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01-09-2014, 12:58 PM
:yay:Welcome to Riestrella’s Pyramid Challenge!:yay:

Please join at any time!! All welcome!!

Weight loss is so much more than the number on the scale. It is a life changing, emotional roller coaster of a journey. Everything that happens between the times you step on a scale should be truly appreciated and honoured.


Which is why I’ve created a challenge unlike my previous weight loss challenges. You can still weigh in (if you want), but this challenge is focused on goals rather than weight.

Does this sound like something you’re interested in? A challenge that is more than JUST numbers? Then please join!

You will have to read this first post CAREFULLY because it can seem a bit complicated at first if you don’t understand how it works!

Step 1
Write a list of weight loss goals in 2 categories: exercise & nutritional. I wrote 14. 6 were nutritional goals and 8 were exercise goals.

Step 2
Order them in order of difficulty i.e. which goals will be the easiest to achieve (for me it was drinking 8 glasses of water a day) to the hardest (entering and training for a half marathon).

Step 3
CREATE YOUR MAGICAL PYRAMIDS!! (if you want a visual aid, you don’t HAVE to do this!) Draw a pyramid and at the bottom write the easiest goal and continue to write the goals above the other in order of easiest-hardest.

Step 4
Starting from the bottom (if you drew the pyramids), number your nutritional and exercise goals 1 - however many goals you have. Here's an example!
Here are my 2 lists:

Nutritional goals

Drink 8 glasses of water a day (1)
Make meal plans, no ready meals (2)
Don't buy junk food (3)
Start counting calories and keep a food journal (4)
Stick to a calorie limit 6 days a week (5)
No more Coke (6)
Incorporate more vegetables to meals (7)
Eat recommended daily amount of each food group (8)

Exercise goals:

Run once a week (1)
Yoga/Strength train once a week (2)
Cross train once a week (3)
Run twice a week (4)
Strength train twice a week (5)
Cross train twice a week (6)
Run 3 times a week (7)
Train for a Half Marathon (8)

Step 5
Marvel at your weight loss pyramid.
http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q381/Riestrella/photo1_zpsf46842b1.jpg (http://s349.photobucket.com/user/Riestrella/media/photo1_zpsf46842b1.jpg.html)

So how does this work?

The principle of this challenge is to build a healthy lifestyle slowly. You focus on one goal at a time, each divided into phases (the number next to your goal). Your aim is to achieve your goal for a certain amount of weeks before moving on to your next goal. When you move onto your next goal you still perform your previous goals, but it’s not as essential if you slip up your previous goal because you’re focusing on a new, harder goal. So looking above at my exercise goals, if I were on Phase 5 - “strength train twice a week,” I would still run twice a week and cross train once a week. But if I missed a run then I wouldn’t reset the entire challenge, I would focus primarily on strength training twice a week.

The reason this system is the way it is is to create a no pressure but still productive goal system. You focus on one goal at a time but once you’ve completed a goal you will hopefully be able to do it no problem because you worked on it a decent amount of time to attain it. You’re literally building a pyramid of habits that will help you towards your weight goal.

What if I fail at my goal?

Then you simply reset the clock and try again for just that goal. You never go back to the beginning, you never reset the challenge completely - you only work on your current goal.

Do I still weigh in?

Yes, if you want! We are here to lose weight after all. There will be a different sheet for weigh ins, look at the bottom of the spreadsheet! This time there are no goal weights, as this is a work in progress. Go at your own pace. You will be listed in order of % of weight loss, because hey, this is a challenge! Let’s get competitive!

Will I be moved to a standby list if I don’t stay accountable?

Yes, if you don’t put in a mark in your cell for more than 2 weeks then you will be moved to a standby list. Please let me know in the thread that you want back in and which phase you were currently doing and I’ll put you back in.

Can I join this at any time?

Yes! Don’t be worried! Just follow procedure like the rest of us and hop right in.

How do I use the spreadsheet?

There are 3 sheets for each phase. Enter your Username on Phase 1 - Nutrition and Phase 1 - Exercise. If you want to weigh in for this phase, then enter your Username on the Phase 1 - Weigh In sheet too, though this is optional.
Then write your first exercise goal (please word it simply in the spreadsheet, go into detail in the thread!) in the first exercise sheet and your nutritional goal in the nutrition sheet. When you have achieved your goal for the day then enter an X in the cell for the day you achieved it. If, like me, your exercise goal is to workout once a week then just put a “-” in the cells you didn’t workout.

How long do I focus on a goal for?

By the number the phase is, phase 2 would be 2 weeks, phase 8 would be 8 weeks. This challenge is a commitment, but one you won’t regret!

How many goals do I need?

As many as you want! But I’d say at least 4 each is a decent number.

Please use this thread as a way to support each other and stay accountable for your goals. Apart of this challenge is to give and get support!

Challenge has begun! But please feel free to join late!

:carrot::cb:-->Click Here To Access The Spreadsheet!<--- (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnPOc0Ik0vsYdDNIazdDbnpuZWlpT1kxbkpZVDg3O EE&usp=sharing):cb::carrot:

01-09-2014, 02:26 PM
Sweet! I need to start thinking of my lists :) Thanks for setting up another fun challenge.

01-09-2014, 03:18 PM
Sounds interesting! I bet it would help me a lot to work on some Non scale related goals. Hmmm.... I'll have to start thinking about what my pyramids will look like.

01-09-2014, 07:42 PM
Rie, thanks for hosting this challenge. I'm definitely in, I want to work on some exercise and nutritional goals versus scale related stuff :D I'll work on my list

01-09-2014, 08:15 PM
So excited to see people on board! There's always that moment of fear where I have no idea if people will join! Can't wait to see your lists, ladies!

01-09-2014, 09:54 PM
I'm having problems with my exercise goals. Nutritional goals were easy for me to come up with but since I am terrible about getting to the gym I don't really know how to make my goals. I imagine that since this is a long term challenge, my exercise goals will change as time goes by. I suppose there is nothing wrong with that, I just don't want to make it too easy for myself in the beginning and not have it be challenging enough in the end. My first inclination was to have "go to the gym once a week' as my level 1 goal. I'm THAT terrible.

01-10-2014, 11:35 AM
I'm having problems with my exercise goals. Nutritional goals were easy for me to come up with but since I am terrible about getting to the gym I don't really know how to make my goals. I imagine that since this is a long term challenge, my exercise goals will change as time goes by. I suppose there is nothing wrong with that, I just don't want to make it too easy for myself in the beginning and not have it be challenging enough in the end. My first inclination was to have "go to the gym once a week' as my level 1 goal. I'm THAT terrible.

Dude, just look at my exercise goals! My first goal is to run ONCE a week! The aim is to take it slowly, so I put my goal as the bare minimum and I'll work on it from there. Maybe separate your goals into categories of the gym...I would probably make gym goals look similar to my exercise goals. So perhaps:
- One cardio day a week
- One strength day a week
- One class a week
Then build it up how you want?

01-10-2014, 11:45 AM
Spreadsheet link is up so you can have a look at what it will look like. I've entered my goals in there as an example. I'm going to wait until I'm back in Japan to weigh myself though! The last time I weighed I was 163 lbs!! That's an 8 lb gain from my last weigh in! BUT it's been the Christmas/New Year period and I've not cared about what's gone into my mouth!

01-10-2014, 02:40 PM
I love love love this idea!!! ;) I'm so in...I'm going to start thing of my lists, there are definitely things I want to work on.

Would it be possible to take a break? I've a two week holiday in March. The way you seem to be going about this (i.e Phase 1= 1 week, Phase 2= 2 weeks), this will go on for a number of months. So I actually worked it out (provided I don't fail a goal), I'd be going into Phase 4 when I'm on holidays. Would it be possible to do to Phase 3, go on my holiday and start back on Phase 4? Would this be considered cheating or anything?

01-10-2014, 06:26 PM
I love love love this idea!!! ;) I'm so in...I'm going to start thing of my lists, there are definitely things I want to work on.

Would it be possible to take a break? I've a two week holiday in March. The way you seem to be going about this (i.e Phase 1= 1 week, Phase 2= 2 weeks), this will go on for a number of months. So I actually worked it out (provided I don't fail a goal), I'd be going into Phase 4 when I'm on holidays. Would it be possible to do to Phase 3, go on my holiday and start back on Phase 4? Would this be considered cheating or anything?

Of course you can take a break if you want! There is no time limit to this challenge! Just start phase 4 when you're back :)

01-10-2014, 11:05 PM
Fantastic idea...I've been wanting to get re-active in the forum and challenges but have had to avoid it due to some eating disorder tendencies I was developing from daily weighing :\. In order to fix those/take care of my mental health, the weight challenges had/have to go for awhile. But I'd love to get in on this! Going to make a healthy dinner and then read through the original post more thoroughly to make sure I do everything correctly :).

01-11-2014, 06:36 PM
I'm still in the process of writing my goals, but this is my first draft. These might change before the 27th. I decided to have 8 tiers for both nutritional and exercise because if I am able to keep up with the goals each week without starting over, its makes it 36 weeks total, or about 9 months. That seemed like a nice even number to me.

For Nutritional I have:

1. Log all food into My Fitness Pal
2. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
3. Plan all meals, no eating out alone. Try to plan for meals that will be eaten out to compensate for the extra calories.
4. No carbonated beverages, diet or otherwise.
5. No high fructose corn syrup
6. Don't buy any food with hydrogenated oils
7. No more refined grains
8. Stick with whole foods

I feel like the 4-7 are kind of building blocks for number 8 so eating whole foods will be a lot easier as I start eliminating some of the items that are found in processed foods.

For exercise I really want to work up to working out 5 days a week with two days off. I want to to be a routine thing that I do just as easily as brushing my teeth in the morning.

1. Cardio 2 times a week
2. Strength train 1 time a week
3. Exercise outside of the gym 1 time a week
4. Cardio 3 times per week
5. Strength train 2 times a week
6. Enter and Run/Jog a 5K
7. Cardio 4 times a week
8. Strength train 3 times a week

I'll have to eventually do some strength training and cardio on the same days. Right now I just do cardio, I haven't done a lot of strength training.

So that's what I have as a of right now. This might change a little. Especially the exercise one. =)

Riestrella: I would like to write about this challenge and keep track of my progress with it in my blog. Do you mind if I provide a link to your blog post about it and this forum challenge in any future posts I might make?

01-12-2014, 06:07 AM
I thought about this over the last day or so. Here’s what I have come up with. It's a draft list at the moment, so I may come back before the 27th and make a final edit. They are looking good to me now. But might think of something else in the next few weeks.

Nutritional Goals:
1: Plan lunches for the week, stick to food plan.
2: Bring lunch to work four days a week
3: Drink 2L of water a day
4: Eat at least five kinds of fruits and veg a day
5: Do not grab something from the shop on the way home from work
6: Chocolate only ONCE a week as a treat
7: Fizzy drinks only ONCE a week as a treat

I can’t give chocolate and fizzy drinks up, these is going to be so hard…

Exercise Goals:
1: Gym on both Saturday/Sunday
2: Gym once during weekdays
3: Strength training twice a week
4: Run on a mile on treadmill twice a week
5: Gym twice during weekdays
6: Gym three times during weekdays
7: Strength training four times a week

I focused all my exercise in the gym because that’s where I feel I really get my exercise done. I tried to go one step further for each phase. I’m struggling with going to the gym during the week; this is why I have listed it three times during the phases, increasing it by each day. Each will be challenge in itself!

01-13-2014, 01:50 PM
I’ve been thinking about my goals and finally have an idea of what they will look like. I might modify and add to this before we start the actual challenge because I’m still thinking about it. For Exercise goals, I really want to get back to exercising 5-6 days a week (be it cardio, strength training aerobic) and so my pyramid leads to incorporating more exercise as I complete a phase. With nutritional goals, I really need to be a better planner and a better eater, so hopefully doing this by phases will get me into the habit of preparing healthy meals. Last year I gave up regular coke (which was so HARD for me). This year, I really want to replace DC with water. I almost listed that one as my last phase lol, that’s how bad it is.

Nutritional Goals:
Drink 8 glasses of water a day. (1)
Plan 4/5 lunches at work. (2)
No snacking on junk food (3)
Drink water instead of diet soda for dinner. (4)
Eat 4 home cooked healthy dinners a week. (5)
Exercise Goals:
Hike once a week. (1)
Try yoga once a week. (2)
Run at least 2 miles a week. (3)
Do weights twice a week. (4)
Cardio 4x a week (this includes hiking and running) (5)

01-13-2014, 04:42 PM
It's so great to see you all putting up your goals! I think it's great to share so we can get ideas from one another. It's ok to change your goals during the challenge if you feel it's necessary, but let's do our best to stick to the goals we've set out for ourselves. It's got to be challenging! I've added more nutritional goals for myself to gradually build up to my goal, funnily enough eating vegetables is one of the hardest things for me! I grew up a very meat/grain person so it's hard for me to adapt to eating more vegetables, which is why it's number 7!

Nutritional goals

Drink 8 glasses of water a day (1)
Make meal plans, no ready meals (2)
Don't buy junk food (3)
Start counting calories and keep a food journal (4)
Stick to a calorie limit 6 days a week (5)
No more Coke (6)
Incorporate more vegetables to meals (7)
Eat recommended daily amount of each food group (8)

Exercise goals:

Run once a week (1)
Yoga/Strength train once a week (2)
Cross train once a week (3)
Run twice a week (4)
Strength train twice a week (5)
Cross train twice a week (6)
Run 3 times a week (7)
Train for a Half Marathon (8)

01-13-2014, 04:48 PM
Riestrella: I would like to write about this challenge and keep track of my progress with it in my blog. Do you mind if I provide a link to your blog post about it and this forum challenge in any future posts I might make?

Sure! Feel free! I'm probably going to write about it in my blog too =).

01-14-2014, 01:33 AM
How cool! This is a great idea Riestrella :)


1-1600 max 4 days a week
2-Plan meals for the week
3-5 servings fruit and vegetables a day
4-No cheating on Friday
5-No cheating on Sunday
6-No Cheating on Saturday(ahhh going to be so hard!)


1-Exercise 15 min a day
2-Hike once a week
3-Run once a week
4-Weight train once a week
5-Hike twice a week
6-Hike 3x a week

01-14-2014, 01:05 PM
this is a great idea! im excited to participate!!

1. walk 30min 3x a week
2. jog once a week
3. strength train once a week
4. jog 2x a week
5. run 3x a week!!!

1. maintain food log daily
2. cut all soda
3. reduce red meat
4. eat full servings of fruit and veggie
5. cut all processed carbs!!!!

01-15-2014, 02:59 PM
Ok.. I don't think I've every completed ANY of Riestrella's challenges. :-( But I'm going to try at least one more time! Cannot give up!

I've been spinning out of control lately to the extent that I haven't even had the courage to step on a scale in months. And while I have no clue about my weight, it is painfully obvious that my body has turned to jello and my clothes are ridiculously tight. REALLY need to do something about this..

Exercise goals
1. Run once a week.
2. Use bicycle for groceries or social calls at least once a week.
3. Run twice a week.
4. Complete Ripped in 30
5. Participate in local 5K event
6. Complete fitness boot camp

Nutritional goals
1. Have two weekly veggie days
2. Drink 1,5 liters of water a day (get bottle)
3. No more coke!!

I am struggling to find more nutritional goals but will sleep on it. :-)

When is the challenge supposed to end?

01-15-2014, 06:40 PM
Ok.. I don't think I've every completed ANY of Riestrella's challenges. :-( But I'm going to try at least one more time! Cannot give up!

I've been spinning out of control lately to the extent that I haven't even had the courage to step on a scale in months. And while I have no clue about my weight, it is painfully obvious that my body has turned to jello and my clothes are ridiculously tight. REALLY need to do something about this..

Exercise goals
1. Run once a week.
2. Use bicycle for groceries or social calls at least once a week.
3. Run twice a week.
4. Complete Ripped in 30
5. Participate in local 5K event

Nutritional goals
1. Have two weekly veggie days
2. Drink 1,5 liters of water a day (get bottle)
3. No more coke!!

I am struggling to find more nutritional goals but will sleep on it. :-)

When is the challenge supposed to end?

Whenever you want it to end! It's here for people until they have completed their goals. It might be a while, but I hope it's worth it!

01-16-2014, 07:32 AM
Whenever you want it to end! It's here for people until they have completed their goals. It might be a while, but I hope it's worth it!

That's great! Since there's no strict time limit, I'll add completing a fitness boot camp at the top of my exercise pyramid. Ideally a luxury one in Thailand. Anyone want to join me? :carrot:

01-18-2014, 03:17 AM
I used to be on here (under a different username, lol! Figured new username for a fresh start!), and I really missed the Riestrella challenges! I'm soooo in!

1. C25K program!!! I love it!
2. Total Body Workout DVD 2x/week (A killer one from the 80's! Super cheesy but sooo effective!)
3. A daily 45 min light run/walk on treadmill.
4. Run a 5K!

1. Cut WAY down on my Starbucks consumption. Down to once a week!!!
2. Eat a Big Salad for lunch daily.
3. Plan my meals and grocery shopping list.
4. Home cooked meals, for ALL my meals!!! (It's really NOT that hard.)

01-19-2014, 01:33 PM
Bump.y I love the idea of doing a 80's workout video. I imagine it would make working out a hilarious experience!

I can't wait for this challenge to start! I've been reworking my goals a little bit because I have already been doing one of my nutritional goals for almost two weeks now.

01-19-2014, 06:34 PM
Just one week to go!! Tweak your goals, put all your info on the spreadsheet and let's get ready to do this!! Are you looking forward to the challenge?

I've been getting used to working again after my 3 week holiday back in England, I think I'm finally over my jet lag after a few nights of uninterrupted sleep. I need to start tackling my to do list, so by next week I'll be ready to start my journey to my goal!!

01-20-2014, 01:48 AM
I'm so looking forward to this challenge! I've already started implementing some of my goals :D

Riestrella Hope you had a great holiday!

01-20-2014, 07:52 AM
Dott - So great to hear you've already begun to implement your goals! I personally can't wait for this challenge to start, it's about time I took control of my weight and make 2014 the year I reach my goal weight.

So I finally got around to drawing up my pyramids! I figured it would be nice to have a visual aid in front of my desk as well as the spreadsheet! Here they are, it's a bit of a poo picture but you get the jist:
http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q381/Riestrella/photo_zps56d4f684.jpg (http://s349.photobucket.com/user/Riestrella/media/photo_zps56d4f684.jpg.html)

Is anyone else planning on drawing up pyramids?

01-20-2014, 10:51 AM
I'll totally be drawing mine up... once I finally decide on goals that is haha.

01-20-2014, 05:58 PM
So I've been off 3fc for a while, was talking to my friend about weight loss today and realized that Riestrella's "bikini ready" challenge is supposed to be here now.. so I come to find it and find this instead. At first I was like.. what the heck is this?!? AND WHERE IS MY BIKINI READY CHALLENGE?? :?:

But after settling my change hating self down :hug:, I realized this will actually be an advantage because it's changing the lifestyle, not just attempting to lose weight. What a great idea Rie!!

Time to start thinking of ideas :)

01-22-2014, 06:55 AM
So I've been off 3fc for a while, was talking to my friend about weight loss today and realized that Riestrella's "bikini ready" challenge is supposed to be here now.. so I come to find it and find this instead. At first I was like.. what the heck is this?!? AND WHERE IS MY BIKINI READY CHALLENGE?? :?:

But after settling my change hating self down :hug:, I realized this will actually be an advantage because it's changing the lifestyle, not just attempting to lose weight. What a great idea Rie!!

Time to start thinking of ideas :)

Haha! Well I'm glad that you have come to like the challenge idea! There is still a weigh in option, so it can still be like the bikini challenge in a way but we'll be doing our best to stick to our goals to ensure that weight stays off for good!

Anyone a fan of Game of Thrones? I've just started to read the books after being a huge fan of the show since it aired! Getting pumped for season 4!

01-22-2014, 11:31 AM
Riestrella, my husband and I are huge fans of Game of Thrones. I started to read the first book a few months ago. I haven't finished it yet, but I was surprised by how closely it followed the television series. It's pretty rare. My husband just finished rewatching the series to get ready for season 4 and decided he wanted to read the rest of the books so he just bought the box set a few days ago.

Getting super excited about this challenge. This week has been an uphill battle with my weight so I need a good kick in the pants. Uggh.

01-22-2014, 01:26 PM
I'm drawing up my pyramids today. Good luck guys :D

01-25-2014, 07:19 AM
I'm super excited for this to begin on Monday! :D It's time to get cracking on goals other than weight for a change.

I also like this drawing up the pyramids idea. I'm going to do mine today and keep them to tick off once a goal has been done!

01-26-2014, 09:08 AM
Well, tomorrow is the start of our journey together, ladies! I'd love to see you all complete this challenge with me, as I'm sure I'll need some encouraging along the way. How are you feeling about Phase 1?

I've got to make sure I remember to drink that water!! It's the easiest thing to do but it can also be difficult if you just simply forget! My running once a week shouldn't be a problem, although it is frickin' COLD here right now! But I'd rather it be cold that stupidly hot I suppose.

How do you all feel about your starting weights? I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow morning, I know it's going to be BAD because I've not been taking care of myself for about 2 months now. But I know no matter what it says it's going to change and FAST with this challenge.

Edit: Totally re-worked my pyramids based on kailpea's idea to split the pyramid down the middle to divide it into the 2 types of goals. Genius! Here it is:
http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q381/Riestrella/photo1_zpsf46842b1.jpg (http://s349.photobucket.com/user/Riestrella/media/photo1_zpsf46842b1.jpg.html)

01-26-2014, 10:55 AM
Riestrella, I think think it makes sense to have the starting goals at the base and then build toward the point or "the ultimate goal." I might go ahead a re-do my pyramid today to reflect that and make mine colorful. I was thinking about making a large version of it and taping it to my bathroom door or above my scale to remind myself that weight isn't the only goal, a healthier lifestyle is the ultimate one.

Drinking 8 glasses of water (64 oz) is my first nutritional goal too. I went out and bought a 32 oz insulated cup with a lid and straw last week because I noticed I was really dehydrated. So I thought I would try and get started on that goal a little early. My body needed it! I've been successful some days and not so successful others. My problem thus far has been how do you account for ice in your cup or do you just not worry about it? I have just been skipping the ice and just putting really cold water in my cup and it has worked okay so far. . . for the fact that the cup is insulated.

The other thing I want to figure out is how to account for the loss of fluids when exercising. I went for a 6.25 mile walk yesterday during that time of about 2 hrs. drank 32 oz of water right there.

I just want to make sure I am properly hydrated. =)

01-27-2014, 07:38 AM
Day 1 complete! I successfully drank 8 glasses of water! It was actually a bit of a challenge, I tried to drink 2 glasses per 3 hours and it was tricky to fit it in at work. But I did it! It makes me realise how poorly I was doing before this challenge and keeping myself hydrated.

I'm going to do my 1 run of a week this weekend, so until then I'll be focusing on water, water, water.

Today I had one of those "ok seriously, you've let yourself go a bit here..." Looked in the mirror as I was trying to haul my jeans over my ever growing muffin top and was pretty disgusted with myself. It made me motivated to see this challenge through, I need to get fit and take control of my health this year. I simply don't want to spend another year of my life feeling fat and unhappy, I want to live out the rest of my 20's feeling sexy and confident.

How is everyone doing?

kailpea - Yeah, someone pointed it out to me and I thought it made more sense too. Mine is on my pinboard above my desk, I spend most of my time here so it's something to look up at and think "you've got to see this one through!" Hydration is so important, I'm glad to see a few of us are working on drinking the right amount of water.

P.S. - I also decided to make just the one tab for the weigh ins. I figured it would be a lot easier to keep track of our weights this way instead of making new tabs for each phase. So please use the Official weigh in tab to keep accountable with your weight IF that's something you want to do! It's not mandatory!

01-27-2014, 08:17 AM
I feel your pain, Riestrella. :o I've been feeling so bad about myself lately, wearing the same pair of jeans and a loose sweater almost every day because I feel too uncomfortable in anything else. And to think I have so many nice clothes.

Weighed in for the first time in months this morning, at 164.9 lbs. That is definitely not my highest weight ever, but it's still pretty discouraging since I was almost at 150 about a year ago..

I'm really excited that the challenge has finally started! Since my personal goals really help more towards a healthy lifestyle than to actual weightloss, I do want to include a goal weight challenge for myself as well. I have some things coming up for which I want to be slimmer, so here goes:

By 28 february (friend's wedding), I want to be 154 lbs.
By 5 april (Thailand holiday), I want to be 143 lbs.

I think those are pretty realistic goals!

Good luck meeting all of your goals this week!

01-27-2014, 08:28 AM
runthecont - I feel like we're in the exact same boat! My lowest weight was 149 lbs a year and a half ago, now seem to be lingering around the 160's! I, too, like to have goals to try and reach although I try not to pressure myself too much. I think for now I just have one, by the 13th April (my birthday), I want to be between 150-154 lbs.

01-27-2014, 09:25 AM
Hey guys, mind if I join in? I'll add my name to the spreadsheet and work on my pyramid today :) I have been thinking about the things that I need to work on and this seems like a good way to lay it all out and break it into manageable chunks. I like it.

01-27-2014, 11:39 AM
Man oh man, still haven't decided on my lists. I'm gonna sit down after lunch get er sorted finally.

01-27-2014, 01:22 PM
Here (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6KrlOS7IE_QQ2hHc3RYcHM0dmc/edit?usp=sharing) is a template I whipped up! Print it out and fill it in!

01-27-2014, 02:10 PM
So excited for this challenge! I made my pyramid yesterday :)

Rie-I feel you, I've been hovering around the same area now for months :( But we can do this and we will be sexy for the rest of our 20s!

ruthecontinent-those goals seem totally doable :) Totally jealous of your Thailand holiday, that's the number one place I want to visit.

silverfire-Glad you're joining!

dehtripper-Finish writing up those goals! haha :)

01-27-2014, 02:30 PM
yay, the challenge has started!

I am sipping on my water all day today. Also, I plan on getting my hike in today after work, but we'll see how I feel after 8 hours sitting in front of a desk :( I was a little afraid to weigh in, but I'm still at 135. Been here for a bit, it was goal for me. I definitely won't mind getting into the 120s though.

runthecontinent: Thailand? That sounds awesome. How long are you going for?
dhtripper: sitting down and drawing up my pyramid was fun. Get er done ! :D

01-27-2014, 03:12 PM
Yay! Day 1 complete for me. Exercise goal is to do with weekends so that was fine, nutrition was to plan out my lunch each day.

A provisional goal for me will be to be around 125 by the time I go to London in May.

01-27-2014, 03:34 PM
Yay for Day One! I'm about half way through my 8 glasses of water for the day and I plan on going to the gym after I get off work. Hoping getting more active this week will help shed some of the pounds I've gained back.

Silverfire So glad you're joining!

01-27-2014, 11:33 PM
Well, day one is in the books for me. Got my 8 glasses of water in but I didn't make it to the gym after work like I wanted. Oh well. Still 6 more days to get my two gym days in.

01-28-2014, 08:02 AM
Haha, Sooooo I did actually get mine written up finally, and was en pointe yesterday. Weigh in is tomorrow so will add that then.

Fitness Goals:
1. Strength & Agility 1x week
2. Non derby cardio 1x week
3. Strength & Agility 2x week
4. Yoga/proprioreception 1x week
5. Do ANY workout 1x weekend
6. Train for A-team tryout

Nutrition Goals:
1. Prep lunches for the week
2. 8c H2O/ day
3. Eat some fruit/veggies BEFORE "other" snacks
4. Don't skip breakfast on the weekend
5. Truthfully/precisely measure everything
6. Eat healthy, on plan; Indulge only for truly special occasions

Alllllllrighty then, I think I'm ready to get this challenge done! I'm off to draw this sucker up.


01-28-2014, 08:08 AM
Day 2 complete! I realise how important timing is in drinking water consistently throughout the day, I had to drink the majority of my water throughout the evening and found myself peeing a LOT! Lesson learnt to space it out throughout the day to avoid a stupid amount of toilet trips!

On a personal note, things at work are getting a bit complicated. I find myself getting sick A LOT and even experienced a serious illness that had me off for 2 weeks last August. Got a feeling my company is going to let me go...just a lot of talk going on behind my back without me being there. My American co-workers are supportive of me, say that they would be stupid to fire me, but my Japanese co-worker (who to be fair is a bit too serious) thinks it could be a bigger issue than I realise. So...who knows. Trying to keep my mind from wandering before I hear anything directly. I'm leaving in September, something they already know. But ultimately it's just a job, if they fire me for reasons that were beyond my control then I'm better off I suppose? On a slightly morbid note I saw the aftermath of a road accident, I think someone was knocked off their bicycle but I just saw the pool of blood on the floor. Kind of makes me think "just stop worrying, things could be a lot worse!"

My weight was 1.4 lbs down from my previous weigh in a week or so ago. Probably a lot of it was getting back into a normal routine after Christmas, so hoping this water drinking goal will shed some more water weight. But I know that diet and exercise will play a major role in the future, but I'm confident this pyramid challenge will help me ease into it. I'm finding myself snacking and drinking a LOT more Coke than what I was doing before I left for England, I need to snap out of it - it's not even something I take pleasure in anymore it's just become a habit!

Keep up the awesome work, don't forget to mark your success in the spreadsheet!


Silver - Welcome! Your link didn't work, it said it was private? Thanks for doing that though! What are your goals? Please state them in the thread!

deh - Get to work!! :p Edit: You did it! Haha, love the gif! I didn't know you could post gifs on the forum. This changes...everything.

Dott - Woohoo, we can do it! Determined not to be overweight for much longer!

kisskiss - Did you manage to do your hike?

kailpea - I'm going to fit in my exercise goals over the weekend, it's definitely going to be challenging in the future to fit them in during the week, I tend to be such a slob after work!

01-28-2014, 09:37 AM
Rie - Sorry about your job situation. Its great that many of your co-workers are reassuring but I can imagine that just got stressful situation written all over it. No fun at all. When you're done in Sept, are you going back to England? Good point about the road accident. Seeing those sorts of things really rattle me deep down.

And re: gifs... I wasn't sure if it would work/was allowed but figured I'd try. I'm SUCH a visual person, I love me some gifs.

01-28-2014, 09:46 AM
Rie - Shitty deals about your work situation! Try not to stress and just be ready to roll with the punches!

*Doh* Fixed the link, should work now! I am working on my goals, trying to figure out WHAT my ultimate goals are so I can break it down ;)

dehtripper - your gif nailed it. If it hadn't been there, I wouldn't have imagined it anyway :D

I made it to the gym, did the c25k and brought lunch yesterday. Have lunch today too and might just go to the gym again!

01-28-2014, 11:13 AM
Ok, Here is what I have put together so far...

1. GO to the gym 3x/wk (Do C25K)
2. Start Plank & Squat Challenge (Starting at 5 sec, and 5 reps and increase by 5, 5 days a week)
3. 60 minutes of strength 3x/wk
4. Yoga 1x/wk
5. Outdoor running - Home to Victoria bridge and back is about 5k!
6. Yoga 2x/wk
8. Begin Derby Training!!!

1. Bring breakfast and lunch everyday (take vitamins!)
2. Drink 100+ oz water EVERY day. (remember vitamins!)
3. Meticulously Measure and Weigh ERRRTHANG
4. Eat ON PLAN 6 days a week, Once a week a cheat day

Revamped! :D:D:D

01-28-2014, 01:23 PM
dehtripper Yay! Glad you got them written up :)

Rie I'm sorry about the job drama! That's awful :( But its good you realize that things could be much worse and are staying positive. And great work with staying on plan and for losing!

Silverfire Great job figuring out your goals!

Meant to get my exercise in this morning but ended up staying up late last night doing homework I didn't realize was due. So slept in then had to do some boring promotional stuff for a concert I'm playing in next month. Food is good and I will make sure to get my exercise in tonight! I feel so determined with this challenge :carrot:

01-28-2014, 03:39 PM
I somehow managed to get my hike in yesterday, and I drank my water. So check offs for my first goals! The hike was relaxing and peaceful, I'm happy that I ended up going. I was super tired from work, but decided to try to get this challenge started right.
__________________________________________________ ______________

dehtripper: haha nice image, I know exactly how you feel now that it's done.

Riestrella: So sorry about your work situation. I'm sure that can be stressful if ther's a lot of back and forth and no one really saying anything to your face--I work for a program that does the same thing, communication breakdown). I've actually been looking for another job, possibly a whole new industry.

I also drank loads of water , and geezus did I have to pee a lot! LOL.

what exercise are you planning on doing tonight? I feel pretty determined with this challenge as well. it's different that all the other challenges up.

01-29-2014, 08:01 AM
Well the plot thickens. My co-worker sat down and told me that I am indeed being considered to be let go. Which is so infuriating because I have yet had a chance to defend myself to anyone with authority NOR have I been giving any sort of inclination that I was in trouble. Oh, and that trouble being I got sick. Gee, I'm such a horrible person for falling sick... I've got a lot of life changes coming on me like a tsunami if I do get fired though. It pretty much screws up my "plan" for living in Japan. I wanted to leave in September, at the end of my 2 year contract, but if that's pulled out from under my feet I'm not sure I want to commit to another full time preschool job to only leave a few months later. Training, making connections with kids and Mums...it's just so much emotional work to do to only screw them around when I intend to leave near the end of the year.

I had a talk with my boyfriend to plan what happens next. We live separately you see, we arrived at different times in Japan and our jobs aren't close by so we see each other on weekends. I asked him if I could move in with him if I lost my job and I would get a job that required me to work evenings so I wouldn't be in the way at night. His apartment IS small...it would be very cramped if I did have to move in, and I know he values his space so I wouldn't mind working evenings. It would save a lot of money for both of us, it seems like the best option if I did get fired...but he said he would really think about it since it is a big shift in our dynamic at the moment. We've lived together before, but he worries in this small of a space would he get annoyed having someone else there.

If he doesn't think it's a good idea to live together...well, I guess my time in Japan is coming to an abrupt end. Which is horrible because I had SO much I wanted to do: I wanted to make a film of my time here, I wanted my best friend to visit me so I could show her around, I wanted to go on so many little day trips to wonderful looking places. All to potentially be cut short because I had to take time off because I was puking my guts out.

But I could be overreacting...perhaps I won't get fired. I just don't know. The problem is is the way this company is run. Even if I plead my case and it works, the "boss" who NEVER speaks to ANYONE because he's a weirdo could just brush aside my words and decide he doesn't want me anyway. So much is uncertain. Sorry for ranting!

Day 3 is once again a success. I managed to space out my water a bit better today, managed 4 cups while I was at work and another 4 when I got home. Probably going to get my 1 run a week in on Saturday, run off some of this stress!


dehtrip - Yeah, I was planning on going back to England, getting a new passport then moving to the States with my American boyfriend. Potentially getting married soon too...not the most romantic of ways because it would be so we could live in the same country (why does the world hate international couples?!) but that's the plan.

Silver - The way I was inspired to create a pyramid was my friend who said to me "imagine yourself at your goal. Now what did you do to achieve that goal?" I just let my mind wander and imagined what my life would be like to be at my goal weight and the pyramid idea came to me. Your goals seem good, though I would consider going to the gym 3 x a week too much for goal number 1 but maybe I'm a lazy fool! You only have 5 goals, do you want 6? You can have 5, it's ok!

Dott - So glad the challenge is motivating you! How big is the concert your playing? I would love to be skilled at the piano, I could only ever tinker about with it but I loved it! Wish I had a piano now ;_;

kisskiss - Woohoo, great job on kicking butt and going on a hike! Where do you live, is it close to mountains? I can't imagine just going on a hike without having to travel and make a day of it! Good luck on your job hunt, what sort of things are you looking for? Typing this and feeling the urge to pee, gah!

01-29-2014, 08:28 AM
Riestrella You job situation sounds terrible. Hopefully there isn't much stock in what they are saying. Honestly, if your coworkers know that they are thinking about letting you go, but the boss hasn't talked to you about it at all that's pretty terrible system they have going on there.

I was having a little bit of a job crisis earlier this week. Last July, I quite my full-time job so I could go back to school and still have a functioning life. I took a part-time job working weeknights. The business I work for offered a nice shift differential for working nights, and it really padded by paycheck so that my husband and I were financially stable, even with me working part-time. Well last months rumors started surfacing that they were getting rid of the shift differential all together. So I really started to panic, because I would be taking a drastic pay cut that we couldn't afford. My husband just told me to stop worrying about things that aren't in my control (but worrying about things that aren't in my control is kind of my thing). Well I got really lucky-- a lot of people didn't though. They didn't get rid of shift differential all together, but instead of giving you 15 percent of your wages, they changed the differential to a flat dollar amount. For me, since I don't make much at all, it evened out. But for so many other people, they took some drastic cuts.

Day 2 was great for me. I got my 64 oz of H2O in and I made it to the gym after work. So I only have 1 more gym day to work into my week and I'll have completed week one of the Exercise portion. On to Day 3! I probably won't make it to the gym today. Planning on saving it for this weekend.

Riestrella, I divide my water in half too. 32 oz before I go to work, and 32 oz while I'm at work. I think it cuts down on the time I'm in the bathroom that way. My kidney's aren't like "OMG OMG, what's going on?! Where is all this water coming from all of a sudden?!" I used to go to the cafeteria and get a big 32 oz of iced tea before work every day, but I quit doing that this week in favor of my water.

01-29-2014, 10:47 AM
Rie - Job uncertainty is terrible! I hope you're not up on the chopping block! Even worse when your boss doesn't seem very receptive. My work has been doing layoffs. We had a massive layoff a couple years ago and since then have been laying a few people off every couple of months. There are two of us that do the things that I do, and 90% of the time there really only needs to be one of us. I am always a little afraid that they'll keep him before me, because he's been in the position longer. Though it does motivate me to haul @ss a bit more and out perform him as best I can... I hope everything works out well for you in the end anyway :D

And that's mostly what I was trying to do, come up with an end goal and work backwards, I left some room coz I think I might need to do some tweaking :) And as for the gym, I was already MOSTLY making it 3 times a week, I just needed to be more accountable for it I think. I also might have a hard time starting small... lol go big or go home?? I really would like to end up having something active planned everyday by the end of this all.

kailpea Ahh Shift Diff - I miss that from the days of working the afternoon shift. I'm glad you ended up breaking even. Losing that chunk of cash is hard! Even with a pay raise, it still didn't make up for losing the shift diff when I went to days! Way to go to the gym! Walking in the door is half the battle! (Still beating me in steps!!! I'll catch back up today maybe ;)

Yesterday was good, was on plan, under calories, and met all of my Fitbit goals and even remembered my vitamins! Went to the gym again, didn't C25K though. Just a brisk half hour walk at a incline! Ohhh the burn! I was REALLY excited when the scale showed a 260.4 this morning too, that's 1 more lb and I'll have made back to where I was 6 months ago!

Seems like everyone else is doing well so far, keep it up guys :D :D

01-29-2014, 11:37 AM
Rie-I'm so sorry about the stress this work drama is causing you! :hug: I think though that you shouldn't worry too much because nothing has been decided and this is only coming from a co-worker. And you still would get to plead your side. Plus you are leaving in Sept and it seems strange that they would fire you now if that's the case. But if they do, you do have a place to go to. Either your boyfriends place, or if he decides its not a good idea you still have a home back in England. You seem to have a lot of people in your life who love you and care about you, so I'm sure that whatever happens you will have a place to go.
I'm not sure how many people are coming to the concert, I've invited everyone I know and then some though, hopefully its a good turn out.

Kailpea-Great job finding ways to get in your water and for getting to the gym! That's lucky that you didn't have to take a pay cut, glad it worked out at your job.

Silverfire-Good work staying under calories and getting to the gym! And congrats on another lb lost :)

kisskiss-I love hiking :) Great job getting your hike in! I did a leslie sansone walking video. That's like my go-to when I just need something easy and quick.

So a couple weeks ago I accidentally ate gluten which made me swell up like crazy and I'm STILL getting that water weight off. Grrr. Hoping its gone by friday which is my weigh-in. Yesterday was good, didn't get my exercise in till right before bed, but glad I was still able to do it. 15min everyday is working out to be the perfect number to make sure I do something since its such a short amount of time I can't NOT do it.

01-29-2014, 01:29 PM
ugh, your job situation sucks so bad :( I can imagine your worry. I would be very upset too, if I had plans that had to be cut for something that was out of your control. I mean, you were sick! That's crazy. Hopefully, all this is rumors on top of rumors, and you'll get to stay as planned.
I go on like little hikes. They are usually an hour to 3 hours depending on where I am at. On weekend I'll go on nicer longer hikes in national parks (so not terribly steep). I have to drive 40 minutes or longer usually to do them, which is why hiking is usually reserved for the weekends. I love it :D

Well, all my experience has been in education. But, my boyfriend is a web developer and he is teaching me how to program. It's a lot of fun! I don't think I can see myself in that field because it's such a complete opposite of what I've been doing all my life, but for now I'm learning it and we'll see where that goes. I'm looking to stay in education for now, but I'm considering going back to school on the side depending on how the programming stuff works out.


I'm like you, I worry about everything. If there's even a slight chance of something happening, I start to try to figure out what options I have lol
Nice job on getting your exercise in!

:carrot: yay for you being back to weight you were at 6 months ago. That's got to be awesome to know you're back!
I also planned my goals backwards. By the end, I should be doing something active (running, hiking, yoga) every day.

I have a Leslie Sansone dvd, totally go to them as well for exercise when I want to do something at home.

01-29-2014, 07:06 PM
I said I would do it - and by golly I finally got my crap together and did! I even drew two little pyramids :D. I'm really looking forward to this challenge...I gained about 15lbs back when I was on my diet vacation (surgeries, injuries...) and I want to be sure I am setting LONG TERM habits to get rid of what I am currently fighting off. I have about 45lbs I want to lose, including what I gained back, and I am ready to get rid of it and KEEP IT OFF.

Will do personals later, have to run to the gym at the moment!


1. Workout at least ONCE a day 5x a week
2. Stick 100% to my gym schedule
3. C25k with Boyfriend 3x a week
4. Do a minimum of 30 minutes mobility 3x a week OUTSIDE the gym
5. Begin incorporating yoga into weekly workout schedule
6. Workout TWICE a day 5-6x a week, mobility on rest days.


1. Stick to daily calorie intake limit per day
2. Get all of my water daily, no excuses.
3. Prep my meals 2x a week
4. Stick to TWO cheat MEALS a week (includes alcohol)
5. Get all supplements incorporated into daily routine (IE: Vitamins, BCAA, Fish Oil)
6. Stick to ONE cheat MEAL a week + 1 night of drinks with friends bi-weekly

01-30-2014, 05:11 AM
First of all, thank you guys SO much for your support regarding my job situation. Reading your posts has made me remember why I love this forum so much. Secondly and to the point - I was fired today. They didn't give me a chance to defend myself, the decision had been made without me involved. Their reasoning was shady at best, they had been asking my colleagues all week about their opinion on me as if trying to dig up dirt but guess what? They didn't find any, my co-workers liked me and wanted me to stay. I've been given to the end of February, but they expect that I won't be there all the time. It's a generous offer considering the situation and it would mean money to keep me going until March, but I'm not sure how motivated I can be to give my all to a company who's laid me off for ridiculous reasoning.

I'm trying to stay focused on what is GOOD in my life, but finding it hard to detach this situation from everything. It's just so humiliating being fired, even though people are saying it'll be fine I still need to process what's happening! I'll still stay true to this challenge and keep on going. We're still on phase 1 at the moment anyway, so it's not like I have to workout every day of the week to be successful!


kailpea - It's a tough world out there, huh? It feels like I'm the only one who's ever experienced it, but that's just what my drama llama that lives in my brain is saying. I know sh!t happens to good people all the time, I just have to learn to deal with it.

Silver - I hope you too don't suffer the cruel humiliation of being fired! Haha, I thought the same way before but then when I slipped up I would fail BIG. Which is why this thread is now here =)

Dott - You're right, there are a lot of people who care about me and will help me - for that I'm lucky. Thank you for your kind words =). Hope you shake off that gluten madness! Yeah 15 minutes is a great starter, you're doing so well!

kisskiss - If you like it, definitely pursue it! It's so important to have a passion for what you do. And there are definitely jobs out there for programmers.

Park - Welcome!! Your exercise goals look so hard, haha, I'm just such a big wimp! You put my "run once a week" to SHAME hehe.

01-30-2014, 08:18 AM
Oh Rei!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what else to say that I'm so sorry for your situation. I know I'm just a random on the internet, but I really do feel for you. :hug::hug:

01-30-2014, 10:30 AM
Bah! What a bunch of jerks! Shitty shitty shitty deals man. It is slightly nicer that they've given you the opportunity to stay to the end of Feb, it could give you a chance to find a another job, even if it is only temporary, and not being broke while doing so :) Take a deep breath, it truly willbe ok, ... eventually! Take it a day at a time! - I hope to never be fired again! I have worked with this company for 7 years, and took an administrative assistant position for one of the managers. No experience to speak of, but ready to learn. I made it 7 months before she sent me back to my old job. That was humiliating for sure, until I learned that she's just kinda crazy and nearly impossible to please. It ended up being for the best anyway, because now I have a better job and a better boss (same company still ;))

I was on plan yesterday, stayed under cals, hit the gym, C25k'd and made a delicious giant pot of turkey soup for dinner last night. With enough leftover to last into the weekend. Planning to go out for lunch on Saturday with some friends to a new fancy restaurant that just opened in town, will have to adjust the rest of that day accordingly!

Also, I saw this this morning and LOL'd for a LONG time and thought I needed to share it, I'm sure yall could use a giggle!


01-30-2014, 01:42 PM
Rie-That's terrible!!!! It's too bad you aren't in California so I could ask my boyfriend who's a lawyer what legal action you could take. Its really messed up that in Japan they can just fire you for no reason like that and be so shady about it! You are an amazing go-getter person though and I have a strong feeling that you are the type of person who will always land back on her feet :hug: You're so good at planning(obvious from all your awesome challenges) and I know you will have a plan for this whole situation soon! What's your boyfriend think? Is he still unsure about you guys sharing his small apartment? Try and stay positive, you WILL get through this!

Parktrot-Welcome! Your exercise goals are awesome!
Silverfire-haha that gif made my morning ;) You are doing sooo well in the challenge! Keep up the great work :)

So yesterday was....interesting. And by interesting I mean overwhelming, stressful, and exhausting. My concerto performance with the orchestra is coming up in a little over 2 weeks and its been a mess getting things together with the orchestra. :stress: I've of course been practicing a lot and performing a lot preparing and yeah...I'm done with the world, last night I couldn't take it and just started crying. But today is a new day to conquer and I'm feeling positive after getting a lot of sleep :carrot:
My exercise yesterday was moving concert grand pianos around stages 3x yesterday! haha Such a pianist exercise :p I'm sore though and was sweating a lot from it!
I got a whoosh! I haven't gotten a whoosh in so long! All that dumb gluten weight is gone plus another 1.2lbs :D Tomorrow is my official weigh in day so hopefully it sticks!

01-30-2014, 02:14 PM
Rie Hopefully leaving this job will mean you'll be on to bigger and better things! It might be hard until you find another job, but hopefully you'll find something with better business practices. The entire situation just sounds shady. =(

Silverfire That Gif reminds me so much of my Cat! He's such a Princess, for the longest time he refused to drink out of his water bowl and whenever I brushed my teeth or got out of the shower, he would run into the bathroom really fast and drink out of the faucet there. Eventually we got him a fancy water bowl that has an electric fountain that constantly pumps the water rather than just leaving the faucets running for him all the time.

Dottington Congrats on your woosh! I could use a good woosh!


I didn't think I was going to make it through my 64 oz of water yesterday, but I got through it right before I went to bed. I got started drinking a lot later than I usually do. Usually the first thing I do when I wake up is fill up my first cup. But I didn't get around to doing that until about noon, which is usually the time I am done with my first 32 oz and starting on the last 32 oz.

I got my second cardio/gym workout in today, so I have successfully completed my First Tier on the Exercise Pyramid. Super excited and I fell pretty accomplished that I didn't have to cram another gym day in on Sunday night. I fully anticipated that.

01-31-2014, 02:38 PM
kailpea-Great job getting your water in and finishing your exercise goal! I'm sure you'll get a whoosh soon if you keep it up :)

The whoosh kept! Today is my official weigh in day and I'm so glad it stayed :D Ahhh the 130s are sooo close now! Hope everyone has a great friday!

02-01-2014, 06:49 AM
The last couple of days have been a close call with water intake, but I've managed to stick to my 8 glasses of water a day! Currently trying to down all my water later in the day, man, it's hard to remember when I'm busy on the weekend! I was going to run today, but I didn't =(. If I don't run tomorrow then I will FAIL and that is not an option! So I will definitely run tomorrow!

The last few days have been a bit shitty as you can imagine. Yesterday I took the day off work, the manager who fired me was going to go into the school and tell the teachers what's going to happen to them next. I couldn't face seeing her, she HUMILIATED me in public. She was completely unprofessional and made it a personal attack and I felt so helpless and unable to defend myself. However, getting rid of me puts so much pressure on the rest of the team if they can't hire anyone suitable soon. So I hope to Jebus that the company suffers for giving me the boot at such a busy time of the year. My co-worker has been looking for a new job, my other co-worker hates working there too, so basically I wish that they go downhill as a result of getting rid of me =D. Spiteful, yes, but they deserve it.

My future plan is to move out of my apartment (just given my landlord a months notice) and either move in with my boyfriend or my friends. Sounds like I should obviously live with my boyfriend, but he does live in a TINY apartment. So I'm going to see if my friends offer is fair, because they have a lot more room (I'd get my own room) so it would be nice to have a bit more space.

After that I'm going to give myself until April to find a job. I am leaving Japan in September regardless, so I'm really looking for a no strings attached kind of affair. A place where leaving wouldn't mean a big deal to them, where I would easily be replaced kind of deal. I would hate to join a school where they really needed me to stay and I just jumped ship early. I know I COULD, but I don't want to. I'm too nice like that! I'd feel so guilty.

If I can't find a job by the end of April then I'm going to move back to England. My parents have been SO supportive, I think my Mum deep down really wants me to come home. But they would let me live rent free until I found a job so there is a plus to that plan. It would mean being away from my boyfriend for 4 months(ish), but we've been away from each other a LOT longer. While it's not what I want, it would mean I wouldn't have to eat into savings just to stay in Japan.

So there's my plan, I'm starting to feel a lot more focused and content with life now that I know what I'm going to do. I'm still a bit worried about not finding a job, because I really don't want to have to leave, but it's not the end of the world if I do leave. I know some people wouldn't even have a safety net like a place in their parents house, so I'm so lucky in that regard.

Thanks for listening to my rants!! Congrats to all of you who have completed phase 1!! Are you getting pumped for phase 2??


dehtrip - Thank you :hug: You may be a random internet person as you say, but I appreciate your concern more than you can imagine!

Silver - Thank you for your advice, you're right, things will work out ok eventually! That sucks you got sent back to your old job...but great that you ended up being in a better position eventually! How was lunch at the fancy place? That gif...was absolutely amazing. I've stared at it for way longer than I should giggling. He really wants that water!

