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07-09-2003, 12:18 PM
I thought that since the last thread was getting really long, I would start a new one. Also, I was wondering if everyone else is as miserable as I am this summer, feeling trapped, and like I cannot step outside without melting (only it isn't the fat melting off me, I seem to be hanging onto that just fine, and even adding a little).

I know that I haven't been around alot lately, but I am afraid that this is going to be a trend. I have been really busy and it will only get worse. I don't see myself getting on the computer every day, or even every week anymore. School is finally wrapping up and that seems to be all I can think about and focus on. (Holly, how did you handle the end of it?). It seems like an end of a large chapter in my life, and I'm not too sure how to handle it. I have been in college for over 10 years now, and I don't know what I am going to do with myself outside of classes!!!!

The heat is really getting to me. I know that this is really my last summer with my kids without worrying about a job, but I cannot seem to enjoy it. The boys have swimming lessons every day at noon for an hour and it is soooooo hot and miserable that I can't enjoy myself. Then money is really tight now, so I'm not doing the things that I used to. Like, I haven't been to the pool to swim myself for what seems like forever, and it is too hot to go to the park.

Holly, by the way, you look fab!!! You are an inspiration to me!

07-09-2003, 12:31 PM
Denise - Do you guys have year-round schools in your area? If not, you'll still have your summers. Yeah, teachers DO work during the summer as far as getting things ready for the next year, attending conferences, etc., but it's less like other jobs because you're able to work the stuff in the summer around your schedule.

I'm so excited for you - student teaching! I didn't formally student teach - the extent of my "student teaching" was a month of summer school enrichment kindergarten. Actually being in the classroom is so much different than learning about being in the classroom. I'm sure you've heard this ten thousand times, but half the stuff you learned in management theory....toss it out the window. With some of those little buggers, it just comes down to whatever works. One of my meanest students turned completely around when I made him sit down and listen to another boy tell him how awful his taunts made him feel. Who would have thought that a kid who seemed to get pleasure out of being ugly would change his tune when he saw another boy cry?

Hot and miserable....it's that way here, too....90 degrees and about 80% humidity. I swear when I walk out of an air conditioned building it saps my energy by about 50%.

Hang in there....and even if you can't post daily, let us know how school goes!

07-09-2003, 12:55 PM
We do have year round school, well sort-of. It is modified year round, meaning that we get about 6 weeks in the summer, 2 weeks in October, 2 at Christmas, and 2 in March. But the teachers are already back and school starts on the 30 (my Mark's 6th birthday). At least that is the district that I live in, and I've decided that if I do not get a job in this district, I will substitute until I get one. In AZ you must have to have a degree to substitute teach, and I now that they are in dire needs of substitute teachers, so I should be ok.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one miserable. I think you have actually made me feel better. At least we don't have to deal with the humidity!! It is still supposed to be 116 today, but very little humidity.

07-09-2003, 02:03 PM
No, you are not the only one. I don't remember it being this yucky out last year.

I'm doing ok. Joined a gym this week, have yet to go. I'm going to swim Friday am, but need to find a swimsuit that fits me! I have a 1X and a 3X. Guess what size would fit right now? :lol:

Good luck w/school, Denise. You can do it!

*waves to Jennelle*

07-09-2003, 02:29 PM

try Ross for bathing suits-I found three plus sized suits there last year for under $20 each!!


07-09-2003, 02:30 PM
I haven't been posting much either, and for that I apologize. Its a whole variety of things - mostly I think though because I am not focusing at all on weight loss right now so I feel guilty posting or something. I have no idea.

My birthday was the 29th, and it sucked. But Greg and my family (except my parents) made up for it on July 2nd, which was nice. Everyone is just so stressed out by the wedding and us moving and my parents not having jobs that the world is upside down. My parents and I got in a car accident the day before they left to go back home (on June 22nd) and had to leave their car here, its still not fixed, so that's adding to the stress too. My Dad turned 50 on June 17th, and 5 days later got in his first car accident EVER that was his fault. Luckily they don't penalize you for car accidents in Pennsylvania - so he just can't move back to MA for 3 years or his car insurance will be sky high. They come back on Friday for the wedding, and then its just a week until the wedding. I can't wait until its all over - they left a lot of things until the last minute and everyone is having a cow, and my brother's best men aren't very responsible and have waited until the last minute to plan his bachelor party and didn't even CHECK with Maeghan about the dates - its been a nightmare.

We have most of the house packed, but now Coda is upset - I'm sure thrown off by all the boxes. The people upstairs haven't been as obnoxious, but they definately are not making our lives easy at all. The landlord is also being a jerk, so Greg decided to not pay him anymore money (he has in bank accounts 2 months worth of money). I just can't wait to finally be done with the whole thing and be in our nice new enormous apartment. I feel selfish for feeling this way, but after the hellacious year, I feel like I really deserve this new apartment.

Its also just been chaotic news from everyone. My friend had her IVF treatment fail before they even got to implant any embryos, my other friends little girl got REALLY sick, a few people in our church have family members dying of cancer, my pastor is still in Iraq, a friend on another boards witnessed her parents murder her sister's husband - I just feel very overwhelmed sometimes. I'm trying to avoid listening to the news. It's easier that way and I sleep better. Oh yeah and I missed the story about how this guy's tire blew up on the highway the other day and he missed broadsiding me as he skidded across the highway by about a foot. That was terrifying.. And Greg's muffler fell off yesterday...

So I'm sure you can guess why weight loss is the last thing on my mind right now. I just want to get the move over, and I've decided September 2nd is the day. I want to go back and rejoin weight watchers and do this right. (September 2nd because Sept 1st is Labor Day and WW will be closed) Once we are in the new house a whole TON of stress will be relieved, and I really won't have any excuses to not be commited to doing this right. We'll live in a nice safe neighborhood with lots of quiet streets to walk on, we won't live under the psycho lady from **** anymore, I'll have my own stamping room... and about a million other things. Of course we'll also live all of 200 yards from a homemade ice cream stand... but I CAN HAVE SELF CONTROL. I figure if I walk the LONG way to the ice cream place its about a mile and a half walk, and then I can have some fat free yogurt or something.

