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01-11-2014, 09:13 AM
Good morning and is everyone still in bed?:lol:

I've been up for a bit and perusing the recipes. I've tried a few new ones in the last couple weeks and am looking for more. I don't get over to Kayln's Kitchen enough so I am definitely visiting today. One recipe that is now firmly in my rotation is those cheesecakes!!

Up until a few days ago I thought I was spending my weekend doing the 9 hour round trip to get DS1 back to school but I am off the hook as he found a buddy going back at the same time. Yeah! I will gladly chip in gas money in order to not be the driver.

Today looks to be 40-ish and raining so perhaps some of the ice from the Christmas storm will finally melt before the next deep freeze.

Today's agenda is the normal Saturday stuff: laundry, food shopping, cleaning, get those darned boxes of decorations into the attic...I may also sneak in some book-reading time.

Anyone need some coffee to get going?:coffee:

01-11-2014, 09:19 AM
Good morning Beth, and thanks for the start up! I just had those cheesecakes for breakfast (they're awesome when I'm too lazy to make anything!), you are enjoying them then? Good grief, 9 hours round trip...that's dedication!

I take off for work in about 20 minutes. There's the annual farm show down in Harrisburg, DH is interested in going afterwards. I'm just hoping to have something healthy to eat.

I'm a bit blah today, but this strong coffee oughtta wipe that, it's strong!

01-11-2014, 09:35 AM
Good morning. Been up since 7:30 - the new me! I sure hope the sleeping in trend continues. Dark early mornings are not my favourite time of day.

We have Beth's weather here too with a soft rain. There is way too much snow to melt away but it'll shrink it down a bit. I'd sure like to see the deck steps down to bare wood instead of the ice and snow mix on it now. Dear old Disney tries to go down but can't. Too bad they don't have Yak-Tracks for dogs!

Sure would like a cheesecake breakfast but will settle for a smoothie. I must add that to my Sunday To-Do list along with cooking the chicken breasts and stew meat that's hanging out in the fridge.

Going out for lunch with my sister and out with The Girls for dinner at The Inn in Gananoque. Should be a good day but maybe not OP. :shrug:

Enjoy your Saturday and the milder weather.

01-11-2014, 09:51 AM
Good morning :coffee2: I got an unexpected slow start to the morning because it's freezing raining out so Tim took his truck to work. Usually I drop him off at 7 but I'm happy to lounge a bit longer. I really wanted leftover Brazilian Seafood Stew for breakfast, so I had it. Yum. We are having breakfast for dinner so it all works out :)

I have been working on budgeting better. The heating season and holidays and new stove insist I plan meals better. One of my chores today is to inventory all the food storage areas here - freezer, little freezer, pantry, cold storage - and plan meals around what I have in the house. We could eat out of stored food for weeks if I don't get distracted by pretty recipes ;)

I think I need to try this cheesecake recipe. Sounds delicious.

Happy weekend Beachers!

01-11-2014, 10:09 AM
Good morning, chicks.

Thanks for the comments about your own experiences reducing wheat/gluten. It makes me optimistic :) Funny thing is I found out yesterday that about half the staff at work are doing some variation as well.

I have finished my Puerto Rico album and will move on the Alaska now that my brother has finally posted photos. I couldn't resist one for Debbie, after reading her updated bio. Fireweed in Denali National Park.

Might get a hike in today if the trails are open. Although with the snow melting I expect a muddy mess.

Have a great weekend.

01-11-2014, 10:26 AM
Good morning

Beth glad you got out of driving ds. Keep us posted on recipes you try

Twynn. A farm show, have fun. I am going to try to make a canadian version of the cheesecake because neufchatel cheese is unavaiable here. Wonder what I can use as an artificial sugar substitute?

Ruth is the inn still around. Have fun

Cyndi. That stew looks interesting. I will have to plan something like that with all my odds and ends

Karen lovely picture

Not much planned except to make my army stockpot full of soup. Its my answer to happy retirement. Like they say for better or worse but not for lunch. You all must have heard that, am I showing my age
Take care

01-11-2014, 11:20 AM
Good morning,

Most of our snow melted with the rain yesterday and I am sure the rest will be gone today with temps in the 40s. My basement fared much better than I expected just a tiny bit of water in the corners which the dehumidifiers did a good job of taking care of. As long as it doesn't start raining again until the ground dries up I think we are good.

Beth the things we do for our kids glad he found a buddy to go with instead

Tywnn enjoy the farm show

Ruth I am picture Disney with dog yaks it would be too cute

Cyndi I need to get a handle on food budget as well, between buying food for me and food for the family- I need recipes that they will eat and they are a lot of them just haven't been making them so maybe that should be my focus instead of quick ideas

Karen that is a great picture

Sophie enjoy making your soup.

