oak table and chairs so they will be picking them up in a few months. The furniture we have to sell will be the last things to go for sure. We can live in the MH until all is gone or taken to the consignment place or the dump. :o

JEAN What a mess with that water woe in the church building. When we wanted to change the toilet in the ladies room in our church building I am so glad Will didn't tackle it because the plumber that did it ran into some problems that would have made Will have to call a plumber anyway. But now we have a brand new high toilet in there and it is so much nicer.

DONNA FAYE You are definitely the bracelet Queen. Those charms sound so cute for your Harry Potter bracelet. I have a bro-in-law that has tremors in both hands but was a drafts man and engineer by trade. He was able to do his job without any problem though.

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

01-28-2014, 11:17 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another cold day in my corner of the world; -8, -23 wind chill with an 8 mph breeze, and sunny. The flag across the street is barely moving so I was surprised at the wind chill factor. It's supposed to hit a high of 10 degrees. We met the kids for an early supper at Pizza Ranch last night and then went to Ian's concert. They did well considering they just got their instruments this fall and have practice twice a week. Parents were thanked for their support and asked to stand, then the grandparents were asked to stand also. I thought that was a nice gesture. We were on the road home by 8 so it wasn't too late when we got home.

Maggie -- Glad you have your computer back and it's working the way you want it. You can get that pound gone in no time. :strong: You know what to do, the trick is to do it.

I am dressed and need to declutter the kitchen island before I do anything else. I think there must be a magnet there that attracts "stuff" when I'm not looking. :o Hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

01-28-2014, 03:25 PM
Good afternoon gals. It is cold and windy here and even got some snow early this morning, but nothing stuck thank goodness. It is in the teens with windchill single digits. Hopefully Jack can stay warm and cozy in the shop today.

I have all the house cleaned except for dusting and sweeping and mopping floors. I am debating about the floors as Jack is going to get up in the ceiling and cut out a chunk to fixt the vent so there will be fuzz from the dryer vent and plaster all over the place more than likely. I may wait on it.

I was hoping I might get the turtlenecks I bought before Friday so I could wash them and wear one on Friday, but looks like they won't get delivered until at least Friday. We are supposed to get more snow showers tomorrow and possibly Thursday so we shall see about that. Guess I will just get one of my sweaters and wear that on Friday since it may still be cold.

I need to get back to working on my knitting stuff, especially the sweater so I can get it done. I knocked over a can of coke zero and spilled some on the finished piece, but just wiped it with a wet cloth because I want to block the pieces together so I don't want to wash them separately.

We were at Lowes over the weekend and kind of scouted out countertops, appliances and such. The guy who runs the cabinet and countertop section was trying to get us to open up a Lowes credit card and I stopped him and said, "No, my husband is not far from retirement and we are trying to pay stuff off not get more." He wanted to tell us the whole spiel and so I let him. I think he thought I would change my mind. I let him finish and smiled at him and said, "No thanks, when we are ready we will pay cash." I wonder if they get a bonus or something for getting people to open accounts. If we were younger we might, but I don't want a bunch of bills when Jack retires. You never know what might happen. We will keep our one credit card with the credit union, any car payment we might have, the homeowners insurance and property taxes, and the maintenance fees and that is it besides things like utilities and such. If Congress has their way they will cut Jack's military retirement and you never know what they will do with SS so best to just get things paid off and leave it at that.

Jean: My poor kids in Indiana are having a time of it. They have at least 2 ft of snow and are expecting another foot or so of lake effect, which is bad snow. They also have below zero temps and real dangerous wind chills as the wind has been blowing upwards of 50 mph. My sister said she couldn't even see the road behind her house, which is just a few yards from the back door. It is so bad that yesterday everyone had to be off the streets by 7:30 PM or face a $2500 fine if caught. Even my dil, who works for a hospital and is the pharmacist in charge didn't go to work today. She said it has been taking her about 2 1/2 hours to get to work, which is normally about half an hour. They even closed I-94 because after the huge accident was cleared up they still had so many slide offs, the trucks couldn't get through to plow.

Maggie: Glad you like your new haircut. The place I go is very industrial looking on the inside, but has the best paintings. Bright colors and unusual subjects. The floors are concrete and they have their electricals and such that pull down from the ceiling and each person has a sears big rolling tool box for all their supplies. It is pretty cool.