Hope you all are well, and sorry for being "missing".

07-09-2003, 04:44 PM
I've had such a roller coaster of emotions today.

We are just on the brink of getting a referral/ assignment for our adoption. That's the event by which we're supposed to have our weight down. Someone who went on the waiting list just 8 days before us just got their referral. News of this made me dance around the house, all excited. I've got the phone with me wherever I go.

Then, I got an email from the Case Worker that asked how we are doing on the weight requirement. She asked us to have our doctor fax a document with our current weight when we each hit our goals. So, I'm wondering if they are just putting our file aside until they get that stinking letter.

That's the impression I got from the very beginning, but I've sort of talked myself into thinking they might let it slide if they know we are on our way to getting it done.

At any rate, I feel more pressure than ever to get this weight off. Thankfully, Atkins is making it happen very fast.

Phew. This is crazy.

Goddess Jessica
07-09-2003, 05:20 PM
Angi! We are so proud of you. Hang in there!

I love summer. But right now, I've just been stressed.

We took our dogs to be kenneled last weekend, and they came back worse for wear. Our youngest had a scraped up nose and our oldest has a terrible case of diarrhea! So, I have to take her to the vet today. My dogs are like my kids!

Then, we're throwing as house warming party this weekend, and my house has to be spotless. Every night, I've been cleaning but it seems just to go from one room to another. Plus, I have a menu to plan and secretly, I'm worried no one will show up!

Finally, we're going back east for a week at the end of July. Already, the guilt trips are starting from my family. Each side (they're divorced) wants to know exactly how much time I'm spending with the other side. Then, I have to fit in all my old friends (and those are the people I really want to hang out with).

And yes, dieting has gone on the back burner. I've gained and I'm not proud.

07-10-2003, 10:20 PM
yeah, it's hot. well.. in davis. over 100 every day. but in santa rosa, i have to wear my sweatshirt at night. weird.

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!! a great job, i'm pretty sure. as long as it's everything i want it to be. i start monday, and i'll let you guys know after that. (or if you keep tabs on http://gonzostar.diaryland.com i might make a post in there. and right now, there's a link to the company website, too!)

we're waiting for david to get a job now, so we can move out. we need it SOON. we're going crazy at his parent's house. C-R-A-Z-Y.

i can't post or check much from david's parents house. SLOW SLOW SLOW and i feel bad even being on there to check my email. but i'm home for tonight, and friday and saturday so i'll try to semi-catch up.

Originally posted by muelledk
School is finally wrapping up and that seems to be all I can think about and focus on. (Holly, how did you handle the end of it?).

handle the end of it? um... i bit my nails a lot, cried a lot, and just waited for it to over.

Originally posted by muelledk
Holly, by the way, you look fab!!! You are an inspiration to me!

:blush: thank you. =) i gained a little this week and i just ate some oreos so i'm not feeling like an inspiration, but i am trying to acknowledge that i've come a long ways. i'm just keeping the long journey in front of me on my mind too.

Originally posted by suzie76
try Ross for bathing suits-I found three plus sized suits there last year for under $20 each!!

SAPF ----- i agree, that's where i found my suit this summer, after like 9345894 stores.

angi ----- good luck. i hope they realize how much you've lost. how is dan doing in that department?

bethanne ----- hope you feel better soon. i always love moving into a new place, you can get all clean and organized. i can't wait till we get to do the same!

jenelle and denise --- WOW... try not to melt k?

ok... think that's all for now. dinnertime. no... more... oreos....

07-11-2003, 02:39 AM
Howdy Everyone~
(1st of all Congratulations on your job, Holly!!!!! Whooohooo!!! You are such an inspiration, really. Everyone here is like "whoa, Holly! go Holly!" No lie!)
Well, I'm keeping it together. I'm kind of having some "issues" right now... they're the same reoccuring ones, but some day I'll be stronger than they are. (See my rant thread if you're curious.)
Other than that, just working (I have a job at the local flowershop and I'm applying at the movie theater tomorrow.) babysitting, and hanging out with friends. The usual. This weekend, I'm leaving for a few days to go to Green Bay and visit my sisters! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D After that, I'm going to Marquette, MI to the Hiawatha Music Festival (Bluegrass, Old Time Country.... my friend's dad is taking us and he's really into it.) But have no fear, I'll still be around. :) lol.
Have a GREAT weekend everyone. Always~ Apryl

07-11-2003, 01:55 PM
BA, sorry to hear that life has been crazy for you lately. so much has been going on with you. I hope you can put some of your own needs first once things get settled down a bit. Best wishes always.

Inca's Momma
07-11-2003, 03:02 PM
LOL Jessica ...your post about your dogs made me laugh. I took my 2 dals to be boarded over Christmas at this new (VERY EXPENSIVE......GRRRR) kennel. When I came back my youngest had scratch marks all over her face and legs, and they both looked like they had been given sleeping pills, they were dopey for about 24 hours. I called the kennel owner the next day and raised holy **** and finally they gave me my money back. I guess they were afraid of the ranting B%^ch.

07-11-2003, 04:59 PM
Hello all,

I have not posted much these last few weeks. I am doing good. I am going to a wedding this weekend with my new man. He is a great guy. He loves the kids and loves me. My ex is up to his old tricks. He is trying to control me by not seeing the kids thinking I will not do anything because I have the kids. We also had court on Wednesday for child support. He is not happy with the outcome of that. He was found in contempt of court and was sentenced to 180 days for my case and 180 days for his other daughters case all of it suspended as long as he follows certain stipulations (sp). I for see him going to jail in the near future. I have not weighed in for about 2 weeks right now because I have been busy with things. I will know more on Tuesday when I will weigh in. I feel good but I am not sure how I am actually doing right now. I am doing a little more exersice and eating better. I guess I will try to post some more this weekend.

07-13-2003, 12:34 AM
Hi all,

I'm glad I'm not the only one that hasn't been doing well these past few days! Last week, my husbands grandmother died and with that being stressfull enough, my m-i-l has been treating me like dirt. Just what I need right now! She is blaming me for everything. I mean, my daughter gets a bug bite at the sitters and it's my fault. I don't allow my kids to drink gallons of milk a day, and I'm a bad mother. I don't spend hundreds of dollars (that I don't have) on my husband, I'm a bad wife. I just don't get her at all. I do all i can to make her like me and she still treats me like s*@t!