Today will be just normal cleaning and we will go do something since the weather is warmer just not sure yet what.

01-11-2014, 11:23 AM
Yes, Sophie. It closed for a while and re-opened a few years ago. Excellent young chef there - cute too, not that I'm into that sort of thing! ;) Check out their website. I've just been browsing the menu to plan ahead for my birthday dinner there today.

Sister Joan just called to tell me the roads near Ottawa are glare ice so we have postponed our lunch up here. Actually that suits me fine as I try to avoid eating two restaurant meals in a day. I've just tackled my cooking jobs - lentil/soup is in the crockpot! Beef stew is next and I'll do something with those chicken breasts. Maybe cut up for stir fry during the week.

So this is sort of a bonus day. I'm planning to be sorry when it's over.

01-11-2014, 03:48 PM
I posted in several places this morning but just realized I never got in here!

Ruth, it sounds like you'll be very content and pleased with yourself at the end of this day. Enjoy your birthday meal at the Inn with the girls tonight, and I'm glad someone else will be doing the night driving. I wish I were there to help you celebrate!

Cyndi, I hope Tim didn't have any trouble driving to work this morning. That picture you posted on FB is scary! That's what we were dealing with yesterday morning and I'm glad I didn't have to go anywhere. Have a good day getting all your organizing done.

Karen, that's a lovely picture!

Rose, I'm glad your basement didn't flood and hope it continues to stay dry.

Tammy, say "Hi" to my brothers while you're at the Farm Show! They were both planning to go today.

Beth, I'm sure you are very relieved that your DS got a ride back to school. Your day sounds pretty much like mine was yesterday. It's a shame we have to waste a weekend day to do domestic stuff.

Sophie, I'm old enough to remember that quote, but haven't heard it in a while. What kind of soup are you making this week?

It's an awful dark, foggy, and rainy day here today. The kind that makes you want to stay home curled up with a good book. I did take Dad out grocery shopping earlier, and the fog was so thick that you couldn't see 10' in front of you. We were going to go out for lunch, too, but decided to go tomorrow instead.
Just about all the snow has melted but now we have to watch out for flooding. At least snow is nice to look at, lol!

01-11-2014, 04:35 PM
Linda I made pumpkin black bean soup spiced up

Just ordered a new bread machine, a zorjushi, hope I like it. My old bread machine is about 20 years old. Its a william sonoma and I have used it a lot. Although with the kids gone, I just make bread once a week for dh. I also mix lots of different doughs in it
Take care

01-11-2014, 05:25 PM
Poop! We have dense fog and I'm a tad worried about the driving. Suggested we rebook but no reply as yet.

I also went out to get dog food at the store, crunched right through the snow crust and landed on my knee and hand. The bruises have not shown up yet. Sucks to get old!

I guess the doggage will have a homemade breakfast tomorrow of scrambled eggs and toast.

01-11-2014, 07:14 PM
Linda I made pumpkin black bean soup spiced up

That sounds delish, especially in this weather! Enjoy your new bread machine.

Too late to say it now, Ruth, but be careful!

01-11-2014, 08:09 PM
With regards to trying new things, Sophie, for breakfast I recently tried the Protein Packed breakfast cheesecakes from the recipe section (Phase 1 breakfasts) and will make the breakfast quiche tomorrow. Kalyn's Kitchen has a similar casserole. I tried the Broccoli-cheese soup as well and the white bean and sausage one is next on my list.

As for entrees, I have a crock-pot BBQ pork and Almond-Parmesan Tilapia recipe bookmarked at Kayln's. I will report on those once I make them.

And Ruth, be careful!! It was last February I slipped on the ice in my driveway and that did not work out well. Hope you feel better soon.

01-11-2014, 08:23 PM
.Almond-Parmesan Tilapia recipe bookmarked at Kayln's.

I made that one a couple of weeks ago and loved it! Kalyn's has never let me down and I've tried a lot of the recipes .

01-11-2014, 09:19 PM
Hi all!

Cyndi reminded me I haven't checked in for a while! I am struggling with finding time in the day to do it all - as I am sure many of you experience! But it is the weekend so here I am!

Weigh-in is tomorrow but I peeked and it looks like 5 pounds. We did a modified Phase 1 because I still haven't gotten a full check and this once a month deal blows!

Also going to the gym and got a fitbit thanks to DWs work reimbursement (and that she can use her corporate card :lol3 )

Hope all are well. see ya in the manana!

01-11-2014, 11:46 PM
Just popping in to say hello. I'll try to check in again tomorrow. :)

01-12-2014, 08:25 AM
Good morning! Rumor has it that we're going to see the sun today, but it's going to have to battle it's way through the thick blanket of gray clouds first.

