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01-10-2014, 07:53 AM
Good morning from normally cold Delta - 16F is normal for here. We got snow last night just to remind us it is Canada in winter. That means I will need to brush off my car today before I go to re-scheduled Quilting. I hope Fanny Focus will start and not be in a snit from being outside her barn for the night. The thaw is supposed to happen for two days on the weekend.

I just can't seem to shake this cold - today it feels right back to the beginning. Must have hit rewind! Quilting takes place in the Community Room at the Clinic so I may be able to work in a doc visit.

Food has been so-so lately as I have not felt like cooking. Weight blipped up a bit since I had a ham salad sammy for dinner last night. I know - not on programme - but I had to have a quick and early meal because of a meeting. The meeting was cancelled just as I was about to leave so I could have had a proper meal. Today will be better.

How does your Friday look? Any weekend plans? :cofdate:

01-10-2014, 08:01 AM
Good morning Ruth! I haven't looked at our temps, I believe it's supposed to start warming up. I do believe we got a dusting of snow last night though. I had to laugh with "Fanny Focus". Our family was discussing we needed to name DH's truck...he has a toyota tundra (it's a beast). My daughter pipes up, "Chuck!". So then we all start laughing about CHuck the Truck, and "What's Up, Chuck?" (get it? Upchuck!?) Anyway....

I have a late work day with the morning off, so I may hike (but my leg is bum, so I *should* rest it...), and/or get some housework and errands done. I may meet a friend for lunch, but I've been good at meals lately. We went to mexican last night, and I was SO. PROUD. of myself....only 3 chips (I think that's a miracle) and their shrimp salad...which was a tasty find. Not even served in a fried tortilla bowl!

I work tomorrow, so it's not even my Friday. Anyone doing exciting things?!

01-10-2014, 08:02 AM
Good morning, Ruth. We have a light dusting of snow this morning, too, and it's still coming down. I hope Fanny Focus isn't holding any grudges and starts right up for you! My own Miss Scarlet isn't looking so scarlet, she's covered with road salt and grime and needs a good bath!

It's nice to have a few days off and I'm hoping for a quiet weekend with no big plans. There are a few new recipes that I want to try out, but other than that, I'll just be doing the usual domestic stuff.

01-10-2014, 08:24 AM
Good morning!

No exciting weekend plans... Just work. My helper and I had a fun evening. We were headed to homedepot with a big list and went to Restore first. We got all our lighting, a kitchen sink including the faucet for $86. She also came home with a leather loveseat lol.

Natasha, congrats on your new job!

Ruth, Linda, Tammy...good morning!

Happy Friday everyone!

01-10-2014, 08:47 AM
Just came back from posting in my gardening site and Em ended her post with this: Have a day that makes you sorry it is over.
Wishing you the same! :)

01-10-2014, 09:17 AM
Good morning, chicks.

So... I decided to try going gluten-free for 3 weeks, starting Sunday, to see if I am intolerant and if some of my current "issues" will resolve. (Over a decade ago I was tested to see if I had celiac disease and that was negative.) So I've been researching GF, SBD, and vegetarian recipes. Yikes! Since I've been maintaining and DH has gone veggie, I've been gradually eating more and more grains. So, maybe. It is worth trying.

Yesterday I got new workout shoes and was dismayed to find that the style I've worn for years has been changed just enough that it no longer fits me right. With my foot issues, it is scary to try something new. DH and I also checked out the new Sprouts store that just opened but it was so mobbed we couldn't even park; we might go earlier today.

I'm working this afternoon. Temps here are predicted to have highs n the 40s for the whole coming week!!!! If it isn't to wet with melting snow, we should be able to get some hikes in.

Have a great day.

01-10-2014, 09:31 AM
Good morning,

It is supposed to climb into the 40s today so all of that snow will start melting and it is supposed to stay at these temps for about a week.

I am wfh today since the internet guy is coming hopefully it will get fixed this time.