Then, I got a job. Good thin right? NOT I don't know why, but it just donsn't feel right. I feel bad for saying that, but it is how I feel and I don't know what to do. I have working for a direct sales company for a little while and LOVE it. But it has been kinda slow starting. But I then got a job at Rentway and at first was excited. But about an hour after I was told I have the job, I started not wanting it. I mean the pay isn't great and they want me to work on Sat. I know, that because I need money, I shouldn't be picky, but this job just doesn't feel right. It's hard to describe. Just something telling me to just call and tell them I shouldn't take the job.

Then there is this weekend. I have not had a chance to breath all weekend and it's not going to stop. When I get off here, I have to get some sleep, because I have to clean my house tomorrow, early morning, because I'm having a b-day party for my daughters. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

I just want it to be all over. But then at a meeting today, I found out that my husband might be able to get a 2 week leave to come home. As bad as this sounds, I don't want him to come home for 2 weeks. I mean, I would love to see him, but I think it would just be to emotionaly hard for the girls and I to have him home for 2 weeks and then send him away again. They also told us that it is very possible that they may keep him there for 2 years instead of one.

Ok, I have vented. All this on my shoulders has made my eating very bad!!! But I don't even feel like getting into that. (and that is what I should be getting into!)

Thanks for letting me vent!


07-13-2003, 05:55 PM
boy, we all have our tough lives don't we? it's such a support group -- strong ladies and men working on their own troubled lives while helping each other. i mean, i think my life kinda fell apart a few weeks ago, and hearing about people going through it all, WITH KIDS, was a reality check. and it might be slow and frustrating, but things are getting better. they are.

the specifics is that i start my new job tomorrow, and the new car will be getting me there. david sent out a TON of resumes on thursday, i'm hoping he gets some calls tomorrow. we're doing all that we can.

i'm trying to keep weightloss in mind. i sort of freaked on friday after the 2lb gain and went all diet **** on david. i refused to eat pasta, bread, rice, basically anything with any fat or lots of calories in it. i had salad. but then i got my bearings again, and have been making good choices. today for lunch i had a bean and ground turkey burrito with fat free cheese on a wheat tortilla.

exercise: well, friday i ran 3 miles in 42 minutes. i think it was part of the freak out. yesterday i spent all day on the boat, i went tubing and that worked some muscles. and today i will go for a run outside after my burrito settles.

so, things are ok. not fabulous, but moving forward. hope you guys are doing better too.

07-13-2003, 09:42 PM
Hi all!! Seems like I haven't been on very much this week. I have been reading, but not much time to post.

I am doing ok. Tomorrow I will once again face the scale. Hubby and I are starting the ZONE diet tomorrow. 40% carb, 30% protein and 30% fat. It sounds like a great program and the end results are supposed to be not only weight loss and a fired up metabolism but massive energy. The down side. This is one complicated diet. Meal planning is time-consuming, getting it just right. We will give it a go and see if the results are worth the effort.

Other than that life is good. No complaints.

Holly - Congrats on the job!!!! And the car!! I'm glad to see that things are on the way back up. I'll cross my fingers for David!

bella23 I can only imagine how hard it must be with him away. Don't feel bad about having reservations about him coming home. It must be sooo hard. But I think the 2 weeks would do you some good. Focus on the good in the situation. As far as the job goes, only you know what's right for you.

icewoman Congrats on the new man - sorry about the ex!

aprylcadabra I hope your weekend went well!! I never responded to your rant post. I kept reading it over and over and wanted time to say just the right thing. Just want to you to know that if she is a true friend, she'll com back. Just give her time. And you mom, well, sometimes all we can do is love and leave it at that. I'm pretty impressed with how you are doing in the points challenge! You go girl!! :D

Goddess Jessica How did your party go?? Sorry to hear about your pups! Hope they are feeling better!

AngiKL It is so hard to believe how they are pushing this whole weight requirement. Blows my mind. I know you can do it. Just hang in there!!! You be a mommy someday soon!!!

BA99TJ Just want to give (((HUGS))) and hope that things calm down for you soon.

SuchAPrettyFace How's the gym? How did your garage sale go??

muelledk I can understand being a little unsure about the future. But if your past is any indication, I think you'll do just fine. It's great that substitutes are in such a high demand. That's how my sil got her full time teaching gig. Good luck!! 116 degrees!! dry heat or not, I just melt even hearing about it!!

Jennelle How are ya??

Have a great week!! Wish me luck with the zone!! i really hope it doesn't prove to be too complicated!!! :D :D

07-14-2003, 12:07 AM
Good luck on the Zone, Sandi. Where I live, they have people who will cook Zone meals and deliver them to you. Don't know what the cost is, but wouldn't that be great!

I had a small birthday party for my dad who turned 87 yesterday. My sister, whom I hadn't seen since December came, as did my half-sister--hadn't seen her since December either. Neither of them said anything about my weight loss. I've lost 47 lbs., down four sizes, and nobody has said a word--boy, do I feel like chopped liver! I know, I know--I shouldn't think like that, but it gets to me. Will they notice when I reach my goal of 100 lbs?

Caught a summer cold, too, so I'm feeling yucky and cranky. You're only supposed to get colds in the winter when it's okay to stay in bed all day with a box of Kleenex.

07-14-2003, 12:51 AM
Sheila - 47 pounds? I guarantee THEY NOTICED! No idea why they didn't say anything, and that can be a bummer. I get cranky when people don't notice a 15 pound loss.

You have lost A LOT OF WEIGHT! Wow! I'm proud of you!

07-14-2003, 12:13 PM
Hi all, I hope that everyone had a good weekend. I certainly did, although now I am going to have one hectic week!! The dh and I got a sitter and went out with some friends on Friday night, spent Saturday at home just hanging out and having a generally good time, the boys enjoyed having mom and dad around without too much to do, and yesterday was spent preparing for Mark's birthday party. They sure grow up fast. It is hard for me to imagine that he is already 6 and going into 1st grade! Anyway, we watched movies this weekend and loved The Recruit (Colin Farrell is a cutie-putie) and hated Punch Drunk Love (couldn't even watch more than the first half hour, and I never turn off movies). Still hot and miserable out, but the monsoons are supposed to be starting some time this week, so that should cool things off a bit.

