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07-08-2003, 07:20 PM
I hate to add ole Alvin in with Johns's friend, but... just today at lunch I was thinking about this.

Those of you who are more than a couple of months post-op

Do you still...See your Surgeon Regularly/ How often?

Do you still...Start you day with a protein shake, and still count the protein grams?

Do you still...avoid drinking anything 3 minutes before and after your meals?

Do you still...only eat very small about 1/2 cup portions at a time?

I know it's hard for me because Alvin is the one who had, the surgery, but he doesn't seem to pay any attention to the "rules" I understand where he's comming from, and if I was in his shoes, (or body) I might do the same, but I am so concerned that he will end up gaining all his weight back because he doesn't follow the "rules"

Am I being parinoid and has it been long enough that he should be eating just like a "normal" person? I thought these rules were something that he'd have to live with the rest of his life?

Any comments or suggestions?

07-08-2003, 07:55 PM
John by no means follows "all" the rules.

His #1 concern is re-stretching. He has been sick from eating too much or to fast. He has not found any one food that makes him sick (even ice cream!)

He has already drunk alcohol. He does have a beverage with meals – never really stopped.

But, he does exercise. That is one think he NEVER did before. Just this weekend he had a squirt gun fight with the kids in the back yard. We no longer have a two liter of pop in one evening, and REAL Coke at that! This was very common for us.

I still bug him about the Protein, and we do have the Adkins Bars around (I think I eat more of them then he does).

We are both also on the South Beach Diet. It is pretty close to a cross between Adkins and Type 2 Diabetic Diets. It still stresses the Protein, but in a more low fat way. You are also allowed “good” carbs, like fruits and vegetables.

I have the bad habit of sliding into the “fast food” rut, being we both work full time. Just this past weekend we have agreed to try and make a few things on Sunday so the food is right there in the fridge, no need to get a Pizza or McDonalds.

If Alvin likes to snack, will he eat a protein bar, nuts, string cheese, low fat cheese, SF popsicles, SF Fudgesicles, low fat yogurt or low fat cottage cheese? You can have all of those on the SBD. I’m not into the big “2 week intro” I figure any diet is hard enough to deal with why start at the hardest point? We are just slowly easing into it. First week no fast food!

Just a few food things to think about. As for John going to the doctor, I was VERY surprised that he only had to go at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. They also have him scheduled for blood tests and he can follow up with our family doctor who has worked with his Surgeon before so at least they do have a relationship but still I would have thought that they would want to see him more?

Well, I have taken up enough of your time!


07-08-2003, 08:16 PM
Hey Barb! :wave:

I try to follow "most" of the rules.

One I do not and will not follow is seeing my surgeon!!!! Because of my complications and the fact that he never once came to see me during my 45 day ICU stay (his office was across the street from the hospital I was in.) I REFUSE to have anything to do with him!!

I do follow the 30 minute rule for drinking.

I do not dump so like Luna's John, I can eat ANYTHING!! I'm not perfect and I have had a few things not good for me. I do not do this on a daily basis, but I'm not above enjoying a sweet treat.

I exercise and I drink protein shakes once a day. I don't count the number of grams of protein I get in a day, I just "know" when I've had enough. Protein is the first thing I eat and if I have any room left over I fill in with veggies.

Some days I can eat more than other's. I don't measure my food, but I would guess I can eat, depending on the food 1/2 to a cup of food.

I don't drink soda. I drink lots and lots of water.

I have never and will never give up my coffee.......with half and half and splenda!!

My PCP just did my blood work on the 27th of June. Everything was in the normal range. My overall cholest. is 158. My A1C is 4.8 (no meds!!) My b12 is well within the normal range.........everything is GREAT!!

Barb, bottom line with ole Alvin......it's up to him.

peach pit
07-08-2003, 09:03 PM
I have never and will never give up my coffee.......with half and half and splenda!!

Bless you Debkay!


07-08-2003, 11:02 PM
hmmm. interesting questions...

i still track my protein and water. and i start the day with a protein shake.

and still eating small portions, although it's more than i could eat a year ago. total at one time, on a really good day is probably a little more than 1/2 cup total. maybe on occasion i've managed a full cup, but that's been very rare

no liquids 30 minutes before and after, although at this point i will OCCASIONALLY [like every other week] SIP a glass of wine with dinner. generally at the french chef's restaurant [he has good wine!]

occasional treats: chips, chocolate, cookies, cake. tiny amounts. ice cream makes me sick for hours. even just a couple of tablespoons.

am trying to add more good-quality carbs, but the more i eat the more i want and it's a vicious cycle, so i'm not too focused on it.

like debkay, it's protein first, then vegs, then fruit, then whole grain melba toast or a couple of pretzels or a slice of wheat free pumpernickel [in fact, made a fabulous open faced sandwich last week: a little cole slaw, then some shredded carrots, a thin slice of jalapeno cheese, then roast beef. really great!]

what does a 'normal' person eat???? hard to tell.. everyone's different. i have on friend who lives on carbs: whole grain breads, pasta, pretzels, chips, tuna and cheese. when we go out to eat, i'm ordering chicken or fish and she's always going for the fettucine alfredo. which of us is normal [don't answer that, peachie!!!!]. a coworker loves fruit that's slightly underripe.

there have been studies on the habits of people who've had wls and kept the weight off. in general, these people watch portion size, drink their water, strictly limit carbs, exercise at least 45 minutes a day, weigh themselves regularly, and don't drink soda.

as for the coffee... from what i understand, after the first week or two, caffeine is ok. apparently, at the very very beginning it can irritate the new little tummy. after that.. it can fend for itself as far as caffeine is concerned!