Well gals, I am freezing sitting here by this big window. Have a great afternoon. Faye

01-29-2014, 12:53 AM

I have been busy this day just doing this and that and nothing real different than most days. I did a little going through my crafts closet sorting out what I want to keep and what to get rid of and making a lot of needful decisions. I definitely have more to get rid of than to keep. :cp: I won’t be keeping my bread machine and have found some box mixes by Krustaez™ that give directions for doing it by hand mixing it and directions for using a bread machine. I got a box of “No Knead Classic Sourdough” today and will make it soon. :cp:

It has been a real chilly day here in the ♥-Land and they say it will be a tad bit warmer tomorrow. Hopefully that is a true assessment.

My cursor is jumping around again so back to the shop it goes tomorrow.

JEAN I love those school programs. Even when they have a lot of practice the pieces sound a bit off at times. :o But that is the fun of it. I can imagine the cringes in the audience when I was playing the flute in our school orchestra.:D:

DONNA FAYE You are wise to get all paid off that you can. We don't owe anybody anything and if SS does take a dump we can still live nicely on my retirement which isn't under SS. They were saying 50 years ago that SS was going to go broke.:?: that is why I opted out. If "they" knew that way back then why didn't they do something to put a stop to it's downward trend is my question.

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

01-29-2014, 11:26 AM
Good morning, ladies! 18 degrees right now.

We had 7 inches of snow yesterday evening and during the night so once again everything is closed. It's not supposed to get above freezing until Friday so there won't be much change.

Nothing happening but keeping warm and safe.

Faye, it's good not to have any bills. I only use a credit card for emergencies or to purchase from Amazon and then it's paid off the next month or as soon as I can if it was a costly emergency.

Jean, I played in the school band and orchestra and the Ohio Youth Symphony and it was so much fun.

Maggie, it seems like you were just talking about going to KS and here its time to move on. I don't know how much of my quilting stuff I could part with before the stress got me but it sure would be nice to see the country.

Have a wonderful day.

01-29-2014, 01:08 PM
Good morning to you all. It is very cold here today but the wind has died down so there isn't any wind chill. It is still in the low teens though today.

I finished the cleaning and am knitting on my sweater. I figured I better get back to working on it. I have been reading some of the 300+ books I have on my Kindle/Ipad. Some of them are not worth reading so I am weeding them out little by little.

Friday is my preop day and next week is the biopsy. We have commissary weekend and a bunch of errands to run after the preop stuff on Friday.

As a surprise for Jack and an early Valentine's present I am getting him an Ipad on Friday. He doesn't need the cellular as he can use mine when we travel for that so it is much less expensive and no data cost either. I am waiting until tomorrow then will order Thomas's and Jackson's Valentine's Day gifts. I am getting Jackson a gift can that has his picture on the top and a little poem and has popcorn and candy and stuff in it and Thomas is getting a gift box with cookies, pretzels and stuff in it. He likes these particular cookies so am ordering one of their gift boxes.

Maggie: I noticed on tv commercials for easy different yeast breads that have little or no kneading so I imagine you can find many different kinds. Good luck with that.

Susan: Wow! Seven inches??? That is like a blizzard other areas of the country. I imagine you are pretty stuck again in the house with that kind of snow. I sure with it would start to warm up soon.

You gals have a great day. I am going to make myself a lean cuisine and have a container of fruit and some veggies. Faye

01-29-2014, 04:22 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it is a bit warmer according to the thermometer; it doesn't feel like it though. My car is in the shop getting new struts today. It's been over two weeks and supposedly they couldn't find GM parts for it. Two days ago Bob threatened to contact GM himself and guess what -- the parts miraculously appeared yesterday! The breakdown shouldn't have happened in the first place with a little over 6,000 miles on the car. I have bell practice later this afternoon and other than that have been spinning my wheels today. Everywhere I look is dust or clutter of some sort. :hyper:

"Gma" -- I don't know about Lowe's but Beth bought appliances at Menards, which is a similar type store. They don't have a service department and she found out when her fridge took a dump. Other appliance stores really didn't want to work on it if she didn't buy it from them. The weather channel showed pictures of the storm in IL and IN; we didn't get any of that snow, just the wind. Jack will enjoy his own iPad! :yes:

Maggie -- I hope your computer is a quick fix. Good luck with the bread making and baking. :T

Susan -- We haven't had 7", total, of snow all winter. :( We really need the moisture even though snow doesn't measure like rain. I keep telling Ian that he will have the most fun when he can play in the jazz and marching bands. Our Middle School has a jazz band so I'm hoping his does too.