BA, boy, it sure seems like things have been really crazy for you. Moving into a new place is always such a cleansing experience. You can start over with a new attitude in new surroundings.

Bella, I am sure that it is hard on the girls to only have daddy so far away and for such short periods. Isn't your dh in the reserves? In the world we are in today, I do not envy your position as a military wife. The job issue, don't give up. If you need this job for the money, take it, but try to keep a good attitude, and don't quit looking for that perfect fit job. I'm sure that it is out there and you will find it soon. Keep your chin up.

Holly, Congratulations on your new job! How did your first day go. I'm sure that it will be as exciting as you expect. Good luck!

Sheila, I'm sure that they noticed. They had to. I have been known to say something when people don't acknowledge a loss of 10 pounds.

Sandi, let me know how the zone works for you. I've been considering trying it, but with my picky husband, and my love for carbs, I wasn't sure if I could do it.

07-14-2003, 01:08 PM
The zone...lasted for about 5 minutes. Actually, I had been preparing for it for days. Read the book, starting planning menu's and last night when it came to plan today's menu DH and I decided that any diet that needed this much "careful" planning, we would not stick to. One event and it would be all over. So this morning, we took our breakfast and lunch and we will count calories. I know this works and I have to do something that I will stick to.

muelledk Glad you had such a great weekend. I LOVE Colin Farrell and never had any desire to see Punch-drunk love. The carb thing is why I don't think we could ever do the atkins. And since you can't have fruit and we don't like Veggies, it would be meat, eggs and cheese. Not very good for me I don't think!!

Sheila53 If they delivered the meals to me, they might have veggies! YUCK!! :D :D I am also sure that your family noticed, can't imagine why they didn't make over you!! That's ok, come here and we make over you! "WOW!! SHEILA, your getting so skinny, I almost missed you!!"

07-14-2003, 05:35 PM
hi guys! i'm checking in, at work. i posted an update about me in that thread about me, so i won't type it up again. you guys are so great.

07-14-2003, 10:24 PM
Hi all,

Well I'm in a better frame of mind. I still am having problems with the husband thing, but that will be a long time before it's resolved. My daughter just (yesterday) turned 5 and I can't believe it! My baby, all grown up, lol.

My sister is staying with me for the next couple weeks. It's nice to have the help around the house. She loves the girls and they love her!

I just got the new atkins book and am going to read it tonight. I have a bunch of friends on it and hearing it here as well has made me want to start loosing again!

Well I know it's short, but i have two kiddies to put to sleep and I must get some as well!

Have a good one all,

Goddess Jessica
07-15-2003, 03:15 PM
Hey girlies!

Life has been pretty good lately. I got my raise at work. My house is clean. My boyfriend is still cute and I was OP all day yesterday. Woo hoo!

My knees have been bothering me a bit since I've been taking this sailing class. I squat on a boat for about 3 hours and it's not been kind to my knees. I've started taking glucosamine today to see if it will help.

My house warming party was a HUGE success. I had about 35 people show up. The food was devoured, we all got drunk. It was very fun. And I got some cool presents. I forgot that people give presents at a house warming! :)

My dogs are still sick. Actually one got better and the other got sick. I think it was too many people feeding them at the party (myself included)!

Sandi - I love the Zone diet. It's probably my favorite diet in the whole world because it makes so much sense and it's filling! May I suggest using fitday.com to help you out with the numbers. If you're not sure if a meal has the right combination, pull up a blank day, put in the meal and it calculates everything for you at the top of the page. Very handy when you have a math phobia like me. :) It's also great because at the end of the day you can see how well you've done. I also love the zone bars. But be careful, it's easy to overeat those suckers. I used them as a dessert (especially the fudge graham bar) and we buy ours at Costco in bulk.

Bella - Happy Birthday to your daughter! Did you do something fun?

07-15-2003, 07:52 PM
We did not yet have the garage sale, it will be taking place this coming weekend. It was hard to let go of some of those clothes. The one thing I'm holding onto is my 26/28 black sweatshirt from Lane Bryant w/the big VNZ on the front. My friend would like to burn it & made me promise to get rid of it when I fit into a size 18.

Thanks for the swimsuit advice, guys, but I got a funny story for you about that.

I had in my closet 4 Roughnecks full of clothes. Summer clothes, winter clothes, sizes 18/20 - 26/28. So my friend & I went thru & I tried on. I've got a big mountainous pile of clothes that were too tight, out of style now, just plain fugly, etc. BUT one thing that I did find was a size 22 swimsuit.--2 days after I broke down & bought one @ WalMart. How's that for karma? :lol: Also, I am fitting into some of the 18/20 stuff. :dance:

I should make a good $20-$30 on this sale, so that money I will set aside for new clothes for next spring. I should be able to make do w/what I've got for the winter, adding 5 pieces or so as the fall stuff comes into the stores.

Jessica: Hope your knees are feeling better! I'm sorry your dogs were/are sick, that is soooo frustrating, b/c they can't tell you, "Hey Mom, my tummy hurts", or whatever. What kinda loot didja get @ your party?

Bella: Hopefully you will get the hubby stuff figured out. Being in a military family is hard. How did you celebrate your daughters birthdays? Did you take the new job? How is that going?

Denise: Is your week as hectic as you thought it would be? How was Mark's party?

Sheila: I hate when people don't notice. I'm thinking of my Primary Care Physician right now. Grrrrrr.

Sandi: Haven't been to the gym yet, surprise, surprise. :joker: I think I'm going to take a personal/vacation day next week to get acquainted w/it, b/c they didn't really show me around or anything, just took my $ & that was it. I want to have a personal trainer show me the right way to lift things, which exercises to do for what problem area, etc. Like I said, we didn't have the sale yet, I'm anticipating good things.

Holly: Congrats on the new job!

