General Diet Plans and Questions - Any Slow Carb Dieters? (by Tim Ferriss)

01-10-2014, 11:01 PM
Anyone doing this diet? Is it good, any tips, etc? I'm just confused as to whether to do this one or Atkins.. but I love beans, so this one would probably be better for me..

Thanks so much!

01-10-2014, 11:33 PM
Hi Pamela :wel3fc:

check out this thread :)

01-11-2014, 06:18 AM
Hi Pamela, I am doing a modified version of the Slow Carb Diet, I've lost 42 lbs in a little less than 6 months, and I'm still going strong! Needless to say, I'm a big fan of this diet! I think Atkins is a good diet also, so it really is a matter of preference. However, the cheat day in the Slow Carb Diet works better for me. It allows me to keep going long-term because I never feel deprived. I can eat whatever I want each week and still lose weight. Another member here named Missy, who is on the thread which love2b150 (Rennie) posted above, switched from Atkins to Slow Carb because of the beans that you mentioned. She exercises a lot and didn't think she was getting enough carbs for energy for her work-outs on Atkins. She thought adding beans (which she also loves) would help, and it seems to. So Slow Carb definitely has its benefits. On the other hand, for some people Atkins is better because a cheat day throws them off. They have a hard time getting right back to the business of low-carb eating following a cheat day. For anyone who might be triggered in that way, I would recommend Atkins. I was once also asked about ketosis and if a cheat day throws you out of ketosis, and I suppose it would. However, for me personally, ketosis is not my goal. Keeping my blood sugar from spiking (which causes me to be hungry and to eat all the time) is my goal. So it really is a matter of preference and what plan works best for you as an individual. Please do come check out the thread that Rennie posted, see what you think, and feel free to join us if the Slow Carb Diet sounds like the right plan for you! I wish you the best! Good luck!

01-11-2014, 06:39 PM
OMG!!!! Ladies.. I have hit the jackpot!!! Not only with a diet that sounds so easy and I want to 100% really commit to and start right now, but with the actual people in the forum are NICE and HELPFUL! Wow.. I feel so happy right now, you ladies are awesome!

Ok, Jacqui, when you say modified version, what do you mean? And I"m about to start with that link that Rennie gave me..

I can't to start.. but I have about 1 whole week of frozen dinners/lunches to get through, I don't want to waste money.. no one else in my house likes the ones I bought.. but at least I have about a week to do some research and make a list and get more info from this forum..

Just a quick stupid question.. jacqui, you aren't a blog/web designer are you? There is a jaqui in my blog designer group that I'm in, LOL Just checking.. because if this is you, awesome! if not, awesome too.. I'm just glad to finaly be in a helpful forum, LOL

01-11-2014, 09:58 PM
Pamela, lol! No, I don't design blogs or websites. That's quite a coincidence though, since Jacqui is not a spelling that one comes across a lot. I've known quite a few Jackies, a Jackee, a couple of Jacques, a Jacquie, but I think I've only ever met one other Jacqui. :D

I think it's a good idea that you take a week and finish out your packaged meals. Like you said, there's no need to waste money and it will give you time to learn more about the Slow Carb Diet! :cp:

Tim Ferriss' official Four-Hour Body Slow Carb Diet has some rules that I tend to ignore. That's what I mean by I am on a modified version. For instance, on Tim Ferriss' diet, you are supposed to eat within a 1/2 hour (I think) of waking and then every 4 hours (I think. As you can tell, I haven't read the book, lol!) I just eat when I want. You are supposed to have 20 grams of protein with each meal and perhaps 30 grams at breakfast. I don't pay attention to how much protein I eat. I try to include some with each meal but I never worry about how much. You are supposed to eat the same meals over and over. I do usually eat the same breakfast each morning, but that's just a coincidence. I eat whatever I want as long as it's an allowed food. On cheat day, I think you're supposed not to start cheating until after breakfast. Today was my cheat day. I had a cupcake for breakfast, lol! As for the actual allowed foods, I stay pretty close to Tim Ferriss' menu but not exactly. I allow any condiments, including bbq sauce, ketchup, ranch salad dressing, mayo. I also eat some breaded foods, usually quick restaurant foods, like chicken tenders. I'm not going to try to peel the breading off of something like that. Now if I order fried chicken, I will peel the skin off of that because it's easy. Also, I allow any vegetable-like fruits, like squash and cucumbers. I think Tim Ferriss allows only tomatoes and avocados in this category. And I drink Diet Dr. Pepper. Tim Ferris does allow 16 oz of diet soda, but I drink as much as I want, although I have been trying to cut back just because it's not a healthy drink. Once you start reading the thread, you'll see exactly how I follow the plan.

I think it's really a great diet and I'm so excited you're going to be joining us! Everyone on that thread is doing something slightly different, even those who are trying to follow the book diet to a tee, lol, but they are all super nice and very supportive. We all want to see each other succeed! Can't wait to have you join us! Come on over any time and jump in! :D

01-11-2014, 11:05 PM
Yep, I just posted over on that thread.. and thanks so much, I can't wait to get started!

Yep, that is a different way of spelling it..
Thanks again.. see you in that thread!

01-11-2014, 11:47 PM
Pamela I responded to your post, Glad you are joining us :)