Dott - You pipped me off the top of the weigh in chart!! Go you! Although I will catch you ;p. Your kind words have been such a comfort to me, I can't thank you enough. You know exactly what to say to make a person feel better about themselves! My boyfriend has come around to the idea of me living with him, thankfully, he had his concerns but actually listened to me when I tried to distill his fears so he's ok with me moving in. I'm still going to see if living with my friends is better for me financially, but it's nice that he's willing to let me live with him. You're right, I will get through this! Just trying to remember they didn't fire me because I was bad at my job or because my co-workers complained, but because they're arse holes! =D. Wish I was in California too ;p.
So sorry the stress got on top of you! I can't imagine the practicing that must go into a performance. But I'm happy that after you released all that stress you felt more focused. Sometimes it takes crashing a bit to pick yourself up and feel more positive.

kailpea - Yeah, shady is definitely the perfect word to describe their actions. I'm doing the same thing tonight, cramming in all my water late! My bladder is going to be like "what the eff?! WHY?" Great job on completing phase 1!!

02-02-2014, 11:02 AM
Rie - I'm really sorry that you got fired! It does sound like you're doing great making new plans though.. I hope living with your friends works out, that doesn't sound too bad.

It's also nice that you have such a great safety net back home! I'm living with my boyfriend in my dad's house for free too, and it's definitely a blessing. Even if you don't need to move back home after all, I'm sure it helps you feel less stressed out knowing that you always have a place to go. I really hope it all works out the way you would like from now on!

As for the challenge, I just completed my one run today. It was difficult this week as I have been super busy marking exams. Most of my students passed.. Though I also read some truly discouraging things. Colleagues tell me I will have to get used to students underachieving, heh. :shrug:

I have also booked yet another trip! I'm going to London for a few days in March to visit a friend. Really looking forward to that! It takes me only three hours to get into London so it's really silly that I don't go there more often.

02-02-2014, 01:50 PM
Rie-:hug: glad to be here for you! I'm glad your boyfriend is now offering for you to stay with him. Living with your friend does sound like the better option at the moment though. I can totally understand why you'd have reservations living in such tight spaces with your boyfriend. Keep us updated on what you decide to do. i'm sure you can find a job by the end of April, but going back to England does have the advantage of not paying rent. You and your bf seem to have a very solid relationship and you have managed well being apart before, so that seems like an option to weigh as well :)

ruth-Great job getting in your run! And that's exciting you have a trip coming up! I would kill to go anywhere right now haha

So TOM started yesterday and yesterday was also my traditional day off. Kind of not a great day eating wise and life wise. Ended up doing a lot for other people and not doing anything for myself(I hate how often I fall into that trap!). Weight of course jumped first with TOM, then with not getting in enough water, then with yesterday being my cheat day. But Friday is my official weigh in day, so I'm not letting it get to me(too much ;))

02-03-2014, 09:53 AM
Phase 2 underway! Being really conscious of my water intake all last week has definitely made me more aware of how much I am drinking in a day. Even though I don't NEED to drink my 8 glasses of water to proceed forward I still feel the urge to do so, I call that a huge success! I went on a run on Sunday as planned. It was...so bad! Wow, I can't believe how bad it went! I ran a 10k not too long ago, I barely made it to 20 minutes running! But I went, I did it, so for that I am happy.

Today begins my new nutrition goal: Make meal plans and DON'T eat ready meals/eat out alone!! Hmm...this one is going to be a little tricky since it's SO easy to say "meh, can't be bothered cooking" and just get something ready made. But for 2 whole weeks I vow to cook and not succumb to laziness! I made myself Japanese style curry tonight. The best part about it is that it lasts for DAYS. It might get boring, but it's not a ready made meal that I had no part in making!

As for my phase 2 exercise goal, I will strength train/do a bit of yoga once this week as well as run once a week too. I really don't want to forget about my previous goals as I move on to the next one, otherwise this challenge is pointless!

How are you all doing with your new goals?

As for my personal life, today was the first day of my last month at work (phew). I was terrified to go in this morning, I just had this sense of dread. What would people say? Will it be awkward? I was actually considering not going in, but I thought "if you don't go in today then you might lose the chance to finish February." So I kicked myself in the behind and went. The Japanese staff didn't say a word about what happened, which is a typical Japanese trait. They probably didn't want to bring it up and make things potentially awkward so they just move forward. Being a Westerner this type of behaviour confuses me a bit, but it didn't offend me or upset me. My American co-worker was very upfront with me and asked me how I was feeling. I have a master plan now, I told him, to which he responded how great that was that I've bounced back.

Which is true! I do feel like I've got a firm grip on what's going to happen. I still need to decide on who I'll live with: my boyfriend or my friends place, but I think I'm swaying more towards my friends. No rent and a room to myself? It's too good to be true. I'm going over there on Saturday to talk details so I think once that's done I'll decided where it is I'll be living.


runthec - Yeah, it is such a relief to have a place back home should all not go well! It's difficult to understand the mindset of young people, you want whats best for them but sometimes it's just impossible to make them see reason!

Dott - Thank you once again for such kind words! Are you aware you're falling into a "trap" with doing too much for others, or is it something you figure out upon reflection? Don't let TOM get you down, you're doing so well! I try and only weigh myself if I feel like I've been successful, otherwise I too would be bugged if I saw a gain no matter how justified it is!

02-03-2014, 01:11 PM
Rie-Unfortunately, I have yet been able to catch myself when I start doing too much for everyone else. Its only upon reflection and then I get annoyed at myself. I'm trying to be more aware though. Great job getting in your run, and I'm sure in a few weeks you will be back to doing 10ks :)

So I actually did all my meal planning/cooking for the week last night :carrot: Every morning for breakfast I have a banana, berry, soymilk, soy protein powder, and avocado OR peanut butter smoothie(or if I'm in a real hurry a piece of fruit). For lunch I have salad with lots of raw veggies, 1/2 tbsp sunflower seeds, homemade dressing/dip(either thai peanut or creamy vegan veggie), berries, soy yogurt, a hard boiled egg, and baked tofu. Dinner is left over polenta bake or african peanut stew with a hard boiled egg. Snacks include veggie jerky, nuts, berries, gf crackers, protein chips.

Exercise I'm keeping with the 15min each day(which has been really making me feel better even if it isn't a lot) and a hike once a week. I'll have to wait till the weekend for my hike.

Scale keeps going up each day since the start of TOM :dizzy: Sigh, I know it'll come down though. As far as weekends go, this one was actually really good for me. So I know its not actual weight and will be down in a few days.

Good luck with phase 2 everyone!

02-03-2014, 02:15 PM
awesome, I haven't been to London since high school but it was so much fun! I've actually started taking more vacations and I love it. I went to Big Bear earlier this year and Las vegas, and I plan on going to Colorado in April.
I work in education, and yes, it is very discouraging to see students who are not where I feel they should be :( I especially get mad at those I know have so much potential, and then they just kind of let it go to waste.


So happy to see your spirits are up and that you seem to have a very solid plan! Good luck in staying in Japan. :hug:
Congrats on going on that run! Doesn't matter how long it took you, it matters that you attempted it! I want to start running again too. I actually had to drop from the students running club at work, but I want to try to start running a few miles a week again.


I hate TOM, it messes with my weight by a few pounds. Good luck on your hike this weekend!
__________________________________________________ ______________
I am currently at work and I am counting down the hours! I slept badly yesterday because my brother had an accident and I was up all night watching his son. He's going to be fine, but I spent a night of worrying. Couldn't miss work as I've used up all of my sick days with a back issue I had earlier.
I'm excited to start a new phase, although Yoga for me will be a lot tougher for me to accomplish than hiking :(

In personal news, my boyfriend told me he loved me. lol that is totally unrelated to weight but I'm so freaking happy that I had to tell someone!
Good luck in phase 2 everyone:D

02-03-2014, 02:23 PM
KISSKISS YAY FOR YOGA! I love doing yoga. MY phase 3 goal is to incorporate one exercise session away from the gym. But if its too cold for jogging outside, I fully plan on hitting up a nice little yoga studio not to far from home.

So this week I am going to try and stick with drinking my 8 glasses of water. The weekend was the toughest for me to get through, mainly because I don't work so I don't have the same schedule that reminds me to drink my water. If I don't make it, I'm not going to fret.

The goal for phase 2 is to have one vegetarian day per week. I used to be a practicing vegetarian for health reasons, before I met my husband. He is kinda veggie phobic so I start changing how I ate, and packed on the pounds. He has become a lot better about eating vegetables, but he is still a carnivore at heart. So this week rather than making us the exact same food to eat, one night he's going to have some leftover chicken quesadillas that I have in the freezer and I'm going to have a yummy lentil and spinach curry. I have planned to eat a sesame asian salad with spinach, cilantro, mandarin oranges, green onions, and toasted almonds for lunches this week.

As far as exercise, I am going to try to get to the gym my 2x a week for some cardio but the main goal for phase 2 is to add one strength training session in there. I also plan on trying out the first week of C25K. It might be hard to get to the gym at the beginning of this week since we are expecting to get a decent amount of snow. My car doesn't like the snow (and neither do I). I'm going to go buy a shovel tonight after work because I fully expect to have to dig myself out tomorrow morning. =/

02-03-2014, 04:50 PM
Yay for a successful Phase 1 guys!! I revamped my goals a bit, still with some wiggle room in phase 7... I'm not sure about that one yet :) I think I am going to have to bite the bullet in phase 3 or 4 and switch gyms if I want to incorporate Yoga and such. Poking around online and classes are expensive! I don't think I can afford to pay for both separately, so I might as well ditch my cheapo gym (while I like it, it isn't going to offer everything I'd like to work towards) and move up in the world and get a Motion Fitness membership. 50+ bucks a month and that includes all sorts of classes, (including yoga) steam room (!!!!!) and tanning.

Still going to do my best to hit the gym 3 times this week, even though its a hectic one. I think I have worked out a schedule that works! I decided to start my plank and squat challenge at 5 seconds and reps, and then up it by 5 each a day 5 days a week (repeating as needed!!!) I have almost zero core strength so I thought I'd start small!

Phew! Busy Monday! One job almost done, job #2 soon!!

02-04-2014, 11:54 AM
Kiss-I'm sorry about your rough night! Glad your brother is ok though. And that's so exciting that your bf told you he loved you!!! :)

kailpea-Good luck with your goals! And yay for a veggie night, your menu sounds yummy :)

Silverfire-That gym sounds awesome! Sounds totally worth the extra cost.

Ugh so scale has leveled off, but still 4lbs up with stupid TOM. Yesterday was..not great. I was STARVING all day and I kept fighting the urge to go off plan and I lasted till about 9pm and yeah totally ate junk before going to bed :( I'm finding it really hard actually the keep with my first weeks goals. I mean, its not that big of a deal that I went off yesterday bc my first goal was 4 days on plan a week. But I also forgot my 15min of exercise. I REALLY need to remember my first goals too! Any advice?

02-05-2014, 11:15 PM
How are we all doing??

So far I've been good with sticking to meal plans. My curry lasted me 3 whole days, tonight I was supposed to be going out with a friend but she cancelled. I don't have a plan for food tonight so I will do my best to not succumb to a ready meal/takeaway! A challenge on day 4...

Still need to fit in my strength workout, which I really should do tonight and get it out of the way so I can run this weekend!

As for me, well I did a bit more research into my visa status now I'm losing my job. I have 3 months to find a job in an English school (can't be public school or private tutoring) or I will have to leave Japan. Honestly, I think I've come to accept that I might not be here for as long as I initially intended and that's ok. I've seen some amazing things, met great people. I would have liked to travel Japan a little more outside of Tokyo this summer, but I'm not sure I'll be able to do that now. I need to think about myself and my future and not just stick around for the sake of it. I still go back and forth though, so my feelings might change soon enough!


Dott - Perhaps your instinct is to say yes to people, so you may have to start training yourself to counter your instincts and really analyse the situation. Ask yourself a set of questions like "do I have things I really need to do?" if the answer is yes then you simply say "no" to the request. It would be hard training yourself to essentially be a different personality type, but you are the most important person in your life so prioritizing yourself is key!
Your food plan sounds so healthy! I still have to work towards that level of clean eating, it's something I truly struggle with. Happy to hear you're still focusing on your previous goals as well as your new ones! Even if you do slip up, don't put too much pressure on yourself. I find having the pyramid right above my laptop is good because it reminds me of what I need to do. But the fact that you're THINKING about your previous goals is great! You seem to do well with challenges, so why not consider your previous exercise goals a part of your new goals and that's the way you can pass. It puts a bit more pressure on yourself, but thinking about it as an all or nothing type way can work for some! However, the challenge isn't designed to punish yourself though, once you have passed a goal you can incorporate it into your life in a way that's comfortable. So go easy on yourself =).

kisskiss - Sorry to hear you had a rough night followed by work, but glad your brother is ok! Eeeee!! I'm so happy for you!! I remember you talking about saying I love you not too long ago so I'm stoked it happened at last!

kailpea - Man, I sound like your husband...I'm pretty anti-veg myself. But I really do hate myself for it, but I just can't help it! I was brought up in a very meaty/carby house hold and vegetables were always thrown on at the time plain and boring. It's the reason why my phase 7 is eat more vegetables, because I know I'll struggle! There are always home workouts you can do if it does snow!

Silver - If you love the gym, then it's probably best to invest in one you'll get the most out of. I joined a gym and LOVED the classes but the gym itself was so small it made working out a struggle. I had to wait for equipment and then I would have a time limit on it too. It sucked! So I quit.

02-06-2014, 12:55 AM
Rie- :hug: Thank you so much for the awesome advice. You really are so sweet :) Yeah, I've tried being a little more firm with people. I'm thinking about it now so I hope being more aware will help. It is hard to change some so intrinsic about ones self. Yeah, I worked on not beating myself up too much and was back on track yesterday and today :) I think its important to remember this isn't about perfection but and overall lifestyle goal challenge and things don't always go smoothly and its best to accept the hard days for what they are and move on. That's rough with the visa and needing to find a job so quickly! And then you'd have to leave soon after, it must be a very tough situation to be in. I'm sure the right answer will come to you though and its great that you are keeping aware of all your options :)

So scale dropped today 3lbs :dizzy: Only 1lb away from Thursday and Fridays weigh ins. I really hope to be back to 143 by weigh in day friday! If not though, I won't sweat it(or at least will try not to ;)) and know that TOM messes with things and that I will be back there soon. I really have kept aware of my previous goals and have met them the past two days(I'm trying to think of them as being a part of my current goals like you suggested Riestrella and that's helping!).
Today was a long day and I can't wait for the weekend so I can relax. I'm going to LA to visit my bf and it will be awesome to get away from here and piano(i'm over practicing a bit and physical separation is the only thing that's going to stop me from practicing lol). My concert is in a little over a week and Monday is my first rehearsal with the orchestra. I'm meeting with the conductor on Friday. Seriously, I'm so freakin sick of this piece and preparing for this concert haha I have so much rep to learn for my recital and for another concert with the orchestra in April. I just want to play already! :p

Hope everyone else is doing well with their goals!

02-06-2014, 03:27 PM
Fly by check in!

Sticking to the plan and so far all is well. Last night was some beer and wings and chocolate cake for dinner. It was sort of a celebration, perhaps a "coming out" celebration for one of my friends :) It was a fun and happy night, although... I didn't want to do the numbers on those cals... I'm hoping to work it all off tonight at job #2

Just want everyone to know PLANKS ARE FREAKING HARD! I'm super glad I decided to start at 5 seconds. I just about didn't make it 10 seconds. We'll see if I can hit 15 tomorrow :)

02-07-2014, 12:27 PM
Silverfire-sounds like a fun and delicious celebration! And yeah planks are hard! I did this ab exercise challenge over the summer and at the end of it they had you doing 2 min planks :dizzy: They are really hard! Side planks are the hardest for me though ugh haha

So weight is holding at 143.8 the past two days. Its a little up from last week, but still a decent loss overall :) So far this thing I've been doing where I have a little treat everyday instead of having cheat meals/days is working amazingly well. Not cheating is a little later on in my goals, but I figure its better to try and start implementing it now since I know its going to be hard! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend :D

02-09-2014, 04:38 PM
Well. I only have a few hours to complete week 2. I managed to get through my nutritional goal this week: One vegetarian day. But as far as my exercise goals I have been really failing. My goal was to get a strength training workout in this week and I also wanted to get my two cardio sessions in from Goal 1. So far I have done 1 cardio and no strength. I was going to hit up the gym this morning but I went outside and my car wouldn't start! It's way to cold to do cardio outside in my opinion. Hoping when my hubby gets home I can convince him to go to the gym with me, and hopefully the car issue is just from the bitter cold.

I've been really putting of the strength training. That part of the gym really intimidates me. My husband offered to go and help me, but honestly I think that would make it worse. That upset him, but its just how I feel! I just feel like such an idiot at the gym, even around him. I guess I don't want him to realize how clueless and weak I am. We have a relationship where we poke fun at each other a lot, and I know he would do that to lighten the mood a bit, but the gym is just somewhere I don't think I could take that. I know he's just trying to be supportive though, and it was nice that he offered to help me.

02-10-2014, 11:14 AM
W2 was mostly a success I think... I knew I wasn't going to be able to get 5 days of squats and planks in, so I doubled up a day. Phew was that ever painful lol. I don't think I'll be doing that again if I can help it!! Wasn't terribly stoked at this weeks weight changes, but hopefully that is just water retention!

There was one day that I didn't actually have a single glass of water. Instead I sipped away on a really expensive cold-pressed juice that a friend bought for me. It was pineapple and coconut water with chia seeds. It was so filling. I had zero desire to drink anything else for the whole day so I decided to let that day slide :)

W3 will be better, I don't expect it to be nearly as busy as last week was.

Kailpea - Ah man, that whole weight area of the gym is so scary. Especially the free weights. Machines are far less intimidating. There are usually instructions on the side of the machine and are a bit more "idiot-proof" (Although... I have seen some people use them in some pretty interesting ways!) I currently hang out there, longing for the balls to cross the threshold to the free weights world! I try to (as not obviously as I can) watch the other people in there, how they do things, and then imagine myself doing them! It's super awesome your hubby offered to help though, but I TOTALLY understand your reservations about it. I tried to convince my bf to come to the gym with me (he doesn't need to, he's skinny already, but I thought he could maybe learn to run with me) he wasn't really on board, and thinking about it more, it is probably for the best. Before I went to the gym, I thought I needed a friend to come with me all the time. But really I just wanted someone for the FIRST time. Then I was way happier on my own, doing my own thing. I would like to find someone to help me into the free weights area for the first time I think. Maybe you just need your hubby for moral support the first time, just to get you going, but with the strict understanding that while you love the help and support, you'll be able to do it in yourself after that.

Dott 2 minute planks makes my non-existent abs hurt just thinking about it!! Ugh!! I like the idea of having treats instead of full cheat meals! Though I would have a hard time not letting those treats lead to full meals I think :) Good luck!

02-10-2014, 11:21 AM
Well. . . It's official. I failed my week two exercise goal so I'll be completing the week over. =(

02-10-2014, 02:30 PM
silverfire-yeah I think little treats throughout the week work for some, but not others. It seems other people do well being super strict all week then having a meal/day of eating whatever they like instead of a little treat each day. You will totally get to 2 min planks by the end of this journey! Great job on completing week 1 of goal two :)

kailpea-:hug: Try not to beat yourself up too much. This challenge is about discovering yourself and I think a lot of us are realizing that some of these early goals we thought would be easy are harder then we realized, especially if you have a busy week it can be really hard to get in. You made your nutritional goal though which is great! You will get your goals accomplished and there really is no rush because its about making these lifelong habits. One week really isn't that big of a set back in the whole scheme of things at all. Also, maybe if that area of the gym is too intimidating you could try at home strength training? Either body weight exercises, or buying some weights and the New Rules of Lifting for Woman, or looking up at home exercises? Or maybe you could arrange a meeting with a trainer at the gym to go over the equipment one time? I agree, that area is really intimidating. In fact, I think gyms are so intimidating all together I refuse to go! I do all my workouts at home or in nature :) Best of luck!

Rie-How's the job/living situation going? Hope you're doing well!

I was really happy with my weekend :) It was so nice to get away and see my bf in LA. Sat we looked at cars since he's looking to buy a new one, and it was boring and long and tiring but I managed not to complain and whine too much ;) For food I made us an epic mexican inspired breakfast that kept us pretty full till a late lunch/early dinner at this vegan restaurant I like. Then we decided to have a drink and relax at home in the evening. I had a bottle of pear cider and he had some plain whiskey. It was fun. Then yesterday went to downtown. Went to MOCA, which was weird and entertaining. Then walked to this gluten free vegan place that had the most incredible food! I was seriously in awe. Then to the fashion district where I got a new blouse and shoes. Also got in exercise both Sat and Sunday! My calories were pretty good, except yesterday I went over. I started having crazy cravings for pizza and cake :( Which then lead me to eating too much chocolate but finally stopped because I realized eating wasn't making me feel better and nothing was going to satiate the cravings anyways. So I was proud of myself for stopping what could have been a binge and being aware of myself. :)

Hope everyone has a great week!

02-11-2014, 09:28 AM
Well I hate to admit it, but it wouldn't be helpful if I lied, but I had to reset my phase 2 nutrition goal. I ate out on my own and I chose to eat out with the boyfriend even though I could have cooked. What's worse is that it really wasn't even worth it, I was just feel bummed out from everything and couldn't be bothered to cook! So, I'm going to reset my nutrition goal and work at it again. My exercise plan is still on the go though, just need to work out this weekend on strength and hopefully fit in a run and all will be well! Might get a little confusing passing one goal and not the other, but oh welly!

Life is getting a little chaotic now that I'm moving out of the apartment next week. I spent literally 3 hours taking down pictures/posters from the walls and removing all the blu tac marks. It was insane! Remind me not to put up so many pictures in my next place... I advertised the things I need to sell, managed to sell my bed already so huzzah! But I know things are only going to get stressful next week leading up to the move. Got a list to get through, but one step at a time.

Starting to think about life after my job ends and honestly I feel like it's the perfect opportunity to get back on track with my eating/exercising habits. I mean, I will of course still follow this challenge, but I want to be able to push myself when I don't have a job. I'm also going to be cooking for me and my friends, so I want to find healthy, tasty recipes that will impress rather than really boring, quickly made meals with no true nutrition. So that's another bonus to losing my job I guess, more ME time to get healthy!

I'm not huge on Valentine's day, but I'll be spending this weekend with my boyfriend and I'm quite looking forward to getting away from everything. A bit like Dott last week! I'll probably still think "oh, I still have to do ___" but I hope a change of environment helps. Plus there's a park I like to run in at his place so I hope to get my run in there. As for Valentine's Day, well I think we'll just go out for a meal!


Dott - You're doing so awesome!! You're picking yourself up when you fall, realising not to put too much pressure on yourself and OWNING this challenge! You're our number 1 after all!! Couldn't be more proud and inspired. Haha, good job on not whining. I get so antsy when my boyfriend is looking at things I don't really care about at that moment in time, I can be really impatient! So I commend your patience. Sounds like you had a great weekend, very vegan inspired it seems! I bet it was a nice break away from the performance related stress.

Silver - I hate planks too! They're the worse, I think I always do them wrong too...hard to keep my butt in the air!

kailpea - Don't worry, I'm right there with you! I really want this challenge to be a no pressure challenge. Try and think of it as resetting your goal, not failing it. We need to work hard to make these huge lifestyle changes, it isn't always going to be an easy ride. But soon enough you'll be crushing your later goals and what seems hard now will be easy peasy. We can do it!!

02-11-2014, 03:11 PM
Well. . . .I decided to make sure I didn't fail my exercise goal again this week, so I went to the gym today and knocked it out early int he week instead of waiting until the last minute. Woo! I feel so accomplished. Once I ventured into the weight area it wasn't so bad and I went at a time where it isn't very busy at my gym, around the noon lunch hour. So Level 2 Week 1 of my exercise goal is finished! Yay!

Rie Glad you're finding some silver lining after losing your job! I'm sure you'll crush this challenge this week. It's hard sticking with goals when you have had a major upset like losing a job.

I need to really make sure I am also trying to complete the pervious goals as well. Last week I kinda fell behind with my water drinking. I am trying to pick up that habit again this week. I am trying to think of an easy way to keep track of all the goals, present and past to make sure I am completing them each week. I might make up a worksheet and add it to my planner with my pyramid.

02-12-2014, 12:56 AM
Rie-I'm glad your not beating yourself up too much over reseting the nutrition goals(I think that's a great way to describe it!). Life gets in the way sometimes and as long as you are aware and keep going you are making progress on these life long goals :) I'm so glad you've found the positive in this new path after this job! You're going to have so much fun cooking and finding new recipes and it will be great for you to be able to work on yourself. That's great you're going to be able to get away to your boyfriend's place. I hope you guys have a fun Valentines Day! Yeah when I go out I mainly go to vegan restaurants because they tend to be more gf friendly and are df of course.

kailpea-Great job! :carrot: That's awesome of you to just go for it and get it out of the way. I'm having a bit of trouble keeping with my previous goals too, mainly the exercise actually. I'm getting more like 3-4 days a week when that first week I did get something in everyday :/ I think your idea of making up a worksheet to keep track of past goals is a good one.

So I had my first rehearsal with the orchestra on Monday and it went much better then expected! My teacher said it was an amazing first rehearsal and it felt so weird being the soloist and having people treat me like a professional haha Tomorrow is another rehearsal and the concert is on Monday! ahhh Almost here finally!!!! The entire piano studio is coming to watch my rehearsal tomorrow so that will be cool. I think it will be a good experience for others to see what its like to work with an orchestra. Here's a couple links from the competition of the piece I'll be playing. For competitions you play with piano accompaniment and my accompanist is my bff actually so that was cool :) The first one is really bad video my dad took and the 2nd is part of a professional video :p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3c8LXeTwOqo and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taYLhXJhVrA

Have been doing well with eating today and yesterday. Staying in my plan. Did my meals for the week. Also got in a little exercise today which was good. Still doing little treats each day and that's working really well still. Scale was up to 145 but then by the time I got home was down to 144 lol Hoping to see 142 sometime this week!

Hope everyone has a great wed! :D

02-12-2014, 06:57 AM
kailpea - I remember you saying you felt awkward in the weight area of the gym, or am I thinking of someone different? If it was you, what is it exactly that you feel when venturing into the weight area? AWESOME job getting it out of the way early in the week, definitely a great strategy! Yeah, I think that's something everyone is having an issue with - fitting in previous goals!

Dott - The only thing I'm worried about in the near future is cooking for my friends! If I mess up something then it's ok, because it's just me, but cooking for other people is pretty intimidating! Oooh, it's coming up soon! Are you nervous at all or do you love performing? I watched your video, WOW! You're incredible! You put so much emotion into your playing, it's wonderful to watch as well as listen to. And you look stunning all dolled up and glamorous! Are you going to get a recording of Monday's performance?

02-12-2014, 11:21 AM
hi all,
I havent checked in in a bit, and haven't been able to really keep up with my goals. My brother ended up having a very rare bacteria that landed him in the ICU and multiple surgeries. My life this last week has been work and hospital. He's doing better now, but he has weeks at the hospital before they'll even consider releasing him. My schedule is going to be being there for him as much as possible. So, I am going to have to withdraw from this challenge. I will definitely sign up for the next one, but right now I can't see myself committing to the nutritional or exercise goals (ie my lunches this week were hospital food and there was no way I did any exercise unless it was pacing across the waiting room :( ))

02-13-2014, 01:19 AM
Rie - Really crappy situation about your job, and I'm sorry to hear that :(. Does not sound like they treated you well at all. Being sick is just as simple as that - being sick, it's beyond your control. I hope you're able to find a situation that works well for you soon.

Silverfire - I second your opinion of planks! My core strength has really gone down since having to take time off last year and holy moly - they're a doozy right now.

kisskiss- I am very sorry to hear about your brother :(. Will be sending good vibes your way.

So I've decided to officially "begin" this coming Monday, however I am going to try to keep up with everything the rest of the week. I am doing a 10 week "Lean Out" challenge at my gym staring February 22nd. I am VERY intimated! I belong to a (in all respects) legendary gym and the people are very dedicated and intense. However, it has made me EXTREMELY motivated. Plus I like that it is based on things other than strictly weightloss (before/after pics, measurements, attendance, class participation and online participation). I will be doing my gym schedule, C25K, and either T25 or Insanity. I WANT to do Insanity, however I am concerned that might be too much with my gym schedule. Really want to avoid injuries...

02-14-2014, 11:49 AM
Rie-:hug: Aw thank you! I generally don't get that nervous about performing, I get more excited then anything else. I should be getting a full professional recording that I'll make sure to post :) I'm sure you'll do great cooking for your friends! You should check out http://detoxinista.com she has some awesome healthy recipes :)

kisskiss-:hug: I'm so sorry all you're going through. I really hope your brother is doing well and that things get better for you and your family!

ParkTrot-Sounds like an intense challenge at your gym! With your intense gym schedule I agree Insanity might be a bit much. Maybe talk with a trainer at your gym and see what they think? I love challenges not based on weight, I find that when I challenge myself in other areas around health and feeling good the weight comes off naturally :) Keep us posted!

Silverfire-How's your week been?

Happy Valentines Day! :val1: I'm headed to my mom's to hang out before work. My bf is coming from LA tonight. I made him a mini desk size zen garden for his gift. I think he'll really like it! I've been dropping hints all week to him and finally was a bit more forceful last night. I asked him to come out early, which he refused so he won't get here till 9:30 or 10 :( At one point I thought he had planned something romantic but he assured me it was all in my head. Idk its hard to tell with him haha :dizzy:

Weight wise I'm down again! Didn't make it to 142 but 143.0 is super close haha the scale even said 142.8 for a brief moment before switching to 143.0 :p I'm so excited seeing all these new lows with this challenge. I really think that not focusing on the weight is what causes the losses for me. When I'm focusing on being healthy the weight seems to naturally come off :) Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

02-14-2014, 02:27 PM
Happy V-day y'all!!

I'm struggling with planks and squats. The squats REALLY hurt my knees. I'm pretty sure I am doing them wrong though... I have managed to get up to 25 seconds of plank and have been stuck there! I really don't want to give up on this part of the challenge, but I'm have a hard time moving forward with it and its starting to get me down! I have been looking into alternative ways to do squats and how to perfect my form to hopefully relive some of this pain.

No issues on the water intake though :) Not making it to the gym 3 times this week, with my dad in town Wednesday, I had to move gym to yesterday and I work job #2 tonight and Saturday (I refuse to gym on Sunday ;) ) But Job #2 is generally a h3ll of a workout so I am not tooo worried about that. I'm repeating W3 of C25K next week as I couldn't make it through the last 3 minute spurt of jogging :(

02-17-2014, 09:21 AM
Hello everyone!

Wow, what a roller coaster weekend. Friday I had a wonderful Valentine's Day once I managed to get to my boyfriends. It snowed like crazy and the Tokyo train network was seriously effed over. I've heard reports that there's been a train stranded in the middle of no where for days, that the rescue train broke down on its way and that people have frozen to death =(. But of course this isn't reported on Japanese news, because that would reflect badly on Japan! *sigh* I went to my boyfriends with my co-worker who lives in the same direction, so I at least had some company for the 2 hours it took to get there. The last train was so packed...I couldn't believe the nerve of some people! Just pushing themselves on an already packed train and causing so much discomfort. But hey, that's city life I suppose.

I went to sushi with the bf and then we went back to his place and watched silly videos. It was actually a really nice Valentine's Day! I had a few drinks, so I was feeling nicely merry! Saturday well...I don't know what happened. We were having a nice day and then all of a sudden I get this mood swing. But not just any old mood swing...a pretty horrendous turn in mood. Before I knew it I was saying that I didn't know if I could be with my bf anymore. Part of it was because I was still holding on to some resentment that I felt he didn't make himself truly there for me when I was fired, but other small things like the fact he tends to get short with me if I have moments of feeling self conscious about my looks/body. It was intense. I literally had packed my bag and was going to walk out, but then I knew I could never leave him! What was I doing?! It was crazy.

Things settled down, we resolved our issues and then it was on to Sunday. Again, the day was nice, we were relaxing having a nice time. I use my iPod Touch to browse the internet and mine was charging so he let me borrow his. That's when I made THE biggest mistake of my life. I went on his facebook and I read a message thread with one of his closest friends. I honestly don't know what made me do it, a part of me was terrified that my sudden outburst the day before had affected things. But it was just...unacceptable.

What I read though...terrified me. He had said a while ago around when I was worried I was going to lose the job that he was thinking "what else is out there" for him. He said something else like "wanting what he can't have" and "being solitary"...it was kind of a blur so I don't remember exactly how it all pieced together. My heart was pounding. I had made such a huge mistake yet here I was, reading about how he was considering leaving me to see what else life had to offer.

I wanted to hide my betrayal, to just pretend like I didn't see it, but I couldn't hide how upset I was to have read that. We've known each other 12 years, we've been together coming onto 5 years, I've been his first for everything...this was my worst fear and I felt like it was coming true. So eventually after a lot of shaking, crying I confessed what I did. At first he told me to get out of his apartment. But I couldn't move, I stayed where I was. I said that I don't know why I did it, that I didn't think he was cheating on me or anything, but I was just worried about what he might have thought about me. I thought that this was the end of our relationship, he had said in conversation with friends that he would end a relationship if his privacy was being invaded. And I did that. Me. So...I was terrified.

To sum it up, he forgave me. He could see it in my face and my body language that I was devastated that I betrayed his trust, he accepted the promise I made that I would never do it ever again. He said that if I did do it again then he would leave me, because he can't be with someone he can't trust. I understood and said it wouldn't happen, that he can trust me and I have no idea what came over me.

As for the comment he made, he said that he was just talking bullcr@p out loud to his friend. That when I called him and warned him that I might lose my job, that I might have to move in with him, he panicked. He didn't know WHY he panicked and he was exploring the feeling out loud to his friend. He said that he had apologised to his friend later on (who had told him that he should be talking to ME about this stuff) and said that he was just thinking crazy things and that he didn't really mean it. He said that sometimes his mind does wander, but he loves me and he wants to spend his life with me so those thoughts don't really stick around for long. He added that if he did have those thoughts in a serious way then I would know about it, but what he says to his friends isn't necessarily going to be all serious.

It scared me...I was very upset that the thought had even been in his head...but I suppose sometimes even I, an extremely loyal and dedicated girlfriend to him, have wondered what would my life be if we weren't together. But I had never sat down and told a friend those thoughts because I knew they were fleeting, so I was terrified that he was being serious. I accepted his reasoning for saying what he said and we are trying to move on. Unfortunately at times I am with a very independent, solitary person. It makes things difficult because where I would get excited at the idea of moving in together he would feel reservation.

I get the impression he's still very much p!ssed off at me. He's not been avoiding me or giving me the cold shoulder, but I can just tell something is off. But he has a right to be annoyed, I did something terrible. I was so shocked that he forgave me if I'm honest. He said to me "I love you, even if you cheated I might have second thoughts about leaving you." When I was going to walk on on the Saturday night he was a wreck, begging me not to go and that he needs me. So if he really didn't want to lose me then he would say/do those things is the way I'm thinking.

I don't think this is something I would share with even my closest friends, because I truly am ashamed at the level of crazy I was over the weekend, but I just wanted to get it off my chest. So thanks for reading if you got this far!

So I'm back in my apartment and back to my busy life of preparing to move out. I think this morning I safely concluded that I will put my challenge on hold until the move is over, because man, I am just way too stressed to focus on my health! I know that's AWFUL, it's a lifestyle yadda yadda, but I'm getting rid of my fridge Wednesday so I can't store food and I will probably eat a ready meal because I need to pack.

I will still post in the forum and I'm about to scoot away and update the spreadsheet!


Park - If you are gyming it up and being serious then I wouldn't recommend Insanity. You will definitely injure yourself/not give your muscles the time they need to recover if you are hitting up both! But I'm so glad you've found a gym that motivates you, not demotivates! So often I hear of people joining the gym and then not going, but sounds like there are some great incentives!

Dott - Thanks for the website, I'll check it out! How was your performance?! How was your Valentine's Day, and did he like his mini zen garden? That's such a cool gift! Argh, don't you hate it when the scale teases you like that?! But you're doing awesome!!

Silver - The one thing that has been hammered into my head is that your knees cannot go over the point of your toes. If you're leaning your knees over your toes then you're going to have a bad time! you have to keep your lower legs above your ankle and really SIT into the squat. Don't just drop down, you've gotta stick your bum BACK. Like you're about to sit on a chair. My advice would be look in the mirror! Get up a picture or a video of someone doing a correct squat and match your body. It's a big laughing point that gyms are full of mirrors in the weight section, but seeing your form is important! Good luck =)

02-17-2014, 10:49 AM
Rie *hugs* Dont's worry! We have have all had moments of complete crazy a time or two. . . I know I have! =) I find that when I am overly stressed out about things that's when I am at my moodiest and craziest. I am glad things worked out between you and your BF. I had a similar situation with my husband back when we were still dating, when I accidentally stumbled across something on his phone that was less than pleasant for me to see and I just kept going further and further until I was so angry I was just ready to call it quits! My husband also gets annoyed when I am feeling insecure about my body, and I think that's a pretty typical honestly. I don't think most men have experienced that to the degree that most women have and so they don't understand it. On the flip side, I am a little bit like your BF. . .super independent and solitary. I like having my own space and privacy, and somethings that can really upset my husband because he feels like I don't want or need him around. It's of course not the case, but as much as I value my relationship with him and being with him, I also need to be alone (perhaps more than most people). Honestly, my alone time is what keeps me sane. So I can understand when all of a sudden he was thrust with the idea that you might have to move in, and having some reservations about it initially. I hope your move goes well. I'm sorry you have to put your challenge on hold. Maybe try to at least get your 8 glasses of water in during the move. Stay hydrated. Best of luck with everything! =)

Looking forward to moving on in the challenge. I actually wanted to go to the gym this weekend but I didn't because I didn't want to wear myself out and then not be able to complete my challenges for this week. I know that sounds odd, but I opted for going on two easy walks outside instead just to keep myself moving.

So this week in exercise: I am still focusing on getting one strength session from challenge 2 along with 2 cardio sessions at the gym for challenge 1.

In nutrition I am moving on to challenge 3 which is upping my Vegetarian days to 2 days instead of 1 day from the the previous challenge. Also going to try to get my 8 glasses of water in.

02-17-2014, 12:46 PM
Silverfire-Great job with the water intake! Don't be so hard on yourself with the exercise though! You're doing so well and should be very proud, give it time and you will see more progress :) For the knees-can you ask a trainer at your gym to watch you and make sure you're doing the squats right? Or look at a video on line and watch yourself in a mirror? Hope they feel better!

Rie-:hug: We all make mistakes and you have been going through a VERY difficult time. I'm actually amazed at how strong you are dealing with the job stuff and living in another country and only being able to see your bf on the weekends. We all act out when we're scared and feel cornered, so please don't feel too upset and ashamed at yourself. It was very courageous of you to admit what you had done and it truly shows how much your boyfriend loves and adores you that he forgave you. I know I have lots of fleeting thoughts, like you I'd never tell another person, but boys are different and we all have different personalities so I think it was right of you to accept your boyfriends answer that it was just thinking out loud type stuff. I totally understand you taking a break from the challenge, and you've put this challenge together so well I think it really is the type that taking breaks works. Focus on you during this time. Get done what you need to get done and make sure you're taking proper care of yourself. So sorry for all you've been going through, keep us posted! <3

kailpea-keep up the good work! Any yummy ideas for your two veggie days this week?

Concert is tonight! Weight is dumb. Weekend was a bit too free eating wise. Had an amazing valentines day. Bf brought me a beautiful bouquet of red roses, a very pretty card with a love note, and then took me out to BJ's where I had this amazing berry cider. I had wine earlier too, so it was like my once a month drink night ;) Just was really hungry all weekend and tried to make good choices, but things didn't go entirely as planned. Was a wonderful weekend though! I'm not expecting a loss this friday because of my weekend, but its ok. This was my first Valentines with my bf and I really only eat like this a few times a year.

For exercise I'm going to need to change my goal to hiking 2x/wk instead of running because of knee issues coming up. But I have been exercising more in general so that's good :)

02-18-2014, 07:34 AM
Hey everyone! So I introduced a new rule for the spreadsheet - only those who have passed a phase can add their information to the next phase spreadsheet. It makes things a lot easier! I think I might update the first post to make it seem like anyone is welcome at any time, it'd be great to get some more people involved!

Things with my boyfriend improved a LOT over the past day. He was texting me his thoughts, he was talkative when I phoned him after work and he has been a lot more chatty. So, I'm happy that things are on the mend. I was worried after yesterday it would take him a long time to forgive me, so I'm relieved it didn't last that long.

Today I took a big cardboard box from work to use in the move and a cat followed me home! It kept rubbing up against me and meowing loads. When I opened up my front door to put my bag in, it dashed into my apartment! It was so funny seeing a cat in my little apartment =). I've never had a cat and have had generally bad experiences with them, so I was a little flustered! But it was so friendly that I managed to pick it up and plop it outside without a scratch. Then it meowed outside my door for a few hours! Silly kitty. But it made me smile!


kailpea - Yeah, I don't think he can relate to the body issues I have. He says he gets frustrated because he feels like he'll tell me he thinks I'm beautiful and then I'll say I think I'm ugly. I can see his point, but I don't think it's something he should necessarily get angry about! But he knew that snapping at me was wrong. It's actually kind of nice knowing that you're the same as him, because sometimes I'm paranoid that it's something I'm doing wrong! I can understand alone time though, while not as solitary as most I do need a break from people once in a while to just collect myself. You're right, I should definitely drink water still, I've been so bad!

Dott - You always know the right thing to say to me to make me feel better! Can I have you on speed dial?! Thank you <3. You're right, the fact that he forgave me and even said he'd have second thoughts leaving me if I cheated says so much! So glad you had a wonderful weekend before your performance! I'm glad you're not beating yourself up over it, you've accepted it wasn't a great "healthy" weekend but that you had a great time. I can't wait to hear all about your performance! Please send a link to any video you get! It's going to be epic!!!

02-18-2014, 01:12 PM
Happy Tuesday All! I sure do love long weekends and short work weeks!

Have got up to about 35 seconds of plank, so I am still SLOWLY progressing there :) After spending about half an hour on Friday googleing proper squat form and some ways to make them a little less painful, I put my new squat knowledge to use at work that night. I don't know how many I did, but I took every opportunity to squat! Things like taking bus bins from the bottom shelf instead of top. Over a 4 hour shift, I really felt the burn! Saturday was another 10 hour shift on my feet, 22,000 steps by the end of it all. Sooo much squatting that night too, Ouch! I was too hurtin' on Sunday for more squats, but I did my plank and I am going to call that a success. I think I am going to just add planks and squats to my regular gym routine so cutting it down to 3 times a week. Reducing carbs I think is going to be a big challenge for me. I love bread. So much. That being said, I think I will start with 3 days a week for the first week, then 4, then 5. I am hoping that will help me ease into it, and allow me a bit more wiggle room for figuring out how and where I can cut more carbs! After lunch today I will have about 20 carbs left :o NO idea what I am going to make for dinner!

Yesterday was our valentines day - we celebrated with Fuddruckers, Yogen Fruz and Rocky Mountain Chocolates... It was not a low calorie day by any means, but it was wonderful! Then we went to walmart and bought an ironing board! So romantic ;)

Rie - :hug: So glad that you and your BF have smoothed things out, I couldn't imagine your stress levels these last couple of weeks. I think you handled it a whole lot better than I would have in your shoes :) D'awww you made new a new kitty friend!! Cardboard is the best way to lure cats (Mine is mad at me right now because I recycled "his" box... to be fair though, there was hardly any of it left after he squashed/shredded it, and I was tired of vacuuming up little bits of box all the time!! lol) Cats are awesome ;)

Dott - How did your concert go?? Looking forward to checking it out when you post a link :D - Currently I go to the cheapo gym, no trainers or anything like that so I'm on my own there! I am looking at upgrading to a fancy shmancy gym with classes and such for the next phase tho ;) I am hoping to have mastered squats long before then! Sounds like you had a fantastic valentines day with your beau!

kailpea - You are doing AWESOME! Your couple of walks there really pushed your steps up last week! I was worried you were going to pass me!!! ;)

02-19-2014, 11:53 AM
Dottington How did the concert go?

Rie I agree about getting more people involved. I am really surprised that more people haven't taken up this challenge. then again, I think it requires a tad bit more time commitment than a weekly weighin challenge, so maybe that's why.

Silver I might have to try doing planks and squats on my non exercise days. I'm pretty sure I would have to modify my plank though so I was on my elbows rather than my wrists. My wrists are so week. My husband and I love bread too. . . and its super hard not including a bread product in meals. I am trying to stick to under 100 carbs this week to see if it gets me out of my cycle I am in. It's going to be a low step day for me so I am certain you'll maintain your lead. I'm not going to lie, I though yesterday that I might pass you, but it never happened.

Sweet Success. I have completed my 2nd exercise Goal. Nothing is better than rocking something that you failed the first time around. I spent 40 minutes doing a rotation on all the machines at the gym. I'm pretty sore today, My husband recommended that I make a spread sheet and keep track of what I am doing as far as strength training, so I will probably do that this week. I keep track of everything else, so it makes sense to keep track of that as well.

Planning to have my veggie day today. I actually have been eating vegetarian for breakfast and lunch the past few weeks and then so dinner has been the only thing I have had to worry about. I'm trying to lower my carb intake so that was a little difficult finding things to incorporate into that goal. But for Breakfast I have been having a BlackBean Breakfast Burrito, Lunch has been a Chickpea salad with fennel, mustard seed, lemon, greek yogurt, mint and cilantro over a bed of spinach and dinner today with be a Vegan Chipotle Black-Eyed Pea Soup.

02-19-2014, 02:58 PM
Kailpea - Your lunch and dinner sound amazing! I think I'm coming to your house for dinner! I'm pretty sure that planking is all done on the elbows, other wise its just a half a push up? lol I have no idea really. Anyway, go for it! Damn its hard though. I should be tracking those better come to think of it! Oh Speaking of tracking!! You should check out the app JEFIT for tracking your weighs and whatnot. Its free :) I guess I didn't realize just how much I rely on carbs for "fast" food! When I think about making dinner the first sides that pop into my head are usually rice or spuds (fast and easy!) I gotta get back into a better salad routine. Prepping my veggies earlier in the week maybe :) You almost had me yesterday in steps, we were neck and neck for a while there. I worked until 9:30 and the last part of the night is hauling booze back to the cooler, so lots of walking! Today is gym day, strength and C25K so hopefully I'll break 10,000! Phew I am going to be beat tonight.

I'm extra motivated for getting steps in now with a whole bunch of firbit friends from work. I have to beat them all!! Muh hahahaha!

02-19-2014, 03:01 PM
Rie-So glad you and your bf are doing better :) That's so cute about the kitty! Yeah I agree it'd be great if we could get some more people into the challenge. Maybe changing the title saying people are welcome to join at anytime or something like that?

Silver-So many steps! :cp: Gosh you are so active at your job and that's so brilliant getting your squats in whenever you can! I really admire how active you are. Glad you were able to find a way to squat without being in so much pain!

Kailpea-Yay! Great job sticking with it :) Your salad sounds delish!

Concert was a success! :broc: Got a standing ovation and two bouquets of flowers! After I went out with some friends to a bar and had two drinks. Then just ate junk and watched cartoons all day yesterday! hahaha I haven't had a real day off in so long it was a little surreal. I really did eat sooo much junk. After the holiday weekend and the concert the scale is up 4lbs :o I'm back on track today though and even though I ate too much I still kept to my 5 servings of fruit and veggie goal :p Thinking of going on a little hike before class today.

I have a few pics from the concert I'm attaching. There's me by myself, me with my teacher, with the conductor, and with my mom and sister. I wore my magical purple dress and I had my best friend do my hair. She meticulously curled it(my hair is super fine and straight and took her two hours to curl it!) then she put it in a low bun. It was a nice change bc usually I just do a ballerina bun and this was a lot softer. People thought I got my hair professionally done actually. Then I did my own makeup. I did a purple smokey eye with fake lashes and regular stage makeup(with all the contouring and highlighting) for my face. Did my toes and had glitter body spray all over my arms, chest, back, and face. There was a decent turn out. Probably the most anyone has seen for an orchestra concert. Afterwards I was swarmed by people and many told me they almost started crying during my piece(including my bf!). My bf's mom came and I was so glad she did bc his family hasn't really respected me or what I do and I knew if I could just get them to see me play they would get it(they say being a pianist isn't a "real job" and don't take anything in the arts seriously) and yeah totally changed her mind on piano ;)
Now I've got 6 weeks off till my next performance!

02-19-2014, 03:12 PM
Ohhh Dott you looked wonderful!!!! So pretty! Congrats :)
(and way to show the "in-laws" your stuff too!!! ;) ) Just awesome!

and thanks :) The whole idea of the second job was to get me off my @ss more!(and put a few extra bucks in my pocket ;))

02-20-2014, 01:49 PM
Silverfire-Thanks! Hope you're able to get in lots of steps today! I hardly get in any :o I do as much as I can. I park super far away from everything, but being a pianist(and a student)is really not conducive to getting in steps :lol: I pretty much am just always sitting :p

So these new goals are going really well for me. I'm getting in well over 5 servings of fruits/veggies a day. Yesterday I went for my first hike of the week. I'll go on my 2nd this weekend. I think I'm finally settling into this goal routine. I try to keep my previous ones in mind, but some of them like the exercising everyday are not realistic and while it was cool to see that I could do it for a week it was miserable getting it in :/ But keeping calories at 1600 max, meal planning are sticking around still :) Also, even though I'm not seriously exercising everyday, I have become a little more active I think, so it did have some effect.
Weight is down a little. Know I'll have a gain for my weigh in tomorrow :/ BUT I'm not letting it bother me too much bc I know its just from the long weekend and that I'm back on plan so next week should show new lows :)

02-20-2014, 04:51 PM
NOT having a good time with this trying to lower carbs thing. AT ALL!!!

more later, I just needed to say that right now! LOL

02-21-2014, 09:42 AM
Since I have finished my Phase 2 exercise goal I've been thinking about reevaluating some of my goals. My phase 3 exercise goal is to work out away from the gym once a week, but I've actually been doing that already since the challenge has begun. I really would like to get another day of strength training in and possibly another cardio gym day in there so I could finish my C25K week in an actually week. I've been really pumped for the exercise these last 2 weeks. its kin dal uncharacteristic for me, so I don't want to redo my goals and make then too difficult to meet, but I also want to push myself a little more in this area.