Tamara: Good to hear from you.

Apryl: How was your trip to Green Bay? Are they done renovating Lambeau yet?

Angi: You're getting closer & closer to being a Mommy. How exciting!

BA: Congrats on the new place. Sorry to hear about the accident. *hugs* We're here if you need us.

Where the heck did Jennelle go? :lol:

07-16-2003, 08:43 AM
Someone asked about Dan (my husband) and how he's doing with his adoption goal. Well, he's just a couple of pounds away. We were told last week by the adoption agency that "close" is OK. So, Dan is going to the doctor today for his official weigh-in and then the doc will fax the agency.

I'm totally going off Atkins when I reach my adoption goal. It's making me sick again (just general malaise, nausea and other negative things that make you spend a lot of time in the bathroom). It's not affecting Dan this way - so it's just something about me I guess. Dan keeps teasing me that I have morning sickness since this is all about getting a baby.

So, Sandi, I hear you about not wanting to do a diet that's too complicated. And since there's some interest in Atkins on the board, I want to say that if you can do it (I'm so sick of the food - I have to make myself eat a little something twice a day) it's a great way to lose fast. But, for me, this is not a lifetime plan. It's not teaching me how to eat real food and survive social situations and be healthy the rest of my life. It's just a means to an end.

And, I've never had motivation this important before - not even for my wedding. I knew I could get married whether I lost weight or not! (BTW, I am now wearing clothes I wore when we were first married. That's the good news. The bad news is that my wedding pictures are starting to look FAT to me as I get skinnier than Angi-the-bride.)

07-17-2003, 09:46 AM
Yesterday was a pretty good day. Instead of taking the Metro directly to my building, I got off one stop early and walked the extra few blocks. I walked up the Metro stairs instead of taking the escalator (down is too hard on my knees, though). I took a break at work and walked our building for 20 minutes, starting on the third floor and taking the stairs up one flight, then walking the hallway, then up one flight, then walking the hallway. That helps keep my heartrate up. Then when I got home I cleared out the brushpile next to our compost heap.

By the time I got home, I was pretty ravenous, so I ate a banana. And since Gem wanted fruit,too, we ate fruit. By that I mean I peeled her a tangerine and she threw a fit. She wanted to peel it herself. So I ate the tangerine I had peeled and gave her one of her own to peel and eat. I made a piece of toast and gave her a quarter of it while I ate the rest. But while I was in the kitchen, she had grabbed a peach from the fruit bowl and by the time I got back to the table she had eaten a couple big chunks out of it, then lost interest. So I ended up eating the rest of the peach. And the leftover half of HER tangerine.

Hey, at least it was fruit. /chuckle

Then we went to the backyard and visited the tomato jungle. They're coming along nicely. It's the only thing this soil seems to like to grow other than weeds. Gem played in the sandbox while I cleared the brushpile. By the time I was finished, I needed to sit down!

By the time I got her out of the tub and went through her bedtime ritual (teeth, story, song), I was pretty hungry again. I had known I would need more food than toast and fruit, but I hadn't wanted to eat too much before going out in the garden in the Maryland heat. So I had a few bites of steak and some mashed potatoes left over from taking my cousin to dinner last night. I added it to my FitDay totals, and found I had enough calories left for a beer. Yum.

I get really irritable when I'm hungry. I'm like to snap someone's head off. I had no patience for Gem and her new bedtime tantrums. I really need to keep that in mind, especially on Wednesdays, when Hunter (DH) works late.

(Note: All names are pseudonyms. I avoid using my or my family's real names online. Paranoia? Naw. Common sense. And now it's habit. /chuckle)

Finally got my scale to quite hiccuping. Sometimes it gets weird over 300 pounds. This is the heaviest I've ever been, so I've been avoiding it like the plague. But after three registers of the same amount, I finally know my weight is 310. Now I have a starting place. I usually weigh at the beginning of the week.

I have no specific food plan right now. I'm trying to eat less sugar and snacks and more fruits and veggies. I'm aiming for 2000-2500 calories a day. To maintain the weight I'm at takes a little over 3000 calories, so I figure even 2500 calories a day will start the process moving. And I don't want to lose too fast because that usually means I'll burnout and gain it all back plus some. In addition, we're hoping to get pregnant again, so I don't want to be doing drastic things to my body right now. Slow and steady wins the race.

07-17-2003, 10:58 AM
Well, I have successfully completed ONE day On Program. I'm planning to spend the rest of my life on program. No more cheating. I know when I follow this, that I do SUCCEED. I'm not weighing in either until I hit the WW scale. :) But I'm planning on a BIG loss this week. I'm making myself a good groovey exercise CD so that I can have fun working out and I'm going to go to the track tonight and ride my bike until I get too tired to press on. I need the stress relief to be honest. I also need new batteries for my bike computer :( hopefully I can figure that out somehow. Greg (DH) goes to play volleyball tonight, and I could play with him, but I'd rather just do my own thing for a while tonight. Me time. :) That and something that will probably make you laugh - our gas grill is in desperate need of new lava rocks. We bought them - and I want to put them in the grill. :) so I want to beat Greg to the task. hee hee. :yes:

I woke up with a headache and my shoulder hurts. BUT, I'm still at work and ready to go, so yay for me. I really need a massage. Maybe that'll be a present to myself when I hit my 10%. :) I'm all about the rewards!!!

I drank so much water yesterday I was afraid I'd float away. But I feel so well hydrated and its amazing how not being dehydrated can just improve your entire mood. Granted, you also wake up at 4am with a screaming bladder, but that's ok. ;)

Other than that I'm feeling empowered :strong: by this demanding excellence from myself idea. AND just as a side note - go buy the August 2003 O magazine - its phenomenal and all about Weight Loss and self image - my friend lent it to me but I'm going to go buy my own copy. It's worth the 3.50!!

hope you all have a great day - and remember that when you take care of yourself, you will have more energy to take care of others too :)

07-17-2003, 11:32 AM
ok so why is there a little hard boiled egg next to my "profile" etc buttons?? that's just amuzing.

