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01-13-2014, 11:17 PM
I'm hoping someone can tell me if I'm doing this right or how to change things if I'm not.
My goal:
Tone everything

Here's what I'm doing now:
1000-1200 calories per day
Breakfast - 4 egg whites, 1/4c broccoli, 1/4c fresh mushrooms, 1/2c turkey sausage - 190 cal
Lunch - usually broth base soup - 200-300 cal
Dinner - I try to keep dinner around 400-500 cal. (I'm trying to find easy, healthy dinner ideas as well) Dinner always includes more veggies than anything else on my plate and some kind of protein.
Usually a piece of fruit or some cheese as a snack once or twice a day

Walk on treadmill (3.5 mph)30 min 5 mornings a week at the gym
Use the strength machines 4-5 mornings a week (I have no set plan for that. Still trying to figure that one out)
Walk on treadmill (3.5 mph) 40 min 4-5 evenings a week

One more thing. I had a mirena IUD placed 6 months ago and almost immediately gained 10 lbs. so I'm working with that as well.

I feel like I am stuck and not losing. I want to feel good and look good as well as be healthy and grow old gracefully!

01-13-2014, 11:57 PM
You are 5'4 and have about 20 pounds to loose. Shoot for slow and steady, half a pound loss per week. Do not go under 1200 a day. I am 5'3 and my BMR is about that much.....if you do ANY activity you will need to eat more. Especially if you plan on building muscle.

Eat high protein (20 to 30%) and strength train to build muscles. Do your cardio, but concentrate on resistance and weights.

Good luck.

01-13-2014, 11:57 PM
Welcome! Remember that everyone's bod is different so it can be best to try something and then adjust! Just be careful with a low calorie intake and a high workout regime- it might seem the best way to lose quick but can sometimes be counter-productive. But, if it works for you, keep going! Just keep in mind you may need more food if you aren't losing :) Good luck!

01-14-2014, 02:48 PM
I know it probably doesn't it feel this way, but you actually don't have that much weight to lose. 20 extra pounds is just kind of a comfy weight for your body…you're happy there, so you won't drop fat by being super restrictive…1000-1200 calories is too restrictive for you.

It doesn't seem like you're eating enough. Here's what I would do:

1) Make sure you're getting enough water in.
2) Keep an eye on your sodium (I would try and stay around 1500mg)
3) Increase your calories by about 10% each week until you are eating your BMR - and then stay there for about a month before manipulating the numbers any more.
4) Try not to backload your calories. If you want to eat three meals a day and hit 1200 calories total try and go 400 at breakfast, 400 at lunch, 400 at dinner, (as best as you can, of course).