02-21-2014, 11:00 AM
I don't know how people can not eat carbs! LOL I hear of people eating less than 20g a day and that just blows my mind. I have been TRYING to reduce carbs, but I swear that errrrrthang has got carbs in it. And boy, it adds up QUICK. I think I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew here... I think I too may need to adjust my goals for this phase. Exercise goals are a slice so far as I just tacked on an extra half an hour of strength to my routine. No biggie :)

But food wise, sheesh! For breakfast during the week (for about a year now) I have had 2 heaping tablespoons of holy crap (http://holycrap.ca/) stirred into my yogurt. I love it. But already that's 22g of carbs!!!! Then an apple for a snack. Another 15g of carbs. Pre-gym Luna bar, 30 g! Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh! I had hoped that by reducing carbs it would get me out of this plateau, but I'm pretty sure I am to blame. Not the carbs. My eyeballing skills suck and I have seriously been slacking on measuring. Last night I packed my lunch, eyeballed it. Then measured it. I was well over 100 calories out, and that was for a simple chicken salad and dressing! Makes me wonder how far out everything else has been.

So I am going to reset phase 3 and change my goal to Meticulously Measure and Weigh ERRRThang for 3 weeks (while staying away from un-measurable situations!)

I have also lowered my calorie goal to just under 1500 (as recommended by my mynetdiary app ;))

On the bright side - Scale showed me a 255 - I hope it was the whoosh I have been waiting for :D

02-21-2014, 01:50 PM
Silverfire Have you thought about counting carbs but subtracting the amount of fiber from your total? I know a lot of people on really low carb diets do this to get what is called the "Net carb" or Total CARBS MINUS FIBER. The reason being is that fiber is non-digestiable by the intestines and therefore doesn't raise your glycemic index like carbohydrates do. So I looked at what I ate yesterday and I had 157 total Carbs and 47 grams of fiber so really only 110 net carbs. I don't actively do this calculation but it is something to keep in mind when choosing your foods. I really like the principles behind the south beach diet because with that you don't have to count your carbs, but a lot of the things that you eat are nutrient rich and high fiber so there more less net carbs. But like I said, I don't actively follow that either. =D

EDIT: Oh I just saw your post from yesterday about the Jefit app! I downloaded it and looked through it and I am going to try it out next week. Thanks!

02-21-2014, 01:51 PM
Silverfire-I don't know how people do low carb either! All my carbs come from fruits and veggies and it still is wayyy over what anyone would consider low carb :/ I think your idea of changing your goal to meticulously measure is a great idea! I know whenever I start trying to eye-ball the weight loss stalls :p

Kailpea-I changed my exercise goal too since my knees have been bothering me so much it wouldn't be safe or smart for me to run. I say go ahead and change the goal to push yourself a little if that's really what you're feeling :)

Scale is punishing me still for the bad long weekend and post concert celebrations :dizzy: Back up to 145 sigh. I'm going to stay within my calorie goal till the end of the month and am hoping to see 142.something by March :)

02-21-2014, 03:45 PM
Silverfire Have you thought about counting carbs but subtracting the amount of fiber from your total? I know a lot of people on really low carb diets do this to get what is called the "Net carb" or Total CARBS MINUS FIBER. The reason being is that fiber is non-digestiable by the intestines and therefore doesn't raise your glycemic index like carbohydrates do.

Yep! mynetdiary automagically calculates net carbs for me, so like yesterday my 185g of carbs were about 165g net. Closest I have gotten to 100 net carbs a day so far was 120. Close! I'm still going to keep away from breads and pastas and sugars and such, but I'm gunna focus on measuring for a while and hope that it helps :)

02-22-2014, 01:37 PM
Rie-Hope the moving is going well for you :)

Silverfire-I didn't know that about net carbs. Interesting!

Weight is creeping down each day :p Finished my first week of my exercise goal yesterday. The nutrition has been really easy. Basically all I eat is fruits and vegetables so I'm getting more like 8 servings a day.

02-23-2014, 09:47 AM
Hello everyone!

Well the move went well! Only lost one tiny little screw that holds one of my kitchen cabinet shelves in place during the process, so I call it a success. My boyfriend was such a super star, he carried all my heavy furniture with the moving guy (I paid for the cheaper 1 man service >_>) so I was so happy to have him there on the day. On Friday night I ordered us pizza, which was so bad and so good at the same time. Packing took me a lot longer than I thought. I really did think I didn't have that much stuff, but boy was I wrong!

I've settled in nicely to the new room. Got my projector/PS3 set up nicely so I'm happy with that! Having an entertainment space is quite important, considering I'm about to be jobless! My new roomies have been really chilled out about my move and haven't given off any awkward vibes. We both just do our own thing so it's pretty great really, I still feel like I've got a sense of privacy. I had such a great lunch/dinner made for me...omelet and potatoes for lunch and a courgette pasta for dinner. I unintentionally had a veggie day!
I know I'll have to step it up and cook some healthier food for these guys. They're both not super health conscious but I can tell that they value a good nutritious meal. I don't want to shock them with any really bad unhealthy cooking!

Last night we went out to celebrate the move, we went to a bar/restaurant (izakaya) and had food and drinks. They have this Russian roulette type game where you order a certain number of pieces of the same food and then one of them is filled with a super spicy ingredient. So there were these fish rolls and one of them was stuffed with wasabi. On the first round I got it, oh man my nose was on fire since wasabi just shoots straight up into your face holes! Unlucky!
But on a side note my friend recorded us doing it to get our reaction on camera. When the video was played back to me...god I was pretty horrified with how big I looked. I'm sure you've all been there, seen that one picture where you think "oh my god." But it just really bummed me out seeing it. I didn't act like anything was wrong but I still remember the feeling. I think it sort of dawned on me that I have made it back into the 160's after getting into the 140's 2 years ago (2 years!!!). But I know that once I've left my job then I have to focus and shift this weight pronto with this challenge or I'm going to be seriously unhappy! It sucked to see myself revert back to stage where I'm uncomfortable looking at pictures/videos of myself, but it's also a serious wake up call to get my act together and do something about it.

But anyway, we continued our celebrations into the night, drank WAY too much and way too fast and felt AWFUL. Had to be taken care of by my friends/bf (didn't puke but was reaaallly out of it), I felt like my body was just rejecting everything! Glad I didn't puke though! My friend was like "we're just too old for drinking games!" and I think that's so true!! Couldn't believe how quickly my body shut down!

Tomorrow begins my last week at the school. It's going to be very strange saying goodbye to the kids, I don't think I'll cry but I might get close! I've gotten so attached to some of them.

That's it from me! I think I'm gonna get through this week and then seriously get back in the game with the challenge. I'll have plenty of time and there'll be no excuses!


Silver - I'm curious, how come you're focused on squats? Definitely a good idea to ease into a crazy work out routine! Lol at your kitty being mad at you for taking away a box!! Carbs are a huge part of my day too...I eat a sandwich every single day! It's been a LONG time since I've regulated my food intake...which is something that I'm aiming towards so I'll probably be having a similar outburst too soon! But I think that carbs aren't the devil that they are usually thought of.

kailpea - Great job on succeeding at phase 2!! What wonderful news!

Dott - Wow, Dott, you're so beautiful! I'm so glad your concert went amazingly well, and hells yeah on showing your boyfriends parents how it's DONE! I can't imagine how satisfied you were!! Do you think there'll be a video of your performance? I'd love to see it! So happy to hear you're balancing your previous goals with your current ones. I thought exercising every day was a pretty ambitious first goal, so definitely be proud of it! And yay on the scale finally budging for you!

02-24-2014, 05:26 PM
Rie - So glad that your move went so well!! Moving sucks! Sounds like you had an enjoyable couple of days anyway. I bet seeing that video was quite the kick in the pants for you :) I know for me, those moments can be huge motivators (occasionally the opposite and end up drowning my sorrows in bucket of ice cream lol) Don't you hate that moment of realization, that you're too old to get all drunk and disorderly like you used be able to do?


I think I thought squats and planks were going to be a whole lot easier than they were lol. I forget that my knees suck and make horrible gross crunching grinding noises all the time! Not cool. I had hoped that they would be a good starting out point anyway, helping my get some core balance and strength. My legs are strong, knees are weak :( I know carbs are not nearly as bad as some people can make them out to be, it is just that I have noticed that they do tend to make me WAY WAY hungrier than I should be. If I were to eat a big filling plate of pasta salad or potato salad (it would be delicious!) and filling for the time, but it seems that less than an hour later and I have got the grumbles again. I want to eat ALL OF THE PASTA SALAD. Not just a little! So, I am hoping that by at least reducing those sorts of carbs will help me with my seemingly never ending munchies! (I don't really worry too much about any of the fruit and veggie carbs)

Dott - Nice work hitting your goals for the week :D Carbs are a PITA to try to track I have decided, so screw that noise! lol. I am still going to make an effort to have less bread and pasta.

Bought a new scale over the weekend. It is 2lbs more than my old one :( Not cool, not cool at all. 2 more lbs that I had hoped to be rid of already ;)

I emailed the fancy gym that I am considering switching to, and inquired about hiring a personal trainer for a week or two. I have no idea how much these things cost, but I would love to have someone show me for reals how to use the things at the gym! I hope to hear back from them soon! I measured everything I possibly could this weekend (Sunday was out for dinner, I ballparked as best as I could) Saturday I ended up a little over as I needed to refuel after busting my butt trying to beat Kailpea in steps :p

For phase 3 I am just going to repeat the whole thing, even though I nailed the 60 min of strength 3 times a week part :)

last week of Feb guys! Hopefully winter will calm the f down and the temps will come up to above -20c for a while!!

02-26-2014, 12:05 AM
Rie-So glad the move went well :D Aw thanks! Yeah there will be a professional video in a few weeks probably that I will totally post the link to! :) I totally feel you on the drinking! I too really can't drink anymore. I maybe have a drink or two, but anymore and I'm white girl wasted haha :p I'm sorry about the video :( That's rough when we're faced with those moments. Good for you though for handling the situation well. You got this though Rie, you've done it before and you will get back to the 40s again! Your life has been pretty crazy these last couple years with moving to another country and all. This break will be so good for you and I know you will get back into the swing of things and start losing again!

Silverfire-That sucks about the scale :( But you did lose all the weight you've lost even if your starting weight was 2lbs higher. Oh my! -20 :eek: I could never deal with cold weather. I hope it warms up soon for you! I think you'd really enjoy working with a personal trainer for a week to get used to the gym and equipment and stuff. Have they gotten back to you yet?

Omg I'm so depressed with the scale :( It randomly went up to 147, stayed there for 2 days, then today went up to 148. I feel so ugly and fat! I mean my clothes fit exactly the same, but the scale is really messing with me. Idk if its TOM or WHAT!? I was really hoping to get to 142 this month and I'm seriously doubting that will happen. My calories have been really good, better than normal actually and drink tons of water(12+ cups a day). Sigh. Last night I re-evaluated my calorie and exercise goals. I decided to not eat back any exercise calories, lower my calorie intake by 100 calories, and make sure to exercise 3 hours a week. I'm really hoping to keep this up for all of March as an experiment to see if it will help me get out of the 40s.

02-26-2014, 11:25 AM
Dott - Feel you on the scale bringing you down :) I know I have lost the same number of lbs, but it just feels like I have been in the 260-50's FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER! While I know there has been some other changes happening, I really really really would like to see that hard work reflected on the scale! All we can do is tweak and try again right?

It was slightly above -20 this morning! Woo! lol

The gym emailed me back, and I have made an appointment to see the trainer on Monday. We'll asses my fitness level and go from there I suppose. She said that price varies depending on time spent with trainer (50-80 bucks! :eek:) I am hoping to find something that works for my limited budget!

Totally made spaghetti for supper last night. Mostly for my boyfriend, or so I thought, as he had a rough day and needed some feel good food. Then I realized it's about that time of the month again and decided I was probably just using him as an excuse for having pasta... I'm not sure if it actually triggered a binge, or I assumed just it was going to... I ended up overeating last night anyway. I ate way too many dried cranberries, and followed that up with some canned salmon with some miracle whip! (pushed me over about 500 cals!) Ate until my stomach hurt. Damn :(

Back to the gym today, work off those extra calories :)

Happy Hump Day Ya'll


02-26-2014, 01:35 PM
So I decided that my Phase 3 exercise goal is to do c25k/other cardio. 3 times a week and strength train 2 times a week. it's been a rough week at work (already) Monday was super busy and yesterday was just one crisis after another. . . so I haven't been in the mood after work to go to the gym. Plus with school I have two exams for the same class next week that I have been study super hard for. I have to get an A in the this class because I am trying to get into a VERY competitive nursing program. Not to mention having to studying for the standardized test that I have to score in the 90 percentile range to get into the program. I take that in May. Ahhh!

I did get to the gym this morning and did W2D1 of C25K over again and did about an hour and a half of strength training. Probably was really only an hour of actual doing things because I was making notes in my phone of what I was doing. Feel pretty good about it. Since I didn't do my first workout until today, I'll have to go on Friday after work and then on Sunday sometime to make sure I get my goals met for the week.

Came home from the gym and I am absolutely starving. Its supposed to be one of my veggie days but I don't have anything made yet and i don't have the time or energy to do that right now. I did have a Veggie Pizza in the freezer so warming it up in the oven as week speak and that's going to have to suffice for now. Not the best thing in the world, but I can't bring myself to cook right now. Gotta Study!

Silverfire You are doing so great with the steps. Totally killing me this week. I have to step it up I just haven't been able to find the time. Last night I didn't break 6000 steps, which is my goal for non exercise days.

Dott The scale has been getting the better of me too lately, so I totally feel you. I feel like I'm hanging onto the end of a yo-yo.

02-27-2014, 11:24 AM
Hi everyone! I've just come back to 3FC after some time away, and determined to pick up where I left off.

This challenge sounds great - I've just read through every post on the thread so I feel like I know you all a bit already! I'd love to get involved, need to really think about my goals. I work out a lot, but really struggle with food control. I'll have a think about some achievable phases later today and hopefully get started after the weekend!

02-28-2014, 12:08 AM
Yay! A new person! Welcome themilesawaygirl! This is such a great challenge, awesome to have another person participating!

02-28-2014, 12:04 PM
:welcome: themilesawaygirl!!

Kailpea - School sounds brutal! You're doing awesome juggling it all I'd say! WTG getting C25k and strength training in!

I have been pretty diligent about weighing and measuring everything, re-training myself as to what proper portions look like. I have gotten to the point where, when I'm too lazy to dirty a measuring spoon or cup for a little snack, I'll put whatever it is on the scale, zero it, and just munch out of the container! Works great for things like cottage cheese or big tubs of yogurt!

The scale was kind to me today and I'm down to 253.6! :woohoo: No job #2 this week is bringing my steps average down a bit, and with the ridiculous temperatures predicted for tomorrow, I don't really plan on leaving my house if I can't help it (-57 with the wind!)

Monday I have an appointment with the head trainer at the fancy pants gym I plan on switching to. I am excited and nervous. I really am hoping she is going to be understanding of what my goals are and that I am really not looking for a full on training program. ( at 50-80 bucks an hour, Can NOT afford very much of that!) I don't want to be pressured I guess. I am really looking forward to trying out the gym though, budget gym I currently go to is getting worse and worse. More and more machines are breaking down and not being fixed. It's super busy and I am constantly having to wait. Fancy pants gym has a steam room too that I may just never ever ever leave!

Today I'll have finished my exercise goals for the week too :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

03-01-2014, 02:24 PM
Silverfire-Great job the weighing and measuring. I too have to be really careful about that! You are doing sooo well in this challenge! Seriously your weight loss is amazing! Let us know how the training session goes at the fancy gym. Regarding the trainer, people go to gyms all the time and get a session or two with a trainer just to show them the ropes/ set them up with a basic plan, show them proper form ect. So I imagine she will understand and not pressure you :)

Kailpea-Great job getting your exercise in! Good luck with the studying, I'm sure you'll do well. I remember all the stress my sister went through before getting into nursing school.

TheMilesAwayGirl-How are the goals coming? :) I used to be like you with exercise being so easy but the eating being out of control and now I'm totally the opposite :dizzy:

Had an AWFUL week. But its over and now its spring break :D I hardly got any sleep last week and so today I slept in till 10 :o I'm at my boyfriends this weekend for our one year anniversary :val2: We're going to this nice vegan place for dinner. I'm excited to get dressed up! Scale is still stupid. I'm about to start TOM though, so maybe that's why its been psycho? Its been hanging around 144/145 area. Bleh. Wasn't able to go hiking during the week, too much craziness and we're having a storm. Really need to get out this weekend so I can make my goal for the week!

03-02-2014, 02:10 PM
Silverfire I really need to start weighing my food. I think it would really help! I notice I just kinda eyeball things and I am sure, I am completely over calories because of it!

Dottington Is your boyfriend vegan? When I met my husband I was a vegetarian for about 2 years and I had been doing the vegan thing for a few months. and then very slowly I strayed away from it mostly because I found it very difficult to cook two different sets of dinners for the two of us and I got really tired of having to mainly order salads or restaurants bland attempts to have a vegetarian dish on the menu. Part of my nutrition challenge is to get back to that. It's just very difficult because my husband has zero cooking skills so him I don't cook for him he is going to live off of frozen pizzas and fast food (which we can't afford) and while he is willing to try some vegetarian dishes, he does't prefer it.

A "lovely" snow/ice storm has decided hit my area, but I decided to man up and drive myself to the gym anyway today to get my last Cardio and Strength session in before tomorrow as I had planned. Of course, as I am backing out I realized that my back tire is completely flat. I called my Dad, and he came over to help me because I managed to jack my car up but my tire wouldn't come off to put the spare on! My dad couldn't figure it out either! So I am stranded at home until tomorrow when I can get a can of fix-a-flat and drive my car somewhere to get the tire fixed. =/ I might take my hubby's car tonight to the gym when he gets of work so I can complete this week of the challenge. I don't want to restart!

03-02-2014, 03:34 PM
Kailpea-he isn't. In fact when we met he claimed to be vegetarian but really not serious about it. Later I found out he ate meat all the time at home! Turns out being veggie was something he wanted to do but hadn't put the time into :p Anyways, he's now strict about it. When I cook, sometimes I will make him separate dishes, but mostly he eats what I eat. Also, we only go places I can eat(which it can be difficult finding dairy free, gluten free vegetarian options). That's rough with you having to do separate meals :/ I'm lucky since my bf really likes lots of vegan food. I think its great you're moving more towards being veggie again! My bf can't cook either and I know during the week he eats tons of frozen food and fast food too :( It makes me sad knowing he eats so poorly when I'm not around.

Last night went out to an amazing dinner! The place we went is a gluten free vegan Japanese restaurant. It was very nice and the service was incredible. Also they took this really cute photo of us holding a heart(bf let them know it was our anniversary) and put it in a card and gave it to us at the end! Yesterday was awesome. I'm posting the pick they took of us :) I didn't count calories yesterday. First time in a lonnnggg time I haven't, but I'm not feeling guilty about since it was a special occasion(still got veggies in too). And I didn't go crazy anyways. Looking forward to doing well with week and staying on plan. Really hoping for a loss on the scale soon!

03-04-2014, 10:12 AM
Kailpea - You should, it's easy and pretty convenient. To get myself to do it more, I bought a cute and colorful digital scale that I have no problem leaving out in plain sight. If it's right there, I am going to be far more inclined to use it. When I'm making just about anything, I'll just put the plate on it, zero it and log things as I fill my plate.

Dott - Awwww you guys are so cute! You look so radiant!! It sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary too. I think there are a few occasions where skipping the calorie counting for a night is totally acceptable :D

Man, I could not be a vegetarian. I am a Carnivore through and through. :lol: Props to you guys!

Well, I met with the trainer yesterday. I think it went pretty well, until the price tags rolled out. Jebus! I literally laughed in her face (nicely) when she tried to suggest a 9 month program at the low low price of $180 Bi-weekly. Sh!t son, I could buy a brand new car for that kind of money!! I KNOW they heard me, the 3 times I said, "I am not looking for a full on training program". Anyway, they do offer an "Intro" program for 3-6 weeks for 170-280 bucks. Much more what I was looking for, and I was fully expecting the up-sell anyway.

Dollar value aside, she put me on the fancy body composition scale thingy. Didn't really tell me anything that I didn't already know. I'm fat. :lol: I was pleased to see that my scales numbers were all pretty similar to theirs. We didn't dooo much in the gym, I picked a few things up and put them down. She got me to do a couple of body-weight type things on the TRX(?) That was fun, and they laughed when I said that I have too much body-weight for body-weight exercises. She was impressed with my handle on my nutrition, I told her I've been doing this for a while and have been super strictly measuring again. I also explained to her what the C25K was and how far along I am and such. She did tell me I should actually UP my calorie intake a bit, she thought that 1400 was pretty low and I should probably be shooting more towards 1700-1900 range, I feel that's a bit high for me, but I might calorie cycle a couple of (healthy) high calorie days into my week. I'm pretty impressed with the rest of the gym too. What a difference from the cheapo gym. All the machines work. There huge TV's on all the cardio things. There is a thing called an AMT (http://www.precor.com/en-ca/home/products/amt). It's made of magic I swear. I'm gunna be spending quite a bit of time on that one for sure! Oh, It's got a STEAM ROOM. I'm pretty sure it was the thing that sold me on this gym in fact. I was disappointed that it wasn't made of cedar. Oh the smell of cedar steam room. Standard sized towels meant that I needed to use two to have a steam (Thankfully the place was deserted so I didn't feel totally ridiculous) I have packed an appropriate for me sized towel for today. I did however manage to leave my shirt there yesterday :(

03-04-2014, 11:43 AM
Silverfire-That is really expensive! But the intro program does seem much more reasonable. I would agree with the trainer on the calories. When I first started I was working out with a personal trainer and eating 1800 calories and losing consistently. Now 1400 is what I'm aiming for to lose the last 20lbs. The AMT looks so cool! I'm so glad you love your new gym, it really sounds amazing!

Pre-TOM cravings have been AWFUL the past couple days :( Was trying to be back on track but still wasn't' totally back on track, ended up eating maintenance yesterday. Bleh. Going hiking today with my dad. I will be back on plan today!

03-05-2014, 02:13 AM
Hello everyone!

Well my last week at work has been and gone! The students wrote me lots of sweet messages, some of the Mums even bought me gifts! There were some really thoughtful ones, such as a collage of pictures one Mum had taken of me and her son over the last year. Another was a tote bag with my name on it!! So generous!!

I went out with my co-workers on my final day. Oh man, so emotional! My American co-worker went around the table and said nice things about everyone, but ended up on me and said the sweetest things. I definitely got the impression I was going to be missed, one co-worker even started to cry! It was so hard for me not to break down and cry! They gave me a Totoro photo album since I'd been taking pictures all week =). Afterwards we went to karaoke and had a blast singing and dancing! I even got a song sang to me, Green Day's Good Riddance. The lyrics were so perfect! "It's something unpredictable but in the end is right, I hope you had the time of your life." He got a super hug!

When I got home I broke down and cried! All the emotion just overwhelmed me! But I have some amazing memories and some life long friends, so I'm happy that it ended on such a high note. I know I'll see them again soon but it was still an end of an era.

I spent the weekend with my boyfriend, I got really sick on Saturday =(. It was perfect timing really, so happy it didn't hit me in full on my last day. I didn't really do much for the rest of the weekend, just took it easy and made my new life plan!

I want to try and not succumb to being lazy for the next few months. The worse thing that can happen is just napping all the time and not getting anything done. So I wrote up my daily schedule, which I'm about to bore you with now:
- Wake up
- Eat breakfast/Read
- Chores
- Exercise
- Eat lunch/Shower
- Productivity time!
- Shop for dinner/Cook
- Watch a film/TV
- Write
- Chill

Productivity for me just means write, draw, travel/explore Tokyo, email friends, update my blog, film/photography stuff - generally things that make me happy!! I want to make sure I do at least 1 thing that makes me feel like I achieved something in the day to benefits me.

As for weight loss and health, I'm planning on starting my exercise with 5k training. I know that I'm capable of pushing myself with 10K training, but I really want to ease back into running. I'm going to dish out my pyramid and get back on track with my goals too! Stick to meal plans and strength train at least once a week - I can do it! Easy peasy now I have all this free time, I GOT THIS!! I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow morning and see the damage I did over the last few weeks and then work hard to make things better.


Silver - Before I forget, can you appease my annoyingly anal self and complete your row on the Phase 2 spreadsheet? If I don't see date completed then I assume you've not finished! But I know you have! Yeah, I've definitely realised recently my body just doesn't do well with alcohol! I used to be able to slam that shiz back and dance all night, but now I just get sleepy!! I think squats and planks are really hard!! It takes a while to master them! The hump day picture made me laugh so much. I would totally be a veggie too...if meat weren't so freaking DELICIOUS. Nomnomnom, couldn't live without burgers! Yeah, I once had a gym person try and sell me personal training and I found it hard not to laugh at them. Who am I, Beyonce? I can't afford that shiz!

Dott - Sometimes it's important to really "feel out" your weight, rather than judge yourself on what the number on the scale tells you. You said it yourself that your clothes fit you well, so use that to lift your move!! It's so easy to get affected when you weigh yourself often, I had to stop because I was getting really bummed out. Woohoo, spring break!! Congrats on your 1 year with your boyfriend <3. That picture is freakin' adorable. What a lovely thing for the restaurant to do!! I'm sorry you've been feeling down recently, but don't feel down on yourself. You're amazing, you can do it!

kailpea - Hang in there!! Sounds like life has been throwing you some serious dodge balls, but you can get through it!

milesawaygirl - You're here!! SO glad to see you! Please tell us your goals!!

03-05-2014, 05:46 PM
Rie-I'm so glad you had a great last week and were able to leave on such a high note :) That was so sweet of your coworkers and it seems like you will be missed by a lot of people. I actually love reading other people's schedules haha I just love schedules, I know I need to make them for myself otherwise I get lost in the day :dizzy: Your plan sounds solid, doable, and fun :) Yeah I think you're right about needing to rely less on the scale for my happiness. I need to remember to go more off clothing and measurements and how I feel and not let the scale dictate that.

Yesterday I went on a hike with my dad. I didn't have a ton of time and have been feeling so out of shape and "fat" lately. I knew we'd go on a difficult hike so we picked one that was 4 miles and I figured since it was up a mountain that I'd only be able to do 2mph so planned on it taking 2 hours. Man, I don't know how I get so down on myself! I should know I'm in way better shape then that, but yeah that's how low I've been thinking of myself. Anyways we start off and I'm not having much trouble at all. The hike(up a peak) turned out being twice as long as my dad thought and so it ended up being 8 miles. Our average speed was 2.8mph and we did 1600ft vertical ft :carrot: It took only 2.5 hours. I actually think my dad orchestrated the whole thing to show me that I'm in way better shape than I realize, bc he knows how I can get :p It really boosted my confidence.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

03-06-2014, 03:20 PM
Rie Sounds like your last week of work was a good one. It's always nice to know that you were valued and cared for!

Dott Your Dad sounds awesome! So nice of him to try to show you that you're doing better than you think. My husband and I are planning a trip to yellowstone and glacier national park next summer and we really need to find some places with some incline to get used to hiking. We live in super-flat Kansas so hills are kinda few and far between.

I've been super sick since Monday with Nausea and vomiting. Not sure what's wrong, but hopefully I am on the mend. I haven't been able to workout at all! So I am way behind on my Phase 3 exercise goal. I'll probably put off starting it until this weekend. Phase 3 nutrition is complete though!

On the scale side of things. . . I have finally reached my 20 lbs down goal which is 1/5 of the way to my goal of losing 100 lbs. I convinced my hubby that as a reward he gets to buy me a new hoodie to get me through the rest of the winter and early spring weather.

03-06-2014, 04:55 PM
Kailpea-20lbs is awesome! Congrats :D you're doing so well :cb: Your trip to yellowstone and glacier sounds awesome. I'm planning on probably going backpacking in yellowstone this summer with my dad. Even if there aren't any hills around you can still work out the muscles you use hiking at steep inclines by doing lots of lunges and squats :) I'm sorry you've been so sick, hope you're feeling better!

So far this week has been really good exercise and eating wise. Scale is holding at a dumb number but TOM is starting and I'm not letting it bother me! ;) I'm so excited tomorrow to go to Catalina Island to visit my friend. Will be doing lots of snorkeling, hiking, and kayaking while there! I really need a new swimsuit and am going to attempt to try buying one again. I went a few weeks ago and tried a bunch on and it was…bad :o It would be really nice if my weight dropped tomorrow for my weigh in, I'm going a little lower then normal calories wise today to try and move it along.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

03-07-2014, 02:10 PM
I keep trying to write really nice long personal replies, then running out of time! I'm still here, going on holiday next week but I'll be back, with a snazzy pyramid full of goals and I'll make time to join in properly!

Have a fab weekend and week and i'll try to catch up with everyone when I get back :)

03-11-2014, 03:36 AM
Computer is broken so can only update on phone :( I finished goal 3 for fitness and nutrition. So far those were the easiest for me. Have a feeling these next ones will be harder. I went to add my new goals but it won't let me on my phone. I'm still tracking on my own though :) hope everyone is doing well!

03-11-2014, 02:03 PM
Argh! What a rough week last week. Didn't get to the gym at all. And this week so far has been all school and extra hours at work. Going to TRY TRY TRY to get to the gym tonight after work. Hopefully I won't be too tired. I was on such a good roll and then between apartment problems and illness I stopped going to the gym. I feel like all my good habits have been lost!

So currently working on:
Phase 3 Exercise: Cardio 3x per week, Strength 2x per week
Phase 4 nutrition: No red meat, No high fructose corn syrup, No carbonated beverages (plus 2 vegetarian days per week, and 8 glasses of water a day).

Been kinda skimping on the water. I need to get that back up there too.

03-11-2014, 02:58 PM
I'm so close to my first goal and I'm very proud of myself for sticking to it. I think this might be the first time I've ever come close to completing a goal. :)

03-12-2014, 01:12 PM
Hey everyone!

My hamstrings hurt today! Monday was my first official training day and I really enjoyed it. I surprised myself at what I was capable of in fact! Today I am going to go through the circuit again on my own. I'm frusterated at the scale as it has been the same 5 lbs up and down, up and down! grrr! I've adjusted my calories a bit, to just under 1600 for regular days and I plan for 1800+ on gym days (Adding in a loaded smoothie after workouts.)

I've been REALLY good about measuring everything (Veggies I eyeball), still drinking 100+ oz of water and have been working HARD at the gym. I'd really really like it if the scale would reward me soon! I'm just going to keep tweaking until I can bust through the stupid 250's already!

Ohh I'm also really excited to start Yoga tonight! Hopefully I can stretch out these tight hammies! ;)

Kailpea - Dude! Way to bust out of the 250's! :high: You'll find your groove again!

MrsDeenz - :woohoo: way to go!!!

Dott - Oh noes! Broken computers suck! swimsuit shopping is terrible isn't it (I dislike all clothes shopping at this point :lol:) Congrats on completing your goals too! And that sounds like a great day planned with your friend (swimsuit woes aside ;))

themilesawaygirl - have a great holiday!!!!

Rie - What a great last week at work, it sounds like so many people are going to miss you. I love your daily plan! I sometimes have to break down my days like that in order to actually accomplish things too lol. You're starting a new chapter and I'm sure it going to be totally amaze-balls ;)

03-14-2014, 08:44 AM
Hey hey everyone!

Personal stuff first: Things are a bit touch and go! Starting to slip into really bad habits, such as waking up super late and not getting much done as a result. Takes me ages to function as a human when I wake up! I have done some productive things though, so I can't be too hard on myself. I've been reading a lot more, which has been really nice. I also scouted my new area for a running route. Found a nice park that's 0.75 miles away, so went there with my camera just to have a look and take some snippets of film. Put together a really stupid video but shooting/editing was really fun even if it didn't result in much!!

As for my weight, I stepped on the scale last week when I said I would and weighed in at 164.9 lbs. Ouch! I was around 162 lbs when I weighed in before I got fired! But then I stepped on it again today and it said 163.1 lbs, so heading in the right direction at least! I think I'm going to start weighing myself on Monday and Friday from here on out.
My nutritional goal has been going well, living with other people and cooking for them is pretty awesome in relation to my stick to meal plan goal. I can't be lazy and get a takeaway/ready meal because others depend on me! It's just the weekends I have to reign it in since I spend it with the boyfriend who is generally quick to go out for food instead of cooking.
My exercise goal of strength training once a week has not happened yet. But I still have 2 days to go so there is time!

Physically I have started to suffer from the weight gain/lack of activity. I have an old lower back injury that really flares up if I don't stay active. Today it's been giving me a lot of grief, so my body is actually telling me to get out there and do something! So I'm going to go for a run tomorrow, I have to or the pain will only get worse.

Still trying to get a grip on life and getting into a good routine that includes exercise, so it's very much still in the trial and error stage. But you know what? I really want to be thin! I just really want to feel awesome in my body, I want to feel epic in my clothes. It was kinda weird but I was watching The Hours and when Claire Danes's character came on screen I was kind of blown away at how thin she looked DESPITE wearing baggy pants and a sweater. Her outfit wasn't tight or revealing yet I could still tell she had a great figure underneath, I couldn't help but think - that's what I want!! I don't want to flaunt my body but I want to feel like I don't have to hide flabby bits under a waist band or with a hoody, you know? Random thought!


Dott - That's so great that you had an awesome hike and I really hope that it's true that your Dad planned it on purpose!! Are you sure you're not being too hard on yourself regarding trying on swim suits? I mean, I've seen some of your pictures when you've been wearing underwear (you had it on your profile page for a while) and your body looks AWESOME! You are beautiful and have such an amazing body. You've achieved so much and come so far, so please revel in the amazingness that is YOU! I unlocked the next phase for you to track! I hope your computer gets fixed soon, I'll miss your replies until then! :(

kailpea - Huge congrats on 20 lbs down, that's amazing!! So sorry you got sick, that sounds awful =(. I know how you feel with life getting in the way of exercise, I'm right there with you! We've got to get back on the horse soon though, right?! Let's do it together!

MrsDeenz - Well done! Couldn't help but notice your info isn't on the spreadsheet, you should put it up there so we can see your goals =D.

Silver - Wow, sounds like you've been working out like a machine! Not sure why the scale isn't budging, if you're drinking enough water and eating enough protein then I'm sure you'll see results soon. Sometimes it takes a break from exercise for your body to get that delicious WHOOSH on the scale. I loved Yoga, but I was always terrified of farting loudly in a room full of people!! All the gas just comes out when I stretch!!

milesawaygirl - Have an awesome holiday! See you when you get back!!

03-15-2014, 03:53 PM
Kailpea-:hug: Sorry you're having a rough time, hope everything is back to normal now!

MrsDeenz-Great job! :carrot:

Silverfire-You are doing so well! Seriously, I always find reading your posts so inspiring :) Keep up the amazing work.

Rie-:hug:Thank you. Yeah I do have a tendency to be a bit hard on myself. It seems like you've been getting a good feel for your new area and life there. That's great there's a park so close :) Weekends are soooo hard for me too. My bf always encourages me to "let go" and so the weekends are really my downfall :/ We just need to be strong and keep our long term goals in mind and I'm sure we will beat the weekend curse! I love The Hours :) I understand what you mean just wanting to feel comfortable and not like you're trying to hide anything with clothes. I feel like when most people talk about their goal outfit they usually have something super sexy or risqué planned but for me it would simply be jeans and a t-shirt. I want to feel slim and confident in that haha

I took this week off from the challenge so will start phase 4 on Monday. I was still mindful though, didn't go totally crazy or anything. My trip to Catalina was AMAZING. Did so much exercise(hiking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, general frolicking along the beach) and my weight totally jumped after but now has dropped down again. I did my measurements and I've lost .5 in off my hips so I know I am getting smaller despite what the scale says.
I realize if I want to lose weight I really need to drop my calories and not go over at all on the weekends. That's what phase 4 starts getting into for me, not cheating on the weekends. I think its really going to be what I need to drop this last bit of weight.
I'm including some pics from Catalina. One with me and my friend on the dock, one with us on a boat, then me on a beach in an old bikini(couldn't stomach any of the ones I tried on so stuck with last years suit).

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

03-15-2014, 05:42 PM
Well hello everyone!

I'm back, finally! Lord, a lot has happened and it's taken a toll on my body. I can't seem to be able to recommit. I need a big fat kick in the bootay, so I figured I'd return to 3FC to look for a challenge and I wasn't disappointed to find yours Riestrella :)

Exercise isn't the problem for me. DH and I go to the gym 4 times a week. I run about 3 miles and lift weights - every time. It's the food that I've been eating. I work part-time at McDonald's (yeah...right?) and snacking has been a HUGE problem. Some french fries here, a chicken nugget there, some ice cream after I get out, you tell me. I start the day off right by eating a healthy breakfast but the rest of the day just...sucks. And the thing is, obviously I know what I'm doing wrong but I just can't get my stupid mind to refocus on wanting to be healthy.

So, enough said. Here are my goals.

- Don't snack at work (1)
- Don't buy junk food (2)
- Eat vegetables with every meal (3)
- Cut carbs for dinner (4)
- Watch portions (5)

- Stretch for 10min after every workout session (1)
- Weigh-in every 2 weeks (2)
- Start measuring. Every 2 weeks on Sundays (3)
- Focus on arms at least twice a week (4)
- Take one class a week (5)

03-16-2014, 12:01 PM
Welcome Hoopty! So good to see some new faces joining the challenge. It has helped me a lot! I totally get the snacking throughout the day problem. I used to work in a doctor's office and there was always food. Most days we had breakfast AND lunch catered to us by drug reps, and someone ALWAYS had snacks in the break room. In the year that I worked that job, I gained 60 lbs! Gym 4 times a week! Wow! You have that down!

DottOh my god! You look awesome! And the beach looks amazing. I'm landlocked, and its been way too long since I have been to a beach.

Rie Sounds like you're settling into a good routine and I totally agree. . . I want to be able to where baggy comply clothes and not feel like a complete fat frump.

Well, I ended up deciding I was going to pause both of my challenges this week because it was such and insane week again. I actually did really well even so from the nutritional side of things until yesterday. Yesterday was a complete blow out. In the morning I went to breakfast with my BFF. Didn't do too bad, Had a veggie breakfast skillet and coffee. After that hubby drove to three hours Kansas City for a Major League Soccer game had lunch a a new restaurant that we wanted to try: I had a vegan blackbean, lentil and golden beat burger and sweet potato fries. Sounds like diet food. . . It was not. And Dinner was even worse. Paying for it today. . . 249.2! But I will not change my ticker! I will not!

My BFF sent me some goofy photos she took of me about 2 years ago when I was about 200 lbs. I remember actually feeling really good and confident at that weight, even though I still needed to lose about 20-30 lbs to be at a healthy weight for my height. I can't wait to get to that weight again.

03-18-2014, 09:44 AM
Hey guys,

Life sure does love to throw some dodgeballs at us doesn't it? I found out today that one of my dear friends has passed away. Back when I was a teenager I would talk to him almost every day when I would waste hours on AIM/MSN talking to my American friends. When I was 18 I went to Colorado to visit my now boyfriend for the first time, my friend said to me that he was going to visit family and that he would pass through Colorado so we could hang out for a day or 2. I found out that he didn't actually have any family to visit, but that he made the trip all the way from Arizona to Colorado by car just to see me for a few days. He was that kind of friend.

As the years went on and I hit Uni I began to be online less and our contact started to lessen too. But I would always try and send an email his way to let him know that I was thinking about him, that he was still my dear friend and I wanted to hear all about his life. It was last week that the thought popped in my head: "I haven't heard from Sean in a while, I really should send him an email." But I put it off for another day thinking nothing of it, now it's one of the biggest mistakes I'll ever make. I should have sat down and made the time when I thought about it, so please if you're reading this and you haven't reached out to a dear old friend for a while but think you really should - just do it.

Despite being the most lovely, generous, funny and talented man that he was he was plagued with anxiety issues. He was also very much obese, weighing close to 500 lbs. Although there hasn't been an autopsy yet, the information I received was that he went to sleep and just didn't wake up. He suffered from sleep apnea and had to have a machine to assist with his breathing, but he was at a friends house and just fell asleep without it. But needless to say, his weight is probably the biggest reason he passed so soon at just the age of 29.

So as I think about my own health and my own weight loss, I can't help but add another reason to lose this weight and be happy. A reason to take this opportunity to become a better person, to take life by the hand and drag it into the direction I want to go kicking and screaming. Not just for me, but for Sean. I want to do this for my own happiness, but also in his honour because he won't get the chance to turn his life around like he always talked about. I'll miss him deeply and I'll never forget him.



Dott - I think it's good to "let go" but perhaps just for one meal, you know? I know how it goes, the weekend comes around and you just wanna relax and let loose. But a cheat night can turn into a cheat day will turn into a cheat weekend! All that work undone...bah, I know it all too well! I really want to work on just having one treat meal a weekend and treating it like any other day. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who wants to feel comfortable in normal clothes! I made a thread about the one outfit you want to rock and I was happy to hear that so many dittoed my "jeans and a tank top/tshirt" combo! That's so great that you had an awesome trip, and gosh darnit girl, you look FANTASTIC! Despite the thoughts I read here you ooze this confidence, just let your mind catch up!!

Hoopty - Yay, you're back and with goals! Oh man...I worked for 2 weeks at the BK Lounge (Burger King) and those free drinks/heavily discounted meals were a nightmare to resist. I'm glad that it was only 2 weeks (ended up not turning up one day because I hated it and then getting fired, whoops! But I was at Uni so I didn't care about a job ;p) but I hear your pain! I worked at a cinema too, the food there was easier to resist because it all looked kinda gross to me! You know what's going wrong though, so if you can stick to your goals you will lose weight FAST with all the workouts you do.

kailpea - Don't worry about the fail day, we've all been there. The weight fluctuation will easily be remedied by getting back on plan! Sometimes it's nice to see ourselves at a healthier, happier time as a little boost. Because you did it, you got there! So you can do it again =D. You'll be there before you know it!!

03-18-2014, 12:32 PM
Riestrella I'm so sorry for your loss :(

03-19-2014, 02:30 PM
Hoopty-Hey! Glad you're joining :)

Kailpea-Thanks! :) I love the ocean. You will be at that weight again soon! You've been doing really well. I had to take a break for last week too, I think its important to know your limits and take breaks so you don't end up burning out.

Rie-:hug: I'm so sorry. Reading about your friend Sean just broke my heart. Try not to beat yourself up too much, I'm sure he always knew how much you cared and loved him. I think using this as another reason to keep on with your efforts is wonderful. I'm sure your friend would want you to continue with your health efforts and live the most full life possible. My deepest condolences to you <3 Regarding weekends-yeah I had gotten them under control and realized cheats don't work for me, but its so hard and now I've fallen back into that habit. I think cheats are my number one struggle, but I'm working on it. Haha people tell me that I come off as very confident in person, I WISH my mind would catch up! :p

So this week is going well. I've realized I need to be honest with myself and that if I want to lose anymore weight I'm going to have to give up cheats once and for all. I was doing well with it a little over a month ago, but totally slipped back into it after my concert. So no more cheats! I would much rather be happy and healthy than give into weekend cravings. I just wish my bf would be a little more supportive, he doesn't really want me to lose any more weight and encourages me to give in :( I need to talk with him about it again and fully explain to him how I need to do this for myself. Have a great rest of your week everyone!

03-20-2014, 03:36 AM
Hello everyone!

Well, I caved. I made a bikini ready challenge for 2014. I still would love for people to join this pyramid challenge but I had multiple people saying to me how much they were looking forward to a summer challenge and how it's really helped in previous years, so I just couldn't resist helping others! If you feel like signing up to the bikini ready challenge, then please do! But I really hope you will still participate in this thread as well! I think we've got quite a nice little group here =). Here's the link to the bikini challenge! (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/20-somethings/293940-bikini-ready-2014-challenge.html)

I have successfully completed my phase 2 nutrition goal!! I didn't have any ready meals for the last 2 weeks! It was pretty easy now I've moved in with my friends who I cook for, but now onto phase 3...DON'T BUY JUNK FOOD! Ahhh! This might be a little difficult for me as I am prone to a bit of chocolate or a bag of chips from time to time. But I specifically made the goal to say don't BUY junk food, since if someone else has bought something and offers me a small portion then I am allowed to say yes! But the goal is to stop me from porking on an entire portion all to myself.

As for my exercise goal, I'm still slowly getting back into the exercise game and my back is still giving me a bit of grief for being lazy for so long. But this week I ran twice! I even managed to improve my time last Saturday by 1 minute 11 seconds! Woohoo! I'm currently doing a 5K training program and it has NO strength days listed. But I think I'll replace the Sunday long walk with a strength session in the future so I'm not stuck on phase 2 for ages!

I keep forgetting to weigh myself so I have no idea if my weight has gone down or not this week...but I'm going to KOREA tomorrow! It's just for a long weekend, but it should be good fun! I'm going with my housemates and my boyfriend. I still need to pack. So I will be gone until Tuesday! Kinda gutted that I won't be able to workout while I'm away but I'm sure the hours of walking around and sight seeing with be a mini workout in itself.

Have an amazing weekend ladies, hope you all keep crushing it with this challenge!


MrsD - Thank you *hug*

Dott - Thank you, I know he was always really proud of my weight loss when I began this crazy journey. I hope I can continue to succeed to make him proud of me even more so! When you say cheats, do you mean cheat meals or cheat days? I'm a pretty firm believer in no cheat days, but I think it's nice to have a cheat meal. Helps keep us sane since food is unfortunately made to be delicious even when it's terrible for our insides! That's a shame about your boyfriend, I think talking to him will help the problem. But I'm sure he's just so happy with how far you've come and doesn't want you to be unhappy until you're SUPER skinny. I have the opposite problem with my boyfriend, he's gotten a LOT better but he used to be quite pushy with me to work out more. He says it's because when I'm working out consistently I'm at my happiest (which is true) but I just kept taking it personally like he just wanted to see me lose weight. It's hard to have your partner in that part of your world when they don't really understand what's really going on, so I can relate to you in that sense. I've had many a serious discussion about backing off and letting me do my own thing!

03-20-2014, 10:58 AM
I think, I am going to change my exercise goal back to what it was before I decided to change it. =/ I think I got too cocky because I was doing SO well, but a few little things happened and I've really fallen off the wagon and having trouble getting back on. But it's nice out so I am going to get my butt out of bed and go walk outside.

03-20-2014, 02:48 PM
Riestrella, Words cannot express how sorry I am about what happened. I cried reading your post. Take this :hug: and know that I am sending every bit of strength and love your way!

03-20-2014, 07:45 PM
This is so motivating! I'm new here and love this idea. Thanks!

03-21-2014, 02:47 PM
Hi everyone! I'm back from my holiday. It was lovely to have a break and see my folks. I ate far too much but it was holiday! I've taken a little while to settle back into my routine and I've not been tracking, but I'm going to try and start tomorrow rather than waiting until Monday! I'm terrible for always giving up and saying I'll 'restart' on Monday and it's not been working for me, so I'm going to try and break this bad habit.

Silverfire How did the yoga go? Way to go with the measuring your food, drinking water and smashing it at the gym. Try to measure yourself too! If you're working hard at the gym your muscles might be retaining all that water so you might be changing shape without changing weight :)

Hoopty I cannot express how glad I am you posted your exercise goals. I, too, work out quite a bit and I was realllllly struggling to think of realistic goals to fit into my week. I had it in my head that it had to be "more exercise" which, although possible, is quite a stretch for me. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to pinch your measuring goal. What a great idea! I'm in the same boat as you with food. Controlling what I eat is so hard! We can do this :)

Dott I'm glad your trip to Catalina was great. You look amazing! I'm with you on the weekend struggle. Good luck talking to your BF about it, hopefully he'll understand and be supportive of you doing this for yourself. Let us know how it goes. xx

Rie so sad to read about your friend. I'm so glad that you're trying to take positives from this tragedy - to be happier and healthier in your own life to honour his memory. That must've taken extraordinary strength and just goes to show what a great friend and person you are. :hug: I hope your back's on the mend and not causing too much discomfort so you can enjoy your time in Korea! Hope you have an awesome long weekend.

kailpea how was the walk? Falling off the wagon is tough, I do it allll the time. But you get back on, step by step. I actually found it much easier than I thought to get back to the gym after my holiday, because d'ya know what, I actually enjoy it a bit!! You've been ill, your body needed to recover. Hope your 100% better and god luck getting your healthy groove back!

crystalheartsyou Welcome!

Have a fab weekend everyone. I promise promise promise I will have my goals sorted for Monday. I'm going to start this thing properly, and stick to it!

03-21-2014, 06:54 PM
Hello guys,

I've been doing pretty well :) I did not snack at work, ate healthy food, drank a lot, hit the gym 4 times and you know what, I just realized I pretty much stuck to almost all of my goals :lol: I'm tempted to weigh-in this Sunday but I told myself no! not this Sunday! I need to give myself another week especially because I just got done having TOM and your body obviously needs a few more days to adjust.

themilesawaygirl - Girl, I know exactly what you mean! I was reallllyyy struggling to find exercise goals and kind of improvised. I am pretty much happy and content with my workouts, so I am really just trying to change little baby details here and there. So go ahead! :D I just saw that we're pretty much the same height and weight. Can I just say how much I hate the 140s? My body seems to love it though, gah. I cannot wait to hit the 130s again, hopefully very soon!

kailpea - Oh wow, 60lbs! It's so hard to say no to all the food that just sits around you all day, isn't it? And the thing is, everybody always brings in the most delicious stuff EVER! You said a few things happened - I hope you're okay and that you'll feel better soon! :hug:

Riestrella - Okay, this is gonna be really embarassing, but I had worked at BK, too, while I was in high school :D My sister was the restaurant manager and as soon as I turned 16 she said "Heeyyy why don't you work a few days a week after school to make a little bit of money?" and I didn't really have to do anything to get that job, so I said yes. I ended up gaining 22lbs working there because I ate EVERYTHING. When I started working at McDonald's I knew not to eat there and I usually don't. But because life's thrown some very stressful and depressing moments at me I couldn't help but to comfort myself by eating their crap. But like I said before - I haven't snacked this week and that's what matters now :) Have a fun time in Korea, enjoy yourself and take care!

Dottington - You look absolutely amazing in that bikini!!! As far as the bf goes...I understand both sides but I would just tell him exactly how you feel and he should understand. My DH was like that too, didn't want me losing any more (when I was actually weighing much less than I am now) but I told him that I wasn't 100% happy yet. And it worked :)

Time to get some beauty rest, bahaha. It's actually 11pm over here. We're going to IKEA tomorrow and I'm gonna have some dessert (I swear, IKEA has the best dessert in the whole wide world). I know it's gonna be hard to not overindulge but I'm gonna try my hardest.

03-23-2014, 05:17 PM
Well, I finally go through the first week of Phase 3 of Exercise . . . But I forgot that I wasn't supposed to be drinking carbonated drinks for Phase 4 of nutrition so I'll be starting over on that.

Had a nice walk yesterday with a friend and I actually wore my fit bit for the first time in like a week! got over 10000 steps in so feeling pretty good about that, but today I'm just being lazy watching college basketball. My Kansas Jayhawks lost (I went to school there for 2 years) but my hometown team, Wichita State Shockers are looking pretty good right now. EDIT: Oh well they lost in the end. They had a decent run though.

Good news, my husband has seemed to got a new interest in losing weight, so hopefully he will be as successful as I have been!