07-17-2003, 11:37 AM
Angie - You are doing SO Great. I hope that once you get to your goal you can find a plan that works for you and doesn't leave you feeling so gross. But kudos to you and hubby for working so hard towards your goals!!!!

Synger - that is AWESOME the way you worked in exercise at work!! I need to start bringing sneaks and socks to work for days I wear shoes that aren't good for exercising - but the stairs then floor idea is great - I am going to try it myself!! sounds like you are on your way to success!!

SAPF - I hope the sale is successful - and it must be SO thrilling to fit into smaller sizes!!!

Goddess Jessica - are your doggies feeling better?? I'm glad your party was such a hit!!

Well I should probably get some work done. TTFN!

07-17-2003, 12:27 PM
My little egg thingy next to "profile" has a yolk in it and yours doesn't. What the heck is that all about?

07-17-2003, 12:37 PM
I think that the yolk shows when you are online. At least that is what I think it means!

Well, my week has been crazy, and only to get worse. The birthday party is next Monday and my parents come in on Saturday. I'm really wrapping up the summer, as I start student teaching on Wednesday. OK, it is only teacher's meetings for the first week, but it is full time and I haven't done anything full time for a while. I'll see how it goes!
I'd like any of the other mom's opinions here: I've decided to move the boys (3 & 6) into one room. I am tired of the toys being all over the place, and without a basement, we really didn't have one place to keep them (at least one with a door, we do have a itty bitty office right now that houses the toys) and I thought I'd make Drew's room a toy room. I'm feeling kind of guilty for doing it, because I'm taking away thier own space and making them share. Right now they are pretty excited about it, but I just wonder if it is the newness. I do not plan on this being a permanent move, just for a few years until they outgrow some of the great big toys (train table, hobby horse, etc). I'd like to know what you mom's think, or the opinion of anyone who had to share a room growing up. Am I making a smart move, or is my DH right that it is only going to make the boys hate each other?

07-17-2003, 12:44 PM
I loved rooming with my sister. We had a blast and got along quite well (we're 4 years apart.) then it was like this huge deal when I finally got my "own" space when I turned 13... at that point we were both ready for our own rooms. I think that "bunking up" made us closer.. but that's just my opinion!

07-17-2003, 12:45 PM
ooo my yolk is back so yeah I think that means the person is online.

Goddess Jessica
07-17-2003, 07:28 PM
You guys and your yolks. :) :chicken:

BA - I totally agree with you on hydration. I drink a ton of water during the week but weekends I never get enough and I'll have a raging headache. I always, "Pretend" to take a asprin when really I just gulp down a glass of water and ta da! no more headache. Sheesh. Sometimes our bodies are so funny.

SPF - I got some really nice loot! Plants, candles and such but also colored vases, a crystal candle holder, an orchid, and a big gift certificate from the office to Crate & Barrel. Woo hoo!

The doggies are doing better. Keiko went to the vet yesterday and now he's doing great. I'm leaving to go to Cincinnati in less than week, so I want the healthy and happy before I leave them alone. :) We decided to go back to the petsitter instead of the kennel.

I need to go to the beach this weekend! I haven't been all summer!

07-17-2003, 07:43 PM

I have all 3 of my boys in one room (they're 4,5, and 7), even though we have a 5 bedroom house. I try not to keep many toys in there, I keep the toys in the den. I figure that since they're just sleeping in there anyway, they don't need too much space to themselves. They still love sharing a room. I've been talking to my 7 year old about having his own room when my oldest daughter turns 18 and moves out in September. He keeps telling me that he doesn't want his own room.

I think it's totally normal for them to fight and argue with each other and they'd do that whether they shared a room or not. My boys are all really close and it doesn't seem to bother them at all.

I agree though that when they get older they do more of their own private space.

Just my two cents worth. I'm sure that whatever you decide will be the right thing.

07-18-2003, 12:04 AM
Well I tried to start Atkins today, and it didn't work. I did ok till we went to a local fair and then my oldest got stung by a bee. I then , not even thinking, got a soda and gulped it down. I then felt bad and got a water to follow it. Not much help, on the way home we stopped to get the girls an ice cream cone and i got one as well, then ended up munching on some twizzlers.

Well I'll do better tomorrow.

07-18-2003, 10:30 AM
As I've said before, I'm easing into this by aiming for 2000-2500 calories a day. Yesterday was close to the max. I figured whipped sweet potatoes would be good -- beta carotene, fiber -- but since it was from the cafeteria, I had no idea how much sugar/butter they used. So I tried to be as honest as possible, and picked the "sweet potato casserole" from the FitDay database. Wow! More than I had expected. But the collard greens were wonderful, and low-fat. For dinner, I had expected to eat a leftover roasted chicken leg, but it had already disappeared, so I had a leftover Popeye's fried chicken breast. Then I really wanted a beer. But I chose orange juice instead. So much more nutrition for about the same amount of calories.

We got our new gardening tools delivered yesterday. I ordered a gutter rake to help us clean the leaves out of the gutters. It telescopes. Hunter is SO afraid of heights that we haven't cleaned the darn gutters since we moved in two years ago. No more excuses. Plus, I got a goose-neck hoe that might not hurt my back so much when weeding. In the really thick weeds, it's still about as hard to use as a regular hoe. But where we've been good about weeding regularly and we're only needing to maintain it, it was a lot easier. Then, we got the hand-held circle hoe, which I've been anticipating with great excitement. I had originally wanted a long circle hoe, but decided on the hand-held to start. It is perfect for weeding closely around plants without hurting their roots. So now I can get right up next to our tomatoes, strawberries, and the flowers in my butterfly garden without worrying about cutting off the plants I want to keep. It's really nice!

Trying to garden in 86+ humid Maryland evenings, with swarms of gnats around my head, is not always a fun thing. But I gotta keep up with it or we get overrun. Lately, I've been putting on my swimming suit under my gardening clothes, then jumping into the pool afterward. Very nice! (We've an above-ground pool.)

This morning was a challenge. On Fridays I take a break from my usual granola bar and coffee breakfast and stop at Au Bon Pain for a toasted bagel and fresh orange juice. Or I go to the cafeteria for biscuits and sausage gravy (no more!). It was hard to walk past the racks of Krispy Kreme doughnuts (I LOVE the custard-filled ones) and Au Bon Pain pastries. I used to buy one for my mid-morning snack. This morning I bought an apple instead. I may need to rethink my Friday morning breakfast. That's a lot of temptation. Might be better to just avoid it altogether.

