UK Fat Chicks - Hiya! Im new and heres my story...

01-16-2014, 06:44 PM
Hey Girls and Boys

Im MummyMoo and i have an eating obsession lol

I have always been skinnish ... and the perfect size 14 until i fell pregnant 9 years ago and i put on 5 stone! I never really worried about losing weight as i was so happy with my new baby everything seemed perfect and i was just happy... :smug:

A year later i fell pregnant again and this time ate carefully and didnt put no weight on..... I was over the moon time and time past and i never worried about going on massive diets and my diets would last a week at most.... :( My weight over the past 9 years has always gone up and down and I've never really worried too much..

Last year i had my 3rd baby and since I've had her, I've gained another stone... Without even realizing... :( I was currently at my heaviest ever at 16 stone 12lbs :( I never knew how to lose weight and stick to it, and to be honest i gained because i don't have a cut off point..


I went on holiday for christmas and the airline lost our suitcases and it suddenly dawned on me that i would not be able to buy clothes anywhere on holiday... and id be stuck in my fat clothes until we came home... and all of a sudden it dawned on me... Ive done this to myself .. for no reason .. just for the fact of being pure greedy!

I know i over eat.. i would drink 10 cans of full fat coke a day.. have at least 7 take aways a week.. sometimes two in one day...

But the second i got home i decided to change my ways and something just feels different this time... i DONT WANT TO BE FAT ANYMORE.... and if it means i have to stop I WILL.....

I am currently 5'6 and 16stone 6lbs i have lost 6lbs in just under two weeks by cutting out coke and calorie counting,, I think Im finally ready to be the best i can be... and i really hope to have your help and support through it....

thanks for reading and hopefully get to know you all soon xxxxx

01-17-2014, 09:29 AM
Hi MummyMoo
I'm also new here but sadly not new to weight gain/loss. I loved your honest introduction, well done so far and good luck for the future