I see the mail is here so guess I will see what surprises might be in the local newspaper. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and keep warm! :wave:

01-29-2014, 06:40 PM

My computer seems to be working fine now since the teckie downloaded a couple files to my computer that helped it out this morning. He was able to do the fix without my having to take it down to the shop. I give him permission to get into my computer. Gracious sakes I certainly don’t have anything to hide for my life is an open book.

We have been out and about and had lunch at a good diner. I had a turkey sandwich without any mayo and ate half of it with a side of cottage cheese and tomato instead of the fries or onion rings. They are very nice in that restaurant to give me what I ask for.

It is hard to believe it is already 4 o’clock of the hour and all I have accomplished here at home so far is coloring my hair and having my morning shower. Time sure flies when you are having fun.

SUSAN Lots of full timers on the road have their crafts along with them. Usually they have a small motor-home pulling an enclosed trailer with their craft items inside. We have run across quilters in the groups we have encountered. I have purchased some nice items from crafters on the road. I have a beautiful flat paddle like thing made out of wood with holes in it with a handle that is used to put up against a pot and drain the water off whatever you are cooking. A hand held colander. Looks like a flat pollywog. Got that at a crafts fair along the road put on by full timers. You name it and someone out there is making it ~ well almost anything. If a person wants to travel a way can be found but that life is not for everyone for sure.

JEAN We certainly need some rain here in this part of the country for it has been way too long since we have had any moisture. It just clouds up and gives us nothing. What surprises did you find in your paper? Probably MOS. ;)

DONNA FAYE Yes I was very pleased to find that Krustaez is making quite a variety of bread to mix up without using a bread machine. I find their breads are about the same points+ as any other lightened breads. I am glad they are making the mixes for their lightened cornbread is really good. I don't eat a lot of bread anymore and when I do eat some I like a "good" piece.

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

01-30-2014, 02:25 PM
Good afternoon gals. Another chilly day here and it is windy again today. Boy I will be glad when spring starts for sure. I am done with the cold weather.

Been working on my sweater a lot the last couple days and reading. I did a load of laundry this morning and then could do whatever I wanted as my house is all nice and clean again.

I am biting the bullet, but am going to have to go to Krogers tomorrow and pick up some stuff before commissary shopping. We are out of milk, soda, eggs and almost out of bread. I need to get some whole wheat bread for myself too. I am hoping we don't have to hang out at the hospital too long tomorrow and can get the preop testing done fairly quickly. I am going to show up early and hope for the best. My appt is 10 am but I think I will be there about half an hour early.

Maggie: If I am having a homemade bread, I kind of like the dense breads like the sour doughs or even ryes and such. I do like them fresh though. Nothing is worse than stale bread imo.

Jean: I hate dealership repair places and for that matter almost any place like that anymore. They give you such a run around then charge you out the wazoo for the privilege. I know yours is covered under warranty still, but two weeks? That is plain ridiculous. I have to say the couple times we had to take the Mariner in we had an in and out in one day. It is showing its age some these days, but nothing with regards to driving it. It is more things coming apart or whatever. We probably should go and have the rearview mirror replaced as the sensor is whacked in it, but it will be expensive because the microphone for the sync system is in the mirror and the whole thing has to come out. So for now we will just deal with it acting up.

Guess I should go out and check the mail. I am expecting my bracelet stuff today and would like to wear it tomorrow so need to put it together when it gets here. Have a great day everyone. Faye

01-30-2014, 05:22 PM

It is another chilly cay here in the ♥-Land and I also will be glad when spring is here and we can have some nice days and the trees will have those beautiful green leaves once again.

We had lunch with the workers at the Museum today and had a great time. I am home now and Will is doing his volunteer day at the Museum. I had a beautiful white Battenberg lace parasail that I gave to the gal that is studying to be a curator at the museum and dresses up in colonial time costumes when there is a show or program. She was so jazzed to get it and told me that she had wanted to buy one but they were just too expensive. Well that one didn’t cost me much at all but I have had it for years. I was so glad when I had un-wrapped it that it was still snow white and hadn’t taken on a yellow tint anywhere. I certainly didn’t want to drag that around the country and she is the perfect one for me to gift it to.