Well, of course when I got to my desk and opened FitDay to enter my breakfast, I wasn't sure what the closest equivalent was to an Asiago Cheese Bagel. So I went to Au Bon Pain's site and found the nutrition info. Almost 400 calories for that bagel!! The sundried tomato cream cheese isn't too bad, 'cause it's low fat. I think it's gonna be a soup and salad day for lunch. The cafeteria is having Beef and Veggie soup. Yum! And gamers are coming over tonight so I need to plan a healthy dinner and snacks. Maybe I can get them to eat up the rest of the horseradish cheese dip so I don't. /grin Let's see... what else in my refrigerator needs to be eaten up so I'm not tempted....?

07-18-2003, 12:11 PM
I too am having a pretty good day. I'm starting to stress because my brother is getting married this weekend. I think I wasn't thinking ahead when I signed up for WW this week - because tonight is the bachelorette party, tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner at a chinese buffet, and sunday is the wedding "feast". ACK! But I'm going to do this - I am SO determined, and how good will I feel getting through this weekend AND seeing a loss on Tuesday? I just try to keep that at the forefront of my mind.

Jessica - I'm so glad the doggies are better!! They really become like your kids, don't they.

Bella - I'm SO sorry about your daughter! I hope you can have a less stressful day today so you can get right on plan :)

Synger - the garden tools sound like fun! I wish I had more time to garden. hopefully at our new place. Sounds like you have a good plan for today, here's to sticking to plan!!

07-18-2003, 12:52 PM
Beth Anne: Here's my strategy for buffets:

Eat soup first and eat it while others are getting their plates (then you won't be ravenous when you hit the buffet proper)
Lean meat (most buffets, even Chinese-style, have roasted meats)
Splurge on fruit and veggies (especially at Chinese buffets, the veggies should be really good)
Take only a little bit (Tell yourself you can always come back for more. Then don't.)
Don't even think about desert until half an hour after you've started eating. (that gives your body time to tell you its full)
Enjoy the company. That's why you're there in the first place!

As for the other parties, think about the hints that help you during the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday time. Eat a snack before you go to the party so you're not too hungry. Make good food choices when they're available. If you eat something that's fattening and rich, savor each mouthful fully -- that way you may only need one.

Have a great time!

Goddess Jessica
07-18-2003, 01:44 PM
Yesterday, I actually maintained my calories (around 1500) AND I had a smore. :D At the end of the night, I could hardly believe it!

BA - My puppies are so much like my kids. I'm so glad it's not something serious! Whew! My oldest is bad to his devilish self. I went out to clean out the car and when I came back the living room was covered in the contents of the garbage! I was like, "Don't you realize this is WHY your stomach hurts? You silly dog!" He just looked at my guiltily with egg shells stuck to his face. :)

My weekend is dedicated to getting ready for my trip to Cincinnati next week. I'm going "home" for the first time in more than a year. I'm a little excited because it's a week away from work, I'm not excited because whenever I come home, my families fight over custody of me for the short period that I'm there. My mom and my step-mom do not get along.... and they tend to use guilt as a weapon! Sigh!!!

Anyway, I have pools at both houses, so I can't wait to spend the entire time in the swimming pool! Woo hoo! And as long as they don't try to force food down my throat, I'm hoping to lose some more weight. I guess we'll see!

07-18-2003, 03:02 PM
Synger - thanks SO Much for the strategy tips!! I really appreciate it!!

I'm very excited because the chinese "Buffet" has a normal buffet, but also has a "pick your poison and we cook it" section where basically you pick your protein, veggies, toppings, condiments, oil, etc and they stir fry it for you. I plan to have some form of seafood or chicken, and TONS of veggies. So I'm hoping to avoid the normal buffet all together, although I might save up a few points so I can have a crab rangoon which is my FAVORITE chinese treat.

As far as tonight goes, we're not going for dinner, just dessert. My game plan is to not drink (I can't because I'm on Paxil), and to have a forkful of whatever my sister is having (yay!) and to bring some light microwave popcorn to munch on during "hang out" time. We're going to a restaurant, and then back to a hotel to swim, open presents, hang out, and sleep. Should be fun.

The wedding has 2 meal choices, and we got both. So I figure which ever one looks better as far as lower in points I'll eat, and make my hubby eat the other one. I'm also going to only eat HALF of everything on my plate (except the veggies) and then stop eating. And I'll allow myself one slice, 3 fingers wide, of wedding cake, because its not every day your only brother gets married. I've also found that munching on a cupful of carrots and 2 tbsp of fat free ranch dressing as a snack is INCREDIBLY filling, and only counts as 1 point on my plan. So I'll be having that tomorrow and Sunday.

So now you guys know the plan so you can grill me on my success on Monday. I'm just happy because my sister and my hubby and my mom and dad all know I'm on weight watchers and trying to be good, so knowing they will be watching me will help me to not "Cheat".

And I'm looking forward to all the cheering and clapping at my Weight Watchers meeting when I announce that "I lost ___ lbs AND had a bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and wedding this weekend!!" I want that to be a PROUD moment.

NO MORE EXCUSES. That's what I've decided.

Synger - how was your soup lunch?

Jessica - have a GREAT weekend, your vacation sounds LOVELY. My Coda is my "little girl".. I heard someone have a cool name for your fur children, but now I can't remember what it is :)

07-18-2003, 03:23 PM
Ah, I ditched the idea of beef/veggie soup when I saw they had Cajun Lentil soup. /grin It was VERY thick. More like stew. And a bit too salty for me, though very flavorful. I only ate about half a cup, but counted it as one cup of lentil soup on FitDay because it was so thick.

My salad today consisted of beets, marinated mushrooms, and a marinated zuchinni/yellow squash/red pepper thing. Yum! In the database I counted the veggies by their lonesomes, then added a tablespoon of vinagrette for the dressing.