Ruth hope fanny starts up and you are able to work in an appointment to get seen

Cottage my car needs a bath as well with all the salt and grime on it.

Tywnn enjoy your day and congrats for staying op

Debbie that was some awesome finds never heard of that store before though

Karen I am finding that whole wheat doesn't really seem to agree with me either. I am trying to go more organic as well.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

01-10-2014, 11:44 AM
Good morning :coffee2: I know, barely morning but it's my weekend and our only sleep-in day this week so we are taking our time. We are definitely heading out for some birding and walking later today.

Karen- We have eliminated most wheat from our diet. I tested negative too (though you have to be eating a fair amount on a regular basis for the test to even work) and think it's more sensitivity than allergy. Either way it's clear for us that wheat causes tummy angst and joint achiness and swelling for us so it's easier to just give it up.

Ruth - love that quote

okay, time to get some brunch and head off to explore the world :)

01-10-2014, 01:17 PM
Hi Ladies,

Still barely morning. Definitely a :coffee2: kinda day and I don't know why but needed that extra cup today.

Yesterday marked 1 week completed on P1 and I weighed this morning to see 1more lb gone for a total of 5 lb lost this week:carrot: I go to my doctor next week to discuss my x-rays & bloodwork and hopefully figure the cause of my knee/hip pain so I can add back walking or some other exercise. Weekend is my work time so y'all have fun. I think I may fix a couple things today so I am free of cooking this weekend.

Ruth-Sorry to hear you still are ailing. I caught a cold on Christmas & I'm only just getting rid of it except for a teeny cough...stubborn bug.

Waisting-Hope you get to check out that new store; always good to have resources.

Tammy-that is awesome the restaurant has a tortilla free option. Luv it when restaurants offer healthy carb and/or healthy fat choices.

Happy Friday Everyone.


01-10-2014, 07:02 PM
Happy Friday!

Just finished the LONGEST week...coming back from vacation is always hard and our school was off-schedule this week due to field trips, so everyone was out of sorts. I did enjoy my "new" clothes, but since then, my weight seems stuck even though I am OP. I'm getting back to Zumba so hopefully that will help my metabolism kick into gear again.

Debbie - I love ReStore! Sounds like you had some good finds.

Karen - I have never been tested for celiac, but I know I've been feeling better with less "wheat" carbs in my diet. Hopefully your three week plan will give you some relief!

Sue - Congrats on the 5 pounds this week! Way to go! :high:

Everyone else...happy weekend! :goodvibes

01-10-2014, 07:31 PM
Hey all, happy Friday evening! Warmer today, 34* when I got home, after an inch or two of snow this morning. Supposed to be above freezing for the next 3 or 4 days. Hoping for some ice melt.

Finished a week of P1 today and lost just under 4 pounds so I'm excited about that. I think I will celebrate with a glass of wine tonight but I must not slide into the bad habits of December! I truly think your body tries to store fat during November and December, at least in the northern climes. But this week has reminded me of foods that make me lose control and that I need to avoid.

Sounds like most of the chicks had a busy day planned; hope everyone had a day that makes you sorry it was over!;)

01-10-2014, 09:54 PM
Evening chicks. Took a day off from cycling before work. My body craved the extra hour of sleep. We too are warming up, but got another 3" of snow today. I am going to let Mother Nature take care of it tomorrow.

Natasha Congratulations so incredibly happy for you!!!!

Ruth maybe you need an antibiotic, your cold just seems to be lingering too long. I like that your car and Linda's have names. Tammy DS named our pickup Daisy the Dakota. My Camry is nameless, but very much appreciated lol

Debbie awesome bargains!!!!

I too try to avoid wheat for joint pain relief, but I will splurge on pizza. Although if I am making pizza from scratch I will make gluten free dough. Tammy kudos for resisting the chips!!!

I am working all weekend through Monday. At least Saturday and Sunday the Captain is off so I will have some peace lol

Ruth I loved that quote for your gardening group. So true.

Beth congratulations!!.,