03-24-2014, 02:26 PM
Rie-Great job completing phase 2 nutrition! You're doing really well altogether it seems now, I really think moving and leaving your previous job was maybe a blessing in disguise :) Sadly I meant cheat days, I know I can't do them, but yeah had gotten back into the habit of them and yes they always turn into cheat DAYS/WEEKS :p I agree that a cheat meal/snack is fine and good for keeping one sane ;) You're totally right about my bf worrying about me becoming too thin or never being done with losing weight! He looked at my jean size and was like "You don't want to be a size zero right!?" all upset like bc yeah he doesn't want this to be a forever kind of thing :p Plus he knows my history. That's really too bad about your bf being so pushy :( I would totally take it personally too! Is he active? Can you guys workout together? I understand he's trying to be helpful since he knows it makes you feel better, but still I can totally see how it would be bothersome. I hope you're having a fabulous time in Korea!

Crystalheartsyou-Welcome to the challenge!

TheMilesAwayGirl-I'm glad your holiday was good :) Good luck getting your goals sorted, remember you can always modify as you go!(I've had to switch them around a bit myself)

Hoopty-Thanks! :) You're doing so great! Keep up the awesome work :D

Kailpea-Great job getting those steps in! That's wonderful that your husband has shown interest in getting in shape too :) Maybe you guys can have some friendly challenges and or set up some competitions to keep you both motivated.

Talked with my bf and he was a little whiney at first, but in the end totally understood. Rie hit it on the head when she said maybe he's just a afraid I won't be happy until I'm too thin and that's exactly it. He also really likes my size now too and doesn't really see why I want to lose, but for me I know I can be so much more healthy and I know its going to take a little bit more for me to be comfortable. Also, I think there might be a little bit of fear too bc he has gained weight and gotten in worse shape since we started dating(he was almost underweight when we met so now he's just normal bmi, but he doesn't exercise unless with me now where before he did workout more) and I know he's been feeling insecure. Once summer comes it'll be better bc I can be around him a lot more and we can workout more together.
I managed to do really well this weekend with nutrition! Was totally on point Friday and Sunday. Sat I had a cheat snack, so that put me over calorie wise, but I'm not sweating it :)
Have to restart phase 4 exercise. Left it all for the weekend and got way too busy blah :p
Have a great week everyone!

03-27-2014, 09:16 AM
Hello everyone!

So Seoul was fun! Wasn't an amazing trip since it wasn't really a touristy place but it had a really cool atmosphere. Plus, the food was dirt cheap, like wow. And so delicious! We walked for about 9 hours on our first day, my legs/feet were KILLING me. My friend had one of those fancy Nike Fuel wrist bands and it said he burned 1000+ calories, so we must have been similar.

But of course I've got some moaning to do...man I just feel so frumpy recently. I know everyone is harder on themselves than they should be, but looking at the pictures of me from the trip I just realise that things need to change! The double chin is threatening to come back onto my face, I just want to be able to see my jaw line! That was always my favourite part of weight loss, seeing my jaw line! Anyway, here's some pictures from the trip:

https://scontent-b-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/v/t1.0-9/p417x417/10152001_10152247538033503_785778959_n.jpg?oh=5673 5adbf8473f3fba7552e34baaefbe&oe=53A0DE25

I went for a run the day after we got back and I was going to go on one today but the weather was sh!t so I'm planning on going tomorrow instead. I want to run at least 3 days a week! I dug out my good ol' Jillian Michaels "Making the Cut" print out to use as a strength guide.

I'm going to be staying at my boyfriends for a long time since my housemates friends are staying (since it IS their place they're using my room as the guest room - which is fine since I have somewhere to stay!) and then the bf has April off. It'll be a big challenge since I tend to slip into bad habits around the boyfriend, so this will be a huge test!


Hoopty - Thank you for your kindness <3. You know I never did eat at IKEA, my Mum would take me and I would always get insanely mind numbingly bored. But now I'm an adult, I'd probably love it! Aren't their meatballs meant to be good?! No shame in working at a fast food place, it's interesting because in Japan all jobs are taken very seriously and there's always a sense of pride in everything. So when I go to McD's here (yes, I know, bad bad bad!) the people who are working there seem genuinely happy with their jobs. Compared to England where people just look so fed up and frustrated!!

milesaway - You know now you mention it my back is feeling a lot better! Been running a bit more and stretching and it's causing me a lot less discomfort. Every now and then I'll feel a twinge, but other than that things are getting better. Looking forward to seeing your goals =). I know what you mean about "restarting" but I think it's best to just restart NOW instead of waiting for the week to end. But I can definitely relate to the mindset!

Dott - Yeah, I think you're right! Leaving the job has been a good thing for me, it's given me time to figure out my future and what I want to do/who I want to be. My trip to Korea was one giant cheat weekend, it has to be done sometimes! But in a regular week I think a cheat meal is acceptable. It's hard...but we can resist! I need to work on it too.
Glad that your talk with your boyfriend went well, it's almost sweet in a way that he's got his body insecurities as well don't you think? I think so much pressure is on the woman's shoulders to be super thin and toned that when a man shows the worries of body image it's quite humbling. So happy to hear that you're not being too hard on yourself!!
As for my boyfriend...he's either been underweight but in the last 8 or so years he's been very much in shape. Very active, always feels the need to workout (whereas I feel I have to really push myself to). As for working out together, unfortunately he's into completely different exercises than I am. He loves kickboxing and climbing whereas I'm very much a cardio girl (running or something fun like Zumba). When I was 200 lbs he used to go on runs with me to encourage me and keep me company, but once I developed my confidence he stopped because I could kick his arse ;p.

03-27-2014, 03:09 PM
Well, I finally feel like I am getting back on track with my goals! It's amazing how hard it is to get back on track after a few mishaps. Seems like forever since I have been successful! The weather is getting nicer so last Saturday my BFF and I set out in the morning at took a walk/hike we saw some deer not far from the trail, lots of ducks and geese and it was nice to see some of the trees budding. Yesterday, my husband and I went for a short walk around out favorite par and fed the squirrels and geese. Got to the gym after class today for the first time in what seems like forever. I was happy that I was able to pick up right where I left off with C25K and it even seemed a little easier than I remembered. Next time I am going to attempt to start Week 3.

We're taking a trip to San Diego In August for my brother-in-law's wedding and I realized that it was going to interfere with my first two days of nursing school. Rather than miss those days (8 hours apiece) I decided to defer my start date to the spring semester. I am a little apprehensive about this choice because i just want to be done with school already! I started right out of high school, but dropped out because i didn't know what it was I wanted to do. I feel so behind with but my husband keeps trying to tell me that it isn't a race. Sometimes it feels like it is though.

My husband is going back to third shift on Tuesday which is raising some concerns. When he worked third before, he slept a lot more and ate a lot worse. He'll be getting off at 7 am every morning so to counteract any bad habits, I am going to try and meet him at the gym several times a week so he has motivation to go. We talked about his weightloss and how be planned on doing it and we have very different views. I am a very goal oriented person where as he feels like goals will set him up for failure and has done so in the past. he said to start out all he cares about is getting the the gym, he isn't worried about what he does inside, as long as he gets there and after that becomes habit he will focus on what he is actually doing. I guess I can understand that, but for me I get such a thrill after pushing myself at the gym and I feel great afterward.

Rie: Those are awesome photos! I love the one of you underneath the rainbow ceiling! And I think you look great!

Dott: My husband and I had a similar conversation. We started out weight loss journey together back in December and so far I am 25 lbs down, he was doing really well for awhile and had lost 8 lbs, but he fell off the wagon and gained it all back and then some. He thinks I am being a little too obsessive about my weight loss, but unlike you I am no where near being underweight so I am not too worried. But I am going to start meeting him at the gym after he gets off work so hopefully that will help him along.

03-27-2014, 09:33 PM
I joined up for the bikini challenge but saw this in the opening post and it looks really interesting so I think I might join in late and start doing this in tandem. I think I might really need the exercise goals as being part of it - the thought of exercising fills me with dread ;) I will think of my goals and post them back here in the next few days.

I hope everyone's pyramids are going well :D

03-27-2014, 11:13 PM
Rie-I love your pictures! I looks so beautiful and like a really interesting place to visit :) That's great you got so much walking in! I'm really sorry you're feeling down on yourself though :hug: We always are our own harshest critics. I think you look beautiful and happy in the photo you posted! I understand you not feeling comfortable at this weight though, but don't forget how far you've come and know that you are working on getting to a place you feel better at size wise. Are you and your bf planning any exciting trips or any fun things for April since you guys get to spend it together? Yeah it is kind of sweet in a way to realize even boys have those body worries haha That's too bad you and your bf aren't into the same kind of things exercise wise. I can understand though….I'm into really intense kinds of hiking/backpacking stuff and my boyfriend isn't. I have to really tone it down when we go hiking together so he doesn't think I'm trying to kill him lol

Kailpea-Great job getting back on track! Its so hard to get back into the swing of things. Your walks/hikes sound lovely. I wish we had more wildlife where I live, it's just lizards :p I feel you on feeling behind with school-I'm only a junior and am 5 years older then most of my peers. I get down about it too sometimes, but really your husbands right when he says its not a race. We have to do things at our own pace and when its right for us :hug: For your husband I think meeting him at the gym is a great idea. I love goals too and pushing myself, but everyone is different and I'm sure after he gets back into the swing of things he will get more ambitious and get a clearer vision of the approach he wants to take

angelicus-:welcome2: I too was having the most trouble with exercise(mainly finding time to) and this challenge has really forced me to find time and start exercising again. Good luck drawing up your goals!

Not much going on with me…just the same end of semester craziness :dizzy: After looking at my weigh in graphs and running numbers I think I've finally figured out my sweet spot calorie wise to lose at the pace I want to lose. Now its just a matter of sticking with those calories ;) Its a little hard dropping them, but I know I simply need to power through and my body will adjust after a couple weeks. I've so far done strength training twice this week! I only needed to do it once but decided to do it twice of my own free will :D I've been feeling a little sore, but really good. This weekend I'll go for a hike. I found this really intense strength training plan online and am thinking of starting it next week.
The scale has been totally f-ing random since starting strength training though of course :p I'm looking forward to my bf taking my scale away for April, bc its really driving me nuts and I know with strength training more its just going to get worse with all the water retention :p
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

03-28-2014, 09:16 AM
I finally did it! It's taken me 3 weeks but I've eventually managed to complete a pyramid to begin :carrot: I've very much an all-or-nothing person so I've been trying to do everything all at once. Maybe this will help take things one step at a time! I'm a bit scared of failure but determined to get right back on track if I slip up and try not to let it get to me.

On the subject of slipping up - I had 3 pints of Guinness last night and the BF only had 2. I wanted that third one at the time, but now I'm feeling bad. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter. That's what I keep having to tell myself! I've been soooo good with my food choices all week. I've got a really busy weekend and I'm trying to plan my food - I've got a game with my team tomorrow and I'm going to a boot camp on Sunday. I have to make sure I take the right foods with me and eat at the right time because it's going to be HARD WORK!

Hoopty How was the IKEA trip? I had a milkshake and a donut not long ago as a weekend treat. I skated there and back with my coach (about 3 miles total) so that's how I justified it! My body seemed to love the 140's too. I've been eating so well this week that I've seen the 130's again for the last 2 days but the test is keeping it off over the weekend. I find food has such a greater difference on my weight than exercise, do you have the same?
Hope you've had another good OP week :)

Rie I'm glad your back's feeling better. Your pics from Seoul are amazing! Those colours - WOW. Good luck with staying strong through April with your boyfriend.

Other halves are difficult to fit into these healthy plans aren't they! Mine joined a gym in January and hasn't been yet. He's not particularly overweight or unfit, but he wants to shape up. I find it really difficult trying to encourage him without sounding like I'm nagging. Kailpea it sounds like you're in a similar situation with your husband! I think meeting him at the gym is a great idea. We're both into the same things but go to different gyms - I quite like the solitude of working out on my own but it means I can't really encourage him that way. Hmm any ideas?

Angelicus I'm just starting on this challenge along with the bikini challenge too! :D I have the opposite trouble - exercise isn't a problem for me at all but controlling what I eat is mega-difficult! Good luck with your goals, mine took forever to think of :dizzy:

Dott Well done on the strength training. What's the plan you're thinking of starting? I love doing weights and hate cardio but I know I have to do it to get my fitness up! I'm not sure how I'd cope without a scale, I weigh every day which probably isn't healthy but it's interesting to see the fluctuations. Enjoy your hike at the weekend! x

03-29-2014, 07:24 AM
Hello guys,

I've been sick for a week now. Last Saturday when DH and I went to IKEA I started feeling absolutely terrible (perfect timing huh -.- couldn't really enjoy my desserts). I had a very high fever for a few days, muscle pain - typical flu symptoms. So all I've been doing is laying in bed. I couldn't really eat anything other than fresh fruit and the occasional piece of bread but I tried forcing down fresh carrot-ginger-smoothies to give my body the nutrients it needs.
For the past 2 days now I've been dealing with chest pains and I'm having a hard time breathing. It's starting to become really frustrating because I just wanna be healthy already!!!

Anyways, just a quick catch-up. Hope all is well with everyone!

03-31-2014, 08:06 AM
Hey everyone!

Life living with my boyfriend has had it's ups and downs so far.

Personal stuff:On Thursday 27th is was his birthday, but since he was working we didn't do much. We ate sushi (delicious!) and I went out while he was at work and bought him a slice of super fancy cake! I got some candles and sang happy birthday, since I realised that I've never done so in previous years!!

On Saturday 29th I celebrated his birthday proper with a long day of plans. First we went to get an American style burger from an awesome place in Harajuku. Not the best burger Tokyo had to offer, but still a very cool place. Then we went shopping for new clothes for him. I bought him 3 new tops then we went out to meet our friends (also my housemates!) and their 2 friends who are visiting Tokyo at the moment. We had a great night at one of our favourite restaurants, we even bumped into my old colleague while we were there! So I got to have a brief chat with him.
Afterwards we took the 2 visitors to karaoke, always a great time! It's always a bit awkward at the very beginning since no one wants to sing first, but I'm always the person to get the ball rolling then everyone starts requesting songs, dancing and we all have an amazing time!! I have no shame in singing like a lunatic even when sober.

The day after I was a bit hungover, but remembered that I'm too old to just be binge drinking into the night and paced my drinks and also ordered lots of water throughout the night too. The weather was pretty awful on Sunday, so we just relaxed and I had a pretty terrible day of eating! Just had way too much bread and ate candy late too...could have been worse but still kinda felt gross for doing it.

The death of my friend has starting to hit me recently. Just before I go to bed my head starts swimming with thoughts of him, I guess when I first found out I went to Korea shortly after so I didn't have time to properly grieve. I'm glad that I'm with my boyfriend though, since I probably would be much worse coping with it on my own.

Exercise has been alright...nothing to shout home about but I went running twice last week and then once more today. My pace has been really improving, so I'm really happy with that. Started out doing 11 minute miles but now I'm creeping towards 9 minute miles. Still haven't got around to strength training yet because I've been so focused on running, but I know soon I will bust out the good ol' dumbbells and get to work.

Food wise it's been pretty poor. I actually bought junk food and completely FORGOT about my goal to not buy it. My minds just been all over the place recently, so I really need to make the effort to achieve my goals! Like I mentioned before Sunday was just a baaad day. But I'm going to make sure I don't snack too much while I'm here.

That's about it from me! Hope you are all doing well.


kailpea - I know what you mean about getting back on the ball, but sounds like you're doing such an amazing job of it so far! Your husband is right, life isn't a race! I sometimes get really bummed out that most of my friends are doing something that's earning them a comfortable lifestyle and in an area where they want to work, whereas I feel like I'm on some sort of gap year even though I graduated Uni 4 years ago! So try not to let your thoughts get too far into the future, just live for today since any doubts about where we should be in our own ideal world will just haunt us and make life miserable.
As for your husbands weight loss goals, I can understand where he's coming from. It's a great idea to meet him at the gym, just try your best not to push him too hard and let him do his thing. Sooner or later the inspiration to really push himself will come to him naturally, I'm sure!

Dott - Are you the type of hiker who likes to get it out of the way as fast as possible?! My Mum used to take Dad and I on these walks and tell us they were flat when they would actually be really hilly! Not so much of a hike than a walk but she used to just storm off into the distance while Dad and I would be trailing behind taking our time! Thanks for your words of support, you're right it's important to think of how far we've come rather than how far there is to go. No plans for April just yet since I do have to live on a tight budget, but we're meeting up with lots of friends to go to "hanami" which is literally "flower watching". Sounds super lame but people just have a picnic around cherry blossom trees, eat and drink!
How many calories are you on now then now that you know your sweet spot? Good idea to take away the scale for a while! Strength training is awesome for you but can cause horror on the scale! I need to take a page out of your book and get into strength training, it is on my goal list!!

milesaway - If you've been awesome all week then I don't see a problem with having 3 pints of Guinness! Your pyramid looks great, very official looking!! Good luck starting your new journey, we're right there with you! Don't worry about failure, we all lose weight at our own pace. I think if your boyfriend is different from you then you'll just have to leave him to it! I mean, I'm talking from the stand point of someone who isn't an all or nothing type person, it really puts me off when super motivated people are like "just do it this way!" If he wants to shape up, he will but in his own way. You can go to the same gym, but it doesn't mean you have to be side by side, you can just do your own thing!

Hoopty - So sorry that you got sick =(. And during your trip to IKEA too! Don't worry about weight loss right now, just focus on getting better. I'm sure you'll be fine and back on the horse soon!

03-31-2014, 01:43 PM
themilesawaygirl-Yay! Very nice pyramid :) How did the boot camp and game go? I was going to start this epic body weight workout routine, but decided to keep doing what I'm doing and wait till after my performance next week bc I don't want my arms to be too fatigued to play! ;)

Hoopty-Oh no! So sorry you've been sick :( If you're having chest pains and trouble breathing I would urge you to go to the doctor or urgent care bc that could be a sign that its moving into your lungs! Please get better :hug:

Rie-Sounds like you really gave your bf an awesome birthday! Good for you for pacing yourself and remembering to drink water while out :) Grieving is a natural process and I'm glad you're with your bf during this tough time so you have lots of support and love around you. Have you thought of writing a goodbye letter to your friend? Just to get everything out? :hug: I AM that type of hiker! haha But my dad and sister are too so when we're together it becomes this mad race :p I think flower watching sounds lovely :) I've seen it in movies and pictures and always have wanted to experience it! Calories need to be kept around 1200-1300 net for me it seems.

Had a great weekend. Did a decent hike yesterday(4.75m, 3mph, 1.5 hours, 600 calories), went on a brisk walk Saturday night, and ate really well! Weight is up though from sodium :p This has by far been the best weekend I've had in a long time concerning weight loss. I'm giving my bf my scale today and am not stepping back on it till May :carrot: Instead I'll measure and keep on plan. I've had trouble staying on plan before when I don't weight, but I know I need to get away from the scale for mental reasons :dizzy:
Next weekend I have a performance with the orchestra again :p Will be glad when that's done and I can finally concentrate on solo rep!
Bf is trying to be healthier. He did really well with me this weekend eating wise and he even joined a gym!
I made my lunches for the week, soup for dinners, and made veggie burger patties(140 calories per patty and 21 g of protein!). All ready for another great week!
Happy monday everyone!

04-02-2014, 11:49 AM
Dott - You know it's funny you mentioned the letter...I wrote an email and sent it to him. I know, kind of weird since I know he's gone, but I guess I just got a lot out in the open. It was a very emotional process, but I felt like it had to be done. I'm considering getting in touch with his sister to say a few words.
I'm not sure how you can enjoy a scenic hike if you're going so fast!! I'm very much an annoying "take in the scenery" type person. It annoys all the fast walkers I'm with! It was pretty magical to run underneath the sakura...something I can say one day! Good idea on the scale break, it's always a good idea when you can feel yourself becoming a bit obsessive.
Do you prefer solo performance or one with an orchestra? Still looking forward to seeing any footage you got!! So glad to see you so pumped about your super healthy life right now, it's so infectious! Woohoo!

04-02-2014, 12:18 PM
Dott I've been thinking about taking a break from the scale also. I am in a program through work though, and were supposed to weigh ourselves daily though. My husbands thinks I am getting a little obsessive about it. But then again, That's why I have made so much progress.

Rie I'm a take in the scenery kind of person too. Yesterday I went down a trail in a wooded area that I had never been in, and had an internal conflict with myself part of me was wanting the scenery and the other half part of me was like, "keep moving, go faster!"

I finished my phase 3 exercise goal finally! Next week I'll focus on hitting the gym 3 times a week for cardio, 1 time a week for strength, and working out away from the gym 1 time.

I've been kinda slacking on the nutrition side of things. I used to think diet and nutrition was the easy part of losing weight, but lately I have been much more interested in exercise. But I need to get back on track!

04-03-2014, 10:35 AM

I had a big long huge post written out and then clicked on something I shouldn't have and it all went away.


I'm just going to say. Love yoga. DO NOT eat beans on yoga days. Unless you're doing it at home, then its fine! You can't get mellow and stretchy while worrying about your butt blasting some dude in the face when you bend over...

Everything is gravy over here otherwise :D

Rie - I'm sorry to hear of you're friend. Sudden losses like that can be tough. I've been there. I have even sent a couple of emails to some friends that are no longer here. I think its totally therapeutic!

04-03-2014, 03:45 PM
Silverfire I felt the same way when I took a yoga class last semester, my tummy would be all sorts of rumbly. . . my intestines are used to bending that way! I loved my class, it was just through the college here,but I ended up dropping it mid-semester because I didn't feel like I had the time. I really really wish I had stuck with it. It was way cheaper than any of the yoga studios around here and I always felt awesome after!

Finished up my Week 3 of C25k (kinda) mid way through my last run session I got a cramp in my side and walked the rest of the way. I am debating about what I should do now, I'm not ready for week 4 so I am deciding if I want to redo week 3 or start over from week 1 and up my pace a bit. Right now, speed walkers can keep up with my running pace.

I also need to start logging portions and counting calories and all that again. . . I have gotten out of that habit and it hasn't been helping me at all.

04-04-2014, 07:15 AM
Dott The game went pretty well thanks, we won, just! Lots to work on as a team though, but that's what training's for. I'm ridiculously negative about myself as a player and I have to try really, really hard to control this so I don't bring the rest of the team down. I'm working on it but just cannot see the positives most of the time. The bootcamp was good too, I remembered to write some notes so hopefully learned some useful tactics and tips to take back to my team. It was amazing to skate with some of the best skaters in the world! Good call waiting until after your performance to attack a new training routine, trying to battle arm DOMS would be a terrible distraction! Hope you're looking forward to it? Will this one be recorded so we can watch too? ;)

Hoopty Hope you're feeling better? Did you go to the doctor? Thinking of you :hug:

Rie Sounds like you had a great time for your BF's Birthday! I'm terrible at planning Birthday celebrations. It's my 30th this year and I've no idea what to do! Good on you for keeping up with the running, hope your back's feeling better for it? My BF got ill again this week, just run down cough / cold type thing. I really think he'd be in better health if I could just get him to the gym, but I've no idea how to make him go without being all dictatorial. He joined in January but hasn't been once :shrug: I hope writing the e-mail to your friend helped? I don't think it's weird at all. I lost an old uni friend a few years back, and his close friends still write on his facebook wall. They still share their lives with him, challenges, joy, silly little anecdotes about nights out etc, I think it's cathartic, in a way.

Kailpea I weigh myself daily. I think I am a bit obsessive, but I don't think it's unhealthy. I use it as motivation, rather than let small fluctuations get me down. It's also interesting to work out patterns with daily changes. If it's helping you make great progress then maybe don't worry about taking a break? Congrats on sticking to your exercise goals, you're doing great! With the C25K, do what you think will motivate you the most. If you're not ready for week for, I'd try week 3 again and see if it's any easier. Remember, you're not racing against anyone but yourself. Keep pushing yourself to improve, but take things at your own pace.

Silverfire I lol'ed at your yoga dilemma! I've never got in to yoga myself. I get really bored. Maybe I've just not found the right group...

Not a lot new with me. I'm quite surprised that I haven't managed to get my water in for phase 1 of my nutrition goals. It's usually something I'm so good at! I need to remember to take a bottle in my bag for my commute to work, I'm always thirsty in the morning. I've got fruit squash at home at the moment which is so tasty, I've been having that over water a bit more than I should. It's *almost* water, but I won't count it as I want to complete this challenge properly! (It's that all-or-nothing mentality coming back again...)

I'm determined to get a run in tomorrow so I'll have completed phase 1 of my exercise goal. I really think 2 extra sessions a week is my limit, but pushing myself to stick to them is a good thing.

Have a great weekend everyone!

04-05-2014, 01:53 AM
Hey guys! Sorry for those of you who post in the bikini thread too, I know it's annoying to read the same post but I think I will add a bit extra to my posts here since I know you guys read it!!

Well for my weekday recap:
Nutrition Goals

Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day: Fail! I know, it's the EASIEST thing to do and I keep letting it slip!
Make meals, no ready meals: Success! Boyfriend and I have been taking it in turns this week. We've had meatballs, a beef bowl and vegetable fajitas. I had a veggie meal!! Holy wow!
Don't buy junk food: Fail! I think it's pre-period monster alert but I've been bad with this. I need to get my boyfriend in on it too since he usually asks me what I want from the shop and then I say chips or chocolate. Baaad, Rie!!

Exercise Goals

Run x 1 a Week: Success! I've ran TWICE this week! Go me! Getting faster as well!
Strength train x 1 a Week: Success! I did it!! That was ROUGH! [I will come back and edit this post as soon as I've done it. I've got it all written up what I want to do, just finding the inspiration to DO IT!]

Overall I think I'm doing well! Like I mentioned, I'm psyching myself up to do a strength workout. I actually prioritised this workout over hanging out with some of my boyfriends friends. I know that sounds sad, but I'm actually really proud that I made a stand and said that my health is more important! If it were MY friends and plans that I had made, that would be different, but just a tag-along-invite is something I think I can turn down to work out. Once it's out of the way I'm going to potentially meet up with them afterwards, I just wasn't going to rush/not do my workout to make it in time.

Tonight, however, I'm going to be hanging out with my boyfriends friends for a very late birthday celebration for him. People are intending on getting messy with the drinking...which is really not that appealing to me anymore! I drink 1 alcoholic drink and I feel really bloated and dehydrated! If I can keep drinking water then I'm fine though! I'm sure it'll be a fun night, I'm not a buzz kill, I don't need alcohol to loosen up and have a good time.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with friends for a picnic, potentially in the rain! Hoping the weather clears up for us as it's super random at the moment. It gets cloudy and rains then brightens up completely (repeat cycle!).

I'm actually really curious to know how much I weigh. I don't have a scale with me at the boyfriends place, so I literally have no idea if this hard work is getting me anywhere! The last time I weighed myself I was around 165 lbs, but I think it was after a pretty bad day so I hope it's gone down. I would be over the moon if I made it into the 150's without even knowing it! But that's a bit of a pipe dream, I'm always one to lose weight quite slowly.

Also, random question: Is lemon tea healthy? I bought this bottle of iced lemon tea and on the nutrition guide it says it has NO sugar in but it tastes so sweet...I really love the stuff as a substitute for coke but I'm a bit worried it's not doing me any good!


kailpea - Glad I'm not the only one!! It's interesting that your opinion has changed about the difficulty of nutrition, I think that's why this challenge is so great because it allows you to really focus on all the little details. When it all aligns then we'll be weight losing machines! Your cramping is probably due to dehydration. Don't worry about speed, we all start from the beginning! You can do it! You can redo a phase if that's what feels comfortable for you =)

Silver - Oh man, I hate that so much!! Hope we can hear more in detail from you soon, but great to hear you're doing fine!

milesaway - I usually just want to hang out with my friends at my house for my birthday, but since being in Tokyo is exciting I figured I might as well go out and about! My back is completely fine now, thanks so much for asking! I think just let him do his thing, perhaps talk to him about how great your workout was at the gym without being overly obvious and he'll start to feel guilty he's not doing anything! But if he wants to be lazy, then I guess you just have to accept that. It did help emailing him you know...that's quite sweet that they still write on his facebook wall. Definitely complete a phase properly! If you kind of half arse a phase then it just doesn't make sense!

04-05-2014, 01:50 PM
kailpea-I think taking a break from the scale every so often is very helpful. Especially bc its important to know for yourself that you will continue to make good decisions without the scale there dictating your life. Great job getting past phase 3 exercise! For the C25k, I think speed comes with time and maybe just redo week 3 instead of starting over again. Its so funny, I go back and forth for which I think is easier, nutrition or exercise :p Right now exercise is easier, but nutrition had been way easier for a while! haha

silverfire-omg lol that must have been an awkward yoga session!

themilesawaygirl-Yay glad you guys won! I'm not sure if this will be recorded…I just got the recording back from my last one(lent it to a friend, and the other one I gave to my dad and he lost it >_<) so I'm hoping to put it up this weekend. Good luck getting your water in!

Rie-Regarding the lemon tea-I think if it has no sugar then that is a start getting away from coke! I know how much you love coke, so finding a sub even if its not perfectly healthy is a great start. I hope your picnic and night out were fun :) As far as the junk food goes, have you had a heart to heart talk with your boyfriend about your goals and ways he can help you? Things have been so much better since I was really honest with my boyfriend and he's been helping me stay on track a lot. I know I felt a little embarrassed and weak doing it, but I'm glad I did. You're doing great with the exercise! I think I might prefer performing with an orchestra. A very famous pianist I admire, Martha Argerich once said that she finds being on the stage by herself lonely and that's why she only performed concertos or chamber music. I still like soloing, but there's something exciting about working with an orchestra! I finally got my dvd back after lending it to a friend of the last concert(I lent one to my dad to put online and he immediately lost it >_<) so now I should be able to upload it soon!

Things are going great here :) I did my strength routine twice this week, already did my hike. I made a new friend who's very athletic and we went together. She's into volleyball, basketball, and weight lifting, and so I was afraid she would be much faster with me, but no! I set the pace(3.5 mph) and she huffed a little to keep up but still kept up really well. It's great that I've found someone close to me who likes to go fast :D We did 3.8 miles in 65 min.

I've been super on plan since having my scale taken away. I realized that I'm afraid of gaining weight without my scale here to check, so its keeping me more in line! Plus my boyfriend is being super supportive. I think my face is looking a little slimmer? Not sure :dizzy: Me and the girl I'm performing with tomorrow got matching dresses, they're really nice and we got them on sale for $9.99 when they were originally $120! I'll post pics after the concert.

Have a great weekend everyone!

04-07-2014, 12:58 PM
Dott Glad to hear your training is going well. Did you meet your new friend through hiking? I see the same people in the gym every day, but not sure that we'd have anything in common if we did actually speak! Great that your boyfriend is being supportive, that must be a big help :) Last time I lost a bit of weight, a friend said she could see it in my face. I can never tell though. Did you say you got a $120 dress for $9.99?!!! Can't wait to see the pics!! Good luck with the concert.

Rie Can you read the ingredients on the lemon tea? It's probably tanked full of aspartame and / or acesulfame K if it seems really sweet, both are virtually zero calorie, but pretty nasty in terms of what the chemicals do to your brain and cravings. It'll be the same as Diet Coke in that aspect, very low calorie but not in any way nutritious. Good old M&S do a raspberry Rooibos in the UK that I'm addicted to. It's not got added sweeteners or sugar, so I figure it's a pretty guilt free treat. If you can find cold drinks that are only sweetened with fruit extract this would probably be better for you.

I wish I'd grown up enough to not want to drink any more! I had too many after work on Friday, which kind of ruined my Saturday (I basically slept all day!) but I know that once I start drinking, I'll want to carry on until the early hours! Sometimes I remember to drink water in between, but not very often :/ Hope you have a fun night and the weather clears up for the picnic. It's pretty much the same here in the UK at the moment. It's impossible knowing what to wear!

Talking of knowing what to wear, I actually think my clothes are beginning to get a little looser. I'll always put it down to fabric stretching, or my buying clothes that were generous in the first place, but it's happening so much now that I think I have to admit I'm getting a little slimmer! It's a strange feeling though, as I've basically been the same size my adult life. The thought of perhaps having to replace clothes that I like, but that are too big is a bit scary! Has anyone else had to change their wardrobe quite a bit as a result of weight loss? I'd like to know how it felt :)

Well I managed to complete my phase 1 exercise! I just could not make myself go out for a run on Saturday, but I managed to force myself out on Sunday morning before training, then discovered that I had 5 hours training rather than the 3 I was expecting. Boy, was I tired when I got home. I'm determined to complete my nutrition for this week too. Like Rie says, it's the easiest thing! No excuses ;)

I'm going to try and plan my meals for the week and go shopping this evening. I find it sooo hard planning in advance. It takes me so long! I'm not sure why. My mind just goes blank as soon as I sit down to make a shopping list. How do you guys plan your food shopping?

04-08-2014, 10:31 AM

My weekend was good! I did my super hard strength workout, then got all dressed up to go out and meet my bf's friends for the first time. I'm so used to hanging out with my friend who always wears cute dresses, generally tries to look super feminine that I felt really over dressed! His female friend was in super casual clothes so I was like "oh..." But it just made me think, I should just dress the way I want to! I PREFER casual clothes to dresses, but I suppose I started to feel like I had to look "presentable" around my feminine friend. I need to have more confidence in my own style and not dress just to match other women who I hang out with!
Regardless I had a great night. With each sip of alcohol I had I would drink a sip of water. I did have a lot to drink, but I didn't get the usual bloated feeling that I used to get. We also played Cards Against Humanity in a bar and it was pretty hilarious.

Sunday I was supposed to hang out with my friends but everyone backed out at the last minute. It was a pretty miserable day to picnic anyway, so I just chilled out. I did something a bit stupid though, my boyfriend went out to meet someone and I ended up ordering Dominos pizza =/. I mean, it was delicious, but still I could have made something!

Monday I went on a run, even though I was convincing myself it would be much nicer to stay in and relax. So I'm pretty proud of myself! It was just a short run, 1.5 miles, but dayum I did it with a 9:30 min/mi pace! I had been running a 10 min/mi pace previously, so I think that the strength workout I did really helped improve my performance. I felt a little bit springy!

Today was a rest day, but I went back to my apartment to pick up some more clothes since I'm staying at the boyfriends for this month. I was going to quickly weigh myself but I completely forgot! So I'll be joining Dott in taking a scale break for April!

Have any of you ever bought weight loss books? I remember Jelbb put up a recommendation a while back, The Thin Woman's Brain. It stuck out in my head and I read the preview on Amazon, I'm not sure it's something I'd buy unless it was really cheap but it had some good points. Basically it tries to teach you the difference between actual hunger and craving relating hunger. I do have a bad tendency to eat for the sake of eating. If I know there's something extra in the house I'll always think about it...before ending up caving despite not being hungry. Do you ever get like this? It's probably the biggest reason why I got fat in the first place - eating food that I really didn't need.


Dott - Yeah, you're right! Even if it does have bad stuff in it's crazy better than Coke! I mean, it's like 40 calories compared to, what? 300 calories that a Coke has? I think I will have a talk with my boyfriend when the time comes. I've been really good not buying junk food recently and since we've been cooking there's not been much need to go out and end up buying junk. That's awesome that you've found a friend who's active like you! Can't wait to see pics from the concert! That's a crazy good bargain!

milesaway - You know I think those types of chemicals are banned in Japan. They don't even sell Diet Coke here come to think of it. People here are so healthy naturally, so while there probably are sweeteners in the tea it's still nothing compared to the full fat Coke. Perhaps every time you order a drink order a water with it? That's what I've started doing - I make sure that for each alcoholic drink I have a drink water too. It slows me down and I don't get drunk as quick. That's amazing that you're feeling the difference in your size! It is like an overnight thing where suddenly your clothes feel baggy.
One of my fondest memories (which is pretty sad) was that I was walking to the bus stop one day in my work uniform (trousers and shirt) and my underwear fell down UNDER my trousers. I was laughing to myself reaching down past my arse to pull them back up!! I loved that pair of underwear...it was very flattering, but I couldn't wear it any more with them falling down like that! I also have a ring that my bf bought for me, while I was at work and it just flew off my finger! I now wear it on a necklace. It's always amazing when you are shrinking and clothes that JUST fit around your body become loose. Personally I think it's great, it's expensive to buy new clothes but what a great reason to go shopping! "I lost so much weight that I have to buy new clothes" I mean...come on, that's such a great achievement!!
As for shopping, I usually plan my meals and then just write a shopping list according to what the plan is. I can literally only make about 4 different dishes here in Japan (no oven/familiar ingredients) so it's super easy because of that.

04-08-2014, 07:31 PM
It's so much fun reading all your posts! I'm too nervous about tomorrow - getting all my wisdom teeth taken out under local anesthesia - that I can't write a lot...
I went to the gym today but ate way too much afterwards. It was healthy though, so I'm trying to not even think about that.
My week was pretty rough both foodwise and workoutwise. I bought junk food, barely worked out and OH I totally forgot to mention that I quit my old job and I work at IKEA now :-D So as you can see, I've been all over the place mentally.

Well, the gym is gonna have to wait for a little while. I told myself I would wait until my jaw is fully healed.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

04-09-2014, 08:18 AM
Just wanted to quickly say that I have completed my phase 2 exercise goal! I strength trained once a week for 2 weeks running, huzzah!! I'm so happy. Today I was going to run, but I just couldn't be bothered so I was determined to strength train in its place. But then I got super lazy and had a nap, however when I woke up I thought "NO! YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!" and even though I did it at 7pm I did an intensive strength session. Feeling so proud!

I think part of what motivated me was the fact I'm going to a chocolate cafe tomorrow...haha! It's apparently very famous and there's one that's opened in Tokyo, so my friend and I are going to go. It's called Max Brenner, anyone heard of it? I've already decided I'm going to have 1 slice of chocolate pizza:
And a milkshake...chocolate overload, but it's not the type of place you go to eat healthy! However afterwards we're going to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo to walk around and work off the sugar overload.

Hope you're all having a great week, ladies.

Hoopty - Wow, so much has changed! Like I said in the Bikini challenge thread, good luck with the operation and I hope you get back on track soon.

04-09-2014, 03:58 PM
Holy Crap that Pizza looks amazing! I had a long post written out but my computer crashed and I don't have time to retype now. So adios for now, I'll update later. =)

04-09-2014, 06:07 PM
Thanks Riestrella - and thanks to all the well wishes by the way!! :)

So much for my wisdom teeth removal...I got there, filled a few things out, waited for about 10min and then finally sat down. I was so nervous...the lady brought in the xray (I had one done at my old dentist's office about 6 month ago and my new doc literally just called them and requested the picture) - I got 3 wisdom teeth actually, one of which broke through just fine. The other 2 are still sitting in my jaw and they're growing in crooked.
So then the dentist came in and told me that we needed to take a special 3D xray to determine where exactly the nerves are located since he didn't wanna do any damage. He then goes on to tell me that the CT-machine-thingy is being rebooted so it might just take a few minutes. I was like ok, whatever, fine with me. After 5min he comes back in and tells me that it's actually gonna take much longer and that we have to reschedule the appointment. GAHHHH, REALLY?? I went through all of this for nothing? I literally ate 3 croissants and a cake this morning bc I was so nervous, and I did all of that for nothing. All the preparation, the shopping, cleaning, everything. But most of all me being nervous. I was so mad.

So anyways, my new appointment is on the 23rd. I had a shitty day since I was uber-annoyed (PMS going strong this month!) but - DH and I hit the gym and I ran a little over 3miles and did my legs and chest. I feel pretty great now and I am very determined to work out and eat healthily these next 2 weeks until the actual appointment.
I am scared to weigh-in and measure this Sunday, but I have to. Yes, I ate a loooot of junk and I barely worked out but hey, I can and will get back on track right now.

Riestrella - Holy gazoly what the heezy - that pie looks ABSOLUTELY delicioso! Girl, you better enjoy every bite of it! You beat your laziness - that's awesome! Really, it's the hardest thing to overcome laziness, so kudos! :)

kailpea - Oh no, I swear that has happened so many times that I always copy my stuff after each paragraph :D Hope all is well with you!

themilesawaygirl - Yaaaaay on the clothes! It's always a good sign when the clothes start to get loose, it means you're doing it right girl :) I actually had to buy new clothes when I went from 164lbs to 123lbs in 2011. It was an amazing feeling! Now some of those jeans obviously don't fit me anymore which, I gotta say, is kinda depressing. As far as the food shopping goes - I don't plan it, at all. DH and I have our staple items that we get, throw in lots of veggies and fruit and that's pretty much it. We buy what's in season or on sale and then cook what we're in the mood for. By the way, I never realized that you're from the UK, so we're kinda almost in the same time zone, not that it matters, but I just thought about that :lol:

Dottington - Pictures, pictures, pictures, I wanna see them!! I can't believe you got those dresses for only $9.99! How was your performance? Did you have fun?

04-11-2014, 04:24 PM
themilesawaygirl-I met her randomly in my politics class! I'm so happy to have found an exercise buddy. Once may term starts I'm going to have her help me make a weight lifting workout schedule since she's super into weight lifting. I've had to completely change my wardrobe a couple times now. When I first started I was a size 14/16 and am now a 4/6…so yeah lots of sizes in between lol It felt good at first, but I was better off financially when I started and could afford buying clothes every month or two. Interestingly enough I've gotten poorer as I've gotten slimmer and get depressed having to wear baggy clothes that don't fit right and make me look bigger :( I've resolved this by trying to buy one new thing a month. I love fashion and used to have this awesome wardrobe when I was bigger, and I do miss it! Now I'm much less fashionable and have far fewer clothes :dizzy: As far as planning ahead, it gets easier the more you do it. At first it can seem daunting but once you get into a routine and have your go to recipes and meals its much easier to plan. I have a recipe collection and I usually make one or two recipes to last me the week for dinners, so buy the ingredients for that. Then I have my staples-bananas, avocados, sweet potato, berries, ect things I know I eat everyday so I always have those on hand too :)

Rie-Glad you had a good night! omg I LOVE cards against humanity lol Yay! Glad I have a scale break buddy ;) How are you feeling about it? I'm kind of really enjoying it! The scale really messes with my mood, also I'm eating better too bc I don't want to gain when I finally get it back! Are you finding it easier at all? I admit I get weirdly anxious though, like I get cravings to weigh myself! haha I've only ever bought one weight loss book and was disappointed in it, I'm kind of skeptical of them, but the one you mention sounds really good! I don't have the problem with eating stuff just bc its there, I USED to though but its gone away with time and work thankfully. Instead, I get very specific very intense cravings and that's probably my biggest problem currently. Currently the only way I've found to deal with them is to give in a little, but try not to go overboard. I found if I try to ignore it, I lose total control and binge. Maybe that book could really help me understand those cravings better….Haha how was the chocolate cafe?! Was it chocolate overload? Was the chocolate pizza amazing?

kailpea-ugh that's the worst! Hope you're doing well :)

Hoopty-it was a lot of fun and went great! How annoying! Ugh I hate the dentist and when things don't go according to schedule/plan, I can only imagine how frustrating that was. Hopefully it goes smoothly at the next appointment! Great job hitting the gym though! Don't worry too much about the weigh in/measuring, we all have off days and either way as long as you're on plan most of the time its not going to do much damage in the long run :)

Ok posting some pics from the concert! :D I always hate stage photos bc they're always profile and shot from below :p Also including a pic of the beautiful chapel that all the orchestra performances take place in, can seat 2000! There were a couple hundred at the concert, it was a musical outreach concert for children and they had an actor come and take the kids of a "safari" through the music with lots of games, dancing, ect. Carnival of the Animals is basically a double piano concerto with orchestra solos in some pieces(most famous is The Swan for cello with piano accompaniment). So I'm including a shot of me and the other pianist too.

TOM is here and being awful :p Bumped my calories yesterday to 1600 to avoid a binge later. Otherwise my net cals since monday have been 1282, 1263, 1292, 1618, and today will probably end around 1300. If I can keep cals at or below 1600 for Sat and Sun then my average for the week will be 1400 net calories :carrot: Slowly getting them down!

Went on a little hike today, 3.5 miles, 50 minutes, 3.9mph, 500ft elev, 350 calories burned. Need to get my weight training in this weekend for my exercise goal.

Feeling great about this month so far, school is almost out! Really excited and nervous for when I get my scale back at the end of the month :dizzy: I'm trying really hard so hoping that there will be a loss!

Have a great weekend everyone!

04-12-2014, 06:52 PM
Dottington, dear Lord, you look absolutely STUNNING! :love: Had to say this really quick! :)

04-14-2014, 01:37 AM
Hoopty-Thanks! :D

Well, made my phase 4 nutrition challenge! Now onto phase 5, which I've decided will be keeping my net calories 1500 max 6 days per week. I've been slowly easing into it already. I love this challenge so much bc I remember when I first made my goal list and how I thought it would be impossible to ever stay on plan 7 days a week, but now I'm so close to that last nutrition goal! :dizzy: Also, I've become so much more active. This challenge has been great and very realistic. I feel like I've made real lifestyle changes.

I have one more week for phase 4 exercise. I think my phase 5 will be strength train 2x a week and hike 2x.

04-15-2014, 01:12 AM
Hey guys!

The non health stuff: It was my birthday on the 13th, so I spent the weekend celebrating! On Saturday I went to TGI Fridays in Shibuya, which is a lot more legit in Tokyo than it is in America so my boyfriend told me, with my friends + boyfriend. I had onion rings, some chili cheese fries, a bacon cheeseburger and then my friends surprised me with a sundae. The waiters came out, rang bells and sang happy birthday to me! A few tables around us joined in too, it was fun. But just as I was feeling special, I hear it's some other peoples' birthday around the restaurant too, haha! We watched a cocktail show on the way out too, a couple of bar tenders were doing some crazy juggling with bottles and shakers. It was really impressive!

Afterwards we went to a bar, but I was just SO full I couldn't drink alcohol! I had one drink for about 2 hours, the rest of the time I just had water! On Sunday, my actual birthday, I made my boyfriend go to karaoke with me. So I sang my heart out, drank soda and ate spicy fries, it was awesome. I was super sad that "Let It Go" wasn't on the system though XD. Afterwards we went to an arcade and did "purikura". For those who don't know, it's basically like a photo booth but it's SO advanced and crazy! Japanese people are all about having larger eyes, so the booth actually makes your eyes look bigger somehow...so for Westerners we just look like aliens! After you've had your "photo shoot" you go around a corner and play with a touch screen and draw all sorts of cr@p on the pictures. It's so girly, but so fun! Here's the result:

https://scontent-b-nrt.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc3/t1.0-9/1483304_10152287450553503_2374681395443505862_n.jp g

After that we played a horror shooter in the arcade, then went back to the apartment and had pizza. My parents Skyped me too, my nephew was there as well so I got to see him! All in all, had an awesome weekend.

In other news, I booked my flight back to England yesterday. It was really sad actually, because I wanted to stay here longer and I will be leaving without my boyfriend too. He's going to stay until September/October to save up some more money (he moved to a different apartment that took a chunk out of his savings). But I land on July 18th, then on July 21st I'll be going on holiday with my family to Spain. So it'll be nice to have a chill out beach/pool holiday to ease my way back into life back home! Then once I get back from the holiday, it'll only be a month or 2 before my boyfriend flies to England too. We're going to stay in England until January 2015 and then make the bold move to New York. There's a lot that could go wrong, but it's something we both need to do! We've been living in Japan teaching English and not following our dreams, so we feel like a bold leap to somewhere like New York could give us a shot at something we really want. It'll be tough, lots of people doubt us, but it's been our plan for a long time!

Now onto the weight loss poop: Yeah, as you can see, had a terrible eating weekend! But do I feel guilty? No! It was my burfday! Yesterday, Monday, I went on a run to get back on track. I did 2 miles and did it in a 10:30 min/mi pace. Looking back on my previous records, I'm actually running faster than I was 2 years ago. I set my personal record on a 10K 2 years ago too, so I feel like within a few months I could probably enter a 10K and beat my time!

Now that I know I'll be going on holiday in July it's made me realise I really will have to get bikini ready! I mean, I'm not overly bothered about how I look especially since I'll be with my family, but it's a great motivator. I think I might treat myself to a new bikini too, which is a huge deal since I have to splash out to buy one that has a DD+ cup size.

I'm actually not really enjoying my scale break...I really want to know if all this work is getting me anywhere! I don't even have a tape measure to get my measurements. Gah, I'd be sooo gutted in May if I haven't lost any weight!

Anyone a Game of Thrones fan?! OH MY GOD EPISODE 2 WHAAAAAT!


Hoopty - Say whuuuut, that's so shitty about the dentist! I hate it when you get all psyched up for something then someone comes along and says "lol, jk!" I'm glad to hear that you're ready to get back on the healthy train leading up to your appointment though. Try not to get too nervous, all will be fine!

Dott - Girl, I wish I had your peppy attitude to the scale break! I'm just anxious like crazy to know if my efforts are getting me anywhere!! I don't feel any thinner, I always need that number to remind me that I'm getting somewhere in the short term. I feel better about myself when I'm working out/eating better, but I have to admit I love the validation on the scale! How did you stop yourself from eating for the sake of eating? Cravings are the worst aren't they? I read the book preview and it talked about recognising that real hunger comes from the stomach (grumbling, feeling empty) but craving hunger comes from salivation in the mouth. So when you feel craving hunger, to try and ignore it and train yourself to talk yourself out of it I suppose? I'd have to buy the book to find out! If it drops in price I think I'll buy it! The chocolate cafe was pretty amazing, but so sickly at the same time! I saw some tiny Japanese ladies stuffing their faces with so much though, how?!
Do you not like your profile?? Because you look gorgeous all angles! I love the dress!! Was it a bit weird performing to a bunch of kids though?! Did they appreciate it?? Ok...so whenever I THINK I understand net calories I always doubt myself. So if you eat 1600 calories but burn 300 calories your net calorie intake is 1300? I'm so happy you're enjoying this challenge!! It really is a shame more people aren't on board!!

04-16-2014, 02:24 PM
Rie-OMG those photos are so cute! You and your boyfriend are such an attractive couple(aside from the creepy eye enlargement thing lol)! Your birthday sounds amazing and I'm glad you thoroughly enjoyed it :) You must be excited to see your family and that's nice that you'll get to go to Spain with them for vacation. I know your stay in Japan isn't ending exactly as you planned, but you still got to have the incredible experience of living there and honestly if you can live in Japan, moving to New York will be a breeze for you and your boyfriend! Why New York though? Are there job opportunities there in your chosen fields? You should come to California :D haha About the scale break-yeah the first time I took one over the summer I felt the same way. I learned a lot from that first break and how to keep myself accountable without the scale. I think overall it makes you stronger when you take a break. To stop myself from eating stuff I usually imagine eating it and how it will make me feel. I think "Do I NEED this?" then I think about how its really not going to taste that good and that I would much rather save my calories for something else later. Also, for the first year of losing weight I didn't keep any easy snack type stuff in the house. Now I can have it around and not eat it(like lentil chips, hummus, macaroons ect) but it took a while to get to that point! Yeah, unfortunately I can recognize the difference between real hunger and head hunger but sometimes I just don't care! lol Those cravings really take over sometimes :p You are right about net calories! :D I think more people aren't on board for two reasons-its not mainly weight loss based and its much longer. Those are the exact two reasons I like it though haha I really think the pyramid idea is VERY effective at making life changes though, but it does take more work. Aw thanks :hug: I hate my profile! I've never liked it, so I always hate looking at performance photos. It was a little weird with all the children running around(especially since we didn't have any warning about it) but it was so much fun and I'd love to do a performance for children like that again.