I found that, by eating slowly and trying to savor my food (in this case, trying to figure out which seasonings they used in the soup), I didn't eat much of the cornbread at all. It's thin cornbread, but the servings is a 5x5 square. I ate only a few bites.

I still have the apple from this morning for a snack before going home. I found that with the big bagel this morning, I wasn't hungry enough for a snack this morning. In fact, I didn't eat lunch until 1.

My walk, though, was rather disappointing. I think I'm doing a bit too much. My right leg started aching after five minutes walking the halls, so I slowed my pace a bit. I'm stretching my calves as I go, but it wasn't enough today. So instead of 25 minutes I only did 15.

I think I did too much bouncing in the pool with Gem yesterday, and that's what's affecting my calves today. I hold her under the arms, facing me out from my body, sing the Hokey Pokey, and dance her up and down and side to side while I hop around in a circle. She loves it. As soon as I got into the pool she wanted to get away from Daddy and come to me. She kept saying "Pokey, Mommy! Pokey!!" I think I bounced for ten minutes straight. In the pool, I don't notice the leg/foot strains. Just her smile. /grin

07-18-2003, 03:35 PM
oh yeah I forgot my fun story of yesterday.

So I went to Walmart to purchase my own copy of the Oprah magazine (They didn't have any) and noticed an ENORMOUS clearance sale in the clothes. I got a pair of jeans, 2 tank tops, and 2 skirts for $25!!! And let me tell you, I feel GORGEOUS.

The jeans have little pockets in the front, none in the back, with a permanently attached denim/leather string belt. Very flattering cut and fit for me (which NEVER happens.) I got a flirty black and red skirt that hits just below the knee with a ruffle on the bottom. And I got a straight long denim skirt in a size (drum roll please) 20!! wahoo!! The 2 tops are a little tight in the midsection (darn those love handles) but should fit by august no problem, because they are really just BARELY too tight.. and with the 40 side crunches and 100 normal crunches I did last night I'm sure my tummy will shrink.

THEN I met up with my Mom (whos been meandering about) and we got our nails done, me for the first time in about 10 years, for the wedding, and they look great. I feel good, I look good, I got new clothes (which would cheer ANYONE up) and I'm wearing smaller sizes. YAY!

07-18-2003, 04:59 PM
whew, typing up a storm in here!

i went out to lunch with david yesterday, so i didn't get my internet time. it was our anniversary. i ate what i wanted, and i've moved on. i don't do that much, so it's ok.

since i'm on lunch at work, i can't reply to everyone. just wanted to say "hi, nice to meet you" to Synger and a "i swear i'll post more when i finally have an apartment and my computer and all that" to everyone. i miss you guys!

07-18-2003, 08:20 PM
Argh. Feeling down, tired, want to eat!!

Came home ravenous, as usual. Have to clean up for gamers coming over. Hunter helped a while, now is upstairs taking a short nap (he was up til 1 and Gem got up at 7).

Buttered toast, a peach, a string cheese, two glasses of wine. Feeling better, but need some serious protein. But we always eat late. It's already 7:30, and we probably won't eat "dinner" until 8:30 or 9:00 when people come over. It'll probably be chicken or a hamburger patty. Maybe I can sneak in a salad, too.

I have a taste for chocolate right now. I'm tired and want the pickmeup to prepare me for facing people. I know it's gonna be hectic tonight -- we're creating characters for a new game. Our friends are bringing their 6 and 8 year olds. I know I have a box of 100,000 dollar bars in the snack drawer. I'm won't even THINK about eating one until I'm finished with my wine. And by that time, we'll have company and I'll be busy.


I want to take a nap, too! /pout

07-19-2003, 12:08 PM
BA, I have the same red and black skirt you have, lol. I love it!

Well as far as me staying op, i haven't . I have been walking much more then normal!!! I have been on my feet doing something all day every day. The food hasn't been great, but i'll work on that after my sister leaves.

Well I know this is short, but I have a full day planned and it is going to start with a workout video.

I'll come back again,

07-21-2003, 10:24 AM

The bachelorette party was a BLAST. I ate more than I should have but all in all had a LOT more control than I WOULD have had in the past. However, I didn't get much sleep. I stayed over with all of them at the hotel and my sister has the same problems I used to have so she snored a LOT. I slept in snatches. I got up at about 8am and drove to Andover from Burlington to pick up the van. I stopped at walmart to grab jocelyn a bathing suit and pick up a few last minute things we needed.. got home, went to the our friends to drop off Coda and pick up the PA. Got home, realized I hadn't eaten anything, so grabbed a granola bar, then took off again to meet my parents and my aunt, uncle and younger cousins at their hotel to relax. Stopped at Taco Bell to get Greg and Jocelyn some lunch and had a chicken soft taco. (just one!) then went to the hotel and hung out by the pool, did the girls hair in braids so it would be wavy for the wedding, and went to the rehearsal. Then we ate at the chinese place, which was HEAVENLY. Again, I ate more than I should have, but considering I'd barely eaten all day in the long run I don't think I did that badly, and I didn't eat ANYTHING fried, so I felt good about that (Although I did have a piece of cheesecake...)

Yesterday we were up at 8 to get ready to go, we went to mom and dad's hotel and got the girls hair done, went to the wedding place at about 1pm, then had the wedding!! It was great, although the guy who was "playing" DJ did a horrible job. Oh well. Oh yeah I ate a donut for breakfast AND a donut for lunch, but then had nothing else except the wedding meal which was a DELICIOUS 4 oz piece of chicken with grilled summer veggies and a veggie salsa. Very good. I only had one roll and one small piece of wedding cake. And I did dance my pants off once I got a hold of the DJ cd's and gave him a little advice. I figured it was my right since he was using my cd player. ;) After driving Jocelyn home to NH we got in at about 1am.

Just to show how tired I am - I'm actually drinking HOT coffee. I hate hot coffee but I was desperate for some caffeine and the iced coffee in our cafe at work costs a fortune and tastes like crud, so I went for the free hot coffee in the kitchen.

Tonight we have to go to our friends to pick up Coda, and I fully plan on being in bed unconcious by 9pm. My jeep is FULL of stuff too so I have to unload it. *sigh*.