Today's agenda includes going out to lunch with Dad and then cooking ahead for the coming week. On the menu are a broccoli rabe frittata, parsnip & apple soup, roasted chickpeas for snacks, and I'm debating on either the Breakfast Cheesecake or Lentil Brownies.

What's everyone up to today, now that the weather has calmed down?

01-12-2014, 08:33 AM
Good morning, Linda. Hope you have a nice lunch with your Dad today. I am also going to be cooking: soup, quiche for the week and I haven't decided what yet for dinner.

Other than that, I will finish the cleaning that I didn't get to yesterday and probably fill the wood rack in the basement. We had a huge day of melt yesterday and our drive is partially bare.

But first, coffee!:coffee2:

eta: Ok, Phase 1 Shepherd's Pie wins for dinner tonight.

01-12-2014, 08:55 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Yesterday was my early morning at work, which was complicated, in that DH needed the car. I thought I'd get to say hello from work but it was too busy.

We're up and getting organized to head to the project by 8. We're trying to finish the kitchen countertop today. It looks beautiful...just lots of unanticipated issues as DH and helper worked yesterday.

Have a great SUnday everyone!

01-12-2014, 09:07 AM
Good morning chicks! I slept until 7:45, how bizarre. The coffee is still brewing, we have the slowest coffee maker around.

Sun? What's that?

I'm not sure what we're doing today...DH leaves 3ish for a conference that he'll be gone to until Wednesday :(. Maybe I'll make the kids clean, whaddayathink?

Cottage, enjoy your lunch! I think I'm about to make my third batch (1/3 batch each time) of cheesecake :).

Beth - you guys are inspiring me to cook today ----mmmmmm

Debbie - ooooh, I love looking at the new countertops, I'm glad you like them!

I'm sititng here trying to think of the menu for the week. With DH gone, the kids certainly don't care, and I'm quite happy with a bean burger over romaine. Hmmmm....I don't think I'll be cooking much :).

01-12-2014, 09:40 AM
Good morning. Had a wonderful Dinner with my Girls in a gracious 1870 mansion. The food was as gorgeous as the house. Needless to say, I am avoiding the scale today.

My old body seems to have dodged the bullet again when I fell. I have some rather attractive new bruises and renewed aches and pains but am sure I'll live to fall again. The dogs had yummy scrambled eggs, cooked carrots and a sprinkle of Panko for breakfast. Later this morning I'll venture out for proper dog food. I don't want them to get accustomed to gourmet cooking.

More cooking will be on the plan for today. We are having a big Open House at the Town Hall on Wednesday to discuss our plans for Delta. I think some cookies will be in order so my new Kitchen Aid will spend some quality time together. This will also use up my stash of baking supplies and butter!

Getting rid of some snow sill also be on the plan. I need to shovel a path through the snow to the icy lane in front of the barn so I can get my car out. Yesterday's fall was not on ice but on the snow crust which softened enough that I could no longer walk on the crust. My Yak-Tracs handle ice really well.

Have a great Sunday no matter what you do.

01-12-2014, 09:54 AM
Good morning.

It's supposed to be very nice here today - unseasonably warm. Unfortunately the hiking trails are closed because of the wet conditions. Today is day one gluten-free. DH seem to be joining me, which will be nice. We are going to experiment with quinoa for breakfast since he's been doing steel cut oats for so long, having mostly given up eggs. Not much else planned for the day. I had been scheduled to work but they cut me shift since it hasn't been busy. I guess I'll look through the stack of cookbooks I got from the library!

Have a good one.

01-12-2014, 11:27 AM
good morning ladies!

down 7 pounds this morning! And feeling super sore from the gym, and not a good sore either. Meh. Heading out there today but first, some coffee.

Enjoy the good weather if you've got it (we don't though it might be warmer than it appears!)!

01-12-2014, 12:54 PM
5 minutes left! Good morning :coffee2: I hit the chores as soon as I dropped Tim at work and am just sitting down now.

It is warmer here but our driveway was a skating rink this morning, an uphill skating rink :eek: I need to go see how it's doing and try to get a little more sand on it. It's challenging when I can't walk on it.

Jenn - congratulations!

I have my food back on track for Phase 1.5 - 2 (no grains or sweeteners but winter squash, fruit, & a little wine) but I just am not getting the exercise in. I just need to restart from scratch because I've completely lost the habit. Hope I remember next time that it's easier to stick with it then to re-establish the habit. ugh.

On to more chores.

01-12-2014, 03:18 PM
Missed checking in yesterday. On my break so I thought I would check in. Happy to be back in patrol (car job not foot post), but I am exhausted. I'll get my work grove back soon...hopefully. Maybe another cup of coffee would help lol