I have a little electrical drimmel tool that etches glass that I am keeping for I can personalize glasses and mugs while we are out and about. I have a neat booklet on glass engraving that is a course & patterns. It says if you can trace a pattern, you can easily create elegant designs. You put the drawing of what you want to etch inside the glass or whatever container you want to etch ~ then trace it by etching the glass. I have used this tool all along for years to sign my name and date the things I make. It will be fun to etch some flowers and animals and such. My tool came in a nice case with different etching tips.

There must be some type of pressure system in the atmosphere today for my left knee hurts. I am so glad that both my knees don’t hurt at the same time ~ they take turns. This getting old is for the birds. :lol: But I takes it as it comes. :cp:

My teckie junkies are so cool. They have a way now if I press shift/f8 I can snap a picture of my screen to show them what is happening and send it to them and they will act on it to find a solution for my computer problem. I have computer help at my fingertips. :lol: I love it. Of course we paid for a subscription of their services since this computer was fraught with problems from the get go since someone had messed with it. I think maybe now all the weird quirks have been dealt with, hopefully anyway. But we have saved a lot of money by subscribing to their services.

DONNA FAYE I also like the bread that has some substance. My favorite being sourdough and I am looking forward to using this box of Krustaez and see how it is. Everything else of theirs I have tried has been good so I have faith this will be yummy also. We are planning on keeping my Cuisinart Combo Steam & Convection Oven for the steam heat cuts cooking time by as much as 40% and it also broils, bakes, roasts and toasts. It also proofs bread. It is designed to steam or poach any type of vegetable, fish, poultry or rice which is fluffy in 25 minutes without monitoring. It is the cats meow of my appliances. It will definitely have a home in the motor-home since it can do so many functions. The only other appliances I will be taking are my hand blender and hand mixer. I have a real nice hand blender that came in a case with all it's attachments. My hand mixer is one that has dough hooks so has a strong motor.

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

01-31-2014, 07:21 AM
Good morning ladies. I have my preop to do in a few hours and just woke up early. I guess I am just programmed. :lol:

Jack went and got his new Ipad last night. He had to run around a bit to get it though. He went to Staples, but found out Apple only lets certain stores sell them outright other than online and Staples can only sell online. He came back home then realized he could have gone to Target, which is in the same shopping center so back he went. He also got a nice case for it on clearance so he saved $8 on that. He sat around playing RISK on it last night all evening. Well that and asking me how to do this or that. You would think a man who has the knowledge he does about computers could figure out how to load an app he already had on his Iphone. He's funny.

I haven't bought a handbag in a long, long time and found this handbag/knitting bag combo and bought it online yesterday. I saved $15 by getting it somewhere other than the design place. One of the great things is it has feet so you can sit in on the floor and knit with your yarn in the bag and not have it falling over and such. It is actually big enough to put a sweater in too so that is great and lots of pockets, which I love. I bought a sunny canary yellow a I need a dose of spring badly. :lol:

Maggie: I would like to get back into baking my own bread again, but homemade bread is pretty tempting and I am not sure I would leave it alone for the most part. I am not a huge bread eater unless the stuff is homemade then I am a goner. :lol: I buy these knot yeast rolls at Fresh Market and Jack doesn't eat them so if I don't pace myself I can sit and eat 3 of them as they are small. I try not to buy them.

Well girls, not much going on here. Have a good one and a great weekend. We have commissary shopping this weekend, which should be fun. Faye

01-31-2014, 01:01 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's cloudy and cold this morning with snow predicted for later. I ran a couple errands this morning; I wanted to beat the crazy Friday drivers who crawl out after lunch. I should make a grocery run but talked myself out of that as I didn't really have to have anything today.

Maggie -- I hope your computer stays fixed this time. :crossed: It was nice of you to give your parasol to the museum gal. I'm sure she will enjoy it. Is your knee feeling better today?

"Gma" -- With everyone having crappy weather the groundhog had better watch his back for sure! The struts were listed at $212 on the invoice, but no charge noted for the alignment nor the labor. I'd be curious to know what it would have been if we had to pay it. Bob says all the fancy do-dads on cars are expensive to fix/replace if and when they don't work. Probably my most used and favorite is the heated seats. :D

I'd better keep moving. Hope you all enjoy a fantastic Friday! Hard to believe tomorrow is February 1 already. :wave:

01-31-2014, 02:33 PM
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