Finals are killing me. Have about 20-24 hours worth of writing I need to do by next thursday :dizzy: I'm going to die! haha I can't believe all this writing, I thought I was a music major ;)
I've planned my backpacking trip for the summer, I invited my new hiking friend to go and she's down! I really hope she doesn't back out though, people tend to do that….I'm going back to the palisades in the sierras where I went two years ago. I'm really determined to knock off a 14000ft peak while there since that's been on my bucket list. Right now its my biggest motivation for weight loss since being lighter makes the trek up so much easier lol

04-17-2014, 04:02 AM
Hey hey!

So I finally updated my blog. I added a fancy new table of my 5K training that I'm doing to get back into running again. Check it out!: http://hippotohot.blogspot.jp/p/5k-training.html

I'm 1:43 faster than when I first started in March! Woohoo!

Unfortunately, I completely failed on not buying junk food. I went out to get some rice and bought a bag of chips. It was so stupid, it wasn't even like a huge craving, I just did it. So, quite disappointed that I have to restart but that's why if we don't succeed we try and try again!

I have to cross train at least once this week, think I'm going to do a yoga session from Youtube. Something easy to get myself into the idea of cross training again.


Dott - Aww, thanks! Whenever I feel bummed out about going back home early, I think of my family and how excited they are to have me back. I know it will be short lived, but still! Haha! I think the difficulty of moving to America is the fact that I'm British...so chances are I'm not going to find a job that will sponsor a visa (I didn't do a "proper" degree, haha, I did Film!) so to stay together we might have to get married. We've talked about it a few times, how I don't want him to marry me if he really doesn't want to, but he said he'd be happy to marry me but he can't deny that he would have wanted to wait for a few more years. I've said that if we do get married I want to do it properly though!
As for why New York, we want to try and get into a creative industry. Personally I want to try and be an author and make short films in my spare time to see where it'll get me. My boyfriend wants a film production job working on set. He said he really doesn't like California I'm sad to say, even though it's the land of Hollywood! So we're going to give New York a try. I'd love to visit though! I might start your questioning tactic in regards to cravings! If I would have done it yesterday then I definitely wouldn't have bought those chips!
I must admit...I never have a clue what you're talking about when you talk about your hikes. Like, I understand the times/height but I can't imagine what that really MEANS in my head! .... Just did a bit of Googling and this is the highest thing I've ever climbed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Man_of_Coniston
I was about 10/11 and it was so tiring! I had a breakdown near the end, haha, we went all the way down then there was a fork in the road: one went back UP a hill and the other went down. So I said "I am NOT going up another hill!" My parents laughed and we got to go down, hah! I do really enjoy a good walk in the Lakes though, it's so calming, but like I mentioned I'm such a slow walker!! You'd hate me XD.

04-18-2014, 02:12 PM
(copied this from the Bikini thread..)

Hey guys,

I had a terrible week. It's so hard for me to get back on track after eating junk food for days. Today, I made a whole bunch of single-serving desserts like a mug brownie, one raspberry muffin, a sugar cookie and I even ate plain oatmeal mixed with brown sugar, raw cocoa powder and cinnamon. Hello? What's that about? I ate that quite often this week which is so terrible. Oh goodness, I forgot that I also had tons of vanilla ice cream, chocolate mousse and cake at work. Ahhh, what's wrong with me? And to top it off I haven't worked out in uhm...5 days?
I weighed-in on Sunday and couldn't believe that the scale said 145 lbs. Last time I checked I weighed 142.4 lbs. Now, I did workout a LOT last week and I mean a lot - for 5 days straight. And it was TOM. But it still didn't stop me from feeling all depressed. And that's when I started eating crap.

I put on a pair of jeans today that I had bought when I weighed ~135 lbs 3 years ago. They've been sitting in my closet, obviously now that I weigh more. I was bored today so I thought I would put them on and see if I'd be able to button them. To my surprise, they fit. I mean sure, I have a muffin top and all, but they fit and they don't make my legs look like they're about to pop. I asked DH who is 100% honest with me and he said that it looked good and that I could definitely wear them. I put on a white tank top and took pictures of my body - front, side and back. I will use those as comparison pics once I start losing some weight, after I get back track of course!

You know what's really stupid of me? I go to the grocery store and buy raw cocoa powder, thinking it could be a healthier version of anything chocolatey and whatnot, same with flour, I had bought rye flour about 3 months ago thinking heyyy, much healthier than all-purpose flour. And then I go off baking tons of sh!t when I usually don't bake anything at all. Or I add the cocoa powder to everything when I don't need to. I think that's one of the things I really need to work on - stop buying "healthy" substitutes because it makes me eat it even more without feeling guilty in the moment. Stupiid.

Happy Easter!

04-18-2014, 11:23 PM
Hoopty - I think it's time to stop, take a huge breath, face some hard truths and change your game plan. Sounds like your pre-wisdom teeth surgery binge has leaked into your every day, so it's time to slam on the brakes and get back on track! I know TOM is an awful time because it makes us crave things, but we have to be strong and not succumb to it and blame it on TOM! We've all been there, done that, I do it too.
BUT! At least you fit into your jeans! Use that as a motivator to make them fit nicely instead of snug. There's nothing more conflicting than a pair of jeans, they can either make you feel epic or really fat! I started to pour out of my jeans that I bought over Christmas, major muffin top! So I really want to be able to wear a pair of jeans where there is no muffin top to be seen.
Maybe if you don't already start counting calories? I used to use MyFitnessPal, it's so great for the nutritional value too. So all that cocoa powder will surely add up if you put it into perspective. It's ok to treat yourself, but going crazy in any direction isn't good.

04-19-2014, 03:48 AM
Riestrella - Thanks so much, I really needed that! You're absolutely right, I need to stop and re-evaluate pretty much everything. I'm gonna ask my Mom for her kitchen scale and then I'm gonna start calorie counting again. Just started off my day by eating my usual oatmeal with strawberries and an orange. Breakfast is always my favorite time of the day! I'm going to make today an OP day!
By the way, I had lived in NY twice, one time in Brooklyn for a little over a year and the other time we lived in Queens for 3 months and I gotta say - it's friggin awesome but tough! I wish you guys the best of luck and hope that you'll be successful and achieve all of your goals!

04-20-2014, 10:21 PM
Hey quick update-Easter means I failed phase 5 eating so restarting that this week. Super busy with finals. Also taking a bit of an internet break, I feel like I've been spending too much time online. So this is really the only thread I'm keeping up with bc I really love this challenge and find it very helpful. I'm still doing the bikini challenge, and will update my weight there and here once I get my scale back in 10 days.
Sorry for such a brief post, I hope you all are having a lovely Easter and doing well with your personal goals. Will do a big post once I'm done with all my papers :hug:

04-22-2014, 12:15 PM
Howdy ho!

I think I need to write down my goals in full to stay accountable. It's not gonna be purdy...

Nutrition goal:

Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day: - Fail!
Stick to meal plans, no ready meals: - Mostly Success! Been 90% on it, but today we ordered Dominos when we could have just cooked/gone out to somewhere nicer =/.
Don't buy junk food: - Fail! Been having the odd Snickers bar here and there. Poo!

Exercise goal:

Run 1x a Week: - Recently, Success! Not been this week but I've been running TWICE a week for the last 5 weeks.
Strength train 1x a Week: - I did it when it was part of my goal, but I replaced my strength day for a cross training day instead of stacking goals. Not the point, Rie! Need to include this, it really does help my cardio performance.
Cross train 1x a Week: - Success! I did Yoga on Saturday =).

So I've SUCKED with nutrition but been so-so with exercise. But in all honesty, I always find I'm better with exercise than really restricting myself with food. I just friggin' love unhealthy food! I'm not the type to eat badly all the time, but I do "cheat" often. I don't particularly have a strict meal plan/calorie goal in place to break...so I guess that could be part of the problem.

Monday/Tuesday has got off on a bad start, I've not done much and had pretty unhealthy meals both nights. Think tomorrow I'll get my arse in gear and get to work!

On a personal level, not much is new with me. I've recently found myself learning Spanish through Rosetta Stone. I've been trying really hard, writing notes and all. It's quite nice to be studious again for no other reason other than the fact I enjoy it. I often have a recurring dream that for some reason I'm back at school and I'm looking at my timetable full of different subjects. I always feel really excited to be learning! I guess I just love schedules/lists! I don't think I'd ever go back to school unless I had a copious amount of money, so learning Spanish through the Rosetta Stone programme has quenched my thirst to learn for now.

Been looking into some bikinis for summer, man I hate how expensive they are! I've been eyeballing this one:
I already have a red one but it's a bit brighter than this, I quite like the deep red colour.

I also like this one (wouldn't let me link the pic) (http://www.simplybeach.com/products/Freya/TootsieUnderwireBandeauBikiniTop-Black.aspx), which is a bit different from the usual red/black I always buy. Decisions decisions!

Still getting a bit antsy about how much I weigh!! But will have to wait a long time yet. I figured though I should have lost at least a few pounds, since when I weighed last I was coming out of a time where I was not exercising and eating really poorly.


Hoopty - You're welcome! We all need a metaphorical slap to the face every now and then! I know I always like it when I get really off track. Wow, you did?! What did you find tough?? I'm only worried about visas =S

Dott - Good look with your finals! I do not envy the students in the world right now! You're doing awesome at this challenge, the best in fact! You're way ahead of everyone, seems like it's just the 3 of us now?!

04-24-2014, 05:10 PM
Hello girls,

Riestrella - I love the red one! I'd personally wear it too since I really like neckholder tops! Good for you for learning Spanish, that's awesome! It's such a cool language! I actually took Spanish classes for about 6 months while in high-school but I quit because I thought it was boring and not worth riding my bike from one school to the other (my school didn't offer Spanish classes so I had to transfer for this one class). My Mom's native language is actually based on Spanish so I know a lot of words, all the numbers and basic things. It's so much fun! As far as the visas go...during my first year in NYC I was an Au-Pair and I had an exchange visitor visa. My second year didn't go as planned and well to make a long story short...I got a 3 year ban once we left the US. I had applied to a few community colleges in NYC and got accepted so I tried applying for the F-1 student visa but totally failed since I had no proof of income whatsoever. I looked for sponsors but couldn't find any. Time went by and I kinda just stayed there lol how stupid of me. But well, DH and I are here now and we're gonna be going to university over here. I'm telling you though...they're SUPER STRICT with the visas over there. I don't wanna scare you at all but if you do want to go make sure you plan the whole thing carefully!

Dottington - Good luck girl!!! I hope you make it through your Finals! :hug: Tell us how it went and how you feel!


My wisdom teeth came out yesterday and it went much better as I had thought. Sure, my face is swollen but it doesn't "hurt" as much. The dentist was super nice and actually called a few hours after the operation to see how I was doing :) That doesn't happen very often, does it?! As far as eating goes...the baby food that I bought is actually really tasty :) I ate a big breakfast before the operation and had about 3 jars of baby food later that night. Today, to up my calories a little, I added half an avocado to a bowl of mashed potatoes. I don't wanna stay too low with my calories and the first healthy high-calorie food I could think of (that I can actually eat) are avocados! I tried eating a very ripe banana but NOPE, not happening.
Not gonna lie though, I am craving sweets like crazy! Especially bakery stuff and cakes GAH!!! I swear, I cannot and WILL NOT "reward"/"treat" myself with junk food for going through this once I feel better. I told DH to please please make sure to remind me that I said that and to tell me that my past-self said STAY STRONG!
I stepped on the scale this morning and it said 147 lbs. My first mini-goal is to get to my anniversary weight of 137 lbs (August 2013). I can't believe I actually weighed 123 lbs in September of 2011, what?? My ultimate goal is to get back into the 120s and if I want to do that then I need to start now.
Okay, enough with the ranting.

Happy Friday!

04-28-2014, 08:30 AM
Hi everyone! I'm sorry I've not been on here for ages. I've been reading all your posts and keep starting a long reply trying to include everything then running out of time and forgetting!

So here I am, very much re-starting after a couple of terrible weeks food wise. I've not been to the gym as often as I could've either. But today I'm determined to get back on track. I'm still on phase 1 of nutrition. (DRINK WATER!!!!) and phase 2 of exercise - keep up with 30 extra minutes of cardio a week and take progress pics / measurements. I think the 30 extra minutes of cardio was a bit of a tough one to start with, but there's no reason I can't fit it in so I just need to up my effort a bit! Hope everyone's having a great Monday :)

04-28-2014, 09:24 AM
Hey guys!

So I've had an up and down few days. The down: I went back to my place for a night and decided to weigh myself in the morning. I FREAKING GAINED A POUND. 166.6 lbs!! DEMON NUMBER 666!! I have lost NOTHING over the past MONTH! I was (and still am a bit) completely p!ssed off and disappointed like crazy. I had to have a serious pep talk from my boyfriend to calm me down, I was ACTUALLY on the verge of shedding a tear. Mainly because I felt like I had improved the past month as I was back to running a few times a week. The weigh in was a HUGE wake up call that what I am doing just is NOT working. I promise I will STOP capitalising random words soon!

Though I must say, the day before the weigh in I had been treated to a late birthday lunch. We had Mexican food plus I had 2 pina colada's. But still, if I was at 166.6 lbs then that surely means I'm still around 163 lbs if it was just sodium issues, which was what I weighed last month. Ultimately this was a huge slap to the face that what I'm doing just isn't cutting it. I thought easing myself into it would help me slowly get back into a routine, which it had, but I also thought I would lose a few pounds as a result. Obviously that isn't the case, I need to work hard at this to see results.

So now I've decided to start 10K training. 3 runs a week, 2 strength days and 1 cross training day. I won't bend over backwards to fit it all into 1 week, I know that sometimes life gets in the way, but I need to up my game. I'm also calorie counting again. I haven't done so in a long time, but I'm already feeling myself realise that everything really does count - even drinks. I'm aiming for 1380 calories a day (trusting myfitnesspal's limit).

Today was good, after the shock of the weigh in I was ready to do something active. So I went on a 10 mile walk around Kamakura - a beautiful place an hour outside Tokyo. It was so nice to get out of the city and go on a hike. We did 2 hiking trails, both about 60-90 minutes long. The rest of the walking was flat, but we were walking in total for about 6 hours. The trails were lovely, nice and forested and had some spectacular views at points. At one point when we stopped for a snack, we heard a man near us say "woah, woah, woah!" and then when I turned to look in his direction a huge hawk had swooped down to steal my food! Luckily it missed, but it was so crazy!

Tomorrow I'm going to karaoke with my friends, but I've got this really bad feeling like people are going to cancel despite having this planned for a month! Fingers crossed it goes through. Going to try and resist on the fizzy drinks and remember that I need to step up my game!


Hoopty - I think I'll go for the red one! Seems to be the popular choice AND it's significantly cheaper. Wow, you got a ban?? I suppose it's not entirely surprising if they're strict and you over stayed your welcome =/. Still, that sucks, but glad things ended up great for you! I'm really worried about visas, my boyfriend seems to think I have some shot at finding a job even though he's happy to marry me if all doesn't work out so we can stay together...a part of me just thinks come ON let's just get married now! We'll have been together 5 years and we have talked about spending our lives together. Anyway, that's a whole new story. I'm glad your operation went ok! Try and resist your cravings! They'll leave your system eventually if you don't give in!

04-29-2014, 06:47 AM
Hi everyone! I'm sorry I've not been on here for ages. I've been reading all your posts and keep starting a long reply trying to include everything then running out of time and forgetting!

So here I am, very much re-starting after a couple of terrible weeks food wise. I've not been to the gym as often as I could've either. But today I'm determined to get back on track. I'm still on phase 1 of nutrition. (DRINK WATER!!!!) and phase 2 of exercise - keep up with 30 extra minutes of cardio a week and take progress pics / measurements. I think the 30 extra minutes of cardio was a bit of a tough one to start with, but there's no reason I can't fit it in so I just need to up my effort a bit! Hope everyone's having a great Monday :)

Sorry I missed your post! Glad that you're back =). I'm starting to think about re-arranging my goals to try something else if I find something too difficult, I may even replace "don't buy junk food" to "count calories". So feel free to do the same!

04-29-2014, 05:53 PM
Hoopty-Glad the surgery went smoothly! :) That was really sweet of your dentist to call after like that, I don't think any of my dentists have ever done that lol Feel you on the not rewarding with food, that was such a struggle for me for finals! I definitely ended up doing that a few times. I think if I had planned some non food rewards it would have been easier. Do you have some non food rewards you can think of for once the pain is gone and you get tempted? That's great that your husband is so supportive and you can ask him for help like that.

TheMilesAwayGirl-Welcome back :) If you're having trouble meeting your goals then you might have been a bit too ambitious. Don't be afraid of changing them either if you really think you might have set them a bit high! I've totally changed my exercise goals a few times :p I knew I was being too ambitious and was setting myself up for failure. As far as slipping up though, the important thing is you're reporting back and getting back on the wagon! I had a pretty bad couple of weekends for eating, but I'm back on track this week!

Rie-I really think you should switch your not buying junk food goal. This isn't a race and I think its more important to set lots of easy goals and guarantee success than trying to knock off such a big one so soon. For me I had to do something similar with my exercise goals, especially the strength ones because I was trying to do too much at once. I'm glad I changed them and eased into it more. Why not try not buying junk food 5 days a week? I also think your idea of switching to calorie counting is a good one too. Love the suits! :D I need a new bikini too, but haven't had much luck :/ I'm super picky :p I'm sorry about the weigh in :hug: I understand, but you know you are worth so much more then the number on the scale and the important thing is you were implementing new healthy habits and being more active than you were before. I have major issues with bloating and can easily put on 10lbs over night and have many times after a big salty meal so don't discount that. I think the important thing when transitioning to a new lifestyle is to not rely on the scale for reward, but as losing weight as a side benefit but that the real reward is transitioning to a healthier you(especially when you're relatively close to goal/healthy weight). I completely understand your frustration, but I think you are being too hard on yourself. :hug:

Survived finals! GPA is looking like its going to be 3.9 for the semester so that's cool :p Finals week did a bit of a number on my eating though :( The stress before hand means I binged on Easter. Then this past weekend I totally let go and just ate and drank EVERYTHING. I even had gluten and dairy and am suffering so much from it. I'm actually surprised how bad it is. Totally bloated too of course. I remember when I last had gluten(which was by accident that time) the scale shot up 7lbs over night and stayed there for 2 weeks, so I'm not holding out any hopes of losing weight any time soon :p
Yesterday I felt like I had the flu from the gluten and I've been lethargic, depressed, and tired aside from all the sickness stuff. Also have weird cravings for candy which always happens too. But all my gluten cravings are gone at least :roll eyes:
I have my scale back but not really weighing bc of the gluten incident. I really enjoyed not having my scale. I was a lot happier. I think I might just start weighing every month or at least every week once the bloat comes off. I did lose inches and I can see differences in pictures actually especially in my face. People have commented too and clothing is noticeably looser.
My boyfriend though is not being helpful. He thinks I should gain 5lbs. He thinks I should not lose anymore weight and is being vocal about it AGAIN. I can't secretly lose weight either because he sees what I eat when we're together and sees all the exercise I do. I might try though just completely not talking at all about exercise or nutrition but that seems weird. Especially bc I really am into fitness and health. Idk. We've had the talk a couple times about him being more supportive, and he gets better for a few weeks and then it stops. So yeah, I'm going to try just not talking about it at all.
I failed my nutrition goal for the 2nd time. I'm really surprised actually bc I usually do much better with nutrition! I think its bc I was stress eating the weekend before and after finals….I'm pretty sure it will be better this week since I was actually doing it a few weeks prior to finals before I made it my official phase 5 goal.
Have a great week everyone!

05-01-2014, 07:14 AM
Hey all!

So after Sunday's let down of a weigh in I've changed my Phase 3 nutrition goal to Count Calories. I've been going for the last 5 days, the results have been surprising. A couple of days I've been about 500 calories over, down to mindless snacking or drinking something other than water. I think it's the calorie content of drinks that took me by surprise, but everything adds up. I went to karaoke with my friends on Tuesday, had 2 cans of alcohol (one being a big can, the other a small) and wow the calories in those added up! It wasn't even really worth it...they didn't taste amazing and it didn't get me buzzed at all. I think as time goes on I'm tempted to just stop drinking altogether. It's empty calories that I'd rather put towards food.

I really need to work on WHAT I'm eating too. I've been eating bread every single day...white bread too. I need to mix things up a bit, but I was raised on a sandwich for lunch every single day since I can remember. I'm just so used to it now it's my instinctive "lunch". I went through a few meal plans (blogilates 12 week new body plan & Insanity's nutrition guide) to get some ideas. Mostly it's been salads, which in theory is a great idea but I just hate salads! I don't find them appetizing, I always think "where's the bread?!"

Today I did a yoga video for my lower back and for cross training. It was tough, but I felt my back "pop" in a few positions and it isn't hurting me at the moment. Need to get on a run again, not been for a while since I've been busy or have done something else.


Dott - You're right, I even put it in my first post that there's more life and to healthy living than the number on the scale! It's hard to practice what I preach in these kind of situations, but I've been making changes to make sure the next time I step on the scale I will see a lower number. I'm so glad you're back!! I always worry when people say "bbl, school" then they never return! I'm assuming you have some sort of gluten allergy? That's kinda crazy that you knowingly put yourself through that!! Hope you feel better soon.
Hmm, I'm starting to have a bit of trouble with my boyfriend too. Ever since he saw me really disappointed about my weigh in he's been making little comments and being vocal about his own health. He will always say he's just talking to me about himself, but I can't help but feel it's a little dig, almost like he's saying "and what are YOU doing/eating today?" As for your boyfriend...well...it's your body!! He has no control over what you decide to eat or what you do for exercise or how much you want to weigh. Sometimes it's best to stop involving loved ones in that side of your life, it's honestly the reason I'm on this forum. I really can't talk about my weight/health with other people often because they will always project their opinions on me. Maybe you should gently ask him is there something about you that bothers him? Like...does he have some really big issue with a part of your personality? Because that's the real question here, if weight loss and health is just something you do and doesn't affect who you are as a person then he doesn't really have the right to say anything! Especially since you've spoken to him before. It could also be his own insecurities that's the problem here, he might be using you and your efforts as a scapegoat for what he's really finding hard about himself. I find myself feeling bugged when my boyfriend has done an epic workout and I've done nothing, because it makes me feel bad. Though I would NEVER voice these feelings, because it's crazy to get in the way of that part of someones life!

05-01-2014, 12:00 PM
Rie-Not sure I could ever really leave this place, and there's no way I could just skip out on this challenge :p I know about my food limitations and haven't had gluten knowingly for 6 months since finding out I'm sensitive, but sometimes you really just want to let go and enjoy food especially when you're on such a strict diet like me. I know it was crazy, but that's why and I honestly didn't know how bad the reaction would be. I'm sorry about your boyfriend :hug: Why can't these boys just let us be in control of our own bodies?! For me, I feel like I can't win. I don't think anything in my personality has changed, since I was on this journey well before I met him. I really think you're right when you say he's insecure. He doesn't eat like me and he'll tell me he feels ashamed of his eating sometimes. I'm going to stop talking with him about it at all, its going to be really hard for me though bc I tell him everything, but I think its for the best. I'm so glad the counting cals is working for you! :) I feel you on the bread! Haha I eat salads for lunch everyday and you can really get creative with them! I made this cool morocan sweet potato rice pilaf salad with raw cashew pieces and sunflower seeds and it turned out so good. You could make taco salads, seaweed salad, strawberry and spinach with balsamic salad, tomato/basil/mozzarella salad....you're so creative Rie I know if anyone can think up some cool jazzy salads its you ;) I too was raised on sandwiches and lots of bread, but I promise over time it gets easier if you start limiting it and eventually you won't crave it as much. But if you really can't do salads, what about wraps with high protein/fiber tortillas? La Tortilla Factory has some good low carb wraps, not sure if you can find them in Japan though...

I'm pretty much all better(aside from water retention) now after the pizza incident :p Learned my lesson big time that I really am THAT sensitive and cheating just means I cheat myself. Important lesson I think. Exercise is going good. Went on a hike with my sister yesterday and going on a longer hike up the mountain today with my dad. I reconfigured my calories and realized I was in this starve/binge cycle from MFP giving me a goal of 1200. So I'd try that for a few days then totally fail which is why I haven't been making my nutrition goal for phase 5. I've decided to change it to 1600 on workout days, 1400 for non exercise days, and on long hike days(3+ hours) I'm just going to try and eat reasonably but not limit too much :) I'm hoping this will make my eating more consistent.

Over all I'm feeling really good actually. I think not talking to my boyfriend about my diet at all is a good plan. I can't not tell him about exercise though bc hiking is such a big part of who I am. So he'll just have to deal with that :p I mean, he has been getting more and more into hiking so at least we have that.

I started practicing again yesterday after a couple weeks break and was very pleased with the improvements I gained over the break. Its weird, I ALWAYS get my biggest gain with playing when I take breaks. Its a lot like exercise for me in that if you go hard everyday, you get fatigued and plateau, but then you take a break for a week and once you go back you've all of a sudden gotten much faster/stronger. At least that's how it seems to work for me lol Anyone else experience this either with exercise or anything else?

I've been feeling pretty confident lately and decided I want to do a photoshoot with my sister and brother. As I've mentioned before my sister is a model and my brother has done some modeling too and they have cool pictures from them doing shoots together and I think it would be so cool for us all to do one. I talked with my sister about it and she likes the idea(although she'd prefer it be just me and her since her and my brother fight a lot lol) and that she would start talking with some photographers so we can do that this summer :) It would just be for ourselves, but I think it would be such a neat thing to look back on when we're older.

05-02-2014, 01:33 PM
Just dropping by quickly to say I stepped back on the scale and am up 1lb. I also hiked for 3 hours yesterday though :p I lost inches this past month and photos really show a difference plus people have commented that I look smaller so I'm not even bothered by it. I think I'm getting to the point where measurements and clothing size are most important to me and the scale is becoming more and more meaningless.

05-02-2014, 04:19 PM
Hello girls,

I'm able to chew again, yaayyy!!! :cheer: I'm so excited to go grocery shopping because I have a few recipes that I wanna try out. I'm getting my stitches taken out on Monday and I'm gonna ask the dentist if he thinks I'm ready to lift weights. Probably not though, I don't wanna chance it. I can definitely feel the soreness in my jaw but I also don't wanna go to the gym JUST for cardio, as silly as that sounds.
I've been calorie counting for...I'd say 5 days? I'm not sure. I aimed for 1400 the first few days, then when I went back to work yesterday I decided to go up to 1600. It's been working well so far and the scale has been moving in the right direction. I hope I'm not jinxing myself now, lol. I weighed-in at 142.6 lbs yesterday and 143.0 lbs this morning. This week is PMS week though and even though I'm feeling fine mentally I can feel the bloating settling in.

What a short update, but that's all I can write for now. Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still heereee!! :D Personals soon!

05-03-2014, 01:08 AM
Hey hey!

So I've decided to change my workout goals for phase 3 onward. Instead of focusing on specific workouts I'm going to focus on the amount of days I workout a week. That way I can really see an improvement overall, since before I was planning on cross training once a week, but if I work out just once a week I could technically pass the phase. I want to make it harder! I've drawn up a new schedule for myself, it's pretty much Hal Higdon's 10K novice training but I've taken out one cross training and put in a strength day. I really do believe in the power of strength training for weight loss and improved running.

Calorie counting has actually been really great. It's surprising me! I made meatballs and I realised that I would be over my calorie amount if I ate them without exercising, so I went on a 45 minute walk to burn off the calories I needed to eat the meatballs! In the past week I've been over twice, but every other day I've just made my limit. I have a question though, say your limit per day is 1400 calories, but then you exercise and burn 200 calories, is it ok to eat the 200 calories to make your limit? Or is weight loss seen when you don't "eat back" the calories you burn?

Today it's my friends birthday, we're going to a place called Barbacoa. It's a Brazilian BBQ place where they just cut you bits of meat. It's very expensive but an amazing experience. It's definitely a YOLO meal, like Cassey Ho has always preached, so I'm going to look forward to it. Today I'm just going to eat fruit and veg in preparation, no sandwiches for me!


Dott - I understand about the slip, especially if it's pizza! Shame it gives you such a horrible reaction =/. If it was just bloat that's one thing, but getting flu-like symptoms is awful =(. I know how difficult it is to not tell your boyfriend everything, I used to tell mine everything but it caused a lot of problems in the end. So I think you've made the right decision. Usually I'm all about being who you are and being honest, but there's just something about weight loss that makes people kinda weird!! I love tortillas and I've seen some ideas for amazing lunch wraps...but for one they only sell the normal tortillas here and secondly they're about $7-$8 for 10!! So it's definitely a once in a while treat and at that we tend to use them for fajitas.
Sounds like a good plan in regards to your calorie limits. I think you can get both mentally and physically fatigued if you work too hard. Short breaks can be really beneficial overall in all walks of life! Great idea for the photo shoot! Wow, what sort of modelling does your sister and brother do? Are you all annoying in that sense that you're all insanely attractive people ;). Your calmness towards your weight is so inspiring! It's amazing to see you come to terms with your body, I need to take a leaf out of your book!!

Hoopty - Glad that you can chew again!

05-05-2014, 02:57 PM
Hoopty-Yay for chewing! haha I'm glad you're finally healed up :) I like to aim between 1400-1600 too now, I think its a good range.

Rie-I think your new exercise goal idea sounds good :) I'm so glad calorie counting is working out for you and helping you stay accountable. If you're using a site like myfitness pal and put in your stats as sedentary or lightly active then yes, you really should be eating back your exercise calories. If you want to do the TDEE method though, which takes into account your daily exercise, then you subtract 20-25% from that and eat the same amount everyday and don't eat back your exercise calories. Right now I've switched over to the TDEE method again(I go back and forth) bc sometimes with being able to eat back exercise calories I find myself exercising just to eat :o I would highly suggest this site scoobysworkshop.com/accurate-calorie-calculator It seems to be a very accurate calculator for most if you're interested in the TDEE method. Sorry to go off on such a tangent! I get really geeky about this stuff :p How was the bbq place? You're so right that weight loss makes people weird! Ah that sucks about the wraps :/ I thought they might be super expensive there....My sister does a lot of work in Palm Springs(where we're from) and does local ads(she has 2 billboards lol), magazines(local and international ones), and fashion and hair shows. My brother hates modeling lol but she's dragged him around so he's been published in some magazines too and has done some local ads. My sister loves high fashion and artistic kind of works. I'll include my favorite magazine photo of my sister and my favorite photo of my brother. They're both very attractive, but I'm not so sure about myself lol I don't know where this newfound calm/acceptance is coming from, but it is a relief! That last scale break was really good for me.

So far things are going good. I forgot about strength training though and have to restart phase 5 exercise again. Phase 5 really seems to be my breaking point with both nutrition and exercise. I think once I get past this, I'll really have changed my lifestyle. I did a lot of hiking though, so I did exercise, just neglected the 2x strength training. :p Food is better and I managed to get through the first week of phase 5 nutrition finally! Doing well with my new method. Most of the bloating from the gluten is gone and the scale is going back down. Its getting close to TOM though and I've been ravenous!

I'm taking Rie's advice and haven't been talking to my bf about eating/dieting but that hasn't stopped him from continuing to make comments. Basically trying to get me to eat gluten free cookies and donuts all weekend. Ugh. I'm just going to have to try and remain strong and hopefully if I keep not talking about weight loss he will eventually calm down and stop. It really does have a negative effect on my weekends though. I'm really trying to get saturdays in order. I still go wayyyyy over :( I know I can conquer it though, I just need to be strong!

Today starts Mayterm, which is like summer school. Not looking forward to it, but at least the class is supposed to be easy(early childhood music ed). And my bff is taking it with me, so that should also make it more bearable.

Have a great week everyone!

05-06-2014, 09:23 AM
Howdy all!

I've found myself in a bit of a slump again, I've seemed to lost all drive to go out and run or even exercise in general. It's like if I focus on nutrition too much I can't seem to find the energy to exercise, it's crazy! My worst quality is my laziness, I can very easily fall into this slump of just wanting to do nothing all day. Ultimately that leads to junk food, which thankfully as a result of having no bad food in the house I've not managed to get a hold of.

I'm going to jig around my 10K training schedule a bit, realised that I really want to incorporate yoga into my routine as a staple, so I'm going to do yoga once a week, strength train twice a week and run 3 times a week. I'm going to make it my goal to exercise 3 times a week, however, but in an ideal world that's what my workout routine will be.

On a personal note I've been looking into US visas, our game plan has completely changed. Looks like I might be getting married sooner than I expected...possibly within the next year. However not really in the style I envisioned, I'm not talking about getting married by means of a nice ceremony, I mean going somewhere to get a certificate and THEN having a ceremony down the line. A lot more to consider and this way things are a lot more stable (though not very romantic) in the long run and doesn't have me going back and forth between England and America.


Dott - Thanks for answering my question! I think while I'm still getting back into counting calories I'll keep it simple before trying the method you said, but it does sounds like a good method. BBQ place was amazing, but SO MUCH FOOD! I was pretty good with not eating the fatty bits on the meat and knowing when to stop! Wow, your are all so beautiful! I think you're stunning too, you could have totally joined your fellow model siblings ;p. Haha, can't believe your brother just got dragged into it though! Can't he say no?! Congrats on a successful week 1 of phase 5 nutrition!! Oh wow, your boyfriend is a feeder!! My Mum is too, she always buys me/offers me really bad (but delicious) food to make herself feel better about the fact she's not eating healthy. While she will happily support my weight loss efforts and buy me healthy food, if I show that I'm faltering and say "oh man, I want pizza!" she's the type to go out and get pizza despite me needing someone to say "no!" The best thing you can do is to say no to those treats. It's hard...boy, is it hard...but once you say no often enough he will give up trying.

05-06-2014, 11:36 AM
Oh ladies ladies, I've done it again. I've seemingly been on a 3 week binge with no self control over what I eat, I've skipped workouts, I'm just so disappointed with myself.

Although I am 100% back on the wagon today, I'm thinking I need a change of plan as what I'm doing isn't working. The thing is, I've already failed phase 1 of my nutrition goal AGAIN for this week, as yesterday was a Bank Holiday so I was out of my normal work routine and didn't drink my 2 litres of water. Now I'm thinking instead of deciding I've failed, to change my goal to drinking 2l of water 6 days a week rather than every day. That way, I can still succeed for this week and it gives me a tiny bit of grace if I forget in future. But on the other hand, I feel like if I change my goals because I'm failing, then that's just cheating and it won't get me anywhere. I'm terrible with these kind of decisions, I just don't know which is better. Last week I tried to make up the days I missed. Eg if I only had 1.5l one day, I would try to have 2.5l the next to make up. Is this cheating? It feels like it is but also helped me avoid feeling like a failure for the whole week. Meh.

As of today, I'm going to be more accountable. I'm putting everything into MFP, including my walk to and from the station for my commute. I'm also going to post on here every day, even if it's just to say hi! I need to be more accountable and I think this will help. Please have a shout at me if I go AWOL again. I'm always lurking!

There's so much in your lives to catch up on, here goes -

Hoopty So glad you can chew again! What are the recipes you want to try out? It's interesting that you can do cardio but not weights, I would've thought if one hurt the other would too? I hope having the stitches out wasn't too uncomfortable for you. Good luck battling the PMS bloat. You can do it! I'm glad calorie counting is working for you. Keep going :)

Rie There's so much going on in your life, I don't know where to start! I'm in awe of you moving from Japan to the States. It was a huge deal for me just moving from the south coast to London on my own, I can't begin to consider what it would be like to move country! You get to see so much more of the world and soak up different cultures, I just wouldn't have the guts! Fingers crossed for you with getting a Visa somehow. It can be done, I'm sure there's a way!

It's interesting what you say about bread and sandwiches for lunch. I love bread, don't get me wrong (I really love bread), and I do love a sandwich
but I very rarely go for a sandwich at lunch any more because I find it just doesn't fill me up. Have you tried lots of different kinds of salads? don't just think a plate of lettuce food. I'd addicted to one at the moment I've been having for lunch for weeks - It's roast pepper and either squash or sweet potato, cous cous, tzatziki, mixed leaves and either falafel or some chicken. Soooo good. If you find some things you really like and chuck them over a big bowl of leaves you'll hopefully be able to feel like you've had a proper 'lunch' without going for the white bread every time.

Did you have fun at Barbacoa? I went to a Brazilian BBQ once and ate so much I was in pain and could barely walk for a few hours afterwards! It wore off pretty quickly, but I think if I go again I might try to pace myself a little more.


YAY for your finals being done. BOO for your reaction to pizza, but YAY that you're feeling better now! I'm very lucky that I don't think I have much of a sensitivity to any food in particular. I love ALL food, and not being able to have a certain group would be so tricky for me to handle so I really feel for you.

I'm clueless about eating back exercise calories / TDEE. I might have a read up later just out of curiosity. I'm so happy that you've developed this really healthy attitude to your weight. I'm still a bit hung up on the numbers but I know what really matters is how I feel and how healthy I am rather than how much I weigh. It's hard to let go of though.

Sorry that you and Rie are having a bit of a tough time talking with you BFs about your weight loss. Great that you've got your man into Hiking more though! I'm lucky in that mine's really supportive of whatever I choose to do. I've not managed to get him to the gym yet, but frankly it's his choice and if he chooses not to go then I can't make him! The weather's getting much nicer now though so we'll probably be doing a lot more skating outside which is great. It's resisting going for a drink afterwards that's tough!

Wow, your family certainly were blessed with good looks! Are your folks really attractive too!? ;-) The photo shoot is a great idea, fingers crossed you can get it all organised with your siblings.

OK gang, I'm off to drink some more water. If I'm not posting in a day, shout at me! I WILL stay accountable. I WILL find some self control. I WILL DO THIS!

05-07-2014, 11:15 AM
So I drew up my brand new workout plan that's going to kick arse and help me lose weight, huzzah! Here it is,

http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q381/Riestrella/Snapshot_20140507_1_zps40eef6c1.jpg (http://s349.photobucket.com/user/Riestrella/media/Snapshot_20140507_1_zps40eef6c1.jpg.html)

Sorry about the crappy picture, but just wanted to show you guys! I'm just going to work my way through it as I see fit. Ideally I would complete a row in 1 week, but to ease my way back into this I'm going to do at LEAST 3 workouts a week for 3 weeks before moving up to 4, then 5 and finally 6.

I tidied all of the apartment which is always a cleansing process. Until my boyfriend comes home and dumps his stuff on the floor that is ;). I really do feel like being more productive when my living space is clean.

Despite feeling ready to take on the world I ended up succumbing to junk food today...had a big bag of chips to myself and a coke =(. Not something I could consider a binge but I always feel guilty eating junk food! Needless to say my calories for today was over since I didn't work out. Is it bad that I kinda want to wait until Monday to start for reals? I always say start asap but I kinda want my period out of the way...haha.

Last night I was pretty bummed out and exhausted to go into detail, but my boyfriend and I have decided that we're going to get married in January. Yup. We're going to file a K-1 visa, which allows me entry into the US as a fiance, then get married in a city hall so I can apply to become a resident. When we have more money and we're settled then we'll do the whole engagement/ceremony. I had a bit of a moment about it tonight, I was pretty upset that our official marriage will be very clinical...but I think I need to think of our ceremony marriage as our "official" marriage.


milesaway - Welcome back! I'm glad you're here with us and ready to take control! As for your drinking goal, yeah...carrying over your daily limit is kinda cheating! It defeats the purpose of drinking that much in a day regularly you know? Instead of monitoring the amount of water why not have your goal "drink 3 glasses of water a day" and just drink a glass with or before a meal. If you set yourself into a routine of drinking water with your meals then you won't forget. I have recently trained myself out of drinking orange juice with breakfast every morning, I now drinking water instead. It's instinct for me to pour a glass of water with my breakfast now, its surprised me!
I'll actually be moving from England to the States, since I'm going back there in July! I never really considered myself brave or exciting if I'm honest, but I guess not everyone moves abroad! It's not as hard as it seems, well, when you've no commitments that is! If I had a family then that'd be a different question, but while I'm young and able to I figured now's the time to live somewhere crazy. I was eating a very boring salad that left me feeling unfulfilled for a long time last year. I kept repeating it over and over, to the point where I almost felt physically sick eating it. So that kinda scared me off them (again!). It was stupid though, it was literally lettuce, carrots, cucumber, avocado, red pepper and spring onion. I've been looking and hearing about salads and everyone else seems to have amazing ideas for tasty sounding salads! I will definitely need to create something.
Barbacoa was amazing! Ate too much though, but it was worth it. Definitely felt sleepy after all that food afterwards when we were sat drinking in a bar. But god, the food was so good. Will do my best to shout at you!

05-11-2014, 07:51 PM
Hello Ladies,

Ah! I don't know what happened. I lost complete focus this past month. I don't even know when I last posted here! I feel so utterly terrible, but I have to remind myself that setbacks are a part of life and at least I am fixing it now. I've only gained 5 lbs, so that isn't terrible. I could have that off in two weeks if I really wanted to. I actually vowed to get back on track yesterday and I actually did really well, Mostly it was because I worked an extra 12 hr shift at work and I packed plenty of healthy snacks. But by the time my shift was over i was famished and a friend needed picked up from work and we went out for Mexican and Margaritas, which pretty much ruined my calories for yesterday. Today, my husband came home from work very upset to the point of tears. He hates his job ( he is a corrections officer and working at the jail is very negative environment). We talked a little and he admitted to being depressed, and he said he is going to try and get counseling. I am very relieved, I think that is part of his problem, with trying to lose weight. He is depressed and drowns it out with food (I can relate) and can't find the energy to work out. So I conceded to going out for breakfast (he works 3rd shift) because that's one of the things we love doing together and it really cheered him up. In hindsight, maybe food to cure a depressed mood wasn't the best thing for him, but we did walk to the restaurant because it is right down the street from us. Once again, completely blew the diet though. So perhaps tomorrow will be the day for me to get back on track?

I need to start posting on here regularly, and I need to start blogging in detail again. That really helped. I am thinking though about moving my weightloss writing to a different blog. Right now the blog I had been writing in was also with my husband. But he has said that right now he is focused on other things, and not the weightloss, so I feel weird keeping a blog about a couple losing weight together when its just me who is writing. I guess, I have come to realize that this is my journey and my story and as much as I want it to be his as well its a very personal thing and we might not be on that path at the same time.

themilesawaygirl I completely know where you are coming from. I have to, have to start logging on MFP everyday. When I got a way from that it was like the pounds just would not come off. glad you are back on board too!

Rie Congrats on the engagement! My marriage was pretty clinical too. My husband and I had be living together for sometime, I had already gone part-time at work so I could pursue school full-time, so I was pretty dependent on him to get through and our goals were pretty much intertwined anyway. I had never really cared all that much about getting married one way or another. We both knew we wanted to be together, and that we were 100% committed to each other , and our goals for the relationship. It didn't matter if we were married or not. For us it honestly came down to matter of health insurance and finances. Sounds terrible, no? After going part time I was paying out the wazoo for health insurance. And it really came down to if I went on his insurance we would be so much better off financially. We looked into it, and considered filing as a common law married. But I felt weird about that so we just decided to go for it and get married. We had a courthouse wedding on a friday evening. Our families and close friends were there. I wore a white dress and he wore a suit, and then over the weekend we had a big party at the lake with all our other friends and family. I thought I would regret it, but I really didn't!

05-12-2014, 01:20 PM
themilesawaygirl-:hug: The important thing is you came back and are being accountable. We all slip up, but its the coming back and getting back on track that's most important. Changing your goals because you're repeartedly failing them does not mean you're "cheating", it means you recognize that the goals you set were not the goals you were ready to tackle. I think its really smart to realize when you need to change a goal :) The first goals should be skewed a little easier anyways. Also, its been a few days so give us an update! lol

Rie-Great exercise plan! OMG You guys are getting married!!!!???? How exciting! Congratulations :D I actually think its super romantic what you guys are doing and don't worry, you can have a big wedding later on. Gosh, you must be so excited! You have such an exciting life, I'm a little envious ;) First you move to Japan, and now you're getting married and moving to New York. So cool! On a side note, I hope you're out of your slump, I've kind of gotten into one too the last week(TOM hasn't helped). Aw thanks, I don't think I'm cut out for modeling though :o But yeah, hopefully we can put a shoot together so we can at least have photos of all of us to look back on. My mom has food issues too and is a total feeder as well. I don't have much trouble with her though anymore because she literally does not know what I eat! haha I was raised a vegetarian bc my dad is Seventh Day Adventist, but my mom isn't and she loves meat so she always had trouble figuring out what veggie stuff to feed me anyways. Then with going dairy and gluten free she really has no idea. She will buy me random gluten free cookies, pretzels, ect but its so gross that I end up tossing it or giving it away :p But yeah, my bf is a total feeder too.

kailpea-So glad you're back! :D I saw you post on MFP yesterday and was glad to see you posting again. I'm sorry about your husband, but I'm glad you guys were able to talk and figure things out! 5lbs is nothing! You will get that off so fast :) As far as the slip ups go, they are a part of the journey and being aware of them is important. You know the last few days haven't been great so now you will be better because you recognize where things went wrong and have the tools to do better :)

This weekend was pretty bad eating wise. I had a friend's birthday party I hosted friday night, then my boyfriend had been planning on taking me out Sat night, then mothers day, plus TOM, and being depressed from my summer school class(have you ever hated a class so much it made you depressed and gave you nightmares? yeah I hadn't either till this class....) But today I'm back on track. I know I didn't really gain any real weight and I was super happy last week to break past 143 finally and get to 141 :) Today I'm back up to 144 though from the less than stellar weekend :p

I did have such an awesome weekend though! Went hiking twice, didn't fight with my mom, ate lots of delicious food, and I finally bought a new bikini! A black string bikini! lol I was feeling brave :p

I totally failed my nutrition goal, I've changed it now a couple times to try and make it work better but its just killing me! I feel kind of dumb about it, because its not that hard of a goal :/ I have a new rewards system though. I've never been able to reward myself in any way before bc of financial issues, but now I can! I'm thinking this will be the final push so I can make it through this goal. Exercise is going great though! I'm doing strength about 3x/wk on average and hiking 4x so I'm actually exceeding my exercise goals. Haha I hate how I always do better in one than the other :p

Have a great week everyone! I'm including some pics from hiking and one of me and my bf.

05-13-2014, 01:40 PM
Oooh it has been a few days hasn't it Dott!. Thanks for the reminder.

Rie Awesome plan! I think it's a great idea to start with fewer workouts and then gradually add more into your week. What kind of strength training are you doing?

You know, I think there's a lot to be said for having a clean living space and work area etc but I am SO BAD at cleaning and tidying. It takes me hours to try and clean one room, but I end up just moving everything around.

Amazing news about getting married! Congratulations! I'd say definitely try to think of the ceremony as the important bit - the rest is just a formality. I know people who have had joining ceremonies etc which were the exciting part, but at some point or other they had to pop down the registry office to make it "official". It might not be exactly how you planned, but if it lets you carry on living your life in the country you want to live in with the person you want to be with then brilliant!

With the water thing - I do have a glass of water with every meal, and one when I wake up, and one by my bed. But often that's only 5 glasses a day, which isn't quite enough. I set the challenge as 2litres because a) that's the minimum I want to be drinking each day and b) it's easier for me to do volume as sometimes I have a 1.5l bottle at training, and there would be no point in only counting that as 1 glass! I'll get there, it's just a case of remembering to fit in those extra couple of glasses in between meals.

Kailpea Good on you for coming back! That's what matters and it sounds like you've got a good mindset going of letting go of the past, accepting it wasn't quite what you intended and moving forward. I need to work on this kind of attitude! Sorry to hear about your husband, I'm glad you managed to cheer him up and that he's got you to talk to and support him. If you think starting a different blog will be helpful, go for it! Times change and your needs will change too. I'm sure if you talk to your husband and explain that it really helps you in your weightloss journey, but you don't want him to feel pressure to write in a joint blog if his priorities are elsewhere at the moment. I'm going to update MFP tonight, I've not done it even though I said I would!

Dott I'm here I'm here! I'm not changing my goal just yet because I think they're achievable, I'm just not really trying if I'm totally honest with myself. But I'm on target for this week, and intend to nail phase 1 of nutrition and phase 2 of my exercise goals so I can finally move on!!

What's your new rewards system? Your exercise dedication is amazing! I'm jealous of your hiking pics, those views look awesome. (I'm quite jealous of your genes too, you are absolutely stunning!) That's a lovely pic of you and your man. I feel the same with my food goals, sometimes it's a struggle even though it seems like it shouldn't be. I think it's a case of just tweaking a few things until it works.

Hope everyone's having a great week. xx

05-14-2014, 11:24 PM
Hello everyone!! How are you all doing?

I'm back at my own apartment now, just for 3 days a week now until I leave Japan. When I moved in with my friends they didn't ask for rent but they wanted me to cook and help clean, which was fine, but I made a huge miscalculation of how much food would cost for 3 people. The couple who I'm living with have the deal that the guy pays for the rent and the girl pays food/bills. So I split the cost of food/bills between 2 people instead of 3. Aaanyway, I figured to keep the peace and not kick up a fuss about not being able to afford to cook for them I thought I would stay here 3 days of the week and stay with my boyfriend 4 days. They're pretty easy going, they've not questioned why I've spent so much time with my boyfriend, so I'm not worried about it. But since I agreed to pay half of the food I didn't want to go back on that agreement.

I've discovered a new hobby, scrapbooking! I bought one over Christmas since I wanted somewhere to put all my Japan memorabilia. But I came across the massive pile of photos I've printed over the years, I used to have them put up all over the bedrooms I had. It would literally cover an entire wall of one room. So I wondered if they would all fit in my scrapbook and sure enough, they do! So I'm now having lots of fun sticking in pictures and doodling around them. I don't have scrap bits of decorating paper or cool trinkets to stick in, it's quite plain compared to the ones I found on google images, but I'm having fun!

The more I've been telling close friends/family, the more excited I am at the fact I'm getting married next year! It took a while to sink in, but now that people are finding out and getting excited it's made me excited. I told my parents on Sunday, my Dad said "Wow, I guess we'll have to look into flights to New York" so I said "It's only going to be a quick ceremony at the city hall, our official ceremony is later and you can come to that one." He then said "I don't care, if my daughter is getting married even if it's on paper - I'll be there!" It was very sweet. So now my parents are coming to witness for us! They're just excited to go back to New York now, but it's really nice that I'll have family there to be our witness =).
I'm also really determined to be healthy by the time I get married. So not necessarily at 130 lbs, but definitely below 150 lbs. I think I'm going to wear a casual white dress, nothing too fancy but still in the wedding theme, and I want to look pretty! So I have approximately 7 months to get down to below 150 lbs, I think I can do it!

Now onto the weight loss stuff!
Counting calories has been happening on and off. I had bad week last week with staying accountable, sometimes when I'm having bad days I feel like there's no point counting the calories - but that's nonsense! I should always be staying accountable for what I eat, because that's the whole point of counting calories for me. So yesterday I got back on track. I managed to stay within my calorie limit with just 9 calories to spare! Phew! I thought I would have gone way over since I did have a few snacks but I think I was ok because...

I went on a run! 10K training is underway and I completed one of my 3 exercise days per week. It was 2.5 miles and omg it was HOT. Japanese seasons literally change over night. It was about 27 degrees when I was running, it was around 12pm so I know for sure I need to start waking up earlier so I don't die in the heat. I was a bit sluggish on the run, probably because it had been a while and because of the heat, but I made it around. I did it in 28 minutes which put my pace at 11:12 min/mi. A lot slower than my April times, but I was running for longer so I don't mind.

I've also started a new blog, this is like my 4th blog now...I have a problem! I don't keep them all updated though! I started one on 3FC, then I made a random one on Blogger, then I moved my weight loss blog to Blogger and now I've combined my random blog & my weight loss blog over on Tumblr. Here's the link: http://www.unclassified-girl.tumblr.com
The only problem I have with Tumblr is while it's prettier than blogger it doesn't encourage commenting but rather "liking" and "reblogging" posts. But like I said, it's a lot prettier than Blogger so I think I'll stick with this one!

Yesterday I weighed in at 166.4 lbs, but this morning I weighed 165.7 lbs! - 0.7 lbs down! I've updated my ticker and my spreadsheets with my new weight so stay accountable.


kailpea - Welcome back!! You're right, we all have set backs in life, I'd love to hear about someone who just had an easy cruise towards their goal weight but I think that story is non-existent. Sounds like you have the right attitude towards just jumping back in. I'm so sorry to hear your husband has depression, it's a horrible situation to be in but I think counselling will really help him. If that breakfast cheered him up, then that's the main thing to focus on! You could join me on Tumblr for a new weight loss blog ;).
Aww, thank you for sharing the story of your marriage! It makes me feel a lot better that I'm really not the only one out there who's getting married this way. I told my friend on Monday and he said that him and his wife just decided to get married too, it wasn't a big deal. I think I'm going to have a second ceremony someday so all my friends and family can be there - but even then that might be complicated since people will have to fly to America if it's in America!

Dott - Wow what a hectic week but sounds fun minus TOM! I'm sorry your summer class is bumming you out, what is it exactly? I used to hate Maths in high school, the teacher would always single me out in front of everyone and I would always get the answer wrong under pressure. If I got it wrong she would ask me again and again until I got something right, it was horrible! Do you fight with your Mum often? :o And go you getting a bikini!! Don't feel bad about not passing a goal, I think this challenge is here to show us what our limits are. I had to change both my exercise and nutrition goal to feel like I could move forward!! Love the pictures you share, you really are a beautiful lady :). Is that a wild iguana??
Hehe, thank you!! I'm starting to get more and more excited now that people are responding to the news! You're right, I am intending on having a proper wedding ceremony down the line. Will have to do some serious saving until then! I'm finally getting out of my slump, I think last weeks TOM really threw me off since I was just craving all the junk food! It's so bad, I know we've all been there, but I really want to be different and not succumb to the period monster! That's such a confusing house hold to live in! My Mum was vegetarian for a while, but then suddenly stopped! I really wish I was a vegetarian...but I just can't deny how delicious meat is ;_;. I love my Mum to pieces, but I think she shouldn't have let me each so much food when I was growing up. When I was 11 I would eat tomato soup with 4 slices of bread every day after school. She kept buying more soup and more bread to enable me to do it, instead of saying "that's too much food". I was literally eating 4 meals a day! Right now though all the responsibility is on me, but it does getting annoying when you don't want to be tempted all the time. What's going to be your first reward? I really would love to set up a system but have no idea what I could buy myself! Plus I really can't now I don't have a job!!

milesaway - I was about to remind you to come back and post but someone beat me to it! Have you ever read Jillian Michaels "Making the Cut?" It's got an intense strength based workout routine that's really good. Some of the things are very gym oriented but I just skip it or sub it with something. Thank you and you're absolutely right, it's about staying together at the end of the day so I can't complain! I was really worried at one point he wouldn't want to get married at all and I would have to stay in England alone and heartbroken, so I am really happy we're moving forward with our lives! I try and drink a pint of water in the morning, afternoon and evening. Ideally I always have a glass at hand so I can sip away throughout the day. It's hard to fit in a certain amount of water when you simply forget, but you can definitely do it - it's just drinking water after all not running a marathon!

05-15-2014, 02:06 PM
themilesawaygirl-Great job being honest with yourself :) I had to buckle down and be honest with myself this past week when it comes to the weekends. I really have to be more accountable, no one is forcing me to pig out on the weekends! For my new rewards system, I'm going to get a little reward every sunday night after keeping my nutrition goal for the week and not going crazy on the weekend! :p Just little stuff I might want/need like flowers, or makeup. I realized that doing a goal for 5 weeks is a long time and I really need an incentive to keep me going each week :) I love to exercise and I'm lucky that in the summer I have time, I wish I could hike more though! I can't wait till June when my summer class is over so I can start my real training for my backpacking trip in July.
Have you tried a reward system before? Or some kind of incentive system?

Rie-I'm glad you've found a new hobby, I've always been fascinated by scrap books and I wish I had the patience to make them :p You can totally reach below 150 in 7 months! I'm so glad you're really getting excited about getting married, that's so sweet that your parents will come! Have you found any type of style of dress you might want to wear? You should post some dress idea pics! Good job getting back on track with the calorie counting. I've been doing a little better lately too. Are you on myfitnesspal? I love your new blog, but I love all your blogs :D You're such a witty writer, I especially liked the hippotohot blog because your humor really came out. Can I say though that you look really good in your photos on the blog!!!! You have such a cute figure, I'm jealous of your proportions :o Congrats on the loss :carrot: My summer class is childhood music education. I didn't realize it was only going to be classroom teaching though :( I've had my own piano studio for 6 years and have taken teaching classes before, but this one is AWFUL and all we do is sing songs. Its a ton of work and there's a lot of pressure. I'm not a strong singer, and the teacher is definitely grading us on our singing abilities too and that's really annoying especially since its not supposed to be a singing class but a teaching class. The other day I lost my voice from singing children's songs for 3 hours and it was hard for me to teach my own lessons! That math teacher sounds awful! I'm sorry you had to go through that :( Lol its not a desert iguana but a chuckwalla. They're really big fat lizards and I think they look like dinosaurs. Regarding your mother-that's rough when you're young and don't have boundaries set for you with eating, I know your mom meant well but that is frustrating because its teaching you to crave a certain amount and certain kinds of food from a young age :/ Me and my mom are completely different personalities. She has her own issues too though and has a tendency to project so that's mainly why we fight, although I TRY not to give into fighting with her. I'm not sure what my first reward will be! I really need a new bra though....I MIGHT splurge on that since I only have 2 bras that fit and have to wear these little cutlet things to fill my old ones up lol

So this week has been strange because I'm just dropping weight like crazy and I'm not sure what's going on? I know, terrible problem to have ;) But it is VERY odd because I've upped my calories and I stalled for 2 months before eating much less. Really unsure. I think it might be the stress from this class because since starting it I've lost 3lbs in two weeks, when I normally might lose 2lbs in one month. Very odd. I am up to 60lbs lost though and less then half a lb away from the 130s so that's exciting :)

As I lose weight though I've become more unhappy with my body shape and my boobs. I'm not sure what my measurements were when I started but I remember at around 175 I was 42-30-42 and loved my shape! As I've lost though I've lost my hourglass-ness and am getting more of a banana shape :( The first to go was my chest and I was ok with being more of a pear but now I've only been losing inches off my butt and hips! So now my chest and hips match again but my waist isn't shrinking. Its probably silly but I feel less sexy now(especially from the boob shrinkage). Its ironic because I'm finally ok with my weight and now I've found something else to stress about :dizzy: How has your guys shapes changed as you've lost? Have they changed? How do you feel about it?

I'm going to LA this weekend to see my bf and am super excited to get away. The weekend after we're taking a little trip and I'm really excited for that too :)

05-16-2014, 12:17 AM
Good morning from Japan! Although it's almost afternoon...but anywhoot, I weighed today and I lost a small amount of weight - I'm now at 165.5 lbs so a 0.2 lb drop! It may be small, but I'm just happy that it's going DOWN and not up! I really need to be careful this weekend...going out for sushi tonight, tomorrow I'll be having film night with friends which always calls for snacking.

I'm about to do a strength workout to bring my exercise goal to 2 out of 3 times this week. I will go on a 2 mile run on Sunday to complete week 1 of phase 3! I'm still counting calories, yesterday I was slightly over because of an unexpected unhealthy meal. I made sweet and sour chicken with rice, but I'm always stupid and don't read how to make it I just see if I've got all the ingredients first! It had a lot of sugar in, and the chicken was deep fried in vegetable oil. It actually ended up tasting really good, except I didn't have orange food dye so the sauce was a weird clear colour! So if I make it again, it'll be a once in a while treat.


Dott - Ahhh, congrats on almost making it into the 130's!! Even if it's unexpected! Not sure what to tell you about why you're losing weight, other than it's pretty awesome that you are ;). Sometimes it's the strangest thing, when I was training for a 10K then stopped running for a few weeks my weight continued to drop. You might be in that sweet spot where all your hard work is still paying off despite not feeling like you're doing much to aid it! Wow, that's a bit of a conundrum...it's a shame we can't command where the weight comes off right? I say if you're happy with your weight, then try your best to accept that this is what your body will look like at that weight. If you feel sexier and more confident with a bit more weight on, then you have the choice to put the weight back on. I know it sounds crazy after so much hard work, but at the end of the day your confidence is what's important! One of my friends found she felt too skinny and unattractive when she lost a lot of weight, she prefers to weigh extra pounds to feel good. You have your goal of 125 lbs, which is great, but you always have the power to change that goal and stop whenever you want. You look amazing, you're definitely at a healthy weight for your height, so really think about what makes you feel good rather than just focusing on a number if you get what I mean. Obviously I'd be hear to cheer you on no matter what you decide! As for me, well, I've honestly been happy with the way my body has changed when I've lost weight. I've not really gotten that close to my goal, so maybe when I hit 140 lbs I'll decide whether or not I'm happy to continue to lose weight or not.
I've only really looked at one website, but I really just want something simple/casual. Here are some examples:
So as you can see, nothing fancy! I do use myfitnesspal! Aw, thanks for visiting all of my blogs! You've inspired me to let my random crazy rants come to the surface with my new blog, because I do think the writing is a little stiff at the moment. It's hard to maintain a quirky style of writing when you're literally just talking about weights and runs and the such ;). But thanks! I'll try and bring some of the humour from hipptohot to my new blog :).
That's so stupid that they judge you on your singing! Not everyone is a great singer! And it's MUSIC you care about not singing some crappy childrens song! Sorry you're going through so much bullshit, I guess just try and take it all with a pinch of salt and find some humour in it. Try not to let it get to you in other words, is it a really important class though? Can you switch classes?
I can't stand bra shopping...I always have to spend so much money on bras that fit :(. I, too, only have 2 bras that fit me right now! And even they are losing their elasticity so I feel that my boobs need more lift. Even though I hate the process of getting a new bra, the feeling that they're well supporting is pure bliss. When I step out of the store with my new bra I feel like shouting "BEHOLD MY SUPPORTED BREASTS!" but I don't because that would be weird...

05-19-2014, 01:49 AM
I rarely post up twice, but I'm so impatient to wait for you lovely ladies to update me on your lives, in particular your weekends!

First things first - I completed Week 1 of 3 for Phase 3 Exercise! Huzzah! I worked out 3 x this week, a run on Wednesday, strength on Friday and another run on Sunday.
MFP tells me I have a 6 day streak going for counting calories, so just today and tomorrow and I'll have completed Week 1 of 3 for Phase 3 Nutrition! Woohoo!

I've been at my boyfriends this weekend so no scale to tell me how I'm doing. I went out with friends on Saturday, had delicious food and a few drinks. I was just over my calorie limit that day, which was really surprising considering I went out and usually pork out big time. But I paced myself with drinks, we shared some small dishes together which no doubt helped and I was only over 105 calories! I've bumped up my calorie intake from 1380 to 1400 purely because I wanted a rounded number. Yay, extra 20 cals ;).

I've also reconsidered my blogging activities - I now have TWO blogs. From Hippo to Hot (http://hippotohot.blogspot.com/), my weight loss blog, is back in action with a makeover. I've kept my Tumblr blog, Unclassified Girl (http://unclassified-girl.tumblr.com/), but I cut out any weight loss related content so it's now my more personal blog where I'll post pictures/ramblings.

05-19-2014, 01:09 PM
Rie-I really like the dress with the cap sleeves, I think that would be very flattering on you :) So glad the scale is finally moving down for you! You're right about the weight/scale stuff(you always are!) You know, I still have some trouble areas that I know are only going to go with more fat loss so I think I'm going to continue on for now. I have decided though that as soon as I reach goal I'm going to do a bulk for 6 months to build up more muscle. Great job completing your exercise goal! Add me on mfp! I'm dorothyrobbins9, I'm excited since I just hit my 90 day streak! You really seem like you're getting a good handle on this lifestyle, especially with how you were able to pace yourself and stay pretty within calories when you went out this weekend! I think the way you're managing your blogs makes a lot of sense. I love reading your ramblings lol Unfortunately it is a required class. Ugh only 2 more weeks of this ****....

Weekend was great! Went to the beach on sat and wore my new super tiny bikini(as evidenced by my new avatar) my bf convinced me to buy :o I felt a little self conscious at first bc I felt like it was sooo small and got paranoid that people were staring at me and judging me but I eventually got over it :dizzy: We didn't eat out this weekend! That was a huge victory. Also went for a 4 mile hike on sunday.
I got my first reward! A super cute yellow dress from ebay(so was super cheap ;)) I will make sure to post a pic when it gets here! I REALLY need new clothes though. I decided against the bra bc I just didn't feel like going through the whole bra buying hassle/torture.

I made both my goals this week! I ended up hiking 3x and strength 2x so actually exceeded my exercise goal again. I think I've finally got a decent enough handle on the weekends so I will breeze through the rest of phase 5. It sure took a while though :o

Going to the pool at my school tomorrow, I've never been and am excited!

Have a great week guys! And milesaway, don't forget to check in!

05-21-2014, 03:54 AM

So I've decided to spend the week at my boyfriends as per my "stay at my own place 3 days a week to save food money" rule. I've been stressing out a bit about money recently, I really needed to step back and think "you are WAY better off than most people, you have a tonne of savings just in case, life is NOT money... so relax!" I'm definitely not ready to just pretend like I have an endless pot of money, but I'm also learning to not fret if I end up spending a bit more than expected. I want to be happy after all!

Exercise goals have been going great! I did a strength workout today doing Blogilates videos. I think they're awesome for people who can do them, but I find myself getting put off since my balance is terrible! I also like lifting weights, I feel the pain is more satisfying in a way? BUT I don't have dumbbells at my boyfriends place so I have to do something. Definitely worked up a sweat and got out of breath, so can't complain. That is workout 1 of 3 for week 2 of phase 3!

My Nutrition goal is keeping me on my toes. Definitely need to go shopping and buy something that isn't just bread...it's so bad I know but I am doing my best to stick within my calorie limit even if the food I do eat isn't the best. I also completed week 1 of 3 for phase 3! Huzzah!

I think once I complete phase 3 exercise I'm going to treat myself to a summer hat. I really like the fedora straw hats I've been seeing a lot of girls wearing these days, so I think I'll get one of those. My boyfriend said he thinks I'd suit one, which is an added bonus. I would never not wear something just because my boyfriend doesn't like it, but it's always nice to know he thinks I look nice! One of my friends used to always wear matching lingerie because that's what her (now ex) boyfriend liked. Most of my underwear has animals on, I'm such a big kid!


Dott - My only pyramid buddy! Thank goodness you're still here helping me keep this challenge alive!! Where are you milesaway? ;). Oh man, as much as I would love to add you on MFP you would really put me to shame! I'm actually kinda embarrassed at how unhealthy my diet can be at times! Hehe, thanks so much for checking out my blogs! You'll sigh to hear that I've moved my Unclassified Girl blog back to Blogger >_>. Tumblr just wasn't cutting it for me! CONGRATS ON SMASHING YOUR GOALS! You're so awesome! No worries how long it took, the important thing is you got there. From the teeny tiny picture in your profile I can say the bikini looks super sexy on you. I know this sounds strange, but I find it absurd you'd feel paranoid wearing a bikini with your rocking body! I mean, it's cute in a way that you felt weird about it, one should always remain humble after all. But I'm glad you were able to feel confident, you definitely deserve it with all the hard work you put into weight loss. Wow, I salute you for not eating out this weekend! That's pretty unheard of in my life right now haha. Can't wait to see your dress! Sounds so summery. I think I will reward myself with a bikini when I complete Phase 4! Just in time for my holiday to Spain methinks!

05-21-2014, 01:54 PM
I'm here I'm here!

I'm really struggling at the moment. Not just with my weight loss, but with everything. I feel like such a failure. Every day I tell myself I'll get better, I'll try harder, be more positive, stop procrastinating, etc etc. But at the end of every day I go to bed feeling like I'm totally useless. Sorry to rant, I know it's no fun reading about someone else being miserable! I'm trying so hard to hide it but not really succeeding. If I could just learn to keep quiet and stop moaning, I'm sure things would be better. I'm just so angry at myself all the time, I'm rubbish at concealing it! My poor bf has to put up my crying and / or yelling every day and he doesn't know what to do, it's not fair on him so I really need to learn to hide my emotions more and keep them inside where it doesn't affect the people I care about.

OK, ridiculous self-pitying stuff aside, I've been off the wagon for days. I can't remember how much water I drank on Friday or Saturday last week, and I think I only reached 1.8l rather than 2l on Monday so I've failed Phase 1 of nutrition again. I only had 1 extra session of activity as well last week, so technically I've re-failed phase 1 of exercise. I never got round to taking pictures or measurements either, so I definitely failed week 1 of phase 2.

I'm going to Belfast with my team on Friday, so I won't be making my own food. I'm playing in the B Team and the A Team game as well, so I'll need to keep energy up by snacking. I won't have access to a computer either so won't be tracking for a few days (I've not been tracking this week because I forgot yesterday and Monday) Monday is a national holiday here in the UK and I'm flying back in the afternoon, so I'll get back to 'normal' on Tuesday. I'm really, really, really going to try and succeed at drinking my water, getting in my 2 extra activity sessions and completing my measurements next week. I just need to find some self control from somewhere.

OK, time to catch up on personals:

Rie I've only ever seen Jillian Michaels on The Biggest Loser and I really don't like her on that, but she does look good, so maybe I'll check out that workout! She can't yell at me from a book. I must read your blogs at some point. I keep trying to start writing one, but as you see I'm terrible at finding time to post on a forum let alone keep a blog updated! I'm also useless with technology so actually setting it up is hard enough. I'll get there one day.

I'm glad you're enjoying keeping a scrapbook. It'll be great to look back over in a few years :) I think I started one about 15 years ago then gave up like I do with everything. I tend to hold on to gig tickets still though. Maybe one day I can stick them all together somewhere. My latest hobby is making necklaces. I really enjoy it, and I'm thinking of maybe setting up an Etsy page sometime in the future to sell them, depending on how well they turn out obviously! I'm starting on a really intricate one at the moment, when it's done I'll try and remember to post a picture.

I read your post about making sweet and sour chicken and meant to reply, because I had just made sweet and sour pork that day too! I also didn't have many ingredients so I just made it up. It tasted amazing! It was fairly healthy too, as I only used a couple of teaspoons of dark brown sugar to sweeten it and it was stir fried rather than deep fried with lots of veg. I love cooking but I'm terrible at following recipes, I like making stuff up.

Those dresses are really cute! And amazing about your folks saying they'll come out to witness the ceremony, I'm sure it'll make it seem even more special, even though it's not the big event!

Way to go on your fitness and nutrition goals. It definitely seems like you're managing to make small changes that are becoming part of your lifestyle, which is the ultimate goal. Keep up the good work! I stress about money way too much as well, so I can relate there. You've got your head screwed on so just remind yourself that you're smart and you know how to plan, you've got an emergency fall back (that SO many people don't have) and you deserve to enjoy life, you only live it once!

p.s. I LOVE wearing matching underwear. If I could afford it I'd do it every day.


I don't think I've ever succeeding in anything to warrant a reward or incentive! It's a good idea though, I just need to find something that will work.

Sorry to hear your course is awful. At least it's not for very long. I keep meaning to force myself to study and take my accountancy exams. They're so dull, and it's definitely not what I *want* to do, but I have no idea what else to do with my life so I really should try and progress in this career if I can somehow make myself learn again!

How did the swim go? You look amazing in your bikini :) You're smashing your goals, you deserve to show off! Can't wait to see the new dress. Once I get my butt in gear I'll join you on mfp.

Right, it's taken me all day to write this so I'm going to leave now and try to have a good practice tonight and leave all my negativity at home. Or somewhere else. Sorry again for the rant, I'm sure I'll snap out of this phase soon. Fingers crossed.

Hump day is over. HURRAH!:carrot:

05-21-2014, 03:53 PM
Hey you guys! I promised myself I would get back on track once my crazy semester had ended, but I haven't been able to yet. I'm not sure what it is. My sleeping schedule has been completely off this last week and that hasn't helped at all. I worked two 12 hr overnight shifts last week and it completely messed me up and I haven't been able to get back on a normal schedule. I end up being awake until 4 or 5 in the morning and then sleeping until 2 in the afternoon. And that completely messes with meals too. I'm hungry at weird and unexpected times. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to get back to my normal sleeping patterns. I have plans during the day so I'll have to be awake for them so hopefully I'll get home in the evening and just crash at a decent time. Until then, I am going to completely revamp my pyramid. I'm going to start back up on Saturday with luck. I decided to keep my pyramid a little more basic since I am trying to climb back on the wagon. I don't want to bite off too much and completely fall back off again. I do want to incorporate some sort of exercise everyday though. So I am thinking of ways I can get like 20 minutes of activity in and have it be varied.

Milesawaygirl: I've felt that way too lately and it has been very hard to focus on weight loss. I've been off plan for so long it's been kinda hard for me to figure out where to start. I think I am really going to sit down and think about it, and come up with a new pyramid for myself to get back on track.

Dott: OMG! You look great as always in the avatar picture!

Rie: I am really interested in the yoga videos you have been posting. I am going to try one this weekend and I am thinking I might work it in to my new pyramid once I make it.

05-22-2014, 01:41 PM
themilesawaygirl-:hug: Please try not to be so down on yourself and talk so bad about yourself. You are not a failure at all. I really think you try to do too much at once and then get overwhelmed. I would urge you to make VERY small goals. Like waking up at a certain time, logging on here once a day(when you have internet access of course) ect. You DO have self control and discipline, look at all the meets you go to! I'm sure your sport takes a lot of self control and practice. I think rewards as incentives start out with you not really changing that much(like a very very small thing, for me that was not eating out sat or sunday, my calories were still out of control but I didn't eat out which honestly wasn't that difficult for me) and then you get the reward and it builds up your confidence and you realize change is possible. You can and will get this! From your posts its obvious to me that you are an intelligent, kind, and capable person, you'll figure it all out eventually. Regarding the swim-I didn't get to go! Pool was closed :( I strength trained and got out my old stationary bike instead. Thanks for the kind comments :)

Kailpea-That schedule does suck....I really hope you're able to get back to a normal sleeping cycle soon! :hug: I think revamping is a great idea and I especially like that you're going back to basics goal wise :) I remember my first fitness goal was 15 min per day-I did body weight exercises and short youtube videos to get it in mainly. And thanks! I was so surprised my bf actually was able to take a good photo of me lol.

Rie-Money always stresses me out too, I think you're coming to a healthy relationship with it though-not stressing too much but also not spending too much :) I'm really bad with money! haha Great job with your goals! I know ideally we want our calories to be from healthy items, but if the goal is weight management then really as long as you stay within your calories you should be fine. I totally think the type of hat you described would really fit you :) I can't wear hats at all, my head is too big! Underwear-I wish I could wear matching underwear everyday! I admit to having the habit of changing my underwear to my bf at the times preferences :o At least my bf now likes thongs bc that's what I like the most too. He also likes very simple lingerie which is good bc I can't afford anything beside the basics :p I'm glad milesaway and kailpea are back, I think people might be turned off since its been going for a while and be afraid of jumping in? Also the fact that its not weight loss based probably is less desirable to some. I honestly think just losing weight is much easier then reaching these goals! Its hard to change your life like this. MFP-don't be ridiculous! I eat unhealthy sh!t all the time and I honestly never even look at people's diaries. I'm also over my calories pretty much every day haha But I do log in everyday and track my calories and like everyones posts :) Aw thanks :hug: I still see lots of flaws though, and probably always will. I've had body dysmorphic disorder most of my life to be honest(have been diagnosed) so I do tend to be pretty self conscious, although it does go in phases. Lately I've been in a more insecure type of phase. I was most secure actually when I was 160s-180s oddly enough. You should totally get a new bikini! Are you still thinking of the red one you posted a while back? I remember thinking that one was really pretty. I must say, I'm a tad jealous of all your traveling! I've heard spain is amazing, you must post lots of pictures when you go :)

I've been feeling a little under the weather. Not sure what it is. I've lost more weight(although I'm not sure how or why). Yesterday I dropped into the 130s at 139.6 and today I was at 138.6. It's a little surreal honestly. I'm happy of course, just confused :dizzy: Eating is ok, but not great. Since yesterday I've been going through phases of nausea and extreme hunger pains no matter how much or how little I eat. Doesn't seem to matter. Also had a migraine yesterday which was very odd. My stomach feels wobbly in general. I have lost a teeny bit of inches which is cool(care way more about those then lbs anyways).
Do you guys find those tests online for frame size to be accurate for yourselves at all? They seem to be wildly off for me. I've noticed a lot of people seem to have an easier time deciding on their goal weight once they understand their frame size, but my wrist measurement puts me at an extremely small frame size(my wrist is 5.25 in). Bleh so confusing :p I mean, I'll look at people and it will be obvious that yes they look better at a larger weight and they obviously have a larger frame size or vice versa for smaller frame sizes. Sorry, just rambling!
Getting very excited for my trip this weekend! I still need to pack and plan out my outfits and junk. I will make sure to come back with lots of photos to post :)

05-23-2014, 04:03 AM
Hello everyone! So awesome to see this thread active with many different people!

Not much is new with me on a personal level. Been having a nice week at my boyfriends, but he's working so I tend to just laze around in the daytime. I've been getting back into the terrible habit of sleeping way too much. Need to snap myself out of it!

Exercise has continued to progress for week 2, I did workout 2 of 3 this week. I ran for 3 whole miles, the longest run I've been on since the 10K I did last December. I thought I sucked hard, was expecting an 11 min/mi + pace but I was stoked to see I did it with a 10:48 min/mi pace! So very happy with that.

Nutrition has been going well - mainly because my goal is to literally count calories. I think I might tweak my next goal to stay within a certain range but that's gonna be so hard! So I might implement my "eat a certain amount of fruit/veg a week" goal a bit further forward. So many choices!

Like I mentioned in my last post - my Phase 3 completion reward will be a new hat. I told my boyfriend about it and he said "I'll buy you the hat if you complete your goal" what a sweet heart! So now I have more of an incentive to stick with it, gotta love free stuff!


milesaway - BIG HUG! I know how you feel, I've been there many times. You say that you feel useless, not just with weight loss, how come? What is it in your life that you feel like you're not achieving? For weight loss we can give you loads of advice, but to help you on a personal level let it all out and tell us what's up. Sometimes it's really good to just get it out in the open, even if it is to a bunch of people on a forum! I completely agree with Dott, you should tweak your goals!! Don't think of it as you failing, just admit that things are harder than you anticipated - that's completely ok!! I've changed my goals loads, as you can see I'm even in the process of completely changing my nutritional goals. But you've been stuck on the same phase for a long time, it's time you re-evaluated, cut yourself some slack and think of some easier challenges. Have an awesome weekend in Belfast, I hope to hear all about it on Tuesday!
Yeah, Jillian Michaels really divides peoples' opinions. I like her, mostly, I think she can be a bit chummy with her exercise partners in her workout videos. It's like never mind them, what about ME! I'm probably going to post up a picture of my strength workout that I got from her book on my blog, so I'll make sure to link you to it when I do. Making a blog can be really simple, but can get a bit finicky if you care about how it looks. But if you want, I can help you with setting one up. I'm already really excited to show my best friends the scrapbook, because most of the pictures are of them! So I'm sure they'll have fun looking through it. They've already seen the pictures on my bedroom wall, but I'm sure they'll like flipping the pages through time! Unfortunately I glued my gig tickets into diaries that I kept as a teen, so unless I want to pry it out of those diaries I don't have anything like that from my years of gigs! Wow, I really respect people who can make jewelry. Please link me to any Etsy page you make! Freaking love that site...I've bought a few things from it in my time!
Thanks! It took me a while to get back on track, I really lost my way since January, while I did get back track with exercise in April it's only been recently that I've felt a good balance of focusing on exercise and diet. I always work very slowly, despite being an insanely impatient person, but I know that once I ease my way into things then it'll work out better for me in the long run. I guess I don't wear matching underwear because I can't afford to own many bras! I'm a 34 GG so I have to go to Debenhams (my own personal ****) and try on a million different bras to see which one will fit. They're about £20-£30 EACH so I don't fancy forking out for the matching underwear!!

kailpea - Great idea on revamping your pyramid, that's definitely wise if you're getting back on the wagon! I'm sure having day plans will get you out of your weird sleeping routine, I know how you feel since I'm in the same boat right now. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Dott - Well, like I said to milesaway, I can't really afford matching underwear. And you know what? One time I forked out a lot of pennies for a matching red bra/underwear set thinking he would love it. When I showed him, he looked at me for like 10 seconds then just took it off for sexy time! I mean, it WORKED the way I wanted it to but I felt like saying "NO! LOOK AT ME FOR LONGER!" After reading your post and feeling better about sharing with you my shame, haha, it said that I have to have you either on Facebook or your email to add you. Very odd you can't just find someones username... I've heard about body dysmorphia before. I think I've experienced something like it before, though definitely not to the extreme. Sometimes I physically feel a lot bigger than I actually am. I went through a phase of buying clothes too big for me because that's what I thought I would fit into, it took me a long time to allow myself to realise that I had lost a couple of dress sizes! 90% of the time it's just a nice surprise to feel bigger than I am, but 10% of the time it can really hurt my confidence. Wellll, I was thinking of that red one but I think I've changed my mind! I already have a red bikini, so I looked at this one instead. (http://www.simplybeach.com/products/Freya/RevivalUnderwirePaddedBandeau-Black.aspx) I think it would go with simple black bottoms, which I can easily find instead of trying to find the right shade of red for the bottoms. Saves me money, and I really this this one! I'm sooo lucky that I'm able to travel so much. My parents have been super amazing and are paying my way for me to go to Spain since it's a family holiday. I will of course contribute something to the food while I'm there, but I know not everyone gets to go abroad. My parents are very much the work hard play hard type people, they both work full time but will spend their money on holidays. I've actually been to the place we're going to in Spain before, it's nice! I don't think we'll be doing more travelling, very much a pool/beach holiday.
Sorry you've been feeling under the weather =(. If it keeps up for a while I'd really suggest going to the Doctor, those symptoms aren't just a typical under the weather bug but could be a sign of something that needs seeing to. I'm not one to rush to the doctor when I feel sick, but if I really don't know why I'm feeling a certain way then I would go. But, wow, YOU'RE IN THE 130'S!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! I feel like each time I post I'm congratulating on something awesome you've achieved!! I bet you feel sooo stoked to be in the 130's, I know I would be! I've honestly never really considered my body frame in relation to my goal weight, is there a particular website you've been looking at that calculates that? Would be very interested to see!

05-26-2014, 12:10 AM
Good morning everyone!

Sorry to post twice in a row, but I'm so impatient waiting to hear about how you're all doing and to update you on my weekend! Forgive me! So this weekend I went back to my apartment, this time with boyfriend in tow, for movie night. This time it was my turn to pick the film so I chose Lars and the Real Girl. It's one of my favourite films, I'm so glad that everyone enjoyed it. That night we had Dominos pizza...I had literally sworn myself off it but ended up getting in on the order and having half of a large =/. I'm so weak when it comes to those choices! My flatmate decided not to have pizza and had a pasta salad instead. I was kinda annoyed at her for some reason...I think maybe it's because she can just naturally have that self restraint that I struggle to have. I was thinking at the time "why is she being so awkward? Just have some friggin' pizza!" But really is was just that I was annoyed at myself for not opting for something healthier. I could have said no to pizza and got something else, but I didn't. Do you ever find yourself being annoyed at healthier people?! Despite not eating much in the day to prepare myself for the calories that were in the pizza I was WAY over my calorie goal. Like 1000+. It has by far been the worse day I've had in a long time.

The next day my boyfriend woke up and wanted greasy food to help with his hangover, so we went to McDonald's and had a meal there =/. What a terrible weekend for food! We were initially only going to get fries, but at the last second I said I wanted a combo meal. Ugh, I'm so weak! BUT despite this hiccup I was really restrained for the rest of the day and I actually stayed under 1400 calories! I was really struggling at the end of the night, I felt like I wasn't full but it was my punishment for eating sh!t! If I'm going to be stupid and go to McDonald's then I will have to suffer the hunger pangs later in the day. It's insane how much calories are in those meals, it's just not worth eating when it's not even going to fill you up for later.

This morning I weighed in and I noticed that my scale is broken!! Well, it's not zeroing, so I THINK it's still ok if I just subtract the 0.8 lbs that it reads when nothing is on it. The morning after pizza I was up to 167 lbs, but that was before realising there was a problem, so this morning I weighed in at 164.6 lbs! Woohoo! I'm really happy that my weight is going down and that I'm finally less than my starting weights for this challenge and the bikini ready challenge. I'm also, according to my ticker, past the half way point for my overall goal!

Exercise has been going swimmingly - I completed week 2 out of 3 for phase 3!

Nutrition has also been fine, I've been staying accountable even on the terrible days. I really feel that without counting calories I would have gone way over again yesterday, so it's been really helpful and I saw a loss this morning so I'm happy!

I also wrote up a blog post: my plan for losing weight in 2014 (http://hippotohot.blogspot.jp/2014/05/my-weight-loss-plan-2014-edition.html). It's got pictures of my charts, my strength training chart (milesaway I think you were interested in seeing it?) and general ramblings about why I'm doing what I'm doing.

05-27-2014, 03:31 PM
Rie-sorry for the absence! I went away this weekend and GOT ENGAGED!!! :D :dizzy: I know if I plan on being unhealthy, I get annoyed when someone decides to not partake. Not very annoyed, but a little irked, especially if we were planning on getting pizza or something and at the last minute they decide on just eating a salad and leaving me with all the pizza. I'm glad you realized that the fast food isn't worth it since for all the calories it doesn't fill you up, but I don't think "punishing" yourself with hunger at the end of the day is very healthy either. I understand you wanted to stay within your calories, but don't think of hunger as a punishment.
Congrats on getting over halfway to goal and getting below your start weights! :) Great job staying on plan with your goals in general. LOL at the matching underwear, I kind of feel the same way too about lingerie, its so expensive but doesn't stay on for very long haha
Here's a body frame standard using write measurement. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/imagepages/17182.htm
That suit is really cute, I think I like it better then the other one you posted, although they're both nice :)
I tend to do the same thing with clothing sizes! I feel like I have no idea what size my body is sometimes...

Well I had an AMAZING weekend :dance: My boyfriend took me on a romantic getaway up the coast and we stayed at incredible places and went on some great hikes and walks. On sunday we went to the most beautiful preserve and were hiking along a ridge and I stopped for a small break to take in the view of the ocean on a redwood trunk and he got a ring box out of his jacket and got on one knee and proposed! I almost died! It was so perfect and I'm so happy he did it somewhere I truly enjoy(in nature). Was a beautiful moment and one I will cherish always. I was all sweaty and kind of gross though lol I'll still post some pics though. I feel so surreal about it all honestly. I also feel like a real "adult" now haha
Eating was terrible this weekend though. But I really didn't care. We had some amazing delicious food. Saturday we went to this very cute fancy restaurant and shared grilled artichoke for an appetizer and I had the panang curry with pineapple chutney. It was the richest curry I've ever had! Then I had a ton of pudding for dessert :o Sunday I ate A LOT. Just tons of junk while on the road :p And for dinner went to the most delicious chinese place I've been to in years. Seriously, its so hard to find good chinese food and this stuff was amazing. Also split a bottle of wine with my fiance(eek totally not used to that yet!) after dinner. Monday I ate very light throughout the day, but for dinner I made us chili cheese dogs(mine were vegan and gluten free but still really good!) and had some chips and wayyy too many gf oreos :o Yeah, I don't regret it at all though. It was all yummy food and it was my engagement weekend/vacation. So now I'm back on track, and probably need to lose a lb or two from this weekend, but I'm sure I'll get off any excess weight in no time :)

Obviously I failed my nutrition challenge, but am good for exercise! One day I'll get past this stupid nutritional challenge 5 :p

I'll be doing a blog post with many more pictures soon, but here's a few :)

05-27-2014, 04:46 PM
Dott Congrats on the engagement! Were you expecting it over the weekend, or was it random? Do you have a date in mind? And who cares if you were terrible on the nutrition over the weekend! You were celebrating!

Rie I go through phases of being really cold with my eating choices and really bad. Lately I have just been completely bad. Luckily, I don't have many friends who are inherently good at making awesome nutritional choices. I'm probably the one they all hate when I am on my "I'm going to be good" phase. I just wish I could be on that phase more often! I've had so many bad meals this weekend. My husband and I went to a movie and we sat in the Balcony area of the theatre which is 21+ and you can order a full meal and alcohol up there and then we went out for ice-cream later. =/ Then This morning I was starving and rather than just cooking breakfast, we went out for a big traditional greasy breakfast. And it was delicious, but I don't even want to think about the calories!

I weighed myself for the first time since the beginning of the month and I've gained 6 lbs. It was really depressing. I am hoping that since I weight shortly after eating a massive breakfast, that has something to do with it. But after seeing that I decided to go the gym after work. I am still trying to figure out a good plan to go by. And what goals I want to start focusing on. Rie I saw your plan on your blog, and I like the idea of it! I know I want to try to do some sort of exercise everyday, but I am not sure how to go about making a plan for myself. I am also considering alternating my weeks focus between nutrition and exercise. But I'm not sure. I am still trying to formulate it all in my head! I went ahead and used Google calendar to schedule all of the things I have to get done in the day during the summer. I have my Summer class in there, work, Time to study for my nursing entrance exam (I've committed to 10 hrs a week to that) and also time to work out. Working out on Tuesdays/Thursdays are going to be tough for me. But I think if I put something easy like walking for 20 minutes or doing X amount of crunch, planks, squats, etc, I can get it done. We'll see though I am going to try to have a rough plan done by the start of the month. I have a problem with new beginnings! I either want to start them on a Monday or on the first day of the month! I know it's silly, but I always already feel as though I have failed a week if I don't start on a traditional "start day."

05-28-2014, 06:22 AM
Hello everyone! So today I weighed in at 163.5 lbs!! That's a 2 lb drop from last weeks official weight! Woohoo!

Exercise - Week 3/3 Workout 1/3 complete! I did a strength workout, I was sweating my arse off by the end. It's so funny how I always start strength workouts thinking it's not really going to get my heart rate up, but then by the end of Circuit 3/5 I'm sweating like crazy. Such a great work out, but I really wish I had heavier dumbbells. I only have 1.5 kg ones, but there's no point buying any before I leave Japan so will have to make do.

Nutrition - Been going very well recently, I've been also keeping up with my previous phases too so I'm really happy. I've been drinking loads of water now the temperature is rising, I've also been cooking meals too which is a no brainer in my life now that I'm not living alone. Today marks week 2/3 complete for Phase 3. Just one more week of counting calories then the real challenge begins!

I did something sad today...I made a page on my blog dedicated to all my weekly weigh ins. It was actually REALLY interesting to see how my exercise correlated to weight loss. I also worked out that this week is my 100th week of staying accountable with weighing in! Woah...so crazy...Congrats to me?! Click here to see it! (http://hippotohot.blogspot.jp/p/weight-loss-progress.html)


Dott - REWRFHSELKWIJWOHEIWCONGRATULATIONS!!!!! OH MY GAHD I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! What a wonderful way to propose to you...I'm so jealous! That's really how I wanted to be proposed to, by complete surprise in nature! The pictures you took are really cute <3. The ring is stunning too, very much my type of engagement ring. What an incredible weekend you had, I'm not surprised you let loose and had lots of junk food, I know I would!
I think I worded my post a bit weird, I completely understand your concern about self punishment and I completely agree! I failed to mention that the hunger pangs I were having was purely for junk food! I had a healthy dinner (cous cous stuffed peppers) so the hunger I felt was purely for the chocolate I knew was in the fridge! I appear to be a medium frame size and according to the first website I visited my goal weight is 127-141 lbs. I can agree with that! My goal is 130 lbs, I'd rather be more towards the lower end of the range than balancing on the higher end!

kailpea - I can definitely relate, I have a bad habit of eating crap! I think it's all down to willpower at this point. You know what's good for you, you just have to eat it. My friends, despite all being really thin, will happily eat a 3 course meal. It's nice because I feel like they can enjoy food AND still be healthy. I only have 2 friends I can think of who are really picky about what they're eating, and it's always bugged me! Honestly though, what's really helped me is counting calories. Now I know what the bad food really means in regards to my calorie limit it really puts me off eating bad often. I still enjoy food, but I definitely limit what I eat now I'm back to counting calories. If you're not already, why not count calories too?
Your weight gain was no doubt affected by your big breakfast! I always weigh naked first thing in the morning, it makes a huge difference. Completely understand your feelings on starting fresh at the beginning of the week! I did that so many times. I would always recommend starting asap, what time like the present? But I really do understand the feeling. Sounds like you've got a crazy schedule, you should really start back into weight loss slowly! Doing even 20 minutes of exercise 3 x a week is a fine place to start. I know I failed majorly when I planned way too much at once, so really go easy on yourself.

05-28-2014, 11:55 PM
Hey everyone, I'm can't believe I'm saying this but my boyfriend broke up with me. He said that he couldn't go through with getting married, that something didn't feel right so he didn't want to go into it if he felt something was wrong. I'm just so shocked, I can't even cry. I can't believe it's over...12 years of friendship and 4 years of being together. I honestly thought we'd be together forever, how stupid of me.

05-29-2014, 05:42 AM
Oh Rie, I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm terrible with the right words to say in times like this, but just try to remember that everything happens for a reason. He might just be panicking about the thought of marriage, I know it's a pretty scary thing for a lot of people. You've been friends for such a long time I'm sure you can work through this somehow. The way you were talking about getting married seemed like it wasn't ideal for you either, it might just be that this is what's not feeling right to him and once he's realised that's where this feeling is coming from he might realise what an idiot he's been and that he's just scared and reacting terribly. Whatever happens I'm sure you can get through this. You're such a strong person and you deserve to be happy. Thinking of you :hug:

05-30-2014, 04:03 AM
Oh no Rie! I am so sorry. =( I am not sure I have any good words of advice, but just know that we all hope you can work it out. Hopefully, MilesAway is right, and he is just afraid and if not, I hope that after such a long friendship you can salvage it. Thinking about you!

05-31-2014, 01:03 AM
Hey everyone, thank you SO much to reaching out to me and sending me your love and support. Even though we don't each other in person, it still meant a lot.

So the day we broke up I just left feeling lost and confused. It really came out of nowhere, it just didn't make any sense. If things hadn't been going well for a while and we had both acknowledged it as such, it wouldn't be so shocking, but I literally felt nothing had been amiss. It was because of this that I insisted that we speak in person, he broke up with me over the phone (it had initially started as just a talk and then ended up that way) and he said he hadn't intended to break up with me but it just seemed to come up. I went over to see him so we could talk privately and we managed to work things through. There were a lot of problems that we both weren't addressing, or just ignoring, so we talked every little thing out and came to the decision that we're going to make things work.

The biggest change is that he's going to stay in Japan until next year. It hurts to think about going back to distance, we did it for 7 months once and it was horrible, but we did make it then so I hope we can make it now. Staying in Japan to finish his school year is really important to him, so I agreed to him staying only if he visited me for a while in that time away. So there's a chance that he'll be staying at mine for Christmas, but we'll see.

I'm still a bit hurt and upset that he ended up walking away, he said to me that even though I probably won't believe him he was going to call me and talk to me about things after. The reason we were able to sit down and talk was because there was some hope that we could fix things. I feel a bit stupid because I told my closest friends and even rang my parents in the UK at 6am to tell them. They were going to be rearranging my flight to go home earlier so I didn't have to stay in Japan. People are telling me that they're happy we're sorted it, but they're worried about me considering what happened. I'm going to be careful, if things just don't seem to be working and when the time comes to plan our marriage/move to New York he's still hesitant then I'm going to have to be the one to walk away. I can't keep fighting for a relationship that he's not fully committed to. Things still feel a bit up in the air because of how soon after it's been since we came through this horrible situation, but I want to make it work so if he does too then I think we're going to be ok.

So we shall see. I love him, he means the world to me, I honestly was so utterly lost about what to do with my life when I thought it was over so I really want to see things through. But I have to be brave and face the fact that it might just not turn out the way I thought.

06-01-2014, 09:17 AM
Howdy ho everyone!

So it's Sunday and things are really looking up after such an awful Thursday. Things felt a bit weird for a few days between my boyfriend and I. But we managed to communicate and work through the remaining issues. Things are really looking up, I'm more hopeful about the future of our relationship than I was the day after it happened. I was worried that his feelings for me had changed, so we talked about it and he assured me that it wasn't the case. I won't go into all the details, I'm sure it's pretty boring by now! But I just wanted to let y'all know that we're getting back on track and things are good.

But anywhoot, I'm here to boast about my achievements!

Exercise - I completed phase 3!!! Woohoo! I worked out 3 x a week for 3 weeks! This week was a close call, I worked out on Tuesday but then didn't work out a second time until Saturday. So instead of giving myself a break I pushed myself to work out today too. Man today's workout kinda sucked, it was just a 2 mile run but my pace was really sluggish. Think it was because I was dehydrated/not well rested/hadn't ate very well. But I did it, which meant, I GOT MY HAT!

http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q381/Riestrella/Snapshot_20140601_1_zpsd5b6a33f.jpg (http://s349.photobucket.com/user/Riestrella/media/Snapshot_20140601_1_zpsd5b6a33f.jpg.html)

Sorry for the bad webcam picture, but there it is! It took a while of hunting through the sweltering Shibuya streets but I found this bad boy in Forever 21. I'm really happy with it, my boyfriend held up his end of the bargain he proposed and bought it for me. Free hat, yay!

Nutrition just got 3 days to go of counting calories until I move on to phase 4. Still not sure what to do, whether to be strict with calories or try and incorporate a different goal...still so unsure!

That's it from me, onto working out 4x a week now, it's going to be tough but this time I think I'll reward myself with a bikini for my holiday if I complete it. Hope everyone is doing well!

06-02-2014, 07:52 PM
Rie-congrats on completing phase 3 exercise! :carrot: You look so adorable in that hat :) You really have such lovely blue eyes. So close to meeting your nutrition goal too! That's awesome, you really are doing wonderful.

Personal Update: I had a very busy weekend! Sat was my brothers birthday and we had plans, so I didn't go to LA Friday night like normal, which was good bc Mike was up in the bay area for work and didn't get back to LA till 9:30 and really needed some sleep and not me bothering him for attention ;) So Sat morning I taught a makeup at 8:30(ugh teaching that early is HARD!) then headed to Palm Springs and hung out with my family while my brother slowly woke up and got ready(took him 2 hours....). Me and him then went shopping together and then out to eat with my dad at my brother's favorite vegan health restaurant. Everyone had a great time and got along so that was nice.
Sat evening I went to LA and saw Godzilla with my bf and it was sooo bad, but sooo good haha We were totally nerding out over it. Both of us were really into old godzilla films as kids.
Sunday I made us a yummy breakfast then out for a hike. We relaxed a lot since we were both tired after such long weeks. Yesterday evening I made this epic feast of bbq fried tofu, creamy vegetables, and chocolate cake(all gf and mostly df) and it was about a million calories, but soooo good :o My boyfriend also bought me a new purse that I'll include a pic of. I really needed one and it was very sweet of him bc I could not afford it on my own.
I'm excited bc I'm finally out of school for the summer and now have time to practice again. I practiced for 2 hours today(started small as I get back into practice mode) and learned/memorized the 1st mov of my Schubert Sonata. I got onto the 2nd mov and realized it was variations(13 freakin variations!) and decided I'd tackle that later. I'm going to try and do a variation a day along with practicing my other pieces bc those variations are mindnumbingly hard :p

Exercise: Good. No longer have trouble here. Have lots of good exercise planned now that I'm out of school. Even with last week being finals week I still got in my hiking. My schedule for this week is: Monday-strength, Tues-hiking, Wed-strength+bike, Thursday-hiking, Friday-bike and/or hiking, Sat-hiking, Sun-rest.

Nutrition: Iffy. But I learned an important lesson this week. Its not worth it. Going over on the weekends is seriously not worth it. Even a cheat meal(like yesterday) isn't freakin worth it anymore. And unless I know for sure that a restaurant has truly gf/df dishes-its not worth it. I've been sick again today bc something I ate yesterday had traces of dairy. And the weekend before something had traces of gluten and then I was super sick. I feel so much better on lower carb and just need to stick to my tofu, berries, tempeh, eggs, goat cheese, and veggies. It might not be super exciting, but I would rather feel good than risk getting sick/bloated/gaining weight from the weekend.

Weight: BAD. Still have some residual bloat/gain(?) from the trip and then of course from yesterday too. Hoping to finally get back into the 30s again by next week :dust:

I know this is a long update, but haven't updated in a while :D Hope everyone is having a great start to their week!

06-03-2014, 10:46 AM
Afternoon! (Or morning, if you're in the USA, or, um, good night if you're in Japan!?)

I'm in a good mood for once so I thought I'd post so I don't smother you all with my negativity again.

First up, Rie I'm soooo happy things are looking up with your bf. It definitely sounds like he started talking nonsense without realising as a knee-jerk reaction to being scared about big life changes. Although it was a horrible experience to go through at the time, hopefully this has helped you address any little problems now so they don't escalate in the future, and it means you'll be better placed to deal with things as and when they happen in your relationship. You guys have been through a lot together and I'm sure you'll work it out. I was telling a friend how worried I was about you, even though we've never met! I can't tell you how glad I am that things are looking up for you as I honestly think you're a wonderful person and deserve the best in life.

So, for a catch up since my last post.

Kailpea How's the new pyramid going? Hope you've sorted out your sleep patterns. I managed to get to the gym this morning before work for the first time in weeks, feel so much better for it! Have you tried online workout vids for 10-20 mins? There are loads out there, and it's a great way to squeeze just a little bit of activity into your day if you're planning on starting small to get back on track. I'm terrible for wanting a traditional 'start day' too, I chose yesterday as a Monday and the 2nd of the month. It wasn't perfect, but I tried to do a couple of things to get back on the right tracks. I think that's important with making plans - that you take things step by step. Did I eat 100% clean yesterday on my 'start day'? No. Did I do an extra work out or remember to take measurements? No. But I DID manage to drink my 2l of water, and I did get in a strength workout at lunch, so I'm counting that as a success. Today I'm going to try and be a little more controlled with my food. I'd say maybe try focusing on small goals for nutrition and exercise each week, rather than alternating. If you alternate, there's the risk of thinking you can eat anything on your exercise week, and you don't need to bother doing any exercise on your nutrition week, which isn't going to get you into good habits. I think you've got the right idea with focusing on something small, like a short walk or some squats. Try and combine that with planning a healthy diet and take it slow until you feel like you're back in the right direction. You've got so much on I'm not surprised you're finding it tough. Good luck!

Dott Thank you so much for your lovely words and hugs! I've tried making very small goals, but I can't even seem to stick to them! Like saying 'no' to a biscuit or cake when offered. Or even getting up at a certain time! I really do just need to be harder on myself and have a bit more willpower. I am putting everything this week into MFP. Yesterday was not a good day, so I'm hoping I can improve through the week and share with you all once I've brought it back bit! I've never really understood frame size hugely either. I think I have a pretty small frame, as I have a lot more body fat compared to someone else my height / weight. Once I find the weight that I think is 'right' for me, I'll let you know! I've upped my goal weight a little as I do so much strength training I figure I'll have to weigh a little more if I want to keep the muscle I hoping to continue building.

:congrat: on the engagement! You look so pretty in the pics, and so happy! How lovely that you'll get to remember it as a time when you were doing something you love. Your hikes sound so amazing, you're lucky to have such wonderful surroundings to enjoy. Your posts make me want to get out of the city a bit more and escape the smog and concrete. Hopefully we'll get some more consistent summer weather soon and I can take a day trip to the seaside if I get some free time at the weekends.

I'm glad your awful summer class is over. Although practice sounds like hard work too! Do you teach make-up classes too? Is there no end to your talents :) !? I have so much sympathy for you not being able to eat certain foods. I keep trying to plan a paleo vegan diet for a few days just to see how I'd feel, but I can't bear to cut so many food groups out. I don't really think I have any sensitivities to particular foods, but there's so many articles and opinions about not eating dairy or grains that I'm curious to see if it would make any difference at all.

I'm way back up in the 140s too, hoping to see 139 by the end of the week too. I'm not sure how much of my weight gain is bloating from eating badly, water retention from weight training or just plain fat but I'm hoping I can shed the pounds I put on when I went away. Fingers crossed!

Rie You asked me why I feel useless and like a failure? Well, that's the million dollar question. Sometimes I feel OK (like now) and sometimes I have this overwhelming anger at myself, and all I can think about is everything about me that's not perfect (which is a lot; I'm only human!) and I simply cannot see anything positive at all. Rather than accept the imperfections and try and focus on anything good, I become furious with myself for being entirely and unacceptably terrible as a person. It's tricky to describe, and it's horrible as I know how illogical I'm being, but I just can't control it. My bf gets very frustrated as he doesn't know how to help, which is totally understandable. I need to learn how to control it somehow, just haven't worked that out yet. One day!

Belfast was AMAZING! We won both of our games. It was hard work but I'm really proud of my league for getting as far as we have. We had 2 days before the games to go sightseeing too, which was awesome. It was so good to spend time with my team doing fun, touristy stuff as opposed to just at training. The hostel they were staying in (I had a hotel room with my bf) was brilliant, the chef even came to the game and made us a banner to support us! It was definitely one of the best trips I've been on and made me realise how glad I am to have found the sport and become part of the little family that is my league :D

I had a look at your strength training plan on your blog, it looks fantastic. you write so well, it's really personable and easy to read. I think half of my trouble with trying to start a blog is that I struggle to formulate my thoughts into any kind of cohesive sentence, and get very easily sidetracked, going off on a tangent every other sentence. I will give it a go though, I just need to work out what my first post will be about! Maybe food and exercise would be a good place to start.

Congratulations on completing phase 3! I think we can all agree it's sometimes really tough to push ourselves instead of making excuses but you did it! The hat really suits you by the way, you look great!


A couple of personal goal bits I've not already covered:

I am on track for my water intake. It might only be Tuesday but Monday was 2.5l and I'm already on 2.1l today.

I've also done strength training yesterday and today, and I went for a jog at lunch too, so that's 1 of my 2 extra cardio sessions a week done from phase 1 of my exercise.

My food's been waaay over, but I've been logging it again, so that's a step towards getting back on track. Mfp has set my calories really low, as I think its estimate for calories burnt through strength training isn't anywhere near the reality. I'm going to have a go at lowering my calories a bit though, and see what my energy levels do. It's all about learning how our bodies work I guess.

OK that's me just about caught up for now. I'll try try try to post more regularly so I don't end up writing another mammoth post in a week!

Happy Tuesday all! x

06-04-2014, 10:13 AM
Howdy ho!

It's Wednesday, woah! Feels like later in the week for some reason. Well the last couple of days have been uneventful for me, just bumming around at my boyfriends place to wait for today to arrive since we watched the new X-Men film. It was fun! A very entertaining, heart racing action kinda film. I also loooove the popcorn in Japan, it's so soft and caramel covered! In the UK it's a bit stale and just sweetened slightly. I realised that I actually hadn't had any breakfast so technically I had popcorn for breakfast >_>. Ooooh welly, it's a once in a while treat!

Tomorrow I'm going to head back to my apartment and then get around to putting my furniture for sale on craigslist. Ugh, I hate all the faff of taking pictures and measuring how big everything is and blah blah blah. I'm still unsure if anyone will buy anything because they will have to collect it and owning a car in Tokyo is pretty rare...so yeah, I'm pretty skeptical I'll be able to sell much but I will at least try! So that will be my day tomorrow, yay!

My boyfriend is busy this weekend, his school is having a sports day (which, apparently is a freakin' HUGE deal over here) so he's going to that. I'm trying to get back on track with my Spanish and also writing creatively, it's so easy to be lazy in the life of me!

Exercise - Today I did workout 1/4 week 1/4, it was a strength workout but I was really tired from being out in the sun (yes, I'm a poor British rose who wilts in intense heat) so I didn't feel like I gave it my all. But it was pretty funny because I used 2 giant jars of peanut butter as weights. They weighed 2 lbs each so I figured...better than nothing! It was pretty hilarious doing dumbbell fly's with peanut butter.

Nutrition - I completed week 3/3!! Huzzah! I'm onto phase 4! I went back to my "don't buy junk food" which I found REALLY difficult before so I'm hoping I can overcome this! I think if I struggle with it again I'll switch to my "stay within calorie limit 6 days a week".


Dott - Aww thank you <3! Seems like you frequent vegan places often! Is it just the culture you're in or just your upbringing? Oh man, I really wanna see the new Godzilla too! I was really into it when I was younger as well! I really like your purse, looks tres fancy! It's so great to hear that you're coming to terms with your nutrition and how staying on plan is best for you and your health. I can't imagine having the types of reactions you do, so I don't blame you for having such an epiphany! It'll take strength to say no in the future, but you can do it! Remember the future you who is begging past you for mercy!

milesaway - Time differences are cuhrazy!! Please don't think you only have to post if you're in a good mood! We're here for you for all the good and bad times :). Thank you for your support, I have learned a lot from this experience. I've learnt that I really need to live for myself! I think I got so wrapped up in making the relationship work, heck I even moved to Japan so we could be around each other, that I lost a bit of who I was. I'm really trying to get back to discovering my identity and do what makes me happy. So things are really looking up both in my life and with my relationship :). Aww, that's so sweet that you were worried! To be fair I would be too if any of you guys landed that bombshell in the thread! You guys are the best. Wow, sounds like an amazing weekend away! I'm so sorry, you've probably mentioned this before, but what sport is it you play again? Forgive my forgetfulness! Honestly, I just write what I'm feeling! Sometimes I post things that have more focus, but my general updates are usually just me rambling. I read a few weight loss blogs and it's a common theme! It's really just a place to vent!
Woohoo with your water intake! YOU GOT THIS!! I know what you mean with MFP in regards to strength, all that pumping must amount to SOME calories burnt! I think it's just too complex of a formula for it to work out I suppose?

06-05-2014, 02:38 PM
milesawaygirl-Thanks :) I am very fortunate to live in southern california and have such nice weather and hiking available to me. Even in LA there's lots of near by hiking! I really hope your able to get out of the city and enjoy some nature soon. :) Haha no when I said "make-up" I meant to say make up for a missed piano lesson :rofl: I do love make-up though! But yeah, I teach piano so that's what I meant by a "make up lesson". Did you go vegetarian before trying vegan? I think trying to jump into a vegan paleo diet right away would be a bit much. You could slowly do things, like just take out bread. Before I knew I was gluten intolerant I actually just slowly stopped eating bread anyways bc I kind of knew something was up I guess. But maybe try to limit bread. Then milk. Then cheese, then pasta etc and build up to the diet you want :) You're making a lot of good progress. Great job on logging your food, getting in your water, and fitting in exercise :carrot:

Rie-Popcorn in Japan is covered in caramel? How interesting! I LOVE popcorn, haha I can't keep it around though bc I can easily just eat popcorn for dinner lol Good luck with the furniture. Ugh I hate moving, always such a pain. Haha love the peanut butter as weights! I use a big gallon thing of water for my strength routine, one day I'll save up the money for weights ;) Yes, I go to lots of vegan restaurants haha My dad is Seventh Day Adventist which is why I was raised vegetarian and my brother aside from being raised veggie also has a very rare metabolic condition called PKU where he can't eat protein. So he's vegan and basically lives off of vegetables and his special supplements. Also everyone in my family(aside from my mom) loves vegan cuisine and most of us are life long vegetarian. And its easier to find all vegan places than all vegetarian places weirdly enough. My boyfriend is vegetarian too and seems to be developing some lactose intolerance so is cutting down on his cheese. For me vegan places often cater to people with food allergies so they have lots of gluten free options much of the time as well. Also so many just vegetarian places rely heavily on cheese so those don't work so well for me :) I really like what you said about thinking of the future me, I've actually been thinking about that and using it a lot lately, thanks for that :D

I've been on plan with eating, exercise, and good with carbs too this week. I'm already prepping for the weekend and building up my resolve to be careful and not allow myself to go off plan. Thinking of my future self ;) Still not used to exercising on the lowered carbs though. I imagine that will come with time. My cravings have been manageable though and I was even able to go out to lunch with my mom yesterday and stay within my calories, not have an adverse food reaction, and feel satisfied :)

Weight is being VERY dumb though. I'm trying not to let it bug me, but it does a little. I think TOM is about to start since last weekend I was having cramps, I broke out earlier this week, and today I woke up supper emotional :p Also its about time for it too. Lame. I'm hoping for a whoosh before it starts bc I have been keeping to my plan. Scale has been around 140 the whole week. Grumble.

Sunday is my students recital. I'm not looking forward to it honestly. Its my 6th recital for them and its so much work and parents are being weird. I'll be glad when its over. The next Christmas recital will be my last recital since I'll be moving to LA after graduation.

Really not much to report! Its been a busy first week of summer. Hoping next week things will calm down more. And crossing my fingers that the scale will drop! :dizzy:

06-08-2014, 10:55 AM
Good evening and happy Sunday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

The rainy season is well and truly here in Japan. So while it may be pissing it down with rain it's still humid as **** which makes for some very confusing wardrobe decisions! I hate the feeling of rain on my skin because it feels so cold but it's way too hot to wear long sleeved anything. Le sigh.

My boyfriend was supposed to go to a sports day on Saturday, but because it rained 2 days straight it was called off. We spent the weekend at my apartment because I was already there/had just left his place. We literally just chilled out all weekend. Played video games, talked and relaxed. Rainy days always inspire such behaviour in us both, much to our delight and dismay.
I made sweet and sour chicken again this weekend, realised it had been a month since the last one and wanted to make it for the boyfriend. I was super hungry so made waaaay too much rice so didn't finish it =(. But it was nice and the bf said he'd have it again, so success!

It's kinda weird though because this was the first weekend I've spent in my apartment with my boyfriend. So it's 2 couples living in the same apartment, it was really strange! We all get on very well, but I think we all have our own opinions on what is wrong with the other relationship. I got this impression that they were judging us on how we just lazed around playing video games, but we have our opinion that they do a bit too much together to the point where the girl is always telling him what they should be doing. It's weird that there was this slight tension when having 2 couples live in close proximity! Also it's interesting that everyone will have their own opinion on how a relationship should work, so why we see our relationship as fine others might be looking at us thinking wtf is going on with those guys?! It's funny.

I'm back at the boyfriends now for the week. Sometimes I wish that he would have been fine with me living with him because I feel like I'm always here! My belongings would not have fit in this apartment in their entirety, but we do live with each other comfortably.

So now onto the health stuff. Well my last weigh in I weighed 163.1 lbs that's a measly 0.4 lb drop from the week before - but I'll take it!

Exercise - Completely failed week 1! I was going to go on a run on Friday but it was torrential raining. I'm not one to be afraid of rain, I grew up in England so it feels like home when it rains, but I literally don't have the right gear. I'm not entirely sure my shoes are waterproof...so running in squishy wet shoes is the worse feeling ever =(. I also don't have a cap to shield the rain from my face so I know I'll be running and the rain will just get in my eyes. It was also meant to be a long run, 3.5 miles, so I skipped it aaaand did nothing. I SHOULD have did a strength workout or SOMETHING. What's worse is that this slump continued over the weekend, so I only did 1 workout last week =(. Must get back on track this week, I've planned my workouts according to the weather. I'm not in the position to just push off a run because if I do that then it'll be pouring it with rain and I won't go!

Nutrition - Man, this weekend really has sucked! Stopped counting calories, bought junk food. Enough said really. Gonna get back on it tomorrow!!

I think I've yet again slipped into TOM mindset. It's such a terrible monster that takes over! RAARR I WANT ALL THE JUNK FOOD! This weekend I very much gave into my period monster =/.


Dott - Yes, it's covered in delicious caramel! Well, maybe I'm describing it wrong, it's coated in caramel it's not like they pour caramel over it in front of you. Still, it's so soft and fluffy and so sweet. So far I've had inquiries about the smaller stuff, but the big furniture is not getting any response. People don't tend to drive in Tokyo and those items require a car so it's a shot in the dark. Fingers crossed! Wow, your Mum must feel like the left one out! Does she slip out and go get a burger every once in a while?! I know that's what I would do! I really need to introduce more veg into my diet, I know how much better off I'll be!
How was your weekend? Did you achieve your goal? I can imagine parents getting a little intense with their kids being perfect...do you have to defend yourself a lot? It's never the kids fault, it's always the teachers -_-. Got my fingers crossed the scale will show you a great number, but if not, no worries! Wait for the monthlies to be over before you decide to make any changes to your routine! You got this =D

06-09-2014, 02:45 PM
Milesawaygirl-How are you doing?

Rie-I'm glad your bf liked the food you made :) Always a satisfying feeling when people appreciate your cooking! That's weird the other couple was judging you guys! I usually get along with other couples well, except when they're competitive though :p I hate super competitive couples, those that are like trying to prove how happy, in love, chill, fun, successful etc they are. It sounds like you guys had a nice relaxing weekend and I know it wasn't ideal with food and exercise, but I think you guys needed a relaxing weekend like this. Its REALLY hard not to give into the period monster haha I'm usually not very successful saying no during TOM either :o You are back on track now though! My mom generally doesn't go out to eat with us unless its to her favorite chinese restaurant near my house(which happens to be vegetarian/vegan but is really popular with meat eaters!). Or she will just get french fries. She gets PLENTY of meat on her own though(too much really since she had her gallbladder removed). She does feel left out a little, but not bc of the vegan/vegetarian stuff as much as she's not as into health and fitness like we are. So we go on trips, hikes, spend time outdoors and she hates it and won't go so she feels left out then. I try and do stuff with her she enjoys(shopping and eating lol) so she doesn't feel bad about me and my dad always going out hiking. Regarding teaching, I don't have to defend myself too much thankfully. Most parents know better then to question me lol I have had to before and I often need to explain myself to parents in the beginning since I'm not very conventional in some of my approaches, but they stop bugging me once they see that I get results.

So had a great weekend! The recital was a success, probably the smoothest and most positive yet. Its a lot of work to put them on, but luckily there was no drama, and my parents and bf helped a lot. It took a lot out of me, and I'm glad its over! It was a workout in its self setting up and taking it all down and I also went on a walk later with my bf. As soon as my dad sends me some pics of the recital I'll post them :) I wore a very summer-y halter dress that was brightly colored and curled my hair(it barely stayed though bc of the hummidity!). Also wore my highest heels, which I had to kick off a few times when playing duets with students lol There was so much food at the reception afterwards as usual. There were even some gluten free desserts my students brought especially for me! I had 1 donut, 1 cookie, fruit, a few veggie chips, and some hummus. And thats it! Totally restrained myself :)

Friday I had a fun day, taught in the morning then hung out with my newest hiking buddy. We went for a swim at her apartment and then laid in the sun for a bit. It was so nice. I love swimming. I was really sore the next day though! I always forget how much swimming takes out of you. It burns so many calories and really uses all your muscles. I'm looking forward to going over again for a swim. Also she's going to help me make a strength routine. She's very into heavy lifting and is really muscular and already trains some people and is trying to get her personal trainers license. I know she'll get me into great shape! I'm going to help her too with cardio and hiking since that's where she has the most problems.

Saturday was really fun. Its too hot to hike here anymore unless you go in the mornings. My bf is not a weekend morning person though lol So we went up to the nearest mountains(about 1/2 hour to 45min away) for a hike. I was so sore from my swim and not feeling the hike though, but still had fun going slow. Also scrambled along some rocks along the way and by doing so discovered this AWESOME secret lookout along the hike. It was this big group of giant boulders sitting on a hidden cliff overlooking a valley with one big flat rock jutting out. Me and my bf relaxed on that rock enjoying the view and mountain air for a bit. This is kind of crazy, but I decided to lie down and tan, but was wearing a tank top so took off my top and tanned topless on the rock! hahaha :D I mean, we were well off the trail, totally hidden so I thought, "Why not?!". It was actually very enjoyable to totally let go and relax. While I soaked up some sun(and yes I was wearing plenty of sunscreen that I reapplied during the hike;)) Mike meditated. It was a decent hike though and was sore for the recital. That night I made us a huge indian curry feast.

Today I'm going to Palm Springs and up the tram to hike, just had a very carb heavy breakfast to get me through my hike.

I'm going to include some pics. A few from the rock on the hike and one of the food I made.

Fitness-Great! Doing very well with this and getting in tons of exercise.

Nutrition-Success! Keeping to my goal of not going crazy on my off day. Sat I ended at 2200 which for me is AWESOME. And Sunday, despite the recital I was on plan. I think I've got this whole thing worked out. To be successful with nutrition I have to follow these few things:
1. Plan ahead, always.
2. Write down everything I eat, not just on MFP, but in the section on 3FC to write down meals.
3. No food in my room!
4. Use a rating system for my hunger cues and satiety to avoid over eating or getting too hungry
5. Monitor my carbs
If I follow all these at the same time, I'm golden ;)

Weight-Don't want to talk about it :dizzy: I did get back down to the 30s(barely) but was up again today!!!!! AHHHH! :mad: I'm not sure what's going on....TOM hasn't really started yet. I've had breakouts, cramps, mild spotting....but it still hasn't come full force. I know its my birth control(I have the IUD and in 6 months its due to be replaced and I think since its towards the end its just making my hormones weird, guess that's pretty common towards the end from researching online). I'm just hoping that with sticking so well to my plan that this week I will have a whoosh! Fingers crossed!

06-10-2014, 02:14 AM
Well, as much as I wanted to stay inside and be lazy all day I kicked myself in the arse and went on my long run. Today is the 25th birthday of one of my closest friends who passed away 8 years ago. She was a true athlete, an extremely promising cyclist who was pegged to be a professional. I thought that she would just sigh and shake her head if she saw me sit on my butt all day when I could have run, so I did it for her! I did 3.5 miles in 40:41. Unfortunately it's my slowest run of the year (11:37 min/mi), I really felt the humidity and being inactive for pretty much the entirety of last week probably contributed to my poor performance. BUT I did it and for that I am proud. It's getting humid here, the park I run around is nice and cool but there is an open field that I do laps around and during that period of the run I really felt the heat! Despite it being technically 20 degrees and cloudy! I'm sorry for my humidity rants, but I never had to live in a country with humidity before so I feel I have to b!tch about it somewhat.

So the run today was exercise 1 of 4 for week 1 of 4. Tomorrow I'm going to do yoga, then Friday I'll do a strength workout, then Sunday a 2.5 mile run. Or I'll switch the strength and the run depending on the weather. But the boyfriend is on board with treating me if I complete a phase, he's bought me a fancy iPod arm band for my runs! I asked for one for my birthday from my family, I sent them the link to the one I wanted but they bought me a different one. Turns out that the one they got rubs on my arm and causes chaffing because of the plastic loop that the strap loops through :(. So my boyfriend has bought me a fancier replacement that is similar to the one I originally asked for and said I have to complete phase 4 or he'll take it away! A nice bit of motivation :D

My boyfriend is at his schools sports day today, then he'll be going out afterwards with his co-workers. It's so tempting to order a pizza, but I must resist! Whenever I get on my own I always want to eat crappy! Such a bad habit. Tomorrow I'm going to see The Grand Budapest Hotel since it just got released here and it's a random day off for the boyfriend. I think we'll be going out to eat afterwards too, so it'll be a nice day :).


Dott - Well, I don't know entirely if they were judging us but they're very much the kind of people who believe their way is the right way, you know? The girl is very stubborn and set in her ways, she truly believes that she has the most superior taste in music for example, while I think it all sounds like boring indie shite haha. So I would not have been surprised if they were commenting on us just being bums all weekend! It's nice that you do things with your Mum that you know she likes. Fortunately my Mum and Dad both like walks/hikes so I try and get involved when I can. I really miss our family walks in the Lake District! My Mum would be really into health and fitness if she wasn't so down on herself about gaining weight over the years =(. She used to be quite the runner, would always be doing races - she's even got a medal case on display! What type of techniques do you use that aren't conventional?
I'm happy your recital went smoothly! That's so sweet that your students make you gluten free food!! Oh man, I love swimming! I'm going to do a swimming routine when I go to Spain since I love it so much and it's so good for you. Wow, that's awesome about your friend helping you with a strength routine! Ooh la la, topless sunbathing out in the wilderness, how exciting! I think I would be way too paranoid, I've never sunbathed topless! But then again I really dislike sunbathing >_>. Love your pictures, you have such a lovely figure and nice skin =). I've begun to notice all the veins/cellulite appearing on my legs and the stretch marks...man, growing up fat sucks! Is that a tattoo I spy on your arm? Your indian curry feast looked amazing. I loooove curry!
I really like your nutrition rules, especially the rating the hunger system. Don't worry about your weight, sounds like your birth control is the cause of the problem. Hormones can do such terrible things to our bodies! Fingers crossed you'll get a whoosh soon.

06-10-2014, 11:29 AM

Rie The sport I play is roller derby. Originally from America but still VERY underground, getting slowly bigger all the time in the UK, virtually non-existent in Japan! It's taken over my life but I love it.

I've no idea why mfp doesn't have a formula to calculate calories burned from weights. It shouldn't be too tricky, to just have an algorithm that takes weight and number of reps into account. Obviously it would vary, but then so does aerobic exercise. I'm not going to burn nearly as many calories running for 5K than someone who has a lot more weight to lose and doesn't exercise as regularly. It's why I've added the walk from my daily commute too, to give me a little extra calorie allowance! Sort of cheating. But only sort of!

I started trying to write a blog post about DOMS but got sort of side tracked and it spiralled into a very long and confusing ramble. I might try again later.

Yesterday evening it was wet and humid. Probably nothing like the levels you're experiencing over there, but I can sympathise! I felt a bit like I was missing out yesterday at lunch though, as it was beautifully sunny and I went to the gym! It was air conditioned though, which was nice. Well done for getting your run in, I'm sure your friend would've been SO proud to know how she influenced you to make healthy choices and push yourself to get out and be active. Doesn't matter how fast you were, it matters that you did it, even though the conditions weren't ideal AND you'd got out of the habit from last week. Sometimes the hardest thing is trying to get that routine back, so you're starting off this week on the right foot :)

It sounds like you had a nice chilled weekend with your bf. Ignore your couple friends if they're being all judgey, they have no right! People are all different, it's a shame if that's causing tension between you guys. Luckily I hardly ever see my housemate and his gf, so my and my fella generally have the house to ourselves, but when they do stay around we all get on really well. Both my bf and I really hate being alone, so I think we both quite like it when there are lots of people around and our house is a little hive of activity.

Don't order pizza! You'll regret it ;) How about thinking of some healthy food that you like that your friends don't? There might be something that you don't get to have often when you're eating with others but you can make a thing of having it when you're on your own, just because you can?

Dott Ohhhh a make-up lesson. Making up a missed lesson. I get it now. I just thought your make-up when you posted pics from your concerts looked so immaculate that you might teach other people how to do that as well as playing the piano! Maybe not at the same time though. That would be an interesting lesson ;)

Glad the recital went well and :bravo: for the self restraint, especially when there was so much on offer! I admire your control, I'm the worst at saying no to treats that other people are offering. I can walk past that aisle in the shop no problem, but the moment someone else has brought food in I'm all over it like a crazy person!

In all honesty I'm not actually trying to change my diet to become vegan, or even vegetarian, or paleo or anything like that. I know that cutting out some foods permanently just isn't something that fits with my lifestyle, and more to the point, I don't WANT to. I know that I can cut certain foods out temporarily, but I'm not going to say I'll never eat bread, or cheese, or whatever again because that's just not realistic. I think I was struggling a bit to try and create the "healthiest" diet possible, but getting lost along the way on what's actually healthy. I think I might just revert to my old plan of common sense, lots of fresh fruit and veg, cutting right down on anything processed, being mindful etc rather that trying to force myself into something I don't want to do. I'm still going to have a go at some paleo and vegan recipes though, just for fun.

Your new hiking buddy sounds awesome! It's great that you can help each other out with your fitness goals. Man, I wanna come join! I love swimming too, but hardly ever get the time to go. If I manage to get to the seaside I'll definitely go for a paddle though :swim: It's interesting that swimming made you ache though, I don't think I've ever been sore from swimming. I must just not be trying hard enough!

Your Saturday sounds awesome too. I definitely wouldn't be brave enough to strip off to sunbathe though. I'm quite happy to run about in a vest top and tiny shorts, maybe even a bikini top, but anything less than that makes me very uncomfortable, even if there's not a soul around to see!

I'm so happy you've figured out what works for you with nutrition. It sounds like you're so disciplined, but it's probably getting easier as it's becoming the norm for you, if that makes sense. What's your rating system for hunger? That is a great idea.


Sooo I was SO close to finally ticking off stage 1 of my nutrition. But then I went out and drank all the alcohol on Saturday and forgot to drink my water. I think I probably only managed 3 or 4 glasses, which is half my target. Never mind, I'm back to it this week and as it's getting warmer it's a lot easier to remember to keep topping up my glass throughout the day.

I really need to start being a bit more controlled at weekends. I mean, I need to be a bit more controlled during the week as well, but at weekends I go crazy, for no good reason! I have a game both days this weekend coming, so I'm really going to try and pack healthy snacks in advance, and only allow myself a little slip up, rather than an entire 3-day binge, which is basically what I'm doing at the moment.

I did manage to get my water in Mon-Fri last week though. I didn't manage my 2 extra cardio sessions, but I did one, and got all my strength training done though so that's good too. And I logged from Monday to Thursday, which is an improvement. I'm just going to focus on trying to improve on that this week and see where it gets me.

Once I've uploaded the 4 days I have from last week onto mfp I'll share it for you all to be horrified at just how much I eat every day!

06-10-2014, 02:27 PM
Hello all, I've been lurking on this thread for awhile and decided to give it a go, I'm using this challenge to restart my weightless by slowly making some changes so I don't get burn't out by changing everything at once. Monday started my first day, for this week I will track all of my ww points (excluding diet soda and water) and try to go for a walk at least once this week.

06-11-2014, 11:57 AM
Ditto to that!

Ok here we go....

1. Vitamin every day!
2. Daily log of everything eaten on MFP
3. Drink water before every meal or snack
4. 2 diet sodas a day

1. Cardio 1x a week
2. Yoga/strength 1x a week
3. Learn to run!
4. Exercise every other day

My nutrition goals are to be added on to the calorie deficit diet of as much raw food as possible Im already doing. I really need to add some exercise! I don't know why I have so much trouble motivating myself to work out, it's always been a big struggle for me, I hate it! Heres to a new lifestyle!

06-11-2014, 03:15 PM
Themilesawaygirl-haha I do really like make up and will do people's makeup and hair for them sometimes if they ask. My sister is much better though, she's learned so much from all the makeup artists and hairstylists she's been around. I love it when she does my makeup. Saying no to treats is hard, but I think you get used to it after a while. My boyfriend has a very hard time saying no to food in general and would even eat meat when offered to him(which really upset me when I found eat he was eating meat almost everyday in the beginning of our relationship bc his family kept offering it to him! :dizzy:) But he eventually started saying no more often and now can comfortably say no. I'm glad its getting easier for you to get your water in :) It just takes time, you'll get past all your goals. Have you thought about eating maintenance on the weekends? Just as a starting point? Good luck with your games! :D I don't think any of us would be horrified by how much you eat, I've clocked in two 4000 calorie days in the last month :p

brandiboo-:welcome: This challenge is wonderful for making real, sustainably lifestyle changes. I know it really has helped me start losing again after a 3 month long plateau last fall/winter.

Claygirl-:welcome3: As you reach your exercise goals, I bet you'll learn to really enjoy it :) Make sure to find something you enjoy and don't do any type of exercise you hate.

Rie-That's wonderful you went on that run and were able to honor your friend's memory while doing so :hug: Haha that's a great bit of motivation from your boyfriend ;) Oh the Grand Budapest Hotel is AMAZING. Me and my bf saw it when it came out here and we both love it. I can't wait for it to come out on video, really one of those movies I could easily watch again and again. I love magical realism :) I hope you guys had a nice date. Ugh that girl sounds like a pretentious hipster :p Its too bad your mom feels down on herself...when you were back home would she go running with you? Maybe you guys could enter a race together? That's so cool that she won all those medals! I guess my unconventional techniques would be that I actually share my practice methods with my students and I think they are capable and expect them to learn a lot. Its weird, but most musicians don't think their students are capable of a lot. But I really make my students learn about complex rhythms, technique, theory, and ear training from the very get go. I treat them like little pianists. I have lots of weird practice methods I've developed over the years, little learning tricks and I have them do those. I have them write stories about the pieces they're playing, I have them move to the music in interpretive ways, I have them sing all the time! I'm always singing with them to reinforce ear training. We play games sometimes. We only spend about 1/2 the lesson actually playing piano, its all about becoming a musician so 1/2 of the lesson is spent on ear training, rhythm, conducting, listening, history, technique, theory etc. I'm honest with my students and strict, but they all respect me and we're all very close. Some people would think I'm too strict, but I NEVER use negative reinforcement. Also I use Keirsey's temperament theory to help me create a unique personality and character for each student and they all have very individualized learning plans. Also use theories on learning modalities to help structure lessons to a students best primary learning modality. Sorry, I could go on forever! I've done a lot of writing about teaching and have taken pedagogical classes on music instruction and have been doing this for a while so I get carried away! I do have a tattoo of a keyboard on my arm :) I'm still not sure if I want more, but lately I've really been wanting a belly button piercing! I don't have any piercings(not even my ears) bc my dad's religion forbids it and he's very strict about it. Technically you aren't supposed to wear any jewelry either haha I'm just afraid that he would disown me if he found out I got a piercing ;) Do you have any piercings/tattoos?

So here's the rating system, someone else on the forum shared it from this book on mindful eating:

-4 - ravenously hungry and I could eat anything right now
-3 - very hungry and i'd like to eat something substantial now
-2 - quite hungry and i'd like to eat something now, perhaps a snack or a light meal
-1 - a little bit hungry and i'd be comfortable to wait a while before eating.
0 - Not hungry and i'm not hungry at all.

+1 unsatisfied - I still feel a bit hungry and i'd gladly eat something else right now
+2 just satisfied - My body is relaxed and comfortable and if i ate any more, I would still feel comfortable, but i don't need any more.
+3 Elegantly satisfied - My body is relaxed and comfortable and if i ate any more i would begin to feel over full.
+4 over satisfied - I know in my heart of hearts that i've eaten more than my body wants and i feel uncomfortable.

The goal is to end up with all 2s and 3s for both and to have your satiety level to correspond to your what you hunger level was :) Its been working really great for me! I've been eating much more mindfully and have been eating less.

Scale dipped down to 139.6 today. My period started as soon as I got up the mountain on Monday :dizzy: Luckily I had a tampon but I had to buy some advil from the gift shop lol Still did a 7 miles hike though :) Ugh I really hope to see 138.something by the end of the week...

06-13-2014, 09:49 AM
I can report back to y'all and say - I DID NOT ORDER PIZZA! Woohoo! I ate a lot of pasta though, haha. But still, I'm sure it's way better that I eat a lot of home made food than a lot of crappy takeaway food. The boyfriend had a great time out with his friends, but he did come home incredibly drunk and I had to take care of him. I don't really mind, we all let loose sometimes, but he was really bummed out and kept saying "I love you, I'm so sorry" over and over. It was quite cute! He's a very lovey dovey drunk, which is awesome because he's not an overly lovey dovey person normally!

Wednesday we went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel - I really liked it!! It was the darkest of the Wes Anderson films I've seen, but I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of a more adult Moonrise Kingdom in a way. The ending really got to me for some reason, had to suppress an urge to blubber. Excellent film, would definitely own it.
I bought some capri pants, I really didn't want to buy them because I'm really tight with money, but my last pair got the dreaded chub rub hole. Do any of you suffer from chub rub and the awful holes it creates with leggings/jeans/pants? I hate it so much! I wouldn't consider myself to have fat legs, but my thighs do touch at the very top. I'm not sure if it's something that will get better the more weight I lose...I really hope it does. I'm not bothered about the thigh gap, I just don't want chub rub!!
When we got back home we went to get a burger. There's this awesome little burger place that is built like a wooden shack full of American decorations. It has so much character and the food is great. Not the best burger place in Tokyo, but a lot better than the burgers I get in England. We went to celebrate my friends birthday, who I mentioned in my previous post, since despite her being very much a picture of athleticism she was very much a pig when it came to food!

Thursday I did a yoga session which brings my exercise goal to 2/4 workouts complete for week 1/4. I was going to do a strength workout today (Friday) but didn't get around to it...so I have to do it tomorrow or I fail and don't get my iPod band!

Nutrition is not going so good, I think I really have a problem with restricting WHAT I eat. I'm pretty good with monitoring how much I eat but when I tell myself "no more ___" then what do I do? I go out and buy it. So I might just change my goal to "Don't buy junk food 5 days a week" which would give me some freedom to buy a bag of chips on the weekend. Moderation is key in my life I feel...

I'm also planning on running not one...but TWO 10K's this year! The first one is the Blackpool 10K, which I've run before and where I set my PR, the second is in my home town Preston, which I want to do with my Mum. So that way I can try and beat my PR in the first race, then the second 10K I can take my time and run with Mum. That's if she wants to, she might want to try and get competitive and want to race me fair and square. But what's better is I'LL GET MEDALS! I really get p!ssed off when I run a 10K and they give me a t-shirt...I want a MEDAL!
I also wrote not 1...not 2...but THREE entries into my blog about my previous 10K's!! Check it out here if you want http://hippotohot.blogspot.jp/

Tomorrow I'm going to see fireflies in the country side. I'm really excited, I've never seen a firefly before and apparently where we're going there are thousands. I hope it's good! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


milesaway - Oh wow! Roller derby looks so fun! I must admit the only reason I know what it is is because I watched the film Whip It...is that bad? 2 of my friends play it though, one is a girl who wears a glittery gold helmet and the other is a guy who has a big bushy beard! Do you fall over a lot? I feel like it's something one could easily get very hurt doing!
I definitely add ALL my exercise, including walking to the shops, into MFP! Every little counts as Tesco tells me ;)
What do you think blogs are for...RAMBLING! haha! Seriously that's pretty much all what I do. It's not like I think "what would people want to read?" I write purely for my benefit. You should start one!
Don't get me wrong, we really do get along very well with the other couple, we hang out all the time! I think I felt a weird vibe because we were both doing our own thing for the first time around each other.
I think now is the time you can really achieve your goal - summer always inspires water drinkage! Don't worry, despite knowing how much I should be eating I still go overboard. I think there are a lot of us in this forum who struggle with weekends, I think we're very much a culture of work hard, play hard people. I think it's important to enjoy life, so it's ok to take a dip into drinking/eating the good stuff without throwing yourself into the deep end completely if that makes sense.

Brandi - WELCOME! Please post up your goals!! I'd love to see them.

Claygirl - Yay! More people! Welcome, welcome!! If you want any tips on learning to run please let me know. I started out a complete newb i.e. I ran for 20 seconds and wanted to die, but now I can run a 10K without stopping! So it's definitely possible and it's my favourite form of exercise.

Dott - I know, it's really hard to see my Mum be so hard on herself. I know she can do it if she really tries, but she always slips back into bad habits. I'm very much like her in a way, but I think the difference is I really can't allow myself to be bad for long or I WILL gain the weight back. My Dad is very unhealthy, so I think it's easy for her to be bad because she has a partner in crime. When I lived with them and I was losing lots of weight she admitted to me I was an inspiration to her, but I think once I left I think she slipped back into old ways. When I last Skyped with her I asked her if she wanted to run any races with me but she said "nope" very bluntly, so I didn't pry. But when I emailed her about the 10K in August she said she'd be away, but suggested the second race so that's a good sign!
Oh wow, your lessons sound awesome! I would want to have you as my piano teacher!! I used to play piano, I was ok...I could play a few songs that I liked but I never had a lesson. I really wanted lessons but I don't think my parents could afford it at the time.
Do you have a picture of your tattoo? I have a tattoo of a dragon on my lower back (don't care that it's a "tramp stamp"!) that I designed myself. It's in a tribal style, but doesn't have any random patterns or flourishes, it's just a dragon with it's wings spread out. I just freakin' love dragons and always have! I'm planning on getting a tattoo for the people I've lost in my life too, not like their name or birthday but a symbol of what I believe represents them. For example for my friend whose birthday it was I want to get a pocket watch that has a heart on the end of the chain surrounding by 2 roses. The pocket watch is because she loved a TV show called Bernard's watch (about a boy who could stop time with a pocket watch) and once she suddenly spun around and said "STOP! .... Just seeing if I could stop time like in Bernard's Watch." It made me laugh SO much. The heart on the chain is because she bought me a heart necklace that was lovely and the roses are because she was on the Red Rose cycling team. I also want to get a small crown too for my dog who passed away, because she was my princess. I love tattoos, I don't think I want to be covered in them but I certainly want more.
How come piercing is a big no-no with your Dad's religion? Is getting a tattoo ok but a piercing not? One time I got an eyebrow piercing (wanted to look like Amy Lee, haha!) and my Dad wouldn't look at me for a few weeks. He just hates facial piercings! He also didn't want me to get a tattoo, originally I wanted it on my upper back but he said "what about when you get married, you want a big black dragon to be seen?" It actually really affected my decision to move the tattoo out of sight!
I think I might copy down that chart...seems useful! Wheeee congrats on the drop back into the 130's!!

06-14-2014, 04:52 PM
It took me a couple days to get back on here, but I made my pyramid. Plus I completed phase 1 today!!
Nutritional/ Exercise
Phase 1: Track all WW points/ Go walking 1x a week
Phase 2: Drink 2 bottles of H2O per day/ Run once a week
Phase 3: Eat more veggies/ Go walking 2x per week
Phase 4: Start pre-planning meals/ Use my exercise dvd 1x per week
Phase 5: Stop nibbling while cooking/ Have 1 day of "fun" exercise
Phase 6: Make some meals ahead of time/ Run 2x per week
Phase 7: Drink 4 bottles of h20 per day/ Incorporate running into walks
Phase 8: Drink less soda/ Exercise 5x per week

Nutrition I managed to stay within all of my WW points this week and track them, but twords the end of the week my meals weren't as healthy as they should have been.
Exercise I managed to go on my walk, but I'm nervous about the run I honestly don't plan on running the whole time, but the point of this goal is to get out there and do it even if it's for a short period.

I'm a little nervous right now because I know I have a friend coming over/me driving back home for a few days in 2 1/2 weeks and staying on plan for the first part of this is going to be impossible. I hope I can manage to maintain that week, and get right back on plan but I know for me to be successful, this needs to be a lifestyle change and I need to learn to handle little bumps in the road. Hope everyone is enjoying their saturday.

06-18-2014, 01:52 AM
Hello everyone! It's hump day! I know that a lot of you will hate me for saying that since I don't have a job, but I remember the days quite well ;).

My trip into the countryside to see the fireflies was a complete failure. The event was at a venue that said they were open from 6-9pm. We got there about 8pm after having dinner, thinking it would be well and truly dark by then, but about 15 minutes there is an announcement saying the last bus back to the train station is due any minute! So we literally only got to see a few fireflies very briefly before heading back.
What's even worse was that the line for the bus was so long that we didn't get on the first one, so they sent a second bus. We literally could have stayed and looked at the fireflies until 9 and still would have made it on the bus!
I was really disappointed/upset with myself, since I was the one who arranged it and I didn't even think to look at bus times for the return journey. I'm so used to buses running until at least 10pm, but 8:30pm last bus was ridiculous! My friends/boyfriend could clearly see how bugged I was and didn't show an ounce of disappointment, said it was not my fault since they all had access to the information too and we played games while we were waiting for the bus. When we got on the bus we played word games and then we tried to do these complicated hand gestures. Everyone on the bus was looking at us and a few people were chuckling along with our attempts, I even caught some people trying to do them too!
So even though I only got to see a few fireflies (they're so pretty!) I still had a good night with friends.

I've been trying to sell my furniture, people are being really flakey and not emailing me back about WHEN they want to pick it up! I've also decided to be a huge d-head and pretty much stop paying for my phone/internet and then just leave the country. It's irresponsible but they have ridiculous cancellation fees and I'm not planning on living in Japan ever again. I looked into it and they black list you from signing up to any other services in Japan, but hey ho. By doing this I now have a lot more money to live off to actually enjoy my remaining time in Japan instead of freaking out over money. I've gone from having £46/$92 to £126/$252, so a huge increase in spending money.

Exercise I have completed week 1 of 4!! Yesterday I began week 2 by going on a 2 mile run. I don't know what it was, but I absolutely killed it - it was my fastest 2 mile run EVER. I did it in 19:50, which is a 9:55 min/mi. I only ever run that fast during a race, so I was so proud of myself. I did a bit of a sprint finish because I really wanted to make it under 20 minutes, which left me so out of breath. I loved the feeling when I push myself and just get so tired, feels like I'll lose 5 lbs the next day! I know that's not true but still ;)

Nutrition - Still need to work on this!! I'm definitely going to change it, but I'm so focused on exercise these days that I tend to forget what my nutrition goal actually is =S.

Tomorrow i'm going out with some work friends, all the ladies I worked with, to an indian restaurant. It should be a fun night and I do love curry! The only problem sometimes is that they will slip into talking Japanese (completely don't blame them!) and I'll just be left smiling and nodding!


Brandi - Don't worry about running! I was a complete newb when it came to running 4 years ago, I couldn't barely run for 30 seconds without wanting to die, it takes time and a lot of getting used to but you will definitely feel the benefit and see the weight come off. If you have any questions let me know!

06-18-2014, 12:21 PM
Brandi-Great job on getting your goals figured out :) Make sure to plan ahead as much as possible for when your friend comes, you can always take a week off from the challenge if you need. I've had to before. Just make the goal maintaining and enjoy yourself.

Rie-I'm sorry the firefly outing didn't go as planned :( It seems like you guys still had fun and tried to make the best of it, but I know that when my plans don't work out I'm nearly inconsolable! At least you got to see some fireflies. I remember seeing them in the Midwest(there aren't really any in California) and my mom was so shocked and startled by them that her first thought was, "OMG fairies!" haha
I'm sorry people are being so flaky, dealing with people online for that kind of stuff is always awful. I really hope you get some serious buyers soon!
As far as the internet-eh I agree why bother since you know you're never going to live in Japan again? I know its not the most responsible choice, but sometimes we need to be a little irresponsible so keep ourselves sane. It won't effect your credit though right?(not sure how credit works around the world, in the US its such a big deal). Awesome job on the run! :D That's great that your mom is interested in possibly doing a race with you, what a great bonding experience that would be!
As an adult when you have the resources you should totally take piano lessons! I have some adult students and I think its wonderful when people continue on with music through adulthood(because really music should not just be reserved for children, we all need it :) ) I used to be a figure skater and actually plan on taking lessons again when I'm older, have time, can afford it etc. Its something I'm really looking forward to picking up again later in life haha
I'm not sure if I have a clear picture of my tattoo...I'll have to look for one. I really like your tattoo ideas, they're very original and meaningful. I would like to get more music related ones, and maybe something about hiking/nature.
Strict SDA doesn't allow for any body modification. Tattoos are a big no-no as well(I hid mine from my dad for almost a year!). My dad still is annoyed that I dye my hair actually because he doesn't believe in that either! With piercings though, I think its the whole "earthly adornments" part that really bothers him. He doesn't approve of jewelry either. So piercings are something that have always really bothered him. This past year my sister did a shoot where they ended up photoshopping earrings onto her and my dad FLIPPED on her because he saw the finished photo show up online and thought she had pierced her ears! I don't think me or my sister will ever end up getting them pierced just to keep the peace :dizzy:

Sorry I've been away this past week. I got really sick and was stuck sleeping in bed all day. I didn't really try to diet, but still somehow kept to my nutrition goal without trying since I lost my appetite. Its still not all the way back actually and yesterday my calories were far too low. My poor bf had to take care of me while I was in bed all day. It started Friday, but I ignored it bc Mike's friend was having a birthday party that night and I really wanted to go since I haven't been to a party in a while and my bf was looking forward to it so much! We went and although there was free pizza, salad, beer, wine, and tons of cake; I managed to stick to two small glasses of wine. I mean, obviously the pizza wasn't gf and I didn't have lactaid on me even if it was. And the salad looked really good, but also filled with calories and cheese. Beer obviously can't drink either :dizzy: haha sometimes my dietary restrictions can be helpful in staying away from temptation! It was a really fun time and his friend owns this cute pizza shop so it was held there after hours. I got all dressed up and had fun socializing.
Then Sat I was still being bad and in denial of feeling ill so went to the beach. And pretty much every hour I was awake saturday I got more and more sick. While in Santa Monica though I went to Buffalo Exchange to look for a new pair of cut off shorts. Mine are too big and I've been looking for a new pair for a while and was sure they would have something. Well everything was too big or too small :( Ugh shorts are worse than pants when it comes to finding something that will fit over my big butt but not have a huge gap at the waist! :o I'm now on an epic search for shorts lol
The rest of the time I've been in bed, although I took some medicine and forced myself to teach yesterday. I'm feeling mostly better, just congested. I'm going to the gym later to workout with my hiking buddy. She's going to help me develop a better strength routine. Afterwards we're going to the hot tub which I'm excited for. Tomorrow I'm getting lunch with my dad for a late Father's Day celebration and then up for a short hike on the mountain. Friday me and my friend are going up the mountain for a big hike(might do the peak, depends on how she adapts to the altitude).

Nutrition-Pretty good. Have to stay totally on plan though to make my goal this week. I know though that if I plan well I'll be fine :)

Exercise-I'm so mad! :mad: Getting sick means I didn't make my exercise goal since I couldn't do a 2nd strength workout for the week grrr! So starting again on phase 6 for that.

06-23-2014, 07:43 AM
I'm not dead, but I'm sick! I'll post up an update when I'm feeling better :)

06-26-2014, 11:42 AM
Howdy everyone!

So sorry for my lack of activity, I seemed to have caught a sickness off Dott ;). I've also been preoccupied with moving out shenanigans. So far I've managed to sell a lot of my stuff, however my big furniture hasn't had any takers. There is someone coming for my desk on Saturday but I always get a feeling they're going to back out at the last minute. I wish Craigslist worked like Amazon where they have to pay for it first =S. I don't have a working PayPal and not many people have credit cards in Japan either. Luckily I've managed to sell things to my current flatmates and my boyfriend. I went and sold a duvet to someone who was 30 minutes late *grumble*. Then tried to make out that the amount I asked for wasn't the amount I put online! Some people.

So yes, what's new. I went out with my girl friends from work to an Indian place. It was so much fun! There was karaoke there too free of charge so we had a good sing song too. I sang "Let It Go" and the waiter even started to record me on his phone! I'm not a good singer, it's because we were all being silly and doing all the dramatic hand gestures that Elsa does in the film. We didn't even coordinate it, it just happened!
Last weekend I went back to my apartment and had film night. We made a Mexican feast, we had homemade salsa, guac and fajitas. Plus my female flatmate made brownies which are delicious. We watched a film called This Is England, which was really good. I think I liked it a lot because it reminded me of home since it was set in the north of England, which is where I'm from. The day after we watched "A Very Long Engagement" which I didn't find to be that good.

My boyfriend left so I was on my own so to speak from Sunday night - Wednesday. I'm selling the rice cooker hopefully on Saturday so I made sweet and sour chicken for my flatmates on Tuesday. It's a favourite! But probably because it's very much comfort food. On Wednesday I traveled to my boyfriends place, which I intend to live now until I leave. I'll go back to my apartment to tie up loose ends, but I want to spend as much time as possible with my boyfriend. My train was delayed majorly because someone committed suicide by jumping in front of the train...I spent pretty much all afternoon on a train because of it. It's so disturbing because you get annoyed that it's delayed but then you know it's because someone decided to end it all...such a huge problem in Japan that's not dealt with properly.

Today I went to the Ghibli Museum for the last time! I might go back again someday, but it won't be for a long time. It was just as magical as the previous times I've been. I've been a total of 3 times now. They were even showing the short film that I desperately wanted to see, which was based off My Neighbor Totoro which is my favourite film. My boyfriend gave me a budget in the gift shop, which was amazing since it wasn't like my birthday or anything (he did for a Christmas present one year and it was amazing, my budget was $100 and I went crazy!) This time around it was a lot less, which was absolutely fine, but I came away with some great stuff, here's a crappy picture of it: https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xfp1/t1.0-9/10501697_10152458992713503_6020395007985110794_n.j pg

After the museum we walked home (because he lives quite close to the museum, magic!) and then we went out to go to a spaghetti place. This place is a hole in the wall type cafe, it plays the most obnoxious song on a loop, the spaghetti looks greasy as heck BUT the place gets packed with customers. I've always said to the boyfriend that I want to go because it just looks so bad it has to be good, so today we finally went. It was....amazing! It was kinda expensive considering this place looks like a dive, but it's probably the best pasta I've had in Japan. It was very unhealthy though, I could just tell, but it was delicious. I'm probably going to go back one last time before I go! Kinda glad I didn't go a year ago otherwise I'd always be there and it would not have been good on my health!

Tomorrow I'm going to my favourite burger place in Tokyo, another terrible day for food but OH WELL! I'm leaving soon! Then afterwards we're going to head to my apartment. My flatmates are gone this weekend so we'll have the place to ourselves, but we're there because on Saturday I'm selling a lot of my stuff to different people. I hope all goes well, because I want to get rid of it AND I want the money! On Sunday I'm travelling to my friends place, which is kinda far away, but we're going there for another board game day. We're going to be playing the Game of Thrones board game, which is so awesome because it gets people arguing big time. He also has an adorable little kitten, I don't like cats usually but this little one melted my heart!

So...health...yeah. It went downhill again. I was on an awesome streak, I completed week 1 of my exercise goal to workout 4x a week but then once I went back to my apartment I just stopped. I don't know what it is, I think it might be because I have to settle down in the living space first before I feel ready to workout. I know that's stupid, I really do know it, but it's just how I get. When I'm back and forth travelling across Tokyo I feel so drained and I just don't even think to workout. I think living at my boyfriends place will help, but I know that I'll be back and forth until all my furniture is gone. The one thing I need to do which is like the last piece of the stress-puzzle is to arrange for someone from a recycle shop to come to the apartment and look at my furniture, which they will then offer to buy it off me and then arrange to have it removed. It's going to be a tiny amount, which sucks, but it has to be done. As soon as my furniture is gone I can relax big time! Because then it'll just all be in my own control with packing and the such.

Whew, sorry for the mega rant! milesawaygirl where you at?!


Dott - No, I don't have a credit card here because it's insanely hard for a foreigner to apply for one. I have a cash card but that's it. I've never had a credit card before, but I know that it's a huge deal in the US. I'm sure it's a big deal in the UK too, but I don't think it's AS big of a deal but I could be wrong. I think it's stupid...like "hey, you need to prove your responsible by being irresponsible by spending money that isn't yours." I mean, I could be far off the mark with that analogy, but I don't really understand how it all works!
Oh wow, does it bother you how strict your Dad is? I take it you guys don't follow the religion as intensely, so does he expect you to feel the same way like he does? Woah, girl, you need to slow down when you're sick!! Otherwise you'll just get so much worse or you'll feel badly for longer! I'm like a cripple when I get sick, I just curl up in a ball and say "no no NO" to all responsibility!

06-30-2014, 11:30 AM
It sure is quiet in here!! I hope everyone is ok! Not much is new with me other than moving out stuff. Finally got rid of one big piece of furniture. I also packed up my stuff on Saturday, managed to fit a fair amount into 2 suitcases but I'll be throwing out a LOT of clothes. It's amazing how much I had...a lesson learned. I thought I didn't have too much but now I think how silly I've been with buying certain trinkets that aren't easy to transport. Luckily with the boyfriend visiting me for Christmas he can pack a big suitcase and take my remaining trinkets to England in December, otherwise I would've had to part ways with a lot of sentimental items. Well...no, I probably would have sacrificed more clothes for that!

I've had an AWFUL weekend health wise...junk food, fast food, booze...it was pretty bad. I went to a friends for board game day and just drank and snacked all day. I had an awesome time though so at least it wasn't all for nothing. I know it's good to always be healthy, but sometimes when I'm out with friends I get so caught up in the moment. Whereas if I ate all that food on my own it would have been a different story!

I'm living with my boyfriend now for the next 2 and a half weeks until I move back to England. I'm actually starting to get really sad because I'll be apart from my boyfriend, but I reaaaallly want to get as close to my goal weight as possible for when he next sees me. This time I'm going to make sure he doesn't see me on Skype (or if I do webcam I'll always wear a big baggy hoody!) so I can wow him at the airport. I hope so anyway, it's a good goal to go for I think! But for now I need to concentrate on 10K training for the first race in August. I really want to beat my personal best so I need to focus on it. It will be hard because I'll be in Spain for almost 2 weeks, but I can make it work if I try my best. I also need to concentrate on my health while I'm back in England too, so for that reason it makes me look forward to being back.

06-30-2014, 08:34 PM
Rie-So glad you were able to get rid of more furniture and the packing is going well :) I know it is going to be so hard for you to be away from your bf, but at least you guys will be living together for a couple weeks before you go. And I know you will really wow him once he does see you at Christmas! Its always nice to have a big goal like that to keep you going.
The Ghibli Museum sounds amazing! I'm so jealous haha The stuff you got is super cute.
So funny about the spaghetti place. I actually hate spaghetti! My mom made it so much when we were young and she would always put anise in it so it had this weird licorice flavor(she's not the best cook to say the least!) and I just can't stomach it or really most pasta for that matter. Seriously, we ate spaghetti 3x a week.
I hate credit cards myself. I know I need to get one to build credit(bc no credit is like worse than bad credit here :/) but I just don't trust them! That's good the whole internet thing won't affect it though.
My dad's strictness can be annoying, but I've learned to deal with it. He is who he is and I just let it go(or at least try to ;)) when he gets weird.
I'm sorry health stuff hasn't been going as well. It seems like you've been really busy though, maybe just trying to maintain till you leave would be best? You don't want to stress yourself out too much with all the prepping and trying to be strict with diet and exercise too.

I've been busy as well. My boyfriend moved this past weekend and I helped him. My brother came too and spent the weekend with us an it was really fun! Sat we woke up really early and spent 5-6 hours moving stuff up and down stairs(his new place is on the 4th floor) and then after we went and got yummy thai food. His new place is super close to the beach! Which is very awesome and it has a pool. I really like it a lot. I could easily see myself living there.
We went to the beach after lunch and me and my brother played in the waves and walked a bit while my bf relaxed. Then we went to this near by vegan place and had a delicious dinner. Later that night we celebrated with some champagne and wine and that was fun. I got tipsy and we talked and hung out on the balcony.
Sunday we went to the Science Museum and saw the Pompeii exhibit and Endeavor. The Pompeii exhibit was REALLY good, super well done, but also really sad. Especially the bodies encased in ash. Very morbid. Endeavor was cool, actually much bigger than I realized it would be! After that we went to another vegan restaurant and walked over to Echo Park lake to eat. We did sooo much walking that day!
It was a really busy, fun weekend. I didn't have any way to measure the food I ate since my bf's kitchen isn't really functional yet and we ate out for almost every meal. I only eat out once or twice a week usually so that was a lot of eating out for me. I tried to eat intuitively, made educated guesses on the calorie counts, and stayed active. I never felt stuffed and didn't feel like I over ate at all.
I was really disappointed today to step on the scale and to see I weighed in 5lbs heavier. Last week I was going mad bc I was eating perfectly, exercising a lot, and the scale wouldn't budge. If anything I was under eating for the amount of exercise I was doing, and NOTHING. So this is really bothering me. I've decided to lower my calories this week and will be doing a little less intense exercise. Next week I will be gone backpacking and I want to be completely rested for it. I was getting serious muscle fatigue last week and I can still feel it. Thursday I'm doing the peak otherwise I'm just doing light cardio each day.

Nutrition wise I've decided to incorporate a little juicing into my diet. I really like it and it is filling. I'm not going to replace my meals with juice of course though, bc that would be crazy. But I'm going to supplement my meals. Like for breakfast I had a carrot/apple juice, some mango, and a hard boiled egg. I was surprised how filling the juice was. I think I will definitely do it for breakfast and maybe in the evening too to help with late night cravings.

Exercise is obviously not an issue. I've actually been exercising too much and need to force myself to calm down a bit.

I feel so anxious about my weight. I simply want to be DONE. I'm so close to my goal. I know its not a race, but I didn't lose a single pound in June :(

I'm posting some pics from the weekend. First is me and my brother at the thai place, then me and my bf at the beach, then us at the rose garden at Exposition Park near the science center. Also one of Endeavor since space ships are cool ;)

07-02-2014, 03:19 AM
I need to get back on track. All the preparations to move out have really thrown a wrench in my gears and I'm stuck. The weather is getting warmer too, which is always a problem for me. I come from a cold country, so the thought of exercising in humidity is terrifying! I can probably get out on a run at dusk, so I just need to go out and do it and not waste anymore time. I want to run a 10K NEXT MONTH and beat my personal best, if I just sit around and don't do anything then I won't beat it.
I think my problem is that I'm subconsciously waiting to get back to England before I get back into a healthy routine. I know it'll be a LOT easier for me to be healthy in England since I'll be living with my parents and they'll get healthy food in if I ask. So the problem is is that I'm not being healthy NOW which will no doubt make me gain weight. I don't handle stress very well in that I will completely abandon my healthy routine to sort out an area of my life that needs immediate attention. So the move back to England is priority number one and my health isn't, when really my health should ALWAYS be a priority no matter what. I've just got loose ends to deal with now and I'm getting help too, so there's no reason for me to be complacent and not exercise/eat better.

Sorry to vent, but I really need to tell myself off for being lazy!

In other news I bought myself a new bikini today...man, I hate shelling out so much money for a bikini! It costed me £41/$82 :(. I remember linking to a black top with white/blue stripes but it was really expensive so I went for the red one (http://www.asos.com//Pour-Moi/Pour-Moi-Azure-Padded-Underwired-Bikini-Top-A-G/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=3162412). I already have a red bikini, but it's brighter than the new one I bought so that's how I justified it. I do really like this one, it's a lovely shade of red. I just hope it fits ok! It's got ties at the back so it's the cup size I'm worried about, hopefully my Ginormous G cups will fit!
This time in 2 weeks I'll be living out my last few days in Japan :(. This time in 3 weeks, however, I'll be in sunny Spain with my family.

This weekend I'll hopefully sell a big piece of furniture, which means I just have 1 piece left but I'm going to get help selling that to a recycle shop this weekend. So hopefully by next week I'll have all my furniture gone, I'll have packed up everything and disposed of all the things I'm not taking with me, then I can finally relax and just worry about getting to the airport on time! Thankfully the boyfriend is coming with me to the airport, so I'll have help with my cases at least. Socially I'll be hanging out with my co-worker on Sunday, he's planning a BBQ so that should be fun. Next weekend I'm going to karaoke with my housemates for the last time! I really will miss Japanese karaoke...I love it so much. I'm going to wear a red dress I bought last Christmas, it's got black roses on and it's pretty glittery, which usually puts me off but I actually kinda like it on this dress, because I've never worn it before and I brought it to Japan so I want to justify bringing it over! I'll look way overdressed but I don't care!

Dott - Are you going to move in with him in that place once you graduate? I forgot if you've already said so, but if yes then I'm really glad you love the place! I would love to have a house near nature, whether it's a beach or a forest. Sure I live near a park now, but it's just not the same!
As for your weight...I really think you're over working yourself and not eating enough to compensate for that change. The body needs fuel to keep the fire burning, if you were exercising loads and not eating enough food then you will notice a stall in weight. You know this, I'm sure, but sometimes it's good to hear it again. You admitted you were under eating, so there's your problem. You also said you've been working out too much and not giving your muscles time to recover, you've practically figured out why you've not seen your weight drop! My advice would be to relax, take it easy. Have a rest day. What workouts are you doing? If you feel your body needs a rest then listen to it. Your gain is no doubt from all the eating out you did. Sure, you can eat at healthy places and make good decisions, but you still don't know everything that goes into the food so it's hard to be sure unless you watch the chef make your food! So don't worry, drink loads of water and you'll see that weight drop. You are very close to your goal and you're beginning to get impatient with yourself. It's a journey and you want to sprint to the finish line, but you'll wear yourself out physically and mentally with all the extra effort to get there faster. Just slow down, like you said, relax and enjoy where you're at now. You look AMAZING and I know, I know...you just want to hit that goal number, but you should marvel at your own progress and not worry so much about a goal weight. You've come so far and you deserve to be happy.
I really like juices/smoothies, but I'm the same I couldn't do a diet that's purely liquid! I think having a breakfast smoothie is a great idea. I'm actually quite upset your Mum ruined spaghetti for you!! Oh my goose, what was she thinking?! That sounds disgusting!! Did you ever tell her how bad it was?? I hope someday you can taste proper spaghetti and realise it's not what you remember!! Can you eat spaghetti if you wanted to with your gluten allergy? I'm an absolute newb when it comes to gluten stuff!

07-03-2014, 03:24 AM
Rie-You're so right and I really needed that real talk from you :hug: I see how I've become too focused on losing the weight fast and need to calm down a bit and trust in the process. I really have become far too impatient! I know what's going on, I know that when I over exercise and don't eat enough my weight stalls. I've been taking it easy and trying to calm down a bit, its hard though ya know? Its really easy for me to fall into bad past mindsets and behaviors.
You know, I have this fantasy one day I'll find a spaghetti I love! haha there are tons of gluten free pasta products. I actually prefer them to regular pasta. I really like corn pasta. We would always tell my mom, but she would insist that we we the crazy ones haha She thinks our palates are strange :dizzy: She is truly one of the most awful cooks I've ever met, and she really will try too. I don't know, its like she's just really bad at imagining what things will taste like mixed together. Sometime I'll have to tell you about the time she made soup without water! lol I've actually tried to help her/teach her since I LOVE to cook and make almost all my own food, but she is stubborn :p
I love the color of the swimsuit(and I've recently discovered asos and have been drooling over all the pretty dresses).
The dress sounds really pretty and I'm glad you're getting a chance to wear it. I'm almost always overdressed, I love to dress up. You will rock that dress and have an awesome time! In little tokyo there are karaoke places, my fiance actually is really into it haha I'm too scared to sing in front of ANYONE, but he's been trying to drag me. I'm sure when you move to New York they'll have places, probably not as good as the ones in Japan though...
You're right that health should always be a priority, everything else suffers when we sacrifice our health. I think when it comes to health, it has to be something you aren't willing to comprise on. Our bodies are these amazing gifts and taking care of them and nourishing them is a treat and should be enjoyable. I try to think like this(but have really forgotten it lately!). It helps me stay on track. I know you can get on track, you've come really far and you know what you need to do. Think of being on plan as giving yourself a gift :)

Backpacking Trip
I'm having a good but busy week. I'm getting really excited for the backpacking trip. I'm not nervous this year, just really anxious to get up that mountain! lol I've done so much prepping. Last night I made the menu, made up the recipes, and made a shopping list. It took 3 f*ing hours!!! Ugh, it was A LOT of work to make the recipes work(have to be gluten free, have to be almost entirely dairy free since I can't be popping lactaid pills for every meal or it'll stop working, vegetarian of course, light weight, can be prepped in advanced, all dry ingredients). I went to the market today for supplies. Here's the menu:


D: Veggie tacos(we're driving in sunday to camp at the base so can use heavier ingredients/perishables)


B: Oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts

L: Bars, trail mix, dried fruit, jerky etc

D: Curry Noodle Soup


B: Cheezy Eggs with Bacon

L: Bars, trail mix, dried fruit, jerky etc

D: Pesto Pasta with beef


B: Breakfast couscous

L: Bars, trail mix, dried fruit, jerky etc

D: Mac and Cheese with meat


B: Cheezy egg and potato skillet

L: Bars, trail mix, dried fruit, jerky etc

D: Curry coconut rice with chicken


B: Oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts

L: Bars, trail mix, dried fruit, jerky

Leaving Friday so no dinner. Obviously all the noodles are gluten free, all the meats are soy/tvp, and all the cheese is vegan.
Tomorrow I'm going to Palm Springs to my parents house to make up the meal packets. I'll take some pics so you can get an idea of what the food looks like. Grabbing my pack, sleeping bag, tent, and mat and also some gear for my hiking buddy. Also going to make a trip to the store for anything else I might need(gloves, headlamp) and some cheap workout/winter clothes. I might check out the thrift stores if the regular stores don't have anything(kind of hard to find jackets and sweaters in Palm Springs in the summer when its 110F lol)

Have been taking it super easy this week in preparation for the trip. I want to be totally rested and free from any little injuries/fatigue I might have gotten from the overexercising. Just been doing very light cardio. Did the bike for 90min Monday and went on a 83min walk today. This weekend I really want to get some rollerblades and rollerblade to the beach :D It's been a little challenging to stop myself from exercising intensely, but I can tell my body is totally worn out and needs this break. We'll probably be hiking 8 hours a day on the trip :twirly:

I've readjusted my calories since I'm not working out so much and its gone really well so far. I love my morning carrot juice with breakfast and I've been trying to eat very intuitively. That rating system I posted before really helps me understand my cravings and needs better. When I get back from the trip I kind of want to try something new nutrition wise....I've been getting bored and have been looking at some of the intermittent fasting threads and intuitive eating as well. Hmm. Might just stick with what I've been doing though :p Also still considering taking a maintenance break to reset my body. I've been hearing that being in calorie deficits for too long and losing weight for too long can cause stalls(like the crazy stalls I've experienced) and that taking a break can help reset your body and its "set point". Not sure if I totally buy it, but it might be what I need. My body is like, determined to stay at or around 140.

Finally dropped to 137 today! :goodscale I'm very excited for that because I'd been stuck at 138 and bouncing up, then coming back down for what felt like FOREVER. After the trip the scale will probably be very weird for a week or two(which sucks since I'll probably have an awful final weigh-in for the bikini challenge). I will probably gain tons of water weight from muscle repair. I always lose weight backpacking though, its just takes time to show up.

07-06-2014, 09:12 AM
Leaving today guys! :D Be back in a week!

07-06-2014, 11:47 PM
Ahh, Dott, I'm gonna miss you! I think it will practically be me talking to myself for a week, haha. But I have to stay accountable somewhere! So if you're new and you're reading my crazy ramblings please don't be scared, come and talk to me!

On Friday I went to sushi with my boyfriend. Man, I will miss the sushi in Japan. It will never be as cheap as I can get it here. What I won't miss is the sushi chef STARING at me because I'm a foreigner *sigh*. When I first came to Japan I used to eat 13 plates of sushi, which would be 26 pieces. On Friday I ate 6 plates and felt satisfied. I think it shows how far I've come with pacing myself and recognising when I'm feeling full. So it was a nice NSV in a way.
On Saturday I went back to my old apartment (I've pretty much moved out now) to pack up the last bits and pieces that my bf will be bringing with him when he visits for Christmas and also to throw out the rest. I had to bin a giant bin bag of clothes, it was so sad! But they're just clothes. Kitchen cabinet is gone and all that's left is my drawers which will be sold next Saturday. Phew!

On Saturday I had a bit of a moment with my health. I wanted something for lunch so we bought a bento lunch from a supermarket. They're made in store and are usually pretty good. I bought one that wasn't exactly the image of healthy, but it tasted great. It was like a fried meat thing (tonkatsu) with rice. An hour or so later I start to get some stomach cramps where I had to lay down for a while. Finally it was time to evacuate what was in there. While I was on the toilet (I'm sorry, skip this paragraph if it's TMI) I started to get chills and felt extremely nauseous. I didn't throw up, it all came out (in 2 trips!) but for a while one of my organs on the upper left side was making very weird noises. I kept hearing this noise, like a squirting noise coming from that area of my body. Needless to say, I freaked out a bit since I've never heard that before. I just thought to myself "what have I done to myself? My body does not deserve this!" It was a pretty gross wake up call that I need to eat HEALTHY and stop funneling shite into my mouth. I completely agree with you, Dott, my body is a gift and I need to stop abusing it with food that just isn't good for me.

None existent I'm sad to report. I'm hoping this week I can get back on track since I've no where to be and a lot of my moving out plans are sorted now. I've got a 10K to do next month and I want to beat my personal record!

Gah, I don't even know what my nutrition goal is anymore. So right now I'm going to call it. For 4 weeks I am not allowed to buy any sort of junk food 6 days a week. I said it!

I finally have my scale in this apartment! I weighed myself this morning and it was 164.4 lbs which is an increase from when I last weight in by about 1.3 lbs if I remember correctly. I find that I can motivate myself by weighing, if I see a loss it really inspires me to keep working hard. I have to be careful that I don't get too wrapped up in my weight, but if I can control that madness then the scale is an important tool for my weight loss success.


Dott - I can only imagine how impatient you must feel, I know I would be too if I were so close. Sometimes I forget how far I've come and feel like I'm at the very beginning of my journey, when I should always reflect on all the progress I've made and be thankful. The last 20 lbs are notorious for being difficult and sometimes you do have to kick up exercise a notch but you have to eat more for that shift too. I'm absolutely positive you will reach your goal soon, just 12 lbs to go! Amazing! I can't wait for your Goal! thread with before and after pictures :D.
Haha, well please do tell your Mum that a random person on the internet thinks her cooking sounds insane! Maybe she has something wrong with her tongue so only really weird tastes appeal to her taste buds?! Soup without water?? Oh man...wouldn't that just be a paste??
You're absolutely right, my body is a gift and I need to treat it nicely. Sometimes it's so difficult since I find myself craving junk foods. I know it's not right, but I need to purge my body of it. I'll be so thankful to back in a country where there is more choice for me so I don't reach for the junk food to fill a void. They don't even have hummus in this country :(. HUMMUS!
Wow, I wish I was hiking with you!! Sounds like you've got a great menu, I hope you have a fantastic time. Well done on slowing down with the exercise, even though your chill out exercise is still more than what most people do at full intensity haha. Rollerblading...I loved it so much as a kid. One time I tried to walk my dog on blades, it lasted a minute before I was dragged into a lamp post. One of many of my bad ideas.
A maintenance break might be a great idea you know. Your body will get used to being in maintenance for a while and if you suddenly get back into weight loss mode you might see a huge drop since it'll shock your body! Huge congrats on reaching 137 lbs!!

07-14-2014, 12:08 PM
Rie sorry you've been talking to yourself for a week!

I keep beginning to write a post then worrying that I haven't time to catch up on everyone's news, and I panic that I'm missing something and I'll seem rude if I've not responded about a particular point. So I'm going to try and break that cycle now by writing a quick post to say hello, and then trying not to be rubbish and vanish again.

So HI!! I'm still here :trampo:

07-14-2014, 05:46 PM
Rie-Sorry to leave you hanging like that! I imagine no sushi can compare once you've had it in Japan. That's a great NSV to realize you need less to fill you up! I'm sorry about getting sick, but sometimes it takes things getting bad before we realize the changes we have to make. I know I suffered so many times over dairy and gluten before I was ready to admit the extent of my food intolerances. Now though, I'm not even tempted! I'm sure that's the point you're getting at too :)
I really wish you luck on the junk food thing. You can do it! I know junk food has been one of the harder habits for you(like me staying within calories :p) but I know you can kick the junk food habit once and for all! Just realize, once you've gone without it for a little bit you won't even want it anymore!
I really believe that some people need the scale. Its interesting how for some it helps and for others like myself it can just cause more trouble than its worth. I'm currently on a mini scale break. I'm sorry I wasn't able to do my final weigh in for the bikini challenge :( I didn't realize I'd still be gone and away from my scale for the last weigh in!
I really do think there is something off about my mom's tongue! haha Well the soup without water was actually worse than paste I think. See, she heard of this recipe for making tortilla soup with doritos(yuck!) from my dad. I guess his mom used to make it when he was young and he really liked it. So he told her the basic ingredients(taco flavored doritos, shredded cheese, cabbage etc) and so my mom layered those ingredients in a casserole dish....and made no soup stock, roux, or liquid for it. Instead, she realized soup should probably be a little wet so she poured a can of stewed whole tomatoes on top(blech) and BAKED it. So it was just hot soggy chips and random vegetables with no seasoning and these giant stewed tomatoes sitting on top hahaha
No hummus?! That should be a crime....
You're gearing up to leave soon aren't you? Are you excited for your trip to Spain? I bet you're really excited to see your family, I'm sure they've missed you a lot.

milesaway-it doesn't matter if you miss something! Just pop in and let us know how you're doing :) If quick updates is all you have time for, then just do that! We won't think you're rude :p

I'm still on a maintenance/no calorie counting break. I'm also on a bit of a scale break since I was at my boyfriend's, then on my trip, then back at my boyfriends. I tend to do well away from the scale and also I know it will show me a really wonky number from all the water retention on the trip. Physically I look like I've lost weight from the trip, but my legs are still super swollen. Also I ended up losing my period over the trip. I was due to start the day of, but it disappeared along with all symptoms. After being back a couple days and eating enough calories the symptoms came back and it looks like I'm starting it today :dizzy:

I did a big write up about my trip along with a link to a ton of photos on another thread. Here's the link if anyone would like to read/see it http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/exercise/296660-when-exercise-exciting-somewhat-behind-point-share-your-adventures-3.html#post5040673

Nutrition-I'm doing intuitive eating while on my break. I'm truly surprised how I naturally eat very small amounts but often. I've always thought I was a more big meal type of person. I'm really liking it though. I don't feel deprived or like I'm going crazy from constantly worrying about the numbers. I'm going to weigh myself when my period is done and if the scale is kind, I think I might just stick with intuitive eating. Otherwise its back to counting calories next week!

Exercise-Obviously did an insane amount of exercise. Now that I'm back I'm still active normally. But I'm sticking to light cardio till my muscles are done repairing themselves. So lots of walking. Which I enjoy so its fine. After my muscles are recovered I'm going to throw myself fully into weight lifting. I realized on the trip that I've become too skinny and weak. I really need more muscle mass if I want to go on more longer and harder trips. Also to reach what I want aesthetically, I think its time for heavy lifting.

Weight-As I said, I'm not sure what my weight is. Some of my clothes feel loser and I look thinner, but I'm not going to get an accurate reading till after my period and muscle recovery. I'm not as stressed about my weight like before. I realize that I will reach my goals in time, but that this isn't a race and I need to go this at my own pace.

07-15-2014, 12:36 AM
Hey everyone!

So it's Tuesday today and on Friday morning I'll be leaving Japan. It's been an interesting 2 years, with its fair share of ups and downs. I am really sad to be leaving, it definitely feels like the end of an era and I'm kinda nervous about the next stage of my life. I've been meeting with friends for the last time before I leave and this week my boyfriend is treating me to a meal out every night since I've officially run out of money! He's lovely like that. I'm going to go to the awesome grimy pasta place I mentioned not too long ago, sushi and then an amazing authentic Italian pizza place that I visited recently with a friend.

On Saturday night (12th) I went to my last karaoke session with my friends, we went to a fancy bar too and had one drink since it was super expensive. My friends were convinced that Russian mafia drinks there, hah! It was such a fun night, here are a few pictures:

https://scontent-b-nrt.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/5299_10154321299750125_6556224458412775206_n.jpg?o h=69341f464f7c475799bbcfcdc63b89cc&oe=54595401
I'm on the left!

https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xap1/t1.0-9/10478661_10154321300070125_2233067218560509229_n.j pg
Singing/dancing to Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights"

https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xfp1/t1.0-9/10174805_10154321300350125_3476836365727145657_n.j pg
Me singing Ellie Goulding's "Burn"

As you can see, the room we got had its very own stage, disco lighting and it even had a view of the city! It was incredible.

I managed to get rid of all my furniture and I'm currently at my boyfriends house waiting for Friday to roll up. Since I've run out of money I don't have much to do, but that's fine with me since I feel like I've done most of everything that Tokyo has to offer. I'm starting to get quite sad at the prospect of leaving, especially since I know it'll mean long distance for my boyfriend and I. But I feel like we're stronger than ever now and the time apart might actually do us both some good. I think we both need to work on bettering ourselves as individuals since we have a bad habit of just slobbing out together.

For me, I want to get back to England and hit the ground running with my 10K training/weight loss efforts. I am going to eat clean, it's just that simple. I have looked into juicing to get in my daily amount of vegetables, I think it's such a fantastic idea for a vegetable hater like me! I like some vegetables, but a lot of the leafy greens I don't tend to get in my diet so I want to juice them and get them in my body that way. So I'm actually quite excited to be back home with lots of time to experiment with healthy eating. Lucky for me my house back in England is far away from any shop. I would have to walk a few miles just to get some junk food, unlike Japan where it's literally a 30 second walk to the nearest shop. So it will be sorta like a junk food rehab for me, which is PERFECT for my phase 4 goal.

I'm looking forward to my holiday with my family, I'm not excited just yet since I'm still caught up in all the emotions of leaving, but I know it'll be just what I need after all the stress of leaving a country. My family have been sending me emails saying how excited they are to see me, which is lovely knowing that even though it'll be a sad farewell I'll have a loving welcome.

I've also booked the flight for my boyfriend to visit me in England over Christmas. It was pretty expensive...but it's an expensive time of year to fly. I wanted to surprise him with a trip to Prague for New Year, but I'm paying for half of his flight (we always go halves if we're visiting each other) so even if I got a job I wouldn't be able to afford it :(. Oh well, I think I might try and spend New Years in London, there's always an incredible fire work display.

Needless to say, exercise, nutrition & my weight have suffered due to inactivity for the past month. I'm quite lucky that my weight doesn't shoot up that much if I don't do anything, but I'm sitting around 163 lbs - 165 lbs (on a bad day). Everything is packed away in my suitcases which have been weighed a million times since I want to avoid being charged for overweight baggage. Honestly, I'm waiting for my Spain holiday to be over before I start back up again with health and fitness. I know how terrible that sounds, but it's what I want and I'm actually really excited to get back and start. However I will be swimming and running in Spain, I want to run 3 times a week and do some vigorous swimming in between run days so I can avoid gaining weight while on holiday. My Mum wants to run too, so it'll be good to have a running buddy. I LOVE swimming, if I'm not sitting in the shade since I despise sunbathing I'm in the water, so I can't wait. I'm going to try my best to eat healthier in Spain, to choose lighter options, always drink water in the day time and avoid Coke altogether, but I know that I will divulge with alcohol and some delicious Spanish food.

So this will be my last post in a while I'm afraid. I'll be back on August 2nd with tales from Spain! I'll miss you guys!


milesaway - I know what you mean, I've done the same thing with posting before! Don't worry too much about missing things, I know I wouldn't be offended! Glad to see you're still around though, I look forward to reading your updates.

Dott - Glad to see you back! That meal your Mum attempted...oh my goose, I thought I was a bad cook! At the time I'm sure it was painful to shovel into your mouth but I hope you can laugh about it now! Wow, your trip sounded INTENSE. I wouldn't have been able to handle those dangerous conditions! Your pictures are lovely too, it looked beautiful despite being so touch and go! Sounds like you've really come around with treating your body kindly and giving it a break when it's needed and realising that it's not a race to the finish line :). I'm so proud! I hope after your mini scale/calorie counting break you find you've had a drop in weight, but if not, just keep swimming! You're a huge inspiration to me.

07-18-2014, 06:14 AM
Hi guys!

I'm making a really concerted effort to post more regularly. I fell off that wagon with a crash and I'm slowly trying to clamber back on. So time to try and catch up a bit, but I can't do long posts, so here goes:

Rie Good luck with the move! Your dress is beautiful, I'm glad you wore it AND had a great night. Enjoy Spain! Good luck being active and making healthy choices as well as having fun and enjoying yourself because you're on holiday! When you get back to the UK is about when I turn 30, so I'm totally with you on the fresh start and healthy life choices! Have a great time with your family and do tell us all about your trip!

Dott I'm glad you had a great time away. That link to your post doesn't work for me but I'll try and find it in another thread. Good luck with the recovery, I can imagine it takes a little while for your muscles to recover. I had a tournament at the weekend, which involved playing 4 games, each with 2 20min halves. I felt like I'd been hit by a truck for the next few days, and that was just 1 day! I'm really impressed by your planning for meals too, planning is something I struggle at but I know how helpful it is! I've been slacking off the gym lately, but I really want to get back to lifting. I follow quite a few female bodybuilders as inspiration to really build some decent muscle. One day!


I've been so terrible lately. Snacking is my main problem, and not planning. I know I'll lose fat so easily if I plan my meals and healthy snacks and do my best to resist temptation, but I've just fallen out of the habit. I've been sloooowwlly getting back to it, having healthy(ish) lunch and breakfast all this week, and I made a healthy dinner one night. I just need to find a balance, rather than trying to go 100% clean overnight. I'll get there, somehow.


Again, I've been slacking. I've not been to the gym in weeks. I've got out of the habit and I'm really struggling to get back into it. I used to go to the gym in the morning before work, which was great, but lately I've been struggling to get up in time so haven't made it. I did go for a run this week though and beat my PB, so a small victory! I might try changing my alarm tone or something to break the cycle of oversleeping so I can get back to the gym.


I've been back in the 140s for the past month or so. I just need to knuckle down and get some control back into my routine. I'm increasingly caring less about my weight though, as lots of people have commented lately about how much slimmer / fitter I'm looking, and I know part of that must be down to muscle gain and fat loss rather than actual weight change. It's strange, I'm like Rie in that I'm motivated by the scale, but I'm really starting to think that I should take less notice of the numbers on the scale, and concentrate more on how my clothes fit, and how I feel. It's a tricky one.

Hope you have a great weekend!

07-18-2014, 03:18 PM
milesaway-The link doesn't work bc the admins deleted the thread just bc it was started by someone who ended up getting banned. I sent an email asking what was up but no response :mad: Anyways....I'm really glad you're popping back in more :) Getting back on track is always hard, but the hardest part is the first step and you've already taken it! I'm glad you realize you need to take things slow and find a balance. Weight is a tricky one for me too....sometimes I feel like I should just stop caring about it and just focus on being healthy, gaining muscle, etc but its always gnawing away at me :dizzy: Wish this stuff wasn't so complicated.

Rie-You look HOT in your dress! What a fun night! :D I'm too scared to sing even in front of close friends, so I think you're pretty brave. Wow today is the day! I hope you're having a safe and stress free flight. I know you're sad about leaving, but you seem to be taking a very healthy attitude towards it and looking at this as an opportunity for both you and your bf to work on some self improvement. I'm so excited for you to be back in England, bc I know you're going to work so hard and be totally awesome doing all your races :) You're boyfriend is going to be so impressed when he comes for Christmas and sees all the changes you've made! Even though you haven't been losing lately, at least you know how to maintain. With all the stress from leaving, I think its best that you took this time to spend it with friends and your bf doing fun stuff instead of worrying about weight loss.
I'll miss you while you're in Spain, but can't wait to see pictures and hear from your trip!

Since for some reason the thread I posted about all my exercise adventures in is gone without explanation, here is a link to the pics on fb https://www.facebook.com/dorothy.robbins9/media_set?set=a.10202757283226792.1073741845.10412 40052&type=3

And for anyone who didn't get to read my post since the link no longer works, here's the run down of my trip you can go to my blog on 3fc to read about it www.3fatchicks.com/diet-blogs/dottington/

Nutrition-This maintenance/calorie counting break has been wonderful. I don't over eat at all, I can trust my hunger signals, I'm NOT gaining weight(like I so feared I would!), I'm still craving my healthy foods....its wonderful. I can't wait to be in "real" maintenance once I get to goal. A part of me really doesn't want to go back to counting calories since I feel much "saner" not counting. I get really number obsessed and it tends to rule my life :( I'm thinking of some kind of intermittent fasting perhaps? Something to control calories, but not in a calorie counting way.

Exercise-I've been resting and recovering since my trip. Lots and lots of sleep! I'm still active though naturally. I just like doing active things for fun, but I'm not doing my normal intense exercises. Next week I'm going to start my weight training program with V(my exercise buddy) and aim for two 90min full body workouts twice a week and one day a week of hiking(I can't stay away from hiking!). All my time otherwise needs to go to practicing since summer is a little over half way over and I have a lot of music to learn.

Weight-Still coming down I think but hovering around the high 130s. I'm still on TOM. This has been the worst TOM I can remember having in a long time. I lost my period over the trip and then its comes back with a vengeance. My hormones have been crazy, I've been crazy, super tired, lazy, emotional, hungry, cramps...ugh Just a really, really bad one. I'm excited for it to be over!

I'm really hoping that my maintenance break re-set my "set point" weight, which is 140-145. The theory after the maintenance break is that your body will be more willing to release the weight. I really hope that's true. Starting Monday I'm back to losing weight!

07-21-2014, 02:26 PM
Rie-Hope you're having a great time in Spain!

milesaway-Hope you're taking things slow and not being too hard on yourself :)

Nutrition-Calorie counting/maintenance break is over. Intuitive eating was WONDERFUL. I didn't overeat at all(except this weekend since we went out with some friends, but it was weird bc I felt in control of it....like I was aware that I ate too much, accepted it, and moved on if that makes any sense...). I maintained my weight easily as well. I now know that maintenance will be so awesome bc I can do it without counting calories and just trusting my body! That thought has me very motivated right now to lose these last stubborn lbs.

I've decided to give intermittent fasting a go. I kind of hate it because its so against my natural hunger cues, but for weight loss my natural hunger cues aren't very helpful :p I simply need to buckle down and get these last few lbs off for good. So I'm trying it out today and aiming for the rest of the week but we'll see. If I'm too miserable I'll just go back to regular counting.

I'm back to calorie counting too. Now that I'm not training and from my own experiments, I seem to lose best if I only do intense workouts 2-3x/wk and aim for 1200-1300 NET calories. So back to that as well. Also no cheat days of course since that's my next(and final) nutrition goal. So for 6 weeks I'm doing my own mini challenge!

Exercise-Just being my active self :) Lots and lots of walking, swimming, biking. Heading back to the gym this week.

Weight-Guess I've been maintaining? TOM ending and then I was at my fiance's for a few days and am still not back. Also this weekend I did eat too much(and drink too much :o)

We actually had a really awesome weekend. We went out Sat and I was so excited because we NEVER go out! We are super boring people and for fun we take long walks, cook, watch documentaries, go to the beach etc We don't drink hardly ever and are very frugal so when we eat out its usually whole-in-the-wall ethnic places. And I love those places and love finding hidden gems but its nice to go out for a fancier meal every once in a while ;) I got super dressed up and we met this other couple for a delicious Greek meal then went to some bars. The first bar was this underground whiskey bar that I liked, but no one else seemed to lol Then we walked around for a while trying to find a different place and ended at this place called "The Congregation" and everything had this catholic twist and they played awesome music(The Smiths and Pixies). The best part though was the wait staff were dressed up kind of like catholic school boys/girls, but very stylized(like anime/manga stylized) and most of the servers were very attractive :o It was a fun place with great service and reasonable prices. We had a lot of fun. And I'm glad we got it out of our system bc I seriously don't understand how people can party every week(or multiple times a week!). I'm good now for a few months of being boring ;)
We were tired yesterday so hung out at the pool swimming and napped. I made a huge feast for dinner(thai yellow curry, rice noodles with vegetables, and curried rice) and my fiance is thrilled because now he has almost all his meals for the week :p I'm staying today since I don't work Monday's and am making a pasta bake since that's what my fiance requested. Also am going to make some gluten free chocolate chip cookies. I'm not that into pasta, even the gluten free kind. I think its because I'm gluten intolerant and pasta caused me so much stomach pain for all the years I ate it(my mom made me eat that weird licorice flavored pasta at least 3x/wk growing up). Just not that into it so I'm thinking I might make myself something else for dinner....

Just being lazy today, I might go swimming later but haven't decided. Tonight after dinner we may take a walk. Nice relaxing day :)

07-23-2014, 01:25 PM
Oh gosh. I started this post about 8 hours ago and forgot about it!

Dott That's crazy that other people's posts disappear if someone's thread gets deleted. Why did they get banned!? I had a look at your pics and read your blog. OMG. I think I'd pictured your hikes as, well, mostly walking, maybe with some poles. A bit like these guys:


Not glacial bouldering!! That looks super tough, you must be so proud of yourself for completing it. I like walking, I might give an easy hike a go one day. I ended up walking to the station from work yesterday because my connecting train was mega delayed, through Central London and over the River Thames. It's only 4 miles, but it was nice not to be on a hot train! I've attached a pic I took crossing Battersea Bridge. It was much sunnier than it looks!

How's the intermittent fasting going? It's not something I know a lot about but it doesn't sound appealing. I like to eat little and often.

Rie Hope you're having an amazing holiday! Fingers crossed this UK heatwave holds out for you when you get back, to soften the blow as it were. It's so gorgeous outside, it sucks being stuck in an office all day!


I'm back counting calories and trying to make healthier decisions. I've done pretty well this week so far (I know it's only Wednesday) and I'm feeling good for it. I think the hugely important thing for me is having healthy snacks available. This week it's been olives and celery with unsweetened peanut butter. And I've not bought Ice Cream!

Exercise I've got back to going to the gym, and I went for a run in the scorching sun yesterday at lunch. I didn't beat my pb but I did match it. I worked out I either walked or jogged at least 11 miles yesterday, what with my train being cancelled. I was worried my shoes would fall apart but they didn't luckily. I can still feel my muscles from Monday's workout, and I'm guessing I'll feel my legs tomorrow. I've got our last training session tonight before a really important game on Saturday. I'm going to give 100% and hope it's a good one and I don't get frustrated. I had a good session on Sunday, so fingers crossed I can keep hold of that positivity tonight.

Weight Well as of this morning I'm back down to 140, having been stuck at 143 / 144 for what feels like forever. I don't know if it's a fluke, or if just 2 days of eating well and exercising really does make that much of a difference for me. I'll see if I can keep it up all week for once. I'm counting down to my 30th and feel like I'm in pretty good shape, all things considered. So the goal isn't a weight one per se, it's just to try and feel like I'm in a good, healthy place as I enter my 4th decade. Scary stuff!

Hopefully these good habits I'm clawing back with eating and exercising will be reflected in my ability to post more regularly too! I'm definitely planning on sharing my mfp once it's got a bit more entered, and I really want to start this blog I've been going on about for ages. Positive thinking!

07-25-2014, 06:43 PM
Milesaway-I actually don't know why they got banned. No one seems to know :shrug: BUT I did complain and they put the thread back up :)
Anyways I'm glad you were able to read about my trip and see the pics. Haha I'm not a big fan of poles. My dad will use them though sometimes. One time he was doing a hike during the winter and ran into extra snow and actually used them as a make shift ice axe lol
You should try a nice nature walk, I find that people who like walking usually really like hiking as well :)
Great job with the healthy snacks! :D
Love your positive attitude and your healthy mindset towards weight. You're doing great!
Beautiful pic, I've always wanted to go to London.
I naturally eat small amounts every 2-3 hours. That's like, my default setting. But it has stopped helping with weight loss :( I am simply too hungry and have issues limiting my calories so I needed to find a tool to consume less calories and so far IF is really helping!

Rie-Hope you're enjoying Spain! Super jelous ;)

Nutrition-The first two days of IF were a living h*ll. I felt awful and was dizzy, lightheaded, lethargic etc and I wasn't able to reduce my calories enough during my calorie window :dizzy: BUT, by day 3 it all became awesome! Each day my appetite has decreased a little and I've eaten less and less. Also, the hunger is pretty much gone, or its at least super manageable. I really like it now and am not missing breakfast like I did. Also, the first couple days I was so starving I wasn't eating more normal, healthy food but now I'm back to eating my normal food too :)
I'm hoping by using IF as a tool to reduce my calories I should finally start losing again. I'm really enjoying the decreased appetite. This week I've been doing 16:8(16 hours fasting, 8 hour eating window) and I'm thinking about trying 18:6 this next week or the week after. I eventually want to try 5:2 where you fast(eat 500 calories) 2 days out of the week and eat maintenance the other 5. Seems to work well for a lot of people on here.

Exercise-I'm not going to be able to get back to my exercise schedule till August :/ Still do things for fun but I'm starting to miss my intense workouts and training for something. Might have to be done with training till next summer though bc of all the stuff I have for piano coming up.....

Weight-The scale is evil :mad: No drop in weight. I know though that as long as I stick to eating less than 1500 calories per day, I WILL lose weight. Its physically impossible that I won't. So remaining calm....for now ;) Oh, weirdly enough though I seem to be losing inches. This is so weird bc I'm not doing any "real" exercise right now! I definitely look smaller though. I seem to be losing in my waist which is nice. So at least I have that.

07-29-2014, 05:31 PM
I know I'm SUPER late to the game, but I just wanted to say that I entered in my phase 1 goals and am starting this challenge today. I was looking for a good challenge to get me started, and I love ones like this with incremental increases! Thank you so much for creating it, Rie!

Looks like you all are catching up on a lot, so I hope I'm not interrupting!

07-30-2014, 02:42 PM
chelainabear-:welcome: Anyone can join this challenge at any time! Feel free to jump in and post whenever and whatever you like :D How are your first goals working out for you so far?

milesaway-How's it going?

Hey guys, busy week with piano camp T_T Its lots of drama and work, but luckily its half way over! Tonight I have the community picnic and concert that I organized. I got dressed up for the occasion and think my hair, makeup, and outfit are nice so I'll share a few pics ;) I always feel SOOOO self conscious in this dress :( The only reason I wear it is bc its very modest and people always compliment it, but for some reason I always feel weird in it....

Anyways, I'm super excited for camp to be done and to go to Long Beach to see my fiance! :D We're going to go to Knott's Berry Farm on Sunday and I'm so freakin excited! I haven't been there in 6 years. Its a compromise bc my fiance now only lives 20min from Disney and Knott's and I've been begging him to take me to Disney since I love everything Disney and love going to Disneyland and being so busy with school means its been 2 years since I last went! But he hates Disney so Knott's it is :p lol

Friday night I'm driving out there after the final camp concert and clean up. I will really need a drink once I get there! lol Then Sat I'm thinking beach and walking. Maybe go to the pool as well.

I'm having a "fat day". I've just felt HUGE lately. Trying to not focus on that and stay positive.

Nutrition-Intermittent fasting is going well! This has been the most stable calorie week I've had in a really long time. I've gotten used to fasting till the early afternoon now too. I rarely have any ill effects now. Its been 9 days. I'm going to stick to 16:8 for 5 more days to make it two weeks and then am thinking I might switch to 5:2 OR do some kind of highbred with 16:8 OR just switch to 18:6. Not sure yet, going to see how the next few days go. I've noticed my hunger has decreased and that's been my favorite part. Also, I've just gained a lot more control over my eating. Like I've stayed away from the dark chocolate covered almonds late at night. I've stopped myself from pretty much all snacking really. I'm not going to Starbucks anymore like I used to. This week has been totally on plan and its awesome! Just 4 more weeks of totally on plan and I'll complete my last phase.

I figured out my average calories for the past 9 days are around 1500 so doing pretty good. Also staying under 2000 on the weekends!

Exercise-Met my exercise goal last week. I'm officially done with that part of the challenge. But I want to keep it up somehow so I stay accountable so I think I might join one of the August exercise challenges. Or maybe just redo this phase. Not sure. Exercise is kind of on hold till piano camp if over.

Weight-Lets just take all the scales and burn them shall we? :dizzy: I don't know what's going on :?: After the trip my weight jumped up from water retention, dropped down a bit. But never came back down to my low weight. I've been at 140 for 2 or 3 weeks now. Its driving me nuts. With IF though, my weight isn't jumping around like it used to. Its just stuck here and won't budge! Its depressing bc if it doesn't drop soon it means my TDEE on normal non exercise days is 1500. Which is really, really sad. And I took that maintenance break to try and raise my metabolism bc that's what everyone was saying to do...but so far no loss :( That's why I want to do 5:2...that way I could lose .5lbs per week. Otherwise I would have to keep my calories at 1200 EVERY DAY to get the same result and I would rather eat maintenance 5 days and fast 2 days. Especially bc with IF I'm thinking I can definitely handle it. Idk. I really really hope the scale changes by Friday(won't have my scale for the weekend) bc by Monday I'll have been at 16:8 for 2 weeks and if I haven't seen a loss after 2 weeks....then I know for sure my maintenance calories without exercise are 1500 and I need to do something more intense since I'm done with the intense exercise training till next Spring.

07-30-2014, 05:31 PM
Dottington- Thank you!

My goals have been going well, and I met them both at least for the first day.
My exercise goal was to do at least 30 minutes of cardio or running once per week. I did 30 minutes of a Just Dance circuit yesterday before work, and it was great! I love Just Dance, and I picked songs that I like that have high 'sweat drop' ratings, so I could really get my blood pumping.

Though I'm not sure yesterday was the best day for it, because I worked 8 hours that night, and I was on my feet the entire time. I was in full limp noodle mode when I got home last night.

As far as nutrition, I'm focusing on my water intake this week. My goal is to drink at least 80 oz of water each day, though yesterday I got up to 100! I have never really made drinking water a habit, and I think it's time to start. Plus, I have a serious soda addiction, and the more water I drink, the less soda (and food) I have room for :)

Btw, that dress really does look great! And congrats on finishing your exercise goals, and your success with your nutrition :)

07-30-2014, 10:52 PM
Amazing challenge! I'm all in :)
Here are my goals:

Nutritional goals

Drink 8 glasses of water a day (1)
Eat one portion of everything I'm eating (2)
Eat more vegetables than fruit (3)
No refined sugar (4)
No refined carbs and cut carbs from one meal (5)
Coffee only two times a week (6)
Incorporate inflammation-reducing foods in my diet (7)
Eat only homemade meals (8)

Exercise goals:

Run once a week (1)
Get off one bus stop earlier (2)
Run twice a week (3)
Reach 10 000 steps per day (4)
Run 3 times a week (6)
Run every weekend (7)
Train for a 5k (8)

Yay, good luck everyone!! :cheer:

07-31-2014, 04:24 AM
Great goals, muguet!

I didn't do so well with my water today, I only got to about 60 oz. But I drank almost 100 yesterday, so I'm going to call it a wash and keep on trying tomorrow. This is a hard habit for me (even though it's my 'easiest' in the challenge) and it's gonna take a while for it to become second nature.

07-31-2014, 10:21 AM
Thank you Chelainabear!!

I've done the water thing before and the only thing that worked was to carry a bottle around with me, even if I'm at home. Thanks for the support and hope things are going well for you! :D

07-31-2014, 03:34 PM
muguet: I do have a designated "water cup" at home that is a tumbler with a straw, because I drink more when there's a straw involved :) My only problem is filling it back up when it's empty, I forget and too much time passes before I remember.

Nutrition: Already 20 oz. in for the day, and I woke up late this morning. I have found that when I slow down drinking water, I consume more food, so I'm trying to keep it at a steady rate throughout the day.

Exercise: I'm gonna try and do more cardio again today (even though I already met that goal) because once a week doesn't feel like much this week. I start my second job on Saturday and I'm going to be working between 45 and 60 hours a week, so I'd like to fit in some more exercise before it gets harder to find the energy.

Weight: As of this morning, I've lost 5 lbs! I'm at 261 and the 250's are just on the horizon. :)

08-01-2014, 11:31 AM
things are going well for you!! :carrot:

I'm adjusting to drinking more water now, had my first successful day yesterday! I'll be drinking more tea as well.