Weight Loss News and Current Events - Obese persons make up 50% of all adults hospitalized for flu - double the usual %

01-11-2014, 12:34 AM
Almost 50% of People Hospitalized for the Flu Are Obese

CDC experts and epidemiologists are noting that obese persons' share of adult hospitalizations for flu have doubled; usually comprising ~25%, they now make up half of all adults hospitalized for flu. Experts concur this is a "high number." They postulate that obesity is linked to immunity, and mentioned that obesity "tends to result in respiratory restrictions." Of the four most commonly reported underlying conditions among patients hospitalized for flu, obesity and metabolic disorders were two.

It would never have occurred to me that I would be at a greater susceptibility to flu (depending on strain of course) because of my obesity specifically. Well, susceptible to being hospitalized. This is worrisome! I guess you can never predict with certainty what strain will be dominant, so perhaps it's of no particular use for physicians to strongly encourage anyone who is obese to get a flu vaccine on the grounds of being obese alone. I guess that's why they just flat out encourage everyone to get them.

The predominant strain this year is H1N1, known to be really tough on young people in general. Young persons, rather than old, appear to be bearing the brunt of flu